Barack Obama – The Corpse At The Mandela Funeral

Don’t invite Barack Obama to your daughter’s wedding. He’ll try to squeeze himself into the wedding dress and push the bride away from his cameras.

Don’t invite Barack Obama to a funeral. He’ll wiggle himself into the coffin to give photographers what he thinks they want – more pictures of him.

Don’t invite Barack Obama to dinner. He’ll strip himself naked, toss the turkey to the floor, lay himself in its place on the bed of arugula while clasping his knees and ordering the servants to baste him. A baked apple in his mouth will be the final sweet incentive for the photographers to snap away.

Our warning will go unheeded as the mourners of South Africa will be forced to issue an invitation to Barack Obama to attend the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Indeed, it has already been announced that Barack Obama will insert himself into the funeral of Nelson Mandela – to be followed immediately with another weeks long vacation amongst his many vacations to Hawaii. It’s not like there’s any work to do.

For Barack Obama work is something others do. He just takes the credit and the photographs. Mandela worked. Yes, Mandela was a communist and sometime terrorist who served decades in prison for the struggle he believed in. Barack Obama? No one seems to know where Obama disappeared to when Mandela visited Chicago in 1993. Maybe Obama was with his Uncle Omar preparing new lies about himself and his history, but in either case we can be sure Obama was near a mirror admiring himself.

It’s always about the mirror and self adoration. When Barack heard about the expected passing of Mandela, Obama’s thoughts turned to himself. Nowhere a mention of the American people in Obama’s statement. It was about how Obama felt, what Obama did, where Obama was mentally. No mention however why Obama did not bother to see Mandela when Mandela was in Chicago on a very well publicized tour. Or as Obama would phrase it ‘why Mandela did not get to see Obama see him’ in 1993.

Mandela, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, back when that award required extraordinary achievement, died Thursday night. Mandela merited his 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. Mandela also deserves a higher class of funeral invitees than what will be shipped over from the United States. Barack, you’re no Mandela.

In 1993 Nelson Mandela received his Nobel Peace Prize along with the very man who imprisoned him. Mandela worked with his tormentor to bring about a new South Africa and they were both recognized for their hard won achievements. Barack Obama? Obama called Cambridge police “stupid”, declared thug Trayvon Martin to be a reflection of his own gloriousness, and has yet to speak out against the “knockout game” let alone that repugnant elected official who blames the increased population of Jews for the anti-white black youth violence in her neighborhood.

Mandela reconciled a very bitter country. All Obama can offer is race-baiting and division. The best thing Obama can do is probably go on vacation and say nothing or do anything. It’s not like there’s anything to do anyway.

ObamaCare? There’s a new Report: Error rate for applications completed on ObamaCare exchanges is 10 percent. That 10 percent is if you believe the, well let’s just say it, PHONY number. The California numbers are suspect, and the problems in New York are ugly too. The D.C. and state exchanges are a data mess too that won’t be sorted out let alone fixed by the New Year as Obama vacations oblivious to the pain he has caused millions with the ObamaCare insurance scam. Thanks to Obama and his Obama Dimocrat ObamaCare scam there will likely be less people insured on New Year’s Day than there were before. The chronically ill will be screwed too and underinsured. Obama will be on vacation. But he’s been on vacation for the past several years and only had time for 1 one on one meeting with Kathleen Sebelious since the ObamaCare scam was passed, like a virulent gall stone, years ago.

As ObamaCare devours Obama and Obama Dimocrats, Barack Obama figures it’s time to pack up his lantern-jawed wife and skedaddle. Young idiots who once believed Obama are turning on him, Latino idiots who voted for him are disgusted with him, white women idiots who thought he could be trusted are scalded and running from him too. Solution: funerals and vacations.

At the Mandela funeral there will be two corpses. One will be the withered by work and age body of Nelson Mandela. The other corpse will be the walking dead scrawny Barack Obama seeking refuge from the disaster that is ObamaCare. One will rest in a deserved peace for a life well lived. The other will continue to rest, surrounded by mirrors to protect him, from the army of the angry growing daily.


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  1. Busted : New documents reveal Admin knew in August SmallBiz exchange would not be ready. Sebelius Knew.

    The House Energy and Commerce Committee investigation of the health care law’s failures has uncovered new documents that reveal the administration was aware of the need to delay the online small business (SHOP) exchanges as early as August. Despite this knowledge, the Obama administration waited to finalize the delay until November 27, as Americans across the country were off celebrating Thanksgiving with their loved ones.

    The emails reveal conversations among officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the contractor, CGI Federal, between July 26, 2013, and August 13, 2013. The administration agreed on August 13 that SHOP online would be delayed until November 15, but the administration did not announce any delay until September 26, less than a week before employers were expecting to begin going online to shop for health care coverage for their employees. At that time, the administration said, “The SHOP Marketplace for Federally-facilitated Marketplace states opens Oct. 1, 2013, when small employers can start the application process and get an overview of available plans and premiums in their area. All functions for SHOP will be available in November and if employers and employees enroll by Dec. 15, 2013, coverage will begin Jan. 1, 2014.”

    Just last week, as Americans all across the country were traveling for Thanksgiving, the administration announced a one-year delay of the SHOP online enrollment feature.

    “As the paper trail broadens, we see more and more evidence that the administration was fully aware its signature health care law was not ready for prime time,” said Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI). “The documents we are now reviewing tell a much, much different story than what officials testified to Congress. While it’s not clear if any ‘blood oath’ was taken, the president’s top lieutenants repeatedly looked us in the eye, insisting that they were ‘on track’ when they knew looming deadlines would be impossible to meet. These are not the characteristics of the ‘most transparent administration in history.’ Secretary Sebelius must come prepared next week to provide answers about what January 1 and beyond will really look like. The American people deserve better, they deserve an administration that keeps its promises, and they deserve a reprieve from the president’s failed health care law.”

    “As President Obama embarks on his latest PR push to try and salvage his signature legislation, we’re finding more evidence that the administration was painfully aware the work would not be complete by October 1,” said Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Tim Murphy (R-PA).

    Key findings from the documents follow (emphasis added):


    Read on.


    Congress, Staff Get Healthcare Extension Denied Other Americans

    WASHINGTON — Members of Congress and their staff will be allowed to keep their health insurance past the end of the year deadline because of persistent problems plaguing the DC Health Link, The Colorado Observer has learned.

    A memo issued to House staffers Thursday night said that the Obama administration has been made aware of the “significant problems preventing members and staff in Washington, D.C. and in district offices from enrolling in a healthcare plan.”

    The memo from Chief Administrative Officer of the House Dan Strodel said that while they are awaiting a decision to keep the enrollment time open past Dec. 9, health insurance coverage would be extended through Jan. 31.

    The extension for members of Congress and nearly 12,000 staffers comes after nearly a quarter-million Coloradans had their insurance cancelled Nov. 1, and millions of policies have been cancelled nationwide.

    The announcement also comes on the heels of a declaration this week that computer system bugs no longer plagued the Obamacare network but less than 50,000 customers a day could be processed.

  3. Admin you are channeling BO frighteningly well today. Every sentence totally represents him. Lying on the meat platter with what follows is so repugnant, yet plausible. WGN TV has covered Mandela’s 1993 visit to Chicago; wondered why no Barack. I’ve seen other coverage via NYC outlets yesterday. Saw pix of WJC nearby, and others, and words said about his demeanor which I took to be possible digs at BO.Cannot be sure.

    I have a slim connection to UK person in film industry and she has shared this FB link which is so enjoyable. Classy England.
    Comment from my FB contact: Love that Mandela dance! thanks to Film-maker Lee Hirsch.
    Shared with public
    Lee Hirsch
    I first met #Mandela when I was 20 years old. My knees shaking I knew I had met the greatest man of our time, Less then a year later after singing at his Inauguration, he held my hand and said “ How are you my son?” my heart melted. Tonight, I wanted to share this clip from my film Amandla! which captures his amazing smile and the one and only #Madiba dance! Go well Comrade. — with Desiree Nina Markgraaff, Paulus Davis, Sherry Simpson Dean, Catherine Meyburgh, David Dean, Johanna Demetrakas, Andy Davis and John Allen.

  4. Can’t blame Republicans for the D.C. site Hell.

    Capitol Hill staffers are hitting multiple obstacles in trying to enroll in the Obamacare exchange just days before the federal government’s deadline for getting coverage.

    They and lawmakers have until Monday to sign up on DC Health Link, the District’s insurance exchange, if they want to maintain the government’s generous employer contribution to their health insurance.

    But as crunch time approaches, Democratic and Republican staffers are getting error messages, denials, notices that they’re enrolled in multiple plans and incomplete confirmation — as well as a website that went down briefly Thursday.

    Officials at DC Health Link say that they are working quickly to fix each problem. But the snags are causing a lot of frustration and grief.

    “Anyone else not able to log in or use [the site]?” Jessica Vanden Berg, chief of staff to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), wrote late Thursday to other Democratic chiefs of staff in an email obtained by POLITICO. “No one in my office can today.” [snip]

    Several staffers said that any log-in name they entered on the website came back with a rejection notice or that once they enrolled, they didn’t get an actual confirmation of coverage, making many nervous that they’d be uninsured as of Jan. 1. Their experiences parallel some of the troubles that million of Americans confronted following the disastrous launch of the federal portal.

    On three separate occasions, we were … asked to re-submit our personal information (Social Security numbers and dates of birth) for each person in our family,” one Senate staffer said of the local exchange.

    Others got rejection alerts because they live in Virginia or Maryland but were trying to sign up on the D.C. exchange. District officials blamed that error on staffers applying for individual or family coverage instead of policies through the small business exchange, or SHOP.

    Government regulations under the health law require them to use SHOP if they want to continue receiving the regular employer contribution to their health plans. Staffers’ worry is that if they’re not successfully enrolled by Monday’s deadline, they‘ll lose a benefit that amounts to up to 75 percent of their premium costs. [snip]

    One Senate aide said the DC Health Link website did not recognize the “U.S. Senate” as a legitimate employer, and he couldn’t fix that error until he attended one of the exchange’s several informational sessions.

    “They’re frustrated because they’re trying to find the details to what the deductibles will be and what the premium will be – pretty basic buying decision questions – but they don’t have them,” said Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.).

    A House Republican staff assistant’s name was misspelled in a census that DC Health Link got from the House, and that prevented him from signing up. Exchange officials only figured out the problem after several phone calls and “wasted” hours later, the aide said.

    It’s been hours and hours and hours spent,” Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) said of her aides’ sign-up efforts. Some individuals still haven’t been able to finish their applications despite that time and effort. “They’re concerned because it’s not like they haven’t tried.”

    Black said that while her younger staffers are making out better in terms of what they’re paying and the health services they are getting, older staffers and those with children are seeing major increases in premiums.

    The rising costs for older staffers is a concern across the Hill. Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) said one of his aides, a 56-year-old woman, will see her premium double to $800 a month.

    Big Media still insists the glitches are gone.

  5. Just when you think they could not go lower, they did, we need to stop this.

    For wind power, US extends permit for eagle deaths

    The Obama administration said Friday it will allow some companies to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty, an effort to spur development and investment in green energy while balancing its environmental consequences.

    The change, requested by the wind energy industry, will provide legal protection for the lifespan of wind farms and other projects for which companies obtain a permit and make efforts to avoid killing the birds.

    An investigation by The Associated Press earlier this year documented the illegal killing of eagles around wind farms, the Obama administration’s reluctance to prosecute such cases and its willingness to help keep the scope of the eagle deaths secret. The White House has championed wind power, a pollution-free energy intended to ease global warming, as a cornerstone of President Barack Obama’s energy plan.

    In other areas, too, such as the government’s support for corn-based ethanol to reduce U.S. dependence on gasoline, the White House has allowed the green industry to do not-so-green things. Another AP investigation recently showed that ethanol has proven far more damaging to the environment than politicians promised and much worse than the government admits today.

    Under the change announced Friday, companies would have to commit to take additional measures if they kill or injure more eagles than they have estimated they would, or if new information suggests that eagle populations are being affected. The permits would be reviewed every five years, and companies would have to submit reports of how many eagles they kill. Now such reporting is voluntarily, and the Interior Department refuses to release the information.

    “This is not a program to kill eagles,” said John Anderson, the director of siting policy at the American Wind Energy Association. “This permit program is about conservation.”

    Wind farms are clusters of turbines as tall as 30-story buildings, with spinning rotors as wide as a passenger jet’s wingspan. Though the blades appear to move slowly, they can reach speeds of up to 170 mph at the tips, creating tornado-like vortexes.

    Flying eagles behave like drivers texting on their cellphones; they don’t look up. As they scan below for food, they don’t notice the industrial turbine blades until it is too late.

    No wind energy company has obtained permission authorizing the killing, injuring or harassment of eagles, although five-year permits have been available since 2009. That puts the companies at legal risk and discourages private investment in renewable energy.

    It also doesn’t necessarily help eagles, since without a permit, companies are not required to take steps to reduce their impact on the birds or report when they kill them.

    The new rule makes clear that revoking a permit — which could undermine investments and interest in wind power — is a last resort under the administration’s energy policy.

    “We anticipate that implementing additional mitigation measures … will reduce the likelihood of amendments to, or revocation of, the permit,” the rule said.

    Conservation groups, which have been aligned with the wind industry on other issues, said the decision by the Interior Department sanctioned the killing of an American icon.

    “Instead of balancing the need for conservation and renewable energy, Interior wrote the wind industry a blank check,” said Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold in a statement. The group said it will challenge the decision.


    “This is not a program to kill eagles,” said, the director of siting policy at the American Wind Energy Association. “This permit program is about conservation.”

    Where the hell does he get the idea being allowed to murder the national bird is “conservation.

  6. admin
    December 6, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Can’t blame Republicans for the D.C. site Hell.
    It’s this kind of thing that could bring them down from their Ivory Towers.

  7. About the eagles,I think this situation opened another Obama can of worms.
    By Soumya Karlamangla
    November 24, 2013, 8:00 a.m.
    In the first case of its kind, a large energy company has pleaded guilty to killing birds at its large wind turbine farms in Wyoming and has agreed to pay $1 million as punishment.
    Duke Energy Renewables — a subsidiary of the Fortune 250 Duke Energy Corp. — admitted to violating the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act in connection with the deaths of more than 160 birds, including 14 golden eagles, according to court documents.
    The deaths took place between 2009 and 2013 at two Duke sites in Wyoming that have 176 wind turbines, according to court documents.
    “This case represents the first criminal conviction under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act for unlawful avian takings at wind projects,” said Robert G. Dreher, acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, in a statement. He released the statement Friday, the same day Duke admitted to the violations.
    The Migratory Bird Treaty Act was enacted in 1918. It is intended to protect more than 1,000 species of birds and makes the killing of such birds a federal offense. The golden eagle is not endangered, but it has been federally protected since 1962.,0,2938734.story

    So the law enforced was enacted nearly a century ago and Oh/Holder saw big money in the fines I presume.
    Then I suppose rational people started asking how can you stop them?
    [ Read in WashTimes {?}, and I’m serious, that one way to stop the deaths was to have a spotter and turn the turbine{s} off until the bird{s} were a safe distance away. Another is come kind of radar substituting for that human spotter. ]

    I regard the whole situation as another of this criminally irresponsible administrations poorly researched adventures.

    I’ll bet the feathers flew between Duke Energy and DC until they hammered out this revelation which you point out makes no sense and offends human decency.

  8. It’s gonna be repealed. The young who must enroll in order for ObamaScam to continue to limp along think it will be repealed – in 2014. They won’t sign up because they think it will be repealed and therefore it will be repealed because they think it will be repealed and they won’t sign up so it will have to be repealed:

    Young Americans Expect Obamacare to Be Repealed

    United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll finds widespread pessimism among African-Americans about the law’s future too.

    The young Americans the Obama administration so desperately needs to help make the Affordable Care Act function are the ones most likely to believe the law is endangered, suggesting that sustained House Republican efforts to repeal and undermine the law are bearing some fruit.

    More than half of 18-to-29-year-olds who were surveyed in the most recent United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll say it is likely the law will be repealed in 2014, even though the chances of that actually occurring are remote.

    According to the poll, 18 percent of respondents in this age group said it was “very likely” Obamacare would be repealed by Congress next year, while 33 percent said it was “somewhat likely” the law would be done away with. The survey has an overall margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.

    That has real-world implications. The administration has relentlessly wooed these so-called young invincibles—young, healthy Americans—to sign up to purchase health insurance through online exchanges. Those consumers, who tend to use health care services less frequently, are needed to subsidize the cost of treating older, sicker ones. Without their participation in large numbers (the target for next year is 40 percent of all new enrollees), premium rates for consumers in the exchanges could rise.

    The ACA’s advocates have derided the House GOP for voting to repeal the law more than 40 times, arguing that it’s a waste of legislative time since the Democratic Senate won’t consider such a bill. But the poll’s results indicate that those attempts may have added to the widespread public confusion about the law’s status. In addition, the relentlessly negative coverage of the act in the wake of the botched rollout of the federal exchange site may have contributed to the public’s sense that the law is endangered.

    The poll results also jibe with a survey released this week by the Harvard Institute of Politics which found that fewer than 30 percent of young Americans age 18-29 would or probably would sign up for health insurance and fewer than 40 percent of those surveyed approve of the law.

    It also revealed widespread pessimism among African-Americans about the law’s future. A staggering 70 percent of those surveyed (in all age groups) believe it is “somewhat likely” or “very likely” the law will be repealed next year.

    Call the morgue. Time to pick up the garbage at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  9. Eagles:

    Mirrors on the ceiling,
    The pink champagne on ice
    And she said ‘we are all just prisoners here, of our own device’
    And in the master’s chambers,
    They gathered for the feast
    The stab it with their steely knives,
    But they just can’t kill the beast

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the place I was before
    ‘relax,’ said the night man,
    We are programmed to receive.
    You can checkout any time you like,
    But you can never leave!

  10. In touching tribute to Mandela, Obama posts photo of himself watching TV

    Last summer on his $100 million family tour of Africa, Barack Obama hoped for a priceless photo op with Nelson Mandela, the ailing freedom pioneer who went from prison cell to the presidency of South Africa in one of modern history’s more remarkable national — and personal — transformations.

    Mandela’s family suggested that wasn’t going to happen.

    So, the Obamas did a photo op in Mandela’s former prison cell. The Obama White House hastened to post one of those on Twitter Thursday as soon as word arrived of the icon’s passing at 95.

    Obama immediately scheduled a photo op of his own in time for the evening news. But before that he was captured in an action photograph staring at television coverage of the passing of the vaunted victor over apartheid.

    And that static Obama image was then posted as the official Obama White House Photo of the Day.

    For reasons having to do with the truth, Obama has a reputation for seeking the spotlight, even when it’s intended for someone else. When his staff organized a photo op for Obama to share some basketball tips with visiting youngsters, Obama spent the time instead showing off his lay-up. Or his selfie on the Rosa Parks anniversary.

    One day in the election year of 2012, the Obama White House appended some Obama mention to the online biographies of most recent past presidents. President John F. Kennedy, for instance, created the Peace Corps. President Barack Obama signed a Peace Corps proclamation once.

    At his Mandela photo op Thursday, Obama praised Mandela for the cameras as “a man who took history in his hands, and bent the arc of the moral universe toward justice” and as “one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings.”

  11. Admin, great post.

    We all know Baracko sees himself, not only as Mandela’s equivalent, but far superior to all leaders that have ever walked this Earth.

    He see’s himself as Lincoln, MLK, Kennedy, better than both of the Clinton’s, Bibi and the list is endless.

    He was born as the golden calf and by-crackie, he is going to pad the rest of his life with golden geese and play dates with stars, athletes and Kings.

    He is president of the most powerful country in the world, he is the loving idol of the media and all his ‘deserved’ adulation is something he expects and confirms that he is possibly more than just a narcissist, but is suffering from a mental illness:

    Megalomania is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence. “Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs.”

    This is a true sense of the word, ‘delusional’. Not just the term many toss around as a dig.

    I met someone recently that had this happen to him in a manic, BiPolar state. He thought that he should get his girlfriend PG because their child would be the second coming of Christ. No joke.

  12. I’m hearing Lou Barletta is to be on Sean Hannity Show talking further about Obamacare and the effects upon volunteer fire dept and other volunteer emergency workers.

  13. Remember the story of Bismark?

    When he was asked about German ambitions vis a vis Africa, he pulled out a map and said this:

    Russia is here, France is here, and Germany is in the middle.

    This is my center of gravity.

    For Obama, and his useless big media whores, what happens in Capetown will not endure.

    The center of gravity is here, in the trials and tribulations of Obamacare.

    Remember the old left mantra, when Bush lied people died.

    Well, it we now have what Nietzsche called the eternal return of all things.

    Factor in the terminal patients who find themselves on the cutting edge of Obamacare failure.

    We can now say, with relative certainty, when Obama lied, people died.

  14. I am not a Beetles fan, but these lyrics capture the essence of Obama so closely that I felt compelled to post them:

    To Messiah Obama.

    The most supercalfragalisticexpialadotius figure in 60 million years, according to big media:

    He’s a real nowhere man,
    Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
    Making all his nowhere plans
    for nobody.

    Doesn’t have a point of view,
    Knows not where he’s going to

    Nowhere Man please listen,
    You don’t know what you’re missing,
    Nowhere Man,the world is at your command!

    (lead guitar)

    He’s as blind as he can be,
    Just sees what he wants to see,
    Nowhere Man can you see me at all?

    Nowhere Man, don’t worry,
    Take your time, don’t hurry,
    Leave it all till somebody else
    lends you a hand!

  15. Magic shows work when the audience does not see the trick. Obama’s magic is wearing mighty thin. The latest example? That mystery of mysteries Obamacare, which gives us everything we don’t want and nothing we need at a price we cannot afford. But Obama knows best, and none of us are messiahs. After all, he is the man who got Bin Laden, prevented Benghazi from becoming a wider war, and gave us universal health care. And he was in the trenches all the way, weighing all the contingencies, making the best decisions, and like the old Mitchum deoderant commercial never breaking a sweat.

    Except for one thing. In each case, he was MIA. And this meant that the sorcerers many apprentices had to break a leg covering for him, to make it look like he was in charge. And like I said a month ago, he was not huddling with Kathleen Sebelius, and she never told him it was not all systems go, and he never asked. When someone does an honest review of his failure, long after it really matters, it will be shown that he was always MIA, and is institutionally incapable of making a governing decision. Any more than I could be the starting pitcher in the world series.

    The hype is all hype. It has been up to this point a big media driven consensus reality which has polarized and sunk the nation. And more is the pity for that. We must more quickly to a more empirical reality. And that is where Hillary comes in. The governing challenge today is more onerous than it was in 2008.

  16. Five years ago, I was sitting in the waiting room of a dermatologist and I struck up a conversation with a young lady about the status of the election. I spoke of my commitment to electing Hillary and her qualifications for the job. Not wishing to be uncivil this young lady said yes I know but omg Obama has so much hope. I asked her what good is hope if you cannot deliver. No answer was forthcoming. I cite that example merely to show how effective big media propaganda can be to vulnerable people of all ages, genders, racial background, and dare I say it all educational levels. Too often there is an inverse relationship between common sense and higher education. Or, as an east Texas cattle woman and wife of the Cajun chef Paul Prudholm told me one time, our kids were fine until we sent them away to college and they educated the common sense out of them. Another example? Sarah Palin has been vilified and now hating Sarah (or Breitbart) is the secret handshake of leftists, a way of noting their superiority to the common herd. But because most of them who blindly mouth that sentiment know nothing about Sarah or what she stands for, as far as I am concerned they are superior to the common herd only in the sense that they are more narrow minded and ignorant.

  17. I must cease and desist in being so cynical about Obama. That will be my New Years Resolution. Upon reflection, I realize he has created an abundance of hope, through Obamacare alone. Today, millions are hoping that they do not lose their coverage, lose their doctor, are unable to afford the premium and are not subjected to the tender mercies of death panels. He has created much hope in the country, the same way a mafia protection racket does.

  18. Admin: nice turn of the phrase the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral. The sure sign of a sociopath.

  19. jbstonesfan:

    In the last thread, you suggested that the unemployment rate is likely to improve between now and the election. Today’s report is consistent with that view, even though it reflects the seasonal hiring surge which is common this time of year. Nevertheless, I make the same assumption which you do, that it will improve. In my view, they will cook the books to see that it does–more of this consensus reality stuff.

    However, I very much doubt this will have much effect on Obama’s standing. Prior to the election, bad unemployment numbers did not seem to move the needle, so there is no reason why good ones should either. The one thing that did move the needle was Obamacare in the 2010 election. At that point, many believed he was shooting straight about cheaper premiums, keep your doctor, etc. Yet still, it was a bloodbath for dims.

    But now, he has proven himself to be a serial liar. What is more, the program he promoted is not seen as a benefit, but a takeaway for millions. People are now gearing up for the insurance debacle that lies ahead. Next to that, a dip in the unemployment number is as nothing. He has done nada to improve the employment picture.

  20. Betty, thanks very much for your comment and for the excellent article you attached which was a manifesto of truth to rebut all the lies we get from the elites–who fancy themselves to be much smarter than they really are. It does not take much to loot the system. They are damned good at that. It is much harder to create a prosperity where all boats rise with the tide. Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton were the only ones who managed to do that.

    I also agree with Bill’s read on Obama and his ilk:

    there exists in some people an insatiable desire to tell other people what to do; to bend others to their will. I suspect that every single one of those hearts is filled with a dread, a genuine horror, at the wasteland of their own emptiness, and so the bombast and the narcissism and the arrogance; the legions of fainting faithful and the roar of the applause; the reflections, the logos, the insertion of themselves into every event in history; the mind-numbing obsession with power

  21. Paul | December 6, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    I said it at the time and I’ll say it again… Ted Cruz punked Barry Soetero in monumental fashion. He knew his enemy’s biggest weakness (his ego) and he played it masterfully. Cruz goaded Soetero into plowing full-steam-ahead with the launch simply by demanding that he not. Like a churlish little child (oh wait…) Soetero took the bait and now those of us who have been screaming about the disaster known as ACA since 2009 are sitting here eating popcorn and loving the show. I hope 2014 is a bloodbath of epic proportions for the proggies… the marxist power mongering scum deserve nothing less.

    That is undeniably true.

    And the corrupt stupid rino has not figured this out.

    But the rino is not on the side of the American People.

    Like McConnell, he thinks only of himself and his contributors.

    We should vote for THAT?

    Not likely.

  22. I agree with you wbboei but low information voters and the type of media whoring we are already seeing in these Obama interviews could be an intervening, superseding cause IMO.
    I am a Stones fan and have always hated the Beatles.

  23. It looks to me like things will get worse. We are dealing with a stone cold sociopath. As the walls close around him, he will enter the act out phase of his sickness. That fucking ignorant David Brooks. All too well I remember him with that cherub face and I’ve got a secret I won’t tell grin, giggling on Brooks and Shields, and telling us early on that Barack that was like no other politician he had ever seen in his life. If only he were old enough to have been in Germany during the 1930s, and seen The Triumph of the Will, then for him this would not be such an exhilarating, exciting, moving, inspiration and game changing case of first impression. Obama is not a politician. He is a cultist. And David, who lives in New York and fancies himself to be a man of the world, has never met a cult leader before.

  24. By the way, the Tides Foundation and the Open Borders Organization which is providing the Homeland (In)security are funded and populated by George Soros and his cabal.

    Confloyd did the research to prove this, and presented it here on this blog four years ago.

    Yesterday I met a nice young lady who told me that her husband worked for Homeland Security. I wonder if he realizes who he is working for, and that their goals are fundamentally incompatible with those of this nation, if these lawyers Christian Adams has identified are any indication.

  25. jbstonesfan
    December 6, 2013 at 9:20 pm
    I just happened to see the tail end of that HBO movie on the Beatles manager Phil Specter. Some piece of work he was. The role was played by one of my favorite actors–Al Pacino, and true to form he brought the character to life like few can. He was really full of himself, all powerful and totally out of control. This can happen in the presence of too much choom. I can think of one other example.

  26. low information voters and the type of media whoring we are already seeing in these Obama interviews could be an intervening, superseding cause IMO.
    Well, I suppose.

    After all, there is such a thing as the big lie.

    As in: The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one”–Adolph Hitler

    Goebbels carried it out for Hitler.

    Big media has done the exact same thing for Obama.

    But where the people of this country are concerned, it is different.

    What they feel and experience in life is reality.

    And if it creates an intense negative experience then it will resonate more than bullshit on the screen.

    Obamacare, which bears his name, and the serial lies he told about it, are an albatross which will strangle his legacy.

    Five years ago he received the Nobel Prize.

    Today, it matters not a farthing.

    Frankly, Bill Clinton can claim a much closer connection to Mandela than Obama can.

    This move by Obama to embrace him now, posthumously, will be seen a opportunistic and shallow by many.


    The D.C. insurance exchange where thousands of Hill aides are shopping has confirmed that an outside scammer is redirecting customers to a fraudulent website.

    Some shoppers are being directed from the insurance website to an outside site that appears nearly identical to the real exchange, officials confirmed Friday. The fraud is widespread enough that they’re considering adding disclaimers to its website to warn users against divulging their check card or PIN numbers.

    “Yes, we have heard of it. There is definitely a phishing scam from an outside source,” said Richard Sorian, a spokesman for D.C. Health Link.

    One Senate staffer said that after trying and failing to log onto the website multiple times, he was redirected to a separate page where he was asked for his check card number and PIN. After calling customer service, he was told the web page was a scam.

    A notice on the exchange’s website warns consumers against being “fooled by fake websites claiming to help you.”

    The exchange is flooded with extra traffic right now as Hill staffers try to sign up for coverage plans by the Monday deadline. The Affordable Care Act requires most aides — and all members of Congress — to obtain coverage on an insurance exchange instead of via the federal employee benefits plan.

    Besides the security issues, the website has also been struggling under technical glitches.

    It went down briefly Thursday and Democratic and Republican staffers reported getting error messages, denials and incomplete information. The House’s chief administrative officer urged the Office of Personnel Management to take “immediate steps” to ensure they can sign up before the deadline.

  28. Remember Pearl Harbor!


    Pearl Harbor ceremony marks 72nd anniversary of bombing

    PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii – About 3,000 people are expected to gather at Pearl Harbor on Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of the 1941 Japanese attack that launched the U.S. into World War II.

    About 70 World War II veterans and survivors of the Dec. 7 bombing plan to attend the morning ceremony on the shore overlooking a memorial to the USS Arizona battleship that sank during the attack.

    The event will begin with a traditional Hawaiian blessing. There will be a moment of silence at 7:55 a.m., the minute the bombing began 72 years ago. A guided missile destroyer will pass by and render honors to the USS Arizona and its crew

  29. Pearl Harbor. Lucky for the First Family that this day is well ahead of their vacay. If the two events ever overlap it could be so awkward. Glad there are still veterans able to attend.
    This morning my tee vee had some info on the Presidential trip to the ceremonies commemorating Nelson Mandela’s life and accomplishments. It began with: “President Obama will lead the group of former Presidents” snip.
    You just have to laugh. What has he ever lead in his POTUS suit?
    Anyway, some details:
    Obama and his wife, Michelle, will be joined on Air Force One by Bush and his wife, Laura, on the trip to South Africa next week.
    Clinton, the Democrat who preceded the Republican Bush in office, will be attending Mandela events in South Africa as well, a spokesman said. His exact travel plans were still being worked out. Snip The exact schedules of Obama, Bush and Clinton were as yet unclear and it was not known whether Obama would make public remarks in South Africa. Snip
    Clinton told CNN he once asked Mandela how he managed to emerge from prison in the proper frame of mind to become his country’s president.
    “He said, I was breaking rocks about 11 years into my prison term and I realized they had already taken so much from me. I had been physically and mentally abused. I had been deprived of seeing my children grow up. It ultimately destroyed my marriage.
    “He said, ‘I realized they could take every single thing away from me except my mind and my

    PS: That whoever penned this article felt obliged to define who Clinton is in relation to the Presidential lineup, is SHOCKING.
    PPS: Clinton knows how to honor Mandela. I guess if Barack had aspired to walk thru his Presidency with dignity, he’d have picked up on the skill for he has had the best example at his fingertips for years. Just not interested. It all goes to what is well-known here. Yet unfathomable that this loser cannot improve his personal skills, or see the need to.

  30. Maybe people try to compare Obama to Mandela because they share the same loathing for the State of Israel.

    Op-Ed: Mandela Was an Enemy of Israel
    Published: Friday, December 06, 2013 12:08 PM

    Mandela was an enabler of anti-Semitic terrorism.

    In 1990, Mandela likened Israel to a “terrorist state” and declared that “we do not regard the PLO as a terrorist organization.

    Nelson Mandela has already been mourned by many Jews around the world. And for good reasons. When Mandela was released from prison by de Klerk, he showed statesmanship and reconciliation rather than revenge.

    But his biography reveals that he was an enemy of the Israeli people.

    A post-apartheid Pretoria that joins in boycotting Jerusalem is one of the more powerful victories for the boycott and divestment campaign. And it’s Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

    Historically, black leaders in South Africa such as Desmond Tutu viewed the Jews as a part of the “capitalist camp”, and therefore exploitative of the blacks. Neo Mnumzama, chief representative of the ANC (Mandela’s party) at the United Nations, called Zionism an “ally of apartheid” and “an accomplice in the perpetuation of the crimes of Pretoria against the South African people”.

    In Mandela’s twisted version, Israel and South Africa – both, in his view, under apartheid rule – were small bastions of Western interests surrounded by a larger and non-Western people; both governed hostile majorities, using force and denying rights to subjugate them; both were run by nationalistic, racist governments unwilling to grant rights to these people but anxious to exploit labor.

    Mandela always made it clear that those who are the enemies of the Jews are not necessarily his enemies.

  31. VotingHillary
    December 7, 2013 at 12:53 am
    That first professor was pathetic. I think he is somebody I am familiar with, from NYU. But I could be wrong.

    Turley is good. One writer described him as an Obama supporter. In 2008 yes. Today, absolutely not.

    His closing response to Gowdy was accurate.

    And when he says it is up to the courts to reign in the executive, you see the motive of Obama in flooding the judicial system with left wing nominees, whose passion in politics, not law. You also see why Reid put all democrats at risk by abandoning the filibuster rule, and why he is flooding homeland security with left wing amnesty zealots.

  32. I rail about big media constantly, and the stupidity of the sheeple in failing to see through what they are doing and why they are doing it.

    Big media can hold whatever political views it wants–and the evidence is clear that they hold a pretty monolithic one. They are free to make money in the marketplace–provided their product is not inherently defective. The reader will decide whether their work product is functional and has redeeming social value, which was once the standard in pornography cases, which is designed to provide the individual involved in such activities with the widest possible latitude against the Father Coughlins of society, who were in evidence in an earlier day, but no longer hold the positions of power in our secular society which they once did.

    BUT when an entity with power of big media–a power which is as pervasive as it is persuasive and manipulative crosses the line, and becomes a propaganda wing of the White House–which no one who lives on the same planet as most of us can deny, and when they act as partners with a corrupt president in constructing a non-empirical don’t worry be happy bread and circuses consensus reality, which is specifically intended to blind the American people on what is really happening, namely the destruction of the middle class and the conversion of our nation into a society of billionaires and beggars, it becomes obvious that they are really no different than Goebbels. No different.

    If only the public at large understood this. If only.

  33. Leanora
    December 7, 2013 at 8:31 am

    Maybe people try to compare Obama to Mandela because they share the same loathing for the State of Israel.
    I have two antecdotes on the subject of Mandela and his beautification by big media into secular sainthood. I should preface my comments by saying that I know a guy who was a policeman, and bodyguard in South Africa, when it was still subject to apartheid. He is a tough customer, an honest one and what you see is what you get. He is the source of what I am about to say.

    1. First of all, Mandela was head of a terrorist organization. One of their favorite tricks was to post placards and handbills critical of the government. Free speech you say? Yes, but for one thing. In hundreds of cases those placards were booby trapped to explode when they were removed. Hundreds of policemen lost life or limb in these encounters. He personally witnessed one or more of those episodes.

    2. Second, in one of the 27 provinces of the old nation state, there was a bloody war between two rival tribes which resulted in thousands of deaths. It was the Hatfields and McCoys on steroids. He and a fellow officer took a jeep with a New York Times correspondent to a hill above one village where fighting between the two tribes was in progress. The NYT correspondent wanted to go down for a closer look but my acquaintance told him this was not Manhattan, so why stick your head in a hornets nest. Eventually, the gunfire died down, they went down to investigate and found a pile of dead bodies. The NYT correspondent was enthralled. He asked my acquaintance to pose for a picture beside the dead bodies. He refused. Whereupon his partner gladly obliged and posed with his gun in the picture. A day or so that picture was on the front page of the New York Times, with the caption which read The Human Cost of Apartheid. This was fantasy island promoted for the specific purpose of creating a world wide consensus reality advanced by NYT.

    The death of Mandela provides yet another opportunity to do so. Other acquaintences–top people in the world of golf came from Rhodesia–David Leadbetter, Nick Price, among others. Mandela evolved from a terrorist into a model statesman. Obviously, the same thing did not materialize in Rhodesia–where the tyrant Robert Mugambe took power. If you wnat to compare Obama to someone in the struggle against colonialism, the reference point would be Mugambe, not Mandela.

  34. wbboei, I could see Obama trying a pivot to statesman or US patriot. But I think too much damage has already been done. Hopefully.
    Dem Dirt I’d not been privy to:

    From MassGOP Nov 27 2013.
    Coakley Campaign Cash Scandal Week 4:
    In Damage Control, Coakley Fires Sister From State Committee Role
    [just a little troubled seeing word ‘archive’ in link. Hope it’s current.]


    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said the date would live in infamy.

    Dec. 7, 1941, 72 years ago today, changed the course of history. Events of that day were seared into the collective memory of Americans for generations to come.

    For Lauren Bruner, remembrances of the attack on Pearl Harbor were burned onto his very body.

    Now 93, Bruner was a 21-year-old fire controlman petty officer aboard the USS Arizona the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, killing 2,402 people.

    Bruner was gravely injured in the bombing, receiving burns to more than 70 percent of his body.

    He was in Tucson this week to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the attack and to speak with groups of University of Arizona students and veterans. Bruner also viewed the collected USS Arizona memorabilia held at the UA Library’s special collections.

    He is one of a handful of surviving crewmen from aboard the ship that day, and still makes trips to the annual reunion events.

    “I’ve been to every one of ’em,” he said. Every one since about 1990, that is.

    That’s when his sister-in-law saw someone in Palm Springs, Calif., with a USS Arizona reunion bumper sticker on his car. She flagged down the driver and asked for the details.

    But even now, more than 70 years since that tragic day, Bruner rarely talks about what he saw when he witnessed one of the most historically significant events of the last century.

    Bruner has confided in author Ed McGrath, though, who traveled with him from his California home for the memorial events.

    “He’s a real American hero,” McGrath said.

    McGrath has been working with Bruner on a documentary film and book about his USS Arizona experiences.

    In McGrath’s telling, Bruner’s survival was fate.

    When the call went out to man the battle stations that morning, Bruner ran to his post on the ship’s superstructure high above the deck.

    He had been below deck getting ready to attend church services that calm Sunday morning as Japanese warplanes dropped bombs across the harbor, eventually sinking six U.S. ships, damaging 13 others and destroying 188 aircraft.

    After three direct hits, a fourth bomb pierced the Arizona’s deck and cascaded toward an ammunition magazine. Seconds later, the ship erupted in a ball of fire and black smoke.

    Archival photos and videos show the bow of the Arizona almost completely engulfed in a fiery blast hundreds of feet high.

    The steel floor of the platform above the bridge likely spared Bruner and his crewmen the worst of the blast, although flames still scorched much of his body.

    But surviving the explosion was just the start.

    Burning oil blazed on the water all around the ship.

    Crewmen from the nearby USS Vestal threw Bruner and compatriots a line, which they used to hoist a rope to the roost. They affixed the rope to the superstructure, still more than 60 feet above the deck, then climbed down to the safety of the Vestal.

    In all, 1,177 of the 1,512 sailors aboard the Arizona were killed.

    Bruner spent two months in the hospital ship USS Solace and several more in Navy hospitals.

    It was this daring escape that give McGrath the name of the book and film project: “Second to the Last to Leave.”

    Through his research, McGrath said, he learned that Bruner was indeed the second to the last man off the burning and sinking Arizona.

    Although terribly injured, Bruner’s naval service was far from over.

    He later joined the crew of the newly launched destroyer the USS Coghlan, where he spent the remainder of the war fighting the Japanese from the Aleutian Islands to the Philippines.

    Despite the tragedy, Bruner said he still looks back fondly at his days on the Arizona and in the Navy.

    He recalled sporting events he and other sailors used to participate in or chasing girls in the bars around the island.

    “For a nickel you could get a can of beer,” Bruner said, describing how he and other sailors spent much of their $21-per-month salaries.

    At 93, Bruner said he still enjoys traveling to the World War II reunion events, especially those to commemorate the USS Arizona.

    “A lot of people have been coming for years and years who had nothing to do with the Arizona. They just wanted to be friends,” he said. “We have a great following.”

    McGrath plans to premiere the documentary about Bruner on Dec. 7, 2014, at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. With luck, Bruner will attend, too.

  36. holdthemaccountable
    December 7, 2013 at 10:40 am

    wbboei, I could see Obama trying a pivot to statesman or US patriot. But I think too much damage has already been done. Hopefully.
    I remember a time when a majority of the public was willing to say they did not necessarily agree with his policies– but they liked him. This was the consensus reality constructed by the White House-Big Media Cabal in preparation for the last time he could be challenged at the ballot box. It is what animated the blimp Crowley to give him that big assist in the debates.

    The prevailing view in big media that the American People must not be told the truth. It is why big media is jointly and severally responsible for the damage he has done and will do to the people of this country, and there is no way on earth they should be allowed to slither out of it.

    Today over half of the country does not trust it, it having been shown to a moral certainty that he lied repeatedly and with malice aforethought to them about one of the most personal aspects of their security, namely their health care rights.

    Simply put, the grand messiah of the ages has gone from the being trusted, to liked but disagreed with, to not being trusted, and soon we will see him be feared. From love’s close kiss to hell’s abyss is one short step I trow. So reads a line from the Harlots Song, a poem by the Yukon poet Robert Service. In this case, that one short step has taken five years. Hang on to your hats kiddies, it is about to get bumpy.

  37. admin
    December 7, 2013 at 10:50 am
    This is like if you are living today, where were you and what were you doing when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. This occurred before my time. But my dad was stationed in Florida, was an ensign in the US Navy, and was greeted with the news when he and a fellow officer walked out of the theater and into the street and someone rushed up to him told him and said you guys are the ones who are going to get hit next. He is gone now, but I recall vividly what he told me.

  38. wbboei
    December 6, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    Five years ago, I was sitting in the waiting room of a dermatologist and I struck up a conversation with a young lady about the status of the election. I spoke of my commitment to electing Hillary and her qualifications for the job. Not wishing to be uncivil this young lady said yes I know but omg Obama has so much hope.

    He was hoping that 51 percent of the people were like her (idiots).
    And he was right. 👿

  39. The other part of this tragedy is the RINO is a mushball, the RINO would rather switch than fight, the RINO is interested in his contributors and his own political prospects, and not the welfare of the American People. When a political hack womanizer and lush like Boehner tells the world that Republicans should be more sensitive to women, it is part and parcel of the kind of hypocrisy they deal in–such that if they are the alternative to Obama, then no solution exists. This is why I have pinned my own hopes on a Clinton candidacy–hoping that she proves to be the Hillary of the New York Senate, and the 2008 campaign. As she once put it, I hope she finds her voice, once more.

  40. America Is Under Siege And You Want To Go Shopping?

    Ever since the Muslim/Communist plant Barack Hussein Obama took office and built his regime with fellow Communists, America has been the victim of a soft coup d’etat.

    Obama immediately started his term with a worldwide apology tour, telling our enemies how bad America has been in the past and that he will usher in a new diplomacy. Since that time, he has nationalized car companies, signed executive orders giving him power over all private sector industries and water supplies, purged our military of top ranking officials (197 to date), nationalized health care, allowed American citizens to die in Libya (and then tried to cover it up), illegally sent assault weapons into Mexico, and is currently building the biggest civilian army that this country has ever seen (just as he promised in 2008.) He is doing this by utilizing and equipping the Department of Homeland security, FEMA, and civilian local Police forces with high grade military weaponry, while at the same time trying to eliminate Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

    Over the course of his tenure, America day by day sees the hypocrisy of this regime. When Occupy Wall Street was in full swing, they called themselves the 99 percent and demonized the rich. Why then do they idolize and worship Kanyae West and Kim Kardashian, two of the richest people in America? Obama and his Communist cronies in Congress pushed through Obamacare and forced it upon the American people with a bunch of lies. Why then are this President, Congress, and all of their staff exempt from it?

    President Ronald Reagan once said: “Freedom in America is only one generation away from extinction”. Well, as it stands now with the Federalization of our public schools through the Common Core initiative, you can ask any student of just about any age what types of sex there are, and they can give you a definitive answer. Ask them what our founding documents are, and they don’t have a clue. So ask yourself this while you are sitting on your couch watching Jerry Springer and planning your next government-funded shopping trip to Walmart: when DHS busts your door down to confiscate your firearms, are you going to ask them to leave your flat screen TV? When the stock market crashes again and hyper-inflation sets in, causing a loaf of bread to sell for 15 dollars, are you going to steal from your neighbor?

    A good way to gauge the state of affairs today is when social media burns up with the death of Hollywood actor Paul Walker, but has long forgotten “Fast and Furious” victim Brian Terry. As always, fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.


  41. holdthemaccountable
    December 6, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    Admin you are channeling BO frighteningly well today. Every sentence totally represents him

    What hold’em said! Admin, you nailed it!

  42. Bye Bye Ocare.

    CBS Poll: 84% of Democrats Want #Obamacare Changed or Repealed.

    A fascinating number in Wednesday’s CBS poll is that only 7% of the American public want ObamaCare “kept in place.” A full 93% either believe that changes are needed to the law (48%) or want a full repeal (43%). This pits President Obama and Democrat lawmakers — who thus far have refused to make any meaningful changes — against 93% of the American people and 72% of Democrats.

    Moreover, only 12% of Democrats want ObamaCare “kept as is.” Another 12% want it repealed.

    If only 12% of Democrats want nothing changed with ObamaCare, there is no question that Democrat lawmakers and the president are defying their own base with this ongoing refusal to make any real changes to the law. Furthermore, they are blocking proposed changes, including changes proposed by fellow Democrats.

    The growing narrative from the media and ObamaCare champions is that Democrats need to “stay the course.” Analyzing the Democrats’ political options, ABC’s Rick Klein writes today:

    Lost in the Democratic angst over Obamacare is a simple fact of 2014 politics: They don’t really have any choice but to own it. … No quantity of votes on “fixes” now will matter in the broad messaging wars later; no lawmaker, and virtually no Democratic challenger, will be able to seal him or herself off from potential political damage.

    Klein is not alone with this advice. But how exactly is that a smart play when 84% of Democrats disagree?

    A fair question to ask is, “What kind of changes do Democrat voters want?” A poll released by ABC News yesterday showed that two-thirds of Americans oppose ObamaCare’s individual mandate. There are definitely some Democrats in that group.

    It is also safe to guess that a whole lot of Democrat voters would like to see laws passed that ensure people don’t lose the insurance Obama repeatedly promised they could keep. But those are legislative changes the president has threatened to veto and Democrat leaders refuse to even put to a vote.

    As the 2014 midterms loom large late next year, ObamaCare is almost certain to have begun its rampage through the lives of the 95% of Americans who are insured through group and employer plans. The administration itself predicts that tens of millions will lose their insurance as the new employer mandate kicks in. For obvious reasons, the media is covering this fact up. But cover-ups can’t stop reality from becoming reality.

    By this time next year, “stay the course” is probably going to look like a suicide pact.

  43. We should all feel chastised, admit to our errors in judgement, and accept that the real problem is that our ears are plugged. The problem is not Obama. It’s our ears – at least according this article. The speech Obama gave about economic injustice was just the best, the author feels. What happened? Barack’s speeches used to make everything better. People were always nice to him after his speeches. But, OMG, now we are all just mean and ignorant people with really bad ears!

    Obama was not trying to distract us from his massive failure, Obamacare, when he made this speech. He was really, really trying to enlighten us – to show us the way. But did we listen? Noooo, all we could think about was ourselves and our silly health problems, and whether we could get that surgery we had to have – if we wanted to keep breathing. While we were busy thinking about ourselves and our kids, we missed out on Barack’s “Best Speech”.

    “Can Obama Unplug the Ears of a Deaf Nation?”

    Dec 6, 2013 by ROBERT STEIN

    “Barack Obama’s “best speech” on the economy goes unheard, like the tree in the GEICO commercial. The ambient health-reform noise leaves him looking like the nation has pressed a mute button.

    More response comes from implacable haters than admirers. “For all of their mutual public admiration, Presidents Clinton and Obama react differently to political trouble,” huffs the Wall Street Journal. “Bill moved to the middle, while Barack always moves left. So it’s no surprise that Mr. Obama is responding to his ObamaCare rollout slump by doing his best Elizabeth Warren imitation.”

    If an estimable man in the White House speaking truths about the nation’s economy can be drowned out by liars and buffoons, where does American democracy go from here?

    It was no doubt the President’s intention to rise above the Obamacare din and ask voters to see how far they have fallen in the past decades.

    In addition, he pointed out, to “increased inequality, we’ve seen diminished levels of upward mobility in recent years. A child born in the top 20 percent has about a 2-in-3 chance of staying at or near the top. A child born into the bottom 20 percent has a less than 1-in-20 shot at making it to the top. He’s 10 times likelier to stay where he is.

    “In fact, statistics show not only that our levels of income inequality rank near countries like Jamaica and Argentina, but that it is harder today for a child born here in America to improve her station in life than it is for children in most of our wealthy allies–countries like Canada or Germany or France. They have greater mobility than we do, not less.”

    If that sobering truth is not heard above all the partisan noise and posturing to arouse debate about where America is heading, what will


  44. As we have seen, Obama has generously agreed to giving insurance companies taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies when they made noises that they might bail on his signature legislation. Now, doctor subsidies are in order since only 70% of them are refusing to participate in the exchanges, which half the states refuse to participate in and which young people are not so keen about, which are brought to us by the website that does not work, and cannot provide privacy. WTF–give everybody subsidies, save Obamacare and now its time to hit the links cause its his latest V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. Boy,

    Nelson Mandela never had to deal with so many racists as poor Obama. Perhaps Obama can hold a seance with Nelson and ask for guidance. Were he to do so, just think of the kind of big media jubilee that would produce. Bigger than even the 3 day funeral for lard ass Tim Russert–no de mortimus nil nisi bonum for that pig.

    Ok Jeanne Garafulo, how about another round of they just can’t stand to see a black man in the White House.

    And here’s looking at you NYT–you who once pronounced a program which gives people insurance they don’t need at costs they cannot afford, against their will, as the greatest civil rights victory since 1964.

    And same goes for the rest of you big media scumbags who abdicated your role as journalist and are perfectly content take your marching orders from this White House, and construct a false reality to mask what is really going on.
    Dr. Kulak Galt Von Wrecker

    Posted by William A. Jacobson ▪ Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 12:20pm

    The Revolt of the Kulak doctor wreckers who would refuse to give up the fruits of their labors for the State.

    From Richard Pollock, Doctors boycotting California’s Obamacare exchange

    An estimated seven out of every 10 physicians in deep-blue California are rebelling against the state’s Obamacare health insurance exchange and won’t participate, the head of the state’s largest medical association said.

    “It doesn’t surprise me that there’s a high rate of nonparticipation,” said Dr. Richard Thorp, president of the California Medical Association.

    Thorp has been a primary care doctor for 38 years in a small town 90 miles north of Sacramento. The CMA represents 38,000 of the roughly 104,000 doctors in California.

    “We need some recognition that we’re doing a service to the community. But we can’t do it for free. And we can’t do it at a loss. No other business would do that,” he said.

    California offers one of the lowest government reimbursement rates in the country — 30 percent lower than federal Medicare payments. And reimbursement rates for some procedures are even lower.

    You know what must be done.

  45. You will be glad to know that Obama not only anticipated but has come up with a solution to the looming doctor shortage. It has been reported by no less of a reliable source than his beloved any lie to help Obama NYT that he has arranged passage on luxury liners for thousands of witchdoctors, and those posing as as witch doctor, to come to this country, not pass through immigration and be given permanent residence. And now we begin to see the benefits of open borders. Guterrez applauds the idea and claims it will help him pass amnesty. He also claims that Boeher promised.

  46. CBS Poll: 84% of Democrats Want #Obamacare Changed or Repealed.

    My guess is the key word here is CHANGED, as in ‘Hope and Change’, by spareChange Barry.

    Obama supporters all thought they would get universal healthcare, with free birth control pills and would never pay for insurance, let alone, the penalties. Some of the guilty white folks would pay, and the rest of the cost would be on the backs of the “1%”

    Only those people or their loved ones that have had their insurance canceled, or those that WILL have their tax refund check debited for a penalty, will finally see they have been bamboozled. Those that are sick will pay the ultimate price. Congress and their staff being spared this situation is only going to emphasize how screwed the public really is.

    As this happens, some may even admit to themselves when they are alone, maybe those screaming Hillary supporters and possibly the Republican’s were right about Obama.

    The media will have to give in to public pressure and continue ripping Obama policies to shreds, then maybe the scrubbed history of Barry will start leaking out.

    The Obama’s are going to end up hating American’s even more than they did when they were driven to the Whitehouse in a golden carriage.

    That will be a glorious time in the United States. I will wear my Hillary t-shirts for days on end.

  47. Chief Blowjobber Ezra Klein is lying through his caps and on his knees again…….

    Obamacare’s real promise: if you lose your health-care plan, you can get a new one

    Posted by Ezra Klein on December 7, 2013 at 8:05 am

    The furor over “if you like your plan, you can keep it” touches on a deep fear in American life: That your health-care insurance can be taken from you. That fear is so powerful because it happens so often: Almost everyone in the country can lose their health insurance at any time, for all kinds of reasons — and every year, millions do.


    Just making it up as they go along now….they no longer live in the real world.

  48. The more Latinos use their kids to press for immigration reform, the harder it will be for authorities to enforce our laws because these very young children have been coached to be in authorities’ faces. There is a video taped in Cantor’s office linked to the following article. It was 4+ minutes of tension.

    Young immigration activists leave Cantor’s office after arrest warning
    12/5/13. A group of children protesting House Republicans’ inaction on immigration reform left Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) personal office Thursday after a Capitol Police officer threatened to arrest them if they stayed.
    “We want reform, we want it now. We are titanium. Keep our families together. We want reform right now,” the group of mostly young children and teenagers sang in his personal office.
    The pro-immigration reform group Keeping Families Together, which sent young activists from across the country to Washington this week, posted a video of their protest on YouTube.
    A Capitol Police officer entered the office, and Cantor’s front-desk staffer said he told the activists if they want to meet with Cantor, they would have to submit an email request. “Unfortunately, they don’t want to do that,” the staffer said.
    “You’re going to have to leave now,” the officer said to the group. “Does anyone here plan on getting arrested today?”
    They continued singing, and the officer warned again they would be arrested if they didn’t leave. “You will be subject to arrest if you stay in this room.”
    Soon after, they left the office located in the Cannon House Office Building. It’s unknown whether Cantor was in the office at the time. He also has a leadership office inside the Capitol.
    During similar protests in congressional offices, Capitol Police usually follow that same procedure. Capitol Police did not respond to a request for comment.
    “Leader Cantor supports a step-by-step approach to immigration reform and border security, and has repeatedly made clear he would like to provide an opportunity for legal residence and citizenship for those who were brought to this country as children and who can name no other country as their home. He is working to that end,” Cantor’s Communications Director Rory Cooper told The Hill Thursday.
    In another video the immigration reform advocates posted on their YouTube channel, a group of them are singing outside Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) office in Longworth House Office Building on Thursday.
    “We pray for Speaker Boehner. We pray for Speaker Boehner. We pray for Speaker Boehner. Bring a bill for a vote,” a group of them sang to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”
    “We’re not going to tolerate this. This is a place of business, and we do not sing in the hallway. Comprende? Done. First warning,” a Capitol Police officer told the group.
    He then warned they would start making arrests if they didn’t stop, and then they did. snip

  49. ObamaCare supporters once touted Maryland as the model for the nation. That was before October 1. Check out what enrollment numbers were projected to be and what they really are:

    “The director of Maryland’s health insurance exchange resigned Friday amid ongoing technical problems and questions about a Caribbean vacation she took while the online marketplace faltered.

    Rebecca Pearce, hired two years ago to build a $107 million exchange, leaves her post as officials struggle to repair the system that launched Oct. 1.

    The exchange’s rocky start and low enrollment have become ammunition for political attacks on Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, who was tasked by the governor with overseeing the state’s implementation of the federal health care reform law.

    The board of the Maryland Heath Benefit Exchange accepted Pearce’s resignation during an emergency session Friday night. In a statement, Joshua Sharfstein, the state health secretary and board chairman, said Pearce “worked tirelessly and with tremendous dedication.”

    Pearce, whose starting salary in 2011 was $175,000, will be replaced by on an interim basis by Carolyn Quattrocki, a top adviser to Gov. Martin O’Malley.

    As state lawmakers grilled Sharfstein on Nov. 26 on why the health exchange was still broken, Pearce was on a week’s vacation in the Cayman Islands. During the trip, she could not be reached by phone, email or text, officials confirmed Friday.

    Brown said in an interview Friday that he did not know Pearce planned to leave town until she was already gone. He called her absence during the week of Thanksgiving a “very” big problem. “We just launched a staff surge and we needed all hands on deck,” he said. “Now is not the time to take a vacation.”

    As of Friday, 3,758 people had enrolled in private insurance through the exchange. Maryland was one of 14 states that chose to build their own exchanges instead of relying on the federal government. State officials had hoped to enroll 150,000 by the end of March.

    O’Malley said last week he wanted the exchange’s major problems resolved by mid-December, leaving just one week for residents to sign up for insurance that will take effect Jan. 1. [snip]

    Earlier this year, in describing her role in implementing the Affordable Care Act, Pearce said, “It’s not very often you get a chance to change history.” She said that enrolling thousands of the state’s 800,000 uninsured residents for coverage starting in 2014 was the final step in implementing President Obama’s signature legislation: “We’ve built the present, wrapped it, and now we’re trying to put the bow on it.”

  50. The Obama’s are going to end up hating American’s even more than they did when they were driven to the Whitehouse in a golden carriage.

    That will be a glorious time in the United States. I will wear my Hillary t-shirts for days on end.

    WooHoo! What a wonderful pic you paint, Shadow. I still have my “Bitch is the new Black” T-shirt, along with the Hillary’08 – washed, folded and ready to wear.

  51. ObamaCare a scam on top of a scam disguised by a scam, hidden by a scam:

    About That “Enrollment Surge”

    Something has been bugging me about the administration’s very careful and coordinated media push earlier this week about both the website and enrollment.

    For starters, the website is still not in any sort of working order. It might not be coughing up as many errors and may be a little more navigable, but it’s still failing at its stated purpose. The website is supposed to be a place you can easily sign up for an account, shop for available plans and then actually enroll. This isn’t happening. Insurers are still complaining about being sent faulty data and the administration is quietly encouraging people to work directly with insurance companies, bypassing the system entirely.

    But the word went out and it was covered in the media. [snip]

    In addition to this miraculous turnaround, we were also given enrollment numbers for two days: Sunday, November 30th and Monday, December 1st.

    What does two days worth of “enrollment data” give you? Well, it just happens to give you a “rate of enrollment”, which can then be conveniently extrapolated over the coming open enrollments months. [snip]

    The administration expects 7 million people to sign up, nationwide, by the end of the six-month enrollment window. Signing up 29,000 people every two days would still not be enough to hit that target, but it’s a significant step in the right direction for the White House. [snip]

    Isn’t it interesting that the two days they targeted for the “fixes” to be completed also happen to be the same two days they have accurate enrollment data. This comes only a month or so after Kathleen Sebelius testified that accurate data wasn’t going to be available in real-time. [snip]

    But now she has access to two days of data right away. You’ll notice since this “source who is familiar with the program” (who is never named) confirmed this two days worth of enrollment data, it’s been radio silence. Dead air. They’re now back to touting web traffic metrics like pageviews again. So, what are we left with? A “vastly improved” website and an “enrollment surge” based on two days worth of data.

    So, here’s my theory. These 29,000 new enrollees over those two website deadline days was not a spike in enrollment; they were the backlogged November enrollments that had gotten caught in this data communications black hole. The information was fixed and these people were then formally enrolled over these two days. Boom, there’s your enrollment spike.

    Politico all but makes my case for me:

    About 29,000 people signed up for health insurance through on Sunday and Monday — a figure that surpasses the total for the whole month of October, an official familiar with the program told POLITICO.

    The quickened pace of enrollments came as the White House hit its self-imposed Nov. 30 deadline to fix the troubled Affordable Care Act website.

    Little odd, right? This administration is in desperate need of a win. The chances of a technical win at this point was a pipe dream given how far behind they were. All that was left was a media win, and for the most part, they got it. Improved website and surging enrollment.

    We’ll see what happens later in the month. If I’m right, this will all catch up with them. If there is one thing we’ve seen from this bungled operation is that they’re panicked and will gladly trade a long-term loss for an immediate short-term win. Just get through today’s news cycle. I could be wrong, of course. It’s just a theory of mine. But it all does seem convenient.

  52. More support for the above theory. The government is now discouraging paper applications because of the backlog:

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Federal health officials, after encouraging alternate sign-up methods amid the fumbled rollout of their online insurance website, began quietly urging counselors around the country this week to stop using paper applications to enroll people in health insurance because of concerns those applications would not be processed in time.

    Interviews with enrollment counselors, insurance brokers and a government official who works with navigators in Illinois reveal the latest change in direction by the Obama administration, which had been encouraging paper applications and other means because of all the problems with the federal website. Consumers must sign up for insurance under the federal health overhaul by Dec. 23 in order for coverage to start in January.

    “We received guidance from the feds recommending that folks apply online as opposed to paper,” said Mike Claffey, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Insurance.

    After a conference call earlier this week with federal health officials, Illinois health officials sent a memo Thursday to their roughly 1,600 navigators saying there is no way to complete marketplace enrollment through a paper application. The memo, which Claffey said was based on guidance from federal officials, said paper applications should be used only if other means aren’t available.

    Federal health officials also discussed the issue during a conference call Wednesday with navigators and certified counselors in several states.

    They’ve said do not use paper applications because they won’t be able to process them anywhere near in time,” said John Foley, attorney and certified counselor for Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, who was on the call.

    That contradicts what federal health officials told reporters during a national media call this week, during which they said there were no problems with paper applications.

    “There is still time to do paper applications,” Julie Bataille, communications director for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told reporters on the call Wednesday. [snip]

    The paper application problem comes as insurance agents and brokers are dealing with a massive backlog of applications that they can’t process because of problems with the federal website, including incomplete enrollment files sent electronically to insurance companies. [snip]

    Kelly Fristoe, an insurance agent in Wichita Falls, Texas, has submitted 25 paper applications since early October and hasn’t received a response from federal health officials yet.

    ObamaCare, a scam wrapped up in scams.

  53. 😆 Free

    As that time approaches I am going to start adding more Hillary t-shirts to my wardrobe.

    I may even start making some again online.

    I have resisted getting any ‘Ready for Hillary’ t-shirts, because like most of us here, we are way beyond ready, my ‘ready’ was when Hillary was First Lady.

    If Hillary runs and wins the nomination, I would like to make a t-shirt that says:

    “This time, vote competence! Hillary 2016”

    Then I hope they run duds like Sweaters, the dork son of Dr. Paul and maybe raving, fattycakes Newt or Cristy. Cristy’s big mouth will derail his election with the majority of voters. I liked his railing against Obama, but when he started kissing Barry’s ring and climbing in bed with him for money, he lost all of my respect.

    Hillary will sweep the floor with all of them, and of course the Republican’s will stay home again, ’cause that’s how they roll.

  54. Economist Williams: Obama Incompetent, ‘Beyond Learning’

    President Barack Obama will never able to learn from the late Nelson Mandela about how to properly govern a nation, says Walter E. Williams, a syndicated columnist and economist at George Mason University.

    “He’s beyond learning. He has another agenda and, firstly, I don’t think Obama is his own man,” Williams told “The Steve Malzberg Show” at Newsmax TV.

    “He is a puppet of George Soros,” he added, referring to the liberal billionaire businessman and philanthropist.

    Williams believes Obama’s presidency ultimately will be regarded along the lines of Jimmy Carter’s “somewhat failed” administration.

    He said it is unfortunate that America’s first black president is “incompetent.”

    “Back in 1947 when Jackie Robinson came into the Major Leagues … he had to be that good. Blacks could not afford an incompetent baseball player,” Williams said.

    “And as a result of Jackie Robinson, [Roy] Campanella, and all these other guys, I can get out and play baseball, and basketball as well, and nobody watching my behavior can say, ‘Well damn, those blacks can’t play baseball or basketball..’

    “That is, right now we can afford, black people can afford incompetent baseball players or basketball players or football players but they cannot afford an incompetent president. And it turns out that Barack Obama is an incompetent president and a part of the tragedy of it.”
    But he said that says more about Americans than about Obama.

    “This is the first time in our history that a person could have been elected to the highest office in the land who had long-time associations with people who hate our country such as Rev. [Jeremiah] Wright, who said, well black people should not sing God Bless America but … Damn America,” Williams said.

    ” He was a long-time associate with Willie Ayers, who bombed the building along with his wife and other shady characters and so this says something about the American people who would elect a person to office like that.

    But maybe a whole lot of whites, maybe they had some of their guilt taken care of by saying, well gee, I voted for a black person.”

    Read Latest Breaking News from

  55. admin

    ObamaCare a scam on top of a scam disguised by a scam, hidden by a scam:

    A scam sandwich served with a side dish of delusion.

    Even if the numbers reported were the truth, (in an alternate universe), signing up does necessarily mean that those people will keep and pay for this HellCare in the future.

    People that are stuck with these higher costs for Hellcare are going to scramble to find something better. They want to find something if their insurance was canceled, and so they are ‘forced’ to take something for the short term.

  56. Another one does a runner…….

    Maryland official who led problematic, state-run ObamaCare site resigns

    The top Maryland official in charge of the state-run ObamaCare exchange resigned this weekend amid major efforts to fix the problematic website.

    Rebecca Pearce, executive director of the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange, resigned Friday, according to several news sources.

    She appears to be the first official to lose a job as a result of problems with ObamaCare exchanges since they went live Oct. 1.

    Critics of the federal exchange have called for the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other administration officials in charge of the problem-plagued But President Obama has yet to accept a resignation.

    The Maryland exchange’s board of directors released a statement saying it has accepted Pearce’s resignation and that she “worked tirelessly and with tremendous dedication to build Maryland Health Connection over more than two years.”

    The group has not said exactly why Pearce resigned. But a source told The Washington Post is was related to leadership changes made by Gov. Martin O’Malley, a strong political ally of Obama and a potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.

    Maryland is one of 14 states running its own exchange and has struggled with the same kind of technical problems that have plagued the federal site that the 36 other states use to sign up Americans for insurance under Obama’s signature health care reform law.

    O’Malley has been a strong supporter of ObamaCare, and his Democratic-leaning state was among the first to get started on a state-run exchange.

    However, the site,, crashed soon after the October rollout and has sputtered along over roughly the past nine weeks, enrolling just 3,000 residents.

    However, state officials indicated earlier Friday that the site has shown some improvement, signing up roughly 700 more people in the week ending Nov. 30.

  57. No wonder so many of our so-called “leaders” are so stupid….they went to HARVARD.


    You can always tell a Harvard man; he’s the one with a series of scarlet A’s on his report card. This week, Harvard’s Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay M. Harris admitted to the university newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, that the most common grade for Harvard students is an A. What’s the median grade?

    Would you believe A-minus?

    The reason Harvard is coming clean about its grade inflation is that they were prodded by professor Harvey C. Mansfield, who said in the Crimson that the inflated grades at the university are “indefensible … a failure on the part of this faculty and its leadership to maintain our academic standards.”

    ABC News received confirmation that the story is true from the university, whose spokesman, Jeff Neal, defended the practice by stating, “We believe that learning is the most important thing that happens in our classrooms and throughout our system of residential education. The faculty are focused on creating positive and lasting learning outcomes for our undergraduates. We watch and review trends in grading across Harvard College, but we are most interested in helping our students learn and learn well.”

    Mansfield has been disgusted with the practice for years; in 2001, he told ABC News that easy A’s were simply “flattery of students to tell them they are better than they are.” In a unique coincidence, around the time Mansfield launched his initial protest, the university put a ceiling on what constituted an honors student, reducing the number of honors students from 90% to 60%.

  58. The flying corpse attempts to escape from ObamaCare:

    President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will attend a Johannesburg memorial service for Nelson Mandela Tuesday, a White House official said Saturday.

    The Tuesday memorial service, at Johannesburg’s 94,000-seat soccer stadium, is the first of two major memorial events for Mandela next week. His funeral is set for next Sunday in Qunu, Mandela’s hometown in the Eastern Cape province.

    Obama hopes the 94,000 will cheer for him and forget Mandela. Cheers for Obama don’t happen here anymore other than at MSNBC and Obama already tried that.

  59. “WWIII Pending Thanks to Obamacare”

    By Dwight L. Schwab Jr.

    Guess what?

    “Where are we going compared to the Nixon Watergate scandal?

    We as a country have now released $8 billion in frozen assets to Iran on Sunday in a move meant to ensure Tehran’s compliance with a nuclear agreement signed over the weekend, say top Iranian officials, the Washington Free Beacon reported Monday.


    Our “great” contact, Iranian government spokesman Mohammad Baqer Nobakht confirmed Monday that the U.S. government freed $8 billion in assets that had been blocked by the Obama administration.


    There’s more.

    In addition, Iran will get about $7 billion in sanctions relief, gold, and oil sales under the nuclear deal that was signed in Geneva with Western nations over the weekend.


    Iranian officials have lauded the deal as a path to opening up greater trade relations with the West.


    “The agreement will open a new path towards Iran,” Alinaqi Khamoushi, former head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, told the Islamic Republic News Agency.

    “The agreement will ease the anti-Iran sanctions, which will have significant impacts on the Iranian economy,” he said.

    At least one senior Republican aide on Capitol Hill was disturbed by the reports.

    Only one?

    “It’s pretty clear the White House and State Department have been lying to the American people since the beginning of this process, so it wouldn’t shock me to learn they are lying about how much sanctions relief they’re giving Iran now,” the aide, who was not identified, told The Beacon.

    The State Department has denied that sanctions have been altered since an interim deal with Iran was announced.

    “This report is false. Sanctions today are the same as they were last week,” a senior State Department official said in response to a report by Far, an Iranian newspaper. “We will be forthcoming with guidance on how the technical terms of the relief package are worked out once all that is determined.”

    Iran announced on Sunday that its nuclear work would continue despite the deal, which is aimed at curbing Tehran’s nuclear program and enrichment of uranium, the key to producing a nuclear weapon.

    Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif, who helped ink the deal, praised it for recognizing Iran’s right to enrich uranium, a key sticking point that had delayed the deal.

    “The [nuclear] program has been recognized, and the Iranian people’s right to use the peaceful nuclear technology based on the NPT [Non-Proliferation Treaty] and as an inalienable right has been recognized and countries are necessitated not to create any obstacle on its way,” Zarif said.

    “The program will continue, and all the sanctions and violations against the Iranian nation under the pretext of the nuclear program will be removed gradually,” he said.

    Iran’s most well known nuclear sites will remain operational under the deal, said Zarif, who presented a very different version of the agreement than that described by the White House on Saturday.

    Over the next six months, Iran will see “the full removal of all [United Nations] Security Council, unilateral and multilateral sanctions, while the country’s enrichment program will be maintained,” Zarif said, adding that the Fordo and Natanz nuclear sites will continue to run.

    Gee, I can see the Israelis playing along with this.

    Another “$400 million in governmental tuition assistance” could also be “transferred from restricted Iranian funds directly to recognized educational institutions in third countries to defray the tuition costs of Iranian students,” the White House said.”

    – See more at:

  60. Economist Williams: Obama Incompetent, ‘Beyond Learning’

    President Barack Obama will never able to learn from the late Nelson Mandela about how to properly govern a nation, says Walter E. Williams, a syndicated columnist and economist at George Mason University.

    “He’s beyond learning. He has another agenda and, firstly, I don’t think Obama is his own man,” Williams told “The Steve Malzberg Show” at Newsmax TV.

    “He is a puppet of George Soros,” he added, referring to the liberal billionaire businessman and philanthropist.
    This is exactly what I have said from the beginning. I wrote a 50 page paper proving it, but it had no effect. Maybe when this fine gentleman says it–and by the way he is black so it is harder for the totalitarian left to claim this is all racist. Those left wing immigration attorneys that Obama is embedding in the department of Homeland Security whom Christian Adams blew the whistle on are Soros operatives. They are affiliated with his Open Society institute, and they epitomize his open borders philosophy. They are also affiliated with the Tides group which is another element in the shadow government Soros has creates, which includes elements in big media, and the heart of the democrat party. A close reading of his work and his actions reveal that the single agenda of Soros and his sons is to destroy America. On that subject, there is no room for doubt.

  61. Have you noticed an increasing number of prog articles taking potshots at Bill Clinton? The far left libs are not taking Barack’s much deserved butt-whoopin well. The progressives are so predictable. When things are going south for their guy, they – blame media (hard to imagine how the hell they can think MSM has hurt Barack). They lash out at everyone who isn’t a progressive nut job calling us ignorant, racist, unfeeling. They criticize Bill.

    The progressives know that Barack has pissed in the cornflakes and they are employing one of the most basic, least sophisticated defense modes: Denial and blaming.

    They are truly burned up at Bill for calling out Prince O on lying about people being allowed to keep insurance policies. This little deluded faction of the Dim Party will continue stirring shit, up to and beyond 2016.


    Eric Alterman post at The Nation

    Syndicate content RSS Feed

    “What Third Way Reveals About the Beltway”
    by Reed Richardson

    “No organization showcases the contrived, corroded mindset of the permanent Washington establishment quite like Third Way does. A relic of a generation ago, when the Clinton White House was keen on shamefully co-opting conservative policies, the group’s centrism-for centrism’s-sake pose has not worn well. Now confronted with a radical House Republican caucus unwilling to accept anything short of unconditional political surrender, Democrats in Congress and the White House have (perhaps, finally) begun to seen the futility of pre-emptively abdicating workable liberal policy solutions in exchange for token bipartisanship. But despite Third Way’s increasing irrelevance on Capitol Hill, there still exists one powerful constituency in D.C. willing to push its commission-loving, entitlement-cutting message—the Beltway media.

    Thus, when Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler, Third Way’s president and senior vice president for policy, respectively, authored this Wall Street Journal op-ed ridiculing a perceived Democratic turn toward “liberal populism,” the grand poobahs of the Beltway establishment were quick to applaud. Just as Republicans are notorious for prescribing lower taxes as the salvation for every problem, Third Way’s reliable public policy mantra involves cutting benefits for Social Security,Medicare, and Medicaid. National Journal’s Ron Fournier, whose predictable endorsement of painful cuts to Social Security and Medicare is downright Pavlovian, characterized the op-ed as a thorough takedown of the “professional Left’s magical thinking.” Steve Forbes, erstwhile GOP presidential candidate and editor-in-chief of Wall Street-favorite Forbes magazine, approvingly cited the pair’s warnings against “economic populism.” And Mike Allen of Politico, whose D.C. insider status is surpassed only by his willingness to shill, summed up the op-ed as no less than a “game change” moment in the discourse.’


  62. The venom between Barack Obama and Charlie Rangel

    They’re two of the most powerful African-American politicians in the land. And by most accounts, President Obama and Rep. Charles Rangel hate each other.

    The most recently revealed salvo in their war of words ­ Obama’s assertion that Rangel is a “hack,” according to the political tome “Double Down” ­ is just one element of a long-dysfunctional relationship.

    Rangel supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary, but the seeds of mutual disdain were planted before that, according to Democratic insiders and staffers for both pols.

    “There’s a cultural difference. There was always a pecking order of who [Rangel] perceived as being part of the struggle during the civil-rights movement,” said Vincent Morgan, a Rangel aide from 2001 to 2004 who campaigned for Obama in 2008 and ran against the Harlem congressman in 2010.

    “The younger people were constantly reminded that they were the beneficiaries. Every conversation with him was a one-sided conversation. It was like, ‘That’s a good idea, but you haven’t been in the game long enough.’ ”

    That worldview, and his loyalty to the Clintons, motivated Rangel, a Korean War veteran who has served in Congress for 44 years, to dismiss Obama in 2008.

    “There’s just no question in my mind that Hillary would be in a better position than a freshman senator,” he was quoted as saying in January 2008. “This ain’t no time for a beginner.’’

    But once Obama surged ahead of Clinton, Rangel took credit for urging Clinton not to challenge Obama’s nomination. The damage had been done, though, and it wasn’t all about Hillary.

    “It’s a little more style than it is politics,” said one Harlem insider and Rangel confidant. “There are members of Congress who backed Hillary who Obama now has a decent relationship with. The thing with Charlie ­ a lot of it is style. There’s nobody more old-school than Charlie. And Obama is not.”

    The result: Rangel didn’t get the kind of access to the president he assumed was his right as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

    “You know who’s had more access to the White House than Rangel? Al Sharpton,” the source said. “They went with Al.”

    When Rangel faced censure for paying below-market rates on four Harlem apartments and failing to pay taxes on his Dominican Republic cottage, Obama didn’t hesitate to throw him under the bus.

    “He’s somebody who’s at the end of his career,’’ Obama told CBS News in July 2010. “I’m sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity, and my hope is that it happens.’’

    Their animus blew up when Obama tried to bar Rangel from a Harlem event in March 2011.

  63. Obama and the attempted slow murder of Israel

    I agree with every word in David Solway’s article about Obama’s continued efforts to destroy Israel. The one word I disagree with occurs in this paragraph:


    The word with which I disagree is the word Solway was kind enough to hyperlink: “prevaricator.” While it’s true that “prevaricator” is a word for a liar, it’s mostly understood to mean, “a person who speaks so as to avoid the precise truth; quibbler; equivocator.” That’s how I read it: That Obama is a trained quibbler who doesn’t lie outright, but speaks around the truth.

    To the extent that the word “prevaricate” implies only a soft lie, I strenuously disagree. Obama is an out-and-out liar, a man who’s very being has no relationship with the truth. If he can lie, he will lie, and that’s true whether or not the lie serves a purpose (such as defrauding the American people) or is simply a lie for lying’s sake (such as lying about staying with his illegal alien uncle).

    Obama is the living embodiment of Mary McCarthy’s scathing indictment of another communist, Lillian Hellman: “Every word she writes is a lie, including and and the.”

  64. Yesterday’s news reported more than once that George W. and/or Laura Bush would be traveling / 1st couple to Africa on AF1.
    Today, things have been reworded, also involving several sources:

    Obama, first lady to attend Tuesday memorial service for Nelson Mandela
    snip Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are also expected to travel to South Africa to pay tribute to Mandela. snip.

  65. Admin: really superb analysis. Superb:

    In Woodstock Nation: Barack Obama’s Situation Comedy, Part III we addressed the folly of dumping senior citizens from the FDR Democratic Party coalition in favor of the young. The “youth vote” added to the senior vote would be smart because we believe that politics is about addition not subtraction. But Obama strategists wanted the youth vote and willingly dumped seniors. The results were that in 2008, 2010, and 2012 seniors voted with the GOP – and seniors vote in every election.

    We emphasized in all our longest running series on the Barack Obama coalition, “Mistake In ’08” that the “youth vote” is ephemeral because this cohort is growing and learning and does not build allegiances to brands easily or quickly. To build a political party on this sand was and is folly:

    “To build a party on ephemeral first time voters and young voters is foolishness. That foolishness is akin to a store which sells baby clothes only to virgins – there might be some curiosity value and foot traffic but the business model will not work.

    Only now does the clucking clown of the “creative class” at NothingLeft realize the foolishness of party building based on a group of political virgins and soon to grow up and change their views young people. That’s not to say that those groups should not be courted, but to build a party on a one time only group of voters is monumental foolishness. [snip]

    And even if Obama can re-energize his base in 2012, what then? His is a uniquely personal coalition, and whomever comes next is going to have a hard time filling the shoes of a rather unique candidate. If the damage done to other parts of the Clinton coalition is permanent, then the Democrats are going to have to make some major changes to retain their electoral coalition.” [snip]

    Trende intelligently notes that if the Clinton coalition is permanently damaged and not restored, the Dimocrats are doomed for sure and the hope to restore the once great Democratic Party of FDR and Hillary Clinton will be doomed as well.”

    We wrote that in 2010. Since then Barack Obama profited personally in 2008 and 2012 from the Barack Obama cult coalition which mimicked the demographics of piffle TV shows like “Friends”. Aided by reliable Obama allies – Deceit and Flim-flam – Barack Obama won his elections in 2008 and 2012 even as the political party he figureheads is fading away. Today the “youth vote” millennials joined senior citizens and the white working class in saying “THROW THE BUM OUT!”.

  66. Eric Alterman post at The Nation
    A fellow traveler. Just like his boss, Katarina, a trust fund baby, who inherited a fortune from her grandfather Jules Stein, beneficiary of all things wealth can buy and now has assumed the pretense of being engaged, relevant, concerned, socially aware, and all the other masks which the hard left uses to hide what they really are. To watch their messiah attempt to govern is like watching a monkey try to fuck a football. It takes about two seconds to unpack the rabid ideological bias he manifests.

    Considering his opening statement, which reads as follows: “No organization showcases the contrived, corroded mindset of the permanent Washington establishment quite like Third Way does.” In other words, he equates the corruption of Washington with the third way championed by the Clintons. That is a specious argument which conflates correlation with causation. If it were so, then there would have been no corruption before the Clintons, and it would have subsided after they left office. Each of those conclusions is demonstrably false, ergo the premise itself is a lie. In point of fact, the opposite is true. Under their left wing scion the level of corruption in Washington has expanded, not arithmetically, but geometrically. And it is bi-partisan.

    Therefore, it is not the corruption of Washington that offends closet totalitarians like this gas bag. They are fine with it so long as their candidate practices it, and they never raise any objection. The problem they have with the third way is that it looks for compromise, and to a left wing totalitarian, a lets burn the village to save it mentality exists. They hate compromise, period. Compromise slows down their agenda, and their march through the institutions of society as the Italian Marxist Gamsci put it in his seminal work The Prison Diaries. That is what gets their goat.

    To be fair (to people who despise the concept if not the word–as in I can use words to mean anything I want them to mean, etc.) there is some soul searching to be done with respect to some of the things that happened during the Clinton years, NAFTA and Glass Stegall. However, Hillary was explicit in her campaign in Ohio that NAFTA would need to be revisited in order to cure the adverse impact of NAFTA on the working class, whereas their lying scion said me too and then sent that gaunt airhead Professor Goulsbee to Canada to ensure the Canadian minister that this was just campaign talk on his part and when he became president nothing would change. And Bill regards signing of Glass Steagall to have been a mistake, and I suspect Hillary would correct that mistake as well.

    Therefore, there is not one word of truth in what this gas bag is saying. Why is it that so many of them have beards and are professors? And is it that they hide in the shadows when things are going well, and come out of the dark only when there is a crisis. Are they vampires? Or are they just the flotsam and jetsom of history. As this administration has ably demonstrated, everything they say is a lie, everything they do is against our interest, and the path they seek to drag all of us along is one that leads only to despair and from which no one ever returns.

    And, by the way, he is a Soros guy.

  67. President Obama cast doubt on his hard-fought deal with Iran, saying Saturday that he believed the chances of a final, comprehensive nuclear agreement being struck with Tehran are less than 50-50.

    The comments, during a forum at the Brookings Institution in Washington, came ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s expected address to the same forum on Sunday. The Netanyahu government has been sharply critical of the short-term agreement with Iran, and Obama could be trying to smooth over their differences.
    He wreaks of incompetence. What are the three things Iran wants most? Lifting sanction, borrowing time, and commerce. He has given them all three through this improvident agreement. And what do we get out of it? . . .

  68. Barack Obama: muddle headed multiculturalist

    I may not be Christian, but I know this much about Christmas: it’s a holy day that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. I also know that those who believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and mankind’s savior call themselves, not coincidentally, Christians.

    See, it’s a package deal: Christians and Christmas. Muslims consider Christ a prophet, but do not build their faith around him. Jews consider Christ a rabbi, but parted ways 2,000 years ago with those of their co-religionists who beheld in him something much greater. Other world religions don’t even include Jesus in the panoply. Let me say this again: Christians and Christmas, the package deal. While we non-believers enjoy the trees, the ornaments, the songs, and the lights, Christians focus like lasers on Christmas’s raison d’etre.

    I mention all of this, in repetitive detail, just to point out how reflexive multiculturalism turns people inanely stupid, including allegedly intelligent and Christian people like Barack Obama (emphasis added):

    The First Family helped light the National Christmas Tree Friday night, amid a festive celebration of musicians and costumed characters.

    President Obama said Christmas is a time “we celebrate the birth of a child who came into the world with only a stable’s roof to shelter Him.”

    He also made this statement about Christmas: “It’s a message both timeless and universal ­ no matter what God you pray to, or if you pray to none at all.”

    Read More @

  69. More excerpts from the WSJ article (by Third Way staffers Cowan and Kessler), that has drawn reaction from the progressives. As wbb said, the Progs cannot tolerate the idea of compromise. When it comes to ideology, they are purists and fundamentalists. Like all fundamentalist extremists, their perspective is narrow, and their tolerance for views other than their own is very low. They dwell on fantasy and unrealistic expectation.

    The authors’ little jabs at Warren and de Blasio seem to have particularly blown their progressive skirts up.


    “Cowan and Kessler: Economic Populism Is a Dead End for Democrats
    The de Blasio-Warren agenda won’t travel. Colorado is the real political harbinger.”

    Jon Cowan And
    Jim Kessler

    Dec. 2, 2013 6:57 p.m. ET
    If you talk to leading progressives these days, you’ll be sure to hear this message: The Democratic Party should embrace the economic populism of New York Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Such economic populism, they argue, should be the guiding star for Democrats heading into 2016. Nothing would be more disastrous for Democrats.
    The political problems of liberal populism are bad enough. Worse are the actual policies proposed by left-wing populists. The movement relies on a potent “we can have it all” fantasy that goes something like this: If we force the wealthy to pay higher taxes (there are 300,000 tax filers who earn more than $1 million), close a few corporate tax loopholes, and break up some big banks then—presto!—we can pay for, and even expand, existing entitlements. Meanwhile, we can invest more deeply in K-12 education, infrastructure, health research, clean energy and more.


    On the same day that Bill de Blasio won in New York City, a referendum to raise taxes on high-income Coloradans to fund public education and universal pre-K failed in a landslide. This is the type of state that Democrats captured in 2008 to realign the national electoral map, and they did so through offering a vision of pragmatic progressive government, not fantasy-based blue-state populism. Before Democrats follow Sen. Warren and Mayor-elect de Blasio over the populist cliff, they should consider Colorado as the true 2013 Election Day harbinger of American liberalism.

    Mr. Cowan is president of the think tank Third Way, where Mr. Kessler is senior vice president for policy.

  70. Democratic Party has no more centrists
    By Michael Goodwin

    When I first heard the claim, I thought it was a mistake or hoax. A talking head was describing a raging war in the Democratic Party between progressives and centrists.

    Centrist Democrats? Aren’t they already extinct?

    Yes, they’re gone, the dodo birds of politics. But the chattering classes, needing something to chatter about and slow to face facts about their darling liberals, are just discovering that the party of Barack Obama and Bill de Blasio bears little resemblance to the party of FDR, JFK and even Bill Clinton.

    Oh, please. Some of us have been saying this for years. The Democratic Party has gone so far left that late Senate stalwarts like Henry “Scoop” Jackson and Pat Moynihan, lions of liberalism but also of common sense and a strong military, must be spinning in their graves.

    Or take Joe Lieberman, who got spun right out of the party. He was the Dems’ vice-presidential nominee in 2000, then drummed out as an infidel in 2006 because he didn’t bail on Iraq when the going got tough.

    In New York City, conventional liberals Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson scrambled to match de Blasio’s radical “tale of two cities” narrative, but were swept aside like yesterday’s trash.

    Gotham Dems who call themselves fiscal conservatives suddenly are harder to find than the proverbial hen’s tooth. They’re all progressives now, at least as measured by de Blasio’s fat coffers, stuffed by a real-estate industry that secretly says it fears him even as it offers tribute.

    Another indicator is that the Rev. Al Sharpton is the Dems’ new Martin Luther King Jr. Talk about a ­decline in standards.

    Remaining intra-party fights only concern how extreme the shift will be, as new militants push the Dems closer to pure socialism. Conviction politicians like Obama and de Blasio have no real interest in compromise. Look at the battle between Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton.

    To most sane people, Clinton no longer qualifies as a centrist. Five years ago, her muscular talk on foreign policy made her allies with Robert Gates and John McCain. But her role as front lady for the Obama appease-niks turned her muscles into fat and her policy into mush.

    Yet Clinton is insufficiently committed to the movement, according to the Warren cult. And so true believers are pushing St. Elizabeth, she of the Cherokee cheekbones, to run against St. Hillary for the party mantle in 2016.

    Then there’s Sen. Chuck Schumer, who could say seven years ago that he was a defense hawk. That was before he supported Obama’s abdication of global leadership and backed dovish Chuck Hagel for ­defense secretary.


  71. One need not be an investment banker or a devotee of corporations to understand the importance of capital formation to entrepreneurial and a growing economy. But if your real goal, not what you say, but what you really intend but dare not say, is a stagnant economy which breeds unemployment and dependency on government, and your are a proponent of big government, then why should anyone be surprised that one of your current agenda items is to tax every stock purchase transaction–not the profits mind you, but the initial transaction. This is more Obama, Reid and the rest of the loony left. Actually, they are not loony at all. They are pure unadulterated evil. Not for nothing is Harry Reid widely regarded as the most corrupt man in Washington.

  72. WJC will also be going to Mandela’s funeral, taking time off from his rounds in Latin America for CGI.

    To get a good appreciation of the difference between Obama’s and WJC’s thoughts and action about the funeral, Fox News has a good interview at:

    (among other things, WJC talks about Mandela’s 1992 and later visits to the US, and the real legacy that made this great man a legend in his own time)

  73. Not everyone agrees with the recent assessment of Obamacare by former governor Ed Rendel, i.e. manna from heaven.

    Or maybe manna is shit and heaven is from the White House, in which case he just might be right.

    If things were different, big media could–and would bamboozle Obama out of this.

    You can bet your life of this.

    However the current situation presents a challenge, in three parts:

    First, he lied repeatedly on all aspects of this plan.

    Second, he lied to win an election.

    Third, his lie has caused catastrophic harm to voters.

    Fourth, that harm has many dimensions.

    Fifth, the harm cannot be controlled.

    Therefore big media is flummoxed, and drowning in their own vomit.

    A useful lesson in the perils of big government.

    And like a cheap radio station, the hits just keep coming.

    How do you get your arms around the catastrophe known as Obamacare? Is it even possible?

    At this point, I’m not sure it is. The list of individual disasters which threaten to ruin one-sixth of the U.S. economy and what has been, up until now, the best healthcare system in the world is exhaustive, and exhausting.



    PJ Tatler

    PJ Lifestyle



    Sign In|Register

    Nobody’s This Stupid and Incompetent

    What consumers can see on the Obamacare Website is bad enough. The landmines that they can’t see are far worse

    The examples I will identify here barely scratch the surface.

    First but by no means foremost, we have the supposedly new and improved Except it’s not, even the visible part. Stories still abound of people still failing to get in or to get through the enrollment process.

    But that’s okay, because nobody with any expectation of privacy should be using the web site anyway. A well-known “white hat hacker” (i.e., one of the good guys) told CNBC and the Washington Free Beacon that its security exposure is even greater now than when the site debuted on October 1. The situation is so embarrassing that the White House won’t even brief Congress, which last time I checked was supposed to oversee executive branch activities. Meanwhile, the administration’s press lapdogs won’t even mention the word “security” in their web site reviews.

    What consumers can see is bad enough. What they can’t see is far worse.

    The transmission of enrollment data from to participating insurance companies is so botched that “up to 30 percent of the people who have enrolled on only think they have enrolled.” Starting on January 1, barring some kind of miracle, those affected who go to their doctors are “going to find out the hard way that their attempted enrollment failed and they don’t actually have coverage.”

    Then there’s the fact that “the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has not yet finished building the part of the website that would transfer billions of dollars in subsidies for plan premiums and cost-sharing payments to insurance companies.” That characterization made by Reuters is far too kind. On November 19, Henry Chao, CMS’s deputy chief information officer at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services told a House committee that “the payment systems, they still need be built.” At best, that would mean they’ve hardly started.

    The “fix” for this complete lack of a system is something out of fairyland, and dumps a huge, unplanned workload on participating insurance companies:

    Health plans will estimate how much they are owed, and submit that estimate to the government. Once the system is built, the government and insurers can reconcile the payments made with the plan data to “true up” payments …

    Imagine the hours upon hours of bickering we’ll see between government bureaucrats and insurance company officials before, or if, this gets resolved. No one can possibly believe that the Obama administration won’t capitalize on this new opportunity to bully the industry it loves to hate. (Aside: I wonder how the folks in the insurance business who salivated over “all those new customers” they would gain feel about being in bed with Team Obama now?)

    Months ago, we learned that enrollees will be on the “honor system” in submitting their personal and income data. Now we discover that the Internal Revenue Service, which is supposed to at least apply a sniff test to what users submit, “doesn’t have the system to check what your income is, to see what subsidies you are eligible for,” opening up the potential for massive fraud. Anyone who believes it can’t happen isn’t aware of the IRS’s multibillion-dollar failure to stop illegal aliens from taking bogus chid-care credits.

    President Barack Obama has done very little to ensure that his “signature achievement” would get off the ground successfully. How little? Try “almost nothing.” According to a study by the Government Accountability Institute, the president only met with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius one time since the Affordable Care Act became law. That was way back on April 21, 2010 — and even that was a joint meeting with then-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

    Meanwhile, this non-working clunker’s waste, likely fraud, and cronyism will almost certainly send its cost over the $1 billion mark — all for a site which some IT experts claim should have cost less than $10 million.

    Obamacare’s damage is already spreading to the rest of the economy. Large-company CEOs are saying that the uncertainties it is imposing are “harming the economic rebound.” (Yeah, I know. What economic rebound?) Black Friday weekend’s pathetic sales results make the concern I expressed several weeks ago that we could see a no-growth fourth quarter all too real.

    This enterprise’s screw-ups, missed assignments, unaddressed problems and management failures have collectively created a level of disarray I have not seen in my lifetime — one which promises to sustain itself well into next year, if not longer. It’s likely that all we’ve seen so far represents the very small tip of a huge iceberg aimed straight at the economy and our civil society. Just wait until consumers get turned away because there’s no record of their enrollment, doctors and hospitals don’t get paid, and the frauds begin to be exposed.

    Considering that the people involved are supposedly our best and brightest — as they and their media lapdogs constantly remind us — is it really possible that utter stupidity and incompetence fully explain what has transpired? I think not. Until someone can prove otherwise, the default position has to be that chaos is what they want, and that they will continue to work to deepen it.

  74. The recent public skirmishes between the moderate Dems and the progressive Dems make you wonder what’s being said in private. Have lines been drawn in private meetings? Are strategies being planned?

    The Dem incumbents in danger of losing seats in 2014 will have to decide whether to , as some have begun to do, distance themselves from the Sainted One, or if they’re feeling lucky / foolhardy throw caution and reason to the wind, and bet on the future success of Obama’s policies, including the recent acquiescence to Iran, as well as Obamacare.

    It’s a Dirty Harry moment for them. Their constituents are Callahan, holding a 357 magnum. They say: ” You’re trying to figure it out. Have all the bullets been fired? Is there one left in the chamber? Do I feel lucky? Go ahead, punk. Make my day.”

  75. Branding is for cattle.

    The problem with Obamacare is the brand–and the marketing.

    No kidding.

    This is how these people think.

    More to the point, however, this is how these people think that the rest of us do not think.

    The marketing techniques we see today, along with the mind control techniques they embody came of of WWII.

    It was part of what the third reich was working on, as noted in the video I posted the other day.

    But the mind control they exercise, even through HARRP can never be absolute.

    And the best brand thinkers today will be the first to tell you that a brand fails

    When the promises it makes fail to materialize.

    Put differently, branding is no substitute for experience.

    Yet we see the Messiah and now Zeke blaming the public reaction on marketing.

    We need to promote the program more aggressively, so claims its architect.

    Put differently, you cannot make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

    Not even the vast powers of big media and the Messiah they love can do that.

    Especially when the experience is painful to millions.

  76. Obama Honors Pearl Harbor Dead with Picture of Himself

    President Barack Obama’s Facebook page on Saturday posted a message honoring the dead from Pearl Harbor­accompanied by a picture of Obama descending the stairs next to the Pearl Harbor Memorial.
    The picture barely fits the name of the Arizona Memorial so it can frame Obama in the foreground.

    The post’s statement reads:

    Today, with solemn pride and reverence, let us remember those who fought and died at Pearl Harbor, acknowledge everyone who carried their legacy forward, and reaffirm our commitment to upholding the ideals for which they served.

    President Obama

    The Obama Administration’s current shipbuilding plan shrinks the size of the Navy from 313 to 298 ships. During a debate in the 2012 election, the President famously responded to concerns about the Navy’s smaller size with a quip about the armed forces also having fewer “horses and bayonets.”

  77. VH, a Big Pink Bullshitter Award is a fantastic idea – though selecting one will be quite a daunting task. You’ve nominated a good one, but there are many potential nominees. Hollywood and MSM provide quite a number of nominees. Granted, some with MSM are pretending to be less biased, but they can’t keep the charade up for long. The Hollywood crowd has been sucking up to Bill and Hill lately. But, the Obama-stars who were so very vocal when Barack was campaigning on his golden unicorn, passing out salvation and enlightenment – the ones like C-looney and others now seem to be oddly quiet. Maybe they’re not bright enough to recognize what Barack has wrought. Maybe admission of ignorance is just not something their over-sized egos can handle.

    My suggestions for Nominees are – Tingles and Oprah!

  78. Meanwhile…back on the Obamacare front.

    “Federal health officials have been advising ObamaCare counselors this week to stop using paper applications to enroll people — out of fear that the applications wouldn’t be processed in time.

    Based on interviews the Associated Press conducted, enrollment counselors and brokers facilitating the insurance sign-up process have been advised by the Obama administration to stop using paper.

    Uninsured consumers in the United States must sign up for health insurance by Dec. 23 in order to receive coverage starting Jan. 1.

    “We received guidance from the feds recommending that folks apply online as opposed to paper,” Mike Claffey, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Insurance, told the AP.

    Counselors who spoke to the AP said federal officials discussed the paper application issues on a conference call Wednesday.

    That same day, however, the communications director for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told reporters on a conference call that the paper application had no problems.
    “There is still time to do paper applications,” Julie Bataille said.

    On Friday, CMS spokesman Aaron Albright said the administration is now directing consumers to the repaired, but didn’t explicitly address the paper application.

    “With the recent fixes to the website, we are encouraging consumers to use since it’s the quickest way to get coverage, but paper applications remain an option for consumers and navigators if they choose,” Albright said, according to the AP.

    This shift comes after two months of Obama administration officials highlighting alternative methods to enroll in the exchange as they worked to fix the online federal portal,

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been inviting consumers who previously encountered problems with the website back to A week ago, officials said they met the deadline they set to ensure the site would be working smoothly for most users.

    Last Monday, HHS announced one million people had visited the site in that day alone.”

  79. Forget the Bullshitter of the Year award…..and the OSCAR/GOLDEN GLOBE/EMMY/SAG etc. award for acting INDIGNANT goes to….

  80. Admin, there is a song you may be familiar with. Its name is Bella Ciao. It was the song of the Italian partisans who fought against fascism in World War II. Recently, it was adopted by the Turkish rebels struggling against their fascist government–moon on pluto would know about that. And it is a good candidate for the struggle of patriots to resist attempts by Obama, his string pullers and useful idiots who are determined to destroy this country. The cadences and the refrain are have an almost hypnotic effect on the listener. It inspires them to fight on to victory against overwhelming odds.

    I have posted a link below which contains that song. It is performed by a personal favorite of mine, Milva. She has been in business for 40 years, is a world class entertainer and holds Chevalier of the National Order of the Legion of Honour of the French Republic (Paris, 11 September 2009), Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Rome, 2 June 2007), Officer of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany Berlin, 2006 and Officier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Paris, 1995). There is more than one rendition of this song, but as with everything else Milva does from classical to tango to lieder to duets with Julio Inglesias her rendition is the best, imho.

  81. If Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard really doesn’t believe there was malice in this assignment, she is too stupid to hold the position of superintendent.

    Common Core Writing Assignment: Think Like a Nazi and Explain Why Jews Are Evil (Video)

    A new Common Core writing assignment asks students to think like a Nazi and explain why Jews are evil.

    Think like a Nazi, the assignment required students. Argue why Jews are evil.

    Students in some Albany High School English classes were asked this week as part of a persuasive writing assignment to make an abhorrent argument: “You must argue that Jews are evil, and use solid rationale from government propaganda to convince me of your loyalty to the Third Reich!”

    Students were asked to watch and read Nazi propaganda, then pretend their teacher was a Nazi government official who needed to be convinced of their loyalty. In five paragraphs, they were required to prove that Jews were the source of Germany’s problems.

    The exercise was intended to challenge students to formulate a persuasive argument and was given to three classes, Albany Superintendent Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard said. She said the assignment should have been worded differently.

    “I would apologize to our families,” she said. “I don’t believe there was malice or intent to cause any insensitivities to our families of Jewish faith.”

    One-third of the students refused to complete the assignment, she said.

  82. Obama is an evil man, QED

    ’m tired of pussy-footing around calling Obama merely dishonest, stupid, feral, leftist, etc. Let’s call it like it is: the man is evil.

    Only an evil man would say this (emphasis mine):

    There are times where I as President of the United States am going to have different tactical perspectives than the Prime Minister of Israel and that is understandable. Because Israel cannot contract out its security in light of the history that the people of Israel understand all too well… But ultimately it is my view, from a tactical perspective, that we have to test out this proposition. It will make us stronger internationally, and it may possibly lead to a deal.

    On its face, that statement looks merely stupid, but just the slightest bit of analysis reveals that it is a statement by a man who is morally corrupted to the point of evil. Let me explain:

    Israel has been America’s friend for decades. Iran has been remarkably clear that, when it achieves full nuclear weapon status, it will obliterate Israel. The apocalyptic strain of Shiite Islam that Iran practices is comfortable with the idea of a nuclear holocaust, especially because most of the Muslims in the line of fire are Sunnis, who are Shiites’ ancient enemies.

    When seen through the reality spectrum, as opposed to the evil spectrum, Israel and America should have identical interests. Israel wants to survive. And America, as Israel’s longstanding friend, should want Israel to survive, just as America, as a humanist nation, shouldn’t want to see a huge swath of the Middle East vanish under mushroom-shaped clouds.


  83. Just put the following from Financial Times on FB. While most of the content is known here, check out capitalization (mine) at end to see the most damning reference yet to health law of the land.

    New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals. Pub 12/8/13.
    By Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington.
    “…Amid a drive by insurers to limit costs, the majority of insurance plans being sold on the new healthcase exchanges in New York, Texas, and California, for example, will not offer patients’ access to Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan or MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, two top cancer centres, or Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, one of the top research and teaching hospitals in the country. Experts say the move by insurers to limit consumers’ choices and steer them away from hospitals that are considered too expensive, or even “inefficient”, reflects the new competitive landscape in the insurance industry since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, BARACK OBAMA’S 2010 HEALTHCARE LAW…”

  84. Hobby Lobby Case is About Rights, Not Contraceptives
    Dr. Ron Paul

    One of the most important cases the US Supreme Court will consider this term is Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit challenging the Obamacare mandate that employer-provided health care plans must cover abortion and contraceptives. Hobby Lobby, a corporation owned and managed by a traditional Christian family, argues that the mandate violates their First Amendment rights.

    Much of the discussion has focused on whether a corporation such as Hobby Lobby can even have First Amendment rights. But the issue of “corporate personhood” is a smokescreen. Hobby Lobby’s corporate status has no bearing on whether under Obamacare, Hobby Lobby’s owners, about whose personhood there is no doubt, have a right to run their business in a manner consistent with their moral beliefs. If the form by which Hobby Lobby did business was relevant to its right to operate free of federal interference, then Hobby Lobby could avoid the Obamacare mandate by simply reorganizing itself as a partnership or sole proprietorship.

    Some Obamacare supporters cast this case as a conflict between Hobby Lobby’s First Amendment rights and the rights of its employees to contraception and abortion. Hobby Lobby is not trying to stop its employees from obtaining contraceptives and abortions; it is simply asking that the government not force it to pay for them.

    Forcing Hobby Lobby to pay for abortion services is especially offensive because Hobby Lobby’s owners consider abortion a form of murder. Those who, like me, agree that abortion is an act of violence against an innocent person, will side with Hobby Lobby. However, this case is not about the legality of abortion. It is about whether someone can have a “right” to force someone else to provide him with a good or service. Therefore, even those who support legal abortion should at least support a business’s right to choose to not subsidize it.

    Supporters of the mandate claim Congress has the power to create rights to privately-provided goods and services. They also say that Congress has the power to legislatively override the rights of religious liberty, property, and contract. It is fair to ask what is the source of Congress’s power to create new rights. It certainly does not originate in the Declaration of Independence, which expressly denies that rights come from the government; or from the United Stares Constitution, which nowhere granted government the power to redistribute or create artificial rights.

    The principle that Government can force businesses to violate their religious principals even if those principles conflict with civil law could be applied in ways some Obamacare supporters may find objectionable. For example, what if the government argued that the Pentagon’s need for some products produced by a Quaker-owned business trumped the Quaker owner’s objections to war?

    The hypothetical example above shows just how radical and dangerous are arguments in support of the Obamacare abortion and contraception mandate. If Hobby Lobby loses, the US Supreme Court will have endorsed the idea that the federal government can force individuals to violate their most sacred religious principles to satisfy any government demands. The central question of the Hobby Lobby case, then, is whether religious liberty will continue to be meaningful in this country. For what good is a religious liberty that protects your rights to attend a worship service, but allows the government to force you to live in opposition to the values preached at those services? This is why all supporters of liberty and limited government­ regardless of their views on the morality of contraception­ should be on the side of Hobby Lobby.

    See more at:

  85. Does time seem to be dragging to anyone else? Normally, it feels like everything is on fast forward and time is flying. But, since Obama began occupying the WH and (the golf course) time will just not move fast enough. We have got 3 MORE YEARS of this sh**. BTW as someone else has said here, we are so much better off with him on the golf course. He’s like a child who needs to be kept busy playing, or he’ll make trouble for everyone around him.

  86. Blacklisted News had this posted from PuffHo.


    “Obama Faces Backlash Over New Corporate Powers In Secret Trade Deal”
    December 8, 2013

    Source: Huffington Post

    “The Obama administration appears to have almost no international support for controversial new trade standards that would grant radical new political powers to corporations, increase the cost of prescription medications and restrict bank regulation, according to two internal memos obtained by The Huffington Post.

    The memos, which come from a government involved in the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations, detail continued disputes in the talks over the deal. The documents reveal broad disagreement over a host of key positions, and general skepticism that an agreement can be reached by year-end. The Obama administration has urged countries to reach a deal by New Year’s Day, though there is no technical deadline.
    One memo, which was heavily redacted before being provided to HuffPost, was written ahead of a new round of talks in Singapore this week. Read the full text of what HuffPost received here. (Note: Ellipses indicate redacted text. Text in brackets has been added by a third party.) Another document, a chart outlining different country positions on the text, dates from early November, before the round of negotiations in Salt Lake City, Utah. View the chart here. HuffPost was unable to determine which of the 11 non-U.S. nations involved in the talks was responsible for the memo.”

    Read More…

  87. reespirit
    December 9, 2013 at 8:53 am
    Does time seem to be dragging to anyone else?
    Yes! I keep re-doing the math. Not even his 1st yr of 2nd term done yet.
    My friend Shirley ( 85, no computer, but always had an interest in govt so she’s brighter than most out there ) has same problem.
    So it’s not just “us”.

    huff po. scary so I scanned quickly. puff ho considered somewhat legit these days?

  88. Leanora
    December 8, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    Obama Honors Pearl Harbor Dead with Picture of Himsel

    Always about Him. Totally disgusting. 😡

  89. Obama is typical of the extreme left. They preach tolerance to get into power and once there they stifle dissent. Yet the sheeple always get sucked in, because they are stupid to the core–I mean Navy corpseman.

  90. Douglas Vogt: Barack Hussein Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth
    Details of the Obama forgery exposed

    Every American is the victim of one of the most insidious crimes ever perpetrated on the collective – the capturing of our nation from within. The set-up process occurred over decades, but culminated with the selection and installation of Barack Hussein Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro, as the front man in this silent coup.

    One important piece of evidence to support this crime exists in the controversial Certificate of Live Birth, but not in the way you have heard, and not in the manner that you might suspect. The revelation of the manner and methods now exist in a document that the criminal elements of our government and the complicit media do not want you to see. And the evidence is as compelling as it is damning.

    Based on the popularity of television shows like Criminal Minds, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Profiler from the late 1990s, a large number of people are fascinated by the investigative science of criminal profiling. One aspect of such behavioral profiling includes understanding the difference between a perpetrator’s modus operandi or “M.O.,” and their “signature.”

    While all criminals have a modus operandi, analyzing a perpetrator’s “signature” is a bit more involved. Signature behaviors serve to satisfy some need of the criminal, and might be viewed as a “calling card” of sorts that link them to the crime. This is particularly true in cases of forgery, where the forger leaves a usually well hidden “signature” to identify them as the creator of the forgery. The preceding is provided as a formal introduction to the most important forgery of our time: Barack Hussein Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth.

    So far, the managed mainstream media has ignored the October 18, 2013 filing of two affidavits, one public and the other sealed, that identify twenty-(20) points of forgery on the most controversial document concerning the most controversial figure of our time: Barack Hussein Obama. In my view, this is undoubtedly the most detailed and compellingly damning document ever created pertaining to the controversy surrounding the long form birth certificate. It provides critical insight into the people behind the forgery, their methods, and more importantly, their mistakes.

    Read More @

  91. huff po. scary so I scanned quickly. puff ho considered somewhat legit these days?

    Not to me, hold’em. They may have tried to repair their reputation to some extent after Arianna Huffington and the rest were one of the worst offenders in defending and promoting O in 2008, and attempting to derail Hillary. Others here probably are more knowledgable about whether or not they have established some credibility after their Obama Public Relations Campaign. I never go to the site. I have been trying to find the most unbiased online news site I can, and came across Blacklisted I’m not sure yet just how unbiased it is. If you google ” unbiased online news sites” some of the ones we know of – and know they are not unbiased – pop up. I had never heard of Blacklisted News, and it may turn out not to be a good source, so my search continues.

  92. Good Illustration. 🙂

    Another ObamaCare Lie: Protecting Those With Pre-Existing Conditions
    We Get the Government We Deserve

    The Affordable Care Act gets curioser and curioser. President Obama promised to protect people with pre-existing conditions and help the uninsured. Yet these vulnerable groups are getting clobbered.

    Congress needs to act to protect them and not wait until the entire misadventure plays out. Here’s a plan of action: The people most threatened by ObamaCare have pre-existing conditions, meaning health problems that make it hard to get insurance.

    To sell ObamaCare, the president actually lied, claiming he would protect these people. He even lied that his mother, Anne Dunham, a cancer victim, suffered because her insurer used the pre-existing condition excuse to drop her.


  93. foxyladi14
    December 9, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    It i very hard to find real news and not propaganda these days. 🙄

    True enough Foxy, that’s why I post very little these days.

    I mainly give comments or miniRants. 😉

  94. Pissing myself laughing………

    The recent Politico Magazine piece, “Was Hillary Clinton a Good Secretary of State?,” has advanced the emerging notion that her successor might be overshadowing Clinton’s tenure.

    Over at Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show a few minutes ago, Mark Halperin noted this: “If Hillary Clinton doesn’t run for president, I bet you John Kerry does.”

    The other panelists seemed incredulous. There was an awkward silence and then some perfunctory laughter. After all, when was the last time a losing nominee got another shot? Nixon? Still, I suspect Halperin is on to something.


    Talk about ending the Democratic party in one go….yup this oughta do it.

  95. I hope Hillary brought a scrubbing brush, rubber gloves and some bleach……

    The Air Force One flight from the U.S. to South Africa on Monday was historic not only for its final destination, but for its passenger list.

    Joining President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for the trip to Nelson Mandela’s memorial was former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  96. Slow hand clap….morons……

    DETROIT (AP) _ US government sells rest of its General Motors stock; loses $10.5 billion on bailout.

  97. Lol, it never ends…..

    ABC: Zimmerman’s girlfriend wants charges dropped; now says he never pointed gun at her:

  98. This O’care travesty has been on the minds of Big Pink thinkers for awhile now, but the situation has not gained legs. Maybe that’s why the Brits picked it up:

    ‘A public safety disaster’: Obamacare could force THOUSANDS of volunteer fire departments to close
    The Affordable Care Act forces companies with more than 50 workers to buy them all health insurance or pay hefty fines
    The IRS says volunteer firefighters are ’employees,’ even though the Department of Labor says they’re ‘volunteers’
    Out of more than 1 million fire departments in the U.S., 87 per cent are staffed entirely or mostly by life-saving volunteers
    Members of Congress are weighing in, but the Obama administration hasn’t taken any action yet to carve out a fire-fighting exception
    By David Martosko, U.s. Political Editor
    PUBLISHED: 15:58 EST, 9 December 2013 | UPDATED: 16:36 EST, 9 December 2013

  99. There is, and has been, a dearth of news so I finally remembered to check rt dot com.

    This pick from there is above my abilities, but the good minds here might like to consider it. And then I’ll look for something I “get”!
    Deep divisions over TPP as US pressures to close controversial deal – WikiLeaks
    Published time: December 09, 2013 08:44
    Edited time: December 09, 2013 11:11
    The US is ramping up pressure to secure a Trans-Pacific Trade Deal with conditions that could undermine the national interests of nations involved. WikiLeaks documents say talks are “paralyzed,” with the US refusing to compromise on disputed issues.

    Anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks has released two documents revealing the state of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The deal in question includes 12 countries – the United States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei – which represent more than 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.

    The 12 nations are in Singapore this week to discuss the trade agreement. Following a closed-door meeting in Singapore, Japan’s trade minister Yasutoshi Nishimura told press he would like “the United States to show flexibility.” …

    Of course, Drudge has, or had, that Putin just shut down state media. …..

  100. CIA’s multibillion dollar spy program ends up being ‘a colossal flop’
    Published time: December 09, 2013 18:38
    United States government officials with intimate knowledge of a little-known Central Intelligence Agency spy program now say the CIA’s post-9/11 efforts to send undercover agents around the globe was “a colossal flop.”

    That’s according at least to one of the former senior CIA officials who spoke with Los Angeles Times journalist Ken Dilanian for an article published on Sunday about the agency’s “non-official cover,” or “NOC” roles. Those are instances in which CIA agents were sent abroad to pose as business executives in order to collect intelligence for their bosses back at headquarters near Washington, DC, such as the case of former spy Valerie Plame, whose first-hand account of her experience was turned into the best-selling book, then movie, Fair Game.

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