Reality Intrudes: Sebelius Resigns

Update: Obama is right about Sebelius but not in the way he meant it. “Kathleen Sebelius resignation: Obama says the HHS secretary will ‘go down in history‘” That’s like saying “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” She’s “going down” in history alright. We’ll make sure of that. Maybe Sebelius will retaliate like Brownie did and call out Obama as an incompetent boob not bothered about his supposed “legacy” “achievement”.

Even as Obama and Sebelius tried to polish their ObamaCare turd today there was One final glitch: Sebelius’s farewell speech derails because … it’s missing a page. Ah, good times, good times. The Obama circus is losing one of it’s biggest clowns.


Barack Obama is the one that should be forced to resign or be removed. But for now Sebelius is the one to take the fall. Yup, Sebelius to resign as secretary of HHS.

To punish Sebelius she should be forced to go on ObamaCare. She was not fired. She has not been punished. Force ObamaCare down her throat. Next stop: the nomination fight of her successor, OMB Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell.

There will be a lot of updates on this resignation as the **it hits the fan. For now it is time to polish the ammo to be used in the nomination fight to come in the midst of the November midterm elections.

In the nomination fight to come, one of the issues will be the necessary repeal of ObamaCare. The response to this from Obama ObamaCare shills is that the problem with ObamaCare is not enough ObamaCare. To them a “fix” here and there will solve the nonexistent problems.

We point out that the “fixes” proposed for ObamaCare effectively kill ObamaCare. ObamaCare cannot be fixed. “Oh, but people want ObamaCare fixed with more ObamaCare” these apologists claim. Enter reality, via former darlings of Obama Hopium Guzzlers- Nate Silver and the Huff n’ Puff:

“FiveThirtyEight, HuffPost Destroy Idea of ‘Secret Majority Supporting Obamacare’

On Thursday, a USA Today/Pew Research Center survey confirmed what most already know: the Affordable Care Act is not popular. 50 percent of respondents in that survey said they continue to disapprove of the ACA compared with 37 percent who approve of the law. That is largely stable from that survey’s results last month which found 53 percent disapproving and 41 percent approving of the ACA.

In fact, Pew’s results are consistent with other polls which have found broad disapproval of the law since it’s passage in 2010. Today, the Real Clear Politics average of opinion polls shows the ACA remains unpopular with an average of 52.2 percent of the public compared with an average of 39.8 who approve.

No matter, some of the ACA’s supporters say. For within those surveys that persistently show the public disapproving of the law lay secret subsets of respondents who, when added together, reveal that majorities actually adore the health care reform law.

“If one combines the segment that wants a more liberal approach to health care reform with those who approve of the law, a plurality of Americans view health care change favorably,” declared the New York Times‘ Allison Kopicki on the day the ACA’s troubled online presence went live last October.”

We read the same rubbish all the time. “Americans want more ObamaCare” not less recite the apologists:

“Based on a November CNN survey which asked respondents who say they oppose the law why that is the case, analyst Steve Benen declared that, in spite of the fact that 58 percent said they oppose the law, the ACA is secretly beloved. “In other words, as the CNN analysis explained, 54% of the country either supports Obamacare, or say it’s not liberal enough,” he exclaimed.”

Jamelle Bouie at The Daily Beast has written the same rubbish. Ditto CNN (“Thirty-nine percent say they oppose the law because it’s too liberal, but 12% say they oppose it because it’s not liberal enough.” “That means half the public either favors Obamacare, or opposes it [because it] doesn’t go far enough.”.)

This delusion will be tested fully in November. Kathleen Sebelius tried to sail that river of denial but reality intruded on her reveries. The “math” from the once beloved Obama acolytes at 538 and Huff n’ Puff tell another story:

“Recently, partnering with the polling firm YouGov, Huffington Post polling analyst Mark Blumenthal attempted to duplicate CNN’s method of divining support for the ACA among those who do not support the ACA. To clarify CNN’s findings, he performed one extra step. “In your own words,” HuffPost asked select respondents, “what do you mean when you say the health care law is not liberal enough?”

“[V]ery few said they opposed the law because they would prefer a ‘single payer’ system (6 percent of those answering) or would prefer either the ‘public option’ or an alternative to ensure “healthcare for all” (4 percent),” Blumenthal revealed.

A much larger portion of the not-liberal-enough group referenced high costs (15 percent), the mandate to purchase health insurance (12 percent), or more general complaints about a lack of choice or too much government control (13 percent).

“I don’t think forcing everyone to buy insurance is liberal at all,” one respondent told Blumenthal.

Liberal means choice to me at least and it leaves us no choice, we are forced to buy insurance we may neither need or want,” another said.”

Call rewrite at the ObamaCare Dreamworks studios of delusion.

Bad enough coming from the Huff n’ Puff. Then Nate put the Silver knife right through the heart of this bloodsucker’s delight argument:

“But the fatal blow to this happy theory came from statistical guru Nate Silver‘s outlet, Five Thirty Eight. On Thursday, analyst Harry Enten observed ACA supporters have not only misread polling results that show some say the ACA is not liberal enough, but they have also misconstrued polling results which show ACA does not go “far enough.”

“The ‘not far enough’ group has been read as opposition from the political left,” Enten wrote. “But in the Democracy Corps survey, 13 percent of Republicans said Obamacare didn’t go far enough in changing health care. Only 4 percent of Democrats said the same.

The ABC News survey was more evenly split, but there was still no major Democratic opposition. Nine percent of Republicans and 8 percent of Democrats said the law didn’t go far enough, according to ABC News.

For most, the ACA is, in fact, unpopular. To the extent that this fact remains murky to some, the Pew survey released this week indicates that it will become clear as day in November.

“In the survey, taken after President Obama announced a surprising 7.1 million Americans had signed up for health care through the law’s exchanges, more than eight in 10 registered voters say a candidate’s stance on the law will be an important factor in determining their vote,” wrote USA Today‘s Susan Page. “A 54% majority call it very important.”

By 2-1, those who rate the issue as very important disapprove of the law,” she continued. “That means it is more likely to motivate opponents than supporters to vote — a critical element in midterm elections when turnout often is low.”

Reality is paging Sylvia Burell in the lobby of the Roach Motel. Don’t go in there girlfriend.