Obama Sequester Doomsday Preppers Versus Reality, Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton 2016, And Bob Woodward

What are you doing reading this? What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you in the bunker with Barack and his boobs waiting for the Sequester Apocalypse while munching on dried chicken, crackers, and drinking purified water while balancing your circa World War I Doughboy helmet (useful for cooking over a fire) on your head? Haven’t you learned anything from the Obama Sequester Doomsday Prepper speeches?

We’re not goofing on Doomsday Preppers, they understandably believe that with a dimwit like Obama in charge catastrophe is just around the corner. We can just picture the Obama Hopium Guzzlers today calling up the Doomsday Preppers asking for a bar of gold, a Mayan calendar, and some MREs.

We can picture Michelle Obama under her bed in a death struggle with Bo the dog over possession of her bang-up new wig. Barack of course is under his bed with Reggie Love wistfully dreaming of all the golf vacations and other fun they could have had if not for Michelle and Doomsday.

Ah, Doomsday Sequester Day. We can’t wait to see the fiscal meteors blaze through the skies exploding all over the landscape killing by the Hiroshima-full. Doomsday Sequester Day is tomorrow for most of the populace. But Doomsday came a bit early for Barack in the form of Bob Woodward of Watergate fame.

Bob Woodward opened the door a bit. With the door slightly ajar we can see Big Media going all out to defend Dick Nixon Barack Obama over Watergate Bob.

Big Media has to defend Dick Nixon Barack Obama over Watergate Bob. Think about it: Barack Obama is prepping for Sequester Doomsday (not really, it’s about Obama getting ready to blame Republicans/conservatives as the economy tanks due to his malevolent boobery) and along comes Watergate Bob and defecates all over Barack’s narrative. Ugggg-ly. Michelle level ugly.

How can Barack continue to Doomsday Sequester Prepper while Watergate Bob keeps, um, dumping the truth all over his head? That’s why Big Media had to dump their idol Watergate Bob for the new golden calf made of tin. Barack’s Doomsday Sequester narrative endangered by Watergate Bob – so Watergate Bob had to be destroyed.

The Big Media counterattack against Watergate Bob was about to suckceed but then along came LANNY DAVIS. Yup, LANNY DAVIS.

LANNY DAVIS former Clinton aide: Obama WH threatened my paper, too. ‘Oh no he didn’t’ shout Barack and Michelle from underneath their respective beds.

Now imagine you are a Hopium Guzzler. Your golden calf has been mooing all over the countryside about the Doomsday to come. Enter Watergate Bob calling out Obama on his sequester lies and the Obama White House thuggery. Then freaking LANNY DAVIS joins in to confirm the narrative from Watergate Bob. Ask yourself (as a Hopium Guzzler) why is LANNY DAVIS stabbing Obama right in the chest on the eve of Doomsday Sequester Day?

Can it be that the bad blood between HillaryLand and Barack’s World remains toxic? But you already know the answer:

Barack Obama and his minions will do everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton and make sure she does not get the nomination in 2016 let alone the presidency.

There is no way that the crazed Obama left is going to go back to the hated paradigm of clinton-bush-clinton-bush interrupted by Obama for clinton-bush years. The crazed left minions might think they love Hillary Clinton now, but wait until their overlords decide they will oppose Hillary and the minions will fall back into the Hillary hate line.

The crazed Obama left is not going to have Hillary Clinton, THE CLINTONS, be the culmination of their revolution by having Hillary inherit the mantle of Obama. The left might be crazed but it is not stupid and the leadership of the totalitarian Obama left is not about to surrender its power to Hillary and Bill and Terry and the hated DLC.”

LANNY DAVIS today makes us smile and makes the Hopium Guzzlers tremble. The Hopium-laced blood will flow in rivers down the corridors of the DNC if and when Hillary Clinton gets the nomination in 2016. Donna Brazille, the DailyKooks, Judas Richardson, certain Kennedys, and everyone else who sided with Barack Obama over Hillary in 2008 will be disemboweled.

The blood will flow. We haven’t forgotten, Lanny hasn’t forgotten, the racebaiting of 2008. Bill and Hillary have to play a different game, but who thinks they have forgotten? Thanks Lanny.

Watergate Bob and LANNY DAVIS are not alone in calling out the Obama thugs today. USA Today reporter: I know more than a few reporters who’ve gotten White House e-mails like the one Woodward got.

Big Media Obama lickers will do what they have to do to protect their golden calf boob. Marc Ambinder offers this putrid defense:

The White House threatens reporters. A lot. It is sort of a humblebrag to say that people with titles as lofty as “Assistant to the President” and with titles as lowly as “deputy press secretary” have used the F-word in conversations with me. Both White House officials and journalists tend to be arrogant and self-referential, and there is a lot of healthy and sometimes unhealthy tension on the job. We yell at each other, and we butt heads, and we live to work another day.

Threats about cutting off access are fairly routine.”

The very first response to his article puts Ambinder on his knees even though Obama is not standing, zipper down, in front of the Journolister:

“Well maybe the reason it’s news, Marc, is that it’s the first time a journalist has taken his mouth off Obama’s tailpipe long enough to say something critical of this White House. Evidently you’ve been out of politics for quite some time if you didn’t know that.”

Ambinder is/was a Journolister. Journolisters are propagandists for the totalitarian left so it won’t do any good for us to suggest Ambinder acquaint himself with the facts.

The facts? National Journal chief: A senior WH official got so belligerent with me, I had to drop him as a source. We wish it was just as easy to drop Obama as a president.

Well, we have to go now. It’s time to get under the bed and wait for Sequester Doomsday. We hope we don’t find Barack or Michelle or the little dog there.


Two Trains Running – Barack Obama’s Real Sequester Strategy: Set-Up The GOP For Blame When The Obama Economy Tanks Again Into Recession

Update II: As we wrote “The only way to beat a thug is to fight a thug.” Bob Woodward is finding out what the Chicago thug way is. Bob Woodward: The White House told me I’d regret challenging them.

Woodward discovers Nixon was a liberal pussycat compared to the totalitarian thugs in the White House now. [We never thought we would never ever have a kind word to say about Nixon. We’re sure Woodward feels the same way as we do.]


Update: The only way to beat a thug is to fight a thug. But the Republicans are cowards always looking for a way out of a fight. The latest brain-dead stupidity? Inhofe, Toomey: Hey, why don’t we give Obama some flexibility on sequestration?

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Fight Obama’s abuse of power by… giving him some more power. Brilliant! Just think of the frying pan into fire possibilities. Republican governors will find the cuts hit their states while Obama Dimocrats will keep all the funding. Spending in swing districts will be politically determined with an eye towards 2014. Republican congressional districts will get cuts while Obama Dimocrat districts get funding.

Hey stupids – it won’t be fraud, waste, and abuse that gets cut. Obama has already released illegal aliens from detention centers claiming the sequester made him do it.

National security is something real presidents care about. Not Barack Obama. “The Defense Department said in early February that it would not deploy the U.S.S. Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf, citing budget concerns relating to the looming cuts known as the sequester.” Bob Woodward calls it “Madness That I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time”. It’s not madness, it’s political corruption. And you want to give this guy more power to use tax dollars to beat you over the head? Just how stupid are you? Seriously. How stupid are you?


Republican “leaders” would profit by asking themselves this question and coming up with a logical, non-emotional, answer: Why did Barack Obama wait 16 months, until 2013, to begin a fight against the sequester he himself proposed and swore to defend by veto against congressional Republicans?

To answer this question you must understand the mind of a flim-flam con man. A flim-flam con man always has two trains running and at the calculated flim-flam time he (or she) jumps from one train unto the train going to his real destination. Thus it is with Barack Obama the flim-flam con man.

It’s not about the sequester ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obama is running around the country talking about the catastrophe to come if the sequestration of funds occurs this Thursday at midnight – the end of February. But Barack Obama’s real purpose is to target low information voters and say that his warnings about sequestration were correct when the economy goes into recession again. Obama will say “see I told you so, Republicans are to blame for this latest recession just like George W. Bush was to blame for the last recession.”

Why did Obama wait 16 months, until 2013, to begin his Henny-Penny “sky is falling” campaign? What is motivating Barack Obama? The negative economic report of the last quarter of 2012 is what drives the Obama strategy of political self-preservation. Barack Obama is politically preparing for the next recession by setting up the bowling pins called Boehner and McConnell.

In our previous article we pointed out that when Obama Dimocrats shout “RACISM!” low information voters think Obama Dimocrats fight against racism and are therefore a bulwark against racism. The GOP lack of shouting “RACISM!” informs low information voters that Republicans/conservatives don’t care about racism. The same strategy aimed at low information voters will be used to pass the buck and blame Republicans/conservatives for the Obama recession to come.

* * * * * *

The Republican/conservative strategy should be to pin the blame on Obama for the bad Obama economy. The Republican/conservative message should be that Obama is wrecking the American economy with higher taxes which strangle growth. The Republican/conservative message should be that instead of growing the economy by approving the Keystone Pipeline and other measures to bring down gas prices in the future Obama goes on vacation after vacation and campaign event after campaign event spouting lies upon lies.

Once the sequester takes effect this Friday the Republican strategy should be to point out that instead of the ‘maximum pain to the public’ cuts implemented by Barack Obama (as Charles Krauthammer has correctly analyzed) Obama should have painlessly cut elsewhere (and Republicans should provide explicit examples of budget items that can easily and painlessly be cut). But the important portion of the message is ‘Obama is destroying the economy because he either does not know what he is doing or what he does is wrong on many levels and that is why the economy is in trouble.’

By blaming Obama’s incompetence or purposeful sabotage of the economy Republicans/conservatives will be prepping the battlefield for when the economy goes back into recession and Obama tries to spring his trap.

Instead of the above, Republicans/conservatives are fixated on the sequester and who did what to whom and what does the sequester really do and other assorted nonsense. The current Republican/conservative strategy does not make sense.

Even attentive voters don’t really know what the sequester is or the history behind it or who is to blame for the silly policy. Low information voters know even less about the sequester. All low information voters have likely heard is Obama saying that the sequester is bad and that it is Republican policy.

As we have stated, Barack Obama has not really cared about the sequester he knew was scheduled for the end of February. Obama did not bother to call House Speaker Boehner or Senate Minority Leader McConnell until last Thursday. What caused the change from ignoring the sequester to campaigning against the sequester? The answer is that one horrible report from the end of last year that reached Obama’s large ears – that got his attention.

Why did Obama get so worried after that negative economic trajectory report in the last quarter of 2012? You’d be worried too if the economy went into negative territory during the Christmas holiday shopping season when the economy should soar with ease. But even this reason is too generous to Barack Obama. This reason presupposes that an American president cares about the economy. Barack Obama only cares about himself and that is what has him worried.

Barack Obama is worried about that fourth quarter report because it threatens him. Obama apologist Ronald Brownstein explains:

“What Unites Obama’s Coalition — and What Could Divide It [snip]

Most worrisome for Obama was the poll’s finding that just 40 percent of adults approved of his handling of the economy, while 56 percent disapproved. Strikingly that discontent extended beyond groups like noncollege whites, always dubious of him, into constituencies at the heart of his coalition. While about two-thirds of African-Americans gave him positive marks for his economic performance, they were joined by only 52 percent of Hispanics, 44 percent of college-educated white women—and, most notably, just 40 percent of all adults ages 18 to 29 and only 31 percent of younger whites. Indeed, Obama’s economic approval rating among all whites stood at a microscopic 31 percent.

Those numbers underscore the concern of a senior White House adviser, who argued in a recent interview that while issues like climate, gun control, and immigration reform are all providing Obama opportunities to connect his coalition with the Democratic Party in a way that could outlast him, the success of that project will also pivot on his ability to deliver better economic results for average families.

“As we think about issues like immigration, climate and guns, we realize the president was reelected because people trusted his approach on the economy,” the adviser said. “He made it somewhat better, but the job was not done. If we do not focus on completing the middle-class project that he started … then nothing else we do matters.”

Obama has to keep his Hopium Guzzlers together and he can do what with regular injections of the drug. But the low information voters he bamboozled into voting for him with a fear/smear campaign against a complacent Mitt Romney have to be propagandized for the Obama recession to come. That’s why Obama began his campaign against the sequester after the 4th quarter economic report was published in January.

The danger for Obama, even as Republicans stay focused on the sequester not the larger strategic battlefield of Obama’s failures on the economy, is that Americans understand the science of diets (which this funny cartoon illustrates so well).

For all the attention it is getting the sequester is not the game (which is why E.J. Dionne’s advice to accept the sequester and “move on” is smart if it was about the sequester). Jonathan Karl at ABC: Devastating sequester cuts? Give me a break! Ladies and gentlemen, this fight is not about the sequester.

Republicans/conservatives who stay focused on the sequester are helping Barack Obama. The real fight is Barack Obama’s failure of leadership on the economy and the real possibility of an Obama recession to come. Barack Obama does not want Americans to know this. Do Republicans?


“And Can I Get A Hot Tub?” – Is Ted Cruz Reading HillaryIs44????

Update: Powerline disagrees with much of what we wrote in our article. We think the attacks on Republican/conservative “minorities” and especially against Rubio and Cruz are racially motivated and we explain why HERE.

As we wrote, and Legal Insurrection documents yet again Obama Dimocrats and Big Media shout “RACISM!” at the drop of a hat and uncover “racism” any where they desire to do so.

[Thanks to Legal Insurrection for making this article “Post of the Day”.]


We don’t have an Obamaphone nor have we seen any of those magical Obama Unicorns. But today we feel like the guy that gets the hot tub in that State Farm commercial.

In our last article (and don’t miss the update to the article before that one) we smiled when an openblogger at AceOfSpades kinda sorta wrote what we have been writing about lately.

Today, the race-baiting to counter the race-baiting begins. Thanks goes to a Latino smart guy – Ted Cruz: Let’s face it, Democrats are attacking Rubio partly because he’s Latino.

Ted Cruz gets what we have been writing and focusing on after the disaster which was the 2012 elections. Smart Republicans/conservatives should follow his lead (and the advice of that openblogger guy at that self-described moron hangout AoS).

Obama Dimocrats know that the minute they shout “RACISM!” it appears to the gullible (a.k.a. “low information voters” and especially low information voters who don’t realize the low levels of information they possess even as they believe they are well versed on issues when what they are actually well versed in is the entertainments at MSNBC) that they are the ones against racism. Republicans almost never shout “RACISM!” even when black Republicans or other “minority” Republicans are attacked and that translates to many low information voters believing that Republicans don’t care about, or applaud, racism.

Most voters have no idea that Republicans have a great many “minority” leaders who wield real power. There are no Indian-American governors who are Obama Dimocrats but the Republicans have two. Latino governors? At least two Republican Latino governors are in office. But does the general public know any of this? No. Republicans rather go with the strategy of treating people as people not representatives of groups. Republicans want to be high-minded and above such tawdry unpleasantness such as skin color and ethnicity. That’s one of the reasons why they lose.

Consider the vileness known as Jesse Jackson Jr. Remember how this creep race-baited Hillary Clinton after Hillary showed some emotion in New Hampshire? The crook Jesse Jackson Jr. said Hillary never cried during Hurricane Katrina. Hillary Clinton took the high road and look what happened.

On the day before the November 6, 2012 elections we wrote in “Rescue America Or Good-bye America”:

A Mitt Romney win on Tuesday will mean that race-baiting as a political movement will end – character, not skin color will determine our choice in leaders. A Mitt Romney win on Tuesday will mean the American voter believes in accountability as to elected officials and not smear and fear slime tactics as practiced so dexterously in Chicago. A Mitt Romney win on Tuesday means the American future is not the Greece present.

If Barack Obama wins on Tuesday all restraints on race-baiting, fear/smear politics, and unaccountable elected officials will get worse.

With both these scenarios we’ll bet on the American people but we all have to understand the toxic influence of Big Media on our daily lives and on our electoral process.”

Race-baiting won. Race-baiting won in 2008. Race-baiting won in 2012. It’s time for Republicans to learn “One fire drives out one fire; one nail, one nail; Rights by rights falter, strengths by strengths do fail. Or as T.S. Eliot commented on these lines “nothing is more effective in driving out error than a new error.” Ergo, race-baiting to drive out race-baiting.

It won’t be enough to have “Hispanic outreach” without appearing to defend Latinos with frequent and loud shouts of “RACISM!”. Ted Cruz appears to understand and has moved to action:

Ted Cruz says attacks on Marco Rubio are because he’s a Hispanic Republican

Sen. Ted Cruz says some of the attacks on fellow Republican Sen. Marco Rubio by Democrats are motivated by race. Cruz said today the fact that Rubio is a Republican Latino poses a threat to political adversaries. “I think Democrats and the media are afraid of Marco Rubio because he is a smart, intelligent, conservative Hispanic. And they are looking for any excuse they can to attack him, because that threatens them,” Cruz told reporters during a tour of a Texas gun manufacturing plant north of Austin. “Look, he took a drink of water in a speech. And it dominated the news for days with one network saying it was a career ender.”

Cruz said the criticism of Rubio’s GOP response following last week’s State of the Union was about more than his being a promising young Republican. “It’s not just a promising Republican. I think the Democrats view Marco Rubio as a particular threat because of his background, his life story. I think it they believe it is in their interest to inflict as much damage as possible and blow things wildly out of proportion.”

AllahPundit at HotAir on why this is “news”:

“They’d be attacking him no matter what just because he’s a rising star from the other party, but yes, of course it’s true that a rising star who’s Latino complicates Democratic plans for a permanent majority in a way that some other Republican wouldn’t. [snip]

Nothing newsy about any of this. What’s newsworthy is that it’s Cruz saying it after two weeks of withering criticism from Democrats over his role in the Hagel hearings. Rubio’s surely not the only senator he has in mind when he dismisses Democratic Democratic attacks on a young Latino Republican rock star as illegitimate: [snip]

The only way this could have been better calculated to endear him to conservatives is if he’d specifically mentioned Alinsky in talking about it. He’s basically accusing them of following Rule 13 against Rubio (and, implicitly, against him) and now he’s giving them a snoutful of Rule 4.”

It’s not just about Rubio is right. Republicans should have entire contingents of Latinas and Latinos ready to shout “RACISM!” any time any Republican Latina or Republican Latino is criticized in even a minute way. If Bobby Jindal or Nikki Haley are attacked get community leaders to shout “RACISM!”. Battalions of women should be prepared to mobilize whenever any Republican woman is attacked too (call it the “Sarah Palin Anti-Misogyny Brigade“). And why should white men or white women be thrown to the wolves because of the color of their skin?

It’s eat or be eaten. Fight fire with fire. No unilateral disarmament.

Time to kick the tires and light the fires.


Wow! On President’s Day We Find An Intelligent Republican (But Unfortunately He’s Not A “Leader”)

Ah, Presidents’ Day! It’s really George Washington’s birthday but in our “modern” culture even losers get a trophy – so now the national Washington’s birthday celebration has been repackaged. With the repackaged holiday even presidents that only served for thirty-one days and those who deserve scorn now have a day to be collectively honored. But how can we be churlish about giving losers their day? After all, these days even the once honorable Nobel Peace Prize is debased to meaninglessness – like paper “diplomas” to millions of kindergartners.

Ah, Presidents’ Day! The feces is flowing freely through the hallways in rhythmic waves. All that’s left to eat are onion sandwiches (and by “onion” we are not referring to the satirical rag that is occasionally funny but real tear inducing onions). We’re all on the Carnival Triumph now.

Ah, Presidents’ Day! A day to remember the good old days when we lived in America not Borgia Italy. A day to recall the days when we had a free press that although biased was not in the bilge tank bellowing perfume to hide the stench of the rising corruption. Ah, Presidents’ Day!

* * * * * *

This past weekend we caught up some on our TV picture box viewing. In between episodes of Squidbillies we meandered over to Fox News and we caught up on the remarkable Dr. Ben Carsons.

Dr. Ben Carsons is a remarkable and outstanding man worthy of attention and respect. We really, really, like this guy (and his mother is out of this world wonderful).

But we are extremely troubled by one thing Dr. Carsons said. Asked about his life story and the possibility of a run for public office the good doctor said there was nothing in his personal life that could come back to haunt him and “de-legitimize” him (at the 35 minute mark on the video). The doctor said he had a “clean” life. Poor deluded creature.

As amazing a man as Dr. Carsons is we know exactly how he will be destroyed, how he will be de-legitimized by the Obama thugs. The destruction will begin soon as Barack Obama thugs issue the orders to make sure Dr. Carson is silenced as a credible opposition voice.

As a brilliant critic of ObamaCare, who has added credibility because of his high level medical background, Dr. Carson must be destroyed. It’s not a matter of having a “clean” life. Doctor Carsons has clearly led an exemplary life but that means nothing to the Obama personal destruction machine. Ask all those who have run for elective office against Barack Obama. How to do it is simple.

Dr. Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist. That particular sect has received some very good publicity lately because of the dietary rules followed and because of their medical institutions such as the Loma Linda medical facilities they run. Recently PBS broadcast a documentary on values and beliefs as well as the long lives of Adventists.

It won’t be long however until the Matt Damon’s of the Obama left begin to attack Dr. Carsons over the all important issue of dinosaurs and cavemen. What does Dr. Carsons think of evolution, and dinosaurs and cavemen? Who can forget genius Matt Damon going ape over Sarah Palin and the only issue of importance – dinosaurs?

The wonderful Dr. Ben Carsons will be destroyed. The reason for Dr. Carsons destruction will be that the Republicans still have no methodology, no systemic way of protecting candidates who are women or minorities. Hells Bells, Republicans can’t even defend their white male candidates.

In the last update to our last article we wrote about what Republicans better learn to do. Adapt or die.

Yup, adapt or die.

After years and years and years, one Republican/conservative finally understands what we have been writing for so long, what we wrote about in that last update to our last article. Adapt or die:

“I am saying nothing that isn’t glaringly obvious to all thinking beings, but apparently that category does not include the Republican leadership, who expect Obama to behave the way their country club buddies act when there is an argument over where to drop after an unhittable lie. When he doesn’t, which is always, they are left flabbergasted. He is particularly good at the outrageous, brazen falsehood that he dares the polite Republican leadership to challenge…and they never do! And when someone has the temerity to criticize Obama, he is chastised by his betters in the Republican hierarchy.

What fools.

Playing nice got us nothing except another term for Obama. Railing against the MBM as a bunch of partisan hacks got us exactly nothing in four years. We either take off the gloves and embrace Alinsky, — because after all, WE are the radicals now — or resign ourselves to our and our children’s fate; living in the socialist/statist utopia that Obama has dreamed of for his entire life.

We have been counting on the innate intelligence of the American voter, who tossed Carter out on his ear, laughed at Dukakis, and even rejected the inventor of the internet. But the voters are more ignorant than ever, and they are being manipulated more effectively than ever. We can no longer rely on American exceptionalism to carry the day — we must fight with the most effective tools at hand, and that means a much more underhanded and manipulative approach to political discourse. The Left already has its instruction manuals; there is no reason why the Republican party can’t embrace the tactics of success , tailored for the fact-based world, and perhaps claw back some of the control that we have ceded to them.

I don’t know about you folks, but I am tired of losing to these ignorant, race-baiting, anti-Semitic, anti-freedom bastards. If we have to take off the gloves, hit below the belt, play dirty pool, or whatever metaphor you prefer for playing dirty…and winning….then I am all for it.

America is was the greatest country in history, and I would prefer to see it return to its former glory before I die.”

Notice how unfortunately even this strong advice is handled as if it is a dirty diaper? Al Sharpton, one of the biggest race-baiters in history is on MSNBC every day race-baiting even more and the notion that a counter strategy against Obama race-baiting must be devised and implemented is viewed as “dirty”.

What to do is so obvious yet it is a matter of great debate among the right of center these days.

Consider: On the one hand you have Al Sharpton and Barack Obama thugs who shout “RACISM!” at the drop of a hat. Has this constant shouting of “RACISM!” devalued the charge? Maybe, maybe not. But in either case that is irrelevant because the effect of shouting “RACISM!” is much more subtle and powerful than these Republicans/conservatives realize.

A low information voter, which most Americans are, see Obama Dimocrats and those on the left constantly on watch for racists. These low information voters therefore assume that the left side is on the good side of the fight – after all you almost never hear a Republican or a conservative shout “RACISM” – this must mean that those on the right don’t care about racism or even worse are racists.

In 2008 Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton rotated their heads 360 degrees when they were called racists. “They played the race card on me!” whined Bill. Bill and Hillary never came up with a strategy to counter the race-baiting either and they had an exquisite history of fighting racism.

Ah, race-baiting – on this Presidents’ Day it’s important to remember that race-baiting is how Obama became the current occupant of the White House.


Barack Goes Bonkers!!! – The Obama Drone Strategy Versus The State Of The Marco Rubio State Of The Union Statement

Update: Republicans better learn how to race-bait like Barack Obama in order to protect their “minority” candidates. Republicans better learn to start to race-bait like Barack Obama – early and often. It’s how Obama and the Chicago thugs operate. If Republicans continue to emulate the mistakes of Hillary Clinton in 2008, John McCain 2008, and Mitt Romney 2012, they will lose in 2016 and in 2014.

HotAir, dangerously, has only half a clue in their analysis to the latest from Big Media outlets such as CNN: Could Rubio sipping that water be a career-ender?

“Judge for yourself whether Blitz was playing for laughs. I confess, as I was writing this post this morning, I thought maybe I was being the teensiest bit unfair in indicting the media for peeing themselves over Rubio’s quick-sip. Sure, they had devoted thousands of times more coverage to it than it deserved, but they weren’t really “taking it seriously.” Then I saw the AP’s article, and then I saw this. Vindication. [snip]

Exit question: Is this headline set the media’s version of “cleverness” or just a sly way to impugn him to really, really low-information voters?

Yes it is a way to impugn Rubio to low information voters. And it works.

Republicans should immediately have some Latina from somewhere USA or South American way denounce CNN and all those Big Media outlets focused on Rubio drinking water as “RACISTS!!!!”. Republican Latinas and Republican Latinos should start screaming “RACISM” any time anything even the slightest bit critical of Rubio or a “minority” Republican is even implied.

Forget the nonsense that politics is the reason for the attacks. Forget the “but we are better than that” foolishness (we 2008 Hillary supporters know how stupid it is to keep the dainty kid gloves on and say “we are better than that, we won’t stoop so low“). Forget the “Big Media will laugh at us for saying something so foolish”. Intimidate Big Media as RACISTS too if they mock any Republican “minority”.

Marco Rubio is handling the response to the “Watergate” attacks, and they are attacks, well. He’s having fun by joking that he’s going to start drinking water in the middle of all his speeches from now on because of all the new twitter followers he has gained. But Republican operatives should take off the kid gloves and put on the race-baiting brass knuckles.


Update II: The Rubio response – in Spanish:

Transcript Here.


Update: Is anyone watching tonight? A lot of people are not wasting their time on Barack. We’ll be watching, or at least listening. Most people know what they are getting tonight and have an open thread: Time for another instantly forgettable Obama SOTU. Tonight Obama will be more than forgettable. Once again, he’s unbelievable.


You may have noticed we haven’t published much lately. We’ve written a great many articles but just haven’t had the heart to hit that “publish” button. We’re too disgusted.

The source of our disgust is not just the ur-Boob Barack. Our volcanic hurl of disgust these days mostly comes from the Republican “leadership” whose sole aim these days appears to be to find new and ever more demoralizing ways to cave in to Barack Obama.

Tonight, if Barack Obama declares a run for Pope, with Michelle as Chief Nun, you can be sure the Republican “leadership” in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives will at first think it is a good idea because that will rid them of Barack. Secondly they will worry because Hillary now won’t run for Pope herself and thereby be too busy to run for president in 2016. Thirdly they will divide over whether this will make Barack more powerful or more weak, but in the end the decision will come down to help Barack be the next Pope because after all ‘he is such a nice guy even if we have some disagreements with him’.

Perhaps we are exaggerating just a tad about these Republican weaklings but as we wrote back when we had our 2012 meltdown – who wants to fight next to a bunch of losers whose first instinct is retreat and whine on issue after issue after issue? It’s as if you receive a “save the date” notice for an event months away and you agree with your friends to go all out for that night. For months you diet until you are dizzy. You have trainers beat you to a pulp with an exercise regime tougher than the Bataan Death March brutality. You spend a fortune at Chanel and Ferragamo on a smashing outfit and shoes. The big day comes and your friends show up in PayLess shoes, hair in curlers, and frocks from the Michelle Obama collection at Pep Boys. Whaaat??? You tell these losers to go home and you go out alone.

So why are we here today with fingers crossed, chocolates at hand and Champagne chilled – once again hoping for the best even though we know all too well that hope is not a strategy? Why are we holding off on our promised Hillary articles and all the other articles that require publication and instead writing this? It’s because of Marco Rubio.

When we had our 2012 meltdown it was on the day we made a strong case for Marco Rubio for Romney’s vice presidential pick. We still weep thinking about how right we were in our analysis that entire week. We’ll be writing about that too because, you know, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Tonight Marco Rubio will deliver the response to Barack Obama’s drone strategy. Barack Obama will drone on and on until our brain stems attempt to snap themselves in order to stop the drone attack and then Marco Rubio will speak. Rubio will not only speak in English, but in Spanish too. Imagine!

Imagine! Marco Rubio speaking in fluent Spanish and lacerating Barack Obama. Imagine what is going on in the thesaurus zone in the basement of the White House as Barack runs around in a frenzy trying to decide whether he should attempt to get a Spanish phrase or two inserted in the drone speech.

Barack will call the Castro brothers, not Raul and Fidel we hope, but rather Julián Castro and the twin that sometimes pretends to be Julián in order to get some nifty phrases of Spanish. But then Barack discovers that Julián speaks no Spanish. How about Ted Cruz? asks Barack. Nope, Cruz is another Latino Republican. “Well then, forget about it or get me something super simple to say that will hide my pigeon Spanish from the masses.”

Barack’s big concern tonight is how to upstage Marco Rubio. Obama’s big concern won’t be, as even NBC notes that fiscal reality will mean Obama’s speech tonight is dead on arrival. The big concern for Obama tonight won’t be that perhaps the Republicans might actually stop acting like cowards and decide to fight on fiscal issues and that they might easily win if they do decide to fight.

Obama’s big concern tonight won’t be North Korea and nuclear weapons. It won’t be Iran and nuclear weapons. It won’t even be how to get anything done even as reports suggest the White House weighing how many executive orders President Obama can reasonably get away with.

Barack Obama’s big concern tonight is Marco Rubio and how to disguise that his big concern is Marco Rubio.

Barack might take a lesson from the lantern-jawed yet canny Michelle. Michelle has a face that is perpetually twisted into a scowl. So Michelle ordered her underlings to purchase her a new wig to help disguise the scowl. To some extent that strategy has been successful.

Unfortunately Michelle’s new wig has helped with the scowl problem but created a new problem – buck teeth. The way the new wig cuts her face it looks like Michelle can chisel, unassisted, the Obama logo onto Mango seeds (for use as belt buckles?) with those buck teeth and give Alvin and his band-mates competition.

Barack might borrow Michelle’s strategy of wearing disguises to trade problems. “Publicly, White House aides have been nonchalant about Rubio. Behind the scenes, they are intrigued by his every move. Does Obama acknowledge Rubio or continue to ignore him?” So don’t be surprised if Barack Obama shows up tonight wearing a sombrero in order to continue to gull Latinos even as he slaps down African-American dupes finally buying a clue about how Obama feels about them.

Tonight Barack Obama will drone on about stuff he knows he will not get done. Like his many other fake promises at earlier State of the Union drone speeches Barack will lie and lie again. Us? We’ll be up to watch and listen to Rubio and jeer Obama. Isn’t that the sensible thing to do?