#Bridgegate: Chris #Christie Now ThisClose To 2016 Prez Win

Chris Christie stands alone. Big Media is antsy to protect Barack Obama from ObamaCare (and Gates-gate) so Big Media relishes an attack on a fat juicy Republican scandal. Christie haters after “bridgegate” hate him even more with even greater intensity. Christie supporters take a step back away from their once candidate. Asks Rush Limbaugh: Why aren’t Christie’s RINO pals rushing to his side? Republicans with other candidates in mind rejoice at the big guy’s troubles on their “bully” terms. Barack Obama thugs are ready with DOJ “investigations”. Christie’s closest friends and aides have become his biggest liabilities. Chris Christie stands alone. Our contrarian view is that Chris Christie has almost locked up the presidency in 2016.

Politicians are rarely gifted an opportunity as Chris Christie now has. To turn liabilities (“he’s a bully”) into strengths (“he fights for me”) is a magic moment. It’s not only “I feel your pain” but “I will cause pain to those that hurt you.” If Christie was a lightweight politician he would try to turn “bridgegate” into Kelly “Bridgetgate” thereby running away from his big opportunity by instead choosing to shift the blame onto an aide in the style of Barack Obama. But after today’s Hillary Clinton style very long press conference it looks to us as if Chris Christie sees his opportunity and he is going to squeeze his big ass right through that big frame.

* * * * * *

Years ago during one of the trumped up scandals, Hillary Clinton put on a pink Chanel dress (that explins the color of this website) and answered questions for a long time. Hillary drained the boil and from then on she could deftly respond that she had answered all those questions earlier and her interrogators could read the transcript. If Hillary decides to run in 2016 she will likely do the same thing on Benghazi. By then Benghazi will be further in the past and Hillary will drain what remaining blood the controversy holds with another pink Chanel presser.

Years ago when Linda Tripp got Monica on the front pages Bill Clinton read the polls produced for him by Dick Morris. Morris told Bill that if Clinton told the absolute truth about Monica Lewinsky he was a goner not a boner. Bill wisely played for time. Finally, when forced to by judicial process and at a time better for his prospects of survival Bill admitted he was not entirely truthful in his earlier denials.

Deflecting from scandals until a more propitious is a survival technique that often is successful. When sex or personal foibles are the issue the likelihood of success by the delay tactic increase exponentially.

Barack Obama has other paths he takes to survive. First and foremost Barack Obama has allies yell “RACISM”. For many years the race-baiting survival technique has been successful for Obama.

Barack Obama also, with regularity, “blames the staff”. We wrote first one then another “blame the staff” article back in July 2007 – that’s how regularly Obama “blames the staff”.

* * * * * *

Today Christie began to display how he will handle scandal. Christie immediately fired his trusted aide Bridget Kelly. If he follows up as we suggest, Chris Christie has set up the pool table for 2016 in a way that he will be able to sink all the balls, win the nomination and then the presidency.

Today Christie expressed remorse for what happened. Christie appeared remorseful as well. Christie answered questions for more than two hours in this sullen manner. Christie fired one top aide. Christie began to punish other aides as well. This was all well and good. But what should Chris Christie do next?

What Chris Christie should do next is unleash the inner Kraken. Chris Christie should become a bully. Chris Christie should now go from remorse to rage. Christ Christie should go volcanic.

What Chris Christie aides did was to torment citizens crossing the George Washington Bridge with vengeful lane closings in order to punish the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee New Jersey for not endorsing Christie for Governor. Christie aides purposefully targeted the citizens of New York and New Jersey driving across the GWB in the same way a Roman emperor would torment slaves in the arena. This is what Chris Christie has to become enraged about. This is what Chris Christie must scream and shout about as if he was a gorilla denied bananas.

In America the people rule. In America public officials are servants of the people. The president of the United States is not a king. Congressional representatives are not viceroys for the people to bow to. In America the people are in charge, the people are sovereign – elected officials and their hirelings are but scum on the bottom of our shoes.

Chris Christie, if he wants to run and win for president in 2016, must become the Tribune of the populace. Unleash the Kraken. Explode with rage. Be a bully sitting and squashing the aides that attacked the people. FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE WITH SAMPSON RAGE.

Chris Christie today took the first step. Remorse. The next step is RAGE. Chris Christie should not only express rage but feel rage because government officials attacked the people. If Chris Christie does this he wins the nomination and the presidency in 2016.

If Chris Christie follows our advice he can attack Barack Obama for holding no one to account for all the failures foreign and domestic. In 2014 Christie can campaign for welcoming Republicans in every district and state, collect chits and 2016 endorsements, as the protector of the people. “Compare Barack Obama to Me” Christie can then say. “I hold hired public officials accountable” Christie can then say. “Barack Obama blames the staff but keeps them on the job – I hold the staff accountable and fire them when they do wrong.”

If Chris Christie follows our advice he can attack Hillary Clinton before and after any Benghazi press conference she holds. “I did not concoct an “Accountability Review Board” I fired those responsible” Christie can say.

If Chris Christie follows our advice he can campaign across the country on the issue of accountability and management as well as “putting people first” even when that means having to fire and bully his own closest friends and advisers.

Americans know that good management is not about mistakes happening or bad things being done. Good management is doing the right thing to correct course not run a perfect tourist jaunt. When John F. Kennedy took responsibility for the death dealing boobery of the Bay of Pigs disaster he became a hero for simply accepting responsibility. The idiocy of a secret beach invasion during a full moon was forgotten because JFK took charge and accepted responsibility for the massive cold war failure. JFK at the time said that victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan (read that transcript and see how contrary to revisionist history and propaganda JFK attempted the deflect strategy then finally took responsibility when all else failed) and he was not only mostly forgiven but admired. Chris Christie can learn from that leadership crisis episode.

The American people are turning their backs on both major parties. More and more Americans consider themselves “independents”. This is because Americans crave a government that is honest, humble, and effective. A candidate that is seen as defending the American people instead of their cronies and donors will be a hero hoisted to the presidency. Chris Christie could easily become Christ Christie politically.

Chris Christie is thisclose to the presidency. The populist fury of a righteously indignant nation will raise Christie to the highest office in the land. Already some polls have him even beating Hillary Clinton. Those polls are important in that they help him get money and allies for a presidential run. If Christie can turn this aides attack on the people into a defense of the people by himself personally no other Republican will be able to match his “accountability” rhetoric in 2016. If Hillary does not become the “change” candidate (as we repeatedly advise) Chris Christie now has that golden opportunity hot potato in his lap.

All the above presupposes that Chris Christie is telling the truth. But if Chris Christie is lying, if Chris Christie knew his aides attacked the people then everything changes. If Christie is lying Christie can lose the lap-band and park himself at a McDonalds counter scarfing down all the Happy Meals he wants because the only place he is going is the toilet.


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  1. http://www.politico.com/story/2014/01/new-jersey-political-aides-101988.html?hp=t3_3

    “The bombshell traffic scandal that broke open in New Jersey this week brought down a trio of top advisers to Gov. Chris Christie: a high school mate whose passion for politics bordered on obsessive; a onetime campaign staffer for John McCain and Rudy Giuliani; and an ex-statehouse staffer who once headed her small town’s Republican club.

    Here’s a look at the Christie allies at the center of the drama unfolding in the Garden State and reverberating across the country.”

    Fire them all.

  2. Our long time advice to Hillary is valid for anyone running for president: become the candidate of change, attack Obama, seize the day.

  3. Populist fury building because of news such as this:


    Congress Is Now Mostly A Millionaires’ Club

    For the first time, more than half of congressional lawmakers are worth at least $1 million

    Congress is loaded, if you weren’t already aware.

    The Center for Responsive Politics analyzed the personal financial disclosure data from 2012 of the 534 current members of Congress and found that, for the first time, more than half had an average net worth of $1 million or more: 268 to be exact, up from 257 the year earlier. The median for congressional Democrats was $1.04 million and, for Republicans, $1 million even.”

  4. Barack Obama also, with regularity, “blames the staff”. We wrote first one then another “blame the staff” article back in July 2007 – that’s how regularly Obama “blames the staff”.

    And when he doesn’t blame the staff, he blames Bush.

  5. In America the people rule. In America public officials are servants of the people. The president of the United States is not a king. Congressional representatives are not viceroys for the people to bow to. In America the people are in charge, the people are sovereign – elected officials and their hirelings are but scum on the bottom of our shoes.

    Sing it Admin, sing it loud and often!!!

  6. Shawdow

    If you are old enough to remember abscam, this movie is a almost true comedy about it that was brilliantly written and acted. Fun, Fun, Fun…

    The central characters are a pair of con artists who are indefensible, and also irresistible. In the opening scene, Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) plasters on his complex comb-over, and if we chuckle at the lowly kitschiness of his appearance, it also lets us know that Irving is a walking fraud. He’s a pinky-ring-wearing shyster from the Bronx who owns a chain of dry cleaners but specializes in fleecing people; he operates a loan business that takes $5,000 down payments and gives nothing back. At a Long Island pool party, Irving meets Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), a hot number who falls for him when they bond over their shared passion for Duke Ellington. It’s only later, though, when Sydney learns that Irving is a con man, that we see what kindred spirits they are. She puts on a faux-British accent and turns herself into ”Lady Edith Greensly,” a posh Londoner with banking connections.

    They’re small-time operators, but it’s their karma to be nabbed by Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), a beady-eyed scrounger of an FBI agent. It’s the post-Watergate era, and Richie, rabid for a big corruption bust, coerces the two into joining a sting operation that’s just about as slovenly as their petty scams. It’s called Abscam, and it involves shady congressmen, a New Jersey mayor (Jeremy Renner) who wants to rebuild Atlantic City, actors pretending to be wealthy Arab sheikhs, and, of course, the Mob. American Hustle is based on a true story — or as a droll opening title puts it, ”Some of this actually happened.” There really was an Abscam, down to the fake sheikhs and a con man used to entrap congressmen (his name was Mel Weinberg). The thrill of American Hustle is that it takes the tacky desperation of this scheme — and of the whole Carter era — and fuses it with the spirit of our own madly scrambling moment, when the system once again seems rigged and people, increasingly, do whatever it takes to get by.

    Watching American Hustle, you never know what’s coming next, and you can hardly wait to see it happen. The movie is a caper in which everyone is conning everyone, and the deepest cons are personal: As ”insurance,” Sydney pretends to fall for Richie, and we, along with Irving, are left wondering if she has. The movie’s exhilaration is in how Russell’s filmmaking fever lights up everything it touches. His pop-music cues come close to out-Scorsese-ing Scorsese, from the use of Steely Dan’s ”Dirty Work” to accompany Irving, Sydney, and Richie walking with a briefcase full of cash to a mash-up of Todd Rundgren and Donna Summer that enticingly evokes the rapture of disco clubbing. And if Russell’s perky camera zooms are a little too Marty, his knowledge of women is something else: He gets astounding performances from Adams, who is hell on wheels, and Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Irving’s manipulative wife with a crazy-sexy fury that dares to be toxic. As for Bale, he’s fantastic as a lying sleaze with a hidden heart. It’s one of the film’s rippling ironies that the FBI agent violates every code of decency to entrap crooks, and his prime target (that Jersey mayor) is the most honorable person on screen. In American Hustle, down is up, right is wrong, the con is the truth, and David O. Russell has become the most exciting filmmaker in America. A

  7. Christie has tasked the US Attorney from New Jersey to conduct the investigation. That US Attorney reports to Holder, and Holder will feed that information to the press at the most opportune moments. Even if Christie knew nothing about this incident, he will be made to look bad because of it. It will be Tinkers (the US attorney) to Evers (to Holder) to Chance (big media). And, as we see from the Rassmussen pole 48 percent of the likely voters believe whatever big media tells them. The normal cause and effect rules no longer apply. The entire game is rigged–against the American People.

  8. But we know the fraud does not want Hillary to be President and the love hugs on the beach were not for nothing…Christie is no fool. Egomaniac, but no fool…

  9. The satirical Onion has bad news for Christie: 🙂


    Voters Shocked Christie Botched Such An Easy Political Cover-Up

    WASHINGTON—Following revelations this week that staffers under New Jersey Governor Chris Christie manipulated traffic in a small New Jersey town to punish its mayor, mortified Americans across the nation reported that they were shocked to learn the potential 2016 presidential candidate could possibly fumble such an easy political cover-up. “Man, this guy wants to be President of the United States and he can’t even conceal an act of corruption this rinky-dink and run-of-the-mill from voters? It’s crazy,” Newark resident Carolyn Baum said in agreement with millions of stunned Americans, adding that she holds potential presidential candidates to much higher standards of subterfuge and graft. “I mean, this is a total softball. If he can’t even bully one little small-town mayor into submission by oppressing his constituents and get away with it, how can we reasonably believe he’s politically skilled enough to cover up national scandals like orchestrating a foreign war, illegally colluding with big business, or violating the civil liberties of millions of Americans? It’s a little scary, to be honest.” At press time, many Americans reported their faith in Christie’s presidential qualifications was somewhat restored after he released a series of statements pinning the blame on others and throwing top aides under the bus.”

  10. From ACE…Lest we forget…it’s all political, and as long as the media is in the Democratic pocket, it will always be one sided!


    Okay, it’s not breaking. This is from March of last year. The media has known about this forever.

    They just didn’t seem to care.

    Email tells feds to make sequester as painful as promised
    By Stephen Dinan

    The Washington Times

    Tuesday, March 5, 2013

    The White House announced Tuesday that it is canceling tours of the president’s home for the foreseeable future as the sequester spending cuts begin to bite and the administration makes good on its warnings of painful decisions.

    Announcement of the decision — made in an email from the White House Visitors Office — came hours after The Washington Times reported on another administration email that seemed to show at least one agency has been instructed to make sure the cuts are as painful as President Obama promised they would be.

    In the internal email, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service official Charles Brown said he asked if he could try to spread out the sequester cuts in his region to minimize the impact, and he said he was told not to do anything that would lessen the dire impacts Congress had been warned of.

    “We have gone on record with a notification to Congress and whoever else that ‘APHIS would eliminate assistance to producers in 24 states in managing wildlife damage to the aquaculture industry, unless they provide funding to cover the costs.’ So it is our opinion that however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be,” Mr. Brown, in the internal email, said his superiors told him.

    So there you have someone telling a superior, “I can lessen the impact of the sequester cuts,” and his superior answering: “No, we’ve represented they would be painful; do not change anything to mitigate that pain and undermine our political message.”

    But that’s okay. Because, Democrats.

  11. Don’t stop thinking about… ObamaCare:


    “New Poll: 48% Want Obamacare Repealed

    The reality:

    Nearly half of all Americans with employer-based health insurance plans say more money is being taken out of their paychecks for health insurance compared to a year ago, and 44 percent are facing higher out-of-pocket expenses, including deductibles and co-payment, according to a report by the Princeton Survey Research Assocs. International and Bankrate.com.

    Americans with annual household incomes between $50,000 and $74,999 with employer-based health insurance have been impacted most: 47% of respondents in this demographic report a negative effect on their health insurance, a much higher percentage than any other income level…

    The survey shows that 48 percent of Americans would choose to repeal the Affordable Care Act, compared to 46 percent in September. Currently, only 36 percent would choose to keep it.

    Cold weather and New Jersey bridge scandals may chase the bad news about Obamacare out of the headlines for a while, but the law’s ramifications and consequences march on…”

  12. Robert Gates’ Bombshell Book: Tell-all a betrayal of the president
    And who do you think wrote this headline?

    Want to take a wild guess?

    No, not Debbie Downer.

    No, not Ambrose Burnside Carnie.

    No, not Ly’n Brian.

    No, not Torret afflicted Matthews.

    Give up?

    Howie Kurtz.

    Not much question whose side he is on.

    Obama’s side.

    Big media’s side.

    I wonder whether Ailes is happy with this acquisition.

    He is a partisan.

    As such, he is not, nor can he ever be what he pretends to be—

    A media critic.

    He is big media protector and echo chamber.

    Flying under false colors.

    Since when is telling the truth about the incompetence of an administration disloyalty.

    Better question: to whom should he be accountable–a corrupt president, or the welfare of the American People?

  13. Wbboei, Kurtz was a walking conflict of interest when he was at CNN and the Washington Post at the same time he was a “media critic”. Get someone out of Big Media to critique Big Media.

    On Fox News Kurtz is just as bad as ever.

  14. Kurtz is like so many of them. They get so compartmentalized in their thinking that they cannot see the forest for the trees. They have no sense of what journalism should be–not this endless back and forth, or protecting the narrative, but a continuing search for truth that cannot be bought off, intimidated or seduced. They are a few of them, like Shayl Atkisson who walk the walk. But most of them have made the faustian pact, and are riding the gravy train to retirement, unwilling to rock the boat. Given the importance of their role to a democracy, they are the ones–including Howie who are the real betrayers of our democracy. Gates is a truth teller, and Kurtz is a ideologue. That is the bottom line. How would it be if Kurtz was ordered to drop this title media critic, for a more descriptive term like protector of obama and big media.

  15. admin
    January 9, 2014 at 8:42 pm
    Amen. Now that you have pointed this out, I can stop beating my head against the wall.

  16. O blames everyone because he is a hollow shell that functions as the Great Pretender, trying to fool everyone…he plays at being President, enjoys all the perks and glory and as soon as it gets hot, he pleads ignorance and runs for the hills…disappears

    O would make Michael Bay look like a genius if O ever had to part with his teleprompter…he does not even feel secure enough to have journalists and photographers cover his events…his need to control everything, every photo and every word he utters comes from knowing he does not know what he is doing and is relying on crutches to create and sustain his image…there is nothing there there…he is faking it…that is the big story to be told when historians looks back on the O presidency…

    today I had that same feeling when I was listening to all the pundits, particularly critics of Christie go on about Christie’s plight…and every time one of them went after Christie I immediately thought of O and all the unanswered and unresearched and unreported answers to O and his scandals…IRS, Solyndra, Benghazi, Ocare, etc…every question they were asking about Christie posed lingering questions that are unanswered about O and his scandals…it all fell into “this reminds me of O…what about O” what about O?

    just Benghazi alone…i have not heard one reporter ask O directly where were you on the night of the attack? What were you doing? Why? because they all know he was distracted and on his way to Las Vegas for a fundraiser…

    if that had been Christie or Hillary…would they not start by asking the President where were you and what were you doing when the Ambassador was under attack for 4 hours? with O it does not even occur to them to start there…they do not want to know…

    …finally, so disheartening to know that people are placed in positions of power and have so very little regard for “the people”, including kids trying to get to school on a bridge or for first responders trying to save people in need…how they play such petty and dangerous games with “the people” like we are their little toys…

    …our humanity has sunk to a real low when people like Brigit Kelly are so reckless with others …for fun from afar…”am I wrong to be smiling” as the life of others are plunged into danger or disarray…with no regard for any consequences they are causing…they just do not give a damn…getting fired is too good for her and her cohorts…

    bottom line…O is always MIA…and then when the danger for him clears…he resurfaces on some shallow level trying to take credit for someone’s elses hard work…or to deflect, change the subject and talk about sports or throw some party at the white house…that is what O is about…a big zero…

  17. Well, one more round.

    When a president plays politics with the lives of our troops, and ignores the national interest, the highest duty of a subordinate is to inform the people. It is an ethical issue Howie. Not a chain of command exercise. I thought we got that one straightened out at Nurmemberg Howie. Maybe you should go to the library and read the transcripts of that affair. If you do, you might run into your fellow traveler dickhead durbin, brushing up on his Ayn Rand.

  18. Admin

    Chris Christie, if he wants to run and win for president in 2016, must become the Tribune of the populace. Unleash the Kraken.

    If anyone has Kraken to unleash, it’s Christie.

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this one Admin.

    I love it when you mix intelligent writing with truth and buttkickin’ humor. Go Admin, go!!!

    It’s no secret that most of us want Hillary as our next President, but if she doesn’t run…(God forbid) and the Dim’s run some puppet sheep like Warren or the goat on the hill, then Christie should get someone like Trump to help direct his campaign. Trump is smarter than Christie and I think between them, there could be some real fireworks.

    Then again, the Republican’s always disappoint, ALWAYS!

  19. OMG Admin, you have outdone yourself with this:

    All the above presupposes that Chris Christie is telling the truth. But if Chris Christie is lying, if Chris Christie knew his aides attacked the people then everything changes. If Christie is lying Christie can lose the lap-band and park himself at a McDonalds counter scarfing down all the Happy Meals he wants because the only place he is going is the toilet.

    😆 * 😆 * 😆

    Personally, I think he is pretending, and his saying what the people want to hear. 50/50 chance I am wrong.

  20. gonzotx
    January 9, 2014 at 7:27 pm
    If you are old enough to remember abscam, this movie is a almost true comedy about it that was brilliantly written and acted

    Thanks gonzotx for the wonderful breakdown of the movie. I don’t remember abscam, but I will absolutely watch the movie.

  21. “Then again, the Republican’s always disappoint, ALWAYS!”

    Exactly, Shadow. And, I agree about Trump being smarter than Christie, as well. But, that could be said of quite a large number of people. Even tho he’s smart, Trump has a bit of a crazy streak, but he’s cagey and certainly understands financial issues. The T-partiers will not support Christie. They never liked him anyway, and were really pissed over his refusal to campaign for what’s-his-name, who was defeated by McAuliffe for governor of VA. The conservative scream-show hosts assert that Pub voters are ditching the Republic establishment in droves, and joining the Tea Party. Time will tell. The Dems will pretend there’s not a power struggle or rift within the Dimocratic party. What’s another lie when your pants have already been reduced to ash.

    The stage is set for some serious smack-downs.

    Historically when a prez has gone too far in either direction, the voters react by swinging the pendulum pretty far in the opposite direction, come election time. If that holds true, voters will be more inclined to support a far right candidate. Voters who actually know more than the few and mostly positive half truths CNN reports about O are aware of the many subtle and no so subtle ways in which he has changed this country. Many of these will run to the polls to vote for a far right candidate.

    Much political entertainment to look forward in the coming months. I’m stocking up on popcorn and Jose Quervo.

  22. Nancy Pelosi: Don’t Call it Obamacare

    Nasty knows it’s easier to distance herself from this pondscum of an Act if her Saint Obama’s name is not attached to it when it is sent back to the fires of Hell – where it came from.

    ObamaCare, obamacare, OBAMAcare, O-B-A-M-A-c-a-r-e!!!

    ObamaCare, obamacare, OBAMAcare, O-B-A-M-A-c-a-r-e!!!

    ObamaCare, obamacare, OBAMAcare, O-B-A-M-A-c-a-r-e!!!

    Nasty, the mother of all Krackens and Kooks, it’s time to retire!

  23. free

    I don’t know about the Republican’s. I think all the old power dogs of the GOP are slipping into the dream state of their Golden Age, and the new boys are scrambling for their pecking order. Notice I don’t mention women. That’s because I don’t think they have anyone at the moment that could even halfway compare to Hillary, nor do the Dims for that matter.

    Looking into my crystal ball, I see Hillary running against a male, a younger, less experienced male that will fixate on a certain issue, religion, immigration, economy, or less government…but I don’t see anyone right now that can take down Hillary in a debate, nor measure up to her experience.

    I do think the Presidency is her’s for the taking as far as candidates go, but I also think the Kooks and Fox could make it a sexist, bloody, ageist mess.

    Hopefully 2016 won’t have voting corruption involved again, and Hillary can win ANY fair fight. My money is on her all the way.

  24. I was one of the few folks here that was kinda rooting for Christie to run in 2012 against Baracko. First, I was for Trump because I do believe that obama’s history has been scrubbed and his displayed BC was hogwash. So Trump going after him on these issues did not seem unreasonable. I think Trump is smart, would have had the best chance of fixing the economy, getting people back to work and he isn’t a hardcore Repub in my book. He loves this country and seems fair to most Americans. I do think Trump is a sleazebag when it comes to his relationships, but since he takes good care of all of them, I let that be his business.

    When Trump decided he didn’t want to get into the fight, I liked the big mouth of Christie. I thought he might me sincere and not afraid of Obama and at least had the ability to work with Dims and Repubs along with being a Gov. But my respect for him dwindled when I saw him hug and kiss up to Obama. I can’t rage against someone for months and then with a little kickback, hug and buddy up to them. This is why I question his sincerity. I think he might play on people’s emotions, and in my book, that is dirty pool.

  25. freespirit

    January 10, 2014 at 12:11 am

    Hillary can win ANY fair fight. My money is on her all the way.

    Right again, Shadow

    Me too.

  26. Shadowfax

    January 9, 2014 at 10:14 pm

    Nancy Pelosi: Don’t Call it Obamacare


    Why not Nanniepoopie?

    If memory serves . . .

    It was his signature piece of legislation.

    His campaign produced nerdie bumper stickers which read Obama Cares.

    The New York Times heralded it as his personal victory and the greatest achievement since the 1964 civil rights act.

    At the time it was passed everybody including you were eager to call it Obamacare.

    And Obama was too modest to contest the point.

    He was perfectly content to lie through his teeth and shut down government to protect it.

    Yet now you say don’t call it Obamacare?

    What is this? Another speech code Nannie.

    Or is there some other explanation why we should not give credit where credit is due?

    By the way Miss Luberack were you lying then, are you lying now or are you not in fact a chronic and habitual liar?

  27. I have to tell this story once every two years, just to provide a little context.

    Thirty years ago, or more, the International Longshoreman and Warehouseman’s Union was headed up by a smart midget by the name of Jimmy Herman. He was the successor to Harry Bridges, the Australian communist who was a person of interest to the House of Un-American activities, but he was as elusive as dearly departed John Gotti was in avoiding convictions. Herman was the same kind of socialist as Bridges, and just as smart. I never met him myself but I have reason to believe he was competent in all respect save one. He was madly in love with Miss Luberack. He took her to lunch and dinner many times, and people I know were in attendance and witness this behavior. He was much older than she was, and by all accounts it was one of those situations where just because a dog chases a car does not mean that if he ever caught it he could drive. The relationship went on like this for several years, and she played poor little Jimmy like a fiddle, while he plied her with bon bons and the political support of his powerful San Francisco based union. Long ago, Jimmy slipped the mortal coil which led me to ask the obvious question where is he now–in heaven with Reagan or in hell with Ted Kennedy and Tim Russert. I was told he is in heaven, which led me to ask the obvious follow up question, as he stares down from the pearly gates and beholds what his light of love has become, is he happy or sad. I was told he would be extremely disappointed, because he thought better of her.

  28. I believe Christie made a mistake when he asked the Holder Justice Department to investigate the current political scandal. I understand the motive, which was to show he has nothing to hide. That may be reason to invite a neutral party to conduct such an investigation, but it is madness to let your adversary do it. What he will get is a fishing expedition and even if the fishing hole is dry, they will indict him for his failure to properly hire and supervise, which bears on the ultimate question of whether he is presidential. The current president is completely deficient in this area, claims he does not know when bad things happen, promises to get to the bottom of it, and never does. In fact, he is guilty of wilful blindness and when bad things happen he claims plausible deniability as we saw in the South Carolina primary, and on many other occasions thereafter. What should Christie have done? He should have avoided Holder like he plague–hell the evidence that Holder uses the office for political ends is overwhelming. And he will not grant special dispensation to Christie. And Booker will know everything that is going on, and so will the Newark Star Ledger. Forty years ago, New Jersey was a very corrupt state, a playground for the Gambinos, Luccheses, Bonnanos, Columbos and Genoveses, and a mecca of corrupt politicians. Over a period of years, the offending parties were taken down by some very effective prosecutors, who are now in private practice. Unlike Holder, they are ethical people who follow the law, rather than political intrigue. In the alternative, he could have selected two or three of them to conduct this investigation, and make the results public. That would have been the smart thing to do. But because he was so stung by this thing, he went overboard, and asked the fox to guard the hen coup. He will regret this decision.

  29. He will regret this decision.

    I agree with you Wbb unless once again, Christie gets down on his knees to Obama and Holder and loves ‘um up behind closed doors. I just don’t trust Christie when he has needs from the government.

  30. It is reasonable to assume that Val Jar will have bad karma after Obama leaves office, and she no longer has the protection of the ring. She manages by threats, fear and intimidation, and that does not sit well with mature people. All this provides a handsome motive for those she has crossed to do to her what Gates did to Obama, which was to expose her malfeasance and misfeasance. When that happens, as it undoubtedly will, human nature being what it is, Val Jar will quickly become persona non-grata, isolated, alone, without friends and the one thing she craves above all else–power.

  31. The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do to Clean Up the GOP

    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | January 10th, 2014 at 12:25 AM | 6


    If you have not heard, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has attacked nationally syndicated conservative radio host and best selling author Mark Levin.

    They publicly attacked Mark Levin because the Jim DeMint created Senate Conservatives Fund (“SCF”) gives out copies of Mark Levin’s book. The NRSC alleges a quid pro quo relationship to help drive up the popularity of Levin’s book. The book was published in 2009 before SCF was a significant force and had already become a best seller before SCF gave out copies.

    This attack follows the National Republican Senatorial Committee (“NRSC”) attacking conservative businesses and threatening to drive them from business because they happen to do business with the Senate Conservatives Fund. The NRSC’s tactics mirror the harassment the IRS inflicted on tea party groups.

    Those attacks came after US News and World Report columnist Brian Walsh leveled attacks on conservative groups, including the Senate Conservatives Fund, for daring to hold Republicans accountable for their promises. Subsequent to that column US News and World Report had to admit Brian Walsh is on the payroll of the NRSC.

    The Chamber of Commerce, the Main Street Partnership, the NRSC, and lobbyists galore in Washington are coordinating attacks on conservative groups and conservative candidates for daring to champion limited government and hold the GOP accountable for breaking promises. These groups have no interest in supporting limited government and free markets. They support their government and their markets with your tax dollars.

    The GOP in Washington has decided that the problem is not government, but Democrats in charge of government. And they’ve decided to punish any conservative who points out government itself is the problem. Conservative groups are attacked by Republican leaders. Conservative candidates are attacked by Republican leaders. Conservative talk radio hosts are attacked by Republican leaders.

    The single biggest thing you can do to clean up the GOP is to defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky by supporting Matt Bevin. The NRSC attacks all came after the Senate Conservatives Fund decided to support Bevin. The attacks on Mark Levin came after he spoke kindly of Matt Bevin. The attacks on conservative candidates came after Matt Bevin became a credible candidate.

    All these attacks came because Mitch McConnell would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. He would rather a Senate GOP minority with himself in charge than a Senate GOP majority with himself retired.

    You beat Mitch McConnell, you will find many Republican squishes with squishy soiled underwear. Until you beat Mitch McConnell, these guys in Washington will neither respect you nor fear you.

    But when you beat the sitting Senate Republican Leader in a primary, suddenly Washington knows the grassroots are in charge. The attacks on conservatives will only get worse until conservatives beat Mitch McConnell.

    And we have our chance with Matt Bevin.

  32. If you want to know who I think is responsible for the failure by Obama to give the order to save the troops—he has been all over the map on this one—claims he gave the order but if he did then there would be a finding and there is no finding, we have been over all that. Obama is just a limp dick in these situations and the one he turns to is always Jarrett. If you will recall, a similar thing happened with Bin Laden–Hillary and Gates wanted him to give the order to go after Bin Laden now that they had actionable intelligence, and she talked him out of it, saying the political downside would be bad for him if the mission failed, and it was only because Hillary and Gates threatened to go to Congress that the reluctant dragon Obama conceded. The more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes to me that Jarrett is responsible for Benghazi because she was likewise afraid of the political downside for Obama if we tried to help the beleaguered Americans and it failed. He is so weak that I seriously doubt he can take a piss without asking her for permission. Yup, that is it alright. Dig deep enough into Benganzi and you will fine the Iranian hand of Val Jar. And it that is true, that is what will come out after Obama leaves office. And it will not come out from big media, but from one of those tell all books, like we saw with Gates.

  33. Look who is putting in his 2 cents.

    De Blasio Says Christie’s Bridge Scandal ‘Raises Bigger Questions’ About His Leadership

    Bill de Blasio is taking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to task over his ongoing George Washington Bridge scandal.

    At a press conference today, New York’s newly-minted mayor ripped into Mr. Christie’s administration for the “absolutely immoral” behavior conducted by his top aides and appointees after evidence emerged indicating they forced massive traffic delays in a bizarre act of political retaliation.

    “Look, it’s really troubling. What happened was absolutely inappropriate … this was a big problem. And this is not how we’re supposed to treat the people we represent,” Mr. de Blasio told Politicker, taking questions at an education event in the Bronx. ”As someone who’s concerned about all 8.4 million New Yorkers–a lot of New Yorkers got caught up in those traffic jams [and] our people were treated wrong by those bureaucrats.”

    At a lengthy press conference this morning, Mr. Christie apologized for the behavior of his staffers responsible for the intentional lane closures, which had triggered the traffic chaos in a small New Jersey town across the Hudson River. But asked about Mr. Christie’s apology, Mr. de Blasio wasn’t in the mood for soothing words; he mostly continued blasting those involved. (Mr. Christie, a Republican, and Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, have publicly squabbled before.)

    “I’m glad he came clean and said that he would take resolute action. But I think it obviously raises bigger questions about how something like that ever happened to begin with. And it’s unacceptable. And it’s not tolerable for anyone in government to play with the people’s needs that way. It’s just, it’s not professional. It’s not mature. It’s absolutely immoral,” he said.

    As to whether such an incident could ever happen within his own administration, Mr. de Blasio argued it would not.

    “We are not going to allow that to happen, obviously,” he told Politicker. “So I hope that’s the last we’ll see of anything like that.”


  34. I invite you to revisit the interview with Bing West which makes clear that Obama never gave the order to save the troops, but when he was pressed on it later, he lied and said he did. What I am suggesting, no what I am telling you is that the reason he did not give the order is because Val Jar had the same concerns about intervening in Benghazi that she had with going after Ben Laden–the political downside if the operation failed–it would look Carter Delta team redux, and the sole concern of Obama and Jarrett was the 2012 election. So he went to bed, left them to die, and Val Jar is responsible. That is my theory, and I would be surprised if that is not what comes out at some point in the days ahead. I have little doubt that big media knows this, and they are hiding it from the American People because it reflects negatively on Obama, and by extension their own improvident decision to rig the game to get him in there so he could wreck the country. I am 90% sure of this, and the reason for all the ensuing lies by Panetta and others was to protect Obama’s dereliction of duty and to insulate Jarret, his master’s voice. So there you have the theory. Now all we need it the evidence to back it up. In that regard, please start with the following interview of Marine Colonel Bing West, who is the real deal:

  35. The pattern here is clear and unambiguous. It goes all the way back to the Somalian pirate battle, where Obama was asked to give the kill order and he failed to do so for days. When he was asked why he had not given the order he responded that the military had never asked him which was a lie. To refute that lie, a Navy Seal went on CNN in disguise, and he refuted Obama. There again, Jarrett was in the thick of it, and since that occurred at the beginning of his first term, the concern was not an impending election, but it was nevertheless purely political, the fear that if the rescue operation failed, he would be blamed, which would adversely affect his leverage on other issues like health care, climate change, and paying off the business cronies. And when he did what he was forced to do, and it succeed then he did his little ends zone dance, and called in the adoring big media to celebrate his heroic victory. The captain of the ship hijacked by the pirates made a pro forma appearance and was then dispatched before he could say anything that might conflict with the how great thou art narrative spun by the White House and its trusty faithful big media whores. Perhaps now you can understand why it is not entirely irrational for me to detest big media to the extent that I do. As Larry said, they show no interest in Benghazi but are obsessing about this minor affair in New Jersey. Only a complete fool would fall for their little schtict.

  36. Leanora

    January 10, 2014 at 5:13 am

    Look who is putting in his 2 cents.

    De Blasio Says Christie’s Bridge Scandal ‘Raises Bigger Questions’ About His Leadership
    Of course it does, but that is hardly the point. The point is why is this commie mayor holding forth on what is occurring in another state, and making it his issue. Shouldn’t he be focusing on his own city, and shouldn’t he say that when the press baits him in this manner? He should but he won’t because he is a fucking idiot. He inherited a city in good condition from the standpoint of finances, safety, and other quality of life markers. That is thanks to his three predecessors Koch, Rudy and Bloomie, who rescued the city from Dinkins who ran it into the ground, and is of the same mindset as De Blasio. It was a mistake for Bill to sidel up to this guy, because within a couple years he will drive out the prosperity. It is like Gresham’s law where the bad money drives out the good, only here is is hard core left wing extremist politics that will cause the city to once again fail. Normally, a new mayor is gracious toward his predecessors, but not De Blasio. He said that under Bloomie New York City had become a plantation and he was going to rectify the problem by taxing the wealthy who are already paying 50%. Somebody said he other day the voters made the mistake of voting him in and now they are about to be punished. Shades of Obama.

  37. A welcome article, admin.
    My overall take is stated in this modified tweet: OFA [Obama’s PAC] was in NJ at time of ‪GWBridge‬ closings 4 ‪‎CoryBooker‬ win. So desperate, ‪‎POTUS‬ made GOTV. MayB hacked email 2. Media seemed to pounce as if given signal. Phunny as de Blasio just settled at Gracie and just having held an open house there for the public. Hilarious. Calls for Holder to investigate even as his wife is on vacay with Michelle in Hawaii. The world is too small. https://twitter.com/viannahlee/status/42159100269706444 [This link shows my postcard doc of the video, and it was sent to all of congress. So far, no acknowledgment but I don’t give up until I die.]
    It was not Christie who contacted Holder, but I need another link to establish that.

  38. Barbara Buono calls on U.S. Justice Department to look into GWB scandal
    Barbara Buono, the Democrat who challenged Gov. Chris Christie in November’s election, today called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether the public officials who closed down two lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September are liable for criminal acts.
    Buono, a lawyer and state senator from Middlesex County, was responding to a cache of emails and text messages obtained today by The Star-Ledger and other media outlets. The documents show Christie runs his political shop like a “paramilitary organization,” she said.
    President Obama’s Justice Department should look into “whether or not there is criminal liability, whether there may have been extortion,” Buono said, citing growing evidence that the lane closures were an act of political revenge ordered by Christie’s camp in the heat of election season.
    The lane closures caused major traffic jams for days on the world’s busiest bridge, and Christie’s initial reaction dismissing the closures as a mistake “call into question his credibility in a very serious way,” Buono said.
    “It clearly exposes a web of deceit and subterfuge and political retribution leading straight to Chris Christie,” Buono told The Star-Ledger today. “I said it in the campaign and it fell on deaf ears, but this guy’s a charlatan, he’s the worst kind of bully and boss.”

    I used to admire her, but she is a Democrat first. Maybe looking for something higher up. Hope she gets it, gets out of my home state.

  39. I chose last night to watch NJTV coverage of Christie. It is the Adubato organization I’ve so denigrated in the past, but it was even-handed in presentation. What I’ve not come across yet this morning elsewhere is this group’s mention of the 20-some Fort Lee citizens [I presume] who were waiting for Christie’s limo to deliver his apology to the Ft Lee mayor. When he exited it, the small group began applauding. He did not acknowledge them in any way.

    There are now so many opportunities to contrast this man with Obama. Who cannot imagine had it been Obama in that limo, that he’d have run to the crowd and posed with them for pictures?

  40. Christie and the IRS
    Contrast the Governor’s contrition with Obama’s lack thereof.
    Now that we have your attention, allow us to explain. Governor Chris Christie apologized to New Jersey on Thursday for aides who closed traffic lanes in order to punish a Democratic mayor, and he fired a deputy chief of staff. We mention the IRS because Mr. Christie’s contrition contrasts so sharply with President Obama’s handling of the tax agency’s abuse of political opponents and his reluctance to fire anyone other than a military general for anything.
    Snip the Obama Administration, which quickly leaked to the media that the U.S. Attorney is investigating the lane closures as a criminal matter. snip

  41. Liam Neeson Blasts Bill de Blasio’s Anti-Horse Campaign

    While Bill de Blasio backer Steve Nislick plots to grab the stables once his boy follows through and outlaws carriage horses in Central Park, Liam Neeson visited the actual stables whose “64,000 feet of valuable real estate” Nislick has been drooling over and is plotting to seize under the cover of animal rights.

    And taught smirking liberal Jon Stewart a thing or two about horses.

    Read More @

  42. Department of Justice to investigate whether the public officials who closed down two lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September are liable for criminal acts.
    Buono, a lawyer and state senator from Middlesex County, was responding to a cache of emails and text messages obtained today by The Star-Ledger and other media outlets. The documents show Christie runs his political shop like a “paramilitary organization,” she said.

    Perhaps Buono and other Dims should consider the fact that the use of strong-arm tactics to punish or disadvantage political opponents has become commonplace in Barack’s administration. If and when the justice dept. investigates, the Christie people should just follow the example set by Lerner – claim innocence, then hide behind the 5th amendment.

    This climate of retribution and abuse of power has become the norm in Barack’s government. Using power to screw over the other guys is just business as usual in Obamanation.

  43. Still4hill posts video of Hillary’s declaring her position on the surge: “Hillary lambasts surge”

    “January 23, 2007: Months before she declared and long before any White House conversations”.

  44. foxyladi14
    January 10, 2014 at 10:57 am

    I can’t wait to see our girl back in the Pink Dress. 🙂

    Absolutely, foxy.

  45. How pathetic is this? Daily Caller links a Hillary 2016 PAC founder to a deliberate traffic jam back in 2000.

    another “Someone who likes Hillary did it first” moment.


    traffic jam in 2000 – Daily Caller
    Published by Hillary Clinton – Google News on 1/9/2014 | Leave a response

    Hillary Clinton adviser started an election-day traffic jam in 2000

    Daily Caller

    Michael Whouley, founding partner of the strategy group tied to Hillary Clinton’s budding 2016 presidential effort, orchestrated a traffic jam to help his client Al Gore win the 2000 New Hampshire primary against Bill Bradley. Gore campaign manager Bob …


  46. wbboei January 10, 2014 at 5:53 am
    (De Blasio Says Christie’s Bridge Scandal ‘Raises Bigger Questions’ About His Leadership)

    … why is this commie mayor holding forth on what is occurring in another state,

    I agree with most of what you say, here, but the GW Bridge is a major link into NYC and the whole “try-state area” dominated by NYC extends deep into New Jersey. If Europe loses a clod, England is the less for it… and Christie is one hell of a clod !!

  47. Ulsterman:

    Regardless what the Governor Christie operatives may or may not have done in the “bridge-gate” matter, if only the Obama administration had been so keen and quick to investigate matters such as Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Eric Holder perjury, Pigford, The New Black Panthers voter intimidation, Rosengate, Associate Press, Benghazi, IRS intimidation, etc….

    And that is just a partial list of the many legitimate and far more serious scandals that this same Obama DOJ has ignored and stonewalled the last five years.

  48. jeswezey

    January 10, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    I don’t think that’s it at all. I think this jackass believes the country is all a big plantation and from his lofty perch above Gotham City, he can exercise the powers of Batman, and opine on any issue. In that case, perhaps he could also opine of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra (rewarding the capitalist pigs should be for him contra bonus mores and he owes it to the proletariat not the keep silent about it–silence in his case is assent), Holders perjury, The New Black Panther intimation, Rosengate, Associated Press, IRS intimidation. Rarely if ever, Obama being the only other exception I can think of, do we have an opportunity to look into the eyes of God and learn so that we can all evolve and become superior human beings. And if that does not work, there is always re-education camps, and if that doesn’t work, there is always the Gulag. I give this fuck stick three years and he will be hated. Bloomie was laughed at. This joker will be hated, and he will never understand why.

  49. Mussolini was a dictator too. But he never took away the carriages. And unlike this dictator he made the trains run on time. He has no charity, no sense of humor and an anti capitalist agenda in the world center of capitalism. There is no way to square that circle. And by no way, I mean just that: no-way. There are other cities around the world–London being one who are vying to supplant New York as the center of capitalism. For obvious reasons, Soros strongly favors that transition. This commie mayor will renew those discussion, and who knows he may just do it. Then what? Forced collectivation? Too bad for him, the money is leaving.

  50. wbboei
    January 10, 2014 at 4:57 am

    You are probably right about Jarrett and her part in the Benghazi coverup fiasco. Maybe the whole idea that Barry needed to get his ‘beauty’ sleep and go beg for more money was a last minute attempt to give him an alibi, because God knows he can’t be reached by phone once he is out of the WhiteHouse.

    If this is true and Gates/and or Hillary found out about it, it would stand to reason that they would not take the real blame for the events and logistics of what happened that night?

    That’s why I said awhile back, what exactly was Hillary really taking the blame for. Was she taking the general blame for the State Department as the person in charge? Would it have been considered treason to rat out the President at that time? If she told such a truth, would the nation take a huge hit by having the leader of the most powerful country in the world be exposed as a fraud and the lazy crook we know he is?

    All speculation on my part, and you would know better than I if this sort of exposure would be considered treason.

  51. jeswezey

    January 10, 2014 at 12:41 pm
    You have not opined on the Val-Jar-gate gate matter.

    And the fact that Benghazi is her Achilles heel.

    And without her baby Barack will have to assume the fetal position.

    While Podesta does his dirty dealing.

    From the standpoint of meg-politics that more significant than anything else.

    It is a true game changer.

  52. wbboei
    January 10, 2014 at 5:17 am

    I invite you to revisit the interview with Bing West which makes clear that Obama never gave the order to save the troops

    WOW, that is an amazing video Wbb. Thanks for posting.

    As West explained, Hillary was not part of the chain of command to go in and save her people. She was in the meeting and could add to the discussion but that’s it. But, Hillary did send some of her people there to try and fight to save lives.

    The truth lies, as West point out clearly between the direct order to send in the military to help, or the claim that the military never got a direct order.

    Barry claims he gave the order to help (3 times?) and the generals claim they never got it.

    As far as I am concerned, Hillary and the few marines that went against the order to jump in and help, were the only ones that did the best they could.

    The blame lays somewhere with not only Barry/Jarrett, but also the military that either got a ‘real’ order to stand down, hopefully in writing, and they are ‘afraid’ to come forward because of what??? Possibly exposing some crooked deal going on behind the scenes that would make the US look bad, like gun running to rebels????

    All this bs is going to come out in the future, and I hope I am still alive when it does.

  53. I’m finding the behavior of the democrats in NJ to be disgusting! They are acting like rats crawling out from beneath the woodwork, drooling with anticipation at the thought of bringing Christie down. Sen. Robert Menendez, issued a statement calling today’s revelations “troubling and disturbing”. Well, hey senator – what about those underage girls you had sex with down in South America and ran out on without paying? That’s what I call “troubling and disturbing”. Why don’t the democrats put this much energy into investigating the birth certificate? After all, allowing a fraud to take over the White House is a much more serious offense to the people of America than a traffic jam on the GW Bridge!

  54. Leanora
    January 10, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Well Leanora, you had better prepare for much worse if Christie ends up running against Hillary in 2016.

    The personal attacks against each of them will get so ugly that we will be embarassed of our own people, again.

    Attacks on weight, age, gender and everything under the sun that might have happened or never happened.

    I predict is will be one of the most offensive elections in our life time.

  55. People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels

    Curious why despite the huge miss in payrolls the unemployment rate tumbled from 7.0% to 6.7%? The reason is because in December the civilian labor force did what it usually does in the New Normal: it dropped from 155.3 million to 154.9 million, which means the labor participation rate just dropped to a fresh 35 year low, hitting levels not seen since 1978, at 62.8% down from 63.0%.


  56. Can you believe they are trying to get away with this…

    There is so much crap and illegality going on at Turkey at present, i cannot keep up.

    WTF : Might as well declare rule of law dead. This is beyond disgusting.

    New draft law grants immunity from prosecution to any Turkish Telecom Directorate personnel meaning Gov’t can wiretap you, invade your privacy, open all your email, listen to your phone, hack your accounts and do anything without fear of prosecution in Turkey. This is nothing short of complete takeover of freedom of privacy and personal invasion of private thought and there is nothing legally could be done to them. It means prosecutors cannot wiretap criminals within the Govt as they would be blocked. Its disgusting. Orwellian.


    According to a new draft law recently prepared by the government, Telecommunications Directorate (TİB) personnel will no longer be prosecutable for crimes related to their duties without permission from the TİB president and the minister of transportation, maritime affairs and communications.

    According to a report published by the Taraf daily on Friday, a draft law prepared by the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government will grant special immunity to TİB personnel. The draft reportedly states: “If TİB personnel commit a crime while performing their duty, a criminal investigation cannot be launched against them unless permission is requested from the TİB president and the minister of transportation, maritime affairs and communications. If these two people do not give permission, no criminal investigation can be launched against any TİB personnel.”

    The government reportedly says it prepared the draft law to restrict wiretapping. However, the change will make personnel within the TİB, the body responsible for wiretapping, immune to prosecution.

    This draft law came soon after National Intelligence Organization (MİT) official Ahmet Cemalettin Çelik was made the new head of TİB on Dec. 23 of last year amid a major corruption investigation in which the sons of three ministers, many bureaucrats and well-known businessmen were detained on charges pertaining to corruption and bribery on Dec. 17.

    According to another section of the draft law, TİB will be given the authority to block access to specific websites without the need for a court order. According to current regulations, a website cannot be blocked unless a court order is obtained first. However, the regulation in the new draft law hands this authority to the TİB president.

  57. Confirmed: Obama Bundler Caught Working With al-Qaeda Linked Group

    Obama bundler Jodie Evans and Code Pink, the leftist group she co-leads, have been found to be working with a group whose leaders have recently been declared terrorists and al Qaeda supporters by the Treasury Department.

    This is not the first time the Democratic Party allied group has been caught in bed with terrorists. As this writer has reported over the years, Code Pink works with terrorists, state sponsors of terrorists, the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama against the United States in the war on terror.

    This most recent Code Pink tie to terrorists involves al Karama, a so-called human rights group. A report published this week by the Washington Free Beacon about Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) scheduling a meeting with a representative from the al Karama in November about the Obama administration’s use of armed drones to kill suspected terrorists prompted an examination by this writer of Code Pink’s alliance with al Karama.

    Mohammad Al Ahmady, the Yemen director for Geneva-based NGO Al Karama, was expected to brief Reps. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.), Barbara Lee (D., Calif.), and Jan Schakowsky (D., Ill.) the morning of the Nov. 19, according to press release from Grayson’s office.

    Ahmady, who also serves as a top official in an al Qaeda-linked Yemeni political party, did not attend because of visa issues. The State Department said it could not comment on visa matters.

    Several Al Karama officials have faced terrorism allegations. Al Karama’s founder and current president Abdul Rahman Naimi was designated as a terrorist and al Qaeda supporter by the U.S. Treasury Department in December, along with the group’s Yemen representative Abdulwahab Al-Humayqani. Al Karama’s legal director, Rachid Mesli, is currently wanted for terrorism charges in Algeria.

    Unreported by the Free Beacon was that the meeting was likely arranged by Code Pink, which has worked with Grayson in the past, and had hosted an anti-drone conference in Washington the previous weekend. Also unreported by the Free Beacon was Code Pink’s history of working with al Karama in Yemen.

    The Free Beacon report keys off a press release by Grayson that listed the anti-drone delegation that was to meet with him, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL). Most of the delegation that was listed on the press release was also listed as speakers at Code Pink’s anti-drone conference.


  58. The obvious musical accompaniment to our article is this song, right?:

    Any other nominees to contribute on this Friday?

  59. Leanora
    January 10, 2014 at 5:13 am
    Look who is putting in his 2 cents.

    De Blasio Says Christie’s Bridge Scandal ‘Raises Bigger Questions’ About His Leadership

    Bill de Blasio is taking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to task over his ongoing George Washington Bridge scandal.

    He is a supporter of Hillary.

  60. I just couldn’t resist this one for Christie, ‘Get back (to where you once belong)’

    The best part is the video of the Boys in their youth.

  61. Would this be good news….


    WASHINGTON — Jim Messina, former campaign manager to President Obama, will soon have company at the helm of Priorities USA Action, the big-money super PAC set to support Hillary Clinton should she run for president in 2016.

    Jennifer Granholm, the former two-term governor of Michigan and one of the Democratic Party’s most spirited principals, is well into talks to join Messina as co-chair of the group’s board of directors, BuzzFeed has learned.

    Three sources with direct knowledge of the plans said Granholm was tapped for the role after the group’s original pick, longtime Bill Clinton adviser John Podesta, fell through. Podesta, originally in line to be co-chair beside Messina, agreed late last year to join the White House senior staff as a special adviser. Messina’s move to Priorities USA was first reported by BuzzFeed last month.

    For months, Priorities USA officials have discussed how best to reconfigure the group that two years ago bolstered Obama’s reelection campaign with high-production-value campaign ads against Republican Mitt Romney.

    The group’s chief funder, Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, has, along with senior advisers Paul Begala and Sean Sweeney, steered the plans for the next iteration of the PAC: a pro-Clinton effort focused on advertising and big-money donors, with a possible analytics element, sources close to Priorities said.

    The Messina and Podesta partnership — the joining of two top former aides to Obama and Bill Clinton, respectively — was considered by those involved in the arrangement’s development as a symbol of two once-divided camps aligning behind the former secretary of state’s possible candidacy.

    But Granholm’s visibility and early ties to Clinton make her a natural replacement for Podesta. In 2007, the former governor endorsed Clinton over Obama in the Democratic primary, though she later went on to serve on the president’s transition team. After a rousing Democratic National Convention speech, and a stint on the now-defunct cable news channel, Current TV, Granholm was reportedly under consideration for a cabinet position early last year.

    Last May, Granholm also signed on as a surrogate for Ready for Hillary, another leading super PAC supporting Clinton’s would-be candidacy.

    It is unclear whether Granholm’s spot on the Priorities USA board would very greatly alter her role with Ready for Hillary, for whom she has appeared at fundraisers and events. At the PAC’s national finance council meeting in New York City last month, Granholm closed the daylong confab with what attendees remember as a particularly moving speech, titled “Why I am Ready for Hillary.”

    The Priorities USA board of directors, a handpicked group of Clinton supporters headlined by Messina and Granholm, could be unveiled by the group as early as the end of this month, one source familiar with the rollout said.

    The PAC announced two additions to its leadership team in a press release Friday morning. Obama campaign field organizer Buffy Wicks will serve as executive director and Democratic fundraiser Jonathan Mantz as a senior adviser for finance.

    Priorities USA’s representative declined to confirm Granholm’s role. A representative for Granholm did not respond to a request for comment.

    The former governor and Ready For Hillary surrogate is in talks to co-chair the board of Priorities USA with Jim Messina. Podesta’s replacement.

  62. MoonOnPluto, Messina is not good news. Granholm left as an unpopular, very very unpopular, governor of Michigan who was replaced by a Republican. So not good news.

    The good news? Granholm would be one of the few in the country with a job after today’s jobs report. 🙂

  63. I thought Granholm was a strong Clinton supporter though, did’nt she stick with Hillary until the end in 2008, i cant remember.

  64. If this is not gearing up for 2016, i dont know what is….


    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A group pushing Hillary Clinton to run for president is working to expand its clout in New Hampshire.

    A senior adviser for the group, Ready for Hillary, spent Monday courting local political officials. He’s promising that his organization will help New Hampshire Democrats in next fall’s midterm elections.

    Ready for Hillary is a so-called super PAC building a national network to benefit Clinton should she decide to seek the presidency in 2016. The former secretary of state hasn’t disclosed her plans.

    Ready for Hillary senior adviser Craig Smith says the group will mobilize thousands of volunteers for the 2014 elections. In New Hampshire, Gov. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (jeen shuh-HEEN’), both Democrats, face re-election.

    Clinton won the New Hampshire Democratic primary in 2008 before losing the nomination to Barack Obama.

  65. For anyone in Florida on Jan 27th, maybe you can do some snooping….


    Ready for Hillary is welcoming former Clinton White House adviser Craig T. Smith to St. Petersburg later this month to discuss the 2016 presidential race.

    The so-called super PAC is a nationwide grass-roots organization formed to encourage Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016.

    The Pinellas County event is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 27, from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Marriott Hotel located at 12600 Roosevelt Blvd. N. A donation of $25 is requested to attend the event. For information, email rfreedman@floridaforhillary.com or call 727-712-8810.

  66. More Clinton Staff……..hmmmmm, Hillary’s 2008 finance director comes on board…..


    According to a Democratic source with knowledge of the moves by Priorities USA, the super PAC will announce that Buffy Wicks, a veteran field organizer who was a top staffer in the Obama re-election campaign, will become the group’s executive director. Jonathan Mantz, an experienced Democratic fundraiser who served as national finance director for Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, will join Priorities as a senior finance adviser.

    The source, who asked to remain anonymous to speak more freely, said it’s doubtful there would be any announcement Friday regarding Jim Messina joining Priorities. Messina, who steered the President’s 2012 re-election campaign, is reportedly discussing the possibility with Priorities.

    Priorities is slowly laying the groundwork to transform itself into the designated high dollar super PAC backing Clinton if she runs for the White House again. While a separate group, Ready for Hillary, is focused on low dollar donations and growing its grassroots outreach, Priorities would become the main vehicle behind independent television ads in support of a Clinton candidacy.

    Priorities top officials and advisers are mostly a mix of veterans who worked for Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Obama.

    The Washington Post was first to report the Priorities announcement.

  67. All this gearing up for Hillary, especially from woman, is about fu@king time!

    Where in the bloody world has America ever had such a great candidate that works to the bone for women, (men too) and her gender should at least acknowledge her intelligence and help her bust that bullet proof ceiling.

    If Hillary does run for President again, and I have one stupid ass woman make any remarks about Bill and the blue dress, or Hillary’s appearance or age is not good enough, I am just going to have to step back, and punch them in the nose. I don’t know if I can resist.

    I will be living in Hillary t-shirts then, so they will have their fair warning. 😉

    Seriously, I am so disgusted with most American’s after 2008 that I have almost given up hope.

  68. freespirit
    January 10, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    How bout the theme song from the New Jersey home boys – The Sopranos?


    Great choice Free! I love that song and miss hearing it.

    I think Christie might have swallowed his blue moon.

    (Sorry, fat jokes are mean)

  69. “Tomorrow is Another Day” (From ‘A DAY AT THE RACES’ (1937) w/ Allan Jones and Maureen O’Sullivan.) FYI, I believe Maureen O’Sullivan is Mia Farrow’s mother.

  70. Here come the Insurance Industry bailouts!


    And Here…
    Go!: Humana Informs Shareholders That It Will Likely Make Less Money Due to “Adverse” Mix of Healthy and Unhealthy Obamacare Enrollees

    It begins.

    [I]n a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Humana disclosed to investors, “as a result of the December 2013 federal and state regulatory changes allowing certain individuals to remain in their previously existing off-exchange health plans, the Company now expects the risk mix of members enrolling through the health insurance exchanges to be more adverse than previously expected.”
    The regulatory change Humana is referring to is the “administrative fix” announced by the Obama administration aimed at allowing individuals to remain enrolled in their current plans, which had been cancelled as a result of requirements imposed by the law. Obama announced the “fix” after a storm of criticism over his broken promise that anybody who liked their plan could keep it. Insurers had been depending on those with cancelled plans (who tend to be healthier) to end up obtaining insurance through exchanges.

    Meanwhile, Blue Cross Blue Shield wrote a talking points lobbying memo warning that if Republicans succeed in ending the “risk corridor” bailouts to the insurance industry (which will be massive, due to the “adverse” mix of health and unhealthy enrollees), the result will be the bankrupting of the system — and the coming of single-payer.

    They’re saying this to spook us so that we will agree to pay them off and make them whole over the corrupt, and now unprofitable, bargain they struck with Obama.

    I say we roll the dice.

  71. Maureen O’Sullivan

    I shutter at the sight of a woman portrayed as helpless as she is in this scene. She may as well be a new born kitten.

  72. cont. “Tomorrow is Another Day” scene(from DAY AT THE RACES.)

    Great songs about trouble and fabulous swing dancing!

  73. admin
    January 10, 2014 at 4:56 pm
    MoonOnPluto, Messina is not good news.


    it is hard to feel joy and confidence when Hill is going to be surrounded by traitors…i know they say keep your enemies closer and all that…but can anyone say ‘sabatoge’…leaves me quesy…

  74. Shaddowfax, at this point in the film the protagonist Judy Standish who owns The Standish Sanitarium is going bankrupt and is at the end of her tether, thus the tears and long face. Otherwise, she’s portrayed as a strong business woman throughout the film. Later, a wealthy widow, Mrs Upjohn, offers to help her financially. Of course, the Sanitarium is saved from bankruptcy by other means. I love this film ( also Marx bros. “Day at the Opera”)!

  75. I say we roll the dice.


    Yes! But I’m afraid, gonzotx, the industry will get all the bailouts they want.

  76. S

    it is hard to feel joy and confidence when Hill is going to be surrounded by traitors…i know they say keep your enemies closer and all that…but can anyone say ‘sabatoge’…leaves me quesy…

    I know what you mean S, I feel the same way.

    I keep telling myself that these traitors don’t have their beloved running against Hillary, but I can’t convince myself to feel comfortable about it.

  77. JesW, I hope you are off having fun and are not staying away because you feel badly.

    I think you are an awesome writer and I enjoy your point of view even if I’m not that into History.

  78. DailyPUMA take a reading class. Are you blind or stupid? This is some of what we wrote:

    What Chris Christie aides did was to torment citizens crossing the George Washington Bridge with vengeful lane closings in order to punish the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee New Jersey for not endorsing Christie for Governor. Christie aides purposefully targeted the citizens of New York and New Jersey driving across the GWB in the same way a Roman emperor would torment slaves in the arena. This is what Chris Christie has to become enraged about. This is what Chris Christie must scream and shout about as if he was a gorilla denied bananas.

    In America the people rule. In America public officials are servants of the people. The president of the United States is not a king. Congressional representatives are not viceroys for the people to bow to. In America the people are in charge, the people are sovereign – elected officials and their hirelings are but scum on the bottom of our shoes.

    Chris Christie, if he wants to run and win for president in 2016, must become the Tribune of the populace. Unleash the Kraken. Explode with rage. Be a bully sitting and squashing the aides that attacked the people. FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE WITH SAMPSON RAGE.

    Chris Christie today took the first step. Remorse. The next step is RAGE. Chris Christie should not only express rage but feel rage because government officials attacked the people.

    We also refer you to the last paragraph we wrote.

    See how you willfully, or stupidly, distorted and lied about what we wrote? What are you selling? Stupid pills? We wait for your apology.

  79. Good for you Admin for calling out DailyPUMA. I stopped going to his/her site when this site was pretty much characterized as a Hillary site that might now be full of Republicans.

    Shows they don’t read the blog but love to paint itself as the true – whatever.

  80. We have had it worse than a 4 hr traffic delray and I am pissed. Hope anyone living in Palm Beach County is doing ok. We had over 22 inches of rain. Still cannot leave community as flood waters are too high.

  81. He is a supporter of Hillary.
    He is like the rest of them. Fickle and self serving. Today he is a supporter. Tomorrow who knows. The real question is do we need him, and does he generate more heat than light. He is a communist

  82. Shadow Fax, DailyPUMA is CLEARLY outlined on the column headers into distinct conservative, moderate and liberal columns, with an explanation as to what each column means. And the reason to go to DailyPUMA is to save time by seeing as many different blog headlines in the shortest amount of time so one can choose which one they want to see.

    Do I have to explain that after five years?

    As for an apology to adm, the headline is either pedantic or obtuse and helps color your article. You claim that Christie can turn BridgeGate into a win in 2016, and I find that almost offensive.

    One of the best interpretations of BridgeGate t hat I have heard came on the Letterman show Thursday night by Anderson Cooper.

    Cooper said what kind of surprised him was how easily the message to obstruct traffic was given, received and accepted. Cooper’s point being if this one really the first time this had happened, there would have been a more detailed discussion or a complicated series of actions. The messages were short and to the point and seemed as if this ploy was part of the Christie “playbook”. Will be interesting if this was ever done before.

  83. DailyPuma, you’ve crossed the line into dishonesty. Attacking us for our usually provocative headlines is an embarrassment of a defense for your smear characterization of what we wrote. In case you have not noticed we are not concerned to be considered “offensive” by those who give offense.

    In the confused article you linked to earlier you yourself wrote:

    Chris Christie’s apology/denial can either be believed, or not, it is strictly an opinion each of us can have as to whether or not we think Chris Christie is telling the truth when he says he knew nothing about Bridge Gate (aka Traffic Gate).

    You go from that to now updating your “sales” accusation to say that you now find our take on how politician Christie can turn this into a real big win for himself “almost offensive”. We detailed our reasons and how Christie could turn this contretemps into a strong case for himself. We made a logical and reasoned argument which reasonable people can agree with or give reasons as to why we are misguided. You however wrote in the quote cited that it is possible to believe that Christie really did not have anything to do with this. If that possibility indeed exists then you are dishonest in your claims of being “almost” offended by our assertions.

    Again we refer to the last paragraph we wrote. You are either stupid or dishonest because in that last paragraph we write that “All the above presupposes that Chris Christie is telling the truth.” That you don’t have the decency to retract your smear against us says more about you than necessary. At least Chris Christie, a politician we are not particularly fond of, had the decency whether honest or not to apologize. Since your intellectual capacities are lacking let us spell this out for you: don’t throw accusations of dishonesty about because you have been proven to be dishonest and willfully so.

  84. admin
    January 11, 2014 at 4:31 am
    Go admin!

    Not related to your exchange with Daily, but relevant & important to Christie. Seems he’s been in cross hairs for quite some time. From wiki:
    …During the second term of George W. Bush, a controversy arose about the administration’s dismissal of several U.S. attorneys, allegedly for political reasons. When it was revealed that Christie had been on a preliminary version of the hit list, New York Senator Charles Schumer said: “I was shocked when I saw Chris Christie’s name on the list last night. It just shows a [Justice] department that has run amok.”[54] Pat Meehan, the U.S. attorney in Philadelphia, said: “Among his peers, Chris stands out as one of the most admired. If you were to create a list of the U.S. attorneys who have had the greatest impact, Chris would be one of the top two or three names I’d put on it. This defies explanation.”[54]

    Christie’s opponents claimed that he had gotten off the Bush administration’s hit list by going after U.S. Senator Robert Menendez; for example, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote, “Menendez’s claims of persecution now seem quite plausible.”[54] Christie had issued a subpoena regarding Menendez 65 days before the 2006 election.[55] Christie’s biographers (journalists Michael Symons and Bob Ingle) have concluded that, “The timing of the Menendez-related subpoena doesn’t line up right to support the critics’ theory.”[54] Christie’s aides have said that the subpoena was prompted by a newspaper report about Menendez,[56] which prosecutors feared might imminently lead to destruction of documents and other evidence.[54] The investigation of Menendez continued for years after Christie left office as U.S. Attorney, until Menendez was finally cleared on October 5, 2011.[54]

  85. Yesterday in trolling the web I saw a piece abt Obama dumping CGI.
    Well, that fact is on local tv scroll this AM – am sure they are following recommended script.
    And the reason why WH did that is coming through on twitter today:
    Gov. Deval Patrick, state Attorney General Martha Coakley considering lawsuit against CGI over Massachusetts Health Connector website problems 1/8/14.

  86. ADM, I haven’t crossed any “line”. This is YOUR headline…”Christie Now ThisClose To”….

    Clearly the lack of a space between This & Close means something. It just seems weird to try and predict something 18 months down the road based on a mistake made now.

    And not sure why you don’t know this, but it isn’t necessary to cap every word in a headline, certainly not the word “to.

  87. via USPS: Christie appearance Jan 16th was to help Lonegan retire $100,000 debt. Now, maybe not so much.

  88. Not sure why your prior article has the comments section closed, maybe it auto closes after a weeks time. I think there are a lot of good points in it. Ultimately, Hillary Clinton can’t condemn Obama’s presidency because she has no news network of her own to build her message.

    MSNBC will probably decide her fate, and Huffington Post probably has some sway over MSNBC, and Arianna Huffington doesn’t like the Clintons.

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