Age Of Fake: Clinton Deal With Obama For Hillary Clinton 2016; Plus Power And Rice

We’re deep into the Age Of Fake and we are in Borgia Italy folks. To borrow the understatement of the decade from Eric Holder: “Things have gotten a little out of whack”.

Our Big Pink memo to Bill Clinton: “you better get a clue.” Barack Obama is campaigning with the only Republican that polls say has a shot against Hillary Clinton 2016 (Gallup: America’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Chris Christie) and Samantha Power who called Hillary a “monster” is getting a big job along with a bigger job for Hillary hater Susan Rice and you won’t speak out against the threat to America and the world represented by Barack Obama? Get a clue Bill.

The economy? Fake, fake, fake.

* * * * * *

The stock market fell dramatically today. It closed lower than 200 points. An ADP report shows job creation still stalled and that is what many blame for the hit. But this is Borgia Italy, not a 21st century democracy, so it is not that simple.

A June 3rd report (in the New York Times!) caught our eyes as an explanation for what is happening to the Obama economy but few have noticed or commented on its significance:

Behind the Rise in House Prices, Wall Street Buyers

The last time the housing market was this hot in Phoenix and Las Vegas, the buyers pushing up prices were mostly small time. Nowadays, they are big time — Wall Street big.

Large investment firms have spent billions of dollars over the last year buying homes in some of the nation’s most depressed markets. The influx has been so great, and the resulting price gains so big, that ordinary buyers are feeling squeezed out. Some are already wondering if prices will slump anew if the big money stops flowing.

The growth is being propelled by institutional money,” said Suzanne Mistretta, an analyst at Fitch Ratings. “The question is how much the change in prices really reflects market demand, rather than one-off market shifts that may not be around in a couple years.”

Wall Street played a central role in the last housing boom by supplying easy — and, in retrospect, risky — mortgage financing. Now, investment companies like the Blackstone Group have swooped in, buying thousands of houses in the same areas where the financial crisis hit hardest. [snip]

Those gains, in turn, have been at the leading edge of rising home prices nationwide. [snip]

Investment companies are buying up rundown homes at a time when ordinary people can’t or won’t. [snip]

That is helping to shore up prices and create confidence in the broader markets.

“When people write the story of this housing recovery, these investors will be seen to have helped put the floor under the housing market,” said David Bragg, an analyst at Green Street Advisors. “In some of the key markets, that contributed to the recovery.” [snip]

“The thing that scares me is the values going up so quickly,” said Mr. Cusumano. “That’s what happened before and that’s what’s scaring me. Is this going to happen again?” [snip]

In a sign of the potential peril ahead, some of the investment firms have recently taken the first steps to cash out.”

It’s a pump and dump. It’s pump, dump, slump. The Federal Reserve is pumping up the stock market and investment firms are pumping up the housing market. It is all a fake. The suckers are coming in and the big money is getting out. The big money will do well, the suckers… chumps.

The rise in home prices and real estate generally has been hyped as the great indicator of the recovered Obama economy. But it’s just a gilded invitation to a Red Wedding:

“Report: US hasn’t seen expected ‘Great Recovery’

The expected U.S. “Great Recovery” hasn’t materialized and the economy has fallen short of even normal growth, according to a forecast released Wednesday.

The second-quarter UCLA Anderson Forecast said the growth of real gross domestic product – meaning the inflation-adjusted value of goods and services produced – is too small to help the nation climb out of its slump.

The figure was 15.4 percent below a “normal” growth trend, forecast director Edward Leamer wrote.

“To get back to that 3 percent trend, we would need 4 percent growth for 15 years, or 5 percent growth for eight years, or 6 percent growth for five years, not the disappointing twos and threes we have been racking up recently,” he said.

It’s not a recovery. It’s not even normal growth. It’s bad,” he wrote.”

It’s Borgia Italy. According to the report, “The figures will get a boost from a recovering housing market….” What “recovering housing market”?

“Unemployment should fall to 6.9 percent next year and 6.6 percent by 2015, according to the forecast – partly due, however, to discouraged workers dropping out of the labor force.

Leamer said that while jobs are being created, “the tepid growth continues to obscure the nation’s most fundamental problems: too much government spending funded with too much borrowing, too little national savings to cover late-in-life health care issues and too many workers lacking the skills to compete in the modern economy,” according to a University of California, Los Angeles press statement.

In addition, the jobs being created may not provide workers with a secure future and the education system is failing to provide skills such as analytical thinking that will be crucial for future workers, he wrote.”

It’s Borgia Italy. It’s America in Barack World. It’s the Age Of Fake. This past Saturday we were treated with a full Borgia Italy story:

“Obama was pushed by Clintons into endorsement of Hillary in 2016: book

President Obama made a secret deal to support Hillary Clinton when she runs for president in 2016, campaign sources say, payback for the support her husband gave him in 2012.

Bill Clinton’s animosity toward Obama is legendary. A year before the last election, he was urging Hillary to challenge the sitting president for the nomination — a move she rejected.

According to two people who attended that meeting in Chappaqua, Bill Clinton then went on a rant against Obama.”

Our regular long time readers will recall the behind the tapestry Borgia Italy machinations and long knives which we wrote about as they happened. The worry was such in the Obama CREEP that they began to run ads in late 2011 in order to pump up Obama’s poll numbers and prevent a Hillary challenge. This is some of what we wrote in June 2011:

“When we talk about “save the world” it is in the sense that someone has to be around to talk sense when American ally Mubarak is flung out and a wide open invitation to the Muslim Brotherhood is issued by Obama.

The bus might blow up this September and someone must be there to prevent treachery and boobery from killing us all. But at the same time, the bus must be stopped and there is only one person who can stop it and not blow it up too.

* * * * * *

Every American should be agitated by the prospect of no Hillary to block or inside-organize against Barack Obama, particularly as September approaches. Hillary Clinton will be indispensable this September when at the United Nations plots to destroy Israel will rise once more and there must be someone genuinely committed to the security of Israel.”

Susan Rice was at the U.N. doing Barack Obama’s bidding in 2011. It was urgent to get rid of Obama. We were able to explain only partially in that article what was going on behind the scenes even as Bill Clinton kept up his attacks on Barack Obama.

By December 2011 we were free to explain with much more clarity:

“By summer we were led to understand something was going to happen in September that might cause a change in the line of succession in the United States. Originally Barack Obama was set to stab Israel in the back at the United Nations and that Obama treachery would have had domestic consequences and a possible resignation. But that treachery was averted by Palestinian bumbling and miscalculations at the U.N. and a smart Hillary Clinton.

Something else, something much more important, then happened on September 13. As we tried to piece together the information we received piecemeal, in order to finish our promised articles, more information came into our possession.

The information we received was that votes were being taken at labor union executive meetings asking about Barack Obama. What we were told, from long time reliable friends and sources, was that certain U.S. Senators and Democrats were requesting union locals to survey their boards on the question of whether Barack Obama deserved reelection. What was odd was that the unions were asked to tape record the responses and provide them to these senators.

The responses were not what our sources expected. What we were told happened at these private executive board meetings was a wave of yelled anger against Barack Obama. The board members who did the most yelling and expressed the most anger were black women and black men members of the various executive committees.

As we called other sources to ask about the meaning of these votes, to be tape recorded, we were asked to let things play out and not expose these votes. We complied with these requests so that the meetings could proceed without interruption. We complied because there were other activities and non-activities which persuaded us that was the right course to take.”

On September 13, 2011 the victory by Republican Bob Turner in the race for the district formerly represented by Anthony Weiner forced Barack Obama’s hand at the United Nations. The fear was that in a district that should have been an easy win for an Obama Dimocrat the power player Obama Dimocrat lost and the big issue was Israel. The public calls by people like Schoen and Caddell for Hillary Clinton to challenge Barack Obama were doomed to go unanswered.

Barack Obama was worried about a potential Hillary Clinton challenge in 2012. We repeatedly wrote that Hillary would not openly stage a nomination fight. The fight was behind the scenes, behind tapestries, with long swords and short knives. After the potential coup was prevented in late 2011 Barack Obama thought he was through with the Clintons. But once again Obama was wrong:

“For his part, Obama wasn’t interested in Bill Clinton upstaging him during the presidential campaign. He resisted giving him any role at the convention.

But as last summer wore on, and Democrat enthusiasm waned, chief political strategist David Axelrod convinced the president that he needed Bill Clinton’s mojo.

A deal was struck: Clinton would give the key nominating speech at the convention, and a full-throated endorsement of Obama. In exchange, Obama would endorse Hillary Clinton as his successor.

Clinton’s speech was as promised; columnists pointed out the surprising enthusiasm in which he described the president. It also lived up to Obama’s fears, as more people talked about Clinton’s speech in the weeks following than his own.”

Again, we wrote about the lunge and parry of the Bill Clinton speech in North Carolina. Bill deliberately provoked Barack by demonstrating real oratorical skills he knew would overshadow Obama’s flaccid skills.

Bill Clinton also kept Barack Obama waiting in the back as Bill provided the full speech the Obama henchmen had earlier tried to shorten. Valerie Jarrett and Barack ‘I won’t be kept waiting’ fumed even as Barack had to force a smile – knowing full well that Bill knew that Barack knew that Bill knew that Barack knew that there was nothing Barack could do because he needed Bill more than Bill needed Barack.

There were other bits of fighting which we documented. On Bill Clinton speech night it was Monica Lewinsky’s Rabbi that spoke at the invitation of Obama’s convention planners. The night before the Bill Clinton speech a video of Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama over Hillary in 2008 was the main attraction. Bill Clinton’s closest aide, Doug Band, let it be known he was voting for Mitt Romney. Bill Clinton had some good things to say to Paul Ryan and Youtube was there. Bill Clinton also defending Mitt Romney on the most important line of attack, Bain Capital, launched by Obama’s thugs.

What was Bill Clinton up to? Charles Krauthammer called Bill Clinton “a double agent for the GOP”. Bill Clinton knew it was up to Mitt Romney to make the case and sadly it was increasingly clear that Mitt Romney might make a good president but his campaign skills were sub par along with his campaign.

Bill Clinton also knew he had to gull dimwitted Obama supporters away from their Hillary hate. Bill and HillaryLand knew that the Obama hierarchy of Hillary hate would not abide Hillary but the voters could be swayed. Bill swayed.

But Obama and the hierarchy of Hillary hate henchmen will do everything to prevent Hillary Clinton from getting the 2016 nomination, as we have repeatedly written. Obama’s word cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted:

“But after his re-election, Obama began to have second thoughts. He would prefer to stay neutral in the next election, as is traditional of outgoing presidents.

Bill Clinton went ballistic and threatened retaliation. Obama backed down. He called his favorite journalist, Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes,” and offered an unprecedented “farewell interview” with departing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The result was a slobbering televised love-in — and an embarrassment to all concerned.

It is just one of the debacles that have marked Obama’s second term, from Benghazi to the IRS scandal. While he was effective on the campaign trail, once in the Oval Office, he becomes a different person, one who derives no joy from the cut and thrust of day-to-day politics and who is inept in the arts of management and governance.

Obama has made a lot of promises — and nothing ever happened. [snip]

He may yet try to back out of his promise to Hillary Clinton. But as Obama’s presidency sinks deeper into scandal and inaction, the question is — will Clinton even still want his endorsement?

Only Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton can confirm or refute this “deal” report. Much of it jibes with what we have been told. Um, what, um, difference, um at this point, um does this make – to borrow the Hillary sentence that makes many see red?

If you think that we live in a 21st century democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people, we understand why you are outraged and will scream at the idea of a “deal”, especially one with such dastardly results.

For those whose political passports read “Borgia Italy” the anger is not as treasured as compared to what comes next. For Bill and Hillary Clinton we will continue to monitor their war against Barack Obama. As we have written:

In 2016 the greatest threat to Hillary Clinton is once again Barack Obama – and his legacy of weakness and profligacy. Tie Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama and she loses.”

For the Democratic Party it is important to fumigate the Obama thugs from the party. The only way to do that is to give the Clintons control, have a bloodbath in the party, then proceed to accomplish things for the country in a healthy issues fight, not race-baiting, with the Republican Party.

For the country, the future is dire. Those who say “to hell with the Clintons” and make relativistic drudges about “no difference” you’ll be nonplussed at American foreign policy under control of Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power.

Tom Donilon was a Hillary hater and an all around horror. Now, Donilon out, Rice to be new National Security Adviser. Susan Rice on Benghazi is nothing compared to the treachery against Israel that was planned for September 2011 by the same Susan Rice. Samantha Power to replace Rice at UN is the apex of treachery and horror:

In 2002, Power told a Berkeley interviewer that she would advise a President to put together a “massive” Western military coalition to occupy Israel and the Palestinian territories in order to impose “a solution on unwilling parties.” On top of that, she told Harry Kreisler that this should be done even though it “might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import.” That would be the Jews in America, in case the subtlety didn’t come across:”

If you think things are bad now, on the economy and foreign policy, they are about to get worse.


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  1. Susan Rice’s new domain.

    The National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of US customers of Verizon, one of America’s largest telecoms providers, under a top secret court order issued in April.

    The order, a copy of which has been obtained by the Guardian, requires Verizon on an “ongoing, daily basis” to give the NSA information on all telephone calls in its systems, both within the US and between the US and other countries.

    Revealed: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily.

  2. Thanks Admin…I’m sure that Barry will hold a presser telling the citizens that he’s just outraged after he reads about it in the paper.


    In a 2007 interview she gave while a professor at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, since scrubbed from the school’s website, she seemed to lay some blame for the Iraq War on the Israelis and their advocates in the United States:

    Another longstanding foreign policy flaw is the degree to which special interests dictate the way in which the “national interest” as a whole is defined and pursued . . . America’s important historic relationship with Israel has often led foreign policy decision-makers to defer reflexively to Israeli security assessments, and to replicate Israeli tactics, which, as the war in Lebanon last summer demonstrated, can turn out to be counter-productive.

    So greater regard for international institutions along with less automatic deference to special interests–especially when it comes to matters of life and death and war and peace–seem to be two take-aways from the war in Iraq.

  4. Our Big Pink memo to Bill Clinton: “you better get a clue.” Barack Obama is campaigning with the only Republican that polls say has a shot against Hillary Clinton 2016 (Gallup: America’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Chris Christie) and Samantha Power who called Hillary a “monster” is getting a big job along with a bigger job for Hillary hater Susan Rice and you won’t speak out against the threat to America and the world represented by Barack Obama? Get a clue Bill.
    Admin: you are one of the few I see who get it. If Obama helps elect Christy over Hillary he can retain control of the party. The non-alliance alliance I mentioned earlier needs to form. Otherwise we will get out-maneuevered again–by the Obama-big media cartel. The media will embrace Christy as well. One of the mistakes the cartel made however was using a punk like Plouffe to attack Issa.

    My point is not that Plouffe is an idiot, but that another idiot besides him, higher up the food chain would think it is sound strategy for an administration beset with multiple scandals to launch a pre emptive attack against a talented ambitious Republican who is coming at them with subpoenas and a look in his eye that says here’s looking at you kid. Put differently, don’t fuck with Hoppie. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air explains why this is idiots delight.

    Plouffe’s decision to trash Issa in such a personal way stunned Plouffe admirers who privately fret about poking such an ambitious and unpredictable adversary in the eye, fearing it will only reinforce the California Republican’s determination to prove that the orders to scrutinize conservative groups came from high-ranking administration officials.

    “I love Plouffe for doing it, but this may end up causing us more trouble in the long run,” said one longtime Obama aide, echoing the comments of several senior Democrats interviewed by POLITICO.

    “Generally, those with subpoena power don’t get a two-by-four against the head,” said Issa ally Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), referring to broad authority vested in Issa as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

    “Does the White House really need to out-source the pit bull stuff?” added Chaffetz. “It was a very aggressive statement from someone who is known to be very calculating and sure of themselves. He is usually not one to just tee off indiscriminately, so they must think it serves a purpose. I don’t know what it good it does to have a guy that close to the president say that kind of thing.”

    I’d guess this negates the “IRS scandal was too stupid to be political” defense, huh? Plouffe remains unrepentant:

    “If he behaves himself I am happy to never think about him again,” Plouffe told POLITICO. “I do think it’s highly relevant for the media to examine Congress’s top cop both in terms of how he is handling the current situation but also his background. He is a man in the spotlight — the American people should and will be eager for more info on who the inquisitor is. … My tweet was aggressive, but sometimes that is what it takes to break through. … Is he a liability to the GOP and their scandal playbook?”

    The “scandal playbook,” as Plouffe calls it, has more than one section. As chair of Oversight, Issa has broad authority to conduct hearings and investigations into all of these scandals, but it’s not the only platform for those investigations. House Judiciary chair Bob Goodlatte is threatening subpoenas over Holder’s false statement on May 15th. Ways and Means (where Issa is a member) is holding a series of hearings into the IRS scandal. Will Plouffe try digging up dirt on all of these committee chairs to throw in the air as shiny distractions for the media?

    Well, he might … but after seeing what the Obama administration did with the AP and James Rosen, they don’t seem nearly as eager to go along with the White House media strategy. And don’t bet on Issa to get intimidated by a cheap-talking flack.

    (Note: passion is lord of reason where plouffe is concerned. His tweet was not aggressive. It was hot headed, stupid, and in the final analysis counter productive for his side. As more scandal unfolds, what is his fall back position. He can try the race card again, but it is so dog eared it no longer works)

  5. Actually, I am glad Plouffe made the mistake of attacking Issa. At some point, the Obama group will pressure Boehner based on things I have alluded to here before. And Boehner will be inclined to do his usual 10 point belly flop from the high board.

    Now that Plouffe has opened his clap trap mouth however, Issa will have a personal motive as well as a professional one to pursue all of these investigations aggressively, and by that I mean aggressively–not in the sense that Plouffe tries to justify his intemperate tweets, but to the end……

    Consequently, when Boehner responds to pressure, and begs Issa to back off for the good of the party, or some such nonsense, he may find that Issa is in hot pursuit of the quarry and not interested in giving up on the hunt. In other words, Boehner’s infamous Neville Chamberlain routine may not works so well this time around.

  6. I’ve barely started reading Admins post and I already have to jump in with a comment…

    “But this is Borgia Italy, not a 21st century democracy, so it is not that simple.”

    Good old Borgia DC, oh how true. To rid yourself of your sins, you just have to pay Pope Obama.

    And MO probably thinks she is as pretty as Lucrezia………. oh yea, sure – 😆 😆 😆

  7. I have been hearing rumblings from knowledgeable people that the market is due for an “adjustment”. As that stops rising, the economy (and O’s polls) will tank. This could be bad (the economy, not the polls).

    I have also had a first hand experience with the new real estate industry, as some realtors moved in next door. She has owned the place 9 years and rented it out, then let it go abandoned, in disrepair and foreclosure. About six months ago, they renovated and then moved in. She is a real estate agent and he is a mortgage loan approver with an LLC that is buying up real estate, despite the fact he had a bankruptcy just 5 years ago. He bought the house on the other side of them and flipped it, selling it to another real estate investment company for a 45% profit. Nice payola for loan approvals, I assume.

    They started causing nuisance by my property and then were trespassing, vandalizing and harassing me. I believe they thought they could run me out and get the place for cheap from my landlady. Just for fun, I guess. Greedy Freaks. I am standing my ground. They are supposedly selling the place they are in and moving out. I called the law on them three times and complained to everyone who would listen. They have one more week before I file a complaint on their licenses for predatory real estate practices.

  8. The only explanation for this move that I can think of for attacking Issa in this manner is they are running scared. Plouffe is too stupid to be scared, but his masters probably are. And their allies in congress who are facing a tough election campaign next year, preceded by the Obamacare train wreck have got to be wondering what is the next scandal coming down the path from this administration and will it cost me my own job.



  9. Lu4PUMA
    June 5, 2013 at 10:01 pm
    Five times a day or more, I wonder, is that what it will take to convince the public that Obama is the problem.

    That plus an Obama care train wreck.

    With seven scandals surrounding him, he is back up to 50% approval.

    Obviously, then, scandals that so not affect them personally do not register.

    Concerns centering upon the future, the constitution and whether the country will survive are as distant to their consciousness than the planet Pluto.

  10. Finally some real meat to chew on, I am still reading Admins post, word for word…going back to make sure it sinks in. Still reading, ever so slowly to enjoy some real information.


  11. If you think that we live in a 21st century democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people, we understand why you are outraged and will scream at the idea of a “deal”, especially one with such dastardly results.
    No. It is a bit more than that. The Clintons were badly abused by the Obama forces qua big media. Based on that there was no reason for them to accept the role of oxen for the Obama campaign. I can think of no precedent for that in either party. Typically, the non-prevaling candidate is allowed to move off stage and let the prevailing party move forward. Here that did not happen. You could argue that a quid pro quo was reached that is she campaigned for him, and he won, then he would make her secretary of state like Madelyn Albright had been. This would provide her with a platform to work for women around the world, and to start her own foundation. So she got the job, Obama people used their media sources to attack her until everyone was satisfied that the Clintons were resigned to worshiping Obama, just like the bots. Did her supporters believe it–not here. But elsewhere yes, definitely. And then we began hearing this stuff about the greatest SOS since Acheson, but until after she made it clear that she would not challenge him in 2012, and after she covered for him on the Benghazi mess. Obama had a major problem among working class whites in battleground states. The only one who could win those states for him was Bill. Bill put out for him and campaigned for him, and endorsed him at the convention, with the understanding that he would endorse Hillary four years later if she decided to run. In doing that, Bill helped put the country at risk for another thousand days. That is a bad deal for the country, and it was a bad deal for Bill too. But that was not clear to him until Obama got what he wanted from Bill and then reneged. As you say, Bill had better get a clue. And so should the dumb as owl shit Republicans. They can either hang together or they can hang separately. It is time for Bill and George HW to get back together, if the old man is still mentally competent. That is the only way to save the country.

  12. I read the other day that big Dim supporters are all of a sudden giving campaign money to Christie.

    Before Christie fell in love with his Baracko, he would always call a spade a spade, and I liked that about him.

    Now, he is in love, got the stomach clamp going for him, so in 2016 he might fit into a normal size auto, and maybe Barry will hold his hand when he has to have surgery to get rid of all that extra skin.

    Two peas in a sick pod. Christie sold out.

    I don’t believe that Christie has a chance in Hell winning against Hillary, but vote cheating controlled by the Obama thugs could do it.

  13. He blinked. I am sorry to see that. I wanted him to stay on, like the albatross in the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. But his departure, whenever it happens, will make it much harder for Obama to manage these scandals one. So there is that silver lining.
    Holder said that he has no intention of stepping down NOW and that he still has things that he wants to do and has discussed them with President Barack Obama. He said that once he’s finished with those tasks, he and the president will determine when it’s time to transition to a new attorney general. (Emphasis added)

    Read more:

  14. Obama had better fear the Clinton’s over the next three years.

    He is barely a comic book figure, and both Clinton’s are on a cosmic roll in big circles.

    Hillary’s poll numbers are almost at sainthood levels.

    The best Barry can do is lie, cheat and boast.

    He’s a joke that isn’t funny.

  15. The congressman himself hasn’t suggested that Plouffe or the president have done anything wrong in the IRS case — but he has said he thinks the trail leads to the White House and Plouffe’s attack only seemed to spur him forward.

    A spokesman didn’t return a request for comment on Tuesday.

    “Looks like the chairman hit a nerve today. Hopefully President Obama follows Plouffe on Twitter and [we] may finally see some information from a senior adviser about what’s going on at the IRS,” Issa spokesman Frederick Hill told CNN shortly after the tweet appeared.

    On his Twitter account, National Review correspondent Jim Geraghty suggested, tongue in cheek: “David Plouffe bringing up a dropped charge from 1980 against Issa doesn’t suggest panic on his part at all, right?”
    This should be enough for anyone who needs convincing that this was a stupid move by Plouffe. And, no doubt, a desperate one.

    Read more:

  16. It’s surprising that Bill would have ever trusted Obama to make good on his part of the bargain, four years into the future, after he had gotten what he wanted from Bill. How could Clinton not have known the full extent of Obama’s treachery? Makes you wonder whether Bill underestimated Obama’s sleaziness, or overestimated his own influence. Something just doesn’t add up. Could it be that if Bill actually did make this deal with the devil, other Dem heavyweights were part of the bargain, as well, pledging their support for Hillary, if Bill would help Obama get reelected. They would be more likely to need Bill’s help in 2016, and less likely to double cross the Big Dawg. To strike this kind of deal with Obama, with no way to actually force him to pony up – after the fact, seems like a pretty stupid thing to do.

    Regarding the IRS scandal, and Eric Holder’s criminal behavior – the fact that more Democrats are not condemning these efforts to bully Americans and to control and limit free speech, s shameful. They should be genuinely outraged and calling for a full and REAL investigation.

  17. I think Bill not showing some support for Obama in 2012 was more complicated than just trusting Barry’s word.

    First, it is almost expected with leaders of the Democratic party to come out at the convention and speak for a second term candidate. Also, to do some campaigning for them. Carter is DOA in this area, so Bill is the only other past Democratic President to pick from.

    No one in the Democratic party is as loved these days as our past, successful President Clinton.

    Second, to complicate matters, Barry’s SOS, the wife of the President that he ran against -was still in his cabinet, working her fingers to the bone and if Bill said, “Screw you Obama, I won’t help you out, but don’t take it out on Hillary as your SOS”…this would have caused even more ciaos between the Clinton’s and Obama’s.

    Did Bill have to do such a bang up job at the convention, yes – because Bill, just like Hillary does not do a half assed job of anything.

    But now that Hillary is out of the State Dept, there is little reason for the Clinton’s to ever pretend to trust him again. Let’s see how this new era of freedom for Hillary turns out over the next few months, while she lives her life the way she wants to live it, and writes her book.

    Obama has every reason to be very worried, and with that fear I am sure his dogs are throwing out some sort of threats to the Clinton’s to keep his incompetency a secret.

  18. Also, with all the scandals ablaze, the Clinton’s are probably sharing a big bowl of popcorn with us.

  19. I have been asking myself why Plouffe would launch a scurrilous and easily rebutted attack on someone like Issa? After all, Issa is investigating multiple scandals surrounding his administration, and holds the power of subpoena over the head of Obama like the sword of Damocles. Others inside the administration are nervous about Plouffe’s little ploy. They are asking themselves the same question, according to Ed Driscol. The best answer I could come up with was stupidity. And stupidity it was, if the objective was to get Issa to back off. If anything this will further incent him to resist Boeher when he starts to raise the white flag.

    Upon further reflection two additional reasons occurred to me, which I find mildly encouraging.

    The first reason could be to test the media reaction of the media. During the 2008 campaign, big media took the innocent comments that Hillary made in South Dakota and twisted them into a death wish for Obama. The son of RFK and the South Dakota newspaper protested this slander, but big media would not be deterred. Their goal was to destroy Hillary, and to discourage her supporters. Therefore, the Obama campaign people, who are now in the White House, were keen to know whether big media would take this particular lie–that Issa was a car thief and arsonist and run with it, in the same manner they gladly ran with the story that Hillary was waiting for Obama to go the way of RFK. They were particularly keen to know whether the disclosure that the Administration was secretly spying on them would again do their bidding. They got their answer and it was not good from their perspective. They cannot count on the unconditional support of big media going forward, as they once could. That support will now be conditional only.

    The second reason involved internal morale. Years ago there was a movie called The Enemy Below. It depicts a battle between an American destroyer captain and a German U-Boat captain somewhere in the North Atlantic during World War II. At one point, the U-Boat captain fires off his torpedoes, misses the target and is forced to retreat to the ocean floor and wait a succession of depth charges, any one of which could spell doom for the officers and men. Seeing the terror on his men’s faces, the U-Boat captain decides to defy the odds, and put on a rousing German song about Nazi fellowship. He does this to restore the flagging morale of his crew. In some respects the Obama Administration is in a similar position. These scandals, particularly those involving the IRS involve criminal liability for those in the White House if Issa’s theory proves true. In such an environment, Plough’s attack on Issa may be an attempt on is part to restore flagging morale. If so, then this Administration is wilting faster than I anticipated.

  20. No one in the Democratic party is as loved these days as our past, successful President Clinton.

    I almost cringe at having said this when I think of how loved Hillary is by millions, but I also know millions are afraid of the strength of this woman, and hate her for it.

  21. We’re deep into the Age Of Fake and we are in Borgia Italy folks. To borrow the understatement of the decade from Eric Holder: “Things have gotten a little out of whack”.

    Our Big Pink memo to Bill Clinton: “you better get a clue.” Barack Obama is campaigning with the only Republican that polls say has a shot against Hillary Clinton 2016 (Gallup: America’s got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Chris Christie) and Samantha Power who called Hillary a “monster” is getting a big job along with a bigger job for Hillary hater Susan Rice and you won’t speak out against the threat to America and the world represented by Barack Obama? Get a clue Bill.
    I see we watch the same cabel shows!. Disappointed in the Red Wedding. They did not do it justice,all the high points, none of the nuances. Shame.

    Evil walks in the WH, true evil. I do not know that even BC has a clue as to what he really is up against. I can’t believe how many scandals and 50% approval…wasn’t it just 43? How can this be true?

    I was thinking today, as a former “Northerner”, and present “Southerner”,how close are we to a second Civil War? I don’t think we have the stomach for it, but the blue and red states couldn’t be more opposite. Growing up, I do think we of the North considered ourselves superior, not only had we won the war, freed the slaves, we were so much “smarter” than those “crackers”.

    I now realize, among other things, we won the war because of the endless supply of immigrants that were forced into uniform upon leaving the boat. We would have lost the war a long time ago if they had not been forced into service. That and a man named Lincoln. But the degradation of the Southern intellect by the Northern elite, much the same as today.

    The South will rise again.

  22. One advantage the Clintons have now. They are both out of government and can devote all their attention to the political side. Between the two of them, one would think they could come up with a strategy to defeat Obama. I suspect they have the goods on him now. But much depends on what they do with them. If these scandals can be traced to the White House then Obama is through. That is where alliances must be formed. I see what Obama is doing now as a contraction. I think it is going to get pretty rough for him in the future. The free ride is about over. He is battening down the hatches. Somebody needs to pull the sea cock.

  23. Larry is not as thrilled with President Obama’s selection of that paragon of intellect and virtue as Susan Rice as big media is. He is right about one thing. We are entering a period of peril, especially when we have bootlickers like General Dempsey in the picture. No spine.

    “Here is our choice with Susan Rice–either she is just plain stupid or she cares not a whit about her own credibility. She was given a sack of odiferous excrement and eagerly scampered around Washington telling all who would listen that it was chocolate mousse.

    So we are putting that prattling twit in charge of the National Security Council? Once she is installed we will enter a period of enormous peril for the United States. Rice is ill-equipped to perform the role of National Security advisor. She is a hot head and, by virtue of her abysmal post-Benghazi performance, not smart enough to avoid land mines and political pitfalls. With her whispering in the ear of Barack Obama the risk of falling into a war or failing to take action to thwart a war increases.”

  24. I went to the Spectator to read an found this…

    The American Spectator is under the watchful eye of the Obama Administration! Since January 1, 2013, federal government has been on the website 81,164 times, with the IRS, Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security leading the way.

    It’s true The American Spectator has seen the likes of Barack Obama before. Arrogant, unfailingly sure of his own righteousness, and willing to do anything to hold on to the reins of power—even going so far as to encourage and oversee the harassment of his administration’s critics, as we’ve seen in the recent revelations about the IRS targeting conservative groups. The American Spectator has been on the receiving end of this type of harassment before, with a year-long investigation from Clinton’s Justice Department.

    The lesson was this: When you face a bully, you can’t back down. We didn’t back down when confronting corruption in the Clinton administration, and conservatives mustn’t back down in confronting Obama’s IRS, phone tapping, and Benghazi scandals.

    I hope you agree that this is a worthwhile effort. I believe you do. That’s why we need your support with a tax-deductible contribution to The American Spectator, so we can take the Obama administration to task for their rampant corruption.

  25. The American Spectator is under the watchful eye of the Obama Administration! Since January 1, 2013, federal government has been on the website 81,164 times, with the IRS, Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security leading the way.
    Only 81,164 times? Someone must have told them it was a porn site. Next to tea parties, porn sites are their greatest fixation.

  26. Somebody needs to pull the sea cock.

    Holy smokes, that sounds nasty.

    Had to google another one of your terms. 😉

  27. I wonder what Nixon’s poll numbers were before he turned in that incriminating tape.

    Barry still in mid 40’s to 50, sound fishy. Either the public is not paying attention or the numbers are fixed?

  28. Dick Heller, i.e. the man who took on D.C.’s gun ban resulting in the landmark 2008 Supreme Court ruling that affirmed the right to bear arms for self-defense told the National Press Club today:


    In the face of today’s “gentle tyranny,” according to Heller, “the brown shirts have invaded the privacy and sanctity, or sacredness, of our free press which affects some people in this room.”

    “So now, perhaps, our position on the Second Amendment, may not seem so extreme as it did before,” he said. “…The pen is mightier than the sword, but right now, I think the press is in more danger than the Second Amendment.”

    “A war on the First Amendment is truly a war on the Second Amendment, and vice versa. I appreciate being able to read six newspapers every morning, and seven on Friday. What the press does on a daily basis, for the sake of freedom, is the most important task of all. I’m concerned that the new harassment of journalists is merely the camel’s nose under the tent, so I hope we can move forward together, not only to protect both of them, but to assure that newsworthy events associated with firearms, and their use, are given fair coverage by the media.”

  29. Shadowfax
    June 6, 2013 at 2:51 am

    Somebody needs to pull the sea cock.

    Holy smokes, that sounds nasty.

    Had to google another one of your terms. 😉

    If you want to scuttle a fishing boat, and collect the insurance, that is one way to do it.

    However it is unlawful and if discovered voids the obligation of the insurer to pay.

    Nevertheless, it has been known to happen.

  30. Morris is not the Delphic Oracle. His prediction of a Romney landslide was not quite accurate. Therefore, we are entitled to take the following with a grain of salt. But as long as he stays in France, maybe his luck will improve. And ours along with it. But I hope you will understand when I say bullshit when he tells me to stay patient because the end of Obama will come. Hopefully that will happen before January 20, 2017. We are passing the point of no return.

    What’s Holding Obama Up?
    Published on on June 5, 2013

    Printer-Friendly Version

    Why does Obama boast an average approval rating of 48 percent when he scores terribly on each issue he is now handling? Here’s the rundown in the latest Bloomberg News poll:

    Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s handling of ______?


    Approve: 42% Disapprove: 53%


    Approve: 40% Disapprove: 56%

    Budget Deficit

    Approve: 32% Disapprove: 59%


    Approve: 51% Disapprove: 40%

    Economic Security

    Approve: 42% Disapprove: 51%


    Approve:40% Disapprove: 49%


    Approve: 31% Disapprove: 51%

    And the focus on Obama’s scandals is cutting deep with the American people.By 48 percent to 31 percent, Bloomberg found that Americans believe that the “extra scrutiny” the IRS gave to conservative groups was “politically motivated” and not “a product of bureaucratic shortcuts.”

    Forty-seven percent of Americans said Obama “is not being truthful when he says he didn’t have prior knowledge of the extra scrutiny the IRS gave to conservative groups and that he learned about it through the news media.” Only 40 percent said he was “being truthful.”(also Bloomberg)

    A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found that the majority of voters felt that “the Administration’s handling” of each of its three major scandals “raises doubts” about “the overall honesty and integrity of the Obama Administration.”

    A. On Benghazi 58 percent said it raised doubts and 27 percent said it did not.

    B. On the subpoena of journalists’ phone records, it was 58 percent versus 23 percent.

    C. And on the IRS targeting of conservative groups, 55 reported doubts and 26 percent did not.

    So it’s logical to ask what is holding Obama’s approval ratings up at 48 percent when his approval on key issues is down in the 40 percent to 42 percent range and his handling of scandals is so universally derided?

    The answer is, of course, demographics. African-Americans, Latinos, gays, students, and single white women are so frightened of a world without Obama and so alienated from Republicans that they dare not give the president overall negative ratings.

    Will they ever? Yes. When the scandals reach the point where they cannot avoid it and when the Republicans stop alienating these groups.

    Immigration reform will the first break in the ice because it will remove the single issue that most holds Latinos captive to the Democratic Party. On abortion, the administration’s ability to wave Roe v. Wade as its banner guarantees the 2-to-1 support of single white women, about 20 percent of the electorate.

    But ObamaCare offers the best option for bringing down Obama’s popularity. This signature program, so closely identified with his presidency, is becoming more and more unpopular as it nears implementation. Obama’s efforts to shore up its approval ratings are only likely to identify him more with its failings. The premium increases, the taxes and fines on young people, and the rationing of care to the elderly will become ever more apparent. And who can believe now that it ought to be administered by this Internal Revenue Service?

    Bringing down Obama will take time, but the polling shows progress. Keep at it.

  31. Lu4Puma, the New York Times article has more details on the real estate market that was not in our article. It jibes with your comment. One of the similarities is that there is not much upkeep to the properties the investment banks own. It’s pump-dump-slump. Right now it is profit taking time.

  32. Yea. I just read it. Morris is full of shit. Passing the amnesty first, border security last will annihilate the Republican Party. They will lose their base, and will not get a single Mexican vote for doing it. Not one. They are a natural constituency for the other party until they attain some level of material prosperity. Prior to that they will support the party of the dole which is of course the party of Obama. Morris resides in Philadelphia but his perspective does not extend far beyond the beltway, even when he is in France.

  33. In recent years we feel a sense of embarrassment when we speak with veterans. What they sacrificed and fought for compared to what we the subsequent generations have done is our source of shame and embarrassment.

  34. Wbboei, we wrote that immigration reform was dead immediately after the Boston bombing. We are now more sure of that assessment than ever. The Senate might manage to pass something, if anything. But the House? Today the House Gang of Eight compromise collapsed over the issue of ObamaCare for the amnestied.

    Bipartisan meetings in the House of Representatives on a comprehensive immigration reform bill have failed, and the congressmen will meet for the last time today without reaching an agreement on a House bill, ABC News has learned.

    The stumbling block is GOP insistence that newly legalized workers now working in the shadows have no access to government-sponsored health care during their 15-year pathway to citizenship, according to two sources with access to the secret house “Gang of 8″ meetings.

    Democrats say that since these newly legalized immigrants would be paying taxes they should be eligible for benefits.

    The stalemate is not expected to be solved and any immigration legislation from the House would likely proceed in piecemeal fashion.

    This latest development represents a huge blow to immigration reform advocates because the House is likely to pass several smaller bills that address immigration reform, but would not include a pathway to citizenship. It creates a much longer and arduous legislative road to a bill President Obama would be willing to sign.

  35. If we have another real estate crash, would we be looking at more bail outs. Yes, I understand that the big banks have been cashing out, so that scenario may not recur as it did in 2008. But suppose it does. Would there be yet another round of taxpayer bail-outs. As I recall, Dodd Frank does not preclude that from happening and Glass Steegle has not been restored.

  36. admin
    June 6, 2013 at 3:45 am
    Thank you admin for everything you do, including seeing further ahead than any of us, especially me, have been able to do on this issue.

  37. admin
    June 6, 2013 at 3:36 am
    I hope to God that ABM 90 is still with us. By now he would be 94. His one goal was to live to see Hillary in the White House. That was part of the reason that I hoped she would take Obama on in 2012. But it was not to be. He landed at Omaha beach and went all the way to Germany. I have the map of his treck somewhere in my files. If he is watching, then I am sure the video you posted will many memories for him.

  38. Blessings to ABM94 and those who went to war to fight for the liberties we used to proudly honor. We know ABM is an acronym for a name but we smile because ABM is also an acronym for Anti-Ballistic Missile. That coincidence is appropriate it seems to us from what Wbboei writes of ABM94’s history.

  39. This is from the best writer at Red State Blog. It confirms what some of us have been saying–the real battle is not between parties, but between the wealthy and the not wealthy, the connected and the unconnected, which determines who lives and who dies. That is the ultimate cost of pervasive big media bias.

    The Real Danger of Liberal Bias
    It’s That the Powerful Keep Winning and the Weak Keep Losing

    By: Thomas Crown (Diary) | June 5th, 2013 at 01:33 PM | 20


    [UPDATE: A federal judge has now intervened and ordered Sarah Murnaghan be put on the adult transplant list.]

    I’m going to tell you what media bias is really all about. It’s about a dying, 10 year-old girl and a sexagenarian, politically connected trial lawyer. It’s about official malfeasance treated as human error when a Democrat is President. It’s about power and systemic corruption that is unremarkable to people offended that George W. Bush didn’t call his advisers liars to their face.

    It is about Fred Baron and Sarah Murnaghan.

    Fred Baron was a plaintiff’s asbestos lawyer, a prolific Democratic bundler, a man who made a great deal of money by breaking Fortune 500 companies (possibly through subornation of perjury), a personal friend of former Presidential candidate John “Baby Daddy” Edwards, and in 2008, a man dying of multiple myeloma. At 61, Baron had become one of the Democrats’ foremost source of trial lawyer funds, and they rewarded him with access and influence.

    Politics as usual, really.

    Where this story diverts from the usual depressing tale of money and influence is in the closing days of Baron’s life. Stage 5 cancer of any kind is a bad day; stage 5 multiple myeloma, as Baron (somewhat ironically, given his profession) had is a death sentence. Because Baron had the luxury of being rich, he spent a great deal on doctors to discover what the rest of us would know: he was a dead man walking.

    However, his doctors believed that Tysabri — a monoclonal antibody that is used primarily to treat multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases (by killing or impeding the movement of dysfunctional white blood cells that would otherwise attack the brain) — might save Baron’s life. (The mechanism for this is more complicated, but essentially, they were hoping the drug would slow or block the cancer cells through the same mechanism that the drug worked on autoimmune diseases.)

    The problem of course was that the Food and Drug Administration had not cleared the drug for use on cancer patients. The drug’s manufacturer had the drug in what are called Phase I trials — the first part of the labyrinthine approval process for a drug that makes us one of the slowest drug approval regimes among modern societies — for use in treating multiple myeloma. The drug’s manufacturer could not approve the drug’s use out of the very limited number of test patients receiving it, and the drug would be at best 5-7 years from broad market use. (Really, that would likely be its turnaround time to Phase III trials, which have a much broader number of patients.)

    Fred Baron did not have five years to live.

    His family mounted a public and private campaign to get the manufacturer to allow Baron to use the drug. The manufacturer balked because allowing use outside of the trials can set back or destroy your chances for FDA approval (extra mortality, illegal use, and just general persnickitiness apply).

    Enter Nancy Pelosi. Through means to which we have never been privy, Ms. Pelosi got the FDA to give the manufacturer the all-clear to give Baron the drug. Baron got the drug, Baron took the drug, Baron died anyway, but his family remains grateful to the party to whom they’d given so much.

    This bit of horrifying corruption was reported slobberingly by the Dallas Morning News (Baron’s hometown paper), which neatly managed to turn a private company’s obedience to the law into another dragon for Fred Baron to posthumously slay.

    Sarah Murnaghan is a 10 year old girl who will die without a lung transplant. The only lung on tap is an adult lung, and HHS guidelines forbid the use of adult lungs on child recipients because of high mortality. Miss Murnaghan’s father is not a Democratic bundler. Miss Murnaghan has never brought down a Fortune 500 company through the use of mass nuisance suits.

    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius refuses to waive the regulation forbidding the transplant, even though Miss Murnaghan’s doctors believe she has a good chance of surviving the transplant (and no chance at all of surviving without it).

    This bit of news got its only real play in conservative media.

    Today, a 10 year old girl is being sentenced to death because she is not rich and is not a Democratic donor of fantastic proportions.

    The stones cry out for reporting on this. Right now, the Washington Post should have reporters all over this story and the easy comparison — and they should be asking if there are other Fred Barons out there. They should be asking if there are other agencies and processes where the wealthy and powerful have been given a free pass, while the weak and poor suffer.

    We know that the IRS, at least at a certain level, targeted conservatives, pro-lifers, and Israel backers for extra scrutiny. We know this because the IRS admitted it. Those same allegations, made by conservatives for over a year, were ignored by a media too compliant with the ruling party.

    This is what liberal bias is like. It’s not shading, it’s not playing up the Democrats against the Republicans. It is ignoring the stink of corruption from Democrats and government in general, because they can’t be wrong. It is about systemic corruption that goes unreported.

    Fred Baron’s free pass came in the lame duck days of George W. Bush, when the apparently-permanent Speaker of the House carried more sway with the permanent bureaucracy than its nominal head. Are we really to believe that this sort of thing hasn’t been repeated? We know about cronyism for Tesla and Solyndra and so many others; is that all? Shouldn’t these be questions a press corps heavily invested in Washington, D.C. is asking?

    Because the stories of Fred Baron and Sarah Murnaghan should absolutely thrill a real watchdog press. Those stories tell of massive government dysfunction in drug approval; of corruption; of influence and power; of the power of the strong to work government for their own ends, while the weak are instead crushed by leviathan.

    It is the corruption and politicization of every aspect of our health system in one story. It is the powerful beating the people. It is someone’s baby girl dying because he has not given Democrats money, and a 61 year old trial lawyer getting extra chances.

    A rich Democrat worked the system and broke the rules to have a chance at life. A not-rich, not-Democrat is publicly told to just die already.

    A real press would dedicate whole reporting desks to this. If John McCain or Mitt Romney was President today, HHS would be under constant assault (and rightfully!) for potential cronyism. Yet the national papers with the most investment in covering the Federal Government won’t even look at this.

    That is the danger of liberal bias. The press is not the fourth branch of government, despite pretensions to the contrary. But it is vital to a functioning government.

    The media — regardless of political preference — should be asking basic questions: Which agencies have done terrible, corrupt, wasteful and despicable things and haven’t admitted it? Which Congressmen have pulled strings for donors and broken the law? If we had a truly free press, these stories would drive coverage — and more importantly, reporting — for a year if not more.

    The media were all over Duke Cunningham, and rightfully so. And they briefly covered William Jefferson because IN HIS FREEZER. But the danger isn’t stupid, easily-caught bribes. It is a government that works by breaking its rules for the powerful.

    But a press that sees liberals as the good guys, and government as justice personified, can’t see this when their side is the powerful.

    Now, this is made worse because media watchdogs are too close to those they cover by class and ideology. But they’re not robots. We’re not Marxists. We know that class and even ideology can be put aside.

    Yet they won’t.

    Liberal media bias is about small people crushed under a leviathan while the great and the good ride high on its back. It is about small stories that add up to a giant, sickening picture being systematically ignored. It is about the failure of people who think the First Amendment was crafted for their personal use not bothering to exercise it.

    Someone’s baby girl will either die because she didn’t give to Democrats; or won’t, because she was the rare one whose father worked the system to shame the powerful.

    How many others of the weak will suffer while the powerful who gave to the ruling party prosper? And will we ever hear about it?

    Spoilers: We won’t.

  40. That essay by Thomas Crown takes me back to another debate in the 2008 primary. Remember? Obama was asked whether he cover his own family under health care plan that he was proposing for the rest of us. Rather than deny it directly, he said he would want HIS FAMILY to have the best health care available. In other words the Rolls Royce, as opposed to the Nash Rambler he was peddling to the rest of us. Not surprisingly, his supporters were thrilled by the answer and their applause was deafening–proving yet again that there is no cure for stupid.

    By answering the question in that manner, he teed up the logical follow-up question, which any legitimate media moderator would ask, towit: sir, with all due respect, if the health care program you are peddling to us is as good as you say it is, then why is it not good enough for you and your family as well? Is there something wrong with it which you have not told us? Or are you perchance just another fat cat Fred Baron looking to tweak the system to your advantage and let the poor and the weak suffer? But the question was never asked. The moderator was the corrupt CNN. Need I say more?

  41. OT, but yet, another case of intrusive media. The link is to a report of a Rhode Island mother’s arrest after she attacked news crew, throwing a rock, brandishing a baseball bat, and commanding her pit bulls to attack the crew, who were doing a story about the Rhode Island school shooting. This mother had lost a child in the shooting, and apparently felt media were exploiting the tragedy. A
    quote from the article: “This is a woman who just lost her child in a shooting, maybe it wasn’t the time to try and get the story from a grieving mother?”

    Not to condone the attack, but media intrusiveness when tragedy strikes is often just too over the top. This mother probably should have found another way to express her frustration, but one can hardly blame her for being angry.

  42. Crawdad Hole features this breaking news: MSNBC has cracked the IRS scandal. It is NOT about intimidating conservative groups, but just another racial slur against the president. Martin Bashir at MSNBC can be credited with this brilliant deduction. He and the other geniuses at the network can also take credit for the fact that at last count, MSNBC had all of 16 viewers remaining.

  43. Now FBI wants back door to all software
    [This means have access to your computer, tap software like Skype and emails without us knowing. That also means that the Feds would not need a court order to build a case against any illegal activity seen on our computers…music downloads, websites that let you watch free tv shows and movies, gambling and anything else folks do in the privacy of their homes. Thing IRS invading privacy laws from ObamaHellCare and political groups. Obama has turned into a modern day control freak just like his hero, Hitler. IMO]

    The FBI is unhappy that there are communications technologies that it cannot intercept, and wants a new requirement that software makers and communications companies create a back door so they can listen in when they want.

    But a team of technology experts warns that would be nothing more than handing over to the nation’s enemies abilities they are not capable of developing for themselves.

    According to a recent report in the Washington Post, the issue is being raised by the FBI because “there is currently no way to wiretap some of these communications methods easily, and companies effectively…”

    The solution, according to the FBI, is a plan to fine companies when they fail to comply with wiretap orders, essentially requiring all companies to build a back door for wiretap capabilities into all their communications links.

    “The importance to us is pretty clear,” FBI general counsel Andrew Weissman said in the report. “We don’t have the ability to go to court and say, ‘We need a court order to effectuate the intercept.’”

    But a report at the Center for Democracy & Technology warns of the unintended consequences.

    “Wiretap functionality allows covert access to communications that can be exploited not only by law enforcement, but by criminals, terrorists, and foreign military and intelligence agencies,” the report said. “Wiretap endpoints will be vulnerable to exploitation and difficult to secure.”

    It cited a report called CALEA II: Risks of Writetap Modifications to Endpoints.”

    It was being assembled just about the time the U.S. government was caught accessing telephone records for the Associated Press and describing a prominent journalist for Fox News as a potential criminal.

    The participants included high-profile leaders in the field including Matt Blaze from the University of Pennsylvania, Edward Felten of Princeton, Matthew D. Green of Johns Hopkins, J. Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan, and dozens more.

    It explained that there are some drawbacks to the idea of expanding wiretap design laws to Internet services.

    “Mandating wiretap capabilities in endpoints poses serious security risks,” the report said. “Requiring software vendors to build intercept functionality into their products is unwise and will be ineffective, with the result being serious consequences for the economic well-being and national security of the United States.”

    Just what kind of “serious consequences”?

    “The FBI’s desire to expand CALEA mandates amounts to developing for our adversaries capabilities that they may not have the competence, access, or resources to develop on their own,” the report said.

    CALEA is the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, which already requires some electronic surveillance possibilities. It’s the plan the FBI wants to expand to include all digital forms of communication, including Skype, VoIP services, and others.



  44. Hmm, two links to the same site and a typo alert all in the same post above.

    MBC – ‘Morning before coffee’

  45. I don’t believe that Christie has a chance in Hell winning against Hillary, but vote cheating controlled by the Obama thugs could do it.


    Well it worked the last time. 👿

  46. The wealthy and the criminal class have much in common: neither feels that the rules of society apply to them. There are no limits to Schumer’s depravity. Meanwhile, Rubio is in a daze, wondering how did I ever get here. I see a messaging moment here for the Republicans. A good one. Something about protecting criminals who hide in the shadows. Makes you wonder if the entire Hispanic demographic is in favor of that. Not those that I know.

    Lawless aristocracy for a dominated people

    By: John Hayward | June 5th, 2013 at 03:11 PM | 12

    A few weeks ago, as the Senate Judiciary Committee was debating immigration reform, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) told everyone the story of Candida Gutierrez, a Houston schoolteacher whose identity was stolen by an illegal alien named Bentia Cardona-Gonzalez. This was a big-time identity heist, as Cardona-Gonzalez opened bank accounts and secured credit cards, a drivers’ license, employment, a mortgage, and health care with her stolen identity over the course of 12 years. Gutierrez’ stolen name even wound up on the birth certificates of the illegal alien’s U.S.-born children. The authorities didn’t catch her; Gutierrez’ husband (the one thing Cardona-Gonzalez didn’t steal!) tracked down the thief and turned her over to the feds.

    With this story in mind, Grassley proposed an amendment to immigration reform that would require amnesty-seeking illegals to hand over every name and Social Security number they had used to gain employment in the United States. Grassley’s amendment didn’t explicitly bar identity thieves from receiving amnesty, or mandate their arrest, but would have authorized federal agencies to notify the rightful owners of stolen identities. He called it “the first step to helping clean up the mess that’s been created for the victim of identity theft.”

    That was too much for Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who took immigration reform from the youthful hands of Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and turned it into the usual Democrat nightmare of vote-buying giveaways. As chronicled by CNS News, Schumer explained that identity theft is perfectly normal and understandable behavior for those who cross the border illegally. It would be unfair to expect them to comply with any other American laws they find inconvenient, in addition to the one about not violating our border:

    “When people are living in undocumented status, there are times, I suppose, when they’ve made up identities, made up Social Security numbers,” Schumer told his Judiciary Committee colleagues. “How are they going to remember all that, and are we going to delay RPI status?

    “(The) purpose of this is to bring people out of the shadows,” Schumer said of the “reform” bill. “We all know when they lived in the shadows, they had to forge documents, forge Social Security numbers, et cetera. We want to stop that once and for all so it never happens again. But this isn’t going to help. This is going to leave millions of people still in the shadows and not able to come out of the shadows and won’t solve the problem that we’re trying to solve, which is to have as few people here illegally as possible, put them on RPI, provisional status and then get them on a path to citizenship.”

    “I just don’t see how, when you’ve lived here 10 years, and you’ve had many different identities, many different numbers, you’re going to remember them all,” said Schumer.

    Grassley’s amendment went down to defeat on a party-line vote.

    It’s one more scene from a nation that is both lawless and hyper-regulated. The law has become one more commodity for socialists to re-distribute. If you’ve got the right political connections, you don’t have to sweat the little stuff, like the laws against stealing citizenship, or even the identity of existing citizens. If you’re on the wrong side of the ruling Party, however… well, don’t bother applying for one of those tax exemptions they hand out like candy to their allies, or you’re going to find yourself with 20 days to fill out 35 intrusive questions with 80 sub-topics under penalty of perjury, like Dr. Karen Kenney of the San Fernando Valley Tea Party Patriots. The letter threatening you with dire consequences might even be personally signed by a high IRS official like Lois Lerner.

    One of the questions asked of Kenney’s groups was to list all the illegal activities her Tea Party Patriots were organizing or condoning. Pro-life groups had to hand over their prayer books. Middle-class soccer moms trying to launch tiny grassroots organizations were told to supply the IRS with every social media post they had ever written. But we can’t ask illegal aliens to hand over a list of their stolen identities when they apply for amnesty?

    Speaking of the IRS, it turns out that the man in charge during the conservative witch hunts, Douglas Shulman, once had a rendezvous in New York with infamous tax cheat Charlie Rangel, back in 2009. Was Shulman there to arrest the perp? No, he appeared on stage with Rangel to “urge New Yorkers to get the most out of their tax returns.” I kid you not.

    Confronted with the incongruity of a joint appearance between the IRS commissioner and a Congressman who cheated on his taxes, Shulman replied, “He’s one of the leaders in this country on tax policy issues. I work closely with him every day, and I’m honored to be on this stage with him.”

    Aristocracy has its privileges! And the rest of the government apparatus can also ignore the same laws that plague the rest of us. Corners can be cut until the paperwork is a stack of octagons. (That one’s for you, Battlestar Galactica fans.) The IRS is currently under fire for blowing millions of taxpayer dollars on lavish conferences, including single shindig in Anaheim that cost $4 million all by itself. No expense was spared – there were luxury hotel suites, big-ticket speakers, crazy video productions, gifts for attendees, the works. But when the Treasury Inspector General investigated this wild spending spree, “the IRS was unable to provide documentation to support all costs associated with the conferences.”

    In other words, they didn’t bother to keep the receipts. Try that excuse when the IRS audits you, and see how far you get.

    Those in power don’t feel any compulsion to follow the rules, from the President making illegal recess appointments, to Administration officials dodging transparency laws with secret email addresses. And while the ruling class shows itself a good time, the burden of law falls on an increasingly small group of productive Americans who face punitive measures even when they haven’t done anything wrong. Activity is regulated, business is micro-managed, property and money are confiscated… and you’d better comply with every command, and provide every scrap of information required, or the same government that’s been ignoring its own budget laws for years will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

    Perhaps there is a constant level of law in society – a maximum possible burden of monitoring and compliance that could be fairly and justly carried by all of the people, and all of their public servants. Exceed that level, and the growing burden is twisted in increasingly grotesque ways, as some laws are diluted to mere guidelines, while others are sharpened into weapons against the disfavored. ”Justice” becomes a resource to be allocated as the ruling class sees fit, and they dislike being on the wrong end of it.

  47. The next election must be preceded by a scorched earth attack on big media. Outfits like Citizens United should stop doing videos on Obama, and do them on big media. Yes, we need videos showing the abuses of the legal industry, big business, and the other cultural villains/enemies. But we overlook the biggest enemy of all, namely big media. The perfect vehicle for that would be the Thomas Crown article above. What it would show the audience is that the political class in this country, together with their enablers in media have become the new aristocracy, committed to dispossessing the American People. Three out of four people have no comprehension of the depths of their depravity as a group, and it is high time they did. Schumer, who loves the camera, should have a starring role. He is beyond repugnant to anyone who loves this country. I am getting mighty tired of his pose as the nice little Jewish boy who lets little old ladies pinch his cheek and tell him how cute he is. He was famous for that when he was in the House of Representative but now at the age of 62 he is getting a little old for it. His commitment to Israel and to this country is a snare and a delusion. He has only one god and that is his own career and the party, the party and the party.

  48. This writer claims that congressional oversight has failed to get answers to the IRS scandal, therefore a special prosecutor must be appointed. I am beginning to believe that is true, PROVIDED the Administration does not control the appointment. Is Congress ready willing and able to offer immunity to Lerner? That depends on whether she is willing to implicate those above her. Schulman is a logical target. Ingram too perhaps. That may not be the end of it, but it is good start. One way or another they need to get to Bauer. I know the FBI is investigating, but I wonder how effective that effort will be, knowing they report to Holder.

    Three weeks ago, Breitbart News published an article listing 10 questions the Obama Administration must answer about the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) targeting of conservative groups for scrutiny and harassment throughout the 2010 and 2012 election cycles.

    Yet after weeks of House and Senate hearings, and much grandstanding by Obama Administration officials, not a single question posed has been answered.

    Here, then, are just a few of the questions lawmakers must obtain answers to beyond the classic question, “What did the Administration know and when did it know it?”

    Who inside the IRS hatched the plan to target conservatives and what, if any, connections do they, their associates, or superiors have to the Obama White House, campaign team, or other political organizations?

    Who at the IRS leaked confidential tax documents to the progressive-leaning journalism group ProPublica, an action which the IRS official manual says can result in up to five years in prison and fines of up to $5,000?

    Who are the two “rogue” individuals disgraced former IRS Commissioner Stevens said went “off the reservation” and acted “overly aggressive,” and what, if any, connections do they have politically? If, as the Inspector General report alleges, political motivations were not driving the targeting of conservatives, then what was? Also, what “discipline” did the two rogue agents receive?

    Did IRS agents coordinate with Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) or his staff to “go after them [conservative groups],” as he told the New York Times, following Levin’s letters to then-IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman and Director Lois Lerner?

    Did Sen. Max Baucus (D-MO) or his staff communicate or coordinate with IRS agents after Baucus wrote this September 28, 2010 letter instructing then-Commissioner Douglas Shulman to have his “agency survey major 401(c)(4), (c)(5) and (c)(6) organizations to determine whether they are acting as conduits for major donors advancing their own private interests”?

    What communications took place between IRS agents and the following senators and their staffs following the delivery of this jointly written letter demanding the IRS crack down on “abuse of the tax code by political groups focused on federal election activities”: Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO ), Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM), Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN)?

    What communications existed between Obama reelection campaign co-chair Joe Solomonese, whom the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) alleges received its confidential tax returns, and IRS agents?

    What portion of Obama’s 79% increase in audits of charities were of conservative groups?

    If political motivations were not driving the selective targeting of 500 conservative organizations, then why were a similar number of liberal groups not harassed?

    What role did IRS Rulings and Agreements Division Director Holly Paz, who in 2008 donated $2,000 to Obama, play in ratcheting up IRS investigations, as she promised she would in June 2012?

    The Administration’s delay and distract strategy is working.

    If lawmakers cannot obtain real answers to simple questions, they need to appoint a special prosecutor who can.

  49. IRS Staff Cite Washington Link
    Two Workers Tell Congress That Agency Officials Helped Direct Tea-Party Reviews


    Two Internal Revenue Service employees in the agency’s Cincinnati office told congressional investigators that IRS officials in Washington helped direct the probe of tea-party groups that began in 2010.

    IRS officials in Washington helped direct the probe of tea-party groups, according to two employees in the agency’s Cincinnati office. Dionne Searcey reports.

    Transcripts of the interviews, viewed Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal, appear to contradict earlier statements by top IRS officials, who have blamed lower-level workers in Cincinnati.

    Elizabeth Hofacre said her office in Cincinnati sought help from IRS officials in the Washington unit that oversees tax-exempt organizations after she started getting the tea-party cases in April 2010. Ms. Hofacre said Carter Hull, an IRS lawyer in Washington, closely oversaw her work and suggested some of the questions asked applicants.

    “I was essentially a front person, because I had no autonomy or no authority to act on [applications] without Carter Hull’s influence or input,” she said, according to the transcripts.

    Mr. Hull could not be reached for comment.

    The interviews provide new clues to the puzzle slowly being pieced together in several congressional probes and a criminal investigation by the Justice Department. Investigators want to know exactly how the IRS initiated extra scrutiny to tea-party and other conservative grass roots organizations that were seeking tax-exempt status.

    Two IRS Employees Put on Leave

    The transcripts don’t suggest that Obama administration officials at the Treasury or the White House knew of or were involved in the targeting. Many questions remain unanswered, including who ordered the targeting.

    The interview transcripts suggest it began with a search for tea-party groups by name among applications from groups seeking tax-exempt status. The Cincinnati employee who conducted the search, Gary Muthert, said he started gathering applications in March 2010, at the request of an unidentified local manager, who allegedly told him that “Washington, D.C., wanted some cases,” according to the transcripts. Mr. Muthert first heard of tea-party applications from another Cincinnati employee.

    The cases were handed off to Ms. Hofacre the following month, according to the interviews, which were conducted jointly by the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee. Both Republican and Democratic investigators participated in the interviews.

    Ms. Hofacre said she was outraged last month when IRS higher-ups, including Lois Lerner, then the head of the IRS tax-exempt division, blamed the problem on employees in Cincinnati. “I was furious,” Ms. Hofacre told interviewers. “It looked like Lois Lerner was putting it on us.”

    Mr. Muthert, Ms. Hofacre and Ms. Lerner didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. The IRS didn’t respond to a request for comment.

    When the controversy erupted in May, Ms. Lerner portrayed the targeting as the result of decisions by IRS employees in Cincinnati, who “decided to centralize [tea-party cases] so we’d have consistency,” she said during a May 10 conference call with reporters.

    “The problem here was that in some cases they added actual case names to the list,” Ms. Lerner continued. “…They added tea party and patriot to the list of cases that should be centralized.” She described the actions as “absolutely inappropriate” and said the Cincinnati employees were guilty of an “error in judgment.”

    Other IRS officials also blamed Cincinnati employees. At a recent congressional hearing, ousted acting Commissioner Steven Miller said: “People in Cincinnati decided, let’s start grouping these cases; let’s centralize these cases.”

    Mr. Miller’s attorney, William Burck, said his client first learned of a spreadsheet that was used to target tea-party groups in early May 2012 after an internal review he had requested. “Upon learning the results of that review, Mr. Miller immediately put in place remedial measures to make sure the inappropriate criteria would not be used again,” Mr. Burck said.

    The inspector general for the IRS, J. Russell George, also focused on mistakes in the Cincinnati office. He testified before a congressional panel this week that “only first-line management in Cincinnati…approved references to the Tea Party” in a document that listed criteria employees used in selecting applications for extra scrutiny. Mr. George blamed “insufficient oversight” by managers in Washington.

    The statements by Mr. Muthert and Ms. Hofacre paint a more complicated picture.

    In March 2010, Mr. Muthert was among the first IRS employees to start selecting and setting aside the tea-party applications for extra scrutiny, according to the transcripts.

    In his interview with congressional investigators, he said a local manager—whose name was redacted in the transcripts—asked him to find all the tea-party applications in the office’s files, both pending and closed. The manager asked him to use the phrase “tea party” to conduct the search.

    Around the same time, the local manager “said Washington, D.C., wanted seven” cases, Mr. Muthert said in the transcript. That month, he said, he “batched up” seven of the cases for “EO Technical,” a unit of the Exempt Organizations Division in Washington, then headed by Ms. Lerner, according to his interview.

    Around May of 2010, Mr. Muthert said, another local official asked him to locate a couple more applications to send to Washington. Over the next two months, Mr. Muthert said, he located about 40 tea-party cases after expanding his search to include the terms “patriot” and “9/12.”

    Ms. Hofacre said in her interview that she was in charge of the tea-party cases from the end of April until October. She was told by a Cincinnati employee, who wasn’t identified in the transcripts, to get in touch with the Exempt Organizations Technical unit in Washington, for guidance on the roughly 40 to 60 cases she was handling.

    Ms. Hofacre said Mr. Hull, the IRS attorney in Washington, emailed her letters that he had already sent to two tea-party applicants. She was instructed to use those letters as a “foundation to prepare and review my cases and prepare my letters” to applicants, she said. She said she found the intervention by Mr. Hull “demeaning,” according to the transcripts.

    Mr. Hull also suggested questions to applicants, she said, and she was told to send him all the responses.

    “All I remember saying and thinking is, ‘This is ridiculous,'” she said. “Because at the same time, you are getting calls from irate taxpayers. And I see their point. Even if a decision isn’t favorable, they deserve some kind of treatment and they deserve, you know, timeliness, and…these applications and their responses were just being sent up there [to Washington] and I am not sure what was happening.”

    At another point during the interview she complained she was “being micromanaged to death, and it was just really frustrating.” In part because of her experience, she asked for and was given a transfer that she said amounted to a promotion in the fall of 2010.

    An IRS inspector general’s report last month found the IRS had used inappropriate criteria to select applications for extra review and left those criteria to stay in place for more than 18 months, resulting in substantial delays in processing certain applications.

  50. Who Is Carter Hull?
    Carol Platt Liebau | Jun 06, 2013

    Last night, the Wall Street Journal reported on transcripts of congressional interviews with IRS employees. In them, the name “Carter Hull” — an IRS lawyer in Washington — surfaces as someone in DC who oversaw the targeting in Ohio and even suggested some of the questions used to harass conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

    Here is a technical instruction document Hull co-authored, and his name appears as the author of articles and e-books on tax matters. Here is his Facebook page.

    He is a graduate of a private Quaker school — and I would guess from his age and his attendance at a private boarding/day school that he attended boarding school back in an era when that experience was largely reserved for young people from fairly affluent circumstances.

    This is also a person obviously of some experience and knowledge with the tax law, who would have clearly known the targeting operation was wrong.

    No doubt we will all be learning more about Mr. Hull soon.

  51. I wonder if Mr. Hull was in the IRS Star Trek movie. I wonder whether he got one of those upgraded suites, which the IRS requested in lieu of a reduction in hotel rates. I wonder if he will answer questions or simply take the Fifth.

  52. Mainstream Media Fail to Break Even One of Four Obama Scandals

    Well, if it is Thursday there must be a new Obama scandal. But one thing is for damn sure, whatever that scandal is, you can bet the American mainstream media will be playing catch up and not carrying the glory of breaking a story about a major White House scandal.
    Fact: Over the past few weeks, four major scandals have broken over the Obama administration, and it is a very sad (and frightening) truth that our pathetic, American, lapdog mainstream media is not responsible for breaking even a single one.

  53. A Message from my friends up in Ankara…….


    ”Dear friends, currently the mainstream global media is keeping an eye on Taksim, Istanbul. Thus, the police forces have backed off and they have remarkably scaled down the number of attacks against the protesters. However, in the meantime the police terror in Ankara as it is now is on a much larger scale compared to the very beginning of Istanbul attacks. Tear gas is relentlessly being thrown inside apartments, people are suppressed by plastic bullets, illegal custody and physical assault. Things have escalated quickly and the scale of these attacks are rapidly increasing. We need to make benefit of social media once again to show the world what’s going on in Ankara right now. Here is a message from the people of Ankara: ”We have supported the protesters of Istanbul from the beginning, and now it is your turn to support us and the rest of Turkey. This resistance is clearly not limited to Istanbul, it has taken over all of the country. The festive atmosphere in Istanbul is just a trick to fool global media and soothe off the masses, yet nothing has been accomplished yet and things have just started actually.”

    Please share and pass along.

  54. I expect Hull to say that he was simply responding to the will of congress, as expressed in letters by democrat congressman like Schumer, Durbin, Levin etc. directing his agency to crucify tea party groups because they represented a potential threat to the political class who are the only constituency these so called public servants represent. He may even point out that RINOs knew about this activity, and approved of it sub silentio. And of course he will say that the law in this area is complex, therefore he placed the unit and its work under close scrutiny, and micromanaged their activities to make sure what they did was both politically correct and lawful. And yes, he did play Spock in the IRS Star Treck movie and no he will not tell us who he voted for, because that information is confidential. He too is proud of what he did, and will now take the Fifth. Without more this is a dead end. Unless you like watching people like Senator Comb over from Michigan deplore the agency discrimination against the American People which he and his staffers set in motion. Another Java the hut, Levin is.

  55. Obama Administration Refused to Fly Outspoken Mother of Benghazi Victim to Ceremony – “They Said I Was Not Immediate Family” (Video)

    Pat Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, reacted to the news Wednesday that “proven liar” Susan Rice was promoted National Security Adviser. Smith, who has been critical of the administration, also told Sean Hannity that the Obama Administration refused to fly her to a ceremony honoring her son because, They said I was not immediate family.”

  56. I dont think you get much closer than immdeiate family than the woman who gave birth to him…….i’d hate to see what they describe as immediate family then?

  57. “This is from the best writer at Red State Blog.”
    He may be the best writer but he either doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about re:transplantation or he is cynically using the medical situation of a dying 10 year old girl to advance his own social/political bias. For politicians, Federal judges to start making decisions about allocation of transplant organs is very, very bad and for people to use these issues for their own political motives is despicable.

    here is a non-medical explanation of what the situation is.

    At the present time, transplant criteria are developed by a private organization UNOS. Do we really want politicians, judges or news media making these decisions?

  58. MoonOnPluto, we’ve been keeping an eye on the events in Turkey. We watched the game show host youtube and it was very surprising how original protests can be. We’ve also been keeping an eye on the demonstrations and the government response. We wrote something about it this past weekend but did not publish because we are not that expert on Turkish politics and want a bit more knowledge before weighing in. We’ll probably repost your comment soon along with some of the better commentary.

    Please keep us informed on the situation. There aren’t many American politics websites that have eyes and ears in Turkey so your viewpoint is appreciated. Good luck and stay safe.

  59. Gov Christie : I said on Monday I was going to pick the best person for the Senate I believe that person to be Attorney General Jeff Chiesa

    Chiesa will not run to keep the senate seat either.

  60. They are being very clever out here..the protestors are constantly changing tactics to avoid capture……one friend who is there said “they phone the police up every night at 9 and ask “where are you, we are waiting”.

  61. “Why no one invades Switzerland.” We found this while getting our D-Day video in the wee hours of the morning:

  62. Oh its getting a busy day……Reuters: Russian President Vladimir Putin announces on television that his marriage is over. Wanna bet some hot russian doll waiting in the wings.

  63. There is an interesting piece on one of the blogs this morning. It is by a lawyer with Baker Hoffstetler. He is pretty circumspect in his comments, but feels that the real time surveillance of millions of Verizon customers by the Obama Administration raises a potentially serious constitutional issue. He points out under Bush the practice was more limited in the sense it only applied to conversations between US citizens and overseas parties, whereas under Messiah Obama the search has been extended to domestic calls and is done in real time. Also, he notes that under Bush there needed to be a proven connection between those being surveilled and a specific law enforcement investigation, whereas Messiah Obama has removed that precondition, which allows him to spy on Americans at will any time, in the Messiah’s determined effort to fight against those unmentionables who commit wanton acts of workplace violence in public. How they howled, those ACLU armies when Bush did it, whereas now, when the overreach is orders of magnitude worse, but when it emanates from their messiah, it is not urgent. In a rational universe, these revelations would be prelude to a serious discussion about liberty vs security. But in the age of Obama, and corrupt big media, it will end before it begins with a whimper. Big media will whine and in the end salute their emperor. National security uber alles. If it reaches the Supreme Court, Roberts will say: The constitution? What constitution? Excuse me, I am late for an interview with People Magazine. When they ask me why I am here I will say because Justice must not reside in some dusty courtroom or judicial chamber, it must be accessible to the people. By the way, could I get a photo with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. Why for that I might even take off my judical robe, so it does not get sullied. But fear not children. This egregious abuse of power will be addressed when and if we get a Republican in office. Then the pent up fury of the left will be unleashed not against the practice, but the practitioner. But where Obama is concerned, sadly it is king’s X. Better the country should be failed than they be called racists for doing their job.

  64. After listening to light in the loafers Lindsay tell us why he supports warrantless wiretapping of Americans, I withdraw my prior objections. It is all good. Lindsay is beginning to sound like his partner in crime McCain. One word of caution however: if you disagree with their defense of tyranny you run the risk of being labelled a wacko bird. Now that is what they call firing for effect.

  65. I like the cut of his jib:

    Glenn Greenwald ✔ @ggreenwald

    Dear DOJ: your bullying tactics will scare some sources, but they embolden others, who realize what USG is becoming

    Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
    Must be so nice to be in the government- you get caught doing bad things & just yell “TERRORISTS” until it goes away…

    8 minutes ago
    Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
    The reason there are leakers is precisely because the govt is filled with people like Dianne Feinstein who do horrendous things in secret.

  66. Russian President Vladimir Putin announces on television that his marriage is over.

    Is that all there is, is that all there is
    If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing

    I know what you must be saying to yourselves.
    If that’s the way she feels about it why doesn’t she just end it all?
    Oh, no. Not me. I’m in no hurry for that final disappointment.
    For I know just as well as I’m standing here talking to you,
    when that final moment comes and I’m breathing my lst breath, I’ll be saying to myself,

    Is that all there is, is that all there is
    If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing
    Let’s break out the booze and have a ball
    If that’s all there is

  67. wbboei, you just know there is some little hot russian tart waiting in the wings for Mr Studmuffin, fishing, bareback horseriding superman of a Russian President.

    I wonder who bailed……her or him? very rare for first ladies to walk out on the job its normally after, so i wonder what he did?

  68. The difference between a liberal and a leftist. Finally a hero.

    Glenn Greenwald to Obama Administration: Bring It, Bullies!

    After publishing a major scoop (and embarrassing the American media) about the Obama administration’s shocking overreach with the seizing of the records of every Verizon cell phone user, The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald remains defiant in the face of what is sure to come next: a DOJ investigation into how Greenwald obtained the information:

    Hopefully, our lazy, corrupt, lapdog media that has thus far failed to break even a single one of these Obama scandals, will back Greenwald and maybe even flex their own atrophied investigative skills (five years is a long time) and find out if maybe just perhaps other cell phone companies are playing along?

    By the way, kudos to Greenwald. The difference between a liberal and a leftist is Glenn Greenwald.

  69. I guess it is the difference between journalism and corporate media. Glenn is a journalist. Think Zola–and in our time, Bob Woodward–willing to confront corruption in high places. Big media is the antithesis of journalism. It is the haven and home of the institutional left. Think Goebbels, Stalin.

  70. There is a discrepancy between what the lawyer I mentioned above said about this verizon story and what feinstein/chambliss are saying about it. These two senators claim it is nothing new and has been going for seven years. The lawyers says while it is true that it has been going on for seven years, before Obama took office it was confined to a very limited set of targets, whereas Obama has expanded it to every American. If that is true, then those senators are misleading the American People, and they should be ridiculed, rebuffed and defeated in the next cycle because they cannot be trusted.

  71. “The difference between a liberal and a leftist.”
    Both Ron Wyden and Mark Udall have been giving broad warnings about what the govt has been doing in our rapidly evolving “Heimat Polizeistaat” but have felt constrained by “State Secrecy.” Is there any member of Congress who will use the “speech and debate clause” and blow the whistle on what is really going on?

  72. moononpluto
    June 6, 2013 at 3:06 pm
    It is not unlikely. In fact it is likely. When he rides around on that white horse minus his shirt, there are those in Russia who fancy that they have found the male answer to Lady Godiva–or maybe just Vlad the Impaler. I will say no more about that. However, I admire him for another quality, namely is willingness to make Dufus Kerry cool his heels for 3 hours. It compensates partially for the time when Kerry’s boss kept Bibi waiting for a similar period of time. If it were Obama himself, I suspect that Vlad would make him wait even longer.

  73. Both Ron Wyden and Mark Udall have been giving broad warnings about what the govt has been doing in our rapidly evolving “Heimat Polizeistaat” but have felt constrained by “State Secrecy.” Is there any member of Congress who will use the “speech and debate clause” and blow the whistle on what is really going on?
    The Government Lied And Privacy Died.
    Can We Now Have An Intelligent Debate On Limiting The USA Patriot Act?

    Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, perhaps the best of the sorry lot the Dems have infested the US Senate with, has been after Attorney General Holder for over a year to address his concerns over how Section 215 relates to personal privacy. The wiretap programs have been an issue for years.

    As early as 2008, the NSA had the capability to pinpoint any individual’s personal data. According to Elspeth Reeve, this means email, bank records, travel and phone calls. An unconfirmed suspicion is that the NSA has a copy of every email being sent in America. They are trying to archive them and make them searchable.

    And with the exception of Senator Rand Paul, the GOP has left the playing fieldon this vital issue. They are afraid of being called hypocrites over “!GEORGE W. BUSH’S USA PATRIOT ACT!” And for evil men to triumph, the good men have to only do nothing. The technology evolves, the databases deepen, and our entire lives go on some government recording. But if you don’t have impure thoughts you have nothing to fear.

    It seems as if a lot of silly people have gotten a wake-up call. Hopefully this isn’t too late and it won’t be bedtime for Democracy. If there is anything that has to be successfully accomplished on an intelligent, bipartisan basis, it needs to be the complete demolition of The USA Patriot Act. It needs to be repealed before there is no longer an America that is worth being patriotic towards. Our government is increasingly becoming a more threatening enemy than the ones they piously claim to be protecting us from.

  74. “Soe Republican Hypocrisy Meets Some Democrat Hypocrisy”

    It would be interesting to go back to Redstate during the debates on Patriot Act, FISA, etc. and see how many of their writers were calling those who opposed the Bush/Cheney Police State, “enablers of terrorism, weak willed Libruls, traitors, etc.”

    The evolving events perhaps validate my “theory” that the best outcome of 2012 was for Obama to win. That was the only way to expose all of the shit that has been going on for the past 12 years. One good thing about a sociopath, they don’t know how to boil frogs.

  75. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has named state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa (kee-AY’-sah) to temporarily fill the U.S. Senate seat that opened up this week after Frank Lautenberg’s death.

    Chiesa worked with Christie in the U.S. attorney’s office before becoming the top lawyer for the state government. He has overseen gun buyback programs all over the state, but has not had a particularly high profile.

    Christie has scheduled a special election for October to fill the seat until it expires in January 2015. Christie says Chiesa will not seek the seat for the rest of the term.

  76. Republican lawmakers want to haul Attorney General Eric Holder back to the Hill to explain questionable testimony he gave on reporter surveillance — though they are stopping short of issuing a subpoena.

    In a letter sent Thursday to the attorney general, Republican leaders of the House Judiciary Committee urged Holder to testify on June 18, or some other date before the end of the month. They say his department’s prior response to date “still fails to fully and adequately answer our questions.”

    Read more:

  77. There’s a good reason why Obama usually misses the Daily Briefing. It gives him “plausible deniability”. He can say he “knows nothing” about everything. 😯

  78. “The [Barack Obama] administration has now lost all credibility.” – New York Times Editorial Board ~
    Meanwhile that evening at the White House, a bash is thrown by the President and First Lady for the journalists

    Eric Holder pings his champagne glass and recites the First Amendment by heart with his eyes closed

    And the NYT contingent rises in thunderous applause

    A lobbyist flashes a ten thousand dollar bill in front of Obama, and Obama does a bow from the waist your wish is my command

    And the night shall be filled with music
    And the cares that infest the day
    Shall fold their tents like al Quaeda
    And silently steal away

    My question to the scumbags at NYT:

    How could the Obama administration lose what it never had

    As for you, do not presume to tell us how to fix the problem

    You and your cohorts created the problem

    We will fix it ourselves. You can just butt out.

  79. Two months ago, a “top secret” order was issued at the request of the FBI by a judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.
    A judge . . . . . . . . . . his name please, just his name (not Royce Lamberth again, I hope)?
    on the who appointed him? what is his backgound?
    Foreign .. . . . . . . . . .but this was domestic, right?
    Intelligence . . . . . . . able to issue the broadest search warrant ever? 13 million people? no showing of reasonable cause? just a fishing expedition.
    Surveillance Court . . . . not an Article 2 court? Is there any limitation on its juridiction? Is this not a Court of the Star Chamber?

    Memo to Justice Roberts: when you get back from your People Magazine Interview, can you please enlighten us what this is all about? We know Harry and Lindsay say it is okay, and of course we trust them implicitly, but you are the Chief Judicial officer in the nation. What is anything do you know?

  80. EXCLUSIVE: NSA, FBI use Internet firms’ servers to access video, images, email and connection logs to track subjects.

    Washington Post
    U.S. intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in…

    U.S. intelligence has access to the servers of nine Internet companies as part of top-secret effort.

    When organizations such at WaPo, NYT, etc. lack any principles, it’s all about CYA.

  81. “The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio, video, photographs, e-mails, documents and connection logs that enable analysts to track a person’s movements and contacts over time.

    The highly classified program, code-named PRISM, has not been disclosed publicly before. Its establishment in 2007 and six years of exponential growth took place beneath the surface of a roiling debate over the boundaries of surveillance and privacy. Even late last year, when critics of the foreign intelligence statute argued for changes, the only members of Congress who know about PRISM were bound by oaths of office to hold their tongues.”
    The person/s who leaked this story deserve a medal but Obama/Holder will try to make their lives Hell on earth. Now that the real leaks have started, hopefully Glenn Greenwald is right:” The dam has broke –
    let the water and sunshine flow”

  82. From the WaPO story;

    “Firsthand experience with these systems, and horror at their capabilities, is what drove a career intelligence officer to provide PowerPoint slides about PRISM and supporting materials to The Washington Post in order to expose what he believes to be a gross intrusion on privacy. “They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type,” the officer said.”

    “career intelligence officer”… That person is a true American unlike the Quislings that make up the US Congress.

  83. Telebama: Ben Rhoades, Tellie here, Dear Leader Needs Your words. Have you got them ready?

    Ben: Oh yes Tellie, I have them right here. Let me run them by you and see what you think.

    Telebama: okie dokie

    Ben: “My fellow Americans . . .”

    Telebama: I like that Ben. It is an excellent start!

    Ben: “I want you to know that I just found out about that the FBI spying on 113 Americans who use Verizon”

    Telebama: put a little note in the side of the teleprompter to show low voice, rising tide of anger–ok

    Ben: “I knew nothing about it before”

    Telebama: put another note in the side of the teleprompter to look directly into camera with a steely gaze–roger

    Ben: I am OUTRAGED . . . (pregnant pause)

    Telebama: another note, fortissimo, reach for the Reverend Wright in you, when he condemns to white people to hell

    Ben: simmering silence to let the outrage sink in

    Telebama: “at that point, we can introduce some fireworks and WWF sound effects”

    Ben: “but as your president, I will hunt down the offender, as if he were bin Laden”

    Telebama: that is really nice touch Ben, makes him seem less robotic, more real

    Ben: “God bless me, and you, and the United States of Europe”

    Telebama: nice close Ben, but it might be a little premature to spring that one on them.

  84. I try to make a joke of it, but it is not funny. This is what we have lived through for the past five years. It is so sad that people would buy into this. The country can still be saved, but it depends on seeing through the street theater to what is really happening. I wonder if we can.

  85. The person/s who leaked this story deserve a medal but Obama/Holder will try to make their lives Hell on earth. Now that the real leaks have started, hopefully Glenn Greenwald is right:” The dam has broke –
    let the water and sunshine flow”
    Amen. The alternative is 1984. If the numbers are large enough then there is safety in numbers. This gets back to Chris Hedges, and his observation about how social movements begin at the bottom, and only when they reach a certain size and critical mass, are the elites compelled to take them seriously. This is why the elites tried so hard, through CNN, NBC and others to destroy the Tea Party movement. In the case of the IRS however they overplayed their hand. Finally, on this issue, it surprised me that Harry Reid would expect us to accept this overreach because he knew about it. Apparently, Harry thinks we trust him with our future. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  86. a few bright lights in a big corrupt dark fog…a few that have now come out and are saying what Big Pink has been saying from day one…better they speak out now than not at all… Ron Fournier — Welcome to Bush-Obama – one in the same Glenn Thrush — Bush’s 4th Term

    Glenn Greenwald — The Guardian

    Matt Arpuzzo – AP Investigative Reporter

    and also Johnathan Turley…

    kudos to all of them…we need them…their country needs them desperately…

  87. It takes real guts and courage to speak out in the USA during these pathetic times…

    knowing full well that anyone can be spying on you at any given moment

    …and then this massive spy center being built by the NSA to spy on us…

    I believe I also read and heard that with Ocare they will be coordinating every breath we take between 4-5 different agencies that hold all our personal information…

    just look at the mess at the IRS…does anyone really believe there will be any restrictions on who gets info on who and for what…very frightening…very political…very suspectible to blackmail and who knows what else

  88. Johnathan Turley

    Professor Turley is a real good guy. On the side of the angels.

    Unlike his counterpart on CNN, Professor Jeffrey Toobin who is a jurnolister.

    It is not in Toobin’s nature to take a courageous or controversial stand.

    Toobin is in the tank for Obama.

  89. BOMBSHELL – NSA, FBI Tapping Servers Of 9 Top Internet Companies To Gain Access To Americans Emails, Photos, Messages…

    …he sees you when your sleeping,

    he knows when you’re awake;

    He knows if you’ve been bad or good

    so be good for goodness sake.

    You better watch out, you better not cry,

    you better not pout, I’m telling you why….


    The National Security Agency has obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, according to a top secret document obtained by the Guardian.

    The NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called PRISM, which allows officials to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, the document says.

    The Guardian has verified the authenticity of the document, a 41-slide PowerPoint presentation – classified as top secret with no distribution to foreign allies – which was apparently used to train intelligence operatives on the capabilities of the program. The document claims “collection directly from the servers” of major US service providers.

    Although the presentation claims the program is run with the assistance of the companies, all those who responded to a Guardian request for comment on Thursday denied knowledge of any such program.

    In a statement, Google said: “Google cares deeply about the security of our users’ data. We disclose user data to government in accordance with the law, and we review all such requests carefully. From time to time, people allege that we have created a government ‘back door’ into our systems, but Google does not have a back door for the government to access private user data.”

    Several senior tech executives insisted that they had no knowledge of PRISM or of any similar scheme. They said they would never have been involved in such a programme. “If they are doing this, they are doing it without our knowledge,” one said.

    An Apple spokesman said it had “never heard” of PRISM.

    The NSA access was enabled by changes to US surveillance law introduced under President Bush and renewed under Obama in December 2012.

    The program facilitates extensive, in-depth surveillance on live communications and stored information. The law allows for the targeting of any customers of participating firms who live outside the US, or those Americans whose communications include people outside the US.

    It also opens the possibility of communications made entirely within the US being collected without warrants.

    Disclosure of the PRISM program follows a leak to the Guardian on Wednesday of a top-secret court order compelling telecoms provider Verizon to turn over the telephone records of millions of US customers.

    The participation of the internet companies in PRISM will add to the debate, ignited by the Verizon revelation, about the scale of surveillance by the intelligence services. Unlike the collection of those call records, this surveillance can include the content of communications and not just the metadata.

    Some of the world’s largest internet brands are claimed to be part of the information-sharing program since its introduction in 2007. Microsoft – which is currently running an advertising campaign with the slogan “Your privacy is our priority” – was the first, with collection beginning in December 2007.

    It was followed by Yahoo in 2008; Google, Facebook and PalTalk in 2009; YouTube in 2010; Skype and AOL in 2011; and finally Apple, which joined the program in 2012. The program is continuing to expand, with other providers due to come online.

    Collectively, the companies cover the vast majority of online email, search, video and communications networks.

    snip…article goes on with diagrams…

    Glenwald on Piers and McDonnel tonight (don’t really watch either)

    my question them is…what is going to happen when all of this information is then coordinated with all our healthcare info and tax info monitored by IRS and then shared with that massive NSA spy center where they are collecting and storing all this minute data on all of us…

    worse than 1984 and Brave New World…

  91. wbboei
    June 6, 2013 at 7:47 pm
    Johnathan Turley

    Professor Turley is a real good guy. On the side of the angels.

    Unlike his counterpart on CNN, Professor Jeffrey Toobin who is a jurnolister.

    It is not in Toobin’s nature to take a courageous or controversial stand.

    Toobin is in the tank for Obama.


    wbboei…I couldn’t agree with you more…whether I have always agreed with Turley or not…he takes principled positions and speaks from a truthful standpoint…

    Tobin is all spin…and a fraud…

  92. OMG…just went to Huff Post…and their headline title story in big, big capital letters is

    GEORGE W. OBAMA…and they have the picture ADMIN uses of O morphing into Bush

    everyone is jumping on Big Pink’s bandwagon…five years later…



    According to a separate “User’s Guide for PRISM Skype Collection,” that service can be monitored for audio when one end of the call is a conventional telephone and for any combination of “audio, video, chat, and file transfers” when Skype users connect by computer alone. Google’s offerings include Gmail, voice and video chat, Google Drive files, photo libraries, and live surveillance of search terms.

    Firsthand experience with these systems, and horror at their capabilities, is what drove a career intelligence officer to provide PowerPoint slides about PRISM and supporting materials to The Washington Post in order to expose what he believes to be a gross intrusion on privacy. “They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type,” the officer said.

  94. ..from the NY Times.

    President Obama’s Dragnet


    Those reassurances have never been persuasive — whether on secret warrants to scoop up a news agency’s phone records or secret orders to kill an American suspected of terrorism — especially coming from a president who once promised transparency and accountability.

    The administration has now lost all credibility on this issue. Mr. Obama is proving the truism that the executive branch will use any power it is given and very likely abuse it. That is one reason we have long argued that the Patriot Act, enacted in the heat of fear after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by members of Congress who mostly had not even read it, was reckless in its assignment of unnecessary and overbroad surveillance powers.

  95. Foxy

    Boy Howdy I love me some Trey Gowdy!!!! 🙂

    I’m with you Foxy, I think I’m falling in love.

    If Hillary is a no show in 2016, my next choice would be for Trey to run. He has principles, he is smart as a whip, and so darn yummy.

    I know Trey is a Repub, but Hillary could work with the creep Oh for 4 years, think of what a team Hillary and Trey would make together.

    I don’t care who calls me a crackpot for this, I love these two people and trust them running my country.

  96. So now we learn that the House Judiciary Committee has let Holder spit in their face with his non-response to their letter asking him to clarify his testimony before them. In addition, they have backed off on subpoenaing him. This leaves two possibilities extant: either Holder has agreed to appear voluntarily thus obviating the need for a subpoena. Or else these Quisilings have given up the ghost. Why would they give up the ghost? Could it be because Chairman Sensenbrenner wrote the Patriot Act. Granted, Obama has extended that act far beyond its original intent to the point that it is patently unconstitutional. But Sensenbrenner may wish to avoid calling too much attention to his own role in formulating this legislation, so it could be abused by subsequent administrations in precisely the manner that it has here. We have talked about the transition of this nation from the Republic it was prior to World War II, to the National Security State we see today. The man who saw this coming was the pre eminent historian of the first half of the twentieth century Charles Beard. This led him to oppose our entry into World War II, and for that he was consigned to the dust bin of history, and he is never spoken of today, even though time has shown that his concerns were well placed.

  97. Great article admin!!! It’s cloak and dagger time alright.

    Regarding the pump, dump, slump in the real estate market – what if the objective is for the corporatists to monopolize the rental markets and drive up rents to better enslave the masses?

  98. I am having a problem. It could be tourets syndrome. I hope not. But every time I read the name Holder, I say the word Hitler. No kidding. Is this serious, or just a Freudian slip? Perhaps Holder could answer that question: are you Holder or Hitler, speak now or forever hold your peace. If you are Holder, then why do you behave like Hitler? Or, if you are Hitler then why call yourself Holder? How about a little truth in advertising. Or is that asking too much?

    All kidding aside, it is remarkable to see how far Eric has devolved since the time he was a well respected federal judge on the DC Circuit, and no he is not Hitler, that is just a play on words. But what he has become is a threat to liberty. No question about that. We saw this in his failure to protect white people from voter intimidation, the fast and furious cover-up, his arbitrary and capricious attacks upon legitimate, color blind voter ID laws, and now his efforts to mislead congress on the burning issue of press surveillance. Whether he also played a role in the Verizon records grab is unclear.

    The people who knew Eric as a judge wonder aloud what has happened to him. Could it be that Barack has exercised the same hypnotic effect on Eric that he has on the press corps (I mean corpse), and half the country. Could that effect, plus the effect of power on all men which is the aggravation of self,as Henry Adams described be the answer. In the last analysis, the precise cause is an imponderable, but the adverse effect upon the country and constitution is not.

  99. Has anyone seen Michelle Magazine yet??? I saw it in the store amongst the magazines and almost hurled, it’s ipecac in print. It’s got her on the cover of course, and the content is mostly just tons of pictures of Moochelle and Obama – with a couple of good close ups of the “space oddity” get up she wore on Inauguration Day too. AND, the ads are just for Obama crap – you can order your own… Michelle Obama fashion doll – two of them!!! One is in a stripper red evening gown, and the other is in a *wedding gown*. I’m not making this up. The other ad in it is for a Barack collector train, with his mug and the familiar campaign claptrap on it. The other content in the mag is about famous civil rights icons like Rosa Parks and Shirley Chisolm, as well as every “first black woman to” you can think of. So Moochelle is putting herself in some esteemed company. I almost bought it for my propaganda collection, but balked at the $7 dollar cover price. It’s published by Topix Media Lab, which bills itself as the publisher of “clever high-quality, special-interest publications that appeal to fanatical fan bases.”

  100. Thanks to the D-day vets for your brave service and sacrifice for freedom. We will never forget.

  101. “The people who knew Eric as a judge wonder aloud what has happened to him. Could it be that Barack has exercised the same hypnotic effect on Eric that he has on the press corp”
    Nah…it’s still the same old “Death Squad” Eric who was paid $2 million a year to use his DOJ connections to get United Fruit Company, aka Chiquita Brands off the hook. He was ethically unfit to be Atty. Gen. which is, as time as shown, precisely why Obama nominated him.

  102. wbboei
    June 6, 2013 at 10:47 am

    “The next election must be preceded by a scorched earth attack on big media. Outfits like Citizens United should stop doing videos on Obama, and do them on big media. Yes, we need videos showing the abuses of the legal industry, big business, and the other cultural villains/enemies. But we overlook the biggest enemy of all, namely big media. The perfect vehicle for that would be the Thomas Crown article above. What it would show the audience is that the political class in this country, together with their enablers in media have become the new aristocracy, committed to dispossessing the American People.”

    You’re spot on wbb. No one in this country, Dem or Republican, should be happy about attempts by anyone to use the power and privilege of their offices and their positions to infringe upon the rights of any citizen – not just the rights of members of the opposing party. We all know that there has been voter fraud, abuse of power, low-down dirty dealing by both parties, at different times. However, it does seem that the sleazy actions of some in Obama’s administration are more serious and widespread than the corrupt tactics used by Republicans in recent years. Point is, as your post said, wbb, We the people are all in this nightmare together. The Republicans and conservative news outlets are practically foaming at the mouth in outrage – I tell you, outrage! The right wing pundits are looking to score some points for the righteous side of politics. If the Dems have been concerned about the oppressive actions of this administration, they have been too timid and too slow in coming to the party. Where the hell is their outrage. Where is their courage? Obviously true outrage is justified – both Dems and Republicans should be madder than hell.
    They should have some concern ensuring government accountability.
    MSM has opted to give up investigative reporting, and has decided to relinquish their function as guardians of Democracy, to become whores for Obama’s White House. With the politicians more concerned about scoring political points for their corrupt parties, and with media – both the liberal media, who campaigns and covers for Barack, and the right wing screamers, apparently suffering from have memory loss, who are using the scandals and their “outrage” to make political hay, who the hell is defending this country and the constitution from those who are being paid to govern?

    You are right, wbb. In order to hold elected officials accountable, we need MSM to do their jobs, and to want to defend democracy. They have failed to do so. Their abuses and efforts to deceive the American public need to be exposed, and they need to be held accountable.

  103. SHV
    June 6, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    But he was Deputy Attorney General under Clinton…

  104. “But he was Deputy Attorney General under Clinton…”
    That’s where Eric got the connections for getting United Fruit off the hook for the contract killing of more than 3500 people.

  105. admin
    June 6, 2013 at 3:36 am


    My father and FIL were at Normandy…


    Ta Dah,

    The Spurs won!!!

  106. valleyboy
    June 6, 2013 at 10:43 pm
    Has anyone seen Michelle Magazine yet???

    Looks like you took copious notes on the contents of that mag. AA’s were I work would buy that in a heart beat, to go right along with their magnetic MO paper doll cut out and Pepboys fashions to go with it.

    These are plastered all over their filing cabinets in their offices.

    So, to counteract their witnittyness, I have Bill and Hillary plastered on my walls behind my desk. They don’t like dem apples.

    I need to add Trey to my photo collection, but no one in CA would know who he is.

  107. The push back begins:

    “Clapper also called out the person or people behind “the unauthorized disclosure of information about this important and entirely legal program,” saying such apparent leaks are “reprehensible and risks important protections for the security of Americans.”

    The Obama/Holder Police State apparatus is going into high gear to apprehend these disloyal Americans who are “reprehensible and risks important protections for the security of Americans”. Hopefully Greenwald is correct and the “dam has broken”. I’ll risk Islamic terrists any day compared to the FBI, NSA, and IRS coming after me.

  108. Shadowfax
    June 7, 2013 at 12:03 am


    good laff…best one of the night…

    definitely add some Trey…maybe bring in the video clip for lunch break…

  109. I hope I post this correctly (otherwise can be googled)…this is utube of Jason Chaffetz grilling ‘Mr. Fink’ of the IRS over $4 million dollars Fink approved for a conference…

    all I can say is ‘God help us’ if these are the people we are entrusting with Ocare and our health…unbelievable…

    Chaffetz grills IRS’s Faris Fink over Lavish Conference Spending

    btw…Fink seems drugged or drunk

  110. also meant to mention…I am also liking Jason Craffetz these days…comes across earnest to me…

  111. The Obama/Holder Police State apparatus is going into high gear to apprehend these disloyal Americans who are “reprehensible and risks important protections for the security of Americans”. Hopefully Greenwald is correct and the “dam has broken”. I’ll risk Islamic terrists any day compared to the FBI, NSA, and IRS coming after me.
    It seems to me that a line has been drawn in the sand here, with the media on one side, the national security apparatus on the other. I believe the media regards this as a hill to die for. Clapper lied to Congress, so I expect they will recall him to clarify his testimony. I think what will emerge from this is a national debate on security vs. liberty. And we need to understand what these secret courts are about. These types of courts hearken back to the Court of the Star Chamber and is repugnant to the traditions of Anglo-American law all the way back to the Magna Carta. The Twilight Zone aspect to this is all the while we are being cautioned about never speaking the word terrorism, the national security apparatus is preparing for that very thing, with little or no regard for civil liberties. It helps explain the declaration of Congressman Dingel (D-Mi), Dean of the US House of Representatives, that under Obama/care it would take time to put into place the policies and procedures necessary to control the American people. We shall find out soon enough whether a secret system which is distrusted by the American People can be sustained on these shores.

  112. There was a movie years ago called Tell It To The Spartans. It is the story of US Soldiers stationed at a remote garrison in the jungle of Viet Nam in the same area where the French Foreign Legion perished a decade earlier. The memory of that is brought home by the French cemetery which sits on the perimeter of their encampment. An army major played by Burt Lancaster is in charge of the garrison. He is a World War II hero, who knows the pain and tragedy of war.

    A new second lieutenant–a 90 day wonder is sent to him by staff headquarters. He tests his leadership skills by placing him in charge of the mosquito patrol. He is told it is an important job, so he accepts eagerly. Upon successful completion of that mission, he is put in charge of a squad and dispatched to a hot area. While there, his leadership skills, or the lack are once again tested. This time, they are found to be deficient. Therefore his sergeant, a Korean War veteran and a corporal take over. They tell him to just relax–you are the officer. He has another problem as well–fits of diarrhea plague him on the eve of battle. Consequently, he is of little use when the fighting begins. Even so, he continues to pose as the leader, while everyone gives his flatulence a wide berth.

    As I watched Barack’s response to these multiple scandals, I thought about that character. Five, six, seven, eight scandals in a compressed time period. And off they go like a string firecrackers at a Chinese New Year celebration. The question he will be asking himself, presumably, is what in the hell should I do? Should I hit the campaign trail? Should I tell the public I am in charge? Should I order the people who report to me to cooperate with Congress? Should I ask Holder to step down? Should I check and see whether there is an open tee time at Congressional? Should I say take this job and shove it? Or should I camp out in the latrine? Now granted, these questions are not easy. What is more, only he can answer them. But the country needs to know. They are looking to him for leadership, just as they would any other president. The question is whether he is up to the task.

  113. Obama Openly Shows Destroying The US-Israel Alliance Is At the Top Of His Agenda

    Now that President Obama has been re-elected and has ‘more flexibility’ as he famously told Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, he no longer faces re-election and can happily pursue the more pernicious parts of his agenda. As anyone who’s observed the last four years knows, President Obama has a major problem with America’s alliance with Israel and wants to create lots of ‘daylight’ between the two countries.

    His latest two cabinet appointments complete a series of moves that show exactly where the most anti-Israel president in history is headed. . . .

  114. This is TREASON!

    John Kerry Quietly Released $1.3 Billion In U.S. Military Aid To Muslim Brotherhood-Run Egypt Last Month…
    (Reuters) – Secretary of State John Kerry quietly acted last month to give Egypt $1.3 billion in U.S. military aid, deciding that this was in the national interest despite Egypt’s failure to meet democracy standards.

  115. How much does Barack Hussein cherish this country and its military?

    In all the years since D-Day 1945, there have been only 4 times when a sitting president has FAILED to attend the D-DAY Monument on June 6th to honor those fallen soldiers in that invasion. Only 4 times!

    These occasions were:

    For the past 69 years, ALL presidents except Barack Hussein have paid their respects to the Brave American soldiers who were killed in the invasion.

    This year, instead of paying honor to those fallen soldiers of long ago, who died so this POS could usurp the highest office in the land, he chose to fly down to North Carolina and attend a grade school in Mooresville, for whatever reason.

    He didn’t even feel it worthy to send an official representative to this either………


  116. Harper Reed was the Chief Technology Officer for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election team. He figured a way to contact all the ppl who would vote for President Obama and then make sure they voted. Think what he could do with what Obama is collecting now.

  117. Large US force arrives in Jordan for deployment at Syria border amid Syria’s Qusayr victory

    A large U.S. military force has reportedly arrived at a port in the south of Jordan, ready to be deployed at the country’s border with neighboring Syria.

    The Israeli military intelligence website DEBKAfile has reported that 1,000 U.S troops from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Force arrived at the southern Jordanian port of Aqaba on Tuesday and made their way to the north of the country under heavy Jordanian military escort.

    According to DEBKAfile, Washington imposed a blackout on the arrival of the rapid-response force as the Pentagon only reported the sending of a Patriot missile battery and F-16 warplanes to Jordan for a military drill.

  118. Cameras on the corner, facial recognitions on the computer, GPS tracking in our cells, DNA entered into national databases, black boxes in your car, phone records being collected, social media collecting our data and sending it to the government…

    This is not the country I grew up in. 😯

  119. In March 2011, Clapper was heard at the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services and commented on the 2011 Libyan civil war saying that “over the longer term” Gaddafi “will prevail.” During the same hearing he was also questioned when he neglected to list Iran and North Korea among the nuclear powers that might pose a threat to the United States.
    He is the guy in charge of the domestic spying.

    He was appointed by Obama, who did his usual due diligence, which is to say none.

    Party animals are allergic to that.

    However, concerning Clapper.

    I am not at all sure what to think about him.

    He has “wittingly” mislead congress in some of his testimony, through semantics.

    Thus, I am not sure how far to trust his promises.

    Same goes for light in the loafters Lindsay.

    But I am sure of one thing:

    The first lady of china will be here today.

    And big media is telling us she is an icon of glamour.

    Which in the midst of this chaos, we were relieved to know.

    To me, that his just more bread and circuses.

    For all I know, she could be Clapper in drag.

    Hence, another diversion.

    Spies are good at disguises.


    This particular article speaks for itself. No need to editorialize, save to say whenever an official says the American People must understand that there are limits on this spying program, even if that is true, it is only a matter of time before those limits are removed, in order to do what? To protect national security. The only limits are those set forth in the constitution. Let us hope that Ron Paul’s bill passes. That is not the whole answer, but it is a step in the right direction, after years of moving aggressively in the wrong direction–one that serves the interests of a police state, and not much else. If you doubt that is true, just remember, the same sleuths who installed this program and swear it is essential to our security, failed to act properly on low tech information on the Checkna terrorists, which came to us through Putin. From gun control, and now to this, it is the same sad story: address the threat by violating the constitution and the rights of the people–but never those of the elites.

  121. I must confess that I am at a complete loss to explain the behavior of McCain and Graham. I not saying they are bad men. All I am saying is they are delusional ones. But delusional men in high places is a recipe for disaster. Make no mistake about that. How they can see no constitutional problem here is a testament to their own blindness. What it suggests to me is that they have become so pulled apart by their fixation on spy vs spy that they have come loose from their moorings. When they get these dire intelligence briefings, which are prelude to more encroachment on their liberty, do they pause, think and question the motives of those who are feeding them the stuff. Or do they take it as gospel. The coup de gras came when Linday offered up the lame defense that he is glad to have big brother surveiling his records, therefore we should be content to do likewise. That is a form of thinking which I cannot relate to, even though he says it with a straight face.

  122. Read it and weep.
    U.S., British intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program
    By Barton Gellman and Laura Poitras, Published: June 6 | Updated: Friday, June 7, 7:51 AM
    …Equally unusual is the way the NSA extracts what it wants, according to the document: “Collection directly from the servers of these U.S. Service Providers: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple.”…“They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type,” the officer said….

  123. How the IRS scandal may damage PRISM and other anti-terror data mining

    Posted by William A. Jacobson Friday, June 7, 2013 at 9:24a

    That the government data mines isn’t news.

    That the government has the ability to use secret judicial processes to obtain emails and phone records isn’t news.

    The controversy over the latest revelations is a controversy about things which have been known — at least in part — for years and in some instances for decades. It started, in various forms, before George W. Bush.

    Ace uses Chesterton’s parable of the fence to suggest that we need to know more about how these systems operate and why before reaching a conclusion whether to tear them down:

    But what if the program were such — and when I say “what if,” understand I have no idea if it works this way; I am simply speculating about one possible configuration — that automated non-human algorithms searched for certain keywords and, generally, signs of either a foreign language or English being written by a non-native speaker. And what if the traffic so identified was kicked up to a higher level of automated scrutiny– still no humans reading — and scanned for additional worrisome signs.

    And then, only after the billions of messages had been screened down to Worrisome Few, say a few thousand in a month, would humans then check the flagged passages, and then, if they thought those passages were alarming, seek a judge’s warrant to read the full text, and not just the flagged sentences and phrases.

    Now, I think that such a system would be far less worrisome, although it would still be creepy, and of course still prone to great and serious abuse.

    On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that if we abandon our advantage in the realm of computer processing power (and the incredible advantage we have in that most internet traffic, world-wide, circulates through the US), I think we’re going to be down to our human capabilities which, once again, I think are virtually non-existent with regard to Al Qaeda. I think we’ll be down to the felt.

    Perhaps there will be more public acknowledgement, and some additional safeguards, precisely because data mining was built for a reason.

    I also don’t think you can separate the current reaction from the IRS scandal, which showed how supposedly neutral bureaucrats can politicize data and use the control over and demand for data as a weapon.

    Explanations and justifications which might have worked in the past no longer are enough, thanks to the IRS.

  124. S

    definitely add some Trey…maybe bring in the video clip for lunch break…



    I’m thinking I need to make up a t-shirt online with Trey’s photo on it. The text saying:

    2016 – If Hillary doesn’t run for President, I’m for Trey.

    Maybe that would make them ask who he is. 😉

  125. Unlike many, I have accepted the fact that we had an IRS, and assumed that they functioned as a neutral revenue collecting agency.

    However, after witnessing what has occurred within that agency under this administration, I am convinced that this agency must be abolished.

    When I look at the new commissioner, he strikes me as just as evasive as his predecessors.

    Therefore, his solemn promises to exorcise the evil from that organization, quite frankly mean nothing. Or, perhaps, less than nothing.

    The bureaucratic class is the problem.

    The larger it grows, the more our liberty is compromised.

    The correlation is inverse.

    I remember Howard Jarvis in California, and his Proposition 13 which put a lid on property tax increases used to fund the expanded welfare state.

    I wonder whether something along those lines is not possible today.

    It is very much in the sweet spot of the tea party movement.

    Since big media feeds off big government, they will do everything they can to vilify it.

    But they had better look at their hole card.

    Because if one day, the American People became so disgusted that they behaved like the IRS did here, and refuse to comply with the law

    Then Humpty Dumpty would be through.

    Public support for such agencies is essential, and here that support has been squandered.

    The only solution–I mean solution now, is to abolish that agency and migrate to a flat tax.

    It has become yet another self serving bureaucracy, and there is no way in god’s green earth to rein it in.

  126. Any one that doubts that the IRS probe came from any where except Obama himself please re read this . :evil;

    Perhaps the only useful part of the inspector general’s audit of the IRS was its timeline. We know that it was August 2010 when the IRS issued its first “Be On the Lookout” list, flagging applications containing key conservative words and issues. The criteria would expand in the months to come.

  127. Issa needs to think about something Liddell Hart said about war in his magnum opus book Strategy. Hart was a captain in the British infantry, who was gassed in World War I, and returned to civilian life where he functioned as a journalist. He was an eye witness to the rise of Nazi Germany and after the war was granted the right to interview the creme of the German officer corps, to ascertain their strategies and methods. As a student of war, and a premier military historian, he concluded, as did Sun Szu, Jomale, Clausewitz and others that what wins in war, amore, business and life is not the direct approach but the indirect approach. That principle has direct application to the work Issa is not doing on behalf of the country. If the ultimate objective is to destroy Obama, there are two generic ways to do it. You can storm the castle and face all the defenses which have been set up to thwart you. Or, in the alternative, you can attack the foundations on which he stands, in which case he will fall to earth like a feather. If you investigation into the IRS produces a widespread consensus that they are not trusted, then the implementation of Obama’s signature act is DOA. And when his signature act fails, where does that leave messiah obama? Defeated, though the indirect approach.

  128. foxyladi14
    June 7, 2013 at 12:35 pm
    If that is true, then the speculation would be that McCain is not a war hero, and Lindsay is gay. Possibly. By I am more inclined to think that both of them have drunk the neocon Koolaid sua sponte (on their own motion).

  129. How do we know that this collection of all data on everyone is the ONLY WAY to prevent a terror attack, because Obozo said so….?

    Because it sure as shit didn’t prevent Boston happening did it.

    The halfwit is talking crap again on tv.

  130. you know, in thinking of ways to really turn things around and stop the path of devolution on which the politicians have set this country, it would be comforting to believe that a coalition of moderate Dems and Republicans could emerge, and publicly commit to a course of action to turn things around. It would be nice to think that partisanship could be completely set aside, as could ambition for power and positioning for reelection, in order to facilitate appropriate compromise and genuine leadership dedicated to restoring this country and supporting the constitutional rights and mandates set in place to ensure civil rights, freedom and democracy. It would be nice to think that such a coalition of patriotic leaders would be embraced and supported by the majority of Americans.

    That seems pretty much like magical thinking, I know. If there were enough people of integrity in leadership positions, would the Obama machine tear them to shreds? Would his administration, with the help of allies in media find ways (or make them up) to discredit each and every pro-American leader, both personally and professionally? It seems very likely that they would. Would the majority of Americans even care. Would they trust moderates? Would they accept possible solutions that would require long term effort, and even, sacrifice, or would they gravitate toward the snake oil pols, who offer a quick fix and easy, partisan answers? Frankly, given the way things have gone since Barack emerged from the slime pit, and even before he came along, I’m not sure we have enough patriotic leaders who could function in a bi-partisan way (look what happened with Tea Party). Even if such leaders existed, would the majority of Americans support efforts to restore this country, even if it meant their special interests had be ignored, their services would had to be cut, their hard left or right wing agenda would be compromised? I’m not sure. And, without such leaders, without informed citizens who will demand patriotic action to restore this country, hope is getting pretty hard to come by. Not to be Debbie Downer, or anything, just sayin’.

  131. Inside America’s $1.9billion data mine: How all your private details will soon be stored in this vast NSA nerve center in Utah Valley

    The personal data and private online conversations that the National Security Administration is accused of mining could be stashed in a one million square-foot, $1.9 billion facility in the Utah Valley.

    Concerns over what the government will store at the Utah Data Center have been reinvigorated by the revelation that U.S. intelligence agencies have been extracting audio, video, photos, e-mails, documents and other information to track people’s movements and contacts.

    Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Skype, AOL and the lesser known Internet company PalTalk are all involved with the PRISM program, which the government insists is for national security.

    The Utah Data Center which is being constructed on Camp Williams on the Salt Lake-Utah County line will be completed in October – but officials have been tight-lipped about what will be stored there.

  132. moononpluto
    June 7, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Obama: ‘Nobody is listening to your telephone calls’

    liar liar pants on fire.

    You tell um Moon! 😆

    The only possibility I can think of that would warrant such behavior from any government is if things are a billion times worse than any of their citizens know.

    But since we have Barry/Jarett/Axeldouche/Holder and their kind, doing this to our citizens, we all know the biggest danger we face, is THEM running the country.

  133. Breaking : Democratic Senator Manchin: Attorney General Holder should consider resigning –

    When your own side is telling you to go…..

    Manchin also indicated that Attorney General Eric Holder, who has been criticized for targeting news organizations, among other issues, should consider resigning.

    “Whenever you feel that you have lost your effectiveness or may be losing your effectiveness to the detriment of the job that you do,” he said about Holder, “you have to evaluate that and make a decision. And I think we’re at the time now where decisions have to be made.”

  134. A MUST READ DHS insider!!! 🙂
    The details

    “If anyone thinks that what’s going on right now with all of this surveillance of American citizens is to fight some sort of foreign enemy, they’re delusional. If people think that this ‘scandal’ can’t get any worse, it will, hour by hour, day by day. This has the ability to bring down our national leadership, the administration and other senior elected officials working in collusion with this administration, both Republican and Democrats. People within the NSA, the Department of Justice, and others, they know who they are, need to come forth with the documentation of ‘policy and practice’ in their possession, disclose what they know, fight what’s going on, and just do their job. I have never seen anything like this, ever. The present administration is going after leakers, media sources, anyone and everyone who is even suspected of ‘betrayal.’ That’s what they call it, ‘betrayal.’ Can you believe the size of their cahones? This administration considers anyone telling the truth about Benghazi, the IRS, hell, you name the issue, ‘betrayal,’” he said.

  135. Hmmm

    Not good to read, but not sure what to think of it…

    Hillary Clinton’s Ratings Slip in Bloomberg Poll

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to enjoy strong marks from the American public, but the lingering headlines over the Benghazi, Libya, attack have started to take a toll, a new poll finds.

    In a new Bloomberg National Poll, Mrs. Clinton’s favorable rating dropped 12 points to 58%, from 70% in the December – her highest score ever in the Bloomberg survey. Her unfavorable rating doubled, to 22% from 11%.

    A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found a similar slide in Mrs. Clinton’s ratings. In the poll out earlier this week, 49% had “very positive” or “somewhat positive” views of her, down from 56% in April.

    Mrs. Clinton’s decline in popularity comes amid a continued storm of criticism over the September attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Mrs. Clinton testified for the first time about the attack in January.
    The Bloomberg poll found that 47% disapprove of Mrs. Clinton’s handling of Benghazi, while 34% approve.

    Four in 10 Americans said they would definitely or probably vote for Mrs. Clinton in 2016, according to the poll, and a third said they definitely wouldn’t.

    Mrs. Clinton retained a strong base among Democrats, with three-quarters supporting her. Among independents, her candidacy had 33% support.

    Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s rapid ascent in popularity since Hurricane Sandy remains in full force. The poll found that 50% favorably viewed Mr. Christie, who has been lauded for his bipartisanship, while only 16% said they viewed him unfavorably.

    The WSJ/NBC News poll this week found that Democrats appear to Christie more favorably than Republicans do – more than 43% of Democrats polled said they had positive views of the governor, while only 41% of Independents and 40% of Republicans said the same.

    Mr. Christie has achieved a much larger presence on the national scene – in a June 2011 Bloomberg poll, 57% didn’t know enough about Mr. Christie to form an opinion, and this week that number plummeted to 34%.

  136. 😆

    Obama strode up to the podium with his usual confidence and said.
    My remarks are not sitting here,” the President declared awkwardly. “I’m uhhh….people….oh goodness….uhhhh…folks are sweating back there right now.”
    😆 😆 😆

    NSA, FBI secretly mining data from Internet firms…
    Top-secret PRISM program…
    Vast Data Trove…
    Billions of Phone Calls…
    PAPER: Obama agenda lost in firestorm…
    New app claims to prevent government eavesdropping on cell phones…

    Above are some of the headlines on Drudge in one little area.

    Wasn’t it less than 6 months ago that we all thought Wikileaks was the demon child that was going to hurt American’s and expose secrets?

    Now that looks like small potatoes compared to what Obama has directed his agencies to do.

  138. You have absolutely nothing to fear from the NSA, IRS, CIA, FBI, EPA, DHS, OSHA, or any other branch of government that has a proven history of destroying people’s lives!

    Unless you are a conservative, Republican, Tea Partier, Christian, pro-Israel, pro-lifer, pro-family, pro-capitalism, pro-energy, pro-Constitution, individualist, patriot, business owner, veteran, taxpayer, or some nut who believes in American exceptionalism. 🙂

  139. Atlantic Wire notes that after three months of investigation, Chairman Issa has been unable to link Obama to the IRS scandals. Therefore, the implicit suggestion is lets go home, because either Obama is innocent, or Congress is incompetent, but either way nothing will come of nothing. Then, from the other side we hear that IRS supervisors in Cincinnati have told investigators the orders to target conservative organizations came from Washington, which can only mean the White House. This puts me in mind of an old story which involved the liberal lion Darrow, and someone you have probably never hear of but was a greater than Darrow. Personally, I thought so highly of Rogers that I kept an old photo of him in my office.

    The time is 1913, the place is the City of the Angels, where the forces of capital and labor are joined in a battle to the death. General Otis–a civil war hero and founder of the Los Angeles Times is the mouthpiece of the capitalists, and two labor agitators have called his hand and raised the stakes by blowing up the Los Angles Times Building killing hundreds of people.

    Out of the East came the liberal lion Clarence Darrow to do battle with the capitalists, and to defend the murderers. Darrow sizes up the case and decides it is hopeless, unless he can bribe one of the jurors. He attempts to do just that, is caught doing it, and suddenly the most prolific lawyer in America needs a lawyer.

    He was told about an attorney named Earl Rogers whose legendary legal abilities and life long struggle with alcoholism that finished him off by the early 1920s are recorded for posterity in the book Final Verdict, by his daughter Adela Rogers St. John. Rogers was trying a case in northern California–a will contest, and for several days, he took the key adverse witness, the attorney who drafted the will through a long tedious cross examination. Finally, after the jury was half asleep and his quarry had lowered his defenses Rogers sprung the trap. Darrow and his wife sat there in the courtroom in stony silence, like the famous painting American Gothic. And when Rogers was done with that case, they hired him.

    The reason I mention this vignette is because to my mind, Issa is like Earl Rogers. The case he is putting together is complex and will take time. Those who are looking for a quick easy victory like the Battle of San Juan Hill, will give up. Right now they are hoping that when the Cincinnati supervisor said high up in Washington she meant the White House. But the law of probability indicates otherwise. Specifically, when an local IRS agent says Washington they mean the head office of the IRS in Washington. If she had meant the White House (assuming she would have had that information in the first place) she would have said the White House. That is elementary my dear Watson.

    The way to connect the White House to the IRS targeting must begin by understanding how Obama operates. And on that fine point, past is prologue. There was a newspaper article about this which surfaced at or near the time of the South Carolina Primary–when the race card was played against Bill Clinton by Obama operatives while he sat back and claimed plausible deniability. It was written by a young volunteer who worked inside the Obama machine in Chicago, and came away from the entire experience deeply disappointed. He told the reader that he worked on the campaign and dealt with the issues as they arose. Then one day, he and presumably others were told by their supervisor that Obama was disappointed in them because they were missing the essential point which was how he was different from other politicians, i.e. his blackness, and that must be the central focus of the campaign going forward, and the tip of the spear.

    He never told them to call Bill Clinton a racist. But he laid the ground work for them to do that. How? By dropping the hint of what he wanted done which set off the chain of events which vilified the Clintons and decimated the black support she had built up over decades of work for their cause. This is not a case of first impression. In the winter of 1170, Henry II asked the question: who will rid me of this meddlesome priest? By asking that question, he set off a similar chain of events which led to the death of his opponent Thomas Beckett. That in a nutshell is how Obama operates. He will not be caught giving the order. Rather, it will be telegraphed through is trusted supporters to the front line as an expression of what he would like to see happen.

    Now there is no question in my mind that he gave the order more directly to two people: his counsel (Bob Bauwer) and his advisor (Jarrett). It may even be that they suggested it to him first. But he gave it I am sure. But because both of them are rabid ideologues, and Bauer’s conversations with him are subject to attorney client privilege it is unlikely that you will get the proof you need through that portal. Rather, the case against Obama will need to be proven through a circumstantial chain of testimony and events facilitated by the judicious application of use immunity. The trail will grow cold at some point therefore the proof cannot wait forever. The fact that Obama supporter Gooslbee disclosed information about Romney tax records and then deleted his emails, means that someone inside the IRS was feeding them to him, and that is the person we need to find. Any immunity given to Learner must be contingent on her telling congress everything she knows either in open session (or closed session where appropriate), and should be voidable if it is later discovered that she failed to tell them everything.

  140. NSA Prism’s snooping program – this is a bit long.
    NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others

    • Top-secret Prism program claims direct access to servers of firms including Google, Apple and Facebook
    • Companies deny any knowledge of program in operation since 2007
    [Since BEFORE the 2008 primary]

    A slide depicting the top-secret PRISM program.

    The National Security Agency has obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, according to a top secret document obtained by the Guardian.

    <bThe NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called Prism, which allows officials to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, the document says.

    The Guardian has verified the authenticity of the document, a 41-slide PowerPoint presentation – classified as top secret with no distribution to foreign allies – which was apparently used to train intelligence operatives on the capabilities of the program. The document claims “collection directly from the servers” of major US service providers.

    Although the presentation claims the program is run with the assistance of the companies, all those who responded to a Guardian request for comment on Thursday denied knowledge of any such program.

    In a statement, Google said: “Google cares deeply about the security of our users’ data. We disclose user data to government in accordance with the law, and we review all such requests carefully. From time to time, people allege that we have created a government ‘back door’ into our systems, but Google does not have a back door for the government to access private user data.”

    Several senior tech executives insisted that they had no knowledge of Prism or of any similar scheme. They said they would never have been involved in such a program. “If they are doing this, they are doing it without our knowledge,” one said.

    An Apple spokesman said it had “never heard” of Prism.

    The NSA access was enabled by changes to US surveillance law introduced under President Bush and renewed under Obama in December 2012.

    The program facilitates extensive, in-depth surveillance on live communications and stored information. The law allows for the targeting of any customers of participating firms who live outside the US, or those Americans whose communications include people outside the US.

    It also opens the possibility of communications made entirely within the US being collected without warrants.

    Disclosure of the Prism program follows a leak to the Guardian on Wednesday of a top-secret court order compelling telecoms provider Verizon to turn over the telephone records of millions of US customers.

    The participation of the internet companies in Prism will add to the debate, ignited by the Verizon revelation, about the scale of surveillance by the intelligence services. Unlike the collection of those call records, this surveillance can include the content of communications and not just the metadata.

    Some of the world’s largest internet brands are claimed to be part of the information-sharing program since its introduction in 2007. Microsoft – which is currently running an advertising campaign with the slogan “Your privacy is our priority” – was the first, with collection beginning in December 2007.

    It was followed by Yahoo in 2008; Google, Facebook and PalTalk in 2009; YouTube in 2010; Skype and AOL in 2011; and finally Apple, which joined the program in 2012. The program is continuing to expand, with other providers due to come online.

    Collectively, the companies cover the vast majority of online email, search, video and communications networks.

    The extent and nature of the data collected from each company varies.

    Companies are legally obliged to comply with requests for users’ communications under US law, but the Prism program allows the intelligence services direct access to the companies’ servers. The NSA document notes the operations have “assistance of communications providers in the US”.

    The revelation also supports concerns raised by several US senators during the renewal of the Fisa Amendments Act in December 2012, who warned about the scale of surveillance the law might enable, and shortcomings in the safeguards it introduces.

    When the FAA was first enacted, defenders of the statute argued that a significant check on abuse would be the NSA’s inability to obtain electronic communications without the consent of the telecom and internet companies that control the data. But the Prism program renders that consent unnecessary, as it allows the agency to directly and unilaterally seize the communications off the companies’ servers.

    A chart prepared by the NSA, contained within the top-secret document obtained by the Guardian, underscores the breadth of the data it is able to obtain: email, video and voice chat, videos, photos, voice-over-IP (Skype, for example) chats, file transfers, social networking details, and more.
    PRISM slide crop

    The document is recent, dating to April 2013. Such a leak is extremely rare in the history of the NSA, which prides itself on maintaining a high level of secrecy.

    The Prism program allows the NSA, the world’s largest surveillance organisation, to obtain targeted communications without having to request them from the service providers and without having to obtain individual court orders.

    With this program, the NSA is able to reach directly into the servers of the participating companies and obtain both stored communications as well as perform real-time collection on targeted users.

    The presentation claims Prism was introduced to overcome what the NSA regarded as shortcomings of Fisa warrants in tracking suspected foreign terrorists. It noted that the US has a “home-field advantage” due to housing much of the internet’s architecture. But the presentation claimed “Fisa constraints restricted our home-field advantage” because Fisa required individual warrants and confirmations that both the sender and receiver of a communication were outside the US.

    “Fisa was broken because it provided privacy protections to people who were not entitled to them,” the presentation claimed. “It took a Fisa court order to collect on foreigners overseas who were communicating with other foreigners overseas simply because the government was collecting off a wire in the United States. There were too many email accounts to be practical to seek Fisas for all.”

    The new measures introduced in the FAA redefines “electronic surveillance” to exclude anyone “reasonably believed” to be outside the USA – a technical change which reduces the bar to initiating surveillance.

    The act also gives the director of national intelligence and the attorney general power to permit obtaining intelligence information, and indemnifies internet companies against any actions arising as a result of co-operating with authorities’ requests.

    In short, where previously the NSA needed individual authorisations, and confirmation that all parties were outside the USA, they now need only reasonable suspicion that one of the parties was outside the country at the time of the records were collected by the NSA.

    The document also shows the FBI acts as an intermediary between other agencies and the tech companies, and stresses its reliance on the participation of US internet firms, claiming “access is 100% dependent on ISP provisioning”.

    In the document, the NSA hails the Prism program as “one of the most valuable, unique and productive accesses for NSA”.

    It boasts of what it calls “strong growth” in its use of the Prism program to obtain communications. The document highlights the number of obtained communications increased in 2012 by 248% for Skype – leading the notes to remark there was “exponential growth in Skype reporting; looks like the word is getting out about our capability against Skype”. There was also a 131% increase in requests for Facebook data, and 63% for Google.

    The NSA document indicates that it is planning to add Dropbox as a PRISM provider. The agency also seeks, in its words, to “expand collection services from existing providers”.

    The revelations echo fears raised on the Senate floor last year during the expedited debate on the renewal of the FAA powers which underpin the PRISM program, which occurred just days before the act expired.

    Senator Christopher Coons of Delaware specifically warned that the secrecy surrounding the various surveillance programs meant there was no way to know if safeguards within the act were working.

    “The problem is: we here in the Senate and the citizens we represent don’t know how well any of these safeguards actually work,” he said.

    “The law doesn’t forbid purely domestic information from being collected. We know that at least one Fisa court has ruled that the surveillance program violated the law. Why? Those who know can’t say and average Americans can’t know.”

    Other senators also raised concerns. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon attempted, without success, to find out any information on how many phone calls or emails had been intercepted under the program.

    When the law was enacted, defenders of the FAA argued that a significant check on abuse would be the NSA’s inability to obtain electronic communications without the consent of the telecom and internet companies that control the data. But the Prism program renders that consent unnecessary, as it allows the agency to directly and unilaterally seize the communications off the companies’ servers.

    When the NSA reviews a communication it believes merits further investigation, it issues what it calls a “report”. According to the NSA, “over 2,000 Prism-based reports” are now issued every month. There were 24,005 in 2012, a 27% increase on the previous year.

    In total, more than 77,000 intelligence reports have cited the PRISM program.

    Jameel Jaffer, director of the ACLU’s Center for Democracy, that it was astonishing the NSA would even ask technology companies to grant direct access to user data.

    “It’s shocking enough just that the NSA is asking companies to do this,” he said. “The NSA is part of the military. The military has been granted unprecedented access to civilian communications.

    “This is unprecedented militarisation of domestic communications infrastructure. That’s profoundly troubling to anyone who is concerned about that separation.”

    A senior administration official said in a statement: “The Guardian and Washington Post articles refer to collection of communications pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This law does not allow the targeting of any US citizen or of any person located within the United States.

    “The program is subject to oversight by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the Executive Branch, and Congress. It involves extensive procedures, specifically approved by the court, to ensure that only non-US persons outside the US are targeted, and that minimize the acquisition, retention and dissemination of incidentally acquired information about US persons.

    “This program was recently reauthorized by Congress after extensive hearings and debate.

    “Information collected under this program is among the most important and valuable intelligence information we collect, and is used to protect our nation from a wide variety of threats.

    “The Government may only use Section 702 to acquire foreign intelligence information, which is specifically, and narrowly, defined in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This requirement applies across the board, regardless of the nationality of the target.”

  141. Sorry folks, just looking backward on posts and see the PRISM story has been picked up by many of you.

  142. Shadowfax
    June 7, 2013 at 12:03 am
    June 6, 2013 at 10:43 pm
    Has anyone seen Michelle Magazine yet???

    Looks like you took copious notes on the contents of that mag.

    It was sorta seered into my brain. And I knew my fellow Big Pinkers would want to hear the gory details. My description doesn’t do it justice, though. It really is a festival of narcissism on her part.

  143. VBoy

    It was sorta seered into my brain. And I knew my fellow Big Pinkers would want to hear the gory details. My description doesn’t do it justice, though. It really is a festival of narcissism on her part.


    Right you are.

  144. The internet firms want nothing to do with this shitstorm….

    Facebook founder Zuckerberg calls press reports on PRISM program ‘outrageous,’ encourages transparency from WH……..yeah like they’ll listen.

  145. The notion that government will protect our security without violating our liberty depends on the elementary non-sequitur of perfect government. Thus, I agree with Ron Paul. However I did want to hear what Larry Johnson said about it. He worked as a CIA analyst. Well, here it is and be forewarned, it is not a ringing endorsement of what Obama is doing:

    Current Article
    Shame on the Fascists

    By Larry Johnson on June 7, 2013 at 11:27 AM in Current Affairs

    Some Republicans and Democrats are fascists. They do not give a damn about the Constitution and use the pervasive threat of fear to justify giving the Federal Government unlimited power to pry into your life. The despicable, loathsome members of Congress–McCain, Graham, Mike Rodgers and Diane Feinstein, to name a few–happily insist that allowing the government to circumvent the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution is a necessity because of our fear of terrorism, which Obama insisted a couple of weeks back is a receding threat.

    Here’s a great explanation of the Fourth Amendment:

    The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    The American Revolution was fought, in part, to create a system of government in which the Rule of Law would reign supreme. The rule of law is often identified with the old saying that the United States is a nation of laws and not of men. Under the rule of law, the actions of government officials are prescribed by the principles and laws that make up the U.S. legal system and do not reflect the Arbitrary whims and caprices of the government officials themselves.

    A distinction is sometimes drawn between power and authority. Law enforcement officers are entrusted with the powers to conduct investigations, to make arrests, and occasionally to use lethal force in the line of duty. But these powers must be exercised within the parameters authorized by the law. Power exercised outside of these legal parameters transforms law enforcers into lawbreakers, as happened when Los Angeles police officer Laurence Powell was convicted for using excessive force against rodney king, who had been stopped for speeding. Powell repeatedly struck King with his night-stick even though King was in a submissive position, lying prone on the ground.

    The Fourth Amendment was intended to create a constitutional buffer between U.S. citizens and the intimidating power of law enforcement. It has three components. First, it establishes a privacy interest by recognizing the right of U.S. citizens to be “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.” Second, it protects this privacy interest by prohibiting searches and seizures that are “unreasonable” or are not authorized by a warrant based upon probable cause. Third, it states that no warrant may be issued to a law enforcement officer unless that warrant describes with particularity “the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    The Framers drafted the Fourth Amendment in response to their colonial experience with British officials, whose discretion in collecting revenues for the Crown often went unchecked. Upon a mere suspicion held by British tax collectors or their informants, colonial magistrates were compelled to issue general warrants, which permitted blanket door-to-door searches of entire neighborhoods without limitation as to person or place. The law did not require magistrates to question British officials regarding the source of their suspicion or to make other credibility determinations.

    The writ of assistance was a particularly loathsome form of general warrant. The name of this writ derived from the power of British authorities to enlist local peace officers and colonial residents who might “assist” in executing a particular search. A writ of assistance lasted for the life of the king or queen under whom it was issued, and it applied to every officer and subject in the British Empire. In essence, such a writ was a license for customs officers tracking smugglers and illegally imported goods.

    Shame on the neocons and other Bush cheerleaders who continue to defend using the power of the Federal Government without regard to legal constraints. Dick Cheney and enablers like John Yoo stridently insisted that waterboarding and detention without habeus corpus were okay as long as your heart was pure and your target was Al Qaeda. Of course, left unsaid, was the understanding that you had to “trust” them.

    I trust none of them. Neither Democrats nor Republicans. I trust the law and the limits the Constitution imposes on what the Federal Government can do to person. I am with Rand Paul on this. He is one of the few to speak the truth consistent with the Constitution.

  146. Phone Record Story Blown Out of Proportion”. (mccarthy)

    “Now, we begin to see the wages of having an administration that abuses its awesome powers, then, as night follows day, stonewalls and misleads Congress and the public. Crucial national security measures, which operate on the forgiving assumption that government officials will conduct themselves honorably, are put at risk,” McCarthy posits
    How the IRS scandal may damage PRISM and other anti-terror data mining (jacobson)

    “I also don’t think you can separate the current reaction from the IRS scandal, which showed how supposedly neutral bureaucrats can politicize data and use the control over and demand for data as a weapon.”

  147. The Prism story is no surprise to me. I do not put anything on the computer that I do not want the government to know.

    So they can just go gather this: Obama Sucks and he has never been and never will be my President. Worthless sack of Anti-American Shit, he is.

    Did they get that? Sack of Shit.

  148. Lu4PUMA June 7, 2013 at 8:43 pm
    Did you say Sack of Shit?

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