Is It Still 2007?

April 19, 2007 was the date we first published. In one sense much has changed. Now much of our analysis is indisputable. Can Obama be trusted? Most Americans agree with us that Obama cannot be trusted. Is Barack Obama a boob too? Even his most ardent acolytes realize that Barack has botched his presidency. Barack’s big majorities in congress have been devoured. Barack’s assertions of being a world historical leader are exposed as the delusions of a clanking miniature clod. Barack’s promises of receding oceans have drowned in tsunami seas of troubles.

Hillary Clinton? In 2007 the claim from Obama Hopium guzzlers in her own party was that Hillary was a racist dynasty corporatist neo-con war-monger ugly old witch vagina third way Mcauliffe has-been evil monster loser who should be taken into a back room and beaten with a 2×4 until she disappeared forever and ever. Now? The same DailyKooks and party apparatchiks who thought or said such things see Hillary as their salvation and the only tool they have to save the memory of their once and future Messiah.

But much has not changed at all since 2007. There is still the crazy. Consider the recent shoe thrown at Hillary. Hillary handled the episode very well, to the point of amazingly well. Hillary ducked, then amusingly asked if that flying object was a bat. From there on Hillary, like a super talented jazz musician improvising new riffs and melodies on a popular tune, asked if it was all part of a stray Las Vegas act that had escaped from the strip. Hillary ended with a home run by declaring that the shoe thrower missed her mark because she did not possess the training Hillary acquired as a youthful softball player. That last remark was aggressive, mocking, endearing, and boastful, all at once.

The shoe incident should have come as no surprise to anyone. Hillary has some adversaries that want to throw shoes at her. No surprise. Hillary has been giving speeches for generations to hostile and friendly audiences so no surprise that Hillary can handle just about anything. It’s called experience. But we were back to 2007 real quick as callers to Rush Limbaugh (and others who should know better) could not accept Hillary’s grace under fire and quick wit responses:

“Her theory was based on the fact that Mrs. Clinton looked like she knew it was coming. She didn’t look that shocked. She had too many really cute, pat answers just ready to go. And then this woman said the Clintons, they stage things, the Democrats stage things and I said, “You know, I hadn’t thought about it.”

From there Limbaugh educated his audience with more Monica Lewinsky stories.

Limbaugh was not as bad or stupid as the DailyKooks with their conspiracy stories, but if Republicans want to know why they lose to the Clintons the whole episode is a good lesson. Why not accept that Hillary has a lot of experience handling hecklers and critics? Why not accept that Hillary is very good at interactions with audiences, whether hostile or friendly? No, instead it all had to be staged because that delusion emotionally satisfies more than the obvious truth that Hillary is a force to be reckoned with.

It’s back to 2007 for Rush Limbaugh and the E/I Republicans/conservatives. It’s also back to 2007 for Obama Dimocrats:

Democrats hark back to the politics of race

So now it’s out there. After five years of studied reticence (unless they were talking privately to one another or their supporters), Democratic leaders in Washington finally went public last week with what they really think is motivating Republican opposition to Barack Obama. As Steve Israel, one of the top Democrats in Congress, told CNN’s Candy Crowley, the Republican base, “to a significant extent,” is “animated by racism.” [snip]

But it’s not the reaction of Republicans that Democrats should probably have some concern about. It’s the way American voters, and a lot of younger voters in particular, may view a return to the polarizing racial debate that existed before Obama was ever elected.

Coming in an election year, and in the wake of sporadic campaigns to solidify support among women and gay voters, the sudden Democratic focus on race felt like an orchestrated talking point.[snip]

As far as I can tell, though, this eruption on race actually wasn’t born in the kind of strategy session where consultants lay out which issues will move which voters. What seems to have happened was something rarer: Washington Democrats, unable to suppress their frustration for a minute longer, simply blurted out what they have always believed to be true but had been reluctant to say. One catharsis emboldened the next.

As a unifying explanation for the abject dysfunction of our political system, latent racism seems unsatisfying, at least by itself.”

That article is written by Matt Bai. It is a silly circa 2007 article which tries to convince that the race-baiting to help Obama is not planned but somehow organic or excusable at some level. We read the same crap in 2007.

In 2007 the race-baiting by Obama supporters was masked by talk of a new coalition, ascendant and on the march. Any one who opposed this new coalition and thought the winning coalition was the FDR/Kennedy/Clinton coalition was deemed a racist. This race-baiting strategy was and is by design.

Hillary had experience. Barack Obama had little to no experience outside of his “community organizer” efforts. But to say this was deemed “racist”. Anything said on behalf of Hillary Clinton, or later John McCain, was deemed racist and “old” by these race-baiting “ageists”. Yet Matt Bai dares to publish an article that claims the race-baiting is not by design, not planned, not a filthy scheme to win elections.

Matt Bai’s article is a warning to Obama Dimocrats that the race-baiting of 2014 exposes as a lie the racial unity promises of 2007. Matt Bai is wasting his time. Obama Dimocrats have won with race-baiting and they will race-bait again and again.

In 2007 Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters were the targets of the race-baiters. In 2007 we saw the threat and saw there were no websites defending Hillary Clinton against the race-baiters. So we began to publish in April 19, 2007. We’ve been on the job ever since.

We’ve changed a lot since 2007. Experience changed us. On issue after issue experience changed us. We think it was for the better.

In 2007 we wrote what we believed. In 2008 we wrote what we believed. When Barack Obama took the nomination in Denver that year we had a choice. We could accept the truth of what we had written and declare we could not support a treacherous boob like Barack Obama. Or we could do what many of our compatriots did and say “whatever, delete everything we wrote, we’ll endorse Barack Obama.”

Our problem in 2008 was we had written the truth about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as we knew it. We decided to follow the truth as we saw it. We could never support Barack Obama nor his abominable acts. We continue to write the truth as we see it as painful as it is at times.

Some who wrote the truth about Barack Obama chose to ignore the truth of what they had written and put a political party above the nation’s interests. They now live in a Hell of their own making.

For Hillary Clinton 2016 as in 2007 the enemy remains the same. For Hillary Clinton the enemy is still Barack Obama:

Hillary Clinton’s top 2016 worry is ‘Obama’s economy

If Hillary Clinton runs for president, she’ll be getting a lot of help from Wall Street. But her friends and confidants there tell me she truly hasn’t decided yet.

So why is she hesitating? The big reason, according to these sources, has to do with the dude who occupies the Oval Office now.

Barack Obama’s rapidly disintegrating presidency — and the chance it will get even worse — is Clinton’s top worry these days as she weighs whether she’ll run, and can win, in 2016, these folks say.”

As in 2007 Hillary Clinton’s opponent in 2016 will be Barack Obama. Very few outside the world of Kookdom will want to vote for an Obama third term. Barack Obama has been a disaster and an obamination and like a radioactive Ebola transmitting parasite Barack Obama threatens to continue to destroy:

“She knows economic recoveries (even ones as weak as the one Obama fomented with ObamaCare, higher taxes and his attacks on business) run in cycles, which often last about seven years. In other words, it could turn sharply down just in time to leave her holding the bag.

“If you ask Hillary what she really fears, it’s that in a year or so, when she’s running, that Obama will be so unpopular that no one wants any Democrat as president,” said one Wall Street executive who knows the former first lady. “That doesn’t mean she won’t run — she’s human and when so many people urge you to do something, you often do it. But that doesn’t mean she will win.”

Hillary’s fear of being stained by Obamanomics isn’t just her own; it reflects a broad-based critique of the Obama presidency you hear muttered at Washington and New York cocktail parties where liberal elites (i.e., her Wall Street supporters) often congregate.

On the other hand, Republicans have a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory; who knows who they’ll nominate in 2016.

And time is on Hillary’s side as long as the economy doesn’t crater. She has a formidable campaign and fund-raising apparatus ready at a moment’s notice — money will be there and her celebrity isn’t going away.

One test she’ll be looking at, I’m told, is how her new memoir, due out in June, gets received. If the book tour goes well, she’s even more likely to jump in.

But count me as skeptical that she will run — and even more skeptical that, if she does run, she wins. Because, based on everything she’s telling people about the problems of inheriting the Democratic Party from President Obama, even she’s skeptical of her chances.

In 2007 we began to publish because we saw treacherous Barack Obama as the destroyer of the Democratic Party and the single biggest threat to a successful Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. In 2007 we urged Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters to realize that Barack Obama was the greatest threat to America, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Is it still 2007?