Job Killer #ObamaCare

He is black. He is smart. He is a fry cook. He fried the boob.

Darnell Summmers, a fry cook, understands that because of ObamaCare his job and his life are being destroyed. Summers told Boob Obama during a Google hangout that because of ObamaCare he and many of his co-workers lost the opportunity to work full time. “We were broken down to part time to avoid paying health insurance,” he said. Fry cook Summers and his co-workers once worked full time but because of ObamaCare they now are part time workers with reduced wages and reduced hopes for a better life. Boob Obama prattled on and on and on and on in his reply about stuff that is not germane to what Darnell Summers cares about. Obama did not address the central issue raised by fry cook Darnell Summers: ObamaCare is a job killer.

During that hangout Boob Obama was also lambasted by a Kentucky woman for the harm ObamaCare inflicted on her and her family:

“I’m probably not the only one whose had really a panicked experience lately trying to figure out if my 10-year-old son can continue with his specialist or not,” the woman, Rebecca, said. “I know that I can’t keep my plan — which I liked — but as I’m trying to figure out what to do going forward, I’ve spent weeks with days on the phone getting confidently delivered wrong answers, conflicting information.

“It’s becoming quite obvious to me that a lot of agencies, almost everyone I’ve talked to, is having a lot of trouble figuring out the new rules,” the mother continued.

Boob Barack ignored her intelligent point that she and other Americans are victimized by ObamaCare and that those put in charge by Obama don’t know what they are doing. Obama passed her problem on to an aide with promises of deliverance for her but not the millions more attacked by ObamaCare.

Barack Obama’s “la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you” responses will likely be the same to the CBO report that confirmed fry cook Darnell Summers’ critique of ObamaCare. Summers might not be the most educated or articulate man in town but he is smart enough to see clearly what many of the most educated continue to deny: ObamaCare is a job killer:

“The Republicans just got a big gift from the Congressional Budget Office: It’s going to be a lot easier for them to call Obamacare a “job killer.”

That’s because the budget office’s new economic report says the health care law will cause Americans to work fewer hours – enough to be the equivalent of 2 million fewer jobs in 2017.

The latest number is nearly three times as high as the budget office’s previous prediction, and it’s supposed to rise in later years to the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs in 2024.”

This job killer news was good news said the White House: When you think about it, 2.5 million fewer people working because of ObamaCare is good news. For lazy, vacation happy Barack Obama, work is for fools.

Obama Dimorats up for reelection this year might get to experience the bliss of Obama and soon be jobless. They deserve to be jobless. These are truly stupid people. Some of these ObamaDolts think the worse is over for them on ObamaCare. They don’t seem to realize that Americans, even fry cooks, realize ObamaCare is a job killer.

Ignoring the fact that ObamaCare is unaffordable and a job killer, the ObamaDolts at Enroll America are spending millions of dollars on singing cats, dogs and goldfish to lure women to their doom:

The ObamaDolts think ‘Musical pets will save the day’:

“They’ll fix the bad website. They’ll fix the fact that you can’t get basic errors on your applications corrected. They’ll fix the website’s inability to calculate subsidies. They’ll fix all the uncertainty that Obamacare has brought to part-time and full-time workers. They’ll fix the fact that several state exchanges are on the verge of collapse.”

Throw Obama Dimocrats into a tank of pirahana, pumas, and pit bulls. These “pets” will save the day.


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  1. “…enough to be the equivalent of 2 million fewer jobs in 2017.”

    This nightmare is being spun as 2 million more part-time employees that are currently working full-time but who will have the “freedom” of being poor on crap insurance with piddling subsidies for enormously expensive premiums with breathtaking deductibles and co-pays and tiny networks for care. The quote says 2 MILLION FEWER JOBS. As in 40 hour full time jobs that will be GONE. It can be explained as 10 MILLION reduced to 32 hours, or 4 MILLION reduced to 20 hours, or 8 MILLION to 8 hours per week. With the lowest number of workers already in the workforce for decades this smarmy elitism by this White House needs to be kicked back in their face.

  2. The ObamaDolts think ‘Musical pets will save the day’

    Dumb down the commercials so preteens will pay attention and the youth will skate past it – with a swipe.

    More wasted tax dollars by the morons.

  3. Obama is a job killer.

    Obama is also an eternal economy killer.

    Obama is a healthcare killer.

    That’s what we get when a stupid electorate votes for the color of a MAN’s skin.

    That’s what we get when we put a slacker in the WhiteHouse.

    Thank God 9-11 didn’t happen on Obama’s watch, we can imagine what Hell life would be now.

    We have 3 more years of gigantic mistakes, lies, coverups, blame and incompetence.

  4. This is a very revealing interview by Megan Kelley.

    They get a kick out of Hillary’s tweet attacking FOX, inasmuch as in 2008 her campaign manager went on FOX and thanked them for being the only network which fair to her. The rest of big media was out to destroy her.

    I hope Hillary realizes that the country is tired of politicians who are more loyal to the party than to the country. We have seen so many like that in both parties. Republicans who happen to be American, rather than Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats who happen to be American, rather than Americans who happen to be Democrats.

    This interview centers around a prior interview by Bill O’Reilly of the Liar in Chief. Obama took on FOX News and that was what Hillary was backing him on. Obama claimed that O’Reilly was unfair to him, because he kept asking questions about Benghazi, IRSGate, and Obamacare. Those are important issues which the needle dicks of big media are willing to censor, therefore, by his lights, FOX should do the same.

    That is the mindset of a dictator. These are man-made disasters, the bread crumbs lead to his door, therefore, like any other abuser of power, he tries to intimidate those who might ask pertinent question which he refuses to answer, and appoints people to investigate who he knows will cover them up. Mao, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Obama–eustum generis. Dictators brook no opposition. And they attack all those who seek to hold them accountable.

  5. O thinks he can just talk his way out of anything…his strategy is to agree with everyone and detach himself from the issue regardless if he is the cause of the issue

    he thinks he can just blab on, eat up the time, and charm everyone with his big grin…and as soon as he leaves your problem is your problem

    he and his posse actually think they can spin and convince the american people that losing another 2 MILLION JOBS, in a bad job market and economy, and leaving Americans with part time jobs is a GOOD THING…

    O and his posse are doing a good thing so you will have more time on your hands to enjoy your new health INSURANCE, forget about your HEALTH CARE, or if you cannot afford what is being forced on you, or if you lose your doctor or if any of the people he and Sebelious have enlisted to help you do not have a clue as to what the hell they are doing…

    …just be glad that they are not stealing your identity and emptying your bank account…


    O and his half brother…brother says O can be very cold…said O loved their father, but half brother hated Barak Sr because he was a violent alcholic who beat his mother, the white woman he married after divorcing O’s mother, and even put a knife to his mother’s neck

  6. Another winner, Admin. I especially liked the “Pirahana, pumas, and pit bulls” line.

    The horse hockey being spun by Obama peeps in response to the report is unbelievable – even for them. Their argument sounds like it might have been written by Pajama Boy.


    February 04, 2014, 01:11 pm
    White House pushes back on CBO report

    By Justin Sink

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook


    But on Tuesday, the White House argued that the aspects of the law discouraging Americans from work weren’t necessarily a problem.

    Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Jason Furman told reporters that the law would not reduce the hours being offered by employers. Instead, Furman said, ObamaCare allowed greater “choice” — for workers to scale back their hours to spend more time with their children, or to leave their jobs to launch a small business or startup.

    Read more:

    Get it America? You didn’t lose work hours. You gained more time to be with your children. AYFKM?!

  7. freespirit…

    it really makes you wonder how long they think they can play this charade and get away with it…unfreaking believable…

    they have such a low regard and respect for the American people…

  8. Rod Serling couldn’t have come up with this Obamacare Twilight Zone spin. More from the idiot I posted the link to in my previous post:

  9. freespirit, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over Furman’s spin….you can’t even call it spin….it is like he went to Colorado, smoked a few joints and then decided it was a great time for a press conference. He stumbles, laughs and stutters like he is stoned out of whatever brains he has.

    I am no economic genius, but even I can figure out if the person is working less they are paying less taxes..and they are receiving a “subsidy” for their healthcare BECAUSE they are making less money.

    So how the hell are they going to FUND the subsidy with less tax money being received?

  10. let’s see them try to spin this…

    first you cancel people’s healthcare policies, then you force them to buy much more expensive policies, then you take their doctors from them, then you expose them to identity theft…and now…after all this aggravation and increased costs and anxiety…they can’t even find a doctor,0,5417742.story#axzz2sPxLIXkE

    Obamacare enrollees hit snags at doctor’s offices

    Many consumers faced hurdles signing up for Covered California health plans. Now they’re having trouble finding in-network doctors.

    By Chad Terhune
    February 4, 2014, 6:41 p.m.

    After overcoming website glitches and long waits to get Obamacare, some patients are now running into frustrating new roadblocks at the doctor’s office.

    A month into the most sweeping changes to healthcare in half a century, people are having trouble finding doctors at all, getting faulty information on which ones are covered and receiving little help from insurers swamped by new business.

    Experts have warned for months that the logjam was inevitable. But the extent of the problems is taking by surprise many patients — and even doctors — as frustrations mount.

    Aliso Viejo resident Danielle Nelson said Anthem Blue Cross promised half a dozen times that her oncologists would be covered under her new policy. She was diagnosed last year with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and discovered a suspicious lump near her jaw in early January.

    But when she went to her oncologist’s office, she promptly encountered a bright orange sign saying that Covered California plans are not accepted.

    PHOTOS: The battle over Obamacare

    “I’m a complete fan of the Affordable Care Act, but now I can’t sleep at night,” Nelson said. “I can’t imagine this is how President Obama wanted it to happen.”

    To hold down premiums under the healthcare law, major insurers have sharply cut the number of doctors and hospitals available to patients in the state’s new health insurance market.

    Now those limited options are becoming clearer, and California officials say they are receiving more consumer complaints about access to medical providers. State lawmakers are also moving swiftly to ease some of the problems that have arisen.

    “It’s a little early for anyone to know how widespread and deep this problem is,” said California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. “There are a lot of economic incentives for health insurers to narrow their networks, but if they go too far, people won’t have access to care. Network adequacy will be a big issue in 2014.”

    The latest travails come at a crucial time during the rollout of Obama’s signature law. Government exchanges and other supporters of the healthcare law are trying to boost enrollment, particularly among young and healthy people, ahead of a March 31 deadline.

    Of course, complaints about outdated provider lists and delays in getting a doctor’s appointment were common long before the healthcare law was enacted. But some experts worry the influx of newly insured patients and the cost-cutting strategies of health plans may further strain the system.

    Maria Berumen, a tax preparer in Downey, was uninsured for years because of preexisting conditions. The 53-year-old was thrilled to find coverage for herself and her husband for $148 a month after qualifying for a big government subsidy.

    She jumped at the chance in early January to visit a primary-care doctor for long-running numbness in her arm and shoulder as a result of bone spurs on her spine. The doctor referred her to a specialist, and problems ensued. At least four doctors wouldn’t accept her health plan — even though the state exchange website and her insurer, Health Net Inc., list them as part of her HMO network.

    “It’s a phantom network,” Berumen said.

    It was no surprise to her family doctor, Ragaa Iskarous. She has run into this problem repeatedly with other patients in the last month, the doctor said. “This is really driving us crazy.”

    Berumen said she was seen by a neurosurgeon Thursday — after state regulators intervened on her behalf.

    Insurers say they are working hard to resolve customers’ problems as they arise, and they continue to add physicians to augment certain geographic areas and medical specialties.

    “Any huge implementation like this comes with a lot of moving parts,” said Health Net spokesman Brad Kieffer. “There is a learning curve for everyone, and we expect as time goes on these issues should dissipate.”

    Looking to head off potential problems, government regulators and patient advocates are pushing for tougher rules to ensure health plans provide timely access to care.

    Last week, the California Assembly approved legislation enabling people who lost coverage because of the overhaul to keep seeing their doctors if they’re pregnant or undergoing treatment for cancer or other conditions.

    Nelson, the cancer patient in Orange County, and her family lost their previous coverage when Aetna stopped selling individual policies in the state last year. After numerous complaints to her new insurer, Anthem, and to public officials, the company said it would cover visits to her current oncologist through March 31.

    Nelson said such a temporary extension doesn’t solve the problem, and as a result, she’s rushing to check out other policies for herself before open enrollment closes in March.

    A spokesman for Anthem said the company “continually works to update its provider directories to ensure accuracy” and helps customers with these issues on a case-by-case basis.

    Nationwide, about 70% of new insurance plans under the healthcare law feature relatively narrow hospital networks compared with many existing plans, according to consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

    “It’s pretty clear insurers responded to greater competition by trying to hold down costs through narrower networks,” said Larry Levitt, senior vice president at the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation. “Insurers have made the judgment that people prefer lower premiums to broader networks.”

    Health policy experts and some consumer advocates say the trade-offs may pay off. Despite some consumer complaints, the exclusion of some higher-priced hospitals such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from nearly all exchange plans is a positive sign, they say. (there they go again…spin, spin, spin)

    “The Affordable Care Act often gets accused of not doing enough to control costs,” said Ian Hill, senior fellow at the Urban Institute, a Washington think tank. “Excluding some of the most expensive hospitals and providers who don’t demonstrate high-quality outcomes is one ripple effect that may help.”

    The Covered California exchange began enrollment in October without the provider directory it had promised. Delays and glitches ensued for weeks, frustrating many consumers who complained that it was impossible to compare health plans without details on what hospitals and doctors were included. In November, the exchange updated its directory.

    The exchange said its 11 health plans offer more than 58,000 physicians to choose from, representing 80% to 90% of practicing physicians in the state.

    The California Medical Assn. credits the exchange for fixing many of the initial problems but maintains that the state’s data are still flawed, often because of incorrect information from health plans. Insurers blame doctor’s offices for frequently giving wrong information.

    Scott Marshutz of Dana Point said he picked a Blue Shield PPO plan in the exchange so he and his wife would have greater choice of doctors.

    But when he booked an appointment recently with his orthopedic surgeon, the doctor’s office said it wasn’t taking Covered California plans.

    “I’m wondering how many other people have experienced this,” he said, “and if it will backfire on the whole system.”


    “phantom network” where is the Attorney General?

  11. So O’Reilly has Krauthammer on hoping to receive a pat on the head for his interview with The Liar In Chief. Krauthammer’s assessment was it showed that Obama could run but the could not hide, and then he showed O’Reilly what he should have done to trap him, like you would trap any other varmint who steals the vital necessities from your farm. It did not amount to a pat on the head, and O’Reilly was left pleading with Krauthammer that he did what Krauthammer suggested. He wants Krauthammer’s approval rather badly. O’Reilly wondered why Obama was offended by the scandals he raised like Benghazi, IRSGATE, and Obamacare, and then proceeded to answer his own question hoping Charles would concur. He said it is because Obama takes the long view of such matters. Charles corrected him on that minor point and suggested that the real reason is that Obama is delusional. But then he calls him smart. That is something I simply cannot buy. Obama is a proven liar and fuck up. Even the left wingers are disenchanted with him now. He has experienced a 40% drop in support from his left wing base, i.e. from 90 to 60 percent. There is nothing intelligent about him when it comes to statescraft. His genius is lies and deception which titillate the sheeple.

  12. VotingHillary
    February 4, 2014 at 10:50 pm
    Oh he is like all the other insiders–so young, so brave, so articulate, so handsome, so well meaning, so precious, so stupid, so naive, so transparent, so self serving, so mendacious, so sickening to watch and listen to that you need a couple shots of Everclear or wood alcohol just to clear up the mind. But tune in to Ly’n Brian and you will hear him heap praise on this young nevish.

  13. wbboei, this one’s for you. Ted’s opinion of GOP is much the same as yours. It’s becoming increasingly clear even to Americans who are not really into politics that the Republican Party MIA.


    “Ted Nugent: “Someone Extracted the GOP’s Scrotum With a Rusty Shiv”

    Charles Johnson

    This week, Ted Nugent is thinking about testicles: Ted Nugent Thinks Someone Has Castrated the GOP. first surfaced Nugent’s comments after he was asked by Denver morning talk-radio host Peter Boyles on Monday morning, “What happened to the Republican Party?”

    “Someone extracted their scrotum with a rusty shiv,” Nugent answered on Boyles’ KNUS 710-AM talk show. “They have no balls. I don’t know where this ‘Let’s be Mr. Rogers with a Lawrence Welk soundtrack tie adjusting’ mantra came from, but my god!,” Nugent exclaimed.

    “If there’s a life-support system attached to the GOP, it’s flat-lining,” he added.
    An excited Nugent also went on to say that “the country is being flushed down the toilet, certainly for the last fifteen or twenty years” and slammed the American media, saying the “media in this country is basically Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda ministry.”

  14. I forgot to remember to forget Krauthammer’s classic closing line: the O’Reilly duel in the sun with The Liar in Chief was closer than the Super Bowl score. Now for O’Reilly, that was the unkindest cut of all. If FOX wanted to eviscerate Obama, then they would have selected Brett Baird, or Megan Kelly to do the honors. But Obama would never accept those invitation because Baird cleaned his clock the one and only time he interviewed him, and Obama’s weak male ego cannot countenance being challenged by an intelligent woman. Simply put, He is a basket case, which is something big media will move heaven and earth to hide.


    Obamacare’s scorekeepers deliver a game-changer

    For years, the White House has trotted out the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to show that Obamacare would cut health-care costs and reduce deficits:

    “CBO Confirms Families Will Save Money Under Health Reform.”

    “CBO Update Shows Lower Costs for the New Health Care Law.”

    “CBO Confirms: The Health Care Law Reduces the Deficit.”

    Live by the sword, die by the sword, the Bible tells us. In Washington, it’s slightly different: Live by the CBO, die by the CBO.

    The congressional number-crunchers, perhaps the capital’s closest thing to a neutral referee, came out with a new report Tuesday, and it wasn’t pretty for Obamacare. The CBO predicted the law would have a “substantially larger” impact on the labor market than it had previously expected: The law would reduce the workforce in 2021 by the equivalent of 2.3 million full-time workers, well more than the 800,000 originally anticipated. This will inevitably be a drag on economic growth, as more people decide government handouts are more attractive than working more and paying higher taxes.

    This is grim news for the White House and for Democrats on the ballot in November. This independent arbiter, long embraced by the White House, has validated a core complaint of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) critics: that it will discourage work and become an ungainly entitlement. Disputing Republicans’ charges is much easier than refuting the federal government’s official scorekeepers. [snip]

    In general, the CBO explained, phasing out subsidies to buy health insurance when income rises “effectively raises people’s marginal tax rates . . . thus discouraging work.” [snip]

    Obamacare has been undermined by the very entity they had used to validate it.

  16. freespirit
    February 5, 2014 at 12:26 am
    Thank you!

    He is right, as far as it goes.

    But what we need to understand is the why of it.

    That is what I have been struggling to understand and articulate.

    For me, the defining moment was the 2008 campaign.

    I will never forget it, and it convinced me that big media is the permanent enemy of the American People.

  17. I place no faith in CBO. Before the election, they had an opportunity to score this thing and if memory serves, they told a very different story–like it was nearly revenue neutral, but now they say this. Yes, it is bad news, for those who care, and even dumb Dana Milbank who did that little skit with his monogolid twin Cillezzi with bathrobes and called Hillary a bitch can figure that out. And the other side will use it for attack ads, deploring the loss of jobs, while they themselves exacerbate that problem by caving in on amnesty. I am afraid the sheeple will cling to Obama like a drowning man clinging to a razor blade. Yes, I know, abortion Barbie is having her problems now in Texas, as relected in the professors socratic question, what could possibly go wrong with her plan to be governor and then vice president–other than everything. But where Obama is concerned this aint Texas and big media controls the board.

  18. freespirit
    February 5, 2014 at 12:26 am
    As you probably know, Ted and I are not alone . . .

    Matt Drudge Goes Off on Republican Party: ‘WHO ARE THEY?!’

    Sep. 3, 2013 12:45pm

    Matt Drudge, founder and editor of the influential Drudge Report, is a conservative by all accounts. But at least for Tuesday, he was anti-Republican Party.

    “Why would anyone vote Republican?” Drudge tweeted. “Please give reason. Raised taxes; marching us off to war again; approved more NSA snooping. WHO ARE THEY?!”

    The tweet came after another that was also critical of the GOP. “It’s now Authoritarian vs. Libertarian,” Drudge wrote. “Since Democrats vs. Republicans has been obliterated, no real difference between parties.”

    It’s unclear what specific policies Drudge was referring to in his critique. Republicans did, however, vote to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff” in January, a vote that included an increase in taxes on upper-income earners.

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) also said Tuesday he supports President Obama’s position on a limited military intervention in Syria.

    And scores of Republicans, such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, came out in support of government spying techniques meant to thwart terrorism.

    It’s now Authoritarian vs. Libertarian. Since Democrats vs. Republicans has been obliterated, no real difference between parties…


    Why would anyone vote Republican? Please give reason. Raised taxes; marching us off to war again; approved more NSA snooping. WHO ARE THEY?!

  19. To Drudges point:

    Corker, Heller, Houevin (who switches parties every two years), Collins, McNutt, Graham, Murkowski, Cornyn, Flake, McConnell . . . are they really any different that the Reid gang? No, they are not Republicans. They are RINOs. East is east. West is west. And ne’r the twain shall meet. For me, giving them control of the senate is not a hill to die for.

  20. With all the bad news about Obamacare cascading down on the heads of the poor democrats, they can be proud of one thing, they voted for it 100% and as November draws near they can raise their hand to emperor Obama and shout hail Caesar, we who are about to lose our elections salute you. Whining is bad form. Thinking of themselves is selfish. Best for them to just grin and bare it. And hope there is a place for them on K Street.

  21. NYT OpEd

    The G.O.P.’s Immigration Delusion

    FEB. 1, 2014

    Ross Douthat

    THE debate over immigration reform, rekindled last week by House Republican leaders, bears a superficial resemblance to last fall’s debate over the government shutdown.

    Again, you have establishment Republicans transparently eager to cut a deal with the White House and a populist wing that doesn’t want to let them do it. Again, you have Republican business groups and donors wringing their hands over the intransigence of the base, while talk-radio hosts and right-wing bloggers warn against an imminent inside-the-Beltway sellout. Again, you have a bill that could pass the House tomorrow — but only if John Boehner was willing to live with having mostly Democrats voting for it.

    Except there’s one big difference: This time, the populists are right.

    They’re right about the policy, which remains a mess in every new compromise that’s floated — offering “solutions” that are unlikely to be permanent, enforcement provisions that probably won’t take effect, and favoring special interests, right and left, over the interests of the citizenry at large.

    A reasonable compromise, for instance, would condition amnesty for illegal immigrants on substantial new enforcement measures, to ensure that this mass legalization would be the last. But the bills under discussion almost always offer some form of legal status before enforcement takes effect, which promises a replay of the Reagan-era amnesty’s failure to ever deliver the limits on future immigration that it promised.

    A reasonable immigration compromise would also privilege high-skilled immigration over low-skilled immigration, given the unemployment crisis among low-skilled native workers and the larger social crisis that threatens to slow assimilation and upward mobility alike. But the House leadership seems to favor an approach that would create a permanent noncitizen class of low-wage workers and expand guest-worker programs — a recipe for looser labor markets, continued wage stagnation and fewer jobs for the existing unemployed.

    So immigration policy is problematic on the merits — and then it’s politically problematic for Republicans as well. Immigration ranks 16th on the public’s list of priorities, according to the latest Pew numbers, so it’s difficult to see how making this the signature example of a new, solutions-oriented G.O.P. is going to help the party in the near term. Whereas it’s much easier to see how it helps the Democrats: if a bill passes, it will do so with heavy Democratic support, hand President Obama a policy victory at a time when he looks like a lame duck, and demoralize the right along the way.

    Admittedly, a big push for immigration reform would not be as straightforwardly idiotic as shutting down the government without clear goals or plausible demands. But it would probably have some of the same political effects: it would divide the G.O.P., perplex the public, and let the White House reap immediate political benefits no matter how the push turned out.

    This conceit was always a fond delusion, not least because most Hispanics are not single-issue voters, and their leftward tilt has always been related to broader socioeconomic concerns. So with them, as with most Americans, the problem for Republicans in 2008 and 2012 was much bigger than the immigration issue: it was a platform designed for the challenges of 1980, and rhetoric that seemed to write off half the country as layabouts and moochers. And any solution for the party, in 2016 and beyond, would have to offer much more than the same old Reagan-era script with an amnesty stapled at the bottom.

    Fortunately for the Republican future, we’re finally beginning to see the right’s politicians reckon with this reality, and throw themselves into the real work of reform. Indeed, this is happening more quickly than I once expected: in just the last week alone, recent Republican forays on tax reform, poverty and prisons have been joined by a plausible health care alternative and baby steps toward a proposal to help the long-term unemployed.

    But that, too, is part of what makes the leadership’s immigration fixation so perverse. For the first time since the Bush presidency, high-profile Republicans are showing an interest in policy ideas that are fresh, politically savvy and well suited to the current economic malaise. Which makes it exactly the wrong time for the party to throw itself into a furious debate over an idea that is none of the above

  22. I was surprised to find this at The Moderate Voice, which usually seems more like The Neo-liberal Voice.

    Obama had better do another Euro-apology tour. This time, he needs to apologize for himself – not America.


    ” Barack Obama has Been An ‘Absolute Disgrace’” (L’Hebdo, Switzerland)

    Feb 3, 2014 by WILLIAM KERN (Worldmeets.US)

    Perhaps even more than within this country, the Obama presidency has been a profound disappointment to people around the world. For Switzerland’s L’Hebdo, columnist Charles Poncet registers his sense of how badly things have gone since Obama took office, punctuating no less than four paragraphs by ending them with the word ‘disgrace.’

    For L’Hebdo, Charles Poncet writes in part:

    To see the great American democracy, so badly damaged since the attacks of September 11, 2001, elect as its head a representative of an ethnic minority, was in itself a promise of a brighter tomorrow. Obama appeared to be liberal: torture, Guantanamo, the obsession with security, the shameful methods of Dick Cheney, would soon be no more than a sad memory.

    What disappointment awaited such liberal hopes! Guantanamo was not closed. It appears that in passing, Obama mentioned in his speech that it could be this year. For a promise made five years ago, this is hardly brilliant. The America of the Fifth Amendment – that of Miranda v. Arizona (“you have the right to remain silent, anything that you say can and will be used against you”), continues to torment prisoners who don’t know why they were imprisoned and have no right to habeas corpus. An absolute disgrace.

    Reduced to ranting about the middle class, as he did the other day, he is committed to “defending” them – with his eye on this autumn’s elections. He has lost sight of the fact that no one gives the slightest credence to anything he says.

    Barack Obama has been the president of unfulfilled hope.


  23. Val Jar will be meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus to try and smooth their feathers, ruffled over Barack’s judicial appointees.

    “Jarrett to meet CBC on judges”

    Greg Nash
    By Mike Lillis – 02/05/14 06:00 AM EST

    Senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett will meet with members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Wednesday amid intensifying concerns over President Obama’s judicial nominations.
    Black lawmakers have been up in arms over a number of Obama’s picks for the federal bench, particularly in southern states, where they contend the process don’t reflect the ethnic diversity of the regions they would serve.

    Many think Obama gave up too much to Republican senators, who also have a say in the nominees, and plan to tell Jarrett just that in Wednesday’s meeting.

    “Win or lose, we’d feel better if there’s a fight,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), a member of the CBC’s judicial nominations working group, said Tuesday. “We have a Herculean task, of course, because of the senators whose conservatism is antithetical to the judicial philosophy of probably anyone who [Obama would prefer]. 
    “But at the same time, the president ought to be able to appoint anyone he wants,” Cleaver added. “And, you know, we want the president to fight for it.”

    Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), another member of the judicial nominations working group, echoed that message.
    “There needs to be more defiance,” he said by phone Tuesday. “The fight is worth it. We learned that from the Civil Rights era. We were defying the traditions. … We were defying the law. … What we want the president to do is push back harder against the [Republican] obstructionism.”

    The lawmaker will be meeting with the White House official who is close to both the president and first lady. Jarrett is a longtime friend of the Obamas and has unrivaled access to the first couple among the White House staff.

    The controversy surrounding some of Obama’s federal judgeship nominees, which has swirled for months among specific state delegations, has gained strength in recent weeks, as the debate has evolved from the local to the national level.

    The CBC members have several different complaints. In Georgia, for instance, the lawmakers say Obama’s slate of six nominees lacks the diversity of a state where almost a third of the population is black. (Only one of the picks is African-American, and she is reportedly a Republican).

    Furthermore, they contend that two other nominees have championed controversial policies that should disqualify them from the promotion. One pick had voted as a state legislator to keep the Confederate battle emblem a part of the state flag; another had defended Georgia’s new voter ID law, which Democrats consider discriminatory.


    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook


    Maybe Barack’s pick for the Civil Rights Division of DOJ will make some points with the CBC. But, I wonder how the law enforcement community will react to this. It would seem reasonable to expect that black and white law enforcement officials would be less than thrilled about the appointment of someone who championed the release of a man convicted of shooting a cop in the back, then standing over him and firing 4 bullets into him at point blank range. Every American deserves a defense, but Adegbile went way above and beyond in his efforts to spring the convicted murderer.


    “Obama Nominates Cop Killer Advocate to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division”

    Katie Pavlich | Jan 08, 2014

    In 1982, former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. Abu-Jamal never denied the killing during his trial. He, and his supporters, are still unapologetic for Faulkner’s death. More on this from Matthew Vadum:
    “The question of Abu-Jamal’s guilt is not a close call,” according to John Fund. “Two hospital workers testified that Abu-Jamal confessed to them: ‘I shot the motherf***er, and I hope the motherf***er dies.’ His brother, William, has never testified to his brother’s innocence even though he was at the scene of the crime. Abu-Jamal himself chose not to testify in his own defense.”

    As Faulkner tried to arrest Abu-Jamal’s brother during a traffic stop, Abu-Jamal shot the policeman once in the back and then stood over him and shot him four more times at close range, once directly in the face. Multiple eyewitnesses were present during the crime.

    One of those unapologetic supporters is former NAACP Legal Defense Official Debo P. Adegbile, who has worked tirelessly to free guilty murderer Abu-Jamal from prison. President Obama has nominated Adegbile to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as an assistant attorney general to replace radical Tom Perez, who is now the Secretary of Labor. Adegbile is sure to continue carrying out the radical racial agenda of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder with the weight of the law behind him.

    After the Supreme Court threw out the Beard v. Abu-Jamal case in 2010, a petition was circulated calling for President Obama and Attorney General Holder to investigate the “long history of civil rights and constitutional violations” in Abu-Jamal’s case. If Adegbile is confirmed, it is likely he will open up an investigation into the Abu-Jamal case, despite multiple court rulings over the past three decades upholding his murder conviction.

  24. “Is Boehner’s Gavel on the Line?”

    By Matt Fuller Posted at 5:58 p.m. on Feb. 4

    Labrador said Tuesday that the issue of immigration could cost Boehner his speakership. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

    Updated 8:15 p.m. | Speaker John A. Boehner should lose his gavel if he pursues immigration this year, a prominent tea party Republican said in an interview with CQ Roll Call on Tuesday.

    “I think it should cost him his speakership,” Rep. Raúl R. Labrador of Idaho warned, if Boehner puts an immigration overhaul on the floor.

    But even if Boehner shelves immigration, Labrador said, the party needs new leadership — and the two-term lawmaker is not ruling out a run for leadership himself.

    “There is a hunger in the conference for bold, visionary leaders, and this is not just conservatives — you talk to more middle-of-the-road members of the conference, they’re kind of frustrated with the direction of this leadership, and they’re looking for ways to change that,” he said.

    Labrador, who was part of a failed coup attempt in 2013, has made a name for himself inside and outside the Republican Conference by pushing Boehner and other Republican leaders to embrace a new brand of conservatism.
    “I think you’re going to see some changes here in the House over the next year,” he said. “I think that this is an opportunity for whoever wants to run for leadership to show that they have a clear vision for America.”


  25. The majority of Americans still disapprove of OCare – 51% approve 41% disapprove. Makes you wonder if there’s hope for America when 41% of Americans must be idiots.

    Tuesday, February 4, 2014
    Latest poll: Majority Still Disapprove of Obamacare

    “Attitudes toward law and its long-run potential still tilt negative”

    by Andrew Dugan

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Barack Obama defended his signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act, before Congress and the nation last week in his State of the Union address, but public opinion toward the law is little changed since November. Americans are still more likely to disapprove (51%) than approve (41%) of the law.


  26. Democrat Kirsten Powers: Why Doesn’t Obama Tell the Truth About Benghazi?

    Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers asks the question Americans throughout the nation have been asking since 9/11/12. Appearing on Special Report with Bret Baier on FOX News, a perplexed Powers asks why the Obama administration doesn’t tell the the truth about the Benghazi terrorist attacks. Powers then blasts Obama for blaming “FOX News for everything.”

  27. De Blasio’s Pre-K Plan Gets Boost From Hillary Clinton

    Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to expand pre-kindergarten is getting a boost from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The pair appeared together in East Harlem on Tuesday to talk about the importance of early childhood education. Grace Rauh filed the following report.

    Hillary Clinton is praising Mayor Bill de Blasio for putting early childhood education at the top of the city’s agenda. But she says other politicians deserve credit as well for demanding pre-school programs reach more children.

    “Everybody from the mayor to Governor Cuomo to President Obama and literally people across the country, taking on this important issue because we know that an investment in those early years is really the best investment we can make in our children’s future,” said Clinton.

    The mayor appeared with his former boss at a Head Start program in East Harlem Tuesday. De Blasio ran Clinton’s campaign for Senate in 2000 and she attended his inauguration last month.

    “She’s been an inspiration. She’s been a guide. And she has been giving Chirlane free lessons on how to be a first lady. Not available in stores,” said de Blasio.

    But Clinton, who did not take any questions, did not say whether she endorses the mayor’s plan to pay for the program with a tax hike on wealthy New Yorkers.

    See more at:

  28. Barack Obama’s “la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you” responses will likely be the same to the CBO report that confirmed fry cook Darnell Summers’ critique of ObamaCare. Summers might not be the most educated or articulate man in town but he is smart enough to see clearly what many of the most educated continue to deny: ObamaCare is a job killer:

    This is what happens when Congress passes bills without reading them first!!!
    I hope Nancy gets fired this year. 😡

  29. wbboei
    February 5, 2014 at 12:10 am

    So O’Reilly

    O’Reilly should actually be on some religious version on MSNBC.

    He is so having a bromance with Baracko that it is sickening. Why else would Barry keep showing up to his h&dj0b ‘interviews’?

  30. My easy solution to immigration.

    1- End Obama care and legally turn the clock back to the way things were before the Dim’s effed everything up. People go back to the same providers, at the same rates.

    2- Shut down the ObamaCare website, and file a law suit by the US Government against the ‘company’ that charged us an arm and a leg for this crappy, broken website…

    3- Get all or most of the money back and use that money to build a high tech fence to keep our borders CLOSED. Electrified wires like the third rail of electric trains or something similar, surveillance drones.

    4- Keep the borders closed to all illegals. Period.

    5- Once the borders are closed, start dealing with the illegals that are hiding inside.

    6- No amnesty, no Dream Act, no bs.

  31. Budget office chief: ObamaCare creates ‘disincentive’ to work

    The head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office delivered a damning assessment Wednesday of the Affordable Care Act, telling lawmakers that ObamaCare creates a “disincentive for people to work,” adding fuel to Republican arguments that the law will hurt the economy.

    The testimony from CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf comes after his office released a highly controversial report that detailed how millions of workers could cut back their hours or opt out of the job market entirely because of benefits under the health law.

    The White House and its Democratic allies accused Republicans, and the media, of mischaracterizing the findings. But Elmendorf backed Republicans’ central argument — fewer people will work because of the law’s subsidies.

    “The act creates a disincentive for people to work,” Elmendorf said, under questioning from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

    Ryan clarified that the CBO report found not that employers would lay people off, but that more individuals would choose not to work.

    “As a result … that [lower] labor supply lowers economic growth,” Ryan said.

  32. Free

    Val Jar will be meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus to try and smooth their feathers, ruffled over Barack’s judicial appointees.


    So Jarrett is the Nasty Pelosi of the black congressmen?

    Ruffled over the judicial appointees – that’s what bothers them the most about their Hero’s entire presidency????


  33. wbboei
    February 4, 2014 at 10:26 pm
    This is a very revealing interview by Megan Kelley.

    I imagine it was an aid who tweeted that, but my fear , as you know, she has gone too far to the dark side, and that winning the Presidency is worth any and all alliances.

  34. foxyladi14
    February 5, 2014 at 10:52 am
    Barack Obama’s “la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you” responses will likely be the same to the CBO report that confirmed fry cook Darnell Summers’ critique of ObamaCare. Summers might not be the most educated or articulate man in town but he is smart enough to see clearly what many of the most educated continue to deny: ObamaCare is a job killer:

    This is what happens when Congress passes bills without reading them first!!!
    I hope Nancy gets fired this year.


    as far as I am concerned it is getting worse and worse with the enablers..!

    “We will be answering the call of all of America because people need work and we’re not doing right by them by creating work,” the Texas congresswoman said. “I believe this caucus will put us on the right path and we’ll give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign with pride and strength,” Jackson said Jan. 29 at a press conference where she and fellow Democrats launched the Full Employment Caucus.

    “In fact, I think that should be our number one agenda. Let’s write up these executive orders — draft them, of course — and ask the president to stand with us on full employment,” Jackson Lee added.


    so now the Democratic congress is going to draft and write the executive orders for O…what happened to ‘seperation of power’…

    the dims seem more and more undemocratic to me…totalitarians at the gate

    …also something really funny about SJL saying they are going to ask the prez to stand with them on “full employment”

    these people speak out of both sides of their mouth…on one side they want full employment…on the other side they are rationalizing that putting people on taxpayer subsidies for health insurance will free them up so they don’t have to work…so why care about losing 2 million jobs…that is what the people really want…

    after a life of almost fanatic support of the dems, I have never been so disappointed in the democrats in my life…I no longer trust them at all…they are unrecognizable to me…

    there is an intense form of ‘brainwashing’ going on with the dims…and it does not include being honest with the American people…

    Read more:

  35. Val Jar will be meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus to try and smooth their feathers, ruffled over Barack’s judicial appointees
    I will tell you what I think.

    The racist congressional cabal aka the CBC

    Who ostracize black leaders who do not subscribe the their racial grievance

    Sees the handwriting on the wall

    A lame duck getting lamer by the day

    So they put the squeeze on him now

    Hoping it is not too late

    And if perchance the other party gets the Senate

    Well. . . you know what I mean.

    He should have sent Holder

    Rather than the nit wit in chief Jarret

  36. I imagine it was an aid who tweeted that
    I believe it was Howard Wolfson, who was her media guy, pretty competent, who later went to work for Bloomberg.

    As for the rest of it, that is the question, is it not.

    Are we talking about the Hillary we saw in the 2008 campaign (assuming like the surge it was not just politics) or are we talking about the Obama enabler we did not want to see thereafter (including Benghazi).

    I have tried to make the pro-Hillary argument, and each time she has sided with Obama. Yes, there is such a thing as dancing with the date that brung you, but the larger question remains: a democrat who happens to be an American or an American who happens to be a Democrat. We will not know until the time comes and it will proceed case by case.

    From a tactical standpoint, I think it is madness for her to cling to Obama, and if the mid terms go the way some are predicting, the general election landscape will look like the Mohave desert if she follows his trail.

    If there is widespread public outrage over Obamacare, then a pivot is warranted. But if she waits too long, she will be tarred with the same brush.

  37. To say that the the CBO report was so bad as to be unspinnable doesn’t mean that some Obama diehards wouldn’t try. So there was the White House yesterday claiming, as the Wall Street Journal puts it, “the report is positive because ‘individuals will be empowered to make choices about their own lives and livelihoods’ and ‘have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.’ There you have it: the new American dream of not working.”

    Read more:

  38. FYI

    Many people that are truly sick and getting Medicare, would love nothing more than to be well enough to work and be healthy…and lead a ‘normal’ life.

    Yes, some are faking it and Obama might be making it easy for them, but it is sad to those that are not faking it to be lumped into the same boat.


    The Obamacare bailout battle

    The latest Republican attack on Obamacare is powerful and simple: “no insurer bailouts.”

    But never fear, Democrats are ready with a response: “Well, that’s not really what it is. The provision in question is actually called ‘risk corridors,’ which is a mechanism for compensating health insurers in case their actual costs are at least 3 percent higher than their projected costs. But it’s only temporary, until they get better data on who their customers are. And if their costs are lower than they expected, they actually pay the government. And besides … ”

    You see the problem.

    The last thing Democrats want to do, with a law as complicated and full of moving parts as the Affordable Care Act, is explain what the law actually does.

    And yet, they’re going to have to come up with something to answer the Republicans’ latest line of attack. The program that’s causing all the trouble is supposed to help insurers get through the first few years of Obamacare if their costs are higher than they thought. And it’s not an emergency measure — it was built into the law all along.

    But the “insurer bailout” charge is already lighting fires on conservative talk radio, and if House Republicans move ahead with plans to attach a repeal of the provision to the next debt ceiling increase, the charge could draw attention way beyond the conservative base — even if the repeal ultimately gets stripped out.

    The debate got another showcase on Wednesday, when Florida Sen. Marco Rubio — one of the main Republicans making the charge —was the star witness at House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s hearing, “Obamacare: Why the Need for an Insurance Company Bailout?”

    “It’s time for the president and Secretary [Kathleen] Sebelius and for Obamacare supporters to level with taxpayers about the fact that their hard-earned tax dollars will soon be needed to bailout the Obamacare exchanges,” Rubio told the panel.

    It’s a strategic problem that’s going to plague Democrats every time a fight flares up over a complicated part of the law. The website was actually a simple problem, as embarrassing as it was for the Obama administration: broken website, fix it. But when the fight moves on to the most complicated mechanisms in the law, the Democrats know they’ll lose the argument if they get drawn into the weeds.

    It’s the perfect illustration of the problem Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota captured when Congress was debating the law in 2010: “Our bumper sticker has — it’s just way too many words. And it says, ‘Continued on next bumper sticker.’”

    Or, as Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis puts it now: “If you get into the weeds of things, you’re dead.

  40. I think Hillary’s position is made even tougher because of the perception by the liberal wing of the party that the number of liberals within the Dimocrat Party exceeds the number of moderates. And, they don’t think it’s “hurting them at all”. Their cockiness is due, in part, to a recent Gallup poll which the Kooks believe is all the proof they need that they have finally beaten back the moderates, and hence, the Clintons. Article excerpt below from Chris Bowers at Kooks.

    “Democrats are becoming more liberal, and it isn’t hurting them at all. This is objectively true, and I have two charts to prove it.

    First, as shown in the chart at the top of this post, long-term polling trends from Gallup clearly show that an increasing percentage of Americans who self-identify as Democrats also self-identify as liberals.

    In 2002—the year Daily Kos was founded—there were almost as many conservative Democrats as liberal Democrats, and moderate Democrats far outnumbered either liberals or conservatives. Now, there are actually more liberal Democrats than moderate Democrats, and conservative Democrats have become a small minority.

    What’s more, as Democrats have become more liberal, they have not lost any ground to Republicans, as this next chart from Gallup shows:” snip

    But, other recent polls (I’ll find the links later – at work now and hurrying) indicate that the country as a whole, has become more conservative. One article I read attributed this to the pendulum effect, with voters reacting to Obama. This same article argues, as Admin did in a previous article, that although the Liberals expect the Obama Coalition to remain strong, this will probably not be the case.

    Theoretically, Democratic candidates for nominee face the daunting task of being liberal enough to get the nomination, while being moderate enough to win the General Election – as was noted in a previous post by Admin.

    The far left may be in for quite a shock when they see just how few Dems self-identify as liberal as Ocare plays out and wrecks health care. But, if the progressives believe they solidly outnumber moderates within the party, that may provide one explanation for the unwillingness of Dems (and Republicans too, for that matter) to do nothing to stop some of Barack’s initiatives.

  41. Drudge is starting to ramp up the attacks on the Clinton’s…especially to hurt Hillary’s possible run in 2016.

    Two links, with a photo of the Clinton’s:


    – White House Sex Romps Behind Hillary’s Back?

  42. Admin: Ben Smith aka the maggot is soliciting critiques of the Clinton campaign before she has even decided whether she will run, and is not associated with the Soros run group that is running interference for her should she decide to do so. They claim she is making a mistake in not identifying her policy objectives (so they can be validated or rejected against the Obama agenda), that she is positioning herself as the inevitable candidate (before she has even officially decided to run, and worst of all, there has been no showing of interest in hiring these people who fancy themselves to be magicians and marketing. The truth is Obama’s record is indefensible, their services are not wanted much less needed, and Ben Smith’s sources will be gone. He has so alienated himself to the rest of the party, big media and the opposition that his own days are numbered. Politico ran his ass off, and that is where he will stay.

  43. I wonder if the boys at Hillbuzz are going nuts on this:

    WASHINGTON — President Obama nominated Judge Darrin Gayles, an out gay black state court judge, to serve as a judge on the same federal trial court where another out gay black judge’s nomination was blocked by Sen. Marco Rubio.

    Gayles was blocked.

  44. When the details of Obamacare were published, and I saw that opt out provision for young people, I told my friend 2 things—there will be adverse selection, crisis and another taxpayer bail-out. That was before anyone else was talking about that, because everyone else was either mesmerized or intimidated by Obama. Now for the next prediction, which will also come to pass. The Republicans will campaign fiercely and fiendishly against a bail-out and after the election, if Boehner and McConnell are still in the saddle they pivot, and talk say we must go back to the taxpayers once more to save the system–and blame Obama. Hells bells.You don’t need a crystal ball to figure this shit out. All you need is to know your enemy.

  45. freespirit

    February 5, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    I think Hillary’s position is made even tougher because of the perception by the liberal wing of the party that the number of liberals within the Dimocrat Party exceeds the number of moderates. And, they don’t think it’s “hurting them at all”. Their cockiness is due, in part, to a recent Gallup poll which the Kooks believe is all the proof they need that they have finally beaten back the moderates, and hence, the Clintons. Article excerpt below from Chris Bowers at Kooks.
    If I were advising Hillary, I would tell her to concentrate on rebuilding the old Democrat coalition. That means appealing to the white working class, seniors and Hispanics, and writing off the left wingnuts. If she can do that, then she can take back the party, and return this country to some semblance of prosperity. If she gets bogged down defending Obama, or worries too much about appeasing the far left, then she is apt to lose the general election.

  46. And as we all know, what “cost her the nomination” in 2008 was CHEATING and theft of her votes by her own lowlife party.

  47. Who else but wing nuts would even bother to bring up an alleged affair from 20 years ago? They’re effing sophomores. It’s not as if we didn’t already know about the Monica escapade. No one thinks Big Dawg is or was a monk – and no one cares. Only the far righters can get this worked up about the possibility of an illicit affair, which curiously and suspiciously is just now being reported – especially given all of the mud that has been slung at the Clintons since 2008.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t care who or what Bill had sex with if he were president today. He did more for this country than any other president in recent history. His alleged infidelities are no one’s business but his and Hillary’s.

  48. Shadowfax

    February 5, 2014 at 7:08 pm
    Right on.

    Today they have power.

    The have the party, the media and the public (according to Rass).

    But events are catching up with them.

    Tomorrow they will be reviled.

    And as a few of their mechanics get selected

    The rest of them will be saying things like

    I could have been a contender

  49. The alleged Bill Clinton statements in the Telegraph article are lots of fun. The supposed lines from Bill Clinton are bad Hollywood melodrama dialogue circa 1920s. We love these supposed Sneidly Whiplash style lines delivered by Bill while twisting his long black waxed mustache and flinging back his black cape:

    In the recording, Sizemore claims the then-President told him: ‘Give it to me. You dumb m***********r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.

    “The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.”

    Clinton then reportedly telephoned her, announced himself with the words, “Elizabeth, this is your Commander-in-Chief.”

    He is alleged to have continued: “Listen Elizabeth, this is the President! I don’t have any time for this s***. I‘m keeping the world from nuclear war all the time. I’m sending a plane to pick you up.”

    This script needs to go back to the rewrite department.

  50. You just knew the Sizemore comments were total crap. Maybe he could write a new daytime drama…Daze and Haze of My Life.

  51. Is Bill going to be on the rack for the rest of his life or at least until Hillary is elected President?

    Then what will the Republican’s and Kooks go after, just Hillary?

    Will they say they got two for the price of one when Bill and Hillary become, Mr. and Mrs. President????

    Will that be the FIRST time a married couple, both living, have become President of the United States?

  52. The Repugs are just sick. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The only reason they are milking the Benghazi hullabaloo cow dry is to rub Hillary’s nose in it.

    Here’s Lindsey Graham coming right out and saying that the Benghazi stuff has to remain focused on Hillary Clinton:

    Do you think maybe sometime they would name a special prosecutor?

  53. admin February 5, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    The latest Republican attack on Obamacare is powerful and simple: “no insurer bailouts.”

    Well, I’ll be damned: for once I can agree with the Repugs. What should be done when an insurer goes under? The govt should buy it up for $1 and go into the health insurance business itself. That way it becomes a public option, which is the main thing missing from Obamacare as I see it.

    The other route to the public option is to let people buy into Medicaid.

  54. Key Democratic Group Will Sit Out Midterm Elections

    Priorities USA Action, the super PAC now backing Hillary Clinton, won’t spend to help Democrats in the House and Senate this year, a spokesperson confirms.

    The Democratic Party’s biggest super PAC, recently retooled as an early pro-Hillary Clinton effort, will sit out the midterm elections this year.

    A spokesman with the group, Priorities USA Action, confirmed to BuzzFeed on Wednesday night that it would not be involved in House or Senate campaigns.

    “House Majority PAC and Majority PAC are doing everything right and making a real difference. We fully support their efforts,” said the spokesman, Peter Kauffmann, referring to the main groups supporting Democratic congressional candidates.

    Priorities USA Action, which operates under loose campaign finance rules that allow it to raise and spend unlimited sums, put $65 million behind Barack Obama in 2012.

    Sources close to the group say its leaders considered helping Democrats in House and Senate races approaching this fall. The PAC’s principal financial backer, Hollywood magnate Jeffrey Katzenberg, has shown an interest in one midterm candidate in particular: Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrat gunning to unseat Sen. Mitch McConnell. Katzenberg, one of Obama’s biggest bundlers, raised more than $1 million for Grimes on her first trip to California last year.

    Sean Sweeney, the former Obama aide who co-founded Priorities USA, said a year ago that the group would likely let others, like House Majority PAC and Majority PAC, “take the lead on House and Senate races.”

    But Kauffmann’s comments Wednesday night mark the first sure signal since the group’s re-launch last month that it will steer clear of 2014 races.

    Priorities USA will also take steps to ensure its Clinton fundraising operation doesn’t interfere with the party during the midterms, according to a Wall Street Journal report this week. The group, the article said, is discussing a system in which it asks donors to hold off on making larger contributions until after 2014.

  55. Do you think maybe sometime they would name a special prosecutor?

    I certainly hope so. There should have been one named already. Four Americans were viciously slaughtered in Benghazi and their government refused to send help. Put me on the list of those who want to know what happened. These men can’t just be forgotten as if the incident never took place.

  56. The WH and Democrats have put out a typical elitist argument to bumfuzzle population to justify their calamity. Working fewer hours and making less pay is very attractive to a certain social class who already has enough resources and assets to make it irregardless of the paycheck. It would also appeal to a certain type of president who likes to start the day at 10 or 11 AM and watches a lot of ESPN rather than talk to icky unwashed Congressmen. Suggestions that everyone can now open a “entrepreneurial” business in a stagnant economy is equally delusional since most new businesses fail. Early retirement is great if you have the resources, if you don’t but have to retire anyway the Obamacare crap policies will strip you of assets quickly if you break a leg with your new “urban organic farming” venture or life long dream of taking and self-publish a volume of clown photographs. Next in the rationalizations will be the “how dare you” not be willing to give up your access to health care, job, and resources to provide the “dream” of pursuing non viable economic activity on other peoples’ sweat.

  57. Leanora February 6, 2014 at 5:46 am
    The Democratic Party’s biggest super PAC, recently retooled as an early pro-Hillary Clinton effort, will sit out the midterm elections this year.

    So Hil and Bill are hoovering up all of the Democratic money but they aren’t going to share this year. Payback is a not nice word for a certain gendered pet. I am very happy to see that they remember how to play hardball. Let Obama ask for money for his Congressional weasels like he didn’t in 2010 and 2012. The unions are not giving either due to Obamacare and their infuriated membership. Even Wendy Davis’ money has dried up (Abbott raised three times as much as she in January). 2014 is shaping up as the perfect storm for Democrats.

  58. Vilsack: Obama ‘Expects His Cabinet to Be Forceful and to Act’ on Climate Change Without Congress

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Wednesday the establishment of “climate change hubs” in seven states – and three sub-hubs – that will assess and come up with a plan to help rural America deal with climate risks – all without congressional approval.

    “The president’s been quite insistent in cabinet meetings and in private meetings that he expects his cabinet to be forceful and to act. We can’t wait for congressional action. So pursuant to his climate action plan, we established a number of climate change hubs,” Vilsack said during the White House press briefing.

    The seven states are: New Hampshire, North Carolina, Iowa, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon. The sub-stations are located in California, Michigan, and Puerto Rico.

    “These climate change hubs in the sub-stations are going to do a risk analysis of crop production and of forestry in terms of changing climates. It’ll establish the vulnerabilities that we have in each region of the country, will determine from those vulnerabilities strategies and technologies and steps that can be taken to mitigate the impacts and effects of climate change as well as adapting to new ways of agriculture,” Vilsack said.

    That includes “the establishment of a new research foundation which will identify up to $400 million of additional resources to go into agricultural research,” Vilsack said, adding to the $120 million already allocated for climate-related and agriculture issues.

    It will provide the “opportunity to restore disaster assistance” for livestock producers that were unable to access disaster assistance because the programs under the previous farm bill expired. Those programs have now been restored, he said.

    See more at:

  59. freespirit
    February 5, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    And as we all know, what “cost her the nomination” in 2008 was CHEATING and theft of her votes by her own lowlife party.

    Never forget The day that the Democratic party died. 🙁

  60. In an e-mail from Feb. 25, 2010 from Cincinnati IRS official Jack Koester to his boss, Screening Group Manager John Shafer, Koester says, “John, Here is the case number for the ‘Tea Party’ application for 501c(4) exemption that we discussed this morning. Recent media attaention to this type of organization indicates to me that this is a ‘high profile case’.” Then part of the e-mail is blacked out, redacted. – See more at:

  61. See Obama has the heads of all the Agencies to inforse his will. 🙁

    Six unions are petitioning the Senate to hold hearings on Environmental Protection Agency coal plant rules.

    The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and five other unions sent a letter to top senators on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to hold hearings on the economic impacts of the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule.

    Read more:

  62. From the Comments. 🙂

    Libtard Smasher
    • an hour ago

    I think it is a great idea to shut down all the coal fired plants (sarc). After all coal only makes up 43% of ALL electricity generation in the US. Plus why not lose a few thousand more jobs. This would simply keep in line with the administrations present course of action.

    That is what we call liberal logic.

  63. Jim Jones had a village too

    Common Core is an educational fad which is determined to make the children of this country as stupid as humanly possible.

    That’s the only conclusion at which a reasonable person could arrive.

    It’s described this way:
    “The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state-led effort that established a single set of clear educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts and mathematics that states voluntarily adopt,” says the website. “The standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter credit bearing entry courses in two or four-year college programs or enter the workforce. The standards are clear and concise to ensure that parents, teachers, and students have a clear understanding of the expectations in reading, writing, speaking and listening, language and mathematics in school.”

    It is, at its heart, an egalitarian movement designed to make everyone equally stupid:
    “Common Core was developed by two national organizations, it’s adoption incentivized with billions in federal funding and waivers from the onerous provisions of No Child Left Behind, and the national tests funded with federal grants,”

    And meant to take parents out of the process of indoctrination education:
    “But most concerning, Common Core removes the ability of parents and teachers to direct academic content and will have a homogenizing effect on the educational choices available to families,” Burke said.

    The Daily Caller has done a great job documenting the sheer idiocy of Common Core.

    Here is the homework assignment for a third grader:

    Read More:

  64. 😆

    Every time I see the top of this thread, the video that Admin posted, that black man looks like one of those life sized blow up dolls. Look at his mouth.

  65. Everything the Liar-in-Chief does at this point, is intended to put a left jab in the face of those who try to hold him accountable, while he proceeds with his agenda, and threatens anyone who stands in his way. To be a member of mainstream media watching this and not speaking out is the greater corruption. But why should they when they know that their crowd is profiting from this vast expansion of government. The five counties surrounding Washington are now the richest in the nation, thanks to this administration, while 2 out of 5 people of labor force age are not working, and our nation is approaching 20 trillion in debt. But watch the dull eyes of the sheeple, chewing their cut, telling us they love their president, believe big media and its all just politics–every “smidgeon” of it. I think that word was borrowed by the liar in chief from pajama boy. And the sheeple never had any real interest in what is going on–they are just rubes to be plucked.

    Trey Gowdy makes some excellent points here about one particular statement by the Liar-In-Chief:

  66. Obama cannot be trusted by friend nor foe:

    In an abrupt switch from his months of work to bring immigration reform back from life support, Speaker John Boehner told reporters today that the issue cannot move forward until President Obama proves he can be a trustworthy partner to implement the law as written.

    “There’s widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws. And it’s going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes,” Boehner said.

    The change in tack comes after rank-and-file members pushed hard against action on the issue this year when immigration “principles” were unveiled at a retreat last week and top immigration hawks had begun to discuss how they could thwart Boehner in his march to bring the issue to the floor.

    In the hours before Boehner made his surprise announcement, lawmakers and aides had told Breitbart News that early discussions had begun about whether to force a special leadership election in the event Boehner moved forward with immigration legislation.

    It’s going to require blood if this happens,” one GOP member said.

    At the press conference where he made his surprise announcement, Boehner said Obama has exacerbated the distrust on the issue with his recent vows to act with or without Congress.

    “The American people, including many of my members, do not believe that the reform that we’re talking about will be implemented as it was intended to be. The President seems to change the health care law on a whim, whenever he likes. Now he’s running around the country telling everyone that he’s going to keep acting on his own. He keeps talking about his phone and his pen. And he’s feeding more distrust about whether he’s committed to the rule of law,” Boehner said.

  67. As of January 3rd, the EPA banned about 80% of the wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts in the United States. Stoves which are used to heat 12% of the homes in America and are especially needed in outlying rural areas. Fireplaces are also being looked at.

    The EPA is attempting to reduce particle pollution with new rules. Instead of limiting fine airborne particulate emissions to 15 micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3) of air, the change will impose a maximum 12 μg/m3 limit. That is equivalent to a person smoking 3 to 4 cigarettes in a small confined space.

    The draconian EPA regulations will be spread out, one will take place in March and the next in five to eight years. Stoves currently in use will not be affected but obviously, getting them repaired will become more and more difficult.

    They haven’t yet gone after outdoor appliances or home heating appliances, but can they be far behind? Will people be able to heat their homes in a future controlled by extreme environmentalists?

  68. The amount paid by the health industry to Obama campaign coffers? $20,000,000. Twenty million big ones, in words.

    Here’s Raw Story with the story (my emphasis throughout):

    Obama received $20 million from healthcare industry in 2008 campaign

    While some sunlight has been shed on the hefty sums shoveled into congressional campaign coffers in an effort to influence the Democrats’ massive healthcare bill, little attention has been focused on the far larger sums received by President Barack Obama while he was a candidate in 2008.

    A new figure, based on an exclusive analysis created for Raw Story by the Center for Responsive Politics, shows that President Obama received a staggering $20,175,303 from the healthcare industry during the 2008 election cycle, nearly three times the amount of his presidential rival John McCain. McCain took in $7,758,289, the Center found.

    The new figure, obtained by Raw Story through an independent custom research request performed by the Center for Responsive Politics ­ a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that tracks money in politics ­ is the most comprehensive breakdown yet available of healthcare industry contributions to Obama during the 2008 election cycle.

    While the headline number is pretty interesting, the article goes on to articulate why. It was written in 2010, after the dollar amount became available, but also after the effect of that money became visible. That effect ­ the ACA itself.

  69. You just have to wonder what Barack’s Third Reich has in store for Americans tomorrow. We find out yesterday that he intentionally set about to get people fired or laid off work – so they could “experience freedom”, not be tied to un-fulfilling jobs just to earn money and provide medical coverage for their families. He didn’t bother to ask any of the newly unemployed if they wanted to “experience freedom”. He didn’t ask if they needed their jobs to pay for food, rent, clothing, etc. I guess he assumed they were working ONLY to pay health care, and he wanted them to have a break from the drudgery of working every day.

    Maybe tomorrow he’ll surprise Americans by having all of the nation’s roadways demolished. Commuting long distances to work can just be maddening – if you haven’t been put on forced “experience freedom” leave, and still have a job to commute to.

  70. Yeah, he really said that.

    Pro-Abortion Barack Obama At National Prayer Breakfast: “Killing The Innocent” Is “Ultimate Betrayal of God’s Will”…

    At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, President Barack Obama said that “killing the innocent” is the “ultimate betrayal of God’s will.”

    But the president was talking about terrorism, not abortion:

    “Extremists succumb to an ignorant nihilism that shows they don’t understand the faiths they claim to profess, for killing the innocent is never fulfilling God’s will. In fact, it is the ultimate betrayal of God’s will,” Obama said.

    Yet Obama is a long-time supporter of abortion rights.

  71. I don’t get it. But then I just don’t get politics. If the Dems lose the Senate in 2014, what is to keep the GOP from impeaching Ofuctard? I mean, he is not just setting up a big loss in 2014, but he is totally enraging the GOP, who would otherwise be too inept to get it together.

    Am I missing something, here?

  72. Obama to give those with ‘tangential’ terrorist connections asylum, refugee status

    This sure gives new meaning to “come on over.” As if we are not already inundated with potential terrorists gliding over our borders unimpeded. Lets bring them in from especially Syria, the new breeding ground for Al Qaeda and any other Muslim group that hates America. No question but Obama is doing everything in his power to destroy what is left of the America we knew. Why on earth would we take a chance on this ignorant behavior. Already we have millions unemployed, and these new arrivals? I am sure they will have fine employment skills.

    The Obama administration is quietly making it easier for people with tangential connections to terror groups to receive refugee status or asylum in the United States.

    Two new exemptions to the Immigration and Nationality Act published in the Federal Register Wednesday by the Departments of Homeland Security and State mean that who provided “insignificant” or “limited” material support for terror groups will no longer be automatically denied eligibility from asylum or refugee status.

    The rules will affect about 3,000 people who have pending asylum cases, one refugee advocate said, and an unknown additional number of people currently in the process of being deported. It will likely help Syrian refugees who would otherwise be blocked from receiving U.S. aid by existing rules.

  73. admin
    February 6, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Obama cannot be trusted by friend nor foe:

    Boehner is parroting what Phil Graham has been saying and Rubio’s default position.

    The president is a serial liar.

    LOOK AT THE FUCKING FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you like your health care plan you can keep it—-35 times he said this and he knew in the moment is was a lie.

    If you like you doctor you can keep him——again he lied (said with a hissing sound with rolling eyes—like Charles Laughten in Witnesss for the Prosectution did.)

    I will not rest until the people who killed our Ambassador are caught and punished—-yet again, he lied.

    There is not a smidgeon of proof that the IRS targeted conservatives, after Louis Learner took the Fifth–again he lied.

    Question for Boehner: how can a serial liar like Obama ever prove he is trustworth. If we can believe Rassmussen, 45 % of the public approves of the job he is doing, which means either that they approve of his lies or are too dumbe to spit—or I suppose both.

    If Boehner held to that position, there will be no amnesty–and no immigration deal while Obama sits in the Oval Office.

    He will remember Obama’s transgressions and his standing threat to interpret the law anyway he chooses—with a signing statement with that magic pen he continues to waive around.

    But Boehner is a mushball. He won’t stand his ground.

  74. I may be the world’s biggest fool, and I know he would be an easy target, but I sure like the message we get from Dr Ben Carson. What a fine human being he is. I think the real test of anyone’s humanity is their proven ability to look beyond their narrow interests and look out for the welfare of other people, without limiting their freedom. That man hues to that formula. I know he cares as much about us, as he does about himself. You find that sentiment, naye that conviction in politics–rarely if ever. But in his case, its there. On the flip side, this same test helps to explain why I despise Obama to the degree I do. He is the antithesis of Dr. Carson. They are as different as night and day. Carson soars with the angels, while Obama slithers along on his belly like the snake he is.

  75. Leanora
    February 6, 2014 at 5:13 pm
    I am fond of practicing psychology without a license.

    There is a struggle going on between Obama’s mask and his ossified inner child.

    This war in his brain is so intense, that as time goes on he will become a walking non-sequitur.

    At that point, Rassmussen will record that only 44% of the public approves.

    And the cognisenti will say to each other that he is becoming Bideneque.

  76. tps://;_ylt=AwrTcX_4TfRSCWAAx3uJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIzN3RhN3VxBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM2M2MwNzg4YzRhMmFmYTJiNjEwZGFjYjdlMjBhYjEwZgRncG9zAzY5BGl0A2Jpbmc-?…&p=hillary+clinton+first+lady&oid=63c0788c4a2afa2b610dacb7e20ab10f&fr2=&fr=yfp-t-326-s&tt=Recent+Photos+The+Commons+Getty+Collection+Galleries+World+Map+App+…&b=61&ni=200&no=69&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=11mdldk47&sigb=1589l5uvj&sigi=11rr4id24&.crumb=Ql3BqvJG5tq&fr=yfp-t-326-s

  77. Well . . it did not work.

    I went to yahoo and searched for pictures of first lady Hillary Clinton, and found more there than at any time before. My point is someone is pulling things out of archives now to tell her story in preparation for another run at the nomination. Or that is a plausible hypothesis. I wish ABM 94 was active now. He always like the pictures of Hillary and admired the work she has done. I think her senate career was a tremendous success, and that should be the test of her great ability. More bills authored and passed by her than by any freshman senator in history, etc. We made that point to people in West Virginia.

  78. “If Boehner held to that position, there will be no amnesty–and no immigration deal while Obama sits in the Oval Office.”
    Boehner has a problem playing the “amnesty” street theater play for the Repub. base and satisfying the people who pay the bribes. Palin, Lee and Cruz call bullshit on the business model of the uni-party and receive vicious “bi-partisan” attacks.

  79. Boehner has a problem playing the “amnesty” street theater play for the Repub. base and satisfying the people who pay the bribes. Palin, Lee and Cruz call bullshit on the business model of the uni-party and receive vicious “bi-partisan” attacks.

    But if McConnell loses in the primary to Bevins, or in the general election to the Hollywood financed democrat (who is currently leading in the polls), then it will shake establishment republicans to the core. In that case, the RINOs will push Cornyn to be their Senate Leader and the conservatives will push either Lee, Cruz, or maybe just maybe Sessions. I see where David Vitter is retiring to run for Governor of Louisiana. I was doing a head count the other day, and it will be close. All the dirty money is flowing to the RINO incumbents, and word has it that Boehner is waiting until the cut off date for filing in elections involving tea party challengers to RINOs before putting the screws to the American People on amnesty. The guy is nothing more than a puppet, and his third and fourth in command are downright pathetic. They can be deceptive right up to the point where the rube does not catch on. Sadly, he Democrat base is ignorant as swans but the same is not true of the Republican base. They have a basis for measurement, and it is the Constitution. They know they are being screwed by the uniparty and who the Quislings are.

  80. The Republicans are in the catbird position with the insurance lobby if only they knew how to play their cards right.

    It was Obama who promised them heaven, gave them hell, and now wants to squeeze the taxpayers to rescue him and them for his mistake. It will cost you and your children trillions to cover his mistake. He will continue to get all the perks and endless praise from the adoring media. He does the crime. You pay for it. That’s justice because he’s black. Great.

    But here is the speech that the Republicans ought to give when the insurers came begging. You were part of our constituency. We delivered to you for decades. But when Obama came in, you fell in love with a bright shiny object, and you cast us aside for an underwriters pipe dream of millions young people forced to buy insurance from you which they will never use, like free money.

    And now that you see that has turned out to be as big of a lie as every other word that comes out of the mouth of Obama, you want us to do what? To rescue you and Obama? Give me a fucking break. He got you into this. Let Houdini get you out of it. We cannot win elections if we put the onus on the American people. So fuck off.

  81. FYI…

    Can you tease Season 4 of “AHS”? How are you going to top yourself this time?

    Ryan Murphy:

    Jessica will be back. She says it’s her last [season] but I’m going to do everything I can to convince her to continue with the series because I see “AHS” running for decades. She’ll be playing a Marlene Dietrich-type, which has always been one of her dreams. Season 4 will take place in the 1950s … that’s all I can say.

  82. I have mentioned that merger we did a few years back. It began with hiring a lobbyist who was the former chief of staff for a prominent house member. He did not come cheap. That led to meetings with Boehner who introduced us to many members of the House, and then we hired a former Senator now a lawyer lobbyist for a big firm who introduced us to people like Trent Lott, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham. And with every stop the price of support was wet my beak. Now our deal was good for the public, but that did not matter. Wet my beak or fuck off. Those were the options. Wet my beak does not mean pay me money–that is verbotten. Wet my beak means throw me a fundraiser which has the exact same effect, except it is legal. There are however, a handful of people in Congress–people like Cruz, Lee, Paul or Sessions–or democrat Ron Wyden who would do the right thing for you because it was in the best interests of the country. No money or fundraiser would be required. But alas they are few and far between. They are of course the same people who are targets of big media, because unlike big media and the uniparty, they represent the people of this country, as opposed to the elites who are screwing the people.

  83. Come to think of it, that would be a great project for David O’Keefe, who goes under cover to uncover federal government corruption. Approach a few of our senate luminaries, I mean real low lifes like Patrick Leahey, ask for his support on a project which has a private and public dimension, like a merger, and see how long it takes him to slip in that little suggestion of a fundraiser. He would not need a calender. A stop watch is all that is needed.

  84. Lots of people worry about McNutt, when he sits in a hearing room on an important matter, and plays video poker on his hand held device, rather than paying attention to the proceeding. Yes, he is the original wacko bird. But in all candor, I have got to tell you I worry a hell of a lot more when he is paying attention because no good ever comes of that. It reminds me of Mark Twain’s observation that no man is safe when Congress is in session, to which I would simply add, and wacko bird mccain is paying attention.

  85. I am crushed. My world is toppling. Romney will not run in 2016. What good does it do to follow politics, when this latter day Patton refuses to show up and fight–again.

  86. The driving force of the current system is not the public welfare. The driving force is corruption. One of the reasons for the popularity of the nation state and sovereignty fifty years ago is they proved their efficacy under the most dire circumstances. Total wars were fought by states which mobilized entire societies around shared perils. By creating models of equity, solidarity and sacrifice, they transformed societies. That is the best meaning of the words never let a good crisis go to waste. By contrast Obama used the crisis of our time, namely the stock market collapse of 2008 for the very opposite purpose, namely to enrich his supporters under the Chicago pay to play scheme, otherwise known as crony capitalism, and to exploit the fault lines in society. What the country needs now is neither the statist scheme of the left, or the libertarian schemes of the right. What we need is a new consensus about the nature of government, the public good, and the proper role of the state, plus a new faith in our ability to shape the future. Until that happens, the political class has no incentive to change. They may be distrusted by constituents, but they have no reason to care so long as the the lack of trust does not translate into mobilization, resistance, and sustained pressure for reform. The task of big media is to thwart those reform efforts, because they and the elites they speak for benefit handsomely from the current state of dysfunction and the street theater that accompanies it.

  87. Leahy refuses to let Mrs. Faulkner speak. 🙁

    Dem Senator Blocks Widow Of Cop Killed By Mumia Abu-Jamal From Testifying On Obama’s DOJ Nominee Who Represented The Cop Killer…

    The Philadelphia district attorney is speaking out against President Obama’s nominee for a top Justice Department post, saying his link to the case of a convicted cop killer “sends a message of contempt” to police ­ as the widow of the fallen officer is apparently denied the chance to testify.

    Maureen Faulkner, whose husband Daniel Faulkner was killed in 1981, was hoping to speak publicly on the case before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which plans to vote Thursday on the nomination of Debo Adegbile to lead the Civil Rights Division.

    But she told she’s “extremely frustrated” after being told by representatives of Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., that she won’t be able to do so.

    “I am physically, emotionally and mentally distressed that I’m not able to be in that room,” Faulkner told by phone. “This is personal to me.”

    Faulkner said she received a letter from Leahy’s office this week informing her that it’s “not the practice” of the committee to accept outside testimony. Faulkner, who lives in Los Angeles, later realized she could attend the hearing as a member of the public but was unable to book a flight. […]

  88. I still don’t believe he won in a fair election. Nevertheless, the people in Virginia who actually voted for this man should be the ones who have to pay for his drunken parties!

    McAuliffe Opens up Gov’s Mansion: ‘Sixty Parties in 60 Days’

    Terry McAuliffe made a successful career out of schmoozing, and he’s hoping to carry that approach into the Virginia governor’s mansion. ”Sixty parties in 60 days!” the new Democratic governor announced in an effort to win over state lawmakers during the legislature’s session.

    The Washington Post reports McAuliffe has replaced the residence’s on-tap alcohol with top-shelf liquor and microbrews; under his predecessor, Bob McDonnell, the mansion served only Virginia-sourced products, but one Republican state senator said McAuliffe told him he’s “not closed to the idea of serving libations” from elsewhere. Along with the nightly functions, the former Democratic mega-fundraiser will also serve daily breakfasts.

    McAuliffe hopes the receptions, which he is paying for at his own expense, will help create a chumminess with Republicans who have been hesitant to warm up to him. Earlier this week, top Republicans criticized McAuliffe for not offering constructive input and largely staying away from legislative issues, and these parties only confirm previous impressions of McAuliffe.

    “I’ve never seen anyone so slow to get started,” state house majority leader M. Kirkland Cox told the Post. “There seems to be an event over there every night. I’m not sure I’ve seen much else going on.”

  89. A pretty good analysis (seems objective to me) of what are the right and wrong approaches Hillary should take to the 2016 campaign, take advantage of her DC insider status while avoiding coming across as the status quo:

    leading up to:

    “Clinton could tell the Democratic voters of Iowa and New Hampshire that, yes, inequality is a defining problem for the society, and yes, American risks becoming a surveillance state resented around the world. But the answers don’t lie in demonizing her financiers or the intelligence agencies she knows well, or even in ridding the earth of Republicans. The answers lie in tossing out the outdated orthodoxies of the last century and wrestling more thoughtfully with the technological moment, as Bill Clinton started to do in 1992.

    As Joe Trippi, who was the architect of Dean’s antiestablishment insurgency, puts it: “She’s almost the perfect person who can argue that both ideologies are obsolete and that you need someone who understands the old system to put forward some ideas that are new.”

  90. Shadow, before she died my aunt pulled out some letters proving that we were related to a guy who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1920. He was at the forefront of the harsh movement in literature (and no less the law) to replace the sentimentality and the natural law with moral lessons genre of the late Victorian Period with a new ethic formed in part by the bitter experiences of World War I, no fine little war that. Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Dos Passos, and many others of the so called Lost Generation credited him for their genre, until he got himself on the wrong side of the great struggle of the early 19th century between fascism and democracy, as did Ezra Pound. For that his name was removed from the annals of popular culture and history, save a book written about him twenty years ago that brought much of this to light, i.e. Enigma. But that was years later, whereas in 1920 he was on top of the world and very much in his cups at the Nobel ceremony, so much so that his poor wife had to put him to bed drunk with in his tuxedo on. But an hour before, he under the influence of demon rum, he delivered a speech about the glory of youth to an audience well into their sixties and seventies. Unlike his the book he won the Nobel Prize for, i.e. Hunger, it was laced with sentimentality and timeless observations about youth’s magic horn, which were themselves so moving that they made me take notice. The pictures I posted were of Hillary as First Lady and those were not widely available until now. I guess we hope for in life is what we never seem to get–the vibrance of youth and the wisdom of age. In most cases that is not the bargain. Disraeli said it best: youth is a blunder, middle age I a struggle, old age a regret.

  91. “Clinton could tell the Democratic voters of Iowa and New Hampshire that, yes, inequality is a defining problem for the society, and yes, American risks becoming a surveillance state resented around the world. But the answers don’t lie in demonizing her financiers or the intelligence agencies she knows well, or even in ridding the earth of Republicans. The answers lie in tossing out the outdated orthodoxies of the last century and wrestling more thoughtfully with the technological moment, as Bill Clinton started to do in 1992.

    As Joe Trippi, who was the architect of Dean’s antiestablishment insurgency, puts it: “She’s almost the perfect person who can argue that both ideologies are obsolete and that you need someone who understands the old system to put forward some ideas that are new.”
    Eight years ago, I bought this argument, lock, stock and barrel. Today it seems superficial and unsound. What changed me was the 2008 election and everything that followed. They exposed the predatory nature of the system, the deception of big media, the evils of bureaucracy and the transparent attempt to “control the people”–as the Democrat dean of the Senate from Michigan so inelegantly put it. Above, I set forth my own assessment, and it lies in nothing less than a sustained albeit peaceful rebellion against the status quo who at this point are, to put it equally inelegantly are fucking the American People like a house cat. Again, I would stress the fact that 2 out of 5 people of working age are not working, and the five counties around Washington are the richest in the nation, and want the long cocktail line to continue until the middle class of this nation is bled dry. Holmes someplace talked about politicians being not the leaders but the followers of great economic movements, who sweep up the elephant dung after the elephants pass by. Maybe that is in the nature of things. In 2008 Hillary alone had a plan to restore the greatness to this nation, which was slipping away thanks to the predations of Bush. But the sheeple, in their infinite wisdom, heed the siren song of big media, and coronated a man of low moral character but great shtick, who did nothing but accelerate the demise. I think we are feeling the effects acutely, but no one is willing to talk about it.

  92. Now for the truth.

    Dean is not an anti establishment figure. Therefore, Trippi is not the architect of an anti establishment movement. They are equally in the bag for the capitalist, and that is the only way to understand them.

    At the end of the Russian Civil War, the head of the Soviet Secret Police, Felix Derjinsky, set up a shell organization called the trust, to lure white Russians who had fled the country and were presumed to be plotting against the new thugocracy. The trust was never the subversive organization it pretended to be. It was theater and a way to quash meaningful reform, or what the Bolsheviks called counter revolution.

    The Dean campaign, and the Obama campaign which succeed it, were financed by people like Soros to protect the elites and to bleed the middle class dry. So when I look at Joe Trippi, I cannot suspend disbelief that he is anti establishment. He is part of the modern variant of the Trust, and if Felix Derjinky is in the same place now as Tim Russert, viz in the home of Satan then I have to believe he is smiling at what he sees. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  93. Nancy P. denies that Dem senatorial candidates will be helped – not hurt- by Obama. She is either delusional or lying.

    February 06, 2014, 06:18 pm

    “Pelosi: Obama won’t drag down Dems”

    By Mike Lillis

    “But asked if the president might be “a drag” on the Democratic ticket, Pelosi didn’t think twice.
    “Absolutely not,” she said during a press briefing in the Capitol. “We’re very proud of our president and what he stands for.”

    Pelosi said time restraints will inevitably require Democrats to use Obama’s star power strategically on the campaign trail. But the notion that they would discourage his participation — even as Democrats work to defend a fragile six-seat Senate majority — was quickly dismissed by the former Speaker.” 

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook


    Most of the comments about this article were disparaging of Pelosi and Obama, with only a few challenges by pro-Obama commenters. Not that long ago the Dim Kids were all over every negative post about O.

  94. The Pubs need to tell Ryan to STFU! He makes them – and himself – look like idiots. I never liked that little sanctimonious tight-ass. He’s so self-righteous, and like most of the wing nuts, is hung-up about sex. That’s the sin that can’t be forgiven in their book. The other nine commandments can be broken with impunity: bearing false witness, stealing, coveting thy neighbor’s ass … oops, I’m sure Ryan would prefer the term “donkey” instead of “ass”. And, invariably, the people who are most publicly judgmental about sexual transgressions of others are later discovered to have been involved in some secret sexcapade.


    February 07, 2014, 08:46 am

    “Paul: Candidates should return ‘predatory’ Bill Clinton’s donations”

    Read more:

  95. Apropos of my prior comments about FOX News, and fairness to Hillary. We will get both sides and she has no more skilled advocate and defender than James. If Shoen and Caddell are also on board, as well:


    James Carville joins FOX News as contributor

    Posted by Mandy Nagy Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 4:38pm james-carville-fox-news

    James Carville has found a new home at FOX News.

    From FOX News:

    Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville has been hired as a Fox News contributor.

    The former Bill Clinton adviser will join the network to provide political commentary. Bill Shine, executive vice president of programming, announced the move on Thursday.

    “James’ successful and storied career in politics over several decades is an enormous asset to Fox News,” Shine said. “We are privileged to have him lend his breadth of experience, wit and dynamic perspective on the network.”

    Carville has had a long career in the political arena, most notably as a lead strategist on Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign. He was also an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

    He was previously a contributor with CNN, along with his wife, Republican strategist Mary Matalin, until January 2013.

    Carville has already been a familiar face as a sometimes guest on FOX News, including this recent appearance with Megyn Kelly.

    (Featured image: FOX News video via Mediaite)

  96. Nancy P. denies that Dem senatorial candidates will be helped – not hurt- by Obama. She is either delusional or lying.
    This is hardly surprising.

    The truth is she is responsible for the demise of the Democratic Party . .

    And everyone knows it.

    Including her.

    Pelosi can ill afford to admit the truth.

    But denying it makes her seem either mendacious or delusional.

  97. Waxie, and Walrus George Miller are retiring.

    Ergo, Nanny Poopie’s Praetorian Guard is going going gone.

    If 2014 is the bloodbath many believe

    Then she will lose the confidence of her party

    And she will not run again in 2016

  98. freespirit
    February 7, 2014 at 9:53 am

    The Pubs need to tell Ryan to STFU! He makes them – and himself – look like idiots

    He is a zealot at heart.

    And he strikes bad bargains with the dumbest person in the Senate–Patty Murray.

    And he loses debates to the fool on the hill–Jolt’n Joe Biden

    That is one hell of a resume.

  99. Two Foundations: Both Named The Barack H. Obama Foundation, One Malik’s and One Barack’s

    President Obama’s friends filed incorporation papers at the end of January 2014 for The Barack H. Obama Foundation, the same name of the 501(c)(3) charity that his brother uses, The Barack H. Obama Foundation, which is billed as honoring their mutal father, Barack H. Obama, Sr., but the letters “Sr.” do not show-up on Malik’s “charity” page. Will the two foundations share banks?

  100. wbboei February 7, 2014 at 9:53 am

    “James Carville joins FOX News as contributor”

    Very good news. Fox may be setting up shop to become the “objective” news channel….

  101. foxyladi14
    February 6, 2014 at 2:52 pm
    As of January 3rd, the EPA banned about 80% of the wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts in the United States. Stoves which are used to heat 12% of the homes in America and are especially needed in outlying rural areas. Fireplaces are also being looked at.
    I’m no expert, but I know there are a lot of badly-made wood-stoves being sold. People want cheap, but cheap means not well-made. House fires, explosions, carbon dioxide and other gas emissions are serious threats. A wood-stove needs a catalytic converter to burn wood safely, efficiently and cleanly. Our present stove made by Vermont Castings about 20 years ago has a top EPA rating, We change the converter every three years; have it cleaned and inspected annually, gaskets replaced etc. We monitor the temperature constantly, careful not to overheat, which is not only dangerous, it damages the stove’s efficiency. The wood must be dried properly and we try not to burn much pine, which causes a lot of creosote build-up in the chimney. The chimney pipe has no bends—it goes straight up and that, too, is important. There’s a lot of know-how to running a wood stove, but most people don’t bother to learn it. Over-insulated houses make wood-stoves draw improperly. People objecting to the EPA regulations would do well to investigate beyond surface assumptions. One might claim the right to make a fire in a tin box in the living room, but if it gases your kids in their sleep at night, if it burns down your house and perhaps your neighbor’s house, fills the air around your neighborhood (and your neighbors lungs) with dark foul-smelling smoke or sets your nearby woods on fire, it’s not a very intelligent freedom, is it?

  102. Mother Jones article speculates that Ryan will be the Pub nominee. That may offer some insight into his insane statements about Big Dawg. It’s hard to imagine that the Pubs would be crazy enough to give him the nom. Hell, he makes McCain look like Mr. Excitement. Ryan is about as interesting and appealing as canned dirt. Stiff as a post, inflexible, slow on his feet, self-righteous, boring – yeah, he’ll do great!

    Can you imagine Ryan v. Hillary in a debate. OMG, she would make him wish he had never gotten into politics. He wouldn’t even know what hit him.


    “Paul Ryan Is the Odds-On Favorite to Win the Republican Nomination in 2016”

    —By Kevin Drum
    Wed Feb. 5, 2014 10:04 PM GM

    Paul Ryan Is the Odds-On Favorite to Win the Republican Nomination in 2016

    —By Kevin Drum
    | Wed Feb. 5, 2014 10:04 PM GM

  103. Leanora

    Recently, I have to scratch my head when I see some of your posts on the blog.

    I wonder why you ever voted for Hillary?

  104. Wbb, interesting story about your relative.

    “Disraeli said it best: youth is a blunder, middle age I a struggle, old age a regret.”

    Well that is about as bleak as it gets. Are you sure someone here on the blog didn’t say it? 😉

    Life is always a struggle, but most of us try to learn from our mistakes and grab as much joy out of life as we can. Without joy, we are just waiting to die.

  105. From the article I quote:

    “She’s almost the perfect person who can argue that both ideologies are obsolete and that you need someone who understands the old system to put forward some ideas that are new.”

    wbboei February 7, 2014 at 9:05 am

    Eight years ago, I bought this argument…. Today it seems superficial and unsound…. 2008 election and everything that followed…. the predatory nature of the system, the deception of big media, the evils of bureaucracy and the transparent attempt to “control the people”…. my own assessment… lies in nothing less than a sustained albeit peaceful rebellion against the status quo who at this point are…. fucking the American People like a house cat…. In 2008 Hillary alone had a plan to restore the greatness to this nation….

    Well, despite what you think of Joe Trippi, you are actually confirming here what the author said in the article: The people want an end to the status quo for all the reasons you give; but they’re not going to overturn the status quo by electing another incompetent fool like Obama – or Dubya, for that matter, who were both “outsiders”.

    The trick, for Hillary, is not so much to distance herself from Obama’s policies or actions, nor is it to paint herself as an outsider, which she certainly is not (and which Dean was), but rather to put herself across as someone who knows enough about DC to make the federal government work again, and according to the Constitution.

    That, according to the article, should be the driving force behind the campaign, and not a bunch of policy statements of left, right or center. She knows how to get things done in DC. She knows everyone. She engages with the enemy and works across the aisle. She gives an inch here and takes a yard there.

    That work ethic, in and of itself and regardless of any policy goals, positions or postures, already distinguishes her significantly from Obama, from anybody else in DC, and certainly from any bogus “outsiders” who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. So, I think that should be the underlying message and impetus behind her campaign.

  106. James Carville joins FOX News as contributor

    How about the James and Mary show? 😉

    Well, I can at least count on watching Carville and Greta in the future if I go back to watching Fox at some point.

  107. Mother Jones article speculates that Ryan will be the Pub nominee.

    Mother needs to stick to her bong and keep her opinions to herself.

    ‘She’ was 100% wrong about Obama, so she is batting zero in her predictions.

  108. Lu4PUMA February 1, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    With all the systems in place as examples of what works and does not, anyone who really wanted universal healthcare for the people of the country could have come up with a decent system.

    Well, it would certainly seem so to me. And yet, during the 22 months that Obamacare was being debated, I never heard anyone refer to a foreign example for a “decent system”, nor during the D primaries of 2007-8 when everyone had their various systems.

    Obamacare is designed for the money people and the insurance companies. It targets the patients and the doctors and it’s objective is to get as much money as possible.
    Do you think this program reduces the administrative costs of the insurance companies? Do you think they are really going to give up their profits? So more services are supposed to be provided, well who will pay? Do the math. Obamacare = Deathcare.

    Yes, yes, I agree with you. You don’t have to preach to me about the evils and drawbacks of for-profit insurance, for-profit pharmaceuticals, for-profit delivery.

    What bugs me is that these handicaps are staring us in the face now, and all we do is to whine about them; and that brings me back to the original question, which was “Why can’t we just take the example of some other countries?”

    What’s to stop us from introducing a public option? Are we afraid that this would make unfair competition for the insurers? Do we really, deep down, want the insurers to make more money than they already are, off the backs of sick people? You yourself say, “Obamacare is designed for the money people and the insurance companies.” I agree with you. Then let’s introduce a public option!

    It seems to me that the whole problem is due to our undying faith in “free” markets and “free” competition, with “free” being equated with “unregulated”, and any law such as the ACA makes things worse than if there were no law.

  109. Shadowfax

    “Life is always a struggle, but most of us try to learn from our mistakes and grab as much joy out of life as we can. Without joy, we are just waiting to die.”


    That statement describes the appropriate mindset according to Erickson’s psychosocial stages of life.

    The developmental challenge in older age is “ego integrity v. despair” .

    I agree Shadow, regarding that publication – Mother does not always know what’s best.

  110. Wow! No wonder all the rats in DC are freaked out. Good for Snowden!

    February 6, 2014 ­ (TRN) ­ Edward Snowden, the former contractor at the National Security Agency took with him multiple “Doomsday” packages of information when he departed the country and began revealing how intensely the US Government is spying on its own citizens. He has the personal home info for all Elected Officials, Law Enforcement, Judges, Bankers, Corporate Boards of Directors and more!


    Making the situation all the more dire for the government is that Snowden has made clear he will release some of the information under certain “other” circumstances. For instance, if Martial Law is declared in the US or if any elections are canceled for any reason, all the government employee info goes out. If an economic collapse takes place, all the Banker/Stock Broker/Commodities Trader information goes out. If Corporations start hyper-inflating prices, all the information about them, their officers and Board of Directors will go out.

  111. Leanora
    February 7, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Wow! No wonder all the rats in DC are freaked out. Good for Snowden!

    I agree with you on this, 100%.

  112. He has the personal home info for all Elected Officials, Law Enforcement, Judges, Bankers, Corporate Boards of Directors and more!
    And if he has them, then the government has them. And if the government has them then Organizing for America and Soros have them. When the Dean of the Senate said our goal is to set in motion things that will “get the American People under control”, quite possibly this is some of what he meant. Here’s looking at you John Roberts.

  113. Mother does not always know what’s best.
    Especially if her name is Barbara Bush–the quintessential battle axe.

  114. Ah yes. Barbara. Who can forget her nasty little snipe that it was not such a great tragedy that the victims of Katrina lost everything, because they had so little to lose. That whopper is right up there with Let them east cake. So as you see before there was Lady bountiful Michelle, there was lady bountiful Mamabush, and before that German bride of Louie XVI Marie Antonette. Three of a kind. Not to be too mean spirited, but I hope MO has recovered from her 50th birthday, after Obama left her behind to celebrate, on the taxpayer nickel. Noblesse oblige.

  115. Let them east cake.

    I hope MO has recovered from her 50th birthday, after Obama left her behind to celebrate

    As it turns out, Admin was there to eat as much B-day cake as possible.

  116. Paul Ryan Is the Odds-On Favorite to Win the Republican Nomination in 2016″

    The odds on favorite?

    Give me a break.

    Let me begin with a stipulation which most people who live in the same world as most of us will agree with.

    They employ Matt Tabbi–a guiness book scumbag.

    He and the rest of their staff are no strangers to hallucinatory drugs.

    As in, this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.

    Yes, I can see it now clearly.

    Ryan and Idi Amin.

    I am sure that the Mother Jones crew would like to see him run.

    So they could call him a square.

    And watch every state light up blue.

    So lets get off this hallucinatory train and talk about what is likely.

    Scott Walker is the man from Wisconsin who will run, but not win.

  117. Ryan is a technocrat–a number cruncher. Technocrats do not win elections. He cannot offer a credible vision for the future–one that will excite people and help us get to where we need to be with a new consensus about government and our collective ability to shape the future. He has the demeanor of a trustee in bankruptcy. He can be the executive officer, but not the captain of the ship. A captain must inspire. A wet blanket does not inspire.

  118. So here is the d-bag that has been spreading the word…

    David Axelrod wants Democratic donors to stop donating to Hillary Clinton’s team.

    David Axelrod, President Obama’s top strategist when he
    defeated helped rob votes from Hillary Clinton in 2008, wants Democratic donors to focus on the 2014 elections, rather than Clinton’s likely campaign.

    “With the Senate seriously at risk, and the Koch Brothers spending prodigiously, shouldn’t Dem funders be focused on ’14 and not ’16 races?”

    Axelrod tweeted Thursday afternoon, in what appears to be a very thinly veiled allusion to the Clinton machine that is already coming together.

    The tweet comes just days after a Wall Street Journal report on Democratic concerns that the early support for Clinton could hurt the Democratic Party’s midterm efforts.

    “The formidable campaign apparatus that has sprung up to support a possible 2016 presidential bid by Hillary Clinton is rattling some Democrats, sparking concerns that it could suppress competition for the party nomination and siphon money from candidates running in the midterm elections this fall,” the Journal said.

    Okay so Axelbutt, the d-bag is setting all the major losses in 2014 on ‘greedy’ Hillary’s donors.

    Sorry a-hole, but it was you and your dog and pony show that stole the DNC money for Dim candidates and gave it to the BoyKing and his bridezillia to play with.

    Having him campaign, when there was no election. Because, that is the only thing Barry likes to do in the political arena.

    He would rather play cards than watch the Navy Seals on a very dangerous mission.

    He would rather be vacationing, attending anything with men’s bodies in sports. Passing the pipe, golf, or just yucking it up with athletes.

    People donate their hard earned money, 3 years in advance for something they want badly, or feel the country needs.

    Every Dim that gets kicked out of Congress in 2014 is your fault, Axelbutt, Barry and the crooks they worked with to stab Hillary in the back.

    eff you!

  119. I almost am working up for a red alert rage!

    Sen. Rand Paul, who has been in a bit of a tiff recently with the Clintons, says that any Democrat who has raised campaign money with former President Clinton should return the cash to protest his sexual behavior in the White House.

    Speaking on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” program, in an interview airing Sunday, Mr. Paul said Democrats are being hypocritical by criticizing Republicans as waging a war on women while at the same time embracing Mr. Clinton, who was impeached for lying about a sexual relationship with a White House intern.

    eff you too, Rand. You aren’t half the man your father is.

  120. Shadowfax
    February 7, 2014 at 3:54 pm
    So here is the d-bag that has been spreading the word…

    David Axelrod wants Democratic donors to stop donating to Hillary Clinton’s team.

    David Axelrod, President Obama’s top strategist when he
    defeated helped rob votes from Hillary Clinton in 2008, wants Democratic donors to focus on the 2014 elections, rather than Clinton’s likely campaign.

    “With the Senate seriously at risk, and the Koch Brothers spending prodigiously, shouldn’t Dem funders be focused on ’14 and not ’16 races?”

    Axelrod tweeted Thursday afternoon, in what appears to be a very thinly veiled allusion to the Clinton machine that is already coming together.

    Mr. Axelgrease, spare us the false concern for the Democratic Party. You are an ObamaCrat. You helped build that Frankenbeast, and all you see in Hillary is the threat that anybody, Rebub or Dem, could take over on 1/20/2017, and put Obummer to shame.

    Interviewer: “Why do you seem to be against Hillary? Is this bad blood from 2008?”

    Axelgrease: “Not at all. Just because her path is complicated by her husband’s sleazy legacy, her age, her role in Benghazi, and whether it’s unfair or not, her gender, anyone is free to seek the Whitehouse.”

    Int: “That was a very evasive answer.”

    Ax: “Okay, I’ll admit it, I am first an Obamacrat, then an Anybody-but-Hillary person. I’m afraid she’ll undo all the special sweetheart deals we had going, and stand up to foreign powers making our boy look bad. There. I’ve said it. Whew. Feels good.”.

    Int. “That was much less evasive.”

    Ax: “Where is the closest bar?”

  121. David Axelrod wants Democratic donors to stop donating to Hillary Clinton’s team.
    Those donors could sooner flush their money down the toilet as give it to supporters of the liar in chief. As for Axelrod, he is stone cold dead in de market, politically speaking. If the House holds, and Boehner is forced to step down, and if the senate falls and McConnell is replaced by a true conservative, then Obama will find that he cannot run and he cannot hide. The walls are closing in on the messiah. And there will be a stock market correction between now and 2016. Where are the jobs? Obama put them in his black hole. And they aint coming back. How will this affect big media’s coverage? Not a “smidgeon”. They will continue to lie and lie and lie and lie, til hell won’t have it anymore. And then they will lie again.

  122. foxyladi14
    February 7, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    The president said he chose not to attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in part because he didn’t want to distract from the competition, he said in an interview airing Thursday.


    If Jay Leno had said that, it would have been funny. 🙂

  123. The president said he chose not to attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in part because he didn’t want to distract from the competition.


    I guess he still thinks he’s the main attraction, everywhere, every time and from now until the end of time.

    Boy, is he going to go into a state of total depression when he finally realizes his 15 minutes are over, and his star has burn out.

    Bring in the hook boys, and get this fraud off our stage.

  124. Did they make week legal in DC?

    Joe Biden says he has ‘no obvious reason’ not to run for presidency
    Vice president is also “truly optimistic about this year’s races.”
    Posted By Evan Bleier   |   Feb. 7, 2014 at 12:30 PM   |   0 comments

    Read more:


    Oh Joe. How bout 62 reasons?


    ABC News/Washington Post Poll. Jan. 20-23, 2014. N=1,003 adults nationwide. Results below are among registered voters who are Democrats or lean Democratic.
    “If the 2016 Democratic presidential primary or caucus in your state was being held today, and the candidates were [see below], for whom would you vote?” If unsure: “Which candidate would you lean toward?” Options rotated
    Hillary Clinton

    Joe Biden

    Elizabeth Warren
    None of these (vol.)

  125. The president said he chose not to attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in part because he didn’t want to distract from the competition, he said in an interview airing Thursday.
    He did not want to distract from the competition?

    In other words, if he went he would be the main attraction.

    Yes, he is a legend in his mind.

    The bride at every wedding. The corpse at every funeral.

    And now, the platinum medal winner if he deigned to show up–un belle di.

    Since he is such a distraction to the world

    Since he is enchanted to a stone to trouble the living scene

    Since he is the empty chair Clint Eastwood spoke to

    The best thing he can do for humanity is step down

    By the same logic, he should step down from the Presidency permanently. In that case, the empty chair the great Clint Eastwood spoke to with his name on it, would be an empty chair.

  126. I am not getting over confident like Team Hillary did in 08. We have so many forces that will stop at nothing to prevent her, and by proxy, Bill, from getting back into the WH.

  127. Joe Biden says he has ‘no obvious reason’ not to run for presidency
    Where have you gone, Joseph Biden,
    Our nation turns its longing eyes to you.
    What’s that you say, Joseph Biden.
    Say you’re goanna leave and gone away,
    Hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey
    Yes, the bad news is he sees
    No obvious justification to run for prez
    Like being down 61 points in the polls
    But there good news as well–ex malo bonum
    He is “optimistic” about the mid term elections.
    To which I say Joe, so are we.

  128. He is toast, that Reagan of the extreme left and crony capitalist without equal Obama. His legacy is slip sliding away according to Krauthammer. But what kind of holocaust will he create for the country on the way down. At this point, that is an imponderable.

    On a different note, Bill-O had Jason Chavetts on is show and was looking for love for his interview with Obama, and not getting any. He asks what questions would you have asked and Chavetts tells him, and so did Krauthammer the day before. This enraged Mr. Just Looking Out for the Folks, and he inadvertently stumbled into a very probative point. For all the all de rah over Benghazi by Congressional Republicans and all the hear no evil see no evil speak no evil lets move on from the democratic minority leader of Issa’s committee, no one has interviewed Panetta, who is hiding out in Monterry, soaking up sun and praying he will not be subpoenaed. General Hamm told Panetta this was a terrorist attack, while Obama was doing his usual liar in chief routine that it was a video. Therefore, the pivotal question is what did Panetta tell Obama? If Panetta testifies that he told Obama that this was a terrorist attack and it is hard to believe he did not, then Obama lied to the nation when he said there was no evidence of a terrorist attack and the sole reason for the attack was the video. And once you begin to unpeel that onion, having proved through Panetta that Obama lied about the cause in fact being the video the next step in unraveling his web of lies will be to revisit his contention that he gave the order to do everything possible to save the lives of the Americans under attack which Colonel Bing West USMC, former deputy secretary of defense under Reagan has said he did not because there was no presidential finding to that effect, and if he had given that order as Obama alleges then the would have to be a record of it which there is not. No wonder big media is afraid of the Benghazi matter. No wonder they are keen to bury it. That one two punch–first proving that Obama was told it was a terrorist attack and chose to lie about it, coupled with the fact that he failed to give the order to save the troops under attack and lied about that as well, will finish him off as far as any legacy is concerned.

  129. admin
    February 7, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    Freespirit, we enjoyed the two separate headlines at DrudgeReport regarding the Biden story.

    I saw that too and thought it was pretty darn funny.

    61 points behind, why would ol’ Joe give up with those odds?

  130. Another report showing that the only reason Republicans are still harping on Benghazi is not to find out more about the incident, but to keep things as they stand in the public mind – i.e., that Hillary knew all about it beforehand, could have prevented it, did nothing, and then said “What difference… does it make?”

    “The new House GOP report appears designed to raise questions about Mrs. Clinton in particular. She is pondering whether to make another run at the White House in 2016, and the Benghazi attack would be a major sticking point for her.”

  131. jbstonesfan February 7, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    I am not getting over confident like Team Hillary did in 08.

    Good attitude, I’m with you. A lot of things can go wrong.

    But where you are, in Florida, Hillary takes it over Rubio and Jeb Bush at this point. That’s really something, considering that that Obama is rating in the 30’s in Florida. Seems the public has made the distinction between Hillary and her former boss, and is not too excited about Benghazi, which is a very good starting point.

  132. I am not getting over confident like Team Hillary did in 08. We have so many forces that will stop at nothing to prevent her, and by proxy, Bill, from getting back into the WH
    And what you do when you are in that position is what she is doing. Be enigmatic, keep them guessing, and horde all the money which comes to the party. As long as she is perceived as the likely candidate, donors will contribute because they want to be part of a winning team. Get as far ahead as possible, before any challenger arises. The hard left has no candidate this time, and that is a huge advantage. In other words, I) keep the buzz going about your candidacy, ii) make no firm commitment, iii) gather ye rose buds while ye may–donor contributions. You can see why the Obama people are nervous, and the left wing liars like Kevin Drum and a host of others. They stand to lose the party and the governing power. And their boy Obama is melting before our eyes. As he flaps his jaw, the corrupt big media is growing increasingly weary of defending his non sequiturs and contributions. It was not so much what O’Reilly did to him in that interview, but what Obama did to himself that proves he is slipping, badly.

  133. wbboei February 8, 2014 at 3:50 am

    “(I) keep the buzz going about your candidacy,”

    Dunno, but I don’t think she’s doing anything to ‘keep the buzz going’ – in fact, it probably annoys her. Starting in November this year, she’s going to be under more and more pressure to announce, whereas the best time to announce is late summer next year.

    That’s what I’d do in her shoes: Put off an official announcement until summer next year; but begin talking with journalists about the nation’s challenges, and how to address them, starting at the end of this year.

  134. Again, Barack makes it clear that he doesn’t need congress. In his radio address, he reminds Americans that he has a pen and a freakin’ phone. He also essentially tells Republicans to “shove it” – after Boehner’s announcement that the Pubs don’t trust the president to comply with laws passed, which is why they won’t pursue immigration reform. Barack’s arrogance and sense of entitlement greatly exceed his intelligence. He plans to do exactly as he pleases, without regard to legal or constitutional constraints. His party either cannot or does not choose to reign in this childish dictator. The Republicans apparently can’t either, or are too afraid to try. I guess we regular Americans can just hope the man/child runs out of ink before he does any more harm.


    February 08, 2014, 06:00 am

    “Obama steps up to inequality”

    By Mike Lillis

    President Obama vowed to take greater steps – with or without Congress – to combat the growing problem of income inequality.

    In Saturday’s weekly radio address, the president lamented that “those at the top are doing better than ever” in the wake of the Great Recession, while “too many Americans are working harder than ever just to get by.”

    “We’ve got to reverse those trends,” Obama said. “We’ve got to build an economy that works for everyone, not just a fortunate few.”

    The president amplified his recent pledge – broadcast during last month’s State of the Union address – to work with Congress “where I can,” but also to act unilaterally if Republicans put up roadblocks to his economic agenda.

    “Whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, I will,” he promised. “I’ve got a pen and a phone – a pen to take executive action, and a phone to rally citizens and business leaders who are eager to create new jobs and new opportunities. And we’ve already begun.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  135. February 11 – national day of protest against surveillance.


    Published on Friday, February 7, 2014 by The Guardian/UK

    “Get Ready: The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance Is Coming”

    “Lawmakers must understand that we will no longer tolerate a surveillance state. An online protest on 11 February is a first step”

    by Dan Gillmor

    Not content to wait for action at the federal level, those opposed to the ongoing mass surveillance of the NSA and other agencies are speaking out and pushing laws at the state level to ensure privacy rights are protected. (Image: years ago, major websites like Google, Reddit and Wikipedia went dark for a day. They were protesting the then-pending “Stop Online Piracy Act,” federal legislation that would have done enormous damage to the open internet by creating system of censorship and deterring digital-media innovators. The 18 January 2012 blackout created an outpouring of opposition from average Americans who suddenly realized what was at stake, and Congress backed off a bill that almost certainly would have passed otherwise.

    There won’t be a website blackout next Tuesday, 11 February, but there will be another virtual call to arms. In the US the primary goal this time is to help reverse America’s retreat from liberty by telling lawmakers we can’t abide a surveillance state – and by insisting they vote for a measure, called the USA Freedom Act, that would begin to restore the civil liberties we’ve lost in recent times. (For people outside the US the goal will be similar, to push authorities toward policies favoring liberty and privacy.)

    Next week’s protest organizers are calling it “The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance”. They’ve lined up an array of backers of various political persuasions. You don’t often see the American Civil Liberties Union on the same side of an issue as the very conservative FreedomWorks, but they are this time.



  136. I love the description of Hillary at the end of this article? “She’s a planetary body with her own gravitational pull”.


    “Political Circus: Kerry’s a soul man. Clinton lights up the Web. And Biden is…”

    Posted by

    CNN’s Halimah Abdullah

    “Washington (CNN) – Deep down inside-and we mean way down, like behind his spleen-Secretary of State John Kerry has blue eyed soul. Really.
    Back during his prep school days he laid down tracks for The Electras.

    Now that Kerry says “I’m out of politics” and has “no plans whatsoever.” Maybe he’ll form an ex-politicos band.
    He could jam with fellow guitarist and former presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee. He could recruit former British Prime Minister and “Ugly Rumors” lead singer Tony Blair to do the vocals. Former President Bill Clinton could wail on the sax. Former GOP veep candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could chime in on the flute like she did back when she was a beauty pageant contestant for Miss Alaska. And former Secretary of State and classically trained pianist.”


    “He’s baaack!

    So Vice President Joe Biden is back in the Circus this week, this time for his quip about LaGuardia airport in New York being akin to something in “the third world.”

    Oh, where to unpack the level offense with this one.

    There’s the culturally outdated reference to other parts of the world. Check.

    There’s a dig at Queens. Check.”

    The most “interesting” woman in the world.

    There was buzz in political circles this week about what a hypothetical Biden vs. Hillary Clinton matchup might look like.

    Pop some popcorn. Two of the most memed names in politics.We wanna see the political fight.

    Her Tweets had their own Tumblr.

    She’s a planetary body with her own gravitational pull.

    She is the most “interesting” woman in the world. Stay politically engaged, my friends.

  137. February 08, 2014, 06:00 am

    “Obama steps up to inequality”

    By Mike Lillis

    President Obama vowed to take greater steps – with or without Congress – to combat the growing problem of income inequality.


    He can take his Pen and his Phone and shove them!!

  138. Bill O interviewed Lou Dobbs, who like others from CNN have joined FOX, and he asked him who is left (at CNN)?

    Lou did not answer the question, but seeing the above, I can:

    Halimah Abdullah

    And, just who the fuck is that?

    Oh, I get it, a magnet for their growing Muslim audience in the United States.

    Perhaps this explains why their business model is an abject failure.

    Or perhaps it is the scumbag who they hired to run the net work.

    Or, perhaps both of the above.

    I feel so sorry for Mrs. Vanderbilt’s baby boy–Andy Cooper–no formalities here

    That I think I will celebrate by switching the channel.

    They get paid to move their mouth, and what comes out, they are not responsible for.

    Any more than Obama is responsible for Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS gate, Obamadisaster, etc.

    Such a wonderful role model for children, they are.

    I didn’t do it, and even if I did it, I am not responsible etc.

  139. Dunno, but I don’t think she’s doing anything to ‘keep the buzz going’ – in fact, it probably annoys her
    The buzz keeps the money flowing in, and makes it harder for some other candidate to throw their hat in the ring. I think she likes the buzz, so long as it does not lead to a situation where she becomes hounded, and we are not at that point yet. That is the tactical assumption.

  140. “The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance”.
    An army of lions led by a stag is not an army of lions.

    An army of sheep led by a lion is not an army of lions.

    When and if the sheeple become aroused

    Lord knows what it takes to get them there

    In this big media run totalitarian state

    But assuming arguendo that somewhere, some how,

    And for some as yet unforeseeable reason

    They stand on their hind legs, and say

    I am mad as hell and will not take it anymore

    Then what do you suppose the elites will do?

    Hint: shut down the internet.

    These are the scenarios Snowden is fixated upon.

  141. In my view, the crux of the pathway to citizenship comes down to the simple how we handle those who entered this country illegally, when there was a legal channel available when there were millions of others who sought entry through lawful channels. If we give them credit for the time they have been living here illegally, then we are rewarding them for the commission of an illegal act, and simultaneously penalized those who have gone through legal channels. Anyone who advocates a policy solution such as that has undermined the integrity of the law, and opened Pandora’s box. If we allow them to apply for citizenship now, then it will have the same effect, because they have gained the advantage of living here, working here, and enjoying the advantages of our safety nets. Furthermore, it is a snare and a delusion to say they will pay a stiff monetary penalty, which everyone knows will be paid in one form or another by their employers or defaulted upon, in which case there is no remedy. Therefore, the only way to impose a meaningful penalty, and discourage illegal acts by others is to send them not to the back of the line, but six months in back of the back of the line for every year they have been in this country illegally.

  142. Me too Foxy. Damn the Dems. Piss on the Pubs. I’d rather be just an American with at least one independent thought in my head. lol

  143. I think you would have to cap the penalty by saying something like–6 months for every year, but not to exceed three (3) years.

    Mind you, I am just making this up as I go along, not having followed the proposals etc.

    That could mean I am just ignorant, or it could mean that I am not too close to the forest to see the trees, or angling like Schumer is for some kind of partisan advantage.

  144. The former Speaker is speaking. No one’s listening. Pelosi has allied herself with Obama, known to all Americans now, as a liar – a liar who lied about life and death issues. A liar who with knowledge of the potential serious health risks for Americans still, lied and lied and lied. The Republicans are right to expect that law will be circumvented by the liar in the WH. We’ve all seen him snub his entitled nose at existing laws, and proceed as he pleased – unchecked and unquestioned. The Democrat party has abandoned its responsibility to Americans and to the party by facilitating the lies and defending the liar.

    Keep on talking Nancy. It’s like spitting in the wind. No impact.


    February 07, 2014, 06:16 pm

    “Pelosi slams GOP ‘excuses’ on immigration”

    By Mike Lillis

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) charged this week that Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Republicans are “inventing excuses” to ignore comprehensive immigration reform this year.

    Boehner on Thursday suggested that Republicans are reluctant to push hard for an immigration overhaul out of distrust for the Obama administration’s implementation of such reforms.

    Pelosi fired back, saying Boehner’s remarks are a “feeble” argument amounting to a dereliction of his congressional duties.

    “Republicans are busy inventing excuses to fail instead of reasons to act,” Pelosi said Friday in a statement. “Speaker Boehner’s feeble attempt yesterday to blame President Obama is an abandonment of our Constitutional responsibility to legislate for the good of the American people.”


    Read more:

  145. By: Moe Lane (Diary) | February 7th, 2014 at 05:00 PM | 8


    As always, this is going to be a highly subjective take: my thoughts on each race after the fold. Bottom line: some shifts up, some shifts down, I took out Massachusetts and New Jersey because, really, well, some states are more likely than others.
    Alaska Mark Begich Serious Risk
    Arkansas Mark Pryor Serious Risk
    Colorado Mark Udall Some Risk
    Iowa Open Some Risk
    Louisiana Mary Landrieu Serious Risk
    Michigan Open Some Risk
    Minnesota Al Franken Low Risk
    Montana Open Serious Risk
    New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Depends
    New Mexico Tom Udall Low Risk
    North Carolina Kay Hagan Serious Risk
    Oregon Jeff Merkley Some Risk
    South Dakota Open Serious Risk
    Virginia Mark Warner Some Risk
    West Virginia Open Serious Risk

    (Previous ranking here)

    In order:

    Alaska. Good GOP opposition candidates, and Begich is doing his best to distance himself from Barack Obama. His best bet right now would be a party switch.
    Arkansas. Tom Cotton is going to give Mark Pryor a fight… or, increasingly, it’s look like it’s going to be the other way around.
    Colorado. I will probably upgrade this to Serious Risk in the next assessment: Mark Udall is starting to slip. But the Democrats will fight for Colorado, especially since the governorship is also up for grabs.
    Iowa. On the one hand, it’s open; on the other hand, no clear front-runner yet on the GOP side. Call it a wash.
    Louisiana. Mary Landreiu has still picked a bad election cycle to be a member of a party that hates oil production. Also, Obamacare.
    Michigan. I’m bumping this one up to Some Risk: Terri Lynn Land is looking like a good get.
    Minnesota. I am regretfully knocking this one down further to Low Risk: I may think that Al Franken has a glass jaw, but I’m not hearing much to suggest that somebody willing to run for MN-SEN agrees with me. I reserve the right to change this one in a hurry, though.
    Montana. Max Baucus becoming Ambassador to China will probably not actually help his duly designated successor, because Obamacare.
    New Hampshire. I switched this to Depends: we’re all waiting to see what Scott Brown does. If he jumps in (and I expect him to), the race goes to halfway between Some and Serious Risk.
    New Mexico. Tom Udall is staying quiet as a church mouse, and that’s the smart option for him, dang his eyes.
    North Carolina. They should have given Kay Hagan Baucus’s ambassadorship. Her polling isn’t all that.
    Oregon. This is my dark horse bump-up to Some Risk: Oregon has been an Obamacare DISASTER, and if Dr. Monica Wehby is the GOP candidate Jeff Merkley is going to have problems.
    South Dakota. I am only keeping this down at Serious Risk because the highest category is DOOM, and I will not pronounce DOOM until I am sure. But the Democrats have kind of given up, there.
    Virginia. …Tough call. Mark Warner has a good opponent in Ed Gillespie, on paper – but will Ed get the VA GOP all pulling in the same direction? Some say yes, some say no, I say keep watching the skies…
    West Virginia. See South Dakota, with the added point that the Democrats picked a heck of a time to suddenly hate coal production.

    As to Republican seats… ehh. I know that Mitch McConnell is behind in the polls in Kentucky, but I also know that McConnell’s team have not Unleashed The Kraken yet. Still, the polls are the polls; check again in four months. As for Georgia… that path for victory for the Democrats still feels kind of theoretical. Michelle Nunn should have run in 2008.

  146. Whatchu think? 🙂

    Yahoo writer Mike Oz took the high road, as would nearly any journalist, and described the president as looking “sleepy.” But in the Twitterverse, ,many popeple outright speculated that he was stoned on marijuana, a drug that he is well known to have indulged in to excess in his younger years (at least so far as we know). Twitchy has collected a bunch of comments and pictures taken from TV screens that are far more suspicious than what appears in more mainstream outlets. Luke Manning wrote: “Obama is stoned” accompanied by this picture:

    Read more:
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  147. foxyladi14
    February 8, 2014 at 4:21 pm
    Whatchu think?

    I think I could film everyone who reads this blog for 5 minutes then pull out a few frames that makes them look “stoned”.

    I think this is the sort of article best read while standing in line at the grocery is a “Globe” sort of article and really beneath American Thinker.

    I also give no credence to articles with the words “many” and “speculate” in the same sentence. Both are suggestive words that offer exactly ZERO in concrete terms.

    Lastly, it is the kind of article that panders to those more inclined to the petty than those who are truly concerned with the serious issues regarding our politics and our nation.

  148. Saw the new Enquirer at the market today, front cover is all about the Obama’s future marriage breakup and how MOO is going to transfer the info in her diary to a 15 million dollar book deal to expose Barry’s escapades, drug use and how she has had to put up with a crummy marriage.

    Says she did draw up divorce papers earlier, but didn’t go though with it so he would have a second term.

    Maybe the book deal was something she shared with Ofra?

  149. foxyladi14
    February 9, 2014 at 10:16 am
    February 8, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    TY kinda what I thought too. )


    I had a feeling you were posting that as a “funny” because you and I think alike on alot of things here.

    And yes, I love that lady that took it literally to the “House” with her “don’t even think you are going to bully me” speech. (If you doubt me on this, note I posted the same video on 2/7…not a smack at you…just saying we do think alot alike.)

  150. Ok, this is just too funny…the NAACP is requiring its’ people who are going to protest against voter ID to have…wait for it….ID on them!

    You can’t make this crap up.


    “First, some background:

    Leftist activists, including members of North Carolina NAACP, are in Raleigh, North Carolina, today for the so-called Moral March. Their mission? To screech about everything from abortion restrictions to fast-food wages.

    North Carolina blogger extraordinaire Sister Toldjah has a must-read Moral March primer on the Moral Monday movement and its hateful organizers.

    As bused-in protesters and professional agitators prepared to promote their progressive causes — including oh-so-racist voter ID requirements — the state NAACP told participants make sure to have photo ID handy “at all times.” According to the “Important Dos and Don’ts for Marchers!!!” you should bring a “driver’s license, passport or other valid photo id” to the march.”

    Go to the link to read some funny tweets about this and also see the rider for this march.

  151. foxyladi14
    February 8, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    Whatchu think? 🙂

    Yahoo writer Mike Oz took the high road, as would nearly any journalist, and described the president as looking “sleepy.” But in the Twitterverse, ,many popeple outright speculated that he was stoned on marijuana

    Americans who do not realize that Ofuctard is regularly drunk/stoned and otherwise loaded do not know anything about drug and alcohol abusers. Do you really think the guy “slept” through the incident at Benghazi?

  152. George Will comments that the “word-magic” mentality of the President and his minions is becoming downright scary. It is becoming more and more evident that the President thinks “that saying things is tantamount to accomplishing things, and that good intentions are good deeds,”

    Many of the words and numbers bandied by Obama and his administration may reflect an honest belief that the world is whatever well-intentioned people like them say about it. So, Obama’s critics should reconsider their assumption that he is cynical. It is his sincerity that is scary.

    Now if only that change of wind will come and the wondrous Mary Poppins will disappear into the clouds maybe Congress can get on with the real problems facing the Nation.

    Read more:
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  153. foxy, Hillary said it in 2008, remember? In talking of Barack’s grand ideas of what he could and would accomplish …. “The heavens will open, and celestial choirs….” I know we all remember that speech. It’s a damn shame that people didn’t pay more attention. If Barack were just a gullible, though well intentioned person, as Will says, that would be scary enough. But, add to that a personality that is flawed, narcissistic, entitled, dishonest, has delusions of grandeur, etc., and you have got one scary situation.

    Barack was elected (selected by DNC, initially). He is not a dictator. He has repeatedly overstepped his authority and violated constitutional constraints because neither his own party nor the Republicans will do a thing to stop him. The Dems in senate and house who have abandoned their responsibility to this country by continuing to support Barack should be put out of office. They need to have to answer to the people of this country.

  154. Republican Sen. Ayotte’s response to fellow GOPer Boehner’s intention not to pursue immigration reform at this time due to distrust of POTUS – concerns that he will ignore parts of law he doesn’t agree with. Ayotte basically tells Boehner to get over it and get on with it. I wonder if Ayote is unaware that most of the country, like Boehner, doesn’t trust Barac the Crock to do what is required by law.

    February 09, 2014, 12:05 pm

    “Ayotte to Boehner: Get over ‘trust deficit'”

    By Megan R. Wilson

    Read more:

  155. Obamacare Is the Issue, Mr. Speaker





    Email Article

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    by David Bossie 8 Feb 2014 143 post a comment

    After flirting with the idea of pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants, Speaker John Boehner reportedly put the brakes on this effort late this week. Something finally became clear to him that we knew all along: conservatives don’t want amnesty, and we didn’t send Republicans to Washington, D.C. to focus on rewarding illegal behavior.

    Speaker Boehner, let me remind you that Obamacare went into full effect just a few months ago and THAT is the war you should be waging: holding liberals accountable for this horrible law.

    President Obama’s healthcare takeover was rolled out not long ago, and already more and more Americans are realizing what conservatives knew all along: that Obamacare is bad medicine. Millions have lost their health insurance since Obamacare was implemented, and a recent CBO report showed that Obamacare will push over two million Americans out of the job market.

    With the 2014 elections coming up later this year, while Obama and his liberal allies’ signature healthcare law is crumbling before our very eyes, now is the time to hold their feet to the fire about Obamacare. The last thing we should do is give into their screams and attempts to deflect from the issue of Obamacare by appeasing them and attempting to pass amnesty.

    Rather than play into liberals’ hands, let’s remind them of Nancy Pelosi’s claim that Obamacare would ultimately create four million jobs and would create 400,000 jobs immediately, and how utterly false that claim was. Pelosi should consider following fellow California liberals George Miller and Henry Waxman out the door. We are in a fight to save this country and to restore the principles of our Founding Fathers. Now is the time to fight for our conservative values, to aid conservatives in maintaining their House majority, and to win back the Senate, not play into Democrats’ hands.

    Speaker Boehner: it will not serve you well to forget who won you the House in the first place. You must continue to hold liberals accountable for the disaster that is Obamacare and help us elect more conservatives. Do not play into the hands of the left. It will backfire

  156. All the stations and journalists have been sarcastic, rude regarding the Russian Olympics. ..not just Fox Granted, murdering thousands of dogs is deserving of same, but they all seem eager to be sullen, rude guests . Embarrassing

  157. Jarrett did not succeed in smoothing the ruffled feathers of the Congressional Black Caucus, not that it was expected that she would. In fact the feud between Obama and the CBC is escalating. Val Jar is about as compromising and reassuring as a viper.


    CBC dislikes Jarrett’s message

    By Mike Lillis – 02/05/14 08:21 PM EST

    Read more:

    A feud between President Obama and black lawmakers over racial diversity among judges escalated Wednesday.

    Valerie Jarrett, the president’s closest adviser, met with Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members and refused to back down over controversial nominees despite a growing storm of criticism.

    Many CBC members say Obama hasn’t fought hard enough to fill the federal bench with the Democrats’ preferred picks, leaving some states with nominees who lack the ethnic diversity of the population they would oversee.

    In a closed-door meeting with a handful of CBC leaders, Jarrett brushed back the criticism, saying Obama had a “commitment to diversity” and an “outstanding” record in placing minority judges, she said afterward.

    Asked if the White House would consider replacing any of its choices, Jarrett’s answer was a terse, “No.”


    Read more:

  158. lil ole grape February 7, 2014 at 11:08 am

    …. One might claim the right to make a fire in a tin box in the living room, but… it’s not a very intelligent freedom, is it?

    Now, lil ole grape, freedom is freedom. Where does ‘intelligent’ come into the mix? I got my rights, and startin’ a fire where I wants and burnin’ my house down are part of ‘em. Next thing I know, you’re gonna be tellin’ me my stinger missiles are dangerous!

  159. freespirit
    February 9, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    February 9, 2014 at 10:39 pm
    eff Drudge!!!

    I agree!
    Me too. 🙂

  160. Further to wbboei’s frequent call for the creation of a new party, I’ve been trying to figure out why this is not possible as things stand, but also how it can be done if we make a change or two.

    The two-party system is deeply entrenched in the US, but the US is the only country in the world to have such a two-party system.

    In modern democracies, there are classically about five parties, with extreme left and right, mainstream left and right, and liberals and ecologists in the center. Rarely does any single party gain an outright majority in the legislature; but that doesn’t matter because, with the abundance of parties, ideologies are clearer and agreements are actually easier to reach because everyone can know what everyone else is thinking, and therefore who’s going to get helped or hurt.

    In the meantime, none of the executives in these democracies, except those of one-party China, are chosen by an electoral college system. In one-party China, the people can vote for the Communist of their choice; then that Communist goes to Beijing and participates in the choice of President and Prime Minister, who are of course Party members.

    In the US, we also had one-party rule from 2001 to 2007, and again in 2009-2010. The danger of one-party rule is just as obvious, to me at least, as the handicaps of the two-party system. The common point between the one- and two-party systems is the Electoral College, and also the Vice Presidency. I think both should be abolished.

    Remember that the only reason the writers of the Constitution instituted the Electoral College was to separate the presidency from the popular vote, to lock out the possibility of a populist dictator. The Electoral College was an emulation of the system for electing the Holy Roman Emperor who, at that time, was an old man with a lot of prestige but no actual responsibilities or power. The Founders wanted a toothless president like the HRE.

    And, appreciate the foresightedness of this Constitutional provision because, about 20 years after its writing, Napoleon, who can easily be seen as a populist dictator, put an end to the Holy Roman Empire and declared himself Emperor (and was crowned as such by the Pope).

    So, it takes some temerity to suggest suppressing the Electoral College, not just because of the Napoleonic example but especially because it is an entrenched part of the American political landscape in a time when a lot of people are harking back to the Constitution: the mood is swinging that way again.

    However, much water has passed under the bridge since Napoleon, and much can be said not only for the uselessness of this appendage but also for the utility of having a direct election in two rounds, as is done in modern democracies with their multitude of parties.

    About its uselessness:

    (1) As analysts have noted many times, and has happened as well, nothing stops us from getting a minority president – that is, a president that has less popular vote than her opponent, and perhaps not even a plurality of the popular vote. The Electoral College can thus stymie the popular will, which was not in the Founders’ intentions.

    (2) Pursuant to (1), if there is ever a third candidate such as Ross Perot, the winner will be the one who plays the Electoral College the best, i.e., the one with the strongest backing in key states, and we will never know who would have won if there were a runoff between the two leading candidates. This also prevents the entry of a third party because a new party will never have a chance against the ingrained parties.

    (3) Now, despite the Electoral College, we have a president who is acquiring the status of a dictator, and not even with the exonerating “populist” title because his actions are detrimental to the very people who elected him. And since Congress doesn’t have the wherewithal to stop him, the Constitution is being gang-raped again.

    (4) Congressmen and Senators do not run on an Electoral College system, but by direct vote. Why this special system just for the president?

    About the utility of a direct election with two rounds if necessary:

    (1) A host of candidates can take a stab at the presidency and get federal funding for it, thereby enhancing their voice on the national stage. This would diminish the need for party primaries because two or more candidates from the same party could compete right up to election day, rather than falling in line behind their primary opponent. (I dream that HRC would have done that in 2008.)

    (2) If a host of candidates can run as in (1), that means a host of parties can spring to life.

    (3) Of course, (2) refers to Congress only, and not to the President, who will come from only one party or be an independent candidate. But the President is clearly the president of all Americans and should be referred to as such in her oath, thus legitimizing her power but also limiting it, because she can no longer be the president only of those that elected her: She will always be the leader of a minority party in Congress and will have to know how to deal with her opponents.

    (4) If the president doesn’t know how to deal with opponents in Congress as I stipulate in (3), you might easily reach the same situation we have now – a lame duck or a dictator. However, the Electoral College did not prevent this from happening and I contend that it is less likely to happen with a direct vote because, as I say in (2), the ideologies and the debates would be clearer and the president’s prestige would be greater.

    In all of the above, I come back to the basic reason for one or more additional parties: to clarify the debate. The Democratic Party is a “big tent” of widely varying ideologies held by different people who are all supposed to support each other come election day. And the Republican party is whatever remains after the Democrats are through, which is also a “big tent” – a disgruntled majority that huddles around a “conservative” mood with several factions having different ideas of what “conservative” means.

    The debate is murky and constipated. Nobody wants to come out and say what they really want – the Democrats because they have to please disparate people, and the Republicans because they can’t really explain to people how digging in their heels or moving backwards is going to help the country.

    Add to this the fact that the president has to choose a VP who is supposed to use the same talking points and have the same abilities as the President, yet throw a sop to one or another wing of the party, but who will serve no purpose once she’s elected.

    This VP stuff makes everything even more confusing and strengthens the two-party system even more, because you have to elect two people to the same office. People never know what they’re getting. The messaging is contrived and confusing.

    So I think that, in order to institute more parties and clarify the debate, we have to dump the Electoral College and the Vice Presidency, hold open elections with federal funding with a single winning candidate after two rounds of voting.

    In fact, Congresspersons and state representatives/senators could very well be elected the same way, and the result would be to further weaken the hold of the two parties.

  161. These fucking progressives

    They call themselves liberals

    And mainstream media conflates the terms.

    Roosevelt was a liberal.

    The New Deal was a response to a real crisis.

    It was intended to throw out the Constitution.

    Obama and so many of his fellow travelers are not liberals.

    They claim to be civil libertarians–but merely as an excuse to expand the power of government.

    They are progressives–or in a word totalitarians.

    They have favor the permanent consolidation of all power in government.

    Their believe there is an elite class who should rule, and the people should serve them.

    East is east; west is west; and ne’er the twain shall meet (Kipling)

    Case in point:

    New to my knowledge there is a debate raging in this state by the so called legislators

    Over how to prevent traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities due to alcohol consumption.

    There has been no showing that this has increased over any prior period.

    But now, as a result of the death of the sister of one well heeled progressive lawyer.

    And study groups

    A zero defects approach is being considered.

    Obviously, the state has some obligation to prevent drunk driving.

    The state police have a massive campaign under way to prevent it.

    Historically, the police had to have probable cause to stop a driver whom they suspect.

    The lawyer wrote a piece in support of his position, that the police should do random searches.

    In other words, he would give to the state the power to stop innocent people for no reson.

    Worse, he begins by calling himself a civil libertarian, goes through a dance of the seven veils and ends up with this.

    I would like to think he is laboring under the influence of a personal tragedy.

    But I wonder.

    I wonder whether he is not exactly the kind of progressive referred to above.

    And I worry that this is becoming not only the path of the law, but the path of our politics as well.

    I may respond to him and then again I may not.

    If I do, I will begin by expressing my condolences, and then warning him

    Hard cases make bad law

    And most of us over 35 do not want to live in a society where cops can pull people over for no reason.

    There is random drug testing in the trucking industry, and I was part of that move.

    But expanding that to all citizens and giving that kind of power to the state is a bridge too far, for me.

    I wish the terminally stupid public would wake up and see what is happening to their liberty.

  162. Correction: the New Deal was a response to a crisis, and it did overreach in many areas, as demonstrated by the resistance it received from the Supreme Court, which Roosevelt sought to overcome by expanding the number of justices from 9 to 12 and packing it with his people. However, in fairness, he did have a real crisis to deal with and some of these actions were justified by the exigency which the nation faced at that time.

    On the other hand, others such as the interment of American citizens of Japanese descent is harder to justify particularly in hindsight. And yet, I have a feeling that the attorney mentioned above would justify that decision by saying he is a civil libertarian but their interment and the concomitant confiscation of their property was for their own protection.

  163. Obama is becoming a piñata for all sides of the political spectrum. His lies and deceit our catching up with him. The only group outside the White House who cling to him at this point is big media. They are too trapped by their own lies and deceit to back off. The damage they have done to their reputation in the process is permanent. I was told by a friend over the weekend that their executives are seeing the handwriting on the wall, inside polling shows the nation under Obama is now in a state of quiet desperation with him destroying jobs through Obama care, excessive legislation and a growing paranoia among would be job creators, no longer willing to put capital at risk so it can be stolen by a corrupt man in the White House and administrative agencies like the IRS whom he has weaponized against the American People and job creators. Therefore, these executives sense that the public wants escapism, that is where the money is, and are slowly but surely exiting or limiting their financial exposure in the news side of the business./

  164. The other part we discussed was the willingness of the elites to bankroll and vote for Obama. They do so because they are not really loyal to this nation, they want to use the middle class as their own human shield, and they assume that they are insiders. My friend says this is a fatal delusion. The real insiders are a much smaller group. When things get so bad they can no longer loot the middle class to support the Leviathan, i.e. the federal government, the federal government will turn on them as well. Why? For the same reason that Willie Sutton robbed banks, i.e. that is where the money is.

  165. Is Congress Running Scared? 40 Reps & Senators Retiring Early: What Do They Know That We Don’t Know?

    There will SOON BE 40 US Senators and Representatives who will be leaving Congress early, announced PRIOR to the November elections. WHY would 40 members of the US Congress make this announcement? We feel that the timing of this is very strange indeed with everything else we are watching unfold across America and the world…all of this happening right before the Olympics and the debt ceiling… while the US Ambassador to Russia ALSO retires!!! What do these men and women know that WE don’t know? Are they getting out of America before the collapse? Do they fear a forthcoming ‘mass arrest’ of Congress?

  166. Leanora
    February 10, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    Is Congress Running Scared? 40 Reps & Senators Retiring Early: What Do They Know That We Don’t Know?

    They know the ship is sinking. 🙂

  167. As far as I know, we do have 3 parties in the US.

    The Rethug party

    The Dim party

    …and the Independent party for those of us that no longer think the ideology of either the Dims nor Repubs suit us nor represents us.

    The problem with our ‘third’ party is that it does not have big money behind it. No money, no big convention, not even treated with respect as far as the debates nor the General Election. Over the years it’s just been a place to throw away your vote in the general election.

    As far as voters go, I have a feeling that there are more Independents than ever before, mostly due to those of us that no longer feel they have a party.

    I wonder if this situation could be changed somehow in the future? Probably not unless the big money people support it??

  168. Obama is becoming a piñata for all sides of the political spectrum.


    A piñata who’s day has come.

    Everybody grab a big a$$ bat.

  169. Drudge is still using Hillary as his top article ‘hit’ piece. The article is right out of the Wackadoodle Smear Library.

  170. Shadow: if you talk to federal prosecutors, you will find that there is a lot of information on a target, any target. Some of it is corroborated first hand testimony from reliable witnesses. The rest is what is known as “raw intelligence” which tends to be hearsay, rumors, testimony corrupted by bias, motive and interest. The latter never makes its way into an indictment, and could never survive the rigors impose by the rules of evidence. Much of the opposition research contained in the papers given to the library by Blair about Hillary fall under that category. What we are also hearing, from independent sources, is that while she was Secretary of State, she invited Wall Street people to events, has ties to them just as Bill did, and is the odds on favorite of Wall Street as a whole. That charge, if proven, could prove to be more of a problem, because the future is shaping up in such a way that it is Wall Street vs. Main Street, and with 2 out of 5 people of working age not working that conflict his bound to intensify. This is where the possibility of mitosis exists. There is little or no common ground on this issue within the republican party. Conservatives and business republican, i.e. RINOS have irreconcilable differences, as they say in divorce law. Once upon a time, the Democratic Party was opposed to Wall Street, but thanks to Felix Rohatten (financial advisor, executor of the Ted Kennedy’s will, and the man who maintained that the Democratic Party needed to side with Wall Street rather than Main Street as well) the two political parties see the American People as the hog to be slaughtered, rather than the ultimate constituency to be served. The following article explains the why and the wherefore:
    Our Founders envisioned a servant government whose cornerstone is a citizen legislature. A governing body where Americans from every walk of life bring their unique experiences to serve for a brief time and then, most importantly, go home and live under the laws they helped to create.

    The Republican Party was once the embodiment of those founding principles. The grassroots conservatives who make up our party and write its platform still are.

    Sadly, however, many of the career politicians in our Republican Party have become mirror images of their fellow career politicians in the Democratic Party. They sacrifice our party’s principles in the name of bipartisanship and in the spirit of Washington elite camaraderie. They cave to special interests and have long since abandoned any willingness to fight for our founding principles.

    The Republican establishment in Washington today has become part of the problem, not a path to the solution. They fight harder against conservatives running in primaries than they have ever fought against any part of Barack Obama’s agenda.

    It’s not enough to simply win a Republican majority in the Senate. We’ve already tried that. Just look at the 2000’s: Republicans controlled the Senate as well as the House of Representatives, the White House and even the Supreme Court. And what did they deliver? The fastest growth of spending and debt our nation had ever seen. ‘No Bureaucrat Left Behind’ for our schools and the largest expansion of Medicare in the program’s history. The auto bailouts and the bank bailouts. The largest expansion of government in our nation’s history until Barack Obama came along.

    Why bother giving these establishment Republicans a majority if they’re just going to act like Democrats again?

    Patriotic Americans all across our great nation are rising up. The grassroots within the GOP have had enough of the go-along-to-get-along agenda that has led to a $17 trillion debt with no end in sight. We have had enough of Republicans who cave to Barack Obama’s agenda so they can curry favor with their fellow Washington elites, while ignoring the will of their constituents back home.

    Why are grassroots conservatives fighting the GOP establishment?

    We won’t settle for a Republican majority in the Senate that governs like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Pat Roberts who go along with Barack Obama’s spending, taxing and borrowing when instead we can win a Republican majority that governs like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul who embrace the American Idea.

    The first Americans refused to bend a knee to the British Crown and compromise how much tyranny they would accept. And today, we will not betray their sacrifice by bending a knee to the big-government agenda being advanced by the Washington permanent political class of both parties.

    We, the sovereign citizens of these United States, will carry on the fight for the American Idea and we will win the Senate, but this time with actual conservatives.

  171. Wbb, I’m sure the NSA has files on a lot of us now, speaking out against the pResident, cussing at him. Hoping he and his MOO get locked up.

    It could be hearsay, but most of us are telling the truth.

    When the media puts a hit piece on someone they wouldn’t vote for, the truth goes out the window.

  172. And the idea of Wall St. vs Main St. is connected by any small business that invests in stock, or takes out loans with the big banks.

    Now the difference is more the scam artists, like the real estate lone debacle with the banks and Wall Street, and the hard working middle class that works it’s ass off to keep afloat.

    Money, money, money.

    Who has it, makes more.
    Who earns it, works until they drop.

  173. PAPERS SHOW ‘RUTHLESS’ HILLARY – Drudge headline


    Stupid Drudge, if Hillary were really ‘ruthless’, she would have sliced though Obama’s corruption in the primary and would have never taken the job of SOS…she would be in the WhiteHouse right now.

  174. Mo turns 50, stays behind on vacation as a birthday gift from Obama courtesy of the taxpayers and just when you thought that was all there is, was and will ever be, there is this:

    I will not run for president in 2008 because I want to be there for my daughters.

    If you like your coverage you can keep it.

    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

    It was not a terrorist attack, it was the video.

    I will not rest until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

    I will not allow the IRS to target my political enemies and I am troubled by it.

    Afte 10% of the investigation, there is not a smidgeon of evidence that they IRS did anything wrong.

    Foresaking all others til death do we part(y).

    Question: why does he go to prayer breakfasts?

    Answer: to pray to the God Mammon . . . and as we now find Beyoncé.

    An honest man, with an honest face, with an unflinchable commitment to himself and no one else.

    Fortunately, the love affair between the liar and chief and his paramour was merely Platonic.

    And Jerry Rivers says what? That we attack his “majesty”.

    What a fucking loon.

    As one way put it, his majesty is like a safe driving award for Teddy.

    Honored more in the breach than in the observance.

  175. As I mentioned above, the Enquirer also is claiming a divorce and tell all book by MOO is in the near future.

    Has Bouncy become the new Marilyn Monroe?

  176. Is he doing this to screw Hillary. Delayed until 2016.,0,5381642.story

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will phase in a requirement that large employers provide their workers with health benefits in 2015 and 2016, offering businesses more relief from the so-called employer mandate in the president’s healthcare law.

    Under regulations issued Monday, only employers with more than 100 full-time workers will be subject to fines in 2015 unless they offer coverage.

    The requirement that all employers with more than 50 full-time employees provide health benefits or pay fines — which was supposed to begin this year under the Affordable Care Act — will not take effect until 2016.

  177. moononpluto

    February 10, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Is he doing this to screw Hillary. Delayed until 2016.
    Actually, he is retreating on all fronts. This will create an even greater pressure on the insurance industry, and exacerbate the problem of adverse selection. Aetna is thinking seriously about backing out of the program, and they do not believe the promised bail-out is real. There is a bailout provision in the law itself, and the Liar in Chief has issued an executive order which requires a taxpayer bail-out. Even so, that is not enough because the debt crisis plus the refusal of Republicans to go along with it, has Obama’s nuts in a vice, and you can hear him scream like a banshee. Meanwhile those of us who have no employer insurance will see our rates go through the roof, I mean triple and we will not be quiet about it. This is the perfect storm for the Liar-In-Chief, and things are closing in on him.

  178. Actually, what you have now is a half implemented law which is dead man walking. And it grows worse by the day. This latest delay is creating a political and economic time bomb which will happen before 2016. This delay will undo the program, not save it. My sense is they all would like to walk away from it, but they can’t. It is an albatross around the neck of every swinging dick in congress who voted for it.

  179. The only way the mandate could survive the constitutionality test was because it was deemed a tax. Obama can’t just delay taxes on his own.

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