The New Eric Cantor… Rand Paul… And Paul Ryan

Update: Wackadoodle? Is it lights out for Jeb and Karl? Still more Cantor fallout: Will the GOP’s 2016 contenders shift right on immigration? Stand with Rand on immigration?

We now know that Cantor will resign his leadership post as of July 31. Is this long good-bye a scheme designed to help Cantor and Boner join in a suicide pact to pass immigration reform by then? Or is the July 31 date a phony designed to buy time so that the “leadership” can thwart the Tea Party in any leadership fight?


We love illegal immigrants. The ones we have had contact with, yeah, we love illegal immigrants. We’ve spent more than one night at bars, conversing occasionally, with the most delightful bartenders and waiters, enraptured with their lilting Irish brogues. Yup, they are here illegally. Trendy French restaurants filled with knowledgeable oenophile young waitresses here illegally – yup, we’ve been there. Hardworking, conscientious, construction workers and landscapers here illegally from Mexico and Central America performing excellent work at cheap cheap prices? Yup, we see them all the time working hard and well. We love illegal immigrants. So does the Chamber of Commerce.

Cheap labor is good for business. If it were up to the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business (and many small businesses) there would be a thousand workers for every job racing to the bottom line of wages. Every job would be a minimum wage job. Minimum wage jobs would no longer be starter jobs for students and those just starting out. Minimum wages jobs would be the bottom and top rung of the ladder.

Yes the academy, lawyer associations, and medical profession would try to keep their practitioner numbers artificially low in order to keep their wages high but eventually even they would succumb to the flood. Besides no minimum wage worker could afford their fees anyway so everyone would deflate their wages – except for the Chamber of Commerce. As Bob Dylan wrote, it is “Jack the Ripper who sits At the head of the chamber of commerce.”

The Chamber of Commerce wants low wages. Makes sense. We don’t blame them. The position of the Chamber of Commerce makes sense from their purely mercantile perspective. The counter will be the opposite of the Chamber right?

Surely Big Labor will come to the rescue of their workers and their wages, right? Right??? No, the corruption of Big Labor is complete – the betrayal of the working class by Big Labor is complete. Big Labor has sold out the working class to the Obama Dimocratic Party and the “creative class” clods at DailyKook type dens.

The bottom line of the bottom line: the Chamber of Commerce wants cheap wages and Big Labor has betrayed the working class. No one is fighting for the working class. No one can resist the destruction of the working class. Until last night.

It was late in May of this year when something similar happened – there was a “European Earthquake“. Watching as multiculturalism failed and faraway bureaucrats refusing to listen as they implemented their five year plans of great leap forwards the voters said “no”. Hey that was a clue.

In America, nightly news showed chaos on the southern border planned by Barack Obama in order to force his own five year plan of a great leap forward. It was lawlessness breeding helplessness. Barack Obama was creating chaos and the opposition party appeared to be helping Obama create the chaos.

Oh sure, the opposition party lied. “We’re not for amnesty” they claimed. But that was not the issue. The issue was the American people were being treated as vassals instead of Lords and Ladies.

In America the people rule. But now the servants think they can tell us what to do. The servants think they know better than us. The servants think they rule and the servant living in the White House thinks he rules by divine right. Um, no. In America,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

* * * * * *

Last night, as we turned our attentions from the MoonOnPluto reports of carnage in Iraq and we began to incredulously witness the carnage in Virginia’s seventh district. At 7:39 it was Hey people!!!! What the hell is happening in Virginia????? Holy Cow!!!!!!!! Great Caesars Ghost!!!!! Ay Caramba!!!!!!! Soon after it was clear – Eric Cantor lost. Chaos reigned supreme in more ways than one.

Now, we know that the carnage in Iraq was almost impossible to find on American Big Media. GM is in trouble but Al-Qaeda is alive and well in Iraq. There was some coverage in print but on television it was as if Iraq doesn’t exist. But there was lots and lots and lots of coverage in Big Media about the carnage in Virginia. It was non-stop coverage on television and news stories in equal number to Obama’s lies – which is quite an accomplishment considering the number of Obama lies.

But somehow, Rand Paul did not see any of this massive wall-to-wall coverage. No way did Rand Paul know about what happened to Eric Cantor, right?:

In Wake Of Cantor’s Defeat, Rand Paul Says He’s Still For Immigration Reform

The tea party senator rejects immigration hawks’ argument that the Virginia race was a referendum on the issue. “I say everywhere I go that I am for immigration reform.”

In the wake of Rep. Eric Cantor’s stunning primary defeat Tuesday night, many conservatives have rushed to declare the outcome a referendum on Republican efforts to pursue immigration reform, a key wedge issue in the race. But tea party hero Sen. Rand Paul isn’t buying it.

In a teleconference with Grover Norquist, a conservative champion of immigration reform, Paul told reporters Wednesday he wouldn’t back off his position on the issue.

I still am for it,” Paul said. “I say everywhere I go that I am for immigration reform.”

Well we are going to steal from Shadowfax and from now on call that boy a wackadoodle two-headed dentist. If this is the path he lays out for Republicans to win, wackadoodle might as well start dating Monica Lewinsky, smoking cigars, and go back to worshiping Aqua Buddha.

Is this wackadoodle two-headed dentist the future of the Republican Party? Inquiring wackadoodles want to know:

Rand Paul Teams Up with Michael Bloomberg Group to Discuss Amnesty [snip]

Earlier this year at the University of Chicago, Paul told David Axelrod, the director of the school’s Institute for Politics, that he would “expand the work visa program to include” all of the country’s illegal immigrants. Paul also told students at Harvard University that amnesty legislation could pass Congress this year.

His lurch to the left still did not appease Hispanic groups, though. They called him “offensive” after he supported allowing all of the country’s illegal immigrants to remain in the country.

Keep pulling those teeth Rand. We’re sure you will strike gold!

Also digging deeper, in between breaks from pumping iron, is Paul Ryan. To his credit Paul Ryan has been silent since the Eric Cantor squashing. But earlier in the week, on June 9, DrudgeReport headlined a picture of Paul Ryan – Ryan Renews Amnesty Push:

Drudge Report Shows Effort by Paul Ryan, Mario Diaz-Balart to Pass Immigration Bill

The Drudge Report is highlighting an article that outlines efforts by Republican Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida and Paul Ryan to pass an immigration bill before the summer recess starts.

Drudge is a popular conservative webpage that links to various articles.

The article in question was published on Breitbart, a popular political website that skews toward conservatives.

The article says that Ryan and Diaz-Balart are leading the effort to try to get an immigration bill passed in the few weeks left before the summer recess, and have been joined by a young conservative lawmaker, Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina.

“Absolutely,” Mulvaney told Breitbart. “I have been talking about immigration with my colleagues for months. Talking about important issues is part of my job.”

We declared “immigration reform” DEAD last year on the day of the Boston Bombing. We stated then that the Boston Bombing had bought opponents of “immigration reform” time and that because of the calendar for all intents and purposes “immigration reform” was dead, dead, dead.

Eric Cantor tried to resurrect it. Instead he got killed.

Now Rand Paul with a long, pointed, velvet, decorated with planetary oddities hat on, thinks he will perform a wackadoodle Aqua Buddha ceremony over the corpse and try to breathe life into the rotted carcass. Um, make that two long, pointed, velvet, decorated with planetary oddities hats for the two headed dentist.

Paul Ryan is busy checking his own pulse before trying his hand at a seance designed to bring back “immigration reform”.

We could not find Marco Rubio for comment.


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  1. We got scorched when we defended the Tea Party. Guess who agrees with us now that it is too late?

    “Well, first of all, I don’t think you can assume that the liberals are smarter than the conservative professors,” Matthews shot back. “I think that’s crazy talk, and it’s exactly the kind of attitude conservatives can’t stand.”

    “This looking down our noses at tea party people has got to stop,” Matthews added. “They have a message, they’re as American as any liberal is, and they’re really angry of the failure of the system.”

    “We can’t control the deficit, we can’t control the debt, we can’t control the border,” the Hardball host railed. “What is government good at?”

    Just to hammer home the point that Brat’s victory not necessarily based on crass nativism, MSNBC host Chuck Todd noted that immigration reform with an eye toward extending citizenship to illegal immigrants will not pass until the economy fully rebounds. “When people have anxiety about their own personal future, the last thing they want is more competition for a smaller number of jobs,” Todd said.

  2. 😆 Admin!

    Weren’t some of these amnesty boyz part of the ‘Young Guns’ that were youthful and going to set the GOP on fire?

    How’s that working out for you now, Cantor? You sided with the Kooks and now you have to turn in your ‘Young Guns’ badge for a broken pop-gun.

    What a freakin’ joke all of these GUYS are. The old ones in the GOP too, McCain, Graham….

    Heck, amnesty for everyone. We working class adults must have some spare change to house the whole freakin’ planet.

    Cantor’s ambition to become Speaker then President are now just a big pile of Poop.


  3. Update: Wackadoodle? Is it lights out for Jeb and Karl? Still more Cantor fallout: Will the GOP’s 2016 contenders shift right on immigration? Stand with Rand on immigration?

    We now know that Cantor will resign his leadership post as of July 31. Is this long good-bye a scheme designed to help Cantor and Boner join in a suicide pact to pass immigration reform by then? Or is the July 31 date a phony designed to buy time so that the “leadership” can thwart the Tea Party in any leadership fight?


  4. The line about “Jack the Ripper who sits at the head of the Chamber of Commerce” is from a Bob Dylan song named appropriately enough “Tombstone Blues”. Cantor’s Tombstone:

  5. I think Mr Tingles down his leg has figured out he has neuropathy.

    ACE Actually had a good article about Cantor race, Tea Party taking erroneous claim.

    In the end, it seems all get morphed from idealist do gooders to we know better than the people, sure like all these timings that go with the power of office.
    Term limits, just might save our Republic. Sorry the Founding Fathers didn’t think of it.

  6. I think Mr Tingles down his leg has figured out he has neuropathy.
    Hadn’t thought of that but you are probably correct. He is an insulin dependent Type II diabetic for at least 20 years.

  7. It wouls seem the American media and american journalists are finally realising how on the brink Iraq is……….my twitter line is suddenly lit up with the realisation of the disaster and carnage that is going on there.

  8. We should take a bow at Big Pink because this website again was way ahead of the mainstream media by hours on a major news story, perhaps days and was basically the only US media source screaming high and low yesterday at the current carnage disaster unfolding in Iraq.

    We shouldn’t have to do the US media’s job for them but it seems these days WE have to.

    Another breaking news in the hell freezes over category : The British reporting Assad is trying to aid the Iraqi govt in maintaining power and The US Embassy in Iraq has a grim message to Americans travelling in the country: things are as bad now as the height of the fighting in 2007.


  9. The Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad has said it is prepared to come to Iraq’s aid against the Sunni insurgents sweeping through the country. “The foreign-backed terrorism that our brothers in Iraq are facing is the same that is targeting Syria,” the foreign ministry said.

  10. No shit sherlock……..

    Mission accomplished, huh?

    The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is preparing contingency plans to evacuate its employees if necessary now that one of the deadliest Islamic militant groups in the region has taken control of large swaths of Iraq, a U.S. official told TheBlaze.

    The State Department also warned U.S. citizens against traveling to Iraq, following several days of bloody clashes between insurgents with the Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Iraqi military forces. ISIL has taken control of Mosul, Tikrit and Fallujah and aims to create an Islamic state across the Iraq-Syria border.

    The U.S. official told TheBlaze that the U.S. Embassy, United Nations and other foreign organizations with a presence in Iraq are “preparing contingency plans to evacuate employees.”

  11. WSJ: Iraq open to US airstrikes against Al Qaeda, Obama Admin considering “kinetic support”

  12. Moon

    The US is so vulnerable at this point in time, we will be damned lucky if our enemies don’t take advantage of it. Our poor troops still over there must be going nuts.

    All that, and five of the worst murders were just set free to help our enemies…and given a big wad of money too.

  13. moononpluto
    June 11, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    All I can say is Thank F*** Hillary ditched that SOS job. This is all on Obama.

    She probably saw that ObamaNitWits were driving this train right off the cliff and she had to jump off. She also made sure to get her book written and out to the public before things blew up.

  14. There goes the oil, up go the costs and insurgents can line their pockets

    TIKRIT Iraq (Reuters) – Sunni rebels from an al Qaeda splinter group overran the Iraqi city of Tikrit on Wednesday and closed in on the biggest oil refinery in the country, making further gains in their rapid military advance against the Shi’ite-led government in Baghdad.;_ylt=AwrBEiHQoJhTXWcAFWHQtDMD

    Funny, but Donald Trump predicted this would happen when our troops were pulled out.

  15. The correlation between the 5 Muslim terrorist being let go and the overtaking of Iraq by mere 100’s by some reports. ..can this be a coincidence?

    And Assad, showing Obama what strength is and leadership.
    To think, these are the same guys obamatard was going to give jets to to fight Assad.

  16. Remind me, where was Hillary on these same terrorist that attacked both Syria and Iraq?

    God the people in the middle east must hate our guts that we brought so much of this down on them when we took out Saddam.


    What weakness encourages:

    Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles of California Coast
    U.S. F-22, F-15 jets intercept four Bear H bombers near Alaska, Northern California

    Four Russian strategic bombers triggered U.S. air defense systems while conducting practice bombing runs near Alaska this week, with two of the Tu-95 Bear H aircraft coming within 50 miles of the California coast, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) confirmed Wednesday.

    “The last time we saw anything similar was two years ago on the Fourth of July,” Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Norad spokesman, told the Free Beacon.

    Davis said the latest Bear H incursions began Monday around 4:30 p.m. Pacific time when radar detected the four turbo-prop powered bombers approaching the U.S. air defense zone near the far western Aleutian Islands.

    Two U.S. Air Force F-22 jets were scrambled and intercepted the bombers over the Aleutians.

    After tracking the bombers as they flew eastward, two of the four Bears turned around and headed west toward the Russian Far East. The bombers are believed to be based at the Russian strategic base near Anadyr, Russia.

    The remaining two nuclear-capable bombers then flew southeast and around 9:30 pm entered the U.S. northern air defense zone off the coast of Northern California.

    Two U.S. F-15 jets were deployed and intercepted the bombers as they eventually flew within 50 miles of the coast before turning around and heading west.

    A defense official said the four bombers also were supported by two IL-78 aerial refueling tankers that were used for mid-air refueling during the operation this week.

    The Tu-95 is a long-range strike aircraft capable of carrying nuclear cruise missiles. Other versions are equipped with intelligence-gathering sensors and electronic warfare gear. It has a range of around 9,400 miles without refueling.


    Suspected ISIS militants raided the Turkish Consulate in Mosul on Wednesday, capturing 48 people, including diplomats, and they also seized parts of Baiji, the site of Iraq’s largest oil refinery, police officials in Tikrit told CNN.

    The devastating ISIS advance is proving an object lesson of much that is wrong in Iraq and the region — with a festering civil war over the border in Syria adding fuel to the growing sectarian tensions at home.

    ISIS is exploiting this to expand its influence, from cities like Falluja and parts of Ramadi that it wrested from the government in Anbar early this year, and from Syrian towns like Raqqa it controls over the border.

    That it is capable of fighting the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on one hand, its fellow radicals on another and the Iraqi government on top of that is an indication of the depth to which ISIS has established itself in the region.

    The group was an offshoot al Qaeda in Iraq, responsible for the deaths of many U.S. troops in western Iraq. With American help, Iraqi tribal militias put ISIS on the defensive.

    But when U.S. troops left the country, the extremist militants found new leadership, grew stronger while in Syria, and returned to Iraq, making military gains often off the backs of foreign fighters drawn to Syria’s conflict.


    As militants advance in Iraq, U.S. Embassy in Baghdad readies evacuation

    According to U.S. sources who spoke with The Blaze reporter Sara Carter, the United States Embassy in Baghdad is preparing plans to facilitate the evacuation of that massive facility as Islamic militant groups continue their blitz across that country.

    “The U.S. official told TheBlaze that the U.S. Embassy, United Nations and other foreign organizations with a presence in Iraq are ‘preparing contingency plans to evacuate employees,’” The Blaze reported.

    A counterterrorism expert added that the level of violence in Iraq is at levels “not seen since 2007,” just prior to the implementation of the “surge” strategy which temporarily pacified the growing insurgency in that country.

    The $750 million complex is the world’s largest foreign embassy facility and was built to house tens of thousands of government employees and contractors, but it has not been fully staffed since the end of 2013.

  20. Great, the Russians are trying to fly over N. Calif. with their effin’ bombers!!!

    Our military should have let them come just inside our ZONE and blown them to Hell!!

    Oh, that’s right, our military has to take orders from the nitwit running the country. Got that, NSA????

  21. Sorry to see the only Jewish republican defeated. Cantor wasn’t great, but was a strong supporter of a Israel.

  22. “HOUSTON, Texas–President Barrack Obama is proposing to send some of the illegal immigrant children currently being warehoused in South Texas to Baltimore, Maryland. The Obama Administration is getting pushback from Maryland officials on this proposal.”
    This is a terrific idea. The prediction is >200,000 Mexican and Central American minors will cross the Southwestern border this year; send them to Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, etc. I suspect that they will be welcomed with open arms as opposed to xenophobic, racist Baltimore MD.

  23. Can you imagine the social services being overwhelmed with these illegal kids. JESUS.
    Here’s a novel idea, send them back!

  24. admin
    June 11, 2014 at 4:31 pm
    Chuckie and Rachel:

    Can you please turn the video off when we refresh Admin? Thanks.


    I just stomached watching Hannity long enough for him to ask Lanny Davis and Carville if Hillary was running for President.

    Carville said he thinks she is.

    Davis tried to avoid the question, and said since she is the most qualified, she will probably run.

    When the heck is Greta on in Calif? First Megan, then ugh, Hannity, now Bill the blowhard is on. Gotta turn it off, I can’t stomach these people right now.

  25. I hate to say this but two of the comments Hillary just made have me concerned…

    1…she reiterates that these five terrorists are no threat to us…instead they are a threat to Iraq and Pakistan and essentially says let them worry about it…(interview on NBC…only saw a clip…did not see all of it) I thought she was against trading prisoners with terrorists…now, they are no threat…make up your mind…

    huh? that sounded very cavilier and naive to me…

    2…she commented on Cantor losing and said that Brat was anti immigration…

    ok, but has Hillary seen what is going on on our borders…the “humanitarian crisis” that is pouring in daily on our border with illegal immigrants that are now being housed in military bases…almost like animals…and with no end in sight…

    yeah, maybe some Americans are getting a little concerned…ya think?

    …she is sounding out of touch to me with events that are happening in ‘real time’ to me…

    I take no pleasure in saying this…but what gives?…I am not seeing distance from O…she is reaffirming him and beyond…

    I don’t know…

  26. I just watched Hannity, Megan and Bill O as well. We need some sort of prize for doing that. Hannity is so eaten up with Clinton hate and has been for many, many years. It was fun to see James Carville and Lanny Davis make poor Hannity roll his eyes when they stood up for Hillary. Hannity will probably not have BOTH of them on together again.

  27. Yes Southern, that was pretty fun to see.

    I also loved it when Hannity used his broken record MO, asking the same questions, over and over. Hannity was squirming and they laughed at him.

  28. Hannity is such an egomaniac and a Clinton hater. I hope Carville and Hannity kicked his ass.

    OMG! A two headed gynecologist?! Perish the thought.

    Admin you have been cranking out the articles lately, all brilliant and spot-on. Your fingers must be smoking’.

    S, I know what you mean, but what a challenge Hillary is facing – strategically and politically.

  29. Listening to tingles gives me hope. Now if only madcow would express a little rage toward the incompetence there might be light at the end. You would think that Hollywood might ease up on the rabid support with Russia’s planes so close. Speaking of la la land. I would love to see the environmental impact report of a major movie– bet the expendles 7 is more than my lifetime carbon footprint. Private jets for the stars around the world to promote a film and they fete themselves costantly.

  30. S
    I agree. It gives me pause. To paint Brat as anti-immigration is unfair and from what I have read wrong. Saying if you came here illegally you shoild not be rewarded is not anti-immigrant. Calling for the laws to obeyed is not wrong. She is not doing herself any favors. The working class is not happy. People are out of work everywhere businesses are shuttered. We have no idea who these children are or where they are from. Some could have trained in terrorist camps and be just strolling across the border. Some of the young kids may spend their entire lives in group homes at a huge cost.

  31. The best thing is…Iraq, a major foreign policy concerned is on the brink, about to fall and not one word has come from The WH or the bozo in it………stunning.

  32. Leave the fraud alone…He is a one man fast food customer show. He is personally responsible for these business’s being open.

    He can’t be bothered with the work of the Leader of the free, for the time being that is, World.

  33. If people are shocked by Iraq, just wait until the US leaves Afghanistan. Another cluster in the making.

  34. yes, it’s 4 am where I am and there was just breaking news that the insurgents in Iraq are now headed to takeover Baghdad…

    and all I can think of is all those soldiers killed basically for nothing…and all those Vets who came back from Iraq without limbs and can’t even get any health care…imagine what they must be thinking to see this happening in Iraq…and all those billions of dollars wasted…

    and then i thought…gee, remember the US Congress and military, between Bush and O, sent millions and millions of more dollars to build that enormous new Embassy in Baghdad in the green zone which I won’t be surprised if we hear in the near future has been taken over by these insurgents,_Baghdad


    With construction beginning in mid-2005, the original target completion date was September 2007. “A week after submitting his FY2006 budget to Congress, the President sent Congress an FY2005 emergency supplemental funding request. Included in the supplemental is more than $1.3 billion for the embassy in Iraq …” An emergency supplemental appropriation (H.R. 1268/P.L. 109-13), which included $592 million for embassy construction, was signed into law on May 11, 2005. According to the Department of State, this funding was all that was needed for construction of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.[9] However, Walter Pincus of the Washington Post found that the new embassy had cost more than $700 million by 2012,[10] and Business Insider reported in 2013 that the cost of the embassy had surpassed $750 million.[11] The Obama administration requested more than $100 million for a “massive” upgrade to the embassy compound in 2012.[12] As of 2006, construction was being led by the Kuwaiti firm First Kuwaiti Trading & Contracting,[13][14][15]

    The embassy has extensive housing and infrastructure facilities in addition to the usual diplomatic buildings. The buildings include:[8]

    Six apartment buildings for employees
    Water and waste treatment facilities
    A power station
    Two “major diplomatic office buildings”
    Recreation, including a gym, cinema, several tennis courts and an Olympic-size swimming pool

    The complex is heavily fortified, even by the standards of the Green Zone. The details are largely secret, but it is likely to include a significant US Marine Security Guard detachment. Fortifications include deep security perimeters, buildings reinforced beyond the usual standard, and five highly guarded entrances


    that will be the ultimate slap in the face to the USA…instead of the memory of Iraqi people tearing down those monuments of Saddam…

    to see insurgents overtake that embassy will be the ultimate symbolic defeat of O and the USA…


    and Moon…you are so right…not a word out of the WH or anyone connected to this admin…they just ignore the obvious…while O goes looking for a good hamburger…


    Henry and Freespirit…

    what is bothering me most about Hillary’s comments is she is coming across so glib…I do not think it serves her well to just brush off if these terrorists are dangerous or not our problem (it was during the interview with Cynthia McFadden/NBC)…especially with the shadow of Benghazi over her head…

    imho…she should be resolute…she should stick to what she said about being against the trade for terrorists…

    the freaking world is blowing up…all the lost loved ones and treasure the USA suffered and spent in Iraq are being trampled on…

    we need adults…not off the cuff remarks that do not even make sense…

    I would rather hear Hillary say…it is time to secure and close our borders before we can do anything else…I would rather hear her say we need to create stability for our citizens before we can proceed…we cannot put Americans at more risk in our own country…first get things under control down there…you cannot ignore the reality of what is going on…or condone O and his imperial executive orders regardless of what the rest of the country fears or is in danger of…

    like I said before…send these illegal children and their mothers to the Hamptons and see how fast all these so called Liberal/Progressive wake up to reality…

    I hope to God Hillary does not come out in support of O using executive orders to open the floodgates without any plans for more illegal immigration…we are not even talking about the people who are here that she mentioned…we are talking about what is happening with the influx from Guatamala and Honduras going on right now and going forward…a catastrophe in the making…

  35. admin

    June 11, 2014 at 9:42 pm


    i just saw that article you posted above…just what I was imagining and there it is…what a disgrace and what a waste on so many levels…and now just a matter of time and the insurgents will be jumping in the pool at the Embassy


    btw…remember this:

    “In his New Yorker interview published over the weekend, President Obama stated that current Al Qaeda was “jayvee” – and said that his analogy was often used around the White House.

    “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said. He then added, “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”

    Attempting to respond to the growing power of Al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula, including the takeover of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, Obama said that Al Qaeda’s activities didn’t always threaten American interests:

    “how we think about terrorism has to be defined and specific enough that it doesn’t lead us to think that any horrible actions that take place around the world that are motivated in part by an extremist Islamic ideology are a direct threat to us or something that we have to wade into.”


    yes, just the varsity league marching to take over our US embassy…

  36. S
    June 11, 2014 at 11:10 pm
    1…she reiterates that these five terrorists are no threat to us…instead they are a threat to Iraq and Pakistan and essentially says let them worry about it…(interview on NBC…only saw a clip…did not see all of it) I thought she was against trading prisoners with terrorists…now, they are no threat…make up your mind

    S – This was horrifying to see and hear.

  37. uh oh…….bet the US gets involved now….


  38. Just to mark the importance of this, Baiji is the biggest oil refinery in Iraq and as of now is under Isis control…….not a good development for anybody.

  39. Admin,
    You have made some very common sensse statements about illegal immigration and seem to understand that this is not a conservative issue but an American one. Along with the “nice” people you refer to we also have rapists, murderers, thieves, drunk drivers, etc. Just in my formerly peaceful neighborhood we have had 3 murders committed by illegal immigrants from central America. We now have the added cost of paying for their lives and healthcare in prison. And then there is the huge cost thrust on middle class neighborhoods like mine. I had hoped that Hillary understood this, but apparently not. She lives like elite royalty and is obviously too out of touch to understnad.
    The Clintons will be renting a home in Amagansett (East Hampton) this summer just 5 minutes from my home, but I doubt they will venture north of the highway to Springs where I live. They probably won’t notice the constant problems expressed at our Town Board meetings as to how to deal with the overcrowded slum like housing and unlicensed businesses and the profusion of landscaping trucks.
    BTW, Do most of your readers on this blog know that almost all of the house cleaners here are now Hispanic, mostly illegal, and the going rate for the work is $25. to $30. cash per hour. Usually there is an Hispanic boss who speaks English. She then hires other women, almost surely illegal, who don’t speak English, to work for or with her. This is now a price fixed industry. Sad when you hear that out of work Americans are taking minimum wage jobs at Walmart and Home Depot and having their paultry incomes taxed to give benefits to these people.
    Americans have allowed people who came to this country illegally to now become the largest voting block and essentially control our country. Although the majority of Americans polled do not want any kind of amnesty before the border is controlled and the rule of law returned, Hillary or another liberal Dem can probably get elected unless the Repugs find a fantastic candidate…..which seems impossible.
    I will not vote for Hillary or any candidate who does not endorse the Numbers USA immigration policies as Brat did.
    I can only hope that R’s that support real immigration controls and the return of the rule of law will win in the Senate and House and that whoever is elected will have to get in line.

    I am curious Admin, how you can still so strongly support Hillary when she is clearly not the Hillary who campaigned in 2008. How do you reconcile her support of Obama and liberal amnesty proposals with the 2008 candidate who stood for the average American?

  40. Totally disgusted,
    I feel your angst. I too wanted to believe Hillary was the Hillary of 2008. Now I am beginning to believe she may have pulled the wool over my eyes.
    I just heard a Republican on Laura Ingram show STILL supporting some sort of pathway for the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants. Unbelievable. They are all taking the Obama play book of the hell with the people I am going to force it down your throats if you like it or not. Hell today Obama was saying the dream children were our future. Excuse me? My American children are this country’s future as€hole. Biden yesterday also came out and said the same. Ryan is meeting with Dems still trying to force the legislation.
    Laura tore a new one into this guy from South Carolina, she informed him that only 5% of Hispanics work in agriculture so his dog didn’t hunt. They continue to beat that theme that Americans won’t work these jobs so hence we need 20 million illegals? Give me a break.
    We’re on our own. I say throw all the bums out!

  41. We posted earlier about the unspooling tragedy that is the Obama foreign policy in the Arab world. Perhaps the only thing in competition for the political equivalent of the Darwin Awards is the administration’s policy of releasing terrorists known to be both dangerous and committed to their cause. We all know about the five Taliban commanders handed over for American deserter Bowe Berghdahl.

    Now we have another success to add. The leader of the ISIS, the al Qaeda affiliated terrorist group that is rampaging through Sunni Iraq, was released from US custody in 2009. What else happened in 2009? An obscure, left wing radical from Chicago with an implacable hatred of American power became president. From the Washington Post:

    But the narrative solidifies in 2005, when he was captured by American forces and spent the next four years a prisoner in the Bucca Camp in southern Iraq. It was from his time there that the first known picture of Baghdadi emerged. And it’s also there, reports Al-Monitor, that he possibly met and trained with key al-Qaeda fighters.

    He gained enough respect that by 2010, after several leaders of the insurgent group al-Qaeda in Iraq were killed, he assumed control of it. At that time, the power of the Islamist militancy in Iraq was at its lowest ebb, and the number of killings had plunged. The Sunni rebellion, which it had once spearheaded, was on the verge of collapse.

    But then Syria happened. The civil war there, which left a vacuum of authority in large tracts of the country, fueled a resurgence of the group. The upheaval gave rise to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Over the following years, as many as 12,000 militant Islamists — 3,000 of whom were from Western countries — flocked to the region to fight, according to the Soufan Group, an intelligence consultancy.

    Note that here again the nexus of two Obama policies — indifference to Iraq and a monomaniacal desire to prove George Bush wrong — that create a perfect storm of geopolitical disaster.

  42. Total

    Your right about housecleaning. Here in Austin it is the same. I am an RN and don’t make much more. I have cleaned houses before but never got paid close to that. I know many who pay 200 to 300 to have houses cleaned. Nuts.

  43. Thanks gonzotx for your reply. It seems that many on this site don’t want to really discuss where Hillary really is on the issues.
    I agree that she may be the best qualified national candidate at this point but isn’t that said for America. No one to represent us?

  44. The above article illustrates why Hillary should not say that these five terrorists pose no threat to this nation or the world, if that is indeed what she is saying.

    That statement is hard to reconcile with the reported fact that “the LEADER of the ISS the al Qaeda affiliated terrorist group that is rampaging through Sunni Iraq was RELEASED FROM US CUSTODY in 2009”.

    Surely this precedent plus the law of probability is sufficient to show that this statement is surreal.

  45. Hillary needs to be consistent on what she says about the terrorist swap:

    First, we heard that it was a difficult choice that Obama made, but in substance a gutsy one.

    Second, we hear from her people that privately she had reservations about the deal.

    And now we hear that these 5 terrorists who have a proven track record of terrorism, and are the worst of the worst in the Gitmo jail, are not really dangerous.

    I am past the point of admiring the practice long honored by our supposed allies in the Arab world of denigrating the United States publicly, and then telling us we support you but we have got to say something different publicly to appeal to the Arab street.

    In matters of leadership, clarity and consistency are imperative.

  46. If a leader relies solely on celebrity and a resume but lacks clarity and consistency then it will be hard for people to follow that leader because they can never be sure what the real agenda is, and more important where he is going. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

  47. Total,

    I am tired of putting my faith in people only to see the power of the almighty dollar, drunk celebrity status,narcissistic tendencies become full blown DSM 5 diagnoses.
    Right now I am waiting for that one person that this country has always found in its most disastrous times of need…we need you now.

  48. In sports fishing there is a practice of catch and release.

    It has its merits.

    Obama’s supporters and big media accolytes would be quick to point out

    That after years in captivity these moral monsters are rehabilitated

    On that same theory one would be hard pressed to oppose the parole of Hannibal Lector.

    After all, even the meanest creature deserves a second chahhnce?

    As long as Obama is the one doing the pardoning.

    Still it is one thing to catch and release a steelhead trout.

    And quite another to release a tiger shark among sailors adrift in the water.

    But if Barack says its ok, and if he refuses to apologize, then it is fine with me.

    And equally fine with big media, who is loathe to press the issue.

  49. Let me just add, the purpose of catch and release is to preserve the specie.

    Inasmuch as Obama has applied this practice to terrorists, one can only wonder whether the terrorist specie is worth preserving.

    And whether it is more akin to the small pox virus, than to steelhead.

    I am sure the esteemed Brookings Institute will have a pro Obama answer to this.

    The question is whether that answer is any more credible than the rest of their bullshit.

  50. S
    June 12, 2014 at 4:43 am

    yes, it’s 4 am where I am and there was just breaking news that the insurgents in Iraq are now headed to takeover Baghdad…

    and all I can think of is all those soldiers killed basically for nothing…and all those Vets who came back from Iraq without limbs and can’t even get any health care…imagine what they must be thinking to see this happening in Iraq…and all those billions of dollars wasted…

    I’ve been thinking the same thing.

    Fighting over WMD that were never there.

    Bush wanting to kill Saddam when he should have been “rooting Bin Laden out of his hole”.

    Blowing up the country so American taxpayers could flip the bill to build it back up again.

    All the innocent deaths.

    All the life long trauma to those that survived.

    All the limbs lost, all the susicide cases.

    All the vets that come home and can’t find a job.

    Bush and Barry should be jailed for their part in this.

  51. Charles Blow(job)of NYT claims that the defeat of Cantor did not rock the walls of Jerico inside the New Versailles, i.e. the Beltway, and thereby imperil the pampered political class, because the turn-out number was very low, thus favoring activists as oppose to the electorate at large. The underlying assumption of blowjob’s argument is that the electorate as a whole is satisfied with the job performance of the pampered pets who represent them, but simply did not show up to vote. That argument is a non-sequitur, by a black activist working for a left wing rag desperate to hide what is really happening. It never occurs to him to ask why did the vast majority of the electorate fail to turn out. Was it because they supported Cantor, or was it because they too felt he was not work supporting, this scion of the political class.

  52. totally disgusted

    You talk about all the service jobs that are going to illegals and how your city is up in arms about this.

    One thing is that these people would not flood into your area if the residents didn’t hire illegals in the first place. When they demand to be paid in cash, it’s obvious they are not contributing to society by paying their taxes. They also get free health care because on the records, they are poor.

    American’s can do something about it, but they would rather pay for cheaper, illegal labor.

  53. I have never supported Hillary’s or most Democrats view of immigration.

    I want the borders closed, and people to wait in line for their legal papers.

    I am tired of illegals getting more perks while our citizens are homeless, out of work, elders working until they die, and the working class never able to improve their lives because we have to support these illegals.

    This is all crap, and I have always felt this way.

  54. regardless of what anyone thinks of Boehner…I think he just let slip out what everyone is thinking…

    Thursday morning, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) accused Obama of napping while this has happened, and of ignoring the threat to Baghdad.

    “It’s not like we haven’t seen this problem coming for over a year,” Boehner told reporters. “And it’s not like we haven’t seen, over the last five or six months, these terrorists moving in, taking control of western Iraq.

    “Now they’ve taken control of Mosul, they’re 100 miles from Baghdad. And what’s the president doing? Taking a nap.”

    Boehner spoke just minutes after Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) delivered a fiery floor speech in which he said Obama needs to fire his entire national security team over new developments in Iraq. McCain said ISIS’s takeover of Iraq poses a direct threat to the United States that has so far been ignored.


    CNN and even MSNBC are freaking out…even letting it slip that “this can’t be ignored” as if to say we cannot pretend this is not happening

    Tamara on MSNBC shrieking ‘they are all saying it is O’s fault’ in a tone as if to say ‘how can we protect him’ and even her liberal guests did not back down stating these insurgents now have our helicopters, our weapons…and now they are taking over the oil…and that yes, Americans are at risk…


    and where’s the President

    gas is now @ $3.50 gallon – americans will notice when this goes up


    and what guarantee can O provide that all these people coming over the border in the total chaos now…do not include drug cartels and terrorist insurgents?

    now would be the perfect time for the “bad guys” to just walk in…


    the rule of law and order of any kind has just gone out the window…frankly, I never even thought O’s admin could be this bad…worse than imaginable…

  55. Totally disgusted, we understand your argument that anyone who is rich is out of touch and therefore not qualified to be president. It was the argument Obama deployed against Romney even though Obama has millions too. We also know that what we just wrote is the furthest thing from your intent but we want you to see how your argument makes no sense. If you are upset with Hillary fine. But why bring in the “She lives like elite royalty and is obviously too out of touch to understnad” argument which undercuts what you say? Is anyone with money out of touch and “elite royalty”? If that is your Obama type belief then you have no candidate in 2016 or any year because guess what – those are the guys and gals who run.

    As to your hope that R’s that support real immigration controls and the return of the rule of law will win in the Senate and House perhaps you need to re-read the front page article. Eric Cantor ran to “support real immigration controls” as did Rubio as did Rand Paul as did Paul Ryan. Will you vote for any of these candidates? Do you believe any of them? Mitt Romney ran saying “self-deport” and now Romney wants to pass “immigration reform.” Would you still vote for Romney? What about Christie or Walker or Jeb? They’re for what Hillary is saying she’s for. What if the race is Jeb versus Hillary? What do you do then? Maybe you’ll go with Canadian Ted Cruz and ignore the natural born citizen thing or maybe that is a totally contrived argument and Cruz is the guy for you – let us know.

    We’re being a bit too tough on you here but we do get tired of people who want a unicorn and flying ponies in elections. That’s what those who adored Obama in 2008 wanted and look at the crap we all got. Stop looking for unicorn candidates and making arguments that undercut what you are trying to say. We live in Borgia Italy not the country you think we live in. Try telling the truth in Borgia Italy politics and see what happens to you. Hint: think 2008.

    As to Hillary and what she is up to we will answer your question with an observation and a question. Hillary Clinton, as was noted in the previous front page article and others, was without question against the Bergdahl deal (which is also the smart political answer). There is plenty of evidence for this observation/proposition. Her book, the Panetta statements, the leak to DailyBeast, the Rolling Stone magazine, all are evidence that Hillary was against the Bergdahl deal (which again, is the smart political position to have). Yet recently Hillary has been saying things completely contrary to the evidence and expressing support for the deal (which is the dumb political thing to do). Ask yourself why. Do you think Hillary believes half that crap she is recently saying so unconvincingly, such as her Iraq vote being wrong? When you have those answers then you have the answer to your question(s).


    While Obama Fiddles

    The fall of Mosul is as big as Russia’s seizure of Crimea.

    The fall of Mosul, Iraq, to al Qaeda terrorists this week is as big in its implications as Russia’s annexation of Crimea. But from the Obama presidency, barely a peep.

    Barack Obama is fiddling while the world burns. Iraq, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Nigeria, Kenya, Syria. These foreign wildfires, with more surely to come, will burn unabated for two years until the United States has a new president. The one we’ve got can barely notice or doesn’t care.

    Last month this is what Barack Obama said to the 1,064 graduating cadets at the U.S. Military Academy: “Four and a half years later, as you graduate, the landscape has changed. We have removed our troops from Iraq. We are winding down our war in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda’s leadership on the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been decimated.”

    That let-the-sunshine-in line must have come back to the cadets, when news came Sunday that the Pakistani Taliban, who operate in that border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, had carried out a deadly assault on the main airport in Karachi, population 9.4 million. To clarify, the five Taliban Mr. Obama exchanged for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are Afghan Taliban who operate on the other side of the border.

    Within 24 hours of the Taliban attack in Pakistan, Boko Haram’s terrorists in Nigeria kidnapped 20 more girls, adding to the 270 still-missing—”our girls,” as they were once known.

    Then Mosul fell. The al Qaeda affiliate known as ISIS stormed and occupied the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, population 1.8 million and not far from Turkey, Syria and Iran. It took control of the airport, government buildings, and reportedly looted some $430 million from Mosul’s banks. ISIS owns Mosul.

    Iraq’s army in tatters, ISIS rolled south Wednesday and took the city of Tikrit. It is plausible that this Islamic wave will next take Samarra and then move on to Baghdad, about 125 miles south of Tikrit. They will surely stop outside Baghdad, but that would be enough. Iraq will be lost.

    Now if you want to vent about ” George Bush’s war,” be my guest. But George Bush isn’t president anymore. Barack Obama is because he wanted the job and the responsibilities that come with the American presidency. Up to now, burying those responsibilities in the sand has never been in the job description.

    Mosul’s fall matters for what it reveals about a terrorism whose threat Mr. Obama claims he has minimized. For starters, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) isn’t a bunch of bug-eyed “Mad Max” guys running around firing Kalashnikovs. ISIS is now a trained and organized army.


    Meanwhile, Iraq may be transforming into (a) a second Syria or (b) a restored caliphate. Past some point, the world’s wildfires are going to consume the Obama legacy. And leave his successor a nightmare.

  57. No doubt, Shadowfax, I don’t disagree. Americans have given away their country. Most no longer realize the importance of the rule of law to protect all of us. However, some are starting to understand that the cost of cheap labor is really rather expensive as we pay for their healthcare, education, etc and see our home values deteriorate. Further, many jobs are only available to people who speak Spanish. Our recent school Board election featured a huge sign in Spanish welcoming peoplple to vote. The ballot was in English and if someone has been here long enough to become a “ciitizen” and vote, then wouldn’t they speak enough English?
    Our disgraceful Senator Schumer recently said that illegals were basically already citizens?? Guess they’re already voting too.
    I would have a lot more respect for Hillary if she actually ventured into my neighborhood while she is here and spoke to some of us.

  58. Totally Disgusted, here is a good article for you (and Hillary) to read which we guess expresses much of what you are feeling:

    Americans see a grim future for themselves, their children, and their country. They believe their political leaders are selfish, greedy, and short-sighted—unable and/or unwilling to shield most people from wrenching economic and social change. For many, the Republican Party is becoming too extreme, while the Democratic Party—specifically, President Obama—raised and dashed their hopes for true reform.

    Worse of all, the typical American doesn’t know how to channel his or her anger. Heaven help Washington if they do.

    “America is for the greedy, for those who’ve made their buck or grabbed their power. It’s not for us,” said Helen Conover of Oxford, Pa. She was eating with two other Chester County employees, Jennifer Guy and Kim Kercher, at the Penn’s Table diner. Conover was the table’s optimist.

    “This country’s doomed,” Guy said. Kercher nodded her head and told me that she’s close to losing her house to a mortgage company and can’t get help from Washington. For years, their county salaries haven’t kept pace with the cost of living. “The rich get richer. The poor get benefits. The middle class pays for it all,” Kercher said.

    Guy said she’s an independent voter. Conover and Kercher are registered Republicans. All three voted for Obama in 2008, hoping that he could start changing the culture of Washington. Now, they consider the president ineffective, if only partly to blame for his failure.

    “He hit a brick wall,” Conover said. “The Republican Party is not going to let him change anything.”

    I replied, “But it’s your party.”

    “No,” Conover bristled, “it’s not my party. I don’t have a party.” She paused, took a small bite of her sandwich and added, “An American Party is what I have.”

    An American Party—what does that mean? For months, I’ve heard that phrase or similar antiestablishment sentiment from voters in Michigan, Arkansas, South Carolina, and elsewhere—whites and nonwhites; voters who are poor and rich and from the shrinking middle-class; Democrats, Republicans, and independents. “We need American leaders, not Republican and Democratic leaders,” a construction worker in Little Rock, Ark., told me last month. Down the street from Penn’s Table, barber Stefanos Bouikidis held scissors in his right hand while throwing both hands in the air. “How are things going to change with corporate America running everything?”

    At West Chester’s popular D.K. Diner, a military veteran who served five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan said the only solution may be a revolution against political elites. “We may need to drag politicians out and shoot them like they did in Cuba,” said a grim-faced Frederick Derry two days after a Las Vegas couple allegedly shot two police officers. The attackers draped their bodies with a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, according to ABC News, pinned a swastika on them and a note that read, “The revolution has begun.”

    A violent revolution is unconscionable. But what may be in the air is a peaceful populist revolt—a bottom-up, tech-fueled assault on 20th-century political institutions. In a memo to his fellow Democrats, former Clinton White House political director Doug Sosnik writes persuasively about “an increasing populist push” across the political spectrum.

  59. Totally Disgusted, the Clintons advisor, Doug Sosnik memo:

    For some time now, the daily commentary has focused on the public’s increasing anger and frustration about the sluggish economic recovery, dysfunctional government and a failure of leadership. But all this analysis misses the more fundamental point, which is that Americans’ alienation from our political system and its leaders has been building for more than a decade. This extended period of dissatisfaction has had an extremely corrosive effect on the nation’s social fabric.

    The current discontent with the leadership in our country, coupled with long-term domestic economic trends dating back to the early 1980s, is beginning to force a redrawing of the political lines that have separated Americans since the culture wars of the 1960s. An emerging movement in our country is calling for change to the status quo and to the leadership class. Across the political spectrum, there is an growing populist push for a retrenchment from global affairs, with a renewed focus on the problems here at home. Americans are worried about the struggles of the battered middle class, whose real incomes have not improved in more than two decades, the elimination of special deals for the wealthy and big business and the protection of the public’s privacy from what they see as predatory companies and an intrusive federal government. These are the issues that will dominate our politics going forward, and we will see populists from the left and the right increasingly come together to force change.
    A decade of anger and disaffection

    There is a pent up desire for dramatic change that has been shaped by a confluence of major events in the United States and around the world. In the last 10 years the country has fought two wars, faced the greatest worldwide economic meltdown since the 1930s and experienced the most significant technological transformation since the Industrial Revolution. The nation has also undergone a major demographic makeover, shifting from a majority white country to an increasingly multicultural society. Throughout this period our leaders have failed to manage the pace of all this change and to face up to the severity of our challenges, resulting in disillusionment and deep divisions among the public by race, age and income.

    The country’s dissatisfaction is evident in all the major polling trend lines. Since the beginning of the last decade, a majority of the country has believed that the country is heading in the wrong direction, regardless of which party was in power.

    Trust in the federal government, as well as congressional approval ratings, have dropped to historic lows.

    As we have repeatedly written we think Hillary should be the candidate of change. That she refuses to do so is totally, um, frustrating.

  60. I am one of those who believes that final authority on matters of public policy must be lodged somewhere. The only thing I have ever asked is that authority be exercised in a manner which is not inimical to the general welfare.

    Unfortunately, that is not what is occurring now. Today, we are seeing the wealth of the middle class being systematically liquidated by the political class, meaning the public officials, lobbyists and the wealthy. This point is obscure to many people who are caught up in the theater of establishment centered politics, where key players say one thing, do another and the secret handshake is just keep your mouth shut, bamboozle and we will all get rich.

    Meanwhile this nation is dying before our eyes. You can see it right now if you look at the condition of the world– mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, because there is no credible deterrent. But it is also manifest on the domestic front where inextinguishable debt is being amassed, and the political class, through it mouthpiece big media either ignores the problem, and/or vilifies those who call attention to it. Insiders do not attack insiders.

    But the law of probability decrees that there will come a point, sooner rather than later, that the butcher bill must be paid, and then what you will hear is false assurances about a soft landing which will be used as a pretext for a draconian system, the bare outlines of which you can see in Obama’s sustained assault on the Constitution, while the very liberals who profess to believe in it give him a pass.

    This Tea Party victory against Cantor touches the deepest fears of the establishment. They know they are cutting a fat hog at the expense of the middle class. In fact, I would go so far as to say they are liquidating the wealth of the middle class, and this will become obvious–I guarantee you, when we are forced to confront the consequences of their actions.

    What worries them most is that the smokescreen they have used up to now to obscure their actions is dissipating, and the public will see what they are doing in the broad light of day. What happens at that point is an imponderable, that has the potential to shake their world, and imperil their lives, much as they are content to imperil the lives of our warrior class, and the economic security of the middle class.

    The fear expressed here and elsewhere is entirely legitimate. After the political class has enriched itself, its contributors, and its constituents, at public expense, who is there left to protect and advance the interests of the rest of us. My answer can be found in the speculations of people like Pat Caddell, but even more to a point, in a short paragraph written by Guibert after the storming of the Bastille. (Note: Louis XVI said this was a revolt and his first minister corrected him say, no my liege, this is a revolution):

    “A man will arise, perhaps one who hitherto was lost in the obscurity of the crowd; a man who has not made his name by speech or writing; a man who has meditated in silence; a man who perhaps did not know his own talents; who can only become aware of them when he is called upon to exercise them; a man who owes his allegiance to the people and not the establishment. Such a man will seize control of opinions, of opportunity; of fortune. And he will say to the great man of theories what the practical architect, who addressed the Athenians said to the man of theories: All that my rival promises, but fails to deliver, I will carry out.”

  61. Admin,

    I can appreciate what you said about Hillary in your last paragraph but, imho, Hillary biggest strength is to “call it as she sees it, and let the chips fall where they may” as she recently said…

    and that is true beyond worrying about her hair, etc…

    if ever her resolute clarity was needed…it is now…her voice is needed…not more political games…’waffalling’ around is what americans are sick of…

    she is the first woman…let her speak clearly, forcefully and truthfully about reality…and let the chips fall where they may…otherwise, I fear her voice will become lost…and the trust given to her will begin to fade away…many of us do not want O2…

    she cannot say one thing…and then keep changing her position…at some point no one will listen to her or believe her…we would not accept that in anyone else…the timing of her book tour may become inconvenient with everything blowing up around all of us…

    …it is up to Hillary to turn this into an advantage by showing her strength and convictions…people will respect her for that…even her critics have admired her for her strengths…please Hillary, do not blow it with a lot of fluff to protect O


    btw…she has two opportunites coming up…

    1 – the town hall on CNN

    2 – the interview with Greta and Brett Beier on Fox

    no doubt, the tough questions will be coming re: current events…I hope she stands strong and clear…about our borders, iraq, etc…this is not a laughing matter…

  62. Admin,

    I did not say that ANYONE who is rich is out of touch. I specifically said that I believe Hillary is now out of touch.
    Also, you are wrong in your comments regarding what I wrote on immigration. Any immigration bill now, before the next election, will enable the senate to come back and modify the bill. I don’t want to see any immigration reform from the House now. That is a ploy to get a bill through. Here is a quote from Numbers USA “Even if the House passed a narrow bill, it could be used by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and amnesty proponent Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) as a vehicle to tack on the Senate-approved Schumer-Obama amnesty. Of course, this bill would have to go back to the House, but with 192 Democrats already signed on to a discharge petition to bring the House version of S.744 to the floor for a vote, only a handful of Republican votes would be needed for passage.
    However, after the election, if a new Senate is elected with a different stance on illegal immigration, there might be hope.
    And, yes, I would still vote for Romney, even though I disagree with him on healthcare. I consider myself center left in my politics and Romney center right. However, I have come to admire Romney’s intelligence, work ethic and moral character.
    As to your last comment, Obviously Hillary is trying to stay popular with multiple constituents. I just don’t think it’s going to work and today’s polls, in fact, show her poularity dropping. I think its all a bit too cute. I can never respect or admire the help the Clintons gave Obama. Without the Clintons, Obama would probably have been a one term POTUS and that would have been better for the country if not for Hillary.

  63. Wbboei, here’s some more from the Sosnik memo which relates to your comment:

    The lack of trust isn’t just directed at government. It cuts across virtually every major institution in our society, including the Supreme Court, big business, banks, religious organizations, our medical systems, public schools, organized labor and the media. Only the military, small business and the police generate confidence levels above 50 percent.

    At the core of Americans’ anger and alienation is the belief that the American Dream is no longer attainable. Previous generations held fast to the promise that anyone who worked hard and played by the rules could get ahead, regardless of their circumstances. But increasingly, Americans have concluded that the rules aren’t fair and that the system has been rigged to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a privileged few at the expense of the many. And now the government is simply not working for anyone.

    Americans’ long-brewing discontent shows clear signs of reaching a boiling point. And when it happens, the country will judge its politicians through a new filter—one that asks, “Which side of the barricade are you on? Is it the side of the out-of-touch political class that clings to the status quo by protecting those at the top and their own political agendas, or is it the side that is fighting for the kind of change that will make the government work for the people—all the people?”

  64. The President hit a brick wall…The Republican’s won’t let him change anything…what a joke and so not a Republican.

    I am tired of second guessing what Hillary says and why she says it. How about the truth. I don’t think I would know it anymore if I heard it, it’s become so rare.

    She has become her own worse enemy.

  65. Oh god…it speaks…….

    Obama: United States is prepared to take military action when its national security interests are threatened.

  66. Obama is a paradigmatic example of a stick figure who is fed pretty words by young cannibals to cover-up his utter contempt for the nation, and the rule of law. To which the average american says . . . say what, bro?

  67. S, we’ve been trying in our way to sway Hillary to do as you suggest because that is her strength. Others, eager to rescue Obama because they are Obama worshipers more than anything else, are advising another course. The internal debates are under way and exacerbated with the book tour.

    We have advised clarity and truth not because we are in awe of clarity and truth but because that is the winning strategy in these times. The country wants that desperately and a candidate that is the voice of clarity and truth will win.

    Sometimes cunning and stealth are the winning strategy. But clarity and truth will win the day in 2016. This country is in grave trouble and the usual smooth talking strategies will not be listened to. Will Hillary listen to Obama strategist pretending to be on her team or those of us advising she be the Hillary of 2008?

    We’ve written about this before and will write about it again: Bill Clinton fought his own party to win the nomination in 1992 and Bill Clinton fought his own party as president which is why Bill won and was successful. Hillary should fight her own party too and that is how she will win. If Hillary does not fight her own party she will be tagged as Obama’s third term and she will lose even if she gets the nomination which is far from certain.

    Because Hillary is not fighting her own party thus far (maybe she will after November 2014 election results), we do not think Hillary is running in 2016.

    BTW, the main event will be Hillary on Fox.

  68. admin
    June 12, 2014 at 12:52 pm
    Wbboei, here’s some more from the Sosnik memo which relates to your comment:
    He speaks the truth. Typically, those in power accept the truth only if it advances their interests. It is a variant on the old saw that it is difficult to get a man to understand your argument when his livilihood depends on him not understanding it. But this is a problem that cannot be ignored, and because it has been ignored up to this point in so many ways, the distrust it engenders has metastasized across the spectrum. One prominent example is the college education which you people have been led to believe is key to future success, yet when they graduate, they can find no job and are left with massive debt. The answer is not to forgive the debt–that is a lien on the middle class. The answer is to get the signals straight in terms of risk and reward, and stop sending false signals. Again, that is a function of leadership, and looking beyond the legal bribes which determine the fate of our politics to something more essential which the founding fathers went to great lengths in the constitution to protect and preserve, i.e. a fairs sense of the equities, and the general welfare, against the perverse forces of ambition and greed.

  69. She wanted a unicorn telling the truth:

    Sorry, Hillary: I Should Have Voted for You
    I once called Clinton the Celine Dion of politics. I’d rather have that now than Obama.

    Hillary, I owe you an apology.

    No, not a Washington Apology of the “Regrettably, mistakes have been made” variety. A real apology.

    Back in 2008, I was sure — absolutely, completely, utterly sure — that Barack Obama would make a better president than you would. With the benefit of hindsight, I now think I was wrong.

    Perhaps not absolutely, completely, utterly wrong, but wrong all the same.

    I fell in love with Barack Obama because of his book. (That’s “love” in the platonic, political sense, readers. Get your minds out of the gutter.) Dreams from My Father was a good book. It was nuanced, big-hearted, brave, and painfully honest: all art, no artifice. It was, in other words, all the things American electoral politics is not.

    I wanted a president like that. I wanted that so much, I convinced myself that Obama’s relative lack of Washington political experience didn’t matter. In fact, I convinced myself that his lack of experience was a plus: With only two years in the Senate, he was still uninfected by the Washington miasma of cynicism, falsehood, and pettiness.

    You, Hillary, on the other hand? By 2008, you (or your ghostwriters) had produced several books, including Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the First Pets, of which the less said the better, along with It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us and An Invitation to the White House, a pictorial account of life as first lady.

    It was all so sanitized. So studiously uninteresting. So full of carefully calibrated anecdotes designed to sound human without actually revealing anything. (“Mrs. Barak and I did not stay awake as late as our husbands did.”) It was so … Washington.

    Your presidential campaign was more of the same. At the time, I was writing a weekly column for the Los Angeles Times, and I had some harsh words for you, Hillary: “[H]er policy platform offers more pablum than principle, more formula than inspiration.” I even chastised you for picking a particularly vapid Celine Dion track as your campaign’s theme song. I wrote.

    I’m sorry, Hillary. That was mean. No one, but no one, deserves to be compared to Celine Dion.

    Meanwhile, I said lots of nice things about Barack Obama, a few of which I now blush to recall — though as a dutiful journalist I tried hard not to let my literary adulation overwhelm my judgment. “He’s not the messiah,” I noted sagely in an August 2008 column.

    No, he is not.

    Like many other once-ardent Obama supporters, I’ve spent the last five years with a mounting sensation of buyer’s remorse. “[I]f Obama puts into his foreign policy strategy one-tenth of the talent, innovation and discipline he put into his campaign,” I wrote after the 2008 election, “he’ll be able to make real headway on a range of critical issues.” But maybe that grueling campaign just wore him out. In the Obama White House, innovation became reactiveness, discipline became rigidity, and a tight inner circle of campaign aides and Chicago pals tried to micro-manage the entire executive branch.

    I have written elsewhere about some of the Obama administration’s self-inflicted wounds, so I won’t go into detail here. But it’s been painful to watch the team that ran such a brilliant campaign flail around in search of a strategy, bungle their relationship with Congress, botch rollout after rollout, and miss opportunity after opportunity.

    I still think Obama’s a whole lot better than the other guys would have been — for all the disappointments, his administration has scored some solid and important achievements. But I’m no longer sure he’s better than the other gal would have been.

    Here’s the irony, Hillary: Arguably, the very qualities that allowed Barack Obama to write an inspiring book like Dreams from my Father are some of the same qualities that have kept him from being an inspiring president.

    Obama’s an introvert: Unlike your husband Bill, who draws energy from crowds and loves a good political brawl like other men love football, Obama’s clearly happiest within the small circle of people he knows and trusts. The tide of idealism that swept him into the White House sustained him through those hard months of campaigning, but wasn’t enough to carry him through the tedium of governing. He likes to read and write and think, but he doesn’t much want to shake hands, curry favor with grandstanding congressmen, or sit through ceremonial meetings with foreign dignitaries.

    Look at his tight body language; listen to the undertone of irritation in his voice. Barack Obama is a man who almost always looks and sounds like he’d prefer to be somewhere else. He’s a politician who hates politics.

    On some level, I can’t blame him a bit. I’d hate it too. Then again, I didn’t ask millions of Americans to send me to the White House.

    Hillary, I suspect that you don’t like politics any more than Obama does — but unlike Obama, you’ve schooled yourself to mix it up with the naturals. I still remember the Hillary of the early 1990s, with her unfashionable hair and her unscripted, impolitic comments. I liked that Hillary. But the right pilloried you and the press wasn’t much friendlier.

    Yet inexplicably — and unlike Obama — you decided that you were going to learn how to be an effective politician, even if you hated every single second of it. You got knocked down and you just kept right on getting back up again. You survived Cookie-gate and Whitewater and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and, well, let’s not go there.

    You learned how to censor yourself. You got a stylist and a staff of loyal guard dogs; you developed a hard, polished protective shell. You ran for Senate, and charmed some of the same Republican senators who had once scorned you. You slogged away, getting political experience. You shook a million hands and smiled a big fake smile until your face looked like it might crack.

    I didn’t like your polished shell, and I didn’t like your fake smile, but it’s 2014, and I’m ready to repent. Hillary, you did what you had to do to survive — and ultimately thrive — in a hostile political landscape. You learned how to work the levers of power, manage vast unwieldy executive branch agencies, and compromise, wheedle, and trade — all things that Obama’s core team still seems to struggle with. Unlike Obama, who until recently led a fairly charmed political life, you had to learn, repeatedly, how to lose. Perhaps, in the end, that taught you how to win.

    As secretary of state, you more or less lived on the road, taking on the most unglamorous diplomatic chores. Even as the president’s relationship with the Hill grew more toxic, you squeezed every last drop from those hard-earned relationships in Congress. In public, you loyally went to bat for your one-time rival’s policies, even when you privately disagreed.

    And several little birdies among my friends (guilt-ridden Obama loyalists one and all) tell me that you often did disagree –– that you were the one person in the White House Situation Room who consistently asked the hard questions no one else wanted to touch, the one person who didn’t just go along with the crowd. Brava.

    Hillary, I can’t say I’m a complete convert. I’d still like to see you take more political risks in public, even as I’ve reluctantly come to understand why you don’t. And I’m still troubled by the infighting that seems to dog your own inner circle, and the “you’re either with us or you’re against us” attitude exuded by many of your loyalists. I hope you will learn both from Obama’s mistakes and from your own: Without diversity, openness, humor, and a willingness to be challenged and to change, no team can succeed for long.

    All the same, Hillary, I should have voted for you in 2008. If you run, I’ll vote for you in 2016. As a down payment on that promise, I’ve even started to read your latest book, Hard Choices.

    Hillary, I won’t pretend it’s a scintillating read. You’ve offered us 635 pages of numbing detail, interlaced with political pieties (“I approached my work with confidence in our country’s enduring strength and purpose”) and faux-intimate revelations (“Michelle [Obama] and I bonded over the challenges of raising a family in the public eye”).

    Hard Choices is a cautious book, a calculated balancing act that neither offends nor inspires. It’s certainly no Dreams from My Father. But it will, I think, get the job done — and in the end, that’s not so shabby, is it?

  70. I am thankful for those Republicans who have stopped Obama from getting his plans implemented. His plans are a disaster for this country.
    I felt in 2008 that Hillary should have fought for the nomination.
    Hillary so far is showing no sign of being the change we need.

  71. yes, Admin…we agree on what Hillary must do…no excuses…and you have hit on something very telling…the O insiders…they will be her undoing if she listens to them…did she not learn when they sabatoged her own 08 campaign from within…

    forget O’s doners, bla, bla, bla…Hillary stand tall and fight for us…the american citizens…our welfare, our security, our safety, our jobs…do not give us the usual gobbly gook…please do not sell us out…


    on another point, I was thinking more about that Boehner comment and ‘O was taking a nap’…

    and the more I think about it…I think the “freudian slip’ actually meant what O was
    actually doing on the night of the Benghazi attack…

    imho…that is the “secret” everyone knows but no one will say…everyone runs from when reporters ask where was O that night?…O was ‘taking a nap’ sleeping when Benghazi happened…

  72. Situation in iraq v serious, reports Iranian guards heading to Iraqi borders –

    By the way, Hillary will be on British Tv tonight on the BBC Newsnight programme at 1030pm tonight, will watch and report back and try and find a link for it later.

  73. …btw…the other irony to what is unfolding and Hillary’s book tour…is the actual name of her book “Hard Choices”…that’s right…it is ‘hard choices’ time…

    people will be evaluating Hillary as a possible president (candidate) by what they see and hear from her during these tumultous times…

    as my beloved mother always used to say to me (when I was shy)…’be bold…let people see who you are’
    (I can almost hear Hillary’s mother saying the same thing to her)

    Hillary, be bold…

    (fire the O advisors…get rid of them)

  74. MoonOnPluto, at yesterday’s hearing a Republican implied that Bergdahl was being kept incommunicado in Germany for political reasons. Maybe this is why Bergdahl is now being returned to the U.S.

  75. Tonight on BBC Newsnight: Jeremy Paxman live in NYC for an exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton. Don’t miss it. 2230 GMT 1730 EST

  76. gonzotx
    June 11, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Can you imagine the social services being overwhelmed with these illegal kids. JESUS.
    Here’s a novel idea, send them back!

    YES!!! I can remember when they took Elian out of a closet at gun point and sent him back home. 🙁

  77. Lots of good points in the article apologizing to Hillary posted by Admin. Sounds like the author has faced some hard truths. However, you still have to wonder about the intellect of those who were so thoroughly taken in by the manufactured Obama who ran for POTUS in 2008. All it took was a little research. It was relatively easy to find out some important facts about Obama, including the fact that he didn’t write that book that so impressed the author of article. Granted, one must be skeptical, as we know having watched MSM carrying O on their shoulders for six + years. It’s true that MSM did a good job of brain washing those who depended solely on CNN and network news for information, but still, most thinking people recognize the danger in blind acceptance of the opinions of those who have a clear, unmistakable bias, as did and does MSM.

    This statement from the article blew me away:

    To Hillary:
    “I didn’t like your polished shell, and I didn’t like your fake smile, but it’s 2014” REALLY? You thought Hillary was fake, but Obama was the real deal?

    Well, at least this individual has seen the error of his/her ways. I guess the saying “better late than never” is somewhat applicable. But, it feels like “too late” is rapidly approaching. Some damage can’t be undone – at least not in a year or two. Once some things are set in motion, they can’t be fully stopped. They forever alter the course of the future to some degree.

    Those who are responsible for putting Obama in the WH bear the responsibility for the damage done to country and to fellow countrymen and women. They need to apologize. But their apologies won’t right the wrong.


    At a closed-door gathering of Gulf states in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in May, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and his Arab counterparts all signaled agreement on one thing for the first time: Islamist forces seizing territory in Syria and Iraq had become a regionwide menace that can’t be ignored.

    What they didn’t agree on was what to do about it, U.S. officials said.The fall this week of the Iraqi cities Mosul and Tikrit to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham rebel group shows how the insurgent threat is outpacing the response and posing a challenge to President Barack Obama‘s approach of limiting U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts.

    The quickly unfolding drama prompted a White House meeting Wednesday of top policy makers and military leaders who were caught off guard by the swift collapse of Iraqi security forces, officials acknowledged. [snip]

    Recent events in Iraq show the potential risks of the administration’s foreign policy approach. In a speech at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point last month, Mr. Obama outlined a policy that favors a lighter U.S. military footprint and, where possible, calls for regional allies to take the lead in fighting terrorist threats in their backyards, so American troops don’t have to.

    But allies have grown to expect the U.S. to take the lead in counterterrorism efforts around the world, officials say, particularly in the Gulf. “Are they willing to step up?” a senior U.S. official said. “It is possible we are victims of our own leadership.”

    Some military officials now believe ISIS is the single greatest terrorist threat the U.S. and its allies face—stronger than the al Qaeda affiliates in Yemen or Africa and far more powerful than al Qaeda’s central leadership in Pakistan. Other senior U.S. officials say ISIS has yet to carry out any attacks directly targeting the U.S.

    It makes you want to kill yourself,” a senior U.S. official said of the intelligence on ISIS, which was presented by U.S. and Gulf allies during the May meeting in Jeddah.

  79. Reuters: Actor Harrison Ford has been injured on the Pinewood Studios set of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ in London and has been taken to hospital

    No word of how serious the injury.

  80. E.J. Dionne. Little Lord Fautleroy in the flesh. Hark, the little political hack speaks. And, he offer up a materially misleading theory of why Eric Cantor, scion of the establishment, bit the dust. According to Lord F it is because Cantor rode the tiger, the tiger being the tea party and when he got off the tiger, he got torn limb from limb. Hence, the moral to this fairy tale is this: Beware of the tiger.

    To which I say, bullshit. First of all, Cantor was fine until he turned on the tea party on gut issues like immigration. Shades of Marco Rubio. Second, Lord F cannot fathom the reasons why Cantor lost because as a beltway insider paranoid of the tea party, his livelihood depends on not understanding those reasons. If he understood them, and if he had the courage to lay them out (which he does not) it would end in an omnibus indictment of his own tribe, followed by his ritualistic expulsion from the cabal of the best and brightest ever to ruin a country.

  81. and Brazil opens the World Cup by scoring the first goal, except it was into the opponents goal….the idiots, lol.

  82. CORRECTION – and Brazil opens the World Cup by scoring the first goal, except it was into their OWN goal net…the idiots, lol.

  83. Bowe Bergdahl is expected to return to the U.S. tomorrow – Breaking.

    Question: will Messiah Obama force his followers to sing:

    When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

    When Johnny comes marching home again,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    We’ll give him a hearty welcome then
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The men will cheer and the boys will shout
    The ladies they will all turn out
    And we’ll all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home.

    The old church bell will peal with joy
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    To welcome home our darling boy,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The village lads and lassies say
    With roses they will strew the way,
    And we’ll all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home.

    Get ready for the Jubilee,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    We’ll give the hero three times three,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The laurel wreath is ready now
    To place upon his loyal brow
    And we’ll all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home.

    Let love and friendship on that day,
    Hurrah, hurrah!
    Their choicest pleasures then display,
    Hurrah, hurrah!
    And let each one perform some part,
    To fill with joy the warrior’s heart,
    And we’ll all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home

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