Obama’s Terrorist Squad And Hillary’s Hard Choice

Update: Hang on to your wigs, there’s a storm a’blowing. Tighten your girdles so you don’t bust a gut laughing. Reuters poll: Obama approval at 38/55, two-thirds worry about “dangerous” detainee swap precedent. Anyone who ties herself to this loser is making the wrong choice.


Hillary’s hard choice? Two articles from today’s Politico make clear what that is.

Article 1:

Will Obama Ever Be Popular Again? – History suggests it’s a losing battle. [snip]

The norm since World War II is for presidents to score their highest job approval ratings in their first term, then slump dramatically in their second. [snip]

Who knows—the economy could take off again, boosting Obama along with it. The Republicans could overreach on some matter of major import. Or a sudden “rally around the president” event, such as (God forbid) a major terrorist attack, could propel the president’s approval rating dramatically upward.

Get millions of monkeys typing for millions of years and one of them might type out the text to the Gettysburg Address. But is it likely to happen? No. Is it at all likely that Barack Obama might become popular again. No.

Why is it not likely that Barack Obama will become popular again? Didn’t he get elected twice?

Barack Obama got elected twice after Republicans spent millions of dollars beating themselves up followed up with Obama spending hundreds of millions of dollars to beat them up some more. The effect of all this is comparable to bad tasting, nutrient deficient dog food sold utilizing an advertising campaign of hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, you can sell the dog food but the problem is the dogs won’t eat it:

He has been elected twice to the White House, with 53 and 51 percent, respectively. But his presidential approval rating has often been below 50 percent, since the end of his brief honeymoon in 2009. Obama has been saddled throughout his presidency with a sluggish economy, which featured an unusually high unemployment rate of at least 9 percent for more than two years, from April 2009 to September 2011. [snip]

Obama’s approval score rose above 50 percent for a time around the 2012 election, after his campaign spent hundreds of millions of dollars to promote his reelection. It was not long afterward, though, that his approval mark drifted back below 50 percent, burdened by a series of woes that included the lingering unpopularity and botched rollout of his signature achievement, Obamacare.

The first quarter of 2014 featured an economy that contracted. Claims that the economy is recovering and might rescue Barack Obama are without substance.

What about, as the author muses, a terrorist attack that brings about a “rally around the president” effect? Is that likely? No. Why? Bergdahl.

Big Media has thus far protected Barack Obama from the consequences of his failure to protect Americans from terrorist attacks such as the Fort Hood shootings and failed attempts such as the Christmas bomber and the Times Square bomber. But the next terrorist attack in America will be sponsored by Barack Obama and his release of terrorist Taliban masterminds.

Any terrorist attack on America will cause a Pavlovian response – the American people equating Barack Obama with the terrorists he released to freedom to cause carnage. Even Big Media will be forced to ask whether Obama’s Terrorists of L’Áffaire Bergdahl had anything at all to do with the terror.

Obama’s Terrorist Squad. Keep that phrase in mind headline writers – you will need it.

What about Republican overreach? Will Republican “overreach” help Obama in the same way Republican panty-sniffing overreach hardened Bill Clinton’s polls? Doubtful.

Have you noticed how Trey Gowdy has disappeared from the news? It’s not because he is at rest. It’s because Gowdy, like most Republicans who have resisted attempting to impeach Obama even though there are plenty of good reasons to do so, understands that overreach will kill Republicans while evidence and reason will help them.

And is there really anything like “Republican overreach” now? The days with only us accurately describing Barack Obama as a treacherous boob and only some few Republicans critiquing Barack Obama are long gone:

From one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington, a close adviser to the White House, the missive amounted to an electronic eye roll. “Even I have had enough.”

Another Democrat had quit on President Obama.

The tipping point for this person was the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl case—not the soldier-for-Taliban swap itself as much as how the White House mishandled its obligation to communicate effectively and honestly to Congress and the public. More than that, Obama’s team had failed once again to acknowledge its mistakes, preferring to cast blame and seek cover behind talking points. [snip]

To this senior Democrat, the Politico story showed the White House to be both tone-deaf and arrogant, two vices that are undermining what could have been a great presidency.

I share this email to make the broader point and to offer a disclosure: In the 18 months since I began writing columns focused on the presidency, virtually every post critical of Obama has originated from conversations with Democrats. Members of Congress, consultants, pollsters, lobbyists, and executives at think tanks, these Democrats are my Obama-whispers. They respect and admire Obama but believe that his presidency has been damaged by his shortcomings as a leader; his inattention to details of governing; his disengagement from the political process and from the public; his unwillingness to learn on the job; and his failure to surround himself with top-shelf advisers who are willing to challenge their boss as well as their own preconceived notions.

Dem Party is F****d,” wrote a Democratic consultant with strong ties to the White House and Capitol Hill during the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act website.

A Democratic House member whose endorsement in 2008 helped lift the Obama candidacy told me in January, “He’s bored and tired of being president, and our party is paying the price.

“Talented guy but no leader,” said a Democratic lobbyist and former member of Congress in March. “If he could govern half as well as he campaigns, he’d be a good-to-great president.”

Is Dianne Feinstein part of a “Republican overreach”?

Is Barack Obama MSNBC bootlicker Andrea Mitchell part of a “Republican overreach”?

Article II:

Hillary Clinton’s challenge: Her relationship with President Obama

In private meetings and public statements ahead of her book’s publication, Hillary Clinton and her allies have presented a united front with President Barack Obama, highlighting their transition from campaign rivals to Cabinet confidants.

Yet in the weeks before her memoir, “Hard Choices,” hits the shelves, news accounts have detailed instances of substantive foreign policy disagreements between the two while she was secretary of state – from the Russian reset to Syria to the U.S. embargo against Cuba.

Clinton’s relationship with Obama presents a delicate challenge for the former secretary of state as she rolls out her book this week and potentially a presidential campaign months from now. She does not want to appear disloyal to her former boss but could use some separation given his anemic poll numbers. She’d have to have Obama supporters enthusiastically on board a presidential campaign, while fending off Republican attempts to depict her as representing a third Obama term.

We welcome all the belated discussions on what we termed long ago as a “muddled message mess” from Hillary Clinton 2016. The past few days have been a series of confusing data points to add to the record.

First, there was the release of Obama’s Terrorist Squad in exchange for Bergdahl. Hillary’s initial response was a mushy statement which was proffered by noxious Maggie Haberman and other Big Media Obama Praetorian Guard as evidence of Hillary Clinton support for the “prisoner swap”.

The next day came a blistering insider history leak of Hillary Clinton in opposition to the release of Obama’s Terrorist Squad. Immediately Hillary pal Leon Panetta made strong statements which confirmed that Hillary (and Panetta) opposed the release of Obama’s Terrorist Squad. Hillary’s new book was further confirmation of her opposition to the release of Obama’s Terrorist Squad.

In short, Hillary had Obama by the short hairs along with a bright path to 2016 victory, and then came an interview which threw it all away:

Republicans rejoiced. In one interview they saw Hillary Clinton 2016 tied to an unpopular Obama decision that might have dire consequences if at any time Obama’s Terrorist Squad in any way violates the terms of their release or is involved in any kind of terrorist activity or terrorist assistance activity. And we all know that will happen. It’s not like a million monkeys typing Shakespeare. It’s as sure as knowing that a million diarrhetic monkeys inside the White House will soon make a mess.

Muddled message mess? Is it time for a change or time to stay the course? It’s bizarre:

Clinton allies insist they aren’t trying to have it both ways by creating competing narratives. [snip]

A prime example was a recent Wall Street Journal article that revealed that Clinton, as she was getting ready to depart Foggy Bottom, wrote Obama a memo that the attempted “reset” in the relationship with Russia had crumbled and should be abandoned. Obama stayed with it for many months, only fully abandoning the effort when Russia invaded Crimea.

The memo is significant because Clinton became the face of the “reset” policy, and took the most heat after a botched effort at handing a Russian official an actual button that was supposed to say “reset” but had been translated to a different word.

On all the issue that matter – Russia, the Middle East, terrorism, the world is learning that our reporting and analysis has been correctly documenting the war between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. On all these issues, the issues that matter, Hillary Clinton has been correct and Barack Obama has been, at best, wrong.

As the long war waged by Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton comes into sharper focus; as the proof emerges with rapidity that Hillary knew what she was doing and Obama is a treacherous boob; as Obama is revealed to the American people (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) as the problem; as the Obama Terrorist Squad will likely strike before election day 2016 thereby hurt anyone who in any way supports the release of the Obama Terrorist Squad – why would anyone do anything to be seen as an ally of Barack Obama in 2014 but especially 2016?

Tie yourself to Barack Obama or cut him to pieces and hurl him to hungry dogs for electoral victory? That does not seem like a hard choice.


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  1. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/incredible-shrinking-president-article-1.1820383

    The incredible shrinking President
    Hour by hour he gets smaller and smaller!

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

    Less than two years after voters gave President Barack Obama a strong mandate for a second term, the White House is struggling against perceptions that it is losing its grip.

    At home, the bungled rollout of the Obamacare website and the shocking revelations about an entrenched culture of incompetence and fraud in the VA have undercut faith in the President’s managerial competency.

    Abroad, a surging Russia, an aggressive China, a war torn Middle East and a resurgent terror network are putting his foreign policy credentials to the test. With the GOP hoping to seize control of the Senate in November’s midterm elections, and the inevitable decline in presidential power that occurs as second term presidents move toward lame-duck status, Obama risks being sidelined and marginalized for the remaining two years of his term.

    Last week’s tempest over the Bergdahl exchange seemed to roll all the President’s troubles together into a single storm. The decision to free five Taliban fighters from Guantanamo in exchange for an American soldier with a complicated past energized the President’s opponents, befuddled and angered important Congressional allies, and renewed questions about the political instincts of the President and his closest aides. The White House apparently thought that the release would be a moment of national unity and celebration and arranged for Sgt. Bergdahl’s parents to meet Obama in a highly publicized Rose Garden ceremony that now looks like a huge political blunder. [snip]

    The implementation of the ACA was problematic in ways that go far beyond the famously awful website. While a substantial number of people have gotten access to health insurance thanks to the law, the implementation challenges remain epic — and the public still isn’t fully behind the new system. Many of the law’s provisions have already been suspended, amended, and reinterpreted so many times that it is now probable the President will leave office without being able to roll the whole law out as projected. Even government accountants have given up figuring out what the law means or how it will work: this week, the CBO stated that it was henceforth impossible to score Obamacare.

    Meanwhile, the problems at the Veterans Administration — problems candidate Obama vowed to fix back in 2008 — erupted last month in a scandal that 79% of Americans blame at least in part on Obama’s management. A shock poll in The Washington Post showed 48% of Americans now think that President George W. Bush was better at “getting things done” than his replacement-compared with 42% who think the opposite.

    Meanwhile, President’s Obama’s repeated calls for gun control legislation and immigration reform have fallen flat.

    Overseas, the gap between promise and accomplishment is, if anything, more daunting. Early in his first term Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in a decision that struck even his most ardent admirers as premature; there isn’t much talk today of a repeat visit to Oslo.

    Not since the end of the Cold War has an American president faced this much disorder and trouble in the world. The “reset” with Russia ended with the attack on Crimea. The Arab Spring has foundered in chaos, dictatorship and war. The President’s declaration that “Assad must go” has proved as hollow as his demand that Syria cease chemical warfare attacks on its citizens. Al-Qaeda and related jihadist groups are active and growing from West Africa through Central Asia; in some ways the terror threat today is greater than ever before. The war in Afghanistan, a war that candidate Obama vowed to win, is sputtering inconclusively toward a less than stellar close. An increasingly feisty China is challenging the United States and its allies, and North Korea grinds grimly ahead with its nuclear program.

    Once again, the President seems to have underestimated how much effort would be required to achieve the goals he set out. He clearly underestimated the difficulties of building a stable and businesslike relationship with Russia and was shocked and surprised at Putin’s attack on Ukraine. He underestimated the difficulty of getting the Israelis and Palestinians to reach a peace agreement, overestimated the strength of the democratic forces in Egypt, and seems not to have fully understood the difficulties in winning the Afghan war until after he committed American troops to a surge. His administration has also seriously underestimated China’s readiness to oppose American policy in the Pacific; the South and East China seas are becoming more dangerous and more militarized by the day.

    With 30 months to go, Obama still may have a chance to regain control of both the domestic and international agendas, but to do that he’s going to have to change his approach. He needs to focus on the nitty-gritty, day-to-day business of governing; six years into his administration, the public is fed up with promises and hungry for concrete accomplishments.

    President Obama needs to show that he knows how to get things done, or increasingly the world will move on as if he wasn’t there.

  2. Another Admin classic:

    Get millions of monkeys typing for millions of years and one of them might type out the text to the Gettysburg Address. But is it likely to happen? No. Is it at all likely that Barack Obama might become popular again. No.

  3. Oh, gag me with a shovel.

    Re: The video above of Andrea Mitchell –

    You know when you see a child such as Marie Harf talking about how our Administration is handling terrorism,

    she talks over her counterpart,

    giggles about serious matters,

    and smiles while she lies though her teeth.

    America is totally screwed while the doofusses are running the WhiteHouse!

  4. Excellent critique. Hillary, should she run, should run as far away from Obama as possible.

  5. President Obama needs to show that he knows how to get things done, or increasingly the world will move on as if he wasn’t there.

    This slacker hasn’t gotten any worse, it’s just that his protection squad can’t cover all his majestic disasters at one time. How much longer can NYTimes carry his water without circling the drain?

    Maybe the Kooks can stay up all night in their basements and spam his disciples that their dear leader is just being picked on because he is half black. Just give him more time. Unicorns are on the way.

    Maybe in a million years, Obama might do something right, by pure accident.

  6. S

    I don’t take others opinions of what Hillary is doing from the pundits on both sides of the isle. One thing they all have in common is either to paint Hillary in the same twisted light as 2007-8 or to play know-it-all insiders on the Hillary camp.

    I am pretty tired of all the speculation from the media.

  7. What an absolute mess in Iraq…..

    Mosul, one of the Middle East’s most important cities and Iraq’s 3rd largest, is being pillaged by Al Qaeda as we speak……Iraq is being lost, massive scale defections from military.

  8. What a disaster….Iraq parliament speaker: ISIS militants got their hands on helicopters when they occupied Mosul airport.

  9. Turkey says investigating reports 28 truck drivers kidnapped in Iraq by ISIS after group took over Mosul

  10. Mosul is now under the complete control of ISIS Al Qaeda — Iraqi security have abandoned their posts in the city — Maliki has yet to issue statement.

  11. ISIS freeing thousands of prisoners out of Mosul Prisons strengthening them, they continue to recruit, regroup & grow larger — threat to locals/national security.

    What a clusterfuck.

  12. So, While Turkey is arguing about its flag, ISIS has taken over the entire border along with the city of Mosul, reportedly kidnapped 28 Turkish Truck drivers & Al Qaeda now has air-force…………………….

    Well done. ergh….

  13. Surely we now know disastrous Turkish foreign policy and gunrunning by Erdogan has now allowed AL Qaeda to carve out state on Turkish border?

  14. Iraq is collapsing….

    Iraqi prime minister al-Maliki calls for urgent help from the UN, the EU and the Arab League.

    Iraq has failed.

  15. Iraq’s prime minister has asked parliament to declare a state of emergency over a militant attack in Mosul.

    Nouri al-Maliki made the call in a televised news conference Tuesday.

    Militants effectively seized of Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul on Tuesday.

    Iraqi security forces abandoned their posts and militants overran the provincial government headquarters and other key buildings, dealing a serious blow to Baghdad’s attempts to tame a widening insurgency in the country.

    The gunmen torched several of the city’s police stations, freeing detainees held in lockups.

    The fighters are believed to be affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an al-Qaida splinter group that is behind the bulk of the bloody attacks in Iraq and is among the most ruthless rebel forces in Syria.


    Death throes…Iraq is a failed state now.

  16. Iraqi Gov’t now asking all citizens to arm themselves, communication lines cut to baghdad, TV stations taken over…..i think we have a big big problem here.

  17. If you ever saw the movie No Place for Old Men, starring Tommy Lee Jones (Al Gore’s college roommate), then perhaps you will appreciate the exquisite irony of Mr. Obama’s current predicament. That movie is about a sociopath killer who eludes the pursuit of a broken down sheriff, and in due course manages to murder everyone who goes after him. Just when it seems that no one can stop him, an old lady in a car runs a red light, T-bones his vehicle and viola he’s dead.

    Fast forward to Barack Hussein Obama, much beloved by our treasonous big media. In one of his more notorious unscripted moments (that clearly reveals how his mind works), he was heard to say, I can do ANYTHING I want! Whereupon, big media shouted from the roof tops, yes HE can! And even as he was busy destroying this nation, with their help no one lifted a finger to stop him, except for Ted Cruz, and a handful of conservatives. And when they did so, big media and establishment republicans eviscerated them for attacking the infallible messiah. And big media, his partner in crime, covered up every single one of his scandals, and made them disappear. Fast and Furious–gone. Stimuilus fraud–gone. IRS targeting conservatives–gone. Obamacare fraud–gone. Veterans Administration pay to play–gone soon. Yes, all gone, or soon to be gone, thanks to the machinations of big media.

    Comes now the traitor for terrorist trade. The establishment republicans have gotten up on their hind legs and said this trade was illegal! Like he pays any attention to what is illegal. After all he can do anything he wants. But the truth is that unlike so many other things he has done this particular act was legal.

    Yes, there is a new law that requires congressional notification and a thirty day cooling off period. But that law is in direct conflict with the Article 6 of the Constitution which vests treaty making power in the president. Therefore the law is null and void. And so, for once in his life, he had the LEGAL right to enter into this deal.

    But just because he had the legal authority to enter into a deal to recover a US soldier, does not insulate him from the Constitutional ramifications of what he has done. Why not? First, because he is also commander in chief. Second, because the quid pro quo which he gave up to recover the soldier is grossly disproportionate. Third, because it constituted giving aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States in a time of war.

    For, lest we forget, the Taliban is our enemy, we are in a state of war, and freeing their high command to is highly likely to cause the death of countless Americans in the future. Therefore, Obama’s actions rise to the level of a high crime and misdemeanor which is grounds for impeachment.

    As one former assistant US Attorney explained: “high crimes and misdemeanors,” a term of art the Framers borrowed from British law, does not refer to penal statutes defining what we commonly think of as crimes and misdemeanors. They are, as Hamilton put it, the “political wrongs of public men”—breaches of fiduciary duty by high officials in whom great public trust is reposed.

    The concept is much more resonant of the military code of justice than penal laws, embracing such offenses as dereliction of duty (such as a commander-in-chief who replenishes Taliban enemy forces in wartime) and the violation of an oath (such as the oath to preserve the Constitution and faithfully execute the laws).”

    Clearly, Mr. Obama has violated the law repeatedly to achieve political ends. In this case, he acted within the scope of his constitutional authority. But in so doing, the deal he made constitutes a beach of the fiduciary duty by the highest official in government in whom great public trust is reposed. That judgment is political, and the law can provide no defense for his unconscionable and treasonous action.

  18. The timing of this really just blows huge holes in the USS Obama…must be sinking fast.

    ISIS have also seized the al-Ghazlani military base in Mosul area

    “Iraqi soldiers take off their uniforms and leave posts in #Musul as ISIS forces take over the city … Iraq pic.twitter.com/YOe0WN80Mn”

    Jihadi sources claim 15 “attack helicopters” seized along with missiles at Mosul airbase.

    great, just great.

  19. BREAKING: #Iraq: ISIS claims to have seized al-Qayara, al-Shura, al-Sharaqat, Zamar, Ba’aj, al-Mahalbiya and Jaban in Ninawa province.

  20. Obama and his crew said we have left Irag stable and prosperous…….hows that looking around now Bambi?

  21. The headline story at DrudgeReport:


    Hillary Clinton: ‘Sexism’ in 2008 Obama campaign

    Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday there was “sexism” in Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign that she and the president needed to get past.

    “Beginning the process of working with then-Sen. Obama after I ended my campaign, we had an awkward but necessary meeting to clear the air on a couple of issues, and one of them was the sexism that — unfortunately — was present in that ’08 campaign,” Clinton told Robin Roberts on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

    In her new memoir, “Hard Choices,” Clinton wrote that she rejected a request from the Obama campaign to attack Sarah Palin, who was then running for vice president.

    “That very first day, the Obama campaign said, ‘Well, we want you to go out there and criticize her,’ and I said ‘For what? For being a woman? No, let’s wait until we know where she stands, I don’t know anything about her. Do you know anything about her?’” Clinton said she told the Obama campaign.

    In response to Clinton’s revelation, Palin tweeted: “Look who fired the 1st shot on the real ‘war on women.’ Hint: it wasn’t the GOP. See this excerpt from Hillary’s book,” accompanied by a picture of “Hard Choices.”

    Clinton also told Roberts that women continue to face “obstacles” in the workplace, saying, “It’s not just in the political sphere that we continue to have these obstacles in women’s full participation.”

  22. Shadowfax…

    I can appreciate that you are tired of the speculation of the media…however it is just beginning…


    let’s face it…the vultures are just getting ready to pounce…for example, at MSNBC Mika Brezenski, who obviously hates both Clintons, is establishing herself as the grand interpretor of Hillary’s character and how the middle class will respond to the “out of touch” Hillary…she was all out against Hillary this morning…and insisting that her panel of all men agree with her…she was relentless…

    …personally I find Mika laughable…the woman who criticizes other women and then poses with her legs flyng in the air on a table next to Joe…she is a joke as she condescends on everyone else from her high perch…but you can bet she will take every opportunity to slip in all the snark and hits she can on Hillary and Bill throughout the entire book tour and campaign…(up until if Hillary wins, then she will be all hugs)

    I do not think Hillary should be above analysis or criticism however when it relates to Hillary…all the opportunists come out of the woodwork to take their best shots…and many of them come with with very cheap shots that they would not dare take at others…it has always been how low can they go when they have the Clintons as their target…

    btw…there is a special irony and hypocrisy in Diane Sawyer going after Hillary for making $200,000 for speeches when Diane Sawyer makes:

    Diane Sawyer Salary
    How much does Diane Sawyer make per year as host of ABC news? $22 million…

    Diane is worth about $60 million dollars and that is not mentioning that Diane Sawyer is married to Mike Nichols, considered one of the highest paid directors in the world with a net worth of $145 million dollars


    and then there is this:

    Barack & Michelle Obama’s estimated Net Worth in 2012 is $12 Million…so why is he never questioned about their wealth? where is his common man touch? where are the questions of his wife’s past work & salary scrutiny?

    everyone is allowed to make money but not the Clintons…

    I hate to say it but Hillary…and Bill’s connection to O casts a big dark shadow…and with Hillary smiling and implying cover for him…the shadow just gets darker…there are things she is going to be accused of and if she does not speak up she is going to be further under that bus while she protects O…is she going to allow herself to be boxed in?

    What will it cost Hillary to have ‘O’s back’?

  23. MoonOnPluto, in America there are no reports at all about Iraq. Not on TV, not in newspapers, not on the internet. Nothing. Frankly, we are surprised at all your comments because here in the land of the free and the home of the brave none of these reports are aired.

    We finally Googled to find the information you are providing. Your reports are exactly correct. But thus far nothing in American Big Media.

  24. Can’t say they didnt see that coming and with Todays major Iraq boo boo, its gonna be a fun few days.

  25. Best tweet of the day….made me laugh..after today’s events…..

    Dear Democrats:

    You’d better get your behinds up to the White House and tell Obama he’s sick and has to resign before he screws things up so bad that even YOU will be in the crap.

    Love and kisses!

  26. Admin and are we surprised?

    Where is the media…….Iraq on the brink of collapse and where is the media?

  27. personally I find Mika laughable…the woman who criticizes other women and then poses with her legs flyng in the air on a table next to Joe…she is a joke as she condescends on everyone else from her high perch.
    Mika never fooled me. Not once. The world thinks she is daughter of Zeib. But the truth is Mika is Zieb in drag. You think I am kidding. Or just taking cheap shots at someone who belongs in the Theater of the Absurd. I am not. Just peel away the layers of make-up, the false eyelashes, and the wig etc. and what have you got. Bippidy, boppoty– Zieb, aka the Polish Prince. If you still have you doubts, ask yourself this question. When, if ever, have you ever seen Zieb and Mika together? I rest my case. The most amazing thing about him/her however is not that. It is how he/she emotes on camera when a guest or her co-host suggest that Obama is not the Messiah, and that he may be both evil and stupid.

  28. Our apologies to American Big Media. We claimed that there has been zero coverage of what is happening today in Iraq. While it is true that we have not seen any reports on the latest Iraq developments on TV nor seen written news reports (we Googled to find a few) we were wrong.

    ABC this morning aired 30 seconds on Iraq:

  29. …I’ve seen a little coverage of Iraq on drudge and Washington Post but nothing on TV

    instead TV is covering ‘friendly fire’ in Afghanastan



    it almost seems as if the US govt is ready to blame everything on its own soldiers these days rather than tie anything to O’s failure in leadership…

    hard to believe the extent the media and O admin have gone to to blame everyone for the terrorist swap and Bergdahl mess…blame the platoon, blame Hagel…hell…blame GB, Hillary…anyone but the actual C-i-Chief…BO

    O is just a bystander…just call him when you need a speech…just make sure the teleprompter is loaded with the speech otherwise he won’t know what the hell is going on…

  30. …and O’s biggest broken promise is yet to come…big surprise awaiting American Taxpayers compliment O and the IRS…



    Applicants are asked to complete a detailed, confusing twelve-page application which asks for income, family size, etc. It is rather like trying to fill out a 1040 on the fly. Added to this is the lack of employer reporting requirements and the failure to complete the back-end of the web site.

    Inconsistencies–some of which are the result of failures of the healthcare.gov system, some of which are poor records from the government, and some of which are mistakes from the individual–are not surprising. But they are a problem. It is the middle of June, and many people have now been receiving inaccurate subsidies for six months. To the public’s knowledge, not a single advanced tax credit has been adjusted this year.

    So what happens if the flawed, confusing process results in a tax credit larger than what the law calls for?

    A hypothetical example might help illustrate: a health exchange customer selects an Obamacare exchange plan. The government estimates that this taxpayer will earn $30,000 this year, which makes her eligible for a $2000 tax credit. This $2000 is paid to the taxpayer’s insurance company to help with premiums.

    The next spring, our customer/taxpayer is filling out her tax return. Unfortunately, the government estimated the taxpayer earned too little and paid too large a credit. She actually earned $40,000, and so only had a $1500 credit coming to her.

    Depending on the taxpayer’s income level and availability of verified affordable workplace insurance, she will have to pay back much or all of the $500 overage to the IRS. This means skinnier refunds and maybe even liabilities, and it won’t be the taxpayer’s fault—it will be the government’s fault.

    It is also inevitable that many people are receiving tax credits for which they are completely ineligible. The firewall of the offer of employer sponsored insurance is a new concept — tax preparers will have difficulty figuring out how it works in operation. There is virtually no way to catch it on the front end — but come tax filing season, many people will end up owing thousands of dollars, and it will be a complete surprise.”

  31. This is rich – Hagel’s thrown under the bus…

    Now the White House says Hagel made final call on Bergdahl as criticism of Obama over prisoner swap mounts

    Congress learned on Monday that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel gave final approval for the prisoner exchange that freed Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
    Last week, Hagel said the swap was a unanimous decision made by senior officials
    Hagel is expected to defend the prisoner exchange on Wednesday in an appearance before the House Armed Services Committee

    FInal approval for the prisoner exchange that freed Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was made by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, members of Congress learned on Monday from administration officials.

    ‘They indicated (it was) Secretary Hagel (who made the final call),’ Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA) said after a classified briefing, ABC points out.

    ‘It was the president of the United States that came out (in the Rose Garden) with the Bergdahls and took all the credit and now that there’s been a little pushback he’s moving away from it and it’s Secretary Hagel?’


  32. 😆

    Update: Hang on to your wigs, there’s a storm a’blowing. Tighten your girdles so you don’t bust a gut laughing. Reuters poll: Obama approval at 38/55, two-thirds worry about “dangerous” detainee swap precedent. Anyone who ties herself to this loser is making the wrong choice.

    roflmao 😆

  33. A hypothetical example might help illustrate: a health exchange customer selects an Obamacare exchange plan. The government estimates that this taxpayer will earn $30,000 this year, which makes her eligible for a $2000 tax credit. This $2000 is paid to the taxpayer’s insurance company to help with premiums.

    So not only do we subsides the person obtaining the Insurance, we are paying the Insurance company….double whammy for the actual taxpayer.

  34. Obama pigs call Hillary a liar:


    A senior Obama campaign official said that the request for Clinton to speak was tailored specifically to Palin’s speech after McCain picked her as his running mate, in which she made a direct pitch for Clinton supporters.

    “Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America. But it turns out the women of America aren’t finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all,” Palin said at the time.

    “We wanted Hillary to go out and say the Republican platform is completely inconsistent with the principles on which I ran,” said the official, adding that it was not supposed to be a broad-based knock on Palin.

    At a White House press briefing Tuesday when asked about Clinton’s comments, Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted he had not seen the interview but commented that “it was a historic campaign and one that the president is proud to be involved in. The reason why it was so historic is because you had a woman like Sec. Clinton who was running such a powerful, strong, sophisticated campaign.”

  35. “We wanted Hillary to go out and say the Republican platform is completely inconsistent with the principles on which I ran,” said the official,

    I wanna know who is this little weasel with the tiny boy parts?

    One of those idiots that think women are born to serve men…….get bit!

  36. Obviously, Hillary stepped on a big nerve with BO and minions about them wanting her to bad mouth Palin like they were doing openly and behind the scenes..talk about a war on women!

    She has certainly stepped on the last nerve of the Reps. ALL day long, on and on every program on FOX there has been non stop bashing of her and her book. Am I not remembering correctly but did FOX News and the Reps have many if any negative comments back in 2008 about the dreams of my father fairy tale or anything but high praise for George Jr.’s book?

    Funny how Reps are so scared of Hillary.

  37. Polls are closed in South Carolina and Virginia. These two are important primaries not because the incumbent (Lindsay Graham and Eric Cantor respectively) are in danger. These primaries are important because if the incumbent wins by a lot it improves the chances Republicans will try to pass amnesty. If the races are tight amnesty remains dead.

    Will Lindsay Graham get 50% of the vote and avoid a runoff? Will Eric Cantor win easily after being forced to spend money and campaign? Answers tonight.

  38. Everyone expects Eric Cantor to win big. But look at these numbers:

    With 39.3% of the vote in

    Brat 57.6%
    Cantor 42.4%

    Is it the Brot precincts that are in and soon the Cantor precincts come in and crush Brat? Or is something happening here?

  39. Hey people!!!! What the hell is happening in Virginia????? Holy Cow!!!!!!!! Great Caesars Ghost!!!!! Ay Caramba!!!!!!!

    With 51.2% of the vote in

    Brat 55.6%
    Cantor 44.4%

  40. Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest admitted he had not seen the interview but commented that “it was a historic campaign and one that the president is proud to be involved in.

    $#(^%$! PROUD? To win a primary in a party where the majority are women, by superdelegate vote, the majority of whom were men? In 2008, 64% of the superdelegates were male and 64% of them voted for Ovomit. Proud? Dicks.

    $#(^%$! PROUD? To win by changing the rules? How clever. And see how well that has all turned out.

  41. Lu4PUMA Josh Earnest was being a pig when he said that Hillary ran a “powerful, strong, sophisticated campaign.” This is snark. It is the Obama pig way of saying that Hillary did not run that type of campaign and that Obama beat her because he was the one that ran such a campaign.

    Obama pigs are pigs.

  42. The shocker night continues:

    With 73.1% of the vote in

    Brat 56.2%
    Cantor 43.8

    It really does appear that Cantor has lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Associated Press says Brat won!

    With 79.5% of the vote in

    Brat 56.1
    Cantor 43.9

    It’s not even close. Cantor’s loss has to stun Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio (Boner too and Barack must be shocked).

  44. BTW, Cantor cannot run as an independent or a write-in candidate because Virginia has a sore loser law. Also, there is a question as to whether or not there will even be a D candidate in the race as the district is so Republican.

  45. Political novice beats majority leader. Tea Party gets biggest scalp yet:



    RICHMOND, Va. — Dave Brat, a local economics professor, toppled House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Tuesday night in the most shocking primary defeat since Republicans took the House in 2010.

    The conservative challenger’s victory halts one of the most meteoric rises in national politics, and illustrates the strong anti-incumbent fever that has taken over Cantor’s Richmond-area district. Cantor is the second House incumbent to lose this primary season — Texas GOP incumbent Ralph Hall was defeated by a tea-party backed challenger at the end of May.

    Cantor’s defeat not only reorders Virginia politics, where Cantor was the highest-ranking Republican, but it completely throws the House Republican leadership into flux. Cantor, 51, was long seen as the next speaker of the House after John Boehner retires.

    Cantor outspent Brat 14-1.

  46. MoonOnPluto


    Virginia Code 24.2-520 : A candidate who loses a primary shall be prohibited from having his name on a general election ballot.

    So, yes you are right that only as a write in can he “run”.


    It looks like Cantor’s options for seeking re-election are limited by Virginia law. Essentially, he’d have to run as a write-in candidate, as he can’t even get his name on the ballot as an independent in the state.

  47. BTW, Lindsay Graham, with 25% of the vote in is at 61%. He might still face a run-off but it looks good for him thus far.

  48. http://www.nationaljournal.com/congress/gop-leadership-in-chaos-after-eric-cantor-s-loss-20140610

    GOP Leadership in ‘Chaos’ After Eric Cantor’s Loss
    “We’re absolutely stunned.”

    Befuddlement hit and lingered within the House GOP leadership ranks as Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s election fate was unwinding on Tuesday. Cantor lost in a major upset to primary challenger Dave Brat.

    There was no immediate comment from House Speaker John Boehner.

    But a senior Republican leadership aide described the mood as “chaos for the leadership ranks.”

    “We’re absolutely stunned. Honestly, we really can’t believe it,” said the aide, who likened it to the 2004 election defeat of Tom Daschle of South Dakota, who was Senate minority leader at the time.

    “Given the speculation Boehner himself may decide not to run again for speaker, the idea had been out there that Cantor would simply walk into the speakership,” said the aide.

    “But now, who the hell would be the next speaker?”—particularly, the aide added, if Paul Ryan doesn’t want it, or Rep. Tom Price of Georgia isn’t interested.

    And there are more immediate questions—including whether Cantor would step down as majority leader right away, given the no-confidence vote of his own constituents.

    “Everyone knows it was a tough race out there. But when you have all the money in the world, spend those resources—in the long run, money usually wins out,” said the aide.

  49. Well, now Cantor and Bonar know how we felt when Barry won in 2014 while the Rethugs stayed home and let the country go to Hell.

  50. Pelosi and Reid will just use Cantor’s loss to claim in their sermons to their faithful that the GOP is increasingly being infiltrated by extremists to scare them further into contributing more money to the Democratic Party.

  51. You know what I think is interesting…we have major problems culminating…Iraq becoming increasingly dangerous, Afghanastan a mess, the VA scandal, the Terrorist swap & possible deserter scandal, an influx of illegal immigrants priming our USA border to become a 3rd world country at the expense of battered and depleted American taxpayers, Ocare is lining up for a big crash and taxpayer revolt…etc, etc, etc

    …and has anyone noticed what O has been doing the last couple of days…well he was working hard welcoming the UCONN women’s basketball team…in between his crusing for good hamburgers…

    …there he is restaurant hopping and glad handling people at various restaurants at lunch hours…

    I am beginning to think there really is something seriously wrong with this man…he is just going around grinning and having a good old time…with the whole world falling apart around him…and no freaking leadership from him…does he understand that he is the Prez…or is it just an alternative world for him to pop into once in awhile for the perks and applause…?

    when are people going to start calling him on his nonstop vacation…disgraceful..

  52. Your right Admin, Arizona had a lot to do with Cantor going down. People are freaking tired of our Country being over run by illegals and the Government not only not doing anything about it, but encouraging them!
    Republican’s deaf to their constituents concerns. Pompous idiots.

  53. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/06/10/the-seismic-political-consequences-of-eric-cantors-stunning-loss/

    The seismic political consequences of Eric Cantor’s stunning loss

    Eric Cantor just lost.

    The defeat of the second-ranking Republican in the House by an ill-funded, little-known tea party-backed candidate ranks as the biggest Congressional upset in modern memory and will immediately generate a series of political and policy-related shockwaves in Washington and the Richmond-area 7th district.

    People don’t know how to respond because it’s never been contemplated,” said one Virginia Republican strategist, granted anonymity to speak candidly about Cantor’s loss. (Worth noting: Cantor didn’t just lose. He got walloped; David Brat, his challenger, won 56 percent to 44 percent.) [snip]

    1. Immigration reform is dead. I’m not sure it was ever really alive in the House — we’ve written plenty about how the average House Republican has zero incentive to support any immigration reform — but Cantor’s loss ensures that even chatter about making minor changes will disappear. [snip]

    2. House legislative activity will cease. Again, there wasn’t a heck of a lot of grand legislative plans before Cantor’s loss. But, that trickle will totally dry up now as Republican members avoid doing anything — literally, anything — that could be used against them in the many primaries still to come this summer and fall. Members will be afraid of their own shadows.

    3. The “establishment strike back” storyline will disappear.… In the space of the last week, the narrative that the establishment has finally figured out how to beat the tea party has exploded. First, state Sen. Chris McDaniel finished ahead of Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran in the state’s GOP primary. Now, the Cantor loss. [snip]

    4. ….Tea party challenges will surge.

    5. The race to replace John Boehner as Speaker is now wide open. We’ve written before about how difficult it will be for Boehner to hold on to his Speakership — assuming Republicans keep the majority this fall. But now the heir apparent has been dragged under by a conservative uprising. [snip]

    Cantor’s defeat will continue to send rumbles through the political system for the next few days — and even weeks and months. Out-of-nowhere upsets — particularly of such a high-ranking pol — have a tendency to do that. What an amazing night.

  54. Admin

    Eric Cantor just lost

    What does this all mean?

    That Repubs will not support amnesty? If so, I’m glad.

    That Repubs will only support conservatives? They have been MIA in the polls since 2008, would someone like Sweaters have a better chance in 2016?

    Hillary against Sweaters, she would mow him down like a John Deere with jet packs.

  55. Prez hard at work researching the best burger in town



    After lunch, Obama greeted patrons of FireFlies Restaurant in Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood but said he couldn’t pose for pictures with everyone because he had to get back to work. “I’ll give you a hug. I’ll give you a kiss, if you want,” he said.

    Obama also spoke on the telephone at the bar with the restaurant’s owner, telling Marylisa Lichens he was sorry she wasn’t there but that he was “very happy” with his “tasty burger.”

    Burger runs are becoming a regular thing for Obama. Last month, he and Vice President Joe Biden surprised diners at Shake Shack in DuPont Circle. The guest on one of Obama’s more notable burger runs was then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

    Obama’s surprise outings aren’t limited to the hunt for cooked beef patties on sesame seed buns.

    Recent weeks brought a walk to the Interior Department for a ceremony and a stop at a Washington park where Little League baseball teams were warming up for a game. Obama tossed a ball to a 10-year-old.

  56. Central America Newspapers Tout Open US Door for Illegal Minors

    By Todd Beamon


    Newspapers in El Salvador and Honduras are promoting policies by the Obama administration that defer deportation to minors brought to the United States as children by their parents — known as “Dreamers” — and those that are housing illegal children at military bases in the South and West.

    “Almost all agree that a child who crossed the border illegally with their parents, or in search of a father or a better life, was not making an adult choice to break our laws, and should be treated differently than adult violators of the law,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is quoted in a story about a new two-year extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act published by Diario El Mundo in El Salvador.

    Urgent: Do You Approve Or Disapprove of President Obama’s Job Performance? Vote Now in Urgent Poll

    Signed by President Barack Obama in 2012, the law grants temporary legal status to many young illegal immigrants, ending the threat of deportation for at least two years.

    The policy, however, does not entitle the immigrants to state services. The law was renewed for two more years.

    “With the renewal of DACA, we act according to our values and code of this great nation,” Johnson said. “But the biggest task of comprehensive immigration reform is yet to come.”

    Meanwhile, La Prensa of Honduras discusses in a report how as many as 500 illegal minors are being housed at the Naval Base Ventura County in Southern California.

    “The children will be accommodated for between three and four months, while their parents or relatives are located in the United States,” the report says.

    “The administration of President Barack Obama has acknowledged he faces a serious crisis for the continuous arrival of children, mostly Central Americans, who are illegally entering the country on the border with Mexico.”

    Besides Mexico and Honduras, the report notes that many of the children are coming from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

    “During their stay, in addition to accommodations and food, children receive English classes, play sports and participate in targeted programs while immigration authorities contact their families,” the La Prensa report says.

    On Monday, the Obama administration said that it would begin housing as many as 1,200 illegal minors at the Army base in Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

    The plan was attacked last week by Oklahoma Republicans, who accused the administration of not giving them sufficient notice and that it would strain limited resources.

    A similar shelter for that has accommodated about 1,820 minors over nearly four weeks has been operating at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

    Housing the illegals cost American taxpayers $252 per child per day.

    The deluge of illegal immigrants is causing a burden on the border states of Texas and Arizona, and officials have been transporting children from south Texas to Arizona and leaving them at various locations, including holding centers and bus stations.

    After widespread outrage by Arizona state and congressional officials, Homeland Security said it would stop dumping illegals in those states, even though officials say the practice has not stopped.

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer last week sent emergency food and medical supplies to a makeshift holding center in the southern part of the state that was holding hundreds of illegal minors.

    The Obama administration estimates that 60,000 children under 18 will enter the U.S. illegally alone this year. It’s expected to grow to nearly 130,000 next year.

  57. Cudas to “our first black president” for instigating chaos and national decline. As the angry ossified child emerges from his psyche and wields the executive order pen like a raving lunatic, the Republican party will be forced to decide whether they are men or mice. I am not sanguine that they will stand up to him.

  58. Cantor’s loss is stunning, it should see the republican leadership collectively crap their pants…..watch them scurry to the right faster than Obama can get on a golf course…it may just scare them into actually acting like republicans.

    Expect a fast track tack to the right because the grass roots GOP just more or less said “see what we can do and we aint finished, start acting like republicans or you’re gone”. It has effectively killed off the pussyfoot candidate for 2016, Jeb’s campaign is dead in the water. The likes of McCain and his RINO brigade are in for a big old shocker.

  59. I guess this answers the questions that they have pilots…..

    Iraqi MP: ISIS fighters fly over Mosul in helicopters seized from Iraqi army.

  60. 100 Kurdish presidential guards in Tikrit surrounded by ISIS fighters. Given 2-hour ultimatum to leave base.

  61. Obama will be writing executive signings faster than you can say “William Pen”!

    Who knew you could write a new constitution on a daily basis? I’m sure our forefathers would be proud, along with all the Vets who have given life and limb to see how the sacrifice they made has turned out.

  62. Can’t link from my phone, but reading reports that Brat is a liberal in Tea Party clothing…will have to find more out.

  63. Eric Cantor Defeated by David Brat, Tea Party Challenger, in Primary Upset By JONATHAN MARTIN
    snip With just over $200,000, David Brat, a professor at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Va., toppled Mr. Cantor, repeatedly criticizing him for being soft on immigration and contending that he supported what critics call amnesty for immigrants in the country illegally. Republicans were so sure that Mr. Cantor would win that most party leaders had been watching for how broad his victory would be. His defeat will reverberate in the capital and could have major implications for any chance of an immigration overhaul.

    Mr. Cantor, 51, who is in his seventh term, had sought to counter Mr. Brat’s accusations that he was too willing to compromise on immigration. The majority leader, who had raised $5.4 million for the campaign, blanketed Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District with fliers and television advertisements in which he emphasized that he opposed an “amnesty” policy.

    But with significant help from conservative talk radio hosts like Laura Ingraham, Mr. Brat was able to galvanize opposition to Mr. Cantor in one of Virginia’s most conservative congressional districts.

    Ms. Ingraham, one of the few high-profile conservatives to put her muscle behind Mr. Brat, said on Fox News on Tuesday night that the primary results were “an absolute repudiation of establishment politics” and that Republican leaders should take note.

    “He really just didn’t have very much money, but what he did have was a lot of heart,” she said of Mr. Brat. “I think there will be a lot of people out there saying this could be the beginning of something really big for the Republican Party.”

  64. All going well…..ISIS AQ has “moved” several Turkish Diplomats to unknown locations after raiding the Turkish consulate in Mosul.

  65. Reports are…ISIS took hostage of 45 people in Turkey’s Musul Consulate, inc diplomats & personel, children and women.

  66. Even worse……

    ISIS sacked the central bank of Mosul & made off with about US$420 million.

    What a total and utter clusterfook.

  67. Erdoğan is holding an emergency meeting with cabinet members over seizure of Turkish consulate in #Mosul, sources say.

  68. Breaking Reuters: Iraqi security sources say insurgents are now overrunning Iraqi city of Tikrit.

  69. http://thefederalist.com/2014/06/11/why-we-fired-eric-cantor/

    Why We Fired Eric Cantor
    Robert Tracinski

    Here’s all you need to know about Eric Cantor’s stunning loss in the Republican primary for Virginia’s seventh congressional district.

    For almost as long as I’ve lived here, which is coming up on 20 years now, the purpose of the seventh district has been to re-elect Eric Cantor every two years. It’s a strongly Republican district that spans across a very conservative stretch of rural Central Virginia, from the Richmond suburbs to Culpeper. So what were we going to do, vote for a Democrat? No, we were going to vote for Cantor.

    And Cantor knew it. Because he didn’t have to worry too much about getting re-elected every two years, his political ambition was channeled into rising through the hierarchy of the House leadership. Rise he did, all the way up to the #2 spot, and he was waiting in the wings to become Speaker of the House.

    The result was that Cantor’s real constituency wasn’t the folks back home. His constituency was the Republican leadership and the Republican establishment. That’s who he really answered to.

    Guess what? Folks in the seventh district figured that out.

    The Republican primary is not a date that is all that well known here, and speaking for myself, there was only one reason I noticed it this year and thought that hey, we should go vote. It was not because I thought challenger Dave Brat was going to win. It was because I thought that he might do well, posting a result somewhere up in the mid-40s, and this might put a little fear into Eric Cantor and maybe even get the notice of the rest of the Republican leadership.

    It turns out that a lot of other people felt the same. Enough to give Brat 55% of the vote as a pure protest against the establishment.

    This wasn’t primarily about Dave Brat. A few people have run primary campaigns against Cantor in the last few years, but they were generally the kind of guys who were running a forklift the day before. I love the ideal of the citizen-legislator, and more power to ‘em, but those guys just didn’t have the wherewithal to get noticed. Brat was the first challenger who had a well-organized campaign, and as a pro-free-market economics professor, he’s the kind of guy who can stand up at a local political meeting and talk intelligently and convincingly about public policy. In short, he was a credible alternative in a district that was really looking for one.

    Similarly, this wasn’t about any one issue, though Brat’s opposition to Cantor on immigration helped energize some fanatical supporters, which is important in a contest where the overall vote total is not very big. But this is less about two candidates with opposing principles than it is about candidates with opposing attitudes toward the very concept of “principle.”

    Here’s my favorite Eric Cantor story. At the Republican Convention in 2008, I approached Cantor after an event, introduced myself as a constituent, and told him where I lived. It’s a tiny place, more of a wide spot in the road than an actual town, so this was partly a test to see how well Cantor knew his own district. I turns out that he did recognize the town, and to prove it, he started to tell me about how he had worked on getting us an earmark for a local Civil War battlefield park. An earmark, mind you, just after Republicans had officially renounced earmarks in an attempt to appease small-government types. Cantor suddenly realized this and literally stopped himself in mid-sentence. Then he hastily added: “But we don’t do that any more.”

    That, ladies and gentlemen, was Eric Cantor: the soul of an establishment machine politician, with the “messaging” of the small-government conservatives grafted uneasily on top of it.

    So yes, you can now tear up all those articles pronouncing the death of the Tea Party movement, because this is the essence of what the Tea Party is about: letting the establishment know that they have to do more than offer lip service to a small-government agenda, that we expect them to actually mean it. Or as Dave Brat put it in one of his frenzied post-victory interviews, “the problem with the Republican principles is that nobody follows them.”

  70. Moon

    The loss of Iraq after all that was paid in blood by our troops and Iraqis….the wrong war

    Can’t imagine Saddam being over taken by these terrorist.

    Great job Bush and Obama.

  71. gonzotx
    June 10, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    Reports of the Tea Party’s death have been greatly exaggerated. ..

    looks like it 🙂

  72. Hillary…..WTH

    Hillary: Taliban 5 ‘Not a Threat to the United States’

    7:37 AM, JUN 11, 2014 • BY DANIEL HALPER

    Hillary Clinton says the Taliban 5, released more than a week ago by President Obama, are “not a threat to the United States.”

    “These five guys are not a threat to the United States,” says Clinton. “They are a threat to the safety and security of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s up to those two countries to make the decision once and for all that these are threats to them. So I think we may be kind of missing the bigger picture here. We want to get an American home, whether they fell off the ship because they were drunk or they were pushed or they jumped, we try to rescue everybody.”

    Last week President Obama traded the Taliban 5, who were being held at Gitmo, for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was being held by the Taliban.

    Daniel Halper is online editor at The Weekly Standard and author of Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine (forthcoming).

  73. ISIS have now taken over Tikrit (Saddam’s native home), opened the prisons and freed prisoners. More happy free soldiers for them.

  74. Yeah, Obama we told you so… If you support terrorists in Syria all hell will break loose. Now you have to deal with the consequences

  75. The disease of becoming an insider, and working for the party and its contributors rather than the American People, plays hell in a change election. One more reason why Hillary must separate herself from Obama and repudiate his policies. By the end of his term this will be easy because we are likely to have a state of chaos in parts of this country, but if she waits until then it will be too late. To stay the course under these circumstances is tantamount to political suicide. It ties her to the past, and a failed past at that. Elections on the other hand are about the future. Bill Jacobsen thinks this is why Cantor lost.
    Looking back, with the complete benefit of hindsight, it seems that something changed along the way for Cantor. I can’t put a precise date on it, but looking back on our posts about Cantor, I’d put the change sometime in late 2011, after Republicans gained control of the House, Cantor became Majority Leader, and he set his sights on even higher positions of power.

    Until then, our posts reflect Cantor as a tough fighter, the “bad cop” to John Boehner’s “good cop” in fighting Obamacare and the Democratic agenda. (snip)

    When Cantor started focusing on becoming Speaker of the House and potentially even higher office, he did lose his focus on his district, as Erick Erickson points out.

    But I think it was something more than that.

    He started compromising that very quality people liked in him. He became more of the D.C. insider, the power player, the mushy middler who wanted Democrats to like him by toying with amnesty. To the extent amnesty was part of the reason Cantor lost, it was a symptom, not the disease.

  76. Some reports finally made it through Big Media to the American people:


    CBS’ Holly Williams reports Mosul, Iraq, is under control of Islamic militants — a disaster for Iraq’s government, which continues to lose its grip on power across entire segments of the country.

    However, the White House doesn’t seem too concerned with the news as spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can be proud of their success in “ending the war in Iraq.”

    “Ending the war in Iraq and winding down in a responsible fashion the war in Afghanistan, and doing that after the success of our our efforts to dismantle and destroyed Al-Qaida core that had established a base of operations in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan,” Earnest said.

    The real war on women.

  77. Rand Paul to Discuss ‘Need for Immigration Reform’

    I guess the whackadoodle, two-headed dentist didn’t get the memo on last nights election.

    Rand, too bad you aren’t smart like your Papa.

  78. Rand Paul to Discuss ‘Need for Immigration Reform’
    How about a novel idea.

    How about immigration law enforcement?

    How about prosecuting employers who knowingly employ legal aliens under RICO?

    Fuck this amnesty shit.

    And forget about citizenship–unless you go to the back of the line.

    These are simple straightforward principles.

    But the political class would rather destroy the country to enrich themselves.

    Ditto big media.

  79. Turkey has now involved the WH….

    Turkish Foreign Ministry says FM Davutoglu had a long phone call with Secretary Kerry on abductions, & decided on emergency talks with NATO.

  80. Syria: The ISIS has now encircled Deir el-Zour, the largest city in the eastern part of the country.

  81. moononpluto
    June 11, 2014 at 12:47 pm
    Breaking – Turkey calls NATO for an extraordinary-meeting over Mosul.
    here we go….
    Monster Power!

    Or, stupid Sam if your prefer.

    Reveille reveille.

    Your hour of redemption has arrived!!

    Don’t fuck it up, you over educated idiot!!!

  82. FM Davutoglu had a long phone call with Secretary Kerry
    Following which Davutoglu knew less than when he started.

    Kerry’s brain you see is nature’s perfect vaccuum.

    Take cover everyone.

    Old horse face Kerry is fixing to throw his Viet Nam medals against the Capitol building.

    Consequently, no American is safe.

    Terrorist however feel ever more secure.

  83. US has spent more than $25 billion on the Iraqi security services, who appear to no longer actually exist. What a bloody disaster.

  84. I think I have turned into a news service, lol…

    NEW: Eric Cantor to step down as majority leader by July 31:

  85. moononpluto
    June 11, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    I think I have turned into a news service, lol…

    I consider you our own Paul Revere!

  86. Reports: PM Erdoğan talked to VP Biden on the phone re Musul. — Apparently Obama is not available.

    Talking to Biden….about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I’d love to have listened to that………….

  87. Dave Brat sounds like an articulate person…however I question why one day after his win he went on MSNBC to speak with Chuck Todd of all people…

    Todd was obviously trying to set rapid fire traps to begin the destruction of Dave Brat…didn’t anyone warn this ingenue rookie that MSNBC is like going into the pits of hell…they certainly do not want to congratulate him…

    Todd is such a pompous, phoney ass…

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