Managed Decline For America By Barack Obama

Update III: We write in one of our rare tweets on Twitter #Ukraine Olympics results: #Putin get gold, #Obama loser does not even get bronze. #Russia has determined leader #US has “managed decline”.

We thought we had heard every possible degradation of the English language from Obama. But the latest abuse beggars description. Did you know Russia is not invading Ukraine? No the U.S. assessment of Crimea: This isn’t an invasion, it’s an … “uncontested arrival”. It’s a variation of “you can’t rape the willing”.

Russian military planes and armored personnel carriers are entering Ukraine. “Just lean back baby. There’s nothing you can do so you might as well enjoy it” – words uttered by armies from time immemorial.

It was Obama weakness and his policy of managed decline of America that inspired the Russian bear to come out of hibernation. The Russian Putin bear is back and all we bereft Americans have is a babe in the woods full of malevolence.

Who would’a thunk it? For one, the maligned Sarah Palin had it right. And Sista Sarah is appropriately reminding us of what she said at the twilight of America:

“Yes, I could see this one from Alaska. I’m usually not one to Told-Ya-So, but I did, despite my accurate prediction being derided as “an extremely far-fetched scenario” by the “high-brow” Foreign Policy magazine. Here’s what this “stupid” “insipid woman” predicted back in 2008: “After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.”

The highbrow mockers didn’t see what was obvious. As we noted in our first update “U.S. intelligence” up to Thursday night had not a clue. Mama Grizzly knew exactly what the Russian Grizzly Bear was up to.


Update II: A good summary of today’s events can be found at this Open thread: Obama to make statement on Ukraine at 4:45. Obama has spoken and to say the least, words failed him, again.

We wrote in our penultimate paragraph below, “Expect Barack Obama, via Kerry, to draw a red line which will induce gut busting laughter from Vladimir Putin.” That prediction came true today in the form of new terminology. As Russia takes over Crimea, Kerry, Carney warn Putin not to cross the “line”. The line is not Syrian red but Obama-Kerry-Carney call it an “intervention” line. Putin must literally be be rolling on the floor laughing his ass off.

The “intervention” line for clowns must surely involve thirteen Russian aircraft loaded with thousands of Russian troops. Putin might just go for the Ukrainian throat and simply invade just to make sure everyone understands his very credible red line. Or will Putin be like the arrogant boyfriend who first brings in a backpack, then slowly some shopping bags full of clothes, then his electronics, and before you know it he has moved in, invasion accomplished.

Whatever. Obama weakness and his policy of managed decline of the United States is now in full flower. Many are reviewing this video:


Update: The assessment by what is called “U.S. intelligence” was a big “don’t worry, Russia is not going to invade Ukraine”. This morning that Panglossian foolishness was contradicted by Video: Armed men seize two Crimea airports.

The roads to the airports are blockaded, helicopters fly in and out, as Russian flags fly overhead. The original invaders have been replaced by men in camouflage uniforms.

This is the type of instability and militarism that rises when the world knows the White House occupant is a boob.


This 2013 Superbowl commercial by Hyundai should inform American policy makers:

The skinny kid determined to get back his football, without a whine, understands fearless executive authority and the value of teamwork. The chubby kid grappling the bear should be in the Pentagon or State Department in charge of our response to the Russian grizzly and assorted nogoodniks. The black kid carries at least five times his own weight and is a hero to be valued in any effort. The hefty redhead isn’t hoisting donuts to his mouth – he’s getting ready to fight.

Here’s a variation of the commercial we like so much:


Barack Obama does not understand that Hyundai commercial. Obama prefers the delusional world of Panglossian HOPE to be embraced by children but not adults embroiled as leaders in a hostile world.

Earlier this week, via Chuck Hagel, Barack Obama announced to Russia that the United States won’t stand in his way. The United States, or rather Barack Obama – let’s not confuse the two – declared the American army will be reduced in size to pre World War II levels. It was brilliant timing if the intent was to signal weakness to Russia at a critical tipping point in the Ukraine and world-wide.

Already Barack Obama rolled over for Russia/Putin in Syria. Syria was a collapse of “red line” credibility. After the Obama “red line” surrender whenever Barack Obama declares this or that to be a “red line” world leaders will see a yellow streak. Back in April of 2009 we noted that world leaders consider Barack Obama a sucker ready, willing, and desirous of rolling over for them. The only difference between then and now is that, as reflected in polls, Americans now understand Barack Obama is a weak and indecisive creature.

That intelligent Pentagon cuts and costly programs designed only to keep congressional backers bringing bacon to their districts should and must be cut is not the issue. The issue is Barack Obama’s attack on America in the form of “managed decline”. Those two words are missing in the post Hagel surrender speech analysis.

Back in 2011 when we thought Republicans would mount a serious presidential challenge in 2012 we thought for sure that Marco Rubio would be on the ticket. One of the reasons, among many, for having the Tea Party Marco Rubio (not the immigration amnesty Rubio) on the Republican ticket we wrote was because a debate was sorely needed about Barack Obama’s policy of “managed decline”.

As we wrote back then, Barack Obama’s purpose is to manage the decline of the United States. We cited Charles Krauthammer on American decline:

“The weathervanes of conventional wisdom are engaged in another round of angst about America in decline. New theories, old slogans: Imperial overstretch. The Asian awakening. The post-American world. Inexorable forces beyond our control bringing the inevitable humbling of the world hegemon. [snip]

The question of whether America is in decline cannot be answered yes or no. There is no yes or no. Both answers are wrong, because the assumption that somehow there exists some predetermined inevitable trajectory, the result of uncontrollable external forces, is wrong. Nothing is inevitable. Nothing is written. For America today, decline is not a condition. Decline is a choice. Two decades into the unipolar world that came about with the fall of the Soviet Union, America is in the position of deciding whether to abdicate or retain its dominance. Decline–or continued ascendancy–is in our hands.

We wrote then that Krauthammer’s article “is essential reading” to understand the road to ruin Barack Obama wants to force march the nation onto. It wasn’t conservative Krauthammer however that prompted our ruminations on managed decline years ago. The unintentional never-the-less acid critique came from a fortress of liberal politics, The New Yorker. Yes, The New Yorker.

Liberal Ryan Lizza let the pig out of the poke:

“One of his advisers described the President’s actions in Libya as “leading from behind.” That’s not a slogan designed for signs at the 2012 Democratic Convention, but it does accurately describe the balance that Obama now seems to be finding. It’s a different definition of leadership than America is known for, and it comes from two unspoken beliefs: that the relative power of the U.S. is declining, as rivals like China rise, and that the U.S. is reviled in many parts of the world. Pursuing our interests and spreading our ideals thus requires stealth and modesty as well as military strength. “It’s so at odds with the John Wayne expectation for what America is in the world,” the adviser said. “But it’s necessary for shepherding us through this phase.”

What to Liberal Lizza is “balance” to world leaders is surrender. Grinning Barack Obama is leading America down the garden path to decline like sheep to the slaughter.

Back in 2011, or was it 2009, many Obama critics believed that the American “shining city on a hill” would wave the flag of surrender to the Forbidden City. But we were all of us deceived. The surrender is to the successors of those we vanquished in the Cold War.

Liberal Richard Cohen at the Washington Post misses a great deal in his discussion of Susan Rice and her recent performance of scripted lies. But it appears, optimistically speaking, that Cohen is a few years away from understanding that what he is describing is part of a greater arc that we call “managed decline with lies”:

“Susan Rice and the retreat of American power [snip]

Rice’s was a splendid performance, characteristic of an administration that values the sound of policy over its implementation. But it bore directly on another urgent foreign policy problem confronting Washington and the world: Ukraine. Of course the revolution in that country was discussed, and Rice warned Russia not to resort to force, saying that would be “a grave mistake.” She declared the United States on the side of the Ukrainian people, an airy but prudent generalization. This will have to do for the moment.

But matters may soon get out of hand. Russia may not permit the major nation on its southwestern border to align itself with Europe. It’s not likely that tanks will roll, but it is not all that unlikely that the Russian-speaking east of the country may turn to Moscow for support.

Ukraine on its own would be a formidable challenge. But it is not alone. [snip]

In the Middle East, Syria is flying apart, a Kurdistan is gestating, Iraq will never be the same. And in the Far East, Japan and China, feeling their nationalistic oats, bicker over a collection of rocks.

An increasingly messy world is looking for guidance. But not only does the United States refuse to be its policeman, it won’t even be its hall monitor. The utterly false choice in Syria articulated by Rice — America can do nothing because it won’t do everything — is noticed by the rest of the world. Obama threatened “consequences” if someone stepped “over the line” in Ukraine. Ah, another line. Is it red?

Economically the world grows closer together. Simultaneously, the world fragments and empires crumble. Believe it or not, these were the conditions that preceded World War I when nationalism burst all constraints. Four empires — the Russian, the German, the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman — collapsed and the world hurtled toward an Armageddon that ended only with Hitler putting a pistol to his head and the Enola Gay obliterating Hiroshima.”

Cohen is concerned about “the retreat of American power”. Cohen is late to consciousness, again. Years ago the warning was made by us and by others. Tea Party Marco Rubio was one of those, who in his maiden speech to the United States Senate, warned a warning against managed decline:

“One of my favorite speeches is one that talks about our role in the world. It was the speech President Kennedy was set to give, had he lived just one more day. It would have closed with these words:

“We in this country, in this generation, are- by destiny rather than by choice- the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of ‘peace on earth, good will toward men.’ That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. For as was written long ago “except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

Almost half a century later America is still the only watchman on that wall of world freedom. And there is still no one else to take our place.

What will the world look like if America declines? Well, today all over the world, people are being forced to accept a familiar lie, that the price for their security is their liberty.

If America declines, who will serve as living proof that liberty, security and prosperity are all possible together? Today, radical political Islam abuses and oppresses women, has no tolerance for other faiths and seeks to impose its views on the whole world. If America declines, who will lead the fight to confront and defeat them?

Today, children are used as soldiers and trafficked as slaves. Dissidents are routinely imprisoned without trial, and subjected to torture, forced confessions and forced labor.

If America declines, who will take these causes as their own? What will the world look like if America declines? Well, who will create the innovations of the 21st century? Who will stretch the limits of human potential and explore the new frontiers?

If America declines, who will do all this, and ask for nothing in return?

Motivated solely by the desire to make the world a better place?

The answer is no one will. There is still no nation or institution in the world willing or able to do what we have done.

Ronald Reagan described America as a shining city on a hill. Now, some say that we can no longer afford the price we must pay to keep America’s light shining. Others say that there are new shining cities that will soon replace us. I say they are both wrong. Yes, the price we will pay to keep America’s light shining is high, but the price we will pay if it stops shining will be even higher.

Yes, there are new nations now emerging with prosperity and influence. And that is what we always wanted. America never wanted to be the only shining city. We wanted our example to inspire the people of the world to build one of their own. You see, these nations, these new shining cities, they can join us, but they can never replace us. Because the light coming from them is but a reflection of our own. It is the light of an American century that now spreads throughout the world. A world that still needs America. A world that still needs our light. A world that still needs another American century.”

Today Russian ships, seeing no JFK in the White House, possibly in preparation to intervene in the people power rebellion in Venezuela which so mimics the Ukraine rebellion, secretly dock in Havana harbor. In the Ukraine’s Crimea, where the Russian Black Sea fleet is headquartered, the parliament building has been occupied by armed men hoisting the Russian flag over the legislature. Expect Barack Obama, via Kerry, to draw a red line which will induce gut busting laughter from Vladimir Putin. The ousted leader of Ukraine, sheltered by Russia, can expect Russian troop movements to bolster his claims to power or at least force Moscow’s way onto the Ukrainian populace. Russian military jets are already on the job sending a message of their own, real, red line.

Russia, China, tin pot dictators, rogue regimes, Islamic theocracy thugs are all on the move and ready to rise. Barack Obama is forcing America on a death march of managed decline – which leaves him all that time to golf and make celebrity appearances on TV.


Ex-Lax Cupcakes For DeBlasio And Obama

Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer campaigned for and passed laws targeting the clients of street walkers as well as the prostitutes themselves. It turned out Eliot Spitzer was “Client 9” at a whorehouse emporium and was eventually snared by his own curse in a drama as old as the Oedipus Rex drama from ancient Greece. Spitzer is not the only fool that runs for office on purity of purpose and hope and change and transparency but all along they are screwing the public.

Enter New York Mayor Bill De Blasio – the new King of the DailyKooks. We have warned before about getting too close to this one and our warnings will only get louder. De Blasio is supposed to be the new everyman taking care of the everyman. De Blasio is supposed to be the opposite of plutocrat billionaire ex-mayor Bloomberg but it was Bloomberg that at least for show occasionally took the subway partially to work.

The story begins with Bill De Blasio taking a tactic from Barack Obama and blaming others for his inadequacies and blunders. De Blasio blamed the weather service instead of taking responsibility for his decision to keep schools open during a recent snowstorm. Obama blames the staff or someone else. De Blasio chose to blame the weather service. Former jolly ex-fat man Al Roker blasted DeBlasio for lying:

“Following criticism from even the teachers union, De Blasio accused the National Weather Service of underestimating the amount of snowfall there would be overnight on Thursday. [snip]

Long range DiBlasio forecast: 1 term” [snip]

“How dare @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCSchools throw NWS under the school bus. Forecast was on time and on the money”

De Blasio blamed the weather service for a bad/late forecast. When Roker noted that the forecast was correct and on time DeBlasio attacked Roker. How Obama is that?

Political cronies protected by De Blasio? Check.

Then came the truckload of troubles chauffeured by De Blasio himself in a way only Eliot Spitzer can fully appreciate:

De Blasio jaywalks as he preaches road safety

He talks the talk — but won’t walk the walk.

Mayor de Blasio, who has been lecturing about pedestrian safety since he stepped foot in City Hall, strolled across a Brooklyn street against the light Friday in a blatant jaywalking violation.

Hizzoner was gabbing on his old-school flip-phone as he slowly made his way across 11th Street on Sixth Avenue in Park Slope — and his NYPD detail faithfully jaywalked with him.

A Post reporter caught the foot faux pas on video a day after de Blasio’s SUV was filmed blowing through two stop signs in Queens and twice going 15 mph over the speed limit.

Jay-walking is a time honored tradition in New York City. Rudy Giuliani tried to stop the practice but even the police turned their heads rather than take on pedestrians exercising their jay-walking prerogatives. But if you are going to be preaching about traffic safety and other humbug shouldn’t you be most observant of the law? For De Blasio it is an Obama style “Do as I dictate, not as I do.

Speeding through streets after lecturing citizens of the need to drive slower under the heel of lower speed limits was not the end of the De Blasio hypocrisy. Jay walking with the phone at his ear like a teenager or happy go lucky young person (or as Michelle Obama calls them “knuckleheads”) after preaching traffic safety to the masses did not end the lies nor the hypocrisy. De Blasio tried the transparently mendacious “security protocols” excuse. De Blasio claimed to be helpless about the speeding violations because the decisions are made by his security people and not himself. It must have been the security detail that forced him to jaywalk too.

Speeding through streets, disregarding signs, disdainful of speed limits, jaywalking while talking on the phone – all while dictating to others about following lower speed limits and traffic safety – was just the set-up. The plutocrat is dead, long live the plutocrat:

“De Blasio’s predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, reminded his drivers to follow the rules of the road and made a vow not to speed through the streets with lights and sirens unless he was rushing to an “enormous emergency.

The new mayor has made pedestrian safety a key objective of his administration. On Tuesday, he laid out a sweeping “Vision Zero” initiative to end traffic deaths that includes lowering the city speed limit to 25 mph.

De Blasio was then hit by an on-coming truck driven by himself:

“Bill de Blasio Refuses to Take ‘Speedgate’ Questions Despite Vow

Despite repeatedly promising this morning that he’d take questions about the controversy surrounding his caravan breaking multiple traffic laws, Mayor Bill de Blasio shut down questions on the topic at an unrelated press conference this evening.

Before walking away as reporters shouted questions at him, Mr. de Blasio read a brief statement referring to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s earlier comments defending the conduct of the mayor’s security detail. [snip]

His aides further declined to take questions on the issue.

This morning outside his home, Mr. de Blasio also refused to answer questions about the controversy, which involved his caravan running multiple stop signs and going up to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit just days after announcing a new push to lower traffic speeds across the five boroughs. At the time, however, he vowed to take off-topic questions at this evening’s event.

We’ll have a press conference later on and we’ll have a chance later on to talk to you about a variety of issues including … anything else you want to ask about,” he assured.

You can ask all the questions you want,” he added as he was pressed. “You can ask any other questions you like … You can ask any and all questions.

Eliot Spitzer hypocrisy alert!: New “progressive” mayor replaces billionaire mayor – acts more like a plutocrat than the billionaire – issues calls for new laws he won’t follow – refuses to answer questions about the hypocrisy and inconsistencies – promises to answer “any and all” questions – refuses to answer questions.

New York Big Media might be a bunch of snoozers protective of Barack Obama and ready-willing-able-happy to attack Republican Chris Christie on a regular basis but the De Blasio imperiousness got to even these knuckleheads-chuckleheads-numbskulls. They took to twitter to react to his imperial high lord mayor of the new York:

“As @BilldeBlasio left Blue Room without taking questions, disbelieving reporters shouted after him. Press aides refusing to talk further.

Michael Howard Saul: Reporters pushed out of West Wing of City Hall. Angry mob. Reporters saying they have never seen something like this.

Andrew J. Hawkins: Did anyone clock de Blasio’s speed as he dashed out of the Blue Room?

Colby Hamilton: Wow. De Blasio just bolted out of the presser, refusing to answer qs about his security details traffic scandal.

Azi: Yes, mayor who vowed transparency & was credited with having a grt campaign communication strategy is ducking reporters & refusing to talk

Danielle Tcholakian: The speeding itself may be a non-story, but not taking questions makes the issue about transparency and access, two things he promised.

Michael Powell: Man up time for new mayor? Mayor de Blasio looking not ready for prime time in response to relatively easy stuff

Gloria Pazmino: Bill de Blasio has thrown gasoline into this fire.. The City Hall press corps won’t take finger off the dial now.

Clyde Haberman: BdB’s press strategy seems to be to go out of his way, not even 2 mos. into his term, to smugly alienate those covering him.

Chester Jesus Soria: @BilldeBlasio’s campaign page on transparency and reform is a great read:

Casey Seiler: Someone needs to take away @BilldeBlasio’s apparently well-read copy of “Mismanaging Bad Press for Dummies.”

Grace Rauh: Reporters are shocked de Blasio just walked out of here without taking questions. This just means the story will linger.

Dana Rubinstein: I don’t get the press strategy. Does he think reporters won’t have the same questions on Monday? Isn’t it better to bury it on a Friday eve?

Bob Hardy: A great moment in City Hall transparency: Why bother holding press conferences if you only take questions that you want to hear?

Michael Barbaro: Not taking off-topic question is not really an option with the NYC press corp, as de Blasio is about to discover

Celeste Katz: Quite seriously, who concluded it was a good idea for the mayor to literally walk away from that Q&A?

In short: Give De Blasio an Ex-Lax cupcake ’cause he’s full of sh*t.

When we read the comment “Yes, mayor who vowed transparency & was credited with having a grt campaign communication strategy is ducking reporters & refusing to talk” we thought of someone else who promised transparency, ran a tight campaign communications shop and now imperiously refuses to answer questions. Now who could that be?

#Speedgate and questions about hypocrisy, transparency and lies won’t go away because New York City Big Media won’t let them go away. When we read the comments about how the press corps is now challenged and won’t take this sitting down and shutting up we wondered “Where is this attitude by Big Media when it comes to Barack Obama???

Imagine if Big Media relentlessly asked questions of Barack Obama and his many failures and lies. Imagine if just this past week Big Media asked why Obama has been silent, too busy golfing last weekend, about Venezuela – as an American enemy and rogue government is on the run – but when it is American allies in trouble (think Mubarak) Obama demands they be removed. Imagine if this week Big Media asked Obama why he demanded Mubarak be destroyed then remained silent when Mubarak was imprisoned – then when Muslim Brotherhood Morsi did worse than Mubarak Barack Obama was silent but protested when Morsi was imprisoned – then Obama demanded Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood be consulted as Egypt transitions. Imagine if Big Media relentlessly asked Barack Obama why he remained silent while the Ukraine burned and Russia temporarily triumphed over the West? Imagine if Big Media relentlessly pursued the Obama lies about ObamaCare and the ceaseless loop of failure. Just imagine.

For now a Big Media relentlessly seeking the truth from liar Barack Obama remains to the imagination not in the real American nation.

Mayor Bill De Blasio deserves a dozen Ex-law cupcakes because he is full of sh*t. Treacherous Boob Barack Obama and Big Media deserve at least a twelve tier Ex-lax cake because they all full of sh*t. It’s time for a purge.


Hillary Clinton 2016 Versus The Obama Totalitarian Kook Left

Update: Is it time for Charlie Cook to retire because he is too old and too stupid and can’t use Google? Cook writes he has not come across anyone who thinks Hillary will not run in 2016. His collegue at National Journal has written exactly that and the wackadoodle Rand Paul has said he doesn’t think Hillary will run – which makes his recent attacks on the Clenis even more bizzare and clearly self-serving because they further harm the Republican Party brand as panty sniffers. There are many of us who think Hillary just might tell the Obama Dimocrat party to fu*k off after she makes a bundle giving speeches and writing books but Charlie Cook is clueless.

Today, DrudgeReport has this slam (Is Hillary too old to run?) against Hillary from National Journal written by Cook:

Is Hillary Clinton Too Old to Run?
Entering a presidential race is effectively a nine-year commitment: one year to run, another eight if she runs for reelection and wins. [snip]

Clinton turns 67 this October. At that age, she will likely be making her candidacy decision, and if nominated Clinton would turn 69 two weeks before the 2016 general election, notably the same age Ronald Reagan was when he was first elected in 1980. [snip]

A law school friend of the Clintons’ put it to me this way to me last year: “If Bill and Hillary are healthy, she will run,” a subtle reminder to me that her husband will be 70 by Election Day 2016, having already gone through quadruple cardiac bypass surgery and two heart stents. [snip]

There would absolutely be many challenges along the road for Hillary. For one, the challenge of a 68-going-on-69-year-old going after a considerably younger electorate, particularly in the primaries, and how to make herself more relevant to the future, rather than to the past. Running on how great the economy was in the mid-to-late ’90s, when her husband was president, would be tantamount to a sequel of Back to the Future. Clinton needs to lay out a rationale for her relevance to the future electorate of a rapidly changing country. Not that she can’t do it, but it would be a different battle than that of 2008.

Finally, don’t expect that Hillary would have a free ride for the nomination. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo presumably wouldn’t run if she does. Similarly, it would seem unlikely that another major woman like Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, or Elizabeth Warren would make the race either. But there’s Vice President Joe Biden, and one could easily see former Govs. Howard Dean of Vermont and/or Brian Schweitzer of Montana decide to take a stab at it.

Unmentioned by the doddering can’t-use-Google-can’t-relate-to-the-present-electorate Cook is that Joe Biden is older than Hillary and goofier than Uncle Si, yet Biden is touted as the backup nominee by Cook without age being mentioned. The same “too old” argument against McCain was made by goofballs like Matt Damon in 2008. Damon argued that McCain was too old and actuarial tables showed he would die in office and Palin would become president and that Palin was beyond the pale. McCain is still aliive and Damon’s career is dying. Cook also raises the specter of Howard Dean as president but fails to mention Dean will be the same age as Hillary by the end of this year.

This “too old” argument is only used against those that are opposed by Big Media and/or Kooks. Likewise, the “dynasty” argument is never used when it is a Kennedy, Rockefeller, Cuomo, Gore, Salazar, or Udall. It’s time for Cook to reture and make way for someone who can use Google – he’s too old.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Hillary Clinton 2016 has finally had a really good week. Credit goes to attempted attacks on Hillary Clinton that fizzled – or flowered into full love bouquets for Hillary.

First, Rick Lazio Rand Paul decided to re-fight a lost battle that lost a war. Some think the wackadoodle mad dentist with two head’s attacks brilliant as strategic landscape setting. If you believe that then, hey, let’s have another battle to settle a war in Southeast Asia at Dien Bien Phu.

Then the reptile Jim Clyburn decided to gin up some publicity for a package of lies he calls a book. Clyburn claims Bill Clinton called him up in 2008 to hurl insults and blame. Way to go Bill, you should have physically slapped liar, phony, race-bait con artist Clyburn.

Finally, the full-time Kooks began to fulfill our prophecy that they will go all Kook all the time against Hillary Clinton 2016. Kracked Krystal flung her ball from MSNBC against Hillary Clinton 2016 pins:

“MSNBC host Krystal Ball told her audience on Tuesday that she admires former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and she would support her over any Republican and most Democrats to replace President Barack Obama. However, she said that America’s present “existential crisis” requires a candidate that is not as “anti-union” and friendly to Wall Street as Clinton. For that reason, Ball urged Clinton not to run and for freshman Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to get in the race.”

Kracked Krystal brings up Walmart rubbish we debunked long ago and all the other lies from Kookdom against Hillary Clinton 2008.

“In a time when corporations have hijacked our politics,” she continued, “is someone who sat on the rabidly anti-union board of Walmart the right person to restore workers’ rights?”

“In a time when we’re still reeling from global financial disaster brought on by foolhardy bank deregulation, is someone who took $400,000 to give two speeches at Goldman Sachs the person we need to wrest control of the asylum back from the banking inmates?” Ball asked. The MSNBC host further assailed Clinton for reassuring the “masters of the universe” that “banker-bashing” on the left was “unproductive.”

Ball swiped at Bill Clinton as well for signing into law much of the deregulation she was decrying. Ball said that she would back Warren to replace Obama as an example of a politician who felt “in their bones the plight of the worker.”

“Don’t run, Hillary,” she concluded. “Don’t run.”

Kracked Krystal’s attack from the Realm of the Kooks was echoed at the National Journal:

“Is Hillary Clinton Blocking a New Generation of Democratic Leaders?

The former secretary of State’s inevitability is good for Democrats in the short-term. But it masks the party’s longer-term challenges. [snip]

But her inevitability masks a potential weakness within the Democratic Party: the lack of a deep bench of future national leaders. For a coalition that prides itself on diversity, the list of presidential hopefuls is filled with white men: Vice President Joe Biden, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer. With Clinton, the party that nominated Barack Obama in 2008 is now looking to the past for their presidential hopeful.

Furthermore, the Democratic dependence on Hillary Clinton hampers the development of a Democratic farm team. With Clinton expected to take up so much room in the post-Obama party, is there much room for anyone else?

There’s a lot of rubbish and hogwash at the National Journal “analysis”. For instance did you know that if Hillary does not run “there are a lot of substantive potential candidates” such as Biden? Once you stop laughing you can appreciate how funny and desperate the full tilt Kook wing of the Kook Party is.

To the rescue came… Republicans? Conservatives? Hide the salami Howard, the world is upside down!

Lefties desperately searching for reasons not to nominate Hillary:

“If Hillary wants the nomination, nothing’s going to stop her. And the worse Obama’s second term gets, the fewer Democrats there’ll be who are willing to forfeit her electoral advantages in order to roll the dice on a purer liberal like Elizabeth Warren with one-tenth the name recognition of the Clintons and one-thousandth the fundraising potential. There’s a cold calculation coming, just as there was for Romney: At the end of the day, who’s most likely to help us win power? Lay aside what he or she might do with that power. At a bare minimum, no matter how bad it gets, at least we’ll be keeping the ball away from the other team. [snip]

Democrats are deathly afraid that increased turnout among minority voters for Obama’s two elections will dissipate once he’s out of politics. If the “Obama coalition” falls apart, they’re in trouble — although Hillary, probably uniquely among Dems, might be able to make up the shortfall with increased support from women. [snip]

Exit question: How soon will it be before lefties seize on Hillary’s ruthlessness as a new reason to block her? Bridgegate is an easy peg for a pretext like that. E.g., “How can we criticize Chris Christie for bullying when we’re poised to re-nominate a couple who keep an enemies’ list?”

The Obama coalition led what was once the Democratic Party into a cul-de-sac Cult. It was no way to build a party based on the coalition built up and expanded by FDR-JFK-Bill Clinton.

As to “ruthlessness” we have repeatedly written that the halls of the DNC will be awash in waves of blood from Obama cultists if/when Hillary Clinton 2016 grabs control of the party once again. Hooray for ruthlessness we say. We will continue to defend “ruthlessness” over flabby weakness as we so recently did. Hey, we are not alone. Thursday morning Don Imus who insults Bill and Hillary Clinton regularly sang the praises of “ruthlessness” and Hillary Clinton (starting at around the 3:30 mark):

Some may think “revenge” or “ruthlessness” will hurt Hillary Clinton 2016, but after flabby boob Barack Obama’s weakness and cowardice it’s time to throw out the ruth. Watch and weep as Don Imus, notorious anti-Clintonite Imus (who is in the interview brutally analytical on Benghazi, women who hate Hillary because of her marriage decisions, and Bill Clinton) applauds along with us.

Phony Clinton friend and Primary Colors liar Joe Klein likewise does not think the “ruthless” charge from the “Hillary Papers” hurts:

“Blair was ill then, suffering from cancer, but she was vehement about two things: that Hillary was a dynamite friend–smart, funny, thoughtful and loyal–and that the Clintons had a real marriage. She told me a story about the two of them getting into a wild, screaming fight over some obscure policy issue, a fight so intense that she was beginning to get embarrassed and thought about making for the door…when Bill took Hillary’s face in his hands, looked over to Blair and said, “Isn’t she amazing?”

And so I wasn’t expecting much dirt from the Diane Blair papers, even though they were splashed internationally on Drudge on Sunday, with a big SCANDAL headline. And I wasn’t disappointed: not much there, except Hillary’s stiletto discription of Lewinsky as a “narcissistic loony tune.” Indeed, the “editor” of the “publication” that “broke” this story described the then-First Lady as “surprisingly human.”

To which I can only ask: Why surprisingly? I’ve known Hillary Clinton for nearly 30 years now. I wouldn’t say I know her particularly well, but well enough to describe her in an entirely different way–as relentlessly human. She has been willing to get really angry in my presence (I didn’t like her health plan). She has been willing to have open, questioning discussions about policy. She has, at times, displayed a wicked sense of irony; she has, at other times, admitted to having been badly hurt by the public reaction–the spitting, the invective–that splattered her 1994 health plan speaking tour. She has a profoundly goofy okey-dokey-artichokey personal manner; she is an extremely hard worker and clear thinker. She really cares about people, including the people on her staff, all of whom would stop a bullet for her. I’m not nearly cynical enough to attribute these qualities to pretense. She is obviously ambitious and can, at times, be ruthless–but so what? She is one of the finest people I’ve known in public life. (Which is not to say that I don’t think she may have some real problems running for President, problems of insufficient boldness and sometimes being just plain wrong–but that’s a different story.)

Oh, and one other thing: She loves her husband. The marriage is not a “partnership.” She loves the guy. Indeed, one of the saddest intimacies of the Blair papers was the implication the Clinton blamed herself, in a way, for the Lewinsky disaster.

My overwhelming reaction to the release of the Blair papers was sadness–sadness because I remember Diane Blair fondly, the sort of smart, level-headed person I’d want as a friend. But also because it brought back the disgraceful bilge volcano of the Clinton years–the non-stop garbage peddled and sleazed by Drudge and Rush and the then frisky young Fox Network, the fact that the Clintons were accused of drug-trafficking, murder, financial scandals and all sorts of vile craziness–none of which proved to be true. And no apologies have ever been forthcoming from the greasy perps.

In the end, Bill Clinton‘s behavior toward women was primitive and embarrassing. He defiled the Oval Office…but looking back, he wasn’t a half-bad President, was he?

And hey, after all that there’s Bill O’Reilly. Unfortunately O’Reilly video is behind a pay wall so we can’t access a video of this week’s Wednesday night show wherein O’Reilly repeatedly said, what we have written, that Hillary Clinton 2016 must get away from Barack Obama. Like us, O’Reilly insists that Obama is toxic and Hillary Clinton 2016 cannot be seen as in any way a continuation of Barack Obama and his Kook Kingdom. The only video we can produce of Wednesday night’s O’Reilly show is this one of O’Reilly taking on the Kooks:

“With President Obama’s job approval numbers falling, and the Democratic Party having trouble in an election year. You would think that committed liberal Americans would low key it a bit. You would think.

But no, they are upping the rhetoric especially the anti-capitalism stuff. Hillary Clinton is widely seen to be the Democratic nominee in 2016 for president but she portrays herself as a moderate. That’s not good enough for some on the far left.


BALL: Does Hillary Clinton sound to you like the right person for this moment? In a time when corporations have hijacked our politics enabling them to reap all the profit without feeling any compunction to do right by their workers?

As someone who has sat on the rabidly anti-union board of Wal-Mart for six years, the right person to restore worker’s rights. At a time when we’re still reeling from a global financial disaster brought on by foolhardy bank deregulation, as someone who recently took $400,000 to give two speeches at Goldman Sachs, the person we need to wrest control of the asylum (ph) back from the banking inmates.


O’REILLY: Now that anti-capitalistic commentary is the far left’s signature issue. “Talking Points” believes there must be oversight on banks and big business to trust them to do the right thing is foolish and naive. If you don’t believe me, read a little Teddy Roosevelt.

But many on the left want to dismantle the entire corporate system and we are seeing the consequences of that in the Obama administration. Now entering his sixth year in office the President has not been a friend to corporate America. He advocates high taxes to pay for an entitlement culture.

Business knows that and has not expanded, preferring to hoard profits or keep them overseas where they cannot be taxed. That’s why the job situation and income for working Americans is stagnant. For every good job available, there are plenty of applicants therefore salaries are suppressed.

It’s hard to believe but the far left does believe that the government can provide well-paying jobs on a mass scale. It cannot. And every country that has tried that has failed. 90 miles off the coast of Florida take a look what happen in Cuba; that should be an affluent country but communism has killed the economy.

So Hillary Clinton must fight zealotry on her left. She will defeat it she will get the nomination and Mrs. Clinton will run as a moderate Democrat promising to reform some of President Obama’s anti-business policies. That’s what she’ll do.

O’Reilly guests political scientist Dr. Jeanne Zaino and former Obama campaign aide Ellen Qualls agreed that Hillary Clinton 2016 has to differentiate Hillary from Obama. But the Obama Kook wants Hillary to move closer to the left too:

There is an enormous and increasing division in the Democratic Party,” Zaino declared. “You see the attacks that Hillary is getting from her left and many people predict Wall Street will be her Achilles Heel in 2016 the same way the Iraq war was in 2008. People on the ‘progressive’ left fear that she’ll be too close to Wall Street and will continue her husband’s moderate policies.” But Qualls dismissed the notion that there is a great rift in among Democrats. “I see a rhetorical concern about whether Hillary Clinton is talking to the right people and hearing the right ideas. People on the left want to have Elizabeth Warren’s voice represented in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But there is a great unanimity among Democrats that Hillary Clinton will be a great candidate and we’d love to have her.”

As in 2008 the Kooks want to force the party further and further into the totalitarian left. The opening gambit is to have “Elizabeth Warren’s voice represented in Hillary Clinton’s campaign” but it won’t stop there. These Kooks somehow think that Hillary Clinton will foolishly accept their poisoned chocolates and paper hearts as well as surrender to them. Instead it is their hearts that will be stomped on once plucked from their chests later to be fed to dogs.


Tales Of Junkie Power

Update: Others are saying pretty much what we wrote below. Hop off the Clenis:

David Bossie, former chief investigator for the House Oversight Committee during the Clinton administration, told Megyn Kelly he wished had spent more time investigating then-first lady Hillary Clinton. “We got off track from our investigations with all of the sex stuff,” said Bossie, now the head of the conservative group Citizen United.

Stick to the issues not the Clenis.

As to the “wackadoodle dentist” he wants attention and he must be upset Bill Clinton is set to campaign against McConnell in Kentucky, but as we wrote below, the deficits of Clenis envy are beginning to harden. After Bossie today it is Karl Rove: Why is Rand Paul beating up on Bill Clinton for old sins? Again, as we wrote below, short term this gets Rand Paul attention and maybe some love from E/I Republicans/conservatives but it does make Republicans look like Ken Starr-like panty sniffers. Rove is talking about the Republican brand as fuddy-duddy tut-tutting pearl clutchers:

“Frankly, Rand Paul spending a lot of time talking about the mistakes of Bill Clinton does not look like a big agenda for the future of the country,” Rove said on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom.”

To counter the “war on women” strategy Republicans should focus on women getting paid less than men in the Barack Obama White House of horror and forego the temptations of below the belt Clenis attacks.


Kudos to Matt Drudge of DrudgeReport. His headline today: PAPERS SHOW ‘RUTHLESS’ HILLARY. We’ve been beating up on Hillary Clinton 2016 quite a bit lately in order to get them to shape up and it has not been pretty. Hillary Clinton 2016 is a muddled message mess and there is no useful purpose to an eyes tight shut, mouth shut tighter strategy. But today, thanks to the Hillary addicted Matt, Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton 2016 got a much needed break.

“Hillary papers” show ruthless, ambitious First Lady is the headline from events thirteen or fourteen years ago. But hey, we’ll take it. “Ruthless” is in the eye of the beholder. Is a Mama Grizzly “ruthless”? Hey, we’ll take “ruthless” over slothful any day. One would think that there is news of more recent vintage to fight 2016 over. Any ideas? Here we go: White House delays ObamaCare employer mandate for some small businesses until 2016. Looks to us like passive/aggressive lawbreaking is more current news than “ruthless” talk but we’ll take “ruthless” without any ruth at all.

After 500 years, with the abyss of 300 more years staring at us, of driftwood Barack Obama at the helm the country is more than ready for leadership and kickass motivation. Watching “ruthless” Vladimir Putin out-think and out-strategize flabby man-child Barack has been painful for the entire nation and the world. Putin got what he wanted on Syria and even managed to finagle the Olympics. Obama drew a red line on Syria which quickly betrayed his yellow streak and could not, even at the height of his popularity and power in 2009, get the Olympics to Chicago. The nation is ready for a little “ruthless” along with direction, a coherent world-view, and ovarian fortitude.

Some experienced “ruthless” could help the nation. Iran will know not to mess with “obliteration” and the hired hands will if necessary be sent to the basement cages when they screw up. When Hillary was in the White House she knew to smash faces that needed smashing and to break fingers that needed breaking. Barack Obama thought if he hired the same hired hands that Hillary kept on a leash his White House would at least run smoothly while he vacationed. But as we wrote it didn’t work out that way:

Rahm really hated Hillary. She’s the one that used to call him names because of that ballet thing of his and him thinking he was so tough. Hillary smacked him down. Hell, she even had him demoted and the guy lost his office and had to work from a cubicle in the White House basement. Damn, that boy really hates Hillary. Hillary kept the leash on that boy and kept him in line.

I made a mistake with Rahm. I fell for his tough boy act and I fell for the idea that he was the one that knew how Washington worked so I wouldn’t have to do any work. That was a bi-iii-ggg mistake. Rahm talks tough but it’s a bull in a China shop. All you wind up with is damage and a big bill to pay. That Bi#ch Hillary and her sicko friends didn’t warn me about Rahm.

I should have kept a leash on that Bi#ch Rahm but supervising him would have been a lot of work. But it’s too late now.”

It’s too late now to grow a pair of testicles and exercise some testicular fortitude. It’s also too late to get “ruthless”. Whining, race-baiting, petulant foot stomps, to get what you want for your personal advancement and comfort are not the same as “ruthless” pursuit of goals to help the nation. Kudos to Hillary addict Matt Drudge for giving “ruthless” a name to vote for.

* * * * * *

Last week, two of what William S. Burroughs called Junkies made headlines much bigger than the Hillary headline at DrudgeReport of today. Junkie #1 was a short, fat, talented Hollywood actor found dead in a $10,000 a month apartment with a needle in his arm. He turned blue and birthed a bundle of stories about tortured artists and the heroin pushers who love them.

Junkie #2, well, Junkie #2 was another godsend warning for Hillary Clinton 2016 about Big Media. Junkie #2 was Tom Sizemore and this heroin addict was caught on tape alleging that Bill Clinton and an actress cavorted in an extra-marital affair. It was Big Media fun while it lasted:

As Hillary Clinton prepares to run for President in 2016, has uncovered bombshell new information that could torpedo her White House dreams: The philandering husband of the former United States Secretary of State, ex-President Bill Clinton, carried on a torrid year-long love affair with British supermodel Elizabeth Hurley behind White House walls.

That’s the explosive revelation dropped by the man who says he arranged the secret tryst, actor Tom Sizemore.

In a blockbuster exclusive, Radar has unearthed a secret audio recording during which the Hollywood actor, who had his own three-year sexual liaison with Hurley, recounts how the famously-frisky ex-President once sent a plane to fly Hurley to Washington D.C., where he bedded her in the White House — while First Lady Hillary was in the very next room!

On the tape, recorded in January of this year and provided to Radar and GLOBE in a joint investigation, 52-year-old Sizemore boasts to two pals about how he arranged the pair’s first rendezvous.”

The fun for the entertainment starved unfortunately did not last. Not that it should have begun. The alleged Bill Clinton drooling was more Ed Wood sci-fi porn dialog than anything resembling how humans communicate. That was the first sure clue.

That Sizemore (what a name for a Clenis worshiper!) had never been to the White House was another clue. But the Clinton penis (the Clenis), like heroin, is a hard substance to go cold turkey on. Sadly, no matter how much the story was massaged or inflated it eventually went limp:

“Troubled actor Tom Sizemore has reached a new low: In an embarrassing about-face, the drug-addicted Hollywood star now claims he made up the story of Elizabeth Hurley and Bill Clinton‘s love affair during a drug binge. [snip]

“I was never at the White House and I never met Bill Clinton. I went to a screening of Black Hawk Down but it wasn’t in the White House. It was in a theater near the White House. But I’ve never been to the White House and met our president, any president.” [snip]

Furthermore, though Sizemore claimed in the interview to have been sober for nearly five years, videos have emerged showing Sizemore smoking crystal meth just last month.

Thus do heroin junkies prematurely hijack the Big Media news junkies into dark alleys of misinformation and delusion. It doesn’t take much, just the all powerful Clenis, and all sense is thrown out the window. The “wackadoodle mad dentist with the two heads” is addicted to the Clenis too. Inquiring minds want to know why the wackadoodle mad dentist is constantly mouthing off on the Clenis:

Rand Paul keeps attacking Bill Clinton. Why?

What gives? We put that question to a handful of Republican strategists — both those in the Paul orbit and those outside of it. Here’s the responses we got to explain Paul’s repeated hits on Clinton.

1. It revs up the base. [snip]

2. It’s a way to get at Hillary. [snip]

3. It’s who Rand is. [snip]

4. It’s personal. [snip]

Mouthing off on the Clenis helps Rand Paul to a certain limited extent. Some think it helps with the “War On Women” Republican counterattack but we don’t think refighting lost battles on the same terrain with the same armies bodes well for a different outcome. Clenis talk undoubtedly titilates E/I (emotion over intelligence) Republicans/conservatives so it personally helps Rand Paul and keeps his name out there. It’s a smart strategy and personally profits Rand Paul. But those profits can easily turn to deficits.

Rand Paul spitting on the Clenis might bring back talk about Buddha Boy, er, Aqua Buddha Boy. A tied up woman at a fraternity party forced to worship Aqua Buddha might seem like old news but 2016 won’t be as easy as 2010 for wackadoodle dentists. And if fourteen year old activities make for headlines today why can’t we go back to college for our 2016 news? See the problem Aqua Boy?

Also a danger when trash talking the Clenis is that other men in public office, especially Republican men with um, histories, might get caught up in the vortex of suckitude. Senator David Vitter running for governor is one Republican that knows what we mean. For years Republicans have started off pumping up the Clenis story for their benefit only to find that at the end of the day they have just been f*cked again by the mighty Clenis.


Job Killer #ObamaCare

He is black. He is smart. He is a fry cook. He fried the boob.

Darnell Summmers, a fry cook, understands that because of ObamaCare his job and his life are being destroyed. Summers told Boob Obama during a Google hangout that because of ObamaCare he and many of his co-workers lost the opportunity to work full time. “We were broken down to part time to avoid paying health insurance,” he said. Fry cook Summers and his co-workers once worked full time but because of ObamaCare they now are part time workers with reduced wages and reduced hopes for a better life. Boob Obama prattled on and on and on and on in his reply about stuff that is not germane to what Darnell Summers cares about. Obama did not address the central issue raised by fry cook Darnell Summers: ObamaCare is a job killer.

During that hangout Boob Obama was also lambasted by a Kentucky woman for the harm ObamaCare inflicted on her and her family:

“I’m probably not the only one whose had really a panicked experience lately trying to figure out if my 10-year-old son can continue with his specialist or not,” the woman, Rebecca, said. “I know that I can’t keep my plan — which I liked — but as I’m trying to figure out what to do going forward, I’ve spent weeks with days on the phone getting confidently delivered wrong answers, conflicting information.

“It’s becoming quite obvious to me that a lot of agencies, almost everyone I’ve talked to, is having a lot of trouble figuring out the new rules,” the mother continued.

Boob Barack ignored her intelligent point that she and other Americans are victimized by ObamaCare and that those put in charge by Obama don’t know what they are doing. Obama passed her problem on to an aide with promises of deliverance for her but not the millions more attacked by ObamaCare.

Barack Obama’s “la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you” responses will likely be the same to the CBO report that confirmed fry cook Darnell Summers’ critique of ObamaCare. Summers might not be the most educated or articulate man in town but he is smart enough to see clearly what many of the most educated continue to deny: ObamaCare is a job killer:

“The Republicans just got a big gift from the Congressional Budget Office: It’s going to be a lot easier for them to call Obamacare a “job killer.”

That’s because the budget office’s new economic report says the health care law will cause Americans to work fewer hours – enough to be the equivalent of 2 million fewer jobs in 2017.

The latest number is nearly three times as high as the budget office’s previous prediction, and it’s supposed to rise in later years to the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs in 2024.”

This job killer news was good news said the White House: When you think about it, 2.5 million fewer people working because of ObamaCare is good news. For lazy, vacation happy Barack Obama, work is for fools.

Obama Dimorats up for reelection this year might get to experience the bliss of Obama and soon be jobless. They deserve to be jobless. These are truly stupid people. Some of these ObamaDolts think the worse is over for them on ObamaCare. They don’t seem to realize that Americans, even fry cooks, realize ObamaCare is a job killer.

Ignoring the fact that ObamaCare is unaffordable and a job killer, the ObamaDolts at Enroll America are spending millions of dollars on singing cats, dogs and goldfish to lure women to their doom:

The ObamaDolts think ‘Musical pets will save the day’:

“They’ll fix the bad website. They’ll fix the fact that you can’t get basic errors on your applications corrected. They’ll fix the website’s inability to calculate subsidies. They’ll fix all the uncertainty that Obamacare has brought to part-time and full-time workers. They’ll fix the fact that several state exchanges are on the verge of collapse.”

Throw Obama Dimocrats into a tank of pirahana, pumas, and pit bulls. These “pets” will save the day.