Red Storm Warnings For Hillary Clinton 2016, Part II

Smart Republicans, clever conservatives, have a brilliant line of attack against Hillary Clinton 2016. Already “tie Hillary to ObamaCare” has a video and many articles which seek to plaster Hillary to the monstrosity called ObamaCare. These Republicans and conservatives have a powerful ally in Obama Dimocrats and those who desperately want to save ObamaCare.

The goal of Republicans is smart and obvious: tie Hillary to a horror that will stick worse than a billion Benghazis. For Obama Dimocrats, Obama lovers, Obama defenders and totalitarian leftists content to defend the indefensible their aim is to use Hillary Clinton as a shield to protect Obama, ObamaCare, the failures of Obama and ObamaCare as well as their totalitarian aims.

We’re not surprised by any of this, we wrote about it, and we hope that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are not surprised by it either. We’re not surprised and we certainly think it is a deadly good strategy to destroy Hillary Clinton 2016 but unfortunately many Hillary Clinton supporters appear blind to the dangers.

Any Hillary Clinton 2016 supporter that believes Hillary should in any way tie herself to ObamaCare is a damn fool. Any Hillary Clinton 2016 supporter that believes Hillary’s health plan outlined in 2007/2008 is almost the same as ObamaCare is helping destroy Hillary Clinton 2016. Further, and a bit more open to debate, any Hillary Clinton supporter who does not think that Hillary Clinton needs to take our suggestion to attack ObamaCare after November 30, 2013 is proposing a strategy which leads to a deathtrap cul-de-sac.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are to blame for much of the strategic landscape filled with powerful explosives they now find themselves in. They themselves planted the explosives about to go ka-boom. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have been too clever by half in their statements in support of ObamaCare. Their statements, documented in the first link above, have been anodyne statements made when pressed for their thoughts on ObamaCare. For instance, in a much ballyhooed, by the right and the left, statement in June at the Grand Rapids Economic Club Hillary said:

“Hillary Clinton defends health care reform, urges ‘smart’ changes to tax code

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Potential 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton thinks “the jury is out” on the consequences of federal health care reform, but urged patience as the landmark changes are implemented. [snip]

Krueger, CEO of the multimillion-dollar, Rockford-based footwear company Wolverine World Wide, mentioned speculation that health care reform could drive up costs, and asked Clinton which country best tackles the issue.

“First, I have to say that I think the jury is out, because the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is going on as we speak,” replied Clinton, who is considered the Democratic front-runner for the far-off 2016 presidential race despite not saying whether she hopes to run. “There are some very important features in that.” [snip]

“It’s a tough one for us, and I want to see the good parts of the Affordable Care Act implemented,” Clinton said. “Then I think we should all take a deep breath and see where we are, and see what more we can or should do.”

Hillary said that “the jury is out” on ObamaCare and that she wanted to see “the good parts of the Affordable Care Act implemented”. Many republicans/conservatives have said the same thing. But Hillary’s common sense statement full of nuance and caveats was summarized in the headline as Hillary defends ObamaCare. Of course she did not do what the headline said but with Republicans/conservatives and Obama Dimocrats pushing the headline the story is that Hillary defends ObamaCare. The same circumstances hold for other nuanced and too clever Hillary statements. The person we do indeed think is to blame here is Hillary. And the person that has to dig herself out of the trap she has nuanced herself into is Hillary.

We have partly explained the differences between Hillary’s smart health care reform plan and the abomination which is ObamaCare. But all the articles we write detailing the big differences between what corrupt Barack Obama signed and what Hillary Clinton proposed, and all the Hillary and Bill Clinton nuanced statements are not going to change the narrative one damn bit.

What is needed is a declarative statement from Hillary Clinton denouncing ObamaCare. The sooner after November 30 Hillary speaks along these lines the better. The longer she waits the worse it will be.

Enter Elizabeth Warren.

* * * * * *

Wonder why there are so many Elizabeth Warren for president stories lately? The purposes for those fanning this fancy are twofold. The first is that the left will never allow their grip on the party to slip into the hated Hillary’s hands and Elizabeth Warren is their first test candidate to keep control of the party (not necessarily win the general election which is secondary to the more important goal of the totalitarian left to keep party control). The second purpose is to keep Hillary Clinton from resurrecting the Democratic Party with a coalition that brings in the white working class, seniors and married women thereby breaking the grip of the totalitarian left, gentry liberals, and Obama duped black voters. To restore that successful FDR coalition Hillary must reject the left, move to the center and demonstrate she puts people first, party second. Warren is a means to keep Hillary from moving away from the totalitarian left and into the center with actions such as denouncing ObamaCare as the scam it is.

For the longest time we advised a Hillary Clinton at Colombey-les-Deux-Églises strategy. That meant “shut up, don’t say a word, let the party come to you for salvation”. But with the collapse of ObamaCare in slow motion that strategy must have an exemption for Hillary to denounce ObamaCare and inoculate herself from the moment when ObamaCare’s death certificate is signed.

Last week David Corn of Mother Jones magazine wrote what amounted to threats against Bill and Hillary Clinton if they continue to so deftly destroy ObamaCare. The general public does not get to read or pay attention to the reasons why Bill Clinton’s “honor your commitment” warning to Obama was so poisonous. But Corn and his Kook compatriots see the threat and that’s why Corn issued threats against Bill and Hillary:

“In 2 Charts: Why Hillary (and Bill) Clinton Damn Well Better Hope Obamacare Succeeds

Bill Clinton did it again. On Tuesday, he interjected himself into the ongoing political tussle over the implementation of Obamacare by declaring that President Barack Obama “should honor” his “commitment” to allow people to hang on to their preexisiting health insurance plans. With this comment, the Secretary of Explaining Stuff gave ammo to the foes of Obamacare, and he, unintentionally or not, undermined a core element of the health care law. And, no surprise, he kicked off a spasm of speculation among the politerati: What are the Clintons up to? Will Hillary, if she runs for president, distance herself from the White House? Will she somehow suggest she’s more competent than Obama? All this commentary was to be expected. There’s something about the Clintons that encourages folks to sniff out clever schemes, intricate plots, and self-serving conniving.

But there’s a basic fact that cannot be escaped: The Clintons need Obamacare to succeed. Just look at the chart in the video below:

After Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992, he placed his wife in charge of health care reform. (It was part of the two-for-one deal.) And she subsequently unveiled a complicated reform plan that was quickly dubbed Hillarycare by Republicans and conservatives. [snip]

After first toying with a get-along strategy for dealing with Hillarycare, the Republicans mounted a fierce opposition against it, and these charts fueled that effort (along with the Harry and Louise ad campaign orchestrated by the health insurance industry). Waving these charts, the GOPers succeeded in killing Hillarycare—and, decrying the Clintons’ health care proposal, they went on to seize control of the House in the 1994 midterm elections.

Hillarycare ended up a political failure and set back the cause of health care reform for nearly two decades. It’s not an episode that Hillary Clinton would want discussed during a 2016 presidential campaign. If Obamacare thrives, there will be no reason to look back to Hillarycare and drag these charts out of the dustbin of history. But should the Affordable Care Act falter or collapse, a question will loom: What would Hillary do about health care? Her past record would be raked over and that would likely not boost her presidential prospects. Having screwed up in the early 1990s, could she argue that she would do a better job in reforming the health care system than Obama?

It would be best for a Clinton 2016 campaign for health care to be off the table—with no need to revisit all this inconvenient ancient history. That means she and Bill should be hoping that the implementation of Obamacare proceeds well—and they should do all they can to encourage that. So Bill Clinton ought to coordinate (closely) with the White House on what stuff he should be explaining. It’s not only the president’s political fortunes that are tied to Obamacare.

For Hillary the best strategy is to attack ObamaCare now. Take that disaster off the table now. Side with the people now. The party cannot survive to a general election without Hillary at the helm so she has nothing to fear from Corn or the Kooks if she sides with the people, now. Even in the polls ObamaCare is sinking. Her political fortunes are tied to the American people against Obama and ObamaCare.

Corn threatens Hillary and Bill Clinton because he sees that they don’t need Corn or the Kooks if they restore the FDR coalition. Corn threatens because he is frightened. Corn wants to discuss the Clinton health plan of 1994 not the Hillary Clinton health plan of 2007/2008. Hillary Clinton in 2007 and 2008 stated that she learned a great deal after the failure of 1994 and she prepared a smarter health care plan in 2007/2008. Corn does not want to discuss this plan. Corn wants to revisit HillaryCare circa 1994. Republicans/conservatives at least are wisely targeting the Hillary 2007/2008 plan and the mandate and only a few time travel to 1994 when Republicans created ObamaCare. Corn’s threats are well, corny.

Hillary Clinton 2016 must oppose ObamaCare and time is running out.
Today the world learned a bit more about deadlines. We have been arguing that the ObamaCare deadline is not March 31, 2014 as so many ObamaCare shills insist. The deadline is December 15, 2013. That’s because on that date those that want to be enrolled in ObamaCare must have finished the process. In order to accomplish this the website had to work on October 1. But it didn’t. After that missed deadline we wrote that the website had to be working on November 1 at the latest. It has yet to work – game over. Today, Uh oh: White House might have even less time than thought to repair

Time is running out. Those that want their ObamaCare on January 1 have to not only enroll by December 13, 2013 but they also have to pay by December 15, 2013. Problem is the website is so Obama’ed up it can’t take payments. Brilliant!

Time is running out for ObamaCare. Soft repeal is already here. Harry and Louise or Barry and Moo-ise might be back soon too. The red storm warnings for Hillary Clinton 2016 are here too.

[Part III coming soon, after some other necessary articles.]


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  1. One of many articles published today outlining the ObamaCare disasters to come:

    Obamacare: So, what could go wrong next?

    Busted website, canceled policies, lousy early enrollment numbers. And that could be just the warmup.

    Because the lesson of the last six weeks is that when it comes to the Obamacare rollout, if it can go wrong, it probably will.

    The stumble-filled debut of President Barack Obama’s health care law is drawing new attention to the other risks that have been on the radar screen of health care wonks for months. [snip]

    A complete list of possibilities could be overwhelming, but here are the main ones to watch:

    ‘Death spiral’

    This was always the worst of the worst-case scenarios: Only sick people enroll in the Obamacare health insurance plans, healthy people stay away, and everyone’s premiums rise out of control because there are no healthy people to cover the sick people’s costs. [snip]

    “This is not a political attack — I think we’re already there. I really do,” said Robert Laszewski, a consultant who works with health insurance companies. “If everyone is hearing that there are all these problems with the website and you have to do all these workarounds, who’s going to do the workarounds? Sick people.” [snip]

    The cost of the cancellations fix

    There’s another problem, and it has nothing to do with the website. Insurers and actuaries say the Obama administration’s solution to the canceled policies mess could backfire — because by telling insurers they can extend people’s individual coverage, they might cause the insurance prices to rise anyway.

    That’s because the mix of healthy and sick people in the new Obamacare plans would be disrupted. In the worst-case scenario, it would be the healthy people that renew their old, pre-Obamacare insurance, and only the sick people would switch to the new plans — because they’d want the new coverage that accepts anyone with pre-existing conditions.

    Obama administration officials say they can take care of that problem by using a built-in mechanism in Obamacare that’s supposed to help insurers with high-cost patients. The “risk corridors” provision gives extra payments to health plans that draw a lot of sick people, and administration officials think they can adjust that mechanism to help insurers that lose too many customers they were expecting.

    But even if that works, that could increase the cost of Obamacare — because the federal government would be on the hook for most of those extra expenses. In a letter to lawmakers, the American Academy of Actuaries warned that “costs to the federal government could increase as higher-than-expected average medical claims are more likely to trigger risk corridor payments.”[snip]

    Price hikes during election season

    If the Obamacare health plans don’t get a good mix of healthy and sick people, the rate hikes wouldn’t happen right away. The prices are already locked in for 2014. The bigger political headache for Democrats is that insurance companies would raise their prices for 2015, and those new rates would be announced in the spring — bringing another round of bad news during election season.

    Most likely, the insurance companies would submit their bids in April, and that would be based on only the most preliminary information about final enrollment figures for Obamacare’s first year.

    “That should be in the category of things the administration should be thinking about,” said McClellan.

    Coverage gap

    The big danger of the canceled policies isn’t totally off the table. For any individual health plans that don’t get extended, customers will have to find new health insurance, either through the Obamacare websites or through workarounds, like the call center or even contacting health insurers directly. If they can’t do it by Dec. 15, they might not have a replacement health insurance plan by Jan. 1. [snip]

    More cancellations close to the election

    There’s another, separate issue with the cancellations. Some have actually been pushed into next year, because some insurers have offered early renewals — in which individuals or small businesses who renew their policies before the end of the year can keep them into 2014.

    For example, Elaine Buccieri of Arlington, Texas, was able to get that kind of deal from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. The carrier just moved everyone’s anniversary date to December, giving them more time in their old plans.

    But that kind of renewal only carries people into 2014, raising the possibility that those people, and small businesses, could just get another wave of cancellation letters next year. And those letters would have to go out early enough to give them time to sign up for new policies — meaning they could go out in the fall, right before the mid-term elections. [snip]

    Sticker shock

    Obamacare supporters are convinced that once people with canceled policies can actually use the federal website, they’ll be able to find replacement health plans that are better and cheaper than what they have now, not just the expensive replacements their own insurers are offering up.

    But Paul Ginsburg, president of the Center for Studying Health System Change, says that’s not going to be true of everyone. He says some people will go to the website and be dismayed by the prices — because they now have to include coverage of everyone with pre-existing conditions, new benefits that weren’t covered by all individual plans before, and a ban on charging older customers more than three times as much as younger people. [snip]

    There could also be another level of sticker shock not just over the premiums, but over the other out-of-pocket expenses people will have to pay.

    A good example is the deductible — the amount of medical expenses someone has to pay before coverage even begins. All private health insurance has deductibles — that’s not unique to Obamacare. But a survey of 22 health insurers in six states by Avalere Health, a consulting firm, found that the average deductible is $2,550 in “silver” Obamacare plans (the second-cheapest kind). That’s compared to the $1,135 average that nearly eight out of 10 people in employer-sponsored health plans had to pay.

    The deductibles are even higher in “bronze” plans, the cheapest kind. The average bronze deductible was $5,150 — and some were as high as $6,350.

    “We all knew this was going to happen, but there could be another round of shock” when people actually try to use their Obamacare coverage and realize it doesn’t pay for everything, said one health insurance industry official.

    People who can’t prove they’re covered

    When Medicare Part D began in 2006, many seniors had rude surprises when they went to their pharmacies, expecting to fill their drug prescriptions, and the pharmacists had no record that they were covered.

    Given all the problems with the Obamacare website — especially since insurers are so uncertain that they’re getting accurate information on who’s signing up — there’s a chance that the same kind of thing could happen in January, as people who believe they’ve signed up for health insurance can’t prove it when they go to the doctor. [snip]

    People who get wrong subsidies

    This one is more of a question mark, because it’s too early to know how accurate the website calculations will be. But the reality is that any errors would backfire on the newly insured people — and so could any nasty surprises, like changes in their incomes.

    If people get bigger tax credits than they’re supposed to get, Obamacare requires them to pay back the overpayments — with some limits — when they file their taxes the next year. But the calculations are so complicated that it would be hard, if not impossible, for most consumers to know if they’re getting too much.

    And people may not realize that if their incomes go up in the middle of the year, they may not qualify for as much of a subsidy as they did before.

    “Think of the family that gets a big subsidy, and then Mom goes to work halfway through the year,” said Laszewski.

    Health care experts don’t put this one at the top of the list yet, but they’re watching it.

    “It’s hard to judge how big a risk it is, but it would be a very consequential problem if it turned out to be true,” said Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

    This is one of the more optimistic articles on ObamaCare future problems. From Politico of course.

  2. “The bigger political headache for Democrats is that insurance companies would raise their prices for 2015, and those new rates would be announced in the spring — bringing another round of bad news during election season.”
    Even worse for the Dems, IIRC, the insurance companies submit the 2015 plans and premiums to the Feds in April and the bad news is announced in October.

  3. As far as Republican’s wanting to pin ObamaCare on Hillary, that is no surprise, they will pin every failing of Obama on her, just because they are afraid of her becoming President.

    They will pin the failed wars in the middle east on her

    They will pin gun running and Benghazi on her

    They will pin anything they can, if it sticks or not.

    They will pin her gender and her age as a detriment

    They will blame her ankles, her weight, wrinkles, pant suits…you name it.

    Hillay will not lose because she is not qualified, it will be more backstabbing, sexism and ageism that is used in any dirty method that can be imagined. Nutcracker for example.

    Unless Hillary knows of some saving grace we don’t, there is no way she is going to support this disastrous bill, how soon will she say it? Only Bill and Hillary know.

    Right now, ObamaCare is stewing the president’s goose.

  4. President Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, and the Boob:

    “Three’s a crowd

    President Obama is now sharing center stage with the Clintons.

    Five years after beating Hillary Clinton to the Democratic presidential nomination, there are arguably three presidents in town: Obama, Bill Clinton and perhaps the first female commander-in-chief.

    As the rollout of ObamaCare’s health exchanges declined into an embarrassing fiasco, Bill Clinton rubbed salt into White House wounds by suggesting that Obama should “honor the commitment” he made to let people keep health plans they liked.

    The intervention was the latest sign, if any were needed, that the Clintons have their own agenda and it is not identical to Obama’s.

    They cannot alienate Obama backers, whose votes Hillary will likely be seeking in 2016, but they have their own political profiles, which they want to be able to promote unsullied, inevitably by distancing themselves from Obama’s missteps.

    The close working relationship between Hillary Clinton and Obama during her time as his secretary of State helped heal the bruises of their knockdown contest in 2008. But they have faded rather than disappeared entirely, and they could show up livid again as the election clock begins to tick more loudly.

    Hillary Clinton is more popular in polls than Obama, but her numbers have recently taken a hit. Her approval rating dropped to 46 percent in a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released in mid-October, down from 56 percent in January. Obama’s approval rating slipped to 41 percent.

    At the same time, although Team Obama appreciates Bill Clinton’s abilities as “explainer-in-chief” they are exasperated by his tendency to storm the stage at inconvenient moments.

    “It’s going to be a delicate balancing act for both … camps, no doubt about it,” said Democratic strategist Jim Manley, former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). “The former president still has an ability to generate news, for better or worse, whenever he wants.”

    Bill Clinton’s comments threw the White House on to the defensive by buttressing the case made by those attacking Obama for breaking his central healthcare promise. More than three dozen House Democrats ignored Obama’s veto threat Friday and defected to vote for a Republican bill that would allow people to keep their insurance policies.

    While Clinton mostly praised ObamaCare during his interview, it was his implied criticism that got all the attention.

    That is certainly how it will continue to be until Obama leaves the White House in January 2017.

    The White House is trying to dampen talk of tension. [snip]

    Although the Clintons helped round up votes for ObamaCare, Hillary Clinton was perceived by some people to be knocking Obama’s management competence last month when she told a gathering of liberal activists, “We are careening from crisis to crisis instead of having a plan, bringing people to that plan, focusing on common-sense solutions and being relentless in driving toward them.”

    This may foreshadow how the Clintons will break from Obama as Hillary’s expected presidential campaign unfolds, especially if Obama continues to struggle in the polls.

    Democratic strategists say Clintonian criticism could accelerate Obama’s decline into lame-duck status because the party’s next choice of leader seems so apparent. [snip]

    The Clintons will need to be careful not to throw Obama under the bus, as Hillary’s fate as a former member of his administration may be closely tied to his standing come 2016.

    Bill Clinton went all-in for Obama during the 2012 election, delivering a speech arguing for the continuity in goals between his administration and Obama’s at the Democratic national convention that year.

    “[Clinton] is after all a loyal Democrat who wants to see the president succeed,” Manley said.

    Brookings Institute scholar Bill Galston added, “It’s not in the Clintons’ interest either to prevent or retard Obama’s recovery. They’d be undercutting themselves if they did anything that had the effect of slowing or preventing that recovery even if that’s not their intention. They have to be even more careful and continue to be helpful to the administration. Otherwise, they’ll lose.”

    Our article today counters the narrative that Bill and Hillary need to stick by Obama. They should attack. Other than that we enjoyed thinking of Michelle reading this article and tearing sleeves.

  5. Whenever I see the top of the blog, I look at the morph of Bush into Berry. It’s been years now, and maybe the photo of Obama needs to now morph into Nixion.

  6. “Obama needs to now morph into Nixon.”
    By the standards established by the last two presidents, Nixon was a excellent president and a paragon on honesty and integrity.

  7. Gloria Borger: Obama’s “No Drama” Credo Led to the ACA Website Disaster

    The president should have established a “zone of immunity” for truth-tellers who could deliver the bad news

    As the story of the Obamacare website fiacso unfolds, senior administration aides tell me that the president is “mad, frustrated and angry.”

    Mad that his signature legislative achievement is stuck at the gate, frustrated that he’s running out of time to fix it, and angry that he’s got a second term agenda now going nowhere. He’s so furious, in fact, that he stepped out of character to vent to an assembled group of top aides. “If I had known [about the website problems] ,” the steaming president reportedly said, according to the New York Times, “We could have delayed the website.”

    All of which begs the real question: how could he not have known?

    It’s a real head-scratcher. Most powerful man in the free world. Most important issue. Most politically explosive, particularly coming on the heels of the government shutdown. Consider the context: Republicans had just tried to defund Obamacare, and they lost in a heap of public humiliation. So the rollout of Obamacare had to be really impressive, because the Republicans had to be proven wrong.

    Read more: Gloria Borger: Obama’s “No Drama” Credo Led to the ACA Website Disaster |

  8. I hope there’s a mole in this group that will report back to us about the ‘phone call’

    Obama, under fire for health law stumbles, tries to hit reset with supporters

    Under fire from the right and the left for the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama is taking a break from the hostile questioning of reporters and lawmakers to spend some time with another group — his most loyal supporters.

    The president on Monday night will get on the phone with supporters from Organizing for Action, his de facto campaign arm. Though Obama is no longer campaigning for office, he’s still pushing several major pieces of legislation in his remaining three years — and trying to convince his base to keep the faith on ObamaCare.

    The call on Monday night will represent one of the few remaining environments he can control; unlike last week’s press conference in the White House briefing room where he faced tough, at times aggressive, questions from reporters.

  9. Heard on Greta show – Another astounding ObamaCare screw-up featuring Obama:

    “Rude Awakening for Federal Way Woman Who Got Shout-Out From President – Can’t Afford Obamacare Policy After All

    After Jessica Sanford Sends Fan Letter to Obama for Making Insurance Affordable, State Says She Must Pay Full Ticket

    OLYMPIA, Nov. 17.—Jessica Sanford, the Federal Way woman who got a shout-out from President Obama last month with her fan letter for the Affordable Care Act, got a rather rude awakening last week. Turns out she doesn’t qualify for a tax credit after all.

    At least that’s what the letter said that she got from the state. Now she says her dream of affordable health insurance has gone poof. She can’t afford it. She’ll have to go without. “I’m really terribly embarrassed,” she says. “It has completely turned around on me. I mean, completely.”

    Chalk it up to a bollixed-up state website that apparently still has major problems. Originally it said Sanford and her child would get a whopping tax credit that would reduce their total premium to $169 a month. Now the state is telling her it goofed – twice – and she has to pay full ticket. There may even be a third goof involved: At least one health-insurance broker says she may qualify for a tax credit after all, albeit a small one. Officials at the state Healthplanfinder website could not be contacted Sunday night. But it just goes to show that even in the state of Washington, which has earned national kudos for a health-insurance exchange that seems to function better than the dysfunctional federal website, there are big, big problems.

    They have to own up to what is going on,” Sanford says. “They have to fix it. They can’t just go around and say this is working great. In my opinion they ought to shut it down and just get all of it straightened out.”

    Sanford’s tale may not be all that unusual amid the national furor over Obamacare’s sputtering start. But it is particularly embarrassing because the president himself mentioned it in a speech, calling it a success story that makes the case for the program. These days fan letters are few and far between.

    Obama related Sanford’s story in remarks from the Rose Garden last Oct. 21: “I recently received a letter from a woman named Jessica Sanford in Washington state, and here’s what she wrote. ‘I am a single mom, no child support, self-employed, and I haven’t had health insurance for 15 years because it is too expensive. My son has ADHD and requires regular doctor visits, and his meds alone cost $250 a month. I have had an ongoing tendinitis problem due to my line of work that I have to have treated. Now, finally, we get to have coverage because of the ACA for $169 a month. I was crying the other day when I signed up. So much stress lifted.’

    The president went on: “Now, that is not untypical for a lot of folks like Jessica who have been struggling without health insurance. That is what the Affordable Care Act is all about.”

    Sanford’s story might be typical, all right – but not in the way anyone thought, not anyone at the White House, and certainly not Sanford herself.

    Sanford and Son

    Yes, Sanford says, it was all true at the time she wrote the letter. She was ecstatic when she discovered she could sign up for a health plan that covered all her needs at a reasonable price. As a freelance court reporter, Sanford, 48, doesn’t make a lot – a little less than $50,000 a year. That doesn’t go very far when there is a child in the household and his father doesn’t pay child support. Her 14-year-old son Ryan requires a special prescription medication that must be compounded. Before the Affordable Care Act came along, she was getting rate quotes of $500 and $600 a month. She just couldn’t afford health insurance, and her health care costs left her strapped.

    That’s why she was one of the eager customers who was ready to sign up the moment the state website opened for business on Oct. 1. Washington is one of 14 states that went its own way, building its own site rather than relying on what turned out to be an error-plagued federal system. Although a computer glitch shut down the Washington Healthplanfinder website the first day, by Oct. 3, with the help of a broker, Sanford managed to enroll in a “gold”-level health plan offered by Premera Blue Cross.

    The savings were tremendous. Thanks to the tax credit, Sanford qualified for a discount of $452 a month. “I was looking at it, and you know, it was like it was amazing. How was I supposed to know?”

    Sanford was so happy that she wrote a thank-you note to President Obama and dropped it in the mail. One of the president’s speechwriters contacted her and asked if he could use her story. When the president used her name she says it was one of the proudest moments of her life. “To think I would finally be covered if anything happened – I was so relieved.”

    Then came the bad news.

    Big Goof by State

    Four days after President Obama made his address, the state health exchange publicly revealed a grevious error – its tax-credit calculations were all wrong. The state had been submitting monthly income information to the federal data hub, but the federal computers were expecting an annual figure. Suppose a person claimed an income of $50,000 a year — the tax credit was based on an income of $4,166 a year. The higher the income, the bigger the error. Brokers say they caught the mistake right off the bat and tried flagging it to the state’s attention, but for some reason it took the state three weeks to acknowledge it. So everyone who purchased a subsidized health insurance policy through the Washington state exchange prior to Oct. 23 was quoted too low a rate. The mistake involved 4,600 policies covering 8,000 people – Sanford’s policy was one of them.

    The state sent a letter saying mistakes were made. And so she went back to her broker and tried again. They went over her income and made a more careful calculation of her business tax write-offs. But this time the website showed she qualified for a much lower tax credit, just $110.

    With a gulp, she signed up for a less-expensive “silver” plan from Premera – meaning that it had higher deductibles and copays. Still her premium went up. “I knew I would be struggling in my slow months. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But honestly, I just wanted to get it in my budget and start working on it right away and start working on saving money toward it – that was all I could do, just work at it and hope for the best and try to take the money from here or there or wherever.”

    Sanford had managed to save enough money for half of the first month’s payment when she got another letter from the state last week. It had goofed again. She qualified for no tax credit at all.

    Medicaid Eligibility Becomes Problem

    The hitch was that the website told her that her income was low enough that she could enroll her son in the state Medicaid program for children of low-income families, known as Apple Health. For that she would have to pay a premium of just $30 a month. She could enroll him right away, and she did. But that created a problem. When she enrolled Ryan in Medicaid, she couldn’t count him toward a tax credit. Not that the website mentioned it. In fact, it gave her the opposite impression.

    Once the new health insurance policy kicked in on Jan. 1, the premium was supposed to be $280 a month, plus, she assumed, the Medicaid premium. But after she signed up for a policy, and after she gave her credit-card information, she got a letter from the state last week saying that her income was too high to qualify for subsidies – the cutoff is $44,680 for a single adult, 400 percent of the federal poverty level. So she would get no help from the feds at all.

    “I was dumbfounded,” she said. “I thought this was a total mistake, they’re going to correct this — this isn’t true. How could I not qualify for a tax credit? I make under $50,000 a year. There’s got to be something. So I got ahold of my broker, and a couple of days later he called me back, and he told me that no, it was true.”

    Now she says her health-insurance dream has gone bust. Without a tax credit she has to consider the cheapest “bronze” level plans, but the deductibles are so high that couldn’t afford to purchase prescription medication. “I was like, forget that – I’m not going to pay.”

    So now she is looking forward to no health insurance at all. Under the terms of the Affordable Care Act, she will have to pay a penalty of $95.

  10. …the tax credit was based on an income of $4,166 a year. The higher the income, the bigger the error.

    This kind of error is unbelievable. Who did the math when setting this up as a carrier or on the website?

    A goat?

    Stupidity at it’s best. Maybe it was Obama or MO.

    The insurance companies should have to keep the low rate for a year to teach them a lesson and put them back in the 4th grade.

  11. ” Under the terms of the Affordable Care Act, she will have to pay a penalty of $95.”
    Erik Smith of the “Washington State Wire” doesn’t even bother to fact check the crap that he writes. For 2014 the penalty/tax is $95 or 1% of family income which ever is greater, so Ms. Sanford’s is on the hook for $500 and 2% for 2015, $1000, unless she adjusts her withholding.

  12. Well I may have to give Erik Smith a break, in reading through the penalty section of the AHC law I couldn’t find the often quoted $95 or 1%.

    26 USC section 5000A.

    “(3) APPLICABLE DOLLAR AMOUNT.—For purposes of para- graph (1)—
    ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in subpara- graphs (B) and (C), the applicable dollar amount is $750. ‘‘(B) PHASE IN.—The applicable dollar amount is $95
    for 2014 and $350 for 2015.
    If an applicable individual has not attained the age of 18 as of the beginning of a month, the applicable dollar amount with respect to such individual for the month shall be equal to one-half of the applicable dollar amount for the calendar year in which the month occurs.
    Maybe the % family income stipulation is in the 20,000+ pages of HHS regulations or the only people who have a clue of what’s in Obamacare are the lobbyists who wrote it.

  13. Admin, your advice is spot on, and I hope Hillary heeds it. Re: Corn’s condemnation of Bill Clinton’s admonition to Obama to honor his promise and allow people to keep their health insurance – how absolutely unbelievable that anyone would admit to finding fault about Clinton’s asking that people be allowed to keep their insurance policies. Obviously, the politics of the issue are of much more concern to Corn and the ultra-libs, who claim to be all about compassion for the oppressed masses, than are the actual needs of the Americans. It’s infuriating that these Obama hangers-on see this only in terms of the political damage it has done to Obama. To hell with the people and their petty health problems – save Obama!

    As has been said here from the beginning of the push to get Hillary to run for president in 2016, she will not have the support of these extreme leftists. The end of Obama’s presidential term (or before, if he continues to lose support) will render the progs totally irrelevant. So let them wail and whine about Obama not getting yet another pass. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around,….

    The article below is another piece defending Obama. The author rambles on and on about how W lied about the war. His father before him lied about raising taxes. No freakin’ lie. This guy is serving up some drivel. He has Obama’s back, and is ready to fight anyone who calls BS on Barack. He even finds a way to blame media bias. LMAO.

    The myth of unbiased reporting (Guest Voice)

    Nov 19, 2013 by Guest Voice

The myth of unbiased reporting
by Peter Johnson

    “Let’s get two things straight. Firstly, The President made a serious omission when he failed for years to acknowledge that with the implementation of the ACA, many policy holders would be forced to give up old insurance policies that they already liked. He did accurately point out that insurance policies issued before 2010, and before the Health Care law was passed, could be honored, allowing companies to provide the policies that they had previously provided for customers who did not want to leave the fold. But, the fact that some of these people with high risk policies, or insurance that provided less comprehensive coverage, but at lower rates, were left in the dark about the reality that came after 2010, negated this guarantee and clearly allowed a serious mistake to be made.
    Secondly, the fact that the, which was designed to supply those needing insurance with easily purchased and less expensive coverage experienced a host of problems related to its roll out, and, that the technical crew who engineered this site, made some serious errors and failed to complete the task of securing a functional site by Oct. 1st 3013, is absolutely true, and, this never should have been allowed happen.

    But a third fact concerning the controversy that followed, is that, no matter how serious technical glitches on websites are, they are not the same issue as that of questioning whether Obamacare and the products the government website offers are somehow substandard, and, now beyond being considered worthy of being purchased.”

    “I don’t want to excuse the President’s unfortunate lie, by criticizing G.W.’s administration, but I would like to lend some perspective to the notion of incompetency on the part of Obama’s team, by referring to the massive lie about WMDs used by Bush to start a war with Iraq based on the false pretense that Saddam Hussein was an active sponsor of Al-Qaeda, and a direct threat to our National security. In reality. Saddam was anything but religious and was not a cornerstone for the terrorism spread so effectively under the watch of Osama Bin Laden. And despite the fact that we are now learning about Laura Logan’s mistaken use of a source claiming to have witnessed the last moments of the attack on Benghazi, most of the public remains completely unaware that several attacks were made on embassies throughout the world under the Bush Administration (as well as other administrations) and that Bush’s intelligence agencies completely overlooked clear and ominous warnings about possible attacks on the Word Trade center, as well as maintaining friendly relationships with Saudi Arabia, where most of the attackers originated from.

    Even so, the incompetence of the Bush Administration was mostly overlooked for years and resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq, and the relocation of millions of innocent refugees. Talk about a screw up!

    Yet when Obama was caught in a lie, trying to ensure that millions of Americans can finally enjoy the dignity of adequate health care coverage, he was skewered by the GOP and the P\press almost immediately, even though the misinformation he disseminated was never hidden in the health care bill and was no secret to those of us who actually checked out his claims with fact checkers.

    Despite all of Obama’s mistakes and his apparently misleading and deliberate lie about the ACA, let’s consider that HW Bush also claimed falsely that he would never raise taxes — something that eventually was also revealed as a lie, and which was used in a similar way — to gain support for his economic agenda. Then there was Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal which he didn’t remember authorizing, as well as the fact that the practice of collecting Mega data (as it is used today) primarily started with GW. Bush, and has never been a secret to congress, or to the courts, but still was somehow transformed into an moral crisis, mainly caused and perpetuated by Obama, and completely exaggerated by Republicans who made sure that the red meat resulting from a “scandal” like this was gobbled up by the press, and, offered as yet another attempt to smear Obama and everything he thinks says and does—including the unfortunate difficulties encountered while implementing the new health care law”


  14. WebMD , ( in a partnership with CMS) is criticized for choosing not to disclose a 4.8 million dollar contract with the government to educate doctors about Obamacare.

    “ObamaCare’s latest black eye”

    Monday – November 18, 2013
    By Tribune-Review

    Published: Monday, Nov. 18, 2013, 9:00 p.m.
    Updated 4 hours ago

    ObamaCare has another problem (as if it needs one): a lack of transparency over a $4.8 million contract for teaching doctors about the health-care law that gives at least the appearance of a conflict of interest for a popular medical-information website.

    The contract builds on an existing WebMD pact with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), reports The Washington Times. WebMD maintains it wasn’t obligated to disclose this $4.8 million windfall because it concerns content for a password-protected, doctors-only online portal run independently of its news operations for consumers.

    Yet as Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, says, “Even if certain content is not produced with federal funding, but the same company takes federal government money to produce other materials, consumers would be better-informed in knowing the financial relationships.”

    Not disclosing this contract upfront fuels suspicions that WebMD and CMS are hiding something — and that the contract is influencing WebMD’s news reporting on ObamaCare. Even if it isn’t, WebMD has given its reputation a black eye — and CMS has added to ObamaCare’s woes.

    The decision by WebMD and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to keep this contract in the dark is all too reminiscent of Americans being told that Congress had to pass ObamaCare before they could find out what was in it. And such lack of transparency is one more reason — among so many — to scrap ObamaCare.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook

  15. SHV
    November 18, 2013 at 10:35 pm
    If you pay the penalty in lieu of insurance, and a serious medical condition ensures, you are in real trouble.

    There is the case of a friend of mine who had insurance with a large deductible, and experienced such a condition. He got a bill for the testing from a prestigious testing laboratory which he never knew about because they were not the provider of services. Their bill was roughly $5000. That laboratory agreed to accept $500 as payment in full, from his insurance company, but when his insurance company reneged, the laboratory sent the full $5000 bill to him and demanded full payment. He argued, of course, that inasmuch as the laboratory had agreed to accept $500, he should be allowed to pay only that amount, whereupon they categorically refused. Ultimately, an intermediate laboratory, who had passed the project on to the prestigious one stepped forward and paid the $500 which they accepted. The moral to the story, then, is if you pay the fine only and you get seriously ill, then you will be financially destroyed. You will get stuck with the full bill whereas a provider would pay only a small fraction of it. That is the vice which Obama, Reid and Pelosi have put the American People in. As for Corn, he is in no position to be threatening anyone. He should consider the possibility that if someone finds himself in a position such as the one described that he may be held culpable in some form or fashion. Now would be a good time for him and his fellow travelers to keep their head below the foxhole. Of course they will not do it, because they are in their hearts totalitarians.

  16. Fear, hatred and guilt are three powerful emotions. All of them have been triggered by Obamacare. They can produce a reaction from an otherwise distracted, unthinking, lazy, complacent population which would never occur otherwise. This is why Hillary needs to distance herself from Obamacare like a sinking ship. If they take the position that the act is salvageable, that is bad because, as Justice Cardozo once opined on a subtle point of evidence–discrimination so subtle is a feat beyond the compass of ordinary minds.

    Hillary must take the position that the needs which the legislation sought to address are real and palpable, but the way it sought to address them is counterproductive and places an intolerable burden on the middle class, in terms of higher premiums, higher deductibles, and the death spiral. Furthermore, it causes very sick people to lose their doctors. Finally, it exacerbates the problem which it was intended to address, i.e. instead of achieving universal coverage, it has produced more uninsured people. This is what David Corn and his ilk are threatening Hillary that she must support. Obviously, it is not in the interest of the American People for the Democratic Party to do so.

  17. If These Claims by ‘Reliable Sources’ Are Proven True, the Obama Administration Will Be Dealing With Another Huge Scandal

    The U.S. government in the final months leading up to the 2012 presidential election released “faked” unemployment data, according to a bombshell report from the New York Post.

    Recall that the unemployment rate from August to September dropped precipitously to 7.8 percent from 8.1 percent. This raised suspicion among certain members of the business community, most notably former General Electric CEO Jack Welch.

    “Unbelievable jobs numbers,” Welch said in an Oct. 5 tweet, “these Chicago guys will do anything…can’t debate so change numbers.”

    He was quickly attacked by cable news pundits and branded by one group as an “unemployment-rate truther.”

    However, Welch’s skepticism towards the September 2012 jobs report may not have been that far-fetched.

    The September 2012 job numbers were “manipulated” and the the U.S. Census Bureau, the government agency responsible for the report, knew it, the Post alleges, citing “reliable sources.”

    The Post’s anonymous source, who said he’s willing to speak to the Labor Department and Congress about the falsified data if asked to do so, said unemployment data manipulation, which continues to this day, involves more than just one rogue employee.

    In fact, a full two years before President Barack Obama won a second term in the White House, the Census Bureau reportedly caught an employee manipulating unemployment data. However, the Post notes, instead of correcting the problem, it only got worse and escalated throughout the 2012 presidential election.


  18. American Jewish Leaders: Obama Lied To Us About Iran…
    Welcome to the club.

    American Jewish leaders feel they were misled by the White House in recent contacts during which Obama administration officials urged them to stop pressing for more sanctions on Iran and instead give time for the Geneva negotiations to bear fruit, The Times of Israel was told on Monday.

    The US Jewish leaders feel that the administration showed a “lack of trust” in them, a source close to the meeting said.

    Obama administration officials did not tell them that they had been secretly negotiating with Iran for the past year, and that the Geneva talks were really “precooked,” and thus it was an act of bad faith for the administration to ask the Jewish groups to hold off on pressure for more sanctions with the promise that they would meet again in 30-60 days to consider where the negotiations had led.

    In fact, the Jewish leaders believe, the administration knew exactly where the negotiations would be heading, since they had secretly negotiated the terms.

    Although Haaretz on Monday quoted White House spokesperson Bernadette Meehan as saying that a Sunday Channel 10 report on the year-plus secret US-Iran talks was “absolutely, 100 percent false,” two sources told The Times of Israel they were convinced there was a secret channel of negotiations and were dismayed that the White House had not come clean about it.

  19. As video points out, POTUS is missing opportunity to bridge a war to end slavery … with today. For Balmy and Sharpton and Jackson and Holder, that would be counter-productive. 🙁

  20. I think one of the indicators of just how damaging the entire horror show of Obamacare is turning out to be is the flashing light indicator of just how few currently serving elected Democrats are willing to show their mugs in interviews of over 15 seconds. Where are they? Where is Schumer hamming it up with an opinion on every damned thing running his mouth. So they sent a couple of women out and Pelosi came across as a mad woman. Not being a fan of broadcast news I finally saw clips of Sen Gillabrand yesterday admitting they knew the leader of her party and unfortunately the country has been lying all along. Her simpering little smile, squeaky childish voice, wheedling on why we must all go a rung down the economic ladder so everyone can have the the very best birth control and maternity coverage (which really contradicts and doesn’t make a lot of sense) and appease The Ones dream. Or something. She instantly struck me as someone who explaining why a person needs to be abused. It was if she was explaining why she just had to shake the baby sitting in the police station. It was very high on my creepy loon scale. If they are sending out women Democrats to drum up sympathy they need different women. They both gave me the willies.

  21. Obama flubs during health care conference call with community organizers, claims ‘more than 100 MILLION Americans’ have enrolled

    President Barack Obama told a conference-call audience of progressive volunteers on Monday evening that ‘more than 100 million Americans’ – in a nation of less than 314 million – have successfully signed up for health insurance via the Affordable Care Act.

    And at a time when his signature legislative initiative’s website has made the White House the butt of jokes, the website hosting the conference call was plagued with its own connection errors and other malfunctions.

    A weary-sounding Obama made his gaffe during the call, hosted by Organizing For Action, the nonprofit successor to his campaign organization Obama For America. The group claimed 200,000 people managed to listen, aided by an RSVP process that included a fundraising solicitation.

    Read more:

  22. ABC POLL: If given a 2012 do-over, Romney wins 49-45%.

    ABC POLL: a full 65% oppose the ObamaCare mandate. 71% want mandate delayed.

    ABC Poll: By 16 points, 37-21%, 2014 voters are more likely to oppose a supporter of ObamaCare.

    ABC Poll: In BLUE states, voters more likely to vote against a supporter of ObamaCare as opposed to vote for:31-25%.

    ABC Poll: Obama approval upside down: 42-55%.

    Grim reading for Dems in this debacle.

  23. Greta Van Susteren. Snip This is no game. It’s a mean, dangerous and a deadly crime. Already, one man hit has died from the so-called “Knockout Game.” That’s murder. Snip. I beg of Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton and even President Obama to step up right now and speak out. Your silence will speak volumes, but your voice could make a big difference. Don’t wait. Be leaders, they need you. We need you. Snip.

  24. ABC Poll: Obama job approval with Independents upside by 30 points: 33-63%.

    ABC Poll: Obama’s steepest drop in approval is among 18 to 29 year olds. drop of 23%.

    ABC Poll: opposition to ObamaCare jumps 16 pts with under-thirties. “Strong opposition” up 21 points with same group.

    In Romney states, home to 7 targeted Senate seats, voters by 3-1, 46-15 percent, say they’re more inclined to oppose than supporting OCare

  25. Leanora
    November 19, 2013 at 6:49 am
    Obama flubs during health care conference call with community organizers, claims ‘more than 100 MILLION Americans’ have enrolled

    What the hell? Is he delusional? Or simply the biggest liar in the world? Which ever it is he needs medical attention. And claims of “A weary-sounding Obama” is not going to cut it. Is he physically fit to serve? If he is not fit mentally and/or physically to serve he needs to go. This should scare the Democrats spit-less. They pushed him onto the country and they need to push him out the door if he is too fragile to tend to business.

  26. Look who is back to help. Former Sen. Daschle on Health Law Rollout
    Tom Daschle, former Senate Democratic Leader (1995-2005) and President Obama’s first pick for HHS Secretary, discusses the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and why he thinks the law will survive.
    Live at 8:30am (ET) on C-SPAN

  27. According to an article I read years ago, in 2007 or 2008, Daschle was the first Dem player credited with convincing O to enter the 2008 pres primary. As I recall it, Obama’s responded that he lacked the necessary experience to be a serious candidate, but Tommy Boy assured he and others would help him – no worries. O was just blowing smoke about the lack of experience thing, no doubt, just baiting Daschle to see his response.

    Daschle is a creation, just like Dean, Kerry, and the rest.

    The progressives are developing their talking point. I’ve heard and read several Obama defenders say that the Republicans are exaggerating the problems of Obamacare, and being so unfair and dishonest – pot meet kettle.

    Ed Shultz, or someone subbing for him on his radio show said he knew of someone who had received her cancellation notice. She was so disheartened. BUT WAIT! There was a page 2 of the notice, and it was the offer of a brand new, even better, deluxe, new and improved policy, just waiting to be activated. All’s well that end’s well – except for those nasty detractors who will exaggerate and lie to get votes. How awful of them.

    Wonder where this polyanna was when media was saying Hillary was losing the primary – when she had more votes that O. Did he not know about the busloads of students dragged from state to state, voting over and over again? Yes, the Pubs probably are spinning some stuff. When have they not been experts in the dark art of back room, dirty politics. But if you find an O die hard who goes all righteous about dirty politics, you know you’ve found a liar.

  28. Michelle Obama assures voters in KY, GA, and WV that a vote for the Democrat is a vote for Obamacare and gun control.

    Yup that’s really gonna fly ain’t it……

  29. If this does not tell you who he really is, nothing will…

    Obama Snubs 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg Address

    On Tuesday, just 65 miles from the White House, thousands will gather at the battlefield where 150 years ago the sacrifice and bloodshed and deaths of warring Americans were immortalized by the words of President Abraham Lincoln. Fifty-one thousand casualties were counted when the fighting ceased in 1863, including 8,000 deaths, a toll that Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, pledged the nation “can never forget.”

    But among the thousands in attendance will not be President Obama. For reasons not spelled out by the White House, he is staying in Washington. Instead of going to Gettysburg, he will go to the Four Seasons Hotel to address The Wall Street Journal CEO Council’s annual meeting and talk about the economy. In his place, he has dispatched little-known Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to the ceremonies. She will be joined there by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett.

    Obama is by no means the first president wary of giving a speech where every word will be compared to the most famous piece of oratory in American history. Many of his predecessors in the White House have balked at speaking in Gettysburg and had to be talked out of initial refusals. They understood that no matter what they would say, it would fall short of the spare 272 words delivered by Lincoln, who needed only two minutes to dedicate a cemetery where less than five months earlier 165,000 soldiers had clashed. That battle determined the outcome of the Civil War; Lincoln’s address clarified the meaning of the war and redefined what it meant to be an American.

    But Obama, unlike his predecessors, stuck to his decision not to go to such an anniversary commemoration. His decision is doubly surprising because he has so often tied himself to his fellow Illinoisan Lincoln. Obama announced his candidacy in 2007 near Lincoln’s law office in Springfield, Ill. Both in 2009 and 2013, he took the oath of office with his hand on Lincoln’s Bible. And in 2009, he replicated Lincoln’s 1861 route from Philadelphia to Washington for the Inauguration.


    Words fail me.

  30. Bill Clinton tells China forum he hopes for female US president

    Bill Clinton says he wants to see a female US president in his lifetime – as speculation about a Hillary 2016 bid mounts

    In a question-and-answer session before a standing-room-only crowd in a Beijing hotel ballroom, Clinton, who was president from 1993 to 2001, was asked whether he envisages becoming a “first husband” in the future.
    “You know, if I knew the answer to that, I couldn’t say,” he responded. “But I can give you an honest answer: I have no idea.”

    He called his wife “the ablest public servant I have ever worked with” and said that he would support her whatever decision she makes on a White House run.

    “If that’s what she wants to do, I will support her,” Clinton said. “But if she decides for whatever reason she doesn’t, I will support that.”

    “It’s very interesting for us; we still feel young and we still feel healthy,” he added, noting that compared with several decades ago, he believes his wife now is “less motivated … by a fear of failure”.

    Clinton was in Beijing for meetings with China’s President Xi Jinping as well as to promote the work of his New York-based philanthropic organisation, the Clinton Foundation.

    His wife Hillary, who earlier this year stepped down as US secretary of state, has not yet said whether she plans another presidential run after her failed 2008 bid for the Democratic nomination.

    “I hope we have a woman president in my lifetime, and I think it would be a good thing for the world as well as for America,” Clinton said at a conference organised by the respected Chinese financial magazine Caijing.

    “But I do not know if she’s going to run, and there is no such thing as a sure thing in politics,” he added.

  31. Dem nominee for Va Gov in 2009 in serious critical condition.

    Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, is in critical condition after being stabbed in his home and his son Gus is dead from a gunshot wound, law enforcement sources told the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning.

    Deeds is being treated at the University of Virginia Medical Center.

    Authorities said they are trying to determine the sequence of events at the Deeds home in Bath County early today.

    Further details were not immediately available.

  32. According to unconfirmed reports from observers at scene, Gus Deeds stabbed his father, Sen. Creigh Deeds, then shot himself dead.

    Wonder what kicked that off?

  33. American Jewish Leaders: Obama Lied To Us About Iran…
    Welcome to the club.
    Five years it has taken you to figure this out?

    It is obvious to me that the minute he throws you a scrap you will fall right back in line.

    There is too much history of this to suggest that you can think beyond party label.

    Too many of you would be letting down too many of you to ever switch horse midstream.

    Even when the torrent of water is rising to dangerous level.

    For you, he will always be the Messiah.

    I can’t fix stupid for you.

  34. Ruh-Roh….

    A respected security expert will warn Congress on Tuesday that the Obama administration’s healthcare website has security flaws that put user data at a “critical risk,” despite recent government assurances the data is safe.

    “There are actual live vulnerabilities on the site now,” David Kennedy, head of computer security consulting firm TrustedSec LLC, told Reuters ahead of his testimony at a Congressional hearing on the topic “Is My Data on Secure?”

    Kennedy, a former U.S. Marine Corps cyber-intelligence analyst, said his firm has prepared a 17-page report describing some of the problems. It does not go into specifics in some areas, he said, because that could provide criminals with a blueprint for launching attacks.

    read on …………

  35. Kristallnacht In Wisconsin – Secret Raids, Mysterious Search Warrants, Tax Payer Funded State Investigations – All Targeting Conservative Groups and Allies of Scott Walker….

    In Wisconsin, dozens of conservative groups and allies of Gov. Scott Walker are undergoing political intimidation from the left at the hands of a special prosecutor.

    Subpoenas have been issued demanding correspondence and donor information of right-leaning organizations and individuals and raids have been conducted resulting in law enforcement officers taking computers and files in a secret investigation, according to reports.

    “In recent weeks, special prosecutor Francis Schmitz has hit dozens of conservative groups with subpoenas demanding documents related to the 2011 and 2012 campaigns to recall Governor Walker and state legislative leaders,” the Wall Street Journal writes.

    It continues, “Copies of two subpoenas we’ve seen demand ‘all memoranda, email . . . correspondence, and communications’ both internally and between the subpoena target and some 29 conservative groups, including Wisconsin and national nonprofits, political vendors and party committees. The groups include the League of American Voters, Wisconsin Family Action, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Americans for Prosperity­Wisconsin, American Crossroads, the Republican Governors Association, Friends of Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin.”

    The WSJ says the latest actions are taking place under Wisconsin’s John Doe law, which makes it difficult for the groups involved to defend themselves publicly.

    The law, “Bars a subpoena’s targets from disclosing its contents to anyone but his attorneys. John Doe probes work much like a grand jury, allowing prosecutors to issue subpoenas and conduct searches, while the gag orders leave the targets facing the resources of the state with no way to publicly defend themselves.”

    The orders reportedly began in the office of Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf just days before Democrat Mary Burke announced that she’d be running for governor of the state. Landgraf works for Milwaukee County Democratic District Attorney John Chisholm ­ who led a similar effort against Wisconsin conservatives and Gov. Walker in the past. This is the second such “John Doe” investigation in just three and a half years.

  36. Here’s barry’s version of the Gettysburg Address!

    Barack Obama omitted the words “under God” from the Gettysburg Address when reciting the great speech for a Ken Burns documentary.
    Burns had filmed all living presidents as well as various Hollywood personalities and luminaries to pay homage to the speech which was delivered by Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago, today.

    Plante broke the story on Washington DC talk radio station WMAL on his mid-morning program, “The Chris Plante Show.”

    WMAL reports:

    Curiously enough, in his version of the speech, President Barack Obama’s delivery contained an omission – in a line that every other celebrity delivered as “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom,” the President left out the words “under God.”

    The video of Obama’s rendition of the speech can be seen below. It is unlisted (for now) on the Ken Burns YouTube page.

  37. Leanora
    November 19, 2013 at 6:49 am

    Obama flubs during health care conference call with community organizers, claims ‘more than 100 MILLION Americans’ have enrolled

    Flub huh?? a new word for LIE. 🙄

  38. moononpluto
    November 19, 2013 at 9:12 am

    Michelle Obama assures voters in KY, GA, and WV that a vote for the Democrat is a vote for Obamacare and gun control.

    Yup that’s really gonna fly ain’t it…


    Well bless her little heart. Remember she told us he was Stinky way back then. 😆 😆

  39. “There is the case of a friend of mine who had insurance with a large deductible, and experienced such a condition.”
    The Obamacare restricted networks are going to be a huge issue, especially for people in non-urban areas. Best that I can tell, Obamacare pays nothing for “out of network” and doesn’t prohibit balance billing. In addition, the deductibles and max out of pocket limits for the Obamacare policies are a financial catastrophe for vast majority of people who will sign up on the exchanges.

  40. Here’s some more SHV:

    Uninsured adults will either pay a flat fee for themselves and their children or pay a share of their income, whichever is greater. The penalty is pro-rated if people have coverage for part of the year, and they won’t be liable if they lack coverage for less than a three-month period during the year.

    The penalties start relatively small, but ramp up within a few years. But there is a limit. They cannot exceed the national average premium for bronze coverage — the cheapest plan tier — in the state-based exchanges.

    For 2014, the flat fee is $95 per adult and $47.50 per child, up to $285 per family. Or the penalty could be 1% of family income, if that results in a larger fine. (Income is defined as total income above the filing threshold, which is $10,000 for an individual and $20,000 for a family in 2013.)

    So a person making $50,000 would be subject to a $400 penalty, while a couple earning that amount would each pay $300.

    By 2016, the flat fees grow to $695 per adult and $347.50 per child or 2.5% of family income, whichever is greater. By then, the average premium for bronze coverage is expected to hit as much as $5,000 for an individual and $12,500 for a family.

    Of course with this cockamamie law you can easily flout the law as there are no enforcement provisions. All Sanford has to do is make sure she is not due a refund and the government is helpless to enforce the law.

  41. First Bill and then Romney.. 🙂

    ROMNEY: Oh, I think the President understood, it’s now quite well documented that his administration. He understood that a lot of people would lose their insurance. That was in the nature of the entire product that they put forward. They knew that and yet said, well, you can keep your insurance, period. And that was wrong.

    Read more:

  42. Judge Napolitano: “Nixon, Clinton Lies Are So Insignificant Compared to Obama’s Health Plan Lie”

    Judge Andrew Napolitano says President Obama’s lie is the most egregious. “Richard Nixon told a lie about his personal knowledge of a third-rate break-in, burglary. Bill Clinton told a lie about a personal sexual liaison. Barack Obama has told a lie repeatedly, readily, consistently, systematically, over and over again that will affect the wealth, the health of millions of innocent Americans. The first two are so insignificant compared to these lies.”

    See more at:

  43. Leanora
    November 19, 2013 at 6:49 am

    Obama flubs during health care conference call with community organizers, claims ‘more than 100 MILLION Americans’ have enrolled

    Amazing that once again, the Brits pick up the story and have a mole.
    Listening to that audio of the call, there is such fuzzy math where he says so many conflicting, incorrect statements that the listener would need a transcript to fact check the rolling bullshit being fed to them.

    Even if Barry’s lies were true, he does not mention that 3-5 million people that had health care lost it because of OHellCare regulations.

  44. 1. Initially, Mr. Obama, our big media coronated Messiah, promised that if you want your current insurance plan then you can keep it. A grandfather clause was inserted into the legislation to reassure the people.

    2. Subsequently, large numbers of Americans began losing their coverage. The grandfather clause was, therefore, illusory. And his promise was proven to be a lie.

    3. Thereafter, Mr. Obama offered the defense of de minimus, i.e. those cancellations will affect only those on individual plans, i.e. 5% of the market. In other words, the remaining 95% can breathe easy.

    4. Recently, however, his justice department produced an internal memorandum stating that the majority of group plans, indeed the 95% he promised would be allowed to keep their coverage, would lose their current coverage as well.

    5. This leaves only two possibilities. One possibility is that we do not understand the wisdom of a messiah, which passeth all understanding. The other possibility is that the Messiah is a pathological liar.

    6. The only thing we can be certain of here is that big media is a pathological liar, the enemy of truth and must be held equally accountable for what has been done to the country. They need to be tuned out of the discussion.

    7. I have given up on the American People. I am not sure they will ever get it. At some point, I will no longer care.

  45. Obama flubs during health care conference call with community organizers, claims ‘more than 100 MILLION Americans’ have enrolled
    In all 57 states?

    Including the corpsemen? (Note: as in Chicago?)

  46. What is going on Today.

    Sarasota, Fla., police say they are investigating the apparent suicide of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris’s (R) husband.

    Sven Anders Axel Ebbeson, 68, was found dead Tuesday morning. Police are calling it an “alleged suicide.”

    The police also quote the family’s pastor saying Ebbeson had been suffering from an illness.

    Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino said Harris “wanted the community, her family and friends to know that her husband is no longer suffering.”

    Harris was instrumental in the 2000 Florida recount which eventually resulted in George W. Bush winning the presidency. She won a congressional seat in 2002 and later ran for Senate in 2006, losing to Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.).

  47. Gloria Borger: Obama’s “No Drama” Credo Led to the ACA Website Disaster
    A useless reporter. Borger will never get it. Not in a million years. Just plain stupid.

  48. Deeds was stabbed “multiple times about the head and upper torso”, according to police.

    Police not looking for other suspects in Deeds’ shooting/stabbing.

    Total rage, thats all i can say, son was mad at dad for something.

  49. He’s Too Busy Fixing Obamacare Website
    Of all the things he is doing now, the most likely is hiding from public view and attempting to regain his mental composure. It is not an easy transition from cock of the walk to the punch line of jokes in common culture. But it is as nothing compared to the transition from having health insurance you need and can afford, to having health insurance you neither need or can afford. But our big media Messiah as bigger fish to fry.

    The least likely thing the Messiah is doing now, is fixing the website. After all, he has freely conceded that neither he nor Secretary Celubrious are experts at setting up fixing websites. And neither are the people who Michelle chose through a no bid contract to to that. It not like the coke machine, where you kick the door and you get a bottle, or in his case a unit of cocaine.

    Suffice it to say, this nasty business of fixing websites is beyond the ken of a no show Harvard Law Review editor and intelligent man in an intelligent house in an intelligent city. In a word, it is . . . complicated.

  50. Unbelievable……

    I can’t even wrap my head around this. They’re 30% done with no payment gateway? What have they been doing for 3+ years?

    He’s very clear. 60-70% of Obamacare tech systems to be built. Quote: “because we still have to build the payment systems.”


    Total joke.

  51. Bill Clinton –

    “I hope we have a woman president in my lifetime, and I think it would be a good thing for the world as well as for America,” Clinton said at a conference organised by the respected Chinese financial magazine Caijing.

    “But I do not know if she’s going to run, and there is no such thing as a sure thing in politics,” he added.


    This sounds pretty sincere and if it is, being in his late sixties, there is only one or two rounds of presidents in his life time.

    I’m sure he would love to see Hillary as the next President, but he (and Admin) are not sure that the Democratic Party (O’ and his Kooks) will stand behind her.

  52. American Jewish Leaders: Obama Lied To Us About Iran…


    blank friggin stare…

  53. I sent my son a article about that knock out “game” (more like barbaric act) as he often walks around the city and imo would be a target. He advised that they go in groups now. Terrible you can’t walk the streets of a major city without fear of dying from a random punch.

  54. re: Ocare increasing penalties…

    By 2016, the flat fees grow to $695 per adult and $347.50 per child or 2.5% of family income, whichever is greater. By then, the average premium for bronze coverage is expected to hit as much as $5,000 for an individual and $12,500 for a family.


    in what fantasy world do O and his dims live that they think they are going to be able to force the struggling and hard working middle class to pay out all that money for nothing in return…and then on top of it not be able to afford health care…so they have to go without healthcare and pay money their family desperately needs…

    …this admin is plain out crazy…we will never get to that point…that will never happen in this country…

    …never going to happen…


    again, the next prez candidate, imo, will be made to understand that the mandate has to go…and the penalties with it…

    new polls: Rasmussen: 54% against mandate

    ABC/WP: 57- 40 or 2 to 1 against the mandate

    note to Hillary: lose the mandate…it is a deal breaker

  55. Admin –

    ….Of course with this cockamamie law you can easily flout the law as there are no enforcement provisions. All Sanford has to do is make sure she is not due a refund and the government is helpless to enforce the law.

    Does that mean that fines can only be collected from Federal Taxes that were overpaid to the Gov, as in a refund due?

    Or for those without a job, they need to trade in $95 worth of food stamps or money they collected in a cup on the street.

  56. As an old friend of mine used to say, the elites and the underclass both believe the rules of society

    (which are like the common law in the sense that they are not formally legislated, but arise informally from common experience and the welfare of society, and serve to protect everyone)

    Do NOT apply to them.

    This is also manifest in the hostility of big media to the Tea Party.

  57. Hi, Big Pink FRIENDS! In this season of Thanksgiving, I want to thank Admin for so many insightful analyses on matters of concern including O’bummerCare. I hope our republic will survive. Thanks also to everyone who faithfully posts here – I learn so much. Since 2007.

    With the references to Hillary’s common-sense approach (as compared and contrasted with the boob’s sell-out to Big Insurance and Big Pharma) I needed a refresher on the features of her plan. I found a nice summary on from 2008 – some refreshing and un-common sense after all this madness. Link to source is at the bottom.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Health Insurance
    Senator Hillary Clinton’s Healthcare Reform Proposal
    By Kelly Montgomery

    Updated June 05, 2008

    Senator Clinton proposes a plan for health care reform that will provide coverage to all Americans. Her proposal builds upon the existing health coverage infrastructure and promises that this expanded coverage can be funded through savings and cuts in other areas of governmental spending.


    Clinton’s plan offers Americans the following coverage options:

    If you like your plan, you can keep it.
    If you don’t like your plan, you have two options:
    1. Choose a new private plan from the menu of federal employee plans available to members of Congress; or
    2. Choose an affordable public plan similar to Medicare.


    This reform proposal requires all Americans to obtain health coverage. Clinton would enact the following consumer protections to help Americans comply with this mandate:

    * Insurance companies would be required to offer affordable coverage to all Americans, regardless of their health status. This means that individuals with preexisting health conditions would be able to obtain coverage in the private market if they so choose.

    * Furthermore, Clinton would require that insurers devote a certain percentage of each premium dollar collected specifically towards the payment of claims, rather than towards excessive profits or marketing.

    * Clinton’s plan also proposes to keep premium rates low by promoting quality and efficiency of care.


    Many Americans are concerned about rising health costs. Although Clinton’s plan requires most Americans to contribute to the cost of their health care, she vows to keep costs down for the consumer by enacting the following protections:

    * Clinton would offer families a refundable tax credit as financial assistance with the cost of individual health insurance. * Because it is a tax credit (as opposed to a deduction) families would receive these funds regardless of whether they owe any income taxes.
    * Health insurance premium payments would be limited to a percentage of a family’s income.
    * Large employers would be required to contribute to the cost of their employees’ health coverage.
    * Small employers would received refundable tax credits to encourage them to provide their employees with health coverage.
    * Safety net programs, like Medicaid and SCHIP, would receive more funding to ensure that all vulnerable populations are reached, including poor adults without children.


    Clinton believes that it will take approximately $110 billion to enact her plan. She hopes to generate this funding through the following means:

    * Clinton would require all providers to adopt privacy-protected Health IT. This could improve efficiency by ensuring that all providers can access a single, comprehensive medical record for each individual patient.
    * Preventive care would be a priority under this proposal. Diseases which are prevented or delayed will not tax the health care system with excess costs.
    * People with chronic diseases account for a majority of health care spending in the United States. Improvements in chronic care would help contain health care spending.
    * Research on the comparative effectiveness of various drugs, medical devices, and therapies would be supported and funded. Supporters of comparative effectiveness research believe that it can reduce health care costs and improve efficiency by identifying the most effective treatment for a particular disease or condition. It is likely that payments for “less effective” treatments would be reduced or eliminated.
    * Eliminating government-authorized overpayments to Medicare private plans
    * Redirecting funding formerly dedicated towards uncompensated care
    * Negotiating lower prescription drug costs

    * Clinton would discontinue tax breaks available to families with over $250,000 per year in income.
    * The current system which allows employees to deduct the cost of their health coverage before income tax is applied would be limited. Any amount spent in excess of the premium charged under a standard health plan must be subject to income tax.

    Source: Hilary Clinton For President. “The American Health Choices Plan: Ensuring Quality, Affordable Health Care for All Americans.” 1 Sep. 2007.

    This page has been optimized for print. To view this page in its original form, please visit:

    ©2013, Inc. All rights reserved.

  58. Just what have they been doing for 3 years…

    The information technology systems of Obamacare are still anywhere from 30 to 70 percent unfinished, an administration official testified today.

    Admittedly, the answer from Henry Chao, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Deputy Chief Information Officer in a House hearing today isn’t really clear. At one point he seems to indicate 30 to 40 percent of the information technology system supporting the Obamacare exchanges is unfinished, at another point it sounds more like he’s saying 60 to 70 percent. But the news is stunning either way: was launched with some massive parts unfinished, and still unfinished.

    The stunning part begins about three minutes into the above video. Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., asks Chao what percentage of the system remains to be built.

    Chao says, “I think it’s, uh, just an approximation, we’re probably sitting somewhere between 60 and 70 percent, because we still have to build the systems–”

    Gardner responds incredulously, “Sixty to seventy percent that needs to be built, still?”

    Chao responds, “Because we still have to build the payment systems to make payments to issuers in January.”

    “Let me get this correct,” Gardner says, ”60 to 70 percent of still needs to be built?”

    Chao responds, “It’s not really, it’s the federally facilitated marketplace.”

    Gardner: “But the entire system that the American people are being required to rely on…”

    Chao: “That part is there., the online application, verification, determination, plan compare, getting enrolled, generating enrollment transactions, that’s 100 percent there. What I’m talking about–”

    Gardner: “But the entire system is 60 to 70 percent away from being complete?”

    Chao: “There’s the back office systems, the accounting systems, the payment systems, they still need be built.”

    If is so far from finished… why would a delay in the individual mandate be so unreasonable?


    The knowingly launched a website that was not even finished, this really is scandalous and a real fraud.

  59. Admin refers to HIllary’s approach as “nuanced,” and as the realities of political messaging go, that certainly is true; however, dive right in and it’s a night and day difference:

    1. Hillary’s plan used existing systems (expanding Medicare and the congressional health care plan, leveraging existing insurers and the existing competitive market) and does not try to reinvent the wheel or layer on another level of cost, complexity, or overly onerous structures. The plan especially harnesses the dynamics of the market.
    2. Hillary’s plan addresses a key problem driving cost and portability: the complex information systems. Her plan proposes creating a standard format for records (I think) and standards for security.
    3. Hillary’s plan addresses another key cost driver: pharmaceuticals. Her proposals re price negotiations and funding research for treatment effectiveness are not-so-common sense.
    4. Hillary’s plan emphasizes health care quality, wellness and preventative care. O’s plan does little to address these. Astounding.
    5. Hillary’s plan contained the consumer protections upon which everyone agrees regarding portability and coverage with pre-existing conditions.
    6. The tax code changes are still a little too punitive to the “makers” for my taste, but neither are they as onerous as O’s higher prices for everyone.

  60. So, let me guess, neither Obama nor Sebelius knew the Obamacare payment system hadn’t been built yet, right?

    This is very serious now, they knowingly frauded people onto exchanges that could not have possibly worked, they were not even built.

    If this was a corporate website, it would have been fraudulent on a grand scale, almost RICO.

  61. Shadowfax, those without jobs presumably are exempt from ObamaCare and/or on Medicaid. For those with jobs and don’t want ObamaCare or to pay the penalty just make sure federal withholding is such that no refund is due and the IRS can’t do diddly-squat other than send you letters.

    Try this ObamaCare shill article that waits until the very last paragraphs to tell the truth:


    So how will the penalty be collected? Through your tax return.

    But if some folks want to remain uninsured, it could be tough for the Internal Revenue Service to get the penalty. That’s because Congress did not give the agency the authority to prosecute those who don’t pay, a power it does wield over those who don’t pay their income taxes, said Jay Angoff, a partner at Mehri & Skalet law firm who worked on health reform in the Obama administration.

    Those who are owed money could see their refunds docked by the penalty amount. Others, however, will likely just get nasty letters.

    “The penalties have little teeth,” Angoff said. “Congress didn’t give the IRS too much power.”

    We’ll be discussing this further when we begin our assault on ObamaCare.

  62. Call me cynical but if only 30% of the website has been built and no payment systems……did they ever want it to work? It seems to weird…..its almost like those fake websites that draw you in to steal your info.

  63. ““Because we still have to build the payment systems to make payments to issuers in January.”
    I have lost the link but that was pointed out at another web site. Even if a person can select a plan on, there is no functioning way to pay the first premium. That leads to the problem of no billing invoice, not check in the mail=no health insurance. The “work around” is for the insurance company to send the invoice and keep track of the payment. With this work around, there is about a week remaining to go through the plan selection process in order to have any possibility of having insurance coverage by Jan 1, 2014 and another two week dead line for Feb 1 coverage.

  64. Wow….

    Deeds Son ‘brutally stabs Virginia state senator father before shooting himself dead’ – one day after he was committed to a psychiatric ward but released because there was no room

    Austin ‘Gus’ Deeds, 24, stabbed his father Creigh Deeds before shooting himself in the head Tuesday morning in rural western Virginia
    Creigh Deeds, a veteran state lawmaker and former Democratic candidate for governor, is in critical condition after suffering massive blood loss
    Gus was evaluated at a mental hospital Monday, but no beds were available so he was released to his parents

    Read more:


    Absolutely shocking, get used to being turned away under Obamacare.

  65. Illinois Underground, a trip down memory lane, like the ones you posted, are not what Obama and ObamaCare supporters want. They want to use the Hillary they hate as a shield for the Obama they love and worship. They don’t want the differences between the Hillary plan and the Obama flim-flam of 2007/2008 remembered let alone discussed and pointed out. If you go down memory land they will mug you. Watch out. 🙂

  66. There’s more in that hammer-blow ABC poll:

    But there is a hidden gem in the poll that is not receiving much attention.

    Support for the Tea Party movement is at 38% for all registered voters, not far below the 41% approval rating and 46% favorability rating for Obama.

    Moreover, 46% think the Tea Party has too little/just about right influence versus 43% who think it has too much influence. 49% think the Tea Party political views are about right or too liberal, versus only 40% who think too conservative.

    It’s clear that support for Tea Party political views exceeds support for the movement, likely the result of years of demonization, culiminating in the recent Democratic Party eliminationist rhetoric directed at the Tea Party.

    In the serious of screen shots below, you can see some interesting details, including that Tea Party support comes from the more educated, and even has substantial support among non-whites, although lower than among whites.


    A chief official responsible for building the federal health-insurance exchange revealed that as much as 70 percent of the system still needs to be built.

    Henry Chao, the deputy chief information officer for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told a House subcommittee that the administration still needs to construct the payment systems and other “back office” functions, which constitute 60 to 70 percent of the system.

    The White House has said that will be functioning for a “vast majority of people” by its self-imposed November 30 deadline. On Monday, reports said that the administration will consider the website a “success” if 80 percent of users are able to enroll by the end of the month.

  68. Barack Obama has been hammered by the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, with disapproval of his job performance reaching a career high, opposition to the new healthcare law up sharply and evidence of potential fallout in the midterm elections a year off.

    The president’s job approval rating has fallen to 42 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, down 13 percentage points this year and 6 points in the past month to match the lowest of his presidency. Fifty-five percent disapprove, a record. And 70 percent say the country’s headed seriously off on the wrong track – up 13 points since May to the most in two years.

  69. one day after he was committed to a psychiatric ward but released because there was no room

    This is normal in CA. One of my close family members had their first BiPolar break and the same happened to him. A shrink I spoke to said that it is normal since mental health facilities are mainly not being funded, the beds can only hold a patient for a couple of days, give them some meds that they have no way of knowing if they are the right ones or will make them worse (manic) and push them out the door.

    Jails in CA are filled people facing a mental health issue with no insurance. Most of our homeless are in the same situation.

    A real damn shame.

  70. THE O’website

    60-70% is not built yet.

    The 30% that is built is all that Obama cares about, getting people’s personal work history, income and contact data.

    He doesn’t care about anything else, the social security number will be all the IRS needs.

    The core of the health care plans, the payments…no big deal.

    30% completed, 3 years to work on it and the $634 million cost to build and Obama spent our hard earned taxes on this?

    Someone really honest and smart needs to dig into where this $634 million went.

    Follow the money.

  71. Three 20-Year-Olds Make Their Own WORKING Obamacare Site – In Just Three Days

    The Obama Administration has spent multiple years and over $634 million to build the Obamacare website, Despite all of the time and money poured into the site, it still remains broken and glitchy.

    Meanwhile in San Francisco, three 20-year-olds were able to build their own Obamacare website that actually works — and they did it in just three days.

    Ning Liang, George Kalogeropoulos and Michael Wasser built, which presents the Obamacare marketplace in a much simpler, more effective manner than does.

    Currently, users must enter all of their personal information into the system before even getting a quote. On, however, users only need to enter their zip code to see all of the plans and available pricing.

    Liang said, “[The government] got it completely backwards in terms of what people want up front. They want prices and benefits, so that they could make the decision.”

    Here’s the site:

  72. As a marketing and communication professional, I haven’t spent more than $25,000 to program, design and build a website in the last ten years.

  73. Shadowfax,

    …call me cynical…but I always thought the reason O and his designers required all that personal info up front was to simply capture all that personal info for whatever purposes they wanted…maybe to haunt them later with stalking to join Ocare, or to turn over to the composite of data with NSA…which would be getting it anyway, along with the IRS, HHS, etc…just to keep control and track of us as much as possible…

    looking at news now…Sebelious here in Florida, on the news now, trying to sign people up on camera but the “system is down”…interviewing a guy who says it went down 3 times…cannot make this stuff up! (she looks like a skeleton of herself)

    newscaster just said they were able to sign up “2” people successfully today…and then ‘baby steps’ with a smile…

  74. There are so many stars in the heaven of big media journalism that it is a challenge to keep track of them.

    And like Art Linkletters kids, they say the darndest things.

    Take for example the case of NBC/MSNBC superstar and spokesman Martin Bashir.

    Bashir hit one out of the park a few days ago, when he he wished someone would “piss and shit in Sarah Palin’s mouth”.

    A day later, he weakened and apologized.

    He claimed his comment brought shame on him and his colleagues.

    He assured us that his employer MSNBC strives to elevate political discussion.

    He is right of course.

    MSNBC strives to elevate political discussion by featuring foul mouthed him,

    And poverty pimp/racial provocateur Big Reverend Al

    And the mentally unstable bomb thrower Ed Schultz

    Into prime time slots

    As Professor Jacobson notes, MSBC is a cesspool, hence it is no surprise Martin rises to the top.

    Never apologize Bashir, it is a sign of weakness

    You are merely saying what the rest of big media is thinking but is afraid to say aloud.

    As for me, I am content to say this about you and your esteemed colleagues:

    “Should the entire American Left fall over dead tomorrow, I would rejoice, and order pizza to celebrate. They are not my countrymen; they are animals who happen to walk upright and make noises that approximate speech. They are below human. I look forward to seeing each and every one in Hell.”

  75. Three 20-Year-Olds Make Their Own WORKING Obamacare Site – In Just Three Days

    If they did not go to Princeton with Michelle, then they do not qualify.

  76. North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood

    Federal survey aimed at determining number of drunken, impaired drivers

    Some drivers along a busy Fort Worth street on Friday were stopped at a police roadblock and directed into a parking lot, where they were asked by federal contractors for samples of their breath, saliva and even blood.

    It was part of a government research study aimed at determining the number of drunken or drug-impaired drivers.

    “It just doesn’t seem right that you can be forced off the road when you’re not doing anything wrong,” said Kim Cope, who said she was on her lunch break when she was forced to pull over at the roadblock on Beach Street in North Fort Worth.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is spending $7.9 million on the survey over three years, said participation was “100 percent voluntary” and anonymous.

    But Cope said it didn’t feel voluntary to her — despite signs saying it was.

    “I gestured to the guy in front that I just wanted to go straight, but he wouldn’t let me and forced me into a parking spot,” she said.

    Once parked, she couldn’t believe what she was asked next.

    “They were asking for cheek swabs,” she said. “They would give $10 for that. Also, if you let them take your blood, they would pay you $50 for that.”

    More @

  77. We feel sorry for those that are getting screwed by ObamaCare who did not vote for Obama. For the Obama voters and supporters getting screwed by ObamaCare we only have a contemptuous laugh. Jennifer Sanford meet Bruce Barcott:

    “My Obamacare Cancellation

    “Seething at a President I helped elect.”

    We received the letter in the mail a couple months ago. The good people at Regence Bluecross Blueshield were pleased to inform us that due to Obamacare our current low-monthly premium, comically-high deductible medical policy would no longer exist come January 1, 2014. Pleased, because a new and better plan would be offered in its place. Old monthly premium: $578 for a family of four (non-smoking, helmet-wearing, and paternally snipped). New premium: $1,123. A 94% increase.

    Once the sound of boiling blood dissipated, in my head I heard my Republican friends chuckling at the sight of a liberal Democrat hoisted ten stories high on his own petard. How’s the view up there, Obamacare Ollie?

    For the past 15 years my wife and I have made our living as freelance writers. (To young readers, I say: Do not do this. Your bliss is marvelous, but its following will need to be supported by a banker, plumber, union machinist or tenured faculty member.) As such, our health insurance is our own concern. Over the years we’ve held on to our coverage by letting our co-pay and deductible rise and our covered procedures fall. You may be aware that the three-tiered state exchange policies are labeled Gold, Silver, and Bronze, reflecting their price and level of coverage. If our policy still existed it would fall into the column of Wood.

    But Wood we had—and Wood we liked.

    No more. O.K., into the state exchange we go. I voted for it. Fair enough.

    It is our good fortune to live in Washington State, where our Democratic governor embraced the Affordable Care Act and set up a state exchange that is, according to those who’ve studied such things, the best in the nation. The website allowed me to find a plan that looked reasonable. Premera Blue Cross had a Preferred Bronze 5500 for $889 a month. Okay. Not so bad. Downside: $3,600 more in annual premiums. Upside: Free eyeglasses for the boy!

    The state exchange number put me on hold. I hung up and called Premera. “You can sign up with us directly,” a very helpful rep told me, “but if there’s a chance your income could qualify you for a subsidy, it’s best to go through the state exchange.”

    So: Back to the exchange website. Enter birth dates, zip code, tobacco use, yadda yadda, monthly income. Stop. Ponder.

    Which month, brother? For that matter, which year? Do you want gross, net, before SE (self-employment tax, a k a Social Security payments) or after? AGI (adjusted gross income) from last year’s 1040? [snip]

    I went to a friend and colleague—let’s call him Peter—for advice. He also had his individual medical policy cancelled because of Obamacare. “I’m stuck on the same question—income,” he told me. Peter does a little writing, a little farming, a little this and that to keep the ship afloat. “I got through to the exchange, and the woman there told me to just estimate what my income would be this year.” In other words: Make it up. If he overestimated, he’d be screwing himself out of a subsidy, Peter said. If he underestimated, he’d be hit with a big fat bill. He wasn’t sure he wouldn’t also be accused of fraud. So he called his accountant, who’s also a lawyer.

    That only got him so far. At a certain point in the conversation, the accountant/lawyer had to get off the phone. “I have to stop answering your questions,” he told Peter. “I can’t ethically advise you, because honestly I don’t know the right thing to do. Nobody does. There are no answers. Right now it’s a complete clusterfuck.”

    Last week the frustration of people like Peter and me—Obamacare supporters who lost their current plans—was heard by the White House, which promptly panicked. On Thursday, President Obama announced a policy change that would allow insurance companies like Regence to keep customers like me on the old Wood plan for one more year. To that I say: Hah! Thanks for nothing. [snip]

    Even Mike Kreidler, the deep-blue Democrat who serves as my state’s insurance commissioner, can’t support it. Hours after getting off a conference call with the White House on Thursday, Kreidler announced that the State of Washington would tell President Obama to stuff it. “In the interest of keeping the consumer protections we have enacted and ensuring that we keep health insurance costs down for all consumers, we are staying the course,” Kreidler said. “We will not be allowing insurance companies to extend their policies.”

    Which is how I found myself applauding Mike Kreidler and seething at a President I helped elect. Out here in the Land of the Brand of You, we don’t want cheap twelve-month extensions. We’re willing to suck it up and pay our fair share for health insurance. We want the exchanges to work. We’re not demanding a last-minute reprieve that threatens the stability of the entire system. What we’re asking for is clarity and competence.

    Bruce Barcott is a former Guggenheim Fellow in nonfiction. His work appears often in National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Outside, and On Earth.

    Like Jennifer, this Bruce continues to support ObamaCare. We have no sympathy for these dopes.

  78. (snip)
    “I simply wanted you to know the pain this is causing me and my staff in losing the terrific health coverage we had through Blue Cross Blue Shield in exchange for worse coverage at a higher price,” city manager Ty Lasher wrote in a letter to Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., last week.

    “BCBS offers other plans that we can choose from based on the government’s standards,” Lasher wrote. “All offer higher deductibles and the two closest to our old plan each cost more than what we were paying. In addition, because we are under 50 employees, we no longer get a ‘group’ rate so everyone is being judged as a single.”
    “because we are under 50 employees, we no longer get a ‘group’ rate so everyone is being judged as a single.”

    Isn’t that interesting!!!! The screwed up web site seem to be protecting Obama and the Dems from the really bad news…when enough people get signed up, the shit will really hit the fan.

  79. IIRC, 97% of people currently covered by employer health insurance plans are in the category of “small business”. Man are they in for a surprise if they no longer get group rates.

  80. Govt gives up…..they could not organize an orgy in a whorehouse.

    Health website to remain a work in progress–finance.html

    The website will still be a work in progress beyond the end of the month, Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Tuesday, appearing to soften a promise that the site will be working by then for the vast majority of users.
    Related Stories

    “The 30th of November is not a magic go, no go date. It is a work of constant improvement. We have some very specific things we know we need to complete by the 30th and that punch list is getting knocked out every week,” Sebelius told The Associated Press.

    Sebelius made stops in Orlando and Miami on Tuesday to address the fallout over the new health care law’s paltry enrollment figures and continuing website problems.

    The Obama administration has staked its credibility on turning around by the end of this month. From the president on down, officials have said the website will be running smoothly for the “vast majority of users” by Nov. 30, but have been vague about what that actually means.

    The definition has morphed in the past few weeks. At an Oct. 30 congressional hearing, Sebelius projected “an optimally functioning website” by the end of November. On Nov. 5, Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, testified that the site would be “fully functioning” by that date.

    Last week, President Barack Obama said the “the improvement will be marked and noticeable.”

    On Tuesday, Sebelius told the AP it would work for most users by the end of the month, but would still require fixes because of the magnitude of the first-of-its-kind project.

    “We recognize that there will still be periodic spikes, glitches, whatever that people will experience,” she said.

    When asked why officials pushed ahead with the Oct. 1 launch date despite warnings the site hadn’t been properly tested, Sebelius said they were hoping to give consumers as much time as possible to enroll before coverage begins in January.

    “We were hoping to maximize that,” she said. “Clearly that was a bad call.”

    Federal health officials made significant improvements implementing software fixes over the weekend, mostly dealing with the application portion, which had stymied many users. More than 90 percent can now successfully complete their applications, HHS communications director Julie Bataille said.

    Sebelius visited Florida Technical College in Orlando before stopping at a Miami hospital where a handful of “navigators” were trying to enroll consumers on the website, but were plagued by embarrassing messages showing the website was stalled even as Sebelius stopped and chatted with them.

    The secretary has been traveling the country as the Obama administration has been in damage-control mode, trying to beat back criticism that could make Americans leery of using it.

    Last week, federal health officials revealed that just 26,794 people enrolled for health insurance through the federal website during the first, flawed month of operations, and a total of 106,000 nationwide — a small fraction of what they had projected. Florida had the highest enrollment of the three dozen states relying on the federal website with 3,571 people.

    Days later, the House voted to weaken a core component of “Obamacare” and permit the sale of individual health coverage that falls short of requirements in the law. More than three dozen Democrats broke ranks and supported the legislation, a total that underscored the growing importance of the issue in the weeks since millions of cancellation notices went out to consumers covered by plans deemed inadequate under government rules.

    In the wake of growing criticism over the cancellations, Obama tried to make good on a previous promise, saying those who like their insurance can keep it for one more year. However, the ultimate decision still lies with insurers and state insurance commissioners.

    On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, a panel of computer security experts raised another fear — that the website is vulnerable to hacking. They said they wouldn’t trust their own personal information to the site, although they acknowledged they don’t have firsthand knowledge of the system and its architecture.

    David Kennedy, head of the Ohio-based TrustedSec, a company that offers to hack into private systems to determine vulnerabilities, told the House Science Committee that a cursory look at the website revealed multiple “exposures” that put it at “critical risk.”

    Asked about those concerns, Sebelius said: “I feel like it’s safe. Absolutely,” adding, “when there have been issues identified or flagged, it’s immediately fixed.”

  81. admin
    November 19, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Naked Boob:

    —–That is pretty funny, especially with the dorky music. Too bad the reality is so terrible to American’s.

  82. S

    newscaster just said they were able to sign up “2″ people successfully today…and then ‘baby steps’ with a smile…

    They should recall the $634 million, every penny of it.

    Cancel the domain name.

    And mail out paper forms by sail mail to Obama supporters. Then the tiny bag of mail can be fought over by the insurance companies that canceled their 3-5 million policies.

    Leave the rest of us alone, don’t make the damage any more severe.

  83. ‘IIRC, 97% of people currently covered by employer health insurance plans are in the category of “small business”
    Correction…95-97% of US business have 50 or less employees, however, 70% of US employees are in 3-5% large companies. So potentially 30% of people who may be getting lower group rates will now be paying individual rates. That is “only”(by Obama metrics) 40-50 million people.

  84. Going out of business sale:

    Donor fatigue? Tickets to Obama fundraiser in California now 50 percent off

    The Democratic National Committee is reducing ticket prices for a high-dollar fundraiser in San Francisco next week that features President Obama, according to an email sent to donors Monday.

    Obama is set to appear at a luncheon at the SFJAZZ Center on Nov. 25 to benefit the DNC, but whether it’s a sign of donor fatigue or a general lack of interest, tickets have not been selling as expected.

    An exciting new update I would love to mention is that we have reduced the price for the general admission luncheon tickets to $500/person,” Shefali Razdan Duggal, a member of the DNC’s national finance committee, wrote in the email. “In addition, all current $1000 ticket holders will be upgraded to VIP (this includes premium seating near the stage and Presidential rope line access).”

    Originally, entry-level tickets for the event started at $1,000, so the DNC is offering what amounts to a 50 percent discount.

  85. moononpluto

    November 19, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    “The 30th of November is not a magic go, no go date. It is a work of constant improvement. We have some very specific things we know we need to complete by the 30th and that punch list is getting knocked out every week,” Sebelius told The Associated Press.

    So is the president going to say that he really didn’t say Nov. 30th, the world said Nov. 30th?


    Hillary 2016

  86. I want to see one reporter with some kahunas ask O, Jay Carney and then the rest of the robotic dims still protecting Ocare the following question:

    Do you honestly believe that if Americans cannot afford Ocare that the Democratic Party has the right to force them to pay the following penalties year after year…when the middle class is still struggling just to make ends meet?

    Insert example of amount to be extorted from the middle class after year one
    then after percentage increases after year two
    then after year three

    I want to see O, Carney, Pelosi, Reid, DWS go on the record that they are actually supporting taking all that money in penalties from the middle class for this scam of Ocare…

    again…there is nothing fair or universal about Ocare…just take a look at the differences people are being asked to pay from state to state and county to county…this is the most unfair system I ever heard of…

    reporters need to start focusing on that…

    …and as for anyone that does manage to get enrolled on this so called website…they are asking for major personal problems in their life…today, unequivocally state at the hearing…this website is easy, easy…to hack…

    Why is the govt even allowing people to be at risk at this time when it is clearly known that they information can be stolen?

    …why aren’t we hearing about lawyers suing this mess for fraud or negligence and the risk it is putting Americans at…

    if the Dims don’t wake up they are going to suffer the rath of all people from all parties…we always knew O could bring down the party…

  87. “In addition, all current $1000 ticket holders will be upgraded to VIP (this includes premium seating near the stage and Presidential rope line access).”

    That skinny piece of chicken legs ain’t worth touchin’

    [High pitched, squeaky voice] Maybe they can touch his mole!

  88. S

    Probably the real lawsuits will start rolling in when the people who lost their health care – over HellCare’s dingbat grandfathering rules start having catastrophic losses to life and limb. Named in the suit should be Barack Obama, Nasty, Reid and every Dim that voted for this monstrosity.

  89. “Probably the real lawsuits will start rolling in when the people who lost their health care….”
    I’m sure the lawyers are doing their homework and getting ready for a lot of new business in 2014 and 2015. One area will be the “deferred” mandate for business. Apparently Obama’s postponement for the business mandate is the same as insurance companies can still sell “illegal” individual policies after Jan 1, 2014; no enforcement of the mandate. The non-compliant policies will still be illegal after Jan 1.

  90. “Originally, entry-level tickets for the event started at $1,000, so the DNC is offering what amounts to a 50 percent discount.”


    Seems fitting. Half price to see the half-white, half-assed, half-wit.

  91. freespirit
    November 19, 2013 at 10:39 pm
    “Originally, entry-level tickets for the event started at $1,000, so the DNC is offering what amounts to a 50 percent discount.”


    Seems fitting. Half price to see the half-white, half-assed, half-wit.

    HAHAHAHHAHAHHA……….your funniest post EVER!

  92. Today’s WTF story:

    “Some drivers along a busy Fort Worth street on Friday were stopped at a police roadblock and directed into a parking lot, where they were asked by federal contractors for samples of their breath, saliva and even blood.

    It was part of a government research study aimed at determining the number of drunken or drug-impaired drivers.

    “It just doesn’t seem right that you can be forced off the road when you’re not doing anything wrong,” said Kim Cope, who said she was on her lunch break when she was forced to pull over at the roadblock on Beach Street in North Fort Worth.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is spending $7.9 million on the survey over three years, said participation was “100 percent voluntary” and anonymous.

    But Cope said it didn’t feel voluntary to her — despite signs saying it was.

    “I gestured to the guy in front that I just wanted to go straight, but he wouldn’t let me and forced me into a parking spot,” she said.

    Once parked, she couldn’t believe what she was asked next.

    “They were asking for cheek swabs,” she said. “They would give $10 for that. Also, if you let them take your blood, they would pay you $50 for that.”

    At the very least, she said, they wanted to test her breath for alcohol.

    She said she felt trapped.

    “I finally did the Breathalyzer test just because I thought that would be the easiest way to leave,” she said, adding she received no money.

    Fort Worth police earlier said they could not immediately find any record of officer involvement but police spokesman Sgt. Kelly Peel said Tuesday that the department’s Traffic Division coordinated with the NHTSA on the use of off-duty officers after the agency asked for help with the survey.

    “We are reviewing the actions of all police personnel involved to ensure that FWPD policies and procedures were followed,” he said. “We apologize if any of our drivers and citizens were offended or inconvenienced by the NHTSA National Roadside Survey.”

    Video at the link:

  93. Oh, shut up, Chuck.

    “HUGH HEWITT, HOST: So I ran through all of these candidates — Christie, Kasich, Walker, Jindal, Cruz, Rubio, Thune, Rubio, Ryan, Paul, and you mentioned Mitch Daniels. I have probably missed someone. Can any of them beat Hillary?

    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Every single one can beat Hillary. Hillary is a paper tiger. Hillary was inevitable in ’08 and what happened to inevitability? I don’t think she’s — I think she can win, of course. And I think she’ll get the nomination by acclimation for religious reasons. She’s worshipped by the Democrats. But I don’t think that translates, necessarily. The idea that she is a shoe-in for the presidency, I think is just ridiculously wrong. I don’t think that she is a great campaigner. You know that she has her strengths, but let me ask you this. You know the hyperbole about her being Secretary of State? Name me one thing that she had achieved in the four years. One. I’m not asking for Kissinger-China-Middle East. I’m not asking for a [George] Baker. I’m not asking for a George Shultz or a George Marshall. Tell me one thing she achieved in the four years.

    HEWITT: I’ve posed that question to Politico reporters before and they can’t come up with anything because there isn’t anything, Charles.

    KRAUTHAMMER: She travels a lot. Well, so do I.”

  94. WTF story is right!

    “Some drivers along a busy Fort Worth street on Friday were stopped at a police roadblock and directed into a parking lot, where they were asked by federal contractors for samples of their breath, saliva and even blood.
    It was part of a government research study aimed at determining the number of drunken or drug-impaired drivers.

    Any citizen that goes along with this should have their heads examined. To make the ‘research’ have a base point, they need to have completely sober and drunk volunteers, or stoners. Anyone drinking and pulled over has to realize their license plate will make the connection a lot less than anonymous.

    Let’s say the ‘contractors’ that are pulling this DNA don’t somehow put this person’s DNA in a freakin’ database to be shared with any government agency, let’s say pigs fly and humans are just curious and honest. Police have wanted DNA samples for their databases for years.

    Pink attorneys – is this ripe for law suits?

  95. When I think of how hard Hillary worked as SOS and then I see this video of “princess” Caroline Kennedy and the whole “Camelot” bullshit playing out…Japan, be afraid, be very afraid.

  96. “Probably the real lawsuits will start rolling in when the people who lost their health care….”
    I’m sure the lawyers are doing their homework and getting ready for a lot of new business in 2014 and 2015. One area will be the “deferred” mandate for business. Apparently Obama’s postponement for the business mandate is the same as insurance companies can still sell “illegal” individual policies after Jan 1, 2014; no enforcement of the mandate. The non-compliant policies will still be illegal after Jan 1.
    Whoever his solicitor general is, will raise the defense of sovereign immunity. I have not researched the law on point, hence I could be wrong. But my general understanding is that an individual aggrieved by government action cannot sue the president, or the Secretary of Health and Human Services for money damages proximately caused by their actions, unless the law specifically permits the filing of such a claim. Claims of that nature proceed, if at all, in the Federal Court of Claims.

    A rancher I knew owned property rights on 875,000 acres on government land, and was gazing his herd, when officers of the US Department of the Interior came in confiscated his herd, and threw his cowboys in the hoosegow. They wanted him off the public land and this was their way of doing it. He wanted to sue the Department of Interior in Federal District Court, but was advised by his attorney that would be a bad idea, and the best forum would be the the US Court of Federal Claims. He sued there, prevailed and $27 millions in damages.

  97. Black-Clad Einsatzgruppen Confiscate Guns in California

    Einsatzgruppen are special paramilitary task forces, the most notorious of which were the death squads deployed by Germany’s National Socialist regime.

    The State of California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) has created an einsatzgruppe dedicated exclusively to gun confiscation. Using gun registration lists, the APPS stormtroopers, “arriving in SUVs and dressed in black tactical uniforms … regularly sweep through California cities” to seize firearms from people the state has designated “prohibited persons,” reports the Fresno Bee. A criminal conviction is not necessary for enrollment on the civilian disarmament register; all that is necessary is an official finding by the state’s Welfare bureaucracy that the gun owner is “a danger to himself or others.”

    Read More @

  98. Obama’s Got Swag! 🙂

    Michelle Obama: Husband ‘in the Bathroom All the Time Just Singing’

    n an interview on BET last night with Bow Wow and Keshia Chante, First Lady Michelle Obama talked up her husband, President Barack Obama. “I always say my husband has got swag,” said Mrs. Obama. “He’s got a little swag.” The audience applauded.

    Mrs. Obama also said that the president of the United States “sings all the time.” She continued, “Oh, yes, he’s in the bathroom all the time just singing.”

    She also praised her husband. “[H]e has got a good voice.”

  99. freespirit
    November 19, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    “Originally, entry-level tickets for the event started at $1,000, so the DNC is offering what amounts to a 50 percent discount.”


    Seems fitting. Half price to see the half-white, half-assed, half-wit.

    ROFLMAO!!! 😆 😆

  100. “Whoever his solicitor general is, will raise the defense of sovereign immunity.”
    I was thinking more about litigation directed at business owners and insurance companies. AS a hypothetical, I am a small business owner who along with the insurance company is still providing my employees, after Jan 1, 2014 with a, now, ACA non-compliant policy that doesn’t have maternity or pediatric care included. One of my employees is pregnant and deliveries a very premature infant. After three months in the ICU, the kid has racked up a $750,000 hospital bill and still counting. Will the Emperor Jones’ assurance that you can keep your insurance for another year have any effect at trial?

  101. It looks like another taxpayer bail out is coming. This time the lucky group will be the health insurance industry who conspired with Obama to raise premiums, raise deductibles, forfeit your doctor, invite hackers, empower the IRS, force people to buy insurance they do not need or want, ALL to maximize their profits. It seems the cost of his latest fix will have an adverse affect on their profits, and that is of course our fault. Once you head down that path, and the death spiral kicks in you can add a couple trillion to our national debt, which Obama will call limited help.

    To a mere mortal like, well, me, this would seem unjust, uneconomical and oppressive. However, I must admit, I am not president, much less the smartest president in history according to Presidential Historian Michael Bechloss. He sees everything, knows everything, and has ushered in a new Age of Acquarius, with record unemployment, foreign policy meltdown and other markers of success.

    Perhaps there are equities here that I do not see, which justify a few trillion to the industry. But, as Dirksen said a billion here and a billion there–pretty soon you are talking real money. Yes, I know, the Liar In Chief claims these subsidies will be limited, and they are necessary in order to make his industry fix work. That is most reassuring. On the other hand, whatever the clairvoyant powers of the Messiah might be, and however much big media may promote his excrement it is plain that he is the world’s biggest liar and has contempt for this country.

    Therefore, it is not easy for me to understand why an industry bailout an industry that got itself in trouble by conspiring with a corrupt President to screw taxpayers for monopoly profit, is entitled to be bailed-out by taxpayers when its evil machination fell apart. If the big media messiah wants them to have it, then such payment can only be just. In that case, I must not be smart enough to see it, and it is part and parcel of his wisdom which passeth all understanding. And anyone who objects cannot stand to see a black man in the White House.

    Notice that McConnell is on a list who claim to oppose such a bailout. But if he can get some earmarks from Obama, he find a convenient way to give the industry what it wants, once he becomes Speaker if they help him financially now.
    At this point, I would watch him like a hawk, to see whom he takes money from, and what he and his corrupt army of staffers and lobbyists do to enrich his coffers and screw the American People.

    Senators push bill to prevent insurance industry ‘bailout’ over ObamaCare

    Published November 20, 2013 •


    Sept. 27, 2013: Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., left, accompanied by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington.AP

    Warning that the latest ObamaCare “fix” could compel the federal government to bail out insurance companies, Republican senators have introduced a bill to prevent taxpayer funds from being used to prop up the industry.

    Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., along with a half-dozen other Republican senators, introduced the “ObamaCare Taxpayer Bailout Prevention Act” on Tuesday. It would strip a provision in the Affordable Care Act pertaining to so-called “risk corridors,” which could allow the government to pay insurance companies to offset financial losses.

    Rubio calls it a “blank check” for the industry.

    “The idea that the federal government should be bailing out insurance companies in order to make ObamaCare work, that’s not something a lot of people are aware of,” Rubio told Fox News. “And I haven’t taken a poll on it, but I guarantee you it would be hugely unpopular.”

    The provision has been in the law since passage, but Rubio and other senators raised concern about it after President Obama announced last week that he would allow insurance companies to continue to offer out-of-compliance plans. The announcement was made in response to the millions of people receiving cancellation notices — but industry representatives raised concern that if they offer the old plans again, premium revenue could go down.

    In addition, the federal website for ObamaCare is still experiencing problems, meaning the industry is not receiving as many new customers as it had initially hoped.

    In a statement last week, an official with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said that the risk corridor program could be used to help insurance companies.

    Gary Cohen, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, said in a letter to insurance commissioners that the program “should help ameliorate unanticipated changes in premium revenue” and the government is looking at ways to modify the rules “to provide additional assistance.”

    Asked about the program, an administration official told on Wednesday that they would be providing more information “very soon” on risk corridors and how they might be adjusted in light of the recent announcement.

    Rubio, though, fired off a letter Tuesday to the Congressional Budget Office asking for a cost estimate for the program.

    “It is clear that the risk corridors’ only purpose over the next 3 years will be to serve exclusively as a taxpayer bailout mechanism for health insurance companies,” he wrote.

    Rubio’s bill was co-sponsored by Sens. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.; James Inhofe, R-Okla.; Mike Lee, R-Utah; Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; Rand Paul, R-Ky.; and David Vitter, R-La.

    According to Politico, Obama told insurance executives at a meeting last week that the government’s assistance to the industry would be limited. Obama plans to meet Wednesday afternoon with insurance commissioners, some of whom have already announced they would not implement the president’s plan


  102. I should note that Saxbe Chambless operates the same way as McConnell, i.e. screw constitutents, reward contributors, and pretend to be a conservative. Their kind of politics is not about serving the nation. On the contrary, it is a RACKET.

  103. wbboei
    November 20, 2013 at 11:17 am
    It looks like another taxpayer bail out is coming. This time the lucky group will be the health insurance industry who conspired with Obama to raise premiums, raise deductibles, forfeit your doctor, invite hackers, empower the IRS, force people to buy insurance they do not need or want, ALL to maximize their profits.

    I’m thinking this is where the rubber meets the road. I think the Republicans will refuse to do it in the House with numerous Republicans in the Senate going after the bailer-outers and the unfortunates fools up for re-election. Then game over and the insurers will not want to play any more and it dies quickly. I hope. The website will never work. The big hit is coming with employer group health insurance cancellations. Even Democratic voters want it gone. If the insurers think they are going to take a bath on it it is dead. Sunk costs will have to be absorbed by collaborating insurers and dumb-ass states who took the Medicaid not-so-freebie money.

  104. Columnist George Will noted some time ago that the only way the law works is if people do not behave rationally. The rational operators known as doctors are about to deliver the next shock to the American public after the present rate shock. Many of them are not going to take patients in the health care exchanges.

    Faced with monumental challenges like these how lucky we are that a divine providence, and big media (who wants to find someone to shit and piss in the mouth of a Republican politician) have placed at the head of our flock of weak misguided souls, a demigod, who can walk, fly and sing in the showers, according to his closest sycophant.

  105. Obama Administration Employee Who Wanted to Kill White People STILL Has a Job

    An employee of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who was exposed in August as running a website that said that millions of white people needed to be killed and who has called the President a “mulatto faggot” still has not been fired from his $115 thousand a year government job.

    Ayo Kimathi, whose responsibilities included handling the purchase of billions of rounds of ammunition for government arsenals, was exposed as a racist supporter of genocide back in August by no less than the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center.

  106. Former NYPD Detective: Media Suppressing Racial And Anti-Semitic Elements Behind “Knockout” Game, Ignoring It Because It’s Black-On-White Crime…

    On Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Tuesday night, former New York City Police Department detective Bo Dietl explained why the “Knockout” game ­ an activity which involves sucker-punching an unsuspecting bystander with the goal of knocking them unconscious ­is something the news media should be devoting more attention to, despite its racial aspects.

    According to Dietl, the media has largely ignored the trend because it involves black-on-white crime.

    “That was the Bloods and the Crips were involved with that,” Dietl said. “Also, there was ­ you had to go shoot somebody. But this thing, again, it’s being suppressed by the news media. The liberal news media doesn’t want to say exactly what it is. It’s gangs of black youths attacking whites. It’s called polar bear hunting. It’s called Jews being targeted. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s black-on-white crime. That’s racism.”

  107. Privatization of profits (read: payoff) and the socialization of risk. Never a good deal for the people.

  108. I’m thinking this is where the rubber meets the road. I think the Republicans will refuse to do it in the House with numerous Republicans in the Senate going after the bailer-outers and the unfortunates fools up for re-election. Then game over and the insurers will not want to play any more and it dies quickly. I hope. The website will never work. The big hit is coming with employer group health insurance cancellations. Even Democratic voters want it gone. If the insurers think they are going to take a bath on it it is dead. Sunk costs will have to be absorbed by collaborating insurers and dumb-ass states who took the Medicaid not-so-freebie money.
    With these problems, the smartest move Obama could have made was to forgo his my way or the highway crush the enemy scorched earth which the left always wages, and embrace a form of bi-partisanship which would have lured the RINO into the same trap he was in. And because the RINO loves to screw constituents and reward contributors as much as he does, he could have found a receptive audience, with just enough Judases in their ranks to draw the party into the same blast furnace he is in, and in that case big media would have made sure they were the ones who got roasted.

    If this thing creates enough panic, it may move the needle at election time. For some reason, as stupid as the American electorate today is, panic seems to work where nothing else does.

  109. Privatization of profits (read: payoff) and the socialization of risk. Never a good deal for the people.
    Ah, the Goldman Sachs credo. But because it is inscribed in Latin, and outside academia, Latin is a dead language, everyone innocently assumes that that these thieves are honest businessmen, never suspecting that those bullshit Goldman cavalry to the rescue commercials that precede most videos on the FOX website were paid for with your tax dollars, as well as their future campaign contributions to Christie. It is what an industrial engineer might call a closed loop.

  110. Obama: ‘We’re Going to Have to…Re-market and Re-brand’ the Affordable Care Act

    ( – President Barack Obama told a gathering of corporate executives Tuesday he’s confident that his model of health care will work in the end, but he said he’s going to have to “re-brand” it to sell it to a skeptical public.

    He didn’t use the word “Obamacare” once on Tuesday in talking about his health care law, but he mentioned the “Affordable Care Act” seven times.

    “So, look, I am confident that the model that we built, which works off of the existing private insurance system, is one that will succeed,” Obama told the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

    “We are going to have to, (a) fix the website so everybody feels confident about that. We’re going to have to, obviously, re-market and re-brand, and that will be challenging in this political environment.”

    See more at:

  111. Obama: ‘We’re Going to Have to…Re-market and Re-brand’ the Affordable Care Act


    Basically, he knows it screwed, we know its screwed and he has no way out of it, you can’t re-brand a disaster, everyone knows what it is, its too high profile. This man knows nothing of marketing it seems. Only option is to kill it.

  112. Shit hitting the fan tonight :

    Fox News SCOOPS: “ObamaCare Time Bomb” 2/3rds of Small Biz Could Lose Policies”

  113. Obamamedia killing jobs…….cry me a river….not.

    700 job losses across the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and six other daily newspapers.,0,3963235.story

    Tribune Co. announced a restructuring of its publishing business Wednesday to focus on its digital efforts and streamline operations, resulting in nearly 700 job losses across the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and six other daily newspapers.


    Bambi not coming to your rescue folks?

  114. wbboei
    November 20, 2013 at 12:38 pm
    If this thing creates enough panic, it may move the needle at election time. For some reason, as stupid as the American electorate today is, panic seems to work where nothing else does.

    I have a terrible feeling that the panic will start in January when the gaps in coverage show up. All of the Democrats carping about delaying the penalty is just diversion talk away from the real problem which will be gaps in coverage with sick or injured people who couldn’t get through the website, can’t afford jacked up premiums and deductibles or had insurance canceled showing up in January needing medical care with disastrous results. As far as I can tell only a couple of governors are talking about this. It is going to be terrifying, infuriating and panic will show up quickly in the public.

  115. Obama’s in that very special hell, maybe the Circle reserved for arrogant liars: He can’t move forward, and he can’t move back. And he also can’t stay where he is.
    Obama, Obamacare At Record Low Approval, Per CBS Poll

    Other people are linking this, but let me link Freddoso’s Conservative Intelligence Briefing, because he included this gif, and I like pictures:

    Big numbers: Obama’s down to 37% job approval, with 57% disapproving (!). Support for Obamacare itself is down to 31%, with 61% disapproving (!!).

    Preferences seem to be cascading:

    No loss of support for Obamacare? Uh, sorry, folks, but the loss of support is actually pretty huge — 22 points on net in just one month.
    Among Democrats, a 26-point swing against Obamacare. Among independents, a net 23-point swing against Obamacare. Both in just one month[.]

    An ABCNews-Washington Post poll released yesterday was not quite so bad for Obama, but it was still very bad:


    The president’s job approval rating has fallen to 42 percent in a new ABC News-Washington Post poll, down 13 percentage points this year and 6 points in the past month to match the lowest of his presidency. Fifty-five percent disapprove — a record. And 70 percent say the country’s headed seriously off on the wrong track — up 13 points since May to the most in two years.

    THE PRESIDENT’S PERSONAL IMAGE HAS SUFFERED: President Obama is also at career lows for being a strong leader (down by 15 points this year and a vast 31 points below its peak shortly after he took office), understanding the problems of average Americans and being honest and trustworthy — numerically under water on each of these, LANGER notes. Just 41 percent rate him as a good manager; 56 percent think not. And fewer than half — 46 percent — see him favorably overall, down 14 points this year to the fewest of his presidency. Fifty-two percent now view him unfavorably, a new high and a majority for the first time since he took office.

    OBAMACARE’S MOST NEGATIVE RATING TO DATE: Americans by nearly 2-1, 63-33 percent, disapprove of Obama’s handling of implementation of the new health care law. And the public by 57-40 percent now opposes the law overall, with opposition up by 8 points in the past month alone. Fifty-six percent describe the cancellation of health insurance policies that are deemed substandard under the law as “mismanagement” rather than a normal startup problem.

    Remember when Republicans were being shellacked for wishing to delay Obamacare? Sure you do. It was like the Summer of Sharks — a minor story puffed up into prominence by a slow news month before the horrible news of 9/11.

    Here’s the public on delaying an important part of Obamacare, the individual mandate:

    Given the breakdown of the website, a broad 71 percent favor postponing the individual mandate requiring nearly all Americans to have coverage. And the mandate’s still widely unpopular in any case; 65 percent of Americans oppose it — a majority of them, strongly. Notably, even among those who support the individual mandate, 55 percent favor delaying it.

    Getting back to that picture, and I do like pictures: How does Obama claw his way out of this hole? This is not something easily gotten over, like Bill Clinton’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

    Because, even though the public disapproved of that affair, and being lied to about it, three things were true in that case:

    1. Bill Clinton’s sexual dalliance did not in fact “affect his job performance,” as liberals constantly screamed. They screamed it… and it was actually true. Although the perjury was a serious charge, committing perjury did not reduce the GDP or the like.

    2. Bill Clinton did not continue getting beejers from Monica Lewinsky during the Lewisky scandal, and continue exploring the possibilities of a cigar as a marital aid throughout the duration of his second term.

    3. The economy was in great shape, unemployment was down to record lows (like 3.8% in one month), and we had a surplus.

    That’s why I say that was easily brushed aside, in relative terms. Compare that support-eroding event to Obamacare:

    1. Obamacare does in fact “affect Obama’s job performance,” because it is his job performance. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama cannot say, “I’m ignoring these distractions in order to focus on working for the American people.” Obamacare is his work for the American people, and the American people strongly disapprove.

    His only real out here is to agree to repeal it, which, of course, he will not do. If/when he gets down into the twenties, enough Democrats may vote to override his veto of a bill repealing Obamacare.

    2. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama cannot say his filthy affair with redistributive socialism is “in the past” and he’s “seeking counseling and the ministering of Jesse Jackson” to “heal himself” of these defects. Obama intends to continue having his torrid public affair with Spreading the Wealth around until January 2017.

    And he won’t apologize for it, not really. What he says is basically Woody Allen’s non-apology: “The heart wants what it wants.” You’ll just have to understand his love affair with socialism– because he’s too much in love to stop it.

    3. On the economy, I will only say “Obama’s economy” because to say more would be to insult your intelligence.

    So that leaves that jpg’s suggestion: He will just have to avoid talking about it, and hope that taxpayers don’t notice he’s taking thousands of dollars from them — sometimes ten thousand dollars or more — in order to pay for his constant romantic getaways in the Poconos with his socialist mistress.

    And how’s that going to work?

    And does he think the public won’t notice when he begins a new, second affair, this time with taking away employer-provided insurance just before the mid-terms?

    Obama’s in that very special hell, maybe the Circle reserved for arrogant liars: He can’t move forward, and he can’t move back. And he also can’t stay where he is.

    But oh I know: He’ll give a speech. Right?

  116. and it begins….

    Woman Signs Up For Obamacare And Has Identity Stolen

    Experts’ warnings about the Obamacare website’s complete lack of security apparently have been justified. The website reportedly gave at least three unknown individuals access to a woman’s Social Security number, address and other data that could be used for identity theft.

    Customer service operators at’s 1-800 number told Lisa Martinson about the unauthorized access when she called in to change her password, St. Louis TV station Channel 4 reported. When Martinson asked for her information to be removed from the site she was told it would take five days.

    “If you’re signing up on your information could be accessed by complete strangers,” Steve Savard an anchor at Channel 4 told viewers. Savard also said that the Department of Health and Human Services told him that it was taking the necessary steps to address Martinson’s concerns but didn’t say what those steps were.

    “I just want my information that’s on there right now to be gone – right now – and nobody can do that,” Martinson said.

    Martinson’s case is just the latest security breach at an Obamacare health insurance exchange. As previously reported by Off The Grid News, Social Security numbers and other data about 2,400 insurance agents working with the Minnesota Obamacare health insurance exchange were accidently emailed to an insurance broker in September.

    McAfee Founder: is full of holes

    These incidents apparently validate the claims of online security experts who have examined and pronounced it unsafe.


    Just like we said it would, a datamining criminal disaster waiting to happen.

  117. “Whoever his solicitor general is, will raise the defense of sovereign immunity.”
    Roberts made the correct call, at least for judicio(?)/political reasons. If Obamacare had been declared unconstitutional then the Obots and their god would have attained martyrdom. Obamacare was a fraud and doomed to fail in 5-10 years; the utter incompetence of Obama just pushed the time line up to 2014. Obama and the politics that he represents need to be discredited and Obamacare, despite the pain, it the perfect way to do it. I was afraid that it would come unglued after he had left office; now we have three years to torment that worthless POS.

  118. Mormaer
    November 20, 2013 at 3:29 pm
    I agree with your comments in their entirety.

    It is telling that Mr.Obama wants to REBRAND and reintroduce Obamacare.

    Rebrand? Praytell why?

    Obamacare is the greatest civil rights victory since 1964.

    Obamacare is a free lunch for everyone.

    Obamacare is his signature achievement–and the centerpiece of his legacy.

    Let me repeat the question.

    Why would he even consider rebranding Obamacare.

    Haven’t we been told that Obama cares?

    Could it be that Obamacare has passed the Rubicon from failure to disaster for his party?

    Could it be that continuing to call it Obamacare makes it harder for him to blame Bush.

    Could it be that he told so many lies about it that he wants to distance himself from it?

    A true conundrum, worthy a Messiah and his big media fellow travelers.

    Will the ignorant electorate wise up?

    That all depends on whether you believe we can fix stupid.

  119. Hookers Praise Obamacare: “I Really Support Obamacare… This Is Truly A Blessing”…

    RENO – (KRNV- NBC News) ­ There have been a number of critics to the Affordable Care Act, but the President’s signature legislation is getting support from an unusual source; working girls at Nevada’s legal brothels.

    The girls at Nevada’s “Moonlight Bunny Ranch” say they support the new legislation. “Having this profession, we aren’t exactly offered group health insurance. It’s hard because I do have a pre-existing condition so I really support Obamacare. I’m excited,” says working girl Taylor Lee.

    Taylor Lee’s pre-exisiting condition didn’t help, but that wasn’t the only reason she was denied health coverage prior to Obamacare. Before the new law she and the other girls who work at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch said getting health insurance was impossible because carriers refused to cover them because they worked in a legal brothel. Bella Dawn said; “I switched professions and I wrote it down and they denied it because of the profession I’m in.” Caressa Kisses agrees adding; “They equate us to illegal working girls who have very high STD’s and AIDS rates which we have none of the above. We’re legal, licensed prostitutes.

    The girls said it didn’t matter to insurance carriers that Nevada’s brothels are highly regulated. Kisses noted; “I see the doctor every week because it is state mandated. We’re tested weekly and monthly for blood. We have to be cleared by health professionals and a physician to work in the house.”

    So the new law that allows everyone to obtain a health care plan is very welcome news. “I’m very excited about being able to get a health plan now because of Obamacare,” said Amy Page. Kisses said health coverage is very much needed by working girls; “We’re independent contractors. We have to get our own insurance but this is truly a blessing. I hope they work the kinks out and that affordable health care happens for all because it is really needed.”

  120. moononpluto
    November 20, 2013 at 5:52 pm
    Obama’s advice to his democrat colleagues and his insurance industry business partners. “I know more about medical insurance than anyone because I went to Harvard and was editor of the Law Review. That experience makes me an expert on everything, including health care. It is only a matter of time before I win back the confidence of the country, and people discover the wonderful thing I have done. Meanwhile, will somebody get my name off that POS legislation. I relied on others to make it happen, and others let me down. None of this is my problem. So erase my name. I was just a bystander and I did not see accident, so don’t call me as a witness” Where is my next fundraiser???

    Meanwhile, in the world most of us live in, there is this:

    “Lots of pessimism out there, most notably the -19 among women, a reliably Democratic group that tends to be more supportive of O-Care than men are. An ObamaCare optimist searching desperately for a silver lining could read that same data as proof that a clear majority thinks their health care will be better or, at worst, no different from how it is now, but that’s a poor interpretation for lots of reasons. For starters, part of the “no different” contingent may be under the impression that they’ll be able to keep their plans even if the suckers on the individual market can’t. Not true; America will see cancellations in group coverage soon enough, once the delay in the employer mandate expires. As more people are moved onto the exchanges, the problems consumers on the individual market are experiencing will only become more widespread — rate shock, access shock, and general annoyance at the realization that what Obama sold to the country as a big health-care upgrade for everyone is really just a redistribution scheme to have the healthy and middle-class pay for coverage for the poor and sick.”

  121. “Will Roberts get a Do Over on Obamascare?”
    My sense is its all moot at this point. Roberts lost his nerve. The left threatened to put the Supreme Court on trial and he caved. The damage is done. I would not rely on him for anything. He is a very weak man.

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