Obama Sequester Doomsday Preppers Versus Reality, Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton 2016, And Bob Woodward

What are you doing reading this? What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you in the bunker with Barack and his boobs waiting for the Sequester Apocalypse while munching on dried chicken, crackers, and drinking purified water while balancing your circa World War I Doughboy helmet (useful for cooking over a fire) on your head? Haven’t you learned anything from the Obama Sequester Doomsday Prepper speeches?

We’re not goofing on Doomsday Preppers, they understandably believe that with a dimwit like Obama in charge catastrophe is just around the corner. We can just picture the Obama Hopium Guzzlers today calling up the Doomsday Preppers asking for a bar of gold, a Mayan calendar, and some MREs.

We can picture Michelle Obama under her bed in a death struggle with Bo the dog over possession of her bang-up new wig. Barack of course is under his bed with Reggie Love wistfully dreaming of all the golf vacations and other fun they could have had if not for Michelle and Doomsday.

Ah, Doomsday Sequester Day. We can’t wait to see the fiscal meteors blaze through the skies exploding all over the landscape killing by the Hiroshima-full. Doomsday Sequester Day is tomorrow for most of the populace. But Doomsday came a bit early for Barack in the form of Bob Woodward of Watergate fame.

Bob Woodward opened the door a bit. With the door slightly ajar we can see Big Media going all out to defend Dick Nixon Barack Obama over Watergate Bob.

Big Media has to defend Dick Nixon Barack Obama over Watergate Bob. Think about it: Barack Obama is prepping for Sequester Doomsday (not really, it’s about Obama getting ready to blame Republicans/conservatives as the economy tanks due to his malevolent boobery) and along comes Watergate Bob and defecates all over Barack’s narrative. Ugggg-ly. Michelle level ugly.

How can Barack continue to Doomsday Sequester Prepper while Watergate Bob keeps, um, dumping the truth all over his head? That’s why Big Media had to dump their idol Watergate Bob for the new golden calf made of tin. Barack’s Doomsday Sequester narrative endangered by Watergate Bob – so Watergate Bob had to be destroyed.

The Big Media counterattack against Watergate Bob was about to suckceed but then along came LANNY DAVIS. Yup, LANNY DAVIS.

LANNY DAVIS former Clinton aide: Obama WH threatened my paper, too. ‘Oh no he didn’t’ shout Barack and Michelle from underneath their respective beds.

Now imagine you are a Hopium Guzzler. Your golden calf has been mooing all over the countryside about the Doomsday to come. Enter Watergate Bob calling out Obama on his sequester lies and the Obama White House thuggery. Then freaking LANNY DAVIS joins in to confirm the narrative from Watergate Bob. Ask yourself (as a Hopium Guzzler) why is LANNY DAVIS stabbing Obama right in the chest on the eve of Doomsday Sequester Day?

Can it be that the bad blood between HillaryLand and Barack’s World remains toxic? But you already know the answer:

Barack Obama and his minions will do everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton and make sure she does not get the nomination in 2016 let alone the presidency.

There is no way that the crazed Obama left is going to go back to the hated paradigm of clinton-bush-clinton-bush interrupted by Obama for clinton-bush years. The crazed left minions might think they love Hillary Clinton now, but wait until their overlords decide they will oppose Hillary and the minions will fall back into the Hillary hate line.

The crazed Obama left is not going to have Hillary Clinton, THE CLINTONS, be the culmination of their revolution by having Hillary inherit the mantle of Obama. The left might be crazed but it is not stupid and the leadership of the totalitarian Obama left is not about to surrender its power to Hillary and Bill and Terry and the hated DLC.”

LANNY DAVIS today makes us smile and makes the Hopium Guzzlers tremble. The Hopium-laced blood will flow in rivers down the corridors of the DNC if and when Hillary Clinton gets the nomination in 2016. Donna Brazille, the DailyKooks, Judas Richardson, certain Kennedys, and everyone else who sided with Barack Obama over Hillary in 2008 will be disemboweled.

The blood will flow. We haven’t forgotten, Lanny hasn’t forgotten, the racebaiting of 2008. Bill and Hillary have to play a different game, but who thinks they have forgotten? Thanks Lanny.

Watergate Bob and LANNY DAVIS are not alone in calling out the Obama thugs today. USA Today reporter: I know more than a few reporters who’ve gotten White House e-mails like the one Woodward got.

Big Media Obama lickers will do what they have to do to protect their golden calf boob. Marc Ambinder offers this putrid defense:

The White House threatens reporters. A lot. It is sort of a humblebrag to say that people with titles as lofty as “Assistant to the President” and with titles as lowly as “deputy press secretary” have used the F-word in conversations with me. Both White House officials and journalists tend to be arrogant and self-referential, and there is a lot of healthy and sometimes unhealthy tension on the job. We yell at each other, and we butt heads, and we live to work another day.

Threats about cutting off access are fairly routine.”

The very first response to his article puts Ambinder on his knees even though Obama is not standing, zipper down, in front of the Journolister:

“Well maybe the reason it’s news, Marc, is that it’s the first time a journalist has taken his mouth off Obama’s tailpipe long enough to say something critical of this White House. Evidently you’ve been out of politics for quite some time if you didn’t know that.”

Ambinder is/was a Journolister. Journolisters are propagandists for the totalitarian left so it won’t do any good for us to suggest Ambinder acquaint himself with the facts.

The facts? National Journal chief: A senior WH official got so belligerent with me, I had to drop him as a source. We wish it was just as easy to drop Obama as a president.

Well, we have to go now. It’s time to get under the bed and wait for Sequester Doomsday. We hope we don’t find Barack or Michelle or the little dog there.


111 thoughts on “Obama Sequester Doomsday Preppers Versus Reality, Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton 2016, And Bob Woodward

  1. When will Republicans in the House realize they have the power of the purse – a power that has brought down kings in kingdoms around the world? When will the Republicans fight?

    The Republican House holds all the cards. They can even win even if they “lose”:


    “President Obama’s Losing Hand on the Sequester Fight

    By spending all his political capital over the budget cuts, the president risks losing it all on immigration reform and gun control.

    To understand why the White House is aggressively contesting Bob Woodward’s account of who’s responsible for the sequester, you only have to take a look at how high the political stakes are for President Obama. Instead of tactically conceding on a short-term fix that would provide for smarter spending cuts — as the Republicans did during the fiscal-cliff fight, when the White House held more leverage — Obama has chosen to pick a fight over the fairness of deep spending cuts, at the expense of more significant items on his plate.

    Now the White House’s entire agenda, from guns to immigration, is in jeopardy, and the president’s approval is taking a hit, with much more on the line in the coming month.

    The headlines from the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, released Wednesday, seemed like good news for the president, but there are plenty of warning signs embedded within the survey. President’s Obama’s job-approval rating dropped 3 points overall since last December, to 50 percent, and his economic job approval is a mediocre 44 percent, down 5 points in the past two months. Despite the GOP’s deep unpopularity, Democrats hold only a statistically insignificant 2-point edge, 32 percent to 30 percent, over which party was best able to handle the economy. Republicans hold a 16-point edge on which party is best-equipped to control spending, even higher than their pre-2010 midterm standing.

    Most notably, on the sequester, the White House held only a narrow advantage when respondents were presented the arguments for and against it. A bare 50 percent majority agreed with the president’s argument that the cuts “are too severe,” while 46 percent argued it is “time for dramatic measures.” Asked what Congress should do, 53 percent supported either keeping the cuts or implementing more significant spending cuts, with 37 percent backing a plan with fewer cuts. It’s hardly the sign of a presidential mandate on the subject, and a reminder that there is widespread concern over spending and the federal debt.

    The White House’s strategy to exaggerate the immediate impact of the cuts has backfired, at least to some degree. The Washington Post reported that Education Secretary Arne Duncan falsely claimed that public school teachers were already receiving pink slips. [snip]

    And even if you concede that the president holds the upper hand in the coming month as the cuts are implemented (a point that seems awfully tenuous), it’s worth remembering the cost he’s paying for putting all his focus on the sequester. [snip]

    Poisoning the well on a sequester fight focuses on the short game instead of the long. Picking fights with Bob Woodward underscores how much this White House has gambled on the issue, and how much it has to lose. Already, Democrats are concerned there’s no backup plan on gun control if the Schumer-Coburn negotiations break down. Reaching a deal on immigration, meanwhile, relies on winning over some skeptical House Republicans, whom the president has been relentlessly bashing in this sequester fight.

    What’s ironic is that the much-maligned Congress is actually pretty close on crafting bipartisan legislation on long-intractable subjects of gun control and immigration. But it’s the White House, with the political attention span of a cable news cycle, that is risking losing it all for betting Obama will come out ahead in this messy fiscal fight.

  2. Great news! Can we have more of this? Hooray for Doomsday Sequester Day if it ground Obama:


    The looming sequester is forcing the veep to once again take the train — as opposed to military aircraft — to his weekend trips home to Delaware.

    Biden said Wednesday he initiated the change, calling it the one thing about the sequester that’s working to his “benefit.”

    Speaking at the National Association of Attorneys General, Biden said that while he took nearly 8,000 train trips as senator, the Secret Service made him travel by air because the Amtrak “gives too many opportunities for people to interact with me in a way they wouldn’t like to see.”

    But because of the looming budget cuts, Biden said: “I was able to say, ‘Look guys, I’ve got to take the train now — it’s cheaper than flying.’ So I get to take the train again.”

    The plane trips to Delaware cost tens of thousands of dollars each, according to published reports.

    Multiple sources confirmed the vice president’s plans.

    AF2 is grounded for weekend trips starting Friday,” one source said, referring to the pricey military plane Biden uses most weekends to travel home, often to play golf at Fieldstone Golf Club, a private club. Biden also occasionally flies by military plane to Delaware during the week.

    “He’ll start taking the train again this weekend when the sequestration starts. It’s a huge expense to be taking the military flights,” a source said. “So now it’s back to ‘regular Joe.”

    And by “regular Joe,” that means first-class seats, nowhere near the quiet car. Those familiar with the veep’s travel history say Biden would pass some of the one-hour, 18-minute trip from D.C. to Wilmington, Del., reading the paper or reviewing work materials.

    We don’t believe for a moment Bide is happy with this. Now it is time to ground AirObama for both of them.

  3. Wanna swoon? John Cusack does a Woodward:


    Actor John Cusack: ‘Is the President just another Ivy League A**hole?

    “One is forced to asked the question: Is the President just another Ivy League A**hole shredding civil liberties and due process and sending people to die in some sh*thole for purely political reasons?” asked actor John Cusack in a recent piece published yesterday on TruthOut.org.

    Cusack was sharply critical of President Obama’s decisions to continue President George W. Bush’s drone program and continuing the war in Afghanistan.

    Referring to a speech given by the president at West Point in May 2010, Cusack noted that “the Christian president with the Muslim-sounding name, would heed the admonitions of neither religion’s prophets about making war and do what no empire or leader, including Alexander the Great, could do: he would, he assured us ‘get the job done in Afghanistan.’”

    Cusack appeared incredulous that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as he continued the war in Afghanistan.

    ‘Change we can believe in’ is not using the other guys’ mob to clean up your own tracks while continuing to feed at the trough.” Cusack wrote.

    Cusack admitted that he wrote most of his online tirade criticizing Obama right after Mitt Romney sealed the Republican nomination.

    “In light of the blizzard of bullsh*t coming at us in the next few months I thought I would put it out now,” he explained.

    Cusack suggested that the country had begun to shift into decline.

    The chickens haven’t come home to roost for the majority but the foundation has been set and the Constitution gutted,” he concluded.

    Cusack is a member of the board of directors of the Freedom of the Press Foundation which accepts donations for WikiLeaks together with other the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Truthout, and Public Integrity.

    You don’t have to agree with Cusack on the issues but it is refreshing to see someone from the left put their principles/issues ahead of the golden calf worship.

  4. holdthemaccountable
    February 28, 2013 at 7:13 pm
    Stellar writeup, admin. Humor abounds. And I feel giddy, oh so giddy. Witty, giddy, and bright!
    giddy, witty and bright.

    Shades of Lenny Bernstein and the original lyrics–pretty, witty and bright:


    BTW, while Barack and Reggie have taken refuge under the bed, imagine Nat’lee as the Statute of Liberty singing about the sequester. If this isn’t love

    If this isn’t love
    The whole world is crazy
    If this isn’t love
    I’m daft as a daisy
    With moons all around
    And cows jumping over
    There’s something a-miss,
    And I’ll eat my hat if
    If this isn’t love!

  5. Those who claim the Left has no principles are wrong. Orwell, a former totalitarian leftist in his own right, left no question as to what those principles were, and are. This passage is from his seminal piece 1984, and it has been listed as one of the 10 most depressing quotes in that whole genre of political literature. Far worse however, it is the truth, and he nailed it.

    “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power”——Orwell (1984)

    This is why it was so easy for the Nazi Judge Freisler to have been a Bolshvik sympathizer at the end of World War I, and how it was easy for former Nazis to become Communist official after World War II, and it may even explain the strange transformation Paulus after Stalingrad. And in our time it explains how an ex-Nazi collaborator named George Soros could become the architect of world revolution starting in the United States, and be the godfather of Obama.

  6. admin
    February 28, 2013 at 9:25 pm
    Indeed. Let us hope past is not prologue. I believe that is Shakespeare as well.

  7. This has to be my Fav post by admin in awhile. Upbeat, darn funny and true.

    Some of my favorite lines:

    ….Lanny freakin’ Davis…

    …the first time a journalist has taken his mouth off Obama’s tailpipe long enough to say something critical of this White House…

    Priceless and a keeper!

  8. Anyone watching Hannity with Williams defending the tin plated calf…so freakin’ funny, Williams said that Barry has cut more spending than any President in history…Hannity puts his head in his hands and says…”Oh my God…”. Williams keeps it up and Hannity has a minor meltdown. 😉

    What a darn funny night.

  9. Let’s see what Barry schedule is tomorrow:

    Doomsday golf

    Doomsday on AF1 for another worthless speech/photo opp

    Doomsday B-ball

    Will he suffer for those ‘hurt’ by the cuts….

  10. happy to hear consensus building for describing the left, sometimes referred to as the ‘loonely left’…consensus building to call them exactly what they are…

    the TOTALITARIAN LEFT…they want total control and no questions asked…and if you dare to ask a question or challenge them…then you must be destroyed…doesn’t matter who you are…you must be destroyed…they are like a freaking CULT…

    …and it does not matter if in the process of destroying you they are lying or outright blatantenly and obviously hypocritical…if they are going against everything they once professed to stand for…it does not matter…the totalitarian left must be in total control with no challenges…

    they are a bunch of liars that personify “group think” and allegiance to their leader…

    they certainly are not the independent, fair minded thinkers many of us believed them to be prior to 2008…the TOTALITARIAN LEFT is full of FRAUDS…


    did not see the segment described above of Juan Williams defending O on Hannity…(am caught up in coverage of the Jodi Arias trial)…anyway, Juan is in no position to be defending O or the TOTALITARIAN LEFT…if not for FOX, Juan would be in the unemployment line with his mouth zipped by the left…give me a break Juan…

    …wouldn’t it be amazing, if say, start with all the dems who are squawking anonomously behind the scenes about how bad the O admin is and how disengaged, bla,bla, bla the O admin is…wouldn’t it be nice if the damn dims grew a pair and started speaking out and did something actually constructive to help our country and the middle class instead of protecting the Narcissist…

    …and wouldn’t it be inspiring, if other reporters, in addition to Woodward and Lanny and FOURNIER…would start coming out and speaking and reporting the truth so our country could get back on track…instead of hovering in the shadows and clapping for the Narcissist…

    we are reaching a breaking point, are there any noble, honest, truth speaking heros out there at all?

    if so, now would be a good time to come forward and start exposing the lies, the theft, the threats, the corruption…and start exposing it from the top…and let the chips fall where they may…

    …stop protecting the pontificating being read from a teleprompter…start digging and exposing the lies…and they hypocrites…

  11. Sooner or Media, big media will have a come to Jesus moment, in which each individual will ask whose side am I on: the truth or the jurnolisters. My guess is 2/3 of them are moral cowards, and will simply go with the flow—or more likely the paycheck. In which case, they are not journalists but good Germans/

  12. His most trusted foreign leader called Zionism a crime against humanity, so that should tell one what Obama thinks of Israel. Astoundingly, it will not be Iran or some other Muslim/Arab nation that destroys Israel, but the liberal American Jews who still
    worship this false messiah.

  13. JbStonesFan, we have some good news and some bad news for you.

    The good news: A new study postulates that pessimists live longer and healthier lives. 🙂 http://news.yahoo.com/pessimists-may-live-longer-233637706.html [note, the study examined Germans].

    The bad news:


    How AIPAC Is Losing

    Chuck Hagel will be secretary of Defense, and Iran will go nuclear. So much for an all-powerful Israel Lobby. [snip]

    But just how powerful is AIPAC if a man who refers to it as the “Jewish lobby” and has defiantly claimed that he is not an “Israeli senator” is slated to be our next secretary of Defense? And, most significantly, how much influence does the lobbying organization actually exercise if it can’t carry the day on the single issue that’s been at the very top of its agenda for over a decade: stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

    Despite an operating budget of more than $60 million, on the most crucial issue facing Israel’s security, AIPAC has lost the policy debate. The winners include those who believe you can’t stop a nation from getting the bomb if it’s determined to do so, those who think the Iranians have a right to nuclear weapons, and those who argue the Iranians can be contained—among them, our new Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.


    For the past two months, those invested in the Israel-U.S. relationship have been fixated on whether or not Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel would fundamentally alter U.S. policy toward Israel. In addition to his revealing statements about Jews, the former senator from Nebraska voted against sanctioning Iran and against designating the Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist organization.

    Yet AIPAC has remained totally mum. The group says it focuses its energies on matters of policy rather than personnel. [snip]

    But it’s not clear how much that label matters when a very influential segment of the Democratic party has made it plain that supporting Israel isn’t a top priority. I’m not just referring to the delegates who booed pro-Israel changes to the party platform on the floor of the convention in Charlotte last summer. I’m talking about the White House. [snip]

    The paradox is that by giving personnel a pass, AIPAC has lost the policy debate. Policy is made by people who believe in certain ideas, principles, and even fantasies. What Hagel seems to have learned from his tours of combat in Vietnam is that it is a fantasy to imagine that you can bomb a country into submitting to the will of the United States. [snip]

    This fantasy is shared by much of the U.S. policymaking elite, including Obama. Indeed, since the 1979 Islamic Revolution every White House has sought comity with the Iranians. The fact that all, including Obama, have failed, is proof that the endeavor is not possible. From this perspective, it is also clear that Western sanctions against Iran and the secret war conducted against Iranian scientists and installations are intended less to destroy the nuclear program than to prolong the fantasy that at some point the Iranians will come to their senses and abandon their search for a bomb. It is noteworthy that the majority of the American electorate does not share this fantasy, with a Pew poll last year showing that 58 percent support U.S. military action against the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

    But AIPAC—and this 58 percent majority—lost the debate to a host of adversaries. Some on the winning side argued for engagement. Among these were the stars of the policy pantheon, like former Secretary of State Jim Baker, and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who argued that a combination of incentives and pressures might get the Iranians to the table.

    And if Iran didn’t want to negotiate, some claimed that wasn’t such a big deal anyway. As Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski has said, it’s no problem containing Iran. Journalists like Fareed Zakaria agreed. Some went even further, arguing that Iran was in fact a natural American ally. More extreme yet in their efforts were the single-minded obsessives, the creeps, like Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett, and Trita Parsi, who argued that in fact the problem was not with Iran but with the United States.

    If, as Hagel has said, the Jewish lobby truly intimidated “a lot of people up here,” you’d expect to see Washington all humming the same tune on Iran. Instead, it’s the Iranians calling the shots. “You must raise the level of your tolerance,” the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization recently told the West. “Try to find ways for cooperation with a country that is moving towards technological progress.”

    The Iranian negotiating team meeting with its Western counterparts in Kazakhstan this week has earned the right to its smugness. The Iranians are installing equipment that will allow it to accelerate the production of nuclear fuel. And then there was North Korea’s nuclear test two weeks ago. At the very least, it signaled to the Iranians that in the end, despite all of the tough talk coming from the White House, the Americans are not going to stop the Iranians from acquiring the bomb.

    Tehran has the upper hand in negotiations because it recognizes that all the White House wants is some sort of deal it can sell as a victory. And the all-powerful pro-Israel lobby has no choice but to swallow it and smile.

  14. Admin’s party lasted into the night. Praise be!
    Apparently OFuckTurd (thanks PumaPAC) postponed the arrival of sequester from sunup until “maybe even as late as midnight” tonight as one anchor I listened to this morning put it. Makes House look bad because ScumBigMedia can and IS saying House went home so it is House’s fault nothing will get done.
    However Sunday Boehner will be on Meet The Press opposite Gregory. Sure hope he brings both balls with him; maybe he will set that straight.

    Maybe someone here can confirm for me when sequester originally was supposed to start. I’d like to be able to holler about moving time for political advantage.

    One more gripe. Clip of college kids “performing” Harlem dance on Frontier airline flight being whooped up as positive (early AM tee vee). Until their next performance when those cute overgrown two year olds with moralities similar to their leader’s begin confiscating wallets, watches, etc. FAA investigating to see if any laws broken. LOL GMAB. That’s pretty much how 911 was pulled off FCS.

  15. Here’s admin’s current post as published in WashTimes today.
    PRUDEN: A White House under siege by reality
    ANALYSIS/OPINION: “Sequestration,” which sounds like an impolite stomach ailment that almost nobody can spell and few understand, now gets really interesting. With the sequestration deadline having passed, the White House is under siege by reality.
    President Obama and his liege men have been crying from the rooftops for weeks that if he doesn’t get to further plunder taxpayer pockets, airplanes will fall from the sky, classrooms will empty, fire and brimstone will ruin every hearth because there won’t be anybody at the firehouse to answer the telephone, crooks and criminals will roam the land doing all manner of evil because the cops will be on furlough, babies will cry in vain for milk, men will join bread lines like we haven’t seen since the 1930s and women will weep tears of bitter reproach, tsunamis will rise from the river, bayou and creek, locusts will devour failing crops, and we’ll all be dead by the Fourth of July (if not Memorial Day). Woe is definitely us.
    With Judgment Day at hand, the only thing left for the White House to do is to kill, or at least grievously wound, as many bearers of bad news as the president’s men can find. Blaming the press is always popular, because the press deserves whatever abuse it gets. When the president read in The Washington Post, of all places, that he was being called out by the most famous reporter in the land for his fibs and stretchers (a president would never actually tell a lie) about who should be blamed for sequestration hysteria, he could hardly believe it. There, before his very own eyes and in black and white, Bob Woodward was citing chapter and verse with the proof that the sequester originated under Barack Obama’s roof. Truth will out, but it’s not supposed to out in the president’s own house.
    This destroyed Mr. Obama’s No. 1 talking point, that the sequester is a Republican ploy. This could not stand. Soon Bob Woodward got a blistering telephone call from an enraged Obama aide, followed by an email from “a very senior person,” telling him that he would “regret doing this.” He didn’t say who the “very senior person” was, being polite and eager to protect an undeserving source, but the aide was later identified as Gene Sperling, the director of the National Economic Council.
    Reporters, even famous reporters, get into tiffs with official sources all the time; it comes with the territory. But threats like this come from unusual territory. A president would never dispatch someone to Cleveland to hire a hit man, nor even call in a drone, but he can make good on such threats in harsh and anonymous ways. If he could do it to the most famous reporter and editor at one of the most famous newspapers, he could do it at will to anyone else.
    Richard Nixon kept an “enemies list,” and it was taken as the threat the White House meant it to be. Everyone immediately thinks of an IRS audit. John F. Kennedy once canceled a subscription to the late New York Herald-Tribune, which was a nominally Republican newspaper, because he didn’t like something he read there. For several days there was quite a row in all the newspapers.
    The Obama White House gets particularly exercised by grunions of the cult who dare question or criticize the messiah from Chicago. When Lanny Davis, a senior aide to President Clinton and a loyal Democrat, summoned the courage to needle the Obama administration early on in a column in The Washington Times, the newspaper got a call suggesting that it should print no more op-ed contributions from Mr. Davis if it knew what was good for him, and it. The Times told the White House, as any serious newspaper would, that the newspaper and not the White House, any White House, decides when and what to print.
    Most presidents come with thin skins, and Mr. Obama’s skin is only thinner than most. He seems to take his authority as messiah as seriously as the members of the cult do. The reporters and correspondents who trail obediently in his wake are mostly too young to remember JFK, but they yearn for the restoration of Camelot, even a cheap cut-rate copy of the original.
    Unless he can make the earth move, the Mississippi run backwards and call down thunderbolts from a darkling sky, the president will be exposed over the next few days, weeks and maybe months as the president who cried “wolf” — and the wolf stayed home. It should be a good show. The rest of us are entitled to enjoy it. We’re paying for it.
    • Wesley Pruden is editor emeritus of The Washington Times.
    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/1/pruden-a-white-house-under-siege/#ixzz2MIhSFTjJ

  16. Admin, beware! Dick Morris is stealing your work.

    From this article: http://www.redstate.com/gsandlapper1/2013/02/28/attack-on-woodward-reveals-obama-dependency-on-media-cover/

    When the inevitable recession occurs, they need to find someone or something to blame besides a Bush or the deep blue sea. Enter sequester. Dick Morris explains:

    “He knows the economy is tanking. He realizes that we are headed for a double-dip recession. He expects unemployment to soar. He understands that his almost $300 billion in tax increases this year will drive us into recession. So he needs an out.

    That’s where sequestration fits in: If it goes into effect, he can blame Republican budget cuts for the economic disaster that will probably unfold this year.”

    Bob just ruined it for them. Funny that the Woodward book citing newly confirmed Treasury Secretary (then Budget director) Jack Lew as the genius behind the sequestration idea, wasn’t attacked by the White House when it was released last year nor when Lew was initially nominated this year to replace Tim Geithner in the cabinet.

  17. Thanks PM317. We had not seen that article when we published early morning of the 26th (Morris published on the 27th).

    Those of us who have worked inside Democratic Party politics can easily picture the discussions within the party and how the strategy develops. Republicans have a cultural/political inability to think the way we Democrats have been trained to think. That’s probably why Morris sees this so much the way we do.

    It’s good to see that the quote you cite is from a Republican/conservative website that agrees with us and Morris. So there is hope of Republicans listening (although Morris’ name is now so harmed in Republican circles that this could be a problem.) Also, at HotAir there was an article saying the sequester fight is not about the sequester (although that writer limits the fight to what will happen later this new month not as we do the overall strategic landscape if/when the economy tanks or continues to tank. BTW personal income dropped last month to a level unseen since 1993.)

    The full Morris article is here, we provide another excerpt:


    It will be the GOP’s fault. All the warnings of the dire impact of these across-the-board budget cuts — including a New York Times article about how states fear the economic impact of sequester — are designed to set up a massive blame game in which he excoriates Republicans for the recession.

    Such a stance will, of course, be totally phony. Having raised payroll taxes by $200 billion; income taxes by $65 billion; health insurance premiums by 10-20 percent this year alone; and capital gains taxes by 9 percent; as well as having imposed a home sales tax of 4 percent, a package well north of $300 billion — Obama will blame sequester, amounting to $85 billion, for all the fallout his taxes will cause.

    Obama has always survived by using excuses. The recession and unemployment were George W. Bush’s fault. The slow recovery was because of the tsunami in Japan, the collapse of Greece was uncertainty over the debt limit, political gridlock in Washington is Republican threats to shut down the government. His policies are always blameless.

    But now his failed policies are really coming up for a pasting. With the economy about to slip into a double-dip recession (we are likely already there) and then fall some more, he needs a super-excuse. It’s hard to say that a spending cut of one-half of 1 percent of gross domestic product will be responsible.

    So the big lie bears repeating again and again and again.

    First it emerges as a policy statement, then as a warning and prediction, and finally it becomes an explanation and a justification — a poor substitute for a correct policy in the first place.

    Obama realizes he is running out of time and excuses. Now into his second term, a falloff in the economy is less likely to be blamed on Bush and more likely to kindle discontent with Obama’s policies. In bad economic times, we tend to blame the president, not his predecessor.

    Obama is looking to the Hoover/Roosevelt model in which the continuing high unemployment rate in Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first term was universally — and correctly — ascribed to Herbert Hoover’s impact on the economy. But throughout FDR’s first term, unemployment dropped from a high of 26 percent in 1933 down to 13 percent in 1936.

    FDR faced his own double dip when the economy crashed in 1937 and joblessness rose back up above 20 percent. The causes were the imposition of the Social Security tax — no benefits were paid out until 1940 — and the Wagner Act, which gave unions new power and radically increased wages. FDR couldn’t blame Hoover anymore. So he blamed the “economic royalists.” He said “the economic royalists hate me and I welcome their hatred.”

    So Obama is copying the FDR playbook to avoid being identified with the second dip.

    It didn’t work for FDR. He suffered huge losses in Congress in 1938 and only won again in 1940 because of the looming threat of war.

    Obama’s blame game won’t work either. Voters will pay him back for his economic stewardship in 2014. Big time.

  18. This sequester has been so long in coming – and even being postponed – that I find Chicago Tribune’s use or word hurtle to be hilarious – ‎23 minutes ago‎
    “NEW YORK, March 1 (Reuters) – The U.S. government hurtled today toward making deep spending cuts..”

  19. HoldThemAccountable thanks also. That Wes Pruden article really does sound like a paragraph by paragraph echo of what we wrote. 🙂 Maybe Ted Cruz is not the only one we should think is reading here. 🙂

    As to when the sequester meteor hits: It hit last night at midnight but it won’t be official until Obama sends a notification to the accountants at the executive branch. The White House via Jay the clown has stated it will postpone this official moment until 11:59:59 tonight.

    Obama is being too clever by half with that 11:59:59 timetable. He should have done it the second the clock turned into March 1 so that the full force of the cuts would hit as soon as possible. But Obama knows what he has been saying has been fear-mongering lies and if he did that nothing would have happened and he would clearly have egg on his face. However by waiting until 11:59:59 the sequester won’t become operational until Monday. Even then nothing will happen but this was always a game of terror against the craven Republicans. What saved the Republicans is they are so craven and confused that their paralysis rescued them.

  20. Maybe someone here can confirm for me when sequester originally was supposed to start. I’d like to be able to holler about moving time for political advantage.

    March 1 began at midnight last night. 🙂

  21. they can afford to send f-16s and tanks to Egypt, but can’t afford to send 1 aircraft carrier to protect our interests in the persion gulf. We can also, apparently afford $180,000 an hour for Obama and Michelle to fly on air force 1 & 2 to their multi-million dollar, tax payer funded vacations 😯

  22. This is from the premier management consultant in the world, McKensie:

    Rethinking infrastructure: An investor’s view

    Unless debt- and deficit-strapped governments tap huge pools of capital from sources such as pension funds and sovereign-wealth funds, those governments won’t be able to tackle the growing problem of insufficient and inadequate infrastructure. In this video interview on mckinsey.com, part of our ongoing series Rethinking infrastructure, Mark Wiseman, president and CEO of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, lays out the rules of the road for funding infrastructure projects and the ways governments can compete more successfully for needed project capital.

  23. What saved the Republicans is they are so craven and confused that their paralysis rescued them.
    Which makes you wonder whether they are capable of leading the country and facing the challenges this country faces in the days and years ahead. I am talking now about establishment republicans, not conservatives.

  24. We forgot we had a Facebook page. We found it again after we were banned during 2008 because of the Obama thugs. This is what we write in our first entry on the FaceBook page. (By the way we discovered we have a lot of “friends” that we will be approving today. Some you will recognize. Who knew???)


    A long time ago we started this Facebook page. We did not take it very seriously and put up some tongue in cheek information (are we really born in 1919?) Our account was cancelled during the 2008 election however during the Hate Hillary frenzy of Obama’s Hopium Hoodlums.

    We came here today and find the account is now active somehow. We see we have some “friends” who want to be added and we are sure some thugs are here too. The thugs will try to disrupt us here as well as at our website http://HillaryIs44.org.

    As to why we forgot all about Facebook: We wrote this which should explain matters:


  25. admin, I tried FB and got this:
    This content is currently unavailable.
    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
    Is that what you would have expected re someone who has never been there?

  26. asked for friends. would be nice to make my liberal idiot friends have to seee this if they check in. ulstermans and WND post to my facebook page and they hate it. hehe

  27. Well I certainly do not have a technical perspective of social media. But I do have opinions. Facebook is timeconsuming & complicated. Twitter is fast and simple. I use the former to check in on family members who signed on before I did. That means I use my real name, and this is what prevents me from committing it directly to political causes although my daily status is filled with things I hope some of them read.

    Twitter for me is in the name of one of my great grandmothers. I never met her but feel a connection, and kept that medium separate from FB. You know I love Twitter. Sign up for whom you want to follow. Unfollow at will. Hope your tweets are important enough or funny enough that you yourself attract followers. Fast-paced. If the day is going slowly, find some more news sources to follow lol.Too busy? Unfollow some.
    Guess that is all.

  28. HAH! Greta has a ‘read between the lines’ message for media.
    Axelrod has a lot of nerve mocking Bob Woodward (and what is wrong with some people?)
    It is one thing to disagree, but mock? That says more about David Axelrod than the target of his mocking.
    Why is he mocking Woodward? Because Woodward dared to correct the misstatements about sequestration coming out of the White House and characterizing it as he did? Journalists SHOULD be seeking the facts.That’s the job. Imagine the reverse situation: suppose Bob, and with his stature in journalism and for the Washington Post, instead of setting the record straight, sat on the fact that he knew what the White House was putting out was wrong (or even a lie.)

    What would you think of Bob if looked the the other way or he covered up a White House misstatement or even lie — that he was protecting the White House? a coward?

    And his reward for setting the record straight? Personal attacks.
    Instead of attacking for the White House, Axelrod should be apologizing to Woodward and thanking him for getting out the facts.
    Below is from http://www.mediaite.com
    by Greta Van Susteren Posted in: Bob Woodward

  29. Twitter is the way to go. (FB uses your real name whereas twitter doesn’t.) It’s easy to sign up for and use.

  30. Hillary is winning big time, even when she says she isn’t interested in running. 🙂

    Run Hillary, RUN!!!!!!

    A newly released Public Policy Polling survey from their latest Wisconsin poll shows Hillary Clinton forging a commanding lead over possible presidential rivals in 2016. Clinton leads Paul Ryan 51% to 43%, Scott Walker 54% to 41%, and early Republican front-runner Marco Rubio 52% to 38% in the poll. While it seems premature to think of the former Secretary of State as the Democratic nominee-in-waiting, the field appears to favour her considerably.


    Many news sites are running this…

  31. admin
    March 1, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    Our FaceBook page:


    We’re not sure if we are going to really bother with this FaceBook crap. What do you think we should do? And is Twitter next. ugh.


    Too funny, I also have a facebook page that I almost NEVER use. My son thought it was a good idea for me to ‘get onboard’ with it, and I find it pretty boring. Friending is silly, I have 99% Hillary ‘friends’, but unfriending can be so darn rewarding.

    I also have a twitter account that I ignore.

    The lights are on but nobody is home.

  32. We wrote about this at the time. Mitt Romney ignored it. Corruption.


    The Democratic National Committee has no plans to repay Duke Energy for an unprecedented $10 million line of credit it guaranteed to help the Democratic convention’s local host committee put on President Obama’s three-day nominating convention in Charlotte, N.C., last September.

    A Duke company official said the company was claiming the money as a business expense for tax purposes, meaning shareholders will foot $6 million of the cost, according to a report in the Charlotte Observer.

    The large loan and the secrecy surrounding it have government watchdog groups deeply concerned. They say the arrangement raises serious conflict-of-interest issues for Mr. Obama and challenges his claim to be committed to disclosure and transparency.

    Since guaranteeing the loan, Duke Energy previously had refused to disclose the payment terms or when it would come due. At the end of January a Duke Energy spokesman referred all questions about the loan to Dan Murrey, a surgeon in Charlotte who was chairman of the convention host committee.

    Mr. Murrey told The Washington Times only that the line of credit was with two banks — Bank of America and Mechanics & Farmers Bank, which is headquartered in Charlotte. Duke Energy had guaranteed the line of credit.

    “We are still finishing up some collections and disbursements related to the convention, and the account is still open,” Mr. Murrey wrote in an emailed response.

    He did not respond to questions about the terms of the loan, how much had been paid off, or whether the host committee must make monthly payments with a deadline for full repayment.

    A follow-up email restating the questions went unanswered.

    The Charlotte host committee is a separate organization that is affiliated with the DNC.

    The White House originally had banned any corporate donations to the convention, but with Democratic donors focused on giving to the most expensive presidential campaign in history, the Charlotte host committee organizing the convention struggled to raise money and reversed course.

    Duke Energy is based in Charlotte and its CEO, Jim Rogers, has said supporting the convention helped promote the city before an international audience, and in turn, was good for Duke. He said he would have done the same for a Republican convention.

    “At the end of the day, we’ll do our best to get our money back,” he told the Charlotte Observer in a January interview. “But if we don’t, it’s just a contribution we’re making I think for the greater good of our community.”

    The company didn’t limit its convention financial support to the loan guarantee. It also donated $4.1 million to a separate fund formed to accept corporate money for parties outside the convention hall and $1.5 million in in-kind contributions to the host committee for office space, furniture and other expenses.

    Mr. Rogers personally gave $339,000 in cash and in-kind services, including the hiring of a fundraising assistant, the Observer reported.

  33. Via Ace of Spades. http://ace.mu.nu/archives/337989.php

    An Obama Dimocrat:


    Most members of the southeastern Connecticut delegation agree with the House speaker’s decision to strip state Rep. Ernest Hewett of his deputy speaker title, but state Rep. Edward Moukawsher came to Hewett’s defense on Friday.

    During a Feb. 20 Appropriations Committee hearing, a female 17-year-old ambassador for the Connecticut Science Center asked the committee to continue funding the center’s ambassador program.

    During her speech, she said the program helped her overcome her shyness and get over her fear of snakes.

    According to an audiotape of the hearing, Hewett said: “If you’re bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here.”

    Moukawsher, D-Groton, said he has worked with Hewett, a New London Democrat, for 10 years and that he has always been very encouraging to young people.

  34. According to an audiotape of the hearing, Hewett said: “If you’re bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here.”

    And she replied, with a shy smile back to him, “You show me your little snake and I will show you my big, loaded shotgun.”

  35. Happy sequestration day
    By Erick Erickson

    Published March 01, 2013

    Feb. 26, 2013: The Capitol dome in Washington

    Today is Sequestration Day. Americans should be happy.

    Last year during the debt ceiling fight, Democrats and Republicans in Congress came up with a novel idea. To satisfy the demands of conservatives who insisted on the whacky idea of paying down the national debt, Congress would create a bipartisan “super committee” consisting of members of both the House and Senate who would come up with a plan to make cuts or increase revenue to pay down the national debt.

    President Obama joined in the negotiations and came up with the idea of sequestration. If the super committee failed, and most everyone privately thought it would, there would be automatic spending cuts in 2013 that would target sacred cows including defense and education — painful for both sides.

    The truth is inescapable. Today the sun came up. The Mayans were not right.

    In fact, it is reasonable to believe, the sequestration cuts would be so painful to the sacred cows of both sides that once the super committee — stacked with congressmen and Senators who could never get the job done — failed, Congress could punt on sequestration and come up with new ideas to pay down the debt or find new shiny initiatives to distract Americans from a lack of debt reduction.

    Barack Obama came up with sequestration. He negotiated it. Conservatives opposed it knowing that Republicans would ultimately cave and there would actually be no spending cuts. Then a funny thing happened. Republicans and their conservative base fell into a lovers quarrel over the direction of the party. The party establishment in Washington wanted to collaborate with the President, ignored the base’s demands to keep up the fight against ObamaCare, and started acting arrogantly against conservatives.

    The base fought back. Republican leaders knew they had to do something to keep up appearances with the base. They decided they could not backtrack on sequestration. The cuts had to happen.

    President Obama has long shown a propensity to be good at only one thing: the self-promotion of Barack Obama. He has not been good at governance. He has not been good at getting other Democrats elected. He has been a terrible negotiator. He failed to see what was happening in the party opposite. He structured a deal that made sequestration the law of the land without a literal act of congress to stop it.

    Now we have arrived at the day most thought would never come.

    In the run up to today, President Obama resorted to a campaign of fear mongering. He decided to make sequestration a blunt instrument. Instead of using his executive discretion to make careful cuts, he found ways to make the cuts appear disastrous, spooky, and painful for the American people. In the last week it would have come as no surprise to hear the president, given his increasing hyperbole about sequestration, to claim it would cause both erectile dysfunction and hospitals to finish off the infirm and elderly without so much as a visit to a death panel.

    But the hyperbole did not work. Sequestration has arrived.

    In all the talk, chatter, punditry, and hyperbole, one thing has been forgotten. This fight has never been about where to make cuts, but whether to make cuts at all. House Republicans offered several plans to alter the cuts. The Democrats would never consider them. The Democrats, instead, preferred raising taxes and, in sequestration, got one of their long held wishes of defense cuts.

    The Democrats were never serious about real spending cuts, which is why the president could be so unserious at his campaign style rallies claiming sequestration would cause furloughs for teachers, policemen, and fire fighters, none of whom are even employed by the federal government.

    The game now is predictable. Democrats will try to make the sequestration cuts as painful as possible on the American people. They will stop spending in areas that will do maximum harm and inconvenience to the lifestyle of the American citizen. They want Americans to think any cuts in spending at all are too disruptive.

    The president and Democrats do not have to do this. They could make reasonable cuts. But if they do they will show spending cuts are possible without major disruption, pain, and inconvenience. That would give away the game.

    The truth is, though, inescapable. Today the sun came up. Americans went about their daily lives. The federal government was open for business. The mail ran. The Mayans were not right.

    Americans are reminded that Washington can, in fact, cut its budget and the world will not end. The only better reminder of this would be a government shutdown. We can only hope

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/03/01/happy-sequestration-day/#ixzz2MK6DoRtC

  36. Benghazi — is history repeating itself? This is a MUST READ.

    History is sometimes made in the unmaking — with some of the critical facts in an appalling event being hurriedly and knowingly swept under a rug like so many pieces of broken glass. This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of such an event in the making and masking of history.

    In the early evening of March 1, 1973 (like today, a Friday), eight gunmen from the Black September Organization — the same terrorist group which had created havoc six months earlier at the 1972 Munich Olympics — stormed the Saudi Arabian embassy in Khartoum where a going-away party was being held for George Curtis Moore, second-ranking officer at the U.S. embassy in the Sudan.

    Following an initial burst of gunfire, they took five hostages — a Belgian, a Saudi, a Jordanian, and two Americans — Moore and Cleo Allen Noel, Jr., the newly appointed American ambassador to the Sudan.


  37. See Admin was right as usual. 🙂

    We’re talking about second term full-on hyper socialist agenda mode for team Obama. And what just took place at 12:00am this morning was the lynch pin in Obama’s plan to cover up his crashing of the economy by successfully blaming sequestration and the pending economic catastrophe on the Republican Party.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/03/obamas_sequestration_plan_works_to_perfection.html#ixzz2MKB0wCOH
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  38. the Republicans have to learn how to play the Picador, bedeviling the Liberal Bull (both figuratively and literally) with a thousand sharp prods.

    Like saying this
    One Obama campaign trip pays for 4 air traffic controllers for a year.”
    “Asking the First Family to vacation less would mean not laying off 100,000 teachers.”


  39. Exactly Foxilady14. Like this but from a Republican “leader” like Boehner/McConnell:


    In a sharply written statement, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama blasts President Obama for campaigning and not governing. He calls Obama’s response to the sequestration “the most cynical behavior I have seen during my time in Washington.”

    Adds the senator, “Replacing the sequester would require the President to save $85 billion out of a $3,500 billion federal budget. One would think that any President would leap at the opportunity to make government more effective and responsive. But what does the President do instead? He says Republicans are ‘cutting vital services for children’ in order to ‘benefit the well-off and well-connected.’ This has been the strategy now for years: block any attempt to reform the government and then relentlessly attack the reformers. Does any lawmaker, reporter, or citizen believe that the only way to save taxpayer dollars is to hurt children, that every government program is effective and helpful and not one penny is wasted?”

    Sessions is the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee.

    “While the White House operatives may think this attack is clever, it betrays an astonishing elitism: the federal government is perfect and requires no reform. That is why they have no plan to make our government leaner and more efficient. The President had 18 months to develop reforms to improve the government, but instead he announced furloughs of federal workers as a political cudgel. Yet, his golf weekend at the yacht club with Tiger Woods cost taxpayers over a million dollars—enough money to save 341 federal workers from furlough,” Sessions writes.

    “These workers know firsthand how much waste and inefficiency exists in the government. Our Budget Committee office will look for a way to solicit federal employees to send suggestions for how to save money in their departments, agencies, and divisions. What is better? To furlough someone or to empower them to make their office more efficient?

    “Now, we learn that the President is going to submit his budget plan—which contains his recommendations to Congress, the reason the law requires it to be submitted early in February before our budget work begins—on March 25th. Yet he will be submitting it after the House and Senate have produced a budget proposal and adjourned for Easter. So while the President speaks of his deep concern for American workers and families, he fails to even submit to Congress his financial plan to help those workers and families. Why then doesn’t the President furlough his entire 500 person staff at the Office of Management and Budget instead of threatening teachers and law enforcement personnel? The budget deals with more than just deficits. It is the chief executive’s plan for American prosperity. What does it mean that he doesn’t want to lay that out? He is the CEO of the Executive Branch and every cabinet official and government employee answers to him. It is his duty to the American people to be the person advancing reform, not blocking it.

    “Also at issue is the fact that our massive federal government is, right now, creating poverty and hurting families. Look at cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and Detroit. Raising taxes—instead of reforming government—denies struggling Americans the help they need. There is nothing just or virtuous about protecting a stale welfare state that is failing the people it is supposed to help. President Obama is defending the bureaucracy at the expense of the people.

    “It is time for the President to end the permanent campaign and work with both parties to make this government work better.”

  40. admin
    March 1, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    While we are at it, we decided to start a Twitter account. How many ways can we find to annoy Obama and the Hopium Guzzlers? We already posted a first tweet.

    Love that you posted Hillaryis44 right smack across the morphed Bush/Barry face!!!!

    Annoy on, Admin!

  41. What is Barry doing today, what was his schedule on this day of doom. Is he trying to fix the situation before midnight?


    Is he?

    President’s Schedule – March 1, 2013

    10:05 am
    The President hosts the bipartisan, bicameral leadership of Congress at the White House; the Vice President also attends
    Oval Office
    Closed Press

    11:35 am
    The President delivers a statement
    Brady Press Briefing Room
    Closed Press


    He worked for 1.5 hours today and then what????

  42. I know he started the statement at 11:35, so being generous I will say he worked a little over 1.5 hours today.

  43. Shadowfax, the rest of the day was spent under the bed with Reggie and watching Michelle wrestle with the dog for the wig. 🙂

  44. Finally someone is getting what we’ve been writing (a little late but better than never):


    CNN Economist Ali Veshi: I Sure Hope The Republicans’ Sequester Doesn’t Spoil This Blistering-Hot Economic Boom We’re Enjoying

    Of course, Obama had told him to push exactly this line just hours before.

    Obama spoke at 11:30am, Dr. Testicle spoke at around 2 pm. They’ve gotten it down to a bloody science.


    Yep, Obama’s Going To Blame Republicans When The Economy Goes South (Video)

    He said so himself in his press conference, this morning, while telegraphing to his media toadies how to report any bad economic news for the rest of the year:

    “Every time that we get a piece of economic news over the next month, next two months, next six months – as long as this sequester’s in place, we’ll know that that economic news could have been better if Congress (read Republicans) had not failed to act.

    Start at 2:35, (or go ahead and watch the whole thing if you’ve taken your blood pressure medicine):


  45. The left is swarning now like a bunch of army ants when their nest is kicked over. All the jurnolisters are at it.

  46. CNN Economist Ali Veshi: I Sure Hope The Republicans’ Sequester Doesn’t Spoil This Blistering-Hot Economic Boom We’re Enjoying
    The guy is a joke. Even leftist Stewart sees it: ” Referencing Velshi’s signature bald pate, the comedian Jon Stewart has referred to Velshi as the “Hairless Prophet of Doom”

    A CNN economist is not an economist. He is a paid political shill who pretends to be an economist. And ner the twain shall meet.

    Christine Romans has fallen far since her days on Lou Dobbs show, if she is hooked up with this joker.

  47. And yet the republicans have been handed a gift by Woodward and still are too dense to effectively frame the issue.

  48. jbstonesfan

    March 1, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    And yet the republicans have been handed a gift by Woodward and still are too dense to effectively frame the issue

    That is because their leadership is RINO. They want big government, only on their terms. Yet they want to blame the dimocrats for it–to appease their base.

    Here is a perfect example.

    If government is as concerned about the health of children and adults as they claim, then they would forgoe the pom pom routines and lectures by Michelle, and transfer the government subsidies from wheat and corn—which are bad for health, to organic fruit, vegetables,hormone free meat, raw milk which would promote good eating habits. If those products were made affordable and promoted with scientific facts, we would have a healthier, less obese, less diabetic country. Why do policians use public funds to subsidize unhealth foods? Agribusiness writes their paychecks. Monsanto is a good friend of the Bushes and many democrats.

  49. #POTUS is really crapping on Sen Collins who along with Sen Snowe – much to the chagrin of all here – were the two Republicans who sided with TEH WON to get ObamaCare passed. By Cameron Joseph – 03/01/13 05:00 AM ET

    Republicans warn Obama has ‘poisoned’ relations with campaign-style attacks
    By Cameron Joseph – 03/01/13 05:00 AM ET
    … One recent point of contention: Organizing for Action, Obama’s former campaign arm, made its first post-election foray into campaigning this week with ads pressuring swing-state Republicans to support new gun control measures. Among the targets was Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who is working to build support for a bill focused on cracking down on gun trafficking.
    “The way to tackle this difficult issue is to continue to have a constructive dialogue. Obviously ads run against me are not what I would call constructive dialogue,” Collins told The Hill. “I personally have very little interest in the White House’s campaign activities on this issue. It’s just not a factor in my consideration….

  50. Really good that this happened onna Friday.
    AP: DHS Released Over 2,000 Illegal Immigrants March 1, 2013 4:05 PM
    “…The White House has said it was not consulted about the releases, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has acknowledged they occurred in a manner she regrets…The later government statement also criticized AP’s reporting as “ill-informed, inaccurate information” and complained that AP had failed to contact the agency before publishing what it called a “misguided headline,” although the AP had noted its unsuccessful efforts to contact Mead directly by telephone and email.” http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2013/03/01/ap-dhs-released-over-2000-illegal-immigrants/

  51. http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/budget/285761-white-house-has-some-flexibility-in-choosing-85b-spending-cuts


    …call me naive but I think the repubs called O’s “bluff” this time and backed him into a corner and he pounded on his chest “I am not a dictator” and caved…

    I understand that his plan is now to point out all the pain the bad repubs have caused because they want to keep the rich happy…however…

    any repub representatives reading here should make it their mission, their duty, their responsibility to take this opportunity and start COMPARING AND CONTRASTING with vigor and no end in sight…and start listing all the wasteful spending

    instead of falling prey to O’s propoganda they should hammer over and over again that first, O has some latitude to choose how these cuts ‘cut’ where they may…

    and second…any industrious repub out there with a voice that can be heard should be compiling list upon list of OTHER WASTEFUL EXPENSES that are still being paid by taxpayers while these ‘painful cuts are being administered by the prez of usa, mr O’

    start getting in print, on the internet and tv and any local and national event they can and spread the word and really take the waste and corruption out of the shadows and center stage…

    now would be a great time to really expose the theft of the american taxpayer…

  52. now would be a great time to really expose the theft of the american taxpayer…
    Absolutely right. This is the golden fleece moment, and if the Republicans fail to capitalize on it, this whole thing will go against them, and they will be through. They had better get off their dead asses, and launch a vigorous propaganda war against waste fraud and abuse–that the dims are protecting, while they deign to cut vital services. If they do not have that roadmap already in the can, then shame on them. If they do, then they should let it come out day by day. If they do not know what to do, then Jay Cost’s book “Spoiled Rotten” should provide the road map.

  53. Collins told The Hill. “I personally have very little interest in the White House’s campaign activities on this issue. It’s just not a factor in my consideration….
    Hard to believe for a politician.

  54. “They want big government, only on their terms.”
    When you look behind the curtain of the street theater that is today’s politics and follow the money, they are all playing on the same team. The “social safety net” programs are now just excuses to launder money to the big corps. Food stamps (SNAP) $71 billion to big AG, banks, Wal-Mart, etc.; Part D Medicare profits to Pharma, and the latest is Medicaid expansion, which the Repubs had opposed is now being change to Insurance Exchange which will cost 30% more and be a big new source of revenue to Big Insurance; Repubs now all for it. Student loan program, now more than $1 trillion; diploma mills are 8% of total “schools”, receive 25% of the money and have 50% of the defaults. Univ. of Phoenix is one example, big enrollment of marginally qualified minorities making big money from the Feds and owned by big Dem donor Leon Black, Apollo Group.

    Then there are the Oil and gas scams, the Keystone XL pipeline farce, the $40 billion per month of govt purchase of worthless, mortgage base securities at face value (Leon Black again made billions with this scam during TARP 1) etc. etc.

  55. President Obama’s public shaming of congressional Republicans to act on a range of issues may be winning at the polls — but it risks alienating the people needed to reach bipartisan compromise.

    While Obama has made a strategic calculation that he needs to marshal public support to push through his agenda, centrist Republicans warn the president and his allies could go too far with partisan events and campaign-style ads targeting GOP lawmakers.

    One recent point of contention: Organizing for Action, Obama’s former campaign arm, made its first post-election foray into campaigning this week with ads pressuring swing-state Republicans to support new gun control measures.


  56. SHV
    March 2, 2013 at 3:14 pm
    “They want big government, only on their terms.”


    SHV…that is the absolute truth…as we have said here over and over again…it is one big party and the one with power is the one who gets the money…

    but…the game is still be played out daily…and now would be the time for the opposition to lay out their cards and expose what is going on…

    they could reign in O if they start telling some of the truths…

  57. foxyladi14

    March 2, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    President Obama’s attempt to gut the work requirement for those on welfare runs into a little issue with the Constitution

    This serves no legitimate societal interest. The aim here is to create a massive block of people who are completely dependent on government, and to destroy this nation.

  58. if I were the repubs and the independent “no label” people, I would put togeter an ad with that clip of O saying “I am going to go through the budget line by line…bla, bla, bla” remember that one

    oh the irony…for example…quotes at link below….and there are many video clips to be found…


    …and the irony is that not only has he not gone line by line…he has ADDED trillions, failed to submit a budget to go line by line…a budget not even his own party will vote for…and has a dysfunctional senate with Harry Reid leading the useless pack…

    I would find the best clip of O saying he will go line by line…and then add the “truth” with specific examples… ‘he has added this’…’he is still signing budgets that allow that’ and to the taxpayers ‘did you know you higher taxes…
    …your 2 % payroll tax increase…is going to this…and this…and this…

    and i would follow O around to every event he goes to plastering that ad everywhere and forcing reporters to ask Carney about the hypocrisy…and what happened to the line by line cuts O promised…and follow O around to ask him if using taxpayers money for those things was worth raising their taxes…especially some of the most stupid things are taxes are going to….

    the opposition should get informed quickly and relentless…if O can take it to the people…so can they…at least give him a good go for all the lies he keeps spreading…

    I think even low informed voters will be verrrry surprised to find out where their money is going…


    and in regards to SHV’s comment above re: how both sides are on the government dole…if repubs were smart, they would start offering things that take that arguement away from O…NOW…and right up to the next ceiling fight coming down the road…build on the momentum…pull the bandaid off the scab…

  59. I wonder if big media realizes that after he has obliterated the opposition party, they will be next. Sure as God made little green apples. Unfortunately, by the time they realize this, it will be too late. The country will be gone forever. And they will be as much to blame for it as he is. After all, they are his enablers.

    Caddell, Schoen: Obama Trying to ‘Obliterate’ Republican Party
    Friday, 01 Mar 2013 04:52 PM

    By Newsmax Wires

    More ways to share… Mixx Stumbled LinkedIn Vine Buzzflash Reddit Delicious Newstrust Technocrati Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article
    inShare inShare0 Two prominent Democratic pollsters — Patrick Caddell and Doug Schoen — are criticizing President Barack Obama as harshly as any Republican.

    Obama is trying to destroy the Republican Party by dividing Americans, the two write on Politico. Caddell was President Jimmy Carter’s pollster, while Schoen served that role for President Bill Clinton.

    Urgent: Sequester Day – Obama to Blame? Vote in Urgent Poll

    The president’s protestations about the horror that will result from the automatic spending cuts (sequester) that began today aren’t above board, they write in Politico.

    “The president is obviously going all-out — but not to avoid the $85 billion in spending cuts,” Caddell and Schoen say. “Obama doesn’t want to make a deal with Republicans. His fear-mongering is part of a concerted plan that extends far beyond the sequester crisis: to obliterate the Republican Party as a viable force in American political life.”

    And they offer a scathing denunciation for how Obama is going about it. “His self-righteous rhetoric obscures a bitter truth: Obama is not trying to unite the country,” the duo writes.

    “He’s waging a class-based battle for political gain. His goal is to win back the House for Democrats in 2014, giving him a united Congress for his last two years in office and allowing him to pursue the most expansive government in American history.”

    Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newswidget/obama-caddell-schoen-criticism/2013/03/01/id/492739?promo_code=F492-1&utm_source=Test_Newsmax_Feed&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1#ixzz2MQhM89WU
    Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

  60. Current Article

    Gee, Sequester Has Come and We’re Still Alive

    By Larry Johnson

    on March 2, 2013 at 4:25 PM in Current Affairs

    What the hell was Obama thinking? He and his toadies did everything but sacrifice a live virgin on television in their bid to scare the bejesus out of Americans in the lead up to the start of the sequester. Obama and crew played every hysteria card with the exception of portraying the Republicans as sex-crazed zombies hell bent on sodomizing puppies.

    Obama demonstrated the utter contempt he has for America and our system of government. He could have seized the moment to exercise true leadership. He could have proposed genuine reforms to entitlement programs and the tax code. Nope. That would have required actually doing some work. Can’t do that–it cuts into his golf game. Instead, he opted to play politics. And he decided to be a complete juvenile dildo in the process.

    Barack provided the fawning media the equivalent of a carnival sideshow, except no Bearded Ladies. But we did get Pretzel man. That was Barack. He twisted the truth and the facts about sequester in so many directions that he created a knotted lie worthy of a Harry Houdini trick.

    Consider the antics of Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. He came out early in the week with the dire warning:

    ”Kids are gonna get hurt, kids are gonna get hurt. That’s just the reality,” he said. His visit to the briefing room followed recent appearances by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

    Duncan expressed real frustration with Congress for being unable to avoid the spending cuts due to begin taking effect on Friday. The dysfunction is “unimaginable,” he said, and makes him “angry” because students will be “taking steps backwards because folks in Washington can’t get their acts together.”

    But, when subsequently pressed to come up with an example:

    Duncan named a single county in West Virginia and acknowledged, “whether it’s all sequester-related, I don’t know.”

    And, as it turns out, it isn’t.

    Officials in Kanawha County, West Virginia say that the “transfer notices” sent to at least 104 educators had more to do with a separate matter that involves a change in the way West Virginia allocates federal dollars designated for poor children.

    She said those 104 notices will ultimately result in the elimination of about five to six teaching jobs, which were likely to be cut regardless of the sequester.

    I suppose it does not help the Obama cause that even the Washington Post runs with the headline, “Teacher pink slips claim by Duncan not backed by evidence.” Obama’s lies have been so widespread and over the top that the Washington Post is searching for the puppet maker Geppetto. Why? They’ve awarded so many Pinocchio’s for Obama Administration lies that a full-time Geppetto is needed to keep the wooden liars in check.

    This is not to say that the economy is going to do swell. Odds are it will not. The news out of Europe is disturbing and dreadful. Unemployment numbers, for example, have hit new highs and currency woes persist.

    I was in the Dominican Republic this week and experienced a first–locals prefer Dominican pesos over the dollar. When I traveled to Santo Domingo in 2010, the taxi driver asked for dollars. Same thing in 2008 and 2003. Not this week. As we pulled up to the hotel the chofer (Spanish for driver) told me he would rather get paid in pesos. That means the dollar is losing value. When the dollar loses value, the wealthy overseas lose their interest in buying our bonds and our goods. This is bad news when you consider that we rely heavily on money from overseas to finance our deficit spending spree.

    I will have a longer piece on the economy, hopefully by Monday. Culling the take from several articles out of the Financial Times paints a bleak outlook that will not fill you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

  61. Admin: that two leaders of the Clinton army in exile would render such a bold and frank assessment of Obama’s nefarious ambitions is worth noting. They ascribe those ambitions to a desire to win the House in 2014, in order to enact his left wing agenda. In fact, it goes even further than that. When David Brooks soiled himself over Obama and said this was a new kind of politician, what he failed to realize is there is nothing new under the sun, and just because Brooks has not met this kind of character before does not make him new. In fact, this archtype is old–very old and it goes back to the French Revolution, which was a blood drenched perversion of the Enightenment. What then is the ultimate goal of the people behind Obama. Why do they want to eliminate the opposition party. The reason they want to do that is because they are totalitarians, and a totalitarian state is a one party system. Wait five years, and more people will understand that, whereas today it is all a fog to most people. Once it happens, there is no going back. Kennan said it so eloquently: I hope to tell people what I see when I look at todays events through the lens of history, hoping to avoid those paths which lead only to despair and from which no one ever returns.

  62. To carry the thought process one step further, once the opposition party is eliminated, then a subsequent power struggle will emerge between the advocates of peaceful change–the mensheviks, and those who advocate revolutionary change, through the power of coersion and violence–the bolsheviks. The people behind Obama are of the latter variant. Re-read that quote I posted by Orwell, if you want to understand what we are dealing with. Again, this is not something that most people can relate to, and that is because they have no understanding of history, and no grasp of what happens when a bad man acquires unchecked power. People are shocked, shocked at his behavior, yet this is the very thing some of us were predicting based on his sociopathic nature, if you will think back to the Israeli doctor who diagnosed him as a narcissist and told us this was what he would do. Big media is both the enabler and will ultimately be his victim. So as the saying goes, to people like Zucker, enjoy it while it lasts. Am I misreading all this? If I had not spent the last five years watching this phenomenon, I would probably say yes.

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