Reality Intrudes: Sebelius Resigns

Update: Obama is right about Sebelius but not in the way he meant it. “Kathleen Sebelius resignation: Obama says the HHS secretary will ‘go down in history‘” That’s like saying “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” She’s “going down” in history alright. We’ll make sure of that. Maybe Sebelius will retaliate like Brownie did and call out Obama as an incompetent boob not bothered about his supposed “legacy” “achievement”.

Even as Obama and Sebelius tried to polish their ObamaCare turd today there was One final glitch: Sebelius’s farewell speech derails because … it’s missing a page. Ah, good times, good times. The Obama circus is losing one of it’s biggest clowns.


Barack Obama is the one that should be forced to resign or be removed. But for now Sebelius is the one to take the fall. Yup, Sebelius to resign as secretary of HHS.

To punish Sebelius she should be forced to go on ObamaCare. She was not fired. She has not been punished. Force ObamaCare down her throat. Next stop: the nomination fight of her successor, OMB Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell.

There will be a lot of updates on this resignation as the **it hits the fan. For now it is time to polish the ammo to be used in the nomination fight to come in the midst of the November midterm elections.

In the nomination fight to come, one of the issues will be the necessary repeal of ObamaCare. The response to this from Obama ObamaCare shills is that the problem with ObamaCare is not enough ObamaCare. To them a “fix” here and there will solve the nonexistent problems.

We point out that the “fixes” proposed for ObamaCare effectively kill ObamaCare. ObamaCare cannot be fixed. “Oh, but people want ObamaCare fixed with more ObamaCare” these apologists claim. Enter reality, via former darlings of Obama Hopium Guzzlers- Nate Silver and the Huff n’ Puff:

“FiveThirtyEight, HuffPost Destroy Idea of ‘Secret Majority Supporting Obamacare’

On Thursday, a USA Today/Pew Research Center survey confirmed what most already know: the Affordable Care Act is not popular. 50 percent of respondents in that survey said they continue to disapprove of the ACA compared with 37 percent who approve of the law. That is largely stable from that survey’s results last month which found 53 percent disapproving and 41 percent approving of the ACA.

In fact, Pew’s results are consistent with other polls which have found broad disapproval of the law since it’s passage in 2010. Today, the Real Clear Politics average of opinion polls shows the ACA remains unpopular with an average of 52.2 percent of the public compared with an average of 39.8 who approve.

No matter, some of the ACA’s supporters say. For within those surveys that persistently show the public disapproving of the law lay secret subsets of respondents who, when added together, reveal that majorities actually adore the health care reform law.

“If one combines the segment that wants a more liberal approach to health care reform with those who approve of the law, a plurality of Americans view health care change favorably,” declared the New York Times‘ Allison Kopicki on the day the ACA’s troubled online presence went live last October.”

We read the same rubbish all the time. “Americans want more ObamaCare” not less recite the apologists:

“Based on a November CNN survey which asked respondents who say they oppose the law why that is the case, analyst Steve Benen declared that, in spite of the fact that 58 percent said they oppose the law, the ACA is secretly beloved. “In other words, as the CNN analysis explained, 54% of the country either supports Obamacare, or say it’s not liberal enough,” he exclaimed.”

Jamelle Bouie at The Daily Beast has written the same rubbish. Ditto CNN (“Thirty-nine percent say they oppose the law because it’s too liberal, but 12% say they oppose it because it’s not liberal enough.” “That means half the public either favors Obamacare, or opposes it [because it] doesn’t go far enough.”.)

This delusion will be tested fully in November. Kathleen Sebelius tried to sail that river of denial but reality intruded on her reveries. The “math” from the once beloved Obama acolytes at 538 and Huff n’ Puff tell another story:

“Recently, partnering with the polling firm YouGov, Huffington Post polling analyst Mark Blumenthal attempted to duplicate CNN’s method of divining support for the ACA among those who do not support the ACA. To clarify CNN’s findings, he performed one extra step. “In your own words,” HuffPost asked select respondents, “what do you mean when you say the health care law is not liberal enough?”

“[V]ery few said they opposed the law because they would prefer a ‘single payer’ system (6 percent of those answering) or would prefer either the ‘public option’ or an alternative to ensure “healthcare for all” (4 percent),” Blumenthal revealed.

A much larger portion of the not-liberal-enough group referenced high costs (15 percent), the mandate to purchase health insurance (12 percent), or more general complaints about a lack of choice or too much government control (13 percent).

“I don’t think forcing everyone to buy insurance is liberal at all,” one respondent told Blumenthal.

Liberal means choice to me at least and it leaves us no choice, we are forced to buy insurance we may neither need or want,” another said.”

Call rewrite at the ObamaCare Dreamworks studios of delusion.

Bad enough coming from the Huff n’ Puff. Then Nate put the Silver knife right through the heart of this bloodsucker’s delight argument:

“But the fatal blow to this happy theory came from statistical guru Nate Silver‘s outlet, Five Thirty Eight. On Thursday, analyst Harry Enten observed ACA supporters have not only misread polling results that show some say the ACA is not liberal enough, but they have also misconstrued polling results which show ACA does not go “far enough.”

“The ‘not far enough’ group has been read as opposition from the political left,” Enten wrote. “But in the Democracy Corps survey, 13 percent of Republicans said Obamacare didn’t go far enough in changing health care. Only 4 percent of Democrats said the same.

The ABC News survey was more evenly split, but there was still no major Democratic opposition. Nine percent of Republicans and 8 percent of Democrats said the law didn’t go far enough, according to ABC News.

For most, the ACA is, in fact, unpopular. To the extent that this fact remains murky to some, the Pew survey released this week indicates that it will become clear as day in November.

“In the survey, taken after President Obama announced a surprising 7.1 million Americans had signed up for health care through the law’s exchanges, more than eight in 10 registered voters say a candidate’s stance on the law will be an important factor in determining their vote,” wrote USA Today‘s Susan Page. “A 54% majority call it very important.”

By 2-1, those who rate the issue as very important disapprove of the law,” she continued. “That means it is more likely to motivate opponents than supporters to vote — a critical element in midterm elections when turnout often is low.”

Reality is paging Sylvia Burell in the lobby of the Roach Motel. Don’t go in there girlfriend.


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  1. Well, Admin, you know the old saying….better 5 years too late than never.

    But what is really buggin me today is this video. WTF, Secret Service?

  2. Sebelius and other ObamaCare apologists stated that the ObamaCare debate was finally over and that ObamaCare is here to stay. Doesn’t exactly seem the argument is anywhere near over before or after November:

  3. The situation was handled really well VotingHillary.

    “Was that a bat???” “Part of Cirque du Soleil???”

    Maybe ReadyForHillary will auction the shoe as a fundraiser.

  4. Oh Admin…come on now…

    what person would not want to be forced to buy insurance that causes you to lose the doctor you trust, limit the hospital you can go to…or even have you drive miles and miles to even find a hospital to go to at all…and then have the pleasure of paying more for this ‘one size fits all’ mandatory insurance policy which results in less and inferior health CARE…

    …and in addition, from the government that mandates you obey what they have created or you will pay a penalty and get nothing…nothing in return…and if you do not wise up the first year, your government will take over 2% of your income and you will get…NOTHING…

    …and for all you young “knuckleheads” that need to be nagged as MO says…well, you little babes in the woods…your government has control over you for the rest of your life…

    …now why wouldn’t any free spirited American not want that?

  5. Very disturbing as she could have been seriously hurt. We have become a totally uncivilized society.


    Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts

    By Marc Fisher, Thursday, April 10, 5:32 PME-mail the writer

    A few weeks ago, with no notice, the U.S. government intercepted Mary Grice’s tax refunds from both the IRS and the state of Maryland. Grice had no idea that Uncle Sam had seized her money until some days later, when she got a letter saying that her refund had gone to satisfy an old debt to the government — a very old debt.

    When Grice was 4, back in 1960, her father died, leaving her mother with five children to raise. Until the kids turned 18, Sadie Grice got survivor benefits from Social Security to help feed and clothe them.

    .Now, Social Security claims it overpaid someone in the Grice family — it’s not sure who — in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after Sadie Grice died, the government is coming after her daughter. Why the feds chose to take Mary’s money, rather than her surviving siblings’, is a mystery.

    Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who are expecting refunds this month are instead getting letters like the one Grice got, informing them that because of a debt they never knew about — often a debt incurred by their parents — the government has confiscated their check.

    The Treasury Department has intercepted $1.9 billion in tax refunds already this year — $75 million of that on debts delinquent for more than 10 years, said Jeffrey Schramek, assistant commissioner of the department’s debt management service. The aggressive effort to collect old debts started three years ago — the result of a single sentence tucked into the farm bill lifting the 10-year statute of limitations on old debts to Uncle Sam.

    snip…goes on…


    thanks Prez O and the Dims, Federal Govt and IRS…you guys are really looking out for the people


  7. Well, who would have ever expected that Nate and Puff Ho would awaken from their Obama pixie-dust induced comas, and see the light. Even more shocking- they not only saw the light, they turned the high beam on Obamacare. At this point, it’s pretty clear that ABC and CNN still can’t give up on ACA, or allow it to give up the ghost. These Obama apologists really should keep in mind that it is a lot less painful to actually grow a spine than to have a spine, or Admin’s red hot poker forcibly inserted.

    it truly is becoming harder and harder to look at O’s grinning face on TV, spinning lie after lie. It’s almost as disturbing and disgusting to see his News teams at ABC, CNN, MSNBC and other outlets, like the NY Times, deliberately attempting to mislead the country regarding Ocare. It’s especially galling to listen to NPR, funded in part, by our money, lying about ACA and everything else that might negatively impact Obama’s popularity – as if there was much left to salvage.

    I worked until late, and was not aware that Kathleen had resigned.. I hope that won’t be the end of it. Using one of the most powerful and intimidating agencies in the government to target those who oppose the WH should carry a very hefty penalty.

    Thanks for another great post, Admin. I though Hillary handle the shoe situation well, as you said . Like VH, I wonder where the hell her security was. That shoe could have had an explosive devise or something equally threatening. Yet, the woman just politely walks out after launching it?! I wanted a few of those audience members to tackle her ass, but I guess that would have left them open for all manner of litigation by the shoe launcher.

  8. freespirit,

    I agree that could have been very dangerous for Hillary…and gives others ideas…

    I did read that the law enforcement turned that woman over to the Secret Service and she was being questioned by them…finally…

  9. I almost had to get my whiteboard out to track who liked, who didn’t, the statistics of who and why on the OBAMAcareStinkBomb.

    It all boils down to the bill is not about real healthcare, no real savings for American’s not better healthcare either.

    It is about mandates, exceptions to the mandates, IRS stealing your tax returns if you Just say NO. A website that is a joke, a working bill that hasn’t been tested nor paid for by the 7 ‘million’ that filled in some data on the website.

    The bill hasn’t worked yet, but the desperados are still counting on it when they need care.

    The emergency rooms had better stock up, because the sick will still need attention, even if they pay a penalty.

  10. But what is really buggin me today is this video. WTF, Secret Service?

    Hillary really needs to take some self defense classes. The way she cupped her hands together, not sure what she was protecting. At least she got out of the way.

    Sweet Hillary, there are nutbirds out there, you need to protect yourself better.

    Secret Service must have been taking a nap, it could have been a gun…God forbid.

  11. Hillary cracking jokes until she found out it was a shoe.

    Throwing shoes is not something that originates in this country. Remember Bush Jr. had the same thing happen in the middle east.

  12. VotingHillary

    April 10, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    First off, that stupid broad that threw the she needs to be on the receiving end of the knockout game everyday for the next 6 months. Idiot. If there was a name for the post BM wipe on the toilet paper, she would be it. Asshat. I am no fan of Bush, but that shoe throwing thing is just plain deplorable.

    Second, I fear for my girl. Just like in Iraq with Bush, Secret Service should have had eyes in the crowd and tackle her pretty roughly after the toss.

    Third,, kudos Shadow. Now while the weight of the world is not on her shoulders, she should take some self defense classes. The least it would do is get her in better shape.

    Hillary 2016

    Haven’t really said this in awhile, but you continue to out do yourself admin. Another excellent offering. Its no wonder the Kooks hate you. They hate the truth.

  13. More on the woman that threw her shoe at Hillary. She should get locked up in jail and be fined up the wazoo.

    — Of course the Brits have most of the story, as always these days.

    Who did that? Security scare for Hillary Clinton after woman ‘throws a shoe at her’ during speech at Las Vegas casino
    Hillary Clinton was forced to duck to avoid a shoe just after taking the stage at the Mandalay Bay casino
    The woman who threw it was arrested and ushered from the conference hall
    Clinton was not struck by the shoe and managed to joke about the incident

    The incident happened moments after Clinton took the stage Thursday at an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino.

    Clinton ducked but did not appear to be hit by the object, and then joked about the incident.

    ‘Is that somebody throwing something at me?’ Clinton asked, according to the Review-Journal. ‘Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?’

    Security ushered out a woman who said she threw a shoe but didn’t identify herself to reporters or explain the action.

    Many in the audience of more than 1,000 people in a large ballroom laughed and applauded as Clinton resumed her speech.

    ‘My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial,’ Clinton said. ‘Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like I did.’

    Brian Spellacy, U.S. Secret Service supervisory special agent in Las Vegas, said the woman was being questioned and ,b>would face criminal charges. Spellacy declined to identify the woman, and he said it wasn’t immediately clear what the charges would be.

    A black and orange shoe was recovered from the stage, Spellacy said.

    Ilene Rosen, the wife of a conventioneer from Denver who was seated in the second row, said she saw an orange object fly toward the stage from a side aisle and papers fluttering in the air.

    Rosen said the woman had walked down the aisle to within six rows of the front of the seating area, threw the items, turned around, put her hands in the air and walked toward the back of the room. Security officers quickly caught up with her. (And where the Hell was security? Look what happened to Gabby Giffords)

    Security: An agent enters the stage to assist former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after a woman threw an object toward her while she was delivering remarks at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries conference

    In the hotel hallway, the middle-aged blonde woman sat calmly on a sofa, wearing a blue dress and thong sandals. She said she threw a shoe and dropped some papers, but didn’t identify herself to reporters or explain the action. Security officials then ushered reporters and photographers away.

    Spellacy and Mark Carpenter, spokesman for the recycling institute, said the woman wasn’t a credentialed convention member and wasn’t supposed to have been in the ballroom.

    After her speech, Clinton answered questions posed by Jerry Simms, the outgoing chairman of the organization. Simms first offered what he called a ‘deepest apology for that crude interruption.’

    Clinton answered questions broadly, saying she felt politics today leads people to ‘do what they think will be rewarded.’

    An attendee later handed a reporter a piece of paper that was apparently thrown by the woman. It appeared to be a copy of a Department of Defense document labeled confidential and dated August 1967; it referred to an operation ‘Cynthia’ in Bolivia.

    —- So Hillary was in college in 1967 and let’s see how the Rethugs try to make this about Benghazi.

  14. S
    April 10, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    That’s just Obama and his cohorts finding even more ways to redistribute your wealth by going after your parents.

  15. admin: Qualifying the Blumenthal analysis as “the math” of the matter is unjustified, just as it is unjustified to characterize anything else as “rubbish.” Consider:

    Blumenthal states:

    (1) High costs: 15%

    (2) Mandate: 12%

    (3) “Lack of choice” or “too much government control”: 13%

    (A) To get significant figures, we would first have to see how much overlap there is amongst these groups (i.e., how many cited both (2) and (3), (1) and (3) and so forth, including all three options).

    Such overlaps would change the numbers significantly, mainly by reducing the percentages.

    (B) Remember that the 100% mark for all these percentages is not the general population sample, but rather only a percentage of “all those who think the ACA is not liberal enough”, which is a restricted population of unspecified size.

    Considering that, then all three of the above options taken together (even ignoring overlap) would come to 40%, which is not even a majority of this restricted population of people who “think Obamacare is not liberal enough”.

    Of course, the 6% who want single-payer (a surprisingly high percentage, to my mind), plus the 4% who want a public option, are not a majority either, but only 10% of the same restricted population.

    (C) These deeper questions should have been posed to the general population, in which even those who favor the ACA would also be given the chance to express their possible disappointment with higher costs, mandate, lack of choice, along with their possible wish for a public option or single-payer system.

    The percentages in that case would then be very different, and could serve as “the math” for determining where the public stands on these various issues, and not just the general issue of “Obamacare”. That is what polls are good for – determining what groups of people are thinking.

    As things stand, for the forgoing reasons, I take the Obamacare supporters and naysayers on about an equal footing as far as their analysis of public opinion goes.

    (D) Public opinion is what it is, but it does not drive the mind of a thinking individual. Here, we have to assume that our politicians and at least a portion of the population are capable of thinking for themselves.

    The next question is therefore: How will Rs and Ds address these multiple issues (and not just “Obamacare”) going into November? And with that, we are back in the realm of objective debate in which the Clintons will serve a purpose over the next six months.

    They will have to explain the high costs, the mandate and the value of government regulation, and they may very well opt for a public option too. That’s where my head is at, and I’m not going to get excited about polls or their interpretations.

  16. A Dem Senator tells Harry Reid to STFU about the Kochs. I hope Harry the heeds this advice. Hearing him whining about the brothers day after day is getting a little tiresome.

    “Democratic senator defends Koch brothers

    By Rebecca Shabad

    Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) on Thursday criticized members of his party for trying to “beat up” Republican donors Charles and David Koch.

    “This type of rhetoric does not help move this country forward or move the agenda forward,” Manchin said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends,” referring to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) critical remarks about the Koch brothers.

    Democrats in recent months have stepped up their attacks on the brothers, who prominently fund conservative political ads and campaigns.
    “People want jobs. You don’t beat up people. I don’t agree with their politics or philosophically,” Manchin said of the Kochs. “They’re Americans — they’re paying their taxes, they’re not breaking the law, they’re providing jobs.”


    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  17. Our tax dollars at work. Employees of IRS and other agencies spent workday campaigning for Obama in 2012. One female IRS employee actually repeated a chant urging people calling into the agency to vote for The Fraud.

    I hope the fact that the house has decided to hold Kathleen in contempt scares the IRS a bit.

    April 09, 2014, 05:52 pm

    “Watchdog finds IRS employees promoted Obama in 2012”
    By Rebecca Shabad

    IRS employees encouraged taxpayers to vote for President Obama during his 2012 reelection campaign and disparaged Republicans, a federal ethics watchdog said Wednesday.

    One IRS customer representative urged people calling into the agency to vote for Obama by “repeatedly reciting a chant based on the spelling of his last name,” the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) said in its announcement.

    The office is responsible for investigating cases in which people violate the Hatch Act, which bans federal employees from engaging in partisan campaign activities.

    In that case, officials are “seeking significant disciplinary action.”

    A Kentucky-based tax advisory specialist was also found promoting her allegiance to the Democratic Party in an official phone call with a taxpayer during the 2012 election cycle. The IRS employee will serve a 14-day suspension as a result of promoting her political views, the OSC said.
    “Republicans already [sic] trying to cap my pension and … they’re going to take women back 40 years,” she told a female taxpayer in one phone call.

    The IRS worker said her mother always told her, “If you vote for a Republican, the rich are going to get richer, and the poor are going to get poorer.”

    A supervisor had allegedly informed the employee about the Hatch Act’s rules a week earlier.

    “I’m not supposed to voice my opinion, so you didn’t hear me saying that,” she said during the phone call.

    IRS employees based at a Dallas center wore pro-Obama political stickers, buttons and clothing to work, the OSC said. They also used pro-Obama screensavers on their computers.

    The OSC later cautioned the employees not to “wear or display any items advocating for or against a political party, partisan political group, or partisan candidate in the workplace.”

    Investigators couldn’t determine whether the workers did this before or after the 2012 election.

    This news comes the same day the House Ways and Means Committee voted to refer former IRS official Lois Lerner to the Justice Department. She resigned in September because of her connection to the IRS’s targeting of advocacy groups during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles.

    On Thursday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is expected to vote on a contempt resolution due to Lerner’s decision not to testify before the panel.

  18. Admin, I especially like the last line of your last article, however, I’m not sure about the meaning. Should it read, “Don’t go in THERE, Girlfriend” instead of “Don’t go in THEIR, girlfriend.”

    It’s always a treat when you post a new article.

  19. “Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like me!”

    That’s HRC all the way! Turn an embarrassment into a joke…. She’s a master of show biz.

  20. jeswezey
    April 11, 2014 at 8:27 am
    “Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like me!”

    That’s HRC all the way! Turn an embarrassment into a joke….

    I thought the same thing when I read that line. Hillary’s as fast as lightening when it comes to thinking on her feet.

  21. Free

    I hope the fact that the house has decided to hold Kathleen in contempt scares the IRS a bit.


    Don’t hold your breath, Free.

    The IRS and the NSA are protected by the crooks in the Whitehouse.

  22. This little incident involving the tossed shoe . . . if they put enough pressure on John Roberts he would find that this was protected free speech as well. What a feckless excuse for a chief justice he is. There is nothing he can do now to redeem himself, since visiting this Obamacare disaster on the middle class.

  23. Just out: Hillary has to duck a shoe thrown at her during a speech, but she handles it with aplomb.–sector.html

    By Dan Whitcomb

    A woman hurled a shoe at Hillary Clinton on Thursday as the former secretary of state was delivering a speech at a Las Vegas hotel, but Clinton dodged it and continued with her remarks, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman said.

    Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie said the protester was not a ticketed guest for Clinton’s speech at the Mandalay Bay hotel and had been spotted by Secret Service agents and hotel security guards before the incident.

    “As agents and hotel security approached her she threw a shoe and was immediately taken into custody by the Secret Service and hotel security,” Ogilvie said.

    Footage of the incident broadcast by KTNV-TV showed Clinton, 66, crouching to dodge an object as she stood on stage.

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper reported that the former first lady joked about the incident as she continued her speech to some 1,000 people attending a metal recycling conference

    ..View gallery Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks towards the audience, after someone threw an ob …”Is that somebody throwing something at me?” Clinton asked, according to the Review-Journal. “Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?”

    The newspaper quoted Clinton as saying, “My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial.”

    Mark Carpenter, a spokesman for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, which hosted the speech, said that the woman was not affiliated with the event.

    “Our staff denied her access before she later rushed past security. An ISRI staffer then stopped her as she approached the stage. She was then handed over to law enforcement,” Carpenter said.

    The throwing of shoes at political figures is a form of protest in many parts of the world. In 2008 a shoe was hurled at then-President George W. Bush when he appeared at a Baghdad press conference with the Iraqi prime minister.

    Clinton, who lost the Democratic presidential nomination to then-Senator Barack Obama, said at a marketing conference in San Francisco earlier this week that she was thinking about running for president again in 2016.

    She has been giving speeches across the country since leaving the State Department last year.

    A hotel spokeswoman told Reuters she had no information on the episode, and a spokesman for Clinton did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

    (Reporting by Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Cynthia Johnston, Leslie Adler, Toni Reinhold and Eric Walsh)

  24. There is mounting evidence that federal employees in the IRS, including Louis Learner, and in the Justice Department used their public office to campaign on behalf of Obama, and to deprive his political opponents of their first amendment rights.

    To me, this is a “per se” violation of the Hatch Act.

    The history of that act is interesting:

    Hatch Act of 1939

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials of that branch, from engaging in partisan political activity. The law was named for Senator Carl Hatch of New Mexico. It was most recently amended in 2012.

    Widespread allegations that local Democratic Party politicians used employees of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the congressional elections of 1938 provided the immediate impetus for the passage of the Hatch Act. Criticism centered on Kentucky,[1] Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. In Pennsylvania, Republicans and dissident Democrats publicized evidence that Democratic politicians were consulted on the appointment of WPA administrators and case workers and that they used WPA jobs to gain unfair political advantages.[2] In 1938, a series of newspaper articles exposed WPA patronage and political contributions in return for employment, prompting an investigation by the Senate Campaign Expenditures Committee, headed by Sen. Morris Sheppard, a Texas Democrat.[3]

    Despite that investigation’s inconclusive findings, many in both parties determined to take action against the growing power of the WPA and its chief administrator, Harry Hopkins, an intimate of the president. The Act was sponsored by Senator Carl Hatch, a Democrat from New Mexico. At the time, Roosevelt was struggling to purge the Democratic party of its more conservative members who were increasingly aligned with the administration’s Republican opponents. The president considered vetoing the legislation or allowing it to become law without his signature, but instead signed it on the last day he could do so. His signing message welcomed the legislation as if he had called for it and emphasized the protection his administration would provide for political expression on the part of public employees.[4]

    The 1939 Act forbade the intimidation or bribery of voters and restricts political campaign activities by federal employees. It prohibits using any public funds designated for relief or public works for electoral purposes. It forbade officials paid with federal funds from using promises of jobs, promotion, financial assistance, contracts, or any other benefit to coerce campaign contributions or political support. It provided that persons below the policy-making level in the executive branch of the federal government must not only refrain from political practices that would be illegal for any citizen, but must abstain from “any active part” in political campaigns, using this language to specify those who are exempt:[5]
    (i) an employee paid from an appropriation for the Executive Office of the President; or
    (ii) an employee appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, whose position is located within the United States, who determines policies to be pursued by the United States in the nationwide administration of Federal laws.

  25. Update: Obama is right about Sebelius but not in the way he meant it. “Kathleen Sebelius resignation: Obama says the HHS secretary will ‘go down in history‘” That’s like saying “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” She’s “going down” in history alright. We’ll make sure of that. Maybe Sebelius will retaliate like Brownie did and call out Obama as an incompetent boob not bothered about his supposed “legacy” “achievement”.

    Even as Obama and Sebelius tried to polish their ObamaCare turd today there was One final glitch: Sebelius’s farewell speech derails because … it’s missing a page. Ah, good times, good times. The Obama circus is losing one of it’s biggest clowns.


  26. Gonzo:

    The new documentary Silence Patton: First Victim of the Cold War claims that General George Patton was murdered, possibly by the KGB, because he was vociferous in his desire to oppose the former Soviet Union.

    Writer-director Robert Orlando said his goal was to “prove to the viewer that he was silenced because his views didn’t go along with the status quo.”

    Patton died Dec. 21, 1945, as a result of injuries he suffered when he was traveling as a passenger in a car that was crushed by a two-ton truck. The rest of the people involved in the crash only sustained minor injuries. Patton hated Josef Stalin, the Soviet leader, and his hatred made him enemies in the U.S. and Great Britain as well as the Soviet Union. He is supposed to have said, “Tin politicians in Washington have allowed us to kick the hell out of one bastard (Adolf Hitler) and at the same time forced us to help establish a second one (Stalin) as evil or more evil than the first.

    The film’s website quotes Orlando saying that Dwight Eisenhower, the head of Allied Forces, would not permit Patton and his Third Army to seize Berlin, which allowed the war to extend longer; the Russians eventually seized Berlin. The website features an essay that says:

    “Is it possible as some say that the general’s freakish collision with an Army truck, on the day before his departure for the U.S., was not really an accident? Or was Patton not only dismissed by his peers, but the victim of an assassin’s bullet at their behest?”

    Orlando said, “Gen. Patton is a towering historical figure of great consequence who shaped the history of the West. My goal with ‘Silence Patton’ will be to dig deeper into the narrative and prove to the viewer that he was silenced because his views didn’t go along with the status quo.”

  27. One of the great military historians of the 20th century, General JFC Fuller of England recounted a conversation between President Roosevelt and his Secretary of State William Bullitt, who was previously the ambassador to Russia. The gist of that conversation was that Bullitt warned Roosevelt about the military and geo political consequences of letting our guard down with Russia, and that Roosevelt brushed those concerns aside saying I just have a hunch that I can work with Stalin. Roosevelt did not live long enough to see that hunch proven wrong. This is enough to convince me that Patton’s comments were at odds with the status quo. The other thing is it was Roosevelt who ordered Eisenhower to order Patton to stop and let the Russians take Berlin. Roosevelt was an old man, and a sick one at that point, but his judgment on this left much to be desired.

  28. admin

    April 11, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    Update: Obama is right about Sebelius but not in the way he meant it. “Kathleen Sebelius resignation: Obama says the HHS secretary will ‘go down in history‘”
    Yes, she will go DOWN in history alright, starting with November 2014 and continuing to 2016 and thereafter. I marvel at a mind that can gin up a phony number of enrollees and say the program is a success despite its collateral effects, and then fire the person in charge of a disastrous implementation, and pretend it never happened. This is the height of folly, and self delusion. If the party loses the Senate in 2014, the verdict on Sebilius will be harsh to say the least.

  29. Hillary Clinton’s shoe-tossing protester was identified Friday and charged with disorderly conduct.

    Alison Michelle Ernst, reportedly of Phoenix, was processed by Las Vegas authorities after federal prosecutors declined to press charges, according to Secret Service spokesman George Oglivie.

    Did Hillary decide not to press charges or did the Feds wimp out?

    ‘Disorderly conduct’………really? She could have mooned Hillary with the same rap, or flipped her the bird.

    Move along, nothing going on here.

    Take self defense classes Hillary!!!!

  30. The Sebelius resignation was sudden and unanticipated. A week ago she was saying she would stay on until November. But then they decided based on internal polling that they needed to get her out of the way, and put a new face on Obamacare. The replacement they selected has no operational experience or health care experience. Her experience was with the Gates Foundation, the Walmart Foundation, and OMB. They would have been far better off the have appointed a respected technocrat with health care experience, who could address the problems of the act, rather than a malleable partisan hack. This was a calculated decision. But I believe they calculated wrong. What you can look forward to is a tough nomination fight, at the conclusion of which McCain and other weak kneed Republicans will vote in favor of nomination. But the problem for the Administration is that all the questions which Sebelius has managed to dodge like real enrollment figures, cost increases, deductibles, keeping your doctor will be front and center in the nomination fight, and it may not go smoothly despite the betrayal by McCain and his ilk. I would adjudge that outcome to be more probable than not, and if I am right, then it will make it even harder for vulnerable democrats to win their elections. But Obama is not thinking about them.

  31. Hillary Clinton has five times the presidential support of any rival in Iowa: poll

    Hillary Clinton has 63% of the support in a poll of voters taken at Suffolk University in Iowa.

    If she seeks it, she will win.

    Iowa, the crucial caucus state, looks like a field of dreams for Hillary Clinton if she pursues the presidency in 2016, a new poll found.

  32. Shadowfax

    April 11, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Sharyl Attkisson
    Her commitment to the truth was more than CBS could handle. Among other things, she indicated that political pressure groups and corporate interests determine what is fit to print, or broadcast. Truth is the casualty. Undoubtedly, the fact that the president of that corrupt network is the brother of a top Obama advisor, Ben Rhoades, was also a factor–a major contributing factor, I am sure.

  33. wbb

    I agree and I bet a lot of these stories will continue to come out as oBama’s term becomes more dead duck.

    I guess only the stories that are selected by the ‘controllers of the news’, get though the filter to the folks. We have been seeing this for awhile, especially when TMZ, Snoden and the Brit sites, leak the info that the MSM won’t.

  34. Lu4PUMA
    April 11, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Apparently the bleached blond shoe thrower is a fan of mass murderers, also.

    Okay,this woman sounds like she is either mentally ill or is just plain dangerous. Why the Hell was she just slapped on the wrist and let go???

    Wbb, what do you think?

  35. Permit me to make one diversion before returning to the topic at hand. A couple days ago I went to see a guy who produces club shafts for top PGA tour players. He introduced me to two of his dogs. One is a female puppy which is very cute and weighs 20 pounds, but will eventually weigh over 100. The other is a male Rhodesian ridgeback which was 120 pounds of solid muscle, and had the look of an eagle. This dog was bred to hunt lions, thus the name lion dog. He stands very erect, and is a bit aloof but not unfriendly. The sense you get from him is this is my turf, but you are welcome to come in, just don’t fraternize. My host had a video account of this dog, which was almost unbelievable. He was playing with the baby dog, she would rush toward him and he would back off then leap forward like he was mounting the back of a lion. His paws were spread out and aimed like daggers. His back feet were 2 feet in the air, his front feet were 3 feet in the air–or more. I have never seen anything like it. Wiki has an article on them, the pictures are good, but those pictures do not show this dog in the attack mode–when going after an African lion.

  36. Shadow: honestly, I do not know what to think. 15 years ago, a radical left environmentalist threw a bucket full of fish guts on the congress woman I was friends with, while she was making a speech in Montana. Whereupon, he was arrested and the Capitol Hill Police came down on him like a ton of bricks. Why a former first lady would not enjoy the same degree of protection is a mystery to me.

  37. wbb
    but those pictures do not show this dog in the attack mode–when going after an African lion.

    I did a search for that dog, going after a lion in attack mode. The best I could find are paintings.

    Many dogs were trained to do a job for man, years ago. In the US, most are pets or just guard dogs.

  38. wbboei
    April 11, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    Do you think it was Hillary’s decision or the Feds, to not take this seriously?

  39. Shadowfax
    April 11, 2014 at 7:09 pm
    April 11, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Apparently the bleached blond shoe thrower is a fan of mass murderers, also.

    Okay,this woman sounds like she is either mentally ill or is just plain dangerous. Why the Hell was she just slapped on the wrist and let go???


    In the article Lu4Puma posted she looks like she does look as if she has a problem. Was escorted from the trial of the movie theater shooter in Colorado. Apparently, she claimed to have evidence of judicial irregularities.

    Shadow, that Superman bit was priceless.

  40. Wbb, I saw a Nat Geo show about dogs several months ago. The breed you mentioned was one of several featured breeds. The strength, skill, and courage of the Ridgebacks were phenomenal.

  41. Shadowfax

    April 11, 2014 at 10:30 pm
    I fully expect it was Hillary’s decision. And it was an astute one. Last thing we need is for big media turning this deranged assailant into a celebrity or to give a platform for her to attack Hillary through big media.

  42. I guess the good things about the shoe flying attack is that:

    1- Maybe it will wake up security and they will tighten their ranks around our girl.

    2- A taste of Hillary’s sense of humor is healthy for all.

  43. Shadowfax April 11, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    Do you think it was Hillary’s decision or the Feds, to not take this seriously?


    Both. Disorderly conduct is not a federal offense, even in the presence of a federal official, no less a previous one.

    Also, HRC is big on forgiveness, as I’ve pointed out a number of times; and how big would it make her look if she pressed charges against a loon who did her no harm and, to the contrary, gave her an opportunity to crack a joke and get a standing ovation?

  44. Shadowfax April 12, 2014 at 3:16 am

    … the good things… wake up security and… Hillary’s sense of humor….


    That’s the right attitude! You’re lightening up a bit!

  45. wbboei April 11, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    … a radical left environmentalist threw a bucket full of fish guts on the congresswoman… he was arrested and the Capitol Hill Police came down on him like a ton of bricks. Why a former first lady would not enjoy the same degree of protection is a mystery to me.

    Well, (1) a shoe that misses and a bucket of guts that hits its target are two different things. (2) The local police did arrest and charge Hillary’s loony spectator because disorderly conduct is a state or local misdemeanor, not a federal one. (3) I’ve never heard of the Capitol Hill Police, but I presume their role is to arrest and prosecute criminals who do harm to elected officials, whereas Hillary is not an elected official and was not as First Lady either. (3) Hillary has Secret Service protection. The SS is not the police but armed bodyguards, whose role it is to “take the bullet” or rather to make sure there’s no one nearby ready to shoot. They may feel they did not do their job by letting this crazy into the auditorium or not stopping her before she threw the shoe; but the job of catching, arresting and arraigning the shoe-thrower is up to the auditorium security detail and the local police.

    Thereafter, it would be up to HRC to press charges, which she didn’t, I believe, for the reasons I gave at 10:30 pm. The local police still has a case against the woman; at most, she will probably be fined and spend a couple of days in jail.

  46. On January 16, 2013, Obama signed a bill restoring lifetime Secret Service protection to former presidents, THEIR SPOUSES, and children under the age of 16 …

    Clearly, it was her decision not to prosecute.

  47. Well, now we know why the feds were going after that rancher. Follow the money and that *sshole Harry Reid.


    From 2012:
    “The son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Rory Reid, is the primary representative for ENN Energy Group, a Chinese energy company seeking to build a $5 billion solar panel plant on a 9,000-acre Clark County desert plot in Laughlin, Nevada.

    ENN scored big when Clark County commissioners unanimously voted to sell the Chinese company the public land for just $4.5 million, despite the fact that it was appraised at $38.6 million.

    Sen. Reid has been one of ENN’s biggest supporters, having recruited the company during a 2011 trip to China. According to Reuters, last month Sen. Reid tried to “pressure Nevada’s largest power company, NV Energy, to sign up as ENN’s first customer.”
    Both Rory Reid and Harry Reid deny having ever discussed the $5 billion Chinese solar panel plant deal:

    “I have never discussed the project with my father or his staff,” said Rory Reid. Kristen Orthman, a spokeswoman for the senator, said he had not discussed the project with his son.”

    And now in 2014?

    “A familiar name in Washington politics that is emerging as a potential central figure in the Nevada cattle dispute is none other than U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., Senate Majority Leader. Reid figures into the scandal in at least two ways.

    According to radio host and Fox News Channel contributor Dana Loesch, Sen. Reid moved the boundaries of the original habitat of the endangered desert tortoise in order to accommodate a development by Reid’s top political donor, Harvey Whittemore. But why is this of such vital importance?

    Protecting the original habitat of the endangered tortoise was the supposed primary reason for the federal land seizure of that portion of Nevada to begin with. But that motivational factor was thrown out the window in a hurry when Reid decided to help his cash cow with his development project on that land. Reid, thus, changed the boundaries of the habitat and moved the tortoise to the new area.

    But this is not the only way that Reid is directly connected to the growing Nev. cattle scandal. In 2012 both Breitbart and Reuters reported that Sen. Reid was pushing a land deal with the Chinese that would result in the construction of a $5 billion dollar solar panel plant on the very land that is now being disputed in Clark County, Nev., the home of rancher Cliven Bundy whose family has used the land for cattle for over 150 years.”

    Who is the director of the BLM? Neil Kornze. And what is his background?

    “The Senate confirmed Neil Kornze as head of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Tuesday evening.

    President Obama tapped the former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for the post in November. Kornze will direct the Interior Department branch that regulates oil-and-gas drilling, renewable power development and conservation on huge swaths of federal land.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

    He was confirmed on 4/8/2014……..gee, Harry’s buddy in charge and suddenly SWAT teams harrassing a rancher to get off lands Harry wants to sell to the Chinese?

    And that bastard has the audacity to call the Koch brothers Un-American?

    Good God.

  48. Admin, please get my connect the dots to Reid comment out of that hungry beast of a spam filter.

  49. FYI…

    Carson could be the GOP sleeper candidate that runs with it with his quiet, smart, solution oriented approach…(saw yesterday that Marsha Blackburn is thinking about a run…Carson/Blackburn ticket…don’t want to give them any ideas but two appealing candidates)

    Super PAC Raises $4 Million for a Carson Campaign

    A super PAC has raised $4 million and has collected 200,000 signatures for Dr. Ben Carson’s candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 — but he hasn’t yet been persuaded to run.

    John Philip Sousa IV, national chairman for the PAC, National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, says members are pushing the retired physician on a daily basis, sending him petition drive updates, “clamorings” to run and more, reports Fox News, and the group believes that a Carson campaign could change the country and its politics.

    Sousa, the great-grandson of famed late American composer John Philip Sousa, said his group likes Carson because he “doesn’t whine like some other Republicans. He brings a solution to the table.”

    The fundraising numbers are so far competitive with those coming in for other potential candidates, reports Fox. For example, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul has raised about $4.7 million.

    But unlike Paul, Carson has never held political office, and is not expected to make a decision if he wants to run until next year. He told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV earlier this year that only extraordinary circumstances could drive him to throw his hat in the ring.

    “If circumstances presented themselves in such a way that there were a lot of people clamoring for me to do that and there was no other candidate that was really receiving a lot of traction, I would certainly have to give it consideration,” Carson said in January.

    Sousa told Fox, though, that his group has feelers out to three regional political directors and has been working toward building the infrastructure for a potential Carson campaign.

    The PAC is also already running advertisements on television and in direct mailings in hopes to increase Carson’s name recognition. The former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University can help draw Republicans, Reagan Democrats, and 17 percent of the minority vote, the group believes.

    “We have a strategy that goes beyond saying ‘You need another black president,'” said Sousa. “And we’re going to take away those voters from Democrats.”

    Carson has remained in the public eye ever since his February 2013 Prayer Breakfast speech, in which he slammed the federal debt and more while President Barack Obama sat a few feet away.

    Since then, the retired doctor has continued to make speeches and is a publisher for The Washington Times’ digital magazine, American CurrentSee, which is aimed at conservative blacks. He also writes op-ed pieces for several publications.

    Momentum is also growing for a Carson campaign outside the PAC. He finished in third place in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s poll and tied in third in the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference’s poll.


    Sylvia Mathews Burwell pick complicates Democrats’ plans

    Senate Democrats planned to spend the spring ramping up their election-year message on income inequality — not relitigating Obamacare.

    Change of plans.

    Republicans hope to turn Sylvia Mathews Burwell’s nomination to run the Department of Health and Human Services — announced by President Barack Obama on Friday — into a proxy war over Obamacare.

    That leaves the Senate’s most vulnerable Democrats veering back to the very issue that has become their biggest political liability heading into the midterms.


    So far, the victory lap taken by Barack Obama after the end of ObamaCare open enrollment hasn’t impressed anyone, at least according to the latest Gallup survey. Approval of the law ticked up within the margin of error since the last survey in March, but disapproval remains near its peak: [snip]

    A couple of points should be noted, though, about the potential downside as the 2015 mandates and premiums approach. So far, most of the impact of ObamaCare has been on the individual market, with the employer market shielded from much of the churn and turmoil. That’s why the percentage of those claiming that ObamaCare had no effect on them remains in the mid-60s (64%) as it has since the rollout. [snip]

    What happens when ObamaCare’s employer mandates hit? Most of that 64% will get some sort of impact, and it’s not likely to be overwhelmingly positive, either. They will either lose their current plans and get forced into higher deductibles and higher premiums, or get pushed out of employer-subsidized coverage altogether. It won’t just be the mandates that drive those pricing changes, either. [snip]

    Insurers will start communicating those new premiums and deductibles this summer, and businesses will start making decisions about coverage by early fall. Employees will experience those shocks well ahead of the midterm elections. Few of them will be pleased with the changes, which means a large amount of the 64% reporting no impact will have their minds changed on that point …. and probably not for the better.

    Democrats needed a lot better than stasis coming out of the open-enrollment period in order to compete in the midterms. They may long for it when the ObamaCare churn hits the employer-based market in the fall.

  52. S, Walker gets lots of good news too:

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has had a good run lately.  He signed a major tax relief package into law, his controversial budget reforms have put the state back in the black, and his opponent has been torched for telling some high-profile fibs.  A new poll from Wisconsin Public Radio suggests that voters are appreciative of the governor’s accomplishments.  Walker leads Democrat Mary Burke by 16 points in the survey (56/40), with Walker’s approval rating soaring to just shy of 60 percent — an all-time high in the series.  (President Obama’s job approval is underwater at 48/50 in the poll).  Walker’s lead is fueled by a 19-point advantage among independents. Burke is employing tendentious and outright false claims to try to convince Wisconsinites that things aren’t going well in their state.

  53. The Dems seek to tap the black vote in midterms, spending a ton of money on their effort to get blacks to the polls for midterms. The Dims apparently are afraid that their “New Democratic Coalition” from 2008 is not the sustained political force they declared it to be back then. They’re back to wooing (would attempting to exploit better describe their actions?) the old standbys- women and blacks. Scared sh*tless about losing their majority status in the Senate come November, it’s time to get serious and look to the groups who have always saved their asses.

    Last week the Dims sought to elicit the gratitude and loyalty of women, whom they have always taken for granted, when Obama pretended he gave a damn about the pay gap between men and women (despite the lack of women in top jobs in his WH). That should keep women loyal for a while. No need to do too much for women. It’s certainly not necessary to put a woman in the WH to retain their support. Just a token initiative here and there will suffice.

    Soon they plan to launch an initiative to energize black voters and get them to the polls in November. Obama is just the guy to bring in the black voters. But, just in case he can’t bring home the bacon, the Dems are spending a fortune, and hiring an army of people to get the job done.


    “Democratic Senate Prospects and the New Black Voter”

    By Nathan L. Gonzales

    Posted at 5 a.m. on April 11


    Democratic strategists believe there is low-hanging fruit in the black populations in Arkansas and Louisiana, where Democrats are defending seats, because those states never saw a well-financed and organized get-out-the-vote effort from President Barack Obama’s campaign. After all, neither state was regarded as competitive in the past two presidential races.

    This cycle, Democrats on the House and Senate sides are investing unprecedented amounts of money into their party’s ground game for the midterm elections. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is set to spend $60 million on 4,000 staff in top states through the Bannock Street Project to get out the vote.

  54. I was lucky enough to grow up in the Catholic church under the papacy of John Paul II. That was a good man. Not a PERFECT man. A GOOD man. He didn’t fix the church. He didn’t solve all the churches problems. He could have done a bit more towards bringing the church into the modern age. All that said, I learned about the church while he was pope and I got to see the actions of a good man. His beatification was a foregone conclusion and rightly so. Now I’ve only known Pope Francis for awhile, but every action suggests he is cut from the same cloth. I am growing more and more fond of my new pope the more I see his stamp on the world and the church. The Catholic church, and the world, is lucky to have him.

    Pope assumes responsibility for priest sex abuse

    Hillary 2016

  55. TheRock
    I am so thankful for my Catholic upbringing. Bad things took place but its like saying a degree from Penn State means nothing because of Sandusky. Catholocism deals a lot with personal responsibility.

  56. Billionaire Donald Trump framed himself as a job-creating anti-politician in a preview of his potential 2016 presidential pitch to a crowd of conservatives in New Hampshire Saturday.

    Speaking at the New Hampshire Freedom Summit, a gathering of conservative activists and figures organized by Americans for Prosperity and Citizens United, Trump told the crowd that “we need somebody who’s gonna get things done, and politicians are all talk and no action.”

    “All talk, it’s all bull—-,” he added. “It’s all talk, and it’s no action.”
    In contrast, he touted his work improving an ice-skating rink in New York City’s Central Park and defended himself against what he said were erroneous reports that he had filed for bankruptcy. He also told the crowd that America needs “somebody that’s going to make the great deals for this country.”

    “We need to make our country rich again,” Trump said.

    He mentioned his plans for the Old Post Office in Washington, D.C., which he plans to transform into a “tremendous hotel” that will create “lots of jobs,” he explained.

    Trump joked that its proximity to the White House was what made the location attractive to him.

    “If I don’t make the one thing, I can always have the other as a fallback position. I mean, it’s much bigger than the White House, and I’m going to try and make it just as nice,” he said, to laughter.

    Trump has mulled a run for president multiple cycles but never yet pulled the trigger on a bid. The Freedom Summit, at which Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Rand Paul (Ky.) as well as Mike Huckabee are all speaking, is seen as an early testing-ground for potential presidential contenders.

    Trump suggested this might be his time.

    “I was really serious before but I’m taking a harder look this time,” he said.

    And he knocked two of his potential opponents for the GOP nomination: Rep. The Wackadoodle, two headed dentist, Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), whom he said was “a very nice person” but wants to “knock the hell out of Medicare and Social Security,” and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, whose recent comments on immigrants coming to the U.S. out of “love” Trump described as “out there.”

    Doesn’t sound like he has any confidence in the GOP contenders at this point. He backed Mitt last time, but didn’t think he was enough of a fighter.


    I don’t think Trump will ever run for President, especially if Hillary runs. I do think he would happily support her. He knows she is a hard worker and more to the center on many things.

  57. TheRock April 12, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    henry April 12, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    I’d like to hear more from you both on the matter of Catholic teachings and the Popes. I was brought up by two Protestant pastors (my grandparents) who told me the doors to the Catholic Church are the gates of hell and referred to a chicken’s rear end as “the Pope’s nose”. Today I’m of the Christian Left, which encompasses HRC’s strong Methodist faith, but I’m on speaking terms with the Christian Right, exemplified by the Catholic Church and Southern Baptists.

    I agree with your assessment of Jean-Paul 1.5, as I liked to call him, and of Francis. Ratzinger was really bad news, though.

  58. Shadowfax April 13, 2014 at 2:58 am

    I don’t think Trump will ever run for President, especially if Hillary runs.

    But Trump is a loudmouth, bare knuckles New Yorker who would make minced meat out of the Republican field. The R establishment has to know that he’s their best chance. If they’re at all smart (which is questionable), they will goad him to run. And Trump may just be pissed off enough at the Repug field to do it.

    In any event, I would love to see Trump face off with HRC in 2016. The debates would be cordial because they like each other, funny because they’ve both got wicked wit, and meaningful because they both deal in an evidence-based world.

    And in the end, no matter which won, we’d have a great president.

  59. 4/13/14. A group of Asian Americans is starting a grassroots effort to garner support for the Republican Party and its candidates, saying the GOP most closely aligns with their core values including family, education and entrepreneurship. The group, the Asian Republican Coalition, is co-founded by international investment banker John Ying, who during the 2012 presidential election cycle served on the Republican National Finance Committee snip He hopes the effort, which will include a May 6 kickoff event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., will provide a “friendly front door” for both potential voters and Republican lawmakers and officials.
    While much of the Republican Party’s focus has recently been to trying to connect with Hispanic voters, considering Democratic President Obama won 71 percent of their vote in his re-election victory, Asians are the country’s fastest-growing ethnic group, according to a 2012 U.S. Census report.
    However, over the past three presidential election cycles, Asians have increasingly voted Democrat: 73 percent for Obama compared to 26 percent for GOP nominee Mitt Romney in 2012; 62 percent for Obama compared to 35 percent for GOP nominee Arizona Sen. John McCain in 2008; and 56 percent for Democratic nominee John Kerry compared to 44 percent for GOP winner George W. Bush in 2004.
    “How did the Republican Party lose us?” Ying asks.
    Part of the problem, he concedes, is that Asian Americans have been “shy” about engaging in this country’s political process and as a race is a “complex,” non-homogenous group speaking lots of different languages.
    Though the Asian population in the United States is estimated at roughly 18.9 million, indeed their turnout for presidential election cycles is relatively low snip

  60. “Illegal Immigration is an act of love”
    – Jeb Bush

    “Not voting for Jeb Bush is an act of love”
    – Jeff Gill

  61. Salena Zito.
    Snip. Maybe this is what happens when you over-promise, or maybe this is who Barack Obama is.
    Or maybe this is what you do as president when you face an even more crushing defeat in your second midterm election cycle than you did in your first. Women typically vote for Democrats. So I guess this is the time to try to manipulate my gender with false information, to get them to do what you want in the next election. But at least one woman isn’t falling for it again. She is busy out-hustling her male counterparts at a local restaurant because, as she said, “I have plans for a comfortable retirement.”
    Read more:

  62. holdthemaccountable
    April 13, 2014 at 7:38 am

    “Illegal Immigration is an act of love”
    – Jeb Bush

    “Not voting for Jeb Bush is an act of love”
    – Jeff Gill

    Amen Holdem. 😀

  63. Just a reminder who HHS nominee Sylvia Burwell is and her so-called stellar track record:

    “A single person shut down the entire U.S. government for the first time in 17 years.

    Not a congressman, but an unelected woman named Sylvia Burwell who, as the relatively new director of the Office of Management and Budget, sent the email that initiated the process that has closed national parks, visitors’ centers and even the “panda-cam” at the National Zoo.”

    Yep, she is the scum that tried to keep our veterans away from their own memorials.

    Another primo nominee from our antagonist POTUS.

  64. Trump would make the race interesting, and likely, less bitterly partisan than other Repub possibilities. He would be one of the few without a severe case of CDS, which would be nice. I wonder sometimes what the hell Right wing media and the Republicans, in general, would talk about if the Clintons had never gotten into politics. Some of the really crazy right wingers seem to have no other purpose or function in life other than to criticize the Clintons. Anyway, regarding Trump, after watching a documentary “You’ve Been Trumped”, which presented him as a bullying opportunist, I had a little less regard for him.

    The documentary was about a village in Scotland that felt trampled upon by Trump and associates, as his corporation constructed a luxury hotel and began construction on the world’s finest golf course. The land around the village was the site of the golf course. The landscape around the village was completely altered by the construction, and there was much destruction of natural wild life habitat. When they protested, there was retribution , not only from the Scottish government, but by Trump’s employees, as well. Granted it was a pretty one-sided documentary, and I’m sure facts were presented to make the case of the villagers. No doubt there is another side. However, one did get the impression that Trump cared a lot more about money than about people’s lives.

  65. Dems still trying to avoid accountability for the damage done to this country by their party. Instead, they hurl accusations that Republicans are racists and their actions are motivated by racism. Isreal, the head of DCCC echoed Eric Holder’s accusations that he was treated badly by Republicans because of his race. Isreal should be embarrassed about Holder’s performance as AG, even if Holder, himself, lacks the good sense or concern for country to be embarrassed of himself. He should be mortified by Holder’s claims that Republicans’ treatment was racist. Instead, he supports Holder’s race card game. Given the arrogance, lack or respect, and general hostility he has repeatedly leveled at members of the U.S. Congress, especially white members, one could get the impression that Holder was the one guilty of racism.

    Israel and the Dems would be well advised to stop blaming others for the fact that they will lose the Senate in November. Obama and the Dims have been their party’s undoing. They didn’t need help from the Republicans to accomplish that.

    I’m no fan of the Repubs, but for the head of the DCCC to stoop to this sophomoric behavior is disgusting. He has done the Dems no favor. They already look weak and incompetent, and he just provides more evidence of that fact.


    April 13, 2014, 11:00 am

    “Parts of GOP base motivated by racism?”

    By Alexandra Jaffe

    Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Steve Israel (N.Y.) said on Sunday that “to a significant extent” there are parts of the Republican base that are motivated by racism.

    In response to a question on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Israel declared that “not all” Republican lawmakers are racist.

    “To a significant extent the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism, and that’s unfortunate,” he added.

    Israel’s charge followed comments from Attorney General Eric Holder last week that he believes he wasn’t treated respectfully by lawmakers at a House Judiciary Committee hearing, in part, because of racism.


    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  66. jeswezey

    April 13, 2014 at 5:02 am

    I’d like to hear more from you both on the matter of Catholic teachings and the Popes. I was brought up by two Protestant pastors (my grandparents) who told me the doors to the Catholic Church are the gates of hell and referred to a chicken’s rear end as “the Pope’s nose”.

    To address your questions, you need to narrow down the scope. What Catholic teachings do you want to know more about? Then, there needs to be a separation between church doctrine and the politics of the cloth. Church politics is ever evolving and changes with the times. I opened my post by saying that John Paul was a GOOD man. That serves as the foundation for every leader. That, when coupled with experience and a good foundation within the group that is being led, is the recipe for a good leader. Those ingredients were in abundance with John Paul II, the result being a figure loved by not just Catholics, but by peoples all over the world. Those ingredients are seriously lacking with bumbles. I am yet to hear of another leader that has gone to jail to forgive and visit their would be assassin.

    I can forgive him for not being able to change the beaurocracy of the church. Remember, the church is over 2000 years old. But that is the politics of the cloth as is the Christian right or left or up or down or whatever other direction is out there. Those things are cyclical, regional and based on the current events of the time. An example of this is that it is a matter of shame to me when I learned about the actions of Pope Pius during WWII. It is also a matter of pride that Pope Paul III called the Council at Trent. But again, all these things are political and have nothing to do with church doctrine.

    I am frightened by the notion that your grandparents would teach you that “…the doors to the Catholic Church are the gates of hell…” Why they would teach that the original version of Christianity that is rooted in the tenant that the only way to God is through his son, Jesus Christ, would be a path to hell is very disconcerting. And if that is what they taught you as a child, they must have been taught that and they must have taught that to other children, pastors and future pastors who also taught that to others as well. It is not a reach to say that kind of teaching spawned the likes of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. I am not sure what side of the fence spawned the KKK, but you can also draw a straight line from that kind of negative teaching to the radical philosophy that would drive the KKK’s actions (

    Finally, Pope Benedict gets a real bad rap when he shouldn’t. Firstly, he should not have been pope. Period. His disposition was not suited for the papacy. He is a pius man (that comes straight from my parents who met him while he was still pope a few years ago), but a career beaurocrat. That said, he must be celebrated for recognizing that he was the wrong person to lead the church and for further doing something almost completely unheard of by stepping down. Pope Benedict saw that he was not the right man to lead this church at this time. And what was the direct result of that singular action of relinquishing the papacy? Pope Francis.

    While I am not a recognized expert in the Catholic church, I hope I was able to shed a bit of light on your questions. henry, if I missed anything or I wasn’t clear about something I wrote, please add on to what I posted.

    Hillary 2016

  67. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Steve Israel (N.Y.) said on Sunday that “to a significant extent” there are parts of the Republican base that are motivated by racism.

    In response to a question on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Israel declared that “not all” Republican lawmakers are racist.
    And the same is true of the democrat party.

    In fact, more so.

    And Steve Israel has had his own problems with corruption.

    So who the hell cares–

    Or, let him who hath not sinned cast the first stone—

    Bottom Line: false charges of racism are the last bastion of scoundrels.

  68. These unfounded charges of racism are the tool which the elites use to divide the nation and to hide what they are doing to enrich themselves at the expense of the middle class. Remember what Sharyl Atkission said: political pressure groups and corporate interest shape the narrative of big media. Truth is the casualty. The net effect is to subvert democracy, because the premise of democracy is that a well informed public can decide what is best. I hope you believe me when I say it has never been this bad in my lifetime. What we have is a take over of the media, a subversion of democracy, and the looting of the electorate. That is what is going on. This is why I see Putin as a hero. In some ways he is fighting the same battle as we are in this country, those of us who can see past the lies and tripe of mainstream media. For me the defining moment came when I dug deeply into the Soros story and realized the game that is afoot. Globalization. World government. And the negation of the individual. This was the result of the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of history. You cannot reverse all this. But it is possible to wonder whether for all the good which has come from the invention of the personal computer and the internet whether the end result is really worth it. The reason I say that is because that same technology makes possible the subordination of the people–which is something the elites have sought for centuries.

  69. Someone ought to dust off that speech by Robert Welch to Senator McCarthy which begins have you no shame, and shove it down the throat of Eric Holder in one of his appearances before Congress. And, they need to repeat is over and over and over again.

  70. The Rock – Thanks for your reply of April 13, 2014 at 12:51 pm. I understand your comments distinguishing between leadership and politics in the Church; but, to “narrow down the scope” of my question, as you say, I would say that my interest was sparked by:

    henry April 12, 2014 at 11:56 pm
    … Catholicism deals a lot with personal responsibility.

    This interested me because it was on this very point of personal conscience, and therefore responsibility, that the Reformation was launched: The whole point of the Reformation was a clear statement that the Pope did not have any more direct communication with God, or Jesus, than the faithful did (which was very obvious at the time of the Borgia papacy) and had no right to issue his Bulls and excommunications for not doing what he said.

    Faith was brought down to the level of the individual, and the Confession was banned (though I think it’s still practiced in the Anglican Church), because the individual was responsible for his own deeds and especially his own thoughts. No priest or reverend could judge or redeem the individual. In other words, one’s sins were a matter resolved between the individual and his God, or rather Jesus.

    So, I’d like to know how or why “Catholicism deals a lot with personal responsibility” today. Good Catholics still go to Confession, don’t they?

    It was by turning the Church pyramid upside down that the Reformation eventually led to democracy as we know it today.

    That’s only one of the questions I have about Catholicism today, but it will certainly do for starters….

  71. Big media is a big degenerate.

    It does not speak truth to power when a democrat is in the White House/

    More on that subject from Sharyl–a world class investigative reporter.

    The Republican Party has no hope for electoral success until it castrates big media.

    The way to do that remove their control over the debate format.

    The sordid Crowley episode is the perfect rationale for doing this.

  72. More on the Non Reaction in the US to Sy Hersh’s Important Piece

    By Larry Johnsongravatar

    On April 12, 2014 at 3:01 PM in Current Affairs

    I am going to keep flogging this dog. Why? Because Barack Obama tried to take us to war in Syria on a lie. Watching the mainstream media stay mute in the aftermath of the publication of Sy’s piece is instructive and disturbing. Their mass refusal to simply deal with the facts presented by Sy stands in stark contrast to the reaction in Europe and Turkey. The Turkish Government is furious. They are calling Sy a liar and a senile has been. Yet, Sy did not create nor post on You Tube the recording of Turkish officials talking about staging an attack to make it appear that it was carried out by the Syrian Government. The Turks themselves provided the evidence that corroborates Sy’s reporting.

    Let’s review the evidence:

    First, the June 20th talking points prepared for the Deputy Director of DIA states:

    that al-Nusra maintained a sarin production cell: its programme, . . . was ‘the most advanced sarin plot since al-Qaida’s pre-9/11 effort’. (According to a Defense Department consultant, US intelligence has long known that al-Qaida experimented with chemical weapons, and has a video of one of its gas experiments with dogs.) The DIA paper went on: ‘Previous IC [intelligence community] focus had been almost entirely on Syrian CW [chemical weapons] stockpiles; now we see ANF attempting to make its own CW … Al-Nusrah Front’s relative freedom of operation within Syria leads us to assess the group’s CW aspirations will be difficult to disrupt in the future.’

    Second, per one of Sy’s sources, the US intel community was reporting in late July/early August 2013 that Turkey’s leaders, distraught over the failing fortunes of the Islamist rebels in Turkey, were planning an event that would compel the United States to intervene in Syria.

    White House reaction? They initially claimed that the talking points paper did not exist. Now that Sy obviously has a hard copy in hand, the White House only looks foolish in making such a denial. Sy’s evidence fully exposes the White House covert action designed to isolate Syria’s Bashir Assad and justify a US military attack on Syria targets.

    As we look back to the attacks on 21 August, the US intelligence community and the White House were oddly silent. Why oddly? The preparations the Syrian military would have had to undertake in order to launch a chemical weapon barrage should have been quickly and easily identified by both the United States and Israel. The reason for this is simple–Syrian chemical weapons do represent a strategic threat to Israel. Israel cannot afford to wait until an attack starts to learn that Syria is launching chemical weapons. Deafening silence.

    Sy reported last December, in his piece, “Whose Sarin?” that:

    For two days – 20 and 21 August – there was no mention of Syria. On 22 August the lead item in the Morning Report dealt with Egypt; a subsequent item discussed an internal change in the command structure of one of the rebel groups in Syria. Nothing was noted about the use of nerve gas in Damascus that day. It was not until 23 August that the use of sarin became a dominant issue, although hundreds of photographs and videos of the massacre had gone viral within hours on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites.

    Fortuitously or coincidentally, UN weapons inspectors were on the ground in Syria when the so-called Sarin attacks took place. The deniers of Sy’s investigative report, such as this idiot who calls himself Brown Moses (I suppose he’s brown because his head is up his ass most of the time), tried to use YouTube video to build their fantasy forensic case. Many initially seized on the UN report as buttressing the case against the Syrian Government. But those were only people who did not take time to actually read the report–the UN only recovered two rockets from two separate sites and only found chemical traces consistent with Sarin at one site–a site that was under rebel control.

    While the New York Times initially tried to push the lie that the Syrian Government had fired the rockets, work by Ted Postol of Massachusetts Institute of Technology demolished that nonsense. Hell, the NY Times even had to reverse themselves and concede that their initial report was dead ass wrong.

    A careful reading of Sy’s latest work will enable you to understand why the United States is meddling in this way. Ignoring our responsibility for turning Iraq into a Shia controlled state under the influence of Iran, we have not cast our lots with the Saudis and the Turks in an effort to try to weaken Iran by taking out their client state, Syria. Yet, despite our tough talk about Iran, we meekly looked away as Turkey itself violated UN sponsored economic sanctions and bought oil from Iran. But Barack Obama also put us on the side of the very same Islamic radicals who attacked us on September 11, 2001.

    Rather than help expose this disgraceful hypocrisy and feckless policy, the print and electronic media say nothing about Sy’s piece and continue to cheerlead Barack Obama as he steers this nation towards disaster. Thank God for a journalist like Sy Hersh.

  73. freespirit
    April 13, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Dems still trying to avoid accountability for the damage done to this country by their party. Instead, they hurl accusations that Republicans are racists

    Typical Chicago thuggery at work Free. 😡

  74. wbb, you make several excellent points. One problem with Israel and Holder screaming “Racists” is the fact that there is no evidence on which to base the such an accusation, particularly as it applies to the manner in which the Republicans treated Holder. If anything, the Republicans, like some Dems, have refrained from requiring this administration to take responsibility for some of its questionable actions precisely because Obama is half black. I heard Holder say that no other USAG had been treated as badly as he had by congress, and that his race was the reason for his treatment. Finally, some of the Pubs did get a little tough on Holder, but if he wants to talk about just how rough AGs have been treated in recent history, maybe he could review the hearings that Albert Gonzales faced. I was no fan of his either, but at least he didn’t accuse people of mistreating him because he was Hispanic. He had more gumption that that. Take a lesson, Eric.

    Both Republicans and Democrats do a disservice to the country and to their own parties when they make broad, sweeping untrue or half-true accusations. The Dems declared that the Republicans were engaged in a war on women. The absurdity of the accusation, which most people don’t really believe, serves to obscure the fact that Republicans have sought and still seek, in some cases, to abolish the reproductive rights of women. That significant fact becomes buried underneath a pile of accusations and counter accusations related to equal pay. Truth is, neither party has given much of a damn about women, IMHO.

    The same situation occurs when they declare that Republicans are “Racists”. Obviously, the entire party is not racist. Yes, there may be some who are, just as there are some Dems who are, but by and large, the accusation is an overstatement. Making exaggerated claims about significant issues such as racism reflects a lack of concern about the issue. . The Dems are simply trying to get votes. The Republicans do the same when they apply stereotypical labels to Dems.

    Politics has never been a squeaky clean endeavor, but currently, we have small minded, mean-spirited children running the government, or seeking to be elected to do so.

  75. Jeswezy
    My statement should habe been better qualified. I am no expert on dogma. I went to Catholic school and church every Sunday and Holy Day and no matter how poor we were we dressed for it. If you have ever attended a Catholic service you know there is a lot of ritual. The Sacred and the Profane is an amazing treatese on the importance of ritual. I am gay and aware of the stance on that but and do not even know if I believe in a god or God. Painting the Catholic experience with one big brush is like saying all feminist studies professors should be deemed criminal because one woman goes off . I am thankful for what I learned. The parable of the prodigal son, the Stations of the Cross come on the guy was the son of God and he fell three times and needed help. Thete is a life lesson there.
    Everything about being Christian is constantly rediculedTolerance should be a two way street.
    Tired of the Duck Dynasty, Tim Tebow, Mozilla, Chik fil a over the top oppression. So I am proud of my education and my family and my faith. I learned respect as a child have you ever seen me post anything against reproductive choice? One time here I called Donna Brazille a gash and got my ass reamed. I wrote something stupid(great song) when I was angry. I got called on it and I apologized.

  76. I’m just sitting back with the popcorn watching the discussion on religion. Being an ex-catholic and not following any religion now, I do believe in God because when I was an agnostic, life and death seemed less meaningful. As an ex-catholic, I don’t respect the dogma of any religion, but I do admire those that are better people for it, and find peace and happiness in their beliefs.

    The worst part of religious beliefs to me, are when people hide behind that religion and hurt others because they are not the ‘true believers’. Extremism is ugly no matter what the belief.

    I too was told by my long term ex boyfriend that the Pope was ‘666’, mark of the devil. He had just ‘found religion’ and tried his best to convert me. That ended a 20 year relationship. There were other reasons too, but that one was the last straw.

  77. “So let’s be clear” – How many times per speech does Barack say this? Then proceeds to try muddle and confuse every issue. I’m so damn sick of his attempts to incite and increase racial tension in this country.

  78. Please don’t ever be ashamed of Pope Pius XII.

    Book Review – DISINFORMATION


    How many, like myself, actually believed that Pope Pius XII was “The Nazi Pope,” who cooperated with Hitler? THIS is one of the results of Disinformation. In this case, the lie was carefully crafted in an attempt to weaken the church and eventually eliminate it, since Christianity is not compatible with Communism. And the church took a hit over this falsified identification.

    Pope Pius XII was not a Nazi sympathizer. He was a devout man of God who personally saved countless Jews from Hitler’s Holocaust. He was NOT a friend of the dictator, the SS, or the Nazi party. But many of us bought into this deceptive circulation of misinformation.

    Make no mistake about it: The Big Lie deployed against Christianity – against popes and bishops was and is orchestrated by the Communist Party which has been ongoing for decades.

  79. Anyone remember the Obama reelection scam called Occupy Wall Street?

    Trial of Occupy activist struggles to find jurors impartial to protest movement

    Series of potential jurors voice opposition to Occupy Wall Street
    • Cecily McMillan, 25, faces seven years in prison for assault

    It is the most important question being asked of dozens of New Yorkers lined up as potential jurors for the trial of Cecily McMillan, an Occupy Wall Street activist accused of assaulting a police officer: what do you think of her protest movement?

    Unfortunately for those keen on the swift procession of justice, a series of Manhattan residents who presented themselves at the criminal courthouse this week declared that they strongly disagreed with it – and could not promise to be impartial about one of its members.

    “I’m involved in Wall Street things. I’m on the Wall Street side, not their side,” George Yih, one of a group of prospective jurors whose names were plucked from a tombola by the clerk, said under questioning from Judge Ronald Zweibel on Wednesday. “They can protest all they want, but they can’t brainwash my mind.”

    Yih was removed from a shortlist for the panel that will decide if McMillan, 25, assaulted Officer Grantley Bovell by striking him with her arm at Zuccotti Park in March 2012. McMillan denies the felony charge and says that she was reacting to having one of her breasts grabbed from behind. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

    But Yih’s remarks were only the first in a succession of criticisms against the anti-capitalist movement made throughout the day by other would-be jurors. Each said that he or she had ties to a finance industry that holds about one in nine jobs in New York City and pays more than a third of the total wages earned annually in Manhattan.

    And as one after the other was rejected – either by McMillan’s attorneys, state prosecutors, or the judge – a jury selection process that the defence had hoped would be completed in one day reached the end of a second with only seven of the 12 jurors’ seats filled.

    “For 20 years, my occupation has been, in some fashion, on Wall Street,” said Jason McLean, who said he was an equity trader living in Murray Hill with his wife, who was also an equity trader. “Everything I believe – my morals – are kind of the antithesis of what they represent.” He concluded: “I don’t know that I could be completely objective.”

    “I like to think of myself as fair,” Alan Moore, who said his wife worked on Wall Street as a bond strategist for Credit Suisse, told the judge. “But in terms of Occupy Wall Street in general, I would give less credibility to that group than average.” Even to a witness in court? “Yeah,” said Moore. “They seem to be people moving a little outside regular social norms and regular behaviour. Therefore I don’t give them the same level of respect as people who follow the line.”

    Requests by McMillan’s attorneys to exclude both McLean and Moore from the jury were granted by the judge, despite being challenged by Erin Choi and Shanda Strain, the assistant district attorneys representing New York. Even they, however, conceded that Mary Malone – an Upper East Side resident who previously worked for a bond fund and said: “I have really strong feelings about Occupy Wall Street and the people involved” – and Peter Kaled, a corporate finance worker from the Upper West Side who said that one of his friends had policed Zuccotti Park at the height of the protests, should not make the cut. [snip]

    McMillan’s lawyers said after the trial was adjourned until Friday that they remained confident the court would “find people that fit the profile” of impartial peers. “We’ve seen people saying they can’t be fair on Occupy, and we’ve seen people who say they can’t be fair on the cops,” Martin Stolar, her lead attorney, said outside court. “A surprising number of people are actually willing to say that they can’t be fair,” said Rebecca Heinegg, his co-counsel.

    A fresh air of optimism had blown into the 11th-floor courtroom with the day’s final pool of 60 potential jurors an hour earlier. Yet when Zweibel asked if any of them thought that they could not be “fair and impartial” in considering the trial at hand, a young woman in the second row instantly threw up an arm and was summoned to a sidebar meeting with the judge and attorneys. “I worked at Deutsche Bank,” she could be heard whispering, before being excused.

  80. Shadowfax
    Do you believe you got something from your religious background? I did. The spirit of what it is to be human. Forgiveness for the self and others. The nuns were harsh except for Sister Geraldine who used to pull my hair and make me sit in the hall til I thought I was mature enough to return. Never did I would go outside. 47 now and proably not mature enough to go back in. LOVE her. Catholic school was serious stuff. Yeah I was bad at times very bad. Stole wine as an alter boy to get drunk in the woods at 12. I had to clap erasers and sweep and polish church stuff for a year for that stunt. Learned that my choices and actions have consequences. Lessons like that were taught to me with kindness. Today I would be a victim of abuse for being forced to wax pews. We did get an occassional smack with a ruler but it was nothing. I was even less pleasant as a child than I am as this man/boy. I needed structure and the Fransicans nuns gave it.n

  81. In Congress, the worst person on earth is Reid.

    The second worst is John McCain.

    The minute Obama appointed a political hack to take over from Sebilius, rather than a respected expert in the field, what did McCain do? He tweeted that this was a great choice, and thereby undercut the position of his own party who wants to use the approval process as a forum to dig into the failures of Obamacare.

    When Hillary threw in the towel in 2008, I crossed over the political divide and advised his campaign. He was presenting himself to the country as a war hero, but as Welsey Clark pointed out, since when does crash landing your plane make you a war hero. Now granted there are people who did that, like Congressman Sam Johnson, and he was a war hero. Try as they did, they could not break him. By contrast they broke McCain, and is father who was an admiral who would visit Annapolis to confer with the Superintendent at the time, Jim Calvert, defending him saying he could not have withstood the torture either. Fast forward to the 2008 campaign, a credible story surfaced that the Obama campaign had the North Viet Namese jailer who would testify to what really happened. McCain was in a panic mode, and from that point on he never took on his opponent. I helped him win the third debate by sending him some of the stuff which appeared here on this blog, they used it and finally, he showed some spine. But today McCain is a boneless wonder and a sell out artist.

  82. henry
    April 13, 2014 at 7:15 pm
    Do you believe you got something from your religious background?

    henry, did I get something from that religious background?

    In a way, but not the way you did.

    – I now expect a ‘church’ to be beautiful, but resent all the money spent to make it that way, especially the Vatican.

    – I learned how to feel really guilty for a lot of things I shouldn’t.

    – I didn’t raise my son to follow any dogma, he turned out to be a good person without all the guilt.

    – My sisters went to Catholic school, I went to public. I was the one that put myself though college and enjoyed getting an education, they hated it. My parents and sisters all had stories of harsh punishments from their nuns.

    – I actually lasted 2 hours in cataclysm classes when I was 10. I got kicked out because I questioned the authority of the Pope.
    When I got home early, my mother was really angry at me, she said I should just keep my mouth closed and let the things I didn’t like, just pass. It didn’t work as a child, it doesn’t work now.

    – Am I a better person because of that religious upbringing? I think my parents taught me right from wrong and I learned it from them, not the church.

  83. henry

    I am glad that religion brings you peace of mind and happiness.

    All the Catholic churches I went to, didn’t talk that much about forgiveness, except from God. I found a lot of finger pointing, and condemnation towards other religions and their followers. My church and parents all thought I would commit a serious sin for sitting in my boyfriend’s Baptist church when I was 18.

    I lived though it without and curses.

  84. Shadowfax

    April 13, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    My church and parents all thought I would commit a serious sin for sitting in my boyfriend’s Baptist church when I was 18.

    I lived through it without any curses.


  85. Ooooh, the Big Dawg dared to go here on voter ID…I just LOVE this idea.

    With 34 states now requiring some form of identification at the polls, former president Bill Clinton and civil rights leader Andrew Young on Wednesday endorsed the idea of adding photos to Social Security cards as a way to prevent voter suppression.

    The two made the recommendation in separate appearances at a conference at the Lyndon B. Johnson presidential library, which is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

    Outstanding idea….which means Obama won’t touch this.

  86. That seems like a reasonable idea, VH, and since it has Andrew Young’s endorsement, maybe Barack will be reluctant to object. Maybe.

  87. From Women State blog – Victim of 2009 Ft. Hood shooting requested a few minutes with Barack to explain why he and fellow victims felt their government had treated them unfairly. The response from the White House: REQUEST DENIED. The staff sergeant, now retired, who requested the meeting was shot seven times by Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan, who admitted that he was acting on behalf of the Taliban. In spite of this admission, as we know, Barack refused to classify the shooting as an act of terror.


    Sunday, April 13, 2014

    “WH Denies ’09 Fort Hood Victim’s Request to Meet With Obama”

    As President Obama spoke of old “wounds” at Fort Hood this week, the White House declined a request from a survivor of the 2009 massacre there to meet with Obama for a few minutes so the veteran could explain face-to-face how he believes the government has mistreated and disrespected the victims of that attack.

    Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford (ret.) was shot seven times in November 2009 when Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood, killing 13 people. Despite Hasan’s admission that he carried out the attack on behalf of the Taliban and revelations that he had been in contact with high-profile al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki, the Department of Defense has refused to classify the shooting as “terrorism,” which the survivors claim in lawsuit against the government has meant they’ve been denied Purple Hearts and combat-related benefits afforded to victims of other terrorist attacks.


  88. VotingHillary
    April 14, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Ooooh, the Big Dawg dared to go here on voter ID…I just LOVE this idea.

    Great idea. 🙂

  89. Kerry drawing criticism from Dems and Repubs in congress for his anti-Israel attitude and remarks.

    April 13, 2014, 09:53 am

    “Kerry under fire on Israel”

    By Peter Sullivan

    As the Middle East peace talks falter, Secretary of State John Kerry is under fire from members of Congress and Israeli officials who say he is being too demanding of the Israelis and too sympathetic to the Palestinians.

    The criticism is a potential headache for Kerry as he tries to save negotiations on which he has staked a significant portion of his reputation, while at the same time juggling crises from Ukraine to Syria.

    It also echoes longstanding criticisms directed at President Obama, who has also been accused of siding with the Palestinians over Israel.

    At the center of the controversy are comments Kerry made at a Senate hearing Tuesday, where he appeared to place greater blame on the Israelis for the breakdown in the talks. He pointed to their construction of new settlements after delaying a release of Palestinian prisoners.

    “Unfortunately, the prisoners weren’t released on the Saturday they were supposed to be released, and so day one went by, day two went by, day three went by, and then in the afternoon, when they were about to maybe get there, 700 settlement units were announced in Jerusalem, and poof, that was sort of the moment,” Kerry said.

    Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that remark was “an unfortunate statement.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  90. Shadowfax April 13, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    … The worst part of religious beliefs to me, are when people hide behind that religion and hurt others because they are not the ‘true believers’. Extremism is ugly no matter what the belief….

    The above applies without a doubt to current extremism among militant Muslims. However, none of us knows much about Islam – even of the peaceful variety – and so, if I may, I’d like to contain the discussion to Christianity. In the process, we might come across something that will help us deal with extremists in other religions.

    The Rock, henry and you are all coming at this ‘discussion on religion’ from the standpoint of people who were raised Catholic; and this is why it interests me so much, because I was raised on the other side of a time-honored wall within Christianity and we all seem to have reached a neutral ground.

    Now, if Catholicism “deals a lot in personal responsibility,” as henry says, the Church seems to have come around to a Protestant viewpoint that was essential to the Reformation: that of personal responsibility for one’s actions, which led to freedom of thought and also democracy as we know it today. Then why are Protestants not recognized by the Church? Why are they refused Communion, and why are Catholics forbidden from entering a protestant church?

    You have all said you’re no expert on dogma, so I don’t expect answers to those questions, but these questions do point to the fact that the Church still issues dogma and, if you don’t believe it, you’re not considered to be Christian.

    My question specifically to you, Shadowfax, is “When does a philosophy become dogma?” WJC had an answer to this question. I’d like to hear yours….

    Mine is that any philosophy that becomes elaborate and intricate and confuses symbolic objects with the real objects they symbolize, becomes a dogma. Example: Symbolically, listening is feminine (passive) and talking is masculine (active). I can accept such symbolism because I think it makes sense; but if I go on to say that women should shut up and listen to their man, I’m confusing symbol with object and have become a dogmatist.

    As an example of this confusion in Catholic dogma, I would take the male/female cleavage that has always existed in the Church; celibacy for both; and the fact that a woman cannot be Pope or even priest, so that all the Church’s edicts are generated by a bunch of aging bachelors who are its only intelligentsia. Why has the Church clung to this principle right into the third millennium?

  91. My question specifically to you, Shadowfax, is “When does a philosophy become dogma?”

    Me —->Philosophy is not one set of ideas nor beliefs, so trying to understand different philosophers, in itself, is not dogmatic.

    Wikipedia – Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument.

    Wikipedia – Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. It serves as part of the primary basis of an ideology, nationalism or belief system, and it cannot be changed or discarded without affecting the very system’s paradigm, or the ideology itself.

    A certain Philosopher and his followers could be considered dogmatic if taken as a way of thinking that allows no deviation.

  92. April 15 is a hard day for many, as their annual federal tax bill comes due. But it could have been worse.

    According to a new report, President Obama has sought 442 tax increases since taking office, though most have died because of congressional opposition.

    Having included 93 new taxes in his fiscal 2015 budget, the anti-tax Americans for Tax Reform reviewed his proposals since his 2009 Inauguration to determine just how tax friendly the president has been. Their conclusion: He’s very friendly.

  93. OT

    Google Buys Drone Company Titan Aerospace

    The first thing I thought of was, would they use it for their Google maps? The second thing I thought of was would they use it to gather info from their competitors?

    At least one question was answered…

    It sounds like Titan will work on a variety of projects for Google.

    Titan will be able to collect photos from around the planet from high up, which could help with Google Earth and Google Maps.

    It will also contribute to Google’s Project Loon, which is sending balloons into the atmosphere which then beams Internet to parts of the world that are not yet connected.

    It’s also likely to work with Makani, another company Google bought, that gets wind power high in the sky, and delivers the energy back to earth through a long cable.

  94. Holder has a clear agenda:

    1. First, flood the United States with millions of illegal aliens, who have no commitment to our laws, no understanding of our traditions and no marketable skills which would enable them to contribute to our nation’s future. Most of them cannot even speak English, live in ghettos and are a hotbed for radicalism and terrorism. Label anyone who suggests as a racist.

    2. Second, sue the states who have imposed voter identification requirement, under the false pretext of voter suppression. Use the IRS to stalk and punish private organizations like True to Vote who seek to ensure honest elections.

    3. Third, salt their get out to vote efforts with millions of these illegals, bring them into polling places, and get them to vote for candidates and policies that undermine the Republic, and replace it with a non white welfare state.

  95. Most people are too fucking stupid to see the connection between Holders non enforcement of our election laws and his efforts to destroy voter identification requirements.

    Bill Clinton’s suggestion calls him out on that issue.

  96. Correction: Most people are too fucking stupid to see the connection between Holders non enforcement of our IMMIGRATION laws and his efforts to destroy voter identification requirements. And big media does their part to hide it as well, by creating sympathy for law breakers.

    Bill Clinton’s suggestion calls him out on that issue.

  97. Wbb

    Bill Clinton’s suggestion calls him out on that issue.

    I agree. I was thinking that it is pretty easy for illegals to get a drivers license in some border states, (Someone posted a link that CA was going to try to pass the law, God forbid).

    Many illegals use the same social security number, I saw it when I had to run credit checks at a bank, many moons ago, but if we had our photo on our SS card, that would make it more difficult to vote if that is the card we need to show proof of being a citizen. Hopefully they would make it next to impossible to duplicate.

  98. anyone else reading this? if this is true…it is so disgusting…and Reid should be taken out of the leadership…there have been all kinds of story in the past about Reid and his son…and Reid has become a multimillionarie…how’d he do that on a senator’s salary? I know the feds called it off, but now Reid is supposed to be saying this isn’t over…if anyone gets hurt, that man has the blood on his hands…and for what…China? if this is anywhere near true, the Democratic leadership is much, much worse than i ever dreamed…

    Reports: Company Tied to Reid’s Son Wants Land in Bundy Standoff

    The Nevada rancher who forced the federal Bureau of Land Management to back down last week may have been targeted because a Chinese solar company with ties to Sen. Harry Reid’s son wants the land for an energy plant, several websites report.

    A report on, says Chinese energy giant ENN Energy Group wants to use federal land as part of its effort to build a $5 billion solar farm and panel-building plant in the southern Nevada desert. Rory Reid, the son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is representing ENN in their efforts to locate in Nevada.

    Part of the land ENN wants to use was purchased from Clark County at well below appraised value. Rory Reid is the former Clark County Commission chairman, and he persuaded the commission to sell 9,000 acres of county land to ENN on the promise it would provide jobs for the area, Reuters reported in 2012

    In addition to the county acreage, the federal Bureau of Land Management at one time was looking at BLM property under dispute with cattle rancher Cliven Bundy. The BLM is headed by former Harry Reid senior policy adviser Neil Kornz.

    According to BizPac Review, BLM documents indicate that the federal property for which Bundy claims grazing rights were under consideration by a solar energy company. Those documents have since been removed from BLM’s website, but BizPac quotes from one of them:

    “Non-Governmental Organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle.”

    “Trespass cattle” is a reference to Bundy’s herd. Bundy’s family has grazed cattle on the land since the 1870s, and Bundy maintains he has grazing rights to the federal land. But he hasn’t paid his federal grazing fees in 20 years in a dispute with the BLM.

    BLM agents hired contract cowboys earlier this year to seize hundreds of head of cattle and were moving in to seize the rest when militia members from across the country and other supporters showed up last week.

    Citing a dangerous situation, the BLM backed off its efforts and returned Bundy’s cattle Saturday, but it has vowed to continue fighting him in court and administratively.

    In its effort to get Bundy off the land, it has attempted to get him to reduce his 1,000-head herd to 150, The Blaze’s Dana Loesch reports. Bundy says his ranch would not be viable with a herd that small.

    The BLM claims a need to control grazing on the land to protect an endangered desert tortoise. But Loesch and others note that in August, the tortoise population in a nearby conservation center was set to be euthanized because of underfunding.

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service denied those reports, saying that only unhealthy tortoises would be euthanized and others would be relocated. But KVVU-TV in Las Vegas reported that the agency didn’t say how many of the tortoises in its care were deemed “healthy.”

    Further, Loesch reports, Harry Reid pressured the BLM to change the tortoise’s protected zone to accommodate developer Harvey Whittemore, one of the Democrat’s top donors. Whittemore was convicted in May 2013 of making illegal campaign contributions to him.

    “BLM has proven that they’ve a situational concern for the desert tortoise as they’ve had no problem waiving their rules concerning wind or solar power development,” Loesch writes.

    “Clearly, these developments have vastly affected a tortoise habitat more than a century-old, quasi-homesteading grazing area. If only Clive Bundy were a big Reid donor.”

  99. foxyladi14

    April 14, 2014 at 11:29 am
    What a class act Sharyl is.

    She has no peer with the possible exception of Emile Zola/

  100. S

    April 14, 2014 at 5:38 pm
    We had a case like this–Stewards of the Range vs Glickman. The rancher in question, Wayne Hage, and his wife Helen Hage were friends of mine. His ranch consisted of 750 square miles of arid land which was situated on public lands. But from time immemorial in barren regions like Nevada the government has recognized private property rights. He took his case to the US Court of Claims, instead of Federal District Court. He collected 28 million in damages/

  101. wbboei
    April 14, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    April 14, 2014 at 11:29 am
    What a class act Sharyl is.

    She has no peer with the possible exception of Emile Zola/


    foxyladi and Wbboei…

    Sharyl is the kind of journalist we grew up believing in…when most of us were kids and learned about the 3 different branches of government we were led to believe that journalists existed to investigate our government and keep it honest…

    …and what made the good old USA so special is that we respected the ‘freedom of the press’…we really did believe in the people…

    fast forward and most journalists have been bought and sold as mouthpieces and rationalizers and any that remain investigative journalists have to fear retribution if they don’t keep your mouths shut…or leave the country to speak and communicate what they find…

    very sad state of affairs…and most conclude it has never been worse than O and the Chicago thugs threatening and intimadating everyone…too bad they didn’t expose it many years ago…

    that is one reason why i respect and enjoy this blog so much…admin has remained fearless throughout it all…courageous…

    …and major kudos to Sharyl…stay say girlfriend…I worry for her and her family…and her publisher…

  102. wbboei
    April 14, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    April 14, 2014 at 5:38 pm


    wbboei…that is heartening and good news to hear…imagine the Senate Majority Leader putting American ranchers off the land so China could set up a billion dollar company his son will profit from…

    if this is true and Reid and his son were to prevail and profit then in my mind all sense of justice is gone…

    frankly, it would not surprise me because as i mentioned earlier when you look at the land grabs that have happened recently under ’eminent domain’, sadly it is the democrats taking the land from the homeowners, etc…

    for example


    But five justices — John Paul Stevens, Stephen Breyer, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Anthony Kennedy — decided otherwise. With their imprimatur, New London confiscated the modest but well-cared-for homes of Fort Trumbull. The last remaining owners were forced out. The bulldozers moved in. The land was cleared for the kind of upscale redevelopment that Pfizer and its political allies in New London craved: a posh hotel, a conference center, a condominium complex, a health club, and high-end shops.

    And how did it all end up?

    When journalist Charlotte Allen went recently to New London to find out, what she found, as she reported in The Weekly Standard, was “a vast, empty field — 90 acres — that was entirely uninhabited and looked as though it had always been that way.” There is no hotel, no health club, no condos. The neighborhood that for generations had been home to working-class families like the Derys and Cristofaros is now a “deserted incline,” where the only signs of life are “waist-high dead weeds.”

    The homeowners were dispossessed for nothing. Fort Trumbull was never redeveloped. Pfizer itself bailed out of New London in 2009. The Kelo decision was a disaster, as even the city’s present political leaders acknowledge. Allen writes that the current mayor, who was elected in 2011, has formally apologized to the Kelo plaintiffs, calling the decision a “black stain” on New London’s reputation. City officials agreed to install a plaque on the heights above the Thames in memory of Margherita Cristofaro, who died during the long legal battle. It notes that she and her family “made significant contributions to the Italian-American community, sacrificing two family homes to the eminent domain process.”


    it was the freaking democrats that allowed that…shameful…taking homes from people that now is an empty lot of nothing…

  103. S
    April 14, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    I did hear that the cow grab and mini protest were centered on Reid’s scam to give it to a Chinese company.

    It was also reported that the Feds backed off and left within 24 hours of the story being broken by certain news sites.

  104. Shadowfax,

    I am with the cowboys and cowgirls on this one…

    maybe there can be some compromise on “fees” but the fed shouldn’t be in there taking little calves from their Momma cows…

    what kind of a government are we running?

    …loved seeing all those people riding in on horses to the rescue…

  105. Aired on local TV this noon in Harry’s neck of the woods. Complete with video. Hear Harry say we can’t have Americans violating the law….
    Sen. Reid on Cattle Battle: “It’s not over”
    RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) — Senate majority leader Harry Reid hasn’t been very vocal about the cattle battle showdown in recent days, but says “it’s not over.”

    Reid tells News4’s Samantha Boatman his take on the so-called cattle battle in southern Las Vegas. “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,” Reid said.

    Senator Reid had just wrapped up a speech and question and answer session with students at UNR.

  106. Holdthemaccountable…

    your name really applies here…some reporter should do a full investigation and paper trail of Harry Reid and his son and all their business dealings and just how he got so rich…

    just heard on tv…that the reason the fed gave, aside from grazing fees, was to protect a old tortise…and then the report went on to state that the same old tortoise is also not compatible with the solar company that Reid and his son…and evidently the judge Harry had appointed that open the door to all of this…all want..

    so sick of all this corruption…follow the money…

  107. maybe some wealthy supporters can assist the bundys and reach a fair payment on grazing fees…i heard a figure of about $300,000…maybe they can negotiate that and make this fair to all…

    but no Harry Reid and his son bagging this land as profiteers…for China…no way Jose…

  108. S – I’ve read numerous accounts of the cattle battle. At least one claim has been published that Bundy is up-to-date on payments. But that of course is the least of it.
    I love that Harry said Americans can’t break the law & walk away as it makes a case for Obama and Holder being something other than American.

  109. Admin mentioned Occupy Wall St earlier…

    took a look at some leftie blogs and they are so pro government and against the Bundys…but they had no problem with the Occupy Wall St crowd damaging property and all the other vulgar stuff they did…

    such a ‘us against them’ them mentality as long as they perceive it is the other side…the left is losing its sense of humanity…and common sense…wait until they come for their homes like they did in Connecticut…then we’ll see how pro government they are…

  110. The cow munching protest was no match for Reid, the US militia groups were coming out of the forests to help raise Hell.

    Lil’ Harry was super afraid.

  111. The government was totally functioning as Big brother in the Bundy case. Does it seem a little strange to anyone else that the “liberal” (they have disgraced the damned term) community was on the side of government. The Kooks had a particularly venomous article about Bundy. Other prog sites trashed him, as well. One group that was conspicuously absent in the Bundy situation was PETA – in spite of the fact that some of the baby calves died because they were separated from their mothers by representatives of the government. What a bunch of gutless wonders the entire Prog community turned out to be. They would not have lasted a second back in the day when people protested when government got out of line, regardless of whether there was a Dem or a Republican in the WH.

    Shadow, you’re right about Reid being scared. I think also that when BLM realized that they had started something to which there would be no quiet, happy ending, they knew they had screwed up – big time. Just wait till campaigning ratchets up for the midterms. The Pubs will play so many clips of this debacle, it will be all Bundy, all the time.

    Wbb your point about Holder’s opposition to photo voter ID was spot on. If the Dems can count on votes from an adequate number of illegals, the Republican party can lock up and go home. Don’t even bother running.

  112. WBB,

    Thanks about the Patton story above. Will be interesting, it always seemed strange, the way he died. Hope there is no truth to it.

    April 14, 2014 at 5:02 pm
    Most people are too fucking stupid to see the connection between Holders non enforcement of our election laws and his efforts to destroy voter identification requirements.

    Bill Clinton’s suggestion calls him out on that issue.

    Unfortunately BC hired Holder first, we have him to thank.

    Isn’t it “racist” to want a National ID? Everytime the Repubs called for one, they are called “racist”…I don’t hear that with BC. Another example of the bias of Media.

    I also can’t fault McCain for “breaking”…I don’t know many that could withstand torture for 5 years. I remember a line in “Homeland”, the Marine who was tortured and turned…he said you think you will be able to handle it, but you can’t last over a week. I think that is probably true. Foreign countries aren’t playing by any rules, it must have been horrendous, unfathomable.

  113. jeswezey

    April 14, 2014 at 12:41 pm
    The above applies without a doubt to current extremism among militant Muslims. However, none of us knows much about Islam – even of the peaceful variety – and so, if I may, I’d like to contain the discussion to Christianity. In the process, we might come across something that will help us deal with extremists in other religions.
    The Rock, henry and you are all coming at this ‘discussion on religion’ from the standpoint of people who were raised Catholic; and this is why it interests me so much, because I was raised on the other side of a time-honored wall within Christianity and we all seem to have reached a neutral ground.
    Now, if Catholicism “deals a lot in personal responsibility,” as henry says, the Church seems to have come around to a Protestant viewpoint that was essential to the Reformation: that of personal responsibility for one’s actions, which led to freedom of thought and also democracy as we know it today. Then why are Protestants not recognized by the Church? Why are they refused Communion, and why are Catholics forbidden from entering a protestant church?

    I am heartened by this mini-discussion of religion. Without discussions like these, profound untruths are maintained and passed on, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We have heard from someone who SHOULD BE the opposite of what a Catholic should look like, praise the journey he followed growing up in the church. We have heard from a voice that cried out in rebellion AGAINST the church’s norms. Both gave the reasons for those differences. My heart sings that this is demonstrated over and over again here.

    I am only going to respond to the above section of your post. I think that Shadow addressed your philosophy question quite well. Also, however henry chose to frame his ‘personal responsibility’ statement, it should be clear from his response that he was speaking from his own personal experience. That is the centerpiece of EVERY discussion of religion, race, economics, politics, etc. Personal experience defines how each of us sees the world. I share his common experience of being educated in a Catholic school, and I can relate to the reasons for the actions of his teachers. I sincerely doubt that those experiences are rooted in Catholic dogma. I believe that they are rooted in strict nuns and, in my case, reverend brothers of the church. Because it has worked for decades.

    I also do not think that Shadow’s comment is limited to just Muslim extremism. I gave you two examples of CHRISTIAN extremism, and the kind right here within our shores. Her point seemed to highlight the fact that belief is a powerful thing that can be abused no matter what doctrine or dogma that you consider your truth. Here again it is the individual that will take what they captured from what was taught to them and express it in their daily lives. THAT is the personal responsibility that drives every belief system. Each one saying, ‘Here is a set of beliefs based on this dogma (yes, even Protestants have dogma). Use them to live your life.’

    To the direct statements about Protestants not being recognized by the church, Protestants being refused Communion and Catholics being forbidden from entering Protestant churches. I can only assume that these are thing that you were taught, because none of them are true. Nobody is refused the Sacrament of Communion, it is that you must fulfil the requirements to get the Sacrament of Communion. There is a huge difference between those two statements. Also, I have NEVER been forbidden to enter ANY of God’s houses on earth. Finally, the Catholic Church does recognize the Protestant Churches in all their forms. I have never met an agent (meaning priest, deacon, bishop, etc) or scholar of the church in this day and age that does not recognize any of the Protestant churches.

    Finally, you focused on a statement made by henry and one made by Shadow in this discussion to gain a measure of clarity and drive the discussion in a certain direction. I hope that my thoughts have in some way aided in the general discourse in a positive way. I always seek constructive criticism and correction when I stray (thank you Lenora!). That said, you have dismissed the comment that I raised concerning the education you received from your grandparents. A comment should be made as to the direction that they placed you on when they taught you that, as you said, the doors to the Catholic Church are the gates of hell. Is it normal for the leaders of your church to demean other churches like that where you pray? Is it just Catholicism that your pastors demean like that? For those that maintain that kind of thinking about Catholicism, does that mean they also hate Catholics? Where then do you place the works of the countless sisters and priests that toil in the slums of the world bringing relief and comfort? Are they hell’s gatekeepers? I know I am curious to know your views on these. I hope you will do me the honor of bringing clarity to that very interesting tibit that you were taught as a youth.

    Hillary 2016

  114. Brilliant campaign ad by jdWinteregg, who is challenging Boehner. Both have names amenable to abuse. JD does well with his adversary’s: www dot Published 4/13/14. When The Moment Is Right.

  115. Article posits that calling Repubs racist, the Dim strategy for motivating its base to vote in mid-terms, is at best, lame and at worst, may backfire. The argument makes sense. The Dims have over-played the race card. But, check-out the laughable comment from anonymous Democratic strategist quoted in the article. He/she admonishes the Democrats to look to Barack for an example, and actually says that Obama never accused an opponent of racism. AYFKM?! Who is this “anonymous Democratic strategist” ? Was he in a coma during the 2008 race for Democratic nominee? Maybe he’s only 18, and possibly just doing an internship. He would have been only 12 years old during 2008, and probably unaware of the fact that any and everyone who supported Hillary Clinton was called ‘RACIST”. With the exception of the Dem strategist’s idiotic statement about Race Baiter Barack, it’s a pretty good article.


    “Democrats are talking about race and the Republican Party an awful lot lately. Is it a smart midterm strategy?”


    April 14 at 1:51 pm

    So what to make of Democrats’ rhetoric? Regardless of motivation, they’ve elevated the question of whether strains of racism exist within the GOP and that is far from a risk-free proposition, strategists in both parties say.

    “Very risky to accuse the GOP of outright, overt racism,” said one Democratic strategist who was granted anonymity to speak candidly. “Midterms are about motivating your base, so perhaps that is what’s going on. I think more Democrats should take their cues from President Obama, who to my knowledge has never accused his opponents of being racially motivated.”

    Saying outright that elements of the Republican Party are racist could potentially spur minorities — who vote overwhelmingly Democratic — to turn out in larger numbers and give them something to rally against. But it could also have the opposite effect: Energizing the Republican base to voice their disagreement at the polls with what Democrats are saying about their party.

    Midterm voters “don’t turn out to vote for something, they turn out to vote against something,” said Republican pollster Glen Bolger. “Republicans have their motivation, but the Democratic leadership is casting about for ways to get their base to the polls. Maybe it’s one of their blind data tests; Harry Reid is crying about the Koch Brothers, while the House side has been assigned ‘Republican racism’ as their meme. It’s a pretty thin gruel the Democrats are trying to serve to their voters.”


  116. I think more Democrats should take their cues from President Obama, who to my knowledge has never accused his opponents of being racially motivated
    Sir, is your knowledge of Obama really that limited. Evidently, you never read the article Race Man written during South Carolina campaign. The fact is there was plenty of evidence, but like the German civilian population in the town of Auschwitz, you saw only what you wanted to. I cannot continue wasting my time rebutting these kind of lies from Obama worshipping idiots. Like it or not, the Democrat Party and Obama are joined at the hip, and efforts by scumbags like Sullivan to elevate one over the other is just another lie.

    “Should the entire American Left fall over dead tomorrow, I would rejoice, and order pizza to celebrate. They are not my countrymen; they are animals who happen to walk upright and make noises that approximate speech. They are below human. I look forward to seeing each and every one in Hell.”—Thomas Crown.

    Here’s looking at you, Sean Sullivan—you fucking asshole.

  117. What the above shows me is that even after 7 years and a mountain of contrary evidence, these loons have not come to terms with reality. They are like The Boys from Brazil.

  118. foxyladi14
    April 15, 2014 at 10:56 am
    Holdem here it is he gets my vote.
    It is good to see this much snark in a GOP candidate.

  119. ooops…the O govt got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and taking something that was not theirs to take…

    Social Security stops trying to collect on old debts by seizing tax refunds
    572Share to FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInAdd to PersonalPostShare via EmailPrint ArticleMore
    By Marc Fisher, Published: April 14E-mail the writer
    The Social Security Administration announced Monday that it will immediately cease efforts to collect on taxpayers’ debts to the government that are more than 10 years old.

    The action comes after The Washington Post reported that the government was seizing state and federal tax refunds that were on their way to about 400,000 Americans who had relatives who owed money to the Social Security agency. In many cases, the people whose refunds were intercepted had never heard of any debt, and the debts dated as far back as the middle of the past century.

    “I have directed an immediate halt to further referrals under the Treasury Offset Program to recover debts owed to the agency that are 10 years old and older pending a thorough review of our responsibility and discretion under the current law,” the acting Social Security commissioner, Carolyn Colvin, said in a statement.

    Colvin said anyone who has received Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits and “believes they have been incorrectly assessed with an overpayment” should contact the agency and “seek options to resolve the overpayment.”

    The effort to collect on old debts began with a single line in the 2008 farm bill that lifted the statute of limitations on debts to the government that are more than 10 years old. The Treasury Department then set up rules that allowed the government to settle such debts by intercepting taxpayers’ refunds. The department has collected about $2 billion in intercepted tax refunds this year, $75 million of that on debts delinquent for more than 10 years.

    Mary Grice, a federal worker who lives in Takoma Park, Md., never got the refunds she was expecting to see in her mailbox this year. The government seized her checks because of a $2,996 debt that was supposedly incurred under her father’s Social Security number. Her father died in 1960, when she was 4, and her mother received survivors’ benefits thereafter.

    But 37 years passed between when the Social Security agency says it overpaid someone in the Grice family and when Mary Grice’s refund was taken. She was unable to find out from the agency exactly who received the overpayment — her mother or perhaps her father’s first wife, both of whom are no longer living.

    The suspension of the collection effort is “the right thing to do,” said Grice’s attorney, Robert Vogel. “It’s a first step. The next thing they have to do is stop collecting debts from children under any circumstances.”

    Vogel filed suit in federal court in Greenbelt, Md., last week, alleging that the government denied Grice due process by failing to give her notice of the debt and by taking the money from her, even though she was not receiving government benefits at the time the debt was incurred.

    Vogel and several members of Congress argued that the government should not be holding children accountable for the financial acts of their parents. The Federal Trade Commission, on its Web site, advises Americans that “family members typically are not obligated to pay the debts of a deceased relative from their own assets.”

    After The Post’s article was published late last week, many hundreds of taxpayers whose refunds had been intercepted came forward and complained to members of Congress that they had been given no notice of the debts and that the government had not explained why they were being held responsible for debts that their deceased parents may have incurred.

    In a note Social Security officials sent to several members of Congress on Monday, the agency said, “We will be reexamining our responsibilities under current law for such referrals and will be notifying you of our conclusions upon completion of the thorough review.”

    In a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Monday, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) said that government agencies were apparently “not properly notifying individuals or allowing them to inspect records of the debt they supposedly owe, which are violations of the law.”

    Grassley said that although Congress did authorize the government to seek payment on old debts, the law “says nothing about allowing the government to offset payments from an individual to pay debts not in his or her name. It is unclear where the government has that authority.”

    The senator said that Congress created a rigorous system to ensure that debt collection is handled transparently but that “it appears that agencies are abusing this system.”

  120. …speaking of the farm bill above…why isn’t the left going after all the so-called multi million dollar corporations and Congressmen that get taxpayer money for their “farms” instead of going after Bundy…

    …and I have wondered the exact same thing Freespirit…where the hell was the full throated PETA?…where were all the protestors? where was all the paint they throw on people when they protest? where are all the celebrities that were so proud to pose nude in the magazines to make their point to protect animals?

    not a peep…just let the little calves be pulled from their Mommas and be left to starve and die…

    thanks PETA…you are right there when you are justifiably needed…

    and thanks to the far left…you just continue to prove what hypocrites you all are…you have become the government you used to challenge and braindead as well…


    The next ObamaCare disasters

    On Friday the president used the long-awaited resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to again claim victory for his namesake health law. “She got it fixed, got the job done,” Obama said.


    Sorry, there is plenty more bad news ahead.

    It’s not called SebeliusCare, and she wasn’t to blame for most of its problems. The horrors were mostly baked into the law, with some made worse by the president’s dishonest hard sell to get unsuspecting Americans to sign up.

    Premium defaults
    Obama claimed Friday that 7.5 million people have enrolled in exchange coverage. In fact, perhaps 20 percent haven’t paid their first premium and therefore aren’t covered, according to estimates by RAND Corp. and Goldman Sachs.

    The bigger question is how many will keep paying premiums. That’s got the American Medical Association, a chief ObamaCare booster, so worried that it’s sending warnings to its members.

    Why the concern? First-time insurance purchasers, especially those living paycheck to paycheck, will be shocked by ObamaCare’s high deductibles, about $3,000 for the silver plan (the most commonly selected) and $5,000 for the bronze plan (the most affordable).

    Basically, you’ll have to pay thousands out of pocket for appointments, tests and prescriptions until you reach your deductible.

    Millennials who heard Obama say on “Between Two Ferns” that they can buy a health plan for the price of a cellphone contract won’t be laughing when they realize what the $5,000 deductible means. (It’s like a cellphone contract that makes you pay $5 a text for your first thousand texts.) Rather than pay thousands out of pocket for care while also paying premiums, some will quit paying premiums.

    That’s why the AMA is worried. Section 1412 of the health law gives consumers a 90-day “grace period” before their subsidized plan is canceled for nonpayment. But insurers only have to keep paying doctors and hospitals for 30 days. The next 60 days of care are on the care provider. The AMA says “it could pose a significant financial risk for medical practices.”

    Premium hikes
    Consumers reeling from Obama­Care premium shock are in for another jolt when the 2015 rates come out.

    Overall, consumers had to pay far more for individual plans this year. In some states (Delaware and New Hampshire), rates went up 90 percent or even 100 percent, according to a newly released Morgan Stanley analysis.

    And insurance executives already are warning about double- or triple-digit hikes for next year. “I do think it’s likely premium-rate shocks are coming,” said Chet Burrell, CEO of Care First BlueCross BlueShield. Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, one of the first to raise the alarm, said increases “could go as high as 100 percent.”

    In most states, insurers will be setting their 2015 rates in June, but the administration is doing everything possible to keep the grim news under the radar until after the November elections. It even postponed the beginning of the open enrollment period until Nov. 15.

    Losing on-the-job coverage
    But there’s no way to hide the impact on the 25 million to 30 million Americans who could lose coverage in the coming months.

    For the same reasons that millions of policies in the individual market were canceled last year, employers who buy plans in the small-group market will have a hard time renewing their old plans this year. Many will have to choose between providing the more costly ObamaCare benefit package or dropping coverage altogether.

    Count on employers with low-wage work forces (such as retailers, hoteliers and restaurateurs) to push employees and their families into the exchanges.

    Protests over cancer care
    Cancer is the leading cause of death in America and our No. 1 health fear. But access to the nation’s top cancer centers is becoming a hot-button issue, as ObamaCare enrollees are finding how few choices of hospitals and doctors they have.

    Many plans exclude all specialty cancer hospitals, even though research shows that women with ovarian cancer, for example, live a year longer when they are treated at high-volume cancer hospitals instead of local facilities. But insurers say they’d have to raise premiums for exchange plans even higher if this growing outrage over access to cancer centers forces them to broaden their networks.

    The president said Friday that ObamaCare has “turned the corner.” Not exactly. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says he hopes the confirmation hearings for Sebelius’ successor, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, “will be the start of a candid conversation about ObamaCare’s shortcomings.”

    That could take a while.


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