Wake Up America. Obama Backs A Fascist Regime In Egypt

Update III: The Third of July for Egypt. An announcement from the Egyptian army: Morsi is no longer president, constitution is suspended. Chief Justice of Constitutional Court replaced Muslim Brotherhood leader and Barack Obama pal Morsi. A good sign is that Coptic Christians along with conservative Muslims were at the side of the military during the announcement. Now Morsi is gone along with the Islamist Constitution. Barack Obama is probably crying. Turkey’s Erdogan better watch out or a house might fall on him too.


Update II: Big Media continues to protect treacherous boob Barack Obama. Recall that a big selling point by Obama Hopium guzzlers in 2008 was how Obama would make America popular in the Muslim world. Truth is America is hated by totalitarians and Muslims because of our beliefs and position in the world blocking their hideous ambitions. Not only has Obama failed to operate as advertised one of the big stories covered up by Big Media is how despised Barack Obama is by Egyptians protesting in the streets. Check out these pictures (click HERE) to see what Big Media is hiding.

Obama’s Brotherhood pal, Morsi, better start packing his camel. The reason: Egyptian military command meets as utimatum deadline approaches. The Egyptian military also issued a statement: “We swear to God that we will sacrifice even our blood for Egypt and its people, to defend them against any terrorist, radical or fool.” Almost sounds like a warning against Obama and Morsi.

Rumors are also swirling that State TV has been seized by the military. It won’t be long now. Just a few more hours and the Egyptians might have an Independence Day from the Muslim Brotherhood to celebrate on the Fourth of July too.


Update: Live video from Tahrir Square makes it clear the Egyptian people want the Muslim Brotherhood out.

Watch live streaming video from ontveglive at livestream.com

Like their supporter Barack Obama the Muslim Brotherhood is wise in the world of treachery and deceit. Like their supporter Barack Obama the Muslim Brotherhood is ready, willing, and able to throw people under the bus. That explains the latest news from an Egyptian newspaper: Muslim Brotherhood asking for resignations from Prime Minister, Cabinet.

The Egyptian Army apparently will not fall for the Obama-level lies of the Muslim Brotherhood. The liberation of Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood is dawning.

Egypt is awake. When will America wake up?


Our title today is from a banner held aloft in Tahrir Square. Millions of Egyptians today realize an Iron Veil is falling over their land. It is yet another “I told you so” moment from us to the cult of Obama that so believed in the nonsense of the “Arab Spring”.

Months after Obama Dimocrats and their affiliate Big Media blowhards came to realize that the Arab Spring was a disaster we asked – “Why Won’t Obama Demand Morsi Resign?”:

“Why won’t Barack Obama demand Morsi resign? Egyptian demonstrations? Check. Violence in the streets? Check. Government officials resigning in protest? Check. Egyptian government institutions such as the military and judiciary threatened? Check. Why won’t Obama demand that Morsi resign?

The only difference between Mubarak and Morsi we see is that Morsi is an Islamic extremist. Why won’t Barack Obama demand Morsi resign?”

It’s almost as if Barack Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, doing everything he can with his speeches and actions to undermine Israel and the United States. Indeed even today Barack Obama acts as the protector of the Muslim Brotherhood, even against the Egyptian military and the millions in the streets.

This Obama support for the Muslim Brotherhood is not a new development. Barack Obama against the advice of Hillary Clinton, but urged on by John Kerry, decided his “brand” was more important than the interests of the United States in Egypt not only during his Cairo speech, but also during the “Arab Spring”.

Hillary’s “Arab Spring” warnings published in the New York Times about phony elections in Egypt went unheeded by Obama:

“faux democacy like the elections we saw in Iran…where you have one election 30 years ago and the people stay in power and become less and less responsive to their people.”

Hillary understood the dangers to American interests and to Egypt. Hillary made clear what had to happen before Mubarak could be thrown out:

“In Munich, Mrs. Clinton and other Western officials put their emphasis on the “orderly” part of an “orderly transition” in Egypt. Mrs. Clinton ticked off the list of hurdles that had to be surmounted: Political parties had to be created, leaders had to emerge from an opposition that had been suppressed for 30 years, the Constitution needed to be amended and voter rolls assembled. [snip]

Administration officials insist that Mr. Obama was angered by Mr. Wisner’s remarks, not by Mrs. Clinton’s. But speaking to reporters on the flight home from Munich, Mrs. Clinton echoed at least part of Mr. Wisner’s argument, warning that Mr. Mubarak’s abrupt resignation could prompt a chain of events, stipulated by the Egyptian Constitution, which would lead to elections in two months — far too short a time.

A spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, Philippe Reines, said, “The secretary sees the need for profound transformation in the Middle East – and sees it as consistent with both our values and long-term interests.” But he added, “She is also very mindful of the challenges and seeks to insure it proceeds in a way where people’s aspirations are realized and not thwarted; where lives are valued and not lost.”

Instead of listening to Hillary’s warnings John Kerry was dispatched to wage war on Hillary as the New York Times reported at the time:

“Mr. Obama was furious, and it did not help that his secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mr. Wisner’s key backer, was publicly warning that any credible transition would take time — even as Mr. Obama was demanding that change in Egypt begin right away.

Seething about coverage that made it look as if the administration were protecting a dictator and ignoring the pleas of the youths of Cairo, the president “made it clear that this was not the message we should be delivering,” said one official who was present. He told Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to take a hard line with his Egyptian counterpart, and he pushed Senator John Kerry to counter the message from Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Wisner when he appeared on a Sunday talk show the next day.

Barack Obama sent Senator John Kerry to “counter” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton via an appearance on Meet the Press.

American interests required the Muslim Brotherhood be kept from power. Indeed we recall well how we and others who shared our views about the absurdity termed the “Arab Spring” were mocked because the Muslim Brotherhood was at “only 10%” levels of support. But we made the correct historical analogies to warn that 10% was sufficient to seize power because democracy in Egypt was so fetal and the Muslim Brotherhood so wizened in the organizational abilities required to win elections.

Instead of concern about American interests Obama put his “brand” self interests above American interests by choosing to oust Hosni Mubarak immediately and without preparing for a transition to real, not faux, democracy. Now, one year after the Big Media/Barack Obama praises for the “Arab Spring”, which many presciently warned against, Egypt is once again at the precipice to disaster. Barack Obama is to blame.

This week we have had many examples of Barack Obama placing his own selfish interests above American interests.

Instead of praising America Barack Obama acts as the defender of Africa against America:

Obama to Africa: Be wary of foreign powers, even United States

President Obama pledged $7 billion in aid Sunday to provide electricity to sub-Saharan Africa, as he warned Africans to be wary of exploitation by other countries, including the U.S.

As we have written, Barack Obama should stay in Africa and declare himself a god there.

When Obama visited the Robben Island prison shrine to Nelson Mandela he signed the visitors book on behalf of himself and his family. It was all about Obama, not the American people:

Obama is actually on Robben Island representing the United States – which is paying enormous sums for the trip – not his family. The occasion of America’s first African American president visiting the place where Mandela was imprisoned is historically significant for the United States, symbolically tying America’s own struggle for civil rights to that of South Africa and the world’s greatest living civil rights figure.

That Obama proclaimed himself and Mrs. Obama “deeply humbled” by the experience in fact adds an incongruously self-referential feature – and no small amount of hubris – to an event that should have little to do with the personal feelings of the Obamas themselves.

It’s all about Obama for the Obama cult of Obama Dimocrats and of course for Barack Obama himself. American interests be damned!

American interests require the immediate removal of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt. But Obama is now more concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood remaining in power than anything else:

President Barack Obama insisted Monday that he isn’t taking sides in the standoff between Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and millions of protesters who’ve taken to the streets to protest his policies.

But that’s not likely to be enough for many in those angry crowds, who seem firmly convinced that the White House has bolstered the Muslim Brotherhood leader, even as ordinary Egyptians — and some in his own Cabinet — have grown increasingly dissatisfied with his rule. [snip]

“The Egyptian turmoil stems from the Morsi government’s predictable power grab, which the Obama Administration has been far too accepting of,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) said in a statement. “U.S. aid has failed to compel the Morsi government to undertake the political and economic reforms needed to avert this crisis.”

Rep. Ilena Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) echoed the criticism. “We should have been leveraging our assistance to Morsi to push his government to implement real democratic reforms – the ones these demonstrators have been desperately crying out for – from day one instead of providing aid unconditionally and legitimizing Morsi’s government,” she said. [snip]

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson has become a particular lightning rod for demonstrators after saying in a recent speech that the United States was “deeply skeptical” protests would improve the situation in Egypt, and suggesting that the government’s opponents needed to show greater patience.

As protests swelled Sunday, some demonstrators waved signs with a red ‘X’ imposed on a distorted photo of Patterson. Street graffiti and at least one banner urged her to leave the country.

Obama has come in for his share of direct criticism from the crowds as well. Above Cairo’s Tahrir square, a large sign declared in broken English that the U.S. president supports “dictator Morsi,” according to a photo snapped Friday by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The notion that the U.S. might be Morsi’s best hope doesn’t seem limited to the Egyptian leader’s opponents. Britain’s Guardian newspaper quoted an unnamed Morsi aide Monday saying that a drive towards a “military coup” was underway, but “won’t be able to move forward without American approval.”

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood leak their opinion that a military coup cannot happen without “American approval”. Immediately Barack Obama Rejects Intervention by Egypt’s Military. Amazing coincidence isn’t it?

Then we have today’s amazing coincidence as Morsi shrugs off military ultimatum as protesters surround palace. Why should Morsi worry when Brother Barack has his totalitarian back?

Then we have the Kerry/Obama State Department (recall it was John Kerry who was sent to Meet the Press to “counter” Hillary) instead of attacking Morsi is attacking the protestors in the streets:

”You’ve seen some of these photos of the ambassador, and we really find it abhorrent and reprehensible that people are sort of personalizing this,” Ventrell told reporters at a daily briefing. “The ambassador has very much stated U.S. policy. She’s one of our finest ambassadors, and we really find it reprehensible that people that people have personalized it, and a lack of understanding on the part of some that we really don’t take sides.”

Attack the protestors, defend Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood is the Obama policy in Egypt:

“President Obama today refused to call for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to step down, despite massive protests against the Muslim Brotherhood-backed leader that appear to exceed those that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak.

It’s not our job to choose who Egypt’s leaders are,” Obama said today during a press conference in Dar es Salaam. “We do want to make sure all the voices are heard and it’s done in a peaceful way.”

And yet, Obama’s withdrawal of U.S. support for Mubarak in February 2011 was a key factor in causing the Egyptian leader to step down.

Mubarak was a strong ally of the United States.”

If you want to determine what Barack Obama’s foreign policy will be, just think of what harms the United States the most.


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  1. Obama treacherous boobery not limited to Egypt:


    It has taken a long time, but the world’s fantasies about Barack Obama are finally crumbling. In Europe, once the headquarters of the global cult of Obama, the disillusionment is particularly bitter. Monday’s newspapers were full of savage quotes about the perfidy of the Obama-led US.

    Der Spiegel, the German magazine that alleged that America’s National Security Agency has bugged the EU’s offices, thundered that “the NSA’s totalitarian ambition … affects us all … A constitutional state cannot allow it. None of us can allow it.” President François Hollande of France has demanded that the alleged spying stop immediately. Le Monde, Mr Hollande’s home-town newspaper, has even suggested that the EU should consider giving political asylum to Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower. [snip]

    It has gradually dawned on President Obama’s foreign fan club that their erstwhile hero is using methods that would be bitterly denounced if he were a white Republican. As Hakan Altinay, a Turkish academic, complained to me last week: “Obama talks like the president of the American Civil Liberties Union but he acts like Dick Cheney.” [snip]

    The current European backlash against Mr Obama is reminiscent of a similar process of disillusionment undergone by American liberals in recent years. In one column, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times compared Mr Obama unfavourably to a fictional president, portrayed by Michael Douglas, in a film. This drew a sharp response from Mr Obama when, in a recent speech, he called out to Mr Douglas – “Michael, what’s your secret, man. Could it be that you were an actor, an Aaron Sorkin liberal fantasy?”

    It is not entirely Mr Obama’s fault that he became the vessel into which liberals all over the world poured their fantasies. Of course, like any politician, he pumped up expectations when running for office. But when Obama-mania really took off in 2008, it swiftly moved into a realm beyond reason. What was candidate Obama meant to say to the 200,000 Berliners who turned out to cheer him that year – “Go home guys, this is silly”? When the new president was given the Nobel Peace Prize, simply for existing, all he could do was graciously accept.

    The cult of Obama and Obama: idiots all.

  2. This situation has been building up for a long time. I was in Egypt in March and several people I talked with were already talking about revolt. In fact, it was impossible to get into Cairo or even Alexandria because the atmosphere was so ready for violence.

  3. Superb analysis Admin.

    We all need to do as you are doing here and that is point out the differences between Hillary and Obama, on this issue, on Obamacare, because the Republicans and the media will endeavor to conflate the two.

    The unfortunate thing for me is that we call yell at the top of our lungs from the highest tower that this nation is being sold down the river and yet the American People do not hear us. Roughly half of them, and all of big media still love Obama.

    Putting this in the context of the article I posted, which freespirit correctly edited, for these sheeple, does there come a point, ever, where people stop talking about his potential for the future, and start measuring him by his track record in the past.

    To do so would be too embarrassing to the elites, so they will not do it. The reaction we see by big media to the Snowden revelations tells the story there. And that leaves it to the public to figure out that he has betrayed them, and they have not got the smarts to do that.

    The reason he supports Morsi is because he is Muslim Brotherhood and the reason he supports the Muslim Brotherhood is because they are a front organization created by British Intelligence in the 1920s and can be influenced.

    Murbarak like the Shah of Iran was demanding too much from the west. In the case of the Shas it was a renegotiation of the oil prices, that foreshadowed his demise and led the Brits to favor Komeni–like the Germans did with Lenin when the Czar was threatening to leave the battlefield in World War I.

    And by the way, Soros is heavily involved in the Morsi thing too.

  4. “Muslim Brotherhood… are a front organization created by British Intelligence in the 1920s and can be influenced.”

    Correct. “can be influenced” is the very reason British Intelligence created them.

  5. Draft Egypt army roadmap lays out plan for interim council to rule until constitution changed, followed by presidential election

    Draft Egypt army roadmap would suspend the constitution and dissolve Islamist-led parliament: military sources


    Basically military coup followed by military installed President…guaranteed back to the Mubarak style of Govt..Secular and military led.

  6. Update: Live video from Tahrir Square makes it clear the Egyptian people want the Muslim Brotherhood out.

    Watch live streaming video from ontveglive at livestream.com

    Like their supporter Barack Obama the Muslim Brotherhood is wise in the world of treachery and deceit. Like their supporter Barack Obama the Muslim Brotherhood is ready, willing, and able to throw people under the bus. That explains the latest news from an Egyptian newspaper: Muslim Brotherhood asking for resignations from Prime Minister, Cabinet.

    The Egyptian Army apparently will not fall for the Obama-level lies of the Muslim Brotherhood. The liberation of Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood is dawning.

    Egypt is awake. When will America wake up?


  7. When i read this, i have to wonder what is going on…..


    Why now, why release this info now, right at the time the army is about to pull a military coup….is it tacit admission that Obama backed the wrong horse and designed to embarrass him or is it so the administration can jump ship very quickly as Morsi would not play ball like Obama wanted so the administration has to find a way out?

  8. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/tv-ratings-msnbc-suffers-worst-578127

    MSNBC delivered its worst quarterly primetime showing among total viewers and adults 25-54 since 2007. The cable network suffered dips as other networks benefited from the quarter’s bigger news stories. MSNBC’s primetime returns in total viewers (576,000) and the key demo (191,000) were at lows not seen since the fourth and second quarters of 2007, respectively. The network did manage to improve month-to-month from it lows in May, when it fell below perennial fourth-place newser HLN.

  9. Wow..spectacular stuff Kerry and not even proper english……rolls eyes.

    Reuters: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has told Egypt’s Foreign Minister “it is important to listen to Egyptian people”

  10. Trayvon Martin’s mother to be called by the prosecution as the next witness. This will be a tricky cross examination challenge for the defense but O’Mara has proved to be adept.

  11. Zimmerman trial: The medical examiner is testifying now. Beware of probable gruesome photos. Trayvon Martin’s mother is still expected to testify today.

  12. There is no democracy but only power lust in Obama’s self-made world

    Millions of Egyptians standing up to Muslim Brotherhood Bossman Obama
    The Frankenstein radical Islamist Obama put into power in Egypt is falling apart at the seams; his handing a country over to the Muslim Brotherhood, proving to be an epic failure.

    More Egyptians are protesting Morsi than those who voted him in: 14 million people marched against him, on Sunday, destroying Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, while 5.7 million voted for him in the first round of presidential elections and 13.2 million voted for him in the second round.

    Obama’s phone call made so infinitesimal an impression on the beleaguered president that today he firmly rejected yesterday’s 48-hour ultimatum given by the army, throwing Egypt further into political turmoil. (Financial Times, July 2, 2013)

    Read More @

  13. We don’t want to misinform so here is some more from the Zimmerman trial correcting our earlier comment:

    The prosecution is really nuts. The purpose of the medical examiner it appears is not to testify about the body of Trayvon Martin but about the condition of Zimmerman’s head. Another Medical Examiner we presume will be called to testify about the corpse/autopsy of Trayvon Martin.

  14. The prosecution really is nuts in the Zimmerman case Admin.

    I am listening to news radio…silence on Egypt…

  15. No surprise GonzoTx at the minimal coverage. Big Media does not want to see the results of their much vaunted “Arab Spring”.

    Leonora, very interesting news about the troop movements cleared with Israel.

  16. Evil bastards…..

    The Muslim Brotherhood TV Channel Masr25 is broadcasting the addresses of Egyptian TV anchors they view as their enemies to facilitate attacking them

  17. Reports are that the Muslim Brotherhood gangs are shooting at anti-Morsi protesters all over Egypt and in Giza.. 7 dead in clashes in Giza alone.

  18. The Egyptian army has said it will suspend the constitution, dissolve parliament and force fresh elections if politicians cannot meet a looming deadline to resolve the country’s political crisis, according to Reuters news agency.

    The announcement on Tuesday came a day after the military gave politicians 48 hours to come to an agreement and calm mass protests against the rule of President Mohamed Morsi – leaving only 24 hours for a solution to be found.

    An army source told Reuters that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces was still discussing details and the plan, and it could change based on political developments and consultations.

    But with the deadline looming, hundreds of thousands of anti-Morsi protesters were on the streets of Cairo on Tuesday evening. Al Jazeera’s Sherine Tadros, reporting from Tahrir Square, said: “People here have no doubt the army is on their side… and as the military’s deadline approaches their screams demanding Morsi resign are growing louder and the window of opportunity to offer concessions is closing.”


  19. The Middle East’s biggest fool

    I thought that Dennis (“fool me a dozen times, shame on all of us”) Ross had retired that title. But Jamie Weinstein makes a strong case for awarding it to John Kerry.

    In his pre-Secretary of State days, Kerry made a strong bid when he decided, along with Nancy Pelosi, that Bashar al-Assad was not only a potential ally but the key to peace between Israel and the Palestinians. With Syria now in flames and Assad propped up by Iran, Kerry must rely on his personal brilliance to usher in that peace.

    Thus, as Weinstein points out:


  20. Barack Obama got one without deserving it. Why not Dennis Rodman? Rodman somewhat did something so he deserves it more. Give Rodman a Nobel Peace Prize!!! 🙂


    “My mission is to break the ice between hostile countries,” Rodman says. “Why it’s been left to me to smooth things over, I don’t know. Dennis Rodman, of all people. Keeping us safe is really not my job; it’s the black guy’s [Obama’s] job. But I’ll tell you this: If I don’t finish in the top three for the next Nobel Peace Prize, something’s seriously wrong.”

  21. Scared……..Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has called on the Egyptian army to withdraw its ultimatum and insists on his “constitutional legitimacy”

  22. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to address the nation on State TV shortly


    is he reading the prepared Obama script…..?

  23. Ousted Mubarak says Mursi should resign to ‘save lives’

    Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said that the country’s current Islamist president, Mohammed Mursi, should step down for the sake of the Egyptian people, al-Akhbar al-youm newspaper reported.

    Mubarak said that the number of protesters in the past few days has been larger that than the number of demonstrators that rose during his rule in 2011 to topple him, the report quoted a “well-informed” source as saying.

    He said that he in 2011 responded to the demands of people and resigned in order to “save lives,” added the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Mubarak stepped down following the 18-day uprising, ending his 30-year rule. The former president is waiting to be tried on various charges, including the killing of demonstrators during the Jan. 25 revolution.

    He is currently being held in Cairo’s Tora prison.


  24. Well thats like waving a red rag at the army bull.

    Egyptian President says he will not step down and vows to protect democratic “legitimacy” with his life

    I guess he’ll be dead by tomorrow night.

  25. Excuse me? How long before he is arrested please? In any other language that is “lied to the senate”

    Breaking CBS: Clapper apologizes for giving “clearly erroneous” testimony Senate re: collection of data pertaining to millions of Americans.

  26. Some idiots at the WH…..


    (CNN) — Bolivian officials say an official aircraft carrying President Evo Morales had to land in Austria on Tuesday after false rumors circulated that former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden was onboard.

    Portuguese and French authorities wouldn’t let the plane land in their territories, Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca told reporters.

    “We are told that there were some unfounded suspicions that Mr. Snowden was on the plane,” Choquehuanca said. “We do not know who has invented this lie. Someone who wants to harm our country. This information that has been circulated is malicious information to harm this country.”

    The plane had been flying from Moscow back to Bolivia. The foreign minister said authorities from the South American country are investigating the source of the false rumors about Snowden.

    “Portugal owes us an explanation. France owes us an explanation. … The president’s life was put at risk,” Choquehuanca said.

  27. Admin: a letter I just sent to Rubio:
    Senator Rubio

    Many people have a hard time understanding how a Tea Party supported candidate such as you could spearhead an immigration bill which represents a fundamental betrayal of the working class in this country. The adverse impact which your bill would have on wages and unemployment over the next 5-10 years is well documented in the Heritage Study and elsewhere.

    To me however, this is no surprise. You are reacting to the post mortem analysis by the RNC of the 2012 election results as set forth in their Growth and Opportunity Study. That study concludes that the party will not be competitive in future elections unless it reaches out to new groups and softens its principled stands on the issues. In doing so, it exonerates the candidate, the consultants and the pollsters who should bear the ultimate responsibility for the 2012 loss.

    If the goal is to win future national elections then it would be far wiser to concentrate on the 70% white vote, which traditionally votes Republican, instead of the 10% Hispanic vote that traditionally votes Democrat. Therefore, I commend to your attention, the newly published Frontier Lab Study. This study analyzes the reasons why conservatives and moderates now reject the Republican Party in ever increasing numbers. That is where you need to focus.

    The Frontier Lab study concludes that there are four reasons why conservatives and moderates are abandoning the Republican label. They are as follows:

    1. Rejection of the lesser of two evils argument (in pare delicto)

    2. Loss of hope in the GOP (failure to live up to its own professed values)

    3. Affiliation with a new party (Tea Party, etc. untethered by lobbyists)

    4. Personal betrayal by the GOP (weak candidates, Rove attacks on grass roots)

    Perhaps now you can see the political downside of what you have done, if the warm embrace by Schumer and the phone call from Obama were not a clue. I urge you to get a copy of this report and reflect on it closely, because this is where you and your party are most vulnerable in future elections.

  28. Tuesday, July 02, 2013

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance

  29. Obama had little to say when Achmadinejad was killing Iranians who were protesting the faux election in Iran. Now, he speaks against the protesters in Egypt. A few Republicans are speaking out, but where are the voices of the Dimocratic senators and representatives. I hope those who don’t have the guts to take a stand against Obama and Kerry, find themselves in one hell of a fight to remain employees of the US government, come 2014.

    Obama pledges 7 billion of our tax dollars to Africa, while warning the country not to trust us!? Words fail. I’m guessing they fail MSM too. No doubt, they are busy covering the color of Meechell’s dress, while ignoring the Head Screw-Up’s screw-ups

  30. GonzoTx, we were thinking the same thing. If Mubarak or one of his allies gets power in Egypt Obama will be screwed again. Mubarak has enough friends in high levels of U.S. government that he could do serious harm to Obama.

    Hillary and Suzanne Mubarak were (are?) good friends.

  31. Looks like Morsi is a goner…..

    Egypt’s high command said on Wednesday the army was ready to die to defend Egypt’s people against terrorists and fools, in a response to Islamist President Mohamed Mursi that was headlined “The Final Hours”.

    The post on the official Facebook page of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), headed by armed forces chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said: “We swear to God that we will sacrifice even our blood for Egypt and its people, to defend them against any terrorist, radical or fool.”

  32. Obama scrambles to save Morsi after Muslim Brotherhood Pres defies Ultimatum to Bend to Protest

    President Barack Obama and Chief of US General Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey intervened in the Egyptian crisis early Tuesday, July 2, in an attempt to save the besieged President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. Obama called the Egyptian president and Gen. Dempsey phoned Chief of staff Gen. Sedki Sobhi, hoping to defuse the three-way crisis between the regime, the army and the protest movement before it gets out of hand.
    The crash of Morsi’s presidency would seriously undermine the objectives of the Arab Revolt pursued by the Obama administration as the arch-stone of his Middle East policy.
    The administration had earlier sought unsuccessfully to persuade the heads of the Egyptian army not to issue its 48-hour ultimatum to Egypt’s rulers “heed the will of the people” by Wednesday afternoon – or else the army would intervene. The Americans proposed instead to leave Morsi in place after stripping him of presidential authority and installing a transitional government to prepare the country for new elections to the presidency and parliament. (DEBKA)



    Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested, Army Moves In
    Senior Muslim Brotherhood officials are placed under house arrest. The military is securing strategic facilities, Egyptian sources say.

    Egyptian sources report that senior officials in the Muslim Brotherhood have been placed under house arrest and the military is securing strategic facilities across the country.


  34. Update: Reuters – Military source says Egyptian armed forces general command is currently holding a crisis meeting

  35. oops…..

    Ecuador Foreign Minister: hidden microphone found at London embassy where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is living.

  36. The crash of Morsi’s presidency would seriously undermine the objectives of the Arab Revolt pursued by the Obama administration as the arch-stone of his Middle East policy.
    Britain and Obama are losing the lever through which they intended to control the Middle East.

    Traditionally, this through western friendly despots in Tehran, Cairo and Saudi Arabia.

    Iran was lost by Carter. We had a chance to reclaim it but Obama blew that opportunity when he stood idly by and let the despots crush the forces of democracy who were pro United States, believing in his consummate naivete that he could negotiate with them to curtail their nuclear program.

    Egypt was lost by Obama. There were forces of change sweeping that country which had the capacity to produce a western type democracy, but they needed time to grow. Therefore, a sound foreign policy would have sought to preserve the status quo ante for the time being. Nevertheless, Obama the fool forced change in that country for domestic political reasons, gave his bullshit Arab Spring speech, forced on Mubarack and forced the Muslim Bros on the population. Whereupon the Muslim Bros, a British front organization, was deposed by the Egyptian people en masse, even as Obama continued to stand by them, as he vacationed in Africa.

    Saudi Arabia remains and has focused its strategy on manipulating US elections to help install Obama and calling the shots on US policy in the Middle East in re. Syria, Lybia etc. It is only a matter of time before the winds of change sweep through their country as well–and then we will be able to say that Obama lost the entire Middle East to radical muslim depots hostile to the United States, and friendly to Russian and China. At this point, “the Kingdom” has plenty of F-16s, but I do not think they have the bomb. It would be just like Obama to give it to them, on the false theory that this would somehow offset Iran’s having the bomb–which he allowed to happen, and stablize the Middle East.

    Meanwhile where is Obama and what exactly is he doing to manage this implosion of US policy? Why he is in Africa of course on a $100 million vacation, accepting awards and pretending he is an African slave walking through the fictitious door of no return to the rapture of big media who is giving him their usual blow job and avoiding coverage of the meltdown of his foreign policy in Egypt.

    And what is the state of mind of the American sheeple? Do they have the will, capacity and guts to see what is happening and to move past their myth of the new world leader with a broad intellect, a penchant for decisive moral action and unlimited potential to the reality of a failure of leadership writ large and the collapse of civilization which he and the fools around him like Rhoades, Power and the rest of the Harvard faculty lounge has wrought.

    Hell no. But the latest Rassmussen poll, 46% of the American People still believe he is doing a good job. To say they are fools is a Guiness Book of World Records is an understatement, which should sit right next to Obama’s own entry as the country’s most incompetent president, which should sit right next to the entry of big media as the greatest propaganda machine since Goebbels, one which is now the object of intense public scrutiny and disgust. Our music culture has not changed much in the last forty years. Will it be the same way in our politics? And what happens to the world if that is permitted to happen?

  37. But Won’t People Die?

    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | July 3rd, 2013 at 04:30 AM | 16

    They told us we had to do it. We had to rush through Obamacare; passing it to find out what was in it, as Nancy Pelosi told us. We had to do it and it could not wait because lives were depending on it. We needed to save lives and we needed to provide women access to birth control.

    Suddenly, yesterday, the Obama Administration announced it would deny women access to contraception paid for by their employer after campaigning throughout 2012 on just how important paying for abortions and birth control under employer provided plans would be.

    If you aren’t following along, Barack Obama has decided to delay implementation of the employer mandate — the mandate that employers must provide health insurance to employees — until after the 2014 election cycle. The law that had to be passed quickly to save lives can now be delayed. So how many people will die? That was their rhetoric. Lives depended on Obamacare.

    Contraception is now considered an “essential benefit” under Obamacare that employers must provide, but now it’s only going to be essential to those who already have employer health insurance. The rest of the women? Sorry.

    Back on May 24, 2013, Ezra Klein opined that employers would not stop dropping employees when the employer mandate went into effect.

    Now he says repeal it. We’re going to hear this a lot. Barack Obama suddenly does not think he needs a central part of his law so it can be scrapped.

    What is ironic here is that the left has, for months, used the talking point that Republicans are causing problems by obstructing the implementation of Obamacare. Now, suddenly, the President is going to delay implementation of one part of Obamacare.

    Republicans need to take notice. We sent them to Washington to end Obamacare, not mend it. There should be no fixes. There should only be a continued fight to repeal Obamacare. The law we had to have yesterday is suddenly a law that can be punted. That means we should be able to repeal it and, concurrently in the debt ceiling fight, work to defund it.

    Employers who have held off hiring employees because of the employer mandate will not suddenly start hiring, knowing they’re just prolonging the inevitable fines and taxes. This delay leaves uncertainty in the economy and the whole law should be repealed or, at a minimum, fully defunded. There should be no half measures.

  38. Half the people polled said they didn’t know Rubio.
    And half the tea party conservatives who supported him no longer know Rubio either. The position he has taken on Immigration has done irreparable harm to any future candidacy.

  39. First step…..

    CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian troops w/armored vehicles have secured central Cairo studios of state tv on Wednesday, security sources said

  40. Update II: Big Media continues to protect treacherous boob Barack Obama. Recall that a big selling point by Obama Hopium guzzlers in 2008 was how Obama would make America popular in the Muslim world. Truth is America is hated by totalitarians and Muslims because of our beliefs and position in the world blocking their hideous ambitions. Not only has Obama failed to operate as advertised one of the big stories covered up by Big Media is how despised Barack Obama is by Egyptians protesting in the streets. Check out these pictures (click HERE) to see what Big Media is hiding.

    Obama’s Brotherhood pal, Morsi, better start packing his camel. The reason: Egyptian military command meets as utimatum deadline approaches. The Egyptian military also issued a statement: “We swear to God that we will sacrifice even our blood for Egypt and its people, to defend them against any terrorist, radical or fool.” Almost sounds like a warning against Obama and Morsi.

    Rumors are also swirling that State TV has been seized by the military. It won’t be long now. Just a few more hours and the Egyptians might have an Independence Day from the Muslim Brotherhood to celebrate on the Fourth of July too.


  41. The Armed Forces is meeting with religious, national, political, and youth leaders now. Formal statement to be issued

  42. Nice little encampment of army hiding behind the military parade viewing stand where Sadat was shot

  43. Reuters: Egypt President’s National Security Adviser says military coup under way

    AFP: Travel ban placed on Egypt’s President Morsi and top Islamists

    Its on folks…Morsi and the MB toppled, Obama will be fuming.

  44. Egyptian TV reports Morsi under house arrest.
    Excellent. Now perhaps Obama’s stooge can be transferred to the US Embassy and from there to Washington and from there to the penthouse of the Hay Adams hotel, to become Obama’s new Czar of Muslim Affairs. I love a happy ending like that, unless of course, the taxpayers are paying for it.
    Morsi’s bio:

    Born on August 20, 1951, in Sharqiya, located on the Nile River delta in Northern Egypt, Mohamed Morsi studied engineering at Cairo University, and received a master’s degree in 1978. He then moved to the United States to study, and received a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Southern California in 1982.

    Later that year, Morsi began working as an assistant professor at California State University, Northridge—a position he held until 1985. Two of his five children were born in California during this time, and are therefore U.S. citizens by birth. In 1985, Morsi returned to Egypt to head the engineering department at Zagazig University.
    Muslim Brotherhood

    In 1977, Morsi became a member of the Muslim Brotherhood—a political, Islam-based organization that played a major role in the Egyptian nationalist movement. Morsi served as a Member of Parliament from 2000 to 2005, as an independent, since the Brotherhood was forbidden to nominate candidates for office, according to policies implemented by former President Hosni Mubarak. Morsi later served as a member of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau. In 2011, he founded the Freedom and Justice Party, for which he served as president.

  45. This nasty business in Egypt is nothing more than a distraction conjured up by racists to take the spotlight off the great things the Messiah was doing this week. Big media was all poised to herald the business partnerships for the future–yes with that prick it is chaos now and the promise of justice in the future, which never quite seems to come. This vaunted partnership is highly beneficial to the business interests who promote Obama, but highly detrimental to the American People because it results in an outflow of tax dollars with no reciprocal gain for us. In other words, another stimulus mal-investment designed to reward Obama cronies. If the purpose is to promote social welfare in that region, then we have charitable organizations to do that. If the purpose is to block China’s entry into Africa, then it is 5 years too late for that. The ultimate purpose is to glorify Obama, now that he is returned to us through the door of no return proving that nothing is impossible for a messiah. Nothing that is except promoting the general welfare. Big media was all poised to declare him the come back kid over his fine African adventure, and declare that he has his mojo back. But the truth is he is slip sliding away as an international figure, not with big media or the preponderance of deluded fools in this country who still believe he is doing a fine job, but with those that count, because they are focused on performance and return on investment, rather than continual smoke and mirrors.

  46. Obama must be crapping himself because the army will be getting to see exactly what the MB has been up to with Obama…..this might be interesting.

  47. #BREAKING Military vehicles outside presidential palace in Cairo as Morsi tells protesters to remain peaceful.

  48. From Obama care, to the economy, to foreign policy–everything Obama touches turns to (expletive deleted). But none of this stops him from leading the life of Riley and scarfing up every perk he can extract from the system. A hundred million dollar vacation while the military is forced to cancel Fourth of July fireworks, and White House tours, that is quite a perk. And none of it stops big media from giving him one long (expletive deleted). (Note: I have been too liberal in the use of expletives, and whatever shock value they may have had with certain audiences has seemed to wear off. Besides, where big media and Obama are concerned, they are redundant).

  49. AP: Egyptian troops, including commandos, have deployed near protest sites and key facilities

  50. BREAKING: Egyptian TV Says Morsi Under House Arrest – Update: Travel Ban Placed On Muslim Brotherhood Leaders – Update: Top Morsi Aide: “Call This By Its Real Name – A Military Coup”…
    With 3 million Egyptian citizens in the street over the Morsi reign of terror, one of his stooges calls the arrest of Morsi a “military coup”??? I would say the opposite. This is a military move to prevent Egypt from descending into a state of chaos.

    Roger Simon asked the provocative question, which I for one laughed off, could this happen here? Some of the factors that lead to their debacle are in evidence here. But there is not enough steam at the moment to propel events toward this unhappy result. An economic crisis and the curtailment of benefits could push things here in that direction however.

  51. BREAKING Military vehicles outside presidential palace in Cairo as Morsi tells protesters to remain peaceful.
    Are we to assume, then, that the pro and anti Morsi elements in that 3 million are equally divided. Frankly, I doubt it. If there are more anti Morsi people, then his admonition to remain peaceful will have little effect. Welcome to the age of Obama, where one country after another descends into chaos, while Obama enjoys the best money can buy.

  52. State department spokeswoman (speaking on what side the US President is taking): “As you know we don’t take sides.”

    FACEPALM………………no of course you don’t…..rofl.

  53. In 2008, Obama promised hope and change. Well, here one more example of that:

    “In Egypt, a country where the U.S. has wielded enormous influence for the last four decades, the most striking aspect of the current upheaval there is that Washington appears to have relatively little left”.–wsj

  54. We said Obama is a treacherous boob. Here’s another way of saying it:


    President Obama returned last night from a weeklong trip to Africa, seeking to position himself as part of ailing Nelson Mandela’s legacy and generating strategic photo-ops. On the other side of the continent, Egypt is awash in revolution, with hundreds of thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square railing against the American-backed president, with some chanting slogans against the American passivity in the face of crisis. The Washington Post editorialized Tuesday: “For months, as the Morsi government has taken steps to consolidate power, quash critics and marginalize independent civil society groups, President Obama and his top aides have been largely silent in public. No effort was made to use the leverage of U.S. aid to compel a change of policy.”

    While the president was in Africa, Secretary of State John Kerry spent time in Israel, using valuable political capital trying to jump-start peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians, at a time when few serious foreign policy analysts believe it has any chance of succes—beyond garnering favorable press for trying. (The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg calls Kerry’s a “delusion of the foreign policy elite” in his column today.) This, while the administration appears utterly feckless in neighboring Syria, where civil war worsens, chemical weapons-wielding dictator Bashar al-Assad strengthens his hold on power, and American influence dwindles. “The military situation in Syria is slipping away as the president ponders,” Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl wrote last week.

    And on the domestic front, Obama was comfortably traveling on Air Force One when a Treasury Department functionary announced late Tuesday it would be delaying the mandate that businesses provide health care for their employee—a crucial component in the health care law that is shaping up as the president’s main legacy. Rather than give a speech explaining the delay, and informing the public about how this could affect their health care options, the administration dropped the bombshell news right before the July Fourth holiday weekend.

    The administration is facing a crisis of competence. [snip]

    The White House seems more comfortable stage-managing the news than dealing with the uncomfortable crises that inevitably crop up. (If there’s anything to learn from the Benghazi crisis, it was the administration’s attentiveness to detail in how to avoid blame in the aftermath of the crisis but a lack of focus in how to react as the crisis was occurring.)

    The other worrying sign, is that politics is getting in the way of smart policymaking. [snip]

    On health care, with the 2014 midterms approaching and control of the Senate in play, the administration decided to buy time by delaying the employer mandate until after the elections. Former HHS spokesman Nick Papas said the delay was “about minimizing paperwork, not politics.” But it’s awfully politically convenient to delay implementation of a law that’s been growing more unpopular and whose implementation is shaping up to be a “train wreck,” in the words of Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, a Democrat.

    Obama’s second-term legacy is shaping up to be more about avoiding crises than accomplishing big things. Salvage the core of a health care law, avoid worst-case scenarios in Egypt and Syria, and don’t get in the way of his party’s efforts to win Republican support for a landmark immigration reform plan. It’s a far cry from the idealism of his second inaugural. But at this point, the president needs to simply show that he’s paying attention to the fires burning around him.

  55. CNN BREAKING: Morsy was told by the country’s military that he was no longer president -Egyptian state newspaper, al Ahram

  56. Confirmation : Reuters: Egyptian Army told President Morsi at 5pm GMT that he was no longer President.

    Can someone please do that here please.

  57. So Obama’s backed horse is out on his ass…..if anyone thinks this is nothing more than the army taking control and installing its own control, then i have a igloo in florida for you. This is all about restoring a secular state.

  58. Hopefully Turkeys Generals are watching this Egyptian General and wondering where they left their backbones last month.

  59. Head of Egyptian armed forces announces that the head of the Constitutional Court has been appointed interim head of state

  60. Update III: The Third of July for Egypt. An announcement from the Egyptian army: Morsi is no longer president, constitution is suspended. Chief Justice of Constitutional Court replaced Muslim Brotherhood leader and Barack Obama pal Morsi. A good sign is that Coptic Christians along with conservative Muslims were at the side of the military during the announcement. Now Morsi is gone along with the Islamist Constitution. Barack Obama is probably crying. Turkey’s Erdogan better watch out or a house might fall on him too.


  61. Confirmation : Reuters: Egyptian Army told President Morsi at 5pm GMT that he was no longer President.

    Can someone please do that here please.

    Very funny

  62. Unlike with the phony “Arab Spring” we’re feeling good about this one. Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood will soon attack and there will be blood. But we’re feeling kinda sorta fourth of julyish:

  63. Interesting…..AP: U.S. official says non-essential diplomats and embassy families to leave Egypt amid protests

  64. moononpluto
    July 3, 2013 at 1:41 pm
    State department spokeswoman (speaking on what side the US President is taking): “As you know we don’t take sides.”

    FACEPALM………………no of course you don’t…..rofl.

    well, does the WH & the State Dept have any idea where the $2 billion in foregin aide is going that we just give to them??


    add another fiasco to O’s list…

  65. “Buyers Remorsi” 🙂 🙂

    Obooberama fireworks to sit back and watch as they expode:


    Law says the U.S. is required to cut aid after coups. Will it?

    According to a section of the Foreign Assistance Act, a law first enacted in 1961, the United States is required to suspend foreign aid to any country that suffers a military coup. The law, according to its text, “restricts assistance to the government of any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup or decree.” So if the U.S. determines that there was a coup in Egypt, that would seem to require an end to its aid for the country.

    The United States sends enormous amounts of aid to Egypt, much of it direct military aid contingent on the 1979 Camp David Accords that established peace between Egypt and Israel. But it’s not all military: Just in March, the Obama administration announced $250 million in aid to help Egypt through its ongoing economic struggles.

    The Obama administration had suggested that it might follow through on the threat implicit in the Foreign Assistance Act. According to the Associated Press, U.S. officials told members of the Egyptian military that any coup would yield “consequences” for the U.S. aid they depend on.

    It is probably unlikely that the Obama administration will want to substantially cut aid to Egypt. (Put aside the Camp David money for a moment — it’s not clear to me that this is effected by the Foreign Assistance Act, and even if it is, it’s very difficult to imagine Congress or the White House being willing to jeopardize this lynchpin of peace with Israel.) Like many aid programs, the hundreds of millions of dollars that goes to Egypt is not meant as a present or a reward; it’s considered to ultimately serve U.S. interests. Egypt’s troubled economy has been a key contributor the political instability there. That instability is bad for everyone, including U.S. interests.

    If the Obama administration believes that its aid money to Egypt will ease its political transition, then it’s unlikely to cut it substantially, even if that risks the appearance of hypocrisy.

    Making threats you won’t follow up = boobery.

    We can’t wait to see Obama hail the new Egyptian government after backing his brother Morsi and thereby being humiliated once again.

  66. mcnorman

    July 3, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey Indicted for Allegedly Falsifying Arrest Warrant

    Nothing will come of this as it is not a court-convened grand jury. These “citizen grand juries” have been going on since 2001 w/ not a single trial based on their “indictment”. Basically, the citizen grand juries hand down these indictments for political and publicity gains only.

    Corey will lose no sleep over this anymore than Bush or Obama lost sleep over their citizen grand jury indictments.

    “In the United States, a citizen grand jury is a non-actionable, non-governmental organization that assumes a responsibility upon itself to accuse an individual or groups of individuals of having committed actionable crimes, in a similar aim as that of official grand juries. Such organizations have been organized by those who espouse conspiracy theories regarding certain events or the individuals who are accused by the citizen grand jury, and most citizen grand jury applications to official judiciary systems at the federal, state, or local and municipal level tend to be thrown out for lack of evidence.”


    Although the activists managed to hand out copies of “indictments” to Congressional staff,[4] the courts have not regarded the “citizen grand juries” favorably. In June 2009, a group of 172 campaigners declared themselves to be a “Super American Grand Jury” and voted to charge Obama with treason and accused him of not being a U.S. citizen.[5] Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed the “indictment” on July 2, 2009 and declared “[T]here is no authority under the Rules of Procedure or in the statutes of the United States for this court to accept [a presentment]… The individuals who have made this presentment were not convened by this court to sit as a grand jury nor have they been selected at random from a fair cross section of this district. Any self-styled indictment or presentment issued by such a group has no force under the Constitution or laws of the United States.”


  67. Well they wasted no time….

    Army has issued arrest warrants for 300 members of the Muslim brotherhood in #Egypt after #Morsi was deposed.

  68. Good to be back. My little dog Monster survived surgery and is cancer free.
    As for Egypt, many of us here predicted this the day Mubarak was abandoned by Obama.

  69. The reaction to the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood by the two parties is worth noting:

    The Democrats are very unhappy and insistent that the Muslim Brotherhood have a continued presence. This is hardly surprising inasmuch as they and their putative leader Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood (a British front organization)and refused to speak out when it moved to suppress democracy in the region. Lehey’s threat to cut off military aid will drive the new leadership to seek support from Russia and China. And while we have strong ties to the generals though thanks to Sadat, ten years before that their loyalties under Nassar were to the Soviet Union.

    The Republicans are fatalistic in their assessment. They point out, for example, that the Muslim Brotherhood suppressed democracy, promoted Islam in the society at large and the army in particular (the latter being a fatal mistake)and promoted an Islamic constitution which lead inevitably to their outster. Therefore, what happened here was not only predicable but inevitable. Darrell Issa and Ed Royce are spot on in their analysis.


  70. Obama crying over the loss of his Muslim Brotherhood pal:


    Obama ‘deeply concerned’ by Egyptian military’s removal of Morsi

    President Barack Obama is “deeply concerned” by the Egyptian Armed Forces’ decision to remove President Mohamed Morsi from power Wednesday and hopes to see the military quickly return authority to a democratic government.

    “The United States is monitoring the very fluid situation in Egypt, and we believe that ultimately the future of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people,” Obama said in a statement released nearly four hours after the Egyptian military announced it had removed Morsi from his post. Obama spent part of the afternoon leading a meeting in the Situation Room with members of his national security team, including Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who started her current job on Monday.

    “Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsi and suspend the Egyptian constitution. I now call on the Egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian government as soon as possible through an inclusive and transparent process, and to avoid any arbitrary arrests of President Morsi and his supporters,” he continued.
    The president said he’s also directed appropriate departments and agencies to review their aid to Egypt, given that some rules say that aid cannot go to governments taken over by military coup. [snip]

    During the current “uncertain period,” the administration expects the Egyptian military “to ensure that the rights of all Egyptian men and women are protected, including the right to peaceful assembly, due process, and free and fair trials in civilian courts,” Obama said. “Moreover, the goal of any political process should be a government that respects the rights of all people, majority and minority; that institutionalizes the checks and balances upon which democracy depends; and that places the interests of the people above party or faction.” [snip]

    “The voices of all those who have protested peacefully must be heard – including those who welcomed today’s developments, and those who have supported President Morsi,” he added. In the interim, I urge all sides to avoid violence and come together to ensure the lasting restoration of Egypt’s democracy.”

    Finally, he said, looking at the longer-term move toward democracy in Egypt: “No transition to democracy comes without difficulty, but in the end it must stay true to the will of the people. An honest, capable and representative government is what ordinary Egyptians seek and what they deserve. The longstanding partnership between the United States and Egypt is based on shared interests and values, and we will continue to work with the Egyptian people to ensure that Egypt’s transition to democracy succeeds.”

    In short Obama wants to protect the Muslim Brotherhood. We don’t recall Obama warning against the arrest of Mubarak. But now Obama is all about protecting the rights of all – by which he means the Muslim Brotherhood because obviously those who support the removal of Morsi don’t have a problem with what has occurred.

    What Obama wants is to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to do what they will to destroy any possible freedom and democracy for the Egyptian people. The Muslim Brotherhood was suppressed for 80 years because its leaders and followers are theocratic totalitarians. Once they became legal they promised they would not run a candidate for president or even enter elections.

    Instead the Muslim Brotherhood entered the elections, took over the government, then changed the Constitution of Egypt to protect themselves and keep themselves in power. These thugs and anti-democrats must never be allowed to seize power again.

    Barack Obama is acting more like a member of the Muslim Brotherhood not like an American let alone the office he occupies.

  71. Happy friggin 4th of July, everyone…let’s look at where our nation is:

    * We just legally welcomed 1,000’s of immigrants today who followed the legal path to citizenship. We welcomed them by our Senate thumbing their collective nose at these people who played by the rules by voting for amnesty for those here illegally.

    * Our POTUS took another vacation…and let’s call that trip to Africa what it was…a VACATION…while our military is denied fireworks this July 4th due to sequestration cuts which aren’t even really cuts but a lower amount of INCREASED spending. And let’s not forget, the PEOPLES’ house…the White House..is closed to visitors.

    * While our POTUS thought we can well afford to send him and his family on this African vacation and then pledge millions of dollars in aid, we have homeless here in Pittsburgh being driven out from their encampments under our bridges because we don’t want them appearing on TV during our glorious Regatta. Hey, Mr. Rooney of the Steelers and retired ambassador to Ireland, after giving Obama your blessing in 2008 and him giving you your so sought after ambassadorship…what about our own?

    * Yet another hidden under the covers news dump that the employer portion of the grand Obamacare is being pushed back to 2015 by executive order even though the LAW..you know, the LAW the Dems pushed through says it should start in 2014. But hey, why let the law get in the way of an election.

    * And that white supremicist who turned out to be Hispanic accused of murder of an innocent African-American child who wasn’t really a child or particularly innocent is now being held under scrutiny for gaining weight to appear more docile according to our ever-vigilant media.

    * Let’s also give a big shout-out to those liberal women in TX who tried to drown out those singing Amazing Grace with chants of “HAIL SATAN” because they want to abort a child in the 20th week and beyond..a viable life in this day and age unless the fetus is subject to Obamacare. I am a pro-choice person for the first trimester, but these women are beyond the pale. Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?


    *Lastly, to my father who died last week…I am sorry my generation has so let down your generation.

    Happy Friggin 4th, folks.


    The Declaration of Independence was approved JULY 4, 1776.

    John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, signed first, saying “the price on my head has just doubled.”

    Next to sign was Secretary, Charles Thomson.

    Benjamin Franklin said:

    “We must hang together or most assuredly we shall hang separately.

    The Declaration refers to God:

    “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God…

    All Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…

    Appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World for the Rectitude of our Intentions…”

    “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

    Many of the 56 signers did in fact lose their “Lives” and “Fortunes” during the war, as did thousands of patriots who sacrificed their Prosperity for their Posterity.

    Continued @ http://www.americanminute.com/

  73. jbstonesfan
    July 3, 2013 at 8:50 pm
    Good to be back. My little dog Monster survived surgery and is cancer free


    yeh! great news JBStones…

  74. Voting Hillary…sorry to hear about the loss of your father…I know how you feel…our generation is so selfish compared to what our fathers did for their country and their families…be well…

  75. Sad News…

    Udall family: Body of senator’s brother found

    Rescue workers have located the body of Sen. Mark Udall’s (D-Colo.) brother, the senator’s family announced late Wednesday.

    James “Randy” Udall, 61, had been missing since last week. He had gone hiking alone in Wyoming.

    “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Randy,” Sen. Udall’s family said in a statement. “Randy’s body was discovered today by the heroic search and rescue team that worked for days to locate him in a remote area of the Wind River Range of Wyoming.”

    Search and rescue parties had begun combing the 225-square-mile Wind River Ridge mountains, where Randy Udall had gone missing. Udall’s family thanked emergency officials for their efforts and said early indications suggested Udall died of natural causes.

    Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/309265-udall-family-body-of-senators-brother-found-#ixzz2Y5E5xX1A

  76. Employer Mandate? Never Mind
    Obama decides not to enforce the heart of his health-care law.
    Wall Street Journal

    These columns fought the Affordable Care Act from start to passage, and we’d now like to apologize to our readers. It turns out we weren’t nearly critical enough. The law’s implementation is turning into a fiasco for the ages, and this week’s version is the lawless White House decision to delay the law’s insurance mandate for businesses, though not for individuals.

    The employer mandate is central to ObamaCare’s claim of providing universal coverage. Companies with 50 or more “employee equivalents” must pay a $2,000 penalty per full-time employee if they don’t provide government-approved health insurance. The provision was supposed to start in January, and delaying it is like Ford saying its electric car is ready to go, except the electric battery doesn’t work.

    WSJ editorial board member Joe Rago on why the White House delayed the ObamaCare employer mandate for a year. Photo credit: Getty Images.

    But all of a sudden on Tuesday evening Mark Mazur—you know him as the deputy assistant Treasury secretary for tax policy—published a blog post canceling the insurance reporting rules and tax enforcement until 2015 as Washington began to evacuate for the long Independence Day weekend. Enjoy the holiday, mate.

    White House fixer Valerie Jarrett tried to contain the fallout with a separate blog post promising that ObamaCare is otherwise “staying the course.” That’s true only if she’s referring to the carelessness and improvisation that have defined the law so far.

    Mr. Mazur cited the “complexity of the requirements” as the reason for the delay. He isn’t talking about business confusion and uncertainty, as damaging as those are. This is probably an admission that Treasury’s information technology isn’t ready to process and cross-check paperwork across the 5.7 million businesses in America, especially the pass-through S-corps and partnerships that file under the individual tax code.

    This is more than a typical government snafu. It relates directly to the design of the law, which was thoughtlessly written and rammed through Congress with instructions for the bureaucracy to figure it all out.

    And, lo, over eight interim final rules, three final rules, 20 requests for comment, 21 proposed rules, one information collection request, two amendments to the interim final rules, six requests for information and one frequently-asked-questions document, the Administration has created an employer-mandate system that, for example, requires business to track and report every full-time employee’s hours of service on a monthly basis.

    Enlarge Image

    President Barack Obama

    Meanwhile, the law stipulates that a full-time workweek for the purposes of the mandate is 30 hours, when general business practice is at least 35. The result is that businesses have been scrambling to insulate themselves from higher labor costs by hiring part-time workers, or splitting shifts, or in some industries like fast food even sharing workers. Small firms trying to expand while avoiding the 50-worker trigger have come to be known as 49ers.

    The delay will help these and other employers avoid immediately higher costs, which is why the main business lobbies endorsed it. But the decision will continue to dampen overall job creation because businesses know they’ll still be whacked in a year. Businesses don’t hire workers with the intention of sacking them later.

    The Administration’s media cheerleaders are nonetheless portraying this as a stroke of political genius to push all the pain past the 2014 elections. But if that’s the goal, it is too clever by half. If Republicans have any sense, they will move immediately to delay the rest of the bill for at least a year too. They should start with the individual mandate to buy insurance or pay a tax.

    Individuals are only supposed to be eligible for ObamaCare’s subsidies if their employer doesn’t offer the right benefits. But how will the Treasury know who qualifies in 2014 if they lack the information that businesses are supposed to provide? Citizens must also pay the individual mandate-tax if they decline coverage from their employer. How will the Treasury verify these offers?
    The WSJ Editorial Page on Facebook

    Please visit our new page for daily updates

    Which brings us to the dubious legality of this delay. The Affordable Care Act’s Section 1513 states in black-letter law that “(d) Effective Date.—The amendments made by this section shall apply to months beginning after December 31, 2013.” It does not say the Administration can impose the mandate whenever it feels it is politically convenient.

    This selective enforcement of laws has become an Administration habit. From immigration (the Dream Act by fiat) to easing welfare reform’s work requirements to selective waivers for No Child Left Behind, the Obama Administration routinely suspends enforcement of or unilaterally rewrites via regulation the laws it dislikes. Now it is doing it again on health care, without any consultation from, much less the approval of, Congress. President Obama probably figures business and Republicans won’t object because they don’t like the law anyway.

    But Republicans should give Mr. Obama the legal authority to suspend the mandate—in return for other concessions. In addition to forcing votes on suspending the individual mandate-tax, this could include repealing the medical device tax and other harmful provisions. Democrats will find it hard to defend an individual mandate-tax now that businesses are spared. And a delay of one year can easily become two, then three, and then past the next Presidential election.

    ObamaCare has become a rolling “train wreck,” in Senator Max Baucus’s memorable phrase, and it gets worse the more of it the public sees. The employer mandate is terrible policy, as the law’s critics said before it passed. Now the Administration is all but admitting it can’t implement it properly, and the task for opponents is to press the concession and begin to delay the rest of the law and dismantle it piece by piece.

  77. Happy Independence Day ~ Admin and Big Pinkers.

    May our independence from the Corrupt One be sooner than 2016.

    Voting Hillary, I’m sorry for the loss of your father.

    jbstonesfan – Great news on your pup.

  78. So sorry for your loss, Voting Hillary. May the memories of your father give you comfort in the days to come.

  79. Yesterday, I spoke with a lawyer who is also a Navy Captain. He made a remark about Obama being a Republican and how today working people do not have a chance. Fine up to there. And that was my opening to suggest that if we had a capable president like Hillary perhaps we might not be in this mess. Whereupon he came immediately to Obama’s defense, and said look at what he inherited, the unified opposition by the Republicans, and the influence of FOX News.

    At that point, my assessment of his political judgment went down like a head shot goose. I told him that Admiral Nimitz inherited a worse mess after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and turned it all around at the Battle of Midway nine months later. I told him that any new president has 180 days from inauguration to move his agenda, and Obama failed to do so, even thought he had 70% ratings, a compliant media, and control of both houses of congress (and a filibusterer proof majority in the Senate). Consequently, he cannot blame others, the fault lies with Obama, and the bottom line is he is no leader.

    Inasmuch as leadership is something that they teach in the Navy and claim to live by, I had reason to believe that those arguments would hit home. To my surprise, none of this moved him at all. Obviously, he voted for Obama both times. And nothing that Obama has done or failed to do seemed to have registered. He told me he felt sorry for Obama because he has been in similar situations where the other party refuses to bend. I told him what I do in those situations is ask myself what can I do to break the impasse and if that does not work, where can I find a club. Obama did neither. Again, no sale.

    If you believe the Rassmussen poll, that 46% of the country still approves of the job Obama is doing, then it becomes obvious that he is not alone, and many of those in that camp are still in a state of magic thinking. They cannot get their brains around the fact that Obama and his minions are destroying a nation and a way of life that have given prosperity and freedom to generations of Americans, and now, on this 237th anniversary of the founding of this nation, the forces of tyranny are in the ascendent.

  80. wbb

    I had reason to believe that those arguments would hit home. To my surprise, none of this moved him at all. Obviously, he voted for Obama both times. And nothing that Obama has done or failed to do seemed to have registered. He told me he felt sorry for Obama because he has been in similar situations where the other party refuses to bend.

    I have run into the exact same way of thinking with all the Obama supporters I have talked to since 2012.

    None of them are proud of Obama’s Presidency, but all make excuses as to why he sucks so badly.

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