Trick? Or Treat?

Al Jazeera is mocking ObaminationCare. That’s how far Barack Obama has fallen with his Voldemort style snake we lovingly refer to as ObaminationCare:

“Obamacare Navigator Hasn’t Signed Up Anyone Because It’s Too Expensive

Thus far everybody has taken a look at the rates and they’ve walked out the door.”

Al Jazeera finds an Obamacare navigator in Colorado who hasn’t signed up anybody for the new program because it’s too expensive:

So far, no one,” says the Obamacare navigator. “Thus far everybody has taken a look at the rates and they’ve walked out the door. There’s sticker shock. They just can’t afford it.”

Many more than know right now, cannot afford the dog food. Check out the end of this article for the answer to the question, Did HHS estimate that 93 million Americans will lose their insurance plans? Those of you that think you are safe because you have employer plans, read on to see your future and the future of the 93 million.

* * * * * *

The dogs refuse to eat the dog food! ObaminationCare is not a treat, it’s a trick – a dirty low down Barack Obama trick:

From beginning to now it has been a lie. As we wrote back in 2009 ObamaCare is a scam with the federal government as Frank Nitti enforcer on behalf of insurance companies Obama will one day get a check from – to force the American people to buy then eat the dog food Barack Obama himself won’t eat.

It was a scam then. It is still a scam producing lies every day. Now, CBS reveals: Contrary to chief’s testimony, CMS knew ObamaCare website had major problems before launch:

The lies for the scam started long ago. The lies to save the scam continue.

ObamaCare was always a lie, an outright scam, as we have written for years now. It’s a trick that for anyone outside of Big Media is easy to detect. When the woman in charge of the scam does not want to be enrolled in the scam how much more evidence does a blockhead need to say, “It’s a scam – It’s a TRICK”. Here’s what the scam marketer said in 2009:

“Reform is guaranteeing us choice of doctors and health plans including a choice between a public and private plan option that no American should be forced to give up a doctor that they trust or a health plan they like”

Thus far more than two million people have been victims to this Barack Obama dirty Chicago trick:

The dogs refuse to eat the dogfood they are being force-fed after being told they could keep the treats they liked. Those who opened the dog food package however won’t eat the dog food either:

DEADLINE FOR DEMS ON OBAMACARE EXEMPTIONS -Will top Democrats in Congress choose to exempt their staffs from ObamaCare? Today is the deadline for lawmakers to decide whether to grant a hugely valuable exemption to the staffs of congressional committees. House Republicans have all opted to submit themselves and their staffs to the costly provisions of the law. But as today’s deadline approached, Senate Democrats appeared split on the issue. The choice could become a big issue in next year’s elections. With Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and some Republicans pushing a constitutional amendment forbidding Congress from exempting itself from any laws it passes, the stakes are high. As Washington Examiner reports, an embarrassing moment in the testimony of Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, in which she repeatedly and wrongly claimed it would be “illegal” for her to enroll, exemptions are proving to be a hot topic. Chief Congressional Correspondent Mike Emanuel has the story.

Obama Dimocrats forced this ObaminationCare dog food on the American people they whip like dogs, but Obama Dimocrats won’t eat the dog food they legislate Americans savor. Scam marketer Kathleen Sebelius won’t eat the dog food she demands Americans be forced to shove down their collective gullets:

“Kathleen Sebelius claims it’s ‘illegal’ for her to get coverage through Obamacare exchange; says differently

Under questioning during a congressional hearing, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius repeatedly insisted that it would be “illegal” for her to enroll in insurance through a government-run exchange created by President Obama’s health care law because she has coverage through the federal health benefits system.

But in reality, as stated on, she would be eligible to obtain coverage through an Obamacare exchange. [snip]

She added, “That’s part of the law.”

Gardner followed up, saying, “Madame Secretary, I would encourage you to be just like the American people and enter the exchange and agree to find a way to do that.”

Sebelius, who is tasked with overseeing the implementation of Obamacare, replied, “It’s illegal.”

But lists three requirements for purchasing a plan on an exchange: Buyers “must live in the United States”; “must be a U.S. citizen or national (or be lawfully present)”; and “can’t be currently incarcerated.”

Unless there’s something Sebelius isn’t sharing, she meets all three of those criteria.”

Sebelius won’t eat the dog food she is serving. That not a good example if you want the dogs to eat the cooking. Still Obama persists and demands the dogs eat the dog food because he is deliberately, with malice of forethought, taking away what they have now:

Obama Officials In 2010: 93 Million Americans Will Be Unable To Keep Their Health Plans Under Obamacare

Obama administration knew that Obamacare would disrupt private plans

If you read the Affordable Care Act when it was passed, you knew that it was dishonest for President Obama to claim that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” as he did—and continues to do—on countless occasions. And we now know that the administration knew this all along. It turns out that in an obscure report buried in a June 2010 edition of the Federal Register, administration officials predicted massive disruption of the private insurance market.”[snip]

Mid-range estimate: 51% of employer-sponsored plans will get canceled

But Carney’s dismissal of the media’s concerns was wrong, on several fronts. Contrary to the reporting of NBC, the administration’s commentary in the Federal Register did not only refer to the individual market, but also the market for employer-sponsored health insurance.

Section 1251 of the Affordable Care Act contains what’s called a “grandfather” provision that, in theory, allows people to keep their existing plans if they like them. But subsequent regulations from the Obama administration interpreted that provision so narrowly as to prevent most plans from gaining this protection.

“The Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013,” wrote the administration on page 34,552 of the Register. All in all, more than half of employer-sponsored plans will lose their “grandfather status” and get canceled. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 156 million Americans—more than half the population—was covered by employer-sponsored insurance in 2013.

Another 25 million people, according to the CBO, have “nongroup and other” forms of insurance; that is to say, they participate in the market for individually-purchased insurance. In this market, the administration projected that “40 to 67 percent” of individually-purchased plans would lose their Obamacare-sanctioned “grandfather status” and get canceled, solely due to the fact that there is a high turnover of participants and insurance arrangements in this market. (Plans purchased after March 23, 2010 do not benefit from the “grandfather” clause.) The real turnover rate would be higher, because plans can lose their grandfather status for a number of other reasons.

Read the entire article to see what ingredients will be in the dog food you will soon be fed. Today it is the individual insurance market. Once the individual is crushed, employer plans will be under the boot. The dog food will be eaten by the dogs.

Trick or treat!

No treat. It was always a trick.


Critical Condition: Sebelius Twists Slowly In The Wind

We want to see only one news item emerge from today’s proceedings in the Capitol.

We’re not expecting much from today’s House hearing featuring Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department. What we do expect to see is Republicans performing for the camera instead of asking tough, solid questions. We also expect much less from Obama Dimocrats who will act as an iron lung for the cadaver of Sebelius. From Sebelius we expect lies and more lies of the type and communication skill once heard/seen only from bureaucrats in totalitarian regimes.

What news do we hope gets the spotlight today? We hope that Americans are informed of the security horrors to come and thus far not exposed. This is what we mean, via CNN:

“The Obamacare website has more than annoying bugs. A cybersecurity expert found a way to hack into users’ accounts.

Until the Department of Health fixed the security hole last week, anyone could easily reset your password without your knowledge and potentially hijack your account.

The glitch was discovered last week by Ben Simo, a software tester in Arizona. Simo found that gaining access to people’s accounts was frighteningly simple. You could have:

– guessed an existing user name, and the website would have confirmed it exists.

– claimed you forgot your password, and the site would have reset it.

– viewed the site’s unencrypted source code in any browser to find the password reset code.

– plugged in the user name and reset code, and the website would have displayed a person’s three security questions (your oldest niece’s first name, name of favorite pet, date of wedding anniversary, etc.).

– answered the security questions wrong, and the website would have spit out the account owner’s email address — again, unencrypted.

Armed with the account holder’s email address, a person with malicious intent could easily track down their target on social media, where they’d likely discover the answers to those security questions.

It wouldn’t have even taken a skilled hacker. Anyone with bad intentions — and a minimal understanding of how to read a website’s code — could have figured it out. While such an attack might not have yielded your Social Security number or health information, it would have exposed your address and phone number.

If today’s hearings can at least warn Americans away from the ObaminationCare website it will render a public service.

* * * * * *

There are of course many ObaminationCare lies we would like to see addressed. New York Magazine, a bastion of Obama love, produced a video that the entire nation should see and Obama, not Sebelius, held to account for.

Kathleen Sebelius is just one clown in the clown car. It is Barack Obama driving that circus clown car and he is the one that must be held accountable.

According to leaks of her testimony we read that Sebelius will attempt to shift the blame to the contractors and we are sure countless others in keeping with Obama’s strategy of “blame the staff”.

In a HotAir Open thread: Sebelius to testify in House over ObamaCare success we read this:

“Sebelius will need to approach this like her job is on the line, because it almost certainly is. Expect to see Republicans laying perjury traps during their testimony, and expect to see some Democrats speechifying to slow things down. Sebelius had better not count on that kind of support from all of the Democrats, though, because this administration has humiliated them to the point where their electoral survival will take precedence over protecting a Cabinet official whose expiration date arrived on October 2nd, whether she or Barack Obama know it or not.”

We hope that is not true and that Republicans will not lay “perjury traps” on Sebelius or focus on Sebelius. Sebelius will get her punishment once Barack Obama gets his punishment. Sebelius is not the clown driving the car.


Big Media ObaminationCare

Update: Borgia politics at NBC. We’ve fed stories to Lisa Myers in the before Big Pink past so we have a degree of respect for her as she treated us fairly. We suspect Lisa Myers had a rough fight with her NBC bosses tonight because of her incendiary report about ObaminationCare.

The Lisa Myers report was linked to by many (we wrote about it below) including DrudgeReport but then it mysteriously disappeared. The Lisa Myers report then reappeared with a different URL address and a missing chunk of the most important allegations about ObaminationCare. NBC News published a tweet stating an irony filled “glitch” was to blame for the taking down of the news report.

Perhaps not so oddly, the Lisa Myers report was fully restored by NBC but only after many websites caught the important deletions to the original article and NBC discovered that the edits could not be deleted from the Internet’s cached memory. NBC succeeded in breaking links to stories already posted discussing Lisa Myers’ good work but already many, including Drudge, have updated their links to this important report. We hope Lisa Myers did not have to scream too much to get her story fully restored.


Apple trees produce apples. Orange trees produce oranges. That’s all you really needed to know years ago to predict what Obama would produce with ObamaCare. Elect a boob – expect boobery.

Instead of the obvious, Big Media concocted myriad defenses for the glory of ObamaCare to be. When it mattered, before election 2012, Big Media protected and defended Barack Obama and ObaminationCare. Big Pink and many other websites, along with those willing to look at the evidence right before their eyes, wrote in detail what would happen. It happened. No surprises.

Now that certain campaigns for president are engaged in strategic preparations for 2016 we are warning them and waving red flags. Perhaps we will win the internal arguments happening right now. We are not alone in waving red flags.

Many Big Media outlets, the very same Big Media outlets that protected Obama and ObaminationCare when it mattered, are forced to tell the truth these days about ObaminationCare. Certain campaigns should see the red flags sheared by the hurricane force winds of ObaminationCare reality.

Ron Fournier of National Journal is not only not protecting ObaminationCare now, Fournier is quoting the very people certain campaigns generally listen to:

“Dem Party is F****d.” That was the subject line of an email sent to me Sunday by a senior Democratic consultant with strong ties to the White House and Capitol Hill. The body of the email contained a link to this Los Angeles Times story about Obamacare “sticker shock:”

“These middle-class consumers are staring at hefty increases on their insurance bills as the overhaul remakes the healthcare market. Their rates are rising in large part to help offset the higher costs of covering sicker, poorer people who have been shut out of the system for years.”

“Although recent criticism of the healthcare law has focused on website glitches and early enrollment snags, experts say sharp price increases for individual policies have the greatest potential to erode public support for President Obama’s signature legislation.”

In his story, reporter Chad Terhune also quoted a letter sent to a California insurance company executive. “I was all for Obamacare,” wrote a young woman complaining about a 50 percent rate hike related to the health care law, “until I found out I was paying for it.”

Also of interest to the Democratic consultant: A Josh Barro column on Obama’s promise that “if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.” It was never a reasonable pledge, Barro argues, and it’s being proven false. He called this “a good thing” because “a lot of existing health plans were bad.” Reforming the nation’s health care system “was necessarily going to have to change a lot of people’s health plans,” Barro wrote.

The Democratic consultant said none of this is news to him, but he wonders why Obama wasn’t honest with Americans. He predicted surprise and outrage over higher costs and lesser coverage. “We will own this problem forever,” the Democrat wrote.”

“Forever” encompasses the years 2014 and 2016.

Politico has been one of the most dishonest protectors of ObaminationCare. But now as the Titanic sinks and rips in the hull appear the truth is even seeping into Politico “reportage”:

“White House officials insist all will work once the website is up, running and easy to use. But the intensity of the national focus on the website has saved them from having to answer questions about other potentially damaging issues that have arisen either outside the virtual confines of or in conjunction with troubled portal.

Mostly, those problems are a matter of pocketbooks and politics.

Consumers are suffering from sticker shock; a major cross-section of previously insured Americans are finding out that their plans are changing to conform with Obamacare even though the president promised they wouldn’t; evidence of customer satisfaction is anecdotal; and there’s still no guarantee that the young “invincibles,” who must make up 20 percent to 30 percent of the pool to make the exchanges work, will actually enroll. [snip]

But right now, it’s not clear that the administration will be able to get enough young and healthy people to sign up for insurance through the exchanges to make the program work, and the piece of the law designed to drive those folks into the insurance market — a tax for non-compliance under the individual mandate — is becoming politically untenable even for some Democrats.

The new market rules in Obamacare take effect in January — blocking plans from charging people with pre-existing conditions more than the healthy and charging women more than men, and limiting how much more older people can be charged than younger ones.

Supporters say the new rules will make the market more fair, opening it up to people with pre-existing conditions and eliminating discrimination based on gender. But the changes come at a price.

Americans are subject to ObaminationCare “sticker shock” because Big Media lied to the people in order to protect Barack Obama. Americans are not informed about ObaminationCare because of Barack Obama’s lies and Big Media complicity in those lies. Big Media did not tell Americans the truth when it mattered and now Americans are feeling the whip and seeing the consequences of truth suppression:

“Some consumers who don’t have insurance are just finding out now that the fine will pale in comparison to the hundreds of dollars a month they would have to pay to buy coverage and deductible thresholds in the thousands of dollars. And others are discovering that they make too much money to qualify for subsidies.

“There’s been a whole lot of emphasis on what’s going on with the website, but there’s been a lot less on the people who aren’t going to get subsides,” said Jennifer Beason, an insurance broker in the Atlanta area. “Their rates are going through the roof.”

Then there are consumers who simply believe it’s unfair to make them pay a tax for not buying insurance on a website that doesn’t work. [snip]

In fact, all of these things weigh against what’s the ultimate measure of the success of the law: Can the administration enroll an estimated 7 million people by the end of March — and will they be the right mix of young healthy folks and older sicker types?

Before the exchanges launched, insurers made predictions on enrollment, and priced their premiums accordingly. Low enrollment, or a disproportionately large number of sickly people, would be devastating.

It’s not just ObaminationCare that’s devastating. Certain potential candidates for president in 2016 should watch what those with a survival instinct are doing – run away!:

“The Democratic senators facing the toughest re-election bids next year — Mary Landrieu (La.), Mark Pryor (Ark.), Mark Begich (Alaska), and Kay Hagan (N.C.) — all signed onto a letter that Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) sent to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius last week asking that the open enrollment period be extended beyond March 31, 2014.

And a handful of Democratic lawmakers and candidates — including Michelle Nunn, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Georgia and the daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn — have called for putting off the tax levied on those who do not sign up.

Delaying both the requirement that Americans carry insurance and the financial penalty for not complying with that mandate, which are central elements of Obamacare’s push to provide health insurance for millions of currently uninsured Americans, could be a death knell for the program. [snip]

But it may only be a matter of time before constituents force their hands.

Despite assurances from the White House, insurers are sending out cancellation notices by the tens of thousands in states around the country. [snip]

The few people who made it through the website are seeing their options for the first time, and some are not happy about what they’re seeing. Those with lower incomes are eligible for substantial subsidies, but middle income folks making 400 percent of poverty or more don’t get a thing, and the new insurance market rules are driving their premiums way up — in some cases doubling them, or more.

An important part of the rollout was going to be highlighting Obamacare success stories — focusing on, for instance, single mom-cancer survivors who were priced out of the market before but now are in. But despite an aggressive “storyboarding” operation, the administration and allied groups have not been able to feature many of these people, in part because relatively few folks are getting through to sign up in the first place.”

There are more cancellations of heath care policies than sign ups for ObaminationCare, not merely “tens of thousands” like Politico writes. About 16 million Americans will be forced out of their health plans by ObaminationCare.

The obvious truth is that anyone interested in the obvious truth knew that ObaminationCare would devastate the health plans of millions of Americans. But the courtier press, the prostitute Big Media, protected Obama. Obama lied, Big Media complied. Today there was a Question for Jay Carney: Didn’t Obama lie when he told people, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”?

Barack Obama lied, and when it mattered, before the 2012 elections, Big Media complied. Now Big Media is doing the job that should have been done, before the 2012 elections (and preferably before the 2008 elections). Even Obama protection mercenary NBC is letting out the truth via Lisa Myers:

Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC NEWS that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent. And all say that many of those forced to buy pricier new policies will experience “sticker shock.”

Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.”

That means the administration knew that more than 40 to 67 percent of those in the individual market would not be able to keep their plans, even if they liked them.

Yet President Obama, who had promised in 2009, “if you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health plan,” was still saying in 2012, “If [you] already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance.”

“This says that when they made the promise, they knew half the people in this market outright couldn’t keep what they had and then they wrote the rules so that others couldn’t make it either,” said Robert Laszewski, of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, a consultant who works for health industry firms. Laszewski estimates that 80 percent of those in the individual market will not be able to keep their current policies and will have to buy insurance that meets requirements of the new law, which generally requires a richer package of benefits than most policies today.”

ObaminationCare supporters, according to the Politico article we excerpted above, intended to exploit pitiful Americans supposedly helped by ObaminationCare as part of their glorious rollout of ObaminationCare. But they have not been able to do so. Yet even NBC News is able to locate, like grains of sand on the seashore, Americans hurt by ObaminationCare:

“George Schwab, 62, of North Carolina, said he was “perfectly happy” with his plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield, which also insured his wife for a $228 monthly premium. But this past September, he was surprised to receive a letter saying his policy was no longer available. The “comparable” plan the insurance company offered him carried a $1,208 monthly premium and a $5,500 deductible.

And the best option he’s found on the exchange so far offered a 415 percent jump in premium, to $948 a month.

“The deductible is less,” he said, “But the plan doesn’t meet my needs. Its unaffordable.”

“I’m sitting here looking at this, thinking we ought to just pay the fine and just get insurance when we’re sick,” Schwab added. “Everybody’s worried about whether the website works or not, but that’s fixable. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This stuff isn’t fixable.”

Heather Goldwater, 38, of South Carolina, is raising a new baby while running her own PR firm. She said she received a letter last July from Cigna, her insurance company, that said the company would no longer offer her individual plan, and promised to send a letter by October offering a comparable option. So far, she hasn’t received anything. [snip]

Richard Helgren, a Lansing, Mich., retiree, said he was “irate” when he received a letter informing him that his wife Amy’s $559 a month health plan was being changed because of the law. The plan the insurer offered raised his deductible from $0 to $2,500, and the company gave him 17 days to decide. [snip]

For months, Laszewski has warned that some consumers will face sticker shock. He recently got his own notice that he and his wife cannot keep their current policy, which he described as one of the best, so-called “Cadillac” plans offered for 2013. Now, he said, the best comparable plan he found for 2014 has a smaller doctor network, larger out-of-pocket costs, and a 66 percent premium increase.

Mr. President, I like the coverage I have,” Laszweski said. “It is the best health insurance policy you can buy.”

Yeah, even NBC consultants like Laszewski are calling out Barack.

Jan Crawford of CBS News has been one of the honest reporters regarding ObaminationCare. Crawford’s level of honest continues to be a shock to critics of Big Media. The latest from CBS: Millions of cancellations and skyrocketing costs the big problem of ObamaCare:

The ObaminationCare website is a red flag of more Obaminations to come. American anger will only grow as month by month by month by month by month by month checks have to be written as money is extorted by ObaminationCare. Wise candidates will listen to the American people and oppose ObaminationCare.


The ObamaCare Halloween Horror – What Will Hillary Say?

Update: Those making calculations for 2016 better listen to our warnings and the sooner the better. Our warning is partially but insufficiently being listened to by those up for election in 2014. Here we go: HHS official hints at extending ObamaCare enrollment period as Joe Manchin drafts bill to delay mandate. There are already the necessary six Obama Dimocrats (Pryor, Landrieu, Hagan, Begich, Shaheen, Manchin) lined up to pass a bill in the Senate designed to help them avoid responsibility for their ObaminationCare votes.

Our advice for Republicans remains the same as before. Now that Obama Dimocrats running for election next year try to punt ObaminationCare until after next year’s elections – just like Barack Obama avoided the ObaminationCare implementation before his reelection – Republicans should not fall into this ploy and instead take our advice: “Repeal It, Don’t ‘Repair’ It; Nix It – Don’t ‘Fix’ It“. “Ram it right down Barack Obama’s throat in 2014. Kill ObamaCare before it kills you.


We recently got some flak because of our smart, not particularly tough, warnings to Hillary Clinton 2016 and Hillary Clinton supporters generally. No surprise to us. We issued a lot of smart warnings in 2008 about Barack Obama which angered some Hillary Clinton supporters who demanded we “play nice” and only say “nice” things about Hillary and ignore the stink of B.O.

Seeing danger we shout “DANGER” but lemmings want to jump over that cliff and resent our red flags and red stop signs. “Let us jump!” squeal the lemmings. The lemmings demand that we stay silent as we watch Hillary and Bill tie themselves to ObamaCare. We shout “DANGER”.

Those that want to tie Hillary Clinton to ObamaCare and dragged down under the sea like Ahab should realize that the most hated aspect of ObamaCare is the individual mandate and that Obama argued against it in 2008 and Hillary Clinton argued for it because it was part of a comprehensive plan for health care which included items Obama has given away such as Medicare negotiated prices for drugs. None of this will matter in 2016. The video that will be played over and over and used by Obama as a defense to shift the blame for ObamaCare to Hillary is a variation of this one:

The entirety of the disaster called ObamaCare will soon be blamed on Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton should immediately denounce ObamaCare and attack the horrible mess in its entirety and especially its roll out. Hillary Clinton should also attack the fact that ObamaCare is not affordable despite its Orwellian use of that word.

In 2008 Barack Obama discussed why he was opposed to the mandate. Barack Obama stated that people did not buy health insurance because it was not affordable. Barack Obama added then that a mandate would not necessarily mean affordable. Why opponents of ObamaCare have forgotten Obama’s words on this matter is a mystery. Every ObamaCare opponent should replay Barack Obama’s words on affordability:

The mandate, mandate enforceability, and affordability was a big issue in 2008 and there are a lot of videos that will soon be revisited. Hillary Clinton talked about health care and Barack Obama talked about health insurance. Much of what Hillary Clinton said in 2008 is true today. Barack Obama proposed a health plan that even today at full implementation will not cover everybody. Barack Obama had a bad plan and he made it worse. Barack Obama then loaded incompetence onto treachery to buy himself a wealthy post presidency future serving on the boards of the industries he has so enriched.

ObamaCare, the Affordable Care Act, is an enrichment program for the health insurance companies and the drug industry. The sooner Hillary Clinton details her profound differences with ObamaCare the likelier she will have a successful run in 2016. But it is imperative that Hillary Clinton separate herself from ObamaCare. The Obama protection squads at Politico are waving red flags her way:

“Dems caught in Obamacare uproar

It’s not the GOP that President Barack Obama has to worry about in defending his botched health care rollout, it’s fellow Democrats.

They voted for the law, sang its praises for three-plus years and still believe in the promise of health care reform. But now they face a conundrum: stay in lock step with Obama and risk their credibility as advocates for the law’s benefits or publicly criticize the administration for its recent problems — especially a failure to more quickly acknowledge, and rectify, the major malfunction of its Internet marketplace.

It’s a particularly vexing question for Democrats worried about their party’s chances in the 2014 midterm elections, and, increasingly, they’re opting for the latter strategy. [snip]

Democratic political strategists are racing to find the safest ground for 2014 House and Senate candidates who support the law but don’t want to be dragged down if things don’t get better — and fast.”

There are some Hillary Clinton 2016 supporters who will not be happy with our call for Hillary to attack ObamaCare as the health scam it is. Indeed these Hillary Clinton 2016 supporters share a belief with many Republicans/conservatives which we find deluded at best. The argument is that the overt and hideous ObamaCare failure is part of a plan and that Hillary Clinton can easily take advantage of this planned failure.

This ObamaCare failure, argue Republicans/conservatives and some Hillary Clinton 2016 supporters, is a planned smart scheme to get to a government run single payer system. According to this theory Hillary Clinton can run in 2016 on support of ObamaCare and promises to improve it with more steps towards single payer. This is a cute argument for a “step in the right direction” towards single payer but it fails. Put aside the pros and cons of single payer. If the simple technical aspects of ObamaCare such as a website so elude the government and are such a catastrophe how will total government control work? The argument is the government can’t get this baby to crawl so lets devise a system which demands the baby run.

This baby cannot run. If anything this Frankenstein baby has thus far not approached the cars flying by as it attempts to cross the street. That dangerous roadway is the central ObamaCare policy not yet reached because technical barriers have blocked people from seeing it due to the technical aspects which have so utterly failed. And in this case the technical is all. Unlike the Apple phone which is only one product in the cell phone marketplace – the ObamaCare websites are the entirety of the marketplace.

So, what will Hillary say about ObamaCare? Let’s look at what others, including some really big ObamaCare supporters are saying. First up, John Dickerson who declares that Barack Obama is headed towards a “credibility death spiral” on ObamaCare.:

MSNBC Obama Praetorian Chuck Todd:

Five days before the launch, the president said it’s a website where you can compare and purchase affordable health care plans the same way you shop for a plane ticket on Kayak,” Todd recalled. “Who misled him? Who misled the president on this?”

“Are you telling me five days before that somebody let the president go out to the American public to give this speech and say this and make this promise?” Todd continued. “In fact, the next line is, ‘I promise you, this is a lot easier, it’s like booking a hotel or plane ticket.’ Who let him down?”

Chuck is still looking for someone other than Barack Obama to blame. Hillary won’t be safe from Chuckie’s wrath.

Chuck is looking for someone to blame. This is a turd even Oprah won’t eat. Hells bells, even the ObamaCare sell squad smells the B.O. stink:

“After President Obama gave out the phone number for the official Obamacare registration hotline Monday morning, radio host Sean Hannity called in to speak with a human representative. In the ensuing conversation, the conservative host grilled a call operator, asking her questions about the glitchy Obamacare website before veering into awkward small talk about politics, talk radio, and snow in Florida. [snip]

Hannity complimented for the operator for being so polite and kind, but also asked her questions that could possibly put her job on the line: “Have you ever gotten anyone who really likes it yet?” he asked at another point. “Um, not really,” she admitted, sending the radio host into a fit of laughter.”

The soon to be fired “human representative” stated that the ObamaCare website would be down for the next couple of days. How long the ObamaCare website will be “inoperative” triggered a question from ABC’s Jonathan Karl:

“Shortly after President Obama delivered remarks on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney conducted a briefing in which he seemed to leave open the possibility that the problems with the Obamacare website could immunize consumers from the individual mandate, while also appearing to rule it out. ABC News’ Jon Karl emphatically pressed Carney to delay the individual mandate, and CBS News’ Major Garrett pressed Carney for clarification.

After Carney told CNN’s Brianna Keilar that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act makes allowances for those who fail to acquire health insurance due to a lack of access, such as those in states where Republican governors refused to expand Medicaid, Karl cut to the chase. “Given all the problems we have seen with people trying to enroll in this program, is the White House going to be delaying the mandate?

“That is not at all what I was saying,” Carney replied.

“Well, why not?” Karl cut in. “Why not delay? You are going to charge people a fine for not enrolling.”

Poor Jonathan, it’s like getting blood from a website:

Add Consumer Reports to the list of racists that are out to sabotage Barack Obama’s pension supplementation program:

“Consumer Reports Reviews Obamacare Website: ‘Stay Away’ for Another Month”

As the Professor so diligently reminds, Consumer Reportshelped shove ObamaCare down your throats”.

Even the guy who started the Journolisters, Ezra Klein, is running for cover.

According to Master Journolister Klein the “glitches” are helping to mask some bigger problems with ObamaCare:

“The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein warned that the Obama administration is underplaying the problems facing its online exchanges by simply labeling them “glitches.” Ironically, according to Klein, the websites’ incapacity to handle Internet traffic is actually preventing users from encountering what may be the sites’ biggest problem.

These aren’t glitches,” Klein said on Morning Joe on Monday. “The website, to a first approximation, simply isn’t working.”

He explained that the more fixable problem facing the website was dealing with traffic. The bigger problem, according to Klein, was whether the right information was being sent to insurers after users enroll, including messages that users hadn’t yet enrolled even if they had.

“That is a problem, I think, that the Obama administration is and should be worried about,” he said.”

There are a lot of ObamaCare non “glitches” for Dr. Frankenstein to be worried about. The racist Obama haters against ObamaCare at the New York Times explain:

“Administration officials approached the contractors last week to see if they could perform the necessary repairs and reboot the system by Nov. 1. However, that goal struck many contractors as unrealistic, at least for major components of the system. Some specialists working on the project said the online system required such extensive repairs that it might not operate smoothly until after the Dec. 15 deadline for people to sign up for coverage starting in January, although that view is not universally shared.

In interviews, experts said the technological problems of the site went far beyond the roadblocks to creating accounts that continue to prevent legions of users from even registering. Indeed, several said, the login problems, though vexing to consumers, may be the easiest to solve. One specialist said that as many as five million lines of software code may need to be rewritten before the Web site runs properly.

The account creation and registration problems are masking the problems that will happen later,” said one person involved in the repair effort.”

The deadline is December 15, 2013, not next March, for those who want their new ObamaCare policies because ObamaCare has destroyed their current insurance plan. A system shutdown for long periods of time is not possible because the deadline for many is December 15 not March 15, 2014. The “rate shock” price rises will knock the “affordable” out of ObamaCare and the deductibles and co-pays will make the “affordable” an extravagance they cannot afford.

National Journal
‘s Ron Fournier has to be added to the racist ObamaCare haters list because he too is off the propaganda Hopium:

“Why Obama Should Be Freaked Out Over Obamacare

It’s worse than we know, this is the easy part, and millions of Americans could be hurt.

1. It’s worse than his team has let on. [snip] An administration spokesman told the Washington Post on Sunday that the “main driver of the problem is volume.” This is intentionally misleading.

The White House has heard complaints from insurance companies, consumers, and health policy experts about issues embedded deeply in the online system. For example: inaccurate information provided to people about federal tax credits; low-income people erroneously told they don’t qualify for Medicaid; and insurance companies getting confusing information about who has signed up.

The administration refuses to say how many people have enrolled through the federal exchange, the key metric for determining how well the online service is working in states that didn’t set up their own exchanges. There are two possible explanations for the Obama administration’s unconscionable lack of transparency. Their process is so screwed up that they don’t have the data, which would be embarrassing. Or they have the data – and it’s embarrassing.

2. This is the easy part. Finding and motivating people to take action online is the founding strength of Team Obama. This is what they do best. Managing a complex law is a different matter, and it’s fair to question whether the president and his team are up to it.

How do you convince healthy young Americans to pay for insurance they may not need in order to fund the program? Do companies shed workers and working hours to avoid coming under the law? Are people with cheap catastrophic plans forced to pay more in the exchanges? Tricky questions likes these will soon make the hard art of website design look like fingerpainting. “The online federal health care exchange, the heart of the Obamacare project, is such a rolling catastrophe that it may end up creating a major policy fiasco immediately rather than eventually,” wrote Ross Douthat in a New York Times column titled, “Obamacare, Failing Ahead of Schedule.” [snip]

3. It reflects poorly on the president.

4. It reflects poorly on government. [snip]Beyond Obamacare, the Democratic Party’s reputation for competency is as stake. The cost of the site is already $394 million, a massive amount compared to private-sector CMS work, and sure to grow.

5. It could hurt Americans.”

If Hillary Clinton or anyone else need a clue as to the mess of ObamaCare just consider the Barack Obama publicity stunt held on Monday. For three weeks the ObamaCare website horrors have been known. Barack Obama and his clown crew prepared a publicity stunt defense of ObamaCare for Monday. The idea was to have Barack Obama defend ObamaCare in front of ObamaCare fans. How much did the unlucky 13 people standing behind B.O. love ObamaCare? Or, as HotAir phrased it, “How many people onstage with Obama today have successfully enrolled in ObamaCare?” The answer is 3:

“Of the 13 people who flanked President Obama during his speech defending Obamacare in the Rose Garden Monday, just three had successfully registered for the new Obamacare exchanges. [snip]

The three people who were able to register included: Janice Baker, who introduced the president and as of last week was the only person to have successfully enrolled in health care coverage through Delaware’s state exchange; David Hall, an IT consultant who signed up for health care through the DC Health Link; and Zohre Abolfazli, who was able to register through last night and still needs to shop for her “best plan.

Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty would be embarrassed with the turnout of 3, Jack. But the embarrassment called Barack Obama is beyond embarrassment. Barack Obama will just outright lie. The latest Big Lie from Barack Obama is that the ObamaCare website is popular and so many visitors are good news and that the many visitors somehow translate to many enrollees. The Associated Press mocked that false assertion:

“However, the officials continue to refuse to say how many people have actually enrolled in the insurance markets. Without enrollment figures, it’s unclear whether the program is on track to reach the 7 million people projecting by the Congressional Budget Office to gain coverage during the six-month sign-up period.”

“This is a question that comes up literally every single day at the White House. In the daily briefing, it comes up in other conversations that I have with administration officials every day. And every day they tell us, we don’t have that number yet. We’re going to provide the first enrollee number in mid-November. And, really what they’re trying to do at this point is, they’re being selectively transparent. They’re telling us numbers that make the system look good. They say that 19 million people have looked at since the site opened up to the public. They say that about a half million people will have actually gotten through the application process, that’s about as detailed as we’ve gotten at this point. But, you know, the enrollment figures, they say, ‘Oh, reporters, you’re just obsessed with this enrollment figure.’ Well, that’s because the enrollment figure is the only thing that tells us whether it’s actually going to work.

As we wrote earlier the ObamaCare websites are the marketplace and the number of healthy enrollees and the number of sick enrollees matter because that it is the entirety of this particular marketplace. An Apple iphone is only one phone in the cellphone marketplace (there are Samsung phones and Blackberries and many other cell phones) but the ObamaCare enrollees are the entirety of that respective marketplace. Barack Obama and his clown crew are lying about this metric and they will lie about every other metric down the road.

Barack Obama and his clown crew are lying and they continue to lie. The ObamaCare websites are not working but from the Orwellian Obama clown crew the lies will not stop and they use American taxpayer dollars to outright lie to the American public. The latest ObamaCare advertisements are lies on top of lies:

New Obamacare Ads Show How ‘Easy’ It Is to Use

On the same day that President Obama addressed the problems with the Affordable Care Act exchanges website at length from the White House Rose Garden, two new ads have been released on YouTube outlining just how “easy” is to navigate. [snip]

Once I was on the site, it was pretty easy for me to compare plans” Daniel says. “I was able to pick a much higher-quality plan, and because of my income as a student, I only pay about 70 bucks a month for it.”

In the second ad, we meet 54-year-old Deborah from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, another American who already had health insurance but was “spending a fortune” each month. “The site was very easy to use,” Deborah says, “and the customer service representatives were patient and helpful.”

The ads are clearly meant to counter the prevailing narrative that the Obamacare website is full of “glitches” and impossible to use. They go several steps further than President Obama, who acknowledged the issues in his speech Monday morning, while still emphasizing the positive aspects of the Affordable Care Act. The president’s speech appropriately addressed the growing concern over the website, but anyone who missed the coverage and only sees these ads will likely think everything’s running perfectly.”

It’s government paid for propaganda worthy of Stalinist totalitarians.

It’s all lies. The lies matter because they mask the failure that is ObamaCare in one simple to see metric:

“With the website this poor, only the most determined people, who are likely to be the sickest ones most in need of insurance, may enroll, either by sheer persistence online or by putting in an application the old-fashioned way, either by phone or in person.

Younger and healthier people, accustomed to seamless online experiences, may not bother with a site that is decidedly clunky. If only sick or expensive people sign up, the exchanges could fall into a “death spiral” in which premiums go up to cover sicker enrollees, causing fewer healthy people to sign up, in a vicious cycle. And that’s the biggest single threat to Obamacare.

And about that phone number that is supposed to be a backup to the broken website:

“Minutes after Obama finished his Rose Garden remarks Monday, POLITICO reporters dialed in.

Your call cannot be completed at this time. Please try your call again later,” an automated message told one reporter. Another reporter made it further into the process — and was referred to

It’s a circle of death spiral. This circle of death kills jobs and eventually the economy.

ObamaCare, like Obama, does not work:

“Not even the most ardent defenders of Obamacare — aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — claim anymore that the law will lower health coverage costs for Americans. How, then, will it achieve universal coverage, its central goal?

The short answer is, it won’t.

Last week, major insurers warned of double-digit premium hikes for small businesses and individuals when Obamacare goes into effect next year. Likewise, the nonpartisan Society of Actuaries this week estimated that costs to insurers that provide coverage to individuals will rise 32 percent on average within the first three years of the law, with premium increases sure to follow.

Similar analyses last year had already forced MIT’s Jonathan Gruber to admit that his projections that the law would lower premiums for young and old alike were wrong — even though his projections were instrumental in securing Obamacare’s passage. Gruber’s revised estimates now show that even the least affected states, such as Colorado, will experience premium hikes of nearly 20 percent by 2016.

Clearly, the word “affordable” should be scratched from the law for the sake of truth in advertising. But what about the “protection” part — namely, universal coverage?

That too is a lie.

The “subsidies” which come from taxpayers after all were supposed to end the free rider problem but the taxpayer is still going to have to pay for the free riders that went to the emergency room and got free treatment anyway. Instead we will see more and more employers drop health coverage for full time employees like they are already doing against part time employees (part time employees being a growth population).

Is this a plan that makes a candidate supporting it in the 2016 general elections viable? We don’t think so. Our red flags are up.


If Republicans Knew How To Play Poker

We have not wasted your time this past week with a play by play narration of nonsense in Washington. Now, as we approach the end game deadline on the fiscal follies it is worth recalling the obvious.

First, remember the Sequester doomsday scenarios never happened even though the Sequester came to be, and that the doomsday horror scenario is Alinsky Rule #9. Second, don’t get into a fight if you are not prepared to fight. Third, if you have principles and believe in your principles, then fight for your principles. Fourth, the wrong analysis will get you killed.

As often as we have written the above these past five years it appears the Republican “leadership” and much of the conservative thinkers and writers have a yellow streak which they hide with rational explanations of why now is not the time to fight. For Republicans now is the time to fight. Now is exactly the time to fight. Now is when they are in a very strong position which if they fight will become stronger.

Now is exactly the time for Republicans to fight for principles. Instead Republican leaders are whimpering about this or that “tweak” to a bill. The bottom line is if you are not willing to walk away, to fight all the way, then you have already lost.

With these Republican “leaders” and writers it is always better to fight later. We have addressed this issue earlier this year with a lesson from Bill Clinton:

“The lesson Republicans learned from the shutdowns of 1995 and 1996 are that the president wins during government shutdowns because the president has the bully pulpit and it is the president that determines what gets shut down first and then proceeds to shut down programs Americans support the most (for instance Bill Clinton shut down national parks and passport offices). That’s the wrong lesson.

The real lesson from the government shutdowns of 1995 and 1996? Timing matters.

Bill Clinton understood that it is election years that matter. Bill “yanked the leash” late in November of 1995 just as his reelection campaign was on the move. Bill knew when it was time to pick a fight”

Now, over a year away from the all important 2014 election, is when the Republicans should fight. Now they can sustain damage in public opinion polls which they will not be able to withstand in election year 2014. A “hold ’em” poker player’s strategy works 13 months away from the 2014 elections but will be a much more difficult strategy to follow next year even if it is the early part of the year.

Yes, we’ve written this tiresome article in almost the same exact circumstances before:

The lesson for Republicans is that timing matters. Now is the time to fight, not later. The further away from an election Republicans are the stronger their political position is. The closer to election time the weaker Republicans are. Why? Because they are up for election and Barack Obama is not.

As we have pointed out previously there are 219 House Republicans who won in districts Romney won in 2008. That is evidence as strong as you can get that Republicans will keep control of the House if they live up to the promises they made to their constituents.

Too bad Republican “leaders” don’t read. If they read this website or this quote from before the House fiscal cliff vote – “But Obama and his staff believe Americans would have blamed him for taking the country over the cliff” – or the latest poll and the accompanying impressive graphic about second term presidential popularity, 2013 might look a lot different than it now temporarily does.”

Yes, we have written this before. The only thing that has changed is that the evidence mounts that we are correct. Recently, Nate Silver, the beloved poll analyst of the Hopium Guzzler set declared that the Republicans will likely not suffer from the “shutdown” in next year’s elections and that the Republicans will likely continue majority control of the House of Representatives for the last two years of Obama’s occupation of the White House. Obama lovin’ Stu Rothenberg says pretty much the same thing. Robert Hahn and Peter Passell have this to add as regards Republican electoral chances if they fight ObamaCare:

“Focusing on Obamacare in general, and mandatory coverage in particular, could prove a plausible strategy for broadening the anti-Obama coalition to include voters in their 20s and 30s by bringing attention to what economists call the “cross-subsidy” inherent in any insurance system based on mandatory coverage. And, with hindsight, it may yet be seen as the opening salvo in a generational war, one fed by the reality that older Americans are a rapidly growing burden on younger workers, who can ill afford it.”

So why aren’t Republican “leaders” investing in their parties future by taking a hit now in order to win next year and in 2016? If Republican “leaders” don’t believe us perhaps they should read the Professor who agrees with our premise as he discusses the latest Pew poll:

“I don’t say Pew knows any better than the other pollsters, or vice versa, but that’s the point. Do what’s right, and worry about the 2014 polls closer to November 2014. For God’s sake, Republicans, stop acting like bouncing Super Balls based on the latest polling.”

Big Media is covering up as much as possible the hurt in polls for Barack Obama. Yeah, the Republicans are getting hurt but so is Obama. And that matters because the “in” party in off year elections gets hurt badly when the president’s poll numbers are low:

“But does Obama’s approval rating matter now given that he never has to face re-election? And if it does matter, can he recover?

The answers are that it does matter – Obama’s approval rating can greatly affect the 2014 midterm elections and, to a lesser extent, the 2016 presidential election – and the historical odds of it recovering much seem to be slim.

In midterms, electorates often take out their frustration with the president on the their party’s congressional members. A poor presidential approval rating will only add to that frustration. A president likely needs an approval rating in the mid 60s, like Bill Clinton in 1998 and George W Bush in 2002, to avoid the curse of “midterm loss”.

In every non-wartime midterm election since 1938, simply knowing how many seats the president’s party controlled and the president’s approval rating goes a long way in determining how the midterm is going to shake out. Not counting 1974, because Richard Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford took his place, more than 75% of the variation between the seats won in the House by the president’s party in the midterm is explained by the two aforementioned variables.”

Republicans have a very strong hand to play but instead they prefer a “fold ’em” poker strategy. It’s one reason why so many agree with Sean Hannity: Maybe it’s time for a new conservative party. That might be fun to consider but it is not really a solution that will come about in the next few weeks. Republicans have a very strong hand to play in this high stakes poker game. But they are bungling. There’s really no cure for stupid.


F*ckYo: Totalitarian Obama And The Most Hated Law Since Prohibition

Update II: It really was Unbelievable: Obama gets no questions at presser on ObamaCare rollout or shutdown theater. That’s because Big Media continues to try to rescue ObamaCare, the most hated law since Prohibition.

Imagine if someone in the White House press room asked Obama why his health insurance websites have a phone number which spells out “Fuc*Yo”. As a follow-up imaginary press person could have asked Obama who ordered that “F*ckYo” phone number, when that person will fired, and at what time tomorrow that phone number would be changed? Instead, Obama had his pillows fluffed as in the 2008 campaign.

It’s a miracle that Speaker Boehner and the House Republican conference have held so firm in the face of so much Big Media Obama protection. They deserve a salute for finally fighting.


Update: Barack Obama today demanded that Congress “pay the bills”. But Obama is not paying the bills. Obama is deficit spending and passing on the bills to many future generations.

After the Obama “my way or the highway” publicity stunt today – with Big Media in full Obama/ObamaCare glitch protection mode – Speaker Boehner should consider our recommendation that he adjourn the House and reconvene it in states such as Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Alaska to put pressure on certain senators that continue to vote against the interests of their constituents in favor of “my way or the highway” default Obama.


Totalitarians always say, as Fidel Castro does, that “once the people vote why vote again?” It’s the “one man, one vote, one time” crap we hear from those in power in totalitarian states like Iran. Lately Barack Obama has taken to saying the same thing about ObamaCare. It’s “settled law” says Barack ‘so shut up and get in line.’ As if. In the United States we have the right to resist unjust laws or just plain ol’ stupid laws.

We used to have a big divide over the very legal system of slavery. Slavery was “settled law”. The “settled law” became less settled over time. In fact it became quite unsettling. The legal system and the legislative system attempted several compromises and gimmicks to settle what was “settled law”. Nothing worked. Result: civil war which ended the system of settled law on slavery.

There was another civil war in all but name that was most dramatically fought out in the streets of Chicago. This war was also over a “settled law”. In fact it was more than “settled law”. This law was chiseled into the granite blocks of the American Constitution. Two thirds of Congress approved of this new law (287 -100 in the House and a voice vote in the Senate) added onto the foundational Constitution (as the 18th Amendment) along with two thirds of all the states. That is as “settled law” as it can possibly be. Result: Repudiation of this constitutional amendment (via the 21st Amendment) but only after the “settled law” birthed organized crime on a national level, dire violence, and national law enforcement agencies which have never undone the damage wrought by the “settled law” known as Prohibition.

True blue leftists that we had been for so long we recall fighting valiantly against “settled law” often over the years. If you are now or have ever been a Democrat since 1960 do you recall how many times we have demanded that this or that war be “defunded”? We certainly recall those festivals of protest we attended to demand that the House of Representatives, which until 1994 was controlled exclusively by Democrats, “DEFUND” a war being fought at the time. Whether it was Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq or many of those wars in-between those wars were “settled law” and yet many of our fellow Democrats protested in the streets and demanded the war be “defunded”. Remember?

There have been plenty of times when we have gorged ourselves in our Constitutional right to petition our government with our grievances. On issue after issue we have fought “settled law” until it is unsettled and defunct. Yet now we find those who alongside us fought “settled law” repeatedly now defending Barack Obama on his abomination ObamaCare and attacking any attempted to fight this allegedly “settled law”.

Republican/conservative Charles Krauthammer remembers some very recent history about “settled law” unsettled:

“President Obama indignantly insists that GOP attempts to abolish or amend Obama­care are unseemly because it is “settled” law, having passed both houses of Congress, obtained his signature and passed muster with the Supreme Court.

Yes, settledness makes for a strong argument — except from a president whose administration has unilaterally changed Obama­care five times after its passage, including, most brazenly, a year-long suspension of the employer mandate.

Article I of the Constitution grants the legislative power entirely to Congress. Under what constitutional principle has Obama unilaterally amended the law? Yet when the House of Representatives undertakes a constitutionally correct, i.e., legislative, procedure for suspending the other mandate — the individual mandate — this is portrayed as some extra-constitutional sabotage of the rule of law. Why is tying that amendment to a generalized spending bill an outrage, while unilateral amendment by the executive (with a Valerie Jarrett blog item for spin) is perfectly fine?”

The Washington Post has a list of the many government shutdowns and how they ended. Notice this history contradicts Barack Obama’s cracked history of government shutdowns. There have been many government shutdowns and they have been on issues of varied interests from abortion to missiles. Contrary to Obama’s cracked history, it’s business as usual in a democracy:

“First of all America has gone through shutdowns before. Andrew Stiles notes in National Review that the U.S government has shut down 17 times since 1976. The vast majority of those shutdowns happened when the Democrats controlled the House. They happened under Jimmy Carter over abortion policy (remember when that divided the Democrats?) and under Ronald Reagan, mostly about budget priorities — including efforts to nix Reagan’s pet projects (sound familiar?). During the 21-day face-off between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, unemployment fell slightly and America emerged with a welfare reform deal. Not too bad.

Those shutdowns remind us that U.S. politics have always been partisan and rancorous — as the two-party system was established with the intention of being. Honest, heated debate is part of being a democratic nation.”

It’s not really a government shutdown anyway. Like the sequester horrors that never appeared or frightened, it’s only 17% of the government that is somewhat shutdown. It is not really a government shutdown we are witnessing. What we are seeing is an Obama attack against Americans who won’t bow down to totalitarian edicts and corrupt “settled law”:

“People turning on the news this week came away with the knowledge that it was about Obamacare and kept hearing that Democrats wouldn’t negotiate. They also learned that for some reason the President didn’t want Word War II veterans to tour their own memorial, and Harry Reid won’t turn the funding on for cancer clinical trials at the NIH. Oh, and the rollout for Obamacare is one big glitch.

Late yesterday came word that the Amber Alert system has been shut down, but Barack Obama’s federally funded golf course remains open. Catholics are openly fretting that priests on military bases could get arrested for performing mass — at the very least they are prohibited from doing so.”

Big Media is trying to rescue both ObamaCare and Obama but having trouble walking and chewing this particular grungy piece of gum. According to a CNN poll released today Big Media is successful in placing the blame on Republicans but it is a victory with diminished returns diminishing every day:

“According to the poll, 63% of those questioned say they are angry at the Republicans for the way they have handled the shutdown.

“But the Democrats are not getting off scot-free. Fifty-seven percent of Americans are also angry at the way the Democrats are dealing with the shutdown. And a 53% majority say they are also angry at President Obama,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “It looks like there is more than enough blame to go around and both parties are being hurt by the shutdown.”

The CNN poll results are similar to those from a new Pew Research Center poll also released Monday and surveys from Gallup and CBS News/New York Times surveys conducted last week, which indicate slightly more people blaming – or angry at – Republicans than Democrats or the president for the shutdown.”

Big Media and Barack Obama have consistently sold themselves the lie that ObamaCare is popular. It’s not. ObamaCare must be stopped and Republicans are doing what the American people want. Recently Todd Purdum (husband of Dee Dee Myers) who used to write “news” articles not opinion pieces for the New York Times went hysterically berserk against Republicans for fighting against ObamaCare and blaming the GOP for the “shutdown”. A day later Purdum took sedatives and wrote an article which merits attention. Purdum, after his breakdown, wrote about why Obama and ObamaCare are in the trouble they are in:

“Twenty years ago, when he was trying to persuade Bill and Hillary Clinton that universal health care was a politically unrealistic goal, the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan repeated one insistent warning: Sweeping, historic laws don’t pass barely. “They pass 70-to-30,’’ he said, “or they fail.”

Four years ago, when he was trying to persuade Barack Obama that he would pay a terrible price for jamming health care reform through a reluctant Congress on a partisan vote, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel begged his boss to settle for a vastly scaled-down plan.”

ObamaCare did not pass 70 to 30. It passed even as Scott Brown won in bluest of blue state Massachusetts on the promise to be a vote against ObamaCare. ObamaCare passed on a strictly party-line vote. Republicans and conservatives opposed the law as did many like us who saw ObamaCare as Chicago gangland extortion stripping taxpayers of money to enrich insurance companies – the Obama government played gangland enforcer Frank Nitti in Prohibition era Chicago.

Frank Nitti terrorized Chicago during Prohibition. Like Frank Nitti Barack Obama and ObamaCare persist in forcing Americans to buy this Hopium brand bad booze which blinds:

“Ever since Obamacare’s stormy passage in early 2011, Democrats have been waiting anxiously for the program to go into effect and hoping that a dose of reality would calm the partisan battles over the health insurance plan. Once everything was up and running, they hoped, skeptical Americans would see that Obamacare was a good idea all along — and reward the party that brought it to them.

That’s looking unlikely, at least in the short run. Last week’s glitch-filled rollout of Obamacare’s health exchange websites, combined with Republicans’ furious refusal to accept the program as what President Obama calls “settled law,” confirmed something political strategists in both parties had already predicted: The war over Obamacare is far from over.

“It’s unlikely that the Affordable Care Act will be widely popular until people have real experience with it — until it becomes the new normal,” a leading Democratic strategist told me. “We’re talking about years, not weeks or months.” [snip]

The 2014 election will be the Gettysburg of this struggle — the deciding battle, one way or the other,” predicted Robert J. Blendon of Harvard’s School of Public Health.

In the current Congress, the Senate’s Democratic majority has stopped the Republican-led House of Representatives from defunding or delaying Obamacare’s implementation. But if Republicans take control of the Senate next year — a prospect currently rated as a tossup — only Obama’s veto will stand in their way.

And even by election day in 2016, Obamacare may still be a work in progress.

“If you give it three, four, five years, every experience we have is that public support will be there,” Blendon said. “But you have to give it that much time.” Meanwhile, Republicans will have every incentive to attack the program’s shortcomings.

“The real problem here is not managerial; many programs take years to roll out,” he said. “The real issue is political. Programs don’t do well if one party doesn’t support it and public opinion isn’t for it.

As for Obamacare, public opinion has settled into skepticism.”

We don’t know if 2014 will be Gettysburg or the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. But we are sure ObamaCare will be defeated.

In a sense ObamaCare has already been defeated. For years we heard from Big Media and other sources of state coercive power that ObamaCare required millions of the healthy young to enroll so that their money would fund what they don’t need. To that end we would witness an explosion of ObamaCare enthusiasm as ObamaCare websites, aided by social media, would be popular demonstrations of the popular will and popular ObamaCare would establish itself as so popular all dissent would end and “settled law” would be settled law forever and ever, Amen. Instead what social media and Americans saw was a catastrophe. ObamaCare was not only a GLITCH-O-BAMA-RAMA – ObamaCare itself is a glitch.

ObamaCare is the glitch of all glitches. If this was not so we would be flooded by metrics about how popular ObamaCare is. Instead of metrics we are given mendacity:

“Jack Lew is Secretary of the Treasury in the Obama administration. Occupying the office once held by Alexander Hamilton, he lies only when his lips are moving. Chris Wallace induced rapid lip movement by Lew on Fox News Sunday this morning when he asked Lew how many of the millions of viewers of the federal Obamacare site signed up for Obamacare this week after the commencement of the open enrollment period. Lew declined to answer.”

It’s not just Jack Lew lying by omission. Watch Jay Carney on ObamaCare enrollment numbers: Uh, we’ll get back to you next month:

“If they’re able and willing to release the website’s traffic data, as Carney does here, why can’t they can’t release the number of people who managed to complete the application process successfully? Any website that requires users to register has a way of counting the number of registrants. Carney doesn’t even deny that they have the number; he just says that they’ll release the data monthly like other agencies do, as if there’s no special public interest in the first-day enrollment numbers for ObamaCare. Show of hands: If the site was working like a dream and 500,000 people had signed up successfully in the first 24 hours, who thinks President Bashful would insist on sitting on those numbers for a month?

They won’t say how many signed on to ObamaCare because so few did. Few Americans enrolled with ObamaCare because the scam is ever so blatant:

“On Thursday, the government’s official Obamacare Facebook page was riddled with people expressing sticker shock over the government’s high cost premiums after struggling for hours to wade through the technical failures vexing Obamacare exchanges all across the country.

“I am so disappointed,” wrote one woman. “These prices are outrageous and there are huge deductibles. No one can afford this!” The comment received 169 “likes.”

There is NO WAY I can afford it,” said one commenter after using the Kaiser Subsidy Calculator. “Heck right now I couldn’t afford an extra 10$ [sic] a month…and oh apparently I make to [sic] much at 8.55/hour to get subsidies.”

Another person shared a link found on the federal government’s main Obamacare page listing premium estimates for small business employers:

The information is not very complete as I don’t see anything about deductible or other detailed info, but it does given an actual price as to the “Premium.” It is VERY SCARY!! For example, my insurance plan right now for my spouse and I costs $545 a month with 100% coverage after my $2500 deductible. We are both 32 years old. When I looked at this site for 80% coverage it says it will be $954.78 a month!!!! So compare my old Plan: 100% coverage for $545 a month To New Plan: 80% Coverage for $945 a month. This is only only an estimate but it is VERY Scary for me to see this kind of increase in rates and reduction in benefits!

A single mother of two said she is in school and working full-time while living “75% below the poverty level.” She said she was shocked to learn she did not qualify for a healthcare subsidy. “Are you F’ing kidding me????” she wrote on the government’s Obamacare Facebook page. “Where the HELL am I supposed to get $3,000 more a year to pay for this ‘bronze’ health insurance plan!?!??? And I DO NOT EVEN WANT INSURANCE to begin with!! This is frightening,” she wrote.

Amid scores of comments expressing frustration with technical failures, one woman said she is “just amazed you could even get to the point of seeing pricing” and that she had been trying to access the system for three days to no avail.

Obamacare sticker shock will not affect millions of low-income Americans; a New York Times analysis published on Wednesday found that Obamacare “will leave out two-thirds of the poor blacks and single mothers and more than half of the low-wage workers who do not have insurance, the very kinds of people that the program was intended to help.”

Obamacare will cost taxpayers an estimated $2.6 trillion over the next 10 years.”

Even the fools who voted for Obama proudly, twice, now realize ObamaCare is another Obama lie:

“Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are big believers in the Affordable Care Act. They vote independent and are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama.

Yet, like many other Bay Area residents who pay for their own medical insurance, they were floored last week when they opened their bills: Their policies were being replaced with pricier plans that conform to all the requirements of the new health care law.

Vinson, of San Jose, will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy, while Waschura, of Portola Valley, will cough up almost $10,000 more for insurance for his family of four.”

The former governor of Kansas who now rules over ObamaCare could not convince one single person from Kansas to sign up for ObamaCare on that once supposed to be glorious first day of ObamaCare.

You don’t have to ask ‘what’s the matter with Kansas’ to know ObamaCare is a scam. On the first day as ObamaCare supporters desperately searched for one single person in the entire country that had signed on for ObamaCare using the ObamaCare national website they came upon a young man called Chad Henderson. But it turned out he was a hanging Chad that had not yet really signed up for himself or his dad, as he claimed.

The story got worse. Not only was Chad Henderson an Obama worker working for the Obama campaign to provide comments on websites in support of Obama, Chad lied often, for pay, on behalf of Obama and ObamaCare:

“Chad Henderson is the media’s poster boy for Obamacare. Reporters struggled this week to find individuals who said they had been able to enroll in one of the law’s 36 federally run health-insurance exchanges.

That changed yesterday, when they found Henderson, a 21-year-old student and part-time child-care worker who lives in Georgia and says that he successfully enrolled himself and his father Bill in insurance plans via the online exchange administered at

But in an exclusive phone interview this morning with Reason, Chad’s father Bill contradicted virtually every major detail of the story the media can’t get enough of. What’s more, some of the details that Chad has released are also at odds with published rate schedules and how Obamacare officials say the enrollment system works.

The coverage of Chad Henderson has been massive. [snip]

Henderson’s story was promoted as proof that the new health law can work for individuals. That was exactly how Chad intended it. He was a volunteer with President Obama’s campaign last year, and his LinkedIn page still lists him as an active volunteer with Organizing for Action, the former campaign organization which now advocates for the president’s legislative agenda.

He told The Washington Post that he was sharing his story because he wanted the new health law to succeed.

“I’ve read a few articles about how young people are very critical to the law’s success,” he said to The Post. “I really just wanted to do my part to help out with the entire process.”

But details of Chad’s story proved difficult to verify. And in a phone interview conducted this morning, Chad’s father Bill contradicted major details of Chad’s story.”

Another ObamaCare liar telling lies to benefit ObamaCare and Barack Obama should not surprise anyone who understands the nature of these totalitarian freaks who will do or say anything for their maximum leader.

What does surprise and what Republicans must demand be taken down is the honesty of the ObamaCare phone number truth:

“Need health insurance? The Obama administration has you covered. Simply dial 1-800-FUCKYO to reach the next available health-care provider.

Far from being a mistype, that’s the official number that Health and Human Services wants Americans to dial when seeking health care. Obamacare’s national call center really did list its number as 1-800-318-2596, helpfully spelling out President Barack Obama’s tendency to blatantly flip the bird in plain view. [snip]

1-800-3(F) 8(U) 2(C) 5(K) 9(Y) 6(O).

That’s 1-800-FUCKYO.”

We recently posted a suggestion for John Boehner to adjourn the House and reconvene it in red states with Obama Dimocrat incumbents running for senate reelection next year. We’ll add to that suggestion that Speaker Boehner and Senators Cruz and Paul demand that the call center number be changed immediately. The more Americans realize that ObamaCare is telling them “Fu*kYou” the louder the American people will respond “No, Fu*k You” in 2014.


Hillary Clinton Movie Shutdown – The Government Shutdown – ObamaCare Shutdown – Obama Strategy Shutdown

Update: The Obama publicity stunt is over and Obama will not negotiate with American leaders duly elected by Americans. Far from demonstrating strength this latest Obama publicity stunt shows that Obama is worried about the appearance of not negotiating. The hope is the public will not notice Obama’s total failure of leadership. Tomorrow we will see if the latest Obama ploy to nudge Wall Street into a panic will work. We doubt it will.

It is time for Speaker Boehner to take up our suggestion to adjourn the House and reconvene in red states with Obama Dimocrat senators – Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alaska. This will be a productive and powerful publicity stunt which puts pressure on the weakest links in the solid wall of Obama Senate stonewalling.


The wrong analysis will get you on the wrong road, in a ditch, bloody, and bruised. Fortunately we are here to help the lost get back on the path to salvation. First, Hillary Clinton, not Republicans or conservatives, achieved a major victory by shutting down the Big Media movies about her. Second, the government shutdown will not hurt the GOP next year but rather help. Third, ObamaCare was, is, and will be a mess and must be shutdown by forcing everyone to get on that death train. Fourth, Barack Obama’s shutdown strategy has already shut down and only the GOP can rescue him at this point by another demonstration of GOP weakness.

* * * * * *

Back in August there was lots of noise from Republicans/conservatives about certain Hillary Clinton biopic movies greenlighted by CNN and NBC. There was so much stupidity we were forced to slap down the silliness in our article Stop The Big Media Hillary Clinton Biographies – Or, How Stupid Is The GOP? This is what we wrote then and it is pertinent to much of what is happening this week and next:

“So why the charade? Preibus and the RNC know that waving the anti-Hillary flag makes Republicans lose their senses sufficiently that a ring can be drilled through their noses and a rope to “lead” them attached. Preibus and the RNC figure if they talk tough against Hillary the rank and file Republicans won’t notice their many attempts to sell them out on immigration reform and every other issue the rank and file cares about. Wave the Hillary flag and the E takes over the I – stupidity reigns. Preibus knows this, he’s not completely stupid when it comes to bamboozling his own party members.

In that article we further declared that “Any Hillary Clinton 2016 supporter who thinks Hillary Clinton is going to get a fair shake from NBC or CNN is mentally deranged.” In this instance, although not others, as we have described in The Hillary Clinton 2016 Muddled Message Mess, our side won the argument inside the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign to be.

As we wrote, Hillary and Bill Clinton know Big Media means to destroy them. With this understanding Hillary and Bill Clinton moved with speed to shut down the planned attack movies. Yes, we were right and every Republican/conservative commentator along with a lot of Hillary Clinton 2016 cheer-leading fools were wrong, as every report on the situation details it was Hillary and Bill Clinton that wisely shut down the Hillary movies. The RNC and Republican/conservative commentators led their readers/followers down the wrong path with claims that the planned Hillary Clinton movies by CNN and NBC had to be stopped because they would help Hillary Clinton 2016.

Our larger point is what Republicans/conservatives should focus on. The reason why the RNC and others “led the fight” and made a lot of noise about the Hillary Clinton movies was to distract away from the betrayals planned on immigration reform and other issues such as the debt ceiling, the budget, and ObamaCare. Any Republican/conservative who doubts us should take a look at the purposeful deceit and outright lies told by House Speaker John Boehner who colluded secretly with Harry Reid to give special benefits on ObamaCare to congressional representatives and their staffs. Read it and weep guys – you’ve been had by your own leadership who lied to you and then lied about not lying and continue to lie about not lying – but they lied and the evidence has been published:

“Why don’t we make sure that every American is treated just like we are?” Boehner asked, seeking to prohibit members of Congress and Capitol Hill aides from getting thousands of dollars in subsidies for their health insurance as they join Obamacare-mandated insurance exchanges.

Yet behind-the-scenes, Boehner and his aides worked for months with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), and others, to save these very same, long-standing subsidies, according to documents and e-mails provided to POLITICO. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was also aware of these discussions, the documents show. [snip]

But according to several sources in attendance at a mid-July meeting with Reid, Boehner wondered aloud at one point whether he and the Nevada Democrat could quietly slip some language into a bill to end the problem without it receiving any public attention.

“When I was in the state legislature, we used to stick things in [bills] and no one would notice,” Boehner said during a private meeting with Reid in July to discuss this issue, the sources said.

John Boehner is the guy “leading” Republican efforts to get rid of ObamaCare! The very guy that makes deals with Harry Reid to lie to the public and “quietly slip some language into a bill”. Oddly though it might be John Boehner that is the reason why Republicans will win the fight over the government shutdown.

John Boehner is not Newt Gingrich. That is a big plus in the current government shutdown fight. Newt Gingrich was a leader for the Republicans with results. It was because of Newt and his bomb throwing tactics that the Republicans acquired fire in the belly and this eventually led to the end of their 40 year shutout from a House of Representatives majority. But Newt Gingrich’s strengths, were no match for his weaknesses. Indeed, Newt and Bill had reached an historic agreement to reform Social Security and Medicare but the easily distracted Newt decided to chase the Monica story instead of historic reform. Newt lost on both.

Newt had an outsized sense of himself. He considered his small town college credentials as somehow world class intellectualism. While getting blowjobs from Republican chairmen’s wives in parking lots Newt somehow thought he could lead a crusade again Bill Clinton’s sexual appetites. Newt admitted he melted in the presence of Bill Clinton. Indeed Bill and Newt would often get together over a bottle of scotch and a humidor of cigars to discuss the many attractions of women.

I melt when I’m around him,” Gingrich purred in January 1996. “After I get out, I need two hours to detoxify. My people are nervous about me going in there because of the way I deal with this.” That was the Newt the American public did not see. What the public saw of Newt was an aggressive ideologue willing to shut down the American government just because he was a nasty brutish ugly man.

Many will defend Newt Gingrich and attack our portrait of him. But our ugly characterization of Newt is what the public saw. The Daily News with it’s front page cartoon of “Cry Baby” is what the American public saw. The cartoon (see it for yourself HERE) of a bawling cry baby Newt in diapers carried the headline “Cry Baby – Newt’s Tantrum: He closed down the government because Clinton made him sit at the back of the plane”:

“Here was Newt Gingrich, leader of the Republican Revolution and defender of civilization on this planet, forced to sit for 25 hours in the back of Air Force One, waiting for President Clinton to stop by and negotiate a budget deal. But Clinton never came back. So Gingrich, in his rage, drafted two resolutions that forced Clinton to bring the federal government to a grinding halt.

The extraordinary behind-the-scenes tale Gingrich told yesterday morning at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast is either comedy or tragedy, or junior high school cafeteria intrigue, take your pick. It surely was not what you expect to hear from the stewards of your government.

Gingrich had been invited aboard Air Force One last week to fly to the funeral of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. With a budget crisis pending, he expected Clinton would take time out during the flight to talk about a possible solution.

But Clinton, who seemed to be genuinely grieving over Rabin’s death, stayed up front in a cabin with former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George Bush on both the outward-bound and return trips.

Then, when the plane landed at Andrews Air Force base outside Washington, Gingrich and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole were asked to deplane by gasp! the rear door.

“This is petty,” Gingrich confessed. “I’m going to say up front it’s petty, but I think it’s human. When you land at Andrews and you’ve been on the plane for 25 hours and nobody has talked to you and they ask you to get off by the back ramp . . . you just wonder, where is their sense of manners, where is their sense of courtesy?”

To Gingrich, the professor of history, this was one of the snubs of the century, ranking, he said, with the time Charles Evans Hughes stiffed Hiram Johnson of the California Progressive Party back in 1916, a slight that cost Hughes the California vote and the presidency. And it was this disrespect, Gingrich continued, that caused him to send the President two temporary financing and spending bills he knew that Clinton would have to veto thus shutting down the federal government.”

We know Republicans/conservatives will be cry babies about all this. “It’s unfair!” they will whine. But it is what the public saw. The public saw a nasty Newt throwing a tantrum then shutting down the government while Bill Clinton hosted a Republican president and a Democratic president he did not particularly care for. This should buck up current day Republicans.

Bill Clinton during the Newt Gingrich government shutdown was viewed as a hard working president who talked with Republicans constantly and did everything he could to negotiate with Republicans. Like it or not that was the public perception.

Compare that to today:

(1) John Boehner is not viewed as a flame thrower. Indeed as we have pointed out Boehner is a sun loving, cigarette smoking, country club Republican whose working class days at a bar are long gone. If not for pressure from principled Republicans and a Republican base tired of Boehner’s weakness Boehner would long ago have given away everything and anything Barack Obama requested via a staff member while Obama was on the golf course.

(2) Barack Obama has repeatedly stated he will not negotiate with Republicans. Obama has drawn a red line in the sand which after his Syrian red line fiasco Obama fully intends to have a temper tantrum about. Obama will negotiate without preconditions with Iran (a throwback to his 2008 attacks against Hillary) but not with Republicans. Barack Obama also was hysterical when he discussed the destructive impact of the dreaded sequester. Remember the sequester? Nothing happened even though Barack Obama claimed the world would end. Nothing happened. Now Obama is trying to scare again.

As in the sequester fight Barack Obama is attacking the American public in order to make a political profit. In our experience that usually backfires. Hubris is dangerous and those that think they are going to win usually lose. Newt Gingrich thought he was sure to win when he was Speaker of the House. Republicans lost that fight. Now it is Obama that is sure he is going to win. We don’t think so.

In his war against Americans, Barack Obama has tried to shut out veterans from their World War II memorial. The vets won the first fight. Then Barack Obama ordered concrete barricades against the Boys of Point Du Hoc and the men and women dubbed the “greatest generation”. The mounted police came next to fight back the veterans. The vets won again and again. Today they won again in what might well be their final battle.

Barack Obama’s battle against the American people includes his government coerced payment for nothing extortion of tax payer dollars to insurance companies. That’s about to shut down as well. As Newsbusters reports:

“According to Congressman Jim Himes (D-Conn.), out of the 28,000 visitors to his state’s exchange Tuesday, only 167 actually signed up:

For those that can do math, that means 0.6 percent of visitors actually applied for insurance.

If that’s what President Obama and his media minions think is a success, one has to wonder what they’d call failure.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that about 2.8 million people visited the federal exchange at

If Connecticut’s percentages hold true nationally, this would mean a whopping 16,800 people actually applied for insurance at the federal exchange Tuesday.”

Obama boosters at Time Magazine are looking at the ObamaCare shutdown too:

“Plenty of Browsers at Obamacare Exchanges, but Not Clear How Many Buyers

Millions of Americans visited the online health-insurance exchanges despite widespread tech glitches

Millions of Americans visited websites for Obamacare health-insurance exchanges when they launched on Tuesday, leading many of the sites to crash from heavy volume. Despite the clear interest, federal officials would not say how many people actually signed up for new coverage.

During a conference call with reporters on Tuesday afternoon, officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) refused to disclose the number of people who bought insurance through the online marketplaces that are a centerpiece of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). “We have just decided not to release that yet,” said Marilyn Tavenner, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The reticence of officials could be rooted in the serious computer glitches that bedeviled the exchange websites on their first day of operation. The federal website that manages enrollment for 34 states that have opted not to independently run their own exchanges counted visits from 2.8 million people on Tuesday, according to HHS, but greeted many visitors with an error message or long wait. Some state-run exchange websites opened late due to computer snafus or crashed during the day. On Twitter, state exchanges apologized to consumers and asked for patience while glitches were resolved. In the face of these problems, many visitors to the sites may have given up before being able to shop for insurance.”

That’s the good news for ObamaCare. On the laugh meter we score a 100% to discover the Total number of enrollees yesterday in Louisiana’s new health-insurance exchange: Zero? Call it ZeroCare.

Big Media will try to rescue ObamaCare but without success. Obama is trying to stir up a panic over his government shutdown. Obama is so desperate that now Obama nudges Wall Street: Maybe it’s time to panic over this debt-ceiling deadline. It’s a sequester throwback tactic that won’t work.

So what should happen next. What should Republicans do?

Republicans should realize that Barack Obama, as in the sequester fight, thinks he is going to win so he will overplay his hand only to then have to back away in a Syrian style red line retreat. Obama is already blinking. With the knowledge that his “no negotiations” bluster is a set up to failure Obama is now up to a new pretense. Obama has scheduled a meeting in the White House today with Republicans invited. It is a sign of weakness not strength.

Bill Kristol at Weekly Standard suggests Republicans “stand pat” and go home. We don’t entire agree with with that tactic. We have an addition to make. First, Kristol’s advice:

“That’s the Republicans’ situation today. They have a hand they could easily make worse by panicking, and which could be good enough for a win or draw if they keep calm. And their odds could improve if they now take a few days vigorously to make their case to the country: that they have acted to fund the government—while protecting Americans from having to buy insurance they don’t want from exchanges they can’t trust, and while reversing the special deal the Obama administration arranged for Congress so that Congress will have to live by the laws they impose on others. They could also stand ready to pass legislation, as they did before the shutdown with respect to military pay, addressing discrete parts of the government that might require exemption from the shutdown as real problems become apparent.

The best thing Speaker Boehner could probably do now is to say it’s obvious Senate Democrats aren’t going to negotiate, that the House GOP remains ready to talk (and the GOP conferees are in town and ready to confer), but that he’s sending the rest of the Republican congressmen home for the next few days in order to talk with their constituents. The members would be liberated from the Beltway bubble, free to make their case where they can best make it, able to fight back against media attempts to exaggerate the consequences of the shutdown, and would have a chance to remind voters, in the exchanges’ first week of operation, of just how bad in how many ways Obamacare is. [snip]

So the GOP’s agenda for the rest of this week (and maybe until the debt limit deadline of October 17) is pretty simple: Stand pat on the shutdown, don’t panic because of media hype or a few snap polls, make their case on the mandate and the special deal for Congress in particular, and on Obamacare in general—and figure out how to play their hand on the debt limit.

This is generally sage advice. But we think there is something else Republicans should do to help get their message to the American public and to simultaneously put pressure on Obama Dimocrats. With the knowledge that the president has the bully pulpit and can command immediate attention with every publicity stunt we think that the Republicans should stage a massive unprecedented publicity stunt of their own.

Our idea is for Speaker of the House John Boehner to adjourn the House and reconvene it in a different state every two or three days. This unprecedented action would assure the House Republicans of massive publicity.

What states should John Boehner convene the House in? Here’s a list of states we suggest:

“They’re up for reelection in places where President Barack Obama is deeply unpopular, but red-state Democrats are sticking with their party in the acrimonious fight over Obamacare and shutting down the government.

Sens. Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Mark Begich of Alaska have consistently voted with their party to reject repeated GOP attempts to chip away at the health care law — reflecting a remarkable level of Democratic unity on the issue. [snip]

When asked whether she is open to delaying the individual mandate or other measures to a continuing resolution, Landrieu responded: “absolutely not.”

“I’m not for delaying the mandate, I would vote again for the Affordable Care Act,” Landrieu said. “I am for the Affordable Care Act. Period. End.”

Along with passage of funding bills Obama has threatened to veto, the House of Representatives should convene in Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Alaska. Let the Obama Dimocrats up for election next year defend ObamaCare and the shutdown of veterans from their memorial and ours. Pressure red state Obama Dimocrat senators to vote against the interests of their voters and for Obama and ObamaCare. It’s the ultimate shutdown.