Will #Syria Save Us – From #ObamaCare?

Update: Barack Obama is the author of his own demise. He has no one to blame but himself for his treacherous boobery. To the extent cutting off his arms, legs and the shriveled appendage between his legs harms America, which is the rallying cry of the attack Syria crowd, the answer is not to give him more authority and more power to harm and get us all killed. The answer is to get rid of him.

To give Obama authority was a catastrophic decision made by Hopium Guzzlers in 2008 and 2012. To give Obama more authority will be a damnable act by Congress. You don’t give liquor and matches to a drunk clown in a car. Now we hear more bad news in that China sending warship to Syrian coast:

How bad of an international debacle does that turn out to be when we have ships in place, the Russians and Chinese show up, and we turn tail and leave? It wouldn’t be the reality of what happened, but that’s how it could easily be spun on the international stage.

We’ve been writing for a long time that Obama will get us all killed. The answer is to cut off his hands, not give him more authority to do damage to the United States – and get rid of him NOW.


Syria has the capacity, the motivation and the opportunity to destroy ObamaCare. The timetable of events favors a Syria attack on ObamaCare too.

Consider, on the eve of September 11, the anniversary of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks (and the Benghazi terrorist attack) Barack Obama will try to bamboozle and bore the nation into another middle-east fiasco. The U.S. Senate will hold its critical cloture vote exactly on September 11. If the Senate decides to give bumbling, incoherent, Obama authority to attack Syria (remember when we all criticized George W. Bush for what we said was a none too subtle attempt to link an attack on Iraq with the World Trade Center terrorist attacks?) that “victory” will be in some part attributable to a conflation of Syria chemistry and burning lower Manhattan.

If the Senate and the House provide liquor to the drunken clown in a car the House will then vote the following week. Will Obama ignore the House on Syria attack? It’s possible Obama will do the maximum boob move and attack Syria with the House of Representatives and the American people against him as the Senate narrowly gives him liquor in the car. In either case this means an attack on Syria around the time that the ObamaCare websites are supposed to begin to function.

Do not forget that those ObamaCare websites have not yet been certified as “secure”. Indeed the certification of “secure” has been delayed until the day before these ObamaCare websites are set to begin operation. Yup, the very day before these websites, which will grab treasures for hackers such as potential blackmail information on the health of the sucker registrant, Social Security numbers, salary information, job information, home information, will be the day set aside to certify these websites as “secure” to receive this vital information. It’s a hackers paradise.

Enter the Syrian Electronic Army. Mandy Nagy of Legal Insurrection has been tracking the Syrian Electronic Army:

Syrian Electronic Army says it may retaliate if US strikes Syria

The Syrian Electronic Army, which has been grabbing headlines in recent days after its attack that disrupted the NY Times and Twitter, says it may retaliate using “methods of causing harm” for the US economy if the US strikes Syria. [snip]

But many are skeptical of the Syrian Electronic Army’s abilities.

To date, the group hasn’t really employed much in the way of sophisticated hacking. Their efforts have largely been that of phishing and social engineering. They’ve also been creative enough to find other sources of dependent weaknesses to exploit, rather than going after the big targets directly. And the SEA’s goal has been more about grabbing attention and getting its pro-Assad message out than it has been about causing any real damage. [snip]

The majority of experts seem to agree that any retaliation from the SEA would likely be more of a nuisance than a sophisticated attack that could do significant damage to a target.

But as I’ve written previously, it doesn’t necessarily take a sophisticated hacking to cause damage. Sometimes disinformation can be nearly as damaging when disseminated in a strategic fashion (though the US has been lucky in avoiding this for the most part thus far, minus a close call). Whether or not the SEA has that level of vision is a different story and is unknown, but it would certainly behoove media outlets and other institutions to include such precautions in their standard security planning nonetheless.”

If the S.E.A. wants a target as soft as Barack Obama’s manboobs the ObamaCare exchanges are it:

“The Department of Health and Human Services won’t certify that the so-called Obamacare “data hub” used to collect and verify personal health and financial information of health insurance applicants is secure until the system kicks in on October 1–unless further delays push it back further.

The department’s assistant inspector general told a convention of auditors Tuesday morning that the office handling Obamacare, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, is still testing to make sure the system is secure from hackers and other digital attacks.

Kay Daly said that CMS has promised the HHS inspector general that the system security certification will come on time, the day before Obamacare kicks in. But in a sign of doubt, she added, “We are looking forward to seeing how this all works out.”

In her address to the American Institute of CPAs, she said that CMS is “looking at the vulnerability assessments of the hub” used by state, federal and insurance company officials to judge applicants. The information being collected includes salary, Social Security numbers, personal health information and even pregnancy status.

Daly said that the system doesn’t store data, but lawmakers on Capitol Hill have worried that it is too vulnerable to a hacker attack.”

The FBI is concerned enough about the Syrian Electronic Army to issue an advisory. The S.E.A. has already hacked the New York Times website which has been operating for years and has been “secure” for years. The “secure” Times website went down repeatedly over several days thanks to the Syrian Electronic Army.

The “media is going down” chortled the Syrian Electronic Army. According to Legal Insurrection the S.E.A. has already attacked Twitter, Huffington Post, “Thomson Reuters, NPR, The Guardian, CBS, BBC, Reuters and Al-Arabiya, as well as the Financial Times, ITV News, The Onion and E!Online”. All these websites have been operating for years, and presumably “secure” for decades since the dawn of the internet. It’s not just Big Media under attack by S.E.A. Syrian Electronic Army Defaces US Marines Recruitment Website

Is it likely that the Syrian Electronic Army will scuttle Barack Obama’s clowning achievement? Ordinarily we would bet against that happening but the ironies erupting from Obama’s bungling on Syria are so many and so stark only a card counter would bet against it. Here we have Obama and his “antiwar” minions arguing that Syria has weapons of mass destruction, an authorization vote on September 11 in the senate, “stand by the president” arguments, etc. – in short all the arguments Barack Obama made against George W. Bush are now being made by Barack Obama.

Some are concerned that if the congress votes down the Syrian authorization we will be without a president for three years – that is cause for rejoicing, not lamentation. In late August we made the argument that It’s Barack Obama In Crisis, Not America. A week later Nile Gardiner of the Telegraph echoed many of our points:

“Obama’s ‘red line’ remarks on Syria were a train wreck. The president’s credibility is on the line, not America’s

President Obama has done himself no favours today with his disingenuous statements on Syria in Stockholm alongside Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. As The Weekly Standard first reported, Barack Obama claimed “he didn’t set a red line” on Syria’s use of chemical weapons, arguing that “the world set a red line” when it passed the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention prohibiting the use of chemical weapons. He also declared that his credibility isn’t on the line, but Congress’s credibility, America’s credibility and the international community’s credibility is at stake if military action isn’t taken on Syria. [snip]

As Obama’s words made clear, he is himself 100 percent responsible for the ‘red line’ that has been laid down on Syria, a red line that he drew without much thought behind what it would entail. He made these remarks at the height of his presidential election campaign, after a year and a half of doing absolutely nothing about the crisis in Syria, no doubt in an effort to look tough and to demonstrate that he wasn’t ‘leading from behind.’

It is not America’s credibility that is on the line at the moment, or that of the United States Congress. It is the credibility of Barack Obama himself, who unwisely drew a line in the sand, and is now pushing for a military intervention in the Middle East without a clear strategy, while aggressively cutting defence spending and failing to demonstrate that a Syrian war is in the US national interest.”

America must cut off Obama like a gangrened arm. We have no doubt whatsoever that if Barack Obama loses the Syria attack authorization vote he will be broken. His presidency will be broken beyond repair. To us that is cause for applause.

The conundrum Barack Obama faces, one of his own making after repeated mistakes, bumbling and stumbling involves having drawn a red line Barack Obama must must must attack Syria or be an international rodeo clown worthy only of flung pies and seltzer sprays. But, but, but, Barack Obama has corralled himself by going to congress (in order to shift the blame for his catastrophes) to beg for an authorization vote.

Here is the conundrum Barack Obama has trapped himself with: He must attack Syria or attach a red clown nose to his face... but… he cannot be seen as a Peace Prize winning war monger baby killer… but… now he has to win the authorization vote he is likely to lose… but… to win he endangers his Obama Dimocrats in congress in the 2014 elections… but… to win on Syria he loses on fiscal votes, immigration reform, ObamaCare votes, debt ceiling votes, because he has to use the few cents of political capital he has in this the first year of his reelection…. In short: Barack Obama must attack Syria but Barack Obama must not attack Syria.

What is the worst scenario for Barack Obama? The worst outcome, one that is not so unlikely, is that the Congress rejects authorization but Obama realizes he must attack anyway to preserve some semblance of authority. At that point impeachment rears its head and we predict gale forces winds of laughter here at Big Pink.

Niles Gardiner also sees Barack Obama hitting the iceberg:

“Barack Obama is heading for a humiliating defeat over Syria: this will be a massive blow to his presidency

Politico has an eye-opening piece today revealing the extent to which the White House is staring defeat in the face over Syria. [snip]

That would represent a dramatic failure for Obama, and once again prove that his sway over Congress is extraordinarily limited. The loss would have serious reverberations throughout the next three months, when Obama faces off against Congress in a series of high-stakes fiscal battles.

If Obama doesn’t get Congressional backing for military action, he could still go ahead with strikes against Syria, but it would be a huge political gamble. It would probably be a bridge too far for a president with sinking approval ratings, and his party facing crucial midterm elections in 2014. A defeat in Congress would be a massive blow to the Obama presidency, as well as to the president’s personal credibility, and could well amount to the biggest humiliation of his career so far.”

At the DailyBeast, Obama crotch sucker Michael Tomasky is weeping and denouncing his fellow “liberals” for not bowing down to the tin plate idol:

“I’m sure liberal members of Congress who’ve announced they’re voting no—Raúl Grijalva, Alan Grayson, Charlie Rangel, Barbara Lee, and about 17 others—have spent a heck of a lot of time thinking about what could go wrong if we do strike. I bet they haven’t given a moment’s thought to what could go wrong if we don’t.”

We’ve thought and written about those issues and have better answers than Tomasky. Tomasky’s real agenda is to float Obama’s boat not watch it sink. We say sink the sucker. It is better to be leaderless than have a leader take you down the wrong path.

Obama crotch licker Ronald Brownstein, like Tomasky is also trying to save Barack by blaming America and the military:

“America’s Sharp Turn Inward

The widespread ambivalence over Syria is the culmination of a mood that has almost completely reversed what had been a rising tide toward interventionism. The public no longer believes in the military’s capacity to yield lasting results. [snip]

For nearly a decade, from Bill Clinton’s first-term moves into Haiti and Bosnia through George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, the current of American foreign policy moved steadily toward greater tolerance of military intervention abroad. The division, ambivalence, and hesitation in both parties about intervening in Syria culminate a subsequent decade that has almost completely reversed this tide.

The unease about military action in Syria has many roots. But its core is a diminished faith that U.S.-led military actions can produce benefits that exceed their costs, especially in the Middle East.”

Brownstein wants to shift Barack Obama’s failures and bumbling stumbling boobery onto the lap of the American public and the military. But the American public has great confidence in the American military. The American public places the greatest trust in the American military in poll after poll. What Americans do not trust is the boob in the White House. Brownstein loves himself the boob so Brownstein will make excuses for Barack the boob and blame everyone else for Obama’s ceaseless rodeo booberies.

Why should anyone lament the destruction of the Barack Obama presidency? After last Saturday’s announcement of “share the blame” congressional vote Barack Obama went golfing with dumb as a golf ball Joe Biden. Today, Barack Obama is back on the golf course with his male staff members playing with balls and sticks. While some lament the end of the Obama presidency Barack Obama is celebrating with a golf game. Instead of working on work that needs to be done Barack is working on swinging balls. Work? What work?:

“Obama ‘Imploding’ in the House

I was just talking to a Capitol Hill source who thinks there are maybe two dozen Republican votes for the authorization, no more — and there probably won’t be more. [snip]

2) The chickens are coming home to roost in terms of the non-existent White House relationship with Capitol Hill. He shared a few stories of the chief White House lobbyist either not knowing key players he should know or not being recognized himself by key players (tellingly, my source doesn’t know his name);

3) Even as the vote is swinging the wrong way, there seems to be no urgency on the part of the White House, which should be in a near panic. [snip]

It’s hard to find a precedent for a president imploding on something this big,” he says.

Keith Koffler at WhiteHouseDossier has supported an attack on Syria. But Koffler sees the feathers flying:

“Obama’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost

You know, I’ve been casually telling people that I thought Obama was in the end going to win the vote on Syria. [snip]

If this were Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, I’d think yeah, it will pass in the end. But not this guy. I can’t say that Obama’s motion to attack Syria will fail, but I can’t say it will pass either. Because Obama has acted very unpresidential for the past four and a half years. [snip]

You really get the feeling with this president that he’d rather be left alone in the Oval Office or on the golf course with his little friends than hang out with the riffraff from Capitol Hill. Obama lacks strong relationships there, even with his allies.

I covered both Bush and Clinton, and I’d constantly see a line of lawmakers’ cars parked on the West Wing driveway while their owners hashed something out with the president in the Oval Office. With Obama, the driveway is always nice, tidy and empty. [snip]

We used to require a couple of years of experience of presidential candidates before we leased them the White House. Obama was elected having proven nothing about himself to the public other than an ability to get elected and write autobiographies. And now we see he is entirely bereft of the skills needed to function effectively as president.

Koffler notes that Obama’s one real, albeit hated, achievement is ObamaCare. Now we discover Obama using secure White House bunker for meetings on ObamaCare for some reason. Maybe the reason is the Syrian Electronic Army or maybe they just like those comfy chairs. It’s possible the Syrian Electronic Army will erase even that ObamaCare achievement by making registration so impossible or so dangerously leaky that the websites ObamaCare built will have no one to come. Much like those daisy print Vietnam era anti-war posters “What if they gave an war ObamaCare and no one came?”

On ObamaCare, the debt ceiling, immigration reform, on his entire presidency Barack Obama is in the death throes. This is cause for rejoicing, not lamentation.

We’re the ones that in April declared Barack Obama a lame duck after he lost the vote on gun control. We’re the ones that announced immigration reform was dead on the day of the Boston Bomber terrorist attack. We certainly are not going to lament the lame duck now a dead duck.

No phony tears here. No worries about supporting a drunk clown driving us into that proverbial ditch he used to speak about so often. Syria might not only save us from ObamaCare but from other Obama boobfests to come.

What we do wonder about is Barack Obama’s bag man fixer, Syrian Antoin “Tony” Rezko, sitting in a prison as his crooked pal Barack is laid low by his fellow Syrians. What must Rezko be thinking as he rots in jail for protecting his pal?