Solid Sterling: Long Lost Big Media Feeding Frenzy Returns

Update: NBA imposes lifetime ban on Sterling, $2.5 million fine. “Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, be present at any Clippers office or facility, or participate in any business”.


A physically hideous married rich guy on the phone with a young physically ugly girlfriend reminds us all of the long lost art of the Big Media feeding frenzy. The world is falling apart but Big Media is frenziedly feeding on the private phone call obnoxiousness of an 80 year old troll and his goading younger girlfriend.

Donald Sterling who owns a basketball team comprised of mostly black males made racist comments in private, which became public, and now the frenzy of feeding Big Media types and just about everyone else is in full swing. Sponsor companies of his team are dumping the team, there are attacks on him from just about everyone including Barack Obama and his pig friend Oprah. Even Don Imus of the “nappy headed hos” scandal is going after Sterling in an effort to prove how non-racist he now is.

How this physical grotesquerie has a girlfriend appears not to be an issue. How this monstrously ugly man managed to wrangle a wife is not an issue. We imagine his wealth has something to do with his allure.

The allure of wealth not only snared a wife and girlfriend. Sterling’s wealth got him awards and adulation from corruptions such as the NAACP.

The NAACP used to be a worthwhile organization. Now the NAACP just raises money to keep itself in business. The corruption called the NAACP, just like most mainstream organizations which purport to help this or that cause/group, is really only in it for itself. Donald Sterling was an NAACP favorite because Sterling gave them money:

Sterling had been a prominent donor to the NAACP chapter for more than a decade. He ran newspaper ads touting his charity’s generosity to L.A. organizations that help the poor communities.

But the real estate magnate had just paid $2.73 million to settle U.S. government claims that he refused to rent his apartments to Latinos and blacks in Koreatown. [snip]

The organization decided to go ahead give him the award. And in May, it was set to hand him a second honor as part of a gala marking the NAACP’s 100th anniversary. [snip]

“We deal with the actual character of the person as we see it and as it is displayed,” he said.

Jenkins said NAACP officials spoke with Sterling in 2009 about the housing discrimination case as well as a suit that NBA great Elgin Baylor filed accusing Sterling of racism when he ousted Baylor as general manager.

Baylor claimed that the organization had a “plantation mentality” in a deposition, and that Sterling rejected a coaching candidate, Jim Brewer, because he was black.

Jenkins said the NAACP officials told Sterling: “If any of the allegations in those lawsuits are true, you need to pay those people, you need to make amends.”

The mentality and character betrayed by the NAACP in the comments of Jenkins is one of race hustlers out to make a buck. Want to wash away charges of racism? Pay, baby, pay.

In 2008 Harry Reid referred to Barack Obama as a potential winner because he was “light-skinned” and had “no negro dialect”. There was no Big Media feeding frenzy. Harry Reid flaunted his racist mentality but by supporting Barack Obama he got a get-out-of-jail-free card. Since 2008 Harry Reid has said and done many things worthy of a Big Media feeding frenzy but thus far not even a sign of a nibble.

Harry Reid is not alone in doing and saying as he pleases without risk of a Big Media feeding frenzy. It is usually those that beat their chests the most about not being racists that do the darnest things:

The Unbearable Whiteness of the American Left

At a panel titled “Grassroots Organizing” at the Network for Public Education conference in Austin in March, an audience member asked the all-white panel for its definition of “grassroots.” The conference had been called to “give voice to those opposing privatization, school closings, and high-stakes testing.”

As the questioner pointed out, those disproportionately affected by these developments are poor and minority communities. Chicago, for example, a city that is one-third white, has a public school system in which 90 percent of the students are children of color and 87 percent come from low-income families. When the city schools shut down last year, 88 percent of the children affected were black; when Philadelphia did the same, the figure was 81 percent.

You’d think black people might have something to contribute to a discussion about that process and how it might be resisted. Yet on this exclusively white panel at this predominantly white conference, they had no voice.

One panelist said he found the question offensive. “I didn’t know it was a racial thing,” he said.

At the end of November 2008 Howard Dean put on the same act as those all white panelists in Austin. Dean feigned he was unaware that the 2008 campaign was mud deep in misogyny because he did not have cable TV! Howard Dean was on an all male post election panel

During this election cycle, Chairman of the Dimocratic Party Howard Dean remained silent on sexism and misogyny but any “racial” statements were quickly condemned even if the “racial” statements were merely hoaxes set up by the Obama campaign. The condemnation of “racist” statements however were not made against the Obama campaign when the barely veiled racism benefited Obama. [SNIP]

Howard Dean attributed his silence on sexism and misogyny to ignorance because he did not get cable television. The Chairman must have missed the sexism and misogyny on broadcast television, in Obama statements, in newspapers, magazines and every conceivable Big Media outlet. The Hillary Clinton “nutcrackers” and the “Bro Before Ho” merchandise must also have escaped the Democratic Chairman from the Democratic Left. The good German did not know what was going on – he did not smell the furnaces burning.

Now that it is convenient, in a forum of only men the Democratic Chairman from the Democratic Left, is attempting to rehabilitate his legacy and excuse his complicity. Asked by a woman at the forum about the lack of discussion of women, in an historic campaign that featured a woman candidate, the men on the panel made more excuses and the Democratic Chairman from the Democratic Left outdid himself in hypocrisy. [Dean begins to speak 3 minutes, 45 seconds into the video]

There was no Big Media feeding frenzy when sexism and misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton and/or Sarah Palin smeared the landscape. None. Instead there were calls to “man up” and not complain directed to these women from Barack Obama campaign affiliated Big Media.

An ugly old man and an ugly young woman get into a racist private conversation and the whole world of Big Media explodes into a feeding frenzy never seen against more deserving culprits. It’s not as if Donald Sterling has much of a future in basketball considering that the majority of his team fans and team players are black.

Granted, we don’t know much about basketball nor do we want to know much about basketball. But we believe we are correct in asserting that basketball fans and players are either (a) not racist; or (b) if racist not willing to be seen as such by their fellow fans or teammates due to the demographics of basketball fans and organizations. Donald Sterling is like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs – at some point he’s going to have to get out or have his as… er, tail handed to him.

We’re not excusing Donald Sterling or what he has said in private. The fact is that once his remarks became public he has to answer to the ticket buyers of his team and his league.

We’re also not against the Big Media feeding frenzy. t What we lament and loathe is the selecive hypocrisy of this particular feeding frenzy. What we need is more diversity when Big Media goes on a feeding frenzy. Take it away black basketball player and scholar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Why aren’t we also outraged that Donald Sterling was secretly recorded?

And now the poor guy’s girlfriend (undoubtedly ex-girlfriend now) is on tape cajoling him into revealing his racism. Man, what a winding road she led him down to get all of that out. She was like a sexy nanny playing “pin the fried chicken on the Sambo.” She blindfolded him and spun him around until he was just blathering all sorts of incoherent racist sound bites that had the news media peeing themselves with glee.

They caught big game on a slow news day, so they put his head on a pike, dubbed him Lord of the Flies, and danced around him whooping…

Shouldn’t we be equally angered by the fact that his private, intimate conversation was taped and then leaked to the media? Didn’t we just call to task the NSA for intruding into American citizen’s privacy in such an un-American way? Although the impact is similar to Mitt Romney’s comments that were secretly taped, the difference is that Romney was giving a public speech. The making and release of this tape is so sleazy that just listening to it makes me feel like an accomplice to the crime. We didn’t steal the cake but we’re all gorging ourselves on it.

We wouldn’t call him a “poor guy” more like a rich ugly sap. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is right that this does have a whiff of Lord of the Flies. The owner of a Dallas team wants Donald Sterling thrown out but is also aware of the dangers of the thought police:

“What Donald said was wrong,” Cuban said. “It was abhorrent. There’s no place for racism in the NBA, any business I’m associated with, and I don’t want to be associated with people who have that position.

“But at the same time, that’s a decision I make. I think you’ve got to be very, very careful when you start making blanket statements about what people say and think, as opposed to what they do. It’s a very, very slippery slope.

“Again, there’s no excuse for his positions. There’s no excuse for what he said. There’s no excuse for anybody to support racism. There’s no place for it in our league, but there’s a very, very, very slippery slope.

“If it’s about racism and we’re ready to kick people out of the league, OK? Then what about homophobia? What about somebody who doesn’t like a particular religion. What about somebody who’s anti-semitic What about a xenophobe?

“In this country, people are allowed to be morons.”

The totalitarian state wants to control not only your actions but your thoughts. Beware! The danger is even greater when citizens find themselves in agreement with the totalitarian state on a particular issue. I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

We don’t see Donald Sterling as a victim. We don’t see his girlfriend as a victim. Indeed it is we who are victimized by Big Media.

While Big Media whooped around in imitation of the Lord of the Flies we have been deprived since 2008 of legitimate Big Media feeding frenzies.

Recently video tapes of race-baiter Al Sharpton trying to buy kilos of cocaine to sell to black people came out. Shortly after, Barack Obama spoke at an event hosted by Al Sharpton. We needed a feeding frenzy but got not even a bite.

We needed a different feeding frenzy yesterday:

Secretary of State John Kerry found his own unique way of marking Yom HaShaoh – Holocaust Remembrance Day – by proposing that Israel is destined, if it doesn’t make peace with the Palestinians, to become an “apartheid state.”

Speaking to the Trilateral Commission Friday, Kerry said that unless Israel agrees to the birth of the Palestinian state he is feverishly trying to midwife, it will become the 21st century South Africa, according to the Daily Beast.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day the American Secretary of State states in a speech that Israel will be an “apartheid state” and from Big Media all we hear is the gnashing of teeth over a ugly old basketball team owner proving being rich does not mean you necessarily have brains nor decency.

Our modest proposal in the spirit of Jonathan Swift?: Ban basketball from the United States because it is now proven to be a racist game. Get it out of the schools, out of the colleges, out of the White House, and out of our TV sets. Basketball fans won’t like it but hey, we have to fight racism right?

Also, let’s have a Big Media feeding frenzy to force anti-Semite John Kerry to resign. And most importantly we require a Big Media feeding frenzy to force Barack Obama out of office for consorting with known hard drug dealers.

Now that Donald Sterling has demonstrated that Big Media is still capable of conducting a feeding frenzy we want more.


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  1. John Kerry should learn one lesson from Tony Blair:

    The problems in Middle Eastern countries, Blair said, have a common theme: “a disruptive effect of an ideology, based on a extreme and perverted view of the proper faith of Islam.” This radical ideology is still being exported from the Middle East, he said, and it’s spreading across the world.

    When asked by David Gregory whether the problem-plagued interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan that Blair backed explain some of this ideology, Blair pushed back, pointing out that Islamist terrorism was around long before 9/11.

    We have to liberate ourselves from this thinking that somehow it’s our actions that have caused radical Islam,” Blair said. “You can carry on explaining all this by saying ‘it’s us, we provoked them, it’s really they’re trying to react against Western imperialism,’ [but that’s] nonsense.”

  2. Cruz is correct:

    “I was convinced that as Secretary of State John Kerry would place what he considered to be the wishes of the international community above the national security interests of the United States. I fear with these most-recent ill-chosen remarks, Secretary Kerry has proven those concerns well founded,” Cruz said in a floor speech. “Secretary Kerry has thus proven himself unsuitable for his position and that before any further harm is done to our alliance with Israel, he should offer President Obama his resignation and the President should accept it.” …

    “The term ‘apartheid’ means ‘apart’ — different, isolated — the state of the victims of apartheid with which the Jews are all too familiar. The notion that Israel would go down that path, and so face the same condemnation that met South Africa, is unconscionable,” Cruz said. “The fact that Secretary Kerry sees nothing wrong with making such a statement on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day demonstrates a shocking lack of sensitivity to the incendiary and damaging nature of his rhetoric.”


    It’s beyond nonsense, it’s pernicious and extremely harmful. What the Secretary of State of the United States has succeeded in doing, in what he thought was a private comment, is to echo and therefore to legitimize the worst of the libelous claims against the Jewish state. If there is one minority in the Middle East that enjoys the rule of law, and protection, and democracy it is Arabs in Israel. One out of every five Israelis is a Palestinian, overwhelming they are Muslim. There are Arabs in the government, in the Supreme Court, in all walks of life, in the universities.
    There’s actually affirmative action if you are a Palestinian in the universities. And to compare that in anyway with the systematic discrimination against black Africans in South Africa is truly appalling and hurtful. I think Cruz is right, this is beyond something requiring a apology. I think this is a resigning type statement.

  4. I do not know what state the recording was made in, but if it was Texas, I believe that is a state where only one party needs to know the conversion is being recorded. It is legal and admissible in court.

  5. Admin: yes, the hypocrisy of big media is clear and unambiguous. But is that really all it is–hypocrisy, partisanship and laziness? Those are the conventional explanations for the stunts they pull. But I think there is a deeper logic at work here, which no one wants to confront.

    At this stage in their devolution, big media is the living embodiment of Alinsky, and they are that way because they have something they are keen to protect, namely the power wealth and control of the elites, and business interests who control them.

    Politicians take an oath to support the constitution and serve their constituents. Big media denisons take a similar oath to uphold journalistic standards, and by implication to speak truth to power. And in the end, if you examine what they do, you begin to see that it is all bullshit, and the lesson of Watergate provides the single coherent explanation: follow the money.

    I am going to say the problem of race in America will never be solved, because the moment progress is made, someone in the elites will exploit an incident and the turn over the wheel barrel. If the problem is unsolvable then why not let the people themselves work it out.

    Learned Hand said something which relates directly to this in his famous address The Spirit of Liberty:

    “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While it lies there, it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.”

    Here is the fill text of that immortal speech which is right up there with the Gettysburg Address in defining who we are and what we stand for. To Soros we are just lab rats. But to many of us we are and hope to be a bit more.


    The “Spirit of Liberty” Speech
    Judge Learned Hand
    Presented in 1944 during “I AM an American Day”

    We have gathered here to affirm a faith, a faith in a common purpose, a common conviction, a common devotion.
    Some of us have chosen America as the land of our adoption; the rest have come from those who did the same. For this reason we have some right to consider ourselves a picked group, a group of those who had the courage to break from the past and brave the dangers and the loneliness of a strange land. What was the object that nerved us, or those who went before us, to this choice? We sought liberty – freedom from oppression, freedom from want, freedom to be ourselves. This then we sought; this we now believe that we are by way of winning. What do we mean when we say that first of all we seek liberty? I often wonder whether we do not rest our hopes too much upon constitutions, upon laws, and upon courts. These are false hopes; believe me, these are false hopes. Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While it lies there, it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it. And what is this liberty which must lie in the hearts of men and women? It is not the ruthless, the unbridled will; it is not freedom to do as one likes. That is the denial of liberty, and leads straight to its overthrow. A society in which men recognize no check upon their freedom soon becomes a society where freedom is the possession of only a savage few – as we have learned to our sorrow.

    What then is the spirit of liberty?
    I cannot define it; I can only tell you my own faith. The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right; the spirit of liberty is the spirit which seeks to understand the minds of other men and women; the spirit of liberty is the spirit which weighs their interest alongside its own without bias; the spirit of liberty remembers that not even a sparrow falls to earth unheeded; the spirit of liberty is the spirit of him who, near two thousand years ago, taught mankind that lesson it has never learned, but has never quite forgotten – that there may be a kingdom where the least shall be heard and considered side-by-side with the greatest. And now in that spirit, that spirit of an American which has never been, and which may never be – nay, which never will be except as the conscience and courage of Americans create it – yet in the spirit of America which lies hidden in some form in the aspirations of us all; in the spirit of that America for which our young men are at this moment fighting and dying; in that spirit of liberty and of America so prosperous, and safe, and contented, we shall have failed to grasp its meaning, and shall have been truant to its promise, except as we strive to make it a signal, a beacon, a standard to which the best hopes of mankind will ever turn; In confidence that you share that belief, I now ask you to raise you hand and repeat with me this pledge:
    I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands–One nation, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  6. When a perverse individual like Obama is given absolute power–or permitted to exercise such power without serious objection, tyranny is inevitable. But the problem goes even deeper than that. The spirit of liberty which Learned Hand spoke of, which consists of a decent respect for the opinions of other Americans, with differing backrounds, has been torn assunder by this man and his legions of leftist followers. How? By pitting blacks against whites, old against young, man against woman, and all the other permutations. The essence of the strategy of the democrat party under Obama is to exploit the fault lines in society–all of them save one. The entrenched upper class are always protected. And Tommy aint no bloomin fool, you bet that Tommy sees (Kipling).

  7. Snowden should find a new country to live in…

    Putin foes fear Internet crackdown as ‘blogger law’ sails through

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s upper house of parliament approved a law on Tuesday that will impose stricter rules on bloggers and is seen by critics as an attempt by President Vladimir Putin to stifle dissent on the Internet.

    The Federation Council overwhelmingly approved the tighter controls on Russian blogs and websites that attract more than 3,000 daily visits, under legislation the government says is needed to formalize the definition of blogging in Russian law.

    Opponents say the law will enable Putin to silence opponents who are rarely given air time on the mostly state-controlled or pro-Putin television channels, and have instead used the Internet to organize protests against the former KGB spy.

    “The new policy is to restrict free information exchange, restrict expression of opinion, be it in written text, speech or video. They want to restrict everything because they’re headed towards the ‘glorious past’,” Anton Nosik, a prominent Russian blogger and online media expert, told Reuters.–sector.html

  8. President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit a new low, and a majority of voters would prefer to see Republicans in charge of Congress to check the administration’s policies, a new poll says.

    According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, Obama’s approval rating stands at 41 percent, the lowest mark of his presidency in the Post-ABC polls. The survey reports that just 34 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of the situation in Russia and Ukraine and 37 percent approve of his handling of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The poll comes as the president and both parties gear up for what should be contentious midterm elections.

    Read more:

  9. NBA imposes lifetime ban on Sterling, $2.5 million fine. “Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, be present at any Clippers office or facility, or participate in any business”.

    I finally listened to Sterling’s remarks.

    I was shocked that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It isn’t nearly as bad as what the owner of the cow munchers said.

    $2.5 million dollar fine?

    I bet most of us women have MUCH worse things said about us, behind our backs than any of this. It’s acceptable for men to put women down, the weaker sex, the emotional ones, the timid, or too aggressive females.

    One thing different about the race vs gender bias, the minorities know how to enrage their group and bring them together in their hatred of whites.

    51% of the population do not defend each other on gender bias, they either pick sides on religion/women’s health issues, or they just jump in a go all catty on the victim.

    Until women care about women as much as they do men, women will always be split apart and pushed down. Hillary has worked all her life to try and bring women together and stand up for each other.

    Go Hillary, go.

  10. Racism is so destructive, from either the majority or minority that I have forever had a problem understanding it. It is something perpetuated by the dimwits and manipulators of our society. Indulge in it and you will make yourself a tool.

    America is a land of opportunity. I am only second generation American born, but my people from humble beginnings have prospered. How is it that African Americans have failed to flourish?

    My interpersonal skills are limited and I frequently miss social cues so my approach to problems is to use science. Math and science are things I understand and things I can do things about. I have come across issues of environmental justice and have been at a loss of who to go to to get something done. It is not like the issues are a secret, it is just that the leadership does not seem focused on solutions.

    For instance, the issue of Lead. The CDC has recently reduced the threshold for blood levels for what constitutes lead poisoning. This is because the more we find out about lead, the worse we know it is. It causes cognitive problems with reduced IQ and violent behavior. The epidemiology data I have seen shows that the incidence of high blood levels in children is highly disproportionally in minority children. Recently there was a good article:

    For some historical perspective:

    Since they took the lead out of gas, the main remaining sources are old lead paint and drinking water that runs through old (Pre 1984) plumbing. Yes, your drinking water. And more and more we find that it is in the water of homes of newer construction. Some of those fancy imported faucets and the like contain lead.

    So, why are minority communities not organizing to protect themselves from this? Just public education could prevent alot of damage. Why are the not getting their children tested and holding their public utilities accountable for providing safe drinking water? Lord knows the EPA is not going to do anything for them. Where are the #$!@* community organizers?

    The EPA posts this website:

    Buried in the post is “How can I reduce lead in drinking water at home?” This is a simple must read for anyone living in homes built before 1984. And as a general practice.

  11. This is good, except for the contention that the loss of the Senate will drive the democrat party further to the left. My belief is that a knock out blow will repudiate the leftist cabal, and make it easier for a moderate candidate to take control of the party. Conversely, a retention of the senate will empower Obsmss snf his fellow leftists/


    It’s never been worse for President Obama in the Washington Post/ABC News poll, which finds him at a 41 percent job approval rating, about 13 points below his standing in the poll at this time in 2010, the year when his party got creamed in midterm elections. We’ve talked about the tsunami alert for Democrats this fall, but the sirens are getting too loud even for partisans and wishful thinkers on the left to ignore. There is no common measure so predictive of a party’s performance in congressional races than the job approval rating of a president of the same party. And Obama is looking increasingly like a toxic asset for Democrats desperate to cling to a Senate majority.

    [Matters foreign and domestic – WaPo: “Just 42 percent approve of [President Obama’s] handling of the economy, 37 percent approve of how he is handling the implementation of [ObamaCare] and 34 percent approve of his handling of the situation involving Ukraine and Russia.”]

    Out of pocket – The Washington Post/ABC News poll was heralded by Democrats last month when it showed opposition to ObamaCare softening and the nation evenly divided on the law. That has evaporated. Support for the law dropped 5 points, while opposition remained firm. Why? Fifty-eight percent of respondents said ObamaCare is causing overall health costs in the country costs to rise, but a worse harbinger for Democrats this fall: 47 percent of respondents said the law will increase their own health costs, while just 8 percent said they would pay less because of the law. The Post has it right in describing last month’s results: “That finding was more positive for the administration than most other polls at the time. Democrats saw it as a possible leading indicator of a shift in public opinion, but that has not materialized.”

    Any Questions? – Reuters: “Sylvia Mathews Burwell, President Barack Obama’s nominee for U.S. health secretary, will appear before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee on May 8 for the first of two confirmation hearings, a committee official said on Monday.”

    Killer stat – Even as the poll shows voters agreeing with Democrats on key issues like increasing the minimum wage and even the overall subject of health care, one statistic explains why the majority party may be in even worse trouble than 2010, and it’s all about Obama: “Registered voters by 53-39% say they’d rather see the Republicans in control of Congress as a counterbalance to Obama’s policies than a Democratic-led Congress to help support him.” The main aim of voters would appear to be to block the president’s agenda, which is kind of the GOP’s whole jam these days.

    [‘Not working as planned’ – In a new poll from the pro-ObamaCare Kaiser Family Foundation, 43 percent of respondents were able to correctly identify, when prompted, that “about 8 million” people signed up for ObamaCare. But when asked how the implementation of the law, 57 percent of voters said “it’s clear the law is not working as planned,” while 38 percent said “now the law is basically working as intended.”]

    Predictive elements – Polls like this matter because they may be predictive, but are also just as important for how they can sap political parties of the ability to raise money and organize. If Democrats believe that the Senate is a lost cause, it would be much more appealing to focus on moving Hillary Clinton farther left ahead of 2016 or even funding a liberal mayor’s campaign than it would be to shove money at a red-state Democrat whose race may be a lost cause. Or consider this from the Harvard Institute of Politics survey of Millennial voters out this morning: “…less than one-in-four (23%) young Americans say they will ‘definitely be voting’ in November, a sharp drop of 11 percentage points from five months ago (34%). Among the most likely voters, the poll also finds traditional Republican constituencies showing more enthusiasm than Democratic ones for participating in the upcoming midterms, with 44 percent of 2012 Mitt Romney voters saying they will definitely be voting – a statistically significant difference compared to the 35 percent of 2012 Barack Obama voters saying the same.”

    Baier Tracks: Pressure’s on… – “This far out from an election there is a tendency to over read the importance of one poll or another in the grand political mosaic that we all try to decipher every week. But… A recent spate of polls culminating with the Washington Post/ABC News poll out this morning suggests Democrats have a lot to fear in six months. As President Obama’s approval hits a new low for the poll, 53 percent of the registered voters polled thought it would be a good thing if Republicans controlled all of Congress to counterbalance the administration. Only 37 percent approved of his handling of the health law and even fewer (34 percent) approve of his handle of the Ukraine crisis. As more polls show similar bad news for Democrats, we may soon see what Fox News First has been telegraphing for some time: more and more vulnerable red-state Democrats will feel compelled to make a louder stand against the administration on one thing or another. Reporters should get ready for a boatload of press releases from Democrats looking to change the subject. That’s what voters are already getting every day in the form of campaign ads.” – Bret Baier.

  12. Nice post Admin.

    I was saying the same thing that Jabbar said at work today. It isn’t a crime to be an asshole in this country, and men have died to keep it that way. It IS a crime to violate someone’s privacy and that is exactly what that tape did. The timing of the release is very suspect as well. I’m still not sure who exactly gave the tape to TMZ. If it was the girlfriend, then she should have waited until right before the NAACP award dinner for maximum effect. If it was the ex (or soon to be ex) wife, then why tarnish something that she probably helped him build thereby reducing its worth?

    The media feeding frenzy has been absolutely pathetic. Every reporter asking everybody how they ‘feel’ about what Sterling said is worse than high school. Press conferences have been set up to hear reactions to Sterling’s comments as though his comments are of any value to the wider world. Whoever asked bumbles for his reaction to the ‘Sterling comments’ needs his/her press credentials revoked for life. And to the many papers and news outlets and web sites that have blanketed the airwaves with the ‘Sterling comments’ – there is special substance from the large intestines of cows that describes them as a whole.

    As for the comments themselves, they really are reprehensible. I feel for Doc Rivers and the players. I can’t imagine playing for someone like that. When I was playing soccer my freshman year, we had a game against a Mennonite college in Kansas. Some of the students called me and a couple of my teammates tar babies while we were warming up, and when I went into the game in the second half (the benches were on the opposite side from the stands. I played right back so I was right by the student section) a few of them made ape noises and shouted at me to run upright. It was one of the assistant Athletic Directors that took up the cause. We took them off the schedule for the return match and told the rest of the teams in our league what happened. When those teams started to threaten the same thing, the school offered a mea culpa. That only happened because we had a higher up on our side that reviled what happened as much as we did on the field. It may not be an incident like that (that was neither the first time nor the last time I was subjected to that kind of behavior on the field) that the pros will have to deal with, but you go into each game like its do or die. Without your leader seeing you as people that he respects and has genuine love for, you can’t play (or coach) at your highest level.

    Horseface, Horseface how sad it must be to be you. Thinking that you could marginalize my girl by ‘succeeding where she couldn’t.’ As though you telling the Palestinians and the Israelis to sit in a room and talk was enough. As though you have the gravitas and respect to co ordinate peace talks at that level to completion under the watchful eyes of bumbles the idiot. Horseface, Horseface how did you not think you were being recorded?


    Hillary 2016

  13. TheRock

    Horseface, Horseface how sad it must be to be you.


    Maybe his wife can buy him a new job when he is put out to pasture.

  14. re: recent polls

    …obviously the American people are not stupid…even though they agree with Dems on many issues they want the repubs to take over Congress to put a lid on O’s runaway power grabs…they want to keep O in check because of a loss in confidence and trust…

    …now that the O bubble has burst the American people can see that O is distracted and not fulfilling not only his promises of transparency, but also he has divided the govt and polarized everything and now blatantly claims he will work around the congress even though he promised the opposite…the american people did not elect O to be a dictator…we always knew his arrogance would do him in…

    …people can see an incompetent person who is no where near a “leader”…they can see that everything is crumbling around him…and they can see that he is a liar…obvious to the extent that O even received the “biggest liar of the year” moniker

    O has not delivered on what he promised and he is a failure…


    imho…if the repubs take over congress for the next two years it will be a positive thing…

    for one, Harry Reid will lose his control on power in the Senate…and it is time for him to retire or take a backseat…he has been an embarrassment, careless and power hungry and is out of touch with the people…

    …also…with the repub Congress keeping O in check, the climate will only become more welcoming and positive for a Hillary nomination and victory…


    it’s simple, put O and Harry Reid in check and pave the way for Hillary…

  15. WashPo-ABC Poll: Healthcare Is Getting Worse Under Obamacare

    More Americans think the quality of care they’re receiving is worse under Obamacare rather than better — and nearly half said their healthcare costs were rising under the new law, a new survey reports.

    The Washington Post-ABC News survey showed that 29 percent of the 1,000 adults surveyed said that their care is getting worse under the Affordable Care Act. Only 14 percent say coverage is better, while 53 percent said it has remained the same.

    In addition, 47 percent responded their health costs were rising under Obamacare, compared with only 8 percent saying that their expenses were declining.

    A whopping 57 percent of those polled said they disapproved of how President Barack Obama has handled his signature domestic policy achievement, with only 37 percent saying they approved of the president’s execution of his plan.

    Regarding overall healthcare costs, 58 percent said they are on the rise. That compared to only 11 percent who said costs were going down.

    And 44 percent of those polled said the nation’s healthcare system overall is getting worse, compared to 24 percent who said it was improving. Only 29 percent said the system was about the same.

    In other questions regarding Obamacare, the survey found that 50 percent said getting the healthcare law off the ground and running was going worse than they expected. Forty-one percent said it exceeded expectations.

    The poll found 48 percent of the Americans surveyed by the news organizations said they oppose the law, compared to 44 percent who support it.

    The survey of 1,000 adults was conducted April 24-27. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points.

  16. Shadowfax

    April 29, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Maybe his wife can buy him a new job when he is put out to pasture.

    That or make him use up all the extra ketchup at bbqs by the boat (spoiler alert – I don’t think he knows how to cook!!!!! 😀 )

  17. From a Big Pink article re: the panel of men, including Screamin’ Dean, convened to discuss sexism in 2008 election, linked above: (Note. Also meeting that same day was a panel of foxes, convened to discuss the problem of increasing violence against hens).


    Written by: Marie Cocco

    “Most of all, I will not miss the silence”.

    I will not miss the deafening, depressing silence of Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean or other leading Democrats, who to my knowledge (with the exception of Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland) haven’t publicly uttered a word of outrage at the unrelenting, sex-based hate that has been hurled at a former first lady and two-term senator from New York. Among those holding their tongues are hundreds of Democrats for whom Clinton has campaigned and raised millions of dollars. Don Imus endured more public ire from the political class when he insulted the Rutgers University women’s basketball team.

    Would the silence prevail if Obama’s likeness were put on a tap-dancing doll that was sold at airports? Would the media figures who dole out precious face time to these politicians be such pals if they’d compared Obama with a character in a blaxploitation film? And how would crude references to Obama’s sex organs play?


    She nailed it, didn’t she?! Admin, thanks for posting the link to the Big Pink article from which this Cocco excerpt was taken.

    S, you are so right, those clowns have had their 15 min. and way longer. It’s time for them to go home and contemplate their shortcomings. lol

    I’m not into basketball, and paid little attention when the story about the Clippers owner was first mentioned – didn’t even know what he had done or said. But, there was no way not to listen to it today. The team owner sounds like a hypocrite, a bigot, and a somewhat confused little man. Apart from his bigotry, there is another, serious issue – that of the taping of, and making public his statements without his knowledge or consent. As has been said here, the manner in which this info was gathered was highly questionable, but will likely go unaddressed. This man is paying a price for reprehensible statements made in private. He clearly is a total racist and his statements, indefensible. I’m not saying he didn’t get what he deserved, but you do have to wonder if there would have been such a severe penalty and such an outpouring of outrage in the case of a black team owner making similar statements about his half-white mistress being seen in public with white guys.

    Admin, the contrast between media interest in the team owner’s transgressions, and their lack of interest in or discussion of Kerry’s entirely reprehensible comments about Israel is pretty startling. Unless I missed something today, Kerry’s statement has not generated a lot of media attention. Can you imagine the what the reaction would have been had Hillary made such a statement, which of course, she would never have done.

    The fact that such a statement escaped Kerry’s lips should raise questions about his competence and his ability to effectively function as SOS.

  18. Sterling is an 80 year old racist whose supposed gf baited him into racist comments that she recorded. I think the real truth will be found out in the weeks that follow. But as always, follow the money.

    I find it convenient that one of her pics was with Magic Johnson. Yesterday, he expressed an interest in becoming an owner of an NBA team. Today the commissioner of the NBA announces they want Sterling to sell the team. NAACP was ready to give another award to Sterling next month, in spite of the fact that he was found guilty previously of discriminating against African-Americans and Hispanics in his housing practices. Not a peep then. But then again, Sterling’s foundation donated buckoo bucks to African-American causes. Will they give the racist his money back?

    This is about the money….follow the money trail.

  19. Agreed. Much more to this story than what were essentially private comments , albeit despicable, that became public and seem to be another ” teaching ” moment for our nation. Keep in mind the avg. NBA player makes millions of dollars and hardly suffers the indignity that those without their skills face in ordinary life.

  20. I see senior Dems have gone full distancing themselves from Kerry right now….

    Barbara Boxer just issued a statement that literally throws him to the wolves.

    Sen. Barbara Boxer, usually in lockstep with the Obama Administration, took a step out of line on Monday by tacitly criticizing Secretary of State John Kerry’s likening Israel to an apartheid state.

    Boxer tweeted that any statement that likened Israel to apartheid “is nonsensical and ridiculous.” On Friday, Kerry said that Israel runs the risk of becoming “an apartheid state” if Israel doesn’t come to an agreement with the Palestinians. Boxer worked with Kerry on a climate change bill in 2009.

    Democrat Nita Lowey of New York, ranking member on the House Appropriations Committee, tweeted: “Inflammatory rhetoric comparing Israel’s democracy to repugnant apartheid policy is irresponsible, inaccurate & counterproductive.”

    Democratic Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska joined the chorus, saying:

    Secretary Kerry knows as well as anyone that negotiating lasting peace in this region of the world is difficult but it’s not productive to express his frustration in this way. This remark also implies Israel should ignore the pact between [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas and the Hamas. Last time I checked, the U.S. didn’t negotiate with terrorist organizations and we shouldn’t expect the Israeli government to either.


    Expect the chorus to rise hard and fast…Lurch could be gone by tomorrow.

  21. Good to hear from you MoonOnPluto. We kept quiet but we always worry that you get targeted by governmental forces that are so desperate they might do anything to critics. Of course, these days we have the same worry about those of us living in the “land of the free” too.

  22. totally disgusted April 29, 2014 at 11:03 am

    I may be mistaken, but I recall that Hillary’s plan was to offer an expanded Medicare program that people could buy into…

    Obviously, if you remove the profit and the government offers not for profit insurance, consumers would save almost 20% for the same service.

    I’m probably the one who’s mistaken. I think you’re right that Hillary’s idea was expanded Medicare and not expanded Medicaid. To be truthful, since I had never been eligible for either of these programs and my mother had private insurance, I had never even heard of Medicare or Medicaid before 2008. So, when Hillary brought up this idea, I guess I confused the two because the names sound similar.

    Your remark about removing profit is right on, in my book. The fundamental difference between US healthcare and that of any other country in the world, and the source of all its problems, is the profit motive of a system that is necessarily monopolistic. That is, healthcare cannot be anything but monopolistic – not just anybody can practice medicine –, but a monopoly that is not regulated and checked becomes a robber baron industry.

    Your mention of 20-23% profit in insurance is correct, but only an average. The worst insurers were taking in 35 to 40% overhead & profit. Those are the ones asking for the largest premium hikes now. The ACA requires that 80% of income being disbursed in actual care, which clamps a 20% cap on overhead & profit. That provision would have been unnecessary if people were allowed to buy into Medicare.

  23. Me: “The media are irrelevant now.”

    wbboei April 29, 2014 at 11:08 am

    I wish I could believe that. If I could I would shut up. As I see it they are the key to swaying low information voters who decide elections.

    freespirit April 29, 2014 at 11:06 am

    You’re wrong about media being irrelevant…. Throughout history we have seen examples of media being used as a propaganda machine

    OK, I yield the point of the media’s irrelevance. Its just that I’ve been out of that racket for so long it seems irrelevant to me, and you’ve got to admit it’s a stagnating market: It’s losing ground to the Internet. In fact, the very existence of infotainment is proof of the media’s decline – the sheeple want to be entertained, so the sitcoms are competing with the news.

    People who want good news coverage are turning back to the printed press and wildcat articles, all of which they can get on the Internet.

    Still, I can’t get excited about a big Republican win just to send a message to the media (see my next post).

  24. wbboei April 29, 2014 at 11:08 am

    As far as the Republicans winning in the fall, that would move the political process away from an intolerable status quo where the rule of law means nothing. It would de-legitimize the hard left within the party, and it would strengthen the position of a more centrist candidate like Hillary in the party. The converse is also true–that if the Republicans do not take the Senate the lawless faction of the democrat party will survive intact and corrupt the 2016 election.

    (1) The rule of law will continue to mean nothing as long as Obama ignores Congress and rules by Executive Order; and this, if anything, will be worsened if he has both houses of Congress against him.

    (2) I would have to take a close look at the “hard left” within the party to know which senators and congresspersons you mean. In my view, the hard left is not exemplified by anyone in particular in Congress – which I see as malleable entities subject to the pressures of their constituencies – but rather by the likes of Donna Brazille in the DNC, i.e. a segment of party activists. In any event, I intend to contribute to the election of Alison Grimes and to the re-election of Mark Begich (Alaska) and do not want to see Republicans win either of those races.

    Generally, I will financially support anyone that the Clintons campaign for, and I rest assured they are not going to endorse any Republicans.

    (3) Hillary’s stature within the Party, at this point, is so strong as not to be endangered by the hard left. HRC is a known quantity. Everyone knows she’s a centrist and that’s what the party wants: The base and elite alike are begging for her. We don’t have to go teaching the hard left any more lessons at the country’s expense.

    I do not believe the RINO deserves to be rewarded, but there are others in that party that do, and that is enough to look past the RINOs and say the end justified the means.

    And just what is that “end” that you want to justify? Isn’t it just the matter of teaching the Democratic Party’s hard left a lesson? Or is it teaching the RINOs a lesson they will understand as they wish, i.e., “we won”. Either way, the country will pay for it.

    The Republican Party has rifts now, for the first time in a long, long while: They have some “moderates”, which I think are the ones you’re calling RINOs; they have the Libertarians; they have the Tea Party; and they have a few moronic neocon leftovers.

    Personally, of these various factions, the only ones I can stomach are the “moderates.” One can reason with the moderates. The others range from dumb to dumber and can go to various stages of hell that I conjure for them.

    So I guess we disagree here: If the RINOs win big in November, I think your strategy of laying the groundwork for HRC may pan out. But if any other sector of the Republican Party makes a strong showing, it bodes ill for 2016 and beyond.

  25. The Obama economy is like a roller-coaster that resembles a railroad track – it might incline slightly up for a little bit but then it inclines back down and flatlines.

    This is the most important political story of the year thus far:

    Well, we’ve turned the corner! And we’re headed backward. Again.

    The U.S. economy was all but in recession during the first quarter of 2014, growing at a rate of only 0.1 percent, the Commerce Department announced this morning.

    Economists and Wall Street had expected growth of just over one percent.

    The economy had shown signs of life during the second half of 2013, expanding at over 3 percent. But alas, another summer of recovery has fizzled out.

  26. Carville likens a Hillary 2016 candidacy to Secretariat running at Belmont. Love the metaphor. Secretariat’s strength, speed, stamina, and determination are legendary. The most amazing race horse that ever lived.


    “Carville: Handicapping the GOP for 2016”

    By James Carville – 04/29/14 07:20 PM EDT

    Anyone who loves politics and horse racing is out to try and handicap anything this week. My favorite Saturday, outside any Saturday that Louisiana State University plays football, is the Kentucky Derby. It might not be very fashionable these days to be a horse degenerate, but that’s what I am. Thinking about the up and coming presidential election, I will use some horse racing analogies to talk about 2016.

    On the Democratic side, there has never been a more non-incumbent prohibitive favorite than Hillary Clinton. Seems to me the best horse analogy would be Secretariat running in the Belmont Stakes in 1973, who went off a 1-10 favorite and won by 31 lengths. Not much interest there, but there’s a lot of interest on the Republican side.

    The truth of the matter is that most good handicappers don’t look at the field and put their mark by the horses they think can win. Best practice says you go throughout the field and throw out the horses that cannot win.
    In doing this, smart handicappers will look at each horse to see if it’s capable of going the distance, they will see if the horse’s degree and pedigree lends itself to being able to win the Derby.

    A candidate that can win the Republican nomination, at least since 1944 — with the possible, and I mean possible, exception of 1964, with the nomination of Barry Goldwater — has always been easy to predict at this point in the cycle: it was the one who had the capacity to raise the most money and who had the ability to draw across wide sections of the Republican Party to grab support.

    The Republicans never nominate against (again, with the possible exception of 1964) the mainstream of their party.

    Given this, I think we can throw out Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Which leaves us former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. I am torn as to where to put my own governor, Bobby Jindal; I tend to throw him out of the running because most nominees for president have had national stature at this point, which it seems he’s is missing, but I might include him in a small play to hit a jackpot.

    As for Gov. Huckabee, he is built more like what handicappers call a “rabbit” — he could jump out to a quick lead, but isn’t likely to hold on for the whole race. Sen. Rubio … well, let’s say he was declared ineligible because his jockey didn’t have the correct papers. In terms of Gov. Bush, we don’t even know if he will be running, and the April 20 New York Times story about his financial dealings post-governorship have caused quite a stir among the commentariat. Gov. Walker can mold himself more in the mainstream, but I am completely uncertain as to his ability to run on a track in a race of this magnitude and duration.

    Gov. Perry has a big advantage, in that he has been around the track once and he knows what the track is like. The only problem for him is that it is the same track he essentially finished last on.

    Gov. Perry can raise a bucket load of money without even trying and Gov. Perry, unlike Walker, has got a compelling economic story to tell. And I think he’s more electable. So I think if I went to the window right now, I would bet the exacta on Bush, Perry.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  27. The movie, Secretariat is one of my favorites. I thought a little snippet of the movie would be appropriate.

  28. (1) The rule of law will continue to mean nothing as long as Obama ignores Congress and rules by Executive Order; and this, if anything, will be worsened if he has both houses of Congress against him.
    No, that is too simplistic. The fact is, if he loses both houses of congress, it will isolate him completely, and congress will be in a position to take a broad spectrum of actions which will put him in irons. (Note: in irons is a sailing term which means there is no wind for the vessel to tack and luff upon in move, as in the Horse Latitutes–sorry, I had to get pedantic on that point, so would not assume I simply met throwing the bastard in a stock, which would be racist along with everything else you could say short of saying that he is a demigod–all racist, according to big media for whom the stupidity of a basketball team owner is more important than the eclipse of American Power in the world and the thousand misfortunes that entail–that is the media I am talking about). They can pass legislation opposing his ultra vires unconstitutional acts, flood the court with law suits, refuse to confirm his nominees, use the power of the purse to defund rogue agencies, and catch big media at the very moment when they must decide between a lame duck to whom they have sold their soul and an emerging new ethos of anti Washington sentiments which the republican party could tap into with the right candidates, if they were not the party of stupid–which they most certainly are. Just look at the RINO who loves to paint in pale pastels and you will see exactly why they will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  29. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    It is odd that the above quote, attributed to Voltaire at the height of the Enlightenment of which he was a leading light, would be referenced on a day when we are talking about Sterling and Kerry because, in my view, it applies to neither.

    Voltaire was speaking out against the repression of free expression by the State, the Church or by book-burning mobs. He found resonance among other free thinkers of that time because much of what was said by Enlightenment thinkers was in fact enlightening, whereas the Church and State were both antiquated institutions ripe for overthrow or overhaul.

    The reason this does not apply to Sterling is that Sterling’s remarks were personal and intimate and no one had any business publicizing them. At that level, it’s not a matter of free expression but of free thought. Sterling thinks what he does, is all wrong in our eyes, but his thoughts are not our business, only his public expressions and actions concern us and those are apparently sterling. At least, they’re profitable, which passes for sterling in America.

    The reason this maxim does not apply to Kerry is because Kerry is not a private citizen. Especially as Secretary of State, he has to watch what he says in public, and be accountable for it. Like Sterling, he may think such things in private or in counsel with his staff; but going public with it is a different matter.

    It simply does not matter whether Kerry’s statements can be backed up or contain some truths. Whatever he says not only may but is supposed to have consequences on our international relations.

    Some ideas, however truthful, have to be kept behind closed doors.

    We all remember the Wikileaks disclosure of tens of thousands of State Department secret communications. The Secretary of State at that time let it happen and actually took advantage of it to contact dozens of foreign leaders, sometimes getting a good laugh out of it and sometimes explaining that the opinions of underlings did not constitute US foreign policy, which was controlled by the Secy of State and the President.

    But that Secy of State was keenly aware of the difference between public statements and private thoughts: The latter is free-wheeling but the former is tightly reined in.

    As for the statement:

    “In this country, people are allowed to be morons.”

    I would only hope that such permission not be extended to our ruling elite in the future, but that depends largely on the intelligence of the public.

    Having thus characterized Kerry’s remarks, I will remind all of us here that I once said on this blog that Israel was an apartheid state and got skewered for it. I still hold to that opinion and can explain once again if your wish; but, if I were Secy of State or President, I would never hint at such a thing.

  30. jeswezey

    April 30, 2014 at 8:22 am
    You and I have a very different view of the world. Very different. It gets down to values, and you can argue til the cock crows about who is right, but in the end there is no resolution, because values are irreduceable. It gets down to something as fundamental as the my preference for the individual and your preference for the collect whose service is perfect freedom. I believe in markets. You believe in government. When people say that both of us want the same thing, namely a better world, the statement is overbroad and not helpful. I fear the judgement of the collect because to me it is indistinguishable from the judgment of the mob. And I do not believe there is a bevy of platonic guardians capable of sheparding the mob to the right decision, because without constitutions and the rule of law, you will always be flirting with the rabble of Paris. To me the biggest threat to our liberty and financial future is a self serving elite who reject the choice of the people and are forever angling for a preferred position with government where they can control the people and leverage their own financial advantage with the public treasury. I spent over thirty years in big business, and although products start out with their own unique characteristics which bring value to people, over time cost becomes the determining factor and everything is reduced to a commodity. Everything. And while some may argue that this is a good thing I beg to differ, because we are all susceptible to that fate. Lastly, and most significantly, as I mentioned before, I see the entire progressive movement as a smokescreen to bribe people with there own money into supporting a new world order controlled by billionaires and world government entities who are indifferent to the fate of the American People. Those are some of the points on which we differ. Finally, I do not believe that human nature is perfectible through the intervention and incessant propaganda of government. On the contrary, I believe in the tragic view of human nature, which is at the core of traditional western thought and religion.

  31. TheRock
    April 29, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    Nice post Admin.

    I was saying the same thing that Jabbar said at work today. It isn’t a crime to be an asshole in this country, and men have died to keep it that way. It IS a crime to violate someone’s privacy and that is exactly what that tape did.

    Exactly Rock 🙁

  32. It gets down to something as fundamental as the my preference for the individual and your preference for the collect whose service is perfect freedom>

    Agreed, wbb. Maybe the value of individualism dates us, but I couldn’t care less. Without the determination of creative, brilliant, strong individuals throughout history, very little would have been accomplished.

    In textbooks and lecture material in schools and universities throughout this country, the concept of individualism has been condemned as selfish and backwards – quite inferior to the concept of “community”. The collective is presented as “community” – a neighbor helping neighbor, warm and fuzzy kind of thing. The implication is that one can’t embrace the idea of individualism and still be concerned for neighbors and for the larger community. Of course this is total BS, but it has been a successful sell.

    Naturally partnered with the concept of “social justice” , which calls upon the “dominant culture” (again, notice the terminology) to put things right, to pay for the sins of their fathers with financial restitution. Some public universities are required to incorporate the concept of social justice into every course taught – regardless of the subject of the course. We saw the results of education in 2008, when the young flocked to Obama like flies to spoiled fruit. Of course, they flew away pretty quickly, as well, when the fruit really began to stink. Maybe their indoctrination was not as complete as intended.

    The problem lies, as always, in the extremes. There are some positive qualities in individualism and in collectivism, as well as in the idea of social justice. The trouble starts when extremists on both sides take things too far – as both the far right and the far left have done in this country.

    jes, I know that explanation will be entirely too oversimplified to you. But, sometimes less is more.

  33. wbboei April 30, 2014 at 9:41 am

    Thanks for the explanation of “putting in irons”.

    “They can pass legislation opposing his ultra vires unconstitutional acts”

    Well, as far as the Senate goes, they would have to have a filibuster-proof majority to do that; and then, any legislation passed would have to be signed by The Won.

    They could repeal laws; but whether or not they can repeal the Affordable Care Act depends on the public support they have for it. The polls seem to indicate people want changes to the law. I could be wrong, of course.

    Sue before the Supreme Court – good idea if they do it.

    They could “refuse to confirm nominees” but in the public’s eyes that would put them in the position of a negative “party of no”, forcing Obama to rule with Czars and without Secretaries. It would be a Valerie Jarrett field day and a multitude of Executive Orders.

    “Defund rogue agencies” – such as?

    “The Republican Party could tap into… an emerging new ethos of anti-Washington sentiments… with the right candidates…” – and just how is that supposed to lead to HRC or any other centrist candidate in 2016? Anti-DC sentiments may win elections but are highly unproductive in terms of good governance.

    Anyway, all the above is postulated on the idea that the Republicans “are not the party of stupid,” which you immediately admit is false and on which I concur: My view is that Republicans range from moderately dumb down to that nether world where IQs are expressed in imaginary numbers.

    Mind you, they have company among the Democrats on that score. The difference, to my mind, is that the Democrats are more sensitive to the people’s immediate needs (and not necessarily their opinions) and to their long-term needs, while Republicans are more sensitive to the public’s immediate opinions and don’t give a shit about anybody’s needs but their own and that of their business supporters.

    In their (the Republicans’) favor, I think the view I just expressed was valid only from the Reagan years through the Dubya years – almost three decades when the Republican Party worked day-in and day-out to decimate the middle class in favor of themselves and the uber-rich – “trickle-down economics without the trickle,” as HRC called it.

    Also in the Republicans’ favor, I would note that the Democratic Party has also evolved in a dangerous pattern. We now speak of Corporate Democrats, of which HRC is one of the leading representatives.

    This hints that there is a difference between the traditional Corporate Republican and the Corporate Democrat. I think the difference is that the corporate interests themselves have changed. Not only is there a generational change; there is possibly a comfort acquired in knowing that you’re not a struggling millionaire anymore but have hundreds of millions or billions to play with, you have greater political clout and no need for sleazy calculations of political favors versus a few million more in the bank. Perhaps the corporate interests have become more disinterested, more ideological, even more altruistic….

    But whatever the case, HRC, as a Corporate Democrat, is not going to be doling out favors to the moneyed elite, and they know it. Instead, she will be calling upon them to help revive the American economy.

    They will also support any congressional Democrat that gains Hillary’s (or Bill’s) blessing. And so will I, this year.

  34. as for “Oscam”…this follow up validates and is an example of what Wbboei says at:

    April 30, 2014 at 9:56 am

    April 30, 2014 at 8:22 am

    Price Tag for Repairs Jumps to $121 Million; ‘Back End’ Still a Mess

    After shelling out $677 million to build the federal health care website, the government will spend an additional $121 million in 2014 to repair it—$30 million more than previously estimated—the Washington Times reported last night. This comes just as the Obama administration is starting the hunt for next year’s diverse group of contractors.

    CGI Federal, the original lead contractor awarded $93.7 million, was replaced by Accenture this past January. Accenture received an initial payment of $45 million—an amount that was supposed to double by year’s end, according to the Washington Post. But yesterday, Accenture Federal Services announced their final agreement of $121 million for work through January 10, 2015.

    The search for Accenture’s successor has commenced, and the administration has some specific criteria on its applicants’ gender, race, and socioeconomic status. From the New York Times yesterday:

    Federal officials said Monday that they intended to hold a new competition before awarding a contract and that they were particularly interested in responses from small businesses owned by women, disabled veterans and “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals,” including black and Hispanic Americans.

    This year, Accenture is tasked with repairs and additions such as “enhancing the back-end capabilities to improve user payments,” according to the Washington Times. The Hill reported in January that the “back end” had to be operational by mid-March, or “disaster” would ensue and the whole law could be “jeopardized.” In fact, that was the main reason Accenture was brought on board so hastily without a full bidding process, The Hill noted.

    But last Friday, Politico stated that the back end might not be completed by the summer, detailing what it called an “overlooked chapter” of Obamacare:

    Obama administration officials originally intended to have the major back-end components of working by the website’s launch in October….

    The deadline for completing those pieces gave way to January and then to mid-March. Senior officials said early last month that they hoped to have the entire system ready by the summer. Now, even summer appears to be a question mark.

    The scope of Accenture’s work is unclear, since the to-be-determined 2015 contractor is supposed to “overhaul” The New York Times piece points out:

    In documents distributed to federal contractors, the administration makes clear that it wants to find a vendor that can overhaul the website under “aggressive time constraints.” Specifically, it wants a company that can “transition a large-scale systems development project” of 400 to 500 employees in three months.

    Aside from the sophisticated “back end,” the site is still a calamity from a basic security standpoint. Information security consultant David Kennedy, who testified before Congress on the vulnerabilities of, appeared on Fox & Friends on March 31 and announced that it took him just four minutes to access 70,000 enrollees’ records, all without actually hacking the site. The site was “continuing to get worse and hasn’t gotten any better yet,” he said.

    Accenture, which has received some criticism and mixed reviews from various outlets for previous contracts and hiring practices, noted yesterday in its press release that they, along with CMS, “will continue to evaluate and assess additional opportunities to deliver further improvements to the customer experience.” What a euphemism if there ever was one.


    as I asked recently, where is all that money going? whose pocket is it ending up in?
    why are these people taking millions and millions of taxpayer dollars for services that not only do not work but for a site that is not finished and is getting worse and worse AND putting the security of taxpayers at risk in this identity theft driven climate??!

    this is the Rahm tactic of running a government…never let a good crisis go to WASTE… bleed the middle class dry and control them at the same time…

    our dimocatic government at work


    aside…i find it ironic that our government can waste millions and millions of our money and then turn to ideas to penny pinch hard working Americans to death

  35. That’s what comes to mind when I see the reaction to the story about Donald Sterling. If you don’t watch the news (and these days I highly recommend that you don’t), I’ll fill you in on THE SCANDAL OF THE CENTURY:

    Sterling is an old, crazy, rich, (alleged) racist who happens to own the LA Clippers. Being old, crazy, and rich, and living in California, he also has a pretty progressive love life. He left his wife a while back and started shacking up with his young west coast mistress. Now, his wife has quite unfairly accused the mistress of gold-digging, all because she just so happened to fall madly in love with a rich married man who showered her with Bentleys, diamonds, and cash.

    (It happens to the best of us. Stop judging.)

  36. wbboei April 30, 2014 at 9:56 am

    You and I have a very different view of the world…. It gets down to values…, in the end there is no resolution, because values are irreducible.

    Wow! I had no idea I believed all that stuff! Your idea that you prefer the individual and I prefer the collect refers to what, exactly?

    Especially after my spiel on government “of, by and for” the people, I don’t know how you can chastise me with “without constitutions and the rule of law, you will always be flirting with the rabble.“ Of course we need government and laws, I’ve never even hinted that that is not the case or that I want government ‘by’ the rabble. I have repeatedly said the opposite.

    And I also agree entirely with “the biggest threat to our liberty and financial future is a self serving elite“, which was implicit in the same spiel, where I said that we need an elite that fights ‘for’ the people, like FDR and JFK, or like the English elite. We have to watch out for that when we vote, and not elect people for silly reasons of vengeance or lessons we can teach some of that elite at the country’s expense, by putting a worse elite in power. I’ve said that repeatedly too.

    But we do need an elite, because, in a republic, we have no choice but to find people who know the ropes of power and how to make and execute good laws. And generally, we need government: The very creation of the government implied recognition of the overriding interest of the collect. The exemplary collective power of government is Eminent Domain – the right of the public to trump the individual. I am not being a collectivist by saying that.

    I think the key phrase in your rant is, “I do not believe there is a bevy of platonic guardians capable of shepherding the mob to the right decision.” I can only gather from this statement that you are once again talking about the Affordable Care Act and how it was “forced” on the people, specifically with the individual mandate. Well, I think we’ve had enough of that discussion.

    I have no idea what you’re talking about when you see everything reduced to a commodity, so: no comment.

    “Finally, I do not believe that human nature is perfectible through the intervention and incessant propaganda of government…. I believe in the tragic view of human nature, which is at the core of traditional western thought and religion.“

    Well, I believe ‘human nature’ is itself a collective idea. Human nature to me is the sum of widely disparate individuals who communicate with each other in a wide variety of ways, including war but also thought, religion, professional and family experiences and government propaganda, love, hate, inspiration and exasperation, and that over time these things change individuals and groups of individuals, thereby changing the collect of ‘human nature.’ The Americans I knew 50 years ago were quite different from the Americans I know today.

    As a result, I do not have a ‘tragic’ view of human nature – it is not an unchangeable thing that will lead us to make the same mistakes over and over again. Humans learn. Government propaganda is part of the learning process. That statement doesn’t make me a collectivist either.

  37. Thanks Foxy. I am packing now but I saw this and could not resist the temptation to post it, because it is important. Never mind the stupid party which scatters like cockroaches when the lights go on with respect to false allegations of racism. That would be the RINO. I am talking now about the Democratic Party. Does the failure to condemn one of its own for anti White anti semitic words and associations constitute an indictment of the party as a whole? I think it does. Surely in this hypersensitive tin ear environment where the left and its big media handmaiden are keen to make the private remarks which are racist the subject of thousands of hours of coverage, while ignoring the serious problems facing the country, this man, I shall not scruple to say that this party is now racist to the core. It is not a merely a question of what you stand for–which is the rewarding of its donors, it is no less a matter of saying what you will not tolerate, and here in this party today it is crickets. I do not know how big media or the democrat party can rehabilitate its credibility with sentient white people or those of color who are smart enough to realize that they are being manipulated and betrayed. The final tragedy will be if all of this inures to the benefit of the RINO who is in many other respects in pare delicto, and craven.

    Democrat Congressman Appears with Racists, Says Racist Things

    Bryan Preston


    April 30, 2014 – 6:23 am





    Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size

    The Nation of Islam’s leadership is known for saying racist things, mainly anti-Semitic, decade after decade. Just a couple of months ago, NOI leader Louis Farrakhan said that white people would be “removed from the face of the earth,” because God had decided it was necessary, adding that “Allah will fight this war for the sake of his people.”

    There’s a word for that: Genocide.

    That context in mind, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) appeared on Nation of Islam radio over the weekend and added racist fuel to the NOI’s fire.

    “I’ve been in Washington. I saw three presidents now. I never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this with such disrespect,” Thompson said. “That Mitch McConnell would have the audacity to tell the president of the United States — not the chief executive, but the commander-in-chief — that ‘I don’t care what you come up with we’re going to be against it.’ Now if that’s not a racist statement I don’t know what is.”

    Thompson adds at 2:40 in the video that the governor of Mississippi was against expanding Medicaid through Obamacare “just because a black man created it.”

    At 3:00 into the video, Thompson adds opposition to Obama is “all about race” and “when a black man comes with an idea [for Obamacare] there’s something wrong with it. Again, it’s race creeping into the picture.”

    At 4:47 in the video, he says the anti-government attitude has only been around since Obama was president.

    “Now all of a sudden, government is the worst thing in the world since a black man became president.”

    Thompson also called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom” and said that “he doesn’t like black people.”

    BuzzFeed has video of Thompson’s racist remarks.

    What BuzzFeed doesn’t have, at least not yet, is video of any Democrat stepping forward to condemn Thompson for appearing on the National of Islam’s radio program, much less making his series of vile remarks.

  38. more feedback from actual American taxpayers that are being forced to deal with Oscam…

    Report: Obamacare Not Affordable For Many Americans
    Tuesday, 29 Apr 2014 06:30 PM

    More than a third of Americans who declined to sign up for a healthcare plan through the Obamacare exchanges said the premiums were too expensive, according to a new report.

    The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation released the results of a study Tuesday that showed 36 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 64 said they tried to get coverage but it was too much money for them.

    In another section of the study, the people surveyed were asked for the main reason why they did not have health insurance. Thirty-nine percent said it was too pricy. There was also an area for respondents to write in a reason:

    “What’s out there now is just unaffordable.”

    “Because I think food on the table is more important.”

    “Being a single mom every penny I have goes into my household and I have nothing extra.”

    Twenty-two percent of people said they don’t have health insurance because of job-related reasons. Among the reasons here included: “I only work two and half hours a day for five days a week and I can’t afford it.”

    This goes against one of the biggest selling points the Obama administration made for Obamacare: It would make health insurance affordable for Americans. Even Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, who has supported the Affordable Care Act from its inception, is paying more than he was under his previous health plan.

    “Under Obamacare, my insurance costs me about $4,500 more than it did before,” Reid said in December. “Yes, because it is age-related and it wasn’t like that before.”

    In the Kaiser report, 12 percent of people surveyed who did not purchase a healthcare plan said they tried to get coverage through Obamacare but could not do so before the April 15 deadline, which was extended from March 31. Seven percent said they would simply rather pay the fine for not having coverage, which for adults is the higher of these two figures: $95 or 1 percent of their household income from 2014.

    The numbers show that 46 percent of the American public has an unfavorable view of the Affordable Care Act, with 38 percent holding a favorable view. Fifty-six percent of Republicans have a “very unfavorable” opinion of the law, while 36 percent of Democrats sport a “very favorable” view of it.

    Overall, 58 percent of those surveyed would like Congress to improve the law. Thirty-five percent want it repealed.


    and this is all BEFORE all the Oscam waivers and O arbitrailly adjusted deadlines run out…BEFORE EMPLOYERS are forced to comply with Oscam…AND BEFORE the LOOMING increase of 2% of your salary is deducted by the IRS if you do not obey the mandate of Oscam…and you get NOTHING except more hardship placed on your family and personal budget…your freedom to decide what is best for you and your family…your personal choice of deciding what kind of health care you want

  39. “I’ve been in Washington. I saw three presidents now. I never saw George Bush treated like this.
    I agree with this black racist on that single narrow point.

    No prior president has been given a hall pass by big media, swaddled, protected, kissed, and loved the way this one has. From one disaster to another they have exonerated him, and betrayed their profession. The reason for this is strictly because he is black, and they made the mistake of supporting the wrong man to be the first black president.

    This clown from Missippi is a race hustler of the lowest order. He is like Holder only less polished.

  40. sorry but I have to say…I usually scroll over most of these wikapedia comments but the following statement is one of the most naive comments yet:

    But we do need an elite, because, in a republic, we have no choice but to find people who know the ropes of power and how to make and execute good laws. And generally, we need government: The very creation of the government implied recognition of the overriding interest of the collect. The exemplary collective power of government is Eminent Domain – the right of the public to trump the individual. I am not being a collectivist by saying that.



  41. wbboei: “It gets down to something as fundamental as the my preference for the individual and your preference for the collect whose service is perfect freedom”

    freespirit April 30, 2014 at 10:43 am

    Agreed, wbb….

    I know that explanation will be entirely too oversimplified to you. But, sometimes less is more.

    Your explanation is not over-simplified, I agree with it and I should have read it before responding to wbboei. First look back to my reply at 12:01 pm where I address this supposed preference of mine for the collect. wbboei is way off track and by agreeing with him you’re actually piling on…. and I’m being pilloried for being non-individualistic, whereas nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Your statement that schools and universities demonize individualism may be true but it is a shocker for me to hear that.

    In my time, I learned individualism and non-conformism at a very early age, first from my pastors and Grandma and then from my school, in the readings of Rousseau, Voltaire and especially Thoreau. And we talked about it a lot in class. I put it into practice with a vengeance and still do.

    The “warm and fuzzy kind of… community” was also presented to me, by my religious mentors, just as it was to Hillary Clinton. Helping your neighbors is a Christian principle that is writ deep in Wesleyan Methodism. Hillary knows best in the matter, so ask her. Or rather, just watch her at work. Does she also believe in individualism? Ask her too.

    In any event, I believe in both because I am highly individualistic but also a Christian, so I agree fully with your statement that the “implication… that one can’t embrace the idea of individualism and still be concerned for neighbors… is total BS.”

    My astonishment here is that schools and universities are pushing this kind of tripe. It’s unbelievable to me. Are you sure of it?

    Basically, I wouldn’t be against a discussion of “social justice” in a variety of courses, such as economics, history, English (to define the concept), political science, maybe even foreign language courses (to discuss social justice in other countries). But that’s about it. Do they mention social justice in engineering and sciences? I mean, that would be way out in left field.

    I’m not so sure the young flocked to Obama because of ideas of social justice, because I’m open to causes of social justice but felt no pressure to support Obama on those grounds. What I felt, at the time, was a pressure to vote for the color of his skin. Not supporting him was racist. I didn’t feel that I would be doing social justice to anybody by supporting him – in fact, I thought a vote for Obama would harm the black community because he was corrupt and lackadaisical and would go down as a bad president.

    I think young people felt the same way: They wanted to feel up-to-date, modern, free of racism. They voted for color of skin, not some principle of social justice.

    When you note that “the trouble starts when extremists on both sides take things too far,” I can only say that I agree once again. When reading wbboei, though, he often speaks of the “hard left” and what I call a “vast left-wing conspiracy” – he seems to be hemmed in by extremists. Is he taking things too far? Is he being extreme? I ask because I don’t feel it that way….

  42. ‘Social Justice’ taught in the liberal universities is all about race. Less about how to accept one another and work together. More about why they think they are held back, disrespected and second class citizens. How to equal the playing field.

    These young people did vote in numbers because of Obama’s skin color and age. Experience didn’t matter, he spoke clear English and went to Harvard.

  43. Hillary flips off the Kooks

    Hillary Not Ready For Netroots

    Hillary Clinton isn’t going to Netroots Nation 2014 and that shouldn’t be surprising.
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during an event at the University of Miami’s BankUnited Center on Feb. 26, 2014, in Coral Gables, Fla.

    Hillary Clinton won’t attend Netroots Nation 2014, a conference with a reputation for attracting liberal Democrats.

    The last time Hillary Clinton attended a Netroots Nation convention she was booed.

    It was 2007 — (when the gala was called YearlyKos) — she was a front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president and she had refused to join her primary opponents, Barack Obama and John Edwards, in a pledge not to take campaign contributions from lobbyists.

    “I’ve been waiting for this,” she told the crowd. “This gives us a real sense of reality with my being here.”

    She’s apparently not ready to receive the left’s two cents again just yet.

    Seven years later, as she’s re-emerged as a full-fledged stateswoman, luminary political figure and likely 2016 candidate-in-waiting, Hillary is taking a pass on Netroots Nation 2014, The Washington Post first reported Tuesday.

    Given her delicate relationship with the most fervent liberal activists in the Democratic Party, this isn’t a jarring surprise.

    The left, it can be argued, is what took down Hillary’s first White House bid, as progressives abandoned her for an anti-war candidate with virtually no ties to the governing and corporate establishment.

    Time has helped thaw those relations, but strains remain.

    The left isn’t outright attacking Hillary or opposed to her potential presidential candidacy, but they are taking a wait-and-see approach.

    For instance, one issue they want to hear more from Hillary on is how to protect the safety net.

    “Nothing will raise more flags than if she signals an intent to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits,” Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee said last fall. “That opens up the door for an insurgent.”

    The former Secretary of State probably isn’t ready to deliver the details on those policy questions and espousing simple platitudes to revved up liberals in Detroit would pose too great a risk.

    “I just imagine she’s not ready to break out on the political scene yet,” says Netroots Nation Executive Director Raven Brooks. “The events she’s doing are very nonpolitical. I certainly understand that it might be too soon for their team.”

    Of course, Republicans believe everything Hillary does has a political angle and are treating her as the presumptive nominee.

    “Hillary Clinton wouldn’t spurn Democratic grass-roots activists to schmooze with the fancy Wall Street types in New York City right? Let’s be serious. Of course she would,” wrote the GOP-aligned America Rising group on its blog, responding to the Netroots news.

    But the biggest risk would be the inevitable comparison to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who will address an estimated 3,000 attendees on the morning of Friday, July 18.

    “Getting her confirmed was the priority,” says Brooks.

    Hillary fans won’t be without a presence; The “Ready for Hillary” outfit encouraging her candidacy is a sponsor of Netroots Nation 2014.

    Hillary may not be ready for Netroots in 2014, but organizers are banking on seeing her in person next year, assuming she decides what everyone thinks she will by early 2015.

    “I would hope once she’s officially announced as a candidate … we’d be happy to welcome her,” Brooks says. “By [the] time we’re doing our convention next summer, we’d love to have her.”

  44. Anyone remember John Conyers at the Rules and By-laws Committee in 2008 rigging the nomination for Obama? Now the rules and smacking down John Conyers (whose wife is now out of prison on that bribery rap):

    Still, state election law plays an important part here in that in Michigan, in order to collect nominating petitions, the circulator must be registered voters themselves at the time they collect signatures. They do not need to live in the district but must have a proper voter registration.

    This is the technicality at the heart of this story and I’ll get to that in a minute. [snip]

    Local 4 has learned that among the circulators the Conyers campaign hired are a man and a woman named Daniel Alex Pennington and Tiara Willis Pittman. They were, as best we can determine, collecting signatures for the Conyers campaign starting back in December 2013. They also turned in their petitions by the April 22nd deadline and, we were told, they collected more than 300 signatures. [snip]

    During the Conyers canvass last night, Garrett’s office went to check to see if Conyers’ signatures were valid and it turned out that Pennington and Pittman’s names did not show up in the State of Michigan Voter Registration Database. Then this morning after another check, their names suddenly showed up. Not only that, they showed voter registrations in the City of Detroit and that they filed their voter registration request on December 13th, 2013.

    This raised a red flag. How can someone who registered to vote last December not show up in the database Monday night but show up on Tuesday morning?

    That was the perplexing question we were asking all day today as we chased this improbable story. Late this afternoon Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey’s office admitted to a mistake. Will Wesley of Winfrey’s office and I spent nearly an hour on the phone as the investigation into how the Pennington and Pittman’s names showed up with a December 2013 voter registration date.

    Wesley told me that a supervisor in his office by the name of Gwen Hunter posted Pennington and Pittman’s names into the voter registry using the dates they had listed on their voter registration forms. This makes would make sense except for the fact that Pennington and Pittman had showed up yesterday in the Detroit City Clerk’s Office to register to vote in person. This is an entire week after the deadline to turn in completed nominating petitions.

    Let’s reiterate what happened here: according to the Detroit Election office, Pennington and Pittman registered to vote yesterday in person with paperwork that said they registered last December. The state law is very clear and I double and triple checked with the Secretary of State’s Office in Lansing today on this point. In order for a circulator’s petitions to be valid they must be circulated by a registered voter who is registered at the time they collect those signatures.

    So, if Pennington and Pittman did in fact go into Winfrey’s office yesterday and register to vote then they were not registered voters when they collected their signatures. Logic and the reading of the law would tell you their signatures are therefore invalid. But when I posed this question to Cathy Garrett’s office today no one could give a definitive answer.

    The clerks in the office repeatedly told me they are still looking into whether Conyers has enough signatures to make the ballot and whether there are enough valid signatures. I asked one of the deputy clerks whether this scenario you just read about Pennington and Pittman’s signatures could lead to Conyers not making the August 5th primary ballot. She responded that she would not answer a hypothetical question. It is nothing of the sort!

    When Local Four contacted Conyers opponent the Rev. Horace Sheffield about this there was an expression of shock, which prompted an immediate trip to the Wayne County Clerk’s Office to challenge Pennington and Pittman’s signatures. Rest assured, this case is just beginning.

    Round and round and round Detroit’s political wheel of fortune goes and it could possibly mean that John Conyers, who is nearing his 85th birthday, may have to expend a lot more time and energy campaigning for his seat the 26th time around than he has in decades. He could end up running as a write-in candidate.

    How many valid signatures he has now will give us the answers to the many questions that arise from this bizarre situation.

    The Rules might bring down John Conyers.

  45. Wbboei, here’s a Bon Voyage bit of reading for you. No surprise to us:

    Health care spending spikes at fastest rate since 1980 in first quarter of Obamacare

    With millions of Americans gaining coverage through President Obama’s health care law, health care spending spiked by a staggering 9.9 percent in the first quarter of 2014 — the fastest rate since 1980 – according to data released Wednesday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    Obamacare was pitched as a plan to reduce health care spending, and formally titled the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” In 2009, Obama called the status quo – in which health care spending was accelerating toward becoming one-fifth of the economy – “unsustainable.” [snip]

    As I reported earlier this month, there were already signs of growing health care spending in the fourth quarter of 2013, when it jumped 5.6 percent, which had been the fastest clip since 2004.

    But the 9.9 percent jump (on an annualized basis) came in the quarter from January through March, which was the first three months in which individuals who gaining coverage through the law were able to use it. That was the fastest rate recorded since health care spending grew at a 10 percent rate in the third quarter of 1980.

    The data released on Wednesday, as part of the government’s report on gross domestic product, is preliminary and subject to revision in the coming months.

    UPDATE: Were it not for the rise in health care spending, the economy would have contracted by 1 percent in the quarter, instead of growing at a meager 0.1 percent, according to Ian Shepherdson, the chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, as quoted by Business Insider. The article also quotes a BEA spokesperson as saying the spike in spending, “reflects additional spending associated with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.”

  46. What’s with dumping news mid-week when there’s time to report on it and people to watch?

  47. That makes my day, Shadow! Hillary passes on Nutroots 2014!!

    For those who think Hillary has gone too far to the left, this should help decrease those concerns.

    The far left faction of the Dim Party thinks their numbers are vast and their power, formidable. It’s no wonder they have that erroneous impression, with O having been selected twice, and with MSM protecting as many of his screw ups as they can cover. Even the die-hard O devotees can do only so much, with the number of screw-ups coming from Obama or his peeps in a single day. But, they try.

    The polling they hang their hats on reflected a slightly higher number of self-identified left of center Dems – nothing to write home about. As seen in the past polls, people will not always answer truthfully when it comes to questions about their approval of or identification with Obama and his views.. That fear of being called racist worries and influences them, I think.

    With the numbers of young people now unhappy with their savior, as was seen in the poll posted here yesterday, it’s hard to believe that the far left number is growing as it would like to have us believe it is. If Hillary becomes POTUS in 2016, polling will show that the number of far lefties in the party has diminished. It would be nice to think they would just get the hell out, but that won’t be the case. The views of some will really shift a little. And, others who don’t really consider the polling questions closely or take the whole issue very seriously, will switch and identify with the party leader.

    I will just be happy to see the obnoxious

  48. OOPs. I didn’t mean to hit the post button. Had to deal with something at wok, and was actually trying to delete post, so if it doesn’t make sense, that’s why. Well, that’s one reason, anyway. lol

  49. This seems to be a pretty good translator, Admin


    For example, part of the first post is translated as:

    So, looking at that our dear users can’t do without discussion of political events in any way, and conduct these discussions in Chamber (that, of course, is quite explainable), littering this subject excessively, the decision temporarily – to the next Holy War with transition on the personality is made – to revive a place where it is possible to express policy from a non-existence.

    Behind a subject fixed shadowing so we behave is established. Policy discussion in other branches isn’t recommended strongly.

  50. Here’s what is translated on that page, seems as though they are discussing how Carter is like Obama and current news in the Ukrain…at least on the page you linked to:

    At Jimmy Carter the USA foretold fast crash, as well as at Obama. Jimmy a case received Nobel Peace Prize, as well as Obama. Jimmy Carter the candidate from Democratic party of the USA, as well as Obama. Yes, the main thing, after Dzhmmi Carter republicans at whom the USSR fell came to the power. It is a lot of аналогий.заметь, on the sober head. Almost 🙂

    — Yes I will destroy you. Yes I in powder will erase you. No, better I will throw out you on the street, and you again will become honest people.

    Men I listening to the Russian teleimage Mahlo that I understand. And you here about the American – but the clip всеж more than 19.
    But we will return to ours… Here is how such news.
    “The Ukrainian armies approached to a post. Then unaided self-defense lit tires. Then украинскме military I took a stock of a stewed meat and 12 chargers to mobile phones. Also receded”
    Well it is fine тушняк I still I can understand – were starving. But here 12 zaryadok in the middle of the steppe. And why them so strenuously captured. Not children is here who wants let explains.

  51. admin

    April 30, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you admin.

    I am glad Hillary is not chasing the netroots.

    She did this in 2008 and it did absolutely no good.

    Nor should any Republican appear before the NAACP as it exists today.

    Nor should the parties agree to let big media control the political process through the debate moderation, salting panels with leftists, etc.

    The nation is in the grips of a deadly virus called progressivism–the opposite of liberalism, or conservatism. It is totalitarianism.

    It is the political equivalent of the Ebola strain.

    Quarantine is the only answer.

  52. Loosen your girdles, this latest release of information will make you bust a gut:

    WASHINGTON, DC – Data provided to the committee by every insurance provider in the health care law’s Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) shows that, as of April 15, 2014, only 67 percent of individuals and families that had selected a health plan in the federally facilitated marketplace had paid their first month’s premium and therefore completed the enrollment process. Nationwide, only 25 percent of paid enrollees are ages 18 to 34. The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations today invited the leaders of some of the nation’s largest insurance providers and their trade groups to testify at a hearing, “PPACA Enrollment and the Insurance Industry,” on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, at 10:15 a.m. in room 2123 Rayburn House Office Building. [snip]

    On April 17, 2014, President Obama declared the success of his law, claiming that 8 million Americans had signed up for health insurance, but data from the insurance providers reveals that the president’s figure is largely misleading. As of April 15, 2014, insurers informed the committee that only 2.45 million had paid their first month’s premium for coverage obtained through the federally facilitated marketplace. While the administration has relied on questionable nationwide figures to boast the law’s success, the state-by-state breakdown compiled by the committee underscores the serious problems facing some states.

  53. On April 17, 2014, President Obama declared the success of his law, claiming that 8 million Americans had signed up for health insurance, but data from the insurance providers reveals that the president’s figure is largely misleading. As of April 15, 2014, insurers informed the committee that only 2.45 million had paid their first month’s premium
    The former president of France said it all when he told Obama, sir, we live in the real world–not a virtual one. Listen to their Time Magazine trained carnival barker press secretary jay carnie tell us that:

    1) an internal White House memo entitled Bengazi,

    2) which sets forth the White House strategy in responding to questions about Benghazi,

    3) and was obtained by Judicial Watch pursuant to a request for all internal documents relating to Benghazi–

    was not about Benghazi.

    Now, perhaps, you will understand what the virtual world of Obama looks like.

    And, now perhaps you will understand the true meaning of hope and change.

  54. The New York Times fancies themselves to be sophisticates in every area and foreign policy is obviously no exception. Never mind that they misread Castro and told us he was a devotee of liberal democracy. Never mind the fact that they were for the Viet Nam War before they were against it. Never mind that they were for the Iraq War before they were against it. And never mind that they believe that Benghazi is not worth reporting on, since it is a military disaster with a Watergate style cover-up.

    So who are these cognicenti at the New York Times, who insist that they are right even when they are wrong? What special insight, what coup d eil do they possess that allows them to be wrong so often and yet venerated on every conceivable occasion. Frankly, I forget all their names, but the latest example is Peter Baker, an Obama supporter who has suddenly discovered that all is not well in paradise. That our foreign policy is in shambles. And the weakness which the estimable Kissinger observed in this administration several years ago is clear and unambiguous.

    Yes, I know. Peter is a deep thinker, and most likely Harvard trained which means he can never be wrong. But consider this possibility. A trained ape flipping a coin would be right 50% of the time, which is more than I can say for Peter and the newspaper he works for.



    Putin, as the entire administration keeps reminding us, is premodern. He should be, but is not, shamed when John Kerry, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and Barack Obama variously proclaim that he is a 19th century dinosaur, or has lost the good will of the enlightened West. I think he is about as concerned as were Norsemen like Eric Bloodaxe, who lost all the respect of the monks along the English coast that he so freely raided.

    While Putin was making a premodern fool out of himself, blustering and bullying, and lying on the global stage, Barack Obama confirmed most of the Russian stereotypes that he was a postmodern metrosexual. Putin gets up every morning to annoy Barack Obama, piqued not just that he is weak, but that he is sanctimonious and weak. Obama tries to ignore Putin, who grates on him like some Russian version of the folks who tailgate with their Winnebagos at a NASCAR race.

    Putin lives to break Western rules. But Obama’s Western rules — deadlines, red lines, step-over lines, leading but from behind — are hard to either break or follow because they are not really rules as much as rhetorical constructs that come and go.
    To reflect Obama’s cool, the president did not do photo-ops with European leaders. He did not fly to meetings with Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea and Australia to shore them all up in these uncertain times. Obama certainly did not call in the Persian Gulf monarchs to have no fear, given that Iran better not try the Putin method of appealing to Shiite oppressed minorities in the Gulf petro-kingdoms.

    Instead, as if out of central casting, Obama did his now ritually televised basketball-pick shtick, where he sets up a board and draws out winners and losers in the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament. No worry here that his Marks-A-Lot might go rogue on his plastic chalkboard and instead give the nation a primer on international boundaries. No worry here that the president has invested hundreds of hours in watching and following basketball teams rather than in boring stuff like finding the killers of Benghazi, the status of Syrian WMD, Iranian compliance with his promises, or calling some obscure Baltic foreign minister.

    To quell international tensions, no-drama Obama did a canned hip interview with the smart-ass and cynical comic Zach Galifianakis to peddle Obamacare to now wiser young people who see its deadlines the way the Iranians saw America’s. For insurance, he also chatted with an obsequious Ellen DeGeneres and reminded Ryan Seacrest that Sarah Palin was wrong: he does not wear mommy jeans but, in fact, looks great in his various designer pants.

    Rarely on the world stage have we suffered through two such extremes as an erstwhile community organizer theorizing against a former KGB agent. If only Putin were a run-of-the-mill college president, then Obama might order a takeover of the faculty lounge. Or if Putin were a local bank president, Obama, the SEIU, and Acorn might yell on his lawn about lending more money to the inner city. Alas, even Chicago is not Russia.

    Of course, we prefer our postmodern president to Putin’s Neanderthal world, given that Obama’s platitudes and serial fibbing — from keeping our doctors, period, to hounding a video maker for the terrorist attack on Benghazi — do not lead to knocking off his opponents, Russian style. The Obama administration is correct to remind us that the premodern world just can’t work in the present age according to Putin’s rules — in the way unchecked naked aggression always destroys the world around it.
    So what does our Eloi in Chief want from Putin the Morlock? He seeks to school Putin to be as sophisticated as we are, in the sense of analyzing the art of annexation and thus concluding that going Viking leads the world nowhere.

    Putin stubbornly begs to differ. True, he implicitly understands that every head of state cannot act like Putin. But then again Putin assumes that everyone is not going to act like Putin.

    The Western world’s notion of transparent trading of stocks and bonds, of common banking protocols in selling and buying oil, of shipping lanes free of pirates, and of flying according to standardized rules is all predicated on a system. But every system has built into it a margin of error.

    Putin is that error. He says to Obama that the world should keep playing by Western rules so that on occasion it can afford him not doing so. Putin is our graffiti vandal, whose antisocial behavior depends on others to ensure most of the walls are not cleaned and repainted. Putin, in other words, wants a world with one Putin, but not too many more.

    Why should Putin stop when he is already the most popular Russian strongman since Stalin, with a good decade to cement his reputation among his flock as the restorer of Greater Russia, with the clout of the Soviet Union, but now energized by oil-fed capitalism? And why should Obama do anything about those dreams when the Final Four is far more important than are either far away Crimeans or Georgians. Ellen is cooler than worrying about Kiev, and joshing with Ryan Seacrest about tight jeans beats talking to some heavily accented Ukrainian. Surely Putin’s next melodramatic theft can at least wait until the Sweet Sixteen.

  56. “They’ll say it’s the weather.” ROFL. This adminstration flew too high to the sun and it’s feathers are definately coming off. Bet they blame that on climate change.

  57. A nature story? Or a metaphor for Obama, ObamaCare, and the Obama administration?:

    Residents of the Canadian town of Trout River in Newfoundland are concerned about the disposal of a dead blue whale that washed up on its beach last week.

    There had been fears that the carcass – which is bloated with methane gas – could explode.

    Town Clerk Emily Butler told BBC News that the whale had deflated slightly but it would still be difficult to deal with.

    We report, you decide.

    Video at link.

  58. admin
    April 30, 2014 at 11:29 pm
    A nature story? Or a metaphor for Obama, ObamaCare, and the Obama administration?:

    The Obama administration is beached, brain dead and full of methane gas. People in the know know this, our military knows this, our (former) allies know this, our emboldened enemies know this. The only ones that do not know this is big media. They are clueless, and will never catch on. It is not that they are lying, are treasonous and deranged. It is simply that they have not figured it out. That is the price of abdicating the role of a journalist and becoming a transparent propagandist. The good new is the word is out, and their credibility tanks deeper by the day. Nobody with any sense listens to them, much less believes them. They are a goner. The only one who can save them is the stupid party and as long as the RINO rules the roost, they will get a shot at rehabilitation. Which is one more reason why the RINO must be removed in the primary or the general election. He is an enemy of the people.

  59. Like Obama, the RINO is an enemy of the people. John McNutt (-Nv) is a perfect example. Unfortunately, it does not stop with him. You have Collins (R-Me), Flake (R-Az), Corker (R-Tn), Hueven (R-ND), Heller boy(R-Nv), Light in the Loafers Lindsey (R-SC), Cochrane (R-Ms), Simpson (R-Id), Murkurski (R-Ak), McConnell (R-Ky), Aliott (R-NH), Cornyn (R-Tx)none of whom represent the people, all of whom are joined at the hip with their contributors. All of them at one time or another have betrayed the American People and cozied up to Obama. All of them have fell through their collective asses on the major issues of the day like amnesty, Obamacare, deficit reduction etc. They are not leaders. They are camp followers.

  60. Finally get an opportunity to check out the blog. Lots of good points being made and important info being shared.

    Foxy, wtg girl. Rich old guys look pretty good when they’re behind the wheel of the new Bently they’re delivering to you. lol

    Israel’s deputy defense minister, Danny Dannon, responds to Kerry’s “apartheid” statement, noting that it is one of several anti-Israel remarks made by the SOS recently. The displeasure with Kerry is more than obvious.


    How Secretary Kerry’s “apartheid” warning set back the course of peace
    By: Danny Dannon

    Since initiating the latest round of peace talks between our government and the Palestinians nine months ago, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has voiced a number of particularly troubling statements. Most recently, he indicated in a private event that the failure of the peace talks would quickly lead toward Israel becoming an “apartheid state.” While we can accept the secretary’s latest expression of regret for comparing the democratic state of Israel with one of the darkest regimes in modern history, the fact is that this was not a solitary incident.

    Time and again, Secretary Kerry’s erroneous declarations have come dangerously close to suggesting moral equivalency between Israel and its adversaries. They call into question his administration’s ability to act as an honest broker in our region.

    Last July, just three months after the negotiations began, Kerry gave a joint interview to Israeli and Palestinian television channels with the aim of increasing public support for his efforts. When asked by the Israeli reporter why these talks are so vital, the secretary failed to detail what the fruits of a real peace might be for the Israeli people. Nor did he recount the numerous efforts and overtures successive Israeli governments have made toward this end over the years. Instead he bleakly replied with a question of his own, asking, “Does Israel want a third intifada?”

    By insinuating that if we do not give in to every Palestinian demand to ensure a successful end to the talks, we would return to the era of suicide bombers murdering hundreds of civilians in Israeli city centers, the secretary basically asked the state of Israel to negotiate with a loaded gun to our heads.

    Then, in February, while addressing a conference in Munich, Kerry issued another veiled threat at Israel. This time he informed his audience, “the risks are very high for Israel. People are talking about boycott. That will intensify in the case of failure.” Once again, instead of laying out a clear vision for why the talks he has invested so much time and effort in are in Israel’s interest, Kerry attempted to scare the Israeli public into capitulation. His attempts were viewed here in Israel as a not-so-cryptic message that the United States would no longer retain its steadfast rejection of any boycotts against Israel if our government did not ensure that the talks would end to the U.S. administration’s liking.

    But this week’s warning from Secretary Kerry was especially troubling. Speaking to an audience in Washington, he informed them that a failure to establish a 23rd Arab state alongside the world’s only Jewish state would result in “an apartheid state with second-class citizens.” This comment, made behind closed doors, was made public as we in Israel were marking the solemn day when we remember the more than six million victims of our people murdered in the Holocaust last century in Europe. To suggest that the Jewish people would ever establish an apartheid regime was particularly hurtful.

    Read more:

  61. Harry Reid deliberately fails to advance his job-killing bill.

    By: Moe Lane (Diary) | April 30th, 2014 at 06:00 PM | 0

    If you’re wondering why Republican Senators were perfectly happy to kill Harry Reid’s job-killing bill masquerading as a minimum-wage hike earlier today, this is why:

    [Senator John] Thune [R, South Dakota] cited a Bloomberg poll showing 57 percent of the public views the potential loss of 500,000 jobs, a figure projected by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), as an unacceptable tradeoff for raising the minimum wage to a $10.10 hourly rate. The CBO dealt a huge blow to the legislation, the centerpiece of the Democrats’ 2014 agenda, when it warned in February of its impact on jobs.

    …it’s because Harry Reid screwed up. His policy of shutting out the opposition on anything that was even vaguely politically relevant has blown up in his face; the GOP probably would have signed off on something suitably ‘bipartisan,’ but Reid didn’t want to do that. Now he’s in a situation where the Senate Majority Leader has to fall back on the filibuster to avoid an up-or-down vote, because based on my impromptu assessment of the situation it’s not entirely clear that Reid even has 51 votes for passage. In fact, I suspect that he doesn’t.

    Seriously, in this economy it’s a bad thing when your legislation can be linked to anything that looks like a job-killer. There’s a reason why Democrats are being counseled to avoid the R-word: it’s because nobody actually thinks that we’re in a recovery, so nobody wants to hear about anything that assumes that we are. This has implications for everything, by the way: until we see real economic growth AND a rise in the labor participation rate politicians would be well-advised to keep everything in terms of jobs, jobs, jobs. The Democrats, of course, won’t – they’re in that stage of a bad election cycle where you blindly mash the buttons and hope something works – but they’re still be well-advised to advocate actual job-growth policies instead of job-killing ones.

  62. Time and again, Secretary Kerry’s erroneous declarations have come dangerously close to suggesting moral equivalency between Israel and its adversaries. They call into question his administration’s ability to act as an honest broker in our region.
    Now that is firing for effect!

    For the deputy defense minister of our closest ally in the middle east to say something that direct, bereft of the normal diplomatic circumlocutions is extraordinary. His candor is refreshing. He is calling Obama and his ship of fools including Kerry, Power, Rice dishonest brokers of the peace process. This condemnation by an ally could scarcely be more direct, forthright–and spot on. For Obama March Madness, and appearances on comedy shows takes precedence over the solemn duties of his office. By the almighty, Obama is a clown.

  63. Twitter has begun handing out weekly stats for individual tweeters. At the top of my list just out was this:

    People loved this link!
    Solid Sterling: Long Lost Big Media Feeding Frenzy Returns –…… @NBCNews @CBSNews @wpix
    02:14 PM – 29 Apr 14

    I hope it was a positive influence on Big Pink too.

  64. Lu4PUMA
    April 30, 2014 at 7:24 pm


    Coincidentally, 67% of his campaign finances were legitimate. I guess he is a 67% POTUS.

    He wishes he was that high Puma.
    Actually he is big fat ZERO. 🙄

  65. wbboei
    May 1, 2014 at 1:39 am
    one Wbboei the Speaker.
    Weeping Willow Boehner is being primaried by a Tea Party favorite. :D:
    I hope he Wins. :mrgreen:

  66. If you’re feeling down and hopeless about the many serious problems throughout the world and in this country, maybe it will lift your spirits to know that in DC it’s time to PARTAY! The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner is this weekend, and festivities will abound, with more than 25 parties being held throughout the weekend, leading up to the main event on Saturday night.

    Several Hollywood notables will be on hand to add glitz and glamor, in case Barack can’t talk Meechelle into attending with him, or in the unlikely event that she has nothing sleeveless to wear, and can’t face the partygoers in sleeves. Many of the usual A-list Hollywood suck-ups like George Clooney, will be absent this year, along with a few of the other regulars. Word is Meechelle has let it be known that one of Barack’s many friends in the entertainment industry WILL be giving her a leading role in a major motion picture or a television program. There is speculation that some are so afraid they have left Hollywood, and chosen to make their homes outside this country.

    This annual gala in honor of media seems especially fitting this year, as it has in the past five years of Barack’s reign. No one has done more to advance Barack’s career than his pals in media. Of course he feels an obligation to make the party special. They have worked tirelessly on behalf of their president. It has been a tough job finding new and creative ways to shield the country from the real news about BO, creating new spin for his lies, failures and screw-ups – not only his, but Kerry’s and Biden’s, s well. Sprinkling sugar on sh** was not what they expected to be doing when they earned their journalism degrees. But, hey.. it’s for Barack, and by damn, he deserves it.

    On Saturday night, they will spend the evening in the presence of the Great One. Good natured teasing will keep them in stitches. Champaign will flow freely. The crowd will be star studded. Words can’t express their pride in their president – their accomplishment. But, words are all they have with which to repay and honor him, and words are their specialty. They can arrange them in endless combinations to reflect the fact that their Barack is wise, compassionate, without flaw – and arrange them they will.

    May 01, 2014, 06:00 am
    “Celebrities, parties descend on DC”
    By Judy Kurtz

    Actress Lupita Nyong’o, director Steve McQueen, model Brooklyn Decker and cast members from “Scandal” are just a few of the stars expected to bring a taste of Hollywood to Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) Dinner.

    There are more events than ever this year — more than 25 soirees are being held from Thursday through Sunday — as media organizations and other groups all try to get in on the typically star-studded WHCA Dinner action. And although the number of shindigs is eye-popping, it appears that fewer top-tier celebrities are willing to brave the hoards of journalists, lawmakers and stargazers at the annual dinner at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

    Nyong’o, considered the “it girl” of the moment after her Academy Award win in March for “12 Years a Slave” and her recent cover of People magazine’s “Most Beautiful Person” issue, will attend her first dinner as a guest of Time magazine. McQueen, the Oscar-nominated director of “12 Years a Slave,” will also join Time’s table. The Hill will host Decker for the festivities.

    But as of press time, blockbuster actors like George Clooney and Ben Affleck look like they’ll be avoiding the nation’s capital this weekend.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  67. During hearings in the House Oversight Committee on Thursday into the military’s response to the attack on an American consulate in Benghazi in 2012, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) became animated while probing a witness over his immediate impressions of what was behind that attack. Based on the testimony of the witness, Chaffetz asserted that it was clear the White House was the source of the claim that a video was responsible for that attack.

  68. On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Washington Post columnist George Will explained called the abysmal gross domestic product date released earlier in the day to be an “achievement,” given all the resources that exist to make it possible for an economy to thrive.

    “Give Carney the right to blame global cooling or whatever it is for the bad economy,” Will said. “It’s hard to prevent the American people from creating wealth. It’s an achievement to make the economy grow this slow. We have a continental market, an educated and industrious population, great research universities, wonderful capital markets, relaxed labor markets. It’s hard to do this.”

    “This is a calamity and it is happening when we’re in this revolution of energy independence and collapsing energy prices,” he continued. “It’s an astonishing perverse achievement.”

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