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December 2013
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February 17, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Hillary Clinton Wants To Accomplish On Her Trip Overseas

10 Exchange U.S. dollars for currency that's worth something

9 Win respect defeating Japan's top-ranked sumo wrestler

8 Shift world's perception of America from "hated" to "extremely disliked"

7 Personally thank all of her illegal campaign donors

6 Three words: stylish Indonesian pantsuits

5 Visit burial site of revered Chinese military leader, General Tso

4 Get drunk with that Japanese finance minister guy

3 Convince China to switch from lead-tainted products to mercury-tainted products

2 Catch Chinese screening of Benjamin Button entitled "The Strange Adventures of Freaky Grandpa Baby"

1 Pick up carton of duty-free smokes for Obama

February 16, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Abraham lincoln Would Say If He Were Alive Today

10 "Sup?"

9 "I see Madonna's still a slut"

8 "Who's that handsome sumbitch on the five?"

7 "Is that free Grand Slam deal still going on at Denny's?"

6 "I just changed my Facebook status update to, Tthe 'ol rail splitter is chillaxing'"

5 "How do I get on 'Dancing with the Stars'?"

4 "Okay, Obama, you're from Illinois, too. We get it!"

3 "Hey Phelps, don't Bogart the weed!"

2 "What's the deal with Joaquin Phoenix?"

1 "A Broadway play? Uhhh, no thanks. I'm good."

January 28, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Overheard at the Meeting Between Barack Obama and the Republicans

10 "I miss the Clinton administration when we'd meet at Hooters"

9 "Can we wrap this up? I've got tickets to the 4:30 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop"

8 "Smoke break!"

7 "You fellas really need to take it easy on the Old Spice"

6 "Mr. President: don't misunderestimate the Republicans"

5 "Another smoke break!"

4 "What was the deal with Aretha Franklin's hat?"

3 "About that tax the rich stuff -- you were joking, right?"

2 "Sir, it's refreshing to have a Chief Executive who speaks in complete sentences"

1 "Senator Craig's offering his stimulus package in the men's room"

January 27, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Ways Rod Blagojevich Can Improve His Image

10 Star in new television series, "America's Funniest Haircuts"

9 Quit politics and become a fat, lovable mall cop

8 Start pronouncing last name with Jerry Lewis-like "BLAGOOOYYYJEVICH"

7 Offer a senate seat with no money down, zero percent interest

6 Team up with John Malkovich and Erin Brockovich for hot Malkovich-Brockovich-Blagojevich sex tape

5 Change his name to Barod Obamavich

4 Safely land an Airbus on the Hudson River

3 I don't about showing up for his impeachment trial?

2 Wear sexy dresses, high heels and say, "You Betcha!"

1 Uhhh...resign?

January 16, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Signs Obama's Getting Nervious

10 New slogan: "Yes we can... or maybe not, it's hard to say"

9 In moment of confusion, requested a $300 billion bailout from the bailout industry

8 He's up to not smoking three packs a day

7 Friends say he's looking frail, shaky, that's McCain

6 He's so stressed, doctors say he's developing a Sanjay in his Gupta

5 Been walking around muttering, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

4 Offered Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, $100,000 to buy his old Senate seat back

3 Standing on White House roof screaming, "Save us, Superman!"

2 Sweating like Bill Clinton when Hillary comes home early

1 He demanded a recount

January 8, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Barack Obama Plans To Fix The Economy

10 Encourage tourists to throw spare change in the Grand Canyon

9 End our dependence on foreign owls

8 Sell New Mexico to Mexico

7 Put a little of that bailout money on the Ravens plus 3 at Tennessee. Come on! It's a mortal lock!

6 Rent out the moon for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

5 Lotto our way out of this son-of-a-bitch

4 Appear on "Deal or No Deal" and hope to choose the right briefcase

3 Bail out the adult film industry -- not sure how it helps, but it can't hurt

2 Release O.J. from prison, have him steal America's money from China

1 Stop talkin' and start Obama-natin'!

January 7, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Overheard At The Presidents' Lunch

10 "Sorry, you're not on the list, Mr. Gore"

9 "If Hillary calls, I've been here since Monday"

8 "Laura! More Mountain Dew!"

7 "You guys wanna see, 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop'?"

6 "Call the nurse -- George swallowed a napkin ring!"

5 "Hey Barack, wanna go with us to Cabo in March? Oh that's right, you have to work!"

4 "Kissey kissey"

3 "Obama? I think he's downstairs smoking a butt"

2 "Did you ever see a monkey sneezing?"

1 "I hope Clinton's unbuckling his belt because he's full"

The Prestigious Backpfeifengesicht 2013 Award Winner Is….

Let’s face it, after the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize award winner was announced that once prestigious honor is reduced to naught but a piece of junk bling. We don’t have a multimillion dollar jackpot to reward the deserving so we cannot replace the once treasured Nobel. We can however recognize, with our very own prestigious Backpfeifengesicht Award, the face that deserves the dishonor on the other side of the spectrum.

There were more nominees for the Backpfeifengesicht 2013 award than there were hours in the year.

At first blush we thought for sure the winner of Backpfeifengesicht 2013 was to be Pajama Boy. Pajama Boy certainly has a Backpfeifengesicht look. Pajama Boy is a smarmy punk badly in need of a severe beating. Pajama Boy is the smug twerp portrayed by Obama propaganda boy Ethan Krupp to sell ObamaCare to young idiots. Pajama Boy however lost first place due to the work of two men so deserving of the Backpfeifengesicht 2013 award that little Ethan went the way of Chad Henderson into oblivion. [For those of you who have forgotten Chad Henderson he is the other Obama propaganda boy caught this year. Like Pajama Boy Chad Henderson works for the Obama organization to secretly corrupt comment sections on blogs with propaganda without disclosing who they are. Chad and Ethan are two peas in a pod.]

So what two “men” thwarted Ethan Krupp for the top spot? First up was Jay Michaelson of the Jewish Forward. Jay wrote a stupid column that declared attacks on Pajama Boy to be “anti-Semitic”. It’s a sign of desperation that the race card is now being played by every Obama/ObamaCare supporter in myriad variations. But if Michaelson is in any way right that Pajama Boy is really Jew Boy then who is responsible for this anti-Jew bit of antisemitism? We found the culprit at MSNBC!

The anti-Jew antisemite is Domenico Montanaro, Deputy Political Editor, NBC News and by logical extension the Barack Obama campaign organization which created Pajama/Jew Boy. Consider, if Pajama Boy is really a barely disguised Jew Boy then what of the creators of Pajama Boy/Jew Boy who (allegedly) specifically designed Pajama/Jew Boy to be hated? Who’s the antisemite now?

Domenico Montanaro writes in a desperate attempt to defend ObamaCare:

You are not supposed to like Pajama Boy

A lot of people don’t like the persona that has become “Pajama Boy,” whoever he really is.

Ahead of Monday’s deadline for people without health insurance to sign up for Jan. 1 coverage, Organizing for Action, the president’s former campaign arm supporting his presidential agenda, sent out a tweet urging people to sign up that sparked all kinds of debate.

As part of an ongoing campaign using the president’s Twitter handle (@BarackObama) to try and reach young people, the Tweet showed a young man in red-plaid pajamas holding a mug and donning a wrist watch and a smirk, with the message:

“Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting insurance.” [snip]

Conservative writer Rich Lowry called “Pajama Boy” an “insufferable man child,” who is “so nerdy he could guest-host on an unwatched MSNBC show,” and goes so far as to draw out the “breakdown of marriage” as the reason people like “Pajama Boy” exist while quoting Tocqueville. [snip]

Charles C.W. Cooke in National Review took it all very seriously, calling “Pajama Boy” the “Obama Machine’s Id,” a “metrosexual hipster in a plaid onesie who wants you to spend your precious Christmas days talking to him about the president’s vision for health insurance.” He also invoked the Founding Fathers.

All of this “outrage” misses the point.”

So what is the point Jew hater Montanaro of NBC News demands we notice? According to Montanaro the Obama organization deliberately wants us to hate – we are supposed to hate Jew Boy Pajama Boy Ethan Krupp:

“During the 2012 campaign, the Obama campaign bombarded supporters with provocative, if not downright creepy, email subject lines. (Remember: “Sometime soon, can we meet for dinner?” Or: “You, me, and Michelle?”)

Those were often derided on Twitter, mocked by Jon Stewart, and called “desperate.”

But they were among the most successful marketing and fundraising devices employed during the campaign. And no campaign has shown a better sensibility about what breaks through with young people.

That is vitally important if the law is going to be financially viable. The White House, before the website rollout debacle, stressed that it needed a three-to-one ratio of older-and-sicker versus young-and-healthy people to sign up for the law.

And the underlying message in this tweet — part of a light-hearted campaign that included the same model with his feet up on a coffee table smiling in a Christmas sweater — in many ways, is: “DON’T be like this guy. Get health care.”

Don’t be this guy sitting around in his pajamas,” a Democratic official told First Read said of the message, who requested anonymity to talk freely. “Have a conversation, and get health care. And it’s poking fun at that” idea of doing nothing.

The official added that this is a way to try and reach a demographic that can be “hard to break through” with.

“Young people are going to be home, and this [getting health care] is a conversation they should have,” the official said. “They shouldn’t be this guy.

Such is the chaos among Obama and ObamaCare supporters that they tie themselves up in knots trying to protect Obama. If Pajama Boy is supposed to be hated then isn’t Michaelson’s fight with the antisemitic creators of the Obama organization? Maybe Pajama Boy is just another example of Obama boobery and Michaelson is just another run of the mill Obama race-baiter of the Jewish variety.

Ask yourself, who is the bigger whore? Is it Ethan Krupp (or Chad Henderson) who happily gets paid to post propaganda? Is the bigger whore Jay Michaelson who plays the antisemitism card in order to protect Barack Obama’s ObamaCare disaster? Or, is the bigger whore Domenico Montanaro of NBC News who so desperately wants to protect Obama from the charge of incompetence that he actually has the gall to write an article claiming that hate for Pajama Boy was deliberate and not an example of more boobery from Obama and the ObamaCare fools?

All three of the above are worthy of a quick Backpfeifengesicht for sure. Pajama Boy (who has previously been accused of antisemitism and racism) does not get Backpfeifengesicht 2013 but he put us on the right track. Avik Roy made it clear to the awards committee that our eyes, so to speak, were on the prize. Avik Roy took on the Big Media whores directly:

“Pants On Fire: PolitiFact Tries To Hide That It Rated ‘True’ in 2008 Obamacare’s ‘Keep Your Health Plan’ Promise

On December 12, the self-appointed guardians of truth and justice at PolitiFact named President Obama’s infamous promise—that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it”—its 2013 “Lie of the Year.” An understandable choice. But in its article detailing why the President’s promise was a lie, PolitiFact neglected to mention an essential detail. In 2008, at a critical point in the presidential campaign, PolitiFact rated the “keep your plan” promise as “True.” The whole episode, and PolitiFact’s misleading behavior throughout, tells us a lot about the troubled state of “fact-checking” journalism.”

The entire dissection by Avik Roy of lies by PolitiFact in defense of Barack Obama and ObamaCare is worth a read. When it mattered, during election season 2008 and 2012, Big Media protected Obama lies with Big Media lies. Big Media has not only allowed Barack Obama to lie but has been complicit in disseminating Barack Obama’s lies and giving them the veneer of truth.

None of this is to absolve Barack Obama of responsibility for the lies he told and the lies his campaign propagated via cyphers like Pajama Boy and Chad Henderson. It is Barack Obama and Obama Dimocrats responsible for the lies about ObamaCare. And the lies and excuses keep coming:

“The Obama administration acknowledged Tuesday that some people who think they successfully signed up for insurance under the president’s health law may not actually have the coverage in place Jan. 1, because of the tech problems with [snip]

Wednesday is the first day Obamacare coverage takes effect for people who signed up by the Dec. 24 deadline, but problems with the federal Obamacare portal and error-ridden enrollment files that were sent to insurers mean it’s all but certain that some of the sign-ups may have been lost or wrongly recorded.”

No sooner said than done:

“Nearly 16,000 Iowans who tried to apply for coverage via the trouble-plagued federal health-insurance website are being told to apply separately through the state Department of Human Services. [snip]

The announcement affects people who entered their information into and received a notice that they might qualify for Medicaid. The federal computer system was supposed to transfer their applications to a state computer system, but that transfer has been complicated by technical problems. The timing is critical, because the new insurance coverage is supposed to take effect on New Year’s Day, which is Wednesday.”

Happy New Year suckers. Don’t get sick.

It is not just on the broken back of ObamaCare that our prestigious Backpfeifengesicht 2013 is awarded. Consider the spectacle of Big Media lies on the unbroken ice of Antarctica:

“Somewhere far, far to the south where it is summer, a group of global warming scientists are trapped in the Antarctic ice. If you missed the irony of that situation, it is because much of the mainstream media has glossed over that rather inconvenient bit of hilarity.”

In every time zone, on every continent American Big Media is busy with lies to protect Barack Obama. That is why Barack Obama came in second to our winner in the Backpfeifengesicht 2013 sweepstakes. The winner is exemplified by NBC/MSNBC of which the following video is but an example of the filth so deserving of a powerful Backpfeifengesicht.

That video published on Christmas eve came too early to capture the latest filth from MSNBC. Not as vile as Martin Bashir’s crap attack against Sarah Palin but sufficient to make Melissa Harris-Perry tweets apology to Romney family the filth is never-ending. The phony apology came because of Harris-Perry mocking Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. Let’s all remember this next time we are told not to say anything mean about the Obama girls.

Barack Satan Obama

A lot of ugliness flowed under the 2013 bridge. From Ducks to Satan to ObamaCare we’ve had a lot of fun and words spilled this past year. It will be worse in election year 2014. Our Backpfeifengesicht 2013 Award Winner – Big Media – will see to that even lower standard.

* * * * * *

We remember. For the past seven years we have remembered. This year, once again, some of us have lost loved ones and friends and to you we lift a cup – for Auld Lang Syne. Keep memory alive. Never forget. Happy New Year!

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  • moononpluto

    Well it will be new year here in just over an hour and I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2014 and may all you wishes and dreams come true.

  • admin

    MoonOnPluto, be careful. Happy New Year in an hour or so.

  • Shadowfax

    I just started reading Admin’s new post, thank God the blog is back.

    For hours I tried to find Hillaryis44, and even Google said it couldn’t be found no matter what older link I tried to load. Maybe it was down while Admin loaded all the tiny snowflakes into the PinkFlakeMachine.

    Back to reading…

  • admin

    ShadowFax, we had to load the snowflakes individually while wearing gloves so they would not melt. It was a tough job (but not as tough as selling ObamaCare). 🙂

  • lil ole grape

    A toast to all here and to absent friends for auld lang syne and all that:
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    If your name isn’t listed, well, I’m getting old and forgetful but I mean well. You might want say hi to let us know you’re still lurking, still standing for Hillary.

  • lil ole grape

    Help! I’m stuck in moderation or the spam filter is chewing up my good wishes or something grinch-like is happening — and snnow is falling all over the site–is that your doing admin or ???

  • S

    Happy, Happy New Year to all of you here…2014 here we come…

  • S

    …thank you lil old grape…and the same to you…

  • jbstonesfan

    Happy New Year to my fellow Hillary 44 posters and administrator. You all have educated me, humored me, rocked me, comforted me , and provided a place for those of us who love Hillary and our country. Now lets kick the bastards out in 2014!!!

  • freespirit

    Excellent end of 2013 article, admin. Happy New Year to you and to all Big Pinkers- each and every one of whom is smart, articulate, and patriotic. Thanks for the shout out li’l ole grape. A safe, happy , New Year to you, as well.

  • TheRock


    This is the smartest blog on the web! May God bless all who come here. May everyone’s 2014 be more prosperous than 2013. May we all find solace with family and friends. May we all enjoy the next generation be they our kids or the kids of those close to us as they navigate their way through life. And finally, may we all rejoice that there are only 3 more years left in this dark era of bumbles.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

    Hillary 2016

    P.S. – Kudos lil ole grape! Not only did you recognize the family, you did it in alphabetical order!!!!! 😀

  • moononpluto

    Happy New Year from a very drunken MOP…its 0026 here, New Year has happened……..and its officially 2014, just because London says so.. so there….

    Love you all… xx

    Now where did i put that bottle down…..

  • moononpluto

    Please let 2014 be a peaceful year, may those in power in countries govt’s, stop and think about what they are doing in and to various countries around the world, we are not numbers, we are not statistics, we are people, we are the life and blood of this planet.

    We do not want corruption, we do not want murder or war or tyranny, we just want to be left to live in peace to live a peaceful life with one another.

    If you can’t respect that then i suggest you hand power over to someone who will before we take it from you because we are not going to take anymore…. Listen for once.

  • wbboei


    That young sea-faring,
    Bold and daring,
    Big bewhiskered, overbearing
    Darling Ethan Krupp
    aka Pajama Boy.

  • moononpluto

    Oh and one good thing……….

    Tonight marks the end of the reign of Nanny BloomBerg, may you piss off and never bother us again.

    Bye Bye dont let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  • trixta

    Thank you, lil ole grape! Happy New Year to you and to ALL posters here for the great company and for the ongoing conversation…. A special thank you to Admin for the ever so informative and intelligent articles, and for inspiring us each and everyday!

  • Shadowfax

    RE: Pajama Boy

    That ad with the parents making a big deal out of talking to their son about HellCare is pretty darn accurate in my book.

    Parents – afraid to talk about a simple matter to their son, but nail it when they say they have joined a cult, (ObamaCult) and are part of the Circus.

    Son – The face of the typical Obama supporter. Tells his parents what they want to hear and does what he wants behind their backs.

    The only thing that doesn’t fit is that the PJ Boy should have looked like Barry’s hooded son. Oh, that’s right, only white folk should pay for HellCare.

  • Shadowfax

    ShadowFax, we had to load the snowflakes individually while wearing gloves so they would not melt. It was a tough job…

    You done well Admin, but don’t load hot, falling cookies into the FlakeMachine or the blog will be down for months. 😉

    Happy, happy, happy…New Year to you Admin and all the good people on the Big Pink blog.

  • Shadowfax

    Where is ABM94? I hope he is still with us.

  • admin


    German compound word for a ‘face that should be slapped’

  • AmericanGal

    A happy, happy New Year to our illustrious Admin and everyone here! Hope it’s warm where you are–it’s a tad chilly here in Minnesota this New Years eve!

  • jbstonesfan

    That was a great job lil ole grape!

  • VotingHillary

    To Admin and all my fellow Big Pinkers:

    May God bless and keep you and all your loved ones safe. May this be a better year for those who had a not-so-good 2013. For those who were blessed in 2013, may those blessings continue into 2014.

    Most of all, try not to get too depressed over politics. We have an election this year to try and correct the nation’s course. We have to keep our spirits up so we are ready for 2016, ready for a positive change for the country, ready for Hillary.

    Happy New Year to all of you.

  • Southern Born

    Hi, Lil ole grape. I am still here and read BIG PINK everyday but post only occassionally. I am all for Hillary and hope she is our next president. It’s amazing that you remembered so many past posters. It was a fun trip down memory lane to remember everyone.

    Happy New Year to Hillary and Bill, Administrator and all of ya’ll. Let’s hope that 2014 will be a better year for all of us.

  • Shadowfax

    Thanks to all with the gift of words and such kind thoughts of encouragement to all of us.

    Happy New Year!!!

  • holdthemaccountable

    Such a warm and wonderful celebration here last night! And with the dawn, more appreciations commence!

  • holdthemaccountable

    SCJ Sotomayor was in Times Square at midnight to start the ball drop. Yet earlier she was responsible for a similar event. Yes, a possible Backpfeifengesicht moment [tnx admin] and maybe even a ball dropper [sorry]. I guess we’ll never know about the latter.

    A Justice Blocks Contraception Mandate
    Excerpt from NYTimes
    A Supreme Court justice has blocked implementation of portions of President Obama’s health care law that would have forced some religion-affiliated organizations to provide health insurance for employees that includes birth control coverage. Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s decision came Tuesday night after a different effort by Catholic-affiliated groups that rushed to the federal courts to stop Wednesday’s start of portions of the Affordable Care Act. Justice Sotomayor acted on a request from an order of Catholic nuns in Colorado, whose request for a stay had been denied by the lower courts. Justice Sotomayor is giving the government until Friday morning to respond to her decision.

  • moononpluto

    Karma’s a bitch…..

    The incident happened when a group of males accosted the man at a housing complex in San Francisco and demanded he hand over his possessions, police said.

    The man complied, but as the muggers were taking his valuables, including a mobile phone, one of them pulled a handgun and shot at him.

    The bullet struck his face, bounced off, then hit one of the other robbers, 16-year-old Clifton Chatman.

    When police arrived on the scene, Chatman was pronounced dead and the muggers’ victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. He is expected to survive.

    The other suspects fled following the shooting, which happened at around 11pm on 14 December.

    A second 16-year-old has now been arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted robbery. Police did not say whether they believe he was the one who pulled the trigger.

    The remaining members of the group involved in the crime are being searched for by investigators.


    One less bit of trash to worry about….

  • Leanora

    Thank you lil old grape. Happy New Year to you too.

    And to everyone else on this blog.

    Let’s hope this is a good year for all of us and a bad year for all of the obots.

  • A Beautiful post thank you Admin 🙂

    Grape You did good HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to you and Admin and all that post here.This is the year for some real Hope N Change!!! 😀

  • freespirit

    Admin, thanks for the definition. Backpfeifengesicht is a perfect title for the little twit. There are quite a few faces in need of slapping , and I would like to volunteer my hand.

  • wbboei

    In every time zone, on every continent American Big Media is busy with lies to protect Barack Obama. That is why Barack Obama came in second to our winner in the Backpfeifengesicht 2013 sweepstakes. The winner is exemplified by NBC/MSNBC of which the following video is but an example of the filth so deserving of a powerful Backpfeifengesicht.
    Congratulation Admin.

    I second the motion.

    And, by the way, thank you for pointing out that they are a single enterprise.

    The role of NBC is to promote Obama, and destroy anyone who opposes him.

    The role of MSNBC is to degrade our culture, to promote hate and incivility.

    It’s all there for anyone who wants to watch this one two punch.

    This leaves us with one burning question:

    Why would a once venerated news organization, established by General Sarnoff . . .

    Descend into such madness and become an agent for destroying this nation?

    I think it is less a question of ideology. That argument confuses correlation with causation.

    It is more a question of job security, and the threat that in time they will go the way of the dinosaur.

    Like we see now with print media.

    The threat they face is from the internet.

    They believe their warped form of advocacy journalism sans truth is a survival strategy.

    In the process, they have squandered their most precious asset–their reputation as an honest broker.

    Someone whom people of good will could rely on for sound information to base future decisions on.

    At this point, the gap between truth and what they publish is irreconcilable.

    Now, it is incumbent for the American People to wake up.

    To me that is the real question looking to this November and beyond.

    How does one account for that sewer culture?

  • wbboei

    If I am right this is really a circle the wagons strategy by big media. It virtually guarantees their support for the democrat nominee. They are facing oblivion, in failing to realize that what they do every day does lasting damage to any hope they might have to redeem their product. To me, they are a joke and I no longer watch them. Who has the stomach to watch jamokes like Stephanopous, Coookie Roberts, Ly’n Brian et. al. give us their steady diet of propaganda. I know I don’t. To me they are repulsive and not relevant.

  • wbboei

    For me, it gets back to the three (3) elements of persuasive speech: ethos, pathos, logos. The first is ethos, meaning the character of the person or the institution. When the person or institution is known to be a liar, good luck trying to persuade them of any proposition he might advance. That in a nutshell is the problem with Obama, and the associated doubts are even seeping into the brains of those cases of arrested development who marched under his banner. He has lost any ability to persuade. Therefore, he will be compelled to use force. The big problem now however is that Soros has installed a cancerous tumor as Chief of Staff–Podesta. With that agent in place, Soros will have the leverage to wreck the nation. To me that is the primary problem, for which I have no answer.

  • wbboei

    “The media’s complicity in this presidency, and its continued investment in it. For make no mistake, the election of Barack Obama in 2008 was not simply one man’s triumph (and a remarkable story, whichever way you look at it) but the triumph of a Baby Boomer media that saw in him the culmination of everything it had “fought” for.

    Maybe some day an honest journalist or writer will give us the complete story about Barack Hussein Obama and his (charitably) improbable rise to political power — but he or she will have to weather not only all the roadblocks the Obama team has thrown up to those pursuing the president’s full background (for FactCheck’s rather narrow definition of “sealed records,” go here), but also the ire of the Axelrod generation of journalists who control what’s left of the large institutions and aren’t about to stand by quietly while any debunking or revisionism takes place. The Obama administration is the Boomers’ nirvana, so they will not go gentle into that good night.”
    There was a time when I cared to know the complete story of the Fraud in the White House.

    That was true at a time when I believed there was a way to prevent the terminal disease of his presidency.

    Well, the baby boomer journalists who were friends of Axelrod and saw in the Fraud the culmination of all their labors, meaning the civil rights movement, and never trust anyone over thirty, the hoary dreams of their youth–DID throw up roadblocks that prevented the public from knowing the truth about his past and pedigree.

    But in so doing, the lies, and the agenda of big media has been fully exposed. Plus the fact that they hate this country, except for what they can get out of it. In short, we know who they are.

    Now if you think that was an intelligent bargain they made, to sacrifice their own credibility i.e. to get a fraud like Obama elected, then you are missing the key point.

    Today, they are compelled by their past lies to tell new ones. That is their Kismet.

    In addition, there will come a day when the nation is ruined and people will ask who dunnit. Their names will figure prominently in that reconciliation.

    And when they try to turn their vessel about to deal with a new president, the boom will come around and knock them in the head and into the water.

    And when that happy event transpires, I promise that I will not find a life ring for them.

  • admin

    If 2013 Was Hard on Obamacare, Just Wait for 2014

    At his end-of-the-year news conference, President Barack Obama called the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act his single biggest mistake of 2013. That’s putting it mildly. Supporters of Obamacare can’t wait to put this year behind them: From dropped insurance coverage for millions of Americans to the delay of the law’s employer mandate and the problems with, 2013 has been nothing short of a disaster. [snip]

    First, some of Obamacare’s least popular provisions go into effect in 2014. This includes a new $60 billion tax on health insurers, which will be levied relative to premiums collected and directly passed on to consumers. And, of course, Obamacare’s requirement that individuals secure health insurance coverage (or pay a tax penalty) kicks in during the coming year as well.

    Second, millions of Americans who buy their coverage on the individual market or get it through small employers will be shocked by just how much their premiums go up in 2014. The young and healthy will be especially susceptible to this rate shock, and this in turn will further drive them away from purchasing coverage in future years. Given skyrocketing premiums, the economic incentives for many of these “young invincibles” are aligned against buying coverage in the coming years. But these are also the people that the ACA most needs to be enrolled through its health insurance exchanges to offset the comparatively higher risk and costs associated with insuring the sick and old. These dynamics may lead to even higher premiums in the coming years.

    Third, not only will millions of Americans on the individual and small group markets who like their plans be unable to keep them in 2014, but many will experience what it’s like to be unable to continue seeing the doctors they know and trust. As health insurers face pressure to keep costs down while providing the richer package of benefits that Obamacare mandates, many are limiting their networks of doctors and other health-care providers. A cancer survivor’s opinion article in the Wall Street Journal illustrated the horrible situation that Obamacare will place some Americans in: Being forced to choose between doctors that have been critical to their care or, in some cases, not having access to any of their existing health-care providers.

    Finally, Obamacare’s Medicare cuts will continue to hurt senior citizens. For the 14 million people enrolled in the Medicare Advantage program, the ACA’s $200 billion in cuts over the next 10 years will accelerate in 2014 and have tangible impacts on beneficiaries. Insurers predict that seniors in Medicare Advantage plans will see higher premiums, increased cost-sharing for primary and specialist visits, and limits on the doctors they can see. Although the ACA is not solely responsible for the headwinds the Medicare Advantage program faces, it will (and should) shoulder most of the blame.

    While President Obama might hope he can put all of Obamacare’s woes behind him when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the reality is that the worst is only just beginning. Democrats in Congress and around the country will be the ones forced to deal with the collateral damage created by the president’s misguided effort to remake the American health care system.

  • Beautiful Admin thank you. 🙂

  • Shadowfax

    Sinatra never did it for me, but U2 did 😉

    Happy New Year Admin and Pinkers

  • Shadowfax

    Rats, I linked up the above video incorrectly, could you fix it for me please Admin?

  • Shadowfax

    Thx Admin!

  • wbboei

    Shadow, I defy you not to like this Cole Porter timeless classic by Old Blue eyes–now sadly dead blue eyes, gone but not forgotten. In many ways he came to epitomize the sophistication and boundless optimism of an era which ended with the Kennedy assassination.

  • wbboei

    The pictures in the video above are of the Flapper Era. I preferred the Belle Epoch which preceded it. If you saw the movie Gigi with Leslie Carone that was a fine depiction of that earlier era. Here they called in the Gay 90s, with no apologies to GLAAD.

  • Shadowfax

    Shadow, I defy you not to like this Cole Porter timeless classic by Old Blue eyes…

    Sorry Wbb, but BlueEyes was always a little weasel and I never liked his voice. My older sister liked him, but he looked like street thug to me, and I never got over it.

    I know a whole generation loved him, I just wasn’t one of them.

  • jeleanoro

    Happy New Year to all the Hillary fans here, and of course admin, who keeps it all going! Lil ole grape, that was a wonderful remembrance! Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe 2014!!!
    I’m still around and Ready for Hillary when she makes her decision…

  • wbboei

    Sorry Wbb, but BlueEyes was always a little weasel and I never liked his voice. My older sister liked him, but he looked like street thug to me, and I never got over it.

    I know a whole generation loved him, I just wasn’t one of them.
    Many veterans of World War II would agree with you. And of course Frank had a dark side to him. Nevertheless, for a self described saloon singer he went pretty far. His tempestuous relationship with Ava Gardner, his meeting with Lucky Luciano, his friendship with Carlo Gambino etc.–nobody is all one thing. Apart from his musical prowess, the thing I liked most about him was the contempt he showed for big media. Tiger Woods does that as well. Bravo, fortissimo. Anyone who holds those cocksuckers in low repute cannot be all bad. Glenn Greenwald however does the best job of that than anyone. Who can forget the magic moment when he called the Neanderthal David Gregory and his ilk mere courtiers serving in a medieval court who deal in hypocrisy, lies and political intrigue. It was as if he held up a mirror to the entire profession–correction, dishonest trade, except for FOX. But FOX needs to be careful too. What they need to watch out for is giving air time to four flushers like Rove and their newfound media critic Howie Kurtz who hates the tea party and is too much a part of his profession to say anything critical about them. Temporizers like him can give a sharp knife a dull edge in no time.

  • wbboei

    If only the sheeple understood the real stakes of this battle. But they don’t and they never will. Ya can’t fix stupid.

    We’re constantly told that bipartisanship is the highest virtue in Washington. The parties are supposed to resolve their differences and get stuff done. The public has been conditioned to loathe the notion of paralyzed government, from “gridlock” caused by irreconcilable political differences, to partial government “shutdowns.” In the Obama era, there have been increasingly strident demands that political resistance to the President’s agenda is illegitimate, even treasonous – a mindset that would, if taken seriously, mean the only truly significant election is the presidential race every four years, with Congress serving as a sort of advisory board for the all-powerful executive. (Of course, the Democrats pushing this notion today are not really serious, and will instantly drop their “support the president” definition of bipartisanship the next time a Republican wins the White House.)

    But nearly everything the government “gets done” makes the people less free. Independence is lost with every dollar of tax taken, and with every dollar of government money spent, even when the two amounts do not remotely agree. Government spending shrinks the private sector, no matter where they money comes from. Every rule and regulation collapses the range of options available to the individual. We spent a gigantic amount of time merely figuring out how to comply with the body of law that towers over us… and if your independence cannot be measured in time, the amount of your energy that is yours to enjoy or invest as you see fit, then how else can we measure it?

    There is a system that exists independent of the two political parties. Elected officials have delegated vast power to a bureaucracy that is not accountable to the electorate. This system is aggressive. It wants to get bigger, which means it wants the realm of independent action to grow smaller. The government is very good at lobbying itself; its vast army of employees command considerable electoral muscle, supported by an even larger ballot-box militia of dependents who will reliable vote to protect the interests of the State that nourishes them. What good does it do to posture as an “independent” from political party machinery, when you live in thrall to a system that is increasingly less responsive to your vote?

    It was never realistic to believe that a gigantic central government could be “controlled” by voters. For one thing, the votes come too infrequently. A ballot every couple of years is no substitute for the daily decisions and responsibilities that constitute true independence. And yes, you have to accept responsibility – which includes a measure of hardship – in order to enjoy freedom. They simply do not exist when separated from one another. When you ask maternal government to protect you from hardship, you are compromising the independence of those around you. Every bailed-out, propped-up, government-nourished enterprises rests upon the bones of lost opportunities that others might have been able to exploit more effectively.

    There is no way to have a giant government with independent citizens. We are often told that benevolent government can “free” us from material need with its redistributive magic, but that’s not the way it works. You are not independent of the hand that feeds you. One of the most remarkable features of the Obama era is how often we’re told that we are no longer permitted to resist the demands of the State, not even with the votes that were formerly presented to us as the currency of freedom. ObamaCare is the “settled law of the land,” the debt ceiling must be raised without question, the deficit can only be addressed through tax increases… it’s amazing how much has been swept off the table, isn’t it?

    Big Government is all about the dead hand of the past dragging us into a future of limited options. You don’t like the way things are going? You should have voted differently two, four, six, or eight years ago… only back then, you were not told that you’d never get another chance to vote differently. Perhaps you weren’t even old enough to vote, when the election that settled your future came and went.

    I would love 2014 to mark the beginning of our return to real independence in the United States. We can be both independent and united, you know. We never should have allowed ourselves to pass the point of equilibrium between those impulses. Unfortunately, independence cannot be preserved by skipping out on politics, because the size and hunger of the State leave no avenue of escape for the non-participant. I truly understand the impulse to avoid all this petty squabbling, but it’s like a book-of-the-month club: do nothing, and the petty squabble of the hour will be brought to your door, whether you like it or not. You, and your children, will be obliged to pay the bills accumulated in your name. The longer you wait to join the resistance… the longer you put off marching to the ballot box… the more shocked you’ll be about how much is no longer subject to debate.

  • Leanora

    You can all get angry with me for not being progressive enough or for criticizing Clinton’s friends – I’m sure someone will – but I love this city and I fear for it now.

    De Blasio Inauguration Starts With ‘Plantation’ Rhetoric

    During the election season, Bill de Blasio was often painted by conservatives as a leftist radical. But at his inauguration today, it was not Mr. de Blasio who dropped the most aggressive lines, but the first two speakers at the event.

    In particular, Rev. Fred Lucas Jr., who was among several chaplains representing the city’s uniformed workers, surprised many observers by comparing the five boroughs to a “plantation.”

    “Let the plantation called New York City be the city of God, a city set upon the hill, a light shining in darkness,” he declared. “Elevate our valleys. Make low our mountains. Make our crooked places straight and our rough places smooth. Oh God, oh God, oh God, break every chain, break every chain, break every chain.”

    Mr. Lucas had several additional references to slavery in his short address, citing shackles, bondage, auction blocks, the Emancipation Proclamation, Civil War and Reconstruction Era.

    “Oh God, on this first day of January–the anniversary of the first Emancipation Proclamation–sound forth the trumpets of heaven proclaiming a new Emancipation Proclamation in New York City,” he invoked. “From your divine leadership, emancipate every New Yorker from the shackles of fear, futility and frustration … Oh God, end the civil wars and usher in a new Reconstruction Era that builds upon the many successes and achievements of yesterday while proclaiming the beginning of a new beginning.”

    The speaker before Mr. Lucas, civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, was also blunt as he discussed racial tensions and injustices cemented by government policies. (Mr. Belafonte, of course, is not known to be a bashful speaker; during the campaign, he caused controversy after comparing the billionaire Koch brothers to the KKK.)

    “New York, alarmingly, plays a tragic role in the fact that our nation has the largest prison population in the world. Much of that problem stems from issues of race perpetuated by the depth of human indifference to poverty. Changing the stop-and-frisk law is … only the tip of the iceberg in fixing our deeply Dickensian justice system,” he argued, referencing the controversial police tactic Mr. de Blasio has vowed to overhaul.

    But Mr. Belafonte, one of Mr. de Blasio’s endorsers in the campaign, said the new mayor was the right man to help undo these systemic injustices.

  • Leanora

    My 2 cents – I’ve never liked Sinatra. I never thought he could sing. As far as Cole Porter though – the man was a genius. I love just about everything he wrote. So, let’s “Begin the Beguine”

  • holdthemaccountable

    The IRS site is currently experiencing tech problems with some service outages that won’t be fixed until nearly mid January
    Related to O’care? Probably, say I.
    More on deblasio, and just as ugly:
    Snip Mr. de Blasio, looking confident between indecipherable small talk and endless photos–chugging a can of Limoncello to keep fresh in his dark suit and red tie–was feted as the sudden hero of progressives and good-government advocates across the city.
    But the inauguration, which was touted before-hand as “one of the most open and accessible swearing-in events in New York City history,” also provided a window into how the administration will handle the new crush of attention, with Mr. de Blasio–a former political operative known to be image-conscious–keping certain aspects of the event tightly controlled.
    Along with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo and the other stars who graced the inauguration stage, various non-political New Yorkers were asked to join them, lending the event an even more populist tinge. Hours before the speeches began, those New Yorkers sat quietly on folding chairs in the City Hall rotunda. But when Politicker approached a man to ask him about how it felt to take part in the inauguration, security quickly circled and demanded the interview end.
    Later, when reporters tried to approach volunteers at the event, staffers quickly swooped in, saying the volunteers were barred from talking to the press.
    And after Mr. de Blasio’s speech, reporters gathered inside on a carpet awaiting the Clintons were ordered by security guards off the carpet and behind columns where several refused to go. When asked who was inside, a de Blasio aide guarding the entrance was terse.
    “Keep wondering,” he offered.
    Still, for the regular New Yorkers present, the day offered a great deal of excitement for change after 12 years under Mr. Bloomberg, a billionaire whom critics accused of being out of touch snip

  • Leanora

    For those not tired of hearing about him yet – here’s one more report about the new mayor.

    Comrade De Blasio Takes Over

    Communist-sympathizing radical Bill de Blasio has laid out an ambitious, far-left agenda as he begins what is destined to be a disastrous reign as New York’s 109th mayor.

    Leveling left-wingers, with their perverse obsession with income equality, are looking eagerly to the city in the hope that the new mayor will “morph New York City’s municipal machinery into a closely watched laboratory for populist theories of government that have never before been enacted on such a large scale,” according to a fawning New York Times profile.

    In a pie-in-the-sky inaugural address, de Blasio promised class-based hatred and civil unrest in pursuit of so-called social justice.

    “We recognize a city government’s first duties: to keep our neighborhoods safe; to keep our streets clean; to ensure that those who live here – and those who visit – can get where they need to go in all five boroughs. But we know that our mission reaches deeper. We are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. And so today, we commit to a new progressive direction in New York. And that same progressive impulse has written our city’s history. It’s in our DNA.”

    De Blasio’s ascendancy could also help Democrats at the national level two years from now.

    The fact that in 2016 America’s largest metropolis and the critical battleground state of Virginia will be under the control of longtime Clinton loyalists is bound to be helpful to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. De Blasio was campaign manager for Mrs. Clinton’s successful U.S. Senate bid in New York State in 2000. Former Democratic National Committee chief and fundraiser extraordinaire Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton crony, is scheduled to be sworn in as Virginia’s 72nd governor on Jan. 11.

    De Blasio was formally sworn in on New Year’s Day by former President Bill Clinton. Before administering the oath, Clinton said, “I strongly endorse Bill de Blasio’s core campaign commitment that we have to have a city of shared opportunities, shared prosperity, shared responsibilities.” Also in attendance at the ceremony were Hillary Clinton, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), and useful idiot celebrities including neo-communist Harry Belafonte and actress Cynthia Nixon.

    Unfurling the blood-red banner of class warfare and ugly polarization, de Blasio, an unrepentant supporter of ACORN and Occupy Wall Street, is already plotting early assaults on the Big Apple’s persecuted taxpayers and small business owners.


  • holdthemaccountable

    admin, it took a day or so for me to realize it IS snowing at Big Pink. It is lovely although white, but every once in awhile I think I see an unexpected flake …. Is that possible?
    January 2, 2014 at 5:01 am –
    Let the plantation called New York City
    Seems Rev. Fred Lucas Jr has assumed and “enhanced” Sharpton’s role and as you pointed out it is a very ominous sucker root likely grown from DC. Yet, when my thoughts merge the plantation reference with the normal duties of the “journalists” there, perhaps they are the first to be placed in chains. At best they are security or TSA agents.

  • holdthemaccountable

    Gak. Lost my train up thought up there. deBlasio staffers are the TSA. Journalists are herded cattle.

  • holdthemaccountable

    Some Answers: How an Historic FDR Bible Went Missing at de Blasio Inauguration
    For about a three-hour window following NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inauguration, the historic Bible used during the ceremony was missing. This had been a gift to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for his first inauguration in March 1933, so naturally officials were losing their shit.
    At least 50 NYPD detectives and NYC officials tried frantically to find the missing Bible, according to the New York Post. The Post, which seemingly spoke only to the NYPD after the Bible mysteriously reappeared at about 5 pm, curiously doesn’t mention where it had been or who found it.
    For that, we turn to comedian and podcaster Alex Edelman, who happened to be on the scene and filled in *some* gaps for us.

  • freespirit

    January 2, 2014 at 8:34 am

    admin, it took a day or so for me to realize it IS snowing at Big Pink. It is lovely although white, but every once in awhile I think I see an unexpected flake …. Is that possible?

    Me too hold’em. I saw a couple yesterday. Good one – “lovely although white”. lol

    Thanks, Admin. I live in an area that doesn’t often get snow. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see a flake or two.

  • admin

    HoldthemAccountable, Freespirit, it finally stopped snowing. We were getting tired shaving the ice into those little flakes then loading them into our snow machine.

  • admin
    January 2, 2014 at 11:10 am

    HoldthemAccountable, Freespirit, it finally stopped snowing. We were getting tired shaving the ice into those little flakes then loading them into our snow machine.


  • Leanora

    ‘Looks Like Weimar Germany’: The Viral Photo Out of Connecticut That’s Giving Some Gun Owners Chills

    A now-viral photo showing a long line of Connecticut residents waiting to register their guns and ammo is circulating across the Internet ­ and it’s sending chills down the backs of some gun owners.

    Connecticut gun owners are rushing to register certain firearms and ammunition that will be considered illegal contraband in the new year.

    Under a wide-ranging gun control law passed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, they have until Tuesday to submit the paperwork with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

    “Holy crap. Looks like Weimar Germany,” Twitter user @votermom said of the photo.

    “Another disgusting picture from Connecticut . . .men waiting in line to register guns with the government,” user @chipwoods commented.

    “First, they came for the guns,” @PaulRReyes added.

    “Life is too short to live in a state that does this to its residents,” Twitter user @lancemfisher declared.

    “Hilter’s program has returned…..but to the USA”.

    And there are plenty more comments where that came from.

    State police say they’ve had people lining up early in the morning to turn in applications to keep high-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and guns considered assault weapons under the new law.

    While the Connecticut Citizens Defense League believes the law is unconstitutional, it has been reminding gun owners of the deadline to make sure they don’t become felons on Jan. 1.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

  • One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts — a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling. Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton’s chance to live in the White House again.

    Read more:
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  • holdthemaccountable

    January 2, 2014 at 11:34 am
    Youth choir’s performance of National Anthem: superb.
    Hillary’s new do: very smart!

  • S

    …my lighthearted two cents…

    …love Sinatra, Cole Porter, Johnny Mathis (Chances Are)…and…

    Hillary’s new “do”…I have thought for a very long time she needed to shape it up and get some wispy bangs (long before MO try to impersonate and become Kerry Washington)…Hill looks years younger…she might take some tips from Bill and organize a structured diet and exercise plan…looking good is the best pre-empt from her critics…(are you listening Tina B)

    Happy New Year…

  • moononpluto

    Unbelievable……..This could stir a big int’l crisis.

    We need intervention into Turkey…..Turks Caught redhanded with weapons truck going over Turkish Border. Stirs Crisis.

    A mysterious truck with an alleged cargo of arms and humanitarian aid en route to Syria and escorted by Turkish intelligence officers has pitted the government against the judiciary after the local governor ordered security forces to stop executing a search warrant ordered by prosecutors, local media have reported.

    Turkish gendarmes allegedly discovered weapons and ammunition as well as humanitarian aid in a truck bound for Syria in the southern province of Hatay, the Hürriyet daily claimed in a report which appeared on its website on Thursday.

    As per claims, the gendarmerie discovered, in an initial search in the truck, ammunition, weapons and humanitarian aid, the daily said. According to the report, the police were made to transfer the investigation to the gendarmerie as the place where the truck was stopped by the police was reportedly an area out of the city limits. Hatay Governor Celalettin Lekesiz, who was reportedly informed of the incident, instructed the gendarmerie to not conduct a search of the truck.

    “Police officers who followed and stopped the truck have been relieved of their duty. A prosecutor in charge of anti-terrorism investigations who was on the spot of the incident instructed the gendarmerie to search the truck, but the gendarmerie did not conduct any search [of the truck] based on written instructions from the [Hatay] governor. While the prosecutor, who also failed to have the gendarmerie search [the truck] left the spot, the truck drove away,” the daily claimed.

    In the truck, which was reportedly stopped based on a tip-off, there were a total of three people including the driver. In a previous report which appeared in Wednesday’s paper, the Hürriyet daily claimed that a good deal of rockets and ammunition as well as food was in the truck.

    Two deputy chairs of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) on Thursday submitted parliamentary questions about an alleged arms shipment by a humanitarian aid truck to Syria.

    “Is it true that the Hatay Governor’s Office prevented, by issuing a written order, [the truck] from being searched when the gendarmerie wanted to search the vehicle?” Umut Oran, a deputy chairman of the CHP, demanded to know in a written question submitted on Thursday.

    Oran asked if, despite instructions from Hatay’s chief prosecutor and Özcan Şişman, Adana deputy chief prosecutor in charge of anti-terrorism investigations, for the truck to be searched by the gendarmerie, the vehicle was allowed to drive away without being searched. However, the gendarmerie said, “The [Hatay] governor gave a written instruction [for the truck not to be allowed to be searched]. It is impossible for a search to be conducted of the vehicle.”

    The aid truck that police stopped between Kırıkhan and Reyhanlı near the Syrian border allegedly belonged to an aid organization, the Humanitarian Aid Foundation (İHH), but the İHH strongly rejected any link to the stopped truck in a written statement.

    Sezgin Tanrıkulu, another deputy chairman of the CHP, asked in his written question to be answered by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: “Was a truck rented or owned by the İHH stopped on Jan. 1, 2014, by gendarmes between Kırıkhan and Reyhanlı?”

    “Is it true, as claimed, that the regional director of the İHH and a member of MİT [Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization] were on the truck? Is it true that the MİT member tried to prevent the truck from being searched, saying the truck was under the control of MİT?” Tanrıkulu further demanded to know.

    According to the report in the Wednesday issue of the Hürriyet daily, a person in the truck who said he worked for MİT tried, without success, to prevent the gendarmerie from searching the truck. It is not clear, said the daily, whether the gendarmes seized any weapons in the truck, which reportedly drove away, at around 9 p.m., in the direction of Kilis province on the Syrian border.

    The T24 News Portal claimed on Thursday that the governor’s written order, posted on the site, has confirmed the crew in the truck were part of Turkish intelligence working directly for the Prime Minister’s Office and asked security services to let the truck go without searching its contents.

    Commenting on the incident, former prosecutor Gültekin Avcı said neither the governor nor the intelligence services or even the prime minister has the authority to prevent prosecutors from doing their jobs.

    Local media stated that the prosecutor who was prevented from searching the truck reported the incident to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office and asked for the launch of criminal investigation for the obstruction of justice.

    “There are Turkmens [in Syria]. There is aid destined for Turkmens in the truck,” Interior Minister Efkan Ala told reporters in Parliament on Thursday. He also asked “everybody to mind their own business.”

    Tanrıkulu reacted to Ala’s comments, saying that the government was caught in the commission of a crime.

    The İHH said it has no connection to the truck while strongly denying media reports that Turkish security forces stopped one of its trucks on suspicion of delivering an arms shipment, saying that no official contacted them over the incident. The İHH said the Turkish gendarmes confirmed that the truck has no link with the relief organization after its lawyers spoke with army officers in the gendarmerie outpost in the region.

    As part of a massive relief campaign, the İHH sent, around a week ago, dozens of trucks loaded with food, blankets and basic goods desperately needed for the displaced Syrian civilians battling tough winter conditions in makeshift camps on the Syrian side of the border.

    According to a report that appeared on the web page of the Radikal daily late on Wednesday evening, the plate number of the truck was 06 BR 8860, while that of the trailer was 06 DE 3290.

    Claims of the recent seizure of weapons came as Turkish security forces began to clamp down on all arms shipments across the border to Syria after Turkey faced mounting international criticism for being soft on radical groups crossing its porous borders.

    In another similar incident, a total of 935 rocket warheads were seized from a truck in the southern city of Adana near the Syrian border in early November.

    Turkish police are still investigating allegations that the truck carrying the seized rocket warheads and 10 launch pads was heading to al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria, and Adana Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş said the seizure of the weapons disproves claims that Turkey is aiding extremist groups in its war-torn neighbor.

    Firmly denying providing any support to groups linked to al-Qaeda, Ankara has now bolstered the military presence along the 911-kilometer-long (566-mile-long) border with Syria given the steady rise of radical groups among the Syrian opposition forces in northern Syria.

  • No polling!!! 😆

    After a year of seeing President Obama’s approval ratings plummet, the president’s pollster is offering a strikingly candid and pessimistic New Year’s resolution.

    Reporters should go the next “year without reporting any public polling data,” Joel Benenson, president and CEO of Benenson Strategy Group, said.

    His comments were made to reporter Mike Allen, who

    Read more:

  • Obama’s comments on the private sector being fine reminded me of this. 😆

  • holdthemaccountable

    I was trying to make a case that de blasio had as rotten a name as Mitt’s Willard but Wilhelm was Bill’s last name, so there’s no joke.
    De Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. in Manhattan, New York, the son of Maria (née De Blasio) and Warren Wilhelm snip we now know about veterans who return, [the father] was going through physically and mentally a lot…. He was an alcoholic, and my mother and father broke up very early on in the time I came along, and I was brought up by my mother’s family—that’s the bottom line—the de Blasio family.[9]” In September 2013, de Blasio revealed that his father committed suicide in 1979 while suffering from incurable lung cancer.
    Foxy – right. If it’s bad about Obama, it doesn’t exist. 🙂

  • Leanora

    Thanks Barry.

    US the biggest threat to world peace in 2013 – poll

    The US has been voted as the most significant threat to world peace in a survey across 68 different countries. Anti-American sentiment was not only recorded in antagonistic countries, but also in many allied NATO partners like Turkey and Greece.

    A global survey conducted by the Worldwide Independent Network and Gallup at the end of 2013 revealed strong animosity towards the US’s role as the world’s policeman. Citizens across over 60 nations were asked: “Which country do you think is the greatest threat to peace in the world today?”

    The US topped the list, with 24 percent of people believing America to be the biggest danger to peace. Pakistan came second, with 8 percent of the vote and was closely followed by China with 6 percent. Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and North Korea came in joint fourth place with 5 percent of the vote.

    The threat from the US was rated most highly in the Middle East and North Africa, those areas most recently affected by American military intervention. Moreover, the survey showed that even Americans regard their country as a potential threat with 13 percent of them voting the US could disrupt global status quo.

    Latin America expressed mixed feelings towards its northerly neighbor, with Peru, Brazil and Argentina all flagging the US as the most dangerous country.

    After its numerous threats of a strike on Iran, many countries voted Israel was the biggest threat to prosperity. Morocco, Lebanon and Iraq all chose Israel as the number one danger to world peace.

    In the survey participants were also asked: “If there were no barriers to living in any country of the world, which country would you like to live in?” Despite being the perceived largest threat to world peace, the US still topped the tables by a narrow margin of 9 percent.

    In general 2013 saw a drop in approval ratings for the Obama Administration. A poll conducted by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research revealed that 50 percent of those asked thought that the political system in the US needed a “complete overhaul.”

    In addition, 70 percent of Americans believe the government lacks the ability to make progress on the important problems and issues facing the country in 2014.”

    The survey comes two months after the first government shutdown in 17 years in the US which cost the country an estimated $10 billion.

    The American government’s credibility was dealt a blow earlier this year when President Obama made a call to strike Syria following a suspected chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on civilians. The American public and the international community both opposed the action.

  • Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius did, of course, set a goal of 7 million sign ups back in June, calling it a “realistic target.” The White House has since backtracked: In November, spokesman Dan Pfeiffer lowered the bar to simply “as many people as possible.” But Tuesday marks the first time an administration official outright denied issuing the target in the first place.

    Read more:

  • holdthemaccountable

    January 2, 2014 at 4:24 pm
    Thanks Barry.
    US the biggest threat to world peace in 2013 – poll
    And is that not a stunning milestone for a Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2008.
    The link RT is Russia Today, correct?

    Foxy – thanks for the fact check.
    I’d really like to begin referring to “him” as “Barney” for his demeanor is so like Barney Fife: Andy can I put the bullet in now?
    Only Barney Fife had a good heart.

  • jeswezey

    A pretty clear-eyed assessment of Hillary’s “unlucky” 2013 (and challenge of 2016) due mainly to Obamacare, at:

  • Leanora

    To everyone caught in this snowstorm – stay safe and don’t go outside if you don’t have to. I know I’ll be inside for the day. Lots and lots of snow out there. And right now it is 5 degrees. Brrrrr.

    In case anyone wanted to know what de Blasio thought about his city being called a plantation . . . .

    De Blasio Says He’s “Very Comfortable” With Speaker At His Inauguration Calling NYC A “Plantation”…

    Mayor Bill de Blasio today defended the controversial comments made by many of his inauguration speakers, including one cleric who described New York City as a “plantation.”

    “I am very comfortable with everyone’s remarks yesterday and I think the ceremony represented the positive aspiration of New Yorkers for a more just city,” he told reporters today after swearing in his new Police Commissioner, Bill Bratton, at a ceremony at 1 Police Plaza.

    Many of the speakers at Mr. de Blasio’s event yesterday, including civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, Rev. Fred Lucas Jr. and Public Advocate Tish James, raised eyebrows for portraying the city in what many observers described as divisive terms. “Let the plantation called New York City be the city of God,” Mr. Lucas invoked, for example.

    The remarks also included numerous shots at former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who sat through the ceremony stone-faced in the front row. But Mr. de Blasio said today that he didn’t view the event as anti-Bloomberg. […]

    Pressed again on the tone of the celebration and the plantation remark, Mr. de Blasio defended the speakers, and side-stepped questions about whether he’d vetted their remarks before-hand.

    “Just to state very clearly: The individuals, the clerics who gave remarks, I want to thank them all for their service to our city. Each and every one of them serves as chaplains to city agencies that protect us. And I respect each and every one of them and their right to say that which they feel is appropriate,” he said.

  • Leanora

    This shows us the degree of ignorance among those who forged this certificate. They didn’t even bother to look up the history of Africa or any other facts before they created this fraudulent document.

    Obama Busted: Birth Cert Contains Words/Places That Did Not Exist In 1961! African American & Kenya

    4 Simple Questions from a New Jersey Attorney…

    1. Back in 1961 people of color were called ‘Negroes.’ So how can the Obama ’birth certificate’ state he is “African-American” when the term wasn’t even used at that time?

    2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961 & Lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right ? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in “Kenya , East Africa”.

    This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet Exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”. (check it below)

    3. On the Birth Certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”. This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called ”KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity
    Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

    Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major media ?

    4. Perhaps a clue comes from Obama’s book on his father. He states how proud he is of his father fighting in WW II. I’m not a math genius, so I may need some help from you. Barack Obama’s “birth certificate” says his father was 25 years old in 1961 when Obama was born. That should have put his father’s date of birth approximately 1936 – if my math holds (Honest! I did That without a calculator!). Now we need a non-revised history book – one that hasn’t been altered to satisfy the author’s goals – to verify that WW II was basically
    between 1939 and 1945. Just how many 3 year olds fight in Wars? Even in the latest stages of WW II his father wouldn’t have been more than 9 years old. Does that mean that Mr. Obama is a liar, or simply chooses to alter the facts to satisfy his imagination or political purposes?

    If you copy and paste the following into your search engine, you will see Obama making the statement that his father served in WWII…..

  • Leanora

    Gunrunner: Another weapon linked to Fast and Furious turns up at a crime scene

    When Eric Holder testified in front of the Congress he made one truthful statement when he said guns would continue to turn up a crime scenes for years to come.

    This statement proved true once again just last week. According to this story the Mexican police were involved in a shootout with drug lords which left five of the criminals dead and one of the weapons recovered at the crime scene was traced back to Fast and Furious.

    One has to wonder how the Mexican police and authorities feel knowing they are fighting against criminals which the United States government supplied with weapons. But then again, what difference, at this point, does it make?

    The Fast and Furious weapon which was recovered at the scene just happened to be an AK-47 and if I remember correctly was not Barack Obama trying to ban AK-47s in the United States saying basically that these weapons belonged in the hands of soldiers on the battlefield and not on the streets? (Of course, our soldiers do not use AK-47s but that is beside the point.) Apparently he has no problem with Mexican criminals getting their hands on these weapons, or didn’t until he got caught.

  • holdthemaccountable

    Wall Street inks first negative start to a year since 2008

  • holdthemaccountable

    Video: “Keep Your Doctor, Change Your Senator”
    Guy Benson | Jan 02, 2014

  • holdthemaccountable

    Karl Rove and the GOP Socialists
    Karl Rove (i.e., architect of the American Crossroads SuperPAC), the Chamber of Commerce, and the Washington GOP Establishment have declared war on the Reaganite conservative base of the Republican Party.

  • holdthemaccountable

    The Obama administration has found a way to give unions relief from an Obamacare tax nearly three weeks after Republicans rejected a Democratic push to include the labor carve-out in the latest budget deal. snip

  • Leanora

    Obamacare Confusion!

    ‘They had no idea if my insurance was active or not!’: Obamacare confusion reigns as frustrated patients walk out of hospitals without treatment
    Hospital staff in Northern Virginia are turning away sick people on a frigid Thursday morning because they can’t determine whether their Obamacare insurance plans are in effect.

    Patients in a close-in DC suburb who think they’ve signed up for new insurance plans are struggling to show their December enrollments are in force, and health care administrators aren’t taking their word for it.

    In place of quick service and painless billing, these Virginians are now facing the threat of sticker-shock that comes with bills they can’t afford.

    ‘They had no idea if my insurance was active or not!’ a coughing Maria Galvez told MailOnline outside the Inova Healthplex facility in the town of Springfield.

    She was leaving the building without getting a needed chest x-ray.

    ‘The people in there told me that since I didn’t have an insurance card, I would be billed for the whole cost of the x-ray,’ Galvez said, her young daughter in tow. ‘It’s not fair – you know, I signed up last week like I was supposed to.’

    The x-ray’s cost, she was told, would likely be more than $500.

    Read more:

  • TY Leanora great post.
    From the comments. 🙂

    The only positive effect ObamaCare will have on this country is it will remove many Democrats from Congress.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • holdthemaccountable

    Not certain this has been mentioned:
    Bungle of Joy: can’t handle info on newborns

    Hope this creates lots of comedy. Omitting a whole class of insurance participants. Now I have to wonder if other categories unable to fend for themselves can apply.

  • wbboei

    Pat Caddell Predicts Wave of Anti-Establishment ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith Candidates’





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    by Tony Lee 3 Jan 2014, 12:04 AM PDT 54 post a comment

    Pat Caddell, a former adviser to President Jimmy Carter and a Fox News political analyst, said there will be a wave of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” candidates who get elected running against the permanent political class and career politicians.

    Appearing on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125’s The Wilkow Majority with guest host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon Thursday, Caddell said there are two “alternate universes” – one in Washington in which the ruling class tries to tell the country what is important, and another in the rest of the country in which people “distrust” Washington.

    Caddell said the Republican establishment often does not challenge the Obama administration on issues like the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups because it also wants to preserve the status quo and not disrupt it.

    He said the only thing that the permanent political class cares about is “self-perpetuating” itself, and he emphasized that the “established order has a massive amount of resources to crush dissent.”

    Yet, Caddell said the grassroots have been pushing back against the establishment’s institutional advantages, and Washington’s entrenched politicians sense something powerful is brewing outside of the Washington. He said the members of the permanent political class, even though they can’t quite put their fingers on it, sense that there is a wave forming against them.

    He said a Republican who won a recent special election to Congress from Louisiana after being endorsed by a Duck Dynasty cast member was the “canary in the coal mine” for the establishment, and that is why the mainstream press and the permanent political class have not focused on the anti-Washington message Vance McAllister used to trounce his opponent.

    Caddell said the party that best captures that spirit will have the advantage in upcoming elections.

  • Leanora

    Some of us have just lost another freedom! 🙁

    Constitution Free Zones? Judge OKs 100 Miles Inside U.S. Borders

    This nonsense makes my blood boil.

    District Judge Edward Korman, a US federal judge, has reaffirmed an Obama administration policy granting officials the authority to search Americans’ laptops, citing a controversial premise that makes citizens within 100 miles of the border eligible for a police check.

    District Judge Edward Korman made his ruling in New York on Tuesday, more than three years after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit. The ACLU claimed that – since Americans put so much of their lives on their computers, cell phones, and other devices – border officials should have reasonable suspicion before sifting through someone’s personal files.

    Attorneys argued that searches conducted without reasonable suspicion are a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure.

    Not so, according to Judge Korman. In his decision Tuesday he argued that the area 100 miles inland falls under a “border exemption.”

    “Laptops have only come into widespread use in the twenty-first century. Prior to that time, lawyers, photographers, and scholars managed to travel overseas and consult with clients, take photographs, and conduct scholarly research,” wrote Korman.

    “No one ever suggested the possibility of a border search had a chilling effect on his or her First Amendment rights. While it is true that laptops make overseas work more convenient, the precaution plaintiffs may choose to take to ‘mitigate’ the alleged harm associated with the remote possibility of a border search are simply among the many inconveniences associated with international travel.”

    The federal government has long conducted searches on travelers entering and leaving the US, but Congress expanded that policy by creating the Department of Homeland Security and setting up at least 33 checkpoints inside the country where people are stopped and asked to prove their citizenship.

    The trouble is, the ACLU noted, that almost two-thirds of the population (197.4 million people) live within 100 miles of the US border. New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and dozens of other major metropolitan areas fall under the so-called “exemption” zone.

    The civil-liberties advocacy group filed suit in 2010 on behalf of Pascal Abidor, a 29-year-old Islamic Studies student whose laptop computer was held for 11 days when he was traveling by Amtrak rail from Canada to his parents’ home in New York.

    Abidor was sitting in the train’s cafe car when an officer forced him to take out his laptop then “ordered Mr. Abidor to enter his password,” the suit claimed. The computer contained images of Hamas and Hezbollah rallies and the agents, unmoved by Abidor’s assertion the images were related to his studies, handcuffed the young man and kept him detained for three hours, questioning him numerous times.

    Department of Homeland Security data indicates that 6,500 people had their devices searched between 2008 and 2010 alone.

    Here’s what the ACLU attorney, Catherine Crump, had to say about this controversial ruling

    “We’re disappointed in today’s decision, which allows the government to conduct intrusive searches of Americans’ laptops and other electronics at the border without any suspicion that those devices contain evidence of wrongdoing,” she said.

    “Suspicionless searches of devices containing vast amounts of personal information cannot meet the standard set by the Fourth Amendment… Unfortunately, these searches are part of a broader pattern of aggressive government surveillance that collects information on too many innocent people, under lax standards, and without adequate oversight.”

    The absolute malicious stripping away of our rights has got to stop, folks, we must stand-up and fight back against this at every turn! The future of our Republic is at stake and many want to bury their heads in the sand… Wake Up!!!

    See more at:

  • Drip Drip Drip!!!! 🙁

  • gonzotx

    Happy Belated New Year…even though I was left out… Grape…lol

  • But while the public’s attention has been on his diplomacy in the Middle East, behind the scenes at the State Department Mr. Kerry has initiated a systemic, top-down push to create an agencywide focus on global warming.

    His goal is to become the lead broker of a global, legally binding climate treaty in 2015 that will commit the United States and other nations to historic reductions in fossil fuel pollution.

  • 😆

    Wasn’t those Helo’s fueled with fossil fuels you know the ones that rescued the people stranded in the ICE!!!! 😆

  • A White House official once noted that the problem with the national press corps is it can only keep one idea in its mind at a time. And while that’s often true, it’s not at the moment in regard to Republicans.

    Today’s media line on the Republican party is it faces irreversible decline. That’s on the one hand. On the other, Republicans have a solid shot at capturing the Senate in the midterm elections in November, are all but certain to retain control of the House, and have reasonable prospects of winning the White House in 2016.

  • gonzotx

    What did you all think of BC and Hillary’s over the top support of the new NYC Mayor?
    I know he has worked for them before, but this guy is very close to a commie.

  • Leanora

    This is outrageous. Obama is an evil SOB!

    Sister of Murdered 9/11 Pilot Blasts Release of Terror Supporter Lynne Stewart

    The Obama administration sneakily arranged the release of this leftist shitbag just prior to New Year’s, probably figuring few would notice. The civilized world should be outraged by this, but she’ll probably be getting a warm welcome home in Bill DeBlasio’s Stalinist paradise.

    Thursday night Debra Burlingame, the sister of one of the murdered 9/11 airline pilots, Chip Burlingame, appeared with Megyn Kelly. She is not pleased, to say the least.

    It’s also infuriating how little media scrutiny this outrage has garnered.This is an avowed enemy of America, but in the warped minds of Team Obama, she deserves compassion. She should have been executed long ago.

  • Leanora

    The evil SOB is trying to get the Blind Shiek out of jail too!

  • moononpluto

    Useless bastards….

    US State Dept Spox made it clear today that US sees Erdogan’s police chiefs & prosecutor removals as “internal matter.”

  • moononpluto

    NBC News ‏@NBCNews 10m

    Situation in Iraqi cities of Fallujah and Ramadi is ‘extremely dire’ as radicals appear to have taken control, sources say


    Well fucked Up Obama…… wanted to cut and run for political gain for the 2012 election, here is your reward.

  • moononpluto

    Bit of a mess happening right now… AQ taken over Fallujah and Ramadi…taking the area, iraqi troops powerless.

  • wbboei

    Gonzo–about a month ago, I posted a note for you about a book on General Patton written by his daughter. You may not have seen it.

  • gonzotx


    No I didn’t. Do mind reposting? Sorry

  • lil ole grape

    Jeleanoro and Gonzo, pleeeze forgive — I tried so hard to include everybody– and accept my very best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2014!

  • gonzotx

    No problems Grape, you did a good job.

  • wbboei

    Gonzo: I have been more places than I remember, remember more places than I have been, and was sure it was a book, but it was only an interview–with Breitbart. (A mind is a terrible thing to lose, meaning my own. But at least I can look myself in the mirror when I shave, which is more than I can say for corrupt big media):

    Exclusive — General Patton’s Granddaughter on ‘Brains and Guts’

    On November 15th, Breitbart News was honored to speak with Helen Patton, granddaughter of General George S. Patton, Jr.

    Our conversation began with a reference George C. Scott’s portrayal of the general in the movie Patton. For many people, that movie represents their greatest exposure to General Patton. Because of this, we asked Helen how well Scott captured her grandpa–specifically when he mustered his troops and told them what he expected of them. She said, “My aunt, who knew my grandfather probably better than anyone, said, ‘He didn’t look like my father, he didn’t act like my father, but he was my father. He captured the essence of my father.'”

    Helen did note that her grandpa differed from Scott in that “he spoke with a very thick kind of Bostonian accent, that was very high pitched.”

    We talked to Helen about the frequent textbook assertions that her grandpa was “one of the greatest military figures in history.” We asked her what she thought when she heard that:

    Hearing that description makes me wish that I wasn’t his granddaughter so people could believe I’m not being bias when I say General Patton deserves to be remembered that way: he knew exactly what he was doing. He did his homework, he was prepared. His middle name was ‘Readiness.’

    It started when Pershing said, “Look fella, you’re going to be too late. We’re heading down to Mexico,” and my grandpa responded, “I’m already packed.”

    Because General Patton was a precise man who planned and prepared, we made sure to ask Helen about times when Patton said planning was not possible. We cited Operation Cobra, in which Patton’s Third Army had to pass through the corridor at Avranches. Of this passage, Patton wrote:

    [It] was an impossible operation. Two roads entered Avranches; only one left it over the bridge. We passed through this corridor 2 infantry and 2 armoured divisions in less than 24 hours. There was no plan because it was impossible to make a plan.

    Helen replied:

    For him to say there wasn’t a plan means he must have gotten an unexpected surprise at that single exit. Because while he was waiting for the breakout of Avranches, he was sequestered in Nehou, Normandy. He was relegated to an apple orchard for bad behavior for not having remembered the Russians in his famous speech to the troops in England.

    During this time he did a ton of reconnaissance. He used to go out into the apple orchard and think about the ways he would exit Avranches. So I don’t believe his admission that “it was impossible to make a plan” was hyperbole at all.

    General Patton pursued excellence and excepted nothing less, so we asked Helen if she believed her grandpa lived up to his own expectations for himself. She responded:

    My grandpa was his own worst critic, from the get-go. His example, what he wanted to live up, were his military ancestors. He idolized his military ancestors–he was groomed to idolize them by his aunt, who pumped him full with stories of these Civil War knights in shining armor.

    He was constantly raising the bar for himself and achieving it, raising it again, achieving it. Whether it’s standing on the toilets at West Point so when the flashlights come by he’s not seen studying or being driven by a disappointment like his shooting experience at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics–which left him asking, “Why, why, why?”–he was constantly pressing himself.

    But I will say that when he achieved the relief of Bastogne–and there are others who deserve credit in that relief as well–I can’t imagine that he didn’t feel as though he’d reached a height that he could live with.

    In closing, we asked Helen if she might tell us something about her grandpa that the world doesn’t know–perhaps something the world has missed about him personally while focusing so much on his professional military life.

    “My grandpa hated being called, ‘Blood and Guts,'” she replied. “He wanted to be called, ‘Brains and Guts.’ That’s little known, but I think if I could rewrite history or start now afresh, that’s what I would like to have him called.”

  • VotingHillary

    RIP Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers.

  • wbboei

    Obama needs to stop beating around the bush. This drug war is getting us nowhere. He needs to recognize the Narco state, make Matthews the Ambassador, and promise them billions of taxpayer money if they agree to remember his birthday. Soros, being a drug user himself (along with his billionaire friend Peter Lewis) and committed to the pacification of the American People through drugs, and Tom Brokaw and Bill Moyers who are on the Soros payroll are fully supportive.

  • wbboei

    Are Men Obsolete?

    So reads the cover story of Time Magazine.

    This journalistic cesspool which is haven and home to rabid ideologues who appeal mainly to the denizens of the Hamptons, Beverley Hills and the Beltway provided warm bodies for the big media to salt its panels with, are going the way of the dinosaur. They hate it. And even more they hate us.

    Well, I agree with the author of this article: I wish them luck with a capital F.

    Meanwhile, let us answer the question.

    Obama has been described as not only the first black president, but the first metrosexual president.

    No wonder he is partial to that coddled Pajama Boy.


    And now, having killed off God, shredded the Constitution, and alienated their Republican readers, Time is ready to shrink its audience even further. In October, Zakaria accused conservatives of hating America, admonishing them that “you cannot love America in theory, and hate it in fact,” an odd concept for a man who, like the president he wishes to advise, seeks to fundamentally transform the nation, and reduce its global influence. Last month, Time’s Mark Halperin finally came clean on Obamacare’s death panels, after the magazine championed Mr. Obama and its punitive schemes since even before he took office, and conversely was at at war with all who opposed them. (See Zakaria quote above.) This week, Time seeks to further reduce its audience, which brings us to the “Men Are Obsolete” headline. (Camille Paglia, call your office. You too, Dr. Helen.)

    Since the idea of a weekly newsmagazine is rendered anathema by the speed of the Internet, Time itself has long been obsolete; but its writers have done their best to destroy the decades of goodwill that its founder built up with the magazine’s first generation of readers. Plans are currently underway to divest Time magazine from the Time-Warner-CNN-HBO mothership; like the Washington Post destroying its Newsweek brand from 2007 through 2010, before offloading it onto 92-year old Sidney Harman for a buck shortly before his death, Time’s publishers seem determined to trash their brand as much as possible before setting it free. To borrow a line from Elvis Costello much loved by James Lileks, as far as this current scheme reaching fruition, I wish them luck with a capital-F.

  • jbstonesfan

    Dad news re Phil Everly.

  • TheRock

    Let’s see how that pesky Affordable Care Act is doing. Remember this?

    Well that’s really not the case. See what had happen was…

    Here’s Evidence Obamacare Isn’t Lowering Healthcare Costs

    Meghan Foley Google+ Twitter | More Articles

    January 03, 2014

    Excerpt from article {EMPHASIS MINE}

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Affordable Care Act — known colloquially as Obamacare — will not solve rising health insurance costs. Theoretically, it would seem that ensuring more Americans had access to health insurance coverage would mean that more people would forgo expensive emergency room care in favor of less-expensive appointments with doctors and nurse practitioners. This logic was often employed by those defending the healthcare reform while the legislation was being debated in 2009. But that reasoning was “sometimes a misleading motivator for the Affordable Care Act,” Jonathan Gruber, a health economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told the Washington Post. “The law isn’t designed to save money. It’s designed to improve health, and that’s going to cost money.”

    Hints that the Affordable Care Act would not be a motivator for lower healthcare costs came in the September release of a report published in the journal Health Affair. Actuaries for at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, reasoned that while healthcare costs have indeed decreased in the past several years, there is no sign that the Affordable Care Act was responsible for drop in healthcare-related costs. Rather, the economic recession has been cited as the culprit, which seems reasonable given that costs are expected to jump 6.1 percent in 2014, the year the individual insurance mandate is implemented.


    Medicaid enrollees were using more healthcare services in general or whether they were visiting their primary care doctors more often. What the Harvard study determined was that without any financial restrictions, people used more health services, and as a result, increased the frequency of emergency room visits.

    In Oregon, visits to the emergency room increased 40 percent. Plus, those covered by Medicaid made an average of 1.43 trips to the ER during the 18 months of the study, while those who were not chosen for coverage by the lottery system made an overage of 1.02 visits. Even more concerning, the data did not show any decline in the use of the emergency room for conditions treatable by a primary care physician.

    This finding contradicts arguments made by Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius when Congress was debating the reform in 2009.

    Hospitals, to make up for this new reimbursement shortfall, will increase their charges to insurance paying patients. And it only stands to reason that the insurance companies will pass that cost on in the form of higher premiums. Thereby increasing costs.

    Way to reduce those premiums by $2500 per year per family, bumbles.


    Hillary 2016

  • TheRock

    Sorry. The youtube video of bumbles saying he was going to reduce premiums didn’t embed. It would have tied the post together. My bad…..

    Hillary 2016

  • Leanora

    This shows us the degree of ignorance among those who forged this certificate. They didn’t even bother to look up the history of Africa or any other facts before they created this fraudulent document.

    Obama Busted: Birth Cert Contains Words/Places That Did Not Exist In 1961! African American & Kenya

    4 Simple Questions from a New Jersey Attorney…

    1. Back in 1961 people of color were called ‘Negroes.’ So how can the Obama ’birth certificate’ state he is “African-American” when the term wasn’t even used at that time?

    2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961 & Lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right ? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in “Kenya , East Africa”.

    This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet Exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”. (check it below)

    3. On the Birth Certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”. This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called ”KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity
    Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

    Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major media ?

    4. Perhaps a clue comes from Obama’s book on his father. He states how proud he is of his father fighting in WW II. I’m not a math genius, so I may need some help from you. Barack Obama’s “birth certificate” says his father was 25 years old in 1961 when Obama was born. That should have put his father’s date of birth approximately 1936 – if my math holds (Honest! I did That without a calculator!). Now we need a non-revised history book – one that hasn’t been altered to satisfy the author’s goals – to verify that WW II was basically
    between 1939 and 1945. Just how many 3 year olds fight in Wars? Even in the latest stages of WW II his father wouldn’t have been more than 9 years old. Does that mean that Mr. Obama is a liar, or simply chooses to alter the facts to satisfy his imagination or political purposes?

    If you copy and paste the following into your search engine, you will see Obama making the statement that his father served in WWII…..

  • Leanora

    This lady knows of what she speaks.

    Nazi Eyewitness Warns Americans: “Keep Your Guns & Buy More Guns” (Video)

    America Truly is the Greatest Country in the World. Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away

    The Final Steps – Gun Laws:

    Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily…

    …Totalitarianism didn’t come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria . Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath. Instead, we had creeping gradualism. Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom.

  • holdthemaccountable

    Thu, Jan 2, 2014 @ 4:37 pm
    Could there be a group that looks more insular, elitist and out of touch than the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? One strategist for the chamber says they want “no more fools” nominated for office by the GOP.
    By “fools” he meant tea party candidates. The chamber is ready to spend $50 million to defeat them.
    This from an organization that has launched a thousand sinking ships. snip

  • Leanora

    This sure made my jaw drop!

    Obama: Republicans Went Home For Holidays While a Mother Suffers “Who Needs Help Feeding Her Kids”

    Barack Obama lashed out at Republicans in his Weekly Address this week accusing the GOP of going home for the holidays while mothers suffer who need help feeding their kids.

    The president is currently vacationing in Hawaii.

    From President Obama’s Weekly Address:

    Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline – the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire…

    …We make this promise to one another because it makes a difference to a mother who needs help feeding her kids while she’s looking for work; to a father who needs help paying the rent while learning the skills to get a new and better job. And denying families that security is just plain cruel. We’re a better country than that. We don’t abandon our fellow Americans when times get tough – we keep the faith with them until they start that new job.

    Of course, this is quite a bold statement from the vacationing president who owns the worst economic recovery in history and the worst jobs record since the Great Depression.

  • I hope every one is well and happy 🙂

  • Hillmeister44

    Lil Ole Grape, thanks for remembering those of us who, for one reason or another, do not post anymore.

    Happy New Year to you and to all others at Big Pink, especially Admin.

    Although I do not post anymore, I still lurk everyday.

    Now back to lurking.

  • holdthemaccountable

    I’ve heard rumblings from personal sources about Common Core principles being wrong for our education. Now links to the following sort of info are coming across twitter from the conservative followers I’ve chosen. No link because I’m not intent upon drumming up business for them. But dang it they have turned up some real ugly.
    “…In this installment of the [David] Coleman Saga [creator of standards for] we will visit his witty banter and self-deprecating countenance. Of course it’s all meant for a laugh. The problem is we aren’t laughing. It’s not funny when it’s true and it pertains to the takeover of public education and our children’s future. As a recap you can read here about his background and non-educational experience. He has ties to the terrorist Bill Ayers. And he’s re-writing the SAT to match the Standards….”

    We are under siege. 8-(

  • holdthemaccountable

    BTW I don’t believe anyone was ready for the holidays to be over.

  • If President Obama thinks he has a chance to win a public relations battle with the Little Sisters of the Poor, perhaps he should talk to Dennis Kucinich. The former congressman is one of the few politicians who took on the nuns. It was during Kucinich’s tumultuous one term as mayor of Cleveland and Kucinich lost. Decisively. Memorably.

    That was in 1978, 36 years before Obama’s Justice Department got tangled up in this week’s legal skirmish with the 160-year-old order of sisters devoted to helping the old and needy. The nuns are caught up in the administration’s requirement that employer-offered health plans cover contraception and abortion drugs, both of which are against Catholic teaching.

    This battle is far more legalistic and much less colorful than the fight Kucinich picked soon after his 1977 election as mayor. He took office in January, a notoriously frigid month along the shores of Lake Erie. And one of his administration’s first acts was to toss the nuns out of City Hall and out into the snow. The nuns in that case were not the Little Sisters of the Poor; they were the Daughters of St. Paul, a smaller order also noted for their good works in the community. Oddly, as news stories about Kucinich’s action spread across the country, the episode became known as “Kucinich versus the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

  • Hillmeister44
    January 4, 2014 at 2:41 pm


    Please lurk less and post more. 🙂

  • Lu4PUMA

    How soon can the rates be raised on Obummercare?

  • Shadowfax


    How soon can the rates be raised on Obummercare?

    In those 2K+ pages of hogwash, there is a good chance that they tossed in some agreement with the insurance companies that they can pull that trigger as often as they deem necessary.

    And if they forgot to add it, Barry can just wave his magical unicorn wand and make it so.

  • A few days ago, sources inside Congress issued a quick heads up regarding a plan by the Obama White House and the Democratic leadership to once again use divide and conquer tactics to gain an advantag..

  • Leanora

    I don’t believe for a minute that this is the ‘latest kink’ as suggested by the article. I believe this was done on purpose.

    Obamacare Revelation: It’s Hard To Cover Newborn Babies, But Easy To Kill Babies.

    Now we can finally understand what the President meant when he said, I don’t want my daughters punished with a baby. The punishment is once they have Obamacare it will be hell to get their new babies covered by heath insurance. The latest “kink” in the Obamacare system is it lacks a way for consumers to quickly and easily update their coverage for the birth of a baby and other common life changes.

    Pre-Obamcare private insurance, parents just notify the health plan. Insurers will still cover new babies. website can’t handle such updates. In other words under the President’s signature legislation its hard to cover new babies, but easy to get abortion coverage to kill babies.

    It’s a reminder that the new coverage for many uninsured Americans comes with a third party in the mix: the feds. And the system’s wiring for some vital federal functions isn’t yet fully connected.

    It’s not just having a new baby that could create bureaucratic hassles, but other life changes affecting a consumer’s taxpayer-subsidized premiums. The list includes marriage and divorce, a death in the family, a new job or a change in income, even moving to a different community.

    Such changes affect financial assistance available under the law, so the government has to be brought into the loop.

    The Administration is claiming over 2 million Americans have signed up for Obamacare, but that is not a real number since they are counting people who have indicated they want to purchase a particular policy whether or not they have ponied up the dollars to pay for it.

  • holdthemaccountable

    Snip It was not immediately clear when the first lady will return to the White House snip.
    Obama’s Birthday Gift to Michelle: Time Alone in Hawaii

  • Leanora

    Oh, HELL NO ! – John Kerry Proposing To Offer Up U.S. Troops To Help Secure Borders Of “New State Of Palestine”…

    NO ! Let me be clear: NO !

    Just in case you are fuzzy on the big word: NO !

    In the event you have difficulty understanding the whole Good VS Bad concept: NO !

    In essence, just to keep it simple: NO !

    YAHOO NEWS – Secretary of State John Kerry is proposing to offer up US troops to help secure the borders of the new state of Palestine, according to some unconfirmed news reports coming out of Israel.

    How plausible is the possibility? And would it be a good idea, or, as some military analysts argue, would the White House would be “nuts” to consider it?

    The US troops would be tasked with helping to prevent anti-Israel forces from coming out of Jordan and reaching Israel, according to Debkafile, an Israeli intelligence and security news service.


  • I agree Leanora NO!!!! 👿

  • wbboei

    Howard Kurtz. . . . or, Howie, if you prefer . . . or Casper Milquetoast the self professed media critic. He wreaks of self interest, avoids the root of the problem, which is of course MSNBC president Phil Griffin, who fosters the sewer culture of unmitigated hate at that network, equates MSNBC to FOX, a typical mainstream media line, whom he seems to have forgotten that he now works for, and prays for MSNBC’s redemption. To pray for the devil makes no sense. The truth aboutg him is he is the flotsam and jettsom of a dying big media establishment, which has sent its pathogens out in all directions to pollute the airways and trouble the living stream. When they get to part or parts unknown they continue to defend that big media establishment, whose values are anathema to the American People. In the history of football, there have been many times when a team paid millions for a top draft pick who turned out to be a hamburger. The hiring of Howie by FOX is a lot like that. It gives them a certain amount of cache to have a media critic in their stable, until he opens his mouth and gives us at best nothing, at worst the same tripe we hear on the dying networks.

  • wbboei

    If I were to boil it all down to one sentence it would read thusly:

    Media Critic Howard Kurtz is not a mainstream media critic, but a committed defender of that cesspool.

  • The “Under Siege” actor, ever so popular in the early 1990s, told ABC affiliate KNXV-TV that he is currently mulling over a shot at the state’s highest office.

  • 🙂

    Experts are predicting a surge in biblical baby names for 2014. Names like Levi, Caleb, Naomi and Judith are poised to eclipse 2013’s popular Sophia, Jackson, Emma and Aiden.

  • moononpluto

    With any luck he’ll die, that sounds horrible but this would be one i would if he shuffled off…thoroughly odious waste of a human being.

  • Leanora

    7 Easy Steps to Jailing Obama

    We may be entering President Obama’s sixth year as president, but there is still a swath of the population that believes he is not a natural-born U.S. citizen and a large portion of the U.S. House of Representatives that believes it could impeach Obama on those and other grounds.

    While the Democratic-led U.S. Senate stands ready to foil any impeachment attempt, Lord Christopher Monckton has a foolproof plan to lock up not only Obama but any public official who believes Obama is qualified for the presidency.

    Step 1: “Stop being panty-waists,” writes the World Net Daily columnist and adviser to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. In other words, members of Congress should quit fretting about what the left will say about them and band together to move forward with a congressional inquiry “into the self-evidently bogus ‘birth certificate’ that festers to this day on the white house website.”

    Step 2: Call the attorney general of Hawaii, the head of the Secret Service, and the head of the FBI, and “ask them why they did not act when they were telephoned and written to by concerned U.S. citizens.”

    Step 3 : The “GOP caucus should get its wobbly bottom down to Phoenix and get itself up to speed on the investigation,” led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Step 4: Draft a bill to remove every statute signed by Obama because they are all invalid.

    Step 5: Don’t expect Obama to be arrested while he’s still in office, but as soon as his term ends, “various agencies will belatedly scramble to start doing the job they should be doing now, in the vain hope of evading prosecution for acting as accessories after the fact of forgery.”

  • VotingHillary

    January 5, 2014 at 6:12 am
    Snip It was not immediately clear when the first lady will return to the White House snip.
    Obama’s Birthday Gift to Michelle: Time Alone in Hawaii

    Obama’s gift to her? So does that mean HE is paying for the additional Secret Service detail that will have to stay behind with her? Is HE going to pay for the additional flight back to DC?

    Sounds more like this is the TAXPAYER’S gift to her. But, have no fear. I am sure she will be back in time for her 50th B-day party that will no doubt again be at our expense.

    BTW, anyone else think perhaps Michelle is still miffed about Barack’s “selfie” at the Mandela funeral with the blonde Prime Minister?

  • moononpluto

    Disgraceful….totally inhumane.

    The Turkish parliament passed a bill today that will criminalize emergency medical care and punish doctors with heavy fines and imprisonment for assisting those in need. Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) is urging the president of the Turkish Republic, Abdullah Gul, not to sign the bill, which would have a chilling effect on access to medical care.

    Leading medical groups, including the World Medical Association, the British Medical Association, and the German Medical Association, have cautioned about the dire consequences the bill would have on medical care. The UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health has warned about the chilling effect such a law would have on accessing care.

    “There is a reason the medical community is speaking out so strongly against the bill,” said Dr. Vincent Iacopino, PHR’s senior medical advisor. “The Turkish government’s intolerance of opposition is so great that it is willing to compromise its citizens’ access to care in emergencies and incarcerate physicians for simply following their ethical duty of caring for those in need. The international medical community is calling upon President Abdullah Gul to refuse to sign this bill into law because it undermines the health of Turkish citizens and their trust in the medical community.”

    Article 46, which would restrict medical professionals’ ability to provide care in emergencies, is part of a larger package of bills by the Ministry of Health. Legislators have inserted language in the bill that states emergency services by authorized personnel would only be allowed “until the arrival of formal health services and health service becomes continuous.” These vague and unnecessary conditions about who could provide medical care and when will result in the arbitrary arrest and punishment of emergency medical responders.

    The provision puts doctors in direct conflict with their ethical and professional responsibilities to care for the sick and wounded. It is part of the Turkish government’s continuing effort to punish doctors and other medical professionals for treating everyone in need, including demonstrators during last summer’s anti-government protests.

    PHR has documented the Turkish government’s unlawful use of force and tear gas, as well as deliberate attacks on the medical community. PHR’s recent report on the protests in Turkey last summer discussed not only the authorities’ detention of medical staff who treated those injured by the police, but also the government’s efforts to collect the names of injured demonstrators and those treating them.


    and yet the US Govt will still not say anything.

  • holdthemaccountable

    January 5, 2014 at 1:22 pm
    perhaps Michelle is still miffed about Barack’s “selfie” at the Mandela funeral with the blonde Prime Minister
    I’m reading more into it because the daughters returned with him.
    Within the past year some foreign dignitary & his wife were here and Michelle stood them up because of her daughters and school being in or out.
    There have been other times she’s taken a stand designed to tell Amerikka that kids are important and she tends to hers.

    But did she not return last year with bangs and a mid-life crisis?

    Her b-day is Jan 17 which is something I’d also forgotten. 🙂

  • holdthemaccountable

    MItt had an audience today!
    snip In a wide-ranging interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Romney repeatedly said his biggest issue with the Affordable Care Act, the president’s signature health care law, was that it didn’t allow Americans to keep their existing plan and forced some to pay for care they didn’t need. It’s not just the president telling people that they have to buy insurance,” he said. “He told them what [to] buy….”

  • Shadowfax

    President Barack Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha left their vacation in Hawaii on Saturday, but left First Lady Michelle Obama behind on the islands, according to news agency reports. The president reportedly let his wife stay on in Hawaii with friends as a “birthday present.” Michelle Obama will turn 50 years old on Jan. 17.
    It is a birthday present whose costs, in separate travel and security expenses, are likely to be borne, in part, by taxpayers. On a previous occasion, when Mrs. Obama left for a Hawaii vacation in advance of her husband, the additional cost to the Treasury was estimated to be at least $63,000, and potentially upwards of $100,000.

    Sounds more like a present for Barry. Two weeks without MO, what will he do, what will he do????????

  • VotingHillary

    January 5, 2014 at 3:42 pm
    Stay indoors.

    A friendly reminder to those of us who haven’t had to deal with “tundra temps” in a long time. Make sure you have your phone charger with you as cold weather shortens the life of a battery charge.

    Also, that temp warning also applies to your PETS.

  • moononpluto

    front page of Drudge right now……


  • S

    finally a voice from the left…and an AA male from the left who calls the left out on their race baiting insanity…thank you MM!

    Head of New York Civil Rights Coalition compares MSNBC rhetoric to McCarthyism

    Michael Meyers, executive director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, told The Daily Caller that Melissa Harris-Perry and MSNBC engage in racial McCarthyism to silence mainstream black voices.

    “I’m an African-American, and I’m a liberal,” said Meyers, longtime former member of the ACLU’s Board of Directors and onetime aide to legendary NAACP executive director Roy Wilkins. ”I shook when I watched that segment where they were calling out the African-American grandchild of Mitt Romney. I was really appalled.”

    MSNBC host Harris-Perry apologized Saturday for a segment in which she and her guests mocked the adopted black grandson of Mitt Romney and said that Romney having a black grandchild was indicative of the Republican Party, which finds token black people for photo ops

    “I’m shocked that [MSNBC president] Phil Griffin is condoning it. I’m a little surprised it’s coming from Melissa Harris-Perry because she ought to know better. They focus entirely on race and calling racism where it doesn’t exist, and it’s time for the liberal community to call them out,” Meyers said.

    “It’s ideology. I believe that Melissa Harris-Perry and Michael Eric Dyson and Toure and these folks who are supposed to be the representatives, the so-called voice of the African-American community, are a strident errant voice. It is so ideological and so radical and I’m surprised that it’s becoming mainstreamed on MSNBC. There are responsible African-American voices but you never see them on MSNBC and you barely see them on CNN.” (RELATED: CNN slams Melissa Harris-Perry for attack on Romney’s black grandchild)

    “It’s fashionable” for media commentators to engage in divisive racial rhetoric, Meyers said.

    “There used to be a reverend on TV in New York, ‘Reverend Ike.’ And Reverend Ike used to say, ‘you can’t lose with the stuff I use.’ I think the so-called voices of Black America are selling snake oil. They are being lauded and reinforced and put into the mainstream to make it appear that they’re the authentic black voice and they’re not. Why else would they put Al Sharpton on MSNBC? I don’t get it. I mean, I do get it,” he said with a laugh.

    So why do white liberals condone these tactics? According to Meyers: “paternalism.”

    “You have liberal whites who are well-meaning and well-intentioned, but it’s the same liberal whites who in the ’60′s tolerated and embraced black nationalism. It was racist then, and it’s racist now… If you have white people saying this about black people, MSNBC would not tolerate this for one minute. The chieftains [of the black community] would call it out.” (RELATED: It’s official: Melissa Harris-Perry is sorry)

    “It’s worse than divisive. It’s crying racism where the racism doesn’t exist. They just make this stuff up. Everything becomes about race, about calling people racists when they haven’t said anything racist. It’s Orwellian Doublespeak.”

    Meyers also compared Harris-Perry and other MSNBC commentators to Joseph McCarthy, noting that people who get accused of racism are smeared in the public arena.

    “It’s a literal blacklist. The whole purpose is to silence you and to marginalize you. People don’t want to be called racist, particularly when they’re not racist,” he said.

    Meyers said that he always responds to “racial idiocy” regardless of the “stripe or the color of the person” expressing it, but noted that he does not get much criticism for it from the back community.

    “I don’t get much criticism because I think mainstream blacks welcome rationality and sanity… When I was young I was responding to the black nationalist statements of Louis Farrakhan, and I was the only civil rights person to do so… Louis Farrakhan acolytes used to harass me and call me up and threaten me, but as long as we have a voice we can respond to this stridency.”

    How do mainstream black voices go about doing it? Meyers invoked lawyer Joseph Welch, whose question to McCarthy at the 1954 Army-McCarthy hearings summarized a silent majority’s feelings about McCarthy’s tactics: “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”


    wow…did MM hit the nail on the head when he singled out Melissa Harris-Perry and Michael Eric Dyson and Toure and their “racial idiocy”

    …tweeted MHP and Marc Lamont that she, he and her crew are behind the times and to stop making everything about black and white instead of people…enough…work on freaking solutions instead of creating problems where they do not exist…and pushing people father apart from each other and more division…

    I think MHP has her own personal issues she never worked out and that is where that emotional reaction came from…evidently she was brought up by a white mother in a Mormon backgd …somewhere along the way she did not work this out and now seems to have alot of unresolved conflict towards white people…

  • moononpluto


    From: General Wes Clark []
    Date: January 5, 2014, 3:06:45 PM EST
    Subject: Free Hillary Clinton Bumper Sticker

    Have you picked up your free Ready for Hillary bumper sticker yet?

    Please take a moment to read this special message from General Wes Clark. Ready For Hillary PAC is solely responsible for the content of this message.

    Grassroots movements happen when neighbors talk to neighbors and tell them to get involved.

    One of the best ways to spark these conversations about Hillary potentially running in 2016 is by showing your support right now.

    Have you picked up your free Ready for Hillary bumper sticker yet?

    Hillary has what it takes to be the next President of the United States. But today, as she decides whether to run she needs to see our support.

    Now is the time to get our support for Hillary organized and ready for 2016.

    Claim your free sticker: Proudly put your support for Hillary on display and tell your friends to do the same.

    Thanks for joining with us,

    General Wes Clark

  • holdthemaccountable

    Here’s another executive legislating.
    This week, Governor Cuomo is expected to announce that those with Cancer, Glaucoma and certain other illnesses will have access to medical marijuana. Under his plan, 20 hospitals across New York State would be able to prescribe it.

  • Shadowfax

    January 5, 2014 at 4:58 pm
    front page of Drudge right now……


    I got that email from W. Clark a few days ago, not sure why Drudge now thinks another high profile person makes Hillay’s run official.

  • moononpluto

    Apparently from what i gather Hillary’s campaign has indeed given Ready for Hillary PAC her fundraising email list and the reports are Hillary has taken a 2016 strategy scenario meeting with confidantes/aides for viability in the last month.

  • moononpluto

    So that didnt last long

    Liz Cheney to abandon Senate bid

    Liz Cheney, whose upstart bid to unseat Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi sparked a round of warfare in the Republican Party and even within her own family, is dropping out of the Senate primary, sources told CNN late Sunday.

    Cheney, the eldest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, began telling associates of her decision over the weekend and could make an official announcement about the race as early as Monday.

    Cheney’s surprising decision to jump into the race, an announcement made in a YouTube video last summer, roiled Republican politics in the Wyoming, a state Dick Cheney represented in Congress for five terms before moving up the Republican food chain in Washington.

    Enzi was a low-key presence in Washington who was elected in 1996 and, with few blemishes, amassed a conservative voting record in the Senate. He expressed public annoyance at Cheney’s decision to mount a primary challenge. A number of his Senate colleagues quickly rallied to his side and pledged support for his re-election bid.

    There was little public polling of the race, but two partisan polls released last year showed Enzi with a wide lead, an assessment mostly shared by GOP insiders watching the race.

    Cheney’s campaign got off to a rocky start.

    Her critics labeled her a carpetbagger, noting that she moved to Wyoming only in 2012 after relocating from Virginia. The issue flared in August after the Wyoming media reported that Cheney improperly received a fishing license despite not living in the state for at least a year, as the law requires.

    Grabbing even more attention was her very public dispute with her sister, Mary, over the issue of same-sex marriage. Mary Cheney, who is a lesbian, took to Facebook in November to object to Liz’s opposition to same-sex marriage, claiming that her sister has previously supported her relationship while saying something very different on the campaign trail.

    The dispute prompted their parents to weigh in, saying they were “pained” to see the sisters battle over a private matter in full view of the news media.

    Beyond the campaign missteps, Cheney’s election effort, vigorously supported by her father and his allies, often felt out-of-tune with the small-government conservative sentiment that has fueled other Republican primary challengers.

    Cheney, like her father, is an unapologetic neoconservative who favors muscular use of American military power overseas, a policy that does not sit well with many grassroots conservatives, particularly in the libertarian-leaning West.

  • moononpluto


    Early last summer in her Georgian-style home near Washington’s Embassy Row, Hillary Clinton met with a handful of aides for a detailed presentation on preparing for a 2016 presidential campaign.

    Three officials from the Democratic consulting firm Dewey Square Group — veteran field organizer Michael Whouley, firm founder Charlie Baker and strategist Jill Alper, whose expertise includes voter attitudes toward women candidates — delivered a dispassionate, numbers-driven assessment. They broke down filing deadlines in certain states, projected how much money Clinton would need to raise and described how field operations have become more sophisticated in the era of Barack Obama.

    The meeting was organized by Minyon Moore, a longtime Clinton intimate also at Dewey Square who has informally become the potential candidate’s political eyes and ears of late. Clinton listened closely but said little and made no commitments, according to people familiar with the nearly hourlong gathering. It appears to have been the only formal 2016-related presentation Clinton has been given from anyone outside her immediate circle.

    Publicly, Clinton insists she’s many months away from a decision about her political future. But a shadow campaign on her behalf has nevertheless been steadily building for the better part of a year — a quiet, intensifying, improvisational effort to lay the groundwork for another White House bid.

    Some of the activity has the former first lady’s tacit approval. Some involves outside groups that are operating independently, and at times in competition with one another, to prepare a final career act for the former senator and secretary of state, whose legacy as the most powerful woman in the history of American politics is already secure.

    More than two dozen people in her orbit interviewed for this article described a virtual campaign in waiting — a term that itself makes some of Clinton’s supporters bristle — consisting of longtime Clinton loyalists as well as people who worked doggedly to elect her onetime rival Obama.

    There are two spheres of influence. One is made up of more than a dozen Clinton staffers, loyalists and longtime friends whose advice she values the most.

    (PHOTOS: Who’s talking about Hillary Clinton 2016?)

    The other sphere is more complex. It includes an assortment of super PACs and outside groups, all jockeying to be part of the Clinton movement but operating beyond her immediate direction and control. Still, some of these efforts could become the foundation of an eventual campaign.

    For all the genuine excitement about the prospect that Clinton, 66, could shatter the glass ceiling she famously invoked in 2008, the potential for rancor among these groups is real.

    In at least one instance last year, two super PACs collided over efforts to get behind a Clinton candidacy — forcing her allies to intervene.

    “There’s upside and there’s risk” to this patchwork of outside forces, said Tad Devine, an unaffiliated strategist who worked on John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, when Democratic-leaning outside groups often acted at odds with the candidate’s message.

    “The upside is that people are out there doing valuable and important work for you,” he said. But “in a campaign, when people are acting on your behalf but they’re not driven by an agreed-upon strategy, then that’s the risk.”

    The outsiders: friends with headaches

    Hillary Clinton was a few months removed from the State Department when one of her top aides, Huma Abedin, received an alarmed phone call about trouble brewing between two groups looking to help her politically.

    “Ready for Hillary,” the super PAC that was initially billed as a grass-roots effort to channel early energy for Clinton to run, had become a source of frustration, and it was reaching a boiling point. In addition to a moniker that irked some Clinton allies — they thought it had an air of inevitability that plagued her in the past ­ — the group was making an aggressive play for activists and donors to back their effort.

    (PHOTOS: Hillary Clinton’s 50 influentials)

    At the same time, Priorities USA, the main super PAC behind Obama in 2012, was in discussions to reinvent itself as a pro-Hillary Clinton endeavor. That would mean appealing to some of those same supporters. The two groups also had wildly different views of how active to be while Clinton was assessing whether to run.

    The Priorities official warned Abedin that the situation could become problematic for Clinton if it wasn’t resolved. The official sought guidance from someone who had the would-be candidate’s ear.

    The efforts of pro-Clinton outside groups over the past half-year, and the Clinton allies trying to corral them, reflect a much-changed political landscape since Clinton’s last run. Back then, super PACs didn’t exist. Potential candidates who needed campaign prep work done had to set up an exploratory committee or PAC under their own direct control.

    Now super PACs are a must-have political accessory for candidates of all stripes.

    The groups can raise and spend unlimited sums in support of a candidate and perform key tasks the person isn’t ready to do. In Clinton’s case, Priorities will probably line up pledges from big donors. Ready for Hillary is building email lists. And Correct the Record — launched last year by Clinton-critic-turned-defender David Brock as an offshoot of the super PAC American Bridge — hits back when Clinton is attacked in the media and tries to define potential rivals like Chris Christie.

    (Also on POLITICO: How she’s fared in the polls)

    The outside backers have allowed Clinton to stay out of the political fray for a longer period of time as she makes up her mind about whether to run.

    But the free-agent entities can also become headaches when they act at cross-purposes — or in ways a candidate doesn’t approve of.

    A clash of super PACs

    The call to Abedin, described by several people familiar with the conversation, touched off a larger debate in Clinton’s circle. Clinton herself was forced to grapple with the run-in between the two groups; several sources familiar with the discussions said she wanted to keep her team distant from the work of the super PACs to avoid brushing up against rules forbidding coordination. But Clinton made clear to aides that the mess, which in many ways echoed the factionalism of her past, needed to be sorted out.

    In a series of meetings in Washington and New York, advisers to both groups huddled to address the problem. John Podesta, the former chief of staff to Bill Clinton who recently joined the Obama White House, was among the participants brought in on the Priorities side to help.

    Some suggested trying to force Ready for Hillary to shut down. That idea was rejected out of concern it would prompt negative stories about Clinton forces stomping on the grass roots.

    Another adviser proposed merging the two super PACs, but that also went nowhere.

    Eventually they settled on a solution: Ready for Hillary would focus on collecting and analyzing voter data, accepting donations up to $25,000. Priorities would be the super PAC for mega-donors, working solely on paid advertising.

    Ready for Hillary has since won over key people close to Clinton impressed by its efforts like cultivating detailed lists of supporters through social media, which Clinton didn’t do in 2008. Among other moves, it brought on Craig Smith, a White House political director for Bill Clinton and friend from his Arkansas days. He gave the aura of an adult in the room to a group created by younger former Clinton staffers.

    Most important is that Moore, whose background is in field organizing, is said to believe in the work the group is doing, as does Baker of Dewey Square, according to several sources. Besides the email list, Ready for Hillary is building a massive, 50-state direct-mail and voter targeting program. In a sign of cooperation, the group rented Clinton’s supporter list from her old PAC. It also brought on Obama’s field gurus, Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird, to help build up its efforts, including by supporting local candidates who Clinton backs in this year’s midterm elections.

    Ready for Hillary hopes to make its data available to a 2016 Clinton campaign, and some Clinton allies believe there are a number of young aides and operatives working for the super PAC who could become part of her campaign. The 2008 campaign had many well-documented flaws, but one was the failure to prominently deploy young campaign talent, which flocked to Obama.

    “If you wonder whether Clintonworld has learned our lessons from 2008, look no further than the work of Ready for Hillary,” said one source supportive of its work.


    Read on, very long piece…….

  • Leanora

    Member of De Blasio’s Transition Team Receives Award At Communist Fundraiser…

    [A]ccording to an article on the CPUSA News, People’s World, Zakiyah Ansari, a member of New York City Mayor Bill de-Blasio’s transition team, received an award at the CPUSA Christmas fund raiser in New York City in December:

    Joelle Fishman, host of the event and chair of CPUSA’s Political Action Commission, introduced the honorees. “I am very honored and excited to be here today at the Better World Awards to share your celebration of the great election victory in New York that has captured the attention of the entire country,” said Fishman. “This election is a victory over racism. It is a victory over stop and frisk. It is a victory over 20 years of direct Wall St. rule. But it is only a beginning. To realize the possibilities, everyone here has an important part to play going forward.”

    She then proceed to introduce and deliver the awards to Raglan George, Zakiyah Ansari and Lethy Liriano and the lifetime achievement award to Vinie Burrows and Ellen Perlo.

    … From humble beginnings to advocacy director with the New York State Alliance for Quality Education, to member of the new mayor of New York City, Bill de-Blasio’s transition team. Zakiyah Ansari, BWA honoree, told an extraordinary story of awareness and accomplishment.

    Keep reading…

  • OkieAtty

    Lil Ole Grape, thank you and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    I’ve little time these days thanks to our wonderful schnickelfritz. Parenting a toddler will keep you young and very exhausted. I’m presently retired from politicking around these parts. Hubster and I agree people are dumb, and more often than not, rotten.

    I will say I’m reassessing my HRC support. She’s just too closely aligned with 👿 . I want to see where she lives philosophically now. Plus, the world is a much different place than in ’08 when we all first landed here. Lots more to be afraid of and much of it within our own government. I hope she is not a supporter of what has been happening and that she doesn’t saddle up with the so-called progressives. Too bad Bashir didn’t think about hot carling those assholes….

  • Leanora

    Obama Frees a Terror Lawyer

    “Oh, Muslims everywhere!” Omar Abdel Rahman wrote from his American prison cell. “Cut the transportation of their countries, tear it apart, destroy their economy, burn their companies, eliminate their interests, sink their ships, shoot down their planes, kill them on the sea, air, on land.”

    This fatwa, or one very similar to it, was distributed to Al Qaeda terrorists in terror training camps while Mohammed Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheikh’s son, lectured them on their duties as Jihadists.

    While Al Qaeda was working on terror plots that would eventually develop into the attacks of September 11, the blind sheikh was producing threatening sermons from prison warning that America would bring “destruction” on itself if it interfered with the forces of Islam.

    On September 2000, a year before the attack, Bin Laden released a video together with Rahman’s son, vowing to free the blind sheikh while Rahman’s son urged Muslims to “move forward and shed blood.”

    A year later they did.

    It wasn’t easy for the blind terror chief to remain relevant in prison. His devoted attorney Lynne Stewart helped keep Omar Abdel Rahman relevant by helping him pass messages to his followers from prison. After Stewart’s crimes were exposed and this lifeline was cut, the blind sheikh became so forgotten that Bin Laden talked of avenging his death even though Omar Abdel-Rahman was still among the living.

    Omar Abdel Rahman’s followers carried out the first attack against the World Trade Center. Ramzi Yousef, the perpetrator of the World Trade Center bombing, was a follower of the blind sheikh, and his uncle, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, was also the architect of the September 11 attacks.


  • Leanora

    Barry’s latest outrage. And it IS an outrage!

    OUTRAGE! Obama Administration Is Secretly Declaring Thousands of US Veterans Incompetent – Then Taking Away Their Second Amendment Rights

    US veterans started receiving letters from the government last year informing them that they are disabled and not allowed to own, purchase or possess a firearm. If the veteran does decide to purchase a firearm he will be fined, imprisoned or both.

    This comes on page 2 of the VA letter.

  • He is just Quacking. 🙂 😀

  • holdthemaccountable

    Lil Ole Grape – you started something good!

    About FLOTUS; most she she’ll be home in a couple of days. If so, I can buy that this absence is nothing.

    Meantime little Bobby Casey appears to be following his master in an attempt to attract lo-info voters. He’s got a photo contest going. Winner will be granted “cover” status on his FB page.

    It seems little Johnnie Boehner has passed his hazing test and can denigrate as well as POUTUS.

    Lastly the temp here 4 hours ago was 50. Currently it is 34, predicted to be minus 1 when by days end. Know lots of other people are experiencing the same. At the very least these dramatic ups and downs are not gonna be good for the roads. Yesterday I took in a bit of the PA Farm show [on tv I hasten to add]. Many special arrangements are required to get horses & gear where all of it needs to be while keeping the animals indoors. A generous dollop of Americana when we certainly need it.

  • holdthemaccountable

    she she’ll – ???

  • holdthemaccountable

    Well, Foxy, if anyone is allowed a do-over, it would be he.

  • wbboei

    The Tea Party of an earlier era. Both are a rational response to the mal-distribution of income which takes place in the Gilded Age of the 19th century benefitted the profiteers of the Civil War disproportionately, and the second Gilded Age which inure to the benefit of those who profit from the transformation of our economy from a manufacturing based to an information based economy, and the concomitant destruction of the middle class. At one time the Democrat Party was the defender of the middle class. Today however, they are the destroyer of the middle class, and the RINO is right there with them, along with dying big media. You know an industry is on the way down when its elder statesmen lack any sense of introspection and are content to simply parrot the propaganda of their in group. Brokaw is a shining example of this implosion. But taking money from Soros does not help.

    The Mugwumps were Republican political activists who bolted from the United States Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the United States presidential election of 1884. They switched parties because they rejected the financial corruption associated with Republican candidate James G. Blaine.

    In a close election, the Mugwumps supposedly made the difference in New York state and swung the election to Cleveland. The jocular word mugwump, noted as early as 1832, is from Algonquian (Natick) mugquomp, “important person, kingpin” (from mugumquomp, “war leader”)[1] implying that they were “sanctimonious” or “holier-than-thou,”[2] in holding themselves aloof from party politics.

    After the election, mugwump survived for more than a decade as an epithet for a party bolter in American politics. Many Mugwumps became Democrats or remained independents; most continued to support reform well into the 20th century.[3] During the Third Party System, party loyalty was in high regard and independents were rare. Theodore Roosevelt stunned his upper class New York City friends by supporting Blaine in 1884; by rejecting the Mugwumps he kept alive his Republican party leadership, clearing the way for his own political aspirations.[4]

    New England and the Northeastern United States had been a stronghold of the Republican Party since the Civil War era, but the Mugwumps considered Blaine to be an untrustworthy and fraudulent candidate. Their idealism and reform sensibilities led them to oppose the political corruption in the politics of the Gilded Age

  • wbboei

    Combative Reid Attacks Tea Party, Threatens Filibuster Ban, Tells Republicans to ‘Get a Life’
    It seems to me that those like Reid who give advice so freely should be willing to take some advice themselves, as a matter of simple comity, especially when the shoe–or in this case, the c-mode fits his swollen head.

    “So Harry, we are sick of the sight, sound and smell of you. So Harry, go stick your head in the toilet and flush. To paraphrase Henry VIII, who will rid us of that meddlesome turd.”

  • jeswezey

    About that Wes Clark email, which I also received, I’ve been wondering why Hillary’s inner circle – and former (and future) campaign staff – haven’t been in closer touch with her. “Time Swampland” indeed points out:

    “Super PACs are not allowed to directly coordinate with candidates or campaigns, but because Clinton is not a declared candidate there is nothing improper about the list rental. But it is the latest indication of how seriously Clinton is considering another bid for the Oval Office.”

    This explains the early meeting at Hillary’s Georgetown residence that moononpluto reported at January 6, 2014 at 5:08 am.

    Until Hillary announces, she can freely coordinate with Ickes and Carville, Ready for Hillary, and resolve the fight between them and Priorities USA. In fact, she is probably doing so.

  • wbboei

    I cannot look at Harry Reid and is stare which is blank and pitiless as the moon, without thinking he is Mortimer Snurd on steroids. Lincoln said give a man power and you will find out who he really is. Reid is exhibit 1.

  • jeswezey

    Shadowfax January 1, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    “BlueEyes was always a little weasel and I never liked his voice. My older sister liked him, but he looked like street thug to me, and I never got over it.

    I know a whole generation loved him, I just wasn’t one of them.”

    He “looked like a street thug” because that’s what he was. I worked in a machine shop in Clifton NJ for six months and a half-dozen of my fellow workers had known Sinatra from the 30s. He was a child of the local Mafia lowlife and the Mafia sponsored him the way they would sponsor anyone from the “family” – with a knife to the throats of the song and movie producers.

  • holdthemaccountable

    US services sector stumbles as orders slow –
    We do not expect this surprise downside to persist but if it does….economist at Barclays.

  • holdthemaccountable

    Most illegals fail DMV test for Driver Authorization Card
    “We’d much rather see people come in prepared than just come in to see if they will pass or not,” DMV spokesman Kevin Malone told KSNV-TV in Las Vegas.

  • Leanora

    What A Donkey!!

    Executive Order: ‘Excessively High Temperatures’ ‘Already’ Harming Public Health

    “Excessively high temperatures” are “already” harming public health nationwide, Pres. Obama declared on Nov. 1, 2013, two months before today’s assault by record low temperatures.

    In his executive order on climate change, Obama warned that too much rain – and not enough rain – also dictated that executive action against climate fluctuations:

  • gonzotx

    Wes Clark…use to like him, not so much anymore

    And I remember his attack on McCain in Barry’s run for the WH.

    In referring to McCain’s military experience, he stated: “Well, I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.”

    It was tasteless. We all know of Barry’s experience right?

  • And even after all this time of on the job training, He still has none. 🙁

  • Why I don;t Ski. 😯

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has fractured a bone in her pelvis in a cross-country skiing accident in Switzerland, her spokesman says.

    She will have to remain lying down as much as possible in the next three weeks and several visits will be cancelled, Steffen Seibert said.

    She also suffered heavy bruising in the accident, in the alpine Engadine region of eastern Switzerland.

  • gonzotx

    I always like Sinatra. Good actor as well as singer.

  • gonzotx

    January 6, 2014 at 8:37 am

    Your not alone in your need to do reassessing. Even Admin has cautioned Hillary that we are not blind to facts.

  • moononpluto

    Unbelievable, doing everything to look guilty. :

    In an attempt to stop an investigation and themselves being arrested, the Turkish Govt Tonight, in the middle of the night removed thousands of police from their jobs, Police from Smuggling & Organised Crime Units across the country have been removed from posts. 600 alone in Ankara.

    Where is the UN/US/EU in all this?

  • wbboei


    We may be dealing with a moving target.

    The following piece suggests that possibility.

    I would sooner die than vote for Blasio.

    I have no qualms about bleeding the wealthy–they can afford it.

    And it makes logical sense to make them pay for their embrace of progressive principles.

    I would tax them based on their net worth. Not this chicken shit 2% increment.

    I would exempt actual job creators only–people who take an entrepreneurial risk.

    But that is not what this progressivism is about.

    It is about putting the entire cost burden of climate change, and free giveaways on the middle class.

    And empowering a group of technocrats to make all the important decisions for us.

    All we can do at this point is watch.

    The question will be whether it is the same Hillary as 2008.

    Big media has already figured out where their bread is buttered.

    The sheeple will be bought off cheap with bread and circuses.

    I wish there were a lifeboat to get off this fucking ship of fools.


    The de Blasio/Clinton “marriage”


    “The first Democrat to run New York in 20 years pledged to move swiftly on an agenda that calls for affordable housing and community health centers. He renewed a proposal to tax the wealthy to pay for universal pre-kindergarten classes and after-school programs, a levy that would require state approval in an election year. “We are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love,” de Blasio, 52, said in his 18-minute address delivered on the steps of City Hall in lower Manhattan. “And so today, we commit to a new progressive direction in New York. And that same progressive impulse has written our city’s history. It’s in our DNA.”


    “We are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities”

    That could not be more clear. This is a call for socialist revolution. Will Albany allow de Blasio to realise his goals? I know not. If he does not succeed in his program or if his measures result in adverse results in NYC then the Clintons may regret their early and ardent embrace of this left wing politician.

    HC was challenged on the left when last she ran for president. George Wallace lost an election early in his career for the House of Representatives to a man who ran specifically on the basis of an advocacy of segregation. Wallace said afterward that he would never be successfuly challenged by a segregationist again because he would be more segregationist than they

    Has she/he decided that like Wallace she must be as extreme as any of her possible challengers for the nomination? pl

  • wbboei

    Speaking of Boehner, one night in Washington I was having drinks with a partner in Ted Cruz old firm. Boehner walked passed me–staggered would be a more accurate word. He was no stranger to demon rum, and that particular night, it showed. I button holed him and tried to introduce him to the lawyer. He gave it short shrift and told me to see a lobbyist I knew, which had nothing to do with nothing. But it did teach me an important lesson as to who the real constitents of these politicians are. They are not us, all oaths and elections to the contrary notwithstanding.

    In vino veritas. (In wine there is truth–or the vernacular, drunks like kids say the darndest things.)

  • TheRock


    January 6, 2014 at 7:16 am


    I LOVE THAT YOUNG MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hillary 2016

  • wbboei

    2013 proved Obama to be a clown and a liar. No one is laughing however. Pepe Escobar, roving correspondent for the Asia/Hong Kong Times hits it out of the park–he says what big media fails to say, and seeks to hide, 24-7.
    Obama 2013: How low can you go?

    No doubt 2013 will go down as Barack Obama’s annus horribilis. The President of the United States (POTUS) currently faces a 55 percent disapproval rating on “the way he is handling his job,” –the latest Washington Post-ABC poll.

    Not exactly a train wreck, considering POTUS has been presiding over the unforgiving destruction of the American middle class, with a whopping 76 percent of working Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck. Moreover, in his year-end press conference, POTUS still insisted his administration has struck the right balance between spying and privacy, although admitting, “there may be other ways of skinning the cat.”

    In foreign policy, “other ways of skinning the cat” has been largely interpreted by frightened US puppets – of the House of Saud kind – as the hyperpower dangerously receding. Not really; the strategy of team POTUS is rather an attempt at re-jigging the game while trying to stay in the lead.

    If it looks awkward, that’s because it is; after all, for the past decades, US foreign policy moves almost always contribute to crystallize non-stop instability in the fault lines. So no wonder 2013 has been a succession of spectacular new lows, although culminating with a possible new high.

    Lockdown or else

    This February, in his State of the Union address, Obama promised to “help” Libya, Yemen and Somalia, not to mention Mali; failure on all fronts. He promised to “engage” Russia (in fact Russia ended up engaging him). He promised to seduce Asia with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a collection of ultra-dodgy corporate-friendly free-trade scams (Asia was not seduced). He promised to “stand” with those who want freedom in the Middle East (that does not include people from Bahrain).

    As this was Capitol Hill, Obama had to recite the Hail Mary; “preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons”; putting more “pressure” on Syria – whose “regime kills its own people”; and remaining “steadfast” with Israel.

    Then came the Boston bombing, whose chief consequence was a monster dry run for urban martial law – euphemized as “lockdown” – in a very near American future. As total militarization of civilian life goes – featuring Homeland Security running amok with hundreds of armored vehicles – this beat any Hollywood blockbuster.

    The intersection of Baltimore Parkway and Maryland Route 32 also danced with the stars; that business park a mile away from the NSA, known as the largest concentration of cyber power on the planet, all about the gung-ho privatization of spying – call it “Digital Blackwater” – was at the heart of the Snowden scandal.

    Piling up on Obama’s infamous kill lists, the Snowden leaks revealed details of how the NSA black hole lords over all as the ultimate Panopticon. And how PRISM – as expressed in its Dark Side of the Moon-ish logo – is no less than a graphic expression of the ultimate Pentagon/neo-con wet dream; the Full Spectrum Dominance doctrine. After all the NSA – also known as No Such Agency – is part of the Pentagon.

    The Obama administration could not possibly dismiss Full Spectrum Dominance, which was conceptualized way back in the Pentagon’s 2002 Joint Vision 2020. And Snowden did not expose anything that was not already known – or at least suspected – since 2002.

    So Obama and the US government had nothing to spin, except that PRISM is benign; PRISM is legal; it only targets non-US citizens outside of the US; and well, it “may” sweep US citizens’ digital information. That’s also legal but we can’t tell you how.

    SNOWDEN MADE OBAMA LOOK LIKE A CLOWN, surfing the PR tsunami as a master – and controlling it all the way (yes, you do learn a thing or two at the CIA). The timing of his disclosure was a beauty; it handed China the ultimate gift just as Obama was harassing President Xi Jinping about cyber war at a California summit.

    Humiliation by a private contractor was followed with severe rhetorical spanking by the Russian President. At the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, Putin went for the jugular, addressing Obama face to face:

    “Your country sent its army to Afghanistan in the year 2001 on the excuse that you are fighting the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda organization and other fundamentalist terrorists whom your government accused of carrying out the 11 September attacks on New York and Washington. And here you are today making an alliance with them in Syria. And you and your allies are declaring your desire to send them weapons. And here you have Qatar in which you [the US] have your biggest base in the region and in the territory of that country the Taliban are opening a representative office.”

    That was just a prelude for the real action. POTUS screamed and shouted because he wanted his spy back. Snowden, following Russian laws, was granted temporary asylum. The White House was “disappointed.” And a sullen POTUS snubbed the bilateral summit with Putin in Moscow coinciding with the G-20 in St Petersburg. The Kremlin was equally “disappointed.”

    POTUS by now was morphing from “Yes, We Can” to “Yes, We Scan” and finally “Yes, We Scorn”. This might have frightened assorted poodles of the Euroland kind, but it didn’t stick to Vlad the Hammer, who quickly evaluated how the Obama administration turned its already shaky “credibility” to ashes on two simultaneous fronts; because of the scale of the Orwellian/Panopticon complex detailed by Snowden’s leaks, and because of the way he was being mercilessly hunted.

    Feel free to bask in my credibility

    Then POTUS outdid himself, creating a – what else – “credibility” problem when, recklessly, he pronounced the use of chemical weapons in Syria a “red line.”

    So the US government urgently needed to punish the transgressor – to hell with evidence – to maintain its “credibility.” But this time it would be “limited.” “Tailored.” Only “a few days.” A “shot across the bow” – as POTUS qualified it. Still, some – but not all – “high-value targets,” including command and control facilities and delivery systems in Syria would have to welcome a barrage of 384 Tomahawk cruise missiles already positioned in the eastern Mediterranean. I called it, at the time, Operation Tomahawk With Cheese.

    So in the week marking the 12th anniversary of 9/11, POTUS was fighting for his bombing ”credibility,” trying to seduce Republican hawks in the US Congress while most of the warmongers du jour happened to be Democrats.

    Call it surrealism from the barrel of a gun; the US must start yet another war in the Middle East to punish a “evil dictator” – once again, as bad as Hitler – for gassing children. The evidence? It’s “indisputable.” Talk about hitting a new low with a bang.

    Putin in the end saved POTUS. The Russian plan of having Damascus surrender its chemical weapons arsenal worked because of its inbuilt Chinese wisdom; nobody lost face – from POTUS and the US Congress to the European Union, the UN and the farcical “Arab” League, essentially a Saudi Arabian colony.

    Then, after so much sorrow, some forgiveness. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a spectacular entrance at the UN surfing no less than a WAVE, as in World Against Violence and Extremism. Not in Farsi, which would be lost in translation; in English. He invited the whole planet to join the WAVE. How come no “coalition of the willing” leader ever thought about that?

    POTUS, to his credit, rose to the occasion. Sure, it took massive 60 years for an American president to finally admit Washington had a hand in overthrowing the democratically elected Mossadegh government in Iran in 1953. POTUS officially recognized the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s fatwa against nuclear weapons (imagine the George W Bush administration doing it). And he said on the record that Washington is not seeking regime change in Tehran – thus speeding up former vice president Dick Cheney’s next heart attack. POTUS even mentioned the key words “mutual respect.”

    By this time the Chinese were busy proclaiming the birth of the“de-Americanized” world.

    Still it was exhilarating to watch the 34-year Wall of Mistrust between the US and Iran starting to tumble down on a Sunday at 3 am in Geneva.

    It was only a mutually acknowledged “first step” – a deal between the P5+1 and Iran to start negotiating a real deal. But the temptation is great to sideline cynicism and coldly weigh in the Obama administration’s own calculations; if everything of consequence in Southwest Asia revolves around Iran, there can’t possibly be an Obama-announced “pivoting to Asia” without, first, a pivot to Persia.

    So after so many lows and one certified high, this is the big question for 2014; will the 0.0001 percent, the Western financial Masters of the Universe, allow a sovereign, independent Iran in the same league of Russia and China, thus further solidifying Asian integration in the New Great Game in Eurasia?

    Because that’s what really the endgame is all about. One wonders whether POTUS the peacemaker will have the balls to bet it all, especially when one considers the (White) House not always wins.

  • wbboei

    David Ignatius is my idea of a silver spooned Harvard educated fixture who admonishes a nation 17 trillion in debt, with record unemployment, and the most corrupt administration in history which is burying the middle class, to take heart, because as bad as the figures tell us they are, that things are really wonderful. And no doubt that are wonderful for children of privilege like him who dwell inside the beltway. Trust me, I have watched this jamoke in action, when he deigns to come on these panel shows, where he affects the air of a deep thinker and vomits conventional wisdom, while his fellow panelists sit there in rapt fascination. Here is one of his bedtime stories, as a WashPo journalist–file it under useless tripe or as “wildly prosperous”–signed and sworn David Ignatius.
    let’s be frank as the New Year begins: This sort of relentless pessimism is destructive and, what’s more important, it’s inaccurate. We in the media pride ourselves on purveying bad news, so it’s easy for our readers to overlook the abiding reality that America is generally at peace and, relative to most of the world, wildly prosperous. In our national funk, we paint the present in darker colors than warranted and the past in brighter hues. One way to position the country more accurately is to look back at the time of triumph in World War II, when our modern myths were created, and unpack what really happened. That’s possible thanks to an extraordinary work of history completed this year by my colleague Rick Atkinson. His “Liberation Trilogy” revises many of the things you thought you knew about the war in Europe – and teaches the greatest lesson of all for the present, which is the need for patience and perseverance against obstacles.” Daily Star

  • Leanora

    So, de Blasio is concerned about the horses, right? Well, here is the real reason for his ban on horse drawn carriages. Just follow the money, as always.

    “The bad guy in this drama, according to the carriage drivers, is Steve Nislick, chief executive officer of a New Jersey-based real-estate development company, Edison Properties. The company ‘employs legions of lobbyists to influence city decisions on real estate and zoning in its favor,’ journalist Michael Gross reported in 2009, pointing out that two of Edison’s businesses ‘have multiple locations in the same Far West Midtown neighborhood as the stables where the Central Park horses are housed.’ An anti-carriage pamphlet Nislick circulated in 2008 made this interesting observation: ‘Currently, the stables consist of 64,000 square feet of valuable real estate on lots that could accomodate up to 150,000 square feet of development. These lots could be sold for new development.’

    Gross asked the obvious question: ‘What are the odds that good neighbor Nislick, the out-of-state real estate developer, simply covets those valuable, underdeveloped New York lots ­ and has teamed up with ambitious pols to use the emotions of animal rights activists as fuel for their own agendas?’”

    – Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator, “DeBlasio’s Horse-Drawn Carriage Ban: Is It Really About Campaign Cash?”


  • jbstonesfan

    A beautiful song for all experiencing a cold winter:

  • Shadowfax

    January 6, 2014 at 5:08 am

    Interesting is right, Moon.

    One must also remember this is posted on ObamaLovingPolitico, so there is an after taste to most of the message.

    At least Hillary hasn’t shut the PACs down, nor has she said ‘No’ to running, so there is hope.

  • Shadowfax

    He “looked like a street thug” because that’s what he was. I worked in a machine shop in Clifton NJ for six months and a half-dozen of my fellow workers had known Sinatra from the 30s. He was a child of the local Mafia lowlife and the Mafia sponsored him the way they would sponsor anyone from the “family” – with a knife to the throats of the song and movie producers.

    Yup, that’s the way he seemed to me, even though I didn’t know him. Even that top video that Admin posted above, he looks like a junkie weasel. (Sorry to all that loved him.)

  • holdthemaccountable

    The Rock @ 7:09 pm – I love that young man.
    Yes. He [ & there must be others like him ] is an unexpected source of hope for us.

    Overnight I unintentionally concocted another downer as the names of the women gathered at Oprah’s home in Hawaii along with Michelle might be capable of helping the mooch launch a WH run in 2016. In recalling recent headlines which might fit with this terroristic threat, these headlines include POTUS opining he might remain in DC, Michelle being headlined CIC of Christmas [washtimes I think – surprised ] and the most recent headline: She’s so much more popular than he. I do hope my analysis is deeply flawed. But at the beginning of last year, she was quiet for a long time, and suddenly there was OFA for which she was given credit. Now this one is billed as time with ‘the girls’. Sounds innocent enough if you can believe it.

    Who’s there? ‘sources with direct knowledge tell TheDC that the first lady is relaxing in Maui at Oprah’s estate with CBS’ Gayle King, Valerie Jarrett and Sharon Malone, who is Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife. Sources say she’s there for a “girl’s getaway” before the big 5-0.’

    Link at Foxyladi 3:08 PM

  • holdthemaccountable

    Activists Confess to 1971 Burglary That Exposed FBI Surveillance
    1/7/14. Forty-three years after pulling off a burglary that is mostly-forgotten today, but played a key role in ending FBI spying programs targeting dissident groups, members of an eight-person crew of anti-Vietnam protesters are confessing to the crime. Like Edward Snowdens of the seventies, the activists stole thousands of files and passed them on to major media outlets, inspiring multiple front-page reports and eventually more oversight of intelligence agencies. However, unlike the NSA leaker, they obtained the documents by breaking into an FBI office in a suburb of Philadelphia and stuffing papers into multiple suitcases. And since they were never apprehended or forced to go on the run, for the past four decades they’ve lived seemingly normal lives.
    One of the reporters who received those materials has written a book on subject, and convinced five of the eight people who burglarized the the FBI office in Media, Pa., on March 8, 1971 to go public

    Snip The files helped spark a Senate investigation into domestic intelligence gathering in the mid-seventies that led to various reforms. Though the FBI tasked 200 agents with finding the burglars, the agency never solved the case. The Raineses, who are pictured in The Times with their grandchildren, don’t explain how their kids learned that their normal-looking parents were actually burglars and whistleblowers. John Raines said they must look like “terribly reckless people,” for doing such a thing with three children at home, but explained they felt no one else would do it. “There was absolutely no one in Washington — senators, congressmen, even the president — who dared hold J. Edgar Hoover to accountability,” he said.

  • Leanora

    Obama Dooms Seniors to Ravages of Aging

    On Oct. 1, 2012 the Obama administration started awarding bonus points to hospitals that spend the least on elderly patients. It will result in fewer knee replacements, hip replacements, angioplasty, bypass surgery and cataract operations.

    These are the five procedures that have transformed aging for older Americans. They used to languish in wheelchairs and nursing homes due to arthritis, cataracts and heart disease. Now they lead active lives.

    But the Obama administration is undoing that progress. By cutting $716 billion from future Medicare funding over the next decade and rewarding the hospitals that spend the least on seniors, the Obama health law will make these procedures hard to get and less safe.

    The Obama health law creates two new entitlements for people under age 65 – subsidies to buy private health plans and a vast expansion of Medicaid. More than half the cost of these entitlements is paid for by cutting what hospitals, doctors, hospice care, home care and Advantage plans are paid to care for seniors.

    Just Take Pill

    Astoundingly, doctors will be paid less to treat a senior than to treat someone on Medicaid, and only about one-third of what a doctor will be paid to treat a patient with private insurance.

    On July 13, 2011, Richard Foster, chief actuary for Medicare, warned Congress that seniors will have difficulty finding doctors and hospitals to accept Medicare. Doctors who do continue to take it will not want to spend time doing procedures such as knee replacements when the pay is so low. Yet the law bars them from providing care their patients need for an extra fee. You’re trapped.

    President Obama seems to think too many seniors are getting these procedures. At a town hall debate in 2009, he told a woman “maybe you’re better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller.”


  • holdthemaccountable

    CNN: Former WH Official Acknowledges Obama’s ‘Maybe’ Not Good at Governing Jan 6, 201

  • wbboei

    This is the real legacy of Obama. A Hobbsian War of all against all, directed by the elites, to divert our attention from them. If what Luntz is saying about the American People today is true–and I expect that it is, then the mantra of the old Republican Party, i.e. hard work and self reliance has been superceded by a new mantra of give me everything, including what my neighbor has earned, and if necessary I will use government to take it away from him. In other words, communism. Fine with me so long as we start with the elites who have more to be redistributed. Just think of it. If they were divested of all they own, they could speak with more credibility, would feel what everyone else feels and could then become the superior people they think they are. One cautionary note however. I would not put too much stock in the ability of the business community to solve the problem. Churchill expressed doubts about that proposition long ago. More recently we saw clear evidence of their incompetence when that crony capitalist Jeff Imelt of GE was made Obama’s Jobs Czar and failed at the task miserably, except in China where he has transferred GE’s manufacturing operations. The end game of all this is clear–to me at least. What the future holds is more government, less choices, and the victory of the political class over the American People. Could this evolution, this sense of changing public attitudes possibly explain Clinton’s embrace of the communist mayor of New York. Could it portend of Hillary’s future platform for the 2016? Could it predict how she would govern. And if so, could she be accused of anything worse than giving the American People what they wanted. In Glacier Park the signs say don’t feed the bears. It isn’t the feeding of the bears that is as much the problem, as what do you do when you run out of food to give them. How now brown cow? This article in The Atlantic is poorly written but filled with these gems:

    The Agony of Frank Luntz

    What does it mean when America’s top political wordsmith loses faith in our ability to be persuaded?

    Mitt Romney had, in his view, squandered a good chance at victory with a strategically idiotic campaign. (“I didn’t work on the campaign. It just sucked, as a professional. And it killed me because I realized on Election Day that there’s nothing I can do about it.”) But Luntz’s side had lost elections before. His dejection was deeper: It was, he says, about why the election was lost. “I spend more time with voters than anybody else,” Luntz says. “I do more focus groups than anybody else. I do more dial sessions than anybody else. I don’t know shit about anything, with the exception of what the American people think.”

    It was what Luntz heard from the American people that scared him. They were contentious and argumentative. They didn’t listen to each other as they once had. They weren’t interested in hearing other points of view. They were divided one against the other, black vs. white, men vs. women, young vs. old, rich vs. poor. “They want to impose their opinions rather than express them,” is the way he describes what he saw. “And they’re picking up their leads from here in Washington.” Haven’t political disagreements always been contentious, I ask? “Not like this,” he says. “Not like this.”

    Luntz knew that he, a maker of political messages and attacks and advertisements, had helped create this negativity, and it haunted him. But it was Obama he principally blamed. The people in his focus groups, he perceived, had absorbed the president’s message of class divisions, haves and have-nots, of redistribution. It was a message Luntz believed to be profoundly wrong, but one so powerful he had no slogans, no arguments with which to beat it back. In reelecting Obama, the people had spoken. And the people, he believed, were wrong. Having spent his career telling politicians what the people wanted to hear, Luntz now believed the people had been corrupted and were beyond saving. Obama had ruined the electorate, set them at each other’s throats, and there was no way to turn back. (snip)

    But what if the Real People are wrong? That is the possibility Luntz now grapples with. What if the things people want to hear from their leaders are ideas that would lead the country down a dangerous road?
    “You should not expect a handout,” he tells me. “You should not even expect a safety net. When my house burns down, I should not go to the government to rebuild it. I should have the savings, and if I don’t, my neighbors should pitch in for me, because I would do that for them.” The entitlement he now hears from the focus groups he convenes amounts, in his view, to a permanent poisoning of the electorate—one that cannot be undone. “We have now created a sense of dependency and a sense of entitlement that is so great that you had, on the day that he was elected, women thinking that Obama was going to pay their mortgage payment, and that’s why they voted for him,” he says. “And that, to me, is the end of what made this country so great.”

    “It seems like the Democrats are going so far overboard, and the Republicans are going nowhere. So I’m disgusted with both of them.” (snip)

    “I didn’t work on Mitt Romney’s campaign. It just sucked, as a professional. And it killed me.” (snip)

    His side had lost. Mitt Romney had, in his view, squandered a good chance at victory with a strategically idiotic campaign. (“I didn’t work on the campaign. It just sucked, as a professional. And it killed me because I realized on Election Day that there’s nothing I can do about it.”) But Luntz’s side had lost elections before. His dejection was deeper: It was, he says, about why the election was lost. “I spend more time with voters than anybody else,” Luntz says. “I do more focus groups than anybody else. I do more dial sessions than anybody else. I don’t know shit about anything, with the exception of what the American people think.” (snip)

    It was what Luntz heard from the American people that scared him. They were contentious and argumentative. They didn’t listen to each other as they once had. They weren’t interested in hearing other points of view. They were divided one against the other, black vs. white, men vs. women, young vs. old, rich vs. poor. “They want to impose their opinions rather than express them,” is the way he describes what he saw. “And they’re picking up their leads from here in Washington.” Haven’t political disagreements always been contentious, I ask? “Not like this,” he says. “Not like this.”

    Luntz knew that he, a maker of political messages and attacks and advertisements, had helped create this negativity, and it haunted him. But it was Obama he principally blamed. The people in his focus groups, he perceived, had absorbed the president’s message of class divisions, haves and have-nots, of redistribution. It was a message Luntz believed to be profoundly wrong, but one so powerful he had no slogans, no arguments with which to beat it back. In reelecting Obama, the people had spoken. And the people, he believed, were wrong. Having spent his career telling politicians what the people wanted to hear, Luntz now believed the people had been corrupted and were beyond saving. Obama had ruined the electorate, set them at each other’s throats, and there was no way to turn back.

    Why not? I ask. Isn’t finding the right words to persuade people what you do? “I’m not good enough,” Luntz says. “And I hate that. I have come to the extent of my capabilities. And this is not false modesty. I think I’m pretty good. But not good enough.” The old Frank Luntz was sure he could invent slogans to sell the righteous conservative path of personal responsibility and free markets to anyone. The new Frank Luntz fears that is no longer the case, and it’s driving him crazy. (snip)

    Luntz’s work has always been predicated on a sort of populism—the idea that politicians must figure out what voters want to hear, and speak to them in language that comports with it. He proudly claims that his famous catchphrases, like branding healthcare reform a “government takeover” in 2010, are not his coinages but the organic product of his focus groups. The disheveled appearance, the sardonic wit, all add up to a sort of tilting against the establishment, an insistence that it listen to the Real People.

    But what if the Real People are wrong? That is the possibility Luntz now grapples with. What if the things people want to hear from their leaders are ideas that would lead the country down a dangerous road?

    “You should not expect a handout,” he tells me. “You should not even expect a safety net. When my house burns down, I should not go to the government to rebuild it. I should have the savings, and if I don’t, my neighbors should pitch in for me, because I would do that for them.” The entitlement he now hears from the focus groups he convenes amounts, in his view, to a permanent poisoning of the electorate—one that cannot be undone. “We have now created a sense of dependency and a sense of entitlement that is so great that you had, on the day that he was elected, women thinking that Obama was going to pay their mortgage payment, and that’s why they voted for him,” he says. “And that, to me, is the end of what made this country so great.”

    “It seems like the Democrats are going so far overboard, and the Republicans are going nowhere. So I’m mad at both of them.”

    Luntz’s political ideas, as far as I can tell, amount to a sort of Perotian rich man’s centrism, the type of thing you might hear from a Morning Joe panel or a CEOs’ retreat. We’ve got to do something about the deficit, for our children’s sake. We ought to have universal healthcare, but without forcing people to buy insurance through the government. We need immigration reform, but that doesn’t have to include a path to citizenship. The bankers who contributed to the financial crisis ought to be in jail, but we ought to stop demonizing the financial-services industry. To the tycoons who embrace them, these kinds of ideas are not partisan or ideological at all. They’re the common-sense plans we’d all be able to agree on if Congress would stop bickering and devote itself to Getting Things Done.

    Most of all, Luntz says, he wishes we would stop yelling at one another. Luntz dreams of drafting some of the rich CEOs he is friends with to come up with a plan for saving America from its elected officials. “The politicians have failed; now it’s up to the business community to stand up and be heard,” he tells me. “I want the business community to step up.” Having once thought elites needed to listen to regular people, he now wants the people to learn from their moneyed betters.

    Luntz’s populism has turned on itself and become its opposite: fear and loathing of the masses. “I am grateful that Occupy Wall Street turned out to be a bunch of crazy, disgusting, rude, horrible people, because they were onto something,” he says. “Limbaugh made fun of me when I said that Occupy Wall Street scares me. Because he didn’t hear what I hear. He doesn’t see what I see.” The people are angry. They want more, not because we have not given them enough but because we have given them too much.

  • wbboei


    January 6, 2014 at 10:06 pm
    A beautiful picture. Sure beats Logan Airport in the dead of winter.

  • wbboei

    The operating assumption of the Republican Party is that Obamacare is a test case on socialism, and as it fails so fails the allure of socialism to the American People, and free market capitalism will be vindicated.

    But if Luntz is right, then the failure of Obamacare will not be the teachable moment they anticipate. Rather, the takeaway will be we need effective socialism, but we still want socialism, we still hate each other, and I want government to see to it that no one has any more than I do.

    Again, I am fully on board, just as long as we simultaneously divest the elites of what they own, except for those individuals who put their own capital at risk to create private sector jobs. Over time, these individuals would emerge as the elite in this society, and rightly so.

  • Amen Amen!!!!! Wbboei. 🙂

    More Palestinian attacks on Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem
    DEBKAfile January 7, 2014, 7:12 AM (GMT+02:00)

    An Israeli man was injured by an explosive device thrown by a Palestinian at Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem Monday night. A grenade exploded on an Israeli military position there without causing casualties….

  • wbboei

    For a long time, I have been obsessing over the sewer culture that has come to define big media in general, and MSNBC in particular. The poison they spew into our society are directly reflected in the focus group findings which cause Frank Luntz (and moi) to despair as to our future, i.e. the polarization, the sense of entitlement, and the hate. They can also be seen in the knock out game, a more visible manifestation of the same dilemma. So I see one MSNBC star after another implode–from the guy who said Chelsie was pimping for Hillary, to Olberman who prayed for someone to take Hillary in the back room and physically beat her, to that demented Matthews whose vicious attacks on Hillary grew worse by the day, to Wilder who threatened that blacks in Denver would riot if the superdelegates gave Hillary the nomination, to Sharpton who sought to foment a riot in Miami over the race issue, to Roland Martin who blamed Sarah for the attack on Gifford by a deranged gunman, to Bashir who prayed that someone would urinate and defaecate in Palin’s mouth, to this latest episode with this little racist ninny Harris Perry who makes a black infant raised by the Romney clan a political target–an uncle tom if you will, to the open declaration by the President of that befouled network to no lesser of a personage than the young Turk that they are part of the Administration, ergo it is unseemly and career ending to attack Obama, and career enhancing to lie about the other party. Amidst all this we see the bald headed middle aged waste of protoplasm Phil Griffin in a state of semi divine remove, never wondering about any of this, and never questioning whether they might possibly be on the right track. A dozen times or more, I have mentioned his name here and wondered out loud how he survives, in the midst of ruins. Of course, it is not the ruins spawned by that business model that concern me, but the ruins of society which this sort of crass irresponsibility and evil produce in society. Well, this article sheds new light on the matter, and confirms what I suspected, which is that Phil has abdicated any leadership role and has allowed the inmates to run the asylum. Yet Phil survives.

    MSNBC, the left-leaning cable-news network, has settled on one solution to its recent problems. It now has an executive reviewing scripts before they go on the air. The role, which has fallen to Rich Stockwell, a former executive producer of The Ed Show and Countdown with Keith Olbermann who now oversees special projects at the network, was created as several of the network’s hosts have, to the embarrassment of network brass, conducted a master class in political incorrectness. In recent months, Alec Baldwin, Martin Bashir, and, most recently, Melissa Harris-Perry have awkwardly crashed into the trinity of sexual orientation, gender, and race, leading many to wonder if there are any adults in charge at MSNBC.

    There is one such adult, actually, and her name is Rachel Maddow. Though she provides the network’s ideological vision — MSNBC president Phil Griffin has called her “our quarterback” — she’s neither an executive nor a manager. Griffin, who wears both hats, is, from all appearances, letting the inmates run the asylum. Meanwhile, the network that Griffin has labeled “the place for progressives” is experiencing a free fall in its ratings, which are down 29 percent from 2012. A decline was expected after a presidential-election year, but MSNBC’s competitors did not suffer as acutely. Fox News was down only 5 percent in total viewers (it suffered far more in the coveted 25–54 demographic, where the network has persistently struggled); CNN’s numbers, under the stewardship of newly installed president Jeff Zucker, remained flat.


    Apologies are rare in the world of television, but they have come from MSNBC at a regular clip in recent months. “Anti-gay slurs are wrong,” Baldwin said in late November. Days before, he had accosted a photographer who was following his family and allegedly hurled an anti-gay slur in his direction. The same day Baldwin issued his apology, Martin Bashir took to the air with a clumsy pontification about Sarah Palin, slavery, and human excrement. By early December, both Baldwin and Bashir had announced that they were leaving the network.

    The dust had hardly settled before Tulane professor cum MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was tearfully apologizing to “families formed through transracial adoption.” She had led a holiday humor segment on December 30 that used as its jumping-off point a Romney-family photo. Harris-Perry said the segment took an “unexpected” turn as her guests poked fun at Mitt Romney’s adopted African-American grandson.

    Few, though, suspect that Harris-Perry will suffer the same fate as her less fortunate colleagues, and MSNBC declined to comment on the matter. That’s because Harris-Perry is part of Maddow’s in-crowd, the liberal, wonkish elite now ascendant at MSNBC.

    Sources say it is Maddow rather than Phil Griffin who provides MSNBC’s editorial direction, and that she also holds considerable sway over personnel decisions. “I know I’m never going to get freakin’ talking points from Phil,” Maddow told The New Yorker last year. “Can you imagine? Like, what would they be?”

    Behind her back, colleagues call her “the queen,” a not so subtle suggestion that Maddow gets what Maddow wants. And what she wants is a network filled with young wonks such as Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, Alex Wagner, and Harris-Perry, whose highbrow intellectualism can, she hopes, push the Democratic party, and the country, to the left. On Twitter, Harris-Perry’s show proudly uses the hashtag #nerdland. Alex Wagner’s move to the 4 p.m. hour, where Bashir’s show once aired, has Maddow’s fingerprints on it.

    Griffin, who came of age as a sports producer at CNN and then as a booker on the Today show, is, according to a former colleague, “utterly non-ideological.” “He makes decisions,” says the former colleague, “based on 30-day trailing numbers” and lacks a strategic vision. Maddow, who came aboard in 2008, has filled the ideological void. “Alec Baldwin and Martin were outliers; they weren’t part of her inner circle,” says a television insider. “Bashir’s contract was up, he was twisting in the wind when this happened, and he was out of sync with Rachel’s ideology.”

    As Maddow’s foes have suffered, her acolytes have prospered — chief among them, 34-year-old Brown University graduate Chris Hayes, who last April replaced Ed Schultz, the warrior progressive from the Plains. “You did it,” Maddow announced as Hayes wrapped up his inaugural show. “We did it,” Hayes replied, as he turned the reins over to Maddow for her 9 p.m. show. It was April 1, 2013, Maddow’s 40th birthday, and the pair celebrated accordingly. “This was a very, very nice birthday present for you to give me, doing such an awesome show,” she said. “So great that you’re here, Chris. I could not be more excited.” As Hayes and Maddow patted each other on the back, Schultz was toiling away in a weekend timeslot. (MSNBC has since reinstalled Schultz in the weekday lineup, after viewers made it clear that they missed his loudmouthed advocacy for the working man.)

    Maddow herself is the highest-paid and highest-rated talent at MSNBC, but beyond her own program, her quest to fill the network with her protégés may be dragging down ratings. Being an intellectual and a true believer is not, it seems, a good thing if you’re in the ratings business. Though Maddow looks askance at populist showmen such as Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and Al Sharpton, their shows regularly outperform those of Maddow’s wonky acolytes. In fact, Hayes’s show has created a drag on Maddow’s own ratings as his anemic numbers provide her with a weak lead-in.

    “I liked Rachel because she is totally sincere, she is what she seems to be, she’s smart, she loves to debate for its own sake,” says Tucker Carlson, a former MSNBC host. After watching a tape her agent sent along, Carlson (who is also co-founder of the Daily Caller) championed Maddow in the face of Griffin’s initial objections. She was, at the time, a radio host at the now-defunct Air America network. “I always got along with Rachel. She’s a hard worker, she’s not a bullshitter,” he says. Maddow appeared regularly on Carlson’s show and began substituting for former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann. Then she got her own show in the summer of 2008, when Griffin decided to make the network, which had once employed conservatives such as Carlson, Pat Buchanan, and Michael Savage, a refuge for liberals and an answer to Fox News. It was a business calculation, not an ideological move.


    Maddow, by contrast, is motivated by ideology. “If you debate for a living, you’re going to lose sometimes. Sometimes your preconceptions are wrong — that has never happened to her one time,” says a former colleague. “She is actually not that interested in reality; she is the most ideological person I’ve ever met. That is not somebody you want in charge of your programming, because she might put on a great show, but she cannot make rational decisions — her agenda is changing America. . . . She really thinks she is changing America for the better. You can’t have somebody like that in charge of your programming.”

    Like the Democratic party itself, MSNBC is in transition. The party is no longer a coalition encompassing big labor, Hollywood, white ethnics, teachers’ unions, and minorities. Under President Obama, it has shed much of its blue-collar constituency while consolidating its gains among minorities, college-educated whites (women in particular), gays, and members of public-sector unions. A former MSNBC employee describes MSNBC’s transition this way: “When I worked there, it was axiomatic that all of our viewers were white — that’s what Phil Griffin said point blank. Rachel has decided to make a play for black viewers.” The New Yorker reported last year that MSNBC’s audience is now 30 percent African American.

    MSNBC’s wonks, nonetheless, are seeing weak ratings because the cable-television audience does not mirror the American, or Democratic, electorate. It’s older: A 2012 Pew Research Center study found that 57 percent of Maddow’s audience is past 50, compared with 43 percent of all Americans. It’s also slightly less educated: According to the same study, 26 percent of MSNBC viewers have a college degree, compared with 29 percent of all Americans. Of course, the numbers can be parsed in many ways, but it’s difficult to imagine there’s a large appetite among MSNBC’s core audience for the graduate-level punditry served up by Maddow’s protégés. Nielsen data — which showed the network last year posting its lowest prime-time ratings since 2007 both in the coveted 25–54 demographic and in total viewers — reflect that mismatch.

    “They’re just not going to get those people watching cable news,” says a longtime cable-news insider. “That’s why their numbers suck. If they were going to go populist, I think they could challenge Fox. What if you took that brand of ‘Hey, middle-class America, you’re getting screwed by the banks and by the educated class, by the environmental movement’? Wow, I think you could beat Fox on that.”

    The new step of having Rich Stockwell review scripts before they air is an attempt to impose order on the chaos reigning at the network. “Phil was a producer, trained from the beginning to accommodate hosts — he’s incapable of reining these guys in,” says a former colleague. He points to Olbermann, who left the network after spinning out of control three years ago. Though network executives said the relationship between Olbermann and MSNBC had been deteriorating for a long time, Griffin’s former colleague describes Olbermann, now at ESPN, as a broadcaster who was “talented as hell” and who “could have been an enduring star if Phil had been strong enough to keep him between the lines.” Instead, he says, “Phil let him destroy himself.” Griffin’s current challenge, it appears, is to keep Rachel Maddow from running roughshod over the network in a similar fashion as she seeks to remake it in her image.

    NBC’s news group has undergone profound changes in the last year, and Griffin remains the last man standing from the inner circle of Jeff Zucker, the NBC chief fired after Comcast wrested control of the company from General Electric. Many insiders are baffled that Griffin has survived so long, with Comcast aggressively purging mandarins of an old order known for fat expense accounts, long lunches, and resting on their laurels.

    “Phil is too close to the old-boy culture at the old NBC to survive a bad spell, especially with this matriarchy in charge now,” an insider said, referring to the overwhelmingly female leadership that has recently taken over NBC News. “One more MSNBC host says something stupid, and that’s it.”

    So will this series of embarrassing public incidents induce NBC to make a change at the top at MSNBC and impose more discipline? Or will it allow Maddow’s ideological preferences to continue to define the channel?

  • jeswezey

    wbboei January 7, 2014 at 7:15 am

    The Agony of Frank Luntz

    “… I don’t know shit about anything [except] what the American people think….”

    An enlightening article making an insight:

    “They were contentious and argumentative. They didn’t listen to each other as they once had. They weren’t interested in hearing other points of view.”

    Luntz says he wishes we would stop yelling at one another.

    I once made a comment to this effect to nomobama, i.e., that I have lived in other cultures where people listen to each other and are accustomed to polite discourse, and gonzotx jumped on me to point out that 70 years ago Europeans and Japanese were not as polite as Americans.

    In fact, she was right… if we’re talking about 70 years ago. However, Luntz (and I) are talking about today and the future. Americans used to listen to each other, yes; but we don’t anymore.

    I’ve also repeatedly made a point about irresponsible speech passing as “free” speech.

    It all fits:

    (1) We are not responsible for what we say, so we say anything we want.

    (2) The other guy has a right to say what he wants too.

    (3) We also have a right not to listen, so we don’t.

    (4) The other guy sees we aren’t listening and…

    (5) raises the pitch to convince us, so…

    (6) we shut our ears tighter and shout back louder.

    And so forth.

    Of course, in print, on a blog like this one, you can’t really shout, unless you put some words in upper case letters, boldface, underlined and so forth.

    But this ‘yelling’ cycle can still set in, with sarcasm for example, or signaling to one of the posters that “I’m just scrolling by your posts” (i.e., “I’m not listening to you”).

    I’ve successfully broken this vicious circle of deafness many times simply by listening and taking other people’s viewpoints (almost always opposing) seriously.

    Just a suggestion….

  • holdthemaccountable

    Undocumented Lawyer Says He Would Consider Running For Governor Of California

  • Shadowfax


    – I’m having second thoughts on my calling her ‘MO’, I may change it to ‘MOO’

  • Shadowfax

    January 7, 2014 at 6:56 am

    CNN: Former WH Official Acknowledges Obama’s ‘Maybe’ Not Good at Governing Jan 6, 2014

    Did his meds finally kick in?

  • wbboei


    January 7, 2014 at 11:39 am
    In the field of labor relations there is the discipline of union busting. The goal of union busting is to make the union irrelevant, to undermine employee loyalty to the union and to atomize the bargaining unit. The left has been doing the same thing to society for the last forty years, and under this jackass Obama, they have achieved their grand climeractic. The fault lines of society are exposed, and what emerges is the Hobbsian war of all against all. There is a method to this madness. Once they undermine society, all that is left is the state. The family, the church, the community, which are the building blocks of society fall to an extreme form of individualism, which the left promotes through organizations like the ACLU, but that individualism ultimately falls to the power of the state, with the subsequent concurrence of the ACLU. Therefore, when Luntz says he wishes people would stop shouting and listen to each other, I say balderdash. The shouting is symptomatic of a breakdown in society, and it is that breakdown with must be analzed and addressed. None of this is accidental. It follows the familiar historical pattern whereby a corrupt elite class, sensing its own vulnerability in a time of megapolitical change, uses a divide and conquer strategy and uses the middle class as its own human shield. Until people realize the game–that is what the elites call it “the game”–I have told you that story, which was told to me by the Princeton banker, this shouting will continue, and it will be voices in distraction, where nothing of substance gets solved.

  • wbboei

    Reflecting on what I have been saying, one could easily infer that I am saying what Obama is saying, and in a way, perhaps I am. The elites are gaming the system. We agree on that. And, in my view, he is the worst example of that problem. But he is insignificant really, because if he did not exist, the elites would have to invent him. Where we differ is in the solution. His solution is more government, which leads to less freedom and prosperity except for the Harvard educated class. My solution is a return to Constitutional principles, which spreads the wealth based on merit. Unfortunately, my favored solution is becoming less tenable with every passing year, given the lefts march through the institutions and the depressing reaction of the electorate which has got Luntz in a tizzy.

  • Shadowfax

    I don’t know JesW, maybe some of the problem is that America tries to be all things to everyone, and ends up being much less than it could be.

    By having the goal of the ‘American dream’ we have open borders to the good, the bad, and the ugly. More and more, illegals come to the land of milk and honey, and when they pull from our funding, our own citizens suffer.

    The more that suffer, the more anger there is and the less civil we become.

    We have homeless citizens in the streets that we want to hide, some of them need a job to get back into the game of life, some need mental health care, some just need a chance.

    If our borders were closed and immigrants had to enter by proving their worth and loyalty to America, the way legal immigrants have to, our funds would not be squandered like it is now, and we would actually have a better life to offer our citizens.

    Personally, I’m sick and tired of taking care of other countries people. I feel badly for them, but I don’t think our citizens should pay the darn price.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  • Shadowfax

    Yes Wbb, Luntz is all about ‘the message’, but he doesn’t look at the big picture.

    –From my post above: “By having the goal of the ‘American dream’ we have open borders to the good, the bad, and the ugly. More and more, illegals come to the land of milk and honey, and when they pull from our funding, our own citizens suffer.”

    —Which is were the nitwits in Government come in. They decide to leave the borders open, quoting the beginning of America when ancestors came in to start a new life from oppression – when it’s really all about minority votes for their party.

    But, the Hell with that!

    America has grown up, is busting at the financial seams and needs to have leaders that care about it’s people first.

    They give away our hard earned money to other countries to fund their needs, but turn their backs on it’s own people. Start wars that keep the military industry alive, and kill innocents in the process.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    Bad, incompetent men run for President, we get stuck with a worse mess then we had before. Bad men ‘win’ by gaming the system, voter cheating and FALSE messages of Hope and Change.

    Luntz is an idiot if ‘words’, ‘the message’ are what’s important. ACTION is what’s important. Leaders should be qualified by their previous actions, not their false words of bullshit like Baracko.

    Sorry, I got all steamed up by this conversation.

  • jeswezey

    wbboei January 7, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    “… union busting…. undermine employee loyalty… atomize the bargaining unit. The left… Hobbsian war of all against all…. undermine society… The family, the church, the community, which are the building blocks of society fall to an extreme form of individualism, which the left promotes….

    Therefore, when Luntz says he wishes people would stop shouting and listen to each other, I say… the shouting is symptomatic of a breakdown in society, and it is that breakdown that must be analyzed and addressed….

    …familiar historical pattern whereby a corrupt elite class, sensing its own vulnerability in a time of megapolitical change, uses a divide-and-conquer strategy and uses the middle class as its own human shield….

    Until people realize the game… this shouting will continue, and it will be voices in distraction, where nothing of substance gets solved.”

    Very interesting and convincing because it is perhaps true. You’re saying that today’s form of individualism and shouting are due to a conscious effort on the part of a leftist or other elite to atomize society by breaking up the social structure.

    But actually, this is a conspiracy theory. I say that, if there is such a game, it is not necessarily masterminded by one or another elite, but something that has just happened to us, a sort of matrix in which the elites win out as they always do, by their cohesiveness and “intelligence” (I use the word broadly).

    That is why I like Shadowfax’ wandering analysis more:

    Shadowfax January 7, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    “… maybe some of the problem is that America tries to be all things to everyone, and ends up being much less than it could be.

    By having the goal of the ‘American dream’ we have open borders to the good, the bad, and the ugly. More and more, illegals come to the land of milk and honey, and when they pull from our funding, our own citizens suffer.

    The more that suffer, the more anger there is and the less civil we become.

    There is a good deal of sense to this; but I just want to point out that 41 years ago, when I left the US, the problem was not illegal immigration but the Vietnam war. And at that time I was already hearing people yelling at each other.

    Perhaps all we need is a subject of discord, and off we go yelling at each other. Maybe that’s it.

    Concerning your final remark:

    “I’m sick and tired of taking care of other countries’ people. I feel badly for them, but I don’t think our citizens should pay the darn price.”

    I have finally begun to read Vali Nasr’s book, The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat, which is a detailed history of US activities in Afghanistan during Hillary’s stint at State.

    Nasr knows whereof he speaks. He is our leading authority on the region, was Holbrooke’s senior advisor, was privy to all of Holbrooke’s meetings with our allies, and was a trusted advisor to Hillary Clinton. He comes down very hard on Obama, to the point where the blurb states:

    “…Nasr questions America’s dangerous choice to engage less and matter less in the world.”

    If you’re “sick and tired of taking care of other countries’ people”, you can read in this book how the US could have “won” a little something in Afghanistan while spending a pittance of money there and simply withdrawing. Of course, Hillary has to take a hit here because she wanted more than anything else to leave Afghanistan a better place for women.

    Thought-provoking, anyway. I suggest that anyone interested in Hillary’s term at State buy and read this book.

  • wbboei

    January 7, 2014 at 1:01 pm

  • Shadowfax


    If you’re “sick and tired of taking care of other countries’ people”, you can read in this book how the US could have “won” a little something in Afghanistan while spending a pittance of money there and simply withdrawing. Of course, Hillary has to take a hit here because she wanted more than anything else to leave Afghanistan a better place for women.

    First let me say, I am no history or war buff – I don’t even pretend to be.

    I do believe that Bush caused two long wars that could have been handled much more intelligently, swiftly, less costly in lives and financially with a good President.

    Bush went apeShit, and like Baracko, we are paying dearly for their stupidity.

    Hillary has been working all her life to help women and their children, especially the oppressed. This was not prolonging the ‘war’, it was while American presence was pulling out.

    Bush and Obama are good examples of how a wonderful country can go to Hell in less than a decade. The next President had better be top notch, or we will continue to unravel and there will be a lot more screaming from the masses.

    I’m not against all wars, but I am against using them under false pretenses and just throwing millions of our children against the wall and seeing how many stick.

  • Shadowfax

    Shadowfax’ wandering analysis

    That’s just the way my mind rolls.. 😉

  • moononpluto

    After today sacking the police who did corruption arrests in Izmir this morning, Erdogans govt, sacked a lot of people from the finance ministry and also all the Education directors…….finished it by this…Turkish ruling party submitted measure to parliament to change structure of the HSYK, the body that selects judges & prosecutors. Basically meaning they can select any judge they want by sacking all current members…why not go further and dissolve parliament and be done with it. Further to that, a new internet law they are pushing through parliament will allow them to remove any content from the internet WITHOUT court permission. Basically Facebook and twitter and social media banned. Dictatorship in whole.

    Basically a whole national removal of anyone not aligned with the AKP is happening.

  • Shadowfax


    I just want to point out that 41 years ago, when I left the US, the problem was not illegal immigration but the Vietnam war. And at that time I was already hearing people yelling at each other.


    People screaming against the Vietnam war – [Hand raised]

    Yes, I was protesting from the time I was in high school until the damn war ended.

    France was in the war, got out, and America jumped in.

    Most of the guys I went to high school with and college came home in body bags, yes – I was pist at the government for the loss of their lives.

  • moononpluto

    and this is not coincidence.

    US acts to block Turkey GE engines sale to Iran

  • moononpluto

    AP: U.S. Air Force says one of its pave-hawk helicopters has crashed in England

    4 dead, Helicopter crashed in Norfolk.

  • Leanora

    Stunning Pictures

    A frozen Lake Michigan sits still in front of the Chicago skyline.

  • wbboei

    But actually, this is a conspiracy theory. I say that, if there is such a game, it is not necessarily masterminded by one or another elite, but something that has just happened to us, a sort of matrix in which the elites win out as they always do, by their cohesiveness and “intelligence” (I use the word broadly).
    When Fidel took power, he immediately moved against the church, businesses, and communities. He set up re-education camps (in those days, they did not have MSNBC to do their bidding). He set up community snitches styled as Committees for the Preservation of the Revolution. The church was banned. Private ownership was abolished. Same thing in other garden spots where the left took power. It is a conspiracy alright, but it is not theory. It is actual practice. The left has not changed much since the days of the French Revolution. Our country was founded on a different kind of revolution which was based on Enlightenment Thinking. Leftists plead for justice as a means to power, and once they acquire power they become oppressive and tyrannical. Wealthy people who are often ignorant as swans get hooked on this brand of heroine, through charities, art work etc. They have never been in a situation where they had to fight for their lives, or what is yours is yours only if you can defend it. Yet they presume to speak for the rest of us.

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