Hillary Clinton 2016 And Bergdahl

Update II: A day too late defense for Hillary Clinton 2016 on the healthy Bergdahl. Team Hillary distancing themselves from Bergdahl swap? The Daily Beast gets the dollar short re-stratergery:

Hillary Clinton Was Skeptical of Taliban-Bergdahl Swap

In 2011 and 2012, Hillary Clinton’s State Department negotiated directly with the Taliban over a swap for Bowe Bergdahl, but Clinton was not a fan of the idea.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was personally and intensely involved in the debate over swapping five Taliban commanders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in 2011 and 2012. But she had severe reservations about the potential deal, and demanded stricter conditions for the release of the prisoners than what President Obama settled for last week.

It’s a great article for Hillary Clinton 2016 which all should read (Hillary’s conditions were tough and reality based) to see the difference between treacherous boob Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But it comes too too late. This should have been the initial response not the day later response.

Once again, as we write below, Hillary Clinton must realize that Barack Obama is a spraying fountain of Ebola and Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton 2016 must keep completely and totally away from him. Barack Obama is a poisonous, radioactive, blob of treacherous boobery.


Update: As we’ve written so many times, “elect a boob, expect boobery, reelect a boob, expect more boobery.” That simple formulation escapes Big Media Obama fanboys. Ya gotta laugh. Chuck Todd: The White House expected “euphoria” over Bergdahl’s release.

So why was the White House wrong? We think a great deal of the answer is HERE.


June 2014. Republicans have finally developed a brain. Will Hillary Clinton 2016 likewise grow some gray matter?

We have pounded on this point for years. The formula for victory in 2016 is simple. For Republicans the key to victory is to tie the 2016 opposition nominee to Barack Obama. For Hillary Clinton 2016 the key to victory is to think of Barack Obama as an Ebola saturated sprinkler system that kills all who approach even at a distance.

In recent days we see the Republicans have stopped helping Hillary Clinton 2016 by no longer talking about brain traumas, Monica Lewinsky, or age. Instead Republicans have gotten a clue and started to tie Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. As Republican strategists rejoice and embrace our formula for victory, Hillary Clinton 2016 is caught woefully dumbfounded.

Did Hillary know about the Bergdahl swap last week? That’s the question Republicans have cleverly planted on the respected The Hill newspaper.

It’s a devilishly clever ploy by Republicans. Hillary met with Obama last week in a somewhat odd way. The meeting might have been to discuss Obama’s latest vacation in Europe (he’s in Poland today further embarrassing this nation) or how to neuter Bo the dog. But the subject matter of that meeting, um, makes no difference at this point. What matters is that Hillary Clinton still has not learned that she needs to stay the Hell away from Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton must have nothing to do with Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton must realize that Barack Obama is using her to bolster his flabby self. Hillary Clinton must realize that any association with Obama by phone, meeting, communication of any sort, harms her. And that is where we are today.

Here’s a summary of what happened:

Last week, the White House caused a stir among the press corps by failing to announce that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had met for a private lunch. Reporters began questioning the White House after People Magazine tweeted about the Thursday lunch meeting, which was not part of the public presidential schedule. People Magazine deleted the tweet, but the White House finally confirmed that “The president enjoyed an informal, private lunch with Secretary Clinton at the White House this afternoon” later in the day.

Now Republicans are wondering just how informal that lunch was. Obama and the White House failed to notify Congress of the release of five high-value Taliban detainees in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl until Monday despite statutory requirements for 30 days’ notice, although the White House managed to get Bergdahl’s parents to the Rose Garden by Saturday. Did Obama tell Hillary Clinton about the trade on Thursday?

We don’t think it matters substantively if Barack Obama told Hillary of his nefarious plans. But politically it is very destructive to Hillary Clinton. Why? Because it ties her closer and closer to Barack Obama. Republicans saw this and they leaped. The Hill explains:

Prisoner swap: Did Hillary know?

Republicans are raising questions about whether Hillary Clinton knew about the White House plan to release senior Taliban commanders in exchange for the last U.S. prisoner of war.

President Obama met with his former secretary of State for lunch on Thursday, two days before it was announced that Bowe Bergdahl had been released from captivity in exchange for five high-profile Taliban prisoners.

Republicans are furious that they were not told of the deal in advance, and argue that this broke U.S. law.

They are also suspicious that Obama may have informed Clinton, the likely Democratic frontrunner for the White House in 2016. [snip]

“If Mrs. Clinton remains politically active, people will want to know what her advice was on the subject,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.), a senior Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said questions about the meeting are fair game.

“It’s fair game to ask her, “Did she know about this, what does she think about it, does she agree with the decision to withdraw troops in 2016?” he said. “These are all really good questions potential candidates for president need to answer.

“These are major policy decisions. This has ramifications long term for the U.S., this prisoner swap,” he added.

The House Armed Services Committee will hold hearings because the Obama prisoner exchange “violates the National Defense Authorization Act, which required the administration give Congress 30 days of advanced notice.” The Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, Carl Levin (D-Michigan) will also host a hearing on June 10, the publication date for Hillary’s new book.

This is a Hillary Clinton 2016 self inflicted wound. A Carl Levin hosted hearing is not good news and not a propitious beginning for a book sales tour. Add CNN’s Jake Tapper to the bad news because he too wants answers.

It doesn’t help that Hillary herself answered a question about the noxious prisoner swap:

“This young man, whatever the circumstances, was an American citizen — is an American citizen — was serving in our military,” Clinton said in response to a question about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, whose release was announced Saturday.

The idea that you really care for your own citizens and particularly those in uniform, I think is a very noble one.”

That is the Hillary quote that is getting attention. It’s a rather anodyne response that does not say anything anyone can really disagree with. But the headline for this Maggie Haberman Obama protection article is: Hillary Clinton defends Bowe Bergdahl exchange.

Left behind is the rest of the Hillary Clinton quote:

“You don’t want to see these five prisoners go back to combat,” she said, according to the Associated Press. “There’s a lot that you don’t want to have happen. On the other hand you also don’t want an American citizen, if you can avoid it, especially a solider, to die in captivity. I think we have a long way to go before we really know how this is going to play out.

As we have noted before, this is another example of a too cute by half response. The headline ties Hillary to toxic Obama and the substance of the comment is a mushy distancing from Obama.

What all this mushy muddled message mess does is help Barack Obama by tying him to Hillary and helps Republicans by tying Hillary to Obama. Hillary? She gets hoisted along with Barack the boob.

Who is the culprit that suggested that Hillary Clinton meet with Barack Obama as she prepared her book tour? Hillary Clinton 2016 is increasingly infested with offensive clods. The “dude” (Tommy Vietor) who was so close with the gropers (Jon Favreau) in the Obama 2008 campaign is part of the toxic Obama crowd now ensconced in Hillary Clinton 2016 as Obama protectors.

The lesson from this Bergdahl mess for Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton 2016 is to keep away from Barack Obama because he is more toxic than Ebola on a hot day in a steam room. Barack Obama has once again defecated on America but wants the stink to stick to someone else.

How bad is this Bergdahl mess? Bad, real bad.

Real, real, real bad:

James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, according to three U.S. intelligence officials flat out rejected the release of the five detainees, saying there was too high a risk these Taliban commanders would return to the battlefield and orchestrate attacks against Americans.

Clapper was not alone. Leon Panetta, who was then the Secretary of Defense, declined to certify that the United States could mitigate the risk to national interests of releasing the Taliban commanders.

A lot has changed since 2012. To start, President Obama won reelection. Panetta is gone, and in his place is Chuck Hagel, a Republican former senator who has been much more in sync with Obama’s views on the war on terror than his predecessors. [snip]

“This was an example of forcing the consensus,” one U.S. military official said. “The White House knew the answer they wanted and they ended up getting it.”

The White House did not even consult or inform Congress until after the prisoner release had begun. Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told The Daily Beast, “Should we have gotten advance warning? I actually think so.” She added, “We had participated in a number of briefings some time ago [on a possible future deal] and there was considerable concern.”

Why would Leon Panetta resist giving up the terrorist top five for Bergdahl? Maybe it was because of those 2010 reports that Bergdahl was teaching bomb making to his terrorist captors/friends? Maybe it was because Bergdahl left a good-bye note on the night he left after having sent all his personal belongings back to the United States. Maybe it was because of the men who died while searching for Bergdahl even as the evidence indicated Bergdahl had deserted. Maybe it was because Bergdahl was never listed as a prisoner of war by the Pentagon. Maybe it was because Bergdahl deserved a court martial not a welcome home. Maybe it was because Panetta like so many Americans does not believe it is wise to negotiate with terrorists.

Whatever the reason once Leon Panetta was gone, Barack Obama was able to violate the law. The criminal Obama is able to do as he pleases. And it appears that what Muslim terrorists want is what Obama wants:

Obama’s decision to phase out U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan by the end of this year has raised legal questions about the basis for keeping prisoners from that conflict locked up after the U.S. declares itself done with the war. [snip]

Obama has hinted repeatedly that those prisoners related to the Afghanistan conflict will have to be let go soon. The transfer of the five Taliban could be a harbinger of future releases.

Why would anyone attach themselves to the author of that policy?

We can easily see how Barack Obama arrived at the Bergdahl release decision. After weeks of news about the Veterans Administration scandal and with his looming vacation in Europe, including a June 6 Normandy invasion commemoration, Barack Obama figured he would not only blow those scandals away but also be hailed a hero for masterminding the release of Bergdahl.

Obama figured no one would dare challenge his decision. Obama probably figured that politically he would devastate anyone who did not like his exchange of the terrorist dream team (as Lindsay Graham terms them) for a deserter if not traitor. The cherry on top was inviting the mother and father of Bergdahl to the White House for a hug. Who could resist a mom and pop welcoming home sonny boy?

But it did not work out as Obama planned and expected. There is a firestorm in the country that added to the other Obama scandals feeds upon itself.

Republicans saw the political firebomb Obama ignited and they pounced. Not only did they fight Obama (with lots of help from patriotic Democrats) on the release of the terrorist dream team, they grew a brain and are now trying to ensnare Hillary Clinton. Republicans are wisely trying to tie Hillary Clinton 2016 to Barack Obama 2014. It’s smart politics and smart policy.

The question now is will Hillary Clinton 2016 learn to keep the Hell away from Barack Obama? If Obama calls to talk about the weather, Hillary should not answer the phone. Hillary Clinton must realize that from now on Republicans will exploit every publicized and secret contact between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

No doubt Barack Obama will try to tie himself closer to Hillary Clinton. Obama benefits from such a connection. Obama operatives in Hillary Clinton 2016 will try to keep Hillary bound to Barack too. Hillary Clinton’s job is to keep the Hell away from Barack Obama.

June 2014 reminds us of April 2007 when we first published. Back then we warned about everything that was to come. Hillary Clinton 2008 listened but did not act accordingly. Will they listen now?


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  1. Tourist terrorists:


    Qatar allowing freed Taliban men to move freely in country: Gulf official

    DOHA (Reuters) – Qatar has moved five Afghan Taliban prisoners freed in exchange for a U.S. soldier to a residential compound and will let them move freely in the country, a senior Gulf official said on Tuesday, a step likely to be scrutinized by Washington. [snip]

    The Gulf official said the Taliban men, who have been granted Qatari residency permits, will not be treated like prisoners while in Doha and no U.S. officials will be involved in monitoring their movement while in the country.

    “Under the deal they have to stay in Qatar for a year and then they will be allowed to travel outside the country… They can go back to Afghanistan if they want to,” the official said. [snip]

    A diplomatic source said Qatar has flown in family members of the five released Taliban men and gave them accommodation paid for by the government.

    On Sunday, Qatari Foreign Minister Khaled al-Attiyah told a news conference that Doha got involved in the case because it was a “humanitarian cause”. He did not elaborate.

  2. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, please, please please listen to Administrator…this time. Run, run as fast as you can.

  3. Always a snappy title here. Sobering analysis which I could not have fathomed on my own. BBL to learn more from ensuing comments.

  4. If what the Republican’s are doing, is good politics…then I guess I have even less respect for the process than I thought.

    Dirty tricks, pretense and all out bs is nothing I admire. I actually have no respect for either party any longer.

    These murderers shouldn’t have been released so they can kill again. Obama is proving once again that he is not a real American. He doesn’t act nor look out for American interest, FIRST.

    Dig up his damn history and real birth certificate, and let the chips fall as they may.

    Hillary, Admin is right, stay away from Obama!!! He is only using you, don’t you see that?

  5. I think the phrase you want is “clusterf**k”…………….

    What a mess on an epic scale.

  6. Breaking : U.S. House of Representatives speaker calls for Congressional hearings on prisoner swap which freed soldier Bowe.

    Crap meet fan.

  7. If Obama keeps this crap up, the loss of the Senate will be a slam dunk and his Presidency will be in a worse state than the Hindenburg.

  8. Soldiers forced to sign oaths of omerta:


    The release of Bergdahl was triumphantly announced, complete with a Rose Garden press conference featuring President Obama and Bergdahl’s parents. National Security Advisor Susan Rice went on the Sunday morning talk shows talking about how Bergdahl had “served the United States with honor and distinction.” No one must have thought the swap would be in any way controversial. The talking points came out suggesting that this was pro-military and pro-family. If the base got a little excited about the anti-Gitmo elements, all the better. If people stopped focusing on the Veterans Affairs scandals, who could blame them?

    But soon the social networks were cluttered with comments that suggested the Obama administration had left out some significant and important details. About how Bergdahl — according to his fellow soldiers — abandoned them voluntarily. About how soldiers had died searching for Bergdahl. About anti-American statements made by Bergdahl and his father. About how high-up the Taliban we’d given up were. About how Obama hadn’t complied with a law requiring Congressional approval for release of prisoners. [snip]

    In fact, the Daily Beast published an article — also at 5:45 a.m., by one of Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers headlined “We Lost Soldiers in the Hunt for Bergdahl, a Guy Who Walked Off in the Dead of Night.” The subhed explained “For five years, soldiers have been forced to stay silent about the disappearance and search for Bergdahl. Now we can talk about what really happened.

    While the Army had made infantry members sign non-disclosure agreements, some soldiers were going ahead and telling what they knew. And none of it looked good.

    For a sample of the coverage, take a look at:

    Stephen Hayes at The Weekly Standard: ‘We Swore to an Oath and We Upheld Ours. He Did Not.’ The soldiers in Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon speak up.
    Jake Tapper at CNN: Fellow soldiers call Bowe Bergdahl a deserter, not a hero
    CNN video: Soldier Who Served With Bergdahl: “At Best A Deserter And At Worst A Traitor”
    Politico: Criticism of Bergdahl deal mounts
    BBC: Soldiers conflicted on Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange
    Army Times: Gold Star mom: ‘This guy was worth my son’s life?’

    You get the general idea. And these links don’t even get into the problems with how President Obama failed to comply with federal law requiring him to notify Congress of Gitmo prisoner releases. [snip]

    Anyway, while I’m sure it seemed like a great idea to accuse critics of this deal of hating the troops and wanting to abandon an American soldier in the hands of terrorists, did anyone pause for a minute to think that through just a bit?

    I mean, not just one or two people but a ton of people who Bergdahl served with think this was a terrible deal. They’re infuriated that their friends died to save a deserter. A lot of them are convinced he wasn’t just a deserter, but a traitor who helped the Taliban kill Americans. Do those soldiers hate the troops, too?

    In any case, what the White House is probably realizing, in hindsight, is that painting Bergdahl as a hero and the swap as unbridled good news were horrible errors. If President Obama had said that sometimes you need to do awful things — like give up five really bad terrorists in exchange for one deserter — because we never leave even our weakest man behind, he would have probably been fine. If he could have further explained why he needed to break the law requiring him to notify Congress of such deals, even better.

    But what Americans instead got was someone micturating in their mouth and telling them it was raining.

  9. Stupider and doubling down on stupid……

    Reid on Bergdahl swap/release of Gitmo prisoners: “I’m glad to get rid of these five people.”

    Wait until they pop up again……..

  10. ” John Ekdahl, If confirmed, this would be a bit of a game-changer. 9:52 AM – 3 Jun 2014″

    That’s putting it mildly.

    If this report from Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin is true, the Bergdahl affair just got a whole lot stickier:

    “Jenna Lee – new report: Berghdal left behind a note renouncing American citizenship…developing… 9:43 AM – 3 Jun 2014″

    he left us behind. This is a game changer. He should be happy we didn’t drone him. 9:53 AM – 3 Jun 2014”

  11. MoonOnPluto, regarding your comment on congressional hearings. We’ve noticed another very obvious and very smart development coming from Republicans. We’ve noticed how in the VA scandal, the ObamaCare scandals, and this Bergdahl story the Republicans are keeping their idiots locked in the basement.

    What the Republicans are doing which is very smart is to let ordinary people tell their story. It started with ObamaCare horror stories told by those hurt by ObamaCare. In the VA scandal it was veterans and their families telling the horror stories. On Bergdahl it is social media and G.I. Joe telling the story.

    Notice we have not heard a word from Issa or any of the other Republican “leaders” who always manage to bungle matters. Likewise, Trey Gowdy, who is far from a dope, is keeping a low profile. This is an ominous development for those who hoped Republicans would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    BTW, tonight’s primaries will add more detail to the November 2014 picture. In state after state the Republicans are getting their act together. The Tea Party and establishment are united in Iowa. In Mississippi the Tea Party might score another victory.

    It all adds up to the Republicans getting themselves together. However, all this hard work will go out the window if the House leadership tries to weasel through “immigration reform” which will demoralize their voters.

  12. Yes, I do keep an eye on you guys, can’t be around all the time at the moment but i am reading and watching……..and a mess is developing……its almost like someone set Obama up on this and he swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

  13. Well this is going well…..

    Fox News reports this morning U.S. POW refuses to speak English. Only Arabic.

    Something is up with that whole family……..its all a little bit strange, especially that father.

  14. Shadow….that is exactly what I was thinking as soon as i heard it………..this guy cannot be let near anything, 5 years is a great deal of time to turn anyone and I suspect he was turned before he left the USA.

  15. I agree with LJ. 🙂

    Obama’s deal with the Taliban is worse than Iran Contra. He has utterly destroyed a foundation of US counter terrorism policy.

  16. about a week ago Ron Fournier wrote an article asking:

    How stupid does the O admin think we are?

    after this latest fiasco…a deserter traded for five of our worst enemies…the question really now is:

    Just How Stupid is the O admin?

    (incredably and unbelievably stupid) he is becoming a spoof of himself…

  17. I’m ready to concede that President Obama believes in American exceptionalism — his own version, in which American does things so perverse that no other country in history would even contemplate them.

    Any country might do a prisoner swap, even if it meant freeing very bad people. But only an exceptional country would swap five leading terrorists in exchange for a deserter.

    Any second-rate county might screw up in providing medical treatment for its veterans. But only an exceptional country would do so while at the same time providing a sex change operation for an ex-soldier who betrayed his country.

    What Obama really believes in, of course, is his own exceptionalism. This belief is fully justified.


  18. moononpluto
    June 3, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    I think you’re right, especially since his military buddies have all turned on him. They had to sign a confidentiality agreement for some reason.

  19. If there is a pile of shit on the ground, we can be sure Barry Choom will dive face-first into it, dragging all of us along with him.

  20. The question I have is…….why would you walk off into the hills of Afghanistan unless you knew you were going to meet someone.?

    None of this adds up…..he would have been shot, beheaded……this is the only guy they held for 5 Years…..the question is WHY?

    ask the simple questions.

  21. He was a boob, is a boob, will always be a boob. America is catching up to us all years too late. Better late than never:


    Americans are starting to doubt President Obama is a good boss

    President Obama got elected on competence.

    For all of the talk about “hope” and “change” — and both were powerful slogans for Obama in 2008 — the core of Obama’s appeal to many independents and even some Republicans was the idea that he would restore competence back to the White House after President George W. Bush’s eight years, years defined by mistaken intelligence about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and a mishandling of the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast. Obama openly embraced the idea that he was the anti-Bush on nothing much more than his commitment to putting the best people in the right places within his administration. (Remember the whole “Team of Rivals” thing?)

    As conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby writes in the Boston Globe: “Running to succeed the deeply polarizing George W. Bush, Obama held himself out not just as a leader who would never ‘pit red America against blue America,’ but as a natural-born manager whose hallmark was smarts and competence.”

    Which is what makes the series of problems within his administration of late all the more politically problematic for Democrats trying to hold onto their Senate majority — and narrow their House minority — this November. The current scandal engulfing the VA is the latest example of competence questions surrounding this White House, but they include everything from the rollout of HealthCare.gov to the targeting of tea party groups by a Cincinnati IRS office. While none of these problems are easily tied directly to a decision Obama made (or didn’t make), they have all eroded the public’s faith that he knows what he’s doing. [snip]

    The collapse is striking. In CNN/Opinion Research Corp. polling in December 2008, more than three quarters of Americans said that the phrase “can manage the government effectively” applied to Obama; by March 2014 — before the VA debacle — just 43 percent said the same. A late 2013 Washington Post/ABC poll found a similar result, with just 41 percent of respondents saying that Obama “is a good manager.” And polling by Pew also gets to this competence erosion. Here’s their table on the question of whether Obama is able to get things done or not. [snip]

    “It’s hard to see how it gets much worse.”

    Maybe not. But Obama’s numbers on competence are already low enough to trouble many party strategists charged with electing (or reelecting) Democrats to the Senate and the House. In conversations over the past several weeks with these folks, it’s become clear that worries over Obamacare specifically have given way to a broader concern that the combination of the pained rollout of HealthCare.gov, coupled with the problems at the VA and other motivators of the Republican base (IRS, Benghazi), could combine into a toxic “This guy (and his party) don’t know what they’re doing” message this fall. [snip]

    And Republicans like Mitch McConnell have made quite clear that they believe their path to victory lies in tying their opponent to Obama.

    they believe their path to victory lies in tying their opponent to Obama.

  22. None of this adds up…..he would have been shot, beheaded……this is the only guy they held for 5 Years…..the question is WHY?

    Why indeed.

    Why did his father say he was proud of his son for helping the Afgan people, to the lengths went to, to do it. (What???)

    He also said getting his son released was very complicated, how it took a lot of work to get done.

  23. Not Santa!!1 🙁

    The Secret Service is purchasing software to watch users of social networks in real time, according to contract documents.

    In a work order posted on Monday, the agency details information the tool will collect — ranging from emotions of Internet users to old Twitter messages.

    Its capabilities will include “sentiment analysis,” “influencer identification,” “access to historical Twitter data,” “ability to detect sarcasm,” and “heat maps” or graphics showing user trends by color intensity, agency officials said.


  24. Admin: if someone put a gun to my head, and asked me whether Hillary will adopt a stay the course, or a change theme, I am now relatively certain that she will stay the course. In 2008, people say she erred by thinking more about the viability of her candidacy in the general election, and forgot about the primary. In 2016, she has the reverse problem. She worries more about the primary than the general election, is lining up with corporate america rather than the American People, and is forgetting the fact that the more she caters to the hard left of the party, and the more Obama self destructs, the more she courts disaster in the general election. The public by a margin of 2 to 1 wants change, and rejects stay the course, according to the Pew study. The other problem I see is sticking with the discredited story that the video caused the tragedy of Benghazi. She should distance herself from Obama because he is the plague. Unfortunately, it is patently obvious to me that she will not.

  25. Americans are starting to doubt President Obama is a good boss

    Americans? who is washpo referring to?

    starting to doubt? if they have not figured it out by now they are morons.

    Obama is a good boss? how can a man who is MIA be a good boss.

    Whoever horses ass wrote that opening line should have his mountblanc pen shoved where the sun don’t shine.

  26. ““These releases were worked extensively through deputies and principals,” says National Security Counsel Deputy for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes. “There was not a dissent on moving forward with this plan.”
    Ahhh…Ben “Arab Spring” Rhodes again. I suspect this screw up was dreamed up by Ben Rhodes and then sent to the head of the “Office of Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison”, Valerie Jarrett, for authorization. Obama found out about it when they pushed him in front of the teleprompter between parties and golf games.

  27. With Maurice DuBois at the news desk, CBS evening news just gave a comprehensive straight-talk segment on Bergdahl.
    [Not up to par today, so no link. Perhaps other networks are following suit. A wild question crossed my mind: did Obama do this just to catalize the atmosphere for him to resign?]

  28. …forget about the metaphorical ‘the gang that could not shoot straight’…

    …the O Admin can’t even shoot crooked…

    what a bunch of distracted incompetents…the whole gang of them…

    such inept leadership is embarrassing for Americans…

  29. such inept leadership is embarrassing for Americans…

    I’m sure that the Obots are still freakin’ proud of their golden lamb.


  30. If you look at the RCP average, you can see what an outlier Rassmussen has become. That is attributable to two things: the exodus of Scott Rassmussen, and the influx of Soros money and influence. Garbage in-garbage out. It is counter intuitive however, since in today’s report Rassmussen has him up 2 points in May despite the Veterans Administration scandal and the release of five of the world’s most dangerous terrorists in exchange for one American traitor, who deserted, renounced his country, and is the son of an Amishman–or a full blown nut case–yes, this is one case where the apple does not fall far from the tree–or however you say this in Arabic.
    Real Clear Politics Average.

    President Obama Job Approval

    Job Approval on Economy | Job Approval on Foreign Policy

    Polling Data







    RCP Average 5/16 – 6/2 — 43.6 52.7 -9.1
    CNN/Opinion Research 5/29 – 6/1 1003 A 43 55 -12
    ABC News/Wash Post 5/29 – 6/1 RV 45 53 -8
    Gallup 5/31 – 6/2 1500 A 43 52 -9
    Rasmussen Reports 5/31 – 6/2 1500 LV 50 49 +1
    Reuters/Ipsos 5/22 – 5/26 1669 A 38 56 -18
    Associated Press/GfK 5/16 – 5/19 1354 A 43 56 -13
    CBS News 5/16 – 5/19 1009 A 43 48 -5

    All President Obama Job Approval Polling Data

  31. Addressed to the department of returns and exchanges:


    Dear Amazon Customer Service Department,

    I would like to return my “Most Intellectual President in United States History,” Item Number 00-00044-0.

    It appears to be defective and, frankly, dumb.

  32. None of this adds up…..he would have been shot, beheaded……this is the only guy they held for 5 Years…..the question is WHY?

    No, it does not add up. His dad tweeted “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners,”and the way he conducted the press conference, it feels like this wacko was Obama’s advisor and the mastermind of this clusterfuck. Why did he end up with the Haqqanis? Did they tell Obama, hey, you could use this guy to start emptying Gitmo? It is almost like Bergdahl is a willing participant in all of this, isn’t it?

    BTW, Hillary has said she agrees with this swap. Why the hell is she having secret lunches with Obama and saying things like this?

  33. Cochran in Mississippi needs 50% or more to win. With 11.3% of the vote in:

    Cochran 52.6
    McDaniel 45.8
    Carey 1.7

  34. The Mississippi race is looking like the Belmont Stakes. After lagging behind at the 10% mark Chris McDaniel is up as we near the 30% mark.

    With 28.7% of the vote in:

    Cochran 49.2%
    McDaniel 49.2%
    Carey 1.6%

  35. At the 56.1% mark it is:

    Cochran 50.3
    McDaniel 48
    Carey 1.7

    Right now it does not appear that McDaniel will be able to win but there is still a chance of a runoff if he keeps Cochran under 50%. That’s tough to do but it is close.

  36. http://thehill.com/policy/defense/208163-prisoner-swap-blows-up-on-the-white-house

    Prisoner swap blows up on WH

    The Obama administration has apologized for bypassing Congress before it released senior Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay as part of a controversial prisoner exchange.

    The expression of regret was a major shift for the White House, which had previously offered a defiant defense on why it could not adhere to the notification provisions of a 2013 law. [snip]

    Critics claim the White House didn’t tell Congress for one reason: The administration knew legislators would have torpedoed the agreement had they been told.

    Feinstein said leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence panels were almost unanimously against a prisoner trade when it came up in 2011.

    She said the chairmen and ranking Republicans of the “connected committees” spent a lot of time three years ago reviewing the possibility of a prisoner swap and came out firmly opposed to releasing senior militants from the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    There were very strong views, and they were virtually unanimous against the trade,” she said. [snip]

    Chambliss said he will write a letter to the president pressing him to declassify the intelligence files on the freed Taliban militants.

    These are the guys that raise the money, that made the plans to develop the IEDs and in some cases are accused of inciting riots that wound up killing not hundreds but maybe even thousands of people, including Americans,” he said.

    White House officials have changed their tone markedly over the past 48 hours after insisting they had nothing to apologize for.

    Blinken told CNN earlier this week that the administration didn’t tell Congress in advance of the deal because it faced an “urgent situation.” [snip]

    Over the last several days, the White House has suggested that talks about a possible trade have gone on for years. During a speech in Poland on Tuesday, Obama said his administration “has consulted with Congress for quite some time” on the issue.

    However, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) on Tuesday pointed out that lawmakers hadn’t been briefed on a Bergdahl exchange since 2011. [snip]

    It’s very disturbing. The whole thing is very disturbing,” said Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who added the administration should have notified Congress in advance.

    “We’re going to get briefed, a secured briefing, where I’m going to ask questions … and we’re going to find out what happened,” he said.

    Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), who faces a difficult reelection race, said he has “real concerns” about the release of prisoners from Guantanamo. Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), another vulnerable incumbent, voiced similar reservations.

    In an MSNBC interview on Tuesday, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) said the possibility that Bergdahl had deserted his post raised “a real question of whether you go in and trade” five Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

    The White House scrambled on Tuesday to defend national security adviser Susan Rice’s assertion over the weekend that Bergdahl had served “with honor and distinction,” amid more questions about whether he deserted his post. [snip]

    Obama admitted Tuesday that there is a risk the five Taliban militants could return to the battlefield. But U.S. officials are “keeping eyes on them,” he stated.

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton provided Obama with some political cover on Tuesday, saying she doesn’t believe in “second-guessing” the president.

    Guess who’s going to be left twisting in the wind while everyone else denounces Obama’s actions?

  37. In Iowa with 20.3% of the vote in Ernst is at 53.2%. She only needs 35% of the vote to avoid a runoff and make Iowa a real race in November.

  38. At 88.7% of the vote in:

    McDaniel 49.9%
    Cochran 48.5%
    Carey 1.6%

    Holy cow!!! The only thing missing is California Chrome jumping into this race.

    Ernst is also declared the winner in Iowa with more than enough votes to avoid a runoff.

  39. At 91.6%:

    McDaniel 49.7
    Cochran 48.7
    Carey 1.6

    If Cochran loses, the Republican establishment will have many second thoughts about trying to weasel through immigration reform.

  40. Wow, that sure puts things in perspective…star gazing with Hubble.

    We are almost nonexistent in the big picture of the universe.

  41. Hillary is making all the wrong decisions for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes you want something sooo bad, you end up selling your soul to the Devil…

    We may be on our own…like we have been for 5 and 1/2 very long years…

  42. At 94.9% of the vote we’re throwing the race to California Chrome.

    It appears this thing is headed towards a runoff on June 24 which we expect McDaniel to win.

    The numbers now are:

    McDaniel 49.4
    Cochran 49.0
    Carey 1.6

    So much for death of the Tea Party talk.

  43. U.S. Senate – GOP Primary
    1739 of 1832 Precincts Reporting – 95%
    Max Runoff Cands=2
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    McDaniel, Chris GOP 144,068 49%
    Cochran, Thad (i) GOP 142,772 49%
    Carey, Thomas GOP 4,587 2%

  44. I hope the people of Missippi understand that Cochrane is senile, wants to retire, and if he wins, he will step down in January which will allow Halley Barbour, partner of Karl Rove who runs the Republican establishment in that state to appoint another establishment figure. I believe that phantom candidate has already been selected, and because he is appointed he will owe his soul to the establishment and not to the voters.

  45. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/senate-democrats-go-awol_794287.html#.U444e_jSbSg.twitter

    [F]ollowing multiple reports that Bergdahl deserted his post and soldiers died searching for him, McCaskill will no longer say she still supports the deal she was “very proud” of just 48 hours ago. “I’m not going to comment until I look at the brief,” an annoyed McCaskill told THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “I’m not going to comment until I look at the brief,” she repeated, referring to a classified briefing senators will receive tomorrow.

    McCaskill was not alone in her reluctance to support the deal. More than a dozen Democratic senators questioned by TWS Tuesday afternoon declined to defend it. “I just don’t know enough about it. I really don’t,” said Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate.

    “It’s very disturbing,” said Joe Manchin of West Virginia. “Everything you hear. I’m going to reserve judgment until after we have a secured briefing tomorrow.”

    “You know, I think, um, let me hold off on that,” said Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

  46. Turnout is better than one usually sees in a Republican primary in the Mississippi delta. Theres a reason for that. The Cochran campaign made a late push to Democratic voters in that largely black bastion of the party. Crossover voting is allowed in the state, and there was nothing competitive to keep Democrats on the farm in the delta.


  47. ““These releases were worked extensively through deputies and principals,” says National Security Counsel Deputy for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes. “There was not a dissent on moving forward with this plan.”
    I was driving through the MS Delta last week; it is a very different country from the Georgetown cocktail parties that are inhabited by the Dem. elites.

  48. oops shoulda been:

    “Turnout is better than one usually sees in a Republican primary in the Mississippi delta.”

  49. Trent Lott emerged from the ground, saw his own shadow, and now we get three more weeks of #MSSen primary.


  50. According to NR, Cochran will not speak tonight.

    What a jackwad. He wouldn’t debate either.

    Yet he still gets 49% of the vote. I wonder how many were Dem?

  51. I was driving through the MS Delta last week; it is a very different country from the Georgetown cocktail parties that are inhabited by the Dem. elites.
    Different alright. In Mississippi, the alligators stay in the swamp, whereas in Washington they slither on their bellies on dry land. The illustrious patriot, scion of big media, and friend of Soros, Tom Brokaw, calls Washington the New Versailles, but from the standpoint of corruption it makes Detroit look virtuous.

  52. Yet he still gets 49% of the vote. I wonder how many were Dem?
    48%–Haley Barbor was pushing them to cross party lines and vote for the senile one who will soon be replaced by an establishment stooge. Naturally, they did. They hate Republicans, but they love stooges.

  53. Apparently not 143,000 voters. Expect MAJOR money to appear.
    Yes, but at some point money does not matter. Insiders want us to believe that money is everything. It does grease the wheels, but it cannot turn chicken shit into chicken salad. There is still the candidate, the moment and the message. And ground game. The establishment has an effective air game, but no ground game in that party. I have felt all along that Cochrane would lose, and I still believe that will happen. I feel–and so does Pat Caddell that our political system is at a tipping point. There is a vast structural imbalance within the political system, when 2 out of 3 say they would vote for a third party candidate if they think that candidate could win. For the establishment of both parties, that sentiment spells major trouble, even as they strive to import a new, docile, dependent electorate that will behave like sheep. An army of lions led by a stag is not an army of lions.

  54. Erick Erickson ✔ @EWErickson
    RT @john_pat_rick: @EWErickson I think we can all agree that @SenThadCochran knows a bit more about the Tea Party now. #MSSen

  55. Sen. Chris McDaniel @senatormcdaniel
    “Whether it’s tomorrow, or whether it’s three weeks from now, we WILL stand victorious

  56. Of Hostage Swaps That Backfire, LJ says this:

    Obama’s deal with the Taliban is worse than Iran Contra. He has utterly destroyed a foundation of US counter terrorism policy. I am furious over the ignorance and naiveté of Barack Obama and his team of mental midgets when it comes to justifying giving up hard core terrorists to secure the release of a soldier who abandoned his post and went AWOL. Obama and team insist the Taliban are not “terrorists.” Nope, they are like a nation state. Like Iran?

    Absolutely like Iran!

    Apparently, Obama’s inexperienced, uneducated advisors genuinely believed that they could make this deal and it would make Obama look good. At a minimum, they were banking on this taking the heat off of Obama for the VA scandal. You know, where he left behind US veterans who needed medical care but were abandoned to die.

    Within the Administration–at the Department of Defense, at the CIA, at the Department of Justice and the Department of State–the politically appointed toadies are busy trying to coerce career professionals into selling this deal as a great thing. But that dog won’t hunt. Obama is in real peril over this gaffe.

    He broke the law. American soldiers died trying to find the ass Bergdahl. And hardcore terrorists, murderers of women and children, were released for pure political purposes. Obama wants Americans to believe that he will leave no American behind. Really? Too bad we cannot ask Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glenn Doherty and Ty Woods their thoughts on Obama’s so-called commitment to that principle

  57. I can’t believe how destructive the fool on the hill has been to this country….over 900 days to go…OMG!

  58. It was the Rhoades memo that ignited the Benghazi scandal after big media had buried it. And it was the Rhoades advice to Obama to do this brilliant hostage deal to recover from the VA, and to utter that magic line to refute the lesson of Benghazi that we do in fact leave soldiers behind to die, loyal ones at least. But Obama would release every terrorist in the world in order to get back one traitor, and tell us it was a good deal. No Hillary, this was not a difficult decision, and it certainly was not a sound decision. Wrong on both counts. It was a debacle, and you need to get as far away from it as possible. Cudos however to young child Rhoades. He and his boss can go to hell.

  59. Hillary needs to stop this nonsense of calling stupid decisions by Obama courageous decisions, and then agreeing with them. This assumes, of course, that she wants to be president.

  60. wbboei
    June 4, 2014 at 1:58 am

    I think she has jumped the shark…me too, I think it would take a miracle for me to support her again…

  61. gonzotx
    June 4, 2014 at 1:52 am
    A friend of mine and former Teamster leader is chairman of the Kaufman County Texas Republican Party, and helped Cruz get elected. I saw him when I was in east Texas a couple weeks ago. I am sure he up on war between the tea party and the establishment in Mississippi. If I learn anything interesting I will report it.

  62. It would be interesting if Hillary selected Jim Webb as a running mate. I think that would be a master stroke, provided he is willing to serve under her. I have always liked Jim. Naval Academy, Marine officer who saw combat in Viet Nam and earned the Navy Cross (second only to the Medal of Honor), silver star, purple heart, writer, thinker, patriot–what’s not to like? He could pull in the Reagan Democrats, especially if the powers that be select the Pillsbury doughboy Jebediah Bush. Red blooded Americans cannot stand him. It is a blue blood thing.

  63. White House first discussed Bergdahl prisoner exchange with lawmakers in 2011. 6/3/14.
    snip The possible prisoner exchange was discussed again during a briefing on Jan. 31, 2012, after senior House Republicans sent two letters to the Obama administration seeking more information on the possibility of the swap, said the aides, who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. The aides said that no other communications between the administration and House Republicans about the possible prisoner swap took place after the January 2012 meeting — until an aide to House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) received a phone call from a Defense Department official notifying them of Bergdahl’s release at 11:52 a.m. Saturday — shortly before news of the release was first reported.

    Snip Then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton replied to both letters on Jan. 13, 2012, but GOP aides said the contents of the letter were classified and not available for review by reporters. Snip


  64. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2014/06/03/turley_obama_the_president_that_richard_nixon_always_wanted_to_be.html

    Turley: Obama The President That Richard Nixon Always Wanted To Be

    SEAN HANNITY: We do have co-equal branches of government, separation of powers. You teach this regularly. You agree with the president politically. For you to say we are at a tipping point constitutionally — now, I agree with you. What does that mean considering our constitution is our rule of law and they are ignoring it?

    JONATHAN TURLEY: Well, unfortunately our system is changing, and it’s changing without a debate. Or even a discussion about what we’re going to do in the future when we have a three branch system, a tripartite system but one branch is so dominant. What’s emerging is an imperial presidency, an uber presidency as I’ve called it, where the president can act unilaterally. This is only the latest example of that.

    What’s troubling is that we have a system that has been stable precisely because these are limited and shared powers. This president has indicated that he’s just not willing to comply with some of those aspects. He told Congress he would go it alone and in our system you’re not allowed to go it alone.

    SEAN HANNITY: If I broke the law, why do I think they would be the first people to hand kickoff me, perp walk me and send me off to jail. This is just my belief system. Paranoia or truth?

    JONATHAN TURLEY: Well, I think that the biggest problem we have is that the system itself, if we have a dominant branch, simply begins to shut down in terms of the safeguards. People don’t seem to understand that the separation of powers is not about the power of these branches, it’s there to protect individual liberty, it’s there to protect us from the concentration of power. That’s what is occurring here. You know, I’ve said it before, Barack Obama is really the president Richard Nixon always wanted to be. You know, he’s been allowed to act unilaterally in a way that we’ve fought for decades.

    video clip there…

  65. holdthemaccountable

    June 4, 2014 at 7:16 am
    If you look at the headlines of the big media mecca, NYT vs. The Wall Street Journal which tends to offer a more realistic perspective on the events de jour, you will see that on the issue of the one low life traitor for five terrorist leaders, the NYT claims that the issue is whether Obama notified Congress–in other words, procedural. Had this useless fucking rag taken that position on all the other instances where their messiah trespassed on the right, indeed the more important substantive rights, I would have a different reaction. But instead they cast it as a narrow legal issue, with the specific intent of burying the issue, and avoiding the far more important one. By contrast, the Wall Street Journal hits the nail on the head with their headline strongly suggesting that once released these terrorists will resume the same pattern as before, which is to say attacking and killing Americans. Mr. Obama claims that he would not have done this deal if it was not in the national security interests of the nation. Say what? The truth is he would not have done this deal if he had determined that it was to his political advantage, which was a gross miscalculation. But as you can see NYT and WashPo will be there to cover for him. Now they claim that there were phone calls to congress to inform them of this pending decision. That does not make it a provident decision however. Obama is playing Russian Roulette with the lives of Americans. He puts great weight on the ability of Quatar to police them once released which is a joke in and of itself. And even Obama cannot stretch his lies and delusions to the point where he is willing to warrant that in their 13 year stretch in Gitmo, these terrorist leaders with American blood on their hands have been rehabilitated. Yes, he is the messiah of big media and roughly half of the country who are intellectually and morally corrupt, and indifferent to our future.

  66. wbboei
    June 4, 2014 at 9:52 am

    June 4, 2014 at 7:16 am
    I was remiss in not posting more of that article. What you say is truem yet parts I left out said members of both committees were strongly against that recipe. The conclusion left unsaid is “And he did it anyway.” I suppose they’ll forget the details.

    Have to leave now. BBL to say more.

  67. “The question now is will Hillary Clinton 2016 learn to keep the Hell away from Barack Obama?”

    So far I see no evidence that Hillary and Bill have heeded your wise words or if they even heard of it. She needs to also come clean on what really happened in Benghazi and say that she is unable to do so by restrictions placed on her by Obama if that is the case.

  68. “It was the Rhoades memo that ignited the Benghazi scandal…”
    It was twenty something, special snowflake, Ben Rhodes’ Cairo speech and his influence on Obama that lit the fuse in North Africa and Mid-East.

  69. Maybe someone is listening and acting on what we write:

    Update II: A day too late defense for Hillary Clinton 2016 on the healthy Bergdahl. Team Hillary distancing themselves from Bergdahl swap? The Daily Beast gets the dollar short re-stratergery:

    Hillary Clinton Was Skeptical of Taliban-Bergdahl Swap

    In 2011 and 2012, Hillary Clinton’s State Department negotiated directly with the Taliban over a swap for Bowe Bergdahl, but Clinton was not a fan of the idea.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was personally and intensely involved in the debate over swapping five Taliban commanders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in 2011 and 2012. But she had severe reservations about the potential deal, and demanded stricter conditions for the release of the prisoners than what President Obama settled for last week.

    It’s a great article for Hillary Clinton 2016 which all should read (Hillary’s conditions were tough and reality based) to see the difference between treacherous boob Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But it comes too too late. This should have been the initial response not the day later response.

    Once again, as we write below, Hillary Clinton must realize that Barack Obama is a spraying fountain of Ebola and Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton 2016 must keep completely and totally away from him. Barack Obama is a poisonous, radioactive, blob of treacherous boobery.


  70. FYI…


    The Grassroots Tour@TheHillaryBusFollow

    getting ready to fire up the engine!

    10:04 AM – 04 Jun 14Reply

    Hillary Clinton will tour the country this month to promote her new memoir. And she’ll be followed by a rolling advertisement for her possible campaign.

    Meet the “Hillary Bus.”

    Ready for Hillary, an organization that’s been harnessing support for Clinton since early last year, announced plans for a “coast-to-coast” bus tour this summer. The bus — fondly named the Hillary Bus — will shadow Clinton at a number of stops on her national book tour, the group announced on Wednesday.

    The Hillary Bus will also travel to colleges, Democratic events, and state fairs.

    The schedule for the bus tour has not been set yet, but is expected to last at least until this year’s midterm elections. In the meantime, the bus has its own Twitter account. The first message read, “getting ready for fire up the engine!” A Ready for Hillary aide noted that the bus will be tweeting in the first person.

    In a statement, Ready for Hillary called the bus a “mobile advertisement allowing our organization to reach new supporters in every corner of America.” The group, which has already amassed an extensive list of fans, plans to sign up new volunteers for a “grassroots army of supporters who are encouraging her to run.”

    The group said the Hillary Bus will reach “every corner of America.”

    Clinton has said she’ll make up her mind about the presidential race by the end of this year. She kicks off a national book tour, starting in Manhattan, on June 10.


    hopefully Hillary is listening and ready to start drawing her lines in the sand between herself and O…

    as in, “we had our differences, I am my own person” (throw in ‘O respected her for that…for her strength and conviction’…bla, bla,bla)

  71. More from the DailyBeast article:


    Despite that the White House’s claim this week that the United States did not negotiate “directly” with the Taliban to secure the Bergdahl swap, the State Department, Defense Department, and White House officials did meet several times with Taliban leaders in 2011 and 2012 to discuss the deal. The negotiations, held in in Munich and Doha, fell apart in early 2012. But before they did, Clinton had a framework deal drawn up that was much tougher on the Taliban than what ultimately got done two years later.

    Three former administration officials who were involved in the process told The Daily Beast that Clinton was worried about the ability to enforce the deal and disinclined to trust the Taliban or the Haqqani network in Pakistan, which held Bergdahl until this weekend. Clinton was so concerned, the former officials added, that she may not have even signed off if the negotiations had succeeded.

    Hillary also refused to negotiate with the Haqqani network. As a precondition Hillary also demanded a cessation of all hostilities before any of the Gitmo Terror Dream Team could be released.

  72. Not content to convert the substantive issue of national security into a procedural one of did he notify congress based on their convenient and transient resort to the separation of powers argument, to get their boy off the hook on the hostage deal, now they are compelled to respond to mounting evidence that the desertion by this great American hero per Susan Rice caused the death of seven American soldiers who went looking for him and the New York Times uses the same word they used to fend off inquiries about Obama’s citizenship, namely that the evidence is murky. Suddenly, they become mini Cardozo’s in the Palsgraff case arguing about the difference between causation and proximate cause. The bottom line? Sophistry, obstruction and circumlocution designed to screw the nation and protect Obama. We have got their number.

  73. Okay, so Hillary sought a much tougher bargain than what Obama negotiated. I accept that possibility. Some say we must never negotiate with terrorists who take hostages, but I am not sure a hard and fast rule is possible. What I am sure of is this deal is about as bad a deal for the United States–a complete cave in. And as fast as the Administration moves to put lip stick on the pig, by characterizing the traitor as a hero, and putting the onus on another country to monitor the terrorist leaders it released who will go back in the field and kill Americans, yet another example of what we see them doing with criminal illegal aliens, a contrary set of facts emerge, which big media has been hard pressed to cover-up to protect their boy. So when the inside story is she wanted a much better deal, but the public statement calls the ultimate deal a good one. I am reminded of something else Justice Cardozo said: discrimination so subtle is a feat beyond the compass of ordinary minds. And therein lies the problem of being a messiah. You are so much smarter than anyone else that you end up living in a virtual world, where everything you touch turns to shit. When Obama’s mistakes were fully revealed the republican strategy emerged to tie her to him. Why she would endeavor to make that easier for them is a mystery to me. More specifically, on the question of change, a zig zag course which oscillates between public support and insider opposition is a loser, because it is so subtle that nobody will get it. On this issue, she must paint in bold colors, not pale pastels. And the Republicans will run the board, if they are even half way competent.

  74. knew this was coming…tip of iceberg


    APNewsBreak: Data discrepancies in health sign-ups

    WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 2 million people who got health insurance under President Barack Obama’s law have data discrepancies that could jeopardize coverage for some, a government document shows.

    About 1 in 4 people who signed up have discrepancies, creating a huge paperwork jam for the feds and exposing some consumers to repayment demands, or possibly even loss of coverage, if they got too generous a subsidy.

    The 7-page slide presentation from the Health and Human Services department was provided to The Associated Press as several congressional committees are actively investigating the discrepancies, most of which involve important details on income, citizenship and immigration status.

    Ensuring that health care benefits are delivered accurately is a top priority for HHS nominee Sylvia Mathews Burwell, whose confirmation as department secretary is before the Senate this week.

    Responding to the document, administration officials expressed confidence that most of the discrepancies can be resolved over the summer. Nonetheless, HHS has set up a system to “turn off” benefits for anyone who is found to be ineligible.

    Julie Bataille, communications coordinator for the health care rollout, said most of the discrepancies appear to be due to outdated information in government files — and the “vast majority” of cases are being resolved in favor of consumers. The government is making an all-out effort to reach those with discrepancies, which officials have termed “inconsistencies.”

    “The fact that a consumer has an inconsistency on their application does not mean there is a problem on their enrollment,” said Bataille. “Most of the time what that means is that there is more up-to-date information that they need to provide to us.”

    The document provided to AP said that 2.1 million people enrolled through the new health insurance exchanges were “affected by one or more inconsistency” as of the end of April.

    The exchanges offer subsidized private coverage to lower-income and middle-class people with no access to health care on the job. The sliding-scale subsidies are based on income and family size, and are also affected by where a person lives. Because they are structured as tax credits, the Internal Revenue Service can deduct any overpayments from a taxpayer’s refund the following year.

    Under the law, only citizens and legal immigrants are entitled to subsidized coverage.

    Updated numbers provided by Bataille indicate that the total number of people affected remains about the same as a month ago. About 1.2 million have discrepancies related to income; 505,000 have issues with immigration data, and 461,000 have conflicts related to citizenship information.

    The law contemplated there would be verification problems with the new program, and provided for a 90-day window to clear up discrepancies. During this time, a consumer’s coverage is not affected.

    About 60 percent of all the people with discrepancies are still within that 90-day period, said Bataille. Consumers who get a request for additional information can upload documents electronically or mail them in. The HHS request is supposed to specifically describe any information that the government needs.

    The HHS document provided to AP, dated May 8, describes a laborious effort to try to resolve the data problems, largely requiring hands-on work from a legion of workers employed by government contractor Serco, Inc.

    “Current system access and functionality…limits the ability to resolve outstanding inconsistencies,” said the document. “A phased approach is proposed, initially leveraging manual processes.”

    Atop the priority list are citizenship and immigration issues, then annual income.

    The House Ways and Means Committee will hold hearings next week on the data issues affecting eligibility for health care benefits. The HHS inspector general is expected to deliver a report to Congress later this summer on how well the administration is doing at preventing inaccurate payments and fraud


    in the current state of affairs regarding employment in the USA…Ocare is never going to work…someone can work one week and not the next; can make little money and get a subsidy and then make more money and will owe the subsidy back to the govt…it is a mess…one big mess that the govt will only make worse…

    …and with the IRS in charge of figuring this all out…and the power to withhold tax returns…there are going to be big problems ahead with this accountability and irregular standards…and tax returns…

    btw…doesn’t it irk Americans to know that you are being mandated to pay for health insurnace but rates are not mandated…if you live in a rural area with less choices you may be paying the highest costs…and have to drive many miles for hospital access…

    Ocare is not only rigged, it doesn’t make sense or benefit the average American for so many reasons…starting with the IRS…

  75. Any enemy of the United States with any sense of tactics realizes that with this Obama creep who cares only about himself, the optimal approach is to: i) create a crisis, which Obama cannot ignore or hide from, ii) offer an deal which is bad for the country, but can be spun by Obama, his press corps and big media to make him “look good.” It is a form of the age old protection racket, and with someone like Obama who is a serial liar and has no regard for the country (until he became president to quote the half wit he is married to)he will grasp for it and embrace it every time. His deal with Vlad is a perfect example of the kind of coward and traitor he is. A complete sell-out artist–just as long as they show him the money, or a way to flatter his public image. No sense of the welfare of the nation.

  76. Obamacare is a tar baby for all democrats:

    The Tar-Baby is a fictional character in the second of the Uncle Remus stories published in 1881; it is a doll made of tar and turpentine used to entrap Br’er Rabbit. The more that Br’er Rabbit fights the Tar-Baby, the more entangled he becomes.

  77. Hillary knows where Obama’s bodies are buried. He may have called the secret lunch to find out if she would defend her position on the POW exchange, or if he needed to threaten her.

    This dance with enemies is nothing new for the Clinton’s.

  78. Here is a perfect example of the law of unintended consequences:

    Several years ago, Rolling Stone, a notorious left wing rag, publishes an article designed to undermine the war effort. The gist of it is those anti American email rants by Berghdal. At the same time they canonized Messiah Obama, who they just knew would right all those terrible wrongs, and make us the saintly non secular dictatorship they truly believe in, because there is no problem so small or so large that a cocohony of good liberals marching to that higher drum cannot wrestle to the grounds.

    Now then, fast forward six years, and what do we find? Susan Rice of the video made them do it, praises the author of this rant as a great American hero, without bothering to check what he said in his salad days. Whoooops. And without checking with the army to find out if in addition to being an American hero might also be an American deserter, and by his act of desertion–actually there were more than one such trysts, he may have cost the lives of several comrades.

    Pretty murky stuff for us laymen. But when you are a Messiah, and you have an army of courtiers who masquerade as journalists in order to protect the life style of the beltway elites, you have that coup deil–that inner eye that sees through the fog of war and politics to the inner truth. Yes, he is Canak alright, our first black president and anyone who disputes that tenuous premise must be a racist. Right?

  79. Give it enough time, and the wisdom of Messiah Obama in the one traitor for five terrorist trade will be widely embraced by sports fans to describe similar trades which are so toxic that they defy reason, and common sense. You could just call that kind of trade a Bowe Berghdal and the meaning would be obvious. So you see, it is really not so bad that our beloved messiah was a law professor and a pedagogue, because it is crystal clear that he has much to profess to the great unwashed. The only problem is what he professes is either a lie, a reduction ad absurdum, a false equivalency, a diversion or a shameless appeal to the kind of patriotism that Menken called the last bastion of scoundrels.

  80. wbboei
    June 4, 2014 at 1:24 pm
    Okay, so Hillary sought a much tougher bargain than what Obama negotiated. I accept that possibility. Some say we must never negotiate with terrorists who take hostages, but I am not sure a hard and fast rule is possible. What I am sure of is this deal is about as bad a deal for the United States–a complete cave in.

    Since WW2 we have never negotiated with terrorists. There are no “rules” they would follow. That’s a laugh! What will commence is an uptick in kidnappings, demands and murders by the Fab 5.

  81. Expect a lot of campaigns to borrow the idea of this ad for their own situation/candidate, which is pretty darn good:

  82. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/04/bowe-bergdahl-celebration-canceled_n_5447613.html?utm_hp_ref=politics

    Bowe Bergdahl’s Hometown Cancels Celebration

    The town of Hailey, Idaho has canceled a celebration planned for the return of U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, the last known American prisoner of war in Afghanistan who was released to U.S. special forces last weekend.

    After news broke of Bergdahl’s recovery, the town began preparing a welcome home party, renaming an annual event called “Bring Bowe Back” scheduled for June 28 to “Bowe is Back.” The city administrator said the town has canceled those plans, according to Reuters.

    Amid reports from fellow soldiers that Bergdahl was a deserter, town officials began receiving angry calls from people who didn’t think a celebration was warranted for his return.

    NBC News reported earlier:

    Jane Drussel, the president of the Hailey Chamber of Commerce, has been fielding dozens of angry calls.

    “Well, (I feel) disappointment number one, just absolutely total surprise at how bad some of them are,” she told NBC News on Tuesday.

    She said the staffers at the Chamber of Commerce, and at a store she runs, don’t know how to deal with the vitriol.

    “(We’re) really surprised at the people who are calling — they are hate calls, they’re not just people voicing an opinion,” she said. “The girls just don’t even… we’re all just absolutely in shock, we don’t know how to respond to that to tell you quite truthfully.”

    Gen. Martin Dempsey said the Army may consider pursuing an investigation of possible charges of desertion or other violations by Bergdahl.

  83. Since WW2 we have never negotiated with terrorists. There are no “rules” they would follow. That’s a laugh! What will commence is an uptick in kidnappings, demands and murders by the Fab 5.
    That is a rule more honored in the breach than in the observance. The proper formulation would be ever since World War II we have said that we never negotiate with terrorist, and so does Israel. But exchanges of prisoners have occurred throughout that period. As a matter of fact, a late friend and colleague of mine named Alan Berk who was murdered in his law office at 101 California Street over a decade ago was loaned out to the State Department to negotiate with terrorists for hostage releases. When we do it, we often rely on third parties, but it has always been done. I will negotiate with anyone, if the proper pre-conditions are in place. What drives me berserk about this negotiation is that it was a terrible deal for this country and for the war on terrorism. What I believe it was, was a first step in shutting down Gitmo, since this deal released five of the worst offenders, and none of the 125 who remain are this bad. Put differently, if the worst are released why keep it open for their understudies. Obama/Rhoades believed they could do three things with this deal: i)rebut the Benghazi argument that he leaves Americans behind on the battlefield, ii) lay the groundwork for shutting down Gitmo, and iii) get past the scandals which are engulfing his benighted presidency, to that old familiar big media tune of How Great Thou Art/

  84. If I am right

    In my surmise that the real motive of the traitor for five terrorists swap was:

    I) to rebut the Benghazi argument that he leaves Americans behind on the battlefield,

    ii) to lay the groundwork for shutting down Gitmo, and

    iii) to get past the scandals which are engulfing his benighted presidency

    Then that motive had nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare of this country

    On the contrary, it was entirely personal and political

    Or, as he has been quoted as saying privately: the country be damned.

    He is not hard to figure out.

    Big media is still in a state of rapture.

    But to me, Obama is about as interesting as a block toilet is to a plumber

    And I don’t mean a plumber by the name of Joe

    Who has about as much use for the Messiah as I do

    Which is why they have a handle on flush toilets

    That say push this handle and record your vote for Obama.

  85. The girls just don’t even… we’re all just absolutely in shock, we don’t know how to respond to that to tell you quite truthfully.”
    Oh come on Janet

    It aint rocket science

    When you are in a hole

    Stop digging

    Halley is on that long road up the mountain

    That ends in Sun Valley

  86. Wbb,

    What I should have said is we have not overtly negotiated with terrorists. Israel on the other hand, for what ever reason, does. What Po need soldier for a 1000 prisoners?
    I believe also the releases were for the reasons u stated.
    What a clusrerf#uck

  87. admin

    June 3, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    41 percent of respondents saying that Obama “is a good manager.”

    Gee, that’s not good for the guy who promised to upstage Bush. But still, who are the 41% who say he IS a good manager??? Guy couldn’t run a taco truck. Let alone be a good “community organizer”, let alone be State Senator of any state, let alone be a presidential CANDIDATE…I won’t even touch the whole POTUS Holy Grail.

    Too bad he didn’t exchange himself instead of the five guys.

  88. Shadow–you may remember this shooting

    I do remember the death of your friend, Wbb. Sorry for your loss back then.

    SF has had some outrageous murders, Harvey Milk. Diane Feinstein had to tell the public about it, she was in tears. That’s another one I won’t forget.

  89. The freakin’ Obama polls are always at 41%, no matter the questions, no matter the year, month or day.

    The polls are rigged and have been since 2008.

  90. S
    June 4, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Lot of loons at the Huffington Post defending Bergdahl in the comments of that article.

  91. Sorry Wbb, about your friend. Useless loss of life…another crazy person is able to buy guns.Too bad no one was carrying that day.

  92. It is unthinkable.

    That our big media beloved messiah, you know the dude who rolled back the oceans, saved billions from famine, and slew Osama with his bare hands would not understand military culture.

    And yet, Richard Fernadez has defied big media where integrity is treason, and parroting administration talking points is de rigeur.

    Yes, he has had the audacity to accuse the Hopemonger of yesteryear, and the utterly insufferable ass we see today of not understanding military culture, including the salient difference between a corpse and a corpsman.

    But here it is, a piece that will infuriate the zombies of big media, and to dismiss poor Richard from their vaunted social circles.

    I doubt he gives a rats ass about this, but it is beside the point.

    Here is how he sees this bumbling fool who big media nominated, elected, and now calls a greater than Lincoln:

    According to NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd, the White House expected “euphoria” over the release of the last American soldier held captive in Afghanistan and was completely blindsided by the wave of outrage with which the Bergdahl swap was greeted. Todd’s account is shown below:

    Ralph Peters also noted the White House miscalculation and puts it down to a basic misunderstanding of military culture among the president’s advisers. They expected the country as a whole to be delighted by the same things that pleased them. They were shocked when it didn’t happen. Peters writes:

    Congratulations, Mr. President! And identical congrats to your sorcerer’s apprentice, National Security Adviser Susan Rice. By trying to sell him as an American hero, you’ve turned a deserter already despised by soldiers in the know into quite possibly the most-hated individual soldier in the history of our military.

    I have never witnessed such outrage from our troops….

    Exhibit A: Ms. Rice. In one of the most tone-deaf statements in White House history (we’re making a lot of history here), the national-security advisor, on a Sunday talk show, described Bergdahl as having served “with honor and distinction.” Those serving in uniform and those of us who served previously were already stirred up, but that jaw-dropper drove us into jihad mode….

    The president, too, appears stunned. He has so little understanding of (or interest in) the values and traditions of our troops that he and his advisers really believed that those in uniform would erupt into public joy at the news of Bergdahl’s release — as D.C. frat kids did when Osama bin Laden’s death was trumpeted.

    Both President Obama and Ms. Rice seem to think that the crime of desertion in wartime is kind of like skipping class….

    President Obama did this to himself (and to Bergdahl). This beautifully educated man, who never tires of letting us know how much smarter he is than the rest of us, never stopped to consider that our troops and their families might have been offended by their commander-in-chief staging a love-fest at the White House to celebrate trading five top terrorists for one deserter and featuring not the families of those soldiers (at least six of them) who died in the efforts to find and free Bergdahl, but, instead, giving a starring role on the international stage to Pa Taliban, parent of a deserter and a creature of dubious sympathies (that beard on pops ain’t a tribute to ZZ Top). How do you say “outrageous insult to our vets” in Pashto?

    Even Bowe Bergdahl is unable to rise to the president’s defense. He is now being held incommunicado at Landstuhl Air Base. And perhaps it is all as well. Just now the Taliban emailed journalists video showing the actual handover with Bergdahl curiously less than euphoric himself:

    The video, emailed to media on Wednesday, shows Bergdahl in traditional Afghan clothing sitting in a pickup truck parked on a hillside. More than a dozen Taliban fighters with machineguns stand around the truck and on the hillside.

    Bergdahl is seen blinking frequently as he looks at and listens to his captors.

    If you watch closely, Bergdahl was patted down before he shambled onto the helicopter. There is no joy on his face, no “euphoria” even with him. Maybe he thought he was going to Russia, now that we’re on the subject of misunderstandings. Anyway, Germany is pretty close to Russia so he might think he’ll wind up in Moscow, which, as everybody knows, is like Afghanistan, which is like Idaho.

    But what is the president now to do?

    The standard advice proffered to speakers to defuse the hostility of an angry audience is to back off and issue a mea culpa. So can we expect Barack Obama to come out and eat crow? Whaaat?! We are talking Barack Obama here, and The One is never substantively in error. Plus, as Gordon Lubold and John Hudson at Foreign Policy write, “The Bergdahl Bargain Was Just the Beginning.” Obama’s been waiting to do this for years. There’s too much riding on this to back out now. As Evan Perez at CNN notes, the Bergdahl swap was part of Obama’s plan to close Gitmo. So expect him to double down:

    (CNN) — President Barack Obama appeared to have his most promising window yet in the coming months to keep his promise to close the military-run prison at Guantanamo Bay.

    Then he made the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl swap….

    In the weeks before, administration officials and Democratic aides working on the closure issue were optimistic that they could find a way to remove the most difficult congressional restrictions when a new law is approved later this year….

    The Bergdahl exchange muddled the administration’s claim of laying the blame on Congress for blocking the Guantanamo closure. Obama demonstrated that he believes he is justified in releasing prisoners without congressional approval.

    Administration officials have said Obama prefers to work with Congress to carry out the closure.

    Some Democrats also have expressed qualms about Obama’s handling of the Bergdahl swap.

    Sen. Diane Feinstein said she would like Obama to brief the Intelligence Committee. Levin said he plans to question administration officials about what impact the 30-day notification would have had on the prisoner exchange. Still, he said the administration satisfied the law.

    For now, the Democratic legislators are lying low in the teeth of the storm. But when the heat dies down, they will arise from the long grass and begin stalking forward once again.

    But this cuts both ways. If Bergdahl was a miscalculation, then it potentially applies not only to him, but to the whole class of transactions of which he was but the start. Suppose the brilliant war-ending plan Obama has conceived — which his advisers assure him will be greeted with euphoria — is instead met with revulsion by the public? What then?

    After all, if Obama can err — just between you and me now — in one thing, he might err in others. Maybe he erred in Ukraine, Syria, the VA, etc. It sure seems like it. So erring in the process of closing Guantanamo as part of his plan to Wind Down The War could be a possibility also.

    “Winding down the war” with the enemy still attacking you in the field is usually known in military circles by the word “surrender.” Yet here is where the cultural disconnect identified by Ralph Peters may strike again. Just as Obama and his minions could see nothing wrong with desertion and collaboration — in Peter’s words, seeing it as nothing more serious than skipping school — neither may they see anything particularly objectionable about that other cardinal taboo word in military culture: surrender.

    So what if America surrenders? What’s the big deal? Here, take this Obamaphone and move on.

    The White House can’t see the problem. Simply can’t. Just as they couldn’t see the Bergdahl storm coming. Surrender to them is merely another way to demonstrate their moral superiority. As with Bergdahl, they probably expect euphoria to follow in the wake of their cherished surrender. But boy, may they be in for a surprise.

    But I think Peters is only half-right, because the indignation is spreading past the military, to people who aren’t even American. The sheer magnitude of the backlash goes beyond the military culture. True it began there; where its effect was to loosen tongues and spread what had heretofore only been whispered in the closed society of soldiers to the general public. But once out there you did not have to be a soldier to understand the meaning of perfidy, hypocrisy and betrayal. That was self-evident.

    Suddenly even the man in the street knew it was all fake. The quavering voice, the studied solemnity, the pauses hinting at manly sentiment barely under control — that entire repertoire of Obama magic was revealed as contrived, a sham; just an act to take the gullible…you. It was a betrayal so basic it can only be compared to a girl finding out her boyfriend had the clap and was purposely planning to spread it to her. It was like a girl finding that the man kissing her hand was at the same time abstracting the diamond ring from her finger. Then everything which once seemed noble — the uplifted chin, the slow rotation of the head, the suggestion of muted but burning empathy — stood out for what it was: a huckster’s con.

    No one likes to realize he’s been a fool. Nobody likes to be had. And too many of us have been fools of the worst sort. Until today when they caught a glimpse of the man Barack Hussein Obama really is. They should never forget what they saw, for the plastic features will reconstitute themselves into the same beckoning smile before long, a mask stretched hard over the bone.

  93. Berghdal was a patriot, so says Susan Rice.

    Never mind the fact that he wrote emails slandering this country, which were published by a New York Newspaper.

    Berghdal served with honor and distinction, so says Susan Rice.

    Never mind the fact that he was a deserter and his act of desertion cost the lives of fellow soldiers.

    For a national security advisor to get on television and call a deserter a hero, and say that he served with honor and distinction is in military thinking just about as low as commander in chief can go.

    When they enter the military they take an oath in which they swear to defend the country and constitution. They are prepared to die for it. But the one thing they can never abide is for those accolades to be showered on a soldier who defied that oath, consorted with the enemy, and caused his fellow soldiers to be killed.

    Now we see Obama like a dog who has just defecated and is kicking up dirt to cover up the sight of it, and hoping that his media maverns will not worry about the stink. In their case, it seems they never do.

    “served with honor and distinction”

  94. On Sunday talk shows, Rice is batting 1000. She tells on whopper after another, big media treats it like catnip, and then the very next day we get evidence from other sources that what she just said is a lie. This was true in Benghazi where she claimed the video caused the attack, and it is happening here as well. She is the biggest joke in the Administration, and I would suggest that before she goes on anymore of these Sunday morning talk shows, that she be given a lie detector test, just to keep honest people like her, honest.

  95. As national security advisor, she was the perfect choice to go on all the talk shows and explain the perfectly logical point that releasing five of the most deadly terrorists in the world who love nothing better than to kill Americans, makes our nation more secure than we were when these killers were behind bars.

  96. Obama is straight out of Alice in Wonderland where we can use words to mean anything we want them to mean.

  97. “We don’t think it matters substantively if Barack Obama told Hillary of his nefarious plans. But politically it is very destructive to Hillary Clinton. Why? Because it ties her closer and closer to Barack Obama. Republicans saw this and they leaped.”


    Aw shucks, don’t be so cynical… the Republicans just want the truth! Maybe they’ll set up a select committee so they can find out if HRC gave her OK to the swap.

  98. Now they are jumping the shark……………

    Obama Official: Bergdahl Worthy of Sympathy if Joined Taliban to Protest Platoon Leaders

    An Obama administration official has floated the idea that Bowe Bergdahl was justified in deserting his platoon in Afghanistan and joining the Taliban over disagreements with the platoon’s leadership.

    Brandon Friedman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the Department of Housing and Urban Development posted a series of tweets Wednesday evening in which he speculated that Bergdahl deserted over bad leadership of his platoon and that is why his fellow soldiers were smearing him.

    “Here’s the thing about Bergdahl and the Jump-to-Conclusions mats: What if his platoon was long on psychopaths and short on leadership? (1/5)”

    ” What if he grew disillusioned with what he saw, didn’t trust his leadership, and walked off? Legal? No. Worthy of sympathy? Maybe. (2/5)”

    ” If that were the case, the soldiers in his platoon would have all the more reason to smear him publicly now. (3/5)”

    ” Given other examples, it’s not out of the realm of possibility–and more reason to withhold judgment until after an investigation. (4/5)”

    ” I’m not a fan of such speculation, but this story could not be more unbalanced–with so many premature calls of “traitor.” (5/5)”

    Friedman’s Wikipedia page says he is a decorated war veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and is a veteran of the Democratic Party front group VoteVets. He joined the Obama administration in 2009 at the Veterans Administration. He left in 2012 and rejoined the administration in 2014 at HUD.


    If you are unhappy with platoon leaders, you go to higher managers and ask for redeployment or a move, you do not walk off into the hills of afghanistan seeking out the Taliban….WTF are these people on………………..You do not abandon colleagues and turn deserter, traitor, whatever because you are unhappy with the job. This guy needs sacking.

  99. Breaking : President Obama says he makes no apology for negotiating with the Taliban for the release of U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl.

    Then he should do the honourable thing and resign.

  100. Did anyone aware of realities expect him to apologize?
    In a sense, it is laughable. But isn’t he creating a tipping point for more chaos than we might imagine?
    I’m restating what is known, but I do find this particular write-up to be compelling:
    Snip Feinstein said leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence panels were almost unanimously against a prisoner trade when it came up in 2011. She said the chairmen and ranking Republicans of the “connected committees” spent a lot of time three years ago reviewing the possibility of a prisoner swap and came out firmly opposed to releasing senior militants from the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. “There were very strong views, and they were virtually unanimous against the trade,” she said. [snip]

  101. Since the New York Times is a collection of traitors, I have a hard time understanding why they would not put the usual pedal to the metal for Obama in the Benghazi situation. He lies, he exercises poor judgment, he fails to do his homework, he sells out the country, he destroys the constitution, he mortgages our future, he gives aid and comfort to our enemies, he polarizes the nation, so why should this useless rag raise any objection to his traitor for terrorist swap now. The Wall Street Journal reports that our allies in Afghanistan are petrified with fear that Obama is releasing these butchers and believe they will resume their killing ways. But why should any of that bother the messiah, or the New York Times. They have better things to do than worry about the welfare of this nation.
    Most Democratic Party house media organs staying clear as lonely lefty writers struggle to deflect.


    There’s a growing sense that, at least for now, the Bergdahl/Taliban exchange and its fallout has the left spooked.

    Maybe Obama will wriggle out of this mess, too, either by way of the same tricks that have extricated him from so-called “scandals” such as Benghazi, or by distracting us in some new and horrific way. Or maybe there will be a hurricane somewhere that can provide a serendipitous photo-op to impress those Americans who have political attention-deficit disorder.

    But at the moment this story, probably more than any other incident of Obama’s presidency, is one that makes him look bad. It appears to simultaneously expose his disregard for the safety of America and Americans, his sympathy for fundamentalist Islamist governments, his failure to do his homework, his drive towards greater executive power, his disregard for Congress (including some members of both parties) and the law itself, his mendacity, and the stupidity and collaboration of his advisors in all of the above.

    I may have left something out, but you get the idea.

    The military men and women who served with Bergdahl and on whom Obama counted to keep their mouths shut are (unlike the diplomats in Benghazi) speaking up and telling what they know.


    The NY Times and Time and other organs that normally can be counted on to carry Obama’s water are spilling it all over the place.

    That leaves lonely folk such as TNR’s Brian Beutler and Esquire’s Charles P. Pierce doing their level best to convince the world that it’s only vile Republicans complaining about the swap, and that their carping is motivated by petty politics and a cold attitude towards the suffering of prisoners of war.

    But it’s not taking too well so far, not as well as during previous dustups. Obama and his advisors may be surprised at that because they may not have understood the feelings this story would tap into.

    Peter Wehner understands that this story has had a visceral effect, shocking even some people who didn’t think themselves shockable anymore about anything Obama might do:

    My response to what has occurred is not just intellectual but visceral. I consider what occurred, when everything is taken into account, to be substantively indefensible and morally dishonorable. The president, in my estimation, has rendered a great service to our enemies, and they know it. (Mullah Omar, the head of the Taliban, hailed the release of the top five Taliban commanders from Guantanamo as a “great victory” for the mujahideen of Afghanistan.) The president’s decision may well endanger American lives down the road. And his administration has elevated an apparent deserter–one whose actions were reported on in the past (see this 2012 Rolling Stone article by Michael Hastings) and who is responsible for the death of fellow soldiers who tried to rescue him–into a hero.

    This strikes me as morally grotesque…

    In this case, it’s the president and I who occupy different worlds, including different moral worlds.

    This story, unlike some of the others, is neither hard to understand nor difficult to follow. It seems awful on its face, and many of the American people are reacting on that same visceral level. For how long they will react that way, however, and to what effect, I do not know.

    As evidence of the revulsion towards what Obama has done and towards Bergdahl’s actions, I present Facebook’s “Bring Bowe Bergdahl Back” page and its fellows:

    A number of individuals who initially supported the page’s mission are now having second thoughts as troubling revelations continue to emerge…

    The page, which is nearly five years old, has about 34,500 likes as of this writing. Other pages, including one called ‘Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor,’ have already attracted nearly as much attention in just the past 48 hours.

    Administrators of that page are sharing anonymous comments by self-identified soldiers who offer a glimpse into their knowledge of Bergdahl and the circumstances of his ostensible capture by the Taliban.

    Comments on the page show an overwhelming shift in public sentiment regarding the prisoner.

    When Chris Matthews and Diane Feinstein are among the critics, Obama knows he’s got a problem. Jon Stewart, an Obama supporter who was already angry at the Obama administration over the VA hospital scandal, is at least as unhappy about the prisoner exchange, too.

    All of this indicates that there’s something about this one that—at least temporarily—is achieving a level of disgust with Obama that doesn’t seem to have been reached previously. But the only obvious remedy, impeachment, seems to still be politically unavailable. I repeat a question that’s been asked before: what would Obama have to due to trigger a real possibility of impeachment in the House leading to actual conviction in the Senate?

    (Featured image: CNN video, names of three soldiers killed tattooed on soldier Josh Korder, who served with Bergdahl)

  102. Reuters: Pentagon says freed U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl has still not spoken with his parents after Taliban release.

  103. That’d ok moon, I am sure he saw the video of Obama and the parents walking arm in arm…After the fathers Arabic love fest on the peoples WH Rose Garden…

  104. WBb,

    Taliban already saying they are going to kidnapped more Americans….they LOVE the trade!

    Can’t wait for the other predictions I gave, sure I am not the only one, to come in fruition.

  105. Hillary really had a chance to separate herself here. Show she is with the American people.
    She missed the boat, dropped the ball, day late and a penny short.

  106. Love it. 😀

    Organizers are calling on anyone who believes Obama should face impeachment to join them in Anaheim, Calif. next week to protest his commencement speech during the University of California Irvine graduation.

    The event will take place at Angel Stadium in Anaheim; and according to a press release, the associated anti-Obama demonstration will focus on removing “the most arrogant, un-American, anti-American, anti-Christian, divisive and dishonest ‘president’ in American history” from the White House.

    “The plan is to protest for Obama’s impeachment, conviction and removal,” an online flier states, explaining participants will meet June 14 at 11:30 at an intersection – South State College Boulevard and East Gene Autry Way – directly in front of the stadium.

    Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/anti-obama-protest-set-california-college-graduation/#gyhz4pafyEu1W1TG.99

  107. Obama just doesnt need impeached, he needs a one way ticket to the hills of Afghanistan if he loves them so much.

  108. …just saying…

    the narcissist-in-chief is over in Europe at the G-7 and is blabbing that “he makes no apologizes for trading Bergdah for five dangerous, scary enemies to the USA and the rest of the world…

    …think he might consider ‘zipping it’ as O has already lost a lot of the respect of the world’s leaders…many don’t trust him after all the spying his admin has done to them personally…and generally speaking O’s vaulted image has fallen into the despair of glaring, blatant incompetency…for the whole world to see…

    (just his Ocare rollout alone shows that he and his Admin don’t know what they are doing and I suspect when other world leaders have seen his acute dependency on the teleprompter they already figured out that his leadership and ‘genius’ were suspect)

    …if he could get out of his own way…and his own head…for just a few moments, he might consider that these world leaders might just be thinking:

    “thanks, Mr Big Shot, now you have unleashed these killers not only on your own people, but on ours as well…we try to capture these people and you just let them free to do whatever they want”

  109. gonzotx
    June 5, 2014 at 11:45 am
    Taliban already saying they are going to kidnapped more Americans….they LOVE the trade!
    I see no reason why they should not love the trade: we get one traitor, they get five key terrorist leaders. If there is a quid pro quo there, we are a little short on the quid. But if memory serves, HE the big media beloved Messiah promised hope (for the Taliban) and change (for our role in the world). Therefore, let us stipulate that he has met and exceeded expectations on both fronts. It is as if we liberated Manson, Dahmer and Bundy in exchange for a notorious jaywalker. But when Obama sprinkles pixie dust over this deal, and gives one of his Periclean speeches from the Mile High City, surrounded by fake Greek pillars, the lemmings of big media will return. They say life is uncertain, eat desert first, but this much is certain. Big media will always worship Obama, even as Nero.

  110. WTF, honestly WTF

    AP: U.S. Congress not told of swap of soldier Bowe Bergdahl with detainees because Taliban threatened to kill him if agreement was leaked

    Are they really going to peddle this?

  111. Wbb

    Now we see Obama like a dog who has just defecated and is kicking up dirt to cover up the sight of it, and hoping that his media maverns will not worry about the stink.

    Always the colorful imagery, this time coupled with a nose wrinkling odor. 😉

  112. Look at the shitstorm on the net over this latest piece of dogcrap that has just happened.

    The collective response….absolute horseshit.

  113. I do not agree with Andrea Mitchell but I respect her. I think she is a journalist. I cannot say the same thing about Chuck Todd. He is a child, and like a child he is prone to hissy fits in support of outrageous positions.

    Berghdal’s father is the subject. The more we learn about him, the less I like him. The Obama team concocted a photo op of Bergdal’s parents and Obama strolling arm in arm away from the podium, after the father gave his salutation to Allah. Scarborough noted the fact that that when the traitor told his father he was thinking about deserting, the father made no effort to discourage him, but simply told him follow your conscience.

    Whereupon Scarborough pointed out the obvious, which was that the pony tailed elder failed in his parental duty to discourage his son from embarking on such a treasonous course of action. Whereupon Todd, mindless shill that he is, repeated over and over and over do not criticize the parents, they have been without their son for five years. He did not realize that if the father had interceded this could have been avoided.

    Scarborough then put the diminutive mental midget Todd and protégé to Russert in his place, and lectured him on the responsibilities of a parent in this situation, and how pony tail defaulted in them. Todd argued for a bit, and then gave up the ghost. What we saw, what I saw, was an NBC shill for Obama, shouting down a colleague for making a valid point which was critical of an Obama prop, and ultimately Obama. Fuck Todd, and is mawkish outrage.

  114. jeswezey
    June 5, 2014 at 5:57 am

    “We don’t think it matters substantively if Barack Obama told Hillary of his nefarious plans. But politically it is very destructive to Hillary Clinton. Why? Because it ties her closer and closer to Barack Obama. Republicans saw this and they leaped.”


    Aw shucks, don’t be so cynical… the Republicans just want the truth! Maybe they’ll set up a select committee so they can find out if HRC gave her OK to the swap.


    Good one 😉

  115. moononpluto
    June 5, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Reuters: Pentagon says freed U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl has still not spoken with his parents after Taliban release.

    Pretty weird, especially since the ugly bearded one worked so hard to free his son (per his 15 minutes of fame, speech).

  116. AP: U.S. Congress not told of swap of soldier Bowe Bergdahl with detainees because Taliban threatened to kill him if agreement was leaked

    So why was this POW so valuable that Oh was willing to be BLACKmailed by the Talliebond and hide it from Congress and The People?

    I smell a rat’s nest and a big conspiracy brewing.

  117. BHO will lie to voters about ACA, violate law to notify Congress, but keep word to the Taliban?


  118. Also, there has been a coverup where our soldiers that knew this ‘important POW’ had to stay silent and sign a confidentiality agreement.


  119. Okay, Obama has totally lost his freakin’ mind!!!

    Congress had better get tough.

    Government considers freeing another Guantanamo inmate, on heels of Bergdahl swap

    ARLINGTON, Va. – As controversy grows over the release of five hardened Taliban detainees in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the Obama administration is considering springing yet another prisoner from Guantanamo Bay.

    Fouzi Khalid Abdullah al-Awda appeared via a video feed before a review board Wednesday morning in northern Virginia, often smiling as his private counsel Eric Lewis made the case for his release.


  120. Okay, Obama has totally lost his freakin’ mind!!!

    Congress had better get tough.

    Government considers freeing another Guantanamo inmate, on heels of Bergdahl swap

    Fox news dot com

  121. Shadowfax

    June 5, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    Okay, Obama has totally lost his freakin’ mind!!!

    Congress had better get tough.
    As a practical matter, Congress cannot get tough on Obama, so long as Reid is majority leader. Ted Cruz has a bill that would tie Obama’s hands on future trades of this nature, and emptying the jail so those terrorists can enter this country through our partially unprotected southern border. But as majority leader, Reid determines which bills get voted on. The technical name for this obstructionist tactic is “filling the tree”. Reid is insane, and needs to be removed.

  122. The White House pulled out all the stops to convince Congress that the Bergdahl swap was necessary and a good deal last night by offering members a classified briefing on the situation.

    The Hill reports that the meeting went over like a lead balloon:

    The officials, led by Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken and Jim Dobbins, the special representative for Afghanistan, showed senators a video of Bergdahl in apparent poor health while in Taliban custody.


  123. Wbb
    Reid determines which bills get voted on.

    What kind of malarkey is this Wbb?

    No one can stop Obama from ruling like a King, besides his meatshield, Reid?

    I feel like we have a King Joffery, of Game of Thrones at the helm, and no one can stop him. Our lives are more at risk by his stupid ass decisions, and no one can immediately put a stop to this?

    You are the history guy, what did America do the last time something as bad as this happened???

  124. foxyladi14
    June 5, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    The most amazing thing about that video is how that blond tried to shut him up, keep talking over him…and then when he said something like, I don’t understand why WE CAN’T TALK ABOUT THIS.

  125. Gitmo Detainees Coming to a Town Near You?

    June 5th, 2014 – 8:21 am

    Email Print Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size
    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says Obama may be impeached if the Obama administration “flows prisoners out of Gitmo.” So what happens when Obama flows them straight into Graham’s own state, like the brig at Joint Base Charleston? What will Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) do when Gitmo detainees show up at the brig at Camp Pendleton?

    President Obama defended the release of five top Taliban terrorists by saying that’s what happens when “wars end.” Never before have we had a president so detached from the realities of the world as we do now, at this moment. The war in Afghanistan is still on — even by Obama’s own absurd timetables for quitting it — and Obama’s justification of the prisoner swap should give Senators like Graham and Feinstein a taste of what’s to come.

    Here’s the simple way to decode every dumb thing this administration does: their radical ideology makes them brazenly unconcerned about the consequences of their outrageous actions.

    This militant approach to governance explains a great deal about the last six years. Think Gitmo, Bergdahl, Fast and Furious, IRS abuse, Benghazi, the New Black Panthers, Holder’s attack on election integrity and Voter ID, attacks on religious liberty, attacks on free speech, and an unmatched record of losing 9-0 at the Supreme Court.

    Consequences don’t matter to the radicals populating the Obama administration. The crusade matters, as per Saul Alinsky: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up … As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new. Attack, attack, attack.” The blueprint is right there for anyone to read for just $8.44.

    Part of that ideological crusade is closing down Gitmo. Because people throughout the administration — in the White House, National Security Council, State Department, Justice Department and Defense Department — think Gitmo is an evil place outside the norms of international law, they will do anything to shudder it. That explains the last week. It’s easy to understand their behavior if you understand what drives them. The Bergdahl for Taliban swap wasn’t an error; it wasn’t incompetence.

    The swap represented radical ideology in action.

    But impeachment? Nothing sounds more delightful to the ears inside the White House. If you ever get around to reading Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals, focus on how important “overreaction” is to an Alinskyite. Overreaction is the one way the administration might emerge from the fallout of the Gitmo detainee for probable-deserter swap.

    Why is impeachment an overreaction right now, this day? Because the public doesn’t support it. Re-read the last sentence. Impeachment is a political act, not a legal one.

    It is strange how anyone needs to be reminded of this lesson, barely twenty years old. I was in the House chamber the moment President Bill Clinton was impeached. The gallery erupted in applause. Who knew they were cheering a boomerang that led to a wipeout in the 1998 elections and the death of the 1994 GOP surge?

    In favor of impeachment? Get back to me when more than 50% of the public supports impeachment. I’ll give you a discount — get back to me when just 47% support it. Get back to me when you have a winner. Until then, make the case with your friends and neighbors, minus any spittle or froth.

    In the meantime, Obama may help your cause. Gitmo needs to be emptied. (Or as they would say in my hometown of Pittsburgh: “Gitmo needs emptied.”) There is nothing Obama and his radical aides would like to do more than open the Gitmo gates and say goodbye.

    If the firestorm following the Sgt. Bergdahl swap does anything positive, it may scrap that dream.

    So look for Gitmo detainees to arrive at a town near you. Expect the administration to talk about how secure military prisons are. Expect to hear grand exultations of America being true to its character by closing down a facility where terrorists are treated better than American vets. Expect pomp and pompousness.

    Expect Gitmo detainees in your backyard.

    What then? Will home state senators and congressmen rally the cause for impeachment?

    How sad and tragic America has a president so at odds with American values and priorities. When a candidate promises to fundamentally transform America again, let’s hope the voters listen next time.

  126. and here it comes…..this guy is not innocent.

    U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl at one point during his captivity converted to Islam, fraternized openly with his captors and declared himself a “mujahid,” or warrior for Islam, according to secret documents prepared on the basis of a purported eyewitness account and obtained by Fox News. The reports indicate that Bergdahl’s relations with his Haqqani captors morphed over time, from periods of hostility, where he was treated very much like a hostage, to periods where, as one source told Fox News, “he became much more of an accepted fellow” than is popularly understood. He even reportedly was allowed to carry a gun at times.


  127. WASHINGTON — An official at the department of Housing And Urban Development whose criticized tweets suggesting that there could be questions about the military records of former platoon mates of Bowe Bergdahl apologized Thursday to service members and the Obama administration.

    “While I just wanted to make the point that the public should wait before passing judgment, I unfortunately used my own poor judgment in choosing inappropriate language that many view as disparaging to U.S. service members,” said Brandon Friedman, deputy assistant secretary of public affairs at HUD. “That was certainly not my intent and I regret making the comments on my personal account in such a way. I apologize to those with whom I work in the Administration, at HUD, and, most importantly, to any service members who took offense.”

    Brandon Friedman, a decorated war veteran and Obama administration official, called for caution before making judgements on Bowe Bergdahl. “I unfortunately used my own poor judgment in choosing inappropriate language that many view as disparaging to U.S. service members.”



    Guess he got read the riot act…..

  128. Don’t know if true but still funny.

    “You will love this one, I haven’t stop laughing yet. For those of you who have never traveled to the west, or southwest, cattle guards are horizontal steel rails placed at fence openings, in dug-out places in the roads adjacent to highways (sometimes across highways), to prevent cattle from crossing over that area. For some reason the cattle will not step on the “guards,” probably because they fear
    getting their feet caught between the rails. A few months ago, President Obama received and was reading a report that there were over 100,000 cattle guards in Colorado . The Colorado ranchers had protested his proposed changes in grazing policies, so he ordered the Secretary of the Interior to fire half of the “cattle” guards immediately! Before the Secretary of the Interior could respond and presumably try to straighten President Obama out on the matter, Vice-President Joe Biden,
    intervened with a request that…before any “cattle” guards were fired, they be given six months of retraining. ‘Times are hard,’ said Joe Biden, ‘it’s only fair to the cattle guards and their families be given six months of retraining! ‘ And these two guys are running our country, Passed on to you without further comment”

  129. CNNreporters saying what they are hearing behind the scene from dims and repubs:

    Hillary, Panetta and Gates were agaist this…now they are all gone

    O, Kerry, Hagel think they can sell anyone the “brooklyn bridge” and now that all the adults above are gone and the ‘B’ team is in charge…this is what they try to pull…

    Susan Rice is seen as a political person with no real ‘Security’ experience


    so it’s amateur hour at the WH

  130. maybe there is hope…

    CNN/CBS excerpting some of Hillary’s new book and stating she is seperating herself from O and some of O’s policies…saying that there were times she differed from O and he did what he wanted…

  131. “moononpluto
    June 5, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    BHO will lie to voters about ACA, violate law to notify Congress, but keep word to the Taliban?

    Even if the Repubs had a super majority in the Senate after 2014, I think impeachment for Obama would be a bad idea. This worthless POS doesn’t deserve to be a martyr. The best thing about the worst President in American history is that he still has three years remaining in office. If all of this crap was happening at the end of his term, he would escape his just reward, a sociopathic mental breakdown on a public stage. Hopefully Obama, his political/financial masters, and the corrupt media will go down with him.

  132. “While I just wanted to make the point that the public should wait before passing judgment, I unfortunately used my own poor judgment in choosing inappropriate language that many view as disparaging to U.S. service members,” said Brandon Friedman, deputy assistant secretary of public affairs at HUD. “That was certainly not my intent

    If you read his remarks, and I did, it was his intent…this coming from a military man…goes to show the extent of insanity that takes over someone under the fraud. He should be fired, along with the rest of them, starting at the top.


    I can not share your respect for Andrea Mitchell, she who jumped the shark many years ago…IMHO

  133. Well I guess Ofucktard got his marching orders from Soros and I guess we know what they are. With the economy contracting in the first quarter and the reaction to his boobery finally ringing some bells, he’s got little to lose at this point. Whatever lame, evil thing he can force through, he will. It does not have to make sense or align with any reality but the one he wants to exist. Like any abuser, he does it ’cause he can. He is serving himself and entertaining himself.

    With the mass media control of information, I do not think we can say what percentage of the population would like to see O impeached. If the GOP takes the senate, they should go forward with it. The issues are more important than lying about a blow job.

    They should do it because otherwise they are absolutely good for nothing.

  134. SHV
    June 5, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    3 MORE YEARS, possibility of over 1000 “Presidential signings”…America can not afford him 3 MORE YEARS!

    It’s too depressing to even think of. I have never in my lifetime, on a weekly bases, seen such corruption in the WH. He makes Nixon look like a choir boy.

  135. Hello all. I know this is off topic, but home for me is upside down right now. The violence is in the Muslim north right now (I am from the more Christian south), but it is escalating – fast. This last attack was brutal for no reason. And the most confusing thing is that they are killing mostly Muslims. The only reason I can come up with is the desire to create massive fear. Whatever the reason, I am crippled by the absolute lack of action of my government, our West African neighbors, and the African Union. Please continue to pray for us.

    Boko Haram killed hundreds in north-east Nigeria, witnesses say

    Locals say Nigerian military told of impending attack on three communities but failed to prevent massacre of at least 200 civilians


    From article….

    Boko Haram militants dressed as soldiers killed at least 200 civilians in three communities in north-eastern Nigeria and the military failed to intervene even though it was warned that an attack was imminent, witnesses said on Thursday.

    A community leader who witnessed the killings on Monday said residents of the Gwoza local government district in Borno state had pleaded for the military to send soldiers to protect the area after they heard that militants were about to attack, but help did not arrive.

    It took a few days for survivors to get word of the massacres to Maiduguri, the provincial capital, because travel on the roads is extremely dangerous and phone connections are poor or non-existent.

    The slaughter was confirmed by both Mohammed Ali Ndume, a senator representing Borno and whose hometown is Gwoza, and by a top security official in Maiduguri who insisted on anonymity because he is not allowed to speak to the media.

    Militants of Boko Haram, which wants to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria, have been taking over villages in the north-east, killing and terrorising civilians and political leaders as the Islamist fighters make a comeback from a year-long military offensive aimed at crushing them. The death toll from Monday’s attacks was among the highest. Thousands of people have been killed in the five-year-old insurgency – more than 2,000 so far just this year – and an estimated 750,000 Nigerians have been driven from their homes.


    The villages attacked on Monday were near Gwoza, a regional political centre whose emir was killed in a Boko Haram ambush on his convoy last week. Emirs are religious and traditional rulers who have been targeted for speaking out against Boko Haram’s extremism.

    Borno governor Kashim Shettima travelled on Saturday to Gwoza to pay his respects to the fallen emir and said it was a terrifying ride.

    Hillary 2016

  136. Breaking in Seattle : Gunman on Pacific University – 4 people shot, one suspect in custody, one suspect still sought.

  137. Shadowfax

    June 5, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    Stay safe TheRock, prayers on the way.

    Thank you Shadow. My mom finally got here from home in mid march. Her brother, my uncle, is a catholic priest/emeritus professor of philosophy. He actually considered going north to help people in any way he can. He’s 86. We HOPE he will be here by the end of the summer. We’ll see…

    Hillary 2016

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