The Ale And Quail Club Rides Again

So, what is your “favorite” Barack Obama scandal? Don’t restrict yourself to just the latest Obama scandals. We still harken to Exelon and Obama days in Illinois and there’s always Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Go ahead. Pick a favorite. Don’t worry, you have time to decide as the Barack Obama scandals are not going away anytime soon.

The Barack Obama scandals had been scheduled by Big Media to expire this week, but alas alack, the death announcements were premature. If anything here we are at the end of May day and we feel we are on the off season train to Palm Beach with the Ale and Quail Club.

The Obama scandals were supposed to end this past week but instead at the very end of Friday we receive news guaranteed to breathe continued life into the Obama scandals for next week:

“The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) declined Friday afternoon to meet a Senate Finance Committee deadline for answering detailed questions about the origins of the IRS scandal. The questions had been submitted jointly nearly two weeks ago by Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch (R-UT). [snip]

Baucus and Hatch wanted to know who at the IRS made the decision to target conservative organizations, as well as who was aware of the conduct, and what specific actions they took to address it once they found it. They demanded that the IRS respond to each of the forty-one questions asked “no later than May 31, 2013.”

Does anyone think this is going to shut down the Barack Obama IRS scandal? At the end of next week, June 7, Benghazi answers are due from the State Department in response to a subpoena. Will the stonewall continue? The stonewall will only keep the story boiling hot.

Most likely the stonewall is better than telling the truth because today we read from
McClatchy: IRS targeting of conservatives may go beyond tax-exempt applications. Say what? The IRS story is only going to get worse? Oh my:

“While the developing scandal over the targeting of conservatives by the tax agency has largely focused to date on its scrutiny of groups with words such as “tea party” or “patriot” in their names, these examples suggest the government was looking at a broader array of conservative groups and perhaps individuals. Their collective experiences at a minimum could spread skepticism about the fairness of a powerful agency that should be above reproach and at worst could point to a secret political vendetta within the government against conservatives.

The emerging stories from real people raise questions about whether the IRS scrutiny extended beyond applicants for tax-exempt status and whether individuals who donated to these tax-exempt organizations or to conservative causes also were targeted.

Former IRS leaders have apologized for inappropriate scrutiny of conservative organizations. They haven’t to date, however, divulged who developed the criteria, how they were developed or when and how they extended to groups associated with conservative causes that didn’t have “tea party,” “patriot” or similar catchwords in their names.

Widening congressional investigations and federal lawsuits are likely to reveal more about the scope and intent of the inappropriate treatment of conservative groups by the IRS. The House Ways and Means Committee plans a hearing Tuesday to allow victims to testify for the first time. In earlier hearings, one IRS official pleaded the Fifth to avoid answering questions.”

The stonewall won’t work. Maybe charm will work? This week corrupt Eric Holder gave whorehouse massages to Big Media and promised never to screw them again, promise. It was all a misunderstanding darlin’ I’ll never do that to you again. I’ll never beat you ever ever again. I was just angry and lost my temper and you know you deserved it anyway, right? Kiss me honey. Show me you love me even when I punch you in the face and brutally screw you.

Maybe the ‘I hit you but you deserved it but I’ll change, I promise’ will work. Maybe the hope to change won’t be enough:

“The first is that—unlike the IRS and Benghazi scandals—the facts of the DOJ’s press intrusions are clear and uncontested. We know Justice has seized records of reporters, that Attorney General Eric Holder himself signed onto a warrant that suggested a journalist was a “co-conspirator” in a national-security leak. We also know that government has violated its own guidelines on probing journalists.

So this is a scandal that can’t be ignored or dismissed as a Republican witch hunt. Moreover, it is a scandal that has, for once, outraged two groups that Mr. Obama deeply depends on for his political success: the press and liberal activists. [snip]

The White House’s evasiveness on the press scandal has suddenly got the press corps wondering what else this administration isn’t being straight on.

It has even led to the extraordinary sight of major media outlets this week banding together to boycott meetings planned by Eric Holder to discuss Justice’s press investigations. The organizations balked because the meetings would be off the record. Since the press is not known for resisting the spin of anonymous Obama officials, this reaction is progress.

Will it last?

Not it won’t last. The “probing” will continue and the press will adopt to the “probing”. Street whores are used to getting into novel and awkward positions when they are getting probed. No, it won’t last. But this does provide a chalk outline of the overall Obama strategy on the Obama scandals. Priority #1 is to get the press back on it’s side of the bed and into position for further probing:

“That’s why, of all the scandals, the White House is pouring the most effort into damage control on Justice.”

That’s the ticket. Get Big Media to accept the new positions on their side of the bed, give Big Media a ten cent tip post most excellent probing and that will get them to not cover the IRS and Benghazi scandals – nor the many others.

Will it work? “The particular significance of Justice’s press scandal is that it has deprived Mr. Obama of support at a time when he is vulnerable on so much else.”

If Big Media decides it wants more than a ten cent tip and a slap across the ass and face after they have been probed then hilarity ensues. Next week, the Obama scandals continue. Next up for the spotlight: Benghazi.


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  1. Our apologies to the Ale And Quail Club for linking them to the Obama gang that can’t shoot straight.

    We love the Ale And Quail Club and the wonderful Sturgis film Palm Beach Story.

  2. The Obama scandals are heating up. Obama is not doing so well on any issue:

    Seven in 10 Americans don’t think Congress will be able to pass comprehensive immigration reform, although Democrats and Hispanics are slightly more confident, according to a poll released Friday.

    Only 24 percent of registered voters think a comprehensive immigration law will be signed this year, according to the Quinnipiac University poll, with 71 percent expecting negotiations between Democrats and Republicans to fail. The full Senate is set to start considering the bipartisan Gang of Eight legislation next month. If legislation survives that test, the challenge will shift to the House, dominated by Republicans who are skeptical of key elements of the deal, including a pathway to citizenship.

    As we predicted a while back: immigration reform is too big to pass.

  3. The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee will take depositions from IRS workers who work in Cincinnati and the exemption office. Originally it was supposed to be two workers involved then nine, then more. The number as of today:

    Washington (CNN) – The Internal Revenue Service has told House GOP investigators they have identified 88 IRS employees who may have documents relevant to the congressional investigation into targeting of conservative groups, according to a congressional source familiar with the investigation.

    The IRS asked these employees to preserve all the “responsive documents” on their computers, and it has been in the process of collecting it all to comply with congressional requests for information. The IRS missed its May 21st deadline to turn over documents to the House Ways and Means Committee.

    The same source said the IRS argues it missed its deadline because of the scope of documents it is collecting.

    A scandal that will continue to scandalize.

  4. You’re the cherry on top of this Friday Admin, great post!

    I know I was hoping for music on this Friday, but where oh where did you dig up that song, ‘He hit me, and it FELT like a KISS?’ A song so old, women felt they deserved to be pulverized.

    My favorite scandals haven’t hit yet…I am still waiting for:

    1- Hillary to spill some of the beans that lead to stinky’s front door of the Oval.

    2- Blago to start singing in jail, realizing the world is passing him by and he is taking the fall for Baracko while he rots in the big house.

    I agree the scandals are only taking a breather for the weekend.

    I don’t think the Repubs are dumb enough to fumble the ball when a basket of them are sitting near the goal.

    Then again, they have done such a bang up job of screwing things up since 2007 it would seem strange if they did keep their $h!t together this time.

    I wonder if any media met with Holder today besides buttkissing Politico?

  5. ‘The White House’s evasiveness on the press scandal has suddenly got the press corps wondering what else this administration isn’t being straight on.’

    …ya think…about freaking time…


    “That’s why, of all the scandals, the White House is pouring the most effort into damage control on Justice.”

    oh my, haven’t you heard…according to Michael Dyson…”Eric Holder is the Moses of our time”

    …the whole gang is corrupt to the core…not one objective principle among the whole O loving posse…

    they will rationalize anything for their agenda and crucify the opposition for the same behavior…

  6. MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson: ‘Eric Holder Is the Moses of Our Time’

    Do you want to understand just how astonishingly biased MSNBC is?

    On Thursday’s Martin Bashir show, MSNBC political analyst Michael Eric Dyson actually said – without any pushback from the host – that scandal-ridden attorney general Eric Holder is “the Moses of our time”

    [video & transcript at link]

  7. The latest from the Imperial Palace . . . .

    Obama Eliminates Hot Meals for Marines, Dines on Chocolate Opera Cake

    It’s a good thing that we dumped all that Western canon as the work of a bunch of old dead white guys or the phrase, “Let them eat cake” might have some resonance when a political leader eliminates hot meals for Marines but scarfs down Chocolate Opera Cake.


    A prediction: there will be an effort by Team Obama to rally around Eric Holder, but before too long he will resign as attorney general. He’ll do so because he’s doing considerable, even durable, damage to the president–and the president, well-versed in the Chicago Way, will jettison Holder if he determines it’s in his political interest. [snip]

    And in the background of all this is the fact that Holder is a man of unusual incompetence.

    Set aside Holder’s record of pushing to reopen an investigation of CIA interrogators who had already been cleared by career prosecutors and wanting to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a civilian court in Manhattan, both of which were busts (for more, see here); Mr. Holder can’t even organize a mea culpa with the press without turning it into a controversy.

    Now, I’d prefer for Mr. Holder to resign, if only because I’d prefer that a man who misled Congress regarding his role in secretly monitoring the private e-mails of Fox’s James Rosen and for his role in the Fast and Furious operation (for which he was held in contempt of Congress)–a man who is self-righteous as well inept–not be attorney general of the United States. But whether Holder stays or goes is, if not exactly beside the point, not the central issue involved here.

    What matters is that we have an administration that had contempt for the rule of law and believes it is right and proper to use the power of the federal government to target, intimidate, and silence its political opponents. That has been happening since nearly the beginning of the Obama Era. Eric Holder is not the generator of this culture of intimidation and corruption; he is merely one of its executioners. The real problem with the Obama administration begins at the top. Getting rid of Eric Holder may be a good idea. But it won’t solve the deeper pathologies of this presidency.

  9. Was Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, behind the Benghazi attack?

    The terrorist attack in Benghazi is far more disturbing than previously thought. Although not reported in the U.S. media, the possibility exists that the Egyptian government may have played an operational role in the attack. YouTube videos of the terrorist strike raise a serious problem that only an Arabic speaker would detect: some of the terrorists are speaking in the Egyptian dialect of the Arabic language.

  10. ames O’Keefe’s latest Project Veritas undertaking is something we’ve long suspected but rarely proved — the hypocrisy of liberal lawmakers. O’Keefe does so magnificently.

    At issue is California’s “Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act,” a bill backed by Democratic Assemblymen Roger Dickinson and Tom Ammiano, which would grant any homeless person the right “to move freely, rest, eat, share, accept, or give food or water, and solicit donations in public spaces,” according to The Daily Caller.

    “The effect of this proposed legislation,” James O’Keefe during the video narration, “is that homeless people would be entitled to sleep or solicit donations on any public sidewalk.”

    In an interview withThe Daily Caller, O’Keefe explained, “Essentially, the bill gives homeless people a ‘right’ to sleep out in front of your house. We wanted to see how the assemblyman would react if he had homeless people sleeping out in front of his house. And what do you know? Dickinson called the cops on us.

  11. Consensus opinion is that Holder will be forced to leave because he has become a liability to Obama. After all, he has been held in contempt by the House Oversight Committee, has committed perjury before the House Judiciary Committee, and has broken the Faustian Pact between this Administration with the Fourth Estate. Nevertheless, it is the opinion of Christian Adams that Holder will not leave and he will not be forced to do so by his boss. What he expects is that efforts to hold people accountable will be dismissed as racism, and the feeble minded will accept that explanation. He believes Holder will go on parsing words, and lying in response to congressional inquiries. The reason Adams thinks he will survive is because he is the point man in the implementation of the radical racist anti American agenda epitomized by Obama and the people behind him. Holder is like Jarrett in that sense: a puss pocket of corruption and an indispensable one.

  12. “Monsanto’s Congressional Cartel: List of Senators Who Betrayed Constituents in Favor of Biotech Dollars.”
    A perfect example of the “bipartisan” make up of the “Uniparty’. Monsanto spends even more bribing the same people to expand and to prevent limitations of the $70+ billion food stamp program.

    At least the Dems aren’t hypocrites, they take the money and say they are for a bigger program; the Rs take the money and say they are against it.

  13. What does it mean when half the country—literally half the country—understands that the revenue-gathering arm of its federal government is politically corrupt, sees them as targets, and will shoot at them if they try to raise their heads? That is the kind of thing that can kill a country, letting half its citizens believe that they no longer have full political rights.

  14. From the above article:

    “There was no enemies list, UNLESS you consider half the country to be your enemies.”

    Isn’t that precisely what Obama is all about?

    Isn’t it???

    And what about the bureacrat?

    Isn’t that what he or she is about as well?

    A prominent trial lawyer in my state told me that when he went to work for the government in 1972 he was told the public was his client.

    Yet, when he left government in 1992 he was told that his client was not the public but that bureaucrat down the hall from Harvard.

    And by 1992 that Harvard trained bureaucrat had brought his family into government jobs as well.

    As Nail Ferguson observed: (the current state of the United States) reminds me of what Adam Smith said about China in “The Wealth of Nations”: It has reached a “stationary” state in which growth is near zero and prosperity is enjoyed only by a corrupt bureaucratic elite.

    That corrupt bureacratic elite runs the emerging administrative state, and it regards the American People not as sovereign, but as subjects to be ruled.

    It seems to me that is the source of our ideological differences and no special prosecutor for the IRS scandals can hope to address much less cure that problem.

    Consequently all this prattle about healing the breach and finding a new path forward is just that–prattle.

  15. You will be happy to know that Shulman was a Harvard boy too. And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Even when they fuck up the country, they remain our best and bright-est. And they are first in line for jobs in the emerging administrative state. Yes, it is a wonderful fraternity.

  16. A good case in point would be the last Supreme Court appointment. I memory serves she never served as a judge. She was a Harvard academician. That fact, plus the fact that he is a lesbian were the critical factors in her selection. And, in making that selection, Obama overlooked hundreds of qualified people who had the judicial background she lacked. The only thing to come out of this was Harvard Professor Larry Tribe did not get nominated. Believe it or not, that would have been even worse.

  17. Obviously, Harvard has produced some great thinkers and doers. Those people I am glad to number among my heroes–Justice Holmes, Judge Learned Hand being two of them. The problem is not them, but all the to the manor borne hangers on, who have formed a de facto union to promote each other into plum jobs, and protect each other and fuck everything up that bothers me.

  18. wbboei
    June 1, 2013 at 11:07 am
    Consensus opinion is that Holder will be forced to leave because he has become a liability to Obama.

    If the WHI was correct, then Holder is the gatekeeper to Barryboy’s secrets and poorly hidden corruption.

    Let Holder exit LEFT and see the wolves pounce through the front door.

    The media has already started turning against the loosing donkey.

  19. “Right question. Wrong answer. Hopelessly naive/”
    “Agencies such as the IRS are part of what Jonathan Turley this week called a “massive administrative state,” one built with many protections and much autonomy.”
    That seems to be the media talking point to protect Obama…”It’s the out of control “administrative state”…it’s even beyond the control of the smartest, hardest working President, ever!!”

    The Fed gov’t is no different than any large organization, a lot of unhappy people who like to act as petty tyrants, who operate by the motto: “kiss up…shit down”….no civil service employee is going rogue and risk job, promotion, etc.,…orders come from the top.

  20. That seems to be the media talking point to protect Obama…”It’s the out of control “administrative state”…it’s even beyond the control of the smartest, hardest working President, ever!!”

    The Fed gov’t is no different than any large organization, a lot of unhappy people who like to act as petty tyrants, who operate by the motto: “kiss up…shit down”….no civil service employee is going rogue and risk job, promotion, etc.,…orders come from the top.
    Peggy is alot like the New York Times. An aggregator of pre existing opinions, as opposed to an initiator. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is only too happy to take the bait, and decry the evils of big government. Of course it is all definitional. A big fat overblown duplicative left hand does not know what the right hand is doing invader of our civil rights like Homeland Security, the Pentagon, the CIA—those are not big government. No siree. Those are national security. And it goes without saying that we must have national security. Even if it kills us. Put differently, we must destroy the country in order to save it. Sound familiar?

  21. That seems to be the media talking point to protect Obama…”It’s the out of control “administrative state”…it’s even beyond the control of the smartest, hardest working President, ever!!”
    If you think about it, that is a self defeating argument. It suggests one of two things: either the administrative state must be cut back, which is contrary to the vision and the base of the democratic party. Or else, we need someone who, unlike Obama, has a proven track record of managing large diverse organizations. That is a desperate argument which fails because it fails to provide any solution to the problem. In essence, it is an admission of defeat.

  22. And it asks the listener to accept defeat as an acceptable outcome. I like them to use that argument because it acknowledges the true meaning of hope and change. Never interrupt an enemy in the middle of a mistake.

  23. Where is that little boy who pointed out that Emperor Obama has no clothes. I have heard that Homeland Security snatched him off the street in broad daylight, and enrolled him in a re-education camp run by one of the DNC’s pimple faced operative (possibly Jim Masino) at taxpayer expense. But if the rumor is wrong and you happen to run into that little boy, be sure to ask him to point out that in its desperate attempt to defend the Emperor, the party which is the promoter of big government, is now claiming he is innocent because government is too big for anyone to manage, which is why we need more big government.

  24. Judge Illston strikes again. No defender of the constitution her. But as least we know she is not in the hip pocket of Google. There is something to be said for that. I suppose.

  25. Leanora
    June 1, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    And he might be the next mayor of NYC!!!
    He is not THAT different than Emanuel in Chicago. He will probably win.

  26. Another scandal
    Disability Claims: Unemployment stats are skewed due to the fact that unemployed workers are going directly from collecting unemployment checks to collecting PERMANENT disability checks. The numbers have more than doubled since Obama took office. 🙁

  27. He is not THAT different than Emanuel in Chicago. He will probably win.

    There is a small difference between them. Weiner never danced in a ballet. 🙂

  28. Former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who is a close, personal friend of Obama’s choice to be the next FBI Director, James Comey, refuses to answer questions pertaining to the leaks from his U.S. Attorney’s Office to the Chicago Tribune.

    Remember, it was Fitz who acknowledged that a leak to the Tribune had revealed the existence of a federal wiretap on then Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    The next words out of Patrick Fitzgerald’s mouth were incredible – as in not credible.

    He said the leak was information he knew, so he couldn’t investigate the leak, nor did he know who could or would.

  29. 2014 – The Great Debunking?
    Posted by William A. Jacobson Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 9:15am


    That’s what David Wasserman at The Cook Report is saying, The GOP’s Built-In Midterm Turnout Advantage:

    If and when Republicans gain a modest number of House and Senate seats in November 2014, the Beltway set may be tempted to interpret the results as a sixth-year itch rebuke of President Obama on everything from IRS/DOJ/Benghazi to rocky implementation of the Affordable Care Act. To do so would be to ignore simple demographic math: likely GOP success in 2014 has much more to do with a shifting electorate than shifting opinions.

    Wasserman explains, the electorate is getting older as a whole and older (and wiser – my edit) voters still vote Republican:

    Midterm elections have always drawn older voters, and usually drawn white voters, to the polls in disproportionate numbers. Older voters are less transient, have grown deeper roots in their local communities, and pay much more attention to non-presidential elections than their younger counterparts…. Today, that amounts to a built-in midterm turnout advantage for Republicans….

    Republicans’ built-in midterm turnout advantage really began to emerge in the early part of the last decade but has ballooned in the Obama era. That’s because partisan voting patterns are more polarized by age and race than they ever have been, and Obama’s coalition is more highly dependent on young and non-white voters than any presidential coalition before it….

    The American electorate has steadily aged in the last 20 years, thanks to both increased life expectancy and the maturation of Baby Boomers. The share of voters under 45 fell from 56 percent in 1992 to 45 percent in 2012. But, the drop-off in younger participation in midterm elections has been amazingly consistent. Since 1994, the share of the electorate under the age of 45 in each midterm has fallen an average of 9.6 percent versus the presidential election immediately preceding it….

    For most Democratic House candidates, a good rule of thumb might be to subtract two to three points from the 2012 Democratic percentage in the district to come up with a reasonable approximation of a “starting point” for a 2014 race. That means most Democrats probably need to perform about five percent better among Independent voters in 2014 just to stay afloat at 2012 levels, and would need an even higher share of Independents to pick up seats. Wow.

    I think you need to compound that analysis by a conservative and Tea Party base highly motivated by the IRS targeting.

    Call 2014 The Great Debunking:

  30. Be careful what you post on FB or Twitter.
    It looks like soon, the DOJ will begin arrests and prosecutions of persons who post online comments that criticize Islam. It’s a “Civil Rights” thing, you see. 🙁

  31. Greta had an intense not so young criminal defense lawyer on her show who spoke about what a wonderful experience it was for him and his clients appearing before Holder when Holder was a federal judge. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. What I get out of this is that Holder had an attorney who liked him. Well, Nixon had a dog who liked him. His name was Checkers. That would be a good name for this attorney. And, even if what Checkers II said was true, Holder would not be the first public official who succumbed to the temptations of power when he moved from a judicial position to an executive one. The point is, pedigree is immaterial. He is a clear and present danger to the rule of law in this country. Frankly, that is all that really matters. How he degenerated from what he was then to what he is now, holds absolutely no interest to me.

  32. Monsanto Concedes Defeat in the Face of Europe’s Fierce Opposition to GMOs

    North America needs to take note: Europe has defeated the biotech giant by refusing to be contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO offerings and toxic farming methods.

    Monsanto announced that they will no longer continue to lobby for approval of its genetically modified seeds in Europe due to “low farmer demand.”

    Monsanto Germany’s spokeswoman, Ursula Luttmer-Ouazane, said, “We’ve understood that such plants don’t have any broad acceptance in European societies. It is counterproductive to fight against windmills.”

    So why, despite massive protests from anti-GMO activists in the US and Canada, has Monsanto been able to keep a foothold in North America?

    One big difference: the government here allows Monsanto to do anything they want, right up to composing their own protection acts. There is a well-known revolving door between Monsanto, the judicial branch, the legislative branch, and Obama’s various nominees.

  33. …one tiny tip of an enormous iceberg in Florida’s voting fraud…

    (Romney never had a chance in Florida…Rubio or no Rubio…the fix was in for a very long time)

    Congressman Joe Garcia’s chief of staff abruptly resigned Friday after being implicated in a sophisticated scheme to manipulate last year’s primary elections by submitting hundreds of fraudulent absentee-ballot requests.

    Friday afternoon, Garcia said he had asked Jeffrey Garcia, no relation, for his resignation after the chief of staff — also the congressman’s top political strategist — took responsibility for the plot. Hours earlier, law enforcement investigators raided the homes of another of Joe Garcia’s employees and a former campaign aide in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation into the matter.

    “I’m shocked and disappointed about this,” Garcia, who said he was unaware of the scheme, told The Miami Herald. “This is something that hit me from left field. Until today, I had no earthly idea this was going on.”

    Jeffrey Garcia, 40, declined to comment. He also worked last year on the campaign of Democrat Patrick Murphy of Jupiter, who unseated tea-party Republican congressman Allen West. Murphy has not been implicated in the phantom-requests operation.

    The Miami-Dade state attorney’s office, seeking electronic equipment such as computers, served search warrants Friday at the homes of Giancarlo Sopo, 30, Joe Garcia’s communications director; and John Estes, 26, his 2012 campaign manager. Neither Estes nor Sopo responded to requests for comment.


    Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle said her office has targeted absentee voting, which she considers problematic, both through the criminal investigation and “active advocacy’’ seeking to change laws in Tallahassee and at County Hall.

    “Historically, absentee voting is the source of all voter fraud,” she said in an interview, crediting The Miami Herald for its investigation.


    these are the same ballots and so called ‘provisional ballots’ the “voting officials” gave out willy nilly when the long lines of O supporters were waiting to vote in South Florida…no checks and balances on anything…a complete free for all…

    this is a major problem for all future elections…

  34. foxyladi14
    June 1, 2013 at 6:56 pm
    BUSY BUSY!! 🙂

    Hillary looks wonderful and very happy.

  35. When Schulman was asked who he met with on those 157 visits to the White House and he responded Easter Egg hunts, and discussions of new legislation etc. etc. etc. somehow he forgot to mention meeting with Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager Cutter. Being the kind of loon she is, Cutter gave him up so everyone would know how important she was and how involved in everything that mattered. In this regard, she succeeded admirably. So well in fact that she removed is Chinese Wall between the campaign and IRS actions which broke the law but benefited the campaign. Cutter provided the bridge between the two, and confirmed how important she is.

  36. The biggest and most grievous scandal is the fact that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and was therefore not even eligible to run. That means that his take over of Washington was nothing less than a coup and it is indeed the worst Constitutional crises our country has ever had to deal with.

    There are still good people trying to bring this to the attention of the public. I know they want to present their case to a prosecutor and a grand jury, but what federal prosecutor would dare take it?

    Here is a radio interview given by Mike Zullo who has been working with Sheriff Arpaio. He promises not to give up.


  37. Being the kind of loon she is, Cutter gave him up so everyone would know how important she was
    One commenter suggested an alternative explanation for this gut spilling by Cutter Loon: she was doing a Louis Lerner by selecting this explosive fact before the Republican investigators would bring this out. In a court room where you have a captive audience, this is an acceptable strategy and you look for ways to integrate that otherwise harmful fact into your theory of the case, and hope that when your opponent brings it out later the jury will say I know that, no big deal. Here however the public is probably not listening, and when it is brought out by investigator, along with other things, it forms a critical element in the effort to link the White House and the campaign to what was going on in the IRS. Cutter grates on me. I do not know whether it is the plastic smile, the nervous energy or the maniacal sense she projects, but there is something about her that puts me in mind of the Joan Crawford character in the Hollywood Movie “Strait-jacket”.

  38. Correction: she was doing a Louis Lerner by DIVULGING this explosive fact before Republican investigators could find it and do so.

  39. This is a real ‘wake up’ report by Ralph Peters. A must read IMO.

    Middle east genocide

    We do nothing as Muslims eradicate the last vestiges of Christians and Jews from nation after nation
    We are witnesses to murder, and our governments are accomplices. The relentless destruction of the last remnants of the Middle East’s Judeo-Christian civilization is well under way. And we are silent.

  40. Middle east genocide

    We do nothing as Muslims eradicate the last vestiges of Christians and Jews from nation after nation
    We are witnesses to murder, and our governments are accomplices. The relentless destruction of the last remnants of the Middle East’s Judeo-Christian civilization is well under way. And we are silent.

    You can lay this one at the feet of Obama, Rhoades and Power. They were the architects of a cloud cuckoo land foreign policy which set these forces in motion and thereby cost the lives of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East. In most cases they are contingent. Here however they were certain. It was clear from the outset to anyone with any familiarity with the players in the region (except for a Harvard Professor like Power) that it would come to this sooner as opposed to later. Mindful of the adverse example of Charlie Wilson, and later on Dr.Z, they plunged the region and the world blindly into the inferno. The prelude to this was the invasion of Iran by the prior administration. That was the initial act of insanity. But the grand finale was the Cairo Speech and the leading from behind policies of this administration that unleashed these forces.

  41. More evidence that the hard left which dominates culture and politics is projecting its madness on the country. In this case, the target of their maniacal schemes is kindergartners. These people are totalitarians. They must control what people say, what they are allowed to know, and what they are permitted to think. There is nothing human or humane about them. Therefore, we must practice the same zero tolerance attitude toward them as they do toward us. And we do not need a fat slob like Christie telling us we must find a middle ground, and work with them.

  42. I do not like Marco Rubio. Nevertheless, he will be the Republican candidate in 2016. I believe this has already been decided. This belief is based on two factors. First, exit polls indicating that the white candidate, Romney, did poorly with Hispanics. Second, the feeling that Rubio would appeal to Hispanics as a whole, and Mexicans in particular, since they are the largest component of that group. A Cuban friend of mine reminds me of something important which these lame brained Republicans tend to miss. A conservative Cuban will vote for a conservative Mexican like Cruz. However, a conservative Mexican will not vote for a conservative Cuban like Rubio, all other things being equal. The reason for this is historical. Cubans were like Spaniards. They were the middle and upper class in Latin regions. Mexicans tended to be the underclass, with obvious exceptions. Therefore, Mexicans feel some of the same animus toward Cubans that they do toward white people or as Obama’s spiritual advisor called them White Devils.

  43. The point I am making is this: if the Republican Party nominates Cruz, the white base, and conservative Hispanics will turn out and support him. But if they nominate Rubio the base will not turn out for him (due to his betrayal of their trust on the issue of immigration, and his association with the reprehensible Chuck Schumer) any more than they turned out for Romney where 3 million stayed home , nor will the largest component of the Hispanic electorate–Mexicans for the reasons stated. Therefore, if the Bush cabal pushes Rubio, as they are presently inclined to do, then they will be courting yet another election defeat and will console themselves with the illusion that 2012 will be the defining election for this country, thus failing to acknowledge the truth which is that that moment passed in 2008. With the growing half of the country dependent on the welfare state, and with 67% of the live births in this country now born to unwed mothers, and the ground game the dims have developed the handwriting is on the wall. Thus, the best hope for them is not Rubio, but Cruz.

  44. The goal of the Dimocrat party is not to serve the American People, but to control the American People. One could infer that intent from the kind of policies they have implemented since Obama took office. But there is no need to infer anything, for we have direct evidence that this is indeed their intent. John Dingel (D-Mi) the senior democrat in the House of Representatives stated on the record that the intent was and is to control the American People. Control. Not serve. And one of the tools they use for this is big media. Another is using the administrative agencies to destroy their opponents.

  45. In their continuing attempt to defend this administration in general and Holder in particular since he is now on the hot seat, NBC claims that Holder did not commence surveillance of Rosen on his own initiative of the then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Laughing Leon, lest we forget, it the folk hero who is already deeply implicated in the failure to save our troops in Benghazi, and their absurd defense as to why they failed to act. But even if the request to Rosen did emanate from Panetta, that does not absolve Holder. He is the top law enforcement officer in the country. Therefore, it is his obligation to uphold the law. And when the precedent on point is clear, his obligation is to resist political pressure. I would like to know what exactly he told the now chagrined judge.

  46. Not only is the president wildly unpopular with the right, he also seems to be losing his flare with the radical left. However, no one seems to be calling the left-wing protesters racists like the Tea Party was for protesting the president early in his first term.

    At Wednesday’s protests outside the Chicago Hilton, pro-life groups lined Michigan Ave. with giant images of aborted children, standing alongside protesters from the Sierra Club against the Keystone Pipeline, illegal aliens calling for open borders, anarchists against the police state, communists against freedom, independent veterans who are fed up with the Obama regime, and even a group of Native Americans singing and chanting.

  47. ” he also seems to be losing his flare with the radical left.”
    The corrupt, big money Congressional Democrats and the narcissistic “Dear leader”cultists who blindly support Obama are about as “radical left” as my cats. The real hard core left despise the ground that Obama walks on. The Liberal/Conservative labels thrown around by the factions of the “Uni-party” are a scam. The biggest laugh at misdirection is labeling the multi-trillion dollar corporate welfare program called Affordable Health Care, “Socialized medicine”.

  48. The real hard core left despise the ground that Obama walks on
    If you mean Chris Hedges then I agree. He is an honest man of the left and he has been wise to Obama from the beginning.

  49. Buying Brand Obama

    Posted on MAY 3, 2009

    By Chris Hedges

    Barack Obama is a brand. And the Obama brand is designed to make us feel good about our government while corporate overlords loot the Treasury, our elected officials continue to have their palms greased by armies of corporate lobbyists, our corporate media diverts us with gossip and trivia and our imperial wars expand in the Middle East. Brand Obama is about being happy consumers. We are entertained. We feel hopeful. We like our president. We believe he is like us. But like all branded products spun out from the manipulative world of corporate advertising, we are being duped into doing and supporting a lot of things that are not in our interest.

    What, for all our faith and hope, has the Obama brand given us? His administration has spent, lent or guaranteed $12.8 trillion in taxpayer dollars to Wall Street and insolvent banks in a doomed effort to reinflate the bubble economy, a tactic that at best forestalls catastrophe and will leave us broke in a time of profound crisis. Brand Obama has allocated nearly $1 trillion in defense-related spending and the continuation of our doomed imperial projects in Iraq, where military planners now estimate that 70,000 troops will remain for the next 15 to 20 years. Brand Obama has expanded the war in Afghanistan, including the use of drones sent on cross-border bombing runs into Pakistan that have doubled the number of civilians killed over the past three months. Brand Obama has refused to ease restrictions so workers can organize and will not consider single-payer, not-for-profit health care for all Americans. And Brand Obama will not prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes, including the use of torture, and has refused to dismantle Bush’s secrecy laws or restore habeas corpus.

    Brand Obama offers us an image that appears radically individualistic and new. It inoculates us from seeing that the old engines of corporate power and the vast military-industrial complex continue to plunder the country. Corporations, which control our politics, no longer produce products that are essentially different, but brands that are different. Brand Obama does not threaten the core of the corporate state any more than did Brand George W. Bush. The Bush brand collapsed. We became immune to its studied folksiness. We saw through its artifice. This is a common deflation in the world of advertising. So we have been given a new Obama brand with an exciting and faintly erotic appeal. Benetton and Calvin Klein were the precursors to the Obama brand, using ads to associate themselves with risqué art and progressive politics. It gave their products an edge. But the goal, as with all brands, was to make passive consumers mistake a brand with an experience.

    “The abandonment of the radical economic foundations of the women’s and civil-rights movements by the conflation of causes that came to be called political correctness successfully trained a generation of activists in the politics of image, not action,” Naomi Klein wrote in “No Logo.”

    Obama, who has become a global celebrity, was molded easily into a brand. He had almost no experience, other than two years in the Senate, lacked any moral core and could be painted as all things to all people. His brief Senate voting record was a miserable surrender to corporate interests. He was happy to promote nuclear power as “green” energy. He voted to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He reauthorized the Patriot Act. He would not back a bill designed to cap predatory credit card interest rates. He opposed a bill that would have reformed the notorious Mining Law of 1872. He refused to support the single-payer health care bill HR676, sponsored by Reps. Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers. He supported the death penalty. And he backed a class-action “reform” bill that was part of a large lobbying effort by financial firms. The law, known as the Class Action Fairness Act, would effectively shut down state courts as a venue to hear most class-action lawsuits and deny redress in many of the courts where these cases have a chance of defying powerful corporate challenges.

    While Gaza was being bombarded and hit with airstrikes in the weeks before Obama took office, “the Obama team let it be known that it would not object to the planned resupply of ‘smart bombs’ and other hi-tech ordnance that was already flowing to Israel,” according to Seymour Hersh. Even his one vaunted anti-war speech as a state senator, perhaps his single real act of defiance, was swiftly reversed. He told the Chicago Tribune on July 27, 2004, that “there’s not that much difference between my position and George Bush’s position at this stage. The difference, in my mind, is who’s in a position to execute.” And unlike anti-war stalwarts like Kucinich, who gave hundreds of speeches against the war, Obama then dutifully stood silent until the Iraq war became unpopular.

    Obama’s campaign won the vote of hundreds of marketers, agency heads and marketing-services vendors gathered at the Association of National Advertisers’ annual conference in October. The Obama campaign was named Advertising Age’s marketer of the year for 2008 and edged out runners-up Apple and Take it from the professionals. Brand Obama is a marketer’s dream. President Obama does one thing and Brand Obama gets you to believe another. This is the essence of successful advertising. You buy or do what the advertiser wants because of how they can make you feel.

    Celebrity culture has leeched into every aspect of our culture, including politics, to bequeath to us what Benjamin DeMott called “junk politics.” Junk politics does not demand justice or the reparation of rights. Junk politics personalizes and moralizes issues rather than clarifying them. “It’s impatient with articulated conflict, enthusiastic about America’s optimism and moral character, and heavily dependent on feel-your-pain language and gesture,” DeMott noted. The result of junk politics is that nothing changes – “meaning zero interruption in the processes and practices that strengthen existing, interlocking systems of socioeconomic advantage.” It redefines traditional values, tilting “courage toward braggadocio, sympathy toward mawkishness, humility toward self-disrespect, identification with ordinary citizens toward distrust of brains.” Junk politics “miniaturizes large, complex problems at home while maximizing threats from abroad. It’s also given to abrupt unexplained reversals of its own public stances, often spectacularly bloating problems previously miniaturized.” And finally, it “seeks at every turn to obliterate voters’ consciousness of socioeconomic and other differences in their midst.”

    An image-based culture, one dominated by junk politics, communicates through narratives, pictures and carefully orchestrated spectacle and manufactured pseudo-drama. Scandalous affairs, hurricanes, earthquakes, untimely deaths, lethal new viruses, train wrecks—these events play well on computer screens and television. International diplomacy, labor union negotiations and convoluted bailout packages do not yield exciting personal narratives or stimulating images. A governor who patronizes call girls becomes a huge news story. A politician who proposes serious regulatory reform, universal health care or advocates curbing wasteful spending is boring. Kings, queens and emperors once used their court conspiracies to divert their subjects. Today cinematic, political and journalistic celebrities distract us with their personal foibles and scandals. They create our public mythology. Acting, politics and sports have become, as they were during the reign of Nero, interchangeable.

    In an age of images and entertainment, in an age of instant emotional gratification, we do not seek reality. Reality is complicated. Reality is boring. We are incapable or unwilling to handle its confusion. We ask to be indulged and comforted by clichés, stereotypes and inspirational messages that tell us we can be whoever we seek to be, that we live in the greatest country on Earth, that we are endowed with superior moral and physical qualities, and that our future will always be glorious and prosperous, either because of our own attributes, or our national character, or because we are blessed by God. Reality is not accepted as an impediment to our desires. Reality does not make us feel good.

    In his book “Public Opinion,” Walter Lippmann distinguished between “the world outside and the pictures in our heads.” He defined a “stereotype” as an oversimplified pattern that helps us find meaning in the world. Lippmann cited examples of the crude “stereotypes we carry about in our heads” of whole groups of people such as “Germans,” “South Europeans,” “Negroes,” “Harvard men,” “agitators” and others. These stereotypes, Lippmann noted, give a reassuring and false consistency to the chaos of existence. They offer easily grasped explanations of reality and are closer to propaganda because they simplify rather than complicate.

    Pseudo-events—dramatic productions orchestrated by publicists, political machines, television, Hollywood or advertisers—however, are very different. They have, as Daniel Boorstin wrote in “The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America,” the capacity to appear real even though we know they are staged. They are capable, because they can evoke a powerful emotional response, of overwhelming reality and replacing reality with a fictional narrative that often becomes accepted truth. The unmasking of a stereotype damages and often destroys its credibility. But pseudo-events, whether they show the president in an auto plant or a soup kitchen or addressing troops in Iraq, are immune to this deflation. The exposure of the elaborate mechanisms behind the pseudo-event only adds to its fascination and its power. This is the basis of the convoluted television reporting on how effectively political campaigns and politicians have been stage-managed. Reporters, especially those on television, no longer ask if the message is true but if the pseudo-event worked or did not work as political theater. Pseudo-events are judged on how effectively we have been manipulated by illusion. Those events that appear real are relished and lauded. Those that fail to create a believable illusion are deemed failures. Truth is irrelevant. Those who succeed in politics, as in most of the culture, are those who create the brands and pseudo-events that offer the most convincing fantasies. And this is the art Obama has mastered.

    A public that can no longer distinguish between truth and fiction is left to interpret reality through illusion. Random facts or obscure bits of data and trivia are used to bolster illusion and give it credibility or are discarded if they interfere with the message. The worse reality becomes—the more, for example, foreclosures and unemployment skyrocket—the more people seek refuge and comfort in illusions. When opinions cannot be distinguished from facts, when there is no universal standard to determine truth in law, in science, in scholarship, or in reporting the events of the day, when the most valued skill is the ability to entertain, the world becomes a place where lies become true, where people can believe what they want to believe. This is the real danger of pseudo-events and why pseudo-events are far more pernicious than stereotypes. They do not explain reality, as stereotypes attempt to, but replace reality. Pseudo-events redefine reality by the parameters set by their creators. These creators, who make massive profits peddling these illusions, have a vested interest in maintaining the power structures they control.

    The old production-oriented culture demanded what the historian Warren Susman termed character. The new consumption-oriented culture demands what he called personality. The shift in values is a shift from a fixed morality to the artifice of presentation. The old cultural values of thrift and moderation honored hard work, integrity and courage. The consumption-oriented culture honors charm, fascination and likability. “The social role demanded of all in the new culture of personality was that of a performer,” Susman wrote. “Every American was to become a performing self.”

    The junk politics practiced by Obama is a consumer fraud. It is about performance. It is about lies. It is about keeping us in a perpetual state of childishness. But the longer we live in illusion, the worse reality will be when it finally shatters our fantasies. Those who do not understand what is happening around them and who are overwhelmed by a brutal reality they did not expect or foresee search desperately for saviors. They beg demagogues to come to their rescue. This is the ultimate danger of the Obama Brand. It effectively masks the wanton internal destruction and theft being carried out by our corporate state. These corporations, once they have stolen trillions in taxpayer wealth, will leave tens of millions of Americans bereft, bewildered and yearning for even more potent and deadly illusions, ones that could swiftly snuff out what is left of our diminished open society.

    Chris Hedges’ new book, “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle,” will be out in July and can be preordered on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

  50. “If you mean Chris Hedges then I agree.”
    I was thinking more of the “hard” left, ie. the International Committee of the Fourth International at WSWS and the writers and commenters at BAR, etc.

  51. “This is the ultimate danger of the Obama Brand. It effectively masks the wanton internal destruction and theft being carried out by our corporate state. These corporations, once they have stolen trillions in taxpayer wealth, will leave tens of millions of Americans bereft, bewildered and yearning for even more potent and deadly illusions, ones that could swiftly snuff out what is left of our diminished open society.”
    Economics is the “Existential Threat” to this country and Chris Hedges gives us a likely outcome after the current smoke and mirrors economy goes into the shitter. This county was very lucky to have survived the ’29 to ’40 depression and despite it’s failings, the New Deal kept a desperate country from going in the direction of Stalinism or Fascism. This time around, a desperate economy will likely drive American society further in the direction of the Bush/Obama authoritarian police state.

  52. I was thinking more of the “hard” left, ie. the International Committee of the Fourth International at WSWS and the writers and commenters at BA
    Yes. They too have been wise to him from the beginning.

  53. This time around, a desperate economy will likely drive American society further in the direction of the Bush/Obama authoritarian police state.
    Speech codes, invasion of privacy, expanded police powers, government control over the means of production, government persecution over political views, artificial shortages, Weimar inflation, government officials like that scumbag Van Hollen labeling dissenters as enemies of the people, i.e. racists, etc. And, the trend in that direction is likely to accelerate. The saddest part of it is that half the public will not know it, not want to know it, and will not lift a finger to stop it. I expect that we know roughly 10% of what is really going on. The Patriot Act provision authorizing warrantless searches of bank vaults was not known by me until today. This is the ugly underbelly of the computer revolution. It enables a dictator to exert a level of control over the public which was never seen in times past. They are perfectly willing to let the borders go, in exchange for the greater prize of surveilling everyone once they are in the country. And the real coup de gras here, which the democrats pretend to oppose but secretly enabled was the IRS discrimination against conservative groups. The e head of the senate committee investigating this matter, Max Baucus (D-Montana)professes shock that this is happening, and conveniently forgets that he was one of the Senators who encouraged them to single those groups out for special scrutiny.

  54. When asked by congressional investigators about allegations and press reports about two agents in Cincinnati essentially being responsible for the targeting, the agent responded: “It’s impossible. As an agent we are controlled by many, many people. We have to submit many, many reports. So the chance of two agents being rogue and doing things like that could never happen. … They were basically throwing us underneath the bus.”
    I cannot imagine that anyone in the Obama Administration would ever throw anyone under the bus to protect dear leader. Can you? I mean, besides dear leader himself.

  55. ” I expect that we know roughly 10% of what is really going on. ”
    I was doing that calculation while cleaning the garage and came up with the same estimate. The so called partisanship of today is basically based on straw men arguments that are designed to obscure “reality”. Perhaps the most fraudulent straw men are based on “conservative” vs “liberal”…neither term has any descriptive value in today’s national politics with the possible exception of Ted Cruz and a few other Rs. I can think of no liberals in Congress.

  56. A “well-intentioned attempt to maximize voter turnout”
    – Rep. Joe Garcia, D-Fla

    Authorities are investigating a sophisticated scheme (by Garcia’s Chief of Staff) to manipulate last year’s primary elections by submitting hundreds of fraudulent absentee-ballot requests.

    It will be interested to see how deeply involved Jolt’n Joe Garcia was in this fraudulent scheme.

    Read more:

  57. Obama Signs Executive Order Giving Himself a Pay Increase

    Friday a White House press release was inadvertently distributed early to news organizations announcing that President Barack Hussein Obama had signed an executive order giving himself a pay raise to $500,000 annually.

    ObamaWhite House staff failed to squash the story as the press release was intended to be distributed late in the day on Friday, after the deadline when most news agencies are able to publish breaking news stories.

    Critics of the President’s executive order say the move makes Obama seem “politically tone deaf” because he gave himself a raise at a time when the federal government is arbitrarily cutting services and benefits due to sequestration.

  58. The e head of the senate committee investigating this matter, Max Baucus (D-Montana)professes shock that this is happening, and conveniently forgets that he was one of the Senators who encouraged them to single those groups out for special scrutiny.
    If Backus were Holder and we had the letter he sent to the IRS directing the special scrutiny of opposition, which scrutiny he now pretends to deplore, then then the Great Witholder would respond as follows:

    That is not a letter, it is a merely a piece of paper with writing on it.

    But even if it is a letter, it is not my letter.

    But even if it is my letter, I never saw it.

    But even if I saw it, I never directed it to be sent.

    But even if I directed it to be sent, I did not mean it–any more than I intended to prosecute James Rosen, just because I said so in the affidavit I signed.

  59. Economics is the “Existential Threat”
    That, I submit, is the real raison d etre for the national security state. Terrorism is simply the pretext. If the uniparty were to tell the American People we are stripping you of your rights for our benefit because we fear that you will revolt against us when the economy we have manipulated crashes, that would not be received by the 50% of the electorate. But if the uniparty can get the American People to believe that depriving of their rights is really for their own benefit, because it will enable the state prevent terrorism, then many people who are not very smart will be inclined to go along with it, and say it is their patriotic duty. They are like the gun control loon who advocates taking guns away from law abiding citizens and thinks that will discourage criminals from having them.

  60. Why I Support Hezbollah, Iran and Russia

    By Larry Johnson on June 2, 2013 at 4:08 PM in Current Affairs

    The Obama Administration greenlit a clandestine operation, working with the Saudis, the Qataris and the Turks, in early 2012 to move weapons from Libya to Syria. The genesis of this operation was the downfall of Qaddafi and the realization by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that an enormous reservoir of dangerous weapons existed in Libya that, if controlled by Islamic radicals, would create significant threats down the road. State Department, along with the CIA, briefed Senate and House Intel committees on a $40 million program to collect and destroy those weapons.

    Only one little problem–those weapons were not destroyed. Instead, a separate program emerged that was not briefed to Congress and that involved Saudi and Qatari money to get the weapons from Libya into the hands of jihadist fighters in Syria.

    As I wrote the other day, this is a very dangerous time. Russia, to its credit, understands the risk of allowing religious zealots to seize control of Syria. A secular Assad is better solution.

    The unknown is the Republican party. Will the Republicans continue the sickening embrace of the Neo Con vision and press for ousting Assad in the name of “defeating” Iran, even if that means that Al Qaeda sympathizers will take control of Syria? Or, will Republicans come to their senses and rebuff those who want to embroil us in a new war in the Middle East.

    For that reason, and that reason alone, I side with Hezbollah, Iran and Russia when it comes to Syria. Assad can be reasoned with. The Jihadists are beyond the reach of reason.

  61. Our middle east policy which is devoted to toppling autocratic dictators, hoping for democracy, and ending up with Jihadists, has set the region in flames. Let us hope, therefore, that this cloud cuckooland policy does not also lead to World War III. It would be ironic if that turned out to be the true meaning of those ambiguous and never asked about words hope and change.

  62. Report: Obama Admin Looking To Transfer Terror Detainee Held Overseas With “Blood On His Hands” To America For Trial…

    The Obama administration is looking to transfer a detainee who is being held overseas and is said to have “blood on his hands” to the U.S. for a military trial, sources close to the military commission process tell Fox News.

    The move could be a test case for bringing detainees captured overseas to America for military commissions. It comes as the administration claims to be reining in its drone program, which critics say amounts to a kill program ­ with top terrorists rarely being captured for interrogation or trial.

  63. wbboei

    June 2, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    More parlor games. Obama ‘strongarmed’ into keeping his word. How does forcing someone to live up to a contract they agreed to equate to strong arming. Is it true? Who knows. What I do know is at the moment of truth Bill helped drag Obama across the finish line twice. And the rest, including the country, is history.

    Evening all! I saw this article on (good catch wbb). Fox is doing the early work of trying to smear Hillary. Doubtful it will get them their desired outcome. Their tactics SHOULD mirror what admin has said and we all know: tie Hillary to Bumbles and her ship sails quietly into the night. That said, this really shouldn’t be news at least to any here. There is no way bumbles would have got the kind of campaign support from President Clinton unless this kind of deal was struck. It does explain President Clinton’s actions right after Hillary left State. He was everywhere saying how he wanted her to run. It also makes sense that Bumbles cooled on the idea of supporting her.

    “Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.”

    But that is a huge blessing in diguise. At some point in the near future, probably as the 2014 midterm campaign season kicks into high gear, Hillary and Bill will go out and try to resuscitate the Democratic party and solidify their own support going into 2016. That will be the move to watch for. That will say if she will run or not.

    It seems to me that Bumbles and his ilk are starting to see the massive support they are losing within the Democratic party. Hence this slew of crap:

    Only for them to act like they have been acting for his entire term in office (with absolutely NO media outrage and almost no reporting. Definately no mention on the Sunday morning news shows):


    Hillary 2016

  64. wbboei

    June 2, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Buying Brand Obama

    Posted on MAY 3, 2009

    By Chris Hedges

    He wrote this in 2009?!?! This article is MORE true now than it was then!! I need to get his book…

    Hillary 2016

  65. TheRock
    June 2, 2013 at 7:41 pm
    Another book of his you may want to look at is The Death of The Liberal Class, which deplores the way the liberal class epitomized by the media has abandoned traditional liberal values, and surrendered to the corporate state in it many different forms. This is why, when speaking of liberals, I am careful to differentiate between liberals and progressives. Liberals align with the individual, or the people. Progressives on the other hand are witting or unwitting agents of the corporate state, and are totalitarian in nature. This also explains their scorched earth opposition to populist movements like the Tea Party.

    The following is from Wiki:

    “One of these themes (in the book) is an examination of how it is even possible (in the first place) for popular movements to have real and lasting influence. Death of the Liberal Class argues that such movements must start from the “bottom” of any social structure. It is here at the “bottom” that a populist spirit can take hold and begin to have a grass roots appeal before its dynamic moves on to having mainstream appeal. Therefore, real changes for a society do not (and cannot) start at the top where the Power Elite resides (a concept Hedges borrows from C. Wright Mills and whose ideas he makes ample use of in this book). Since they do not start at the top, the most significant populist and social movements never achieve “formal positions of power”.[1] However, this is crucial to any movement having long term viability. A movement has the ability to both sustain itself and have real influence because it avoids bowing to the dictates of what Hedges calls statecraft, which are the formal mechanisms that any state uses to manage power while maintaining the support of the masses.

    Instead, popular movements (or any movement for social and political change) embrace what Hedges calls “nonhistorical values”, a term he borrows from Dwight Macdonald. According to Macdonald, nonhistorical values include ideas such as truth, justice, and love and it is to these values that real social and political movements must “pay fealty”. Instead, a movement’s influence erodes when it jettisons these “nonhistoric” values in favor of “historical values.” Historical values are defined as a belief that human progress comes through science, technology, and mass production. This is another theme examined by Hedges in the sustained polemic of Death of the Liberal Class, that embracing this kind of belief in human progress has eroded these other nonhistorical values. Finally, the “liberal class” is always faced with a choice, Hedges argues, and that choice was between serving human beings and serving history, between thinking ethically and thinking strategically.[2]

    By serving history and power, the “liberal class” surrendered their power and moral authority to the state. It’s an authority they cannot get back, because when the State holds these powers, it will not give them up without a mass movement making such demands. This restates an overarching theme of Death of the Liberal Class. According to Hedges, capitulation by the “liberal class” has allowed the takeover of “statecraft” by corporations who, now unchecked by an independent intellectual class and the popular movements that gave them viability, wield enormous influence in the legal, legislative, and financial centers of power. This corporate coup d’etat was accomplished in the United States, says Hedges, because corporations have no loyalty to a nation-state, especially those corporations that are multinational or transnational.”


    Summarizing this book’s trajectory: The liberal class plays a vital role in a democracy, and posits itself as the conscience of the nation. It permits us to define ourselves as a good and noble people. Most importantly, the liberal class offers a safety valve for popular frustrations and discontentment by discrediting those who talk of profound structural change. Once this class loses its role, then democracy breaks down and the liberal class becomes an object of ridicule and hatred. The Death of the Liberal Class examines the failure of the liberal class to confront the rise of the corporate state and the consequences of a bankrupt liberalism, making the liberal class irrelevant to society at large and ultimately the corporate power elite they once served.”

  66. A rather odd vacation/fundraiser/meet up with Chinese dictator President Xi Jinping is slated for this week as Barack Obama flies off to Palm Springs to attend TWO political fundraisers, no doubt at least one round of golf, and oddly enough, a meeting with the world’s most powerful communist dictator at the Annenberg Estate.
    Buchanan is advancing an alternative hypothesis. He believes that Obama is telling the truth when he says he did not know about any of these scandals until we did. Others in his administration knew but they never told him. Therefore, Buchanan concludes that Obama was ill served by his underlings.

    Buchanan served in three administrations as a senior white house advisor. If he had learned of something like this it would have gone immediately to the president, through the chief of staff, or white house counsel. And if someone like him had withheld that information, heads would have rolled. It would have been an acute embarrassment to those presidents, as the heads of federal government not to have known.

    I believe Buchanan is wrong here. Obama was not embarrassed and no one was fired. To me that indicates he was not surprised, and the reason he was not surprised was because he knew about these abuses from the beginning.

    If Buchanan is right, then it suggests something even more ominous. If those around him knew and did not tell him, then perhaps he was not in a psycological state where he could have accepted it. In short, he may be a sick man. That was true of Warren Harding, so his wife ran the government.

    At this point, Obama is not even trying to look busy. While all this scandals are being investigated, he has run for the hills. His itinerary for this week:

    He has a meeting Chinese dictator President Xi Jinping then flies off to Palm Springs to attend TWO political fundraisers, at least one round of golf, and oddly enough, a meeting with the world’s most powerful communist dictator at the Annenberg Estate.

  67. If you don’t know by now that barack hussein is a muslim – you’ve not been paying attention.

    Another Obama Assault on Free Speech

    The Obama Administration’s latest assault on the freedom of speech is so audacious that it leaves me speechless – and that’s the idea.

    According to Politico, Bill Killian, the Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, “is reportedly vowing to use federal civil rights statutes to clamp down on offensive and inflammatory speech about Islam.” Said Killian: “We need to educate people about Muslims and their civil rights, and as long as we’re here, they’re going to be protected.”

  68. Getting back to the point we were discussing yesterday—the fact that the status quo of both political parties are controlled by the banks, and all they are really interested in doing is managing the decline of American civilization, and the only real hope for the rest of us it to find those who are willing to challenge the status quo, and the entire notion that government should be the master rather than the servant of the people, however benign. On a related point, there was an article on the front page of the Wall Street Journal that replicates a story broadcast on FOX a few months back noting that Washington DC has experienced a new Guilded Age, where vast fortunes are being created. Furthermore, it is reliant on big government and the world economy. Finally, it is immune to the business or political cycles, while sucking prosperity out of the rest of the country, through taxation and regulation which feeds the Leviathan. And that marks another good reason why we need leaders who will slay the Leviathan, or at least cut his legs off. Problem is too many Republicans to Washington with those intentions, but fold.
    The secret of Washington, DC is that the leadership of both parties collaborate within the same system. Both parties are tools of big business. Both parties are tools of banks. Both parties want to pick winners and losers. The rhetoric of the Republican leadership in Washington is that the problem is Democrats in charge of government and not government itself.

    The ideas peddled by the Republican leadership in Washington are small and unoriginal. Their preference in policy and politics is for the voters to let Republicans manage the leviathan that Democrats create, instead of slaying the leviathan. There are multiple paths forward as conservative populists, but the GOP would rather manage than lead.

    The only way to change this is to find disruptive candidates. Consider that Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush all won as conservative populists. When George H. W. Bush switched back to the technocratic manager of the modern aristocracy, he, like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, lost. George H. W. Bush won as Reagan’s heir and lost as himself. George W. Bush won, barely, in 2000, and expanded his lead in 2004 as both a populist reformer and the guy who could keep us safe. None of the other guys were more than duds promising to manage the decline of American civilization.

    We see the success of existing disruptive candidates in the Senate — Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul have become wholly disruptive. Republican Senators leak nasty things about them to the press and say nasty things about them on the floor of the Senate. They are called “wacko birds”. They have disrupted the decorum of the Senate GOP that for so long has perpetuated a system that, with the Democrats, has expanded government, awarded friends, and picked winners and losers. They have put points on the board for freedom. They give people hope that the American aristocracy of big business, lobbyists, the rich, and career politicians can be fought.

    On the House side, we have an established fight club of good conservative disruptors in Congressmen Amash, Bridenstine, Broun, Gohmert, Huelskamp, Jones, Massie, Pearce, Salmon, and Yoho. We have, I hope, added Mark Sanford to their ranks and others might join them. On occasion they are able to rally enough Republicans to kill legislative rules, thereby defeating the Republican leadership in the House, which spends more time trying to make government programs work better instead of shrinking government.

    But good guys like Jim Jordan, Tom Graves, and Jeb Hensarling, among others, seem either burned out or co-opted. Instead of keeping up the fight, they’ve given up the fight. They have regressed. They have succumbed to a system that wears out the fighters, shuts out dissent, and grinds down spirit.

  69. There has always been a symbiotic relationship between radical black political doctrine and the Muslim world. The most obvious example is the Black Muslim movement, Elija Mohammed, Malcolm X etc. Thus, when you have a radical black in charge of government, government policies will be supportive of the Muslim cause, over the rights of all other groups, except blacks. This explains the embrace of the Muslim religion, the campaign to persecute its opponents in one way or another, and the attack on free speech epitomized by this white loon US Attorney in Tennessee, who, lest we forget works for Attorney General Witholder, who in turn works for the Naked Emperor. This is a pretty obvious point, and it is a bit surprising that more people who question the bona fides of big media have not connected the dots.

  70. wbboei

    I believe Buchanan is wrong here. Obama was not embarrassed and no one was fired. To me that indicates he was not surprised, and the reason he was not surprised was because he knew about these abuses from the beginning.

    If Buchanan is right, then it suggests something even more ominous. If those around him knew and did not tell him, then perhaps he was not in a psycological state where he could have accepted it. In short, he may be a sick man. That was true of Warren Harding, so his wife ran the government.

    Another theory I recently read regarding the level of Obama’s knowledge of the actions of IRS and Holder (maybe this was in a previous article by Admin – I can’t put my finger on the source): Obama’s enforcers from the highest levels to the lowest know what to do to advance and protect Obama, and they fully understand that they are not to let ethics or legal constraints stop them. They don’t have to inform Obama. He knows how the game is played. His Chicago capos know not to let laws or ethics stop them. They understand that there are few, if any, limits, and that they are to use any means necessary to advance Barack. The permission (expectation) is implicit. Obama’s people know what’s expected from the moment they become involved. It’s just how things are done. Do whatever it takes, and keep Barack as free from dirt as possible.

  71. The impression I have of this US Attorney Bill Killian is that he is very much a Moonbat.

    If so, then he fits in well with the rest of this benighted administration.


  72. Hi freespirit

    That is a plausible theory. I would have to take a closer look at the Daley model to know for sure. There is a culture of crime which Obama brought with him to Washington–John Kass swore he saw the entire 52nd ward of fixers, thieves and thugs sinking their roots into Washington the week after the 2008 Inauguration. In that case, it this Damion has had five years of gestation, and strangle to nation–AS IT IS DOING. Others theories that he did not direct it stress the fact that Obama is a sociopath too riddled with AD&D.

    If I was walking along the beach, discovered a bottle in the sand with a genie inside it and was given only one wish, it would be that those who serve this President disabuse themselves of any notion that what they are doing is decent, patriotic or noble in any sense of the word. They are promoting and managing the decline of this nation, and there is no honor in it. Perhaps when the IRS scandal has been fully exposed and the chaos of Obamacare hits the transom, these people, their party and government itself will be seen for what they really are, and the entire notion of big government will be seen for what it is, namely the path to serfdom.

    A friend of mine takes grim solace in the fact that this devolution is nothing new, but is in fact the pattern of history. I on the other hand find it impossible to be such a dispassionate observer as he is.

  73. so US Sen. Frank Lautenberg dies at 89…….this ought to interesting NJ…Christie gets to pick doesnt he?


    Frank R. Lautenberg, who rose from a poor Paterson boyhood to become a multimillionaire businessman and New Jersey’s longest-serving U.S. senator, died Monday at 89 of viral pneumonia, his office said.

    The oldest member of the Senate, Lautenberg had struggled with health problems since late last year, when he missed several weeks of votes because of what he said was flu and bronchitis.

    The death of Lautenberg, a Democrat, creates a vacancy that Gov. Christie, a Republican, will fill.

  75. FORT MEADE, MD. — Army Pfc. Bradley Manning goes on trial Monday more than three years after he was arrested in Iraq and charged in the biggest leak of classified information in U.S. history.

    Manning has admitted to sending troves of material to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks and pleaded guilty to charges that would send him to prison for up to 20 years. The U.S. military and the Obama administration weren’t satisfied, though, and pursued a charge of aiding the enemy, which carries a potential life sentence

  76. Roberts . . . on the wrong side of every issue that comes before him . . . and not very bright either . . .


    Court: Police Can Take DNA Swabs From Arrestees
    June 3, 2013 10:56 AM
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    File photo of a cheek swab. (Credit: THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

    File photo of a cheek swab. (Credit: THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)
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    Train Derailment, ExplosionTrain Derailment
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    Building CollapseReporter’s Gallery
    News As We Saw It

    WASHINGTON — A sharply divided Supreme Court on Monday said police can continue to take DNA from people they arrest without getting a warrant. The court’s five-justice majority said DNA testing was a legitimate police arrest procedure, like fingerprinting.

    “Taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrestee DNA is, like fingerprinting and photographing, a legitimate police booking procedure that is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the court’s five-justice majority.

    RELATED: Md. Case Could Unravel the Country’s Criminal DNA Collection Practices

    But the four dissenting justices said that the court was allowing a major change in police powers.

    “Make no mistake about it: because of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason,” conservative Justice Antonin Scalia said in a sharp dissent which he read aloud in the courtroom.

    At least 28 states and the federal government now take DNA swabs after arrests. But a Maryland court was one of the first to say that it was illegal for that state to take Alonzo King’s DNA without approval from a judge, saying King had “a sufficiently weighty and reasonable expectation of privacy against warrantless, suspicionless searches.”

    But the high court’s decision reverses that ruling, which will likely allow states to resume and expand the programs. Kennedy wrote the decision, and was joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Stephen Breyer.

    Kennedy wrote: “In this respect the use of DNA for identification is no different than matching an arrestee’s face to a wanted poster of a previously unidenti­fied suspect; or matching tattoos to known gang symbols to reveal a criminal affiliation; or matching the arrestee’s fingerprints to those recovered from a crime scene.”

    Scalia was joined in his dissent by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

    Follow WNEW on Twitter.

  77. The death of Lautenberg, a Democrat, creates a vacancy that Gov. Christie, a Republican, will fill.


    Hope Christy picks a Republican that will help to off set Reid. 🙂

  78. Question: What do you say when you have four scandals at hand, and the opposing party is knocking down every defense you make?

    Answer: The only danger here is that the opposing party will overplay its hand–Gibbs. (Pathetic)

    Question: What does a bot who has written a book lauding the greatness of Obama say about an attorney general who spies on journalists?

    Answer: He is black, I am black, and we are both leftists. Therefore he is okay. And by the way Rosen is a national security threat worse than bin Laden. (Pathetic)

    These people are nut cases/

  79. Cynical yes. But at the end of the day, no black democrat in the media or in government will demand accountability from this president on these scandals. It is like asking a cat to bark. I guarantee it. It won’t happen. And that is tragic for the country. When the other party is in power and commits similar abuses, I do not want to hear them demand accountability. They have forfeited the moral standing to do so.

  80. Woodward is right of course. Obama should take the bull by the horns and unravel these scandals. That is what a competent president would do. But not him. He will be at two fundraisers this week–which is two too many for a lame duck president beset with problems of this magnitude, which adversely affect his capacity to govern. On the other hand, if you are morally and intellectually incapable of governing then these fundraisers are as good a place as any to hide in plain view. As Krauthammer so aptly put it, the man is a fraud.

  81. Hope Christy picks a Republican that will help to off set Reid.
    Hope Christy picks a Republican, rather than a Republican in name only, i.e. RINO, like him.

    Knowing Christy’s predilections, he is more likely to pick an inflatable Obama doll.

  82. I could not agree more with Mark Levin’s words below. They are 100% true. Our generation is betraying all those that follow.

    I’ve had this discussion before but I think it’s necessary to have it again. About the young people in this country, I think we call them millennials. I hate these names that we give to generations. ‘Hey, you’re the millennials.’ ‘What’s that?’ ‘Hey, I dunno.’ We’re in a new century now, we’ll just call you ‘millennials.’ How about we call them younger people?

    There’s always this talk about the younger generation, upper-teens, college students, young people, young families — anywhere from about 17 and 18 to about 40, 45. But there is something wrong with them. They’re just not as good as with our generation. There is something wrong — they’re too liberal, they’re lethargic, they don’t embrace American principles.

    I started thinking more about this when I watched my son’s graduation ceremony at Chapman University. And I noticed another gentlemen over here did the same thing for The Daily Caller. Timothy Philen. I don’t know who he is. And what he wrote there — and we will link to it on my website — is something that I was thinking about too when I was watching the procession of graduates. I thought to myself, this generation, this younger generation is actually a pretty good generation, all things told.

    It’s my generation that is doing things to them. It’s my generation that is forcing them into liberal indoctrination centers that we call our public school system. It’s my generation that has elected politicians — there’s not enough of them to vote, it’s our generation, my generation that has elected people from our generation who create these massive yearly deficits and this ballooning debt that will destroy their futures if we don’t figure out how to reverse course.

    It’s not the younger generation, it’s our generation that has shredded the Constitution, and generations before us. It’s not the 18-year-olds, the 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds. Yes, it’s true.

    Now, of course, younger people — attitudes change, values develop, it’s maturation. It’s normal. But as I say, I watch the precession of young graduates. They were positive, they were hopeful and they worked damn hard to get their degrees.

    There is a lot of people out there saying you don’t need a college degree. And, frankly, a lot of people don’t need a college degree. But why are we trashing people who worked hard in school to get a college degree, even an advanced degree because they want to be doctors, or scientists, or engineers, or whatever. We need them.

    It just amazes me. We do everything in this country possible to dumb down our people, to dumb down our society. Through the public school system, through the media, through our politicians. We do everything we possibly can to destroy wealth creation and initiative and free will and motivation. And then we wonder why, we wonder why we don’t have enough scientists, we don’t have enough doctors, we don’t have enough this or that. Because we create the situation.

  83. And the problem with our generation goes even deeper than what Mark alludes to. It can be found in the works of writers like Roger Kimball:
    Tenured Radicals

    First published in 1990, Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education was updated in 1998 and again in 2008. The most recent third edition includes a new introduction by Kimball as well as the preface to the 1998 edition. The book critiques the ways in which humanities are currently taught and studied in American universities. The book takes the stance that modern humanities have become politicized while seeking to subvert “the tradition of high culture embodied in the classics of Western art and thought”.[4] Kimball claims that yesterday’s radical thinker has become today’s tenured professor carrying out “ideologically motivated assaults on the intellectual and moral substance of our culture”.[4] The book has been deemed controversial due to its specificity, with the New York Times Book Review’s Roger Rosenblatt noting, “Mr. Kimball names his enemies precisely…This book will breed fistfights.”[5]

    The Long March

    One abiding concern of Kimball’s work is the legacy of the 1960s. In The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America, Kimball critically examined many of the accepted notions about that decade and its influential figures, including Norman Mailer, Susan Sontag, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, William Sloane Coffin, Eldridge Cleaver, Charles Reich, Norman O. Brown, and Herbert Marcuse. The aim of the book, Kimball wrote in his introduction, was to “show how the paroxysms of the 1960s continue to reverberate throughout our culture”. Kimball contended that “The Age of Aquarius did not end when the last electric guitar was unplugged at Woodstock. It lives on in our values and habits, in our tastes, pleasures, and aspirations. It lives on especially in our educational and cultural institutions, and in the degraded pop culture that permeates our lives like a corrosive fog.”

    Experiments Against Reality

    Experiments Against Reality: The Fate of Culture in the Postmodern Age is a book criticizing the literary and philosophical foundations of postmodernity. Examining the work of Eliot, Auden, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault and more, Kimball critiques the ways in which these writers deal with what he views as the intellectual and moral deterioration of modernity. He also laments the state of modern culture, focusing his analysis on the realms of contemporary art and academia. Kimball argues against nihilist, deconstructionist, and anti-enlightenment perspectives prevalent in modern theory, contending that objective truth is an important tenant of any discourse. As one review put it, “Kimball’s writings offer weapons of resistance to such indoctrination” and “they set a traditional criterion: the lessons of history, ordinary experience, beauty, reality.”[6] The New York Times Book Review calls Kimball a “scathing critic…whose tirades are usually justified” and whose “intellectual rigor is refreshing”.[7]

  84. Please join Pam’s demonstration if you can. I wish I wasn’t so far away. 🙁

    Organization of Islamic Cooperation chairman explains the UN Resolution criminalizing blasphemy against Islam which Barack Obama has now signed onto

    The UN Resolution which criminalizes ANY criticism of Islam that might or might not incite violence is in direct violation of our First Amendment which protects our most precious human right – free speech. FYI: This same resolution has been introduced countless times and always vetoed by the United States. UNTIL NOW!

    If you live in Tennessee, please join Pamela Geller in a major demonstration for free speech on June 4th at 5:30pm Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center, 147 Hospitality Blvd, in Manchester, Tennessee.

  85. ulsterman has something interesting its worth reading:

    A longtime Democratic Party political operative with direct experience at the highest levels of government, took a few minutes to explain how Senate Democrats (with an assist from some Senate Republicans) are using the pending Senate immigration bill to push that issue front and center for the 2014 Midterm Elections. The plan is simple – pass a bill in the Senate with the expectation of that bill to be buried in the Republican controlled House of Representatives and then hammer with the “do nothing Congress” message 24/7 leading up to the Midterm Election.

    ( White House Insider warns that Senate Democrats are using Republican Senator Marco Rubio and others to “run the ball up the field” on the immigration issue as a way to defeat Congressional Republicans in 2014. )

  86. A longtime Democratic Party political operative with direct experience at the highest levels of government, took a few minutes to explain how Senate Democrats (with an assist from some Senate Republicans) are using the pending Senate immigration bill to push that issue front and center for the 2014 Midterm Elections. The plan is simple – pass a bill in the Senate with the expectation of that bill to be buried in the Republican controlled House of Representatives and then hammer with the “do nothing Congress” message 24/7 leading up to the Midterm Election.
    That is clear. Senator Cruz has made that point repeatedly. And scumbag Shumer has been direct about it. That is why they are pushing this issue now. But it is a non-starter. My concern is this: the Senate will have the Gang of Eight sell-out, with few modifications. The House will reject that bill and pass its own, the contents of which they have refused to be specific about. And the American people will be hammered by the reconcilliation process.

  87. White House Insider warns that Senate Democrats are using Republican Senator Marco Rubio and others to “run the ball up the field” on the immigration issue as a way to defeat Congressional Republicans in 2014.
    Rubio has conceded on border security first, reliable e verify, chain immigration, and limiting high value immigration in order to appease big labor. He has allowed himself to be raped in broad daylight by the other side. And he hasn’t a clue. Until he tries to run for president.

  88. I still enjoy asking Dims that voted for Barry in ’08 and ’12, and here is what seems to be going on in my corner of the world.

    Not one of them, talks openly about him, or what a good president he is.

    AA women love Michelle, think of her as a fashion plate, have her photo everywhere.

    AA and minorities, look at Barry as a step up for them. Think he should have ‘done more’, still hope he will.

    White voters are mixed, don’t think he’s done a good job but are proud of themselves for ‘lifting up’ the guy with the dark skin.

    It’s ALL about skin color folks, that’s it!!

  89. And, since it’s all about skin color for them, they think anyone that doesn’t like him, doesn’t like minorities.

    It’s all about race in their narrow little pea-brains.

    Makes me want to gag.

  90. sirmrks

    Thanks for that link to the WHI, I have missed his $hit stirrin’ rants!


    Thing is, and I’m telling you the God’s honest truth here…heard enough of on this thing in private from some of them still in Congress…thing is, Democrats could give a sh*t about Mexicans. This whole thing, this whole issue has always been about votes first. Period. Always. And this time around it’s all about 2014. They think they can corner your Republicans on this issue and just kick their teeth in when 2014 rolls around. Protest parades, human interest stories…it’ll be a whole big roll out. They might be right. People like Rubio keep it up, they might just do it. He’s got no (-unintelligible-)…overtime on it. He’s too naive right now. Too eager to please. [I agree]

    So right now, we got the Democrats out there laying the groundwork for this immigration 2014 thing, and Republicans humping around on all these Obama scandals.

    Now if it were me in charge, God help us all…if it were me in charge of the Republicans here would be my play. I would call in every one of those f*cking

    Senate Republicans into my office, take the goddamn phone off the line, and jump down their faces so far I’d re-arrange their f*cking DNA. No way I let them help run the ball up the field on this. [Agree, waste of time and shouldn’t be a distraction from the important scandals]

    Rubio? If he can’t figure this sh*t out then he don’t deserve to be considered in 2016. Maybe that pisses off some of your readers, I know you like him enough, but f*ck no. Hell no, man. No-No-NO.

    We got this White House on the ropes. Don’t let them deflect all of this with the immigration thing. They thought they’d have it with the gun issue but that just pissed off just about everyone. So then the Senate boys turned on a dime and went all in on the immigration issue. They need an issue to rally around for 2014 and that is it. Rubio thinks he can take credit for some kind of deal. Really? It won’t help him one damn bit in the end. Not one bit.

    All those immigrant votes…sh*t. The Democrats already have most of them on the government payroll for f*ck’s sake. They ain’t changing their votes. Never happen. And the stupid liberal White people…the Democrats will just roll em up with some other bullsh*t issue. Climate change. War on women. Starving fat kids. Save the f*cking whales, pay for my college, head lice, shoes that don’t fit right…bad breath. Whatever man. None of them Republicans will pick up one f*cking vote by going along to get along with this crop of Democrats. Not one. Democrat voters…you round them up easy. Democrat voters are dumb. About the dumbest group of people you’ll ever know. They ain’t going Republican, so stop thinking they will….thinking that makes you dumber than they are, right?

    If Republicans want to win this thing…2014. Stop thinking 2016 right now because 2016 won’t mean nothin’ if it breaks bad in 2014. That means…like I said…that means somebody whose got the…the influence…get those dumb mother f*ckers in the Senate, your Republicans…get that immigration bill OUT. Kill it on the damn vine. Get that thing as far away from 2014 as they can. Make it go away. Then they can…the Democrats control the Senate so Republicans can just say they tried but they couldn’t come to terms, whatever. That part doesn’t really matter. Whatever. But then come right back and push the border security thing, uh…the national security stuff. The issues Republicans uses to be so good at before they got soft and squishy and tried to sound more like Democrats. And see…that makes a big point I tried to get across last year…but they didn’t listen. Didn’t believe me or whatever it was. Didn’t trust me. If Republicans go out there and try that kinder gentler thing…with the way the country is right now…that just don’t work. It pisses off the conservative base. It frustrates Republican voters, right? I can’t be the only one seeing that. And Democrats are wise to it. Crafty little f*ckers…they really are. And so with the immigration thing, that’s all that is. It’s about getting out the vote on the liberal side, and suppressing the vote on the conservative side. Hell, I ain’t even talking all the Election Day vote counting bullsh*t that goes on here.

    There’s one big f*cking catch here though that has the Dems real worried. If we got an administrative crisis, I’m talking an all out sh*t hitting the fan kind of moment this summer, then this immigration plan of theirs won’t matter much at all. There’s some there-there with all these scandals. The White House knows that. They also know they’ve gotten away with things before so they might just do that again. Their plan is simple. Have a few people take the fall, get these scandals off the front page, and hammer home the immigration fake bullsh*t thing and roll with that right up to the election. And I got to admit it that…it’s a good plan. As far as (-unintelligible-)…it goes, it’s pretty solid. See, if the Republicans don’t pass some immigration compromise, then the Democrats and the media will go at them hard saying they are radicals who don’t get anything done…obstructionists…whatever it (-unintelligible-)…so that will be that. If the Republicans do go along to get along, then the Democrats roll out their vote suppression machine. The conservative base will be all pissed off, lots of talk about a third party…which a whole bunch of that talk will actually be coming from folks on the Democratic Party payroll in an indirect uh… they’ll never prove it way. We had that set up back in…since about ’98. Don’t doubt me on that. I done it. Many times. And it works. And people won’t vote in 2014. A whole lot of them won’t. Not like they need to if Republicans have a shot at taking the Senate and keeping the House.

    It’s a damned if they do damned if they don’t. That’s why it needs to get buried in the Senate. Rubio has got to be wise to that, but right now he don’t seem to be pulling that off. I got no inroads to his people. None. But maybe one of them will read this and get wise, because that’s what they need to do. Get wise like yesterday. Bury this immigration sh*t and then take these scandals that a lot of good people have done some very hard work to get them to see what little daylight they have…take these scandals and break them over the f*cking heads of this White House and its support system.

    I see (-name deleted-) says June 14 huh? Not what I’m hearing right now. No. Not what…not what I’m hearing. (-Unintelligible-)…at least a month out. Maybe more. That comes from the campaign. You know who and I would think they’d know. She’s getting her ass beat on all this and frankly, she deserves to. Can’t play big ball with a short bat.

    We’ll see.


  91. Shadowfax
    June 3, 2013 at 3:00 pm
    Shadow, please explain why you enjoy asking these people whether they still love Barry, when you get those kind of answers? I could be charitable and say they are the unwitting victims of a sustained assault on western values waged by the left which has produced a culture of nihilism, deconstructionism and multi culturalism. Or, I could opine that it is the shallow politics of identity, which accounts for their intransigence. Or, I could join with Nial Ferguson and suggest that it is symptomatic of national decline. But the one thing I cannot do is ask idiots whether they are still idiots, because I know the answer. My strategy is to get as far away from them as fast as I can, mentally, physically and emotionally. And they never seem to object, or say come back here. Confronting them and challenging them with rational arguments is a lifetime exercise in futility. Where they are concerned, the bottom line is you cannot fix stupid. However, the one thing these answers do suggest is they no longer see him as savior, but are more inclined to justify their mistake by pointing to the symbol he represents, which has been winnowed down to first black president and nothing more.

  92. I agree with WHI 100%

    It’s like there is no one wise in the Republican party that sees the dirty game the Chicago thugs are playing.

  93. The Decline of the Obama Presidency
    His second term is coming undone not because of scandal but because of decisions made in the previous four years.


    John Dos Passos, the novelist and historian, once said: “Often things you think are just beginning are coming to an end.” His observation was made in the 1960s. But it’s true today of Barack Obama’s presidency and the promise of a bright future for his second term.

    Mr. Obama’s re-election stirred grand expectations. The vote heralded a new liberal era, or so it was claimed. His victory was said to reflect ideological, cultural and demographic trends that could keep Democrats in the majority for years to come. His second four years in the White House would be just the beginning.

    Now, six months later, the Obama administration is in an unexpected and sharp state of decline. Mr. Obama has little influence on Congress. His presidency has no theme. He pivots nervously from issue to issue. What there is of an Obama agenda consists, at the moment, of leftovers from his first term or proposals that he failed to emphasize in his re-election campaign and thus have practically no chance of passage.

    Enlarge Image
    Associated Press

    President Obama after speaking at a fundraising event in Chicago, May 29.

    Congressional Republicans neither trust nor fear the president. And Democrats on Capitol Hill, to whom Mr. Obama has never been close, have grown leery of him. In the Senate, Democrats complain privately about his interference with the biggest domestic policy matter of 2013, immigration reform. His effect, the senators believe, can only be to weaken the fragile bipartisan coalition for reform and make passage of major legislation more perilous.

    The Obama breakdown was not caused by the trio of scandals—IRS, Justice Department, Benghazi—now confronting the president. The decline preceded them. It’s the result of what Mr. Obama did in his first term, during the campaign and in the two months following his re-election. But the scandals have worsened his plight and made recovery next to impossible.

    To be clear, the two problems—the decline and the scandals—are different matters. The scandals have not been linked directly to the president. They are vexing to the administration, but they are not the source of its current impotence. Instead, Mr. Obama’s power and influence have been sapped as a direct result of his own choices and decisions. He also suffers from shortcomings normal to a second term, such as a new, less able team of advisers and cabinet members and the arrogance fed by an impressive re-election.

    In his first term, when Democrats controlled the House and Senate, Mr. Obama ignored Republicans—he didn’t need their votes to pass the $800 billion stimulus, the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) and Dodd-Frank, with its fresh wave of Wall Street regulations. Then, after Republicans captured the House in the 2010 midterm election, his efforts to reach agreements with them proved futile.

    Why did Mr. Obama fail at compromise? For one thing, he is rarely able to mask his contempt for Republicans, especially those with conservative views. For another, he began to question Republicans’ motives, insisting publicly that their paramount goal in Washington is to protect the rich from higher taxes. As a tactic for encouraging compromise, his approach was counterproductive.

    Robert Merry, the editor of the National Interest magazine and a longtime Washington journalist, recently pinpointed a bigger reason for the impasse after 2010: “It is a deadlock born largely of the president’s resolve to push an agenda for which he has no clear national consensus.” In other words, Mr. Obama is too liberal to find common ground with Republicans. The spending cuts he offers are illusory, the tax increases specific.

    Then, after the November election, Mr. Obama spurned conciliation. He upped the ante, calling for higher spending, a new economic stimulus and an increase in the debt limit without congressional approval. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell laughed out loud when he heard the proposal.

    Mr. Obama used his last bit of leverage to prevail over Republicans in the fiscal-cliff budget negotiations late last year. With the Bush-era tax cuts due to expire Dec. 31, the president forced Republicans to accept a hefty tax hike on the top 2% of wage earners. His short-term victory has had long-term political consequences. Republicans vowed to oppose new tax increases, which ruled out a “grand bargain” to reduce the deficit and national debt.

    The exclusion of Republicans from a role in crafting ObamaCare has also backfired. By failing to ensure that the GOP had some influence on the health-care law, the president gave them no reason to support its implementation. With ObamaCare more unpopular than ever, House Republicans voted last month to repeal it. The vote was largely symbolic, but it was telling that two Democrats joined the effort. Short of repeal, Republican elected officials across the country are committed to making the law’s implementation, beginning this year, as difficult as possible.

    Nor is tax reform likely to get anywhere this year or next despite Mr. Obama’s support, at least rhetorically, for the idea. He wants to eliminate tax preferences and loopholes so the government can collect more revenue. To win those changes, though, he would need make a bargain with Republicans, offering to cut tax rates, including the top rate on individual income, to generate faster economic growth. That clashes with Mr. Obama’s zeal for higher taxes on the well-to-do.

    Faced with such obstacles, the president could focus instead on his own domestic agenda—if he had one. He doesn’t. He’s paying the price for a re-election campaign that was based on attacking his opponent, Mitt Romney, and not much else. In the president’s State of the Union address in February, he endorsed a $9 minimum wage and universal prekindergarten for 4-year-olds, but those proposals lack a popular mandate. If he had campaigned for them last year, they might have better prospects now.

    More often than not, presidents focus on foreign policy in their second terms. But Mr. Obama’s practice is to downgrade foreign policy in favor of domestic concerns. Where he has sought to restrain foreign governments—Russia, Iran, North Korea—he has been unsuccessful. His speech in May on national security and the terrorist threat revived an issue from his 2008 campaign, the closing of the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay. The chance that will happen is slim.

    He is also pushing two leftovers from his first year in office, immigration reform and gun control. What’s striking about Mr. Obama’s handling of both is his complete absence of influence. On gun control, his speeches had zero impact. On immigration, his influence is entirely negative. He can impede a bill. He cannot aid its passage.

    All this has left Mr. Obama in a state of weakness. And Democrats are increasingly blaming him. Doug Sosnik, a former senior adviser in the Clinton White House, wrote in a memo last month that Mr. Obama’s re-election “was a great political achievement, but the fact that he didn’t set out a clear policy agenda for a second term left him without a clear mandate to govern over a politically divided Congress.”

    Mr. Sosnik, who is now deputy commissioner of the National Basketball Association, added: “There’s not a single member of either party [in Congress] who fears paying a political price for not falling in line with the President, making it even more difficult to get members to cast difficult votes.”

    Mr. Obama’s top priority now is winning the House in 2014 while retaining control of the Senate. “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that we’ve got Nancy Pelosi back in the speakership,” he said last week at a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago. In Mr. Obama’s case, “everything” is unlikely to be enough.

  94. wbboei

    June 3, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    The Decline of the Obama Presidency
    His second term is coming undone not because of scandal but because of decisions made in the previous four years.


    You have captured another good author wbb. Coupled with ulsterman’s report on the meeting with the Chinese premier, the current stand being taken by the Russian government in the Middle East along with their announcement of the resumption of submarine patrols with nuclear subs carrying ballistic missles, the current hurdles that the Israeli goverment is facing with ALL the threats surrounding them, the lawlessness in Mexico, and this administration’s obscene refusal to engage Africa in serious economic development (something that I must admit started in the last administration), the world is becoming very very very very scary. This article highlights the root of most of those problems – sorry, ALL of those problems – Bumbles.

    The fact that there is no plan forward for most of these issues is terrifying. Truthfully, the best Secretary of State right now would be President Clinton. The miriad of problems requires a GREAT mind and that is NOT something Kerry posses. Domestic issues, however, are another problem. There is no voice even capable enough to unravel this spiderweb in a coherent fashion with the understanding that the American public is juvenile in its understanding of the effect of the current path on this and future generations. The MSM can’t do it. There are few in Congress with the capability to do it. There aren’t any Hollywood types that can do it.

    We are SOOOOOOOOOOOO f^*(d.

    Hillary 2016

  95. its absolute chaos here in Turkey… really does feel like another arab spring…

    As you know I have moved to Ireland now but i only come back to sort out legal and banking matters and it really is bonkers.

    There are cops in riot gear everywhere tonight and they really have been dealing brutally with people in the last few days, its been quite sickening to see.

    there is something real behind this, people are fed up and Erdogan did what i fianlly knew he would, just push it that one step too far.

    Will try and update you as i see it.

  96. Lame Cherry might have some good stuff on his site, but his dialogue is so darn distasteful to me, I can’t stomach it.
    Too bad.

  97. Hmmm

    Vice President Joe Biden will not be throwing his annual beach party for journalists this summer, POLITICO has learned.

    Since 2010, Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden have invited top journalists to their home at the Naval Observatory for a beach bash that has included Super Soaker fights, face painting, and a moon bounce.

    Past guests have included then-White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Candy Crowley, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow, CBS’s Bob Schieffer, ABC’s Ann Compton, PBS’s Gwen Ifill and New York Times reporter David Sanger, among many others.

    The Vice President’s office declined to comment on the record regarding the decision to forego a party this summer.

  98. Dr. Jill Biden
    Never hear much from this barbie doll. Word has it she married Joe for his body, but I rather suspect she married him for his mind. And a beautiful mind it is, all 90 proof of it, and on full display in his fool on the hill performance at the presidential debate. Dr. Jill should be proud of him. I know I am.

  99. This is what Issa said on Sunday, according to big media:

    “The administration is still — their paid liar, their spokesperson, picture behind — he’s still making up things about what happens and calling this local rogue,” Issa said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “The reason that Lois Lerner tried to take the Fifth [Amendment when called to testify before Congress] is not because there’s a rogue in Cincinnati, it’s because this is a problem that was coordinated in all likelihood right out of Washington headquarters And we’re getting to proving it.

    “The administration is still trying to say there’s a few rogue agents in Cincinnati, when in fact the indication is they were directly being ordered from Washington,” he said.

    Investigators from two House committees — Oversight and Government Reform and Ways and Means — are questioning IRS workers from the Cincinnati office, and Issa said these interviews provide evidence that the orders stemmed from Washington.

    “My gut tells me that too many people knew that this wrongdoing was going on before the election, and at least by some sort of convenient benign neglect allowed it to go on through the election, allowed these groups, these conservative groups, these, if you will, not friends of the president to be disenfranchised through an election,” he said. “Now, I’m not making any allegations as to motive, that they set out to do it. But certainly, people knew it was happening.”

  100. The gateway pundit information seems to go beyond what Issa said

    Issa said “in all liklihood”, the targeting came out of Washington DC. Later he says that these people in Washington knew this was happening.

    Gateway says that local agents kept emails that prove the targeting directive came from “high up in Washington”, and-

    that low level IRS people in the local office are “miffed at being blamed” and-

    are about to retaliate., and-

    the issue is about to explode.

  101. I am not seeing evidence of this anywhere else. Therefore, at this point I would put it in the category of a rumor, albeit a credible one.

  102. Christie will no doubt give the Senate seat to a Dem…then he can officially come out of the closet

  103. gonzotx

    June 3, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    Christie will no doubt give the Senate seat to a Dem…then he can officially come out of the closet

    Two words: Corey Booker

  104. Let’s discriminate among immigrants
    Thomas Sowell: We should consider differences to determine what’s best for America


    Among other facts of life utterly ignored by many advocates of de facto amnesty is that the free international movement of people is different from free international trade in goods.

    Buying cars or cameras from other countries is not the same as admitting people from those countries or any other countries. Unlike inanimate objects, people have cultures, and not all cultures are compatible with the culture in this country that has produced such benefits for the American people for so long.

    Not only the United States but the Western world in general has been discovering the hard way that admitting people with incompatible cultures is an irreversible decision with incalculable consequences. If we do not see that after recent terrorist attacks on the streets of Boston and London, when will we see it?

  105. ohn McCain Slams Issa for Calling Jay Carney a Liar

    Is it too late to give him back to North Viet Nam?

    Is there some provision in the treaty that would allow this?

    If not, could we pay them to take him off our hands?

    Question: why does he spend most of his time attacking his own party, and kibitzing with Obama?

    What pray tell is the matter with him?

    During the 2008 general election campaign the Dims claimed to have an affidavit which contradicted his war hero image.

    The affidavit was from his Hanoi Jailer.

    The veiled allegation was that they broke him.

    His father’s declaration conceded as much, without actually saying it.

    His father and grandfather were both Admirals, so there was no way they could allow this to come out.

    After that report, he seemed to lose his interest in winning the campaign.

    And it that is so, then it is not unlikely that they are still blackmailing him.

    Could that be why he spends more energy attacking his own party and kibitzing with Obama?

    Or is he just senile?

  106. To show you how ridiculous McCain is–do you see the senior democrat in the senate slamming Obama, or Committee heads. He lost the election. What makes him think he speaks for the party at this point. He is the bad dream of yesteryear. Why can’t he follow the example of Barry Goldwater, and just be a good legislator. I am telling you for sure, McCain is an asset to no one. Including himself. Big media does this nation yet another disservice by putting a microphone in front of him. He is an organ grinders monkey.

  107. With McCain and now with Romney it seems old soldiers never die and they never fade way either. They just pop up at the least opportune moment, do stupid things like inviting Java the Hut Christy and Snidely Whiplash Axelgrease to skull sessions, throw steamy turds at those in their own party, and kiss the ass of big media. Sensible politicians would withdraw quietly, and let the next generation take its rightful place. They remind me of certain actresses in Hollywood who still get big roles, thus depriving the next generation of their right to grab the brass ring. Only Major Kong cannot act.

  108. Off topic and sick. FORT HOOD OUTRAGE.
    …A military judge Monday granted Hasan’s request to represent himself at his upcoming murder trial, and Hasan later hinted that he would try to justify the attack, revealing for the first time his defense strategy. Hasan, an American-born Muslim, said he would use a “defense of others” strategy, which experts say requires defendants to prove they were protecting other people from imminent danger.
    “It’s definitely going to make (testifying) a lot more difficult,” Manning said. “And it makes me sick to my stomach that he’d even (use that defense)….”

  109. Do you think this is new information beyond what Issa revealed on the Sunday talk program? Or is it merely a belated rehash of what he said?

    This was revealed in a tweet from Joseph Curl – a columnist at The Washington Times. I presumed it to be new information. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  110. Oh great – affirmative action among obamacare patients. Social justice comes to the doctor’s office. I don’t think this is going to go over very well!!

    HHS Chief Sebelius: Obamacare Will Favor Gays Over Straight People…

    Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Monday said that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community will be a special focus of Obamacare because “for too long…[they] were pushed to the side.”

    To honor Lesbian, Gay, Bixexual and Transgender Pride Month in June, the administration is drawing attention to new benefits under Obamacare targeted to the LGBT, which Sebelius said have had their access to health care limited and who, she added, have higher rates of tobacco use and are at increased risk for mental health illness.

  111. I’m not going to get too hopeful, but I am glad that there are people who are still trying to do something about the illegal squatters in the WH.

    Obama birth-certificate doubts head to Capitol

    “Sheriff Arpaio wants this in Congress. That’s where we intend to take it,” Zullo said in an interview with Carl Gallups of PPSimmons Radio.

    Zullo said he was amazed by the number of law-enforcement personnel and others at the conference who were not aware of the evidence that Obama’s birth documentation is fake.

    He told Gallups the overwhelming response was “absolute shock,” noting “audible gasps” could often be heard during his presentation.

    Zullo said one official came up to him afterwards and said: “I have been purposely ignoring this matter – until now. I will ignore it no longer.”

    Several constitutional officers, public officials, attorneys, elected officials and others are now pledging full and personal support for moving the issue to a congressional investigation, Zullo said.

    He said the virtual media blackout had kept many of the officials in in attendance uninformed and they are now outraged that they have seen the evidence that they should have seen from the beginning.”

  112. Dr. Ablow is absolutely correct.

    Is Obama waging psychological warfare on Americans?
    By Dr. Keith Ablow

    I believe that the Obama administration is conducting psychological warfare on conservative Americans. Not only that but it is also waging this war on all Americans who previously viewed themselves, their country, their Constitution and their overwhelming belief in God as a force for good in the world.

    The psychological warfare began with an apology tour in which President Obama publicly “confessed,” presuming to speak for all of us, for the shortcomings of America and our supposed contributions to tyranny and all manner of evils around the world.

    This confession planted in the American mind the notion that our values and beliefs might not be in line with freedom and truth.

    Read more:

  113. Just saw the photos of Hillary in her Oscar DL pants suit, presenting him with an award last night.

    Somehow I have missed that she has gotten her hair cut. She looks great either way.

  114. Sharpton and MSNBC are race baiting scumbags. Reverend Al’s toxic mix of race baiting and personal ambition caused suicides and ruined careers of white law enforcement personnel who were later determined to be innocent, while he not only walked but was promoted by NBC to the status of spokesman for all people of color, and is now one of Obama’s key supporters.

    I do not know what it takes these days to have your FCC license removed but the sewer they are running at MSNBC- should qualify.

    Do you remember Tawana Brawley? If not, you must go and watch the video co-produced by RetroReport and the New York Times. The Times starts by giving us a wrap-up of the case:

    The news reports at the time, in the late 1980s, were horrific. Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old African-American girl from New York State, was said to have been abducted and repeatedly raped by six white men. She was found with “KKK” written across her chest, a racial epithet on her stomach and her hair smeared with feces. She was so traumatized, according to reports, that at the hospital she answered yes-or-no questions by blinking her eyes. Making the crime even more vile, if that were possible, she and her lawyers later claimed that two of the rapists were law enforcement officials.

    Enter a relatively unknown (at the time) African-American activist named Reverend Al Sharpton. Rushing to get in touch with young Tawana, Reverend Al became her mentor, spokesman, and leader of the mass protests demanding justice for Brawley, the victim of an apparent white racist attack. In the process, Sharpton accused the police officer — who Sharpton said had actually attacked her — along with the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case, Steven Pagones. “The evidence,” Sharpton said, proved that “an assistant district attorney and a state trooper did this.” Sharpton led mass picket lines at New York state offices, which I recall at times included the always gullible folk singer Pete Seeger.

    We all know the outcome, although with this new short documentary, a new generation may be hearing about it for the first time. The Times notes: “After seven months, 6,000 pages of testimony and 180 witnesses, a grand jury found Ms. Brawley’s story to be a lie. Neither the police officer nor the district attorney accused by Ms. Brawley and Mr. Sharpton had been involved in any way, the report concluded.” It was too late for Officer Harry Crist Jr., who committed suicide because of the false accusations made against him, or for Assistant DA Pagones, whose career was ruined and whose reputation was smeared.

    Writing today at The Daily Beast, Stuart Stevens calls it a “shocking reminder of the toxic mix racial exploitation and personal ambition can produce.” It should be, he writes, “required viewing for the NBC News executives who are heavily invested in rehabilitating a key culprit of this loathsome episode: the Rev. Al Sharpton.” Stevens is correct, and let me put it more boldly: It is time for MSNBC and its parent, NBC News, to fire Rev. Al Sharpton.

  115. Hip Hop Cocaine Kingpin Funded Development of ‘Judge’ Al Sharpton TV Show
    James Rosemond is looking at life behind bars instead of the drug-fueled world of a mogul.

    Dave Swindle

    May 30, 2012 – 10:32 am
    Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size

    via Sharpton And Alleged Trafficker Peddled TV Show | The Smoking Gun:

    Asked if the Sharpton project generated income for the 47-year-old Rosemond, Martin replied, “No, Jimmy said it was costing him money because he was paying for Al Sharpton to go to Los Angeles. He was paying for his hotels, he was hiring his car service to go to meetings. Stuff like that.” It is unclear whether these costs included payments directly to Sharpton.

    Prosecutors contend that the overwhelming majority of Rosemond’s income was derived from cocaine trafficking, and that he funneled these illicit gains into real estate, entertainment ventures, and restaurant franchises. So it appears likely that money spent by Rosemond on the “Judge Sharpton” project would have come from the proceeds of this alleged narcotics operation.

    At the time Rosemond–who is nicknamed “Jimmy Henchman”–met Sharpton, the hip-hop figure was already a career criminal whose rap sheet dated back to 1981 and included multiple weapons charges, along with collars for robbery, assault, drug distribution, and larceny. He had spent a total of nearly seven years behind bars for his various federal and state convictions.

    Martin testified that Sharpton and Rosemond (both of whom have frequented the private Grand Havana Room cigar bar on Fifth Avenue) met after a March 2007 incident during which Rosemond’s son was roughed up on a Manhattan street by associates of the performer 50 Cent (who was then involved in a rap world beef with The Game, a Los Angeles-based rapper managed by Rosemond).

    But wasn’t it the CIA who was conspiring to destroy black people through pushing drugs?

  116. Going for the throat.

    As only he can:

    Biden cancels the poolside party at the Naval Observatory.

    Yes. He invoked the option everyone feared.

    They fucked with Hoppie. Now they are paying the price.

    What a bummmer.

    Its getting to where there is no point in being a journalist any more.

    No independence, no right to deviate from the script provided by the White House.

    And now no lavish taxpayer subsidized bashes sponsored by this administration.

    What whores they make of us.

    (Note: causation is in dispute–it assumes they were not whores to begin with)

    But at least we have a good paying job.

    Unlike a quarter of the workforce.

    I feel so sorry for these people. I really do.

    If we had only big media to rely on, then there would be no scandals, because they would be covered up.

    I guarantee it.

  117. btw….

    re: IRS and the latest over $50 MILLION spent on puff that went poof…as I mentioned previously…Sequestor the IRS…

    and they want another $$$$ 12.9 BILLION to oversee our healthcare and determine which taxes we get for our health…these people appear very frivoulous and immature…and POLITICAL…

    some leaders better start leading…disaster in the making…total totalitarian disaster in the making…

  118. Sebelius needs to have SECRET email account because her official government account mailbox is filling up?

    Sounds plausible to me.

  119. Sebelius needs to have SECRET email account because her official government account mailbox is filling up?

    Sounds plausible to me.

    I was speaking to a friend of mine about this problem.

    He noted that half the people in this country say all defenses are equal.

    Good ones, bad ones, absurd ones—its all just politics so they say.

    They never examine the merits of the defense—they will swallow any defense after it is proffered.

    How then can they be expected to make rational decisions as voters–which is the premise upon with representative democracy is based.

    In that respect it is different from totalitatrian democracy, where the people are seduced into irrelevance through bread and circuses.

    We are seeing that happen right now.

  120. We are told that a high level of education confers good judgment. More often than we care to admit the opposite is true. As Ben Johnson said, good judgment is forced on us by age and experience. And Obama lies qua big media cover-ups are no substitute for that.

  121. Forget the pantsuit story, this is the best part in my book:

    Meanwhile, de la Renta, “unbelievably honored” to receive the award, spurred the biggest applause of the evening when he shared the stage with Clinton and proclaimed: “I hope that she is going to be our next president.”

    Isn’t de la Renta the fashion guy that said MO’s outfits sucked?

    He is smart enough to know that fashion is the window dressing to the REAL WOMAN.

  122. S

    I love the posts of Hillary, after all, this is her site.

    She looks wonderful, and that glass podium is beautiful.

  123. Shadowfax
    June 4, 2013 at 1:06 pm
    Isn’t de la Renta the fashion guy that said MO’s outfits sucked?

    It was Vivienne Westwood.

    Q.You must love our first lady, who is famous for recycling her clothes.

    A.Don’t talk about her. It’s dreadful what she wears.


    A.I don’t want to talk about it. Really, I can’t. She’s a very nice looking lady, but it’s a nonstarter regarding clothes that suit her. Jackie Kennedy was a different matter altogether. It just has to suit her and be something that makes a human being more glamorous. That’s what fashion is there for. It’s there to help, not just to make you look more conservative.

  124. Oh Lord – this is my senator! Classy lady, huh? If a republican said this she / he would be forced to apologize.

    Gillibrand: Some can’t distinguish between a ‘slap on the ass and a rape’

    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday said some military commanders can’t “distinguish between a slap on the ass and a rape.”

    Gillibrand made the comment during a hearing where military leaders made public their opposition to Gillibrand’s legislation that would strip commanders of the power to decide where sexual assaults are prosecuted.

  125. Morris is in Provence France this week, so there is no video, just a radio commentary set forth in the following link:

    This targeting business began with conservative Jewish groups who favored west bank settlements. They were seen by Obama as an obstacle to the Middle East Peace process. As you may recall, Obama’s position was that Israel should retreat to the 1967 border—as a pre-condition to negotiation. The practical effect of this absurd position by Obama was to scuttle the peace process. For as in the nursery rhyme, all the kings horses and all the kings men–meaning Hillary, Mitchell, Dennis and the others, couldn’t put Humpty together again. And whatever dim hope remained was shattered into a million pieces by Obama’s Cairo speech which was a dog whistle to the radical Islamists to rise up and set the Middle East on fire.

    From there this practice was applied to conservative groups. Schulman will go to jail before this thing is done. His wife worked for a Soros funded entity, obsessed about taking down Karl Rove’s group, was similarly invested in silencing Tea Party groups, all the while Schulman was auditing them. If you dig deep enough you will find a relationship between Learner and both Schulmans plus Ingram. Finally, it was gratifying to see the head of one of those conservative groups, who is a very accomplished lawyer land a haymaker on the corrupt Charlie Rangel who tried to reduce the monumental abuse of government power to a mere act of letting the American People, who admire the hard work done by all its employees, which nonsense he asked the conservative leader to agree to, and got far more than the ethically challenged Congressman from New York and betrayer of Hillary bargained for. In fact Rangel got his ass handed to him.

  126. It is a known fact that Obama prefers fundraisers to governing. The most graphic example was his abandonment of our troops in Benghazi, so he could attend a fundraiser on the following day in Las Vegas. But every day we see the same modus operandi at work. And even this week when he is beset by seven scandals, he has two fundraisers. Could someone who is that monomaniacal not be involved in targeting his political opponents. If it was going on–Shulman denied it but it was, and if it was not confined to two employees at one office, but was occurring at multiple offices, and was authorized at a higher level—which Schulman denied but is now being shown, and if Schulman met four times with Obama, only an idiot, or a liar would try to tell us that Obama knew nothing. The chances he knew nothing are worse than the chances of drawing a royal flush in a poker game, which are statistically so slim as be non-existent. So let us dispense with the bullshit, and simply admit that he knew. Let him step forward and defend what he was doing. That is the only thing that will save him, even though it won’t.

  127. Gillibrand: Some can’t distinguish between a ‘slap on the ass and a rape’

    She’s in trouble if she doesn’t understand the severity of rape.

    A slap on the ass by a commander, punishment is worthy of a punch in the chops back from the victim.

    Rape is worthy of castration as punishment.

  128. Ed Kline has his sources, and they are mostly in the Clinton camp. Therefore, his analysis will reflect their point of view.

    According to Ed, the Clintons realize that they cannot count on the agreements Obama has made to help them.

    It was as mistake on Obama’s part to break the deal he had with the Clintons.

    But it was a mistake on their part to ever believe he would not.

    Obama will never allow Hillary to be his successor, if he can help it.

    Therefore, he will do everything he can to blame her for Benghazi.

    However, it appears that she has a paper trail that will protect her.

    The problem is this is so complicated and the public does not give a damned about it.

    They prefer the sound bite, and he Obama camp along with their big media sychophants are masters of this.

    Time and again, we have seen them outwit the Clintons, and of course the Republicans.

    Unless the Republicans and the Clintons form an alliance to expose these scandals, the Obama forces will prevail again.

    As Bob Scheiffer noted, big media has the ability to label these situations scandal or merely controversies.

    Futhermore, big media has the power to determine the shelf life of these scandals.

    In short, big media determines the fate of this county and that is why we are going down the tubes.

  129. I do believe this IRS thing is a case of irreparable harm.

    I do not believe an apology from Senator comb over, and Hillary betrayer at the RBC Hearing, Levin will have any effect.

    Do not be surprised if we find a letter from comb over– as well Schumer, Durbin and Backus, directing the IRS to attack these conservative groups.

    You are not going to get this genie back in the bottle under normal circumstances.

    But when the Obama train wreck hits the station the impact will be exponential.

    More so than disgusting comb over can begin to imagine.

  130. wbboei
    June 4, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    There is no reason that Bill would jump though hoops for Obama if Hillary has no intention of running in 2016.

    Both Bill and Hillary know what a lazy creep Barry is, so the best thing Hillary can do is to run, win, and show the American public what a good President she can be, and show what a slacker he was all along.

    She can go on giving talks and building her army in the background. She can wait to say she is tossing her hat in the ring until the last minute.

    The longer she can keep people guessing, the longer Obama will worry about it.

  131. jbstonesfan

    I don’t think Hillary will run in 2016.

    Of course you don’t jbstonesfan, that would be too optimistic. 😉

  132. A couple comments:

    First, I do think Hillary will run.

    Second, Lloyd Doggert made a fool of himself, which is par for the course. As I recall, James Carvalle was associated with him at one point. James Carvalle is a smart guy and within the constaints of the political process an honest one. Lloyd is neither, plus he is tone deaf, like Gore. Of course, my Congressman, Jim McDermott is a complete jackass, and he always has been, even back to the days before his political career when he was a psychiatrist. He was a participant in some of the early LSD experiments by Timothy O’Leary, before anyone knew that drug could do permanent damage to the brain.

  133. wbboei

    “In short, big media determines the fate of this county and that is why we are going down the tubes”.

    Exactly, wbb. Without MSM, Barack’s power is greatly diluted. In my view, it’s not entirely accurate to say that Obama outwitted the Clintons. The media, functioning as Barack’s enforcers, did whatever was necessary to promote Barack, and to protect him. To ensure success of their efforts to push Obama into office, the media repeatedly targeted Hillary, broadcasting negative messages about her, in their two pronged effort to put Obama into office, and keep him there.

  134. freespirit

    June 4, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    In my view, it’s not entirely accurate to say that Obama outwitted the Clintons. The media, functioning as Barack’s enforcers, did whatever was necessary to promote Barack, and to protect him. To ensure success of their efforts to push Obama into office, the media repeatedly targeted Hillary, broadcasting negative messages about her, in their two pronged effort to put Obama into office, and keep him there.

    Even I, the resident “village idiot” of this site, knows the above is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


  135. freespirit

    June 4, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    In my view, it’s not entirely accurate to say that Obama outwitted the Clintons. The media, functioning as Barack’s enforcers, did whatever was necessary to promote Barack, and to protect him. To ensure success of their efforts to push Obama into office, the media repeatedly targeted Hillary, broadcasting negative messages about her, in their two pronged effort to put Obama into office, and keep him there.

    Even I, the resident “village idiot” of this site, knows the above is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


  136. freespirit

    June 4, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    In my view, it’s not entirely accurate to say that Obama outwitted the Clintons. The media, functioning as Barack’s enforcers, did whatever was necessary to promote Barack, and to protect him. To ensure success of their efforts to push Obama into office, the media repeatedly targeted Hillary, broadcasting negative messages about her, in their two pronged effort to put Obama into office, and keep him there.
    When two supposedly separate entities have common ownership and control, interchange of personnel and common control of the labor relations, they are said to constitute a single enterprise.

    Big media and the Obama Administration surely meet that test.

    Therefore, they are, in short a single enterprise.

    Any doubts in that respect were laid to rest in the following interview.

    Beginning at 3:25, and specifically at 4:30 you get incontrovertible proof of this.

    It comes to us through the young Turk from Phil Griffin, who is the head of MSNBC.

  137. Wayne Allyn Root wrote today:

    “I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual- he wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting. Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. But worse, no one at our 30th reunion ever met him. The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University. …snip…

    “There is something wrong with Obama’s story- that much I know. He is either the ghost of Columbia, or the perfect Manchurian candidate. But something smells rotten at Columbia.”

  138. The “village idiot” question I have for tonight. We all saw John Edwards “strong support” of Obama in 2008 only to find out later that his campaign threatened to expose his affair and illegitamate child. BTW, I hate that term. It isn’t the child that is illegitimate.

    My question…what does Obama have on Christie?

  139. wbb,

    Your right, the fraud and the media have outsmarted the Clinton’s each time.

    They need to make an alliance with the Repubs.

  140. Leanora
    June 5, 2013 at 1:18 am

    Wayne Allyn Root wrote today:

    “I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed classmates. Everyone except Barack Obama. As usual- he wasn’t there. Not even a video greeting. Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing. But worse, no one at our 30th reunion ever met him. The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University. …snip…

    “There is something wrong with Obama’s story- that much I know. He is either the ghost of Columbia, or the perfect Manchurian candidate. But something smells rotten at Columbia.”

    OMG! We always knew something was screwy about Obama’s fictional history. But, if he faked going to Columbia… wow! Someone got paid a lot of bucks to fake that. It has always been weird that neither he nor Meechelle is licensed to practice law – at least they were not at the time of the 2008 election. I think I read that she had previously been licensed, but let it lapse. Who does that? The article said Obama had never had a law license. Why would you not become licensed after all the work involved in law school. Maybe he tried, but couldn’t pass the bar.

    Voting Hillary, that is an excellent question – What does O have on Christie? Is Christie still schmoozing to get federal financial relief due to storm? Christie has been doing so much sucking-up to O, he has to have collapsed a lung by now.

  141. To me there is a big difference in being ‘outsmarted’ and being professionally deceived.

  142. This is one sided bigotry – they can say what they want about whites, while whites have to be very careful about what they say about everyone else. This could lead to a dangerous social environment IMO.

    MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Old, White Republican Party Like The “Mean Dad”… “Obama Like The Cool Uncle”…
    It’s almost like she thinks being white is a bad thing.

  143. Hillary Clinton will eulogize Lautenberg at funeral on Wednesday
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will eulogize U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg at his funeral Wednesday, according to Lautenberg’s office.
    The office released details today of the final send-off for the New Jersey Democrat, who died early Monday morning from viral pneumonia at the age of 89. The events will take place over three days.
    Clinton served with Lautenberg in the U.S. when she represented New York from 2001-09.
    Also eulogizing the senator Wednesday at at the 11:30am service at Park Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan will be members of his family, Vice President Joseph Biden, and U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.).
    At 3 p.m., there will be a color guard ceremony at the Secaucus rail station that bears Lautenberg’s name to transfer his casket to a Washington-bound Amtrak train.
    On Thursday, a color guard ceremony will greet Lautenberg’s casket at the U.S. Capitol at a time to be announced. Lautenberg will lie in repose for the viewing, inside the Senate chamber, will be open to the public following a private period for the family.
    At 8:30am on Friday, Lautenberg will be interred at Arlington National Cemetary.

  144. The Obama DOJ may have violated the Constitution when it investigated the AP and James Rosen, but police officers were suspended when running a background check on Barack Obama.

    Police Officers Suspended for Running Background Check on Obama
    By David Weigel
    Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Two DeKalb County police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave after an investigation revealed they ran a background check on President Barack Obama.
    A representative for the DeKalb County CEO’s office identified the officers as Ryan White and C.M. Route.
    Officials said Obama’s name was typed into a computer inside a DeKalb County police car on July 20 and ran through the National Crime Information Center…….

  145. Susan Rice to replace Donilon as national security adviser
    Another demotion for this moon bat. When Lew steps down Holder will be appointed Chief of Staff. These blacks are his security blanket. Its not loyalty but dependence that moves him to behave in this manner. A manner which is in utter derogation of whatever legacy he hoped to achieve. Rice is a pariah and will become even more so as more facts come out about Benghazi. It is funny to watch him fuck up over and over and over again. The work on Mount Rushmore has been suspended indefinitely. If I were a democart legislator seeing what he has done I would be looking for another career.

  146. Well, mas vale tarde que nunca. Christian Adams is now where I was ten days ago.

    At that time, I said this:


    May 26, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    Bob Bauer, Obama campaign counsel, later Chief White House attorney wrote letters to dry up contributions to Hillary. He told her contributors:

    “There’s going to be a reckoning here,” he had warned publicly. “It’s going to be rough—it’s going to be rough on the officers, it’s going to be rough on the employees, it’s going to be rough on the donors. . . Whether it’s at the FEC or in a broader criminal inquiry, those donors will be asked questions.”

    Source: Kim Stassel, Wall Street Journal.

    Bauer’s tactic is unethical. It calls to mind the Black Hand letter which was a tool of the Mafia (Sicilian crime organization) and the Camora (Neopolitan crime organization) at between 1890 and 1920 in New York, except the threat was directed at donors, and it did not involve violence, but rather a form of extortion which threatened attacks on reputation, regulatory attack and possible criminal prosecution, if they donated to Hillary.

    The Black Hand Letter (La Mano Nera) was sent to the victim threatening bodily harm, kidnapping, arson, or murder. The letter demanded a specified amount of money to be delivered to a specific place. It was decorated with threatening symbols like a smoking gun, hangman’s noose, skull, or knife dripping with blood or piercing a human heart, and was in many instances, signed with a hand, “held up in the universal gesture of warning”, imprinted or drawn in thick black ink.

    This is why I believe that the black hand of Bauer is at the center of the IRS scandal. I hope the investigation goes far enough to prove or disprove that. One of the witnesses Congress will need to hear from is the current White House Counsel and she should be asked about Bob’s involvement in any of this targeting when he was White House Counsel. And she must be asked about that under oath.

    And this:

    May 25, 2013 at 5:17 am

    Given the fact that when he was counsel to the Obama campaign, Bauer targeted conservatives for personal attacks, and while he was White House Counsel (November 2009-June 2011) the IRS targeted conservatives as well, and the head of the IRS visited the White House 118 times, I would not overlook the possibility that Bauer was the architect of these multiple agency attacks on conservatives. Obama is not a hands on manager. In fact, he could not run a whorehouse in a gold rush. So there was plenty of room for a guy like Bauer who had a history of this kind of thing to pursue it without telling Obama. His successor and protoge did the same thing with the IRS audit, never told Obama about it. I am not saying this is true. I am merely suggesting that it is worth investigating. As I say, Kim Strassel has done fine investigative work here. It needs to continue.

    TODAY, Christian Adams at pjmedia, the former DOJ attorney and whistleblower is saying the same thing, and filling in more of the blanks:

    White House Counsel Robert Bauer: Architect of IRS Abuse?
    June 4th, 2013 – 7:12 pm

    When the FBI finally fires up its criminal investigation of the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, there is one person the special agent in charge better be sure to interview — former White House Counsel Robert Bauer. The FBI may discover the whole IRS mess leads through the land of campaign finance “reform” and an obsession with speech regulation, an obsession shared by Bauer.

    Any criminal investigation identifies for further scrutiny those with motive, opportunity, and means, and Bauer deserves no quarter from FBI investigators on those three counts.
    Robert Bauer

    Robert Bauer

    The Crimes

    Without any doubt, crimes were committed by IRS employees, not the least of which was the fact that IRS employees disclosed confidential information from IRS forms to the political enemies of the groups seeking tax-exempt status.

    For example, Cindy Thomas, the Cincinnati unit manager for exempt organizations at the IRS, illegally released the tax applications of nine separate conservative organizations to the left-wing group ProPublica. The IRS claims that Thomas’ illegal release of private tax information was an “accident,” but the excuse is absurd.

    Thomas wasn’t the only IRS employee leaking the tax information of conservative groups to their enemies. Pro-marriage groups found their confidential information in the hands of gay marriage advocacy organizations.

    The FBI can start by finding out whether Thomas and her fellow IRS travelers in fact released the private information. If the FBI says Thomas cannot be prosecuted because she claims it was an accident, then Congress needs to step in and impose mandatory minimum prison sentences for any IRS employee that releases private information, accidental or not.

    The bigger question the FBI must get to the bottom of is who hatched the policy of targeting Tea Party groups that led to these crimes? For that they should turn back to Robert Bauer.

    The Motive

    Robert Bauer had the motive to direct IRS policy against Tea Party groups. He is a longtime opponent of First Amendment freedoms and an advocate of government-speech regulation. He also can’t stand the work the Tea Party is conducting to monitor and eradicate voter fraud, work the Republican Party and national campaigns have utterly failed to perform.

    During the 2008 election, while representing the Obama campaign, Bauer sent a threatening letter to the Justice Department demanding criminal investigations of people who had the audacity to speak about voter fraud. Bauer even singled out Sarah Palin in the letter. Anyone who “developed or disseminated” information about voter fraud, to Bauer, deserved the heavy boot of a criminal investigation. Read the letter; it reveals a nasty, thuggish, and lawless attitude toward political opposition.

    To Bauer, those merely speaking about voter fraud were worthy of criminal investigation. Sound familiar?

    Hindsight reveals why Bauer was so agitated. Two Obama campaign staffers, Amy Little and Yolanda Hippensteele, later pleaded guilty to voter fraud. We also know, courtesy of John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky, that a Minnesota election for U.S. Senate was decided by voter fraud in 2008. And who can forget Melowese Richardson, the Obama activist and poll official in Ohio who said on camera that she voted multiple times for President Obama in 2008? I could go on and on with multiple examples of voter fraud from 2008 where candidate Obama was the beneficiary.

    No wonder Bauer was so anxious back in 2008 to shut everyone up.

    Fast forward to 2012. Again, Mr. Bauer was up to his old tricks in his second stint as Obama campaign counsel, this time targeting Tea Party groups fighting for election integrity. Bauer and his campaign hench-lawyers called state election officials, seeking to unleash state criminal investigations of Tea Party groups working for election integrity. I have spoken with state election officials in at least three states which describe Obama campaign efforts to prompt state officials to target Tea Party groups.

    I’m happy to share with the FBI special agents the names of those states if Mr. Bauer won’t.

    Bauer even published this memo, specifically targeting True the Vote with outright lies so egregious he should be ashamed of himself.

    true the vote

    After the Obama campaign voter fraud of 2008, in 2012 Bauer was anxious to remove election integrity groups from the polls as observers. If the IRS couldn’t slow the Tea Party watchdogs down, Bauer threatened them in other ways.

    If the FBI special agents interview Mr. Bauer, it won’t be hard to conclude he had the motive to launch the Tea Party shakedown.

    The Means

    President Obama’s campaign counsel certainly had the motive to target the Tea Party, but did Bauer have the means as campaign counsel? Remember, Bauer served as White House counsel from November 2009 to June 2011, right during the time this IRS shakedown was hatched.

    Anybody who has worked in the White House will tell you that the White House counsel enjoys a position of power like few others. They can make things happen with a phone call. One former West Wing staffer told me that “any department’s staff who received directions from Bauer would think they were getting directions from the president. The White House counsel has the power to make policy with a phone call.”

    Something important happened two months after Bauer became White House counsel — the Supreme Court decided Citizens United vs. FEC, a decision that caused the left to go batty. They feared the decision might cost them the White House. President Obama boorishly (and inaccurately) addressed the decision in the 2010 State of the Union.

    The FBI special agents should ask Bauer some simple questions: With whom did you speak at the IRS about conservative and Tea Party groups post-Citizens United? Did you direct anyone on your staff to do the same? Did you hear about anyone speaking with the IRS about Tea Party groups? Who hatched the IRS harassment, which started on your watch? Did you meet with Doug Shulman any of the 157 times he visited the White House, and did you discuss exempt status of conservative groups?

    The Opportunity

    The FBI agents might ask Bauer why a parade of Citizens United-obsessed speech-regulation zealots visited the West Wing just before the Tea Party shakedown went into effect.

    Tova Wang, of the leftist Soros-funded group Demos, visited the White House and met with Bauer’s staff on June 2, 2010. In fact she hovered around the White House on multiple occasions during the critical time period the IRS policy was being crafted.
    Tova Wang

    Tova Wang

    Perhaps she was there for the Easter Egg roll. Perhaps not. Either way, the FBI can ask.

    Notorious speech-regulation advocate Richard Hasen also visited the White House and met with White House Counsel Robert Bauer on June 24, 2010. (See this absurd screed at Slate saying the post-Citizens United world is “worse than Watergate.” Freedom just rubs some people the wrong way.)

    Perhaps Hasen was at the White House with Bauer to watch the longest match in Wimbledon history which occurred that day.

    Perhaps not, especially since he previously met with Nicholas Colvin in the White House Counsel’s office on June 21 and 23. Again, the FBI can find out if they ask.

    Bauer or his staff met with a number of other ivory tower academics and activists interested in controlling free political speech through the spring of 2010. These also include the noisy reformer Meredith McGehee.

    We don’t yet know who engineered the illegal, criminal, and disgusting IRS shakedown of Tea Party and conservative groups. But one thing is certain: Robert Bauer had the motive, the opportunity, and the means to do it. The good folks at the FBI are now busy preparing names of people to interview. They better not leave Mr. Bauer off the list, or his stream of visitors.

    The parties better not coordinate stories ahead of time. These days, I hear the Justice Department has adopted an aggressive approach to email and phone records, at least for Fox News.

  147. oh please no, not again…..

    Nearly five years after delivering a campaign speech to a massive crowd in Berlin, President Obama will return to Germany’s capital this month to deliver a speech at the historic Brandenburg Gate.

    Obama’s return to Berlin will draw comparisons to his visit in July 2008, when more than 200,000 people came to hear the then-Democratic presidential nominee speak at the Victory Column, a little more than a mile away. Obama’s 2008 Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), used footage of the speech to mock Obama as a “celebrity” akin to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

    This time, Obama will visit Germany not as a celebrity candidate but as a second-term president who has built an important alliance with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Obama plans to visit Berlin following a G-8 summit in Northern Ireland and will address the German people from the Brandenburg Gate on June 19.



  148. Bauer is with the Washington DC office of the Seattle mega law firm Perkins Coie. That firm was founded a century ago by Judge Donworth, whose late son was a friend and neighbor of mine. One of the four senior partners of the firm lived in the big house up the street I was a child. He acquired that house through the will of an old woman. He prepared the will, which was a happy coincidence. Perkins Coie is a reputable firm. Up to this point, Bauers association with that firm has been a source of pride. If it turns out that he was the dark mover behind this entire scene of iniquity (to quote Lord Chancellor Erskine), then it is not unlikely that that pride will turn to acute embarrassment in the fulsomeness of time.

  149. moononpluto
    June 5, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    One of the things that we see today is with social media is that it is easy to stop listening to anyone, and stop forming independent judgements, and to immerse yourself instead in the echo chamber, which facilitates the kind of idolatry we see here. The next step is to convince the audience that the idol is god, the opponents are satan ergo attacking the opponents is pure love. Soros understands this phenomenon better than anyone.

    Where Obama is concerned, however, this is the last hurrah. Once the assumption of leadership is reduced to the hollow exercise of curtain calls for promises unkept and a middle east set ablaze by a cloud cuckoo land foreign policy, a sober individual would eschew this sort of nonsense and contemplate the possibility of surrendering the Nobel Prize. But it is different for a sociopath.

    Secular Europe longs for a touchable god. What they have instead is a new Satan posing as a touchable God. And they cannot seem to discern the difference. The tyranny of the herd channeled through the echo chamber of mass media, and now social media, reduces the mind to a 3 pound pile of gelatin.

  150. I was thinking of something Learned Hand said in one of his speeches: the tyranny of the herd regains its ancient and evil primacy.

    Social media is now the vehicle for this.

  151. hmmm…some that have been asleep at the wheel seem to be awakening from their slumber…to a reality check and SHOCK…

    Are Young, Single Adults Expecting Obamacare to Cost So Much?
    by Megan McArdle Jun 4, 2013 2:54 PM EDT


    I don’t really want to play referee, either, but I’ll try. I think a fair summary would be that some older and/or sicker people will find health insurance cheaper and easier to obtain, while some young people will find it a lot more expensive than they were expecting. People who supported Obamacare think that the former is important and the latter is relatively trivial, while people who opposed Obamacare believe the reverse. People who supported Obamacare are very angry at people who opposed it for emphasizing the rate shock, rather than pointing out all the benefits to other people, which would obviously present Obamacare in a much more favorable light. People who opposed Obamacare think since Obamacare was sold on the grounds that it would make insurance cheaper for everyone except rich people, the fact that a lot of non-rich people will apparently pay more deserves some individual focus. And since the supporters do not regularly caveat their articles extolling the benefits of Obamacare with a note about all the bad possible side effects, it’s hard to argue that the opponents are obligated to do the opposite.

    Who’s right? At some level, this is a theological debate, not a technical analysis. I am going to argue that rate shock does matter, for a number of reasons. Then you can decide for yourself which aspect matters more.

    The most basic reason that rate shock matters is that I don’t think young single people were expecting it. It’s true that during health care reform, the reformers acknowledged that some people would end up with a big health insurance bill they hadn’t had before. But I wouldn’t say that they exactly emphasized this aspect. The implication that I, for one, took away from their analyses was that the subsidies would substantially reduce the cost for even quite middle class people. Maybe a successful young IT contractor living in a nice condo would have to pay a few thousand dollars for the insurance he hadn’t been buying, but I was under the impression that your average scraping-by clerical worker would pretty much have their bill covered, or reduced to some negligble sum.

    So I got a sort of a shock today when I started playing with the Kaiser Family Foundation’s subsidy calculator. I had it at the back of my mind that a single young freelance writer living in California, Washington, or New York, and making $32,000 a year, would qualify for insurance at a basically nominal cost. (The profession doesn’t matter so much, but for obvious reasons, this is a type that I’m particularly familiar with.) It turns out that this person will qualify for a subsidy of about $213 a year, based on an expected “Silver Plan” (the medium coverage package) cost of $3,018, or about $235 a month.

    To which I would offer two rejoinders. First is that these people may have supported Obamacare precisely because they didn’t understand what it meant for them. That doesn’t seem quite fair. It probably should have been made clearer to Obama’s large youth fanbase that what Obamacare will probably mean for them is a fairly substantial bill, not a lot of government assistance.


    Most young childless adults in most states could purchase catastrophic insurance right now for about the cost of a cell phone data plan. They have not done so. Maybe this is because they don’t realize how cheaply they can acquire bare-bones coverage. Or maybe they have a hard time fitting even $100 a month into a tight budget. The monthly take-home for someone making $32,000 a year and living in a major city is probably something under $2,000. As I well recall, carving an extra $100 out of that is not easy.

    Leave aside the hardship we may be imposing on them by requiring them to purchase insurance (or pay a penalty that will eventually sum to hundreds of dollars). What are they going to do when they find out that they have the option of paying a fairly large sum for very modest coverage, or a really difficult amount for the kind of insurance that they thought they were going to get for practically free? Keep in mind that California’s exchange has actually been more aggressive about trying to keep rates down than most states will be.

    But then again, it may not. And if they don’t, that’s going to be a really big problem. Without the subsidies from “young invincibles” paying $150 a month for almost nothing, the older, sicker part of the insurance pool will have to pay more. The healthier ones may eventually decide that they simply can’t afford it; better to pay the fine, tolerate the tiny risk of a huge ER bill, and count on the fact that you can always sign up for insurance if you get sick. Rinse and repeat until the only people in the market are incredibly expensive to cover. This is what has happened to the current individual market in the State of New York, where everyone is theoretically able to buy insurance in the individual market, except that no one could possibly afford it.

    Which is why, as I say, you’ll have to judge for yourself how much this matters; there’s still too much up in the air. The one thing we can say for sure is that come October, we should probably prepare for some complaining.


    …”prepare for some complaining” she says…

    just wait until the sleepyheads wake up…the true blue, diehard O supporters who think a free ride is coming…and instead seek hundreds of dollars they cannot afford being taken out of their paycheck every month or they will have to answer to the IRS and get nothing for the penalty they have to pay…

    “complaining” that is putting it mildly…there is a big, big scandal coming down the road…

  152. A friend of mine told me how discouraged she was to see how many people in her community still watch and are influenced by big media. They choose, therefore, to be under-informed.

    Here is a perfect example of what I mean. When Issa tells lard ass Crowley that Carney is a paid liar–a proposition which few objective observers would dispute, rather than examine the merits of that charge, lard ass rushes off to Carney and asks him to respond. This affords Carney, a proven liar, to assume a mantle of respectability, and say he will not lower himself etc.–as if he could get any lower than he already is–this remittance man from Time Magazine. Then CNN can once again ignore the merits of the charge as politics, and focus on a personal exchange between a hostile republican and a noble bot. Why would anyone listen to a network that insults the intelligence of their audience in this manner?

  153. ”prepare for some complaining”

    Is this the best euphemism for a train wreck that they can come up with?

    Shades of Marie Antoinette: let them eat cake, which was prelude to the guillotine.

    Cost, coverage, physician attrition, etc.

    It is a bit more than that.

    When a prominent Democrat senator who supported Obamacare and is now retiring calls it a train wreck.

    He did not say “prepare for some complaining”

  154. For me, McCardle’s bio raises more than one red flag. Atlantic, Weigel (the orginal jurnolister), Brooks (Obama butlicker)–even The Economist which is now a supporter of world government starting with a trans atlantic union is no longer credible. But the thing about her that makes me most leary is that she lives in Washington DC which the corrupt Tom Browkaw refers to as the new Versaille, with good reason. Washington DC flourishes, their prosperity is tied to the global economy and big government and they are utterly detached and oblivious to what is occurring in the rest of the country. How then can McCardle presume to be so dismissive of the impact that this toxic big government overreach will have on the rest of the country? Better question: how can she claim to be a libertarian. I smell a rat here.

  155. wbboei
    June 5, 2013 at 1:09 pm
    CNN and the rest of big media step past the major issues confronting this country, and focus on what is small, insignificant, ephemeral, ad hominum. Their goal is to distract their audience from what is really happening, which will affect their lives, and the future of their children.

  156. If you were Obama, and you were facing seven scandals, most of which will be investigated to some degree by the FBI (which reports to the Attorney General), and could eventuate in the appointment of an independent counsel (appointed by the Attorney General), and due to your sociopathic nature, you believed you could convince the public to believe anything you want them to believe–and thereby weather the current storm, how willing would you be to ask Holder to step down as Attorney General, and take your chances with someone else? In my opinion, the question answers itself, notwithstanding the hand wringing we are hearing about in the West Wing. (Note: if time proves me wrong and he does step down, then I rather suspect he will appoint another former black radical, and mega bundler, who he rewarded by an appointment as US Attorney, whom he could replace with another former black radical, just so the equation balances.

  157. Nice summary of some of the “surprises” waiting for Obots when “Affordable Health Care” begins to phase in Oct. 1. A recent estimate that I saw was that 61% of people without health “insurance” are single, without children; a large percentage of this group are young adults…ie. likely Obama supporters.

    “All the major players in the overhaul of the health care system—the corporations and health care industry, the Democratic Party and their supporters in the trade unions—have perpetrated what can only be called a conspiracy against the American people. They have attempted to pass off as a reform legislation that will reduce care and benefits and leave millions of people uninsured and impoverished.

    Any nominally progressive component of the legislation has been long-since ripped away, leaving behind a contorted patchwork of rules and regulations that serve one main purpose: to slash costs for the government and corporations and boost the profits of the privately owned health care corporations, which already rake in $200 billion a year in profits.”

  158. Leanora
    June 5, 2013 at 5:42 am

    This is one sided bigotry – they can say what they want about whites, while whites have to be very careful about what they say about everyone else. This could lead to a dangerous social environment IMO.

    I think the one sided bigotry has already become dangerous. When people are bullied because they are white, and being politically correct replaces standing up for what’s right and being honest about it…this just breeds amped up violence on the white race.

    Before Obama and his race whores took over, most American’s were moving forward with treating each other as equals. Was it perfect, nope…but it was much more genuine and sincere than the division the Obama’s have brought back to life.

    The most ridiculous thing to me is how Barry was raised and given a free ride to a grand education, then into politics and carried right into the WhiteHouse. Yes, he and MO have made it their goal to pretend they understand the struggle of the minority because they lived it. What a pile of BS.

    I guess Obama will be appointing the wicked witch of the east, who was with him since the primary (and called Hillary a monster) to replace Rice as UN Ambassador. What many people will see in this is a depressing game of musical chairs. Power is after all one of the architects of the cloud cuckoo land foreign policy which has destroyed our prior ability to determine world events, and cost the lives of thousands of innocent people.

    But I see a deeper logic to this, politically. I see the absence of new blood, and a turning inward toward the small circle who were with him in the beginning. I see this as the imprimatur of declining influence and an inability to cope with emerging events. The slang term for this is circling the wagons.

  160. The Obama’s know that keeping the minorities divided against the white race, keeps them under the control of the democratic party. They are herded in like lambs. Then the Obama’s try to bring in only the ‘whites’ with a guilt complex, letting them think they are heros of humanity and equity.

    All of these people decided that the voice of Obama was all that mattered. Substance, experience, honesty, hardwork and dependability were not important to them, they wanted to band together to lift the black man up.

    But you say, he was half white!

    They don’t care, they just ignore the way we was raised by a white mother and grandparents, and claim he had the struggle because he wrote it in his frickin’ book.

    These people are all idiots, self centered, and America is paying the price for this fantasy.

    I don’t feel sorry for any of these people that are unemployed, lost their homes and are worse off. It is the cost of stupidity.

    I do feel sorry for the other American’s that saw though the smoke and mirrors and are suffering.

    I am so darn sick of all this $hit.

  161. The bigoted and dangerous Samantha Power to become US ambassador to the Club of Terror aka the UN. A perfect match.

  162. But I see a deeper logic to this, politically. I see the absence of new blood, and a turning inward toward the small circle who were with him in the beginning. I see this as the imprimatur of declining influence and an inability to cope with emerging events. The slang term for this is circling the wagons.


    I think it can also be seen as those ‘core’ people are the most ‘invested’ in the process that have caused all the scandals, and if they bail out, they will be blamed for what happened, the sacrificial lambs.

    They also have gained the most from all the corruption and have been involved in it up to their necks.

  163. The following is no mere oversight.

    If you were president of the bank, and wanted to rob that bank, would it make sense for you to hire more bank guards?

    Now that the shit has hit the fan, do not expect another apology tour. (Note: This prick never apologizes to the American People for what he has done to them and their children. His impassioned apologies are reserved for foreign audiences and they concern the collective sins of the American People, whom his wife was never proud of.)

    Expect at most, a speech, and yet another teaching moment for big media to rally around.



    With so many scandals breaking in Washington, one may well ask: Where were all the inspectors general when these bad things—at the IRS, at Justice, and at State before, during and after Benghazi, for instance—were going on? Where were the presidential appointees who, since the Inspectors General Act of 1978, are meant to root out gross mismanagement, fraud and other abuses at their federal departments and agencies, or among those whom the agencies regulate? The sad truth is that in the Obama administration many of the most important IGs mandated by Congress simply are not in place.

    For years, President Obama has neglected his duty to fill vacant inspector-general posts at the departments of State, Interior, Labor, Homeland Security and Defense and at the Agency for International Development. The president has nominated only two candidates to fill any of these six vacancies, and he subsequently withdrew both nominations. All told, an IG has been missing in action at each of those cabinet departments and the AID agency for between 18 months and five years.

    At a time when American confidence in the integrity and transparency of the federal government has been shaken, inspectors general can help Washington get back to basic principles of accountability—but only if the IGs are properly appointed and allowed to do their jobs.

    (N.B. Mr. Schmitz, inspector general of the Defense Department from 2002-05, is the author of “The Inspector General Handbook: Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Other Constitutional ‘Enemies, Foreign and Domestic,’ ” just out from the Center for Security Policy Press.)

  164. freespirit
    June 3, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Another theory I recently read regarding the level of Obama’s knowledge of the actions of IRS and Holder (maybe this was in a previous article by Admin – I can’t put my finger on the source): Obama’s enforcers from the highest levels to the lowest know what to do to advance and protect Obama, and they fully understand that they are not to let ethics or legal constraints stop them. They don’t have to inform Obama.

    Yeah, the whole “plausible deniability” thing.

    Like a gangster Godfather, he never utters “kill so and so”. Instead, “take care of the situation” is enough.

    In Obamas’ case:

    “Help me get re-elected” (in 2012)
    “I need you to do whatever it takes to make my second term succesful”.
    “I need to leave a lasting legacy”.

    Translates to “Don’t tell me what nasty things you are doing, just do it, and I’m going to golf and go to fundraisers”.

  165. Without any doubt, crimes were committed by IRS employees, not the least of which was the fact that IRS employees disclosed confidential information from IRS forms to the political enemies of the groups seeking tax-exempt status.

    For example, Cindy Thomas, the Cincinnati unit manager for exempt organizations at the IRS, illegally released the tax applications of nine separate conservative organizations to the left-wing group ProPublica. The IRS claims that Thomas’ illegal release of private tax information was an “accident,” but the excuse is absurd.

    Thomas wasn’t the only IRS employee leaking the tax information of conservative groups to their enemies. Pro-marriage groups found their confidential information in the hands of gay marriage advocacy organizations.

    The FBI can start by finding out whether Thomas and her fellow IRS travelers in fact released the private information. If the FBI says Thomas cannot be prosecuted because she claims it was an accident, then Congress needs to step in and impose mandatory minimum prison sentences for any IRS employee that releases private information, accidental or not.

  166. Organizational leadership is an active pursuit. It is not a matter for navel gazing. I think of that now in the context of all these scandals and the affirmative defense interposed by Obama, namely that he knew nothing about any of them. None of us accept that as the truth, but the lie is only part of it. It goes to the larger question of leadership style, and that is where I would like to focus for a second or two.

    If you think back to one of those 26 debates in the primary, you may recall that one of them focused on the style of leadership. Candidate Obama assured us that he would not get involved in the business of running government but would sit in a position of semi divine repose and give guidance–and hope, we cannot forget hope, to the rest of us. Well, we are living with the consequences of that approach to these. It is an abdication of leadership. Seven scandals are simply one symptoms of the leadership deficiency and failure which it has produced for the nation.

    Did he direct this government overreach? No doubt whatsoever. Did he direct every last detail? Not likely. If you insist on direct evidence to prove his guilt, you are unlikely to find it. But if you focus on what this was, a conspiracy, you can tie him to it through a clear chain of circumstantial evidence, which is corroborated in multiple ways.

  167. Translates to “Don’t tell me what nasty things you are doing, just do it, and I’m going to golf and go to fundraisers”


    I’m not so sure that Barry is so clueless to the details of corruption.


    Because this type of scam artistry, acorn, community organizing, skimming off the top has been his way of life. He doesn’t see it as dishonest, he sees it as smart and outwitting others for his own gain. Why else would they scrub his history from his schools, the internet and fake his birth certificate?

    But Obama isn’t interested in any details, it takes too much consideration and time.

    True, but he is interested in the ‘power’ it gives him, and if anyone blames him, telling a story to cover his bum comes naturally to him.

    Now I’m not saying he did the planning on these actions, or micromanaged others that were handling the actions, but he is anything but uninformed.

    IMHO 😉

  168. I hope all the Jews who voted for Obama (and claim they support Israel) are thrilled with our soon to be US ambassador to the UN.

  169. Foxy, the “Five Worst Statements” article you posted is interesting, and reveals how poorly Powers controls her own behavior and impulses. Not someone who should have much authority or power. This statement came from an article linked in the one you posted, above.

    Referring to her “Hillary is a monster” statement, Powers said this, back in 2008 – after she lost her position.

    “The ‘monster’ comment I will go to my grave regretting,” she said.

    Notice she said she regretted, no doubt because it led to her dismissal. Not to be confused with an actual apology.

    Shadow, I totally agree with you:
    “To me there is a big difference in being ‘outsmarted’ and being professionally deceived.”

    There is a difference. Strategies that involve lying, cheating, and stealing don’t necessarily require a lot of smarts.

  170. To get as far as they have, the Obama forces have practiced a policy of deception similar to what the Soviet Army deployed against German Army Group Center.

    Today however in the face of all these scandals, they are emulating the behavior of the Army Group Center at Stalingrad by digging in and failing to maneuver.

    One can understand the anxt of Obama advisors who are keen to have Holder step down. And hoping for new blood.

    And hoping in vain to change the discussion.

    They are in the same position as Field Marshall Erich Von Manstein.

    Compelled by a fuerher who thinks he is a better general than they are to dig in rather than maneuever.

    As more and more scandals, i.e. ghosts of Christmases past crash the party.

  171. jbstonesfan
    June 5, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    I hope all the Jews who voted for Obama (and claim they support Israel) are thrilled with our soon to be US ambassador to the UN.
    Well . . . you know better than I do, but it seems to me that none of this registers. Not then, not now, not ever.

  172. Elizabeth Scalia, a Catholic scholar, was talking about this phenomenon.

    It begins with the First Commandment, which warns about worshiping false gods.

    She reminds us that after 9-11, Bush’s approval rating was at 90%.

    For one brief shining moment he became a secular God.

    With the full support of big media.

    And when he introduced the Patriot Act, the people who supported him said, this is awful.

    But he is a good man, therefore he will not abuse it.

    This points to two self evident truths:

    There are no secular gods–they all have feet of clay.

    They key to salvation lies with checks and balances.

  173. If all this IRS scandal comes down to is an exercise in bashing the IRS then count me out. I am not interested. Unless a connection to the White House can be shown, to me it is just politics. All this drivel about wanting to know what they did so we can fix the system, all this crap about how imperious they are, all this nonsense about how they were living large during the sequester period bores me to tears is irrelevant. Unless we can show a connection to the White House, I do not intend to waste my time doing it. This is what big government does. The only way to prevent it is through a flat tax. Stop the street theater–or better still give it to those rubes, those cases of arrested development, those moonbats who still have Obama signs on the backs of their cars.

  174. MO barely contains her temper to a gay activist that is still waiting for another unicorn.

    The woman paid $500 to get into this shindig.

    Michelle Obama confronts protester, threatens to leave fundraiser

    First lady Michelle Obama experienced a rare face-to-face encounter with a protester late Tuesday – approaching the activist and threatening to leave a fundraiser if the person did not stop interrupting her speech.

    Obama was addressing a Democratic Party fundraiser in a private Kalorama home in Northwest Washington when Ellen Sturtz, 56, a lesbian activist, interrupted her remarks to demand that President Obama sign an anti-discrimination executive order.

    Obama showed her displeasure – pausing to confront Sturtz eye to eye, according to witnesses.

    “One of the things that I don’t do well is this,” she said to applause from most of the guests, according to a White House transcript. “Do you understand?”

    A pool report from a reporter in the room said Obama “left the lectern and moved over to the protester.” The pool report quoted Obama as saying: “Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

    Obama’s suggestion that she would leave was not included in the official White House transcript.

    The audience responded by asking Obama to remain, according to the pool report, which quoted a woman nearby telling Sturtz, “You need to go.”

    Sturtz was escorted out of the room. She said in an interview later she was stunned by Obama’s response.

    “She came right down in my face,” Sturtz said. “I was taken aback.”

    Sturtz said she told Obama she was happy to take the microphone to plead her case, which, Sturtz said, appeared to fluster the first lady.

    “I said I want your husband to sign the executive order,” Sturtz said. “Her husband could sign this order tonight and protect 22 percent of the work force in this country.”

    Sturtz said she paid $500 to attend the fundraiser, part of a protest cooked up by the gay rights group GetEqual, which gained notice in Obama’s first term for hectoring him during speeches and demanding more action on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Sturtz, who gave $5,000 to the Democratic Party and Obama’s campaign in 2008, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, said she was devoting herself to full-time activism now pressing the White House on the employment discrimination issue.


    « BACK | PRINT
    Beware the Rubio-Cornyn Amnesty Rope-a-Dope

    By: Daniel Horowitz (Diary) | June 5th, 2013 at 04:36 PM | 0


    The most dangerous thing for supporters of open borders is public scrutiny of their plans. They have already noted that the administration’s endless scandals have provided them with cover to slip into the amnesty end-zone without anyone noticing. Fortunately, despite the divided attention of the conservative movement, most of the egregious provisions of the amnesty bill have been thoroughly exposed and disseminated throughout talk radio. With the understanding that this bill cannot pass sans support from representatives of conservative-base constituencies, the lobbyists for foreign interests are now employing a rope-a-dope strategy.

    Senator Rubio is running around the media circuit asserting that he will vote against his own bill if the security measures are not strengthened. Now, stop and ask yourself this question: Why did Rubio spend three weeks challenging conservatives (his “fact vs. myth” series) who pointed out the blatant loopholes in his bill? Why is he still starring in the obnoxious Zuckerberg ads touting the very provisions of the bill he now repudiates?

    It is quite obvious that Rubio and his staff are flummoxed by the degree of opposition from the conservative base. He knows that Democrats have the votes to pass the bill with just the GOP gang members and a few other usual reliable moderates. Just today, several red state Democrats indicated their support for the bill (laying waste to the myth of the moderate Democrat). Yet, Rubio doesn’t want to be a part of the misery he helped orchestrate unless he is joined by a large group of Republicans. Likewise, Schumer and the Democrats want Republicans to own this unpopular boondoggle so as to remove the political albatross from their necks.

    Enter the Rubio-Cornyn amendment that will be offered next week. Now that Rubio is feigning outrage over the most blatant shortcoming of his bill – the lack of definitive enforcement – he is now trying to co-opt the outrage with a vacuous amendment designed more to give Republicans cover than to actually solve the problem.

    On the surface, this amendment sounds like everything we have asked for. Here’s how CQ explains it (subscription req):

    His proposal would require that federal agents have full control, or “situational awareness,” of the entire border and that they apprehend 90 percent of all potential border crossers in all border sectors.

    It also would mandate fingerprint scanners or other biometric controls at all land and sea ports and the full implementation of the E-Verify employment verification system before those in provisional legal status can transition to green cards.

    Cornyn wants the Department of Homeland Security to issue a comprehensive strategy to gain control of the border while also cutting in half the wait times at land crossings.

    Right now, the bipartisan immigration bill (S 744) only requires that the Homeland Security secretary implement a plan to improve border security at three of the most high-risk border sectors. The government must also implement E-Verify and roll out an improved visa processing system at airports and seaports — although one that stops short of nationwide biometric screening — in order to set in motion the path to citizenship.

    The floor amendment revisits language that Cornyn proposed during the bill’s Judiciary Committee markup. Those proposals were rejected and Cornyn voted against the bill in the committee.

    Cornyn’s latest amendment also would boost funding for border protection efforts by $1 billion a year over six years and authorize 10,000 new border control agents over five years. Some misdemeanors — such as aggravated assault, domestic violence, child abuse or drunken driving — would become grounds to disqualify people from earning legal permanent residence.

    Obviously, the biggest gaping hole here is that all these enforcement benchmarks are only preconditions to the green cards and citizenship, not the immediate legalization. The immediate “RPI status” is the only process that matters. We all know that once they are legalized, there is no way that the failure to secure the border would trigger a revocation of that status. Moreover, there is no way we could legally and politically wall off permanent status or citizenship for that long. It’s a red herring.

    So why wouldn’t they just propose an amendment to implement all of the security measures on the books and remove the magnets before any legal status is granted? It’s not that hard to understand. What good is adding more agents or more funding if the administration is committed to blocking the agents from enforcing the law? Why not place the entire amnesty behind the barrier of enforcement, thereby forcing Obama to actually implement enforcement if he wants his sacred amnesty?

    The answer is very simple: Many Republicans are committed to just “passing something.” They know that Democrats would never agree to anything that actually verifies enforcement before legalization. That’s why they are wagering that, despite their inevitable gripes at the beginning, Democrats will ultimately sign off on a plan that gives them legal status immediately, knowing all too well that they will easily get the rest down the road.

    This is similar to a narrative that played out with a group of progressive senators during the Obamacare debate. Back in 2009, a group of liberal senators sent a letter to Obama threatening to oppose any healthcare bill that was not predicated on single-payer. Well, we all know how that turned out. They all fell in line to support something that stopped short of single-payer, with the confidence that Obamacare would easily lead to that result in the near term.

    I fully believe that Schumer would use the Cornyn amendment as a starting point for negotiating a compromise deal with “his Republicans” in a way that will ameliorate the pig for many credulous Republicans in the Senate and House. If you listen closely to some of those who are “open” to working with the bill, they are not actually concerned about the egregious systemic problems with the bill (legalization first, hamstringing future enforcement, wage controls, hamstringing states, inviting in those already deported); they are concerned that those problems will prove fatal in the House. Hence, they are looking to craft a bill “that can pass the House.”

    National Review’s Jonathan Strong aptly explains Rubio’s latest move to the right like this: “Rubio has made a practice of making such comments whenever the critics of the bill seem to be gaining momentum.” Indeed, we are gaining momentum because we are exposing the truth and actually delving into the philosophical issues of the broader immigration debate instead of repeating the vacuous platitudes that have driven this debate for far too long.

    There is no excuse for anyone to support cloture next week. We’ll all be watching.

  176. A high-ranking senate aide told Breitbart News on Wednesday that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is searching for an escape hatch from the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

    “Rubio and his staff are trying to get out of the Gang of Eight,” the aide said. “They’re looking to use other Republican members as their parachute to get out.”

    Rubio has laid some of the groundwork toward walking away from the Gang of Eight already, but has not made a public move towards doing so. On Monday, he said the bill does not have the 60 votes required to pass it out of the Senate. Then on Tuesday Rubio said he would not vote for the legislation in its current form as it would not effectively secure the border.

  177. As the Obama administration seeks to move beyond a welter of scandals, a new report by investigative journalist Patrick Poole reveals that the frenzy isn’t quite over yet. On top of the IRS’s targeting of conservatives, the DOJ’s seizure of reporters’ phone records and the coverup surrounding the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, the White House’s years-long collaboration with supporters of terrorism is finally getting the scrutiny it deserves.

  178. I was thinking about Blago and wondering if he will ever sing, then I ran across this on Politico. Maybe he is keeping quiet in hopes that it will help his appeal? 17 years, while Barry gets away scott free.


    “Mr. Blagojevich is in good spirits,” Goodman wrote in an email. “He misses his wife, Patty, and his daughters Amy and Annie. His family visit him as often as they can make the trip to Colorado.”

    And next up for the former governor, Goodman said, is his case on appeal in the 7th Circuit. Blagojevich’s opening brief is due April 25, Goodman noted.

    “He is hopeful that his appeal will be successful and that his conviction will be overturned,” Goodman wrote.

    And Blagojevich’s wife Patti took to Facebook on Friday to reflect on the year since her husband went to prison.

    “I cannot call it the one year anniversary as the word anniversary implies celebration and all that we have been left with is [an] aching hole in our lives,” she wrote. “On one hand it has flown by so quickly. The girls and I are so busy with the daily tasks of living and working and going to school that one week seems to flow right into the next.”

    “On the other hand though, when you measure how much Rod has missed — the birthdays, holidays, Amy passing her driving test, the musical recitals and even just the ordinary moments at breakfast time before the girls leave for school, the loss feels all consuming. Unfortunately, those moment have been stolen from my children and there is no getting them back,” she added.

    Patti said she and her daughters speak with Blagojevich “every day” and have visited him in prison many times. “He is surviving — trying to make the best of an untenable situation,” she wrote.

    “He teaches a class on the Civil War, is learning to play the guitar and runs miles and miles around the quarter-mile track that is available to him,” she said. “But what really gets him through is our visits and the faith that in the end this tremendous injustice will be righted. That we will be a family together again soon.”

  179. Obviously, there is a conflict between what Breitbart is saying and what Horowitz is saying about Rubio’s motives. Breitbart has Marco looking for an exit strategy from the Gang Of Eight proposal. Dan Horowitz offers a very different perspective, namely that this is simply a ploy by Rubio, who is working in tandum with Texas Republican Cronyn (we have no immigration problem in Texas–George W. Bush) to craft a fall back position which the House can accept. In this case, I think the benign interpretation offered by Breitbart is a smoke screen devised by Rubio’s assistant who is a remittance man from a Soros affiliate. Horowitz is a nationally recognized trial lawyer, with a keen understanding of politics, and political strategy. I trust his interpretation for that reason, and for one other reason as well: after acting as point man on the Gang of Eight Proposal for months, it is hard for me to believe that he is prepared to walk away from it. Thus, the more nuanced stategy suggested by Horowitz has the ring of truth to it. And it tells a fool like me to never again trust Marco Rubio.

  180. wbboei
    June 5, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Rubio is a fucking Trojan Horse.

    Rubio wouldn’t be getting all this face time if he wasn’t a Spanish speaking immigrant talking about the need for a liberal view on immigration. The Republican’s must be desperate to pick him as a poster boy on immigration.

    Rubio is a nice guy, but he is a RINO just like Obama lovin’ Christie.

    Close the damn borders, don’t give out amnesty and stop the freebies.

  181. Years ago, there was a movie on King Solomon starring the late Yul Brenner–a white Russian. In that movie, Solomon was asked what is wisdom? He replied wisdom is the ability to separate the false from the true. Get that? Wisdom was not a degree from Harvard, a high position, or materialistic things, all of which can be faked. If you doubt it, I give you exhibit 1: Barack Hussein Obama, the phoniest four flusher of them all, the quintessential manchurian candidate, or better still the man who never was. But, unequivocally, a Harvard boy, holding a high position, from which he is amassing a fortune with each successive fundraiser, which leave no time for the boredom of running the country. That is for squares, or lesser men.

    If wisdom is the ability to separate the false from the true, then how can we do it. When Marco Rubio stands before us and eulogizes this country, does he feel it in his heart? Or is it just an elevator speech? Like Obama? Well, Hillary gave us the answer, in a very Solemenic way: where politicians are concerned pay less attention to what they say, and more attention to what they do. When I apply that test to Rubio, and knowing now what I did not know before, I am wiser than I was. That is the danger in politics. The spectacle trumps the substance. Hence, we rely on big media to do the sorting and labeling for us–the biggest mistake of all.

  182. The spectacle trumps the substance. Hence, we rely on big media to do the sorting and labeling for us–the biggest mistake of all.

    Yup Wbb.

  183. If you thought putting the IRS in charge of Obama care was the worst thing that could happen, I will go you one worse: Sebiluis.

    Suppose you are a 10 year old.

    You need a lung within 10 days.

    Otherwise, you won’t need a lung anymore.

    What happens then?

    Sebelius will do to you what she did here:

    She will look in the manual, tell you how sorry she is and say this:

    But of course you have the legal right to appeal this decision within 30 days.

    A federal judge has ordered HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to allow Sarah Murnaghan, a 10-year-old in Pennsylvania dying of cystic fibrosis, to be moved to the adult lung transplant list. Normally federal policy prevents children younger than 12 from receiving donated adult lungs, but Sebelius has been under pressure to change the policy.

    The parents of the girl asked the judge on Wednesday to order Sebelius to alter organ donation rules so that the dying child has a better chance of receiving new lungs. They say she is running out of time. U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson granted a temporary restraining order to exempt Murnaghan from the current policy, and there will be a hearing on June 14.

    Read more:

    Lets set it to music. Imagine the needed organ is bananas.

  184. Fortunately, the Judge in this case was not Roberts. If the request for relief on behalf of the dying ten year old child had come before him, he would have decided not to grant the request for fear that it might somehow impede the smooth implementation of Obama care, and thus sully the reputation of the court over which he presides. Furthermore, he would assure his colleagues that he would grant the request, and then surprise everyone by turning it down at the last minute.

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