Happy Thaxngiving! Remember ObamaCare Is A Turkey

It’s time to put the ax back in Thanksgiving. The news that Obama and ObamaCare totalitarians issued orders to the troops to pollute the Thanksgiving table with lying propaganda for ObamaCare puts us in ax wielding mode. Beware ObamaCare turkeys! If you soil our Thankgiving feast with Obama fueled propaganda it won’t just be a 2×4 smack across the head that silences you.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday in which we should look at even near empty glasses as sources of delight and gratitude. You’re breathing? Be thankful. You didn’t vote for Obama? You’re a special person deserving of many more blessings. You voted for Obama? You’re not very bright but be thankful that there is still time to learn and make it up to the country you have so wounded with your stupidity.

You’re Mike Tyson and made a lot of bad choices and horrid acts throughout your life? Rejoice Mike, you are smarter and braver than many think you are so there is hope for you. Continue to tell the truth such as:

“The reality of this plan: It didn’t work. So we have to find another plan,” Tyson said Wednesday on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live.”

The former heavyweight champion of the world said Obamacare is “really bad” and “just really went horrible,” adding he previously supported the law, but that it isn’t delivering.

“If they can get the health care, but as of now it doesn’t seem they can get it,” Tyson said, when asked if he agreed with a universal health care system. “I was for it a 100 percent but we just have to come to the reality that it didn’t work.

See you long-time Obama/ObamaCare supporters, even a man with little education and too many hits to the head can grow and CHANGE into a smarter better person. There’s HOPE for you too you, Obama lovin’ fools. Oh, our prayers of thanks-giving at today’s dinner table will be filled with great joy. There is HOPE:

“I do not wish to think of myself as some reflexive Talking Points Robot who is ready, willing, and eager to engage in any spin, no matter how preposterous, to protect the all-important team.

Well, other people are like that too. And the Liberal Chattering Classes are facing a question now: “Will my reputation and sense of pride survive Obama’s incompetence?”

And: “How absurd am I willing to make myself in order to cover up for this arrogant buffoon’s incompetence?

Some people may begin to peel off — not because they’re not in-the-tank partisan shills, mind you, but because they’re in-the-tank partisan shills who still have some functioning sense of self-respect left in them.

They are beginning to realize that loving Obama means, in the end, hating yourself. You have to sacrifice everything for him — your honesty, your integrity, your autonomy. Your reputation, your legacy, your pride.

His incompetence and deceit are at such a level that he will not permit you to support him and retain a shred of self-respect for yourself.

Devotion to Obama requires destruction of the self. Obama is a jealous Messiah, and will not permit you to love anything else — even yourself.

That may be too much for some worshippers to bear. Some worshippers may only be willing to worship casually — Cafeteria Cultists, if you will — and will not be able to muster the full commitment to the Obama Cult that the more senior acolytes demand.

And such people will then become apostates.

And the other cultists will shun them, declaring: “Obama asked nothing of you, except for one thing: that you love him and nothing else, and that you obey his every command as if it were the Voice of God Himself commanding you.”

Even in the darkest pits of the cult, there is HOPE. We rejoice!

Today we’ll even spare a kind thought to those wastrels of billions of our tax dollars who are scrambling tonight at HealthCare.gov’s tech teams to create some Rube Goldberg workaround to make that mess a smaller mess. Of course as some have written A Better Obamacare Won’t Save Obama – The website can be fixed, and the Affordable Care Act can start working as intended, but the damage is done—and the president might be, too.

Speaking of Rube Goldberg, we wish to extend our best wishes to our Jewish friends also celebrating the first night of Hanukkah tonight. If you’re Jewish and voted for Obama think Mike Tyson. You’re helping destroy Israel and America simultaneously but there is time to atone for your destructive votes. Give thanks that you are still alive and think of Israel surrounded by wolves including the boy raised by wolves.

At our dinner table we’ll be ignoring that lying boy raised by wolves and his health scams and schemes. We’ll be thinking of another little boy chewed on by wolves:

“His parents call him a “wild, fun loving, zombie-killing boy who loves the military and police.”

He is normal in every way, except this 7-year-old already plays guitar and keyboards and has his heart set on learning to fiddle.

Something else sets Hunter apart.

He was born with a rare form of cancer and lost his health insurance just after Obamacare went into effect.”

Millions more are to follow that little boy into ObamaCare oblivion as above standard health plans get destroyed. As those plans get axed we think it’s time to put the ax back into Thaxngiving.

ObamaCare is a turkey. On Thanksgiving turkeys get axed.

And yes, our apologies to turkeys. Turkeys are noble birds once nominated to be the national bird instead of the bald eagle. We call ObamaCare a turkey but ObamaCare is a predatory disease and disease inducing fowl that requires beheading. Ax it. Ax it right between the eyes. Throw the carcass into an incinerator. Be thankful that filthy fowl will no longer live to terrorize.

To ObamaCare supporters, don’t you dare pollute the dinner table with propaganda. Tonight is a night for joyful reflection of the blessings of liberty and our wonder-filled future and past as individuals and as a nation.

Tonight, if you are alone or with family or friends be grateful you are still alive and every moment brings the possibility of new possibilities. Gather yourself, alone or with others, and be grateful for all that you have.


Obama’s ObamaCare Boobery And Iran Deal Treachery: The Good News

Obama’s deliberate destruction of America becomes more obvious every day. Pearl necklace clutchers will moan, groan, and whine about this. But for fighters like us it is a great opportunity to attack and prevail.

For those of us who have seen Obama as the treacherous boob he is from the beginning we mock the hand-wringers and Henny-Penny’s frantically flapping their feathers headlessly. Why do we mock the Chicken Littles? What do we see that can be in any way described as “good”?

We see that now Barack Obama has two bona fide, self-inflicted, death-bringing wounds, afflicting his scrawny political body. It’s not that there weren’t many Obama scandals and treacheries before. There were. But the news ones have traction none of the others had. It can be argued that the earlier scandals led to the present moment when the latest Obama scandals and treacheries hit home.

The self-inflicted ObamaCare catastrophe continues to bleed Obama dry domestically. The Iran deal treachery threatens to eat through his bones on foreign shores.

In line with all recent polls, today a CNN poll shows Obama personal qualities sliding underwater well above his nose. Obama is being eaten alive by his lies and treacheries:

Only four out of 10 Americans believe President Barack Obama can manage the federal government effectively, according to a new national poll.

And a CNN/ORC International survey released Monday morning also indicates that 53% of Americans now believe that Obama is not honest and trustworthy, the first time that a clear majority in CNN polling has felt that way.

According to the survey, conducted last Monday through Wednesday, 40% say the President can manage the government effectively. That 40% figure is down 12 percentage points from June and is the worst score Obama received among the nine personal characteristics tested in the new poll.

“A lot of attention has focused on the President’s numbers on honesty in new polling the past three weeks, but it looks like the recent controversy over Obamacare has had a bigger impact on his status as an effective manager of the government, and that may be what is really driving the drop in Obama’s approval rating this fall,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said.

Does being an effective manager count more than honesty?

“Just ask Bill Clinton, whose overall approval ratings remained high during and after the Monica Lewinsky scandal because three-quarters of all Americans thought he could get things done, even though only about one in five said he was honest,” Holland added.

Obama’s woes are not limited to honesty and his managerial skills. Fifty-six percent say he is not a person they admire, and an equal number say he does not agree with them on important issues. Fifty-six percent also say he does not inspire confidence, and 53% don’t view him as a strong and decisive leader. All of those figures are all-time records for Obama in CNN polling.”

Obama’s saggy flaccidity is thus far due to the horror that is ObamaCare. The brain dead DailyKooks will continue to defend ObamaCare but those who want to survive know ObamaCare kills. Increasingly Obama Democrats set to turn on Obama if Healthcare.gov isn’t ready next week and they are taking futile steps to try to live:

“Some Capitol Hill Democrats are preparing to launch broadsides against President Barack Obama if the Affordable Care Act website isn’t fixed by the end of the month.

That will come in the form of more aggressive scrutiny in Republican-led oversight hearings, open advocacy for further delay in the enrollment deadline and individual coverage mandate, and more calls for a staff shake-up in the White House. [snip]

The building frustration — expressed in part Nov. 15 when 39 House Democrats voted for a GOP bill that would have let consumers keep expiring insurance plans — is driven by the fear that Obama’s failed rollout has suddenly left scores of Democrats vulnerable to defeat in the House and Senate. [snip]

Not only are Democrats watching helplessly as visions of taking over the House begin to dissolve, but they increasingly perceive the danger that the Senate could flip into GOP hands and that Obama’s final three years in office could be a total loss for their party’s agenda.

The brain dead will continue to defend ObamaCare and Obama. But the “strategists” are looking at the numbers and even their Hopium addled brains are perceiving what we perceive:

“Some party strategists say they’re in denial.

And that perceived gap between party spin and facts on the ground is fueling worries that the White House and Democratic higher-ups aren’t taking the possible electoral blowback seriously enough or doing enough to shield their candidates. Democratic contenders in the toughest races are distinctly less convinced that Obamacare will fade as an election-year issue — and they can’t afford to just cross their fingers that things get ironed out or that Republicans revert to political hara-kiri. [snip]

Polls, however, suggest Democrats should be worried. A CBS News poll released Wednesday showed Obama with a 37 percent approval rating, his lowest figure ever in that survey. Another all-time low in the poll: approval of Obamacare, which stood at 31 percent.

Republicans are placing their chips on Obamacare as their defining 2014 issue and putting their money where their mouths are. [snip]

We’re trying to deny what everyone knows is happening,” said one Democratic pollster who is a veteran of competitive congressional races. “Anybody who is halfway intelligent knows this is a big … problem for us. It’s impossible not to see. We can try to hide our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not a problem, but it is.”

On the home front, an army of termites is chewing on the foundations of ObamaCare – and has already reduced the massive timbers of deception into wobbly toothpicks. Add to this crumbling edifice, the foreign policy treachery that will destroy the last refuge of second term presidencies.

Barack Obama’s treachery against Israel is no surprise to us. In late October 2012 we wrote:

For Israel, it’s about paying with their lives when Obama is more “flexible” after the election – if he wins. Ohio voters have to keep that in mind.

Israel has been completely surprised by the announcement this weekend that “no preconditions” Obama has agreed to “talks” with Iran. Obama frequently made the assertion that he was keeping Israel not only informed but consulted as to actions that affect Israeli lives. But Israel is once again victimized by Obama treachery. It’s an October surprise of treachery which had better be discussed by Mitt Romney at tomorrow’s foreign policy debate.

As of now, it is clear “nobody owning up to US-Iran talks story“. We expect Mitt Romney will make Obama own up to this latest treachery.

Obama promised Hope and Change in 2008. Only Iran now has Hope – Hope that their nuclear status will Change followed by a charred Israel. Israel is in great danger and we hope that consideration is made by Ohio voters and all Americans as they weigh their vote on the economy and jobs.”

“Nailed it” is the term used for such predictive powers. Mitt Romney failed to do what he needed to do but even if he had there were too many ears not willing to listen. Many of us tried to get the truth out. We knew Obama for the treacherous monster he is and wrote about it when many dared only the politest of words.

In June of 2009 we did not use polite words as we tied Barack Obama and his Jew-baiting to the historic treachery of the Sudetenland:

“Not since the days of the Völkischer Beobachter has the world witnessed the tolerance for Jew baiting in the Big Media gossip sheets and in the American government.

The Jew baiting is taking place in the context of Barack Obama’s speech last week when he parroted Arab theories against Israel, as Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu prepares to deliver a response speech on Sunday, and as Iran votes on Friday.

The context for Obama’s speech and this week’s events is that there is, among many Americans and citizens of many nations, the notion that Israel is screwing the world and dreams of peace for their own narrow (self-preservation) interests. This notion, shared by many non-Jews and even many Jews (mostly those safely ensconced in the West Side of Manhattan and other precincts in New York City) is that if only Israel would cooperate and stop its silly self-preservation notions the celestial choirs would sing out and there would be peace in the Middle East region. Folly.

This magic wand philosophy is more properly termed a “Sudentenland” mentality – this time the calls are aimed at the existence of the Jewish state of Israel.”

We now know how those Iranian elections turned out and can see the uncloaked Obama hatred of Israel. The difference is that now even in the West Side precincts of Obama loving Jews the stench of truth, like the acrid smoke of the Auschwitz ovens, can be smelled. Via video: Schumer not exactly thrilled with the Obama-Kerry Iran deal:

NY Senator Chuck Schumer assured pro-Israel Jews, Sunday evening, that Democrats and Republicans are untied to stop President Obama from easing the sanctions on Iran, until Iran destroys its nuclear capabilities and gets rid of all centrifuges and enriched uranium.

Treacherous 2×4 Schumer is getting a graduate course in Treachery by Professor of Treachery Barack Obama. Israel is in grave danger:

Jeffrey Goldberg, always willing to find a friendly mask to place over Obama’s treacherous face, sees the Obama Iran hand clasp for what it is even though Goldberg’s delusions about Obama are still intact:

“U.S. President Barack Obama has had two overarching goals in the Iran crisis. The first was to stop the Iranian regime from gaining possession of a nuclear weapon. The second was to prevent Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.

This weekend, the president achieved one of these goals. He boxed-in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so comprehensively that it’s unimaginable Israel will strike Iran in the foreseeable future. Netanyahu had his best chance to attack in 2010 and 2011, and he missed it. He came close but was swayed by Obama’s demand that he keep his planes parked. It would be a foolhardy act — one that could turn Israel into a true pariah state, and bring about the collapse of sanctions and possible war in the Middle East — if Israel were to attack Iran now, in the middle of negotiations.”

We know that Netanyahu is in a very difficult position. We don’t think Netanyahu will attack Iran alone. But that does not mean that we believe Netanyahu and Israel will not attack. What Goldberg does not want to admit is that Obama’s treachery does not only threaten Israel. There are others.

There are many aware of Obama’s treachery and the danger Obama poses to international order. Obama loves chaos. Just as the fools that voted for Obama and ObamaCare are learning not to trust Obama but to oppose Obama – the world at large, threatened by Obama is learning how treacherous Obama is and the danger Obama poses:

“World Doubts Obama Will Enforce Red Line on Iran

World leaders say President Obama’s credibility to enforce the deadline has been badly damaged.

The interim nuclear deal struck on Sunday morning avoids outright confrontation with Iran for six months, but foreign leaders and international experts warned that the gamble over reaching a final deal could substantially raise the risk of open conflict.

Over 200 officials, lawmakers, and experts from more than 50 countries were meeting at the Halifax International Security Forum as news broke over the weekend, many suggested that President Obama’s credibility to stop Iran from going nuclear after the deadline if no final deal is reached had been badly damaged by his wavering red lines on Syria. [snip]

If there’s no final deal, the prospects of war will rise and a weakened Obama administration will be less able to prevent it.

“My worry is not over the next six months,” said Dov Zakheim, former undersecretary of Defense in the Bush administration. “The problem to me is that the president has once again laid out another red line and his track record with red lines is ambiguous. The red line this time is the six months.”

“What happens if nothing more is achieved after the six month period or Iran cheats and nobody does anything about it? If either of those things happen, I believe the Israelis will attack,” he said. [snip]

Obama previously set a red line regarding Syria, warning that the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would trigger an international response. Following the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack there that killed over 1,400 Syrians, Obama decided to launch limited military strikes against Syria and then reversed himself when Syria agreed to give up its chemical weapons capabilities.

Several foreign officials said that the Syrian red line episode had eroded the Obama administration’s credibility around the world, which raises questions over promises made about Iran.

When you draw red lines and then they are crossed and you don’t do anything about it, two things happen: Your enemies become emboldened and your allies become less sure,” said British Member of Parliament Liam Fox, a former Secretary of State for Defence. “That’s been the problem.”

Moshe Ya’alon, Israel’s Minister of Defense, said America’s actions throughout the Arab Spring, including Obama’s failure to enforce his Syria red line, have created the impression that the West is not willing or able to confront Iran and its Shiite Muslim allies, who are bent on expanding their regional influence and pursuing a nuclear capability despite any interim deal.

“According to the Sunni Arab camp, the West is in retreat… According to the Iranian perspective, the West is the Great Satan America. In this regard, the West should be defeated, according to the Iranian ideology,” he said. “Regarding the deal, they feel like there is weakness on behalf of the West which might be exploited by them to defeat the West.”

During Obama’s Syria buffoonery the claim he made was that he did not draw the red line, that the world drew the red line when it banned chemical weapons. But with the Iran deal Obama betrays international law:

“Iran is correct, the agreement is a de facto recognition of its “right” to enrich uranium.

Protests by the administration – Secretary of State John Kerry in particular – that the deal does not recognize a “right” of Iran to enrich uranium are Obamacare-style lies, false for what they leave out.

The deal, as Kerry contends, does not explicitly recognize a “right.” But it clearly does so implicitly. [snip]

Final deal allows enrichment. Just a matter of how much.

Here’s why this is so incredibly significant.

Allowing Iran to enrich is contrary to UN resolutions and U.S. policy. It’s a big concession, even before the most serious talks have started. It gets us to the table – by giving away the chair.

What this means is that from now on – forever – the United States and the UN will be forced to try to keep tabs on an enrichment program and ensure that Iran does not achieve the “breakout” point it’s already so close to.

How do you do that? You can’t. For Iran to be deprived on a nuclear weapon, it has to be deprived of the materials and processes to make one. The Iranians know that with an enrichment program in place, they’ll eventually, one way or another, get nuclear-grade material.

Israel knows all this. Israel also knows that perhaps the only way to destroy the Hitler bunkers of nuclear materials is to use tactical nuclear weapons. So Israel is restrained. Israel realizes it cannot attack alone. But Israel is not alone. Barack Obama and the United States have abandoned Israel. But there is another:

“Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own Saudi Arabia claims they were kept in the dark by Western allies over Iran nuclear deal and says it will strike out on its own

A senior advisor to the Saudi royal family has accused its Western allies of deceiving the oil rich kingdom in striking the nuclear accord with Iran and said Riyadh would follow an independent foreign policy.

Nawaf Obaid told a think tank meeting in London that Saudi Arabia was determined to pursue its own foreign and policy goals. Having in the past been reactive to events, the leading Sunni Muslim nation was determined to be pro-active in future.

Mr Obaid said that while Saudi Arabia knew that the US was talking directly to Iran through a channel in the Gulf state of Oman, Washington had not directly briefed its ally.

We were lied to, things were hidden from us,” he said.”

Saudi Arabia once was a military weakling. No longer:

“The RSAF has developed from a largely defensive military force into one with an advanced offensive capability. The RSAF maintains the third largest fleet of F-15s after the USAF and the JASDF.”

The Saudi Air Force and the Israeli Air Defense forces constitute sufficient air power to attack Iran successfully. The economics of Iranian retaliation against Israel and oil rich Saudi Arabia would force the European powers and the United States to move from collaboration with Iran to protection of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Of course this is just a fantasy on our part, right?:

“Officals: Israelis in secret trip to inspect Saudi bases. Could be used as staging ground for strikes against Iran

TEL AVIV — Israeli personnel in recent days were in Saudi Arabia to inspect bases that could be used as a staging ground to launch attacks against Iran, according to informed Egyptian intelligence officials.

The officials said Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and other Arab and Persian Gulf countries have been discussing the next steps toward possible strikes on Iran’s nuclear sites.

The officials said the U.S. passed strong messages to Israel and the Saudis that the Americans control radar capabilities over the skies near Iran and that no strike should be launched without permission from the Obama administration.

It was unclear whether the purported visit to Saudi Arabia by Israeli military and intelligence officials signals any real preparation for a strike or if the trip was meant to keep pressure on the West amid Israeli fears about the current deal with Tehran.

The trip came prior to the announcement today of the deal with Western powers that aims to halt key parts of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

At a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed what he called a “bad” and “dangerous” deal, while affirming that Israel will not allow Iran to go nuclear.

Israel is not obligated by this agreement,” Netanyahu said. “I want to make clear we will not allow Iran to obtain military nuclear capability.

Saudi Arabia united with it’s most hated enemy? Impossible right? Right?

As Obama’s ObamaCare crumbles at home, Obama’s treacheries abroad unite old enemies. That’s good news.


Chaos 2013: JFK, Cuba, Israel, Iran, Obama

Narcissist nasty misogynist incompetent treacherous boob Barack Obama. We’ve been writing that considered analysis since 2007. As the Barack Obama occupation of the White House turns into the final days in the bunker even Big Media Obama protection squads are confirming what we have written.

Indeed some of our most dramatic indictments of Barack Obama are gaining traction in Big Media circles. It was not always thus. We recall with disgust that beginning in 2007 Barack Obama supporters said “Obama reminded them of Kennedy.” Recently we mocked a Dr. Nate Morris and other Obama voters who only realized the content of Barack Obama’s character once ObamaCare emerged as the threat to them it is.

Today, on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we take an opportunity to discuss the creature known as Barack Obama and several overlooked news stories that confirm what we have written about Barack Obama since 2007.

* * * * * *

What is Barack Obama? Consider this provocative excerpt we wrote years ago which is but a sample of the many times we have ventured to explain the twisted man-child that goes today by the name Barack Obama:

” Obama, the “boy raised by wolves” as Michelle Obama describes him, has been looking for a man in his life for a very long time. We’ve long tracked the Anatomy Of A Flim-Flam Man and how his sperm donor father saw him once and ran away. What we have seen is:

“…Obama’s history is more akin to a rejected and dislocated youth who turned to back-slapping and flim-flam confidence games to fill the hole in his life….”

After his sperm donor dad dumped him, Obama’s doorknob mother (“everyone gets a turn”) with a fetish for third world men hooked up with Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo. It didn’t take long for Lolo to dump the boy. First Obama was handed over to a nanny (a gay transvestite nanny at that – not that there’s anything wrong with that). Then Obama was shipped to Hawaii to live with the Grandma that Obama, when desperate and for political profit, called a “racist”.

When in Hawaii ten year old Obama was provided by the grandparents with a black family friend. The friend, Frank Marshall Davis, was probably a member of the Communist Party and wrote an autobiographical novel (“Sex Rebel“) that suggests Davis was a pedophile. Davis was a father type for Obama who sought him out for advice. Davis advised Obama regarding college: “You’re not going to college to get educated. You’re going there to get trained.”

The warped boy became a warped man. Obama continued to search for the elusive daddy. One big daddy opportunity came from the pulpit – Jeremiah Wright.”

Our allegations are well documented at the links. Our interpretations of this twisted creep have been our own. Last week however much of our view of Obama was echoed at Politico. Yup, Obama lovin’ Politico. This is what Dr. Berglas, a.k.a. The Politico Shrink, wrote:

Why Does Barack Keep Making Weird Jokes About Michelle? [snip]

To me the important question is: What does it say about President Obama’s feelings for his wife that he made what certainly seems to be an oral sex joke about her in front of a room full of people? [snip]

The Vogue interview offers some clues. “Michelle grew up in a model nuclear family: mom, dad, brother,” the president said. “There’s just a warmth and a sense of belonging. And you know, that’s not how I grew up. I had this far-flung family, father left at a very young age, a stepfather who ended up passing away as well. My mother was this wonderful spirit, and she was adventurous but not always very well organized.”

The first lady, in other words, grew up in an Ozzie & Harriet-type family—the kind Obama has said he wishes he’d had, sometimes even distorting his history to convince himself that he did. In his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, the president idealizes the man who married and then dumped his mother. You can try to spin this all you want, but the fact is that a man who is abandoned in infancy by his father is psychologically scarred for life. [snip]

Most boys in that situation overcompensate for the anxiety, insecurity and self-doubt this causes by developing a defiant cool—a swaggering attitude of “nothing phases me, I’m a rock”—designed to disguise a hole in their self-concept. In psychological parlance, they engage in “compensatory adaptations” to pain, which, in time, become a compensatory personality style, a subtype of narcissism that converts every deficit into its obverse—as in, “I’m not inadequate. I’m The Man!

The key to understanding the president’s less-than-charming jokes about Michelle is realizing that those who suffer compensatory narcissism dread emotional intimacy. To protect themselves against being hurt in adulthood as their abandoning fathers devastated them as children, they reverse their feelings. As in: “I don’t need or love that wonderful, talented, supportive woman; she’s a piece of crap.”

We don’t give a crap about Michelle Obama and her corrupt Chicago familiy. We also don’t buy into a lot of the shrink’s analysis nor think it matters. As to Obama as narcissist we were among the very first, if not the first, to write about it. To us, as we have constantly written, what matters is that Barack Obama’s abandonment by his desperate to be pollinated in the third world mom and sperm donor philandering drunk of a dad lead to a very unhealthy self-loathing (which we find entirely deserved) and a twisted way of dealing with the world. Barack Obama in his self-loathing narcissism (no these are not contradictory) realized that his path lay in flim-flams and back-slapping. This crippled social being achieved great success in self advancement but zero achievement or enduring accomplishments. We summed it all up in Raised By Wolves:

We believe the evidence suggests Obama learned to be a flim-flam back slapper type who did whatever helped him as a survival method when he was an boy. Now Obama has devolved into a cold, arrogant and aloof personality who does not care about anyone but himself.

In Raised By Wolves we compared Barack Obama to Bill Clinton who had a childhood of difficulties as well. Bill Clinton acknowledged his problems and dealt with them in a mature manner. Bill did not run away and become a flim-flam con man. When Bill Clinton said “I feel your pain” he really did because he empathized with people. Bill said about himself:

“You know, my mother was married five times to four men. Because she married my stepfather Roger Clinton twice, because they divorced once and then they remarried,” says Mr. Clinton, pointing out his mother’s grave. “My mother was widowed three times. She had a lot of sadness to her life. But she always carried on.”

So did Bill Clinton. While his mother was divorced from Roger Clinton, the former president decided to change his name legally to Clinton. Why did he keep the first and second names of his biological father, William Jefferson, but not the last name?

I think the fact that I was born without a father, and that I spent a lifetime trying to put together a picture of one also had a lot to do with how I turned out,” says Mr. Clinton. “Good and not so good. But I think on balance, more good than bad. But it had a lot to do with it.”

All people have “issues” in their lives. But how those issues are dealt with and the adult product that emerges because of those “issues” is what matters. Bill Clinton learned to empathize with people. Barack Obama became a soulless shark. The danger to America from Barack Obama’s broken personality is real. Ace of Spades, discussing a book about Jon Peters and Peter Gruber called Hit And Run made some observations which fit Barack Obama exactly:

“Peters, some of his colleagues believed, thrived on chaos. He made nonsensical changes last-minute, throwing off scripts, shooting schedules, and budgets. He would suddenly be committed to an oddball idea that no one had even heard before, nevermind agreed to include in the movie.

They speculated that Peters wasn’t able to perform in a “normal” environment, where he would tend to feel marginalized by the more professional sorts of people.

He preferred chaos. And what some of his colleagues believed was this: When he created chaos, he was the Center of the Storm, and the only person who understood what the hell was going on, because he, after all, was causing all the problems. So creating chaos tended to put him in the central position of power on a set, because everyone would have to come to him to find out how to fix the problems.. that he himself had caused.

And by doing so, he created power for himself. On a “normal” sort of shoot, power flowed to the more centered, more predictable partner Guber, or the other more professionally-minded movie people; but on a chaotic set, power flowed to Peters, who worked well in a chaotic environment.

Or at least he wasn’t as bothered by chaos as most people, and thus would appear to be calm and cool by comparison — a rock in the storm. Again, the storm he created, but he would appear to be a fairly steady rock in that storm.*

I’m starting to wonder if No-Drama Obama shares this preference for chaos and upheaval with Jon Peters.”

Smells like Obama, doesn’t it? It’s all about lies and creating chaos so no one will notice Obama is a stumbling chucklehead boob with a briefcase full of crackpot ideas and snake oil. It’s all about chaos – the New delay: Deadline for ObamaCare enrollment moved back from December 15th to 23rd even though it is understood that the insurers needed the two weeks to fulfill the enrollment process and verify that the applications were in correct order. It is chaos creation for the many having to work extra during the Christmas holidays while Obama sleeps and golfs in Hawaii.

It’s about chaos. It’s all about avoiding accountability with the latest attempt to dodge the 2014 elections with another shifty scam as HHS delays 2015 enrollment to … just past the midterm elections. It’s about chaos and deception.

The chaos caused by yesterday’s vote in the senate profits no one but Barack Obama. Barack Obama will be able to get some appointees through in the chaos he’s created but it is generally agreed by most commentators from Journolister Ezra Klein to Charles Krauthammer that this Senate rules change will come back to help Republicans:

“Decades of negative and destructive policies can be reversed with a bare majority. Obamacare can be repealed with a bare majority. True Conservative Judges will not be banished due to a filibuster threat.

Yes, it’s true that the absence of a filibuster could accelerate the destructive policies. That fear is justified, particularly as to the judiciary. But face it, we were headed there anyway unless drastic action was taken.

That drastic action took place yesterday. By Democrats.

Now at least we have a chance to achieve previously unimaginable progress in a single presidential term if we also have bare majorities in Congress and a President with the willpower. It will take only one such term.”

The chaos will only help Barack Obama and then it will come back to destroy what the Democratic Party worked generations to accomplish.

* * * * * *

Which brings us back to JFK. In May of 2008 we compared John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama. Obama did not come off very well. But back then the Obama shills continued to swoon and declare Barack Obama reminded them of JFK.

We’ve learned much more of the real parentage of JFK’s books since then and we have learned much more about JFK. Much of what we have learned is not flattering but even that new knowledge keeps Barack Obama in the dung heap and Kennedy’s qualifications to be president on a pedestal.

In her latest attempt, contrary to our own advice, to protect Barack Obama by using Hillary Clinton as a shield Elinor Clift documents the lament:

“Obama was supposed to be our Kennedy, but that’s all gone. We don’t think of him that way anymore. What happened?”

What happened was that Obama’s chaos birthing boobery and lack of qualifications to be president have finally been exposed as we knew they would be. John Kennedy was qualified to be president. Barack Obama is not qualified to be president. This is a dangerous fact. It’s dangerous to the United States. It is dangerous to Israel.

John F. Kennedy’s great political achievement arguably is his actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis. What Kennedy understood that politically he could not allow Soviet missiles in Cuba. It was not a military problem, it was a political problem.

During the Cold War the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics had nuclear armed submarines aimed at the United States which were even closer to the continent than potential Cuban missiles. Soviet nuclear torpedoes easily could attack the United States east coast and the entire American Navy in one stroke.

President Kennedy understood that there was no way he could allow Soviet missiles installed in Cuba which would have a greater range that could hit deep into America. It would have been Finlandization and a neutered, nervous, America afraid to function. Kennedy understood the sophisticated interplay of the military and the political.

Barack Obama does not see or deliberately ignores that lesson from JFK. Obama weakens America. Obama’s chaos policies also hurt America’s allies, especially Israel.

These days Barack Obama is planning the ultimate treachery against Israel. Israel can never let Iran hold a nuclear sword over the Jewish state but Barack Obama either does not see this or prefers the Jewish state of Israel to be caged by Iran, if not obliterated by Iran in a second Holocaust.

Fortunately Israel has a leader who will never let Iran achieve it’s political aims with nuclear arms:

“Why Netanyahu won’t yield

The prime minister’s hard line on Iran reflects his deep sense of duty to defend the Jewish state against an existential threat. [snip]

Iranian leaders know — and Israel’s analysts agree — that lessening the economic pressure on Iran will send an incontrovertible message to foreign companies, many of which are already seeking contracts with Tehran, that the sanctions that took years to build are ending. Iran could drag out any confidence-building period indefinitely while producing fissile materiel for multiple bombs.

Top-flight intelligence helped Israel grapple with the challenges posed by the Arab Spring, but the stakes regarding Iran — the lives of 8 million Israelis — are vastly greater. Pundits may posit that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is a moderate, but Israelis cannot indulge in speculation. Our margin for error is nil.

Knowing that, Netanyahu is duty-bound to warn of Iranian subterfuge, to insist that Iran cede its centrifuges, cease enrichment, close its heavy-water plant and transfer its nuclear stockpiles abroad.

He has a responsibility to explain that although Israel has the most to gain from diplomacy, it also has the most to lose from its failure. He is obliged to stress that the choice is not between sanctions and war but between a bad deal and stronger sanctions. And as the prime minister of the Jewish state, Netanyahu must assert Israel’s right to defend itself against any existential threat.

Critics can call him militant or intransigent, but Netanyahu is merely doing his job. Any Israeli leader who did less would be strategically and morally negligent.”

Barack Obama pretends to not see that Israel cannot risk a hate filled close neighbor with nuclear missiles. Israel for generations has had unacknowledged nuclear weapons but never used them even in the most dire circumstances. An Iranian regime that hates Israel and Saudi Arabia would never exercise restraint. Kennedy could not allow nuclear missiles in Cuba just as Israel cannot allow nuclear missiles aimed from Iran. Barack Obama closes his eyes and pretends to all the world that he just doesn’t see.

Israel sees the danger. Saudi Arabia, which hates Israel and Jews, sees the danger. That’s why Saudi Arabia has decided to help Israel:

“Two old foes unite against Tehran

Convinced that Iran is tricking the world over nuclear weapons, Israel and Saudi Arabia may work together to curb its ambitions

ONCE they were sworn enemies. Now Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency is working with Saudi officials on contingency plans for a possible attack on Iran if its nuclear programme is not significantly curbed in a deal that could be signed in Geneva this week.

Both the Israeli and Saudi governments are convinced that the international talks to place limits on Tehran’s military nuclear development amount to appeasement and will do little to slow its development of a nuclear warhead.

As part of the growing co-operation, Riyadh is understood already to have given the go-ahead for Israeli planes to use its airspace in the event of an attack on Iran.

Israel knows about the dangers of appeasement. Barack Obama only brings chaos. We’ve written about this before too in 2009’s Obama, Jew-baiter, And The Sudentenland.

Recently Ben Stein wrote that Obama is “Making ‘Annihilation’ of Jews Possible. We saw it all years ago but now it is getting Big Media play.

We’ll end today with Fouad Ajami discussing When the Obama Magic Died:

The current troubles of the Obama presidency can be read back into its beginnings. [snip]

Forgive the personal reference, but from the very beginning of Mr. Obama’s astonishing rise, I felt that I was witnessing something old and familiar. My advantage owed nothing to any mastery of American political history. I was guided by my immersion in the political history of the Arab world and of a life studying Third World societies.

In 2008, seeing the Obama crowds in Portland, Denver and St. Louis spurred memories of the spectacles that had attended the rise and fall of Arab political pretenders. I had lived through the era of the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdul Nasser. He had emerged from a military cabal to become a demigod, immune to judgment. His followers clung to him even as he led the Arabs to a catastrophic military defeat in the Six Day War of 1967. He issued a kind of apology for his performance. But his reign was never about policies and performance. It was about political magic.

A nemesis awaited the promise of this new presidency: Mr. Obama would turn out to be among the most polarizing of American leaders. No, it wasn’t his race, as Harry Reid would contend, that stirred up the opposition to him. It was his exalted views of himself, and his mission. The sharp lines were sharp between those who raised his banners and those who objected to his policies.

America holds presidential elections, we know. But Mr. Obama took his victory as a plebiscite on his reading of the American social contract. A president who constantly reminded his critics that he had won at the ballot box was bound to deepen the opposition of his critics.

A leader who set out to remake the health-care system in the country, a sixth of the national economy, on a razor-thin majority with no support whatsoever from the opposition party, misunderstood the nature of democratic politics. An election victory is the beginning of things, not the culmination. With Air Force One and the other prerogatives of office come the need for compromise, and for the disputations of democracy. A president who sought consensus would have never left his agenda on Capitol Hill in the hands of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Mr. Obama has shown scant regard for precedent in American history. To him, and to the coterie around him, his presidency was a radical discontinuity in American politics. There is no evidence in the record that Mr. Obama read, with discernment and appreciation, of the ordeal and struggles of his predecessors. At best there was a willful reading of that history. Early on, he was Abraham Lincoln resurrected (the new president, who hailed from Illinois, took the oath of office on the Lincoln Bible). He had been sworn in during an economic crisis, and thus he was FDR restored to the White House. He was stylish with two young children, so the Kennedy precedent was on offer.

In the oddest of twists, Mr. Obama claimed that his foreign policy was in the mold of Dwight Eisenhower’s . But Eisenhower knew war and peace, and the foreign world held him in high regard.”

Those American Presidents, agree with them or not, loathe them or love them, that led America in the interests of America and for the people with respect for democratic process. Barack Obama’s narcissism is a chaos craze destructive to America:

“During his first campaign, Mr. Obama had paid tribute to Ronald Reagan as a “transformational” president and hinted that he aspired to a presidency of that kind. But the Reagan presidency was about America, and never about Ronald Reagan. Reagan was never a scold or a narcissist. [snip]

If Barack Obama seems like a man alone, with nervous Democrats up for re-election next year running for cover, and away from him, this was the world he made. No advisers of stature can question his policies; the price of access in the Obama court is quiescence before the leader’s will. The imperial presidency is in full bloom. [snip]

Valerie Jarrett, the president’s most trusted, probably most powerful, aide, once said in admiration that Mr. Obama has been bored his whole life. The implication was that he is above things, a man alone, and anointed. Perhaps this moment—a presidency coming apart, the incompetent social engineering of an entire health-care system—will now claim Mr. Obama’s attention.”

The old saw “If you are bored it’s because you are boring” is so true in Barack Obama’s case. Or as G.K. Chesterton put it “There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people.” Barack Obama is bored because he is a narcissistic bore. Further, Barack Obama does not want to look in the mirror because what he sees proves that he is the piece of sh*t he knows himself to be. The self loathing narcissist looks in the pool of water and sees a turd.

Narcissist nasty misogynist incompetent treacherous boob – that’s Barack Obama. To borrow from Lloyd Bentsen: “I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Obama, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”


ObamaCare Is The Antidote To Hopium And B.O.

Update: The latest defensive line for those vainly attempting to protect Obama and ObamaCare is this line from the Quinnipiac CBS poll: “…48% think there are some good things in the law but changes are needed to make it work better; and another 43% think the law needs to be repealed entirely”. This is a defense in search of a brain and something worthwhile to preserve.

We thought the silliness of the “reform don’t repeal” soldiers protecting ObamaCare had been effectively smashed by a previous post of ours titled Soft Repeal: ObamaCare Died Today – Murdered By Barack Obama. Sadly we expected too much from the ObamaCare protectors.

According to the CBS poll a substantial number, 43% “think the law needs to be repealed entirely”. In the same poll (other polls are effectively following the same trend lines) 48% want to see “changes”. Here’s what the ObamaCare defenders refuse to see or understand: THE CHANGES REQUIRED TO “MAKE IT WORK BETTER” WILL DESTROY OBAMACARE. Do we need to make it any clearer? It’s why we call it “SOFT REPEAL”.

Obama’s phony “fix” if it worked will destroy ObamaCare. Getting rid of or delaying ObamaCare’s punitive mandate will destroy ObamaCare. Delaying the enrollment deadline will destroy ObamaCare. The distinction between the 48% and the 43% is a distinction without a difference. All ObamaCare roads lead to either “soft repeal” or a “hard on repeal”. Yesterday’s National Journal poll is a poll for soft repeal even though National Journal is on the “reform not repeal” ramparts:

“A large majority (64 percent) of those surveyed said Congress should amend the Affordable Care Act to allow people to “keep their current coverage even if it doesn’t meet the law’s minimum standards.”

That National Journal poll, “a large majority (64%)” is a call for soft repeal of ObamaCare. They can call it “changes” but it really means “death”. Ditto the CBS poll and the Quinnipiac poll and every poll since October 1. The low information voters or those seeking refuge in fiction might not understand it or refuse to understand it – but the changes mean death for ObamaCare nevertheless. Proposed changes to ObamaCare = Soft Repeal. Get it?

ObamaCare at best is a national joke. Our comments section has examples of Spirit airlines and others using ObamaCare and “pulling an Obama“, as a punchline to their humor. We’re not sure if child molester Obama is that funny but it is bone chilling. Even the senate filibuster, today’s distraction squirrel of the day, is an ObamaCare joke. Republican leader Mitch McConnell on nuclear option: “If you like the rules of the Senate, you can keep them!” The only ones not laughing are the dead souls.


Either the Earth revolves around the Sun or the Sun revolves around the Earth. The prevailing view eventually lost the argument and the Sun won center stage. Likewise one view must prevail on the question of “what is Obama?” Is Obama the Messiah lightbringer or the treacherous misogynist flim-flam con man corrupt boob that we know him to be? The two views of Obama are opposed to each other just as the views of those earlier cosmologists were opposed to each other. Eventually the evidence will be in and one side will be proven correct beyond any doubt.

Back in September 2011 we discussed how increasingly the views of Obama we shaped in 2007 gained traction and became the dominant view by the public of treacherous misogynist flim-flam con man corrupt boob Barack Obama. Anyone willing to tell the truth could see the truth about Barack Obama with ease. By December of 2009 Doyle McManus of the Los Angeles Times saw a huge chunk of what Barack Obama is:

“Obama turned out to be masterful at launching new policies but inconsistent at getting them to work. His presidency threatened to fall into a worrisome pattern: the announcement of a lofty goal, the delegation of implementation to second-rank officials, a missed deadline or two, last-minute intervention by the president to rescue the effort from collapse, and, finally, mixed results — followed by a statement claiming victory.”

In the last two months we have seen our view of Barack Obama carved into the public mind. That’s because the obvious cannot be ignored any longer.

ObamaCare is the antidote to Hopium.

Today two deadly polls. One a national poll. Another a state poll. Result? Obama Dimocrats terrified of the treacherous Obama:

“President Obama’s relationship with congressional Democrats has worsened to an unprecedented low, Democratic aides say.

They are letting it be known that House and Senate Democrats are increasingly frustrated, bitter and angry with the White House over ObamaCare’s botched rollout, and that the president’s mea culpa in a news conference last week failed to soothe any ill will.

Sources who attended a meeting of House chiefs of staff on Monday say the room was seething with anger over the immense damage being done to the Democratic Party and talk was of scrapping rollout events for the Affordable Care Act.

Here we are, we’re supposed to be selling this to people, and it’s all screwed up,” one chief of staff ranted. “This either gets fixed or this could be the demise of the Democratic Party.

It’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen it,” the aide said of the recent mood on Capitol Hill. “It’s bad. It’s really bad.” [snip]

But increasingly the anger is directed at one person only: Obama.

Is he even more unpopular than George W. Bush? I think that’s already happened,” said one Democratic chief of staff.”

Who’s bitter now?

Anyone tied to Barack Obama will be taken down as an Ahab strapped to Moby Dick. And by that, as we have warned, means anyone, Hillary. We hope those who do not take our warnings seriously see this Brutal Quinnipiac poll of Colorado: Obama’s job approval at 36/59, Hillary now trails three Republican contenders. Attack Obama and ObamaCare right after November 30 Hillary, or play with fire.

Barack Obama is poison nationally and in the states:

“In an early look at the 2016 race for the White House, New Jersey Republican Gov. Christopher Christie tops former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 46 – 38 percent in Colorado, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to results of an August 23 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN- uh-pe-ack) University, showing Gov. Christie with 43 percent and Secretary Clinton at 42 percent, a tie.

In today’s survey, Clinton runs neck and with other possible Republican candidates;

Clinton at 44 percent to 47 percent for U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky;
Clinton and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tied at 44 – 44 percent;
Clinton at 43 percent to 45 percent for U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Colorado voters say 48 – 29 percent that Christie would make a good president. The other contenders, including Clinton, don’t have what it takes, voters say, ranging from a negative 46 – 49 percent for Clinton to a negative 24 – 66 percent for Vice President Joseph Biden.

“The race might be hypothetical, but the lead is very real. Coloradans showing the love for Garden State Gov. Christopher Christie, who for the first time in running well ahead of Hillary Clinton,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.”

These results in purple swing state Colorado cannot be attributed to the recent great publicity for Chris Christie. Senator Mark Udall who has been popular now polls 47 to 41 as Colorado voters say he does not deserve reelection. The collapse cannot be attributed to anything or anyone other than Barack Obama and his ugly child ObamaCare. The problem is Barack Obama:

Colorado voters disapprove 59 – 36 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, his worst approval rating in any state or national Quinnipiac University poll since he was elected. Even women disapprove by 52 – 41 percent, while men disapprove 66 – 31 percent. [snip]

Colorado voters oppose the Affordable Care Act 56 – 40 percent, with opposition at 96 – 3 percent among Republicans and 59 – 35 percent among independent voters. Democrats support the ACA 83 – 14 percent.”

Colorado is a synecdoche for the nation. ObamaCare is the antidote to Hopium and Americans are being forced to eat it. The vomit from millions of Americans will drown Obama:

Nov13c Morning

“Poll: Obamacare support, Obama approval sink to new lows

President Obama’s job approval rating has plunged to the lowest of his presidency, according to a new CBS News poll released Wednesday, and Americans’ approval of the Affordable Care Act has dropped to its lowest since CBS News started polling on the law.

Thirty-seven percent now approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing as president, down from 46 percent in October — a nine point drop in just a month. Mr. Obama’s disapproval rating is 57 percent — the highest level for this president in CBS News Polls. [snip]

Just seven percent of Americans think the Affordable Care Act is working well and should be kept in place as it is. Far more, 48 percent, think there are some good things in the law, but changes are needed to make it work better, and another 43 percent think the law needs to be repealed entirely.

The president’s overall job approval rating has declined among many demographic groups since last month, including independents (a 12-point drop), men (down 9 points), and women (a 10-point drop). More women now disapprove than approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing as president.

When compared to recent two-term presidents, President Obama’s approval rating is similar to that of George W. Bush at this point in his presidency, but lower than the ratings of both Bill Clinton (58 percent) and Ronald Reagan (65 percent). [snip]

President Obama has also taken a hit on views of his honesty. During the presidential campaign last fall, 60 percent of voters said Mr. Obama was honest and trustworthy, but just 49 percent of Americans think that today.

Most Democrats (84 percent) say the president is honest and trustworthy, but most Republicans don’t think he is (77 percent). Independents are more divided in their assessments: 43 percent think President Obama is honest and trustworthy, but 53 percent don’t think he is.

Remember our mantra? Obama cannot be trusted:

Despite the spin from CBS that repeal is not gaining, or gaining less than they fear – It’s going to get worse for Obama and ObamaCare. Anyone who is on the side of Obama and ObamaCare is on the wrong side of history. Wait until America wakes up to this:

Do you know where your personal data is going?

After meeting with several Obamacare Navigators who openly encouraged our undercover reporters to lie about income status, health history and more, it became clear that personal data was also being “cross-pollinated.”

Enter Enroll America, a Sebelius-linked group dedicated to signing people up for Obamacare and Chris Tarango, Texas Enroll America Communications Director who Project Veritas caught on tape agreeing to help obtain a private list of potential Obamacare enrollee data for election/political purposes. Tarango goes so far to say he’ll “Do whatever it f****** takes.”

Any wonder why “corruption” is increasingly viewed as an Obama/Obama Dimocrat trait? A boob that stabbed anyone in the back who got in his way, who perpetrated a flim-flam scam on the nation, a man that neither friend nor foe can trust, a liar and perpetrator of a series of great frauds against America and Americans. It’s taken all of that to shake off the drunken stupor.

It’s the end of an illusion. The dawn of reality.


Red Storm Warnings For Hillary Clinton 2016, Part II

Smart Republicans, clever conservatives, have a brilliant line of attack against Hillary Clinton 2016. Already “tie Hillary to ObamaCare” has a video and many articles which seek to plaster Hillary to the monstrosity called ObamaCare. These Republicans and conservatives have a powerful ally in Obama Dimocrats and those who desperately want to save ObamaCare.

The goal of Republicans is smart and obvious: tie Hillary to a horror that will stick worse than a billion Benghazis. For Obama Dimocrats, Obama lovers, Obama defenders and totalitarian leftists content to defend the indefensible their aim is to use Hillary Clinton as a shield to protect Obama, ObamaCare, the failures of Obama and ObamaCare as well as their totalitarian aims.

We’re not surprised by any of this, we wrote about it, and we hope that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are not surprised by it either. We’re not surprised and we certainly think it is a deadly good strategy to destroy Hillary Clinton 2016 but unfortunately many Hillary Clinton supporters appear blind to the dangers.

Any Hillary Clinton 2016 supporter that believes Hillary should in any way tie herself to ObamaCare is a damn fool. Any Hillary Clinton 2016 supporter that believes Hillary’s health plan outlined in 2007/2008 is almost the same as ObamaCare is helping destroy Hillary Clinton 2016. Further, and a bit more open to debate, any Hillary Clinton supporter who does not think that Hillary Clinton needs to take our suggestion to attack ObamaCare after November 30, 2013 is proposing a strategy which leads to a deathtrap cul-de-sac.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are to blame for much of the strategic landscape filled with powerful explosives they now find themselves in. They themselves planted the explosives about to go ka-boom. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have been too clever by half in their statements in support of ObamaCare. Their statements, documented in the first link above, have been anodyne statements made when pressed for their thoughts on ObamaCare. For instance, in a much ballyhooed, by the right and the left, statement in June at the Grand Rapids Economic Club Hillary said:

“Hillary Clinton defends health care reform, urges ‘smart’ changes to tax code

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Potential 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton thinks “the jury is out” on the consequences of federal health care reform, but urged patience as the landmark changes are implemented. [snip]

Krueger, CEO of the multimillion-dollar, Rockford-based footwear company Wolverine World Wide, mentioned speculation that health care reform could drive up costs, and asked Clinton which country best tackles the issue.

“First, I have to say that I think the jury is out, because the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is going on as we speak,” replied Clinton, who is considered the Democratic front-runner for the far-off 2016 presidential race despite not saying whether she hopes to run. “There are some very important features in that.” [snip]

“It’s a tough one for us, and I want to see the good parts of the Affordable Care Act implemented,” Clinton said. “Then I think we should all take a deep breath and see where we are, and see what more we can or should do.”

Hillary said that “the jury is out” on ObamaCare and that she wanted to see “the good parts of the Affordable Care Act implemented”. Many republicans/conservatives have said the same thing. But Hillary’s common sense statement full of nuance and caveats was summarized in the headline as Hillary defends ObamaCare. Of course she did not do what the headline said but with Republicans/conservatives and Obama Dimocrats pushing the headline the story is that Hillary defends ObamaCare. The same circumstances hold for other nuanced and too clever Hillary statements. The person we do indeed think is to blame here is Hillary. And the person that has to dig herself out of the trap she has nuanced herself into is Hillary.

We have partly explained the differences between Hillary’s smart health care reform plan and the abomination which is ObamaCare. But all the articles we write detailing the big differences between what corrupt Barack Obama signed and what Hillary Clinton proposed, and all the Hillary and Bill Clinton nuanced statements are not going to change the narrative one damn bit.

What is needed is a declarative statement from Hillary Clinton denouncing ObamaCare. The sooner after November 30 Hillary speaks along these lines the better. The longer she waits the worse it will be.

Enter Elizabeth Warren.

* * * * * *

Wonder why there are so many Elizabeth Warren for president stories lately? The purposes for those fanning this fancy are twofold. The first is that the left will never allow their grip on the party to slip into the hated Hillary’s hands and Elizabeth Warren is their first test candidate to keep control of the party (not necessarily win the general election which is secondary to the more important goal of the totalitarian left to keep party control). The second purpose is to keep Hillary Clinton from resurrecting the Democratic Party with a coalition that brings in the white working class, seniors and married women thereby breaking the grip of the totalitarian left, gentry liberals, and Obama duped black voters. To restore that successful FDR coalition Hillary must reject the left, move to the center and demonstrate she puts people first, party second. Warren is a means to keep Hillary from moving away from the totalitarian left and into the center with actions such as denouncing ObamaCare as the scam it is.

For the longest time we advised a Hillary Clinton at Colombey-les-Deux-Églises strategy. That meant “shut up, don’t say a word, let the party come to you for salvation”. But with the collapse of ObamaCare in slow motion that strategy must have an exemption for Hillary to denounce ObamaCare and inoculate herself from the moment when ObamaCare’s death certificate is signed.

Last week David Corn of Mother Jones magazine wrote what amounted to threats against Bill and Hillary Clinton if they continue to so deftly destroy ObamaCare. The general public does not get to read or pay attention to the reasons why Bill Clinton’s “honor your commitment” warning to Obama was so poisonous. But Corn and his Kook compatriots see the threat and that’s why Corn issued threats against Bill and Hillary:

“In 2 Charts: Why Hillary (and Bill) Clinton Damn Well Better Hope Obamacare Succeeds

Bill Clinton did it again. On Tuesday, he interjected himself into the ongoing political tussle over the implementation of Obamacare by declaring that President Barack Obama “should honor” his “commitment” to allow people to hang on to their preexisiting health insurance plans. With this comment, the Secretary of Explaining Stuff gave ammo to the foes of Obamacare, and he, unintentionally or not, undermined a core element of the health care law. And, no surprise, he kicked off a spasm of speculation among the politerati: What are the Clintons up to? Will Hillary, if she runs for president, distance herself from the White House? Will she somehow suggest she’s more competent than Obama? All this commentary was to be expected. There’s something about the Clintons that encourages folks to sniff out clever schemes, intricate plots, and self-serving conniving.

But there’s a basic fact that cannot be escaped: The Clintons need Obamacare to succeed. Just look at the chart in the video below:

After Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992, he placed his wife in charge of health care reform. (It was part of the two-for-one deal.) And she subsequently unveiled a complicated reform plan that was quickly dubbed Hillarycare by Republicans and conservatives. [snip]

After first toying with a get-along strategy for dealing with Hillarycare, the Republicans mounted a fierce opposition against it, and these charts fueled that effort (along with the Harry and Louise ad campaign orchestrated by the health insurance industry). Waving these charts, the GOPers succeeded in killing Hillarycare—and, decrying the Clintons’ health care proposal, they went on to seize control of the House in the 1994 midterm elections.

Hillarycare ended up a political failure and set back the cause of health care reform for nearly two decades. It’s not an episode that Hillary Clinton would want discussed during a 2016 presidential campaign. If Obamacare thrives, there will be no reason to look back to Hillarycare and drag these charts out of the dustbin of history. But should the Affordable Care Act falter or collapse, a question will loom: What would Hillary do about health care? Her past record would be raked over and that would likely not boost her presidential prospects. Having screwed up in the early 1990s, could she argue that she would do a better job in reforming the health care system than Obama?

It would be best for a Clinton 2016 campaign for health care to be off the table—with no need to revisit all this inconvenient ancient history. That means she and Bill should be hoping that the implementation of Obamacare proceeds well—and they should do all they can to encourage that. So Bill Clinton ought to coordinate (closely) with the White House on what stuff he should be explaining. It’s not only the president’s political fortunes that are tied to Obamacare.

For Hillary the best strategy is to attack ObamaCare now. Take that disaster off the table now. Side with the people now. The party cannot survive to a general election without Hillary at the helm so she has nothing to fear from Corn or the Kooks if she sides with the people, now. Even in the polls ObamaCare is sinking. Her political fortunes are tied to the American people against Obama and ObamaCare.

Corn threatens Hillary and Bill Clinton because he sees that they don’t need Corn or the Kooks if they restore the FDR coalition. Corn threatens because he is frightened. Corn wants to discuss the Clinton health plan of 1994 not the Hillary Clinton health plan of 2007/2008. Hillary Clinton in 2007 and 2008 stated that she learned a great deal after the failure of 1994 and she prepared a smarter health care plan in 2007/2008. Corn does not want to discuss this plan. Corn wants to revisit HillaryCare circa 1994. Republicans/conservatives at least are wisely targeting the Hillary 2007/2008 plan and the mandate and only a few time travel to 1994 when Republicans created ObamaCare. Corn’s threats are well, corny.

Hillary Clinton 2016 must oppose ObamaCare and time is running out.
Today the world learned a bit more about deadlines. We have been arguing that the ObamaCare deadline is not March 31, 2014 as so many ObamaCare shills insist. The deadline is December 15, 2013. That’s because on that date those that want to be enrolled in ObamaCare must have finished the process. In order to accomplish this the website had to work on October 1. But it didn’t. After that missed deadline we wrote that the website had to be working on November 1 at the latest. It has yet to work – game over. Today, Uh oh: White House might have even less time than thought to repair Healthcare.gov

Time is running out. Those that want their ObamaCare on January 1 have to not only enroll by December 13, 2013 but they also have to pay by December 15, 2013. Problem is the website is so Obama’ed up it can’t take payments. Brilliant!

Time is running out for ObamaCare. Soft repeal is already here. Harry and Louise or Barry and Moo-ise might be back soon too. The red storm warnings for Hillary Clinton 2016 are here too.

[Part III coming soon, after some other necessary articles.]


Where Are Harry And Louise?

An ObamaCare medical miracle midst millions of ObamaCare catastrophes is possible. ObamaCare might miraculously resurrect from the dead Harry and Louise.

In 1994, not in 2007/2008 when Hillary perfected a new plan, Harry and Louise advertisements helped doom the Clinton health care plan. Louise told Harry “Having choices we don’t like is no choice at all.” That simple attack resonated. Bill Clinton back on his heels refused to accept a Republican “compromise” proposal that very much resembles ObamaCare and therefore health care reform died a quick merciful death – without the prolonged horrors that accompany end of life patients losing organ after organ until death is acknowledged with a certificate.

Knowing nothing about health care, nor reform, Barack Obama in 2009 did have a keen sense of self-advancement and check-the-box politics. Barack Obama, no doubt with an eye to lucrative Board of Directors perches for himself and Michelle, his patient dumping wife, post presidency, wanted to keep the Big Pharma and Big Insurance industries content with him. Barack Obama certainly did not want hostility from the very industry groups that ran Harry and Louise ads so effectively.

Obama, at the height of his popularity, traded away most of what could have constituted health care savings in secret meetings which violated his promises of openness and honesty. The left applauded the treachery.

So corrupt were Obama’s deals that Harry and Louise ads began to air. This time Harry and Louise shilled for the corruption not yet fully acknowledged to be ObamaCare. “Well it looks like we may finally get health care reform,” Harry told Louise.

That corrupt alliance of Barack Obama and industry supporters of ObamaCare might be over because “Obama cannot be trusted by friend nor foe.” Barack Obama stuck the knife into the backs of those that helped him pass ObaminationCare:

“President Obama’s messy breakup with insurers

President Barack Obama is breaking up with the health insurance industry again.

He’s had a love-hate relationship with the insurers ever since the early days of the health care reform debate. He yelled at them in public for giving people skimpy coverage, then slipped them a gift-wrapped box of chocolates — the individual mandate they wanted to gain millions of new customers.

Even during the implementation of Obamacare, he has stuck with the industry, staying in the rocky relationship despite all the petty bickering. He has to use them as a foil to advertise the law’s benefits, like all the rebates from greedy insurance companies. But he also needs them to make the law work — which is why he has been careful not to raise his voice at them even as they sent cancellation notices to individual insurance customers throughout the country.

Now, Obama is putting them on the spot. The message of his proposed one-year fix to the cancelled policies is this: I’m giving you a chance to clean up the mess. If you don’t clean it up, don’t blame it on me.

Barack Obama thinks that his usual trick of shift-the-blame will work again. He’s not responsible for anything. He just golfs. But health care and health insurance are what he messed up and Americans want solutions not words. Obama can only produced blame shifting words and platitudes of rolled back oceans. This time Barack Obama’s words won’t work because as the bills come due every American will see that Obama has put them in an ugly fix:

“There’s just one problem: Health insurers say the fix won’t work. And state insurance commissioners and leading actuaries aren’t sure, either.

For one thing, health insurance plans already set their prices for the Obamacare plans assuming that they’d get a certain number of customers, and the right mix of healthy and sick people. If they don’t get those people, they’re warning that the mix will be thrown off, and prices will have to go up — creating a new nightmare for the administration.

“Changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers,” Karen Ignagni of America’s Health Insurance Plans, the leading health insurance trade group, said in a statement.

Health insurance actuaries echoed the alarm.

“Changing the [Affordable Care Act] provisions could alter the dynamics of the insurance market, creating two parallel markets operating under different rules, thereby threatening the viability of insurance markets operating under the new rules,” said Cori Uccello, the senior health fellow at the American Academy of Actuaries. [snip]

And that assumes health insurers throughout the country can actually un-cancel plans this late in the game. Bill Hoagland, a senior vice president at the Bipartisan Policy Center and a former top official at CIGNA, says it’s “not that easy to put the genie back in the bottle” after insurers have sent the letters, set their rates, and programmed their computers under the rules that existed before Thursday.

“I don’t know if it’s a specific effort to shift the responsibility, but it will put pressure on the insurance companies,” said Hoagland. “If they can’t provide or reopen those plans … the burden will fall onto them.

Democrats don’t have a lot of sympathy for the insurance companies. They’ve been pushing the Obama administration to do more to pin the blame on the insurers, and to remind the public of the bad old days of pre-Obamacare health insurance coverage — as Obama did on Thursday, when he talked about how “Americans were routinely exposed to financial ruin or denied coverage due to minor pre-existing conditions or dropped from coverage altogether even if they’ve paid their premiums on time.”

Even now, Democratic strategists say insurers deserve more of the blame for tone-deaf communications with their customers than Obama is giving them.”

The Obama “fix” tries to shift the blame to insurers and state insurance commissioners for the chaotic mess Obama is to blame. Lisa Myers of NBC News explains in an investigative report why Barack Obama is to blame:

“Insurers, state officials say cancellation of health care policies just as they predicted

Several insurance industry officials and state insurance commissioners expressed frustration Friday, saying they were “baffled” by President Barack Obama’s assertion that the cancellation of millions of insurance policies occurred because a key provision of the Affordable Care Act didn’t work as expected. The administration was warned three years ago that regulations would have exactly that effect, they said.

They said the widespread cancellations in the individual health insurance market — roughly 5 million and counting — are in line with what was projected under regulations drawn up by the administration in 2010, requirements that both insurers and businesses objected to at the time. Cancellations also are occurring in the small group market, which covers businesses with between two and 50 employees, they noted.

We have been saying for years that the requirements in the law were going to mean that people couldn’t keep their current plans and they were going to have to purchase coverage that was more expensive,” said one high-level heath industry insider who spoke on condition of anonymity. “We said these changes would disrupt coverage and increase premiums for consumers. And now everything we said is coming true and people are acting surprised.”

Obama lied, millions cried.

We do not weep for the insurance companies that entered into a corrupt alliance with corrupt Barack Obama:

“The president urged, though did not mandate, insurers to reinstate cancelled plans and create two markets. In the process, he sought to alienate an old ally, the insurance industry, in order to create a foil at which Americans could direct their anxiety.

The insurance industry is furious,” wrote the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein. “They’ve been working with the White House to get HealthCare.Gov up and running and they’ve been devoting countless man hours to dealing with the problems and they’ve been taking the heat from their customers over canceled plans, and now the Obama administration wants to make them into a scapegoat.”

Some insurers will play the heavy in this production, but not all. Some state insurance commissioners simply refused to comply with the president’s request. Most, it is a safe bet, will include in the letters they are required to send to those with insurance policies that do not meet ACA requirements a paragraph or two informing them that they can lay the blame for their recent hardship squarely at the foot of the president.”

Obama made his blame shifting announcement without consulting nor even informing his dupes. If Obama won’t listen to his partners in crime, perhaps he will listen to a resurrected and angry Harry and Louise?

If the opponents of ObamaCare do not resurrect Harry and Louise maybe the Big Media shills for ObamaCare will in order to rescue their now broken dreams and have Harry tell Louise “I still believe in Hope and Change and the flim-flam man”. Ezra Klein who created the Journolisters is weeping for his broken tin plate god and the hope for change that has turned hideous:

Obamacare’s success would’ve affirmed the theories underlying Obama’s presidency — theories that could then be picked up by future presidents. Instead, Obamacare is systematically blowing apart the very premises it’s based on.

The reliance on Republican policy proposals did nothing to generate Republican support. Instead of showing the falseness of partisan divisions, Obamacare has proven how deeply entrenched they truly are.

Far from introducing innovation and efficiency into the system, the decision to build a complex, 50-state public-private hybrid has introduced towering complexity into the project, and seems, potentially, to be beyond the government’s capacity to do well.

And protecting individuals from the predations of the market has mostly led to complaints from those benefitting from the predations of the market. Even the most unjust system has winners, and those winners cling tightly to what they’ve won.”

Ezra is childish in his beliefs. He’s still making excuses and refusing to acknowledge that he is a fool and he foolishly fell for a scam from a flim-flam man he still adores and worships.

Like Ezra, John Judis at The New Republic is bemoaning what is happening and what is to come:

“If You Believe in Government, You Should Be Furious About Obamacare’s Incompetent Rollout

A fiasco that could haunt progressives for years to come

The first, and most obvious, effect will be on the Democrats’ political prospects in 2014 and perhaps even in 2016. Whatever advantage the Democrats received from the Republican shutdown, or from Republican machinations in state legislatures, has been erased by the specter of cancelled insurance policies and malfunctioning web pages. According to the Huffington Post’s polling averages, Democrats went from a tie in early August to a five point advantage in mid- October in the generic Congressional polls. That was a result of the public blaming the Republicans for the shutdown. But since then, the Democratic advantage has been falling and is now only 2.4 percent – which, given Republican advantages of incumbency and districting, is not enough to retake the House in 2014.

There are also warning signs in Senate races, where Democrats in 2014 have to defend 20 seats and the Republicans only 13. One race the Democrats need to win is in North Carolina, where Kay Hagan is up for re-election. According to Public Policy Polling, Hagan was leading her Republican challengers by eight points in August. Hagan’s advantage appeared to be tied to voters’ unhappiness with the state’s Republican administration. But this week, PPP’s polling showed Hagan tied with her challengers. PPP’s Tom Jensen blames Hagan’s ominous showing on the Obamacare rollout: [snip]

The second, and more far-reaching, effect will be on Americans’ support for government social and economic programs. Since the country’s founding, Americans have always had an abiding distrust of the federal government. [snip]

Obama succeeded in passing a health care bill in 2010 in the wake of the Great Recession. But if Obamacare doesn’t work as promised, then its failure will have reinforced for a generation the argument against any government initiatives. Reform will be dead – whether it’s to fix immigration, healthcare, or the growing gap between rich and poor.

There are already clear warning signs.

Because Americans are waking up to see Obama as the liar he is and ObamaCare as the killer it is, a lot of Obama Dimocrats are in reelection Hell. Hagen in North Carolina is not alone. Already the 2014 battlefield terrain is expanded to Republican advantage. Is the Michigan Senate seat in play for 2014?

The tears we shed for insurers and fools like Ezra and Judis are tears of laughter. We warned them Obama cannot be trusted and told them Obama represented false HOPE AND CHANGE for the worse.

Some fools are learning though. The Chicago Tribune which shilled for home town Obama even though they new better are off the Obama Hopium. It’s time for a change and ObamaCare repeal:

Stop digging. Start over.

As Friday dawns, here’s what a health insurance crisis looks like to many millions of Americans: Barely six weeks shy of 2014, they do not know whether they will have medical coverage Jan. 1. Or which hospitals and doctors they might patronize. Or what they may pay to protect themselves and their families against the chance of medical and financial catastrophe. How much, that is, they may pay in order to satisfy the Democratic politicians and federal bureaucrats who are worsening a metastasizing health coverage fiasco. [snip]

Those who don’t want or can’t afford the replacement policies Obamacare offers them. Those whose new policies block them from using the health providers who have treated them for many years. The estimated 23 million to 41 million people whose employer-sponsored plans are the next to be imperiled. And on and on.

Most of these tribespeople only wish their big problem was a slipshod Obamacare website. On Thursday, their plight grew more frightful. With even Democratic members of Congress storming the White House over the cancellations, Obama declared — by what legal authority is unclear — that he would overrule the law he signed in 2010 and allow insurers to extend those canceled policies for a year. [snip]

But in this country we don’t change bad laws by presidential fiat. We change them by having Congress rewrite them or by starting from scratch. Obama doesn’t want to reopen this law for fear that Republicans and some Democrats will substantially rewrite it. But that’s what has to happen.

We understand why the president and leaders of his party want to rescue whatever they can of Obamacare. On their watch, official Washington has blown the launch of a new entitlement program … under the schedule they alone set in early 2010.

What we don’t understand is their reluctance to give that failure more than lip service. Many of the Americans who heard their president say Thursday that “we fumbled the rollout of this health care law” would have been pleased to hear him add: So we’re admitting it. This law is a bust. We’re starting over.

Barack Obama will ignore the Chicago Tribune. Barack Obama will ignore all the Ezra Judis dupes crying for a failed lifetime of hopes and dreams. Barack Obama will even ignore these dupes, who by definition must be racists because they are not happy with Barack and ObamainationCare:

“Students at Bowie State University assailed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Thursday after administrators cancelled a low cost school-wide health care plan due to new regulations in the law.

Many students told Campus Reform that the now cancelled plans, which provided coverage for just $50 per semester, were the only insurance they could afford.

“I can’t afford anything right now,” one said. “I can’t even afford my loans.”

“We don’t have that money,” said another. “We can barely afford books.”

Several students said that they felt they had been let down.

It’s stupid and it’s Obama’s fault,” one said. “You haven’t done anything, Obama, and I’m disappointed in you.

What it was hyped up to be, was that it was supposed to solve a lot of problems and help a lot of people, and its not really doing that,” said another.”

How stupid they were to invest in a flim-flam man with a scam. Barack Obama won’t listen to them and why should he? They’re idiots ripe for the picking. Ezra, Judis, Bowie dopes, Chicago Tribune, all the usual idiots, Republicans, conservatives, pundits and Big Media know-nothings nor the Tea Party – Obama won’t listen to any of them.

However, Barack Obama might listen to Harry and Louise. An ad campaign by some entity outlining all the failures and corruptions of ObamaCare laid out at a kitchen table might get Obama’s Dumbo-sized ears to listen.

Hey, instead of Harry and Louise how about Barry and Moo-ise? From one Barry to another….


Soft Repeal: ObamaCare Died Today – Murdered By Barack Obama

Update: We’ve gone from House to vote on Upton’s “Keep Your Plan Act” soon to, at 1:33 p.m. on the east coast, the House of Representatives voting on the Upton legislation now. Barack Obama has threatened to wage war against his own promise. How many Obama Dimocrats will vote against their self-interest and millions of Americans under attack by Barack Obama’s lies?


We thought ObamaCare was to be euthanized tomorrow. The House vote on legislation designed to force Obama to turn his ‘u likey u keepy’ lie into law was set to pass. The chances for the soft repeal law in the Senate looked good as well.

Tomorrow’s vote is a soft repeal vote. That’s a truth few want to admit. A vote to force Barack Obama to keep his oft repeated promises about ObamaCare essentially doomed ObamaCare. That essential truth is why so many expressed shock when Bill Clinton told Obama in a most public manner to “honor the commitment”.

Bill Clinton is no fool and he understands health law as few others do. Bill Clinton knows for ObamaCare to survive Obama’s lies had to be honored intact. ObamaCare missionaries know this too. Nate Cohn at The New Republic has shilled mightily to force ObamaCare into birth and criminal adulthood. After Bill Clinton stuck the shiv into ObamaCare Cohn wrote Bill Clinton Is Wrong. This Is How Obamacare Works.”:

“Clinton’s statement makes it seem as if there is some simple way to let people keep their current plans—to avoid any disruption in the existing non-group market while still delivering the law’s benefits. As readers of this space know, no such magic solution exists. [snip]

And the grandfather clause is narrow, by design: If insurers made even modest changes, the protection goes away. Those plans are subject to the new regulations that take effect in January. As a result, the majority of people who buy insurance on their own are learning they can’t have what they had before, even though Obama promised everybody they could. Either their premiums are going up, as insurers accommodate the new regulations, or the plans are disappearing altogether. In those cases, people have to find new plans. And the sticker price of what they’ll find is higher than what they pay now.

This is not a glitch or an accident. This is the way health care reform is supposed to work. [snip]

But there are real people who must pay more and, in some cases, put up with less. [snip]

They are right to feel burned, since Obama did not make clear his promise might not apply to them.

Obama lied because his lie was a neccessary central pillar of ObamaCare. Like the way he has conducted his life, ObamaCare was a huge lie from birth onward.

* * * * * *

The Upton legislation is a deathblow to ObamaCare. It is soft repeal as compared to a hard core lurid full on turgid repeal. It’s soft repeal:

“The defenders of Obamacare know full well that the Upton legislation represents a serious threat to the viability of the law. It would provide a lifeline for a viable insurance market outside of Obamacare’s rules and suffocating structure. Millions of Americans would flock to a revitalized insurance marketplace that offered lower premium products with better coverage. The end result would be one more step toward fully reversing the catastrophic mistake of Obamacare.”

It’s going to be a long hard death of pain and blood for ObamaCare. By the deathbed will be withered Obama Dimocrats drawn to death themselves as they nurse the ObamaCare death throes and listen to the cheering crowds outside the hospice White House. Still, their perilous political situation as they watched the Virginia election results and the latest polls from North Carolina, forced Obama Dimocrats who voted for ObamaCare to declare their votes for the Upton soft repeal tomorrow.

By today Barack Obama knew that the Upton bill would have a massive bipartisan majority in the House. Barack Obama also knew that all the tricks of Harry Reid would not prevent a similar bill from passing the senate. Barack Obama knew that if any bill passed congress he would have to veto a popular bill that etched into law Obama’s promise. Obama would have to veto Obama’s popular promise. Obama would be at war with himself.

Obama Dimocrats thought that if they proposed many multiples of bills this would provide cover for every Obama Dimocrat that voted for ObamaCare to vote for a bill to keep Obama’s promise without actually passing a bill. That’s right. If Reid could get votes on many bills some Obama Dimocrats could vote for one bill but not another thereby everyone got a job saving vote without anything actually passing the senate and going to Obama for signature which Obama would then have to veto. A veto override vote would pull the duplicitous mask off and Obama Dimocrats would have to vote for or against a veto override. By voting for a veto override they would destroy Obama (whom they need, for their own reelection efforts, to be at least in the high forties in the polls by November 2014). By voting against a veto override they would destroy themselves as angry Americans flocked to the Republican banner.

That gimmick would not have worked because too many Americans are watching an Obama that they now know “cannot be trusted”. Even Nancy Pelousy ran for cover and announced a “yup” vote tomorrow. That hideous future is what forced Barack Obama to propose his useless “administrative fix”. The insurance companies have already slashed at Barack Obama even as he spoke:

“Insurance Industry Rips White House Obamacare Fix

This doesn’t change anything other than force insurers to be the political flack jackets for the administration,” says an insider.

WASHINGTON — The health insurance industry is already attacking a White House fix to Obamacare on Thursday even before the plan is formally announced by the president.

“This doesn’t change anything other than force insurers to be the political flack jackets for the administration,” said an industry insider. “So now when we don’t offer these policies the White House can say it’s the insurers doing this and not being flexible.”

This “administrative fix” will not change anything other than make it more obvious that flim-flam man Barack Obama continues to lie and break the law:

“The president is not proposing that the law be changed to allow all health insurance plans grandfathered into Obamacare’s eligibility requirements.

No, instead the White House is saying that it will use “enforcement discretion” to allow illegal health insurance plans to be able to still be sold. That is, the Obama administration will not enforce the penalty on individuals for not having eligible health insurance plans and they’ll allow the insurance companies to still sell so-called bad plans — plans they technically can’t sell under Obamacare.

“Under the White House’s approach, the Department of Health and Human Services will notify the nation’s state insurance commissioners that they have federal permission to allow consumers who already have such insurance policies to keep them through 2014,” reports the Washington Post.

He’ll also be forcing insurance companies to help advertise for Obamacare by letting customers know that there’s an Obamacare marketplace where they can purchase (or get subsidized) health care coverage.

Obama’s proposal is an extra-legal solution to a big problem for millions of Americans around the country.

I don’t see within the law how they can do this administratively,” said Speaker John Boehner in a press conference on Capitol Hill. “No one can identify anything the president could do administratively to keep his pledge that would be both legal and effective.”

So much for “settled law”. “Through 2014”, after the elections, is not enough of a lie to keep Obama defenses solid. It’s an illegal plan from a flim-flam man.

We told you immigration reform was dead before anyone else. We were right and it won’t be resurrected in an election year of ObamaCare burials.

This is our eulogy for ObamaCare. ObamaCare is dead. Corruption returns to corruption. ObamaCare is dead. Celebrate. Continue to fight.


Red Storm Warnings For Hillary Clinton 2016, Part I

Because of the ongoing internal debate at Hillary Clinton 2016 we have been advised to hit harder, tougher. We’ve been told the time is now to lambaste Hillary Clinton 2016 with critiques of what must be done and not to be too polite or too kind. There are many in the Hillary Clinton 2016 discussions who agree with us and they need ammunition and our voices as the informal strategy deliberations continue. Unlike 2008 when we communicated behind the scenes and gave advice sotto voce this time we do not intend to be quiet when something is wrong in the campaign. We will be brutal in our assessments and make them public. It’s tough love time, girlfriend.

Today’s article was going to be much more bare knuckle and was to be published last week after the Virginia election results. But we waited and today we’ve had a lovely surprise. We might be making progress and Hillary Clinton 2016 might be finally listening and acting on our advice.

Our advice of course is that Hillary Clinton must denounce ObamaCare. Hillary Clinton 2016 must be about “it’s time for a change” from the Obama years debacle and not a “stay the course” Obama embrace. Towards that end we thought that right after November 30 Hillary Clinton should attack Obama’s lies and the entire obamination that is ObamaCare. We might be getting our wish.

Today, instead of Hillary Clinton denouncing ObamaCare, Bill Clinton dipped his toe in the water thereby protecting Hillary and beginning the pivot away from the Obama debacle, ObaminationCare.

Bill Clinton: Obama should honor his promise about keeping your plan if you like it. The DrudgeReport headline is Honor Thy Commitment (which has a double meaning – one of which relates to Obama’s actions in 2016 – and the other more obvious critique of Obama’s lie about not losing health plans/doctors).

“So I personally believe, even if it takes a change to the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got,”

Bill Clinton well knows that for various reasons the rickety contraption of corruption known as ObamaCare cannot survive if his suggestions are adopted. Taking away health plans and doctors was an integral part of ObamaCare. It was deception birthed by a deceiver. Bill Clinton is pirouetting for the pivot:

“The remarks suggests the Clintons may be starting to reposition themselves away from President Obama and trying to dissociate themselves from the Obamacare rollout debacle as Hillary Clinton gears up for her expected presidential campaign.”

Bill Clinton is not alone. Those that want to survive 2014 and remain in office are running to the truth for protection:

“Dem. Rep.: ‘I Think the President Was Grossly Misleading to the American Public

Rep. Kurt Schrader, a Democrat from Oregon, said that President Obama was “grossly misleading” on Obamacare:

Very misleading,” the Democratic congressman says of Obama’s promise that you can keep your health care plan, if you like it. [snip]

But a lot of Americans, a lot of Oregonians, have stayed with the same policy for a number of years and are shocked that their policy got cancelled.

“So I think the president saying you could stay with it and not being honest that a lot of these policies were going to get cancelled was grossly misleading to the American public and is causing added stress and added strife as we go through a really difficult time with health care.”

Schrader also accused White House press secretary Jay Carney of “double talk” for also misleading on Obamacare.”

The catastrophic debacle which is Barack Obama and his Frankenstein monster ObamaCare is going to get worse not better. Every month next year as premiums rise the anger will rise. And the premiums will rise, as ObamaCare architect David Cutler explains:

If the numbers aren’t there then the premiums in the exchanges will be very high, because the people who will go through the most hoops to get that coverage are those for whom the costs are highest and their coverage is the worst. So it is very important that enough people get enrolled through the exchanges.

Why does anyone who wants to be elected or reelected stick by ObaminationCare? Hillary are you listening? Every month as insurance bills are paid the anger will build and anyone who is a part of this horror will be bloodied.

It’s time to run against Barack Obama and against ObamaCare. Who wants or needs the support of that rickety has been and his defunct, condemned ObamaCare ruin? It’s time for change and for Obama there will be no change for the better:

“History says President Obama’s sagging approval ratings — which this month have neared the lows of his entire presidency — aren’t going to improve before he leaves the White House in 2017. And that’s a troubling trajectory for Democrats feeling the pressure of reelection next year.

Historically, presidents whose approval plummets in their second term don’t recover. Such was the case for Harry Truman back in 1950, according to Gallup surveys. After reaching a high of 46 percent in July of 1950, the 33rd president’s approval never rose above 35 percent during the last two-and-a-half years of his presidency. The precipitous drop coincided with America’s involvement in the Korean War.

Another war helped bring about a more recent president’s downfall. George W. Bush never topped 50 percent after March 2005 and spent most his remaining tenure mired in the low to mid-30s, thanks in part to the unpopularity of the Iraq War. His approval further declined near the end of his presidency, when the financial crisis of 2008 left the economy in tatters.

In fact, no president in the last 60 years has watched his approval ratings bounce back during their second term. [snip]

In a second term, once a president’s numbers decline, they never come back up,” Ed Goeas, a Republican pollster, told reporters last week during a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “There’s a good reason for that: they don’t have a reelection campaign going on. They don’t have the air cover on air. They’re not putting back together a campaign in contrast to the opposition.”

Goeas suggested Obama has reached a similar point-of-no-return in his presidency.

Barack Obama is the kiss of death:

“Obama and his supporters like to say he’ll never face reelection again, so his numbers don’t matter. But other Democrats — namely red-state Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Mark Pryor of Arkansas of North, Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mark Begich of Alaska — will face voters again, during next year’s midterms. And a slumping president has been nothing but bad news for his party colleagues.

Democrats lost 28 House seats and five Senate seats during the first two years of Truman’s second term. In 2006, Republicans lost their majority in the House and Senate, losing 30 and six seats, respectively, under Bush’s leadership. Presidential parties with a popular chief executive have managed to actually add seats at the six-year mark, like Bill Clinton in 1998.”

Barack Obama’s support will be important in the primary elections, poison in the general election of 2016. For the DailyKooks and the totalitarian left the 2016 primaries will be more important than the general elections. They know, as we know and have written, that if Hillary Clinton is the nominee of the party their heads will roll down rivers of blood through the corridors of the DNC.

The DailyKooks and the totalitarian left want to maintain their death grip on the party apparatus and money rather than win an election. They do not intend to let Hillary Clinton crash their party in 2016.

In April of this year we predicted much of what is happening. Big Media and the totalitarian left will attempt to outflank Hillary Clinton 2016 and the second wave of attacks has begun – in the pages of the New York Times by Hillary Hater Frank Bruni:

“Hillary in 2016? Not So Fast

Hillary Clinton of all people knows how political fortunes turn on a dime. But she must be puzzled nonetheless, and spooked, that over a six-month period when she made no big news whatsoever, her popularity took a double-digit tumble. [snip]

Here we go. The beginning of the end of her inevitability.

It’s about time, because the truth, more apparent with each day, is that she has serious problems as a potential 2016 presidential contender, and the premature cheerleading of Chuck Schumer and other Democrats won’t change that.”

Bruni and the others in his kook coven are ecstatic that their reservoirs of bile, unused against Barack Obama for five years, can now be flushed against Hillary Clinton. Of course the coarse Bruni, who pictures himself a debonair swell, masks his hatred with highfalutin analytical disguises about how the public is sick of the wrong track America is on and looking for something new which for Bruni is not Hillary:

“These unusually big numbers suggest a climate in which someone who has been front and center in politics for nearly a quarter-century won’t make all that many hearts beat all that much faster. Voters are souring on familiar political operators, especially those in, or associated with, Washington. That’s why Clinton has fallen. She’s lumped together with President Obama, with congressional leaders, with the whole reviled lot of them.

And some of the ways in which she stands out from the lot aren’t flattering. She comes with a more tangled political history of gifts bestowed, favors owed, ironclad allegiances and ancient feuds than almost any possible competitor does. We’ve had frequent reminders of that: in the Anthony Weiner saga; in reports of mismanagement at the Clinton Foundation; in coverage of Terry McAuliffe’s bid to become Virginia’s governor.

Bruni’s hit piece was published on the day Terry McAuliffe was set to win the Virginia election for governor. If there is one person the DailyKooks and the Bruni coven hate more than the Clintons it is McAuliffe. They’ve always hated McAuliffe more than Republicans/conservatives hate McAuliffe. This time the hate was even more infuriating because they were forced to support McAuliffe over the Republican because they needed to show some support for Obama and a victory in Virginia would allay their fears. Still ObamaCare as an issue almost cost McAuliffe the election and Hillary Clinton 2016 better learn that lesson. McAuliffe won because he had tons more money, a much better organization and campaign, and McAuliffe had a unified party ready to elect him while the Republican establishment wanted to teach the Tea Party a lesson.

McAuliffe won and the DailyKooks and the Bruni coven had to hold their bladders of bile. But the idea of McAuliffe in Virginia ready to help Hillary Clinton 2016 during the primaries against their candidate (whoever that is) galls them. So Bruni let the bile flow on the very day of the Virginia election like a drunken sailor with too much beer in him:

“We’ve also had glimpses of the Clintons as an entrenched, entitled ruling class. To a degree that has turned off even some of the couple’s loyalists, Bill and Hillary have been unabashed lately in their coronation of Chelsea as the Clinton in waiting, the heir to the throne.

They renamed the family’s foundation to give her billing equal to theirs, with Hillary telling New York magazine that Chelsea’s elevation was “in the DNA.” They tug Chelsea onto pedestal after pedestal, tucking her into the folds of their own glory.

And it works. In an interview in September, Piers Morgan asked Bill Clinton whether Hillary or Chelsea would make the better president.

“Over the long run, Chelsea,” Bill said. “She knows more than we do about everything.”

Such dynastic musings square oddly with what’s shaping up as an anti-establishment passage of American politics, and the Clintons’ overexposure is a dicey fit for the revved-up metabolism of the Twitter era, which wants next, more, new.

That “dynastic” aversion would not be a problem for the DailyKooks and the Bruni coven if it was Michelle Obama running for Senate and it certainly does not offend them when it is a Kennedy or a Udall in the dynastic swamp. For now the DailyKooks and the Bruni coven are cruising for their man, or if necessary a stalking horse woman, to be their challenger to Hillary:

“Hillary’s shot at shattering the ultimate glass ceiling, an overdue milestone, might be newness enough. But would she be spared a potentially disruptive challenger from the left in the Democratic primaries? The ascent of Bill de Blasio and the cult fervor for Elizabeth Warren demonstrate an appetite right now for liberal firebrands.

And what would the argument for a Hillary presidency be? Something interesting happens when you ask Democrats why her in 2016. They say that it’s time for a woman, that she’ll raise oodles of dough, that other potentially strong candidates won’t dare take her on. The answers are about the process more than the person or any vision she has for the country. There’s no poetry in them. That’s not good.

“Competence,” said one prominent Democratic strategist, articulating Hillary’s promise. “And by the end of Obama’s second term, that may be more than enough.”

She sailed high as secretary of state because, apart from Benghazi, she could and did position herself mostly above the partisan fray. The hellcat had become a cool cat, wearing shades instead of thick glasses, the meme of all memes.

But nine months since she left that job, it’s hard to pinpoint what, other than all those dutiful miles she logged, her legacy is. She has returned to her earth, and it’s a fickle place.

One of the widely circulated nuggets from the just-published book “Double Down: Game Change 2012” is that Obama’s advisers considered knocking Joe Biden off the ticket and putting Hillary on. The anecdote has been cast as an insult to Biden.

But he remained, because internal research apparently suggested that Obama wouldn’t get a meaningful bump from the swap.

What does that say about Hillary?

What does that say about Bruni and the DailyKooks? The misogyny of “hellcat” to describe a woman is tolerated at the New York Times. Imagine if an equivalent racial adjective had been used to describe Barack Obama? Imagine if we called Bruni an “hysterical little woman hating queen”?

What it does say is that the Red Storm is about to hit Hillary Clinton 2016. It’s time for Hillary Clinton 2016 to be proactive and get ahead of the fight, not reactive and timid as in 2008.

[In our next installment we will discuss why Republicans/conservatives and those unhappy with Hillary should care about the 2016 primary fight in both parties. We mostly will discuss Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren and her claque.]


No Armistice Day

Here we are once again. The eleventh month, the eleventh day, the eleventh hour when an armistice was declared which ended possibly the most horrific war ever fought. As history unreels we think more and more that those opposed to American intervention had a very strong case to make. But that’s blood under the bridge.

Americans going “over there” might have been a mistake. But there is no dispute that war ended badly. The “victors” proved to be vicious, petty men. The “losers” not really defeated but only in need of a rest to rethink and resolved to fight again.

The armistice which stopped that war, only ended after a second world war when a genuine peace was achieved. The world at war was brought to a general peace even if new battle lines formed for the next war which never achieved “hot” fighting status. That avoided conflagration remained a cold war.

Now the eleventh month, the eleventh day, the eleventh hour, is called Veterans Day. But we’re too embarrassed for the nation to look at these men and women for whom this holiday is named in the face.

Those that fought for the nation recently found themselves targeted by the present occupant of the White House who was determined to use them as cannon fodder in his political war. As they themselves noted with derision, veterans from the second world war stormed the beaches of Normandy so they were not to be resisted by puny fences flung up by a puny man. All veterans of all the many wars of more recent vintage felt hearts stirred by the brotherhood and sisterhood of veterans who could not, would not, be kept from a mission of remembrance for their so many years ago fallen brothers and sisters.

The good news to tell our veterans? There is no armistice. The principles they fought for are still the principles we fight for. Recently the long fight has turned in our favor.

Domestically, the fight against ObamaCare continues. It’s a fight that will continue as long as ObamaCare is still the law of the land. There will be no peace until ObamaCare is repealed. ObamaCare, which was passed with dubious methods has not had a genuine victory. The “victors” thus far in the ObamaCare war like those of the first world war are vicious and petty. The “losers” in the ObamaCare have not been defeated. There is no armistice. The fight continues.

On distant shores the country we Americans deride as “surrender monkeys” proves itself to have more resolve to uphold American principles and support for American friends than the present occupant of the White House. The totalitarians are on the rise but from Barack Obama there is only an appeasement deal. One has to wonder if Barack Obama is acting so foolishly because he is so stupid or whether his policies are deliberately a betrayal of American principles and friends.

Vive La France and Israel!:

“Vive la France!” Republican Senator John McCain, an outspoken voice on national security issues, wrote on his Twitter account as reports emerged that a Jewish French MP warned Fabius of Israel’s intentions to attack Iran should it receive a soft deal.

France had the courage to prevent a bad nuclear agreement with Iran,” McCain said, after the weekend announcement of the failed agreement with the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany, known as the P5+1, exemplifying the prevalent attitude towards the French in recent days.

Channel 2 News reported Sunday that Meyer Habib, a French member of parliament, telephoned French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius while talks were still taking place to warn him that he believes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would order an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities if western powers did not stiffen their conditions for relieving sanctions.

“I know (Netanyahu)… If you don’t toughen your positions, Netanyahu will attack Iran,” Habib reportedly told Fabius. “I know this. I know him. You have to toughen your positions in order to prevent war,” he reportedly added.

During three days of intense negotiations in Geneva, France repeatedly voiced concerns over various points in a possible deal and its lack of guarantees, a position that had Iran calling it a negotiations spoilsport. [snip]

Thank God for France and thank God for push back,” said hawkish Senor Lindsey Graham on CNN’s State of the Union program. “The French are becoming very good leaders in the Mideast,” Graham said, suggesting he would be in favor of more sanctions against Iran.

“My fear is that we’re going to wind up creating a North Korea-type situation in the Mideast, where we negotiate with Iran and one day you wake up…and you’re going to have a nuclear Iran,” Graham added. [snip]

During negotiations, Fabius said that “I cannot say there is any certainty that we can conclude” the talks, noting that France could not accept a “sucker’s deal” and that Israel’s “concerns” need to be taken into consideration.”

American interests and principles now are best represented at the official level by the French and Israeli governments not Barack Obama. The good news for our veterans and Americans who still believe in American principles is that there is no armistice.

The fight continues.


Phony Sorry Obama And The ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act’ H.R. 3350

Now that Barack Obama has told Chuck Todd in an interview he is “sorry” for his lies about ObamaCare not taking away health plans of Americans, a whole lot of questions get teeth to chew on his sorry ass.

The first big question is about the House vote next week on the “Keep Your Health Plan Act” H.R. 3350. Will Obama threaten a veto? Will Obama actually dare veto a bill which he has now set up for successful passage due to his “sorry”? Obama Dimocrats in the U.S. Senate up for reelection next year have said they want to pass a bill to allow Americans to keep the health care plans Obama lied about and is now phony sorry about. Will Obama now be forced to sign a bill into law that will continue the slow asphyxiation of ObamaCare?

Here is the phony “sorry” from a sorry excuse for a human being, not to mention president:

All the Obama Dimocrats in congress up for reelection next year just got a big bomb from Barack Obama. They have denied all along that Obama said what he said and that what he said was a lie and that in either case you had to break millions of eggs to make the poison ObaminationCare omelet. Now that Obama has backtracked and mouthed a phony “sorry” those up for reelection next year better get out their thesaurus of “sorry” too. Recently, in Boston and before an OFA meeting in Texas, Obama tried to revise history by saying he had said something entirely different from what he actually said. Unfortunately for the lying Obama what he really said repeatedly dozens of times could be instantly revisited by the millions losing their health care plans via the miracle of Youtube which forced Big Media to acknowledge reality:

“Recent attempts to explain Obama’s previous line on keeping people’s health care plans fell short of Thursday’s apology.

“If you had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said was you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law passed,” Obama said Monday at an event for Organizing for Action, the nonprofit group that works to boost the White House agenda.

In Boston last week, Obama was even less sympathetic, saying that he’d promised that Americans could be grandfathered in to keep “substandard” plans they had when the ACA passed, but that it wasn’t his fault if insurers chose to cancel or change those plans.”

Obama’s phony apology has fallen far short of what is necessary and the Republicans know it:

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wasn’t satisfied with Obama’s answers in the interview Thursday. “If the president is truly sorry for breaking his promises to the American people, he’ll do more than just issue a half-hearted apology on TV,” he said in a statement. “A great place to start would be to support the Sen. [Ron] Johnson bill that would allow Americans to do what the president promised in the first place: keep the plan they have and like.”

What idiot in the White House, or the sweat soaked basements of OFA, thought up this half assed phony apology by Obama? What does this accomplish? O.K. so now we have from Obama: I’d like to apologize for lying to your faces several thousand times about keeping your plan if you liked it. As Conn Carroll writes “I dont get it. Why is Obama apologizing for people losing their insurance? Last week he said they were all junk policies. Was he lying then?Why is Obama apologizing for liberating millions of Americans from what Democrats all swore were scam insurance policies? Why indeed?

It’s not even a real apology anyway so why say it? Obama essentially said ‘I’m sorry my wife is so annoying I had to beat her like Chris beat Rihanna‘. [Yes, we know we are stretching quite a bit here. Everyone knows Michelle does the beating of her flabby hubby.]

If this phony “sorry” was sufficient to quell the uproar over ObaminationCare’s now glaring phoniness and corruption then maybe such a sleazy “sorry” could be understood. But this phony “sorry” is so transparently phony and weakly insufficient it only pulls the rug out from any and all defending Obama on his repeated lies to sell ObaminationCare (and yes, we do mean you too Bill).

Who’s sorry now? Plenty of ObaminationCare defenders are plenty sorry:

“I’m Sorry, Too, Mr. President

Obama apologizes for breaking promise on health care reform.

I’m sorry you campaigned for reelection on the famous false promise: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan. Period.”

I’m sorry your aides debated whether to tell the full truth (that people could keep their insurance only if it hadn’t changed and if it met your standards) and decided instead to institutionalize the lie.

I’m sorry that when Americans recognized the deception you tried to reinvent history: “What we said was you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.” No, no, no, no, no—that’s not what you guys said.

I’m sorry you didn’t trust Americans with the truth.

I’m sorry that the Democratic Party’s decades-old chase toward universal health care is now at risk because your law—your legacy, sir—is off to such a miserable start. The online networks don’t work and the people you need bought into the system, particularly young Americans, can’t access the market and now may never trust it … or you.

“I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me,” you told NBC News. “We’ve got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this.”

Then, work hard, Mr. President, and tell your administration to do the same. Tell them, please, to stop blaming Republicans, insurance companies, and the media—to stop making excuses and shading the truth. You must lead by example (the NBC interview was full of excuses) and create a system of universal health care that is worthy of your promise.

“Ultimately,” you told NBC, “the buck stops with me.” You’re right, sir. Please don’t make us sorry about that.”

Too late now to regret Obama as president. It’s too late for 2014 Obama Dimocrats running for reelection. And candidates for 2016 up and down the ballot better start denouncing ObamaCare now or they will be as viable as the health plans and doctors Barack Obama once assured were safe.

Run away from ObamaCare if you want to live. Run away from Obama too if you want to have an electoral career or be elected to anything in 2014 or 2016. Krauthammer explains:

The president now is toxic. The thing is called Obamacare. There’s no running away from it. It’s got his name on it. You see the president, you think about the policy and you know it’s a disaster. And the problem for the Democrats is, they are hostage to a bunch of geeks working right now late into the night trying to fix a system which is not just the glitches we talked about. The architecture, the underlying structure of it is wrong.

I think the likelihood of it being fixed, working like you would expect from any normal commercial private website normally by December 1 is pretty small. And the pressure on the White House will become irresistible. If it isn’t up and running smoothly and perfectly, they’re going to start with postponements and then the whole thing starts to unravel.”

Obama Dimocrats are “hostage to a bunch of geeks” and a treacherous lying boob in the White House. Elect a treacherous lying boob – expect treacherous lying boobery.