The Only Survivor Of The National People’s Gang

Panic in Detroit. It’s not just Detroit that should be panicked. The disaster that is Detroit is the not-too-far-in-the-future of America. We believe that as a first step the only way to help Detroit is to prosecute every Detroit elected official of the past 50 years and to strip them all of their pensions and bank accounts. The charge is willful violation of fiduciary duties and responsibility. Read on and you will understand why this is a necessity for justice and the reanimation of the Detroit corpse.

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Detroit has a glorious American past. If you want to witness how far Detroit has fallen, if you want to see the great loss to all of us as Americans visit this LINK and witness the ruins of Detroit.

Having seen those photographs, beware! Detroit is coming to a neighborhood near you:

“At the heart of Detroit’s problem is a growing unfunded debt on benefits owed to current and future retirees — some $3.5 billion, according to its emergency manager, Kevyn Orr — which mirrors a circumstance being seen across the U.S.

From Baltimore to Los Angeles, and many points in between, municipalities are increasingly confronted with how to pay for these massive promises. The Pew Center for the States, in Washington, estimated states’ public pension plans across the U.S. were underfunded by a whopping $1.4 trillion in 2010. [snip]

As examples of the results: Chicago recently saw its credit rating downgraded because of a $19-billion unfunded pension liability that the ratings service Moody’s puts closer to $36 billion. And Los Angeles could be facing a liability of more than $30 billion, by some estimates.

It’s no surprise — given the pressure public pensions are putting on municipal budgets — that any move to ease those liabilities, especially through a bankruptcy court order like what’s happening in Detroit, is being watched carefully nationwide by state and municipal officials, union leaders, bond traders and retirees.

We’re just at the front of the line here,” Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon said Friday. “It could be a landmark case.”

Early this year, the Pew Center released a survey showing that 61 of the nation’s largest cities — limiting the survey to the largest city in each state and all other cities with more than 500,000 people — had a gap of more than $217 billion in unfunded pension and health care liabilities. While cities had long promised health care, life insurance and other benefits to retirees, “few … started saving to cover the long-term costs,” the report said.”

Pray you are not a public sector worker in a locality or state that is fiscally irresponsible. We don’t wish what is happening in Detroit on anyone.

Because we are sounding the warning even at this late hour we know some of our phony “liberal” brethren will accuse us of being “deficit hawks” as if that was a bad thing. We’ll be mocked for wanting to see bills paid in a timely manner. Because of our fiscal responsibility we’ll be mocked as Draconian monsters without any compassion or liberality. But who is the monster? Who is the compassionate and who is cruel?

Imagine the shock of reality to those “retirees — some of whom, like police and firefighters in Michigan, don’t contribute to or receive Social Security benefits because their pensions were expected to be guaranteed“. Now those retirees living in Detroit are f*cked. Who’s cruel now? Furthermore, as acknowledged by the president of AFSCME “public workers aren’t protected by federal pension insurance“.

Cincinnati and Baltimore are already in trouble and their misery will have company. Who’s cruel and who’s kind? Put yourself into the situation of a Detroit city worker about to retire in this jobless Obama recovery who believed the corrupt Barack Obama:

“But most of all, promising too much to workers in a way that not only drives out industry, but also inflates the wage and pension bill for all times to come.

In fact, of Detroit’s $18 billion debt, more than half is owed to its retirees, who have now been offered about 10 cents to the dollar of their benefits.”

They believed Barack Obama. They voted for Barack Obama in Wayne County where Detroit is to be found deader than a Florida thug. They voted for Obama with 392,032 votes and a margin of 47 points.

The people of Detroit are what destroyed Detroit. The believed a liar in 2008 and 2012 and voted for more and more lies from that same flim-flam man. And it wasn’t just Barack Obama. The people of Detroit elected and reelected their mayors and city councilmen and councilwomen who proceeded to lie and lie again. It is the people of Detroit who destroyed Detroit. And what a people they are:

“… 40 percent of its streetlamps don’t work; 210 of its 317 public parks have been permanently closed; it takes an hour for police to respond to a 9-1-1 call; only a third of its ambulances are driveable; one-third of the city has been abandoned; the local realtor offers houses on sale for a buck and still finds no takers; etc., etc.” [snip]

To achieve this level of devastation, you usually have to be invaded by a foreign power. [snip]

Detroit was the industrial powerhouse of America, the “arsenal of democracy,” and in 1960 the city with the highest per capita income in the land. Half a century on, Detroit’s population has fallen by two-thirds, and in terms of “per capita income,” many of the shrunken pool of capita have no income at all beyond EBT cards. [snip]

Forty-seven percent of adults are functionally illiterate, which is about the same rate as the Central African Republic, which at least has the excuse that it was ruled throughout the Seventies by a cannibal emperor. Why would any genuine innovator open a business in a Detroit “innovation hub”? Whom would you employ? The illiterates include a recent president of the school board, Otis Mathis, which doesn’t bode well for the potential work force a decade hence.”

The cannibal Emperor, Bokassa, is but a slender dieter compared to the locust called Barack Obama.

Detroit has been destroyed and loans and money will not help. With a citizenry such as Detroit has it will follow that the same villains and crooks will be elected to loot and feed on taxpayer dollars again. As Keith B. Richburg at the Washington Post notes there are a good many good people in Detroit. But he also confesses that the good people were “complicit” in the death of Detroit:

“Of course, the old neighborhoods are nothing like they were. My older cousins and aunties in their 70s, 80s and 90s are still in the same houses as before. But theirs are some of the few houses still standing on streets that are now mostly abandoned; they live behind metal burglar bars on their windows and the curtains and shades pulled tight. If I go in the winter, I know their streets will never be cleared of snow and ice, so the driving is treacherous. And I never go out at night. My old house on McGraw Street burned down and was reduced to rubble years ago.

Most of the old-time residents say they never plan to move, even though city services are virtually nonexistent in the old neighborhoods and most of the neighbors are gone. It’s a pride, a stubbornness and an attitude of “I bought this home 40 years ago, and no crack addicts or gangbangers are going to drive me out of it!” [snip]

Detroit politics has been wracked by a series of corruption scandals, going back to the Coleman Young years. The last elected mayor before Bing, Kwame Kilpatrick — better known as the “Player Mayor” for his extravagant lifestyle of bling and parties — sits in prison for felony corruption. But Detroiters are prideful and protective of their own; even when Kilpatrick and his associates were shown to be corrupt, many Detroiters came out to support him, blaming the prosecutors for unfairly targeting a black elected official.

In fact, therein lies the real truth about Detroit, one that I’m loath to admit. For all my fond memories of Detroit from the 1960s and ’70s, it was always one of America’s most racially polarized cities. Older Detroiters are correct that the city was surrounded by a ring of often-hostile white suburbs, in a largely conservative state that had little time for a poor, destitute, Democratic and black city.”

Well, they might as well call it Trayvon City. A citizenry that will not face facts. A citizenry that votes and supports leadership based on skin color has no right to criticize anyone for fleeing from such reverse racism and fiscal and moral irresponsibility. It’s not the “white suburbs” that destroyed Detroit.

The people of Detroit destroyed Detroit aided and abetted by their latest “leader” Barack Obama. This weekend we heard from that kook in the land of kooks Ed Schultz: “Thanks to a lot of Republican policies, [Detroit] is now filing for bankruptcy”. What Republicans have to do with the destruction of Detroit is a mystery because there has not been a Republican elected in Detroit in decades. Indeed Mitt Romney, born in Detroit, would have been a president who would not just be there to turn off the lights.

It’s not just black citizens of Detroit that we are discussing today. The people that destroyed Detroit are of many skin colors and many skin shapes. However it cannot be denied that the overwhelming population of Detroit is black. It also cannot be denied that they have acted with the same lack of responsibility as Trayvon Martin’s father did when he left his suspended from school son with a pocketful of money unsupervised while he went to Miami to party with his own girlfriend. The result is that both Trayvon and Detroit are dead.

The only one that has profited from this Detroit disaster is Barack Obama. He film-flammed the citizens of Detroit with promises and false hope. They gave Barack Obama their votes. They still wait. Remember Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson on December 5, 2012?:

Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that,” said Watson. “Of course, not just that, but why not?”

Nearly 75 percent of Wayne County voters pulled the lever for Obama in November.

“After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went to Washington, D.C. He came home with some bacon,” said Watson. “That’s what you do.”

As we stated at the beginning of this article every mayor and city council member of Detroit going back to 1960 should be stripped of pension benefits and their bank accounts confiscated. They should not need financial resources in prison. Start with Councilwoman Watson.

Obama? He do what he do. He might give you his autograph but don’t expect much from from the soon to be Only Survivor Of The National People’s Gang. There’s panic in Detroit – and it will spread nationwide.


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  1. Questions: How many doctors are left in Detroit and how many will be left after ObamaCare strikes?:

    Obamacare has doctors planning exit

    60% say many physicians will retire from medicine early within next 3 years

    In a survey by a top research firm, six in 10 physicians said it is likely many doctors will retire earlier than planned in the next one to three years.

    The same percentage say the practice of medicine is in jeopardy as medical experts lose control of their clinics and compensation with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, or Obamacare.

    A spokeswoman for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Jane Orient, was not surprised. [snip]

    “I think it’s a disaster for patients,” she said. “They may lose the doctor they relied on all their lives.”

    The survey by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions found that the “future of the medical profession may be in jeopardy as it loses clinical autonomy and compensation.”

    Further, it found the health insurance exchanges required by Obamacare this year probably won’t be reality. Many doctors are starting to limit their participation in Medicaid and Medicare because of low reimbursement rates.

    Some doctors even close off their practices to such patients, the survey found. [snip]

    Orient affirmed that many doctors are unable to continue a private practice and will end up working for a corporation hospital where the profits are distributed to shareholders.

    She warned that such scenarios often end up giving the feeling of an assembly line, where a patient sees a doctor briefly, is given a diagnosis and shown the door.

    Doctors in that system, she said, will be punished if they spend too much time on a patient, or possibly if they provide too much treatment. [snip]

    While many doctors are satisfied with practicing medicine, most their satisfaction in the interaction with patients. But nearly one in four said that even now they are not allowed to spend enough time with each patient. And one in five was distressed by the developing government regulations.

    The survey said the perception that there will be a drain opened among the pool of physicians over the coming requirements and regulations is uniform among doctors.

    The report said: “Nearly three-quarters of physicians (higher among surgical specialists at 81 percent) think the best and brightest may not consider a career in medicine (slight increase from those who felt similarly in 2011 at 69 percent), while more than half believe that physicians will retire (62 percent) or scale back practice hours (55 percent) based on how the future of medicine is changing. [snip]

    Fully half expect their incomes to “fall dramatically in the next one to three years.”

    Overall, doctors are critical of the U.S. health care system, blaming problems on a defensive mode that influences treatment and results, the survey said.

    Among other results: Only two in 10 doctors believe the government exchanges will be ready to go, 25 percent say they’ll limit their work on Medicare patients if the government funding program continues at it is and most believe unhealthy lifestyles influence the health care system costs.

    Orient told WND the problems all generally relate to more government demands and intervention.

    “It amounts to busy work,” she said.”

  2. Statism is turning America into Detroit – Ayn Rand’s Starnesville come to life

    Look at this description of Detroit from today’s Observer:

    What isn’t dumped is stolen. Factories and homes have largely been stripped of anything of value, so thieves now target cars’ catalytic converters. Illiteracy runs at around 47%; half the adults in some areas are unemployed. In many neighbourhoods, the only sign of activity is a slow trudge to the liquor store.

    Now have a look at the uncannily prophetic description of Starnesville, a Mid-Western town in Ayn Rand’s dystopian novel, Atlas Shrugged. Starnesville had been home to the great Twentieth Century Motor Company, but declined as a result of socialism:

    A few houses still stood within the skeleton of what had once been an industrial town. Everything that could move, had moved away; but some human beings had remained. The empty structures were vertical rubble; they had been eaten, not by time, but by men: boards torn out at random, missing patches of roofs, holes left in gutted cellars. It looked as if blind hands had seized whatever fitted the need of the moment, with no concept of remaining in existence the next morning. The inhabited houses were scattered at random among the ruins; the smoke of their chimneys was the only movement visible in town. A shell of concrete, which had been a schoolhouse, stood on the outskirts; it looked like a skull, with the empty sockets of glassless windows, with a few strands of hair still clinging to it, in the shape of broken wires.

    More @

  3. Lol, love the spot-on title of DOJ, Foxy. Love the post, as well Admin. I heard on a radio talk show earlier in the day, that some city officials of the Motor City were earning 400K per year. The typical salary in other cities and states for similar positions is around 80k, according to the news report. If the report is factual, the question becomes, how the Hell did they expect to keep that up? Why didn’t someone step-up and fix that kind of runaway, over-the-top spending? WTH did the city managers, and other city officials and leaders think was going to happen? Irresponsible leadership and selfish, corrupt city officials are the most obvious answers. There are probably quite a few other factors, as well, each representing a nail in the coffin in which Detroit is to be buried.

  4. This tidbit was probably posted on previous article, but just in case … I found excerpts from and link to the Noonan article about IRS at femisex blog:

    Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal
    by: Peggy Noonan

    So: What the IRS originally claimed was a rogue operation now reaches up not only to the Washington office, but into the office of the IRS chief counsel himself.

The IRS chief counsel is named William Wilkins. And again, he is one of only two Obama political appointees in the IRS.

  5. When Obama took over the auto industry, he forced the closing of a number of automobile dealerships throughout the country, as we know. I know of two victims (maybe 3) of Obama’s strong arm tactics in my area, each were successful dealerships, financially healthy and stable. These auto dealerships had one other thing in common, both were big contributors to the Republican Party. When these dealerships were forced to close, they were left with many brand new automobiles in their inventory, for which they bore financial responsibility. They were not allowed to sell them as an authorized dealership once the closure notice was issued. They could still sell them. However, because they had to do so under a different business name, once they lost affiliation with the factory, the vehicles had to be sold as used.

    Needless to say, financial devastation was the fate of these formerly successful business owners.

    Lesson: Don’t contribute to people Barack doesn’t like, if you want to continue to be able to feed you family.

    Barack has taught us so much hasn’t he. The most reason lesson of course is:

    If you are half white (unless you’re Barack), and you get attacked by a black man, you had damn well better let him beat you senseless and whack your head against the concrete until he gets tired, bored, or you die – whichever comes first. If you defend yourself, and your attacker gets killed in the process, you are guilty as hell. And, don’t think anything like a little jury decision completely acquitting you will matter. You’re guilty anyway, and your life and that of your family your will be threatened every day for weeks and months. You will be vilified for weeks in a row on every major news outlet, and by the president himself.

    Oh, can you just imagine what our lives would be like at this point, had we never had the benefit of Obama’s life lessons?

  6. Retiree health care paid for by taxpayers must be eliminated in the bankruptcy proceeding.

    It was so FUCKING charming, to see that little judge, that bought and paid for shill for the unions, and all the other people looking for a federal bail-out say no, no, no Nanette, you cannot put this great city into bankruptcy–the constitution forbids it! Mr. Obama must bail us out, all of us, all the dirty Detroit politicians who breached their fiduciary duty, all the big banks who lent them money to feed their drug habit. And upon hearing that they all breathed a collective sigh of relief. For they knew that sooner of later Obama and his Dimocrat Party would loot taxpayers to subsidize their sins. And they said to each other lets let Obama loot the people in the red states, so we do not have to tighten our belts. And RINOS like McCain, Graham, Hatch, Collins, Rubio, and the rest of the Schumer Republicans said, we had better let them loot our constituents or else it may be the end of our party.

    This corrupt, pea brained judge is an anachronism. When the wolf is at the door and the nation is approaching 20 trillion in debt, don’t expect the cavalry to rescue you. One bureacrat for every 55 Detroit residents? That is a good place to start. Slash and burn the bureaucracy so the city can survive. Eliminate retiree health care–give them Obamacare and the same fucking on that score as the rest of us. Prosecute the politician and the lenders who broke the law and/or breached their fiduciary obligation, and confiscate their pensions. Turn the kleig lights on the incestutous relationship between the democrat party and government unions, whereby unions give politicians political support in exchange for major concessions in collective bargaining paid for by taxpayers.

    Now bail-outs, unless you are prepared to bail out twenty more cities–and the entire state of California, who are on the verge of bankruptcy, and will have demand their pound of flesh as well, if you succumb to the pleas of Detroit. To put it gently, let them kill their own snakes.

  7. I am here to tell you, this retiree health care is a huge deal. The cost of it is astonomical. And what right do they have to it in the first place? Sure, past mayors agreed to it, but times were different then and other than diamonds nothing is forever. If a company wants to provide retiree health care, that is one thing. But it is not something that taxpayers should be compelled to subsidize, especially when they do not receive it in their own jobs. One bureaucrat for every 55 residents??? If that aint low hanging fruit for a bankruptcy proceeding, I defy you to tell me what is. I suspect that 30% of the total cost of government is featherbedding, and the rest is retiree benefits. Slash and burn, and if they don’t like it, then say it pains me to do this, and then slash and burn some more. If you do that, then you will be on the side of the angels.

  8. I went to Detroit on business several yrs ago and vowed never to voluntarily return. A awful place.

  9. Call it a salvage operation. Everyone knows what the captain and crew of a sinking vessel must do in order to save the ship–cast overboard everything that is not necessary to propulsion, and water tight integrity. This aint rocket science.

  10. I have a splendid idea. Why not ask the Harvard Trustees to bail out Detroit. They have a very rich endowment fund, and just think of the bragging rights this would give the school. With one 10 billion check they could prove to the world what superior people they are. The policies they have advocated over the years have contributed mightily to this problem, consequently, the goal of retributive justice would be served as well.

  11. Michigan had jobs, manufacturing, cars, great Universities, beautiful lakes and green trees. Detroit itself has been going to the dogs for decades and finally the jobs are gone, bailouts for Barry votes didn’t save it. Don’t look to Obama Detroit, he is just Slick Rick the Poverty Pimp.

  12. The other thing I would do is take a hard look at the bail-out program which was deployed in New York City in the early eighties. I cannot remember the name of the democrat string puller who engineered it, but I do recall he was an investment banker, was Ted Kennedy’s executor, and smoothed the path for the radicals to hijack the party. The deal he cobbled together for New York in conjunction with some of the major bankers, creditors, and premier labor law firms, Proskauer and others saved New York City from bankruptcy. The unions including the Teamsters bought it. The bankruptcy court will have similar options as its disposal, and if they select the right trustee–preferably a black democrat like Orr, Detroit can be saved. And while the selection of labor counsel will be up to the trustee, Detroit happens to have one of the premier law firms in the county in town–Dykema Gossett. It will be important to focus on labor cost, because that is where most of the money is being spent, and the goal of the trustee would be to ensure it is spent prudentially.

  13. You can be sure of one thing: the ruling by that little judge was not an isolated act. It was part of a scheme to generate back pressure on Obama. Remember she said it was unconstitutional and then she made a reference to Obama. If I am right then Obama will be forced to do something. But what could it be? The House is in Republican hands, and they control the purse. They would look at Detroit and be very wary of the precedent a bailout would set for the twenty other cities who are on the cusp. A Reichstag fire followed by a the Declaration of a State of Emergency? That could bring in federal aid. But if he got caught that could be a problem. I realize his consort, Jarrett told them no. Nevertheless, I cannot see him just sitting there and doing nothing. Not when there is a political downside to inaction.

  14. Maybe Detroit out to ask Pittsburgh how it got its financial act together. When the mills left, the Dems kept spending until it went bankrupt, but it didn’t get a bailout. Instead it went under state oversight. Ticked off the local Dems, but the city is standing on its own feet again and has gotten out from under state control.

  15. I don’t need to look at photos of Detroit’s ruins. I see the real deal on a regular basis. The abandoned buildings don’t depress me nearly as much as those neighborhoods where there is literally nothing left, just urban prairie or overgrown woodsy bushy greenery. Some people like this return to nature, but I don’t– that belongs in the country, not in the midst of a city that used to have 2 million residents and is now home to a measly 700,000 (probably less; it’s been three years since the last census).

    As for the retirees, very few of them live in the city now. Ditto for those who are currently working for the city– Detroit lifted its residency requirement sometime around 1999, prompting yet another mass exodus. However, downtown is flourishing. It’s actually hard to find an apartment there. A handful of neighborhoods that border downtown are also on the rise, but who knows if it will last? I witnessed a similar phenomenon when Bill Clinton was president and Dennis Archer was mayor. They had this Empowerment Zone program that transformed many dismal neighborhoods into nice-looking places full of rehabbed older homes as well as new construction. But then we got Bush, Kwame, and the recession (which hit here several years before the 2008 crash) and everything sort of stagnated.

  16. admin
    July 21, 2013 at 5:44 pm
    Questions: How many doctors are left in Detroit and how many will be left after ObamaCare strikes?:

    …and what about all the people that live in rural areas and hardly have access to doctors now and under good conditions…they will be miles and miles away from medical care…

    this is a trainwreck derailing…and while common ‘Navigators’ spy on our every moment and most personal information…

    yep, Obama warned us…his intention is to transform our country…and drive us off the cliff…

  17. Admin: upon re-reading your article I can see that I have missed the essential point. If it were as simple as cutting the costs of government and lining up the creditors to take 10 cents on the dollar then what I suggested makes sense. But as you have astutely observed, the problem goes much deeper. As such, you could do everything I suggested and it would not solve the problem. Yes, it is cultural, but it is more than that. And it is a problem which Obama has exploited to his own advantage, thus making it significantly worse. It is what James Davidson and Lord Reese Mog noted nearly thirty years ago. In a book called The Great Reckoning, they saw the future as it has unfolded in Detroit and in other cities across the United States:

    “The falling capacity of governments to maintain order is a global problem.

    Rioting that swept through Los Angeles, and other cities in the spring of 1992 was merely the first surge of a rising tide of violence and disorder that will drown many urban neighborhoods.

    In one section of Liverpool, the houses are crumbling, weeds flourish, shops are boarded up, and street signs are painted with Rastafarian green red and yellow stripes. It could be a third world country that has run out of cash. (Note: Your link to the video essay on the ruins of Detroit tells the same story)

    The backwash of the same technological developments that have destroyed empires, have reversed centuries of cultural progress in calming criminal violence.

    New life styles and patterns of aggressive behavior spread in the hollowed out ruins of industrial cities.

    Power in the street is shared with criminal gangs that compete in the only thriving enterprises in the region–larceny, extortion and drug dealing.


    Whites are not welcome.

    Television crews have to apply to local gang leaders before going in and are likely to lose the contents of their car to a rival gang.

    A wicked feedback of perverse incentives (Note: purveyed by big media/Hollywood/rapsters/ and the civil rights lobby) reinforces the criminal values and delusional thinking that traps the underclass in poverty.

    This trap is shut all the tighter because its outlines are hidden by the miasma of race.

    What emerges is a new tribalism, a heightened sense of ethnic and racial separateness.

    The cultural gaps between the educated cosmopolitan elite and those left behind at the bottom grows greater by the moment.

    Whole segment of the population fail to understand how the world is organized and how they can succeed in it.

    A language and conceptual handicap seems to be at work for many children of the slums, who are notoriously poor at higher level thinking.

    There are considerable gaps in their capacity to process and act rationally on information, resulting in a learned helplessness.”

  18. Jen the Michigander
    July 21, 2013 at 10:26 pm
    I went to Detroit a number of times over the years. I remember seeing that Joe Lewis Center shortly after it was constructed. And I wondered whether it would produce a Renaissance for that beleaguered city. Evidently it did not. We can blame Bush, Kirkpatrick and Obama. But I wonder whether the greater part of it is not the megapolitics which Davidson and Reese Mog describe.

    I have no idea whether those wealthy downtown enclaves will survive. Can small oases of wealth exist amid vast deserts of poverty without engendering the kind of storms that will engulf those oases? I am hopeful, but highly skeptical.

  19. foxyladi14
    July 21, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    DOJ means the Department of Jokes now
    I am glad to hear that, because I assumed it meant the Department of Jackals–with Holder as its head.

  20. Southern Born: thanks for the correction on Landieu. I was thinking of the lady in Arkansas, whom I liked.

  21. Wbboei,
    Joe Louis Arena is going to be replaced with a new hockey stadium closer to Comerica Park. The Detroit Red Wings and Tigers are owned by the same family and they want their sports stadiums in one neighborhood. They’re getting taxpayer $$$$$ to build this new unnecessary behemoth. They are also tearing down apartments and viable businesses in one of the aforementioned up-and-coming neighborhoods near downtown. This area used to be really, really, really, really bad, but now you can walk around down there (in the daytime, at least).

  22. The baby’s coming…..

    Buckingham Palace: Duchess of Cambridge admitted to hospital in early stages of labour.

  23. “Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that,” said Watson.
    I quite agree.

    They voted for Obama.

    Therefore they are entitled to a “quid pro quo”.

    Like signed photos of Obama–grinning like a possum eating shit out of a hair brush.

    And maybe a campaign button and an Obama bobble heard.

    Those goodies would be an appropriate quid pro quo for voting for the four flusher.

    But fifteen billion dollars?

    If they think that is a proper quid pro quo for voting for him.

    Then they are one french fry short of a happy meal.

  24. Aftermath of Benghazi: New details emerge of horrific attack that killed U.S. ambassador as support for Al-Qaeda grows in war-ravaged Libya

    More grim details about the terrorist attack that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans has emerged as Libya admits it is struggling to combat a growing tide of extremism in the country.

    Ten months after the deaths at the American diplomatic mission at Benghazi in the north African country, a frightening picture of the attack itself and the desperate security situation in Libya has emerged.

    Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans – information management officer Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods – were killed in a six-hour, commando-style attack on the US Mission in the Libyan city on September 11, for which Al Qaeda in North Africa and Islamist militia Ansar al-Sharia were implicated.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  25. CIA backs $630,000 study into how to control global weather through geoengineering

    Study part-funded by the CIA to investigate national security implications of geoengineering

    The power, reach and influence of the Central Intelligence Agency is a staple of conspiracy theories.

    The news that the CIA is reportedly part-funding a scientific geoengineering study into how to control the weather is unlikely to dampen speculation over their activities.

    According to US website ‘Mother Jones’ the CIA is helping fund a study by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) that will investigate whether humans could use geoengineering – which is defined as deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system – to stop climate change.

    More @

  26. Detroit Goes Up for Sale on eBay – Opening Bid $7.50

    This is your chance to own a piece of America!

    Known for producing some of America’s finest automobiles like the Chevy Vega and Ford Pinto, Detroit was once home to a bustling industrial and manufacturing economy.

    All it needs now is a little TLC (and approximately 3 trillion dollars). In addition to owning a little slice of Michigan, your purchase of Detroit gets you:

    An honorary Detroit Pistons championship ring from 2004

    That cool Chrysler commercial with Eminem

    A statue of Robocop that might get built

    The 1,297th ranked educational system in America

    Justin Verlander

    Unlimited use of the phrase, “Detroit Muscle”

    The complete catalog of Motown Records albums including Diane Ross, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. You know, ‘baby makin’ music

    BUT WAIT….

    There’s more!

    Buy within five days of this listing and get Flint, Michigan for FREE! A bonus worth more than $75!

    Bid with confidence, folks. This one won’t last long.

  27. Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To The Muslim Brotherhood

    According to Arabic News Channel TV14 and reported on by Egypt Daily News, Obama’s relationship with recently deposed Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi goes far deeper than mere support as a democratically elected President.

    Per TV14, Obama conducted secret negotiations with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood outside of normal diplomatic channels.

    According to sources cited by TV14, Obama secretly transferred eight billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood­not the Egyptian government­as payment to guarantee that a large portion of the Sinai Peninsula be turned over to the terrorist organization Hamas, an avowed enemy of both the United States and Israel.

    The secret agreement was signed by deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi and his second in command, Khairat el Shater.

    Who on the U.S. side signed the agreement and where Barack Obama got the eight billion dollars is not clear. When Mohammed Morsi was deposed and arrested by the Egyptian military, evidence of the secret agreement was discovered and seized.

    Further, per the news segment, which has been uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral, secret negotiations between Obama and the Egyptian military­specifically Colonel Abdul al-Sisi, head of the Armed Forces­were ongoing to ensure the agreement remained hidden. Per the secret negotiations, in exchange for Obama recognizing the Egyptian military as legitimate, Colonel al-Sisi promised to keep Obama’s illegal agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood secret. However, a source within the Egyptian military leaked Obama’s nefarious activities to TV14 and the world.

    If Obama’s secret agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood is proven correct, it may spell the end for the Obama administration once and for all. Obama may have illegally siphoned off funds from the US Treasury and committed treason by attempting to turn land over to Hamas, a group that is not only an enemy to the United States, but has vowed to destroy every Jew on the face of the earth. If Obama’s nefarious plan would have been realized, Hamas’ control of the Sinai Peninsula would have put Israel in an indefensible position and would have led to a second holocaust.

    If proven to be true, this would go far beyond the Constitution’s requirement of High Crimes and Misdemeanors as a basis for impeachment. It would mean treason, possible life in prison, or even the death penalty for Barack Hussein Obama.

  28. Leanora
    July 22, 2013 at 6:29 am

    Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To The Muslim Brotherhood

    And Tanks and Planes 👿

  29. Leanora
    July 22, 2013 at 5:47 am

    Detroit Goes Up for Sale on eBay – Opening Bid $7.50


    😆 10.00 who will bid 10;00

    By Alexandra Jaffe –

    “The survey, conducted by Quinnipiac University, shows 55 percent of registered voters in the state disapprove of Obama’s job performance, while 41 percent approve.

    That’s a drop from the last Quinnipiac poll of the state, conducted in May, that showed 50 percent disapproving of the President’s job performance, while 45 percent approved.

    And it’s significantly worse than his average approval rating nationwide for the second quarter of his second term.

    The newest Gallup average of daily tracking polls for the last three months shows his approval rating at 47.9 percent.

    The dismal approval rating comes as he launches a tour of the nation to press lawmakers to act on the economy, and as the administration readies the rollout of parts of the healthcare reform law

    The survey was conducted among 1,256 registered voters from July 15-17, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  31. One of the two great failures of big media this year.

    The first was their effort to ban law abiding citizens from having guns. No no no you say. Not hand guns just AK 47s. No, no, no. That was their fall-back position. Remember how they published the names of all handgun owners in Westchester county–that USA Today/Gannett affililiate. It wasn’t just AK-47 gun owners. Well, anyway, that was one big media failure.

    The second was to convict George Zimmerman, by characterizing him as a white man, cannonizing the young black thug who attacked him, and ignoring the fact that Z was having his head pounded into the ground. When that did not work, their revised goal was to attack the law of self defense, to incite nationwide marches, and maybe hope against hope, a little on camera violence–blood in the streets always makes good headlines. Well, the marches have sort of petered out. So now all they are left with is dredging up false evidence that Zimmerman was a racist, GLORIFYING Obama’s mendacious speech on the subject, and deploring the practice of profiling.

    Larry addressing the subject of profiling below. In the meantime, let’s air drop an actor dressed like Travon into their gated communities in the wee small hours of the morning, and see how these big media hypocrites react. Just do it. And when they react the way others do, lets hang them in effigy for the racists big media people truly are.
    Profiling definitely has a role to play in fighting crime. The home break-ins in Zimmerman’s neighborhood were being carried out by young black men. It was not 7 year old boys. It was not middle aged men. It was not elderly black ladies.

    It is quite understandable and appropriate for Zimmerman to have been concerned about a 5 foot 11 inch stranger in a hoody walking the streets of his community in the midst of a rainstorm.

    You want to know how to stop police and neighbors from profiling young black men? The African American community needs to start teaching their young men to stop behaving like a bunch of wannabe gangsters. But that is a difficult task. Black rap music glorifies being a criminal and a mysogynist. Does not help to have a guy in the White House who took pride in being part of the Choom gang. Obama could have done a public service the other day by denouncing his own idiotic behavior as a teenager from a broken family who happily broke the law. He at least found a way to leave that life. Instead of pointing a new generation of black youth to the hope and opportunity that American can offer, Obama chose instead to play the race card. Shame on him.

  32. From The Hill, this article argues that Obama’s race (half of it, anyway) and the resulting similarities to the life experiences of blacks in general, mean more to the black community than any other single factor.

    We knew this, obviously. Who didn’t.

    By Niall Stanage

    To African-Americans, President Obama just gets it.
    Obama’s notably personal comments on Friday about the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, and on race in America, struck a chord. They vividly underlined the fact that, for the first time, the person in the Oval Office has lived an African-American experience.


    For the vast bulk of the African-American political class, the sense of identification and empathy with the nation’s first black president has almost always taken primacy over whatever disappointments they have with his record. 

    The disappointment is perhaps strongest on the economy, since black people are worse off now than they were when Obama first took office, according to virtually every major indicator. 

    Read more:

  33. oops

    I failed to clarify my question my post above.

    The article presumes that because Barack is half-black, his life experiences were similar to those of AAs in general. Do blacks just assume that? Has Barack convinced them of that? WTH There appears to be little, other than a similarity in skin color in this man’s life that remotely resembles the “black experience”.

  34. The African American community needs to start teaching their young men to stop behaving like a bunch of wannabe gangsters. But that is a difficult task. Black rap music glorifies being a criminal and a mysogynist. Does not help to have a guy in the White House who took pride in being part of the Choom gang.
    The AA community has an internal war on its hands. It cannot be expected to convince its young men to stop behaving like gangsters. Why not? Because the counter forces are too strong and the family bonds are too weak. The lure of drug money, and the perverse influence big media, Hollywood, and rap musicians who have the moral scruples of drug dealer. And they are the arbiters of black culture in this country.

    Notice how media takes the position that anything they do is legitimate journalism, even when it is in poor taste and it reinforces criminal values. The recent effort by Rolling Stone to justify its glorification of the Boston terrorist as a good kid let down by society, makes you wish that the editors of that rag had family members injured, maimed or killed in that horrific event, so they might feel the pain of the victims, as opposed to that of the perpetrator. But the worst of it is to see the editors for that rag, and cocksuckers like Dylan Byers at Politico come forth with these gushing defenses of journalism. I hold no brief for Noonan, but on one particular point she is right. This efforts and others like it were never about journalism. They were all about kicking the country in the balls, high fiving each other and betting that the outrage they stir up in the process will be quelled by pious appeals to journalism.

    If they want to play that card, they need to be reminded that reporting on Benghazi is journalism. Glorifying a terrorist is a cheap stunt, and in no way shape of form journalism.

  35. wbb, Larry’s article did an excellent job as well, of revealing how the inaccuracies repeated in media reports distorted Zimmerman’s actions and intent prior to the shooting incident.

  36. Embattled IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before writing new targeting criteria

    The Obama appointee implicated in congressional testimony in the IRS targeting scandal met with President Obama in the White House two days before offering his colleagues a new set of advice on how to scrutinize tea party and conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

    IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, who was named in House Oversight testimony by retiring IRS agent Carter Hull as one of his supervisors in the improper targeting of conservative groups, met with Obama in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on April 23, 2012. Wilkins’ boss, then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman, met with Obama on April 24, 2012, according to White House visitor logs.

    On April 25, 2012, Wilkins sent Hull and fellow Washington-based IRS official Lois Lerner “additional comments on the draft guidance” for approving or denying tea party tax-exempt applications, according to the IRS’ inspector general’s report.

    Read more:

  37. From The Hill, this article argues that Obama’s race (half of it, anyway) and the resulting similarities to the life experiences of blacks in general, mean more to the black community than any other single factor.
    The blind reliance of the black community on Obama reminds me of the blind reliance of the defendant on his wife’s wayward testimony in the movie Witness for the Prosecution, as described by Sir Wilfred Robards, lead barrister in the Inns of Court, appearing for the defense: “like a drowning man clinging to a razor blade.”

    Their naivetee is summed up rather nicely by that young lady from Detroit. We voted for him, therefore he is obligated to bail us out. She has the audacity to call their vote for Obama–75% of Wayne County as a quid pro quo. Well, if she wants to talk contract law, then she needs to prove offer, acceptance and meeting of the minds. They do not exist. If she wants to talk equity, then she needs to explain why Detroit’s mismanagement should be a problem for the people of Texas and elsewhere to whom she wants Obama to spread the financial burden.

    I think Davidson and Lord Reese Mogg have it about right, in describing the core problem: drugs, delusion and the imperial culture of the slum, which have been known to produce delusional thinking, learned helplessness and entitlement thinking. This is visible among lower class whites in Liverpool, I saw it myself in Kitani Pennslyvania where we set up a campaign office for Hillary, but in places like Detroit you have the additional problem of race, which is exploited to hell and back by big media, and people like Sharpton. That is the real tragedy, the real cause and effect, the one that this political correctness imposed upon us by the elites prevents us from discussing.

  38. In 2007, on Shields and Gigot, David Brooks, the so-called conservative voice on that program, launched his maiden voyage. In describing Obama, his words were pure drivel, his heart was pounding and his eyes told the story. No doubt about it. It was lust at first sight. He was a man in love, without the Tom Jones background music. With all the divorces we see today, it is nice to see that where Obama is concerned David has lost none of that honeymoon feeling. What we see from him now is even more garish purple prose. What a complete asshole he is. This NYT conservative. Time to come out of the closet David. Enough is enough.

    There’s just not much Obama can say at this point that will get people’s attention. After all, he has been making these same grand speeches since 2007 (sic).

    Obama proved on Friday with highly personal remarks on his own experiences as the son of an African father that he can still elicit hosannas from the same liberal intelligentsia that launched and succored his national political career.

    If NBC’s Sunday show panel was any gauge, “This Town” is still all agog over the remarks.


    David Brooks called it “a symphony of indignation, professionalism, executive responsibility, personal feeling.”

    But beyond the Acela Corridor, the president is not causing many tingles. As in previous years of his presidency, his esteem in the eyes of the public is wilting in the summer heat. (snip)

    Practical solutions like shaking the IRS by the scruff of its neck or doing a deal with Republicans to delay the individual mandate could change the narrative nationally and show Obama to be a man of action, not a purveyor of word clouds.

    Obama has 71 days in which to contest two major battles. If he wants to win them, he’d better get busy doing and spend less time giving “major” addresses.

    Read more:

    Read more:

  39. If Brooks is supposed to be a NYT conservative, then perhaps we should call him what he is: an oxymoron.

  40. Thanks for posting that Daily Caller article, Lenora. What an interesting bit of info this is:

    “Embattled IRS chief counsel met with Obama 2 days before writing new targeting criteria”

    No doubt, Barack will claim they never discussed plans to use the IRS as a weapon against specific groups Obama considered troublesome.

    Foxy, really? 5 times? You’re a brave soul. I always knew it. 🙂

    S, regarding children’s view of race. I once heard a play therapist talk about how very young children perceive race. This was in reference to purchasing black figures and dolls for AA kids, and white figures for white kids. I have seen no actual research on this, although there may be some available, but this therapist said that as toddlers and young children, kids don’t necessarily identify with the figures that represent their own race. They don’t seem to perceive the difference.

  41. Detroit has been under Dem. control for half a century. It has spent too much and borrowed too much, driving away business and becoming a tool of the government unions. 🙁

  42. Who’s Afraid of Valerie Jarrett?

    Criticisms of Jarrett reveal gender and racial anxieties–and a rift in Democratic Party.


    … But then, Jarrett—by dint of her politics, her identity and her mere presence in the White House—was always going to be more than a simple advisor. She’s also a lightning rod for a fight that is ongoing within the Democratic Party between centrists and progressives. And, for that matter, between a simple, vaguely defined idea of progressivism as “little guys” vs. “fat cats” and a more nuanced, realistic understanding of race, class, gender and sexuality as intersecting factors in how power is constructed and shared.

    The drive to delegitimize Jarrett speaks to some of the more profound fractures within the Democratic Party—and an ongoing battle about what the progressive movement stands for and where it is headed.


  43. More news about that evil racist busybody George Zimmerman:

    George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding since he was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, emerged to help rescue someone who was trapped in an overturned truck, police said today.

    Sanford Police Department Capt. Jim McAuliffe told ABC News that Zimmerman “pulled an individual from a truck that had rolled over” at the intersection of a Florida highway last week. Florida Highway Patrol is now handling the case, McAuliffe said.

    The crash occurred at the intersection of I-4 and route 417, police said. The crash site is less than a mile from where he shot Martin.

    Next question from the race-baiters: was the guy Zimmerman rescued white? RACIST! If the guy is black, he should have killed Zimmerman so he is a race-traitor.

  44. Admin, I also just posted that article on Zimmerman but it is difficult getting on now and the comment and site went haywire and to bing??…


    also posted this article which is worth the read:

    The Decline of the Civil-Rights Establishment
    Black leaders weren’t so much outraged at injustice as they were by the disregard of their own authority.

    love Steele’s line:

    This is how a once-great social movement looks when it becomes infested with obsolescence.

  45. The Third Estate Sunday Review blog has a pretty good summary of CNN’s Nancy Grace’s contribution to the Zimmerman hate fest.

    “Media: The wall-to-wall so-called ‘discussion’

    Jerry Springer is the bastard father of Talk TV, Jenny Jones its mother and Nancy Grace its first born. Never was that more clear than last week as the wall-to-wall went on and on.  Yes, we’re talking about the verdict in the George Zimmerman case.  No, we didn’t want to be.”

    I also just wanted to mention something that’s bothered me regarding the characterization of Zimmerman by media and others. Some people may not agree. Obviously, that’s fine.

    There has been much emphasis in media reports on the age difference between Zimmerman and Trayvon, with attempts to portray this as an attack by an adult on a child, as we know. Zimmerman is only 29 years of age. Granted, he is a legal adult. But, for whatever reason, 29 year olds today are rarely as mature as the 29 Y/Os of yesterday. Obviously, this does not apply to every 29 year old person – but for a significant number. Studies on brain development indicate that full development does not typically occur until age 25 or so. Additionally, if Zimmerman has ADHD, as I have read that he does, there is another factor to consider. Not only does that diagnosis carry with it certain behaviors, including poor impulse control, etc. but research indicates that people with ADD and ADHD mature more slowly than do people who don’t have the disorder. Their reasoning skills and behavior may be more like that of a person two or more years younger.

    Does that mean that Zimmerman should not be treated as an adult? No. That’s not what I’m saying. But, I do think it’s relevant to the situation, particularly in view of the media’s ongoing characterization of him. They make it sound as if he is a 45 year old man.

  46. Bring me the head of George Zimmerman!

    Do you remember, during the OJ trial, President Bill Clinton saying “If I had a son he would look like Ron Goldman”?

    Do you remember, following the OJ verdict, President Bill Clinton saying “Ron Goldman- that could have been me twenty five years ago”?

    Do you remember, in the aftermath of the OJ trial, President Bill Clinton saying “I wonder if the outcome would have been different had Nicole Simpson been black?”

    Neither do I.

    More @

  47. Can anyone help with this? His44 feed is not loading in either Firefox or Internet Explorer. Feeds of other sites working fine. Hvve been digging through numerous help sites for days trying to resolve the problem.

  48. I’m on firefox, loading fine for me, have you updated to latest edition, cleared cache, delete cookies for Hi44 and then reload.

  49. Homeland Security Acting IG Put Wife on Payroll, Took Private Trips on Public Dime

    Another Obama success story. Or scandal, whichever way you want to look at it.

    The acting inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security flouted nepotism rules by employing his wife, and took multiple jaunts, at taxpayers’ expense, to Florida, according to documents obtained by The Post.

  50. lil ole grape

    I agree to try updating Firefox and clear cash, reboot.

    I had many problems with Firefox after years of use, with videos, and switched to Chrome on my PC. Firefox still works on Mac at work.

  51. More Zimmerman:

    The deputy reported, when he arrived on the scene that one of the two men there was George Zimmerman. According to Sanford Police Zimmerman had a fire extinguisher and helped assist the family to get them out of the vehicle.

    “Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash, which was why he was not referenced in the police report,” a Sanford Police spokeswoman told Breitbart News. “He left after making contact with the deputy. There were no reports of injuries of any of the vehicle’s occupants,” she said.

    It was a family of 4 Zimmerman rescued.

  52. It was a family of 4 Zimmerman rescued.


    The race baiters will be furious…they’ll be asking if he saved “whiteys” next.

  53. Moon, Foxy, thanks for your response – I tried everything you both suggested and still getting the “live bookmark feed failed to load” message.
    Now at ‘wit’s end’ and considering switch to Chrome at Shadowfax suggestion.
    Really like Firefox – hate to switch to a new browser

  54. Meanwhile Zimmerman saves a family of 4 pulling them out of an overturned car…..the race baiters and “protestors” were too busy overturning the cars in the 1st place.

  55. HUD’s New ‘Fair Housing’ Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S. – To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of,” HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in.

    The goal is to help communities understand “fair housing barriers” and “establish clear goals” for “improving integrated living patterns and overcoming historic patterns of segregation.”

    “This proposed rule represents a 21st century approach to fair housing, a step forward to ensuring that every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of – where they have a fair shot at reaching their full potential in life,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.

    See more at:

  56. MoonOnPluto, reports are that the car was on fire.

    Lil Ole Grape, we’re going to reset the feedburner to see if that helps you. There are a couple of other things we will do. By tomorrow morning if things are not working for you then it probably is at your end.

  57. Am trying Chrome – clicked on his44 orange feed button to subscribe and got this message!
    “This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 147 at column 31: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding !
    Bytes: 0x01 0x3C 0x62 0x72
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.”

    Admin? Anybody? Can you provide any light on this?

  58. Oh, Admin, thanks! My last entry was posted w/o seeing your comment.
    I rarely have time to comment these last few months, but the feed to his44 means a lot to me–I use it follow all here at least once a day, sometimes more.

  59. ..kind of makes one wonder if that old Karma thing is at work with Zimmerman in a position to “save lives”…

  60. So wonderful, our local village church bells have been ringing like mad for the last 30 minutes….makes a good change from a mosque screaming its lungs at me.

  61. Passed a TV with CNN on as the news of Zimmerman rescue came through. Two females reporting/discussing – I don’t know most of the people on CNN, so can’t say who it was, and didn’t linger to watch after I heard one “news” woman comment that from the description of the location, it appeared that this rescue took place near the area where Trayvon was killed. She then opined as to how Zimmerman’s lawyers had claimed he had been forced to go “underground” because of the reaction to the trial – I assume death threats, etc..

    She then asked the other “news” person about whether the attorney had been contacted to inquire about Zimmerman’s actually being in the area and not “underground”. CNN can’t even report the news. They just echo and echo and echo the failed president’s message, and the negative scripts they’ve been passing off as truth.

    I just thought AYFKM!

  62. The prince has no name.

    ‘Purple formally known as Prince’.
    ‘Prince Michael Jackson’…

    As long as they don’t name their new son, ‘Apple’, it’s okay by me. 😉

  63. The NYT has brought in the bulldozers to pile on the bs for their Tin calf.

    WASHINGTON — President Obama’s push to restart an economic conversation with the American public this week is a clear indication of how often world events, his Republican adversaries and his own competing agenda have conspired to knock him off that subject.

    I didn’t bother to read further, just from the first paragraph we can see it’s a pile of c@ap!

  64. Ain’t this just great……. 🙁

    Iraq jailbreaks: Hundreds escape in Taji and Abu Ghraib

    Hundreds of inmates have escaped from two Iraqi prisons after gunmen stormed two jails near Baghdad.

    Fighting raged for several hours after the jails – Abu Ghraib to the west of the capital and Taji to the north – came under attack.

    Mortar fire and suicide bombs were used to gain access to the jails, whose inmates include al-Qaeda prisoners.

    At least 20 members of the security forces were killed as they struggled to regain control.

    The Iraqi authorities initially said that the attackers had failed to free the prisoners in Taji and Abu Ghraib. They said security forces reacted quickly enough to seal the area and cut off any escape route.

    But it quickly emerged that they were wrong, as reports came out that at least 500 prisoners had indeed managed to escape. The government had to admit that “some” prisoners had escaped, without saying how many.

    In the past, several attacks on prisons have resulted in dozens of inmates being freed, as well as records and precious information about them being destroyed or stolen.

    In Mosul, too, the army took a painful hit, another reminder that the northern city remains one of the most dangerous for security forces in Iraq.

    It is not just Mosul, however, and not just the security forces that are suffering. Continuous waves of attacks across the country have exposed the government’s chronic failure to secure the country.

    A senior Iraqi MP, Hakim Al-Zamili, said that about 500 prisoners had escaped from the notorious Abu Ghraib prison.

    Most of them were senior members of al-Qaeda who had been sentenced to death, he told Reuters news agency.

    Another great job by Obama, pulling out and taking no responsibility.

  65. George Zimmerman does not look white to me. He looks brown. But more and more he looks like a hero. A hero with brown skin who white liberal elites looked to destroy in order to advance their phony narrative which keeps black people on their Harvard run welfare state plantation. . . .

    They treat Zimmerman the same way they treated the Marine hero and Pima Indian, Ira Hayes . . . .

  66. Detroit is toast, despite the minor upswing in the Downtown area? Any pics of that?


    I am afraid the blame includes many more Presidents than mentioned.Forty years worth. Pure greed from every source. Now that there aren’t any taxpayers left in Detroit, they are coming for our money. Too big to fail…oops, already has! This story is about to be magnified in multiple cities across this once great nation.

    But Detroit is special, in a class all it’s own…for now anyway. Hell, I don’t know why Romney didn’t use footage in his ads and videos and show America what the hell Democratic rule has done to a once magnificent city. One that in 1960 had the highest per capita income.

  67. ACE

    Overnight Open Thread (7-22-2013)

    Detroit’s 60-Year Decline into Bankruptcy Hell

    The 1967 riots weren’t the proximate cause but they were a definite inflection point in the city’s decline:

    It’s hard to overstate the traumatic and lingering effects of the 1967 riots, which for many older native Detroiters forever marked the watershed in the city’s downward economic spiral and triggered the mass exodus of its population.
    Young wrote in a 1994 memoir, as he was leaving office, that the city never recovered from the riots.
    “Detroit’s losses went a hell of a lot deeper than the immediate toll of lives and buildings. The riot put Detroit on the fast track to economic desolation, mugging the city and making off with incalculable value in jobs, earnings taxes, corporate taxes, retail dollars, sales taxes, mortgages, interest, property taxes, development dollars, investment dollars, tourism dollars, and plain damn money.

    He added that “The money was carried out in the pockets of the businesses and the white people who fled as fast as they could.” Conservative economist Thomas Sowell once noted that before the riots, Detroit’s black population had the highest rate of home-ownership of any black urban population in the country, and their unemployment rate was just 3.4 percent.
    And Michael Barone concurs:

    When people ask me why I moved from liberal to conservative, I have a one-word answer: Detroit. I grew up there, on a middle-class grid street in northwest Detroit and a curving street in affluent suburban Birmingham, and I got a job as an intern in the office of the mayor in the summer of 1967 when Detroit rioted. I was at the side of Mayor Jerome Cavanagh and occasionally Governor George Romney during the six days and nights in which 43 people, mostly innocent bystanders, died. I listened to the radio in the police commissioner’s office as commanders announced, shortly after sundown, that they were abandoning one square mile after another. The riot ended only after federal troops were called in and restored order.
    And here are some reasons why Detroit is unlikely to ever recover:

    2) Detroit is facing $20 billion in debt and unfunded liabilities. That breaks down to more than $25,000 per resident.
    9) An astounding 47 percent of the residents of the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate.

    22) The violent crime rate in Detroit is five times higher than the national average.

  68. Bot nation explodes over Steyne’s remarks in re. Detroit

    How curious. . . . . .

    I thought Bots wanted a civilized discussions about race.

    After all, that is the choom their master is pushing now, to distract us.

    I thought they agreed with Voltaire:

    “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

    But if you read the words of encouragement they offered Mark,

    They sound more like I do not agree with what you say, and I intend to kill you.

    Perhaps Voltaire’s words lost something in the translation.

    If not, then the Bots sound more like Idi amin than Voltaire.

    I am shocked, my world is toppling, I thought better of those little fellers.

    Not really:

    Motown’s Biggest Hit!

    by Mark Steyn • July 20, 2013

    The Pundette’s post on Detroit dusts off my 2011 allegedly “controversial” remarks about the city. Several readers have asked for a rerun of the “controversy”. Here’s what I wrote at SteynOnline way back in February 2011. For the thoughtful, considered responses of Detroit residents, see here, here and here.

    On Monday’s Rush Limbaugh Show, in the wake of Eminem’s taxpayer-funded Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler, I made a few mild observations on the city of Detroit. What happened next has been expertly rounded up by Kathy Shaidle both in “Mock City: Mark Steyn vs Motown” and in her weekly radio review, but I thought we ought to preserve a few links from the week here.

    On the Tuesday morning after Rush, I woke up to an unusual number of interview requests from Detroit. Paul W Smith, the morning man at WJR (Rush’s Motown affiliate), had been discussing my disrespect of the city, and called on Rush’s producers (as did many Detroit listeners) not to use me as a guest-host any more. (Mr Smith is himself a former Rush guest-host.) Smith’s show is followed by Frank Beckmann’s, and Beckmann’s producer also requested an interview. Mr Beckmann was as unhappy about me as Mr Smith – see The Detroit News: “Beckmann blasts elitist!”.

    So I said yes, stuck to my guns, and dismissed both the ad and the enthusiasm for it as “the braggadocio of the brain-dead”. I found out afterwards I was supposed to go on and make soothing, emollient noises to the fine people of Detroit. Good thing I didn’t get that memo beforehand, or I’d have been even ruder. I had no particular investment in the faux controversy one way or the other – except that I didn’t want to end up like my old pal Boris Johnson when he was forced to make multiple groveling apologies to the equally touchy city of Liverpool.

    The nub of my argument was Detroit’s debasing of its human capital. I pointed out that the city has a functioning literacy rate of about 50 per cent. Forty-four per cent of adults have a reading comprehension below Grade Six level. In response, Detroiters mounted many compelling arguments: “F**k you, Mark Steyn” (South-Eastern Michigan Sports), “F**K YOU, MARK STEYN!!!” (Cletus Pages), “Mark Steyn is a Faggot” (Brandon A Jiles), and “Has anyone fed Mark Steyn a d*ck?” (Rufio Jones). I’d say QED, but they’d probably figure that’s the name of a rapper.

    By the way, I wouldn’t want readers to conclude from Rufio Jones’ enthusiasms that, having achieved the literacy standards of the Central African Republic under Emperor Bokassa, Detroit is now adopting his penchant for cannibalism. I believe Mr Jones’ observations are of a sexual nature: Like many of his neighbors, he apparently conflates foreigners with homosexuals, which would be an ever cuter joke if his city’s car companies weren’t co-owned by Canadian taxpayers and run by Italian management. For the next commercial, could Eminem do a butch attitudinal version of “Tu vuò fà l’Americano”?

    Notwithstanding my remarks on Detroit’s illiteracy, many correspondents to Mark’s Mailbox demonstrated an impressive ability to spell the two-syllable word “asshole”. The Detroit News considered this remarkable enough to reprint a selection of its native sons’ missives to yours truly. In return, Detroiters went on to new levels of incisive analysis and explored the nooks and crannies of my rectum, scrotum, testes, penis, and taste in underwear.

    As I said on Rush, unlike European cities, no bombs fell on Detroit. They did this to themselves. And the real rubble is not the ruined buildings, but the ruined people. This is an American city at the dawn of the 21st century, and one in two of its citizens are illiterate. That’s about the same rate as the Ivory Coast, or the Central African Republic, under its aforementioned cannibal emperor. Whereas in the Seventies and Eighties Detroit was ruled by a Democrat mayor, a bureaucracy-for-life, and an ever more featherbedded union army, all of whom cannibalized the city. Say what you like about Emperor Bokassa but, dollar for dollar, his reign was a bargain compared to Mayor Coleman Young’s. Hizzoner called himself the MFIC – the Muthaf*cker In Charge – and, by the time it was over, Detroit was certainly f*cked, and, judging by today’s shrunken population, any mothers other than transgenerational welfare dependents have long since hit the road.

    We’re still getting tons of mail pro- and con-, and we’ll run some of those letters in the days ahead. But here are a few other links from both sides of the argument:

    ~From The Wall Street Journal: “Eminem fires up Steyn”
    ~More from the Blog Prof, the Closet Conservative, the Inside Line, Daniel Howes, Small Dead Animals, and a characteristically pithy Kathy Shaidle
    ~Clarice Feldman has a suggestion, and Scaramouche captures the showdown in song.

    Don’t forget, in a few weeks’ time I’ll be live in Michigan – though probably not for long.

  69. It was neither the blacks nor the capitalists that killed Detroit, MI. I blame the LLC (Limousine Liberalism Corporation). The LLC has been running Detroit, MI since the mid 1960’s. They’ve presided over job-losses, boondoggles, frauds, race-riots and now collapse. The governing philosophy that William Russell Mead describes as the Blue Model, should sell like a GM, because it runs no better than a Trabant. (Note: what Mark really means, I think, is an Edsel–wbb)

    African-Americans didn’t uniquely and solely kill Detroit. A lot of the biggest victims of this disastrous Liberal governance are very honest and hard-working blacks who were promised generous municipal pensions like they were told they could keep the same doctor under ObamaCare. A certain wife of an African-American member of Congress and a pair of totally dishonest former Detroit Mayors happen to be black and happen to have helped themselves to the road kill. This, however, occurred well after it was too late to dial 9-1-1. Not that that works too well in Detroit anymore…

    Certain auto manufacturers followed poor and outdated business models and got their clocks cleaned by less arrogant and more customer conscious foreign competition. Once that started happening, and Detroit became a worse place to find steady work and safely raise a family; its white population made like Willa Cather’s pioneers and lit out for the territories. I blame people participating in white flight from America’s dysfunctional urban areas as much as I blame Aeneas for leaving Troy once some idiot let the hollow-horsey in through the gates.

    So instead of the blacks and the banksters; I blame the LLC for the slow-motion nuking of Detroit. Mark Steyn gives us some data as to how it happened.

    Given their respective starting points, one has to conclude that Detroit’s Democratic party makes a far more comprehensive wrecking crew than Emperor Bokassa ever did. No bombs, no invasions, no civil war, just “liberal” “progressive” politics day in, day out. Americans sigh and say, “Oh, well, Detroit’s an ‘outlier.’” It’s an outlier only in the sense that it happened here first. The same malign alliance between a corrupt political class, rapacious public-sector unions, and an ever more swollen army of welfare dependents has been adopted in the formally Golden State of California, and in large part by the Obama administration, whose priorities — “health” “care” “reform,” “immigration” “reform” — are determined by the same elite/union/dependency axis. As one droll tweeter put it, “If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit.”

  70. Here is the Mark Steyne article that unleashed the murderous wrath of Bot Nation.

    And here is a teaser.
    “The one good thing that could come out of bankruptcy is if those public-sector pensions are cut and government workers forced to learn what happens when, as National Review’s Kevin Williamson puts it, a parasite outgrows its host. But, pending an appeal, that’s “unconstitutional,” no matter how dead the host is. Beyond that, Detroit needs urgently both to make it non-insane for talented people to live in the city, and to cease subjecting its present population to a public “education” system that’s little more than unionized child abuse. Otherwise, Windsor, Ontario, might as well annex it for a War of 1812 theme park — except if General Brock and the Royal Newfoundland Fencibles had done to Detroit what the (Limousine liberals) did they’d be on trial for war crimes at The Hague.”

    Then entire article is in the link below:

  71. I bet this gets no coverage from Obama or his friends wanting to let everyone in…….

    On Wednesday, police in Austin arrested two Mexican nationals who reportedly participated in the gang-rape of a 13-year-old girl on June 29.

    The girl, a runaway, who lives at the Settlement Home for Children, was picked up by three Latino men and driven to the Avalon Arms apartments, where she was raped by a large group of men for several hours, according to police.

    As many as 13 men took turns sexually assaulting the girl. Many cheered and filmed the sickening crime on their cell phones, according to court documents.

    Juan Lozano Ortega, 25, and Edgar Gerardo Guzman Perez, 26, have been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Both are currently being held in the Travis County Jail on immigration detainers.


    You never know who you are letting in and they just want to legalise all of these people.

  72. Want to see what ugly looks like, with lipstick? See the link below.

    Want to see what ugly looks like, without lipstick? Go into Harry Reid’s bedroom at half past two.

    Blowjob Jim Messino worked for Reid, before he worked for The Fraud. He looks rather like a ghoul.

    He is also the one who told SEIU thugs to physically assault Tea Partiers at a town hall meeting on Obamacare.

    That meeting was sponsored by the issue of the love scene in the movie Deliverance–Claire McCaskill.

    To paraphrase Forrest Gump, ugly is as ugly does, and Messina is all the proof you need.

  73. holdthemaccountable
    July 23, 2013 at 3:25 am
    Casey is one sick puppy.

    Bad choice of friends.

    Bad choice of policies.

    Bad choice of celebrities.

    It remains to be seen whether the voters of Pennsylvania will settle for his crap,

    again. Personally, I think he is a creep show.

    He and Messina could do an episode of Night of The Living Dead.

    In which case, Obama could make a cameo appearance as the devil.

    He could lie, and deceive, just like he does in White House Press Conferences.

    And then he could terrorize tiny tots trained to sing All Things Bright and Beautiful Obama made them all.

    With racy stories about what it is like to do choom

    And then he could describe agony he felt when he was racially profiled and followed in a department store.

  74. In case the tiny tots missed that “symphony of indignation, professionalism, executive responsibility, personal feeling” he delivered Friday last which was quickly dismissed by rational people as just another speech.

  75. wbb, you’re right, although I am not a fan, I’ll have to say, O’Reilly made several excellent points on that video. His comment about the glamorization of the gangsta culture was particularly insightful. And, that culture is attractive to young whites as well as young blacks, especially young whites whose families have problems such as poverty, drugs, lack of education, etc.

    Obama has done nothing to address any of this. He, of all people, has the influence with the black community to make a real and lasting difference. He has refused to utilize his clout to really help blacks, or to address the insidious problems within the black community, in general. To do so would reduce that “street cred” he’s so proud of. It would make him appear less cool. Worse, it would make him appear more white. Just like some so-called civil rights activists and organizations from back in the 60s, he preys on the black community, using it for his own personal gain and advantage, even as he gives the appearance of empathizing with it and supporting it.

  76. Regarding the profiling, of which Zimmerman was accused, many young white males who identify with the gang culture, although many of them are just wannabees, wear the hoodies with the hoods up covering their faces, and their pants down, showing their rear ends. It’s not just a black thing. It’s a gangsta thing.

  77. Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton 1m

    Congratulations from across the pond to the Duke and Duchess! Wishing you the best of luck and a bit of advice: It Takes a (Royal) Village!

  78. Remember that $8 billion – of our money – that obama secretly gave to the muslim brotherhood? (Leanora July 22, 2013 at 6:29 am)

    Six Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood highups flee to Gaza, set up command post for attack

    Did they fly out on Air Force One?

    Six Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood highups flee to Gaza, set up command post for uprising DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 22, 2013
    A group of six Muslim Brotherhood officials escaped from Egypt after their president was overthrown in a military coup July 3 and smuggled themselves into the Gaza Strip to lead an uprising against the military in Cairo, DEBKAfile’s exclusive intelligence sources disclose. Headed by Mahmud Izzat Ibrahim, a senior deputy of the Supreme Guide, the group has established a command post at the Gaza Beach Hotel, to organize operations against Egyptian military and security targets, in conjunction with Hamas and armed Al Qaeda-linked Salafist Bedouin in Sinai.
    The ousted Islamist leaders hope their revolt will quickly spread out from Sinai to Egypt proper and topple the provisional rulers in Cairo. Mahmoud Izzat, a doctor of medicine, known as the Muslim Brotherhood’s “iron man,” ranks fourth after Supreme Guide Muhammed Badie in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy. He was a key figure in handing down the policy decisions of the Guidance Office, of which he has been a member since 1981, to the movement’s Freedom and Justice Party in government and parliament.

  79. freespirit

    July 23, 2013 at 8:20 am


    There are three (3) factors at work that I see, which are very de-stabilizing for any society.

    1. The first factor is technology: the decline of the industrial age, which brought people from the farms and rural areas into the inner city. For blacks, that meant from sharecropper activities in the south, to assembly line jobs in Detroit. (Note: in our time, the same sort of migration has occurred in China. At some point, labor prices will rise to the point that automation becomes feasible, and then there will be massive lay-offs. At one time, Buffett remarked he hoped that a new technology did not work because if it did, he would have to close down a textile mill. In his case of course that was all a ruse. That bastard is a rutheless capitalist, and his fingers were crossed). Technology has also reduced the scale of economic enterprises, and allowed them to be offshored. The flotsam and jetsom this leaves behind becomes technology’s problem.

    2. The second factor, the controlable one in my judgement, is the lack of bona fides of our elite class. Not so much the old money, as the new money, that looks down its collective noses at the middle class in this country, and refuses to do what the elites of prior eras did–give something back to this country. They are more concerned with manipulating our political system, and whatever charity they do manifest is directed at the world stage where they can be global celebrities, consistent with their economic interests. Also, they are intensely materialistic, and self absorbed. These Davos men are rootless cosmopolitans. Want a good example? Obama’s pal, that Google master of the universe whom I posted that link about. What a wretched human being he is, and his goal is to spy on and control everyone. That chip in the brain is merely one example of what he is working toward. Whether that has any bearing on the casual statement by John Dingel (D-Mi), Dean of the House, only because he has lived that long, that it will take us awhile to put the laws in place to control the people, I would not even want to hazard a guest. But those in big media today, are the greatest traitor of all. Consumed entirely with their own self interest, they sell the American People further down the river every second they draw a breath. If Dante were to update the Inferno, they would be at the rock bottom. They sin is preventing the American People from knowing the truth so they can vote intelligently, and prepare for what can only be described as an uncertain future as the tectonic plates shift.

    3. The third factor is dependency based constituencies. The percentage of the population on government disability is staggering.The astronomical growth of government unions, a concept rejected by Roosevelt, but enacted by Kennedy, has become a monster, and has set up a perverse dynamic where unions give democrat politicians political support and those politicians give those unions what they want at the bargaining table. Collective bargaining in the public sector is a complete joke, and it helps to destroy a city. The Goldman Sacks executive who became governor of New Jersey, moved in with a union organizer and proceeded to cave in to union demands, gladly, is the perfect case in point. As one wag put it, the economic collapse of the municipality is inevitable, once the parasite becomes larger than the host/

  80. Hahaha Weiner again…..

    It was bound to happen sooner or later: An anonymous woman has claimed to the Arizona-based gossip and nudies site The Dirty that she carried on an explicit online affair with mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner — after he was busted and forced to resign from Congress for the exact same thing. “She was lured by Anthony Weiner post scandal via Facebook,” wrote the site’s editor Nik Ritchie yesterday. “They had a relationship for 6 months and she believed they were in love … The relationship consisted of Anthony Weiner and Anonymous sending sexually explicit pictures of each other and having sexual conversations via phone. The best part was Anthony used an alias this time thinking this would protect him. Anthony Weiner used the name ‘Carlos Danger’ when he would email pictures of his penis via Yahoo.”

    Ben Smith of Buzzfeed asked the Weiner campaign about the story early this morning, but after more than five hours, has not received a comment. Daily Intelligencer did not immediately hear back from Team Weiner.

    “Even post scandal, I thought he was misunderstood,” said the woman, who claims she was 22-years-old at the time. “Until I got to know him. I thought I loved him. Pretty pathetic.”

    In follow-up posts, The Dirty printed alleged chats both filthy — as we’ve seen before — and mundane, including the man alleged to be Weiner offering the woman a chance to be featured on a panel hosted by Politico. “but do me a solid,” he wrote. “can you hard delete all our chats here.”

    “He promised her many things including a condo in Chicago (1235 S. Prairie Ave) where they were planning to meet up to have sex,” claims The Dirty. “Anthony Weiner has a shoe fetish, particularly heels.”

  81. More Weiner:

    More heat on Weiner over ‘Jazeera’ cash

    Oy! Jewish leaders are kvetching over Anthony Weiner’s accepting campaign cash from a lobbyist for Al Jazeera ­ Osama bin Laden’s favorite TV network.

    City Councilman Lew Fidler (D-Brooklyn), who has endorsed former city Comptroller Bill Thompson’s mayoral bid, called on rival candidate Weiner to return the $4,950 donation to lobbyist John Merrigan.

    “Al Jazeera and its lobbyists are no friends to New York City or our Jewish community, and Anthony shouldn’t accept their support,” Fidler said. “They have spread hate and lies against Jews, not only here in New York but across the world. The right thing to do is to give this money back. Anthony should do exactly that.”

  82. The family that George Zimmerman assisted will hold a news conference Wednesday at 1:30pm in Orlando.

  83. I’ll be watching that news conference too


    Kate and William and the little prince are adorable…so sweet…

  84. Honestly Weiner must a total douchebag and Huma must be an idiot, i mean once….he got caught, has to resign and he does it again and carries on doing it. What a fuckwit.

  85. Weiners continuing dishonesty……

    Anthony Weiner: I Am Carlos Danger

    He half-confesses, but he gets sneaky and dishonest about it, as usual.

    While he admits that the sexts are his, he refuses to confirm or deny the most important part of the allegation: The timeframe. The allegation is that these sexts occurred as late as December 2012, when, supposedly, per his glowing Recovery Narrative in the New York Times and other bastions of leftist propaganda, his Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery was already half-completed.

    After all, he pronounced himself cured, and the Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery over, effectively, when he declared for Mayor and announced himself a “changed man.”

    Now, a December 2012 sext-spree is not compatible with that Official Narrative and Timeline, so he refuses to say if the woman’s allegations of the timeline are true — but he strongly implies they’re false, by admitting parts, and then claiming that other parts of the allegations are untrue.

    And thus, he confirms the part we already knew — that he’s a faithless sexually-compulsive risk-courting walking $100 millon lawsuit against the city waiting to happen — and hence won’t damage him politically, while denying the truly politically dangerous part, that he was all these things as recently as this past Christmas.

    Here’s the full, sneaky, mendacious statement:

    “I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have. As I have said in the past, these things that I did were wrong and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through challenges in our marriage that extended past my resignation from Congress.

    While some things that have been posted today are true and some are not, there is no question that what I did was wrong. This behavior is behind me. I’ve apologized to Huma and am grateful that she has worked through these issues with me and for her forgiveness. I want to again say that I am very sorry to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the disruption that this has caused.

    As my wife and I have said, we are focused on moving forward.”

    The behavior is behind him? Since when? I have Netflix discs out longer than he’s supposedly been a “Changed Man (TM).”

    Thanks to Sexton for highlighting that fact, which I got misled about due to the NY Post’s headline (which implies he confessed the timeline).

  86. I just thought…….i hope the Queen got that ipod gift from Obama checked, its probably bugged to hell since everything we know now about the NSA.

  87. You have to see this picture of the governor and the mayor to believe it. 🙂

    All dork, little action: Cuomo and Bloomberg are less than a dynamic duo in Adirondack raft race

    NDIAN LAKE, NY ­ Don’t worry, New Yorkers. We’re in charge ­ really!

    Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo channeled their inner mountain men ­ and showed off their office tans ­ during a white-water rafting race in the Adirondacks yesterday to promote upstate tourism.

    The pair, joined by crews of assorted relatives and staffers, engaged in a three-mile contest on the Indian River, about 310 miles north of Manhattan.

    Cuomo, 55, clearly had a home-stream advantage. His team, which included his teenage daughters, Cara and Michaela, beat Bloomberg’s by 18 seconds, finishing at 18 minutes and 31 seconds.

  88. Seriously what kind of assholes do they have in NY at present and then they have Weiner and Spitzer in the wings…honestly what a bunch of waste.

  89. CNN running with “Carlos Danger” now. Hilarious. Sexting “took place after the scandal.” He is soo DONE. CNN is totally killing Weiner.

  90. Hizzoner called himself the MFIC – the Muthaf*cker In Charge

    Well the nations MFIC says he has 1200 days left in office.

    I will be counting the days

  91. Newsflash feminists: You don’t get to scream “GOP War on Women” and then elect Anthony Weiner.

  92. Anthony Weiner: I Am Carlos Danger

    He half-confesses, but he gets sneaky and dishonest about it, as usual.

    Pervs never recover.

  93. moononpluto
    July 23, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    CNN running with “Carlos Danger” now. Hilarious. Sexting “took place after the scandal.” He is soo DONE. CNN is totally killing Weiner.

    Comes out on National wiener day. 😆

  94. Leanora

    July 23, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Remember that $8 billion – of our money – that obama secretly gave to the muslim brotherhood? (Leanora July 22, 2013 at 6:29 am)


    Six Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood highups flee to Gaza, set up command post for attack

    This is very troubling. The Senate and House have approved (in separate bills) continued funding of Egypt, and neighboring countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia are pouring money into the country. This article suggests that Iran and other nefarious factions (possibly including Russia in a slick way) are funding agents in opposition to the current emerging government. If that is the case, years of war, as well as a very mortal threat to Israel along with every other mortal threat they face daily, would seem to be brewing. Very troubling….

    Hillary 2016

  95. Ugh, his eviction couldn’t come soon enough.

    Obama: ‘I’ve Got a Little Over 1,200 Days Left in Office’

  96. Weenie news conference…maybe he should just say, “Ditto from last time.”

    Going to perv rehab, disgraced family, bla, bla, bla.

  97. Pictured, the family George Zimmerman rescued from horrific car wreck on highway last week – less than a mile from where he shot Trayvon Martin dead

    The couple pulled from their upturned SUV by George Zimmerman are Dana and Mark Gerstle, MailOnline can reveal.

    The rescue took place on Wednesday after a series of frantic 911 calls following the incident on a stretch of Florida highway just yards from where Zimmerman shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

    Zimmerman, acquitted of all counts against him on July 13, has been in hiding since the controversial finding that has ignited America and brought thousands onto the streets of America.

    Father of two, Mr Gerstle, 52, was driving onto the off ramp of the highway when he lost control of the vehicle resulting in the terrifying crash that left him, his wife and two children aged eight and four trapped.

    Scroll down for video–mile-shot-Trayvon-Martin-dead.html

  98. What I learned from that freak show/press conference is that Huma is as power hungry as Weiner…..i think i know who is driving his campaign for mayor and its not Weiner, she’s running that show and with that…i have no sympathy for her because she obviously is off her head.

  99. Hillary really needs to get as far away from Huma and that freakshow as quickly and as definitively as possible.

  100. “Newsflash feminists: You don’t get to scream “GOP War on Women” and then elect Anthony Weiner.”

    Moon, well, I think we do get to acknowledge that both parties have walked all over women, though referring to it as war often seems a little inappropriate. Being engaged in a war implies active involvement toward a specific goal, presumably by both sides. In battle, both sides get to fight. Most of the time, they actually know who the enemy is.

    In some ways, war would be preferable to the prevailing mindset of both parties toward women. Neither party takes women all that seriously, with the rare exception. Women are pretty much disregarded, as are most of the issues that affect primarily women, except when it is possible for the party to exploit a particular issue for votes, as the Right wingers do, or use it to threaten women into toeing the party line, as the Dims do.

    Yep, fighting we can handle. Hell, at this point, I would welcome it. What I can’t tolerate are the disregard, disrespect, overlooking, feigning support and concern while patting the little women on the head, exploitation, and on and on and on.

    The Dims do it just because it has always been done. They’re too self-involved to really give a shit. They’re elitists who claim to know the black experience – which is BS by the way. They don’t even claim to know what the female experience is – nor to they inquire about it.

    The right wingers typically believe there is a Biblical mandate for women to be submissive to and secondary to men – including a lot of the women right wingers. They don’t even find it relevant (not to mention ironic) that the book of the Bible containing that “mandate” was written by a man.

    So yeah, I think we can say Pubs and Dems are pretty much not into women, except in a sexual way. But, as far as Weiner goes, the man needs help, and to stay out of public office until he gets over himself and his penis.

    I agree that his wife needs to wake the hell up and realize her husband has got a bit of a problem or either he really gets off on humiliation. For sure he doesn’t learn from past mistakes. Who doesn’t know you can’t keep such things secret?

    As for slapping the wife, as you mentioned in another post, Moon, I know you meant it metaphorically, but still…. I really hope no one is ignorant enough to actually do that. But, if they do, I hope she unleashes unmitigated hell and fury on them, and beats them like a red-headed step-child. (old saying, not intended to insult red-heads or step-children.)

    She needs to cut her losses, and something else, and get the hell away from him.

  101. Apparently just in – at least, I hadn’t heard it. Statement from Snowden’s lawyer regarding his defection to Russia. This was posted by Boston Boomer at Sky dancing in a man’s world blog. I’ll get link.


    NSA leaker Edward Snowden plans to settle in Russia and is ready to begin a court battle if the country’s migration service denies his asylum plea, Anatoly Kucherena, a Russian lawyer who assists the whistleblower, told RT.

    “It’s hard for me to say what his actions would be in terms of a positive decision [on the asylum plea],” Kucherena said. “We must understand that security is the number one issue in his case. I think the process of adaptation will take some time. It’s an understandable process as he doesn’t know the Russian language, our customs, and our laws.”

    “He’s planning to arrange his life here. He plans to get a job. And, I think, that all his further decisions will be made considering the situation he found himself in,” he added.NSA leaker Edward Snowden plans to settle in Russia and is ready to begin a court battle if the country’s migration service denies his asylum plea, Anatoly Kucherena, a Russian lawyer who assists the whistleblower, told RT.

    “It’s hard for me to say what his actions would be in terms of a positive decision [on the asylum plea],” Kucherena said. “We must understand that security is the number one issue in his case. I think the process of adaptation will take some time. It’s an understandable process as he doesn’t know the Russian language, our customs, and our laws.”

    “He’s planning to arrange his life here. He plans to get a job. And, I think, that all his further decisions will be made considering the situation he found himself in,” he added.

  102. I agree with u moon about Huma
    Something very wrong with this woman to support and promote this perv.

  103. Ryan is the only man in the universe to ever lose a debate to Biden, a.k.a the fool on the hill. Now, a lot of people are worrying about him. Rubio got played hard by Schumer. Will the same thing happen to Ryan? Will he support the contributors, or the constituents? That is what the author here worries about.

    Will Paul Ryan Go the Way Of Marco Rubio?

    Posted by Fuzzy Slippers Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 3:30pm

    Last week, Professor Jacobson wrote about “Rubio’s biggest problem in 2016“:

    I don’t mind a politician I disagree with on an issue half as much as I mind a politician I normally agree with getting played.

    While I may not share the Prof’s indulgence of Rubio’s horrific flip-flop on immigration, I do agree that Rubio’s been played. Hard.

    And now, we have to wonder if Paul Ryan might not be heading down that same, sad path with regard to immigration reform:

    “We’d love to have Paul Ryan,” Rep. John Carter (R-TX), the Gang of Seven Member, told Politico when asked if the group would be able to land Ryan as a co-sponsor. “I think we will.”

    Politico reports Ryan has been “in deep conversation” with supporters of comprehensive immigration reform like Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), and Zoe Lofgren (D-CA). He has also been in touch with Reps. Mike McCaul (R-TX) and Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), of the Homeland Security and Judiciary Committees, respectively, as well.

    “I’m just trying to find the sweet spot,” Ryan told the publication on Friday. “I see an emerging consensus.”

    According to Politico, “Ryan’s vagueness” has “some on the right concerned” because they are “privately skeptical about Ryan’s involvement.”

    A “sweet spot”? Oh dear. He made noises about this right after the Senate bill was passed, and then had trouble explaining why border security should be tied to any immigration reform.

    Real Clear Politics notes that the “2016 buzz” surrounding Ryan in Iowa is “subdued” and speculates, in part, that

    . . . while Ryan was once largely viewed on the right as an insurgent candidate befitting the mood of a combative and ideologically pure generation of Republicans, his association with Mitt Romney is not the only negative for conservatives these days. Ryan’s recent overtures to pro-immigration reform advocates also threaten to leave him branded with the dreaded “establishment” tag.

    Hopefully, Ryan will realize that it’s not a good sign that the people who are championing Rubio with any enthusiasm have been Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer , the latter notably and hilariously moving republican congressman Trey Gowdy (SC) “almost to the point of tears” with his “concern” for the future of the GOP.

  104. FWIW. I watched Huma speak at her husband’s press conference.
    Huma Abedin stands by her man, again
    NEW YORK (PIX11) – While the cameras rolled on Mayoral candidate and former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s apology, his wife Huma Abedin stood by him. Unlike other political wives we’ve seen in similar humiliating circumstances, Abedin didn’t just stand there. It’s become an all too familar face, when Governor Elliot Spitzer, now NYC Comtroller hopeful stepped down as Governor after a prostitution scandal, his wife Silda stood by him. President Clinton admitted to cheating and Hillary Clinton stood by him. Governor Jim McGreevey revealed he was gay and in the same press conference resigned as Governor. Dina stood by him.
    “It took a whole lot of work…therapy…to forgive him,” said Abedin.
    “This has to be incredibly difficult and hard for Weiner’s wife to stand there and not to want to crawl under a rock,” said communications expert, TJ Walker. Weiner introduced Abedin as his amazing wife. She admitted it was hard for her to stand by her man. The National Organization for Women NYC is calling for Weiner to step out of the race.
    But Abedin said the couple are moving forward, for their marriage and their son.

    I find her words inspiring and within her strong appearance as she spoke, I saw the hand of Hillary’s empowerment.

    Also worth remembering and said best at DailyCaller:
    Weiner’s accuser is Syndney Leathers,” who lists herself online as a field organizer for the pro-Obama group Organizing for Action, was fingered Tuesday by Buzzfeed as Weiner’s sexting partner. “Leathers” previously tweeted her support for Weiner on multiple occasions, even listing Weiner third on her list of “heroes,” which was topped by President Obama and included Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Jon Stewart, and Charlie Sheen

  105. With a divorce, nobody wins. A principle is likely upheld, but all affected must abruptly and amid emotional chaos, establish a new life.

  106. Do I need to state that women abused must separate their lives from those of their abuser? Self preservation is a necessity we all should heed. My divorce resulted from my fear that a step child would harm the younger children. Looking back decades later, I wonder if I should not have tried harder to get past that, because so much else in the arrangement was good.

  107. Unfortunately I also watched yesterday’s press conference. My husband was home and watched some of it too. He thought Weiner was humiliating his wife by talking about his sexploits while she was standing there, but I told Hubby that that was something Huma was doing all by herself.

  108. Gonzotx, that video is very compelling. I was unaware of the “lean” concoction, but a co-worker had suspected months before the incident between Trayvon and Zimmerman that Skittles had something to do with the drug pop culture. She noted that so many teens had “skittles” stickers plastered on their cars, it just seemed unlikely they were only referring to candy.

    The media actively worked to keep so much information about Trayvon from the public, which wouldn’t have been so alarming, had they not been so determined to cast Zimmerman as a crazy racist who deliberately gunned down an innocent young boy. Such a distortion of the facts. I hope Zimmerman wins a bazillion dollars from NBC, and then, finds a reason to go after the other news outlets, as well.

    holdthemaccountable, you’re right about the fact that divorce is tough. Huma must do as conscience dictates. No one else knows what’s best for her. I do think that Weiner should put his penis away and forget about seeking political office.

  109. I don’t want to anger anyone by bringing up an unpleasant subject that others would prefer to ignore and hope will go away, but this is the first I’ve heard about Huma’s associations and I’m surprised. I knew she is a Muslim, of course, but I had no idea that she is thisclose to the MB. Her parents? Crap! Whether it is fair or not, I agree with those who think that Hillary should distance herself from this woman. Especially now that all this is in the spotlight.

    Weiner Watch – Penis Shots – Girls Line Up Including His Wife: Connecting NYC With Muslim Brotherhood

    You know, it could be as simple as that. Why would a woman stay with a man who sticks a camera in front of his penis, attaches it to an email and sends it to another woman or women? And not for the first time. It happened a year earlier on Twitter with several women, while his wife was pregnant with their first child. He swore he wouldn’t leave his U.S. House seat but he did, in disgrace, as we say, but you can’t be disgraced if you have no shame.

    Hey New York City voters, have you forgotten one of the girls he sent lewd photos to was believed to be under age? You want a Mayor who uses the alias “Carlos Danger?”

    Mrs. Weiner is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood through her parents – a strong connection. Her State Department job as “Special Government Employee” allows her to work from home, whatever that means, along with her six-figure “consulting” job on the side.

    It’s not impossible to imagine a mole in the State Department. If you can imagine Weiner doing this again, you can believe anything.

    So Huma sticks it out, stays by his side, and if he becomes the Mayor, she has a lock on security details the Muslim Brotherhood will pay a lot for, maybe a promotion for her mother – security procedures, police, the streets, visiting dignitaries – and her close association with the Clintons. Who knows how a spurned wife might use that insider information in the future to bring down a lying, cheating, egomaniacal pervert husband who has humiliated you over and over. Revenge is sweet, blackmail handy in global politics.

    The full story at Fox News

  110. But Abedin said the couple are moving forward, for their marriage and their son.

    SOOO tired of this moniker. Moving forward.

    Maybe she SHOULD think of her son a little bit more, and divorce this troglodyte, and stand up for some smidgen of self respect.

    Huma is nuts, and if this man who for all purposes is a is Pedophile, is elected, I hope NYC pays a very large price. Beyond disgusting.

    And I think it in all reality, fair or not, does not shine well for Hillary.

  111. NY Times Editorial Board Urges Weiner to Drop Out of Mayoral Race
    CommentsPermalink Posted by Mandy Nagy Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 8:00am


    It’s very rare that I stand in 100% agreement (or any percent agreement) with something written by the NY Times editorial board. But after yesterday’s newly introduced sexting chronicles of Anthony Weiner – aka (allegedly) “Carlos Danger” – the board took to publishing a scathing editorial, urging the NYC mayor hopeful to pack it up and go home.

    Here’s the core of it, from the NY Times:

    When the first texts were revealed two years ago, Mr. Weiner lied about it, saying he had been the victim of hackers. Then he owned up, tearfully abandoned his office and retreated into private life. Then he was back, telling the world that therapy and his wife’s forgiveness had turned him around and that he was ready to begin a new chapter. That turned out to be the mayor’s race, which he entered in May. What he did not say then, and what voters did not realize until Tuesday, was that his resignation had not been the end of his sexual misconduct.

    The timing here matters, as it would for any politician who violates the public’s trust and then asks to have it back. Things are different now, he insists. “This behavior is behind me,” he said again on Tuesday. He suggested that people should have known that his sexting was an unresolved problem well into 2012.

    That’s ridiculous and speaks to a familiar but repellent pattern of misleading and evasion. It’s up to Mr. Weiner if he wants to keep running, to count on voters to forgive and forget and hand him the keys to City Hall. But he has already disqualified himself.

    That’s exactly right. The timing matters.

    Less than a year ago, while Weiner was telling the world he was cleaning up his act, he was…well…doing anything but.

    Supporters of Weiner will also speak of forgiveness and moving on, giving people second chances. “The voters have already said it’s OK, they forgive him,” pundits will say of all the polls.

    But at what point does this madness stop? Does anyone really believe there won’t be more random women who come forward, whenever they decide the moment strikes them? Weiner has said time and again that more are out there.

    That Weiner would continue to, as the NY Times puts it, “drag the city into” his “tawdry saga,” speaks volumes of his character. As Philip Klein tweeted, it’s also a level of narcissism few of us can understand.

    Both Weiner and his wife spoke in Monday’s press conference of having put the whole sordid scandal behind them, and they stressed on more than one occasion that this is a private matter. “I do very strongly believe that that is between us, and our marriage,” Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin said.

    It’s no longer a private matter when you run for public office. The NYT has this part right, too.

    Mr. Weiner and Ms. Abedin have been saying that his sexual behavior is not the public’s business. Well, it isn’t, until they make it our business by plunging into a political campaign.

    This isn’t about the sexting. It’s about lying, betrayal and an apparent complete inability to exercise self control or good judgment.

    It’s true that none of this is surprising, of course. We’ve come to expect this kind of thing, not just from Weiner, but from so many politicians today. But why do so many allow themselves to accept it?

    Voters need to be able to trust that a leader is capable of making good decisions. Anthony Weiner has proven precisely the opposite. Again.

  112. Eric Holder has determined that Stand Your Ground laws are extremely dangerous to people who for no fault of their own just happen to be making an attempt on your life. Therefore he would like to replace them with a new set of laws called Lie Down and Die. Under Lie Down and Die Laws, if you found yourself under violent attack by someone whose race or gender or sexual orientation had suffered from past prejudices, you would be required to apologize for that prejudice, make reparative payments and stand in the public square holding a cardboard sign confessing your privileged status before you would be allowed to fall to the earth and expire.

    “If we had had Lie Down and Die laws at this nation’s very beginnings,” said CPH Holder, “we would never have committed the atrocities against the native Americans that led to the white man stealing their land and introducing such pollution-causing devices as the wheel and the internal combustion engine.”

    By introducing Lie Down and Die Laws, the AG&CPH feels that we can put an end to incidents in which Hispanic neighborhood watchmen challenge suspicious looking teenagers and are beaten senseless before shooting their attacker. At least, we’ll be able to put an end to that last part.

  113. McConnell voted against the noxious gang of eight amnesty bill–so he could tell constituents that he voted against it, knowing how bitterly they opposed it, and knowing that he had an election around the corner.

    But that is hardly the point. That stunt of counting the votes, making sure it passes and then voting against it is the modus operandi of an unscrupuolous politician. Therefore, I give Mitch no credit for that.

    The point is he exercised no leadership to defeat it. None. And that is a huge liability.

    Put differently, what is the point of having a minority leader who refuses to lead? A leader who is eager to side with the opposition, fuck his constituents and proclaim how great he is, when there is no election looming.

    The Tea Party needs to make an example out of Mitch. One that other RINOS will learn from.

    Matt Bevin to Primary Mitch McConnell

    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | July 24th, 2013 at 10:15 AM | 0

    Tea party groups in Kentucky have finally united behind one candidate. Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin today is declaring a primary challenge to Mitch McConnell. He’s going after McConnell’s record in the Senate. Having talked to a number of tea party groups in Kentucky, they are pretty united around this challenge for now.

    McConnell is wasting no time responding to Bevin with an attack ad calling him Bailout Bevin.

    I’m just not sure that’s the wisest first attack from McConnell given that McConnell authored it and pushed it through the Senate by loading it with sweetheart deals. From Congressional Quarterly:

    The Senate’s top Democrat and Republican saved the 2008 financial industry bailout with a maneuver that only two confident insiders would dare propose. Although the House had rejected the $700 billion package amid complaints that it was too large, the Senate leaders made it even bigger.

    Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell added $150 billion in tax breaks for individuals and businesses and a boost in mental health coverage, sweeteners that enticed the House to clear the package the second time around. The gambit headed off what then-Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. said would have been an economic catastrophe.

    And from Bluegrass Politics:

    On the verge of the Senate’s vote on the $700 billion bailout bill, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made one last pitch to his colleagues to support the legislation, which he praised for being born of bipartisan cooperation.

    McConnell, noting that both presidential candidatesBarack Obama and John McCain returned for the vote, said the negotiations between Republican and Democratic leaders to forge a compromise have been “unprecedented.”

    “I think it is one of the finest moments in the history of the Senate,” he said just before the vote, which began shortly after 9 p.m.

    The measure passed overwhelmingly, 74-25, with bipartisan support, including McCain and Obama.

    McConnell, followed by Democratic Senate LeaderHarry Reid, said the compromise reached the passage "illustrates how well we’ve worked together on a bipartisan basis to try to address the difficult crisis.“

  114. These damned civil rights hucksters. . . . want to do more of this mau mauing the flack catches . . . if we could just have a dialogue . . . agree on nothing . . . and loot the taxpayers . . . institute another great society program . . . everything would be delovely.

    What complete and utter bullshit. If we have gone down this blind alley once before . . . the Great Society program . . . which was a disaster . . . with a twenty trillion dollar deficit . . . proposals like this are a waste of time. Take this case to that Jimmy the cricket mayor of New York. Have him spend his own money on this lifetime exercise in futility.

  115. If you are going to chase this problem, you must not go through these civil rights establishment. Better to have them outside the tent trying to piss in, than inside the tent pissing in. They have no credibility and the race baiting they have engaged in during the sordid Obama years, has polarized the races, and dried up the pre-existing reservoir of good will, which was the lost legacy of the MLK era.

  116. If they had behaved responsibly during those years, they might command some level of respect on the issue. But look at Ben Jealous–head of the NAACP–a black race baiter if there ever was one. I can think of no reason for any responsible adversary to spend five minutes listening to him. He and his organization have really blown it.

  117. freespirit

    July 23, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    Link to above article. Now this blog is just referred to as Sky Dancing Blog.

    I used to post there until they became another pro-bumbles blog. Now I’m just an eternal lurker. Dak is still one of the easiest economists to understand on the net dealing with complex economic topics, and Wonk’s Saturday pro-Hillary posts are great…

    Hillary 2016

  118. I believe Kate and William were going to call him George Michael as he was sooooo late coming out……

  119. Weiner not leaving the race. Sends email to supporters: “New Yorkers don’t quit, and I’ll never quit on you.”

    er but you did quit a few years back when you got caught the first time.

  120. And remember the “sequester”? It was his idea to force spending cuts of $100 billion or so for 10 years. Now, though the sequester’s impact has been chiefly to reduce our military strength, he blames Republicans for “leaving in place a meat cleaver” that’s done everything from costing jobs to gutting education and scientific research.

    As usual for an Obama speech, there’s plenty of pie in the sky. He’ll “rebuild run-down neighborhoods.”

  121. pg 518. “Living History” by Hillary Rodham Clinton. ..With skill & grace Huma interacted with Palestinian & Israeli representatives during breaks in meetings; darts, pool at Camp David summit. Bill had requested Huma’s presence.

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