Shock Report: Turn Your TV Off Day!!!! – Warn Climate Change Hot Gas Experts

Update: General George Armstrong Custer died with his boots on. With our hazmat outfits on we timorously turned on the TV to witness a scalping worthy of the Little Big Horn. We saw the latest in booberific boobery and a massive Retreat: Obama interested in Russian diplomatic track as Reid puts Senate vote on hold. Yup, Barack Obama was on TV again bringing laughter to one and all.

Putin wins, Assad wins, the rebels lose, the Saudis lose, but the biggest loser is the incompetent and badly botoxed John Kerry topped only by King of Boobs Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton knew the latest Russian diplomatic ploy was a trap that could only be considered if compliance was IMMEDIATE, with NO DELAY. Now no one knows what new depths of boobery Obama will plumb.

Harry Reid does not have the votes in the Senate so he has postponed the vote that was supposed to follow immediately after Obama’s bombast conflating Syria with September 11. The House will stomp on Obama too in their vote. So why exactly is Barack Obama going on the TV picturebox tomorrow night to exhort a war vote when there is no immediate war vote scheduled and the war vote will lose anyway? Maybe Obama wants to run from the Syria war loss to losses on immigration reform, the debt ceiling, ObamaCare, the budget?


Massive gaseous explosions are expected throughout the day today warn climate change hot gas experts. Around and after 6:30 p.m. tonight the hot gas explosions will be particularly potent and pungent.

Tomorrow night starting at around 8:00 pm. ET, warn these hot gas climate change experts, another even greater aftershock expulsion of methane aroma hot gases are expected to erupt. The smelly eruptions of hot gas will continue into Wednesday, September 11. The hot gas climate change experts warn the solution is to unplug your TV sets and immobilize any mobile device that is capable of television transmission.

Climate change hot gas seriously expert experts explain that their algorithms and calculations are so complex they are near impossible to explain – but they demand the public pay attention to these warnings. What is undeniable and sure to happen is that those with TV sets (radios too for reasons too scientific and whizzy to explain to non-scientist dolts) turned on will experience great pain and symptoms of total distress.

Climate change hot gas experts warn that those defiant viewers with TV sets turned on today around 6:30 p.m. ET, and tomorrow night at what is categorized by advertising agencies and public opinion experts as “prime time” will experience various painful consequences. Ears will experience distress equivalent to having a sharp pencil plunged into the ear canal. A burn equivalent to tossed acid will scorch the eyes.

Climate change hot gas experts further admonish that exposing eyes and ears on both days to TV transmissions so affected by the complicated hot gas entwined eruptions will exponentially increase the damage suffered. No one will be spared the coming disaster. Do not bungle by thinking yourself immune to the coming catastrophe caution these brilliant climate change hot gas experts.

Climate change is not to be joked about. Climate change experts are even of a mind that the culprit for the current Middle East disasters are due to global warming.

Our dear readers need not be alarmed. We here at Big Pink headquarters are fully protected in our pink hazmat chemical warfare suits and hats (adorned with lovely flowers). We are fully prepared with pink colored visual assistance eye wear recycled from our days of eclipse watching. As to our ears, the hearing protection devices purchased pre-concert at a Selena Gomez “musical” extravaganza, are already in place and no doubt will keep our hearing secure for years to come. With these extraordinary preparations in place – we will watch the programs on TV to make sure nothing important or interesting is missed by you our dear readers.

To repeat: climate change hot gas experts warn you to turn your TV sets off for the next 24 hours starting this evening and into late tomorrow night. Failure to do so will lead to sensory failure, potential madness, and even death. You have been warned.


123 thoughts on “Shock Report: Turn Your TV Off Day!!!! – Warn Climate Change Hot Gas Experts

  1. Global warming? No, actually we’re cooling, claim scientists

    A cold Arctic summer has led to a record increase in the ice cap, leading experts to predict a period of global cooling.

    There has been a 60 per cent increase in the amount of ocean covered with ice compared to this time last year, they equivalent of almost a million square miles.

    In a rebound from 2012’s record low an unbroken ice sheet more than half the size of Europe already stretches from the Canadian islands to Russia’s northern shores, days before the annual re-freeze is even set to begin.

    The Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific has remained blocked by pack-ice all year, forcing some ships to change their routes.

    A leaked report to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seen by the Mail on Sunday, has led some scientists to claim that the world is heading for a period of cooling that will not end until the middle of this century.

    If correct, it would contradict computer forecasts of imminent catastrophic warming. The news comes several years after the BBC predicted that the arctic would be ice-free by 2013.

  2. Elizabeth Warren blasts Supreme Court as a ‘wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Business’

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) warned over the weekend that the United States Supreme Court had moved too far to the right and was on its way of becoming a “wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Business.”

    Speaking to the AFL-CIO’s 2013 Convention in Los Angeles on Sunday, Warren said that unions faced an uphill battle because “powerful interests fight us on every battlefield they can.”

    “Look at the increasing corporate capture of the federal courts,” she explained. “According to a recent study, the five conservative justices on the United States Supreme Court are in the top ten most pro-corporate justices in half a century. And Justices [Samuel] Alito and [John] Roberts ­ are you ready? ­ are number one and number two. The most anti-consumer justices in this entire time.”


  3. Warren thinks she can take on Hillary in 2016, she is being lined up as the union favourites……..Fauxahontas, just try it…….


    Over just the past week, the share of Americans who oppose U.S. airstrikes in Syria has surged 15 points, from 48% to 63%, as many who were undecided about the issue have turned against military action. By contrast, the share of Americans who support airstrikes remains virtually unchanged: Just 28% favor U.S. military airstrikes against Syria in response to reports that its government used chemical weapons.

    The new survey by the Pew Research Center and USA TODAY, conducted Sept. 4-8, 2013 among 1,506 adults nationwide, finds that this growing opposition to Syrian airstrikes is intense: 45% say they oppose airstrikes very strongly. That is roughly three-times the percentage (16%) that strongly favors airstrikes.


    As President Obama launches a media blitz to build public support for a military strike against the Syrian government, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds Americans moving in the reverse direction, with Republicans leading a growing legion in opposition.

    More than twice as many Americans oppose launching airstrikes against Syria as support such action, 64 to 30 percent. Overall opposition jumped five percentage points from 59 percent in a Post-ABC poll last week, but the largest change in the survey was among Republicans. Fully 71 percent of Republicans now oppose launching airstrikes, up from 55 percent last week.

    While showing little shift from last week, nearly seven in 10 independents remain opposed (69 percent), as do 55 percent of self-identified Democrats. As in the previous survey, there is no political or demographic group in which a majority supports military action in Syria.

  6. This match between Nadal and Djokovic is fantastic…Nadal is in killer mode, Djokovic has no idea what to do.

  7. Exclusive excerpt from all six Obama interviews: “Aaaaaaaaaaand…” uhhhhhhhhhhh, Let me be clear. My military, As Commander in Chief.

    There you go, all 6 interviews in 1 second.

  8. Chicken…..credibility in the toilet…

    Chris Wallace says Obama willing “to put the vote and the strike on hold”

    BREAKING: Obama on vote in Congress to authorize Syria strike: “I wouldn’t say I’m confident”

    Oh my God. Obama rhetorically embracing the Russian solution.

    ………………Credibility toilet.

  9. omg…ready for a good laugh…

    Kerry: Turn Over Your Chemical Weapons Now or Face … “Unbelievably Small” Consequences
    By Joshua Keating

    Secretary of State John Kerry’s case for a U.S. strike in Syria seems to rest on two assumptions. One, that it is a crucial test for U.S. national security and the values of the civilized world comparable to the rise of Nazi Germany. Two, that it’s not really a big deal.

    Over the weekend, Kerry described the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons as “our Munich moment,” telling an audience in France, “This is not the time to be silent spectators to slaughter. … This is not the time to send a message where doing nothing is far more risky than responding.”

    Today, Kerry—now in Britain—issued an ultimatum to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, giving him one week to turn over his complete stockpile of chemical weapons, or else. Or else what?

    Kerry said the Americans were planning an “unbelievably small” attack on Syria. “We will be able to hold Bashar al-Assad accountable without engaging in troops on the ground or any other prolonged kind of effort in a very limited, very targeted, short-term effort that degrades his capacity to deliver chemical weapons without assuming responsibility for Syria’s civil war. That is exactly what we are talking about doing – unbelievably small, limited kind of effort.”

    I may not have much experience with brinksmanship, but it seems to me that threatening to hit someone becomes a lot less effective when at the same time you’re telling your friends, Don’t worry, I’m not going to hit him that hard. And convincing the public that this situation is analogous to the buildup to the largest war in human history is difficult when you’re also saying that an “unbelievably small” effort will be sufficient to deal with it. Given the blows the Assad regime has already absorbed over the last two years, it’s hard to imagine statements like these changing his thinking.

    I realize the administration is speaking to multiple audiences—trying to play bad cop with Assad at the same time it’s trying to cajole a skeptical American public. But when the same official is playing both roles, it becomes a little hard to keep the narrative straight.

  10. Been blogging it all day S…Kerry aint ready for primetime…….and by the looks of it 2 minutes ago, neither is Obama because he is all over the shop.

  11. Embarrassing, everyones laughing….

    Breaking : Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid delays Senate test vote authorizing military force in Syria.

    Putin must be laughing his ass off.

  12. Dana Bash : Dem member just pulled me aside and said most members are really hoping this Russia proposal is a way out

    How embarrassing to have your ass saved by Putin, its just excruciatingly embarrassing.

  13. Breaking Statement from McCain & Graham: We need to go to the UN now…..

    Lol, its asscovering all round, maybe you ought to have tried this first instead of the bluster you idiots gave to Obama, you totally screwed yourselves in the process.

  14. Never mind Climate change, its a full fledged volcano going off and destroying large scale areas of political careers.

  15. admin

    September 9, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Kerry running for president?

    President of what? His neighborhood watch?

    Hillary 2016

  16. CNN Poll: Americans weary of war, split on whether Obama is honest and trustworthy

    You only noticing that now, he’s completely dishonest and a liar.

  17. maybe we will get really lucky and O will cancel his speech … Reid delaying the senate vote…thought I heard O (what very little I could bear to listen to) say the joint chiefs have told him he has plenty of time so he can take his time looking for diplomatic solutions…

    Putin boxed O in…how could O go bombs away when the Russians, of all people, and others want to talk diplomacy…why couldn’t O and Kerry do that from the beginning?

    so who needs his speech tomorrow…and I want to see the finale for ‘So You think you can Dance’ (if he must, then play it after midnight)

  18. Obama: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I’m Confident’ on Syria Vote

    bwahahahahaha talk about screwing the pooch….you never ever say it, you may think it but dont give the game away.

  19. Obama to CBS re Russia/Syria: “first thing that we’re going to want” is both Russians & Syrians “putting a serious proposal on the table”

    So now he’s handing the whole show to Putin, Gee what a leader this guy is.

  20. Would you trust anyone who did this?

    Total confusion. He thinks he can, he thinks he should. He asks, but then says he still might regardless of a “no.” Now he’s undecided?

  21. WTF….

    Obama to @gwenifill: “If you talk to my own family members, or Michelle’s, you know, they’re very wary and suspicious of any action.”

  22. How could Putin do this???? How could he get the turd off the hot seat?

    Now there will be no vote, seems its on hold.

    I just don’t understand.

    Nobody will know now what a fool he was because most Americans don’t follow this like we do.

    He’ll claim some vain victory…my threats forced them to back down. My diplomacy worked.

    Give me the commode so I can puke.

    My head is about to bust

  23. CBO says it can’t estimate costs of US military strikes on Syria since Admin has not detailed a plan of action.

    haha…keep kicking him, he may get the message.

  24. The obot spin doctors will flood the main stream ass kissing media and spin this as a win for the duffus in the White House.

    I’m sick

  25. I wanted a vote in the Congress and Senate

    I wanted him to be made the FOOL he is is and that the American’s cannot TRUST him and we can’t verify anything he has EVER said.

  26. We’ve now gone from all this tough talk crap from Obama to where Assad can now just make this deal almost unedible & Obama will still have to suck it up.

  27. Which was the game ploy all along……………

    Breaking : Syrian opposition spokesman: Obama should strike no matter what; U.S. intervention would end war in Syria

  28. Rubbish Dot….now way Kerry or Obama is coming out of this looking rosy, its been mistake after mistake and now it looks so weak.

  29. Under the presidency of Vladimir Putin Russia’s economy saw the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) double, climbing from 22nd to 11th largest in the world. The economy made real gains of an average 7% per year (1999: 6.5%, 2000: 10%, 2001: 5.7%, 2002: 4.9%, 2003: 7.3%, 2004: 7.2%, 2005: 6.4%, 2006: 8.2%, 2007: 8.5%, 2008: 5.2%), making it the 6th largest economy in the world in GDP(PPP). In 2007, Russia’s GDP exceeded that of 1990, meaning it has overcome the devastating consequences of the recession in the 1990s.

    During Putin’s eight years in office, the industry grew by 75%, investments increased by 125%, and agricultural production and construction increased as well. Real incomes more than doubled and the average salary increased eightfold from $80 to $640. The volume of consumer credit between 2000–2006 increased 45 times, and during that same time period, the middle class grew from 8 million to 55 million, an increase of 7 times. The number of people living below the poverty line also decreased from 30% in 2000 to 14% in 2008.


    WASHINGTON – Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking at the White House, offered a qualified endorsement Monday of a Russian plan for Syria to give up its chemical weapons stockpiles.

    “If the regime immediately surrendered its stockpiles to international control,” Clinton said, “that would be an important step.” A move to give up its chemical weapons should be “immediate,” she said, and should not be an excuse for “delay.”

    ( am important step Hillary had already worked out over a year ago as SoS


    Asked if Syrian President Bashar Assad could do anything to avoid a U.S. military strike, Kerry said, “Turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community, in the next week – turn it over, all of it.

    “But he isn’t about to do it, and it can’t be done, obviously,” Kerry added.

    A State Department spokesperson subsequently sent an email to reporters saying that Kerry had spoken rhetorically.

    But in the meantime, Lavrov, who was meeting in Moscow with Moallem, said the Russians were “calling on the Syrian authorities [to] not only agree on putting chemical weapons stockpiles under international control, but also for its further destruction.”


    But later remarks seemed to signal a shift in favor of the Russian idea, a move that solidified as Clinton spoke and referred to the proposal as one initiated by Kerry. initiated by kerry as a joke

  31. Well, is he gonna strike or not? That’s the question.

    I’m just tired of everything he does that is sooooo stupid ends up without him coming out without a bruise.

    I wanted him to be the TOTAL laughingstock by having a rebuke by Congress.

    Oh well, there is 3 years yet .. but you can bet he’ll never speak off the cuff again.

  32. Dot48 Obama is in deeper trouble than ever. Obama and Kerry continue to go from bad to worse to worst. Today not only did Obama weaken his case for a strike Obama also made his position more complicated and confused than ever. The winners today are not in D.C. Not only does Syria win. Not only does Russia win. Not only does Assad win. But Obama loses as does Kerry and Obama Dimocrats.

    We cannot figure out how much worse it will get for Obama. For the last several weeks the alibis from Obama/Kerry have become more and more confused and destructive for them. There is a reason why Hillary today emphasized the word “immediately”. Hillary understands that because of Kerry this entire mess now goes on for a long time instead of just dying with a humiliating vote loss in congress and the consequences therefrom.

    As to Obama, not only does his Syria mess get messier and more confused – a weeks long, months long Syria discussion puts him in a never ending shame cycle.

  33. Dot48…don’t despair…maybe ‘the people’ who are not following this don’t see it for what it is…but the powerbrokers…in inside DC crowd, the Congress…O and his cohorts…they all know…O and Kerry looks like idiots…they look WEAK, confused, amateurish…not ready for prime time…any way you want to put it…

    …and this does not bode well for O as he goes forward…in fact, the more credit he tries to take, the more he makes a fool out of himself…

    remember when we used to say Bush was like the Emperor with no clothes, O is beyond that…he is a leader in his own mind…but he has exposed himself to everyone…I even happend to be clicking channels earlier and heard Ed Shultz go off on O and his leadership…when he loses his MSNBC Big Ed, O is really in trouble…and he just looks silly…

  34. Obama: “Syria doesn’t have significant capabilities to retaliate against us.”

    So not a national security threat then?

  35. Rice and Power both gave long speeches arguing in detail why military strikes are necessary. Thrown Under the bus today. I hope they appreciate that.

  36. Will there be a vote this week? Will the House stomp on Obama before the Senate stomps on Obama? Who gets to stomp on Obama first and when?

    President Barack Obama’s push for military action in Syria is running into a serious problem — Senate Democrats.

    Opposition is growing to a U.S. strike on Syria among Obama’s allies and former colleagues in his own party, a sign that there is a real chance that the White House could fall short of the 50 votes it needs to win in the Senate, according to several sources familiar with the situation.

    Publicly and privately, an increasing number of Democrats are signaling they won’t go along with the resolution, at least right now. While just six Senate Democrats have publicly announced their opposition, that number could increase dramatically in coming days, Democratic sources say.

    There is still time for Obama to turn things around, especially as he personally leans on senators for support. He is coming to Capitol Hill tomorrow to address Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans at their party lunches. The president will also give a televised address to the nation on Tuesday night.

    But a mass defection among Senate Democrats could force the White House to turn to Republicans to push the Syria resolution through the chamber. That scenario seems unlikely to work given the scant support among congressional Republicans so far for “limited, proportional” strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad over the alleged use of chemical weapons during an Aug. 21 attack in the Damascus suburbs.

    And Russian proposal to put Syrian chemical weapons under international control could change the calculation – and timing of any votes — in the Senate as well.

    Yet just on Monday, six senators – Republicans Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Roger Wicker (Miss.) and Roy Blunt (Mo.), as well as Democrat Heidi Heitkamp (S.D.) – all came out against the Syria resolution, while Democrats Barbara Mikulski (Md.) and Martin Heinrich (N.M.) announced they’d back it.

    In addition, a number of other Democrats are officially undecided, and the White House fears they may vote against the measure. These include Sens. Jon Tester of Montana, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Tim Johnson of South Dakota, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and the independent Angus King of Maine. [snip]

    Later this week, the Senate expected to hold a procedural vote to open debate on the Syria measure, which was approved last week by the Foreign Relations Committee by a 10-7 vote. That cloture vote, which requires 60 backers, is expected to succeed, as even senators who are expected to oppose the plan — like Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (Texas) — say they are prepared to open debate on the Syria resolution.

    “I think [there] will be broad consensus to get on the resolution, and offer amendments — and debate those — that’s what we’re supposed to do, and that’s what the gravity of this deserves,” Cornyn said.

    Yet that’s the only thing that remains assured in the Senate on the Syria crisis. It’s unclear whether a second vote to end debate on the resolution — likely now to slide into next week — would garner the 60 votes necessary to move to a final up-or-down majority vote.

    And with Democratic apprehension growing, it’s uncertain whether Obama could even hold a majority of the 54-member Senate Democratic Caucus to stand with him on the resolution.

    Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Democratic leaders are not weighing what to do if they cannot get the votes to pass the measure or cut off debate. He said the leadership’s focus now is on securing the 60 votes necessary to open debate on the resolution.

    “We are just taking it a step on the time,” Durbin said on Monday, adding he had yet to gauge how his caucus felt about the merits of the resolution.

    For now, the White House is urging Senate Democrats — even if they’re opposed to the measure — to at least vote to move to an up-or-down vote.

    With a number of Democrats undecided, leaning against the plan or downright opposed to the Syria resolution, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is fast becoming one of the most important votes of the Obama presidency.

    Another Democratic leadership aide noted, “Not a lot of margin for error, but not time to freak out yet.”

    Over the last few days, a number of Democrats have come out against the Senate resolution to allow military action in Syria within 90 days, and ban ground troops. They include Heitkamp, Pryor and Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), (Ark.), Brian Schatz (Hawaii), Chris Murphy (Conn.), and Tom Udall (N.M.).

    Also undecided are Sens. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Max Baucus of Montana, Mark Begich of Alaska, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

    At this time, GOP and Senate aides predict only about a dozen Senate Republicans could vote for Syria proposal, meaning the White House can’t turn to the minority party for support.

    Even loyal Obama allies are harboring doubts.

  37. Ari Fleischer : POTUS was pushing a boulder up a hill. Now that he’s paused, no way he can push it further. There will be no Syria strike.

  38. Hilarious Tweet :

    Not Rafa Nadal ‏@PseudoRafa 43s

    I just want to congratulate myself for winning a set that was as random as the US foreign policy.

  39. Wow, you all are so smart. Thank you! Hillary did look so calm today. I still love her even though I’m mad at Bill for pushing ObamaCare. I can’t afford insurance…I can’t get a subsidy either. I will just break the law.

    I’m with Sarah….get to ObummerCare

  40. Jennifer Rubin @JRubinBlogger

    In case anyone doubted the lengths this president will go to get out of doing anything about anything…

  41. Update: General George Armstrong Custer died with his boots on. With our hazmat outfits on we timorously turned on the TV to witness a scalping worthy of the Little Big Horn. We saw the latest in booberific boobery and a massive Retreat: Obama interested in Russian diplomatic track as Reid puts Senate vote on hold. Yup, Barack Obama was on TV again bringing laughter to one and all.

    Putin wins, Assad wins, the rebels lose, the Saudis lose, but the biggest loser is the incompetent and badly botoxed John Kerry topped only by King of Boobs Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton knew the latest Russian diplomatic ploy was a trap that could only be considered if compliance was IMMEDIATE, with NO DELAY. Now no one knows what new depths of boobery Obama will plumb.

    Harry Reid does not have the votes in the Senate so he has postponed the vote that was supposed to follow immediately after Obama’s bombast conflating Syria with September 11. The House will stomp on Obama too in their vote. So why exactly is Barack Obama going on the TV picturebox tomorrow night to exhort a war vote when there is no immediate war vote scheduled and the war vote will lose anyway? Maybe Obama wants to run from the Syria war loss to losses on immigration reform, the debt ceiling, ObamaCare, the budget?


  42. Obama and the chemical weapon handover plan = Carter rescue Iran hostages with stun-gun armed special ops plan with added unicorns, ponies and rainbows.

  43. John Cassidy (New Yorker) : “The President’s bumbling has gravely undermined the credibility of his Secretary of State.”

  44. Jon Ralston @RalstonReports

    So Senator Reid does the whole Dante’s Inferno/Holocaust thing this AM and then POTUS pulls out the rug? What a waste of good hyperbole.

  45. My husband didn’t get the warning almost stroke out when they interrupted the US men’s open final.. he actually turned pale.

  46. Moononpluto, you are on fire tonight. Cracking me up. lol

    I guess Obama will be more inclined to listen to his advisers next time he gets the idea to bomb someone. I’ll bet Valerie Jarrett or Meechelle will be holding the teleprompter the next time O gets in front of a microphone – teleprompter in one hand, and wooden paddle in the other. Maybe they’ll get one for Kerry too.

  47. Ok, I go to work with our country on the verge of yet another war due to circumstances that are a greater threat than those of WWII.

    I come home to “Aw, we were just kidding…it is going to be a tiny little itty bitty strike.” Reid plays obstructionist to a vote in the Senate and…God help us, PUTIN bails out the Boy Wonder…although Lurch is trying to take credit for this new diplomatic plan.

    And I thought Desperate Housewives was a strange reality show. This White House defies reality. You just can’t make this crap up.

  48. VH, it’s like dvd with special features – you know the ones have two or three different endings recorded, in case you didn’t care for the way the movie really ended. Don’t like this war option? Try this one.

  49. freespirit, and as if all this political craziness wasn’t enough, my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates, after 20 YEARS of losing baseball seasons, clinched a winning season a few minutes ago by beating the Texas Rangers tonight.

    I swear the Rapture is coming.

  50. Dear Senator:

    A week ago, I speculated that Vladimir Putin might rescue Mr. Obama from his latest ultimatum, since he can control Assad. It now appears that Mr. Putin has done exactly that. In what the media characterizes as a surprise move Mr. Putin has promised the world community to push Syria to place its chemical weapons under international law and then dismantle them in order to avert U.S. air strikes. The commitment however is open ended and there is no deadline. I fully expect that Assad, a Putin puppet, will comply.

    Obama will portray this as a personal triumph. Others are saying that Putin called Obama’s bluff. I seriously doubt it was a bluff. And, believe me, it was no triumph. I am a negotiator, by background and training. I believe that diplomacy is a game of chess not poker. It is clear to me that Obama became a prisoner of his own tactics, namely the promiscuous issuance of ultimatums, that he did not have the Congressional support for his improvident military operation, that Putin read the situation accurately and trapped him with an illusory offer. Obama accepted that offer without thinking, and announced that he was suspending the military operation. As a result, he has lost his leverage and will be bargaining from a position of weakness. The game is judo, Putin is sensei and Obama, who hoped to look strong, is now in retreat.

    Mr. Obama would have us believe that his entire goal was to hold Assad accountable for the alleged use of chemical weapons. And that is how his media allies will spin it. But the more you examine the evidence, and the experts I will cite below have done precisely that, the more you realize that the evidence is suspect and that this was nothing more than a pretext. The real objective was for attacking Syria was to topple the Assad regime and to send a clear and unambiguous message to Iran (the center of gravity in the Middle East) that if they persist in the development of a nuclear weapon and/or if they continue to aid and abet Hezbollah, then they will be next.

    The offer which Putin tendered and Obama accepted thwarts both of those objectives. So far as the world is concerned, it was a peace offer. In fact, it was a checkmate move on the United States, because it preserves the status quo ante in Syria, which favors Assad, not the rebels. Furthermore, it eliminates the American rationale for a shock and awe attack which was intended to send a signal to Iran. In sum, it was a victory for Putin and Assad, not Obama.

    For the good of the country, I believe it is essential to review what happened here. Prior to Obama’s latest “pivot”, Obama was prepared to lay out the case for war and Congress was poised to vote on war authorization. Now of course Harry Reid has pulled down that vote, not because of Obama’s change in direction but because he and his lieutenants were unable to whip the vote. On the assumption that you and your colleagues would be voting on the request for war authorization, I prepared a cogent 10 point analysis on the merits of that request. Given these new developments there is no sense of urgency for you to review it. But if you want my insights on what happened here, or if you believe that there will come a point when Obama realizes that he has been had, and comes back to you for war authorization, you may consider my analysis for what it is worth.

    September 9, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    One of the other things you learn in negotiation is to read your counterpart. Hoffa the elder was a master at this. If he had a tough negotiation to handle in his office he would have a shill call him on the phone and he would act like it was a real call and go ballistic in front of the management negotiators. That would either scare the hell out of them and soften them up for the kill. Hoffa the elder was a good guy until the end when Bobby and his lead negotiator Walter Sheridan was breathing down his neck and then he became less predictable.

    Appropos of that did you happen to notice how brilliantly Putin played Obama? He read Obama for the weak sister he is, a man in need of constant reassurance. Obama is contemptuous to the people below him and subservient to those above him, those who can hurt him, and those who can out celebrity him. That is his weakness. How did Putin exploit that weakness? Prior to G-20 he defamed him, at G-20 he gave Obama the cold shoulder and played on Obama’s sense of abandonment. As Obama’s deadline approach, played it out and let Obama sweat. Then as the pressure built and Obama could not get the votes the threw him what Obama took as a lifeline, which was really just an illusory offer, and he reeled the Messiah in like he was landing a big marlin (or bullhead, or catfish, or moire eel), with his shirt off of course.

  51. Sounds like the global warming scientists are just sick and tired of watching Baracko Bama and are making up some pseudoscientific hogwash to keep their teevees off.

  52. Someone needs to loan Barry their tiny little bomber jacket, drop him from a helicopter onto some big honking war ship, prop up the life sized cut outs of military men watching as he shouts out, “The war is over, we won!”

    It doesn’t matter where the ship is, or what ‘war’ he is talking about, just snap those photos for the MSM to use as soon as the scuds start flying and the drones swarm in.

    Maybe he can talk Powell into talking to the UN again…he has the experience.

    Dog and Pony Show 2.0

  53. Shadowfax

    September 10, 2013 at 1:07 am

    Sounds like the global warming scientists are just sick and tired of watching Baracko Bama and are making up some pseudoscientific hogwash to keep their teevees off.

    The scientists should have told folks to turn off their TVs starting at 9PM on Tues. because God knows a lot of HOT AIR will be in the wind starting then.

  54. Breaking: chemical weapons will be hauled away from Syria by unicorns prancing on rainbows.

    Maybe Rudolf can lead the way…

  55. Sad news. We hear one climate change hot gas expert was so desperate to see Barack he turned on his TV at 6:30 even though he knew that meant madness, blindness, deafness, or worse. He’s now dead. The family has announced he will be buried in a sleeveless suit as an homage to Michelle.

    We hope this fate does not befall others tonight at 9:00.

  56. So this is how the story is going to go. Barry will be the hero who saved the world from another war. Bull S**T!

    Kerry: Russia Offering To Help With Syrian Chemical Weapons Because They’re Worried About Obama…
    Secretary of State John Kerry told a closed meeting of House lawmakers that the Russian government is only seeking to help Syria because they believe the U.S. is serious about taking military action, according to multiple sources present.

    The comment, which came in a classified briefing of the full House on Monday, mirrors public comments by other Obama administration officials: the threat of a military attack is working to bring the Russians to the negotiating table.

    After enduring days of brutal skepticism from lawmakers of both parties, Kerry and other administration officials wasted no time in attempting to link Russia’s proposal to the pressure coming from the White House. Democratic lawmakers agreed.

    “This suggestion today by [the Russians] about bring the chemical weapons Assad has under control, I think it’s a direct result of the president saying he’s ready to do whatever is necessary to back up what he’s already said,” Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said.

  57. Irregularities at the ballot box? Dont be ridiculous….
    Elections Board Rings In the Old, as Lever Machines Replace Scanners. 9/8/13.
    SNIP About 5,100 old machines, each weighing more than 800 pounds and made of 20,000 parts, have been lubricated, and the names of candidates from 2009 (Michael R. Bloomberg, anyone?) have been removed and replaced with those of this year’s contenders.
    SNIP The lever machines to be used on Tuesday were acquired in the 1960s. In 2010, they were replaced with a $95 million electronic system that uses optical scanners to read paper ballots.
    But after long lines and chaotic polling scenes in 2012, as well as problems producing complete election results, the State Legislature this year authorized the return of the lever machines for the primary and any ensuing runoff, though it insisted that the city make the electronic machines work for the November general election.
    “It’s the only solution,” said Michael J. Ryan, who was appointed executive director of the Board of Elections a month ago, after nearly three years in which the position sat empty. SNIP

  58. They are on their way!

    Washington D.C. denies permit to patriotic ’2 MILLION BIKERS TO D.C.’ rally to protest ‘MILLION MUSLIM MARCH’ on 9/11 – Ride Will Go On Anyway!

    The same idiot politicians who thought creating Gun Free Zones would make our schools safe assumed they could stop a few million patriotic bikers from driving non-stop through Washington, D.C. by denying them a permit. As usual, the idea BACKFIRED. The bikers, from some far-away states are already on the road, heading to D.C. to drown out the noise from the Muslim headbangers determined to soil our commemoration of the MUSLIM ATTACK ON AMERICA, Sept. 11, 2001.

  59. Re-murdering the dead: Syrian children kidnapped by rebels were misrepresented as nerve gas victims.

    Here we go again!

    No one should believe the US government under any circumstances.
    The same thing happened many times in the Balkans, where the bodies of dead Serbs were misidentified and deliberately re-cast as Muslim victims of alleged Serb atrocities.

    The Minority Report: Syrian Children Kidnapped By Rebels Identified As Gas Victims By Obama Administration
    By Susan Duclos

    The horrifying pictures of dead children being used by the Obama administration to justify an attack on Syria, with the claim that the Assad regime carried out the chemical attacks that killed those children, while emotionally heartbreaking, do not tell the story of those children and do not tell you the main point the Obama administration is trying to coverup.

    Those children were kidnapped over a week earlier, before they were slaughtered……. by the Obama backed Syrian rebels.

    August 11, 2013 a report discussed the rebels attacking the Latakia village and Sheikh Mohammed Reda Hatem, an Alawite religious leader in Latakia said ”Until now 150 Alawites from the villages have been kidnapped. There are women and children among them. We have lost all contact with them.”

    Some of those children were found less than two weeks later, in Ghouta…

    – See more at:

  60. Kerry looks like something out of Jim Hensons workshop in that pic.

    Syria, chemical weapons, and the worst day in Western diplomatic history

    Monday 9 September, 2013, was the worst day for US and wider Western diplomacy since records began.

    At the Foreign Office here in London we had the bizarre spectacle of US Secretary of State John Kerry giving a businesslike account of diplomatic incentives:

    If one party believes that it can rub out countless numbers of his own citizens with impunity using chemicals that have been banned for nearly 100 years because of what Europe learned in World War I, if he can do that with impunity, he will never come to a negotiating table … If you don’t draw those lines, and the civilized world is not prepared to enforce those lines, you are giving complete license to people to do whatever they want

    However, almost in the same breath John Kerry blew up the logic of his own position by assuring a bemused world that any bombing by the United States would be “unbelievably small”.


    Read on…even the Brits acknowledge, these guys are idiots.

  61. What they dont want you to hear :

    11.57 Tom Kington reports from Rome:

    Italian journalist Domenico Quirico, who was freed on Sunday after being held hostage by Syrian rebel groups for five months, has condemned the rebel Farouk Brigades as being no more than bandits.

    Writing in his own paper, La Stampa, Quirico said that the group, which was among those that held him, was trusted by the West but “represents a new and alarming phenomenon in this revolution – the emergence of Somali-like bandit groups that use the cover of Islam and the revolution to control territory, extort from locals, kidnap and enrich themselves.”

    After being passed around various groups and subjected to two mock executions, Quirico said the only group, which shared its food and treated him ‘like a human being’ was Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda affiliate that has been designated a terrorist group by the UK.

    “For their enemies they have a sense of honour and respect,” he wrote.

    Quirico has played down reports by Pierre Piccinin, the Belgian who was held hostage with him, that they overheard their captors saying the rebels used chemical weapons, not Assad. Quirico has said he could not say if the conversation they overheard was proof of anything.

  62. BREAKING: Syrian foreign minister says Syria has accepted Russian proposal to surrender control over its chemical weapons.

    You may try and play this as your success Obama but we all know better, Putin whipped your ass and continues to do it. Never send a boy to do a mans job.

  63. dot48
    September 9, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    I wanted a vote in the Congress and Senate

    I wanted him to be made the FOOL he is is and that the American’s cannot TRUST him and we can’t verify anything he has EVER said.

    <e too Dot Total embarrassment for the Boob. 🙂

  64. Another race attack in NYC. Something has to be done about these attacks against whites. It’s getting downright scary!!

    Bus rider’s face smashed in during ‘hate attack’

    An attacker pummeled a bus passenger so hard he smashed the bones in his face after calling the victim a “cracker” in Manhattan – marking the second time in two days that people appeared to be randomly targeted in racial tirades against white people, authorities said.

    In the latest incident, the suspect passed a 31-year-old rider on the M60 bus riding through Harlem, on West 127th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive, around 2:45 p.m., Friday, when he shouted the racial slur and punched the victim in the face, breaking his nose and eye socket, cops said.

  65. Syria: Rebels Give US Targets To Defeat Regime

    Rebels hand the US specific targets which would weaken the regime and say they will join jihadi groups in a push to Damascus.
    By Stuart Ramsay, Chief Correspondent, on the Syria-Turkey border

    The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the United States intelligence services are working together on targets that will bring about regime change in the country, according to FSA commanders.

    Senior rebels in Aleppo confirmed they have provided five specific targets that would degrade the Syrian army, would not impact on the civilian population and would give them the upper hand in the coming months.

    It is widely acknowledged in northern Syria that this type of information is being passed to US “handlers” across the battlefield that is now Syria.

    It means that rebel groups are passing on a picture of Bashar al Assad’s force position throughout the country to the CIA.

    It is an open secret that the US is training, and heavily linked to, the FSA and rebel groups in Turkey and Jordan.

  66. Seems like once again this guy always seems to somehow get out smelling like roses….he would have lost the vote and still had to strike…now Putin bails him out. We always lose!!!!!!

  67. kabuki. Poker.
    The Obama administration says it still wants Congress to vote on strikes against Syria in order to back up the president’s threat of force against the Assad regime, saying that despite reports of a potential breakthrough with Russia, it’s too early to release the pressure.“The president believes we need to keep this threat, this reality, absolutely on the table,” Secretary of State John F. Kerry told the House Armed Services Committee. “He wants the Congress to act.”
    SEE ALSO: McConnell to vote against Syria strikes
    On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who does support strikes, said he was putting off an initial test vote on a Syria strikes authorization. Mr. Kerry said that would be something President Obama would want to speak with leaders about.
    Read more:

    In the meantime I read tweets that say Syris accepts Russian deal. France to press UN. ergo US totally out of it except for speech and vote hanging over our heads indefinitely.

  68. Preview of tonight’s speech…

    O will claim credit for everything…he will say that “his admin did this and that”…he will follow with “I, I, I…and throw in many me’s and my’s”

    and claim that this was all in the works by “his admin” from the beginning and because “he” used the threat of force “he” has gotten Syria to give up their chemical weapons…he might throw a bone to Kerry (who was actually joking about this plan)

    look for I, me, my…and repeat over and over again…

  69. Intercepts caught Assad rejecting requests to use chemical weapons, German paper says

    BERLIN ­ Syrian President Bashar Assad has repeatedly rejected requests from his field commanders for approval to use chemical weapons, according to a report this weekend in a German newspaper.

    The report in Bild am Sonntag, which is a widely read and influential national Sunday newspaper, reported that the head of the German Foreign Intelligence agency, Gerhard Schindler, last week told a select group of German lawmakers that intercepted communications had convinced German intelligence officials that Assad did not order or approve what is believed to be a sarin gas attack on Aug. 21 that killed hundreds of people in Damascus’ eastern suburbs.

    The Obama administration has blamed the attack on Assad. The evidence against Assad was described over the weekend as common sense by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    “The material was used in the eastern suburbs of Damascus that have been controlled by the opposition for some time,” he said. “It was delivered by rockets, rockets that we know the Assad regime has, and we have no indication that the opposition has.”

    Russia has questioned that logic, announcing last week that in July it filed a 100-page long “technical and scientific” report on an alleged March 19 chemical weapons attack on a suburb of Aleppo that it says implicates rebel fighters.

    Read more here:


    WASHINGTON — President Obama woke up Monday facing a Congressional defeat that many in both parties believed could hobble his presidency. And by the end of the day, he found himself in the odd position of relying on his Russian counterpart, Vladimir V. Putin, of all people, to bail him out.


    In their private moments, Mr. Obama’s allies said even the argument that his presidency would for all intents and purposes be over did not sway some unsympathetic Democrats, frustrated over how few victories there have been to hang on to in Mr. Obama’s fifth year in office.


    Former Representative Tom Perriello of Virginia, president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, said the answer might be no. “There’s every reason to believe so far that Russia is playing Congress like fiddles,” he said, “and not playing peacemaker.”


    just look at the precarious position O has put our country in…O threatened and provoked with the threat of force and strikes on Syria…with little support from the Congress or citizens…or international community…

    …then he “lucks out” because of a throw away line by Kerry that is immediately snatched up by Putin to “checkmate” O

    …now O has the country in the position of trusting Putin…and he boxed in because he cannot strike under these new developments…

  71. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says #Syria has some 1,000 tonnes of “numerous chemical agents”


    and just how much has been injected into your forehead and face.

  72. Prime Minister says Britain, France and U.S. will table a UN Security Council resolution on Syrian chemical weapons use later today

    The same UN that Rice and Kerry dismissed yesterday as paralyzed by Russia will now head debate based on Russia’s plan.

    Obama is a joke…….

  73. I think the Russians were playing chess here with a set of rank amateurs, [they] understood that that gaffe gave them the opening they wanted,” Krauthammer said Monday on Fox News’s “Special Report.” “There are two issues here — chemicals and the retaining in power of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad and of the Iran-Hezbollah-Assad-Russian axis dominating the region.”

    “The Russians clearly, immediately saw that this enabled them to achieve their two objectives: keep Assad in power, after all, if we’re going to have these negotiations we have to essentially recognize that Assad has to go. He’s the guy that’s going to have to provide the protection for any inspectors, locate the sites, he’s going to have to be in there,” he added.
    Obama has seized on this because it’s the only way he saves face. That’s a high price to pay, but I assure you he will seize that, it will be his policy as of now and as of his speech tomorrow night,” Krauthammer predicted.

    “This is a clearly a way to get Obama off the hook politically. The chance of these weapons being eliminated from Syria are less than the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series this year and they are now mathematically eliminated,” he said.

  74. moononpluto
    September 10, 2013 at 11:32 am

    Prime Minister says Britain, France and U.S. will table a UN Security Council resolution on Syrian chemical weapons use later today

    The same UN that Rice and Kerry dismissed yesterday as paralyzed by Russia will now head debate based on Russia’s plan.

    Obama is a joke…….

    A very very sick joke Moon 🙄

  75. German Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach appointed President of the International Olympic Committee

    So Germany will control the olympics for the next 8 to 12 years.

  76. Some History. 🙂

    Obama was furious with Russia’s involvement in the Snowden case and canceled a summit with Putin. But now that the United States is considering a strike on the Syrian regime following its suspected use of chemical weapons, Washington may be in a position to deal a setback to a Russia client state, and by extension, Moscow itself.
    The Syria Question

    The al Assad regime’s relations with Russia go back to 1970, when Hafez al Assad, current President Bashar al Assad’s father, staged a coup and aligned Syria with the Soviet Union. In the illusion of global power that Putin needs to create, the fall of al Assad would undermine his strategy tremendously unless the United States was drawn into yet another prolonged and expensive conflict in the Middle East. In the past, the U.S. distraction with Iraq and Afghanistan served Russia’s interests. But the United States is not very likely to get as deeply involved in Syria as it did in those countries. Obama might bring down the regime and create a Sunni government of unknown beliefs, or he may opt for a casual cruise missile attack. But this will not turn into Iraq unless Obama loses control completely.

    This could cause Russia to suffer a humiliation similar to the one it dealt the United States in 2008 with Georgia. The United States will demonstrate that Russia’s concerns are of no account and that Russia has no counters if and when the United States decides to act.

    Read more: Syria, America and Putin’s Bluff | Stratfor
    Follow us: @stratfor on Twitter | Stratfor on Facebook

  77. Hahahaha

    BREAKING Russia opposed to UN resolution on Syria: French foreign minister

    Russia already yanking Obama’s chain. Humiliating

  78. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss #Syria chemical weapons plan with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov later today

    oh to be a fly on that wall……

  79. She’s been on the vodka again…….

    Nancy Pelosi ‏@NancyPelosi 5m

    Thanks to Pres. Obama’s strength, we have a Russian proposal. We hope that it is credible and real, and therefore progress.


    She lives in another world.

  80. That was my fear…claiming that by threatening military strike, he created the impetus for the Putin’s resolution and the MSM will run will it….he wins again!!!

  81. Navy Deploys USS Barry to Middle East

    Bashar al-Assad’s forces may find themselves face-to-face with Barry, who is already in the region in case military strikes are launched against Syria. The USS Barry, that is.

    Along with the destroyer sharing the nickname of the president, the Navy has deployed three other ships to the Mediterranean in preparation for the possible military action: the USS Rampage, Gravely, and Stout.

    The destroyer is, in fact, named after the American Revolutionary War officer John Barry, who went on to be the nation’s first commissioned naval officer.

  82. Jones

    The fraud ‘s clothes have been take off by Putin..The Emperor has no clothes! He does not win, he has been exposed.

  83. We’ve come a long way Baby – when we cheer for the Russian president over our own.

    Is Obama too stupid to know that his slacker ways have finally caught up with him.

  84. So what have you got to hide?

    Secy Kerry tells congress he will not honor the request to make Benghazi survivors available for questioning.

  85. The sound of his voice is unbearable. And to hear someone stammer while trying to read a teleprompter for more than five minutes is also…unbearable.

  86. Reset with Russia was originally a strategic priority for the Obama administration because it saw Moscow as the key to getting Iran to come to the negotiating table. Putin, from the White House’s perspective, was destined for the role of junior partner. Now Putin has turned “Reset” upside down. By helping Obama out of a jam with Syria, Putin has made himself the senior partner to whom the White House is now beholden. Accordingly, when Putin proposes the same sort of deal with Iran, with Russia having established its bona fides as an interlocutor for Syria, Obama is almost certain to jump at it.

    What’s unclear is whether Obama understands that his foreign policy legacy will be to have ruined the American position in the Middle East, our patrimony of the last seven decades. If the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran signaled weakness, the Russian deal screams surrender. The real surprise is that it’s not Iran kicking the United States out of the region under Obama’s watch,

  87. ” As to our ears, the hearing protection devices purchased pre-concert at a Selena Gomez “musical” extravaganza, are already in place and no doubt will keep our hearing secure for years to come.”

    Admin, I don’t know how I missed this gem the first time I read this article, but, OMG! Comedy gold.


    September 10, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    I never watch him I have a weak stomach. 😯

    Same here, foxy. But even if I had a cast iron stomach, I wouldn’t watch. If I get in the mood to inflict some pain on myself, I’ll probably just take my clothes off, and prune my rose bushes. That would be more constructive that watching Baracko, and no less painful.

  88. Lil’ Peggy Noonan:

    How to scrape pie off of the President’s Face Making Sense of Syria

    This is what I think we’re seeing:

    The president has backed away from a military strike in Syria. But he can’t acknowledge this or act as if it is true. He is acting and talking as if he’s coolly, analytically, even warily contemplating the Russian proposal and the Syrian response. The proposal, he must know, is absurd. Bashar Assad isn’t going to give up all his hidden weapons in wartime, in the middle of a conflict so bitter and severe that his forces this morning reportedly bombed parts of Damascus, the city in which he lives. In such conditions his weapons could not be fully accounted for, packed up, transported or relinquished, even if he wanted to. But it will take time—weeks, months—for the absurdity to become obvious. And it is time the president wants. Because with time, with a series of statements, negotiations, ultimatums, promises and proposals, the Syria crisis can pass. It can dissipate into the air, like gas.

    The president will keep the possibility of force on the table, but really he’s lunging for a lifeline he was lucky to be thrown.

    Why is he backing off? Because he knows he doesn’t have the American people and isn’t going to get them. The polls, embarrassingly, show the more people hear the less they support it. The president’s problem with his own base was probably startling to him, and sobering. He knows he was going to lose Congress, not only the House but very possibly—likely, I’d say—the Senate. The momentum was all against him. And he never solved—it was not solvable—his own Goldilocks problem: A strike too small is an embarrassment, a strike too big could topple the Assad regime and leave Obama responsible for a complete and cutthroat civil war involving terrorists, foreign operatives, nihilists, jihadists, underemployed young men, and some really nice, smart people. Obama didn’t want to own that, or the fires that could engulf the region once Syria went up.

    His plan was never good. The choices were never good. In any case he was going to lose either in terms of domestic prestige, the foreign result or both. Likely both.

    He got himself into it and now Vladimir Putin, who opposes U.S. policy in Syria and repeatedly opposed a strike, is getting him out. This would be coldly satisfying for Putin and no doubt personally galling for Obama—another reason he can’t look as if he’s lunging.

    A serious foreign-policy intellectual said recently that Putin’s problem is that he’s a Russian leader in search of a Nixon, a U.S. president he can really negotiate with, a stone player who can talk grand strategy and the needs of his nation, someone with whom he can thrash it through and work it out. Instead he has Obama, a self-besotted charismatic who can’t tell the difference between showbiz and strategy, and who enjoys unburdening himself of moral insights to his peers.

    But Putin has no reason to want a Syrian conflagration. He is perhaps amused to have a stray comment by John Kerry be the basis for a resolution of the crisis. The hidden rebuke: It means that when Putin met with Obama at the G-20 last week Obama, due to his lack of competence, got nothing. But a stray comment by the Secretary of State? Sure, why not rub Obama’s face in it.
    * * *

    All this, if it is roughly correct, is going to make the president’s speech tonight quite remarkable. It will be a White House address in which a president argues for an endeavor he is abandoning. It will be a president appealing for public support for an action he intends not to take.

    We’ve never had a presidential speech like that!

    So what will he say? Some guesses.

  89. Watching one administration bungle after another unfurl, Alexi Pushkov , the chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, is publicly mocking Obama. Via Twitter, Pushkov wrote that this mess “knocks the ground out from under Obama’s plans for a military strike.”

    Kerry’s flub played right into the Russians hands; and by breaking weak, stepping back from his own red line, and embracing Kerry’s hypothetical proposal during a round-robin of network interviews Monday night, President Obama chose to repeat Kerry’s mistake. Russian President Vladmir Putin now looks like the world’s peacemaker and Syria can dig in and drag this out forever as the West tries to figure out how to secure and destroy a thousand tons of chemicals weapons without putting “boots on the ground” in the middle of a civil war.

  90. As Steve Lonegan fights to be elected US Senator on 10/16/13 in NJ, he has little choice but to compare his opponent to the still weak Obama. 🙂
    METUCHEN, NJ – Mayor Steve Lonegan, the Republican candidate for the United States Senate, said that Cory Booker is torn between his support for Obama’s proposed war in Syria and the will of New Jerseyans. “I have clearly opposed military intervention in Syria from day one,” Lonegan said. “Mr. Booker, however, is torn between his inclination to rubber stamp everything President Obama proposes and this wrongheaded war.” Lonegan noted Booker’s confusion on the issue and suggested that the United States Senate is not a place for on-the-job-training and learning about the issues.
    “We’ve seen what happens when a novice is elected to public office without any principles to guide him,” Lonegan said, referring to President Obama’s abysmal record stymieing job creation and economic growth and now threatening to start another war with a country that poses no threat to American interests. “After endorsing military action against Syria during the Democrat primary by declaring that ‘Assad must go’, Booker has obfuscated his support for the President’s war by refusing to answer questions about his current position,” Lonegan said. “Mayor Booker does not seem at all prepared to take and defend a principled position on this war,” Lonegan said. “He knows New Jerseyans are against this war, so now he’s running scared.” Booker’s ever-changing positions on Syria began during the August 5, 2013 Democrat primary debate when Booker declared, “Assad must go.” Last week, he said that “now is not the time” to talk about Syria. A few days ago, he admitted he lacks knowledge regarding Syria. Now Booker says he is not convinced that there is any American interest in Syria. “Mayor Booker appears overwhelmed,” Lonegan said. “His city is beset by violent crime that he can’t seem to control, his start-up company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and he is showing he has no clue what to say about President Obama’s war. I do know what to say: No more war.”

  91. Obama’s syria speech tonight will be just 15 minutes.

    Bit long if you ask me…..cut it to 1…..”I failed and i resign” would be better.

  92. Looks like there might be trouble. Huma didn’t even accompany him to the primary polls.

    The final insult: Huma skips the voting booth on primary day just hours after husband Anthony Weiner is blasted in his final TV interview before polls opened for New York City primaries

    The saga of Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign has come to a close as his wife was able to add in one final insult to her politician husband by refusing to accompany him to the primary polls this morning.

    Weiner said that his wife, Huma Abedin, had to take a call for work and was unable to accompany him to the polling station. In addition to this being a busy time in her personal life, this is busy for Abedin who has been Hillary Clinton’s aide for decades and she spent the night before the election in D.C. attending a fundraiser for her boss.

    Instead the disgraced former Congressman took his son Jordan inside the voting booth with him on Tuesday as he cast his ballot, which well be the last time his name appears on such a paper.

  93. moononpluto
    September 10, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Obama’s syria speech tonight will be just 15 minutes.

    Bit long if you ask me…..cut it to 1…..”I failed and i resign” would be better.

    And America Cheered!!! 🙂

  94. The final insult:

    The final insult isn’t that Huma decided not to accompany da Weenie, but all the perv stuff he did online and God knows where else.

    He degraded himself and their marriage, now Huma has to decide if she still wants this piece of hotdog or not.

  95. UN Security Council cancels meeting to discuss resolution on Syria’s chemical weapons

    UNITED NATIONS ­ The U.N. Security Council has canceled a meeting on a resolution aimed at securing and destroying Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles.

    The closed consultations had been scheduled for 4 p.m. EDT (2000 GMT) Tuesday. Australian Ambassador Gary Guinlan says in a Twitter message that the meeting was canceled “following withdrawal of the request for consultations.”

    Council diplomats said Russia asked for the meeting and then withdrew its request. There were no other details.

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