August 2013
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It’s Barack Obama In Crisis, Not America

Update II: Check out our new hashtag #JohnKerryBotox. We wrote an article months ago about #JohnKerryBotox that got a lot of attention today after Kerry appeared on TV (see, Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads; Update: Kerry making the full Ginsburg) and displayed his freakish appearance. A woman (Hillary or Palin for instance) with that […]

The Great Return: Hillary Clinton 2016 And More Laughs And Tears From Obama The Clown

A summer of a rodeo clown dominating headlines brings forth new laughs. King Clown Obama, the chucklehead of all chuckleheads, has us in full chuckle.

Oprah’s penis dress provoked laughs from us but not as much as the thought of Barack Obama in a Bush-like search for weapons of mass destruction – in Syria. […]

Stop The Big Media Hillary Clinton Biographies – Or, How Stupid Is The GOP?

Update: Think we don’t know what we are talking about? You got the information you needed from us – well before today. What’s the news you ask? Sources: NBC worried about retaliation from Clintons over Hillary miniseries. Forget about that NBC/MSNBC crap. They can go straight to the place Tim Russert is at. The news […]

Oprah Pigs Out

Matt Damon is an idiot and an obnoxious hypocrite. Matt Damon is no longer the pretty boy of old. Matt Damon has turned paunchy and bald. Matt Damon however is just a piglet when compared to that hog of hogs Oprah Winfrey.

Pig Oprah, the once and future crackhead, built her brand and bilked […]

Holy Fiasco Friday Batman! Barack Obama To Meet Idiot Matt Damon In Elysium

Update: Try to stay awake. The usual Obama publicity stunt on a Friday before vacation is on. Most everyone is likely to write an open thread: Obama presser type article/blog entry to discuss this non-event. The usual lies and sounds of distorted reality will be emitted. We don’t expect Big Media to ask Obama a […]