The Coming Bloodbath: Sunshine For Hillary Clinton 2016

Update: For those that doubt our premise the opening shot from the left against Hillary Clinton 2016 comes via Ben Smith’s Buzzfeed.

The DailyKooks left wants Hillary Clinton to move closer to the disaster that is Barack Obama even as he sinks in the polls. As we note at the end of our article Obamacare will be the issue in 2016 (and 2014) and Hillary better run from Barack Obama and statements such as this one from an Obamacare official on exchanges: “Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience.” Hillary Clinton better stay in the center, not move to the left.


It’s difficult to cheer Republicans up as they contemplate the possibility of Hillary Clinton 2016. But we will try. Up at bat, Anthony Weiner, in our campaign to bring cheer to Republicans:

“Weiner is still fuming over his downfall, and he blames Nancy Pelosi,” said a source. [snip] Our source further adds, “Weiner has recently been telling pals that ‘when Hillary is president,’ he will get his revenge.” Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is a longtime Clinton aide.”

Now why would Weiner believe he will get his revenge when Hillary is president? It has been reported that Hillary Clinton was furious with Weiner when he unwittingly circulated twitter pictures of his weiner to several women while his own wife was pregnant with his first child. Hillary, certainly is not about to hurt herself politically with a defense or support for Weiner. Hillary haters will draw parallels with cheatin’ Bill but Weiner is not Hillary’s beloved life-long partner (in politics and childbearing) husband. So why does Weiner think President Hillary Clinton will bring about his revenge?

Weiner knows, like we do, that President Hillary Clinton will decapitate Pelosi, the Obama Dimocrats cult, and the DailyKooks who hate Hillary. Don’t believe us? Think Hillary and Bill are too darn nice to give payback? Think it’s “let bygones be bygones” time? Ask Judas Bill Richardson about Hillary’s long memory.

Hillary Clinton probably does not even have to win the general election to begin the decapitations. A nomination win will be sufficient to whet the guillotine’s thirst. That’s why we have written:

Barack Obama and his minions will do everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton and make sure she does not get the nomination in 2016 let alone the presidency.

There is no way that the crazed Obama left is going to go back to the hated paradigm of clinton-bush-clinton-bush interrupted by Obama for clinton-bush years. The crazed left minions might think they love Hillary Clinton now, but wait until their overlords decide they will oppose Hillary and the minions will fall back into the Hillary hate line.

The crazed Obama left is not going to have Hillary Clinton, THE CLINTONS, be the culmination of their revolution by having Hillary inherit the mantle of Obama. The left might be crazed but it is not stupid and the leadership of the totalitarian Obama left is not about to surrender its power to Hillary and Bill and Terry and the hated DLC.”

Right now Republicans are in dread about Hillary Clinton 2016. But wait until the intra-party fighting comes out into the open. The Lanny Davis defense of Bob Woodward and calling out Obama’s thugs is but a foretaste of meals to come.

Republicans better hope Obama’s thugs derail Hillary Clinton again because the news for them is bad today. For Hillary Clinton 2016 the news is all sunshine:

“(CNN) – Let’s say Hillary Clinton is the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio is the GOP nominee.

A new poll suggests Clinton would hold double digit leads over both men in hypothetical general election matchups in their home state of Florida, the largest of the battleground states.

According to a Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday, the former first lady, former senator from New York, 2008 Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state leads Bush, the former two-term governor of Florida, 51%-40% in the Sunshine State. And the poll indicates Clinton topping Rubio, the first term senator from Florida, 52%-41% in his home state.

Clinton has a 62%-33% favorable/unfavorable rating among Florida voters, compared to 50%-35% for Bush and 41%-34% for Rubio. [snip]

“We probably won’t know for some time whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016, but if she decides to make the race, she begins with a sizable lead in a state that Republicans cannot win the White House without,” says Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Florida voters have a very positive view of Mrs. Clinton and it’s not just Democrats who feel that way.”

It’s all sunshine:

The Democratic front-runner is incredibly popular. Sixty-two percent of Floridians look on her favorably, and only a third have a negative opinion. Twenty-six percent of Republicans and 56 percent of men have a favorable opinion of Clinton.

In 2016 it will once again be all about Florida. While there have been good polls for Hillary in Texas they cannot possibly hold. Can they? So as in 2012 it will be all about Florida again.

In 2012 Mitt Romney foolishly thought he had Florida locked up even though this website and much anecdotal and empirical evidence made it starkly clear that Florida was in peril of voting for Obama. Poll after poll put Florida in the undecided column and even though there was voter fraud a Marco Rubio on the ticket would have carried enough clout to give Romney the state.

If Republicans are smart they will come up with a strategy NOW to win Florida. Republicans have a powerful winning strategy to win Florida, if they grow brains, and it is called OBAMACARE.

Hillary Clinton will also have to develop a counter-strategy if Republicans do something smart for once and continue their assault on Obama’s health scam.

For Hillary Clinton 2016 and for the Republicans Obama’s health scam will be the issue. For Hillary Clinton 2016 and for the Republicans Florida will be the battleground.


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  1. Republicans have a powerful winning strategy to win Florida, if they grow brains, and it is called OBAMACARE.
    Growing brains? Assumes facts not in evidence. From my perspective they are like a derelict ship adrift. They do their autopsy, and they miss the causus morti, which was, is, and will continue to be:

    1. consultants, consultants and consultants

    2. no appreciation for the incestuous relationship between dims and big media

    3. no ground game

    4. failure to appreciate the critical role of bloggers

    5. no appreciation of importan

  2. …so Hillary is “likeable enough”, eh…

    the public will be so sick of O by the end of his second term…he is already sinking by the day…

  3. I still don’t think Rubio would have helped Romney, even in Florida. We will never see a fair election again.

  4. I still don’t think Rubio would have helped Romney, even in Florida. We will never see a fair election again.

  5. I still don’t think Rubio would have helped Romney, even in Florida. We will never see a fair election again.

  6. I still don’t think Rubio would have helped Romney, even in Florida. We will never see a fair election again.

  7. Sorry about that, not really worth 3 post’s, not sure how that happened. Hope this does not triple post.

  8. Yeehaw Admin.

    Finally, a Big Pink Hillary 2016 flag waving high.

    Yippee-ki-oh-ki-ay… [marching around waving pink pompoms]

    Nobody really cares about California, but we were in the tank for Hillary in 2008 and will be over the moon in 2016!

    Go Hillary, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Today I had to wait for my son in a doctor’s office for a couple of hours, and started reading Hillary’s old book, Living History . Then I come on the blog and see this wonderful post by admin and it feels good to have a glimmer of hope again.

    Hope it lasts though all the crappy Obama years left we have left.

  10. The Republican foreign policy meltdown, explained by Spengler. Like him, I really admire the fine work of Obama Rhoades and Power. Three of the world’s biggest fools—and three of the biggest destroyers of worlds.

    We Republicans now find ourselves painted into a corner. The public doesn’t trust us with guns. That’s why Rand Paul has gotten his fifteen minutes of fame (and if it turns out to be more than fifteen minutes, we are in trouble). It’s satisfying at one level to watch Rand Paul beat up Obama’s nominee for CIA director, but he represents a nasty brand of isolationism.

    We nonetheless have to state the obvious: The only way to prevent Syria’s living hell from spreading to Iraq and Lebanon is to neutralize the main source of instability: Iran. Republicans should rally behind Gen. James Mattis, whom Obama fired as head of Central Command. Gen. Mattis told a Senate committee March 6 that sanctions aren’t working, and that Tehran ”enriching uranium beyond any plausible peaceful purpose.” The United States should not only remove Iran’s nuclear program, but also destroy Revolutionary Guards bases and other conventional capability that the Tehran regime employs to destabilize its neighbors. And the U.S. should throw its full weight behind regime change. With Iran out of the picture, the local conflicts–horrific as they are–will remain local. I do not believe that either Egypt or Syria can be stabilized, but it is possible to limit the spread of their instability. The prospect of a prolonged Sunni-Shi’ite war in the region will be horrific past the imagining of most Americans. Secondary conflicts will erupt around it, including long-frustrated minorities like the Kurds, who have created a functioning de facto state in northern Iraq.

    We Republicans have to cure ourselves of the illusion that we can engineer the happiness of other cultures with an inherent antipathy to Western-style democracy. Where the Muslim world is concerned, optimism is cowardice. And we have to persuade the American people that selective, limited military action against Iran will not draw the United States into a new land war.

    If we fail, the world will change to our lasting disadvantage. For example: if Iran gets a deliverable nuclear bomb, Saudi Arabia will ask Pakistan to deploy nuclear weapons in Saudi Arabia as a deterrent. China has had a covert role in Pakistan’s nuclear program from the outset; if the United States fails to stop Iran’s nuclear program, China will have an urgent interest in a military presence in the Persian Gulf, and the means to accomplish it through nuclear proliferation. It is a nightmare scenario, but it is not improbable. We might as well tell the truth. To do that, we need to face up to it ourselves.

  11. Shadowfax
    March 22, 2013 at 1:07 am

    Today I had to wait for my son in a doctor’s office for a couple of hours, and started reading Hillary’s old book, Living History . Then I come on the blog and see this wonderful post by admin and it feels good to have a glimmer of hope again.

    Hope it lasts though all the crappy Obama years left we have left.

    Amen Shadow Amen. 🙂

    Great Post Admin Tweeted and FB too. 🙂

  12. gonzotx March 22, 2013 at 12:30 am

    “I still don’t think Rubio would have helped Romney, even in Florida.”

    I’m with you there… Let’s say the repeated posts were from me !!

  13. I wonder what new CRAP they will come up with. I really feel the old stuff will fall on deaf ears. The media has kind of painted themselves in a corner. The way they lie, people are beginning to turn a deaf ear to them. Oh well, they will find some CRAP to bring up. That is if she decides to run.

  14. jeswezey

    March 22, 2013 at 8:02 am
    Hope you are right. But when Bibi is saying things like it is 1938 all over again, and Iran is threatening to destroy Israeli cities, and they are within a year of having to bomb, I think it may not be such a bad time to be buying gold, etc. If I were an American of Iranian heritage and I had family still living there then I would be getting them out—or as far away from their nuclear sites as possible. Go back and read that article by Spengler, aka David Goldman, and you will see, if you don’t already, how bad things are, and how America has in effect lit the fuse through two successive administrations run by utopians who had no concept of how destabizing their foolish theories were. When things like this get set in motion, we are impotent to save them through diplomacy. And John Kerry who is something of a bumbling fool in his own right is powerless to stop it.

  15. I was reading the biography of Lord Halifax on line the other night. Initially he favored a policy of appeasement, and when Chamberlain was ousted, he was the heir apparent. The story du jour was the crown wanted Halifax, the Parliamnent wanted Halfax,the party wanted Halifax and his own party wanted Halifax. The only problem was Halifax did not want Halfax, who believed Churchill’s leadership stills in a crisis were superior to his. When I say that he and others in the conservative party wanted appeasement, the reason was interesting. They did not think they were ready militarily to match the German war machine. So they were temporizing and buying time. The problem with that strategy was obvious. Time was not only their ally, but the ally of Germany, and if they had acted sooner than they did, they might have preempted World War II. Not likely, but possible. There is a parallel here I suspect. It is a lot tougher to attack Iran if you already have two wars going on in the region. But now that we have drawn down our forces in Iran, the thinking especially among neocon dims and repubs could be bellicose.

  16. Hillary Clinton better have a plan to openly distance herself from Obooberama:

    Obama Job Approval Slips as Economic Pessimism Rises
    Positive Signs on Stocks, Housing Have Little Impact

    Barack Obama’s job approval rating has tumbled since shortly after his re-election, as the public’s economic expectations for the coming year have soured. Despite substantial public awareness of recent gains in the stock market and rebounding real-estate values, the percentage saying economic conditions will get worse over the next year has risen to its highest point in nearly eight years.

    Obama’s job approval measure has fallen eight points since December, from 55% to 47%. His rating is comparable to George W. Bush’s (45%) at the same point early in his second term and is much lower than Bill Clinton’s 60% rating in February 1997. [snip]

    When it comes to views of the national economy, most Americans do not think a recovery has taken hold. Just 27% say that the economy is recovering, while 31% say it will recover soon and 40% say it will be a long time before the economy recovers. These views have changed little over the past year.

    Looking ahead, the public’s forecast for the national economy has deteriorated. [snip]

    Since December, Obama’s job approval has declined among Democrats and independents. His job approval among Republicans, already low in December (12% approve), remains about that low today (14%). [snip]

    The public’s views of current economic conditions remain largely negative. And an increasing percentage thinks that the economy will be worse a year from now than it is today. [snip]

    For the first time in Obama’s presidency, more say they expect economic conditions to be worse a year from now (32%) than better (25%); 41% expect conditions to be about the same as now.”

  17. For those who doubt the premise of our article, check out Ben Smith’s Buzzfeed today to see an opening salvo against Hillary:

    Is Hillary Clinton Too Conservative To Become President?

    Can the Democratic Party’s next presidential nominee be a candidate who favors the death penalty, opposes marijuana decriminalization, objects to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrations, calls for a pathway to legal status over citizenship, and gets beat on a marriage-equality endorsement by Republican Senator Rob Portman?

    Hillary Clinton could soon find out. [snip]

    Because the former Secretary of State jumped from the campaign trail in 2008 to Washington’s Foggy Bottom, where she was barred from talking domestic politics, Clinton will have to dust off, and likely shift, her policy positions, Democratic strategists say, if she wants to run for president in 2016 in a party that has moved sharply to the left in recent years. [snip]

    “It’s not so much a function of Hillary feeling like she needs to play catch-up,” said Phil Singer, a consultant and the deputy communications director for Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid. “She’s been in a position that prevented her from speaking out in real time, and now that she’s unshackled by the boundaries of her office, she’ll step up to the mic.”

    “I would bet my left arm that she’s going to be playing a significant role in the national conversation now,” Singer said. [snip]

    Clinton’s 2008 candidacy was dogged for weeks by a botched response to a debate question about then-Gov. Elliot Spitzer’s proposal to allow undocumented immigrants in her home state to obtain driver’s licenses. Asked to weigh in on the policy during a primary debate, Clinton gave a muddled answer; released a statement after the debate that only confused her position more; talked around the issue in interviews with the press; and finally, after weeks of scrutiny, came out against the Spitzer proposal.

    And despite her votes in the Senate for bills that offered a path to citizenship, Clinton’s line on the stump and in primary debates was a call for “legalization,” unlike her Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, who called specifically for citizenship.

    Clinton’s 2008 campaign website, meanwhile, promised voters she would support “earned legal status” — the legislative option favored this year by the conservative faction of House Republicans. The politics on earned citizenship have shifted such in the past four years that when former Florida governor Jeb Bush reversed his support for the measure in a new book, published earlier this month, he was met with attacks so fast and loud that he crept back to his original stance the next morning in a cable news interview.

    “Immigration is one where it’s important she be part of this conversation,” said one Democratic consultant who preferred to speak without attribution. “She can release a video with La Raza, or go do a Charlie Rose interview and make sure the question gets asked, but the date of expiration on gay marriage was the Supreme Court hearing, and the date of the expiration on immigration will be this bill.”

    “On the social issues and immigration, as long as she gets to the right place before she becomes a candidate, she’ll be fine,” said the consultant. “The only price she’ll pay is if she refuses to comment on something.”

    Clinton may consider a shift on left-wing measures that she hasn’t backed — like a death penalty repeal, a measure O’Malley headed up this year, or marijuana decriminalization — or reaffirming her commitment to curbing climate change, if not to appease environmentalists who believe the Clinton State Department wanted to move forward with the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project bitterly opposed by activists in the movement to stop carbon emissions. [snip]

    As she does step back into the conversation, though, Clinton could be at pains to avoid a repeat, in whatever form, of the damage her presidential bid incurred from her fateful Senate vote in 2002 to authorize the use of force in Iraq. Despite pressure from the left throughout her campaign, Clinton would not acknowledge the vote as a mistake, or reverse her position on it, as her primary opponent John Edwards did.

    “That was a painful lesson of her professional life. It cost her not just the nomination, but a two-term presidency had it not been for that vote she cast in Iraq,” said Sabato. “I’m sure in her own mind, or maybe in discussions with Bill and her staff, she’s examining the issues that she’s missed.”

    But Jason Stanford, a Democratic strategist and researcher, said he couldn’t envision Clinton getting “hounded again for any kind of mea culpa.”

    “People now have enough respect for her to understand that, on something like gay marriage or another issue, she’s changed her mind,” said Stanford. “Democratic primary voters already punished her enough for that in 2008.”

  18. Update: For those that doubt our premise the opening shot from the left against Hillary Clinton 2016 comes via Ben Smith’s Buzzfeed.

    The DailyKooks left wants Hillary Clinton to move closer to the disaster that is Barack Obama even as he sinks in the polls. As we note at the end of our article Obamacare will be the issue in 2016 (and 2014) and Hillary better run from Barack Obama and statements such as this one from an Obamacare official on exchanges: “Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience.” Hillary Clinton better stay in the center, not move to the left.


  19. This guys is so full of crap about this:

    As she does step back into the conversation, though, Clinton could be at pains to avoid a repeat, in whatever form, of the damage her presidential bid incurred from her fateful Senate vote in 2002 to authorize the use of force in Iraq. Despite pressure from the left throughout her campaign, Clinton would not acknowledge the vote as a mistake, or reverse her position on it, as her primary opponent John Edwards did.

    Hillary won the primary vote count. Let me repeat this for the idiots like Ben Smith, Hillary won the primary vote count! She was undermined by her own party, Nasty, Reid, Delegate votes stolen and given to a fraud who took his freakin’ name off the ballot; caucus fraud and votes by ACORN and the DNC stolen.

    Ben Smith can twist the truth to suit his readers, but we will not accept his lies and half truths.

    He defends John Edwards for not believing that there might be WMDs? Ain’t Johny da man 😡

  20. Shadowfax March 22, 2013 at 1:37 pm This guys is so full of crap about this:
    Him and media and Obama HIMSELF who capitolized mightily on this issue with lies.
    Iraq vote was in 2002 as stated above.
    Check anywhere for Obama’s beginning date in the US Senate. This is at
    United States Senator from Illinois In office January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
    Even the lovely and seemingly intelligent Robin Mead now called HLN, but then it was Headline News, when she explained on air that people were siding with Obama because he voted against the Iraq war while Hillary had voted for it.
    People who have the curiosity to do the math got it. People who propagated the falsehood [because as HRC stated, Obama DID object to that war from a street corner in Illinois] from the boney ass in the Oval Office chair on down should be figuratively hanged for this and yet it has risen to relevance again.

  21. Why? Disgusting:

    Mitt Romney isn’t running for president, but he’s still looking for supporters’ contributions.

    The former presidential candidate sent out an email Thursday evening to bundlers and big donors asking them to join him for a four-day June summit in Park City, Utah. The cost: $5,000. [snip]

    “In the span of four days, we will have a chance to hear from political, business and other thought leaders and spend time together enjoying a variety of outdoor activities,” Romney wrote in the email obtained by POLITICO. “We are calling the event, ‘Experts and Enthusiasts.’ As we only have capacity for a small group of people to be part of this gathering, invitations will be kept to a limited group of industry and thought leaders.”

  22. Why, may be the question, but we don’t know why. I don’t see the difference in getting paid handsomely for a speech, and holding a conference. Of course, it takes $50,000 to get in the WH door with the fraud.
    Let’s see first what this is really about.

    March 22, 2013 at 2:37 pm
    Why? Disgusting:


    In other news, Hillary’s first speaking engagement since joining the Harry Walker Agency. With one speech (April 4 & 5) she will be making more than a year’s salary at Foggy Bottom. See at:

  23. Maybe Romney wants to stay relevant, just like Bill. Romney doesn’t need the money, obviously, and $5000 is nothing to the powers that be. Maybe it is even waived for a broke thought leader, who ever that is. Calling Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Tolkien, Washington, Jefferson,Adams, Colonel West…

    Disgusting is not a word I would have expected, more a wait and see.

  24. GonzoTx, “disgusting” is too polite. Bill Clinton won two national elections, repeatedly won the governorship of Arkansas, won other statewide elections and most importantly led the Democrats away from the destructive course they were on. Bill Clinton also helped elect a great many other Democrats who governed from the center. Bill Clinton was and is “relevant”.

    Mitt Romney won one statewide office and lost a national election that should have been won easily. Mitt Romney can’t “stay relevant” because he never was relevant. It was Mitt Romney who made the decision, on that fateful weekend, to turn the election into “a choice” not a referendum on Obama. It was Mitt Romney who forced himself as the Republican nominee without having the wit to devise an answer to “RomneyCare” thereby throwing away the opportunity to attack ObamaCare.

    Mitt Romney should go away. He is the ugly past. There are new leaders in the GOP. People such as Cruz, Paul, Rubio should be able to move the party towards the future without having Mitt Romney sucking up money and attention.

  25. jeswezey
    March 22, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    What’s up with your special powers today?

    I have never been able to put two links in the same post without ending up in the spam dumper.

  26. wbboei
    March 22, 2013 at 2:09 am

    And there sounds the drumbeats of war. In this case, it is the correct sound. While war is NEVER a good option, sometimes, as FDR and Churchill demonstrated, it is the correct one to sound. The trick in this case is to actually do what FDR and Daddy Bush did so effectively – create through strategic efforts a coalition of the willing that can and will act should the time arise. A coalition that can quietly put pressure on the Iranians in the lead up and, if they fail to dismantle, be ready to act in support of a movement to isolate and destroy Iran’s capabilities. In a wacky twist, Bumbles overuse of drone strikes actually provides good experience for us should the need arise for us to deploy this strategy.

    Hillary 2016

    BTW – GREAT POST ADMIN!!! Hope springs eternal as the elixir of the competant masses that salvation from the boob cometh!!!

  27. Admin,

    In all due respect, $5000 probably covers expenses for the conference.

    Despite the fact that he was elected to office once, is not relevant to me. Obama was elected to the Senate once, and the Presidency twice, however, I would rather be boiled in oil then attend a conference and have to listen to him drone on and on without a single relevant idea.

    Hillary has one more election win than Romney, and I dare say, was BC’s closest adviser, and may be why he was able to navigate sooo many troubled waters. Romney’s advisers,unfortunately not as visionary.

    Romney is a very successful business leader, and a legacy of giving that spans a lifetime. I think he has much to offer, certainty more than what we have now.

    If we only listen to those that have won numerous elections, well, I can think of numerous repeat offenders that have been elected unfortunately by they masses, Bush, Carter, Bohner, Kennedy, Pelosi, on and on and on…

  28. Cruz is a leader and not afraid to challenge. Rubio is soft and afraid of making mistakes that will cost him a national election. Too ready to over compromise I think. Paul is too much like his father, really need more time to feel him out.

    Obviously Romney is not BC. He also tried to be all things. He knew the media was not with him, but he made a huge error not to hit the fraud hard, again and again. The media was never going to give him a fair shake. He should have read hillaryis44 for advise and direction.

  29. foxyladi14
    March 22, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Don’t get hopeful. You have to have a lobby with mucho denario. It’s all about the money. Money for their election coffers. It’s why so many Repub Gov’s who said they wouldn’t support obamacare, have caved in.

    Follow the money…

  30. Well . . . its kt mcfarlane . . . still . . . I do think we are a few months away from War with Iran—after bunlging every single solitary step that led up to this megapolitical crisis. (Note: see Spengler, Ferandez, Morris, et. al. As in the title of an old Cole Porter play—–fifty million frenchmen or in this case five pundits with a fair amount of insight cannot be wrong. We have so destablized the middle east through the madness of this administration and the one that preceded it that a shia sunni showdown is inevitable. This is a religious war, rather than a battle for land or treasure. And when you are dealing with a religious war, fueled by this kind of hate, the objective is not the world that is, but the one they are aiming to bring about, which begins with the elimination of their enemy. What I see–and fear in all this is a nightmare in red, and a president too clueless, spineless, and self congratulatory, surrounding by ivory tower academics like Power and wet behind the ears Mr Rhoades who suffer from the same delusions.

    Some argue that even so, the fighting would be over in a few days, and the world would be rid of Iran’s nuclear weapons. But these are the same folks who said the Iraq War would be a cakewalk, cost us almost nothing, be over quickly and result in just a handful of casualties.

    I’m not buying that line again. That’s why it is absolutely imperative that we find a way out of this train wreck of having to choose between bombing Iran or letting Iran get the bomb.

    I keep thinking about how my boss Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot. We turned tables on the Soviet Union by driving their one revenue source (oil) down so low they had to concede or face the ire, even starvation, of their own people.

    Time is running out, but there are two things we could do right now to avoid another Middle East war:

    1. We could buy time. By working with tech-savvy Israel, we could launch another round of cyberattacks against Iran’s nuclear program and infrastructure. It might set Iran’s weapons program back only a year or so, but it’s time we could use to develop our own energy resources.

    2. We could develop our own energy resources. If we accelerated the already shovel-ready American oil and natural gas projects, within a few short years we would be energy independent. We would not only have enough oil and natural gas for our own needs, we would have enough left over to become one of the world’s leading energy exporters. Then who needs Iranian oil? Sanctions against Iran would be easier to impose if there were secure, abundant and cheap alternatives.

    Developing U.S. oil resources would also drive down the price of oil, and leave oil-exporting countries like Iran (and Russia) without enough revenue to pay for the subsidies that keep their people fed and off the streets. Within a very short period of time the Iranian regime would have its hands full just dealing with angry Iranians. They might come to the conclusion that it’s their necks or their nukes and voluntarily give them up. If not, it would be the Iranian people rather than Israeli or American military going for their necks.

    If I’m right, and Obama has given Netanyahu what amounts to a green light to do what he needs to do to stop Iran, then Obama should take his own counsel and let the American energy industry do what it needs to do to stop Iran.

    Kathleen Troia “K.T.” McFarland is a Fox News National Security Analyst and host of’s “DefCon 3.” She is a Distinguished Adviser to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and served in national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations. She wrote Secretary of Defense Weinberger’s November 1984 “Principles of War Speech” which laid out the Weinberger Doctrine. Be sure to watch “K.T.” every Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET on’s “DefCon3”– already one of the Web’s most watched national security programs.

    K.T. McFarland
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    Obama again vows to have Israel’s back against Iran

    Obama, Netanyahu project unity and differences over Iran

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  31. Obama again vows to have Israel’s back against Iran
    Boy, anyone who believes Obama has anyone’s back but his own, must also believe in the tooth fairy.

  32. It is yet another example of leading from behind. Which is not leading at all. If he believes this is Munich then he should lead the attack. If not then he should pursue covert and web based attacks. And, long ago, he should have backed the Iranian dissidents who were challenging the Mullahs. The reason he did not do it was because he wanted to talk to the Mullahs, and let GE cut a deal with them. With Obama, the whole thing is pay to play. American national interests do not figure at all in his calculus. Remember he staked out that very ground in an early debate when he was asked whether he would meet with our enemies in the first year and he bellowed out the word yes. He was doing the bidding of Imelt, not America, when he said that. And all the rubes misunderstood and swooned.

  33. gonzotx
    March 22, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Cruz is a leader and not afraid to challenge. Rubio is soft and afraid of making mistakes that will cost him a national election. Too ready to over compromise I think. Paul is too much like his father, really need more time to feel him out.

    Obviously Romney is not BC. He also tried to be all things. He knew the media was not with him, but he made a huge error not to hit the fraud hard, again and again. The media was never going to give him a fair shake. He should have read hillaryis44 for advise and direction.

    I agree. Besides, Rubio is a Bush asset.

  34. Brent Bozelle’s commentary:

    Stop the Big Media Madness!
    It’s absolutely maddening how the media pick and choose their headlines and stories depending on whether or not they will advance their liberal agenda.

    •Last month, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America featured an interview with Michelle Obama in which Robin asked her about a young girl who had been shot and killed in Chicago. When Mrs. Obama erroneously blamed the shooting on an “assault weapon” to advance her anti-gun agenda, ABC conveniently edited out her ludicrous claim. Then when asked about the selective editing, ABC disingenuously blamed it on time constraints—despite the fact that none of the remaining interview was touched.

    •Consider the recent sequester. President Obama is on record as having proposed the automatic spending cuts. But beginning in October 2012, the White House fabricated the story that the sequester was the Republicans’ idea. The liberal lapdogs in the media were happy to oblige Obama and began regurgitating his false narrative, which they continue to this day.

    •Remember when President George W. Bush was in office how every news outlet opened their evening news program featuring the increased cost of gas and its impact on the American family? Since 2008 when Obama became president, not a word about gas prices has been uttered by the liberal media, despite the fact that prices have gone up 96 percent in the past 4 years!

    From scandals like Benghazi and “Fast and Furious” to economic news and gun control, the examples of lies, distortions, and censorship by the liberal media are endless.

  35. Virginia government prosecutes homeowner with criminal charges for backyard chickens that produce organic eggs

    (NaturalNews) An ongoing debate over the rights of homeowners to raise and keep their own chickens may soon gain an audience in the Virgina Supreme Court. Attorneys at the Rutherford Institute have filed a Petition for Appeal on behalf of Virginia Beach resident Tracy Gugal-Okroy, who faces criminal charges related to zoning ordinance violations for keeping chickens in her backyard.

  36. Shadowfax
    March 22, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Any baby boomers here?

    Heck no, we are all 29 and holding…

    😆 😆 😆

  37. S
    March 21, 2013 at 9:52 pm
    …so Hillary is “likeable enough”, eh…

    the public will be so sick of O by the end of his second term…he is already sinking by the day…

    Bush (W. that is) was also “likeable enough” to win a second term, but not even half way through, the public could no longer be fooled, the Katrina type disasters became too obvious, and the Cowboy Prez’s ratings went down in the toilers.

  38. gonzotx
    March 22, 2013 at 12:30 am
    I still don’t think Rubio would have helped Romney, even in Florida. We will never see a fair election again.

    Or, has there EVER been a fair election??

  39. Hillary Clinton better stay in the center, not move to the left.
    My concern, fear, call it what you will, is that the only path to the nomination by a radical leftist party is to move left. Its called the law of inertia. I do not see how you can stake out a centrist position in the primary of that kind of party and expect to win. It defies the laws of physics. Of course, there is a lot more going on here than just that. What I see in all this is a move by the radical left to eliminate the middle class. The upper class is their unwitting ally in this, much as we saw with Julio Lobo in Cuba, until the music stops, and then the wild beast with fangs and bloodshot eyes says to them, here’s looking at you kid. I also see what Nail Ferguson alluded to the other day, about the China of Adam Smiths day which he described as a country with marked by economic stagnation, where the average citizen does not make out, but the bureaucrat class, in this case the Harvard trained administrators and Washington elites, and their incestuous relationship with big media make out like bandits, until the music stops. That more than terrorism is what is behind their obsession about getting control of the American People, as John Dingle (D-Mi) so aptly put it. The societal decisions, once the province of the electorate, are removed from their sphere and vested with a bevy of Platonic Guardians, with wisdom, insight and morality superior to ours. If you believe they do, then you are a fool. They are as invested in self interest as any other group, and for that last morsel of caviar, they are content to see the generations fail. Big media is a self indulgent, self flattering, unctuous, pressure group every bit as much as the military industrial complex, Buffet, Immelt or the Koch Brothers.

  40. Some of this gets down to the pictures in our heads and the lies we tell ourselves or accept because they are propounded by big media. I was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday who parroted the clap trap of big media that jobs are coming back and as in Call Me Madam every things coming up roses. There is a saying in business which is always true, and it is you cannot manage what you cannot measure. The corrolary is you cannot understand the problem if you are unwilling to quantify it accurately. What does an unemployment number which goes down when people fall off the rolls tell us about the real state of the economy. The most charitable answer is nothing. The most accurate one is it is materially misleading. And that is why I sent this individual the comment posted above by Roger Simon which dispenses with these materially misleading statistics and gives us the raw number: 82 million out of work. When you cast the problem in those terms, which is to say accurately, then you can begin to ask the why questions that illuminate solutions, and why it will never do to simply raise the tax rates on the wealthy. It may be great political theater, but it evades the problem. Politics uber problem solving.

  41. There are two potential flaws in my argument that I see now that I have written it out. On the question of whether a centrist candidate can seize the nomination of a party which has succumbed to Gresham’s Law, i.e. the bad money drives out the good–or in this case the demise of the centrist faction of the party, in red states thanks to the machinations of the White House, Pelosi and their ilk.

    The first problem with my argument is that it fails, if and only if, the Obama presidency is seen to be an abject failure, because then and only then they will be looking for a new direction, to maintain their power. But how likely is that to happen with big media covering up his mistakes, hyping his supposed success–fabricating them if necessary. For their own protection, they will promote the fairy tale that this was a historic presidency, and the constant parading of Barack et ux, ux being now the Queen in the eyes of a British elite which is weary of its own. And a dream machine which rivals old Hollywood to project that image to the public constantly–especially the low information voter.

    The second problem with my argument is that it assumes that the party itself is invested in left wing totalitiarian ideology, which it most certainly is at this point. But the larger fact is that most elected officials place a higher value on their own survivial and are therefore to that extent willing to embrace a different ideology or none at all if that is what it takes to be re-elected. Maybe there is hope there—but it still depends on a growing awareness of the extent that Obama has failed as a president and the consequences that failure has had on the populace. It must be dramatic enough that all the big media lies in the world cannot possibly cover it up. A societal lesson must be learned here, in order to forge a new path.

  42. In weighing the concomitant risks, you should assume that the Republicans will be of no help whatsoever. The establishment Republicans are so inept that they make the keystone cops of the Hollywood silent era look like a crack Seal team.

  43. “Honest people can disagree on policy. But where there can be no honest disagreement is the need to change our nation’s debt course. The singular truth that no one can escape is that the House budget changes our debt course while the Senate budget does not. The Senate budget increases taxes, increases spending, and adds $7.3 trillion to our debt. It has zero real deficit reduction.”

    And Sessions goes, “Most significantly, it never balances.

  44. Well Well!!!! 🙂

    Boehner noted that House Republicans included a full repeal of Obamacare in the budget resolution that passed Thursday in a close vote of 221-207.

    “This week, the House passed Republicans’ balanced budget that fully repeals and defunds ObamaCare to protect families, workers and seniors from its devastating consequences. The House will continue working to scrap the law in its entirety, and will use oversight authority to expose its harmful impacts as they continue to unfold,” Boehner said.

    The Senate did not include a full repeal in their budget resolution that

    Read more:
    Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

  45. The Treasury Department’s Office of Environment and Energy has finally begun to turn over documents about its preparations for a carbon tax in response to transparency warrior Chris Horner’s Freedom of Information Act request. The documents provide solid evidence that the Obama administration and its allies in Congress have every intention of implementing a carbon tax if we fail to stop them.”

  46. Michael Goodwin | GOP autopsy political equivalent of the New Coke debacle

    Posted on March 23 2013 – 8:30 PM – Posted by:Doug Brady | Follow Doug on Twitter!

    The criticisms flash by in rapid fashion: Poorly timed. Dumb. Out of touch. Suicidal.

    No, that’s not how a new report describes the flaws of the Republican Party. Instead, those words describe the party leaders who wrote and released the report. They even called it an “autopsy.”

    Talk about a death wish.

    Their action is the political equivalent of the New Coke debacle: Trashing your existing product and, by extension your customers, as a way to introduce a better product and get new customers.

    The GOP self-flagellation will no doubt work just as well as that historic flop.

    Public Relations 101 teaches never to repeat a problem you’re denying, so the report’s authors deserve an “F” in marketing.

    They didn’t merely make the work of liberal critics easy. They did their work for them.

  47. Interesting comment I agree with.

    “I’m no fan of Chuck Todd, but his multipronged question was certainly a valid one. It would’ve been nice if Barack Obama answered it. But noooo… Instead we saw the guy mainstream media touts as “the smartest man in whatever room he walks into” prove how incompetent he is off teleprompter.
    If one can’t answer the question, one either (1) intentionally obfuscates, (2) straight out lies, or (3) attacks the questioner. Obama did (1) and (3) here, but that’s who Obama is… a great deceiver.”

  48. I think Bibi got what he wanted out of The Great Deceiver—permission to attack Iran. The only thing missing is a timely and specific terroristic event. Where is the Battleship Maine when they need it? If you think this is going to be surgical and a matter of immaculate conception, you had better think again. What has changed. I think the people who installed Obama put a headlock on him, and all he wants out of the thing is plausible deniability. Only it does not work that way. Not this time. Not with a lame duck.

  49. Larry at NQ is convinced that they are conjuring up a chemical attack rationale to take down Assad. Ergo, the possibility that they would do the same thing with Iran is not beyond the pale. Lets hope I am wrong about this.

  50. Where Was The President When He Was Supposedly In Israel?
    The President of the United States arrived, transformed the King David Hotel into his (and his entourage’s) home away from home, and then began a series of meetings and visits – to the official residences of President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, to the Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book, to the Jerusalem Convention Center, to Mount Herzl, Yad Vashem, and to the grave of former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. All of these sites are in Jerusalem. But are they in Israel?
    According to the U.S. State Department they are not. The State Department refuses to recognize Jerusalem as being in Israel and says that the city’s status must be determined in future peace negotiations.

  51. Leanora March 24, 2013 at 6:59 am
    I just came here to post that. Maybe you and I are even now 🙂
    There’s another statement from it I want to emphasize:
    “…Most people do not know that the State Department permits American citizens who wish to remove any reference to “Israel” from their passports to do so….”

  52. I never trusted The MBH either. 🙁

    King Abdullah II of Jordan, a member of the dwindling band of Arab leaders who have somehow stayed in power despite the rise of what he calls a “Muslim Brotherhood crescent” across the Middle East, made an acute observation to me recently about the tactical immaturity of the Brotherhood’s leadership.

    We were talking about the rise of political Islam in the region when the king made an unflattering comparison between Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Islamist prime minister of Turkey, and Mohamed Mursi, the Muslim Brother who is president of Egypt. The Brotherhood is an international movement, but it was founded in Egypt, and its leader, the supreme guide, sits there today.

  53. holdthemaccountable

    March 24, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Anything Barfy can do Mikey can do better?
    Bloomberg group launches ad buy to pressure lawmakers as gun control push falters
    Tell me this, so maybe I will understand:

    Question: before you advocate national standards on something, would it not be a good idea, a prudent idea, a grand idea, to something, ANYTHING about the problem you are attempting to address. More specifically, when the issue is gun control how can the the plutocrat who holds the job of mayor of New York, who is devoted to tilting windmills whereever he can find them, and knows nothing about gun rights and restrictions in, oh say may Paduka Kentucky, PRESUME to lobby for uniform standards? I happened to be reading the biography of Henry Friendly who was by nearly universal acclaim the greatest appellate judge of his generation, who committed suicide after the death of his beloved wife of fifty years, but left behind him a body of legal thinking and precedent unmatched by his peers. That distinction today belongs to Richard Posener. Friendly was hostile to the perverse logic of the Warren Court, in areas like Miranda and Escobedo, because they were grounded in the Sixth Amendment, rather than the Fifth. He did not quarrel with the notion that a defendant needed protection when the custodial interview centered on him, but to advance that right to the moment of arrest failed to balance the needs of society against those of the defendant. And now, as The Great Deceiver moves to try terrorists in civilian as opposed to military courts, that judicial error is implicated on a grand scale. Hopefully, not too grand. In the case of Jimmine Cricket I am a billionaire ergo I know what is good for you, the question is not whether background checks are a good idea. Logic and common sense will tell you that much. The question is how can the Mayor of New York presume to make that judgement for the entire country, and where for god’s sake is his jurisdiction to do so?


    For all the talk about the dramatic spending cuts to hit the federal government under the bipartisan sequestration, the federal government isn’t exactly tightening its belt. According to, the job posting site for the feds, approximately 2,200 jobs listings became available during one week in March. As Eileen Ambrose reports, “Add in new postings open only to current or former federal workers, including those laid off, and the number of new openings jumps to more than 4,600.”

    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has issued a list of jobs included at that he says demonstrate the feds’ continued wastefulness. These jobs include a director for the Air Force History and Museums Policies and Programs, clocking in at a hefty $165,300; a Department of Labor assistant with pay up to $81,204; painters for the Air Force, and a lawyer for the Morris K. Udall Scholarship Foundation, with an annual salary of $155,000. These jobs, says Coburn, “are not necessary at this time until we get past this pothole in the road.”

    Meanwhile, President Obama and the media continue to proclaim that air traffic controllers will be cut, the postal service will have to cut days, and border security will be furloughed. Much of the pressure from the sequester springs from the fact that federal employees are increasingly unionized, meaning that the government has little flexibility in terms of pay and benefits. President Obama has inflated the size of the federal workforce overall, even as state workforces have declined.

  55. I understand that the Washington Post is just Full of Hillary stuff like she is a show in. All I can say is they will push that until they find another Neighborhood Organizer.

    I am sorry to be so glum, but they did this the last time.

  56. It is hard to look at the comments at Politico without thinking how deranged these people are. But a website like theirs attacts them. They manifest no ability to understand the meltdown that his Cairo speech has had, and all the mistakes that came after. In their blind pursuit of democracy–which means majority rule, WITHOUT minority rights, and if I may say so, a rather brutal form of majority rule, Obama and his predecessor have destablized the middle east for generations to come. Yet these people who read Politico lack an understanding of history, cause and effect, and critical thinking to see the forest for the trees. They continue to be afflicted by Obama love, and that is the game that ruins nations. How do you reach them. I will be damned if I know. Whenever I try I am reminded of that old saw about teaching pigs to sing–a waste of time and it annoys the pigs.

  57. The common theme of the generation that fought in world war II was regardless of economic background was they lived together, they fought together, and in some cases they even died together. That has a galvanizing effect. Lacking that, the current generation of wealthy have zero understanding of or appreciation for the life and challenges of the middle class. They adopt the underclass for two reasons. First it gives them a mascot which they can use to tell the rest of us what superior people they are–which lasts only as long as you stay away from their money. Second, there is an affinity of sorts between the wealth and the criminal class, in that neither one believes that the rules of society pertain to them.

  58. I rather suspect that the commentors on Politico come from the upper class, or the upper middle class, who are sufficiently insulated from the harm Obama is doing to the nation to believe it will have any effect upon their lives. Personally I think they are wrong. If the country fails we all fail.

  59. There is another factor at work here, besides the absense of real politique and the tendency engage in utopian thinking about matters of foreign policy, and now that I talk about it there are really two. One of those additional factors is Obama’s obsession with ending colonialism, c.f. Dreams of My Father. That would explain his desire to upend regimes like Mubarak’s which he sees as puppets, and to embrace, to the exent he has, the Muslim Brotherhood, and to be anti Israeli, in terms of his actions, at least up til now. Unseen by critics of his trip like Senator Rogers is in all probablility he did give Bibi what he wanted. The other factor is that Obama is not a leader. Consequently, part of what he is doing may be dictated by European interests, British in particular. They have never quite gotten over the fact that they no longer control an empire on which the sun never sets, and are inclined to put a handful of their own troops into a strategic area, and getting us to go in with both feet. And where oil is concerned their interests more so than ours are directly implicated.

  60. Here is some of Mikey’s thinking from a Hill article.
    NRA chief LaPierre: Bloomberg ‘can’t buy America’ with gun-control ad blitz
    3/24/13….Bloomberg, a billionaire and co-chairman of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group, said on Sunday that it’s his responsibility to provide advocates for stricter gun control with a national voice that counteracts the NRA’s messaging and influential lobbying efforts. “I think I have a responsibility, and I think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities, to try to make this country safer for our families and for each other,” said Bloomberg on “Meet the Press.” “And if I can do that by spending some money and taking the NRA from being the only voice to being one of the voices, so the public can really understand the issues, then I think my money would be well spent, and I think I have an obligation to do that.” The ad campaign, much of which Bloomberg has personally funded, will encourage people to call their senators and pressure them to vote in favor of tougher gun laws, according to the mayor.
    The ads will target Republican Sens. Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Saxby Chambliss (Ga.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.), Dan Coats (Ind.), Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Susan Collins (Maine), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Dean Heller (Nev.), Rob Portman (Ohio), and Pat Toomey (Pa.). It will also target Democratic Sens. Mark Pryor (Ark.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.), Mary Landrieu (La.), Kay Hagan (N.C.), and Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.). ..

    Both he and Obama are playing hardball with Susan Collins ME. After she and Olympia were so faithful about O’care.

  61. NewMexicoFan

    March 24, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    I understand that the Washington Post is just Full of Hillary stuff like she is a show in. All I can say is they will push that until they find another Neighborhood Organizer.

    I am sorry to be so glum, but they did this the last time.
    Yes, we have seen it all before, haven’t we. And I would go a step further, since I see irreconcilable differences between the Beltway elites and the rest of the country. I do not want the next president of the United States to be handpicked by those jamokes. If that happens, then that president will owe his or her primary duty of loyalty to them and not to the American People. If she decides to run, then she will have to draw the line somewhere on our side not theirs. And that is the really tough part, because after Obama, the power of the American People to decide their own fate has been substantially diminished, only the Politico commentors miss that little detail. As Shakespeare said, love is blind.

  62. Please, Democrats: go ahead and embrace Obamacare.


    By: Moe Lane (Diary) | March 24th, 2013 at 01:50 PM | 6


    Contra Jill Lawrence of the National Journal, it’s not so much that Democrats don’t grasp the theoretical need for this kind of strategy:

    The political case for “Obamacare” is going to have to be made by advocacy groups, party committees and politicians themselves. And it will have to be made non-stop via every viral and high-profile means available, at an intensity level that matches the few short hours devoted to the health law at the Democratic convention last summer. “They haven’t grappled with fact that this is going to be a continual fight. You cannot rest,” says Andrea Camp, a strategist who has advised groups that support the act. “You keep talking about it. It has to be top of mind, and that’s how you drive up the favorables on this.”

    …it’s that quite a number of Democrats are glumly aware that it’s not going to work. Here are the central problems with Lawrence’s strategy (and you’ll notice that I’m deliberately aping her bullet points):
    ■The Democrats are not proud of what they did with Obamacare. They are proud that they survived the backlash: passing Obamacare resulted in a bout of electoral fury that flipped the House and paralyzed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s agenda*. The Democrats who are left are largely in districts where crowing about what they did to their constituents will do absolutely no good whatsoever; at best it’ll keep solidly-Democratic districts from becoming ever-so-slightly more competitive.
    ■Let’s put up a scale. On one side you put free mammograms, no restrictions on coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and kids being on their parents’ health insurance until they’re 26; on the other we’ll put across-the-board rises in premiums, people losing their existing coverage en masse because employers can’t afford the new requirements, people losing their jobs because employers can’t afford the new requirements, and of course the individual mandate. Which side of the scale do you think is going to be heavier, in terms of both number of people affected and how they’re going to be affected? Spoiler warning: it’s not the first one. Additional spoiler warning: the Democratic party leadership quietly agrees with me.
    ■Actually, the GOP does have a plan about Obamacare and its replacement. We’re going to rip this Democratic party-spawned monstrosity out by the roots, burn it, urinate on the ashes, and then try a series of market-based reforms that will increase competition (health savings accounts, inter-state insurance markets) and foster innovation (meaningful tort reform). Just because the Democrats keep lying by saying that there’s no alternative to their political equivalent to a midlife crisis** doesn’t mean that there actually isn’t one.
    ■I can’t wait to see how a 2014 focus group full of voters who have kept watching their insurance premiums go up and their existing coverage go bye-bye will react to the message Trust us, you’ll love Obamacare once we fix it. I cannot wait.

    And that’s pretty much where things stand. The problem with Obamacare is not that it is being badly presented; the problem is that there is a limit to how well you can present a law that is this bad. It’s like trying to put a positive spin on having your leg bitten off by a shark: sure, yes, in the long run you’re going to see a 50% saving on socks, but that’s not exactly comforting news while you’re watching the water around you go pink…


  63. Posted at NQ: the guys who put their lives on the line for this country are now having second thoughts about doing this, when the CIC is Obama. This statement which has gone viral puts a fine point on this.
    It’s been about eight years since I had the privilege to participate in those CAPEXs and I can only assume that the current operators feel the same way we did about those events. Get it done, high standard, and forget about it. However, given the long list of mind-boggling issues and events that have captured the attention of our entire nation, I wonder if they feel the same blind allegiance to the visiting dignitaries that we did.

    When our government secretly provides weapons to Mexican drug cartels from 2006 to 2011 that end up being used against our own law enforcement and Border Patrol agents, then hide the facts from the American people, led by the President declaring Executive Privilege, for their political survival, I can’t help but wonder.

    When our State Department and President blatantly hide the facts, even six months later, about the terrorist attack in Benghazi on 11 September, 2012 that left four Americans dead, including sitting US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and two former Navy SEALs, I can’t help but wonder.

    When dozens of elected officials across the country work to limit the peoples’ right to bear arms and sponsor legislature to dilute our 2nd Amendment rights, I can’t help but wonder.

    When our political leaders on both sides can’t come to an agreement before Sequestration kicks in that, among other things, furloughs our Armed Services civilian employees (while giving the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egyptian government $450 million dollars) and, most recently, ended Tuition Assistance for our service members (while Illegal Aliens can apply for state financial aid), I can’t help but wonder.

    When 9/11 happened, I was halfway through my Master’s Degree using Military Tuition Assistance. I never felt the military owed it to me, but simply sacrificed my down time and took advantage of it. When I deployed, I knew my wife and kids were prepared to legally protect themselves with a firearm should some whack job try to harm them or if he simply decided he had to have something he didn’t currently own. The studying could wait, but things have certainly changed.

    Is it outrageous to consider that a Tier One operator might be called upon to risk his life to save a US government official who may have voted to eliminate his wife’s ability, or the wives of his mates, to own an AR-15 rifle to protect herself and her children when her husband is deployed?

    I talked to a former member of SEAL Team 6 the other day that used the term “self-preservation” when discussing the current mind set of many Tier One operators. Generally, it struck me as odd, as that term never entered our thought process in my time. But after discussing it some more, and understanding how the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq validated, or corrected, many of our long held assumptions about war fighting, I could see his point. Very clearly, in fact.

    Ten plus years of war and it just doesn’t make much sense to be in too big of a hurry when clearing a target. Unless it’s a hostage situation where the principles of surprise, speed, and violence of action still hold true, what’s the hurry? Why lead with a nine banger when you’ve humped all those mini-frags to the target?

    But, the change in tactics wasn’t what struck me; it’s the change in mind set. Like anything controversial, self-preservation cuts both ways. Of course, I can’t speak for any other operator, but I personally wonder about my thought process if I happened to still be operational, faced with a hostage rescue of an elected official who thumbed his or her nose at our Constitution that we both swore to protect, and put my family or my mates’ families in potential danger. Certainly these elected officials, prime targets for terrorists around the world, make their decisions with their own political self-preservation in mind or based on their personal opinion. I hope, should the unthinkable happen, that these officials will remember, no later than thirty seconds out, what they were told back at the CAPEX. It’s the most assurance they’ll get about self-preservation when the boys arrive.

    As for me, after seeing our country and principles deteriorate and our Constitution stepped on over the last six years or so, I now know that I am definitely not the operator that a few of our elected officials should be depending on for repatriation.

    “So look up ahead at times to come, despair is not for us. We have a world and more to see, while this remains behind.” Col. James N. ”Nick” Rowe

  64. In re Obama:

    “A leader can either inspire confidence in his unit–or contaminate the environment and his unit by his attitude and actions”–Colonel Hal Moore (We Were Soldiers Once, And Young).

    The toughest part for military men to get their arms around–especially the officer corps, is how their commander and chief did not bother to aske for update–just went to bed to get ready to campaign, when our ambassador and four soldiers were under seige and dying. Loyalty is a two way street. Obviously, this question never arose in the minds of big media or democrats, and the republicans handled it with their customary ineptitude. But in our armed forces it has to be a problem. The point is he has not got their back–and as the above article makes clear, they know it. Obama is ill suited to the job of CIC.

  65. Early morning tee vee almost always turns up a clunker. I’m going to use two comment boxes for the one I saw earlier today. We have a local CBS affiliate with twitter @WBRETV which is also a veryclose sister to a second local station #WYOU. A casual community affairs announcement was made and I perked up. This is a local tv station partnering with Volunteers of America to bring James Carville to speak in the area. Details of the event:
    Ragin’ Cajun” James Carville set to speak at The Woodlands
    By: Lee Ann Kaskel
    Updated: March 4, 2013
    Eyewitness News is proud to partner with Volunteers of America to bring you “Ragin’ Cajun”, James Carville. Having begun a widely recognized winning streak in 1986 managing the gubernatorial race for Robert Casey Sr., Mr. Carville went on to international acclaim as campaign manager for William Jefferson Clinton’s winning bid for the 1992 Presidency. Come hear a highly energetic, bipartisan and humorous look at ‘Politics: Today and Tomorrow’. The evening’s program includes a tribute to The 2013 Spirit of Youth Award Honoree Mr. Charles Barber, President and CEO of The Luzerne Foundation. The program is hosted by Joe Holden
    Thursday April 11, 2013 6:00PM
    The Woodlands Inn
    1073 Highway 315 Wilkes-Barre, PA Tickets: $125 per person
    Sponsorships Available Now!
    Call 570-825-5261 for tickets, sponsorships, program ads and other information
    Host Joe Holder is seen regularly on the station as a reporter. Nice that the promo includes Sen Casey’s father and Clinton but not Obama.
    Don’t forget to see the second comment, a wikipedia warning about Volunteers of American

  66. ! This article appears to be written like an advertisement. Please help improve it by rewriting promotional content from a neutral point of view and removing any inappropriate external links. (March 2011)
    Volunteers of America is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing and other assistance services primarily to low-income people throughout the United States. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, the organization includes 36 affiliates providing services in approximately 400 communities in 46 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
    In 2010, the organization served more than 2 million people each year.[1] Services help people who affordable housing, veterans, low-income seniors, children and families, the homeless, those with intellectual disabilities, those recovering from addiction and the incarcerated.

  67. The Treasury Department’s Office of Environment and Energy has finally begun to turn over documents about its preparations for a carbon tax in response to transparency warrior Chris Horner’s Freedom of Information Act request. The documents provide solid evidence that the Obama administration and its allies in Congress have every intention of implementing a carbon tax if we fail to stop them.”

  68. Bloomie’s model of government is a coercive one–the nanny state on steorids. Rather than taking the easy way out—infringing upon a group that is disorganized, and has NO REPRESENTATION in Washington DC namely the American People, this diminutive pretender should be focusing on the root cause of the societal problems that ail us, namely the corporations that control government and create diets that kill people long before their time. The new model would be to put the onus on Cargill, ConAgra, Monsanto and their ilk–who have enjoyed a special relationship with the last three presidents, remove the massive public subsidies on wheat and corn, which contribute to the problems of obesity, diabetes, etc. and subsidize healthy foods like organic fruit, vegetables, etc. and make them affordable. And when the most evil corporation in the country sues an Indiana farmer who has planted soybeans with seeds which he originally purchase from them and is now trying to break him financially in a case now pending before the Supreme Court, Bloomie should sand up and tell them the soybeans you claim you own under patent consist of 4500 genes which were created over the eons and just because you made some genetic alteration to them at the very end of that cycle you cannot assert a proprietary interest over the building blocks of life which were present in nature long before you and your patent lawyers ever came along. Does Bloomie stand up and say that? Hell no. Not Bloomie. All this diminutive Jimminey Cricket Imposter wants to do and lives for is to lean on the only group that has no mentor, not rabbi, no representative in government—the easiest target of all, abandoned and lied to by big media—the American People.

  69. I neglected to specify who the most evil corporation in the country is, but I am sure most of you know: Monsanto.

  70. Final comment: nobody is suggesting that freedom is an absolute. It must be balanced with order, and that is the price of civilization. What I find objectionable and fascist in Bloomie is a marked tendency to find more and more excuses to infringe into areas which should be governed by private choice. And when we do this, most often it becomes a matter of robbing Peter–the American People, and paying Paul–the elites, the corporations and their lobbyists, in effect the Washington establishment with two incomes per family one in government, the other in business most often the media.

  71. De la Renta: Dressing first lady not top priority

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has been a favorite of many U.S. first ladies, including Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton. But one name is still missing from his list: Michelle Obama.

    De la Renta says he is not worried about not having Obama on his list of celebrity clients because for him what matters is dressing everyday women.

    De la Renta says that “an anonymous woman on the street is the woman who influences fashion today, not a movie star or a first lady.”

    Obama has appeared on many best-dressed lists and De la Renta has been among the few who have criticized her choices, specifically her decision to wear a sweater when she met Queen Elizabeth II in 2009. The designer said that he had said nice things and made the comment to avoid “sounding like a package of sugar.”

    “It is a relation that began poorly and I think it will end the same way,” the designer said Friday during a Mexico City fashion gala.

  72. today is Medal of Honor Day

    Secretary of War Edwin Stanton looked in amazement at the six young soldiers before him. It was March 25, 1863 and the sight of ragged remnants that had once been brave young commandos moved his heart. They had just been released from a Confederate P.O.W. camp in a prisoner exchange, and their story was incredible.

    Undoubtedly the Secretary had some prior knowledge of the ill-fated mission these brave Ohio volunteers had embarked upon just a year earlier, but the details of that mission and the commandos’ subsequent imprisonment exceeded his expectations.

  73. Sorry Foxy – I just noticed that your post is about the same topic. Mine is a different source though 🙂

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