The Good Friday Doubting Thomas

Ronald Reagan step aside. Here we are at the end of a week and the beginning of a weekend that is so very important in the history of Jews and Christians – a week in which gay rights and other secular issues dominate the headlines – and we are all about the Apostle Thomas. It was the Apostle Thomas, who after the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, looked at his divine mentor and demanded inspection of the holes drilled into the hands by nails and the stab of a spear on the chest. The Apostle Thomas was beating Ronald Reagan by millennia: Trust, but verify.

Trust But Verify

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Trust? Did you know this about Ben Smith’s (who spent more time and effort investigating our Hillary supporting readers and attempting to infect us with malware in 2007/2008 than investigating Barack Obama’s phony history) latest employer:

“With red state Democratic Senators remaining skittish about embracing Obama’s gun proposals, at least two top Democratic donors are stepping forward and vowing to withhold any and all future financial contributions from any Democrats who don’t support the centerpiece of Obama’s plan: Expanded background checks.

Kenneth Lerer, a New York businessman who is chairman of, and David Bohnett, a technology entrepreneur and philanthopist based in Los Angeles, are both major financial supporters of Democratic candidates, having each given scores of large contributions over the years.”

Don’t trust Obama protecting Big Media outlets.

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Gee, it’s really hot outside isn’t it? It must be the hottest ever and getting hotter. No one can possibly be making money or ginning up temperature data right? It must be hotter and getting hotter and hotter since it began to get hotter:

Twenty-year hiatus in rising temperatures has climate scientists puzzled

DEBATE about the reality of a two-decade pause in global warming and what it means has made its way from the sceptical fringe to the mainstream.

In a lengthy article this week, The Economist magazine said if climate scientists were credit-rating agencies, then climate sensitivity – the way climate reacts to changes in carbon-dioxide levels – would be on negative watch but not yet downgraded.

Another paper published by leading climate scientist James Hansen, the head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, says the lower than expected temperature rise between 2000 and the present could be explained by increased emissions from burning coal. [snip]

But the fact that global surface temperatures have not followed the expected global warming pattern is now widely accepted.

Research by Ed Hawkins of University of Reading shows surface temperatures since 2005 are already at the low end of the range projections derived from 20 climate models and if they remain flat, they will fall outside the models’ range within a few years.

“The global temperature standstill shows that climate models are diverging from observations,” says David Whitehouse of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

“If we have not passed it already, we are on the threshold of global observations becoming incompatible with the consensus theory of climate change,” he says.

Whitehouse argues that whatever has happened to make temperatures remain constant requires an explanation because the pause in temperature rise has occurred despite a sharp increase in global carbon emissions.”

Verify before you trust. There’s a lot of money to be made from scams that exploit fear and lies.

Beware especially of those that want to help you by helping themselves to your cash (see Barack Obama’s latest plan to save the world by raising the cost of gas for Americans).

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OoooooOooh, those darn Israelis. Darn those gay hating, gay executing, Jewish bigots. Oh, um, uh… never mind. It’s not the Jews after all:

“The most revealing essay in Out of Place: Interrogating Silences in Queerness/Raciality?* was entitled “Gay Imperialism: Gender and Sexuality Discourse in the War on Terror.” Hinging upon the premise that “besides terrorism, gender and sexuality are the grounds upon which the Islamophobic wars at home and abroad are fought,” the authors sought to portray discussion of homosexuality in Muslim countries as a new form of the 19th-century mission civilisatrice of the French empire.

Coming in for special scorn were those Muslims who themselves criticized attitudes in their own cultures. [snip]

So averse are these academics to finding fault in Arab, Muslim, or other nonwhite communities that they have attempted to isolate mere discussion of homophobia by decrying it as a form of racism. Indeed, according to them, the promotion of gay rights is itself an offshoot of racism. [snip] In other words, to expect immigrants from nonwhite majority countries to reject wife-beating and tolerate gay relationships is to be a racist.

The last stripe in this rainbow flag of cynical distortion is the alleged phenomenon of “pinkwashing,” defined by City University professor Sarah Schulman in a New York Times op-ed in 2011 as the “deliberate strategy to conceal the continuing violations of Palestinians’ human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life.

Though the phrase gained worldwide attention thanks to Schulman, it actually first came to prominent attention in a 2010 piece in the British Guardian by Rutgers academic Jasbir Puar, who claimed Israel was engaged in a “gay propaganda war,” using its supposed openness to homosexuality as a smokescreen to trick gay activists into thinking better of it rather than standing with those who argue Israel is an evildoer because of its conduct toward Palestinians.

The campaign against “pinkwashing” reached a paranoid height in 2011 in a determined campaign by Arab and left-wing gay activists against—a Web portal featuring news and information about gay-related issues across the Middle East. [snip]

And, according to its enemies, the site failed to condemn Israel and the positions of its government on issues wholly unrelated to gay rights (such as relations with the Palestinians). To add insult to injury, it had the temerity to publish “article after article of [sic] how awesome Tel Aviv’s gay life is,” rather than the “anti-apartheid statements of the various Arab LGBT groups.” [snip]

What the relativists ultimately cannot stomach are moral arguments coming from the mouths of Westerners, directed at non-Westerners. [snip] These ideas will get an airing in April at the City University of New York, at a conference entitled “Homonationalism and Pinkwashing,” in which the United States will also be accused of using its supposed open-mindedness toward homosexuality as a propaganda tool. To the proponents of the “pinkwashing” meme, the hard-fought, tangible victories won by gay people over the past five decades are illusory, because America remains a capitalist, oppressive, and imperialist hegemon.

In the United States, lesbian, gay, and bisexual people have been invited into an equality defined, not by rights, but by the ability to participate openly in immoral wars,” Sarah Schulman writes in the conference description, reducing over half a century of gay-rights activism to enjoying, as an acknowledged homosexual, the right to kill innocent, dark-skinned people. By failing to engage in a more radical, Marxist critique of society, gay activists have sold out: They advocate for “assimilationist” goals like marriage and military service, when what they should really be doing is undermining the patriarchy and advocating pacifism. They have become handmaidens to “homonationalism,” or the “collusion between LGBT people and identification with the nation state, re-enforcement of racial and national boundary, and systems of supremacy ideology no longer interrupted by homophobia.”

Who knew? If you drink a Mimosa at a gay bar you’re a racist! If you’re gay and don’t burn the American flag you’re a racist! If you’re gay and are mostly interested in Judy Garland and Ru Paul – you’re a racist! That’s how crazed the Obama left DailyKooks have become.

If you think Judeo-Christian Western civilization and culture has virtues in abundance and lessons to teach you’re a racist!

There’s a lot in that article worth reading. If you want to help free Muslim gays with policies recycled from the campaign to help Soviet Jewry the article has some ideas to consider. If you want to read how corrupt the Obama left is (hint: gay Muslims are smart to cooperate with the gay hating misogynist Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and give these thugs power), indulge yourself.

The Obama Kooks are all for BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) against Israel but pinkwashing of the Muslim Brotherhood politics. Don’t trust them.

* * * * * *

Back in 2007 almost from the very first postings in this website we declared that “Obama cannot be trusted”. Eventually entire articles detailed why “Barack Obama cannot be trusted.” Our catechism was written:

“Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.”

Today Keith Koffler echoes us:

“Obama: Trust Me, I’ll Treat You Better

Whether he’s trying to make nice with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or suddenly at the doorstep of Republicans, looking for meetings, Obama is starting his second term merely trying to get those he has to deal with to trust him.

They’d be better off trusting their instincts instead, which most likely tell them: Once bitten, twice shy.”

Koffler carried our message to the pixels of Politico:

“Every woman knows the type. He doesn’t call when he said he would, he forgets Valentine’s Day, he’s late to pick you up – the only thing he has a good memory for is excuses. [snip]

President Obama’s recent flurry of “outreaching” and shifting policies suggests the political incarnation of just such a man. And those on the receiving end of his sudden flattery can be excused for trusting him just as much as one might a cad bearing flowers and an apology.

Obama has left a long trail of broken hearts, reneging on commitments to major groups – political, national, and social – that thought they might count on him. The great challenge of Obama’s second term isn’t one particular program or another. It’s merely getting people to trust him.

Yup, Obama cannot be trusted by friend or foe. Obama cannot be trusted:

“Last week, the Israelis were treated to the odd spectacle of an abruptly cuddly and warm American president who had previously insulted their prime minister, changed the starting point for negotiations with the Palestinians to the pre-1967 borders, and demanded an end to settlements as a prelude to peace talks.

So here he was in Jerusalem bearing gifts – quite literally, a framed wooden artifact from a synagogue visited by George Washington for Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and a set of original stationery by New York designer Christen Maxwell for the prime minister’s wife.

He lavished attention on Netanyahu, visited the grave of Zionism founder Theodore Herzl to dispel all doubt about his commitment to Israel’s existence and paid respects at the tomb of Yitzhak Rabin – but pointedly not that of Yasser Arafat when Obama briefly stopped in the Palestinian territories.

Oh, and he assured the Israelis that peace negotiations could begin even as settlement construction continued.

All he asked in return was to please trust that the United States – and ideally not Israel – will eradicate Iran’s nuclear program and not “cut it too close,” as Obama put it, to the point where nothing can be done.

That is, trust me with your nation’s survival, with your children’s future.

Yeah, Israel, trust Obama on Iran. Yeah, right. [Gays, you should trust Iran too even though all gay sex is considered rape and punishable by death.] Republicans, you should trust Obama too:

“Just the week before, Republicans were barraged with a furious series of phone calls, visits, and White House invitations from a president who had ignored them for much of his first term and savaged them each time campaign season came around. Suddenly, the husband who’d been out club hopping and golfing with the boys was home for dinner and eager to help take care of the kids. [snip]

Republicans had better read the fine print, and remember that while tax increases happen today, spending cuts are for later and are always renegotiable.”

Obama cannot be trusted by foe or friend:

“The rest of those who find Obama has materialized out of nowhere at their doorstep should be just as careful.

The list includes gays who found out just last year Obama supports same-sex marriage; Hispanics who were promised immigration reform during Obama’s first term and are now told they’ll get it in the second; gun control advocates getting their due only after a horrific mass shooting got Obama’s attention; and environmentalists who thought global warming shouldn’t wait another four years before getting a serious response from a Democratic president. [snip]

Now, supposedly, they’ll all have their day in Obama’s court, even though the House is still run by Republicans.

But people don’t really change. Someone, and maybe everyone, will be disappointed. [snip]

And America finds out, contrary to what the president promised, that under Obamacare their premiums are rising, the cost of the program is soaring, and they might not be able to keep that plan and doctor they like after all.

Doubting Thomas was right: Trust – but verify.

If Doubting Thomas lived today and knew Obama he would say:

Don’t trust Obama. Obama cannot be trusted. Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


Hillary Clinton 2016 And John Kerry Botox Face

[Update on September 1, 2013 due to high traffic from John Kerry’s freakish appearance on all the talk shows: Welcome to the many of you wondering why Big Media is refusing to discuss John Kerry’s freakish botox face. We started a Twitter hashtag #JohnKerryBotox to break this misogynistic embargo.]

On the day yet to come that time and gravity provide Sarah Palin with the slightest of watery bags under her eyes, a wrinkle or two on her smooth face, a grey hair on her head – Big Media will explode with the virulent sexist misogyny Hillary Clinton supporters saw in 2007/2008 from Barack Obama supporters in and out of Big Media. Tina Fey will perform her impression of Sarah Palin with a Susan Sontag wig the moment a grey hair grows on Sarah’s head and Trig gran-momma jokes will erupt soon thereafter from ogres like Andrew Sullivan.

Hillary Clinton 2016 supporters better prepare for the onslaught of “you’re likeable enough Hillary” sexism and misogyny that will slew forth from Big Media. Hillary Clinton supporters (those who return to the fight with new Facebook pages and the many new organizations and websites that ensure that Big Pink is not alone as we were in 2007 and the early days of 2008) better prepare now for the sexism and misogyny that will come disguised as paeans to Hillary.

This past weekend the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker wrote a seemingly flattering tribute to Hillary declaring that Hillary’s time has come. Parker wrote amidst her flattering words:

“It would be exhausting. Time wears us down, and Hillary would be 69 in 2016. The past four years have been brutal, and she shows the effects of constant travel, immense pressure and a rather noble lack of attention to her vanities. A presidential campaign, though more familiar, would be worse. So much engagement, so many bad meals, a terrible pace for anyone of any age but especially for a woman who may be musing about grandchildren and doting.”

Poor ol’ broken down Hillary. Send her to the glue factory or watch as she ends her life as an unpaid baby sitter. Yeah right. In 2008 we recall the many attacks against Hillary’s physical appearance by Obama supporters. Hillary’s “cankles” and her “cackle” were daily grist for the sexist misogyny mill that are the DailyKooks and other assorted Obama websites. These same people still control the DailyKooks and Obama websites and they will not apologize nor regret their attacks against Hillary in 2007/2008. Their attacks at first will be subtle. But the old attacks will reemerge refreshed once the left decides who the Barack Obama of 2016 will be.

* * * * * *

Ol’ broken down Hillary has a “noble lack of attention to her vanities” wrote Kathleen Parker. Translation: ‘Hillary has gone to seed and doesn’t care that she looks like a beaten up bagwoman’. Or is it an old wet bag of potatoes?

Back in September 2011 when there was a behind the scenes move to dump Barack Obama and bring in the “A” team, Hillary, the rumors began that Hillary Clinton had a facelift.

Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State then and meeting with Libyan Transitional Council chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil when the facelift rumors began. The rumors lifted only after it became clear that Hillary’s fresh new appearance was due to finally getting a few hours of sleep. Which brings us to Secretary of State John Kerry.

Have you seen John Kerry lately? The man must be 50% Botox. There is sufficient Botox in Kerry to float the corpse of Michael Jackson like a coffin on the high seas or a cork in a toilet bowl. But no one in Big Media notices.

Have you seen John Kerry lately? Kerry looks like a refugee from Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil.

Or perhaps from Star Trek Insurrection:

John Kerry Facelift

Or just a plain old disaster:

Yet, because he’s a man, there is no other reason is there?, no one is mentioning John Kerry’s Botox face.

Back in 2004 there was some attention to the Botox Kerry was injecting into his equine face (apologies to our horse friends). But today, as John Kerry travels the planet as Secretary of State no one in Big Media writes about the Wilderstein appearance of Kerry. Kerry looks as if Theresa got out an iron and did a permanent press on hubby.

Mind, we have nothing against a little surgical pick-me-up other than we don’t really like any type of surgery if it can be at all avoided. But why is it that John Kerry gets a pass on what is obvious to everyone? If it was a woman gone to such extreme wrinkly annihilation “Wilderstein!” would be heard throughout the Big Media swamps.

Perhaps Big Media is rewarding John Kerry with silence because of his complicity along with Ted Kennedy to gift the Democratic Party nomination to Barack Obama in 2008 “(Ted Kennedy was the secret power behind Obama well before Iowa – a fact almost never mentioned (contrary to myth John Kerry endorsed Obama before Iowa and Kerry would not have acted without Ted Kennedy’s approval.)” But we doubt that is the real reason.

Sexism and misogyny crested in 2008 as first Hillary Clinton then Sarah Palin became the targets of the Barack Obama smear machine. The War on Women is waged by men and women from the left and the right. Anyone who thinks sexism and misogyny will disappear in 2016 from the propaganda organs of the DailyKooks left is in for a shocking face stretch as reality slaps them in the face.


The Coming Bloodbath: Sunshine For Hillary Clinton 2016

Update: For those that doubt our premise the opening shot from the left against Hillary Clinton 2016 comes via Ben Smith’s Buzzfeed.

The DailyKooks left wants Hillary Clinton to move closer to the disaster that is Barack Obama even as he sinks in the polls. As we note at the end of our article Obamacare will be the issue in 2016 (and 2014) and Hillary better run from Barack Obama and statements such as this one from an Obamacare official on exchanges: “Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience.” Hillary Clinton better stay in the center, not move to the left.


It’s difficult to cheer Republicans up as they contemplate the possibility of Hillary Clinton 2016. But we will try. Up at bat, Anthony Weiner, in our campaign to bring cheer to Republicans:

“Weiner is still fuming over his downfall, and he blames Nancy Pelosi,” said a source. [snip] Our source further adds, “Weiner has recently been telling pals that ‘when Hillary is president,’ he will get his revenge.” Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is a longtime Clinton aide.”

Now why would Weiner believe he will get his revenge when Hillary is president? It has been reported that Hillary Clinton was furious with Weiner when he unwittingly circulated twitter pictures of his weiner to several women while his own wife was pregnant with his first child. Hillary, certainly is not about to hurt herself politically with a defense or support for Weiner. Hillary haters will draw parallels with cheatin’ Bill but Weiner is not Hillary’s beloved life-long partner (in politics and childbearing) husband. So why does Weiner think President Hillary Clinton will bring about his revenge?

Weiner knows, like we do, that President Hillary Clinton will decapitate Pelosi, the Obama Dimocrats cult, and the DailyKooks who hate Hillary. Don’t believe us? Think Hillary and Bill are too darn nice to give payback? Think it’s “let bygones be bygones” time? Ask Judas Bill Richardson about Hillary’s long memory.

Hillary Clinton probably does not even have to win the general election to begin the decapitations. A nomination win will be sufficient to whet the guillotine’s thirst. That’s why we have written:

Barack Obama and his minions will do everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton and make sure she does not get the nomination in 2016 let alone the presidency.

There is no way that the crazed Obama left is going to go back to the hated paradigm of clinton-bush-clinton-bush interrupted by Obama for clinton-bush years. The crazed left minions might think they love Hillary Clinton now, but wait until their overlords decide they will oppose Hillary and the minions will fall back into the Hillary hate line.

The crazed Obama left is not going to have Hillary Clinton, THE CLINTONS, be the culmination of their revolution by having Hillary inherit the mantle of Obama. The left might be crazed but it is not stupid and the leadership of the totalitarian Obama left is not about to surrender its power to Hillary and Bill and Terry and the hated DLC.”

Right now Republicans are in dread about Hillary Clinton 2016. But wait until the intra-party fighting comes out into the open. The Lanny Davis defense of Bob Woodward and calling out Obama’s thugs is but a foretaste of meals to come.

Republicans better hope Obama’s thugs derail Hillary Clinton again because the news for them is bad today. For Hillary Clinton 2016 the news is all sunshine:

“(CNN) – Let’s say Hillary Clinton is the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio is the GOP nominee.

A new poll suggests Clinton would hold double digit leads over both men in hypothetical general election matchups in their home state of Florida, the largest of the battleground states.

According to a Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday, the former first lady, former senator from New York, 2008 Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state leads Bush, the former two-term governor of Florida, 51%-40% in the Sunshine State. And the poll indicates Clinton topping Rubio, the first term senator from Florida, 52%-41% in his home state.

Clinton has a 62%-33% favorable/unfavorable rating among Florida voters, compared to 50%-35% for Bush and 41%-34% for Rubio. [snip]

“We probably won’t know for some time whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016, but if she decides to make the race, she begins with a sizable lead in a state that Republicans cannot win the White House without,” says Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Florida voters have a very positive view of Mrs. Clinton and it’s not just Democrats who feel that way.”

It’s all sunshine:

The Democratic front-runner is incredibly popular. Sixty-two percent of Floridians look on her favorably, and only a third have a negative opinion. Twenty-six percent of Republicans and 56 percent of men have a favorable opinion of Clinton.

In 2016 it will once again be all about Florida. While there have been good polls for Hillary in Texas they cannot possibly hold. Can they? So as in 2012 it will be all about Florida again.

In 2012 Mitt Romney foolishly thought he had Florida locked up even though this website and much anecdotal and empirical evidence made it starkly clear that Florida was in peril of voting for Obama. Poll after poll put Florida in the undecided column and even though there was voter fraud a Marco Rubio on the ticket would have carried enough clout to give Romney the state.

If Republicans are smart they will come up with a strategy NOW to win Florida. Republicans have a powerful winning strategy to win Florida, if they grow brains, and it is called OBAMACARE.

Hillary Clinton will also have to develop a counter-strategy if Republicans do something smart for once and continue their assault on Obama’s health scam.

For Hillary Clinton 2016 and for the Republicans Obama’s health scam will be the issue. For Hillary Clinton 2016 and for the Republicans Florida will be the battleground.


The Devil Went Down To Georgi… Israel

Update II: Should we laugh or cry? The treacherous boob continues his treacherous campaign of deception. Obama to Israelis: Put yourselves in the Palestinians’ shoes:

Four years ago, I stood in Cairo in front of an audience of young people. Politically, religiously, they must seem a world away. But the things they want – they’re not so different from you. The ability to make their own decisions; to get an education and a good job; to worship God in their own way; to get married and have a family. The same is true of the young Palestinians that I met in Ramallah this morning, and of young Palestinians who yearn for a better life in Gaza.

Which Egyptian “young people” does he mean? The ~5% of the country that’s liberal and reform-minded and that quickly disappeared from political view after Mubarak was deposed?”

Arafat had a chance to embrace Bill Clinton’s peace plan and there would have been a Palestinian state decades ago. But it is not about a Palestinian state it is about the destruction of Israel. Obama thinks a speech to Israelis will make Israelis overthrow their leaders and embrace him. But Israelis live on the front line of the red line and they will not fall for Obama’s duplicities as easily as gullible American voters twisted by lies from Big Media.


Update: First, “The Beast” broke down (hint: it’s not Michelle). Second, several appearances with Netanyahu which on the surface are friendly but the astute eye can see Bibi boxing in the Boob. Third, a tree might grow in Brooklyn but Israelis know (i) the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree; (ii) beware of Obamas bearing gifts; (iii) and that atree doesn’t fall far from the Limo. Time to uproot.

Then the last temptation of Chuckie – asking questions about why Obama boobed in the Middle East. Obama to Chuck Todd in Israel: What’s with all the questions? Outrage ensued as the Hopium Guzzlers choked at too many questions from the bearded hog. So “why haven’t the Israeli people embraced Obama like the last two predecessors?”


Johnny get your fiddle!

This past Sunday Republican and Speaker of the House John Boner said he “absolutely” trusts Barack Obama. What a moron.

The RNC had its own boner problem on Monday in the form of a silly report about fixing the party’s problems with voters. Far from being Reince Priebus’s not so crazy plans (as some would have it), the RNC report whines about how voters have an ugly image of the GOP but somehow the report fails to see then attack Big Media as the big reason why the public has this view.

The RNC report has one great joke in it. The RNC now wants to have a say in who moderates their debates. These are truly stupid people if only now they realize that Big Media can do real damage to them when presenting Republican candidates in a Republican forum while many voters are watching. Only now they get this???

We were yelling about the need to reject Big Media moderators, even entire networks, back in 2007 when we wrote that Hillary Clinton should not allow NBC or MSNBC anywhere near her or her campaign. Hillary’s campaign didn’t listen although that might be due to the reality that if she uttered a peep about Big Media bias she would have been denounced as a scaredy girl. But Republicans?

Republicans have not had that excuse. In fact since Spiro Agnew Republicans beating up on Big Media has been a strong net positive for them. Newt Gingrich’s biggest moments in 2012 came about when he publicly denounced Big Media at the debates. The truth is: “GOP leaders are out of touch with the party’s base.” It’s their party, not ours, but really, how just how deeply stupid are these Republican “leaders”?

* * * * * *

Tonight Barack Obama begins a transatlantic publicity stunt. Yup, finally Obama is going to Israel after snubbing Israel and giving a putrid speech to the Muslim world from Cairo. We certainly hope, and believe that Israeli leaders will not prove so hopelessly stupid as Republican “leaders”.

It is humorous and fortuitous that as Barack Obama prepares his Israel bamboozlement tour a televised controversy has hit, courtesy of the History Channel. Barack Obama is Satan at the History Channel.

Barack Satan Obama

At the very time that Barack Obama is traveling to the Holy Land to spew deceit and temptations, a lookalike TV Obama is already at the Holy Land spewing deceit and temptations. Clueless Israeli leaders who, like John Boner, “trust” Obama can get a clue courtesy of the History Channel.

The latest Obama Satan depiction comes from fans of and donors to Barack Obama so it is not a Republican plot. The Producers of “The Bible” miniseries: No way were we trying to make Satan look like Obama – they say the devil made them do it. Seriously, that’s what they say.

The devil used to go to Georgia to lay a trap for unwitting fiddle players. But Johnny the fiddle player slapped that ol’ debil and won a golden violin. Israeli leaders: get a clue. Obama is not going to Israel for any kind of good.


Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton 2016, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush…

The end of Barack Obama’s offensive charm lick of congressional Republicans (and Obama Dimocrats just discovering the bitter aftertaste of Hopium) is finally here. Barack, like a whore in a Reeperbahn window, was forced to splay his belle chose for all to see but few to buy.

The forced “charm” offensive to court Washington D.C. is yet another comedown for the man who once said “To know me is to love me.” It’s a troubling omen this Ides of March for the man who once prophesied about the then upcoming 2010 elections – “Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.” That was an Obama promise we knew was more like a threat. A threat that threatens again in 2014.

Barack is also the man, we use the term loosely, who thought (along with the Hopium Guzzlers) of himself as a “transformational” figure of world historical importance. This led to debauched assassination fantasies and what we termed “necrophilia narcissism”:

“By creating non-existent “death threats” against Obama, his former and current supporters want to justify in their minds that they were not wrong about their Mess-iah Obama. Obama supporters want to believe that they were right that Obama is, contrary to all evidence, a world historical figure, a transformational hero, a great man of history – so they desperately try to link Obama, via death and the non-existent death threats, to assassinated genuine world historical figures.”

How long ago was that? Do you remember when Barack Obama was, according to his vainglorious self, “transformational”? Remember when the Obama Hopium Guzzlers thought the Obama Reich would last a thousand years?

Remember when these same Hopium Guzzlers declared Hillary Clinton a fossilized grandma never to be heard from again? Remember when the Obama Hopium Guzzlers celebrated the death of Iraq War-DLC lovin’-Terry McAuliffe huggin’-Lincoln bedroom tuggin’ Hillary Clinton and the relegated-to-the-dustbin-of-history Clinton political machine?

Remember when Barack Obama was such a colossus that the Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush cyclical competitions were at an end and never to happen again? Remember when the thought of Hillary Clinton excited screams of “dynasty!” from those that now drunkingly dream of a Hillary Clinton and scowling Michelle Obama ticket in 2016?


We don’t forget and neither should you.

Remember when Bill Clinton was a racist and enemy #1 (or #2 because Hillary was/is #1 on the Obama hit list) of the Obama Hopium Guzzlers? Remember when Barack Obama promised to “turn the page” on Bill Clinton and all those old battles that according to the Chicago narcissist no longer mattered?

So much for transformational.

Now the talk is all about a return to what “transformational” Obama was supposed to transform. Yup, Bush Clinton, Bush, Clinton with Barack Obama as an asterisk. A dirty asterisk.

Last Sunday Jeb Bush appeared on six Sunday talk shows to talk about a book. A book! Love him, hate him, Jeb Bush is already a presidential candidate in waiting. At this week’s CPAC conference Jeb Bush: Take me off the CPAC presidential straw poll ballot.

Hillary. Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is stirred not shaken. Like James Bond celebrating his 50th anniversary with many spies left unkilled, it seems the future is all about Hillary.

There are so many Hillary Clinton 2016 news stories and websites, the air is filled and the internets clogged with those Ready for Hillary. So much Hillmentum that the presumption is Hillary Clinton will “clear the field” if/when she runs for the nomination and the presidency. We’re not so sanguine:

Barack Obama and his minions will do everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton and make sure she does not get the nomination in 2016 let alone the presidency.

There is no way that the crazed Obama left is going to go back to the hated paradigm of clinton-bush-clinton-bush interrupted by Obama for clinton-bush years. The crazed left minions might think they love Hillary Clinton now, but wait until their overlords decide they will oppose Hillary and the minions will fall back into the Hillary hate line.

The crazed Obama left is not going to have Hillary Clinton, THE CLINTONS, be the culmination of their revolution by having Hillary inherit the mantle of Obama. The left might be crazed but it is not stupid and the leadership of the totalitarian Obama left is not about to surrender its power to Hillary and Bill and Terry and the hated DLC.”

The Hillary Clinton 2016 war against Barack has already started.

Kim Ghattas author of the recent book “The Secretary: A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power” says what we have written:

“But she will have to show how she was different from President [Barack] Obama, because the loyalty pays off; it has helped her restore her image, her standing. But when she wants to run, she will have to show how she’s different from President Obama.”

Hillary’s going to have to do more than a tepid analysis of how she differs from Barack Obama. At some point Hillary will have to make political calculations as to cost/benefit of renewed open opposition from the Hopium Guzzler Obama left versus the need to restate her arguments against Obama from 2008 if she is to win the presidency (especially as the monster which is ObamaCare continues to ravage the land).

Whatever Hillary Clinton decides to do, whatever Jeb Bush decides to do, it is clear that Obama is a nothing. Obama is not a transformation president.

Barack Obama has been just another fad, like a pet rock, a complete waste of time. In 2016 America will return to history. In 2016, after eight years, America will wake up like a drunk in an alley and wonder what happened and wash itself clean of the stench, of the waste, called the Obama years.


The Charm Of A Cobra

Since 2008 we have written that we are in the Age of Fake. Today we read (via the New York Times) the words of a senior WH official: Obama’s GOP outreach is a big waste of time designed to impress the media. What a shock. The “charm offensive” is a fake. The Blaze cuts through the smoke obscured by the New York Times:

“Aides say Mr. Obama will continue his outreach even if the phone calls and other overtures can “feel fake to him,” in the words of one associate.”

It’s the Age of Fake in White House quotes. The Obama “charm offensive” really is merely an offensive tactic both in the political war sense and in the contempt for the intelligence of Americans it displays:

“He is dining with Republicans after advisers openly mocked suggestions that he do so. He is visiting Capitol Hill after telling aides that such a gesture was beneath him and the dignity of his office. And, as an ultimate indignity, he is talking to reporters. What’s gotten into President Obama?

A better question might be what has left the president – and the answer would be: Much of his political capital.

Obama’s sudden burst of public outreach coincides with a drop in his approval ratings, noted first by Democratic pollsters advising the White House last week and now surfacing in a spate of public polls. This raises the uncomfortable question: Is this schmooze-a-thon a legitimate act of humility and leadership or a cynical public display? [snip]

This is a joke. We’re wasting the president’s time and ours,” complained a senior White House official who was promised anonymity so he could speak frankly. “I hope you all (in the media) are happy because we’re doing it for you.

Why the offensive charm from Obama the cobra? It’s because some Republicans have begun to fight and Americans are noticing that Obama is only interested or competent at self-promotion and the arts of a flim-flam man:

“Obama and his team declared a “grand bargain” on the nation’s long-term debt impossible and publicly predicted that voters would blame Republicans alone for the imposition of sequestration cuts.

They were wrong. While he remains vastly more popular than Congress, particularly congressional Republicans, the president has seen his approval rating drop to the lowest level in more than a year, with more voters disapproving of his performance than approving, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll. [snip]

This was predictable. The White House was warned by Democratic allies in Congress and on K Street that, fair or not, voters ultimately punish presidents for malfeasance in Washington. Even more jarring than Obama’s lack of engagement was his public protestations that there was nothing he could do to strike a deal with the GOP. “It made him look weak,” said a Democratic strategist with close ties to the White House. “It made him look – can I used this word? – impotent.”

As obviously offensive as Barack Obama is – even Obama bitten Politico asks “How serious is he?“, some Republicans continue to play along and try to charm the cobra. According to Big Pink aficionado Peggy Noonan two Republican senators (McCain and Graham barely disguised) provided not-for-attribution interviews which show how disconnected from reality these Republican senators are:

“One was heartened and impressed by the meeting while retaining his skepticism as to whether it might open the way to pronounced progress in pursuit of a so-called grand bargain.

The other was more optimistic and left the meeting moved.

Each independently mentioned one aspect of the conversation that troubled them both: The president, while friendly and forthcoming, seemed to withdraw somewhat when talk turned to continuing the process. [snip]

Senator No. 1: When pressed on the question, the president seemed to step back. “His idea of a process is, ‘You guys figure it out and work with my staff, and if you need me call me.’ But in the end, unless the president really gets engaged and forces meeting after meeting, I don’t see how you get past the logjam.” [snip]

Senator No. 2: “At the end I mentioned, ‘Share [with us] how you see this going forward.’ ” Here the president “got hazy. . . . I told him this will never work without adult supervision from the White House. I don’t think he comprehends that this is part of getting something done.”

What dolts. Every herpetologist will tell you cobras are deaf, they do not listen. They just wait for the right moment to strike and kill.

The easily gullible or purposefully stupid do their best, after guzzling gallons of Hopium, to convince themselves, us, and the American public that this “charm offensive” is anything but fake. Those that take undiluted Hopium by injection are busying conning themselves that the “partisan ice” is breaking. The only thing breaking is their credibility.

Tomorrow Barack Obama will be speaking to his pay-to-play tax deductible corrupt OAF organization. It’s the cobra before the cobra cult. The message will be ‘give me money and adulation and I’ll do what I want and still hold you in contempt for loving and worshiping me.’

Neither the cobra cult of Barack Obama nor the Republican senators we quoted above has yet to learn our mantra:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

Every herpetologist will tell you cobras are deaf, they do not listen. Every herpetologist will also tell you cobras are poisonous.


Right To Fight

Update: Another example of “If you fight you win.” Good news: Egyptian woman known for pro-9/11, anti-semitic tweets to be honored by State Department. It is Michelle Obama that, as we note in one sentence below, intended to break the sequester blockade and spend money awarding this anti-American anti-Semite. Now this anti-American anti-Semite’s award from Michelle Obama is put on hold pending a “review”. If you fight you win.


Well, finally, at long last, after a long Winter of near despair and piled on discontents, after many variations of Kabuki theater, after a lot of “sound and fury signifying nothing” Spring arrives. The one question that matters is finally getting an answer. After November 2012 there has been only one question:

“The question that needs to be answered is “Will Republicans Fight?” Until the answer to that question is “Yes, Republicans are fighting with deeds – not words or promises to fight – and the evidence is that they did this and this and this, etc.” not much will matter. Not much will matter. [snip]

Republican “leaders” could get all the evidence proving them right on everything since the beginning of history but it won’t matter unless they decide to fight. There is no Republican leadership and there is already a moderate Republican group dropping “Republican” from name. A lack of leadership has even more dire consequences than a lost election.

By not panicking, while Obama fear/smear campaigned in state after state against them, Republicans did a great deal when they did nothing and let the sequester take place. The impact of this non-action “bravery” is that Obama is on the ropes, called out as Chicken Little. Barack H(enny Penny) Obama.

So total is the collapse of Obama’s weeks long fear and smear campaign against the sequester that now even at the New York Times it is time for some sequestration-scrutiny of Obama’s leisure time. Michael Shear writes:

‘Amid Cuts, Does a President Dare Tee Off? [snip]

Ari Fleischer, press secretary to President George W. Bush, said: “If George Bush were playing golf while this was under way, there would be pandemonium in the press corps about it.” [snip]

“People are going to be hurt,” Mr. Obama declared just hours before the cuts went into effect last week.

So the president’s White House advisers are going to have to confront the question of how, or whether, to adjust his family’s activities. Should they go to Martha’s Vineyard? Will Michelle Obama and the couple’s daughters avoid trips like the ski vacation they took to Aspen last month? And what about the golf that Mr. Obama frequently plays at the nearby Joint Base Andrews?

Mr. Fleischer pointed out that the Pentagon’s leaders have warned that the budget cuts will have a serious impact on the readiness of the nation’s military. “What does it say about a sequester if a military golf course can stay open during it?” he said.”

According to Politico, preparations are already underway for Obama’s next vacation on Martha’s Vineyard during the skyfall sequester. Michelle Obama will be further exhausting government monies in a White House ceremony honoring a vicious anti-American anti-Semite.

The sequester spine displayed by Republicans heartened the hearts of Obama opponents even if it was doing something by doing nothing. Then yesterday, Rand Paul, got in the ring and boxed for 13 hours. According to Rand Paul his filibuster was to some extent a spur of the moment decision. He did not have on comfortable shoes, wore no catheter, had a few chocolate bars, and an issue he cared about. RP found the senate floor available, something that is rare in these days of Harry Reid control, and decided to go for it. The filibuster was on.

In that one moment Rand Paul lifted up a great many hearts tired of the craven leadership. The Professor has a good list of the many and varied Rand Paul filibuster accomplishments. Among these accomplishments the Professor writes is “Exposing, Once Again, the Old Failed Republican Guard”, “Exposing, Once Again, the Old Failed Democratic Guard”, “Exposing, Once Again, Elizabeth Warren”, “Making Obama/Holder Surrender on Something”, “Awakening Another Sleeping Giant”.

Those of us who toiled in Democratic Party politics for so long are especially ashamed and disgusted at the now corrupt Obama Dimocratic Party which Jonathan Turley describes:

“Sen. Rand Paul has ended his day-long filibuster against President Obama’s claim to be able to kill any U.S. citizen on his own authority without criminal charge or conviction. What was most striking about this principled stand is the virtual total absence of Democrats in speaking out against Obama. Just this week, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted that this policy could include killing citizens on U.S. soil with drones. Yet, the Democrats worked to stop not the kill list policy but Paul’s filibuster. Obama apologists have attacked Rand for some of his other positions to avoid dealing with the fact that Obama is claiming the powers of an Imperial President. I do not agree with Paul on many things, but I commend him for this stand and condemn those who remained silent, again, in the face of this authoritarian policy of Obama. [snip]

The lack of opposition to Obama’s kill list policy is a national disgrace. It shows the triumph of a cult of personality within the Democratic ranks where both members and voters have chosen Obama over long-standing values of civil liberties that once defined their party.

In the face of such ugliness, a cult of Obama fanatics in control, there can be nothing but all out opposition to Barack Obama from us.

For Republicans Rand Paul was a great tonic which helps dispel the gloom and depression of last November:

“Ever since losing the presidential election, the right has been consumed by envy of President Obama — of his mobilization of key voters, his digital strategy, his ability to successfully shift blame to Republicans and the way he is able to seemingly exploit every crisis for his political advantage. My colleague Tim Carney has a good post explaining what Rand Paul accomplished with his 12-hour plus filibuster. But I also wonder if this could be seen as the moment where post-election conservative envy of Obama subsides, and they begin to see him as vulnerable again. [snip]

It was impossible to dismiss this as just a right-wing Tea Party attack, because a lot of liberals agree with the substance of Paul’s criticism. This filibuster had to get under Obama’s skin. As much as anything else, he was elected on a promise to turn the page on the Bush era and conduct the war against terrorism with greater concern for civil liberties. Watching Paul’s filibuster last night, I couldn’t help but think that this is how Obama imagines himself – a principled crusader for justice. When Bush and Cheney were running the show, whatever could be said about them, at least they were consistent in supporting broad presidential powers in the realm of national security. But it’s hard to look back at the pre-2009 Obama and see him as anything other than an arrogant hypocrite now — somebody who thinks a muscular executive branch is okay so long as he’s running it. [snip]

Also, for all the post-election discussions about the demise of the Republican Party, the filibuster also showed how it could have a bright future. Watching stars like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio help out Paul showed that the GOP’s got talent.

Republicans obviously have a long way to go. But taken together with the emerging sense that Obama overplayed his hand on the sequester, things are looking much brighter than they were in January. And Paul’s filibuster is probably the most galvanizing moment for conservatives since the election.”

It’s not just conservatives, as Tim Carney notes, that might now be galvanized against hypocrite Obama:

Paul made a libertarian outreach to the anti-war Left. Much of Paul’s arguments last night involved the need for constraints on power, even constraints on the majority. He often hinted towards the Ronald Reagan line that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to kill you while sitting at cafe.

The only check on an executive armed with flying death robots is the separation of powers and an understanding of the Constitution as a limit on government power. This has implications beyond counter-terrorism and war.”

Today in a slimy letter Attorney General Holder responded to Rand Paul. Holder said that the answer to Rand Paul’s question is “no”. It took a filibuster in the senate to get that “no”. Rand Paul yesterday managed to show that publicity stunts when done for principles have value. Rand Paul knew from the outset that he could not stand and talk forever and that eventually he would falter and the vote would proceed. But still he fought for principle and that has to be especially admired.

Having to employ a filibuster to get an answer to an ugly but simple question is an outrage. But if that is what it takes….

Lindsay Graham does not think much of Rand Paul’s filibuster. Rand Paul sucked up all the Big Media attention Graham thought he would get after his dinner with Barack last night. Lindsey Graham to GOP senators: Funny how you guys didn’t worry about drones under Bush. Graham is wrong as anyone not eating dinner with Obama last night but rather watching C-Span knows:

“It shows the power of transpartisan thought and action. Make no mistake: Despite the presence of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), yesterday’s filibuster was a GOP-conducted orchestra. But what was most bracing and ultimately powerful thing about the filibuster was that none of the speakers exempted the Republican Party or former President George W. Bush, whose aggrandized view of executive power still roils the sleep of the Founding Fathers, from withering criticism and scrutiny. How else to explain that hard-left groups such as Code Pink were proud to #standwithrand yesterday on Twitter? The same with reliable Rand and GOP critic Eugene Robinson and many others who up until yesterday thought little of Rand Paul.

The filibuster succeeded precisely because it wasn’t a cheap partisan ploy but because the substance under discussion – why won’t the president of the United States, his attorney general, and his nominee to head the CIA explain their views on limits to their power? – transcends anything so banal or ephemeral as party affiliation or ideological score-settling.”

John McCain thought Rand Paul’s filibuster was “ridiculous” which itself is ridiculous.

Republicans who have been a’thinking-and-a’wondering what to do after their stupid election defeat in 2012 can stop thinking and wondering. The answer is obvious but not easy: FIGHT!


Wall Street High – On Hopium

Remember the many articles we wrote about Barack Obama and the “Age of Fake“? It’s not just penny ante flim flam con men that spin fakery like so many spiders spinning silken webs.

Totalitarians, like cheap Chicago street hustlers, are always spinning webs too and doing the ol’ okey doke. Did you watch this past Sunday’s “60 Minutes”? It was about the Age of Fake totalitarian style:

Incredible video isn’t it? Entire cities in China – fake. Potemkin villages like in the ol’ Soviet. Totalitarian tricks.

Of course 60 Minutes is a Potemkin village itself. 60 Minutes regularly conducts powder-puff “interviews” with their liege Barack Obama (the latest an interview scheduled by Barack Obama himself with Hillary Clinton beside him. No doubt that was Obama paying off – in his own mind – a campaign debt to Bill Clinton before the war between Barack and Hillary resumes.) But 60 Minutes cannot bring itself to do the same type of tough reportage about Barack Obama as in that very good China fakery report.

It would be great if 60 Minutes would focus its CBS eye on the flim-flams of Barack Obama. We’re not holding our breaths waiting. But with 60 Minutes failing to do its duty the surprise today is a remarkable editorial from USAToday:

“Dow Jones high on Fed steroids: Our view

Like all good things, the performance-enhancing policies must come to an end.

Four years after the stock market hit bottom, it is flirting with an all-time high. On Monday, the Dow Jones industrial average enjoyed its second highest close ever and was just 37 points away from a new record — more than double its level during the dark days of March 2009.

The turnabout is testament to healthy corporate profits and the resilience of America’s free enterprise system. And it’s a huge relief to workers whose 401(k) plans are tied to equities. But the risky little secret of the rebound is that it is powered in significant part by the easy-money policies of the Federal Reserve, which must one day end.

To combat the Great Recession, the Fed has bought trillions of dollars of mortgage bonds and U.S. Treasuries to juice the housing market and the economy in general. [snip]

The Federal Reserve’s purchases have driven interest rates to near zero. This has stimulated the economy but not without cost. Savers, particularly older ones trying to live on income from their investments, are starved for safe options. They’ve been forced into stocks, which is one reason the market has been acting as if it’s on steroids. Further, with borrowing costs low, Congress and the White House have less incentive to rein in the national debt. Rock-bottom interest rates have also distorted markets.

The best indication that the Fed’s bond-buying purchases are pushing stocks up artificially is that investors run for cover whenever there is a hint that the Fed might change course, as happened recently. On Monday, billionaire superinvestor Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett told CNBC that markets are on a “hair trigger” waiting for signs of change from the Fed. The market is “hooked on the drug” of easy money, Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher told Reuters.”

The USAToday editorial notes that the FED portfolio is now at $3 trillion and on its way to $4 trillion. The editorial further warns about the perils of how to “unload such staggering sums.”

The line from the editorial that resonated with us is the one about how people who played by the rules and built up a little nest egg are “starved for safe options.” Read that sentence then watch the video about China again. The sight of money from investors in China buying brick and air in the empty cities built by their totalitarian overloads will be familiar.

There is no doubt Barack Obama and the FED are creating the Potemkin Wall Street market surge. Jim Cramer, a defender of the FEDs activities of late said on February 19 “You’re fighting the Fed if you’re selling stocks right now.”

It was in late December 2012 that the FED stomped its collective feet yet again to force stocks to rise:

“In an unprecedented and surprising move, the Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it will keep interest rates near zero and will purchase $85 billion in bonds every month until unemployment falls from its present 7.7% to 6.5%.

The new plan will maintain the $40 billion a month of mortgage-backed bond buying it began in September while adding another $45 billion in Treasuries. [snip]

The new round of so-called “stimulus” is meant to replace the soon to expire “Operation Twist” program that shoveled $45 billion a month into long-term Treasuries funded by the sale of short-term debt. Since that effort failed to create economic growth, and the Fed has no more short-term securities left to sell, the Wall Street Journal says the Fed will “effectively print more money” out of thin air to fund the scheme.

According to Obama and the Sequester Doomsday Preppers the economy cannot live through an $85 billion reduction even if the figure for this year is closer to $44 billion. But the FED pumps out $85 billion a month to pump air into the Potemkin Wall Street! However the question is, “Why is the FED doing what the FED is doing?”:

“Officially, the Federal Reserve isn’t supposed to worry about keeping stock prices flying high. [snip]

As stocks flirt with the record highs reached just before the global financial crash of 2008, memories of that catastrophe loom large. Many Americans have abandoned equities since the crash, terrified of living through another one.

Yet the Fed’s efforts to keep the economy growing may not work unless the stock market keeps moving in one direction from here: higher.

“Too big to fail,” the label derisively given to the nation’s biggest banks, now could also be applied to stocks’ 4-year-old bull market.

The Fed and the other central banks cannot afford to see a massive decline in equity prices,” said Mohamed El-Erian, who oversees $2 trillion as chief executive of money manager Pimco in Newport Beach.

Steven Ricchiuto, chief economist at Mizuho Securities USA in New York, puts it another way: If the stock market were to fall drastically, “You would have every economist screaming ‘Depression!’”

The author of the article, Tom Petruno of the Los Angeles Times writes that a market slide would trigger from corporate executives “severe job cuts to protect their rich profit margins” as happened in 2008. A bear market with a drop of 20 percent or more “could be too big a shock for the economy to handle” he quotes some analysts.

According to Petruno the criticism is alive and well that “policymakers have become blatant market manipulators — a de facto “plunge protection team,” a term coined after the 1987 stock market crash.” Don’t understand any of this? Watch that video about the Potemkin villages of China again.

ZeroHedge quotes the quotable Jim Cramer along with some numbers:

we all know it’s going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money” – ZH translation: “just make sure to sell ahead of everyone else.

“Dow Jones Industrial Average: Then 14164.5; Now 14164.5

Regular Gas Price: Then $2.75; Now $3.73

GDP Growth: Then +2.5%; Now +1.6%

Americans Unemployed (in Labor Force): Then 6.7 million; Now 13.2 million

Americans On Food Stamps: Then 26.9 million; Now 47.69 million

Size of Fed’s Balance Sheet: Then $0.89 trillion; Now $3.01 trillion

US Debt as a Percentage of GDP: Then ~38%; Now 74.2%

US Deficit (LTM): Then $97 billion; Now $975.6 billion

Total US Debt Oustanding: Then $9.008 trillion; Now $16.43 trillion

US Household Debt: Then $13.5 trillion; Now 12.87 trillion

Labor Force Particpation Rate: Then 65.8%; Now 63.6%

Consumer Confidence: Then 99.5; Now 69.6

S&P Rating of the US: Then AAA; Now AA+

VIX: Then 17.5%; Now 14%

10 Year Treasury Yield: Then 4.64%; Now 1.89%

EURUSD: Then 1.4145; Now 1.3050

Gold: Then $748; Now $1583

NYSE Average LTM Volume (per day): Then 1.3 billion shares; Now 545 million shares”

Today Wall Street will almost surely close at a new high. Too bad it’s a Hopium high.


Sequester Saturday Solution: Leave It To Bieber!

What joy! Joy worthy of an ode to joy! To think we finally got a Twitter account and reactivated our Facebook (a company founded on sexism and misogyny) account on such a day! Joy! Joy! Joy! Just as we establish our accounts we hear Justin Bieber, King of FaceBook and Twitter, is joining the fight for economic responsibility! Justin Bieber will save us all from the booberies of Barack Obama. Hooray for Bieber!

Here’s the Bieberific news on this Sequester Saturday:

“Bieber-Endorsed Prepaid Card Aims to Teach Kids About Responsible Spending

Teen hearthrob latest celebrity to endorse prepaid debit card

This month, Justin Bieber begins marketing a prepaid card designed to promote responsible teen spending to his millions of fans. He’ll take to social media to spread his message about the SpendSmart MasterCard from a company called BillMyParents, Inc.

“There’s probably no single individual out there that can send this message, that can turn a brighter spotlight on this message, then Justin Bieber,” said Mike McCoy, chief executive officer of BillMyParents, Inc.

Bieber, who turned 19 Friday, began his career as a YouTube sensation. Now he has more than 51 million Facebook friends and 30 million Twitter followers, making him a perfect and powerful front man for any product. He’s joining the ranks of celebrities who have used their star power to promote plastic. [snip]

Mark said he is skeptical whether any prepaid card is the best way to teach teens about financial responsibility, namely, he said, because prepaid cards can be riddled with fees.

“If you’re depositing $50 and you’re paying a buck-50 every time you deposit $50 into an account. That’s horribly inefficient and not cost effective,” Mark said.

Prepaid cards may charge consumers to load money on the card, withdraw cash and check their balance. There are monthly fees as well. For the A-Rod-endorsed Dynasty prepaid Visa RushCard, the monthly fee is up to $9.95 a month. Magic Johnson’s prepaid MasterCard Magic Card has a monthly fee of $4.95. Suze Orman’s Approved Card charges $3 a month. The SpendSmart MasterCard that Bieber will endorse has a monthly fee of $3.95.

“Every time a teen swipes the card both the parent and teen receive an immediate text that tells them how much was spent, where it was spent and what the balance is on the card,” McCoy said.

Parents can lock and unlock the card if it’s lost or if a parent wants the child to stop using it for any reason. And it’s blocked from use at certain places.”

We can already feel the hate from the Haters against Bieber and this pre-paid card scheme! But the Beliebers will help us out. Stop the Hate!

How many who know about such matters will mock and hate on the Bieber? But we are here to defend Justin and his historic inspirational work to teach financial responsibility especially as Barack Obama ravages the country this Sequester Saturday.

Consider what Bieber is doing and what Barack is doing. Bieber is working for a company called “Bill My Parents”. Barack Obama is working for a corruption that says “Bill the Kids”. Who has the slightly higher moral high ground, huh, haters? ‘Bill My Parents’ versus ‘Bill the kids.’

The Bieber haters will correctly point out that the only one making quick big money off this deal is Justin Bieber. The Bieber haters are right when they note that most if not all of these prepaid debit/credit cards are scams that loot the population that buys them. That’s all true haters. But lets be fair on this and compare and contrast.

We didn’t hear complaints from the haters when Barack Obama donor Russell Simmons made hundreds of millions from his fleecing of the poor and the stupid with his financial card schemes. The haters did not speak up when Russell Simmons (yeah the guy who wrote Super Rich: A Guide To Having It All) went to Occupy Wall Street even as he fleeced the flock.

On this Sequester Saturday when supposed adults like Obama and his henchmen cannot pay the bills we wonder if Obama’s spending addictions are due to Barack’s sperm donor father being too busy donating his sperm to other witless women to teach fat little Barack responsibility in spending. Justin Bieber is not so irresponsible!

Consider this from Bieber’s spending scheme:

“One more important point:

One benefit, according to Cole, there’s no overdraft protection. If Morris tries to spend money he doesn’t have in the account, the purchase is denied.

Morris said that’s happened before.

“It’s extremely embarrassing,” Morris said.

But Cole said it’s teaching him a valuable lesson about money.

He’s run up against the real world of budgeting,” she said, adding that it provides freedom while teaching him about the world of plastic purchasing power.”

Isn’t the above Sequester Saturday in a nutshell? The only quibble we have is that the “real world of budgeting” is not the world Barack Obama lives in. It’s not the real world in Washington D.C.

“Financial responsibility”, what a concept. Hey, if as we are warning about, Hillary Clinton 2016 is attacked to the point of destruction by Barack Obama’s army of thugs, henchmen, and haters, why not Bieber for President? Bieber for President! Beliebers Unite! Haters get back!

Justin Bieber certainly won’t do as badly as Barack. At least Bieber knows what it takes to work hard and has the experience to run big organizations. Bieber is a Canadian, not a natural born citizen of the United States, but after Big Media protected Barack Obama so much that not even questions or requests for documentation could be made, who is going to become a Bieber “birther”?

Yeah, Bieber is not of constitutional age, but according to the Obama Hopium Guzzlers the Constitution is so old it is old hat. So why not Bieber? Bieber for President!

With Barack Obama you get janitors scared by lies. With Barack Obama you get lies on top of lies smothered with a syrup of fear-mongering and more lies:

“The White House says its hands are tied by the $85 billion sequester, but budget experts counter that it will have some flexibility to choose what to cut and what to save.

The wiggle-room is inviting accusations from Congress that President Obama is mismanaging the cuts.

Critics also say the flexibility could allow the administration to make the cuts more painful, in order to pressure congressional Republicans to raise taxes as part of a sequester-replacement. Some of these critics point to the decision to not deploy an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf.”

With Bieber you get music. Ya gotta Belieb!

Barack Obama does not know what he is doing. Obama’s Now Added $6 Trillion to the National Debt. He’s a boob. Barack Obama proposed the sequester, threatened vetoes to protect the sequester, said the sequester would never happen, and now according to Politico does not what the next “sequester step” will be. And it is only going to get worse as we hit more boob bumps like the one on March 27 when money runs out for the government.

Bieber would not let this happen, would he? Let’s get rid of Barack Obama and leave it to Bieber.