Hooray! And Hurrah! For The Newly Elected Leader!!! – Of Israel

Our very good advice was not taken in 2008 by Hillary or McCain. In 2012 our very good advice was not taken and now we all pay the price.

This is the long weekend of 2012 when we all pay the price for Mitt Romney and other appeasers saying Barack Obama is a nice guy instead of Barack Obama is a nasty twit. We’ll all suffer every day for the next four years.

We’ll suffer every day for the next four years knowing we have to hear that ceaseless drone Barack Obama as well as his tedious lantern-jawed wife. We’ll suffer every day for the next four years knowing that a majority of our countrymen and women are ever so stupid.

Think we should respect the decision of our fellow countrymen and countrywomen instead of laughing at them? Well, watch as Jimmy Kimmel helps expose, to a small extent, the hive mind of cult stupidity that elected and re-elected Barack Obama:

Big Media tells these dopes to jump and they jump. Oy vey!

* * * * * *

Oy vey indeed. It’s a good thing the Israeli public is not so dumb, vacuous, or as easily manipulated by American Big Media. It’s a good thing the Israeli public is not willing to commit national suicide. Or at least so we are led to believe by the electoral prognostications of Israeli political observers:

“Defiant Netanyahu set to confound critics

Two polls published on Friday showed Mr Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud Beiteinu bloc on course to form Israel’s next government as the largest party by far, with 32 seats in the 120-seat Knesset. If they are correct, the 63-year-old will become Israel’s longest-serving prime minister since David Ben-Gurion, its founding father.

The expected victory will confound and frustrate his many critics in Israel and abroad. They argue Mr Netanyahu has deepened Israel’s isolation, forced mainstream political discourse to the right and buried hopes of peace with the Palestinians by embarking on an unprecedented expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, including nearly 200 units approved this week.”

Just as David Ben-Gurion was at the founding of the state of Israel, Netanyahu is there at an hour of great peril – as the United States inaugurates four more years of horror with Israel hating Barack Obama at the helm:

“Tensions with the US, Israel’s closest ally, were laid bare this week with leaked comments attributed to President Barack Obama warning that the expansion of settlements was driving the Jewish state towards “near-total isolation” and reportedly saying: “Israel doesn’t know what its own interests are.”

“No one decides for the citizens of Israel,” Mr Netanyahu later told the rightwing Israel Hayom newspaper in response to the remarks. “I think that President Obama knows that the ones determining Israel’s vital interests are the citizens of Israel, and they will be the ones to choose who will protect those interests in the best possible way.”

Americans have opted for four years of horror. Israeli’s are about to accept the reality of the region and American government hostility and vote for national survival:

“If, as the adage holds, every nation gets the government it deserves, a plurality – though not a majority – of Israelis on January 22 will re-elect a leader who reflects a defiant, introspective, pessimistic public mood.

A poll published on Friday showed that while 52 per cent of Israelis favoured an independent Palestinian state, 62 per cent did not think a peace agreement was possible. Most Israelis see Likud as the most credible party on security.

“Netanyahu is not telling people, ‘We can get to a solution,’ ” says Rafi Smith, a pollster. “He’s telling them that because everyone around us hates us we have to be strong and hawkish in the way we look at life and at the security issue.” [snip]

Whatever the make-up of the next coalition, Mr Netanyahu on Friday signalled to Israeli media that afterwards he would resist any peace initiative put forward by the Europeans that included a return of Jewish West Bank settlers to Israel’s pre-1967 boundaries – suggesting no retreat from the policies that have frayed Israel’s relations with its allies.

“I don’t deal in giving away concessions,” he told the Maariv newspaper. “Our record has proved this.”

Israel wants peace with Palestinians and most Israelis want a two-state solution but the Israeli public knows that the Palestinians do not want peace or a two state solution. The Palestinian leadership wants the destruction of Israel. That is why the Israeli public is poised to reelect Netanyahu.

The Israeli public knows that this is a particularly perilous time. The inauguration of Barack Obama is dangerous for Israel. The Israeli public will vote for Netanyahu partly because Barack Obama and his attempted diktats is a danger to Israel:

“‘Political coward’ Binyamin Netanyahu sees rift with Barack Obama widen

Israeli prime minister’s aides accused American president of interfering in Israel’s elections

Already fractious relations between Binyamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama have been further strained in the runup to the president’s inauguration on Monday and the Israeli prime minister’s anticipated victory in Tuesday’s election.

Netanyahu aides accused Obama of interfering in the Israeli election following publication of an article by Jeffrey Goldberg, which quoted the president as saying: “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.” Obama, wrote Goldberg, viewed Netanyahu as a “political coward”. [snip]

The Goldberg article, along with Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel as defence secretary, has been interpreted in Israel as clear signs of the president’s exasperation with Netanyahu and possible payback for the latter’s support of Obama’s rival, Mitt Romney, in the US election in November. Hagel is seen as “anti-Israel” because of his questioning of Israeli government policy and the pro-Israel lobby in the US.

Goldberg, who is known to be close to the president, wrote that Israel risked becoming “more of a pariah” and that Obama was reluctant to invest fresh effort in the Middle East peace process in the face of Netanyahu’s continued settlement expansion. [snip]

“Obama… has been consistent in his analysis of Israel’s underlying challenge: If it doesn’t disentangle itself from the lives of West Bank Palestinians, the world will one day decide it is behaving as an apartheid state.” The White House did not deny the words attributed to the president.

“Barack Obama said, simply and clearly, what he thinks about Israel’s prime minister and where he is leading Israel,” wrote former Israeli diplomat Alon Pinkas in Yedioth Ahronoth. “These are grave, alarming statements, which are without precedent.”

Barack Obama has never visited Israel as president even as he visited Muslim capitals and larded his speeches with anti-Jewish fictions. That should surprise no one. Barack Obama wants to be the “Arab’s lawyer”:

“The new model drawing attention from Democratic foreign policy hands, he said, is to build support among Arab leaders for a U.S. plan and then present that to Israel — to serve as the Arabs’ lawyer, rather than as Israel’s, in one formulation used to describe the effort in the region.”

The Israeli public wants peace but not at the price of national suicide. Unlike the American public and American Big Media the Israeli public is not running away from reality:

“A Far-Right Israeli Electorate?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Israelis haven’t become radicals. They’ve just abandoned a delusion. [snip]

According to one recent poll, 67 percent of Israeli voters support a peace deal with the Palestinians. Even on the right, a majority said they back the prospect of two states for two people, with 57 percent of Likud supporters backing such a deal and 53 percent of those likely to vote for Bennett’s Jewish Home Party also favoring the two-state solution.

Still, as much as Israelis want peace with the Arabs, they are skeptical of that happening anytime soon. [snip]

Instead, they’ve adopted the central paradigms of both the left and the right. “Most Israelis are very pessimistic about reaching a peace deal with the Palestinians, and the Arabs in general. This is a core paradigm of the right,” Schueftan told me. “And yet a majority is willing to reach a compromise that would partition the land into two states for two people. This is a core paradigm of the left. They’re not saying we don’t want peace, but that even if they make concessions they don’t think it will lead to peace.”

Israelis haven’t abandoned the dream of peace; they’ve faced reality and are refusing to continue to pay lip service to an illusion. “The last 20 years have seen a process of depolarization,” said David Hazony of the Israel Project. [snip]

If the second Lebanon war and two wars in Gaza marked disillusionment with the peace process, then Netanyahu’s 2009 speech at Bar-Ilan University promoting the two-state solution marked, at last, the acceptance of the idea in the political mainstream. Netanyahu, for all the criticism he gets in the international press, should get credit for leading even the Israeli right into philosophical acceptance of the two-state solution. And perhaps Bibi’s infamous bluster has had its purpose. While his belligerent rhetoric unnerves his many critics, including world leaders, it’s helped keep Israel out of armed conflict. He has presided over more economic success and less war than almost any other Israeli leader in history.

Big Media portrayals of Netanyahu lead many to believe that Israel is in economic depression and daily war while the United States is in great peace and prosperity. But it appears that reality is contrary to those Big Media distortions.

Acccording to Big Media Israel is disunited under Netanyahu and America is a happy state united in love of Barack Obama. But the reality is that the United States is very divided and getting even more so while Israel grows ever more united ever day:

“With Netanyahu, Israeli politics have reached a state of equilibrium, at least internally. On the major security issues like the Palestinians and Iran, the Israeli electorate has reached a broad consensus, and there is little within the system—right-wing or left-wing—that can affect it at this stage. The question is how that consensus, embodied by the prime minister, will interact with external forces, especially the Obama Administration, and particularly as Israel decides how to handle Iran.”

The problem for Israel is Barack Obama. And Chuck Hagel:

“Indeed, with the nomination of Chuck Hagel as defense secretary, some fear that the White House may be moving in the other direction, toward a grand bargain with Tehran—as Hagel has previously suggested. “Let them think about the substantial carrots of improved relations, not just the sticks, and there may be a deal to be had,” he wrote in 2008. Hagel has opposed not only military action against Iran, but even sanctions. Moreover, if Abrams believes that an Israeli-Arab peace deal might come out of a strike on Iran, Hagel sees it the other way around. “The core of all challenges in the Middle East remains the underlying Arab-Israeli conflict,” Hagel said in 2006. According to this view, resolving the Israeli-Arab crisis makes everything else possible.

This notion—often called linkage—still holds tremendous force among many American policymakers. But most Israelis believe, understandably, that it is not in their power to solve the region’s most pressing issues. No Israeli policy is going to help Mohamed Morsi feed Egypt, or stop the civil war in Syria, or convince the Iranian regime to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Hence the increasing possibility for yet another showdown between Obama and Netanyahu. This dispute between the United States and Israel, said Dan Schueftan “is the product of the unrealistic belief that you can reach a permanent peace with the Palestinians under the prevailing circumstances, and the bizarre proposition that if you reach such an agreement it will make a major contribution toward stabilizing the Middle East.”

Chuck Hagel as the Israel hating American Secretary of Defense is just one example of the next four years of horror.

Tomorrow the week and the next four years begins with Barack Obama inaugurated in Washington. Fortunately this week will aso see the reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu.

For the next four years Barack Obama is the nightmare. This week, Israel’s Netanyahu is the wake up call and the hope.


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  1. jbstonesfan
    January 20th, 2013 at 9:23 pm
    Any thoughts on Michelle’s new wig?

    Not a fan of hers, but I do think it is a flattering look for her.

  2. Unlike Barry, Bibi is a stong leader that doesn’t cower and sell out his country out of stupidity.

    We are stuck with a donkey that wouldn’t recognize wisdom if it bit him in the ass.

    It’s also amazing how Jews in Israel are able to see intelligence and strength while American Jews are still sucking on the koolaid, along with all the dimwits that still can’t see past his brown skin.

  3. Unlike Barry, Bibi is a stong leader that doesn’t cower and sell out his country out of stupidity.

    We are stuck with a donkey that wouldn’t recognize wisdom if it bit him in the ass.

    It’s also amazing how Jews in Israel are able to see intelligence and strength while American Jews are still sucking on the koolaid, along with all the dimwits that still can’t see past his brown skin.

  4. Unlike Barry, Bibi is a stong leader that doesn’t cower and sell out his country.

    We are stuck with a donkey that wouldn’t recognize wisdom if it bit him in the ass.

    It’s also amazing how Jews in Israel are able to see intelligence and strength while American Jews are still sucking on the koolaid, along with all the dimwits that still can’t see past his brown skin.

  5. Sure wish America had something like a Netahyahu on board. So many circumstances bring me to think of Patrick Henry. Yet I don’t see anyone tweeting “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death.” Guess I will have to be the first. Or should I just expand the list of whom I follow?

  6. Everybody wants a piece of Martin Luther King Jr. This is really, really ridiculous.
    Who started the Day of Service tradition?
    1) Daughter, and I do not for one moment doubt her word, says Summit has been doing Day of Service for 15 years. But then here is 2) “Saturday was a National Day of Service,a tradition started by the Obamas four years ago, to make sure King’s legacy is honored with more than just words.” http://blog.nj.com/njv_editorial_page/2013/01/remembering_dr_martin_luther_k.html. And INCREDIBLY, 3). “In 1994, Congress designated the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday as a national day of service.”
    www dot pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2013/01/it_will_be_a_day_of_service_in.html
    Take your choice, and hope there are not any more, I guess.
    BTW that middle piece attaches Obama to King’s nonviolence, then ripped Larry Ward, a Washington, D.C., media consultant to conservative groups, called for a Gun Appreciation Day on the same day as the National Day of Service [which begs the question WHICH National Day of service].
    This puff piece for Obama, who on national TV countless times called Mitt Romney a liar, is from Corey Booker territory: the vicinity Newark NJ.

  7. Today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Isn’t it odd, with all of the great quotes from him, that we rarely hear many of them referenced.

    “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

    “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

    “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

    “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

    “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

    ““I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

    “A lie cannot live.”

    More quotes at:

  8. foxyladi14 January 21st, 2013 at 12:11 pm
    I have to say Foxy that I have a special admiration for Black Republicans who speak out. In addition to this association, I’m aware of a black American PAC.

  9. Leanora 12:28
    You make an important point. Obama is, and has been busy, framing/painting MLK. So let us vow to remember the man the way he was rather than the interloper who has an agenda for himself.

  10. According to FoxNews O said easy on entitlements. These words are found at this time on their home page: In his second inaugural address, President Obama uses platform to ‘reject’ steep cuts to entitlement programs, defending Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, while chiding Washington’s penchant for ‘name-calling.’

    That is going to buy him a bunch of undeserved political capital, sorry to say.

  11. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “A lie cannot live.” Obviously Dr King had no way of knowing that one day we would have a president with the content of character like Barack Obama.

  12. Nice read in an otherwise demoralizing day. They claim Bibi injected himself into the election which was not true. He met with candidate Obama just as he did with candidate Romney. Rather, Obama and his court Jews have done everything possible to make Bibi look like a buffoon on the world stage, defeat him in this election by leaking out derogatory quotes from Obama to scare the Israeli public, and push the narrative that Bibi is responsible for the impasse in the middle east (as opposed to Abbas, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic terrorism, all of which gets a pass from MSM). G-d forbade Israel builds on an existing settlement or defends itself against rockets flying in on a daily passes, from New York to London it is front page news. Fortunately,as administrator points out it appears the attempts to smear Bibi will not work and he should win, albeit he will have to make deals to form a coalition. Israel will out last Obama , but she is in for a very difficult four (4) years. The peace process id dead, but the threat from Iran and it’s proxies will reach the tipping point when the Mullahs cross the red line and weaponize their nuclear material. Then Bibi must follow the Begin doctrine:

    “On no account shall we permit an enemy to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the people of Israel.”

    With Obama in the White House, Hagel at defense, Kerry at SOS, and a virulently anti-Israeli democratic party, Bibi will have to go it alone, but the risk of not acting far outweighs the consequences of a nuclear Iran who has repeated stated Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth.

  13. The craze started when Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison, writing in the New Yorker in 1998, described Bill Clinton as the “first black president.” Everybody got it: “White skin notwithstanding,” explained Morrison, “this is our first black President. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime. After all, Clinton displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.”
    Thus was born an enduring cultural idiom Atlantic Wire recently called the “first something president” –
    …OK, so let’s take stock: Obama is black, he’s white, he’s both male and female, he’s straight and gay, he’s Hispanic, Asian-American and American Indian. He’s Christian. He’s Jewish. What’s missing?
    ‘My Muslim President Obama’
    For a president whose policies over the past four years, both at home and abroad, have been passionately and relentlessly pro-Muslim, one wonders how the elite media could somehow have missed the camel in the living room: Barack Obama is the “first Muslim president….”
    Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2013/01/meet-the-first-muslim-president/#zm81j6VjOSJrVCHV.99

  14. Southern Born
    January 21st, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Is there some signifigance to the ORANGE flowers as decorations at the presidential luncheon today?

    Yes: ORANGE you glad you didn’t have to be there in person? 🙂

  15. Funny, Valleyboy! Yes, indeed. ORANGE you sad we have to put up with this for another four years and have to see the “fashion statements” of ME-chelle. I do kinda like her bangs though. She has obviously had some highlights put in her hair as well. I noticed it during the swearing in. It will be interesting to see what she comes out in at the balls tonight…or maybe not. 😉

  16. valleyboy January 21st, 2013 at 4:10 pm
    Check out Moochelle’s hideous dress for today’s festivities
    That ought to turn hubby off. As if he needed turned off.

  17. southern born
    It will be interesting to see what she comes out in at the balls tonight…or maybe not. 😉

    I’m guessing sleeveless and hideous, but that’s not really going out on a limb is it?

  18. Not a fan of hers, but I do think it is a flattering look for her
    Very natural too. Like putting bangs on the Mona Lisa.

  19. Michelle’s “outfit” looks to us like a costume rejected by a sci-fi film. It’s a costume likely rejected by Keanu Reeves for the horrible remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

    As to the teen style Michelle hair, Joan Rivers says it all:


    “Today starts President Obama’s next four years in the White House. Let’s hope the same isn’t true about the First Lady’s new hairdo.”

  20. Holdthemaccountable, LOL. I’ll bet ME-chelle has to get up early every morning and work like the dickins all day long to make sure that BO is turned off! Bless her heart, it must be really tough to have to work like that to make yourself unattractive “enough”.

    Administrator, I hadn’t thought of it, but you perfectly described ME-chelle’s outfit…sci-fi reject.

  21. Wanna get a close look at the pos’s running the country?

    Here’s the pos’s ugly squash-faced marble-mouthed hooker-wigged beard rolling her eyes at John Boehner while stuffing her mug with the 3000 calorie inaugural lunch..

    What a classless disgusting couple.

  22. 😳

    Notice the pos is wiping his nose and not eating too much. Must be that coke. No problem. The pos’s beard eats enough for 100.

  23. OMG!

    Barbarians in the WH.

    Check her tasteless non-existent table manners. arm resting on table, darting down to the plate like a pig scoffing down chow instead of placing food on fork and raising it to her mouth like civilized people.

    And the pos picking his nose and wiping away the residue.

    Absolutely nauseating. And I bet they’re both stinky.

  24. I was desperately in need of comic relief when I posted the wookie at a food trough clip and then I ambled over to WZ. Here’s a sampling of some of the hysterical comments.

    They have been starving her for a month so she could fit in her new ballgown. Here’s the result. A lunatic.

    It is outrageous that this nasty beast is roaming the WH and has not been captured and sent to the zoo.

    She is an angry, black feminist, liberal that has the appeal of a menopausing crocodile.

    That’s how my dog looks at us when he’s afraid someone might snitch a bite of his food.

    The First Scrunt.

    Look at her massive chomping jowls. . . . like an australopithecus.

    Watching her stuff her face is like watching a python swallow a cow.


  25. MO’s outfit looked like she was in the military to me…she could have been an extra in a janet jackson/beyonce video with women dressed like military in the background

    …and what’s up with O chomping on that gum while watching the parade? anyone else and the media would be going on and on about gum chewing…but O just chomps away while the military bands go by and he salutes them…it looks bad, impolite and unsophisticated…the guys does not know that chewing gum at his inagural is poor manners…geesh

  26. Basil…i took a look at that clip…she’s chowing down and he is…ewwww…picking his nose…yuk!

    they have the worst table manners…emphatically yuk!

  27. Has anyone heard anything about the turnout? They had dropped the estimates to 500,000-700,000 but I have seen nothing about the final estimates. The crowd looked scant in quite a few shots. If it was higher than that, the lame stream media would be crowing. Maybe some of the Obama-zombies ate each other.

  28. Just got a look at Michelle’s navy outfit with the metal belt… Oh, Lordy!!! Looks like belongs in Michael and Janet Jackson’s video “SCREAM”:

  29. Diane Sawyer said there was 1 million people lining Pennsylvania Avenue. It didn’t look like that many to me, but I didn’t really pay much attention. I only heard Sawyer as I was flipping the channels.

  30. Even Politico was forced to report the crowd was half that of 2008. I’d guess it was a thord of the 1st immaculatiopn.

    Here’s a report from the UK Mail

    “Overwhelmingly, the crowd of 800,000 people was filled with the faces of the young, female, urban, African-American coalition that ensured Mr Obama’s re-election for a second term last November. They were Obama’s people, and they were there to celebrate their victory.

    The message was welcomed by a group of five young black high school students who had made the journey from New Orleans, paid for by “Upward Bound”, a Federal government program aimed to encourage young people to stay in school and get to university.”

    So mostly a black crowd. No surprise there. LC has an interesting post up about the broken Jumbathon and what that might portend for the pos’s 2nd term.the

  31. Funny, S, we had the same thoughts about Michelle and her unfortunate outfit.

    Four more years of that joyless pair…Oh, Lordy!

  32. Maybe it’s me, but I’ve never found Mich O pretty, just the opposite.She has an ugly mouth and jaws, and as a friend of mine says she has the eyebrows of the M of McDonalds.If she was nice it wouldn’t matter but I think she hates America and doesn’t like people. On the other side, Hillary looked classy and smiling all the time as always!

  33. I can understand why MO has a new girly hair style. She is older than BO and she is 49 years old. The big 5-0 is making her want to hang on to her youth as long as she can. I still wonder if it’s a wig or her real hair?

    As for those photos of Hillary and Bill, damn they both look great and Hillary seems to be wearing those glasses since she came out of the hospital. Wonder if her vision got worse or she should wear contact yet?

    She could wear glasses covered in scrunchies and I would still love her.

  34. This innauguration is a complete non event. The residents of Washington always turn out, and the big media seat sniffers are out in force. But for most of the country it is a non event. Televisions are on in public places, but nobody is listening, and nobody cares. It is all bullshit. And most people know it in their bones. One more example of the Emperor has no clothes.

  35. Phil Mickelson hints tax changes may spur career change.

    By: Moe Lane (Diary) | January 21st, 2013 at 09:30 AM | 25


    Let me use short words, here*: if you want less of something, tax it. Because if you tax it, you will get less of it:

    On the day President Obama was sworn in for his second term, [top professional golfer Phil] Mickelson sent shock waves through the Humana Challenge when he said the political landscape in the United States was causing him to seriously contemplate his future in golf.


    “If you add up all the federal and you look at the disability and the unemployment and the Social Security and state, my tax rate is 62, 63 percent,” Mickelson said. “So I’ve got to make some decisions on what to do.”


    In December, Mickelson, who was part of a group that had bought the San Diego Padres four months earlier, abruptly announced that he was no longer involved in the business deal. His reversal came shortly after California voters approved Proposition 30, which imposed a 13.3 percent tax rate on incomes of more than $1 million.

    Asked Sunday if the election results played a role in his decision to sever his ties with the Padres’ ownership group, Mickelson replied, “Yeah, absolutely.”

    Mickelson made 43 million dollars last year in celebrity endorsements alone; and there’s no real reason to think that he can’t make a similiar amount of money this year, too. But… if he’s losing sixty-two cents of every dollar that he sees, what’s Mickelson’s incentive to hustle for more? Particularly when he could, perhaps, combine hustling for less with moving to a state that’s much less likely to kill the goose to get at the golden eggs? After all, to paraphrase Barack Obama: at some point you have to ask yourself whether you’ve made enough money.

    …I certainly hope that every tax bureaucrat in the country gasped in horror when the President said that, by the way. Unlike Barack Obama, they should be expected to understand that you don’t eat your seed corn.

    Moe Lane (crosspost)

    *Mostly for the indirect benefit of the people assigned to monitor right-wing sites; they’ll probably be passing the gist of this post along, and I consider them to be considerably more intelligent than their political masters in the Democratic party. Which is, admittedly, not particularly hard to do.

  36. “But we have always understood that when times change, so must we; that fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges; that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”

    Good Lord, this POTUS is actually one of the Borg!
    We must assimilate.

    For those that don’t understand this, please contact your closest Star Trek fan and they will explain.

  37. “But we have always understood that when times change, so must we; that fidelity to our founding principles requires new responses to new challenges; that preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”

    Good Lord, this POTUS is actually one of the Borg!
    We must assimilate.

    For those that don’t understand this, please contact your closest Star Trek fan and they will explain.

  38. admin
    January 21st, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Michelle’s “outfit” looks to us like a costume rejected by a sci-fi film.

    LOL! You nailed it!

    Hold’um – you were so right about the Flip Wilson resemblance, but I’ll bet “Geraldine” did not act like a pig at the trough.

  39. “No one decides for the citizens of Israel” indeed! We simply owe Israel $2 billion a year and have no say over what they do with it, any more than we have any say over what Egypt does with the $1 billion a year we give them.

    Difference: We give Israel $330 per capita and we give Egypt $17 per capita. Needless to say, Egyptians are even less motivated than Israelis to grovel for their pittance.

    The logic of Netanyahu’s bellicosity: “because everyone around us hates us, we have to be strong and hawkish in the way we look at life and at the security issue.” And Israelis wonder why a hawkish attitude prompts greater hatred? The hawkishness just deepens the war mentality.

    It would be more productive to look at the other half of the world’s Jewish population that does not live in Israel, does not have a hawkish attitude, and live very well with their fellow countrymen.

    This “other half” is not just in the U.S. There are Jewish communities in every country of the world I know, including Arab countries, and they have no problems except in Europe where there is some lingering anti-semitism but nothing of a war mentality. Ask these Jews – even those in Europe – if “everyone around us hates us,” and the answer is no. We (but not all Israelis) are nurturing the eternal Jewish stance of victimhood, without even asking ourselves if there is any reason for Palestinians to resent the state for Jews only.

    Part of the war mentality is insisting that, if a Palestinian state is to come into existence, no Jews must live there: Netanyahu “would resist any peace initiative… that included a return of Jewish West Bank settlers to Israel’s pre-1967 boundaries.” But why should the settlers return? Why can’t Jews live in the Palestinian state, just as Arabs live in Israel? That could very well be the linchpin of any peace settlement.

    admin claims that “… the Israeli public knows that Palestinians do not want peace or a two-state solution,” but what are the grounds for claiming that? Did the pollster cover the Palestinian territories as well? Or is it just an assumption to entrench ourselves yet further into this battlefield mindset?

  40. JMHO But Bill and Hill were the only bright spots in this coronation.
    Also I remember how Our girl was trashed during her time as Flotus and I was not amused. 🙁

  41. BASIL99 January 21st, 2013 at 5:21 pm Wanna get a close look at the pos’s running the country?
    Here’s the pos’s ugly squash-faced marble-mouthed hooker-wigged beard rolling her eyes at John Boehner while stuffing her mug with the 3000 calorie inaugural lunch..
    What a classless disgusting couple.
    Basil, @LionelMedia has reported this incident on WPIX this AM; he has characterized it as Mooch turning her back to Boehner.

  42. admin
    January 22nd, 2013 at 3:04 am
    The DailyKooks are still race-baiting and hating on dear Big Pink:
    Interesting. On the one hand, anyone who is paying attention realizes that they are no longer relevant. Their dear leader has violated every principle they claimed to stand for–proving the old axiom that one should never wish for anything too much because you may have the misfortune of getting it. Not even the deluge of corporate money to him makes them question their undying allegiance to a false god. At some point one begins to suspect their motives–economic as opposed to political. Also, one can suspect their character. Is there any honor in hiding in the shadows and backshooting people who try to move this behemoth forward in a positive direction, against the dictates of corporate money? The weight of the evidence suggest that they are camp followers marching to the drum of people like Imelt. Maybe not all of them, but enough of them–especially those who direct the operation. I wonder if they are too driven by hate to realize that. Do they ever ask themseleves am I doing the right thing? If so do they have the wisdom to answer that question honestly. For their sake, I hope they come to their senses.

  43. I thought there was only widespread fraud utilized for GE win, but maybe this is another strategy.
    As Obama heads back to office, a battle rages over the tech that got him reelected
    Programmers and politicians spar over sharing the campaign-winning code with the public
    By Ben Popperon January 22, 2013 10:32 am
    …But in the aftermath of the election, a stark divide has emerged between political operatives and the techies who worked side-by-side. At issue is the code created during the Obama for America (OFA) 2012 campaign: the digital architecture behind the campaign’s website, its system for collecting donations, its email operation, and its mobile app. When the campaign ended, these programmers wanted to put their work back into the coding community for other developers to study and improve upon. Politicians in the Democratic party felt otherwise, arguing that sharing the tech would give away a key advantage to the Republicans. Three months after the election, the data and software is still tightly controlled by the president and his campaign staff, with the fate of the code still largely undecided. It’s a choice the OFA developers warn could not only squander the digital advantage the Democrats now hold, but also severely impact their ability to recruit top tech talent in the future….
    “I understand the need to keep the data sets private, but not the codebase.”

  44. Barbara Walters statement read by Whoopi Goldberg on THE VIEW (my [Greta] source: TVNewser) –
    “First and foremost I want to thank all of the people who’ve called, written and been concerned about me. I’m most appreciative. I’m running a low grade fever and the doctors are keeping me in the hospital until my temperature is normal. I’m pleased to say that it is going in the right direction and I will be home soon.

  45. admin

    The DailyKooks are still race-baiting and hating on dear Big Pink:


    Talk about a graveyard…’Where have all the DailyKooks gone, long time passing….’

    Not many posters for such a gleeful group of kool-aid supporters.

  46. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/01/the-presidential-gum-chew/

    …of course the writer tries to excuse O’s gum chomping as fine…

    imagine if that had been Sarah Palin or Bill or Hill caught at any time publically chewing gum like O was….

    …the media would go crazy calling them all kinds of names and ridiculing them…it would be on a 24 hour loop and a scandal opening up all the talk and entertainment shows…MSNBC would be hyperventilating…

    …but not O, on his Inaguration Day, while the whole world is watching and while he salutes even military bands with the military standing right next to him…just chomps away and it is ok for him…he had a long day…gross and uncouth…along with those other table manners mentioned above…

  47. Obama Prepares to Community-Organize America
    Posted by GreggHoulden on January 22, 2013 at 5:52am in Tea Party
    By Gregg Houlden

    One of the most dangerous moves for the conservative cause happened relatively quietly last week. Obama’s slick, vicious, duplicitous and unfortunately brutally effective campaign operation converted to a PAC. Expect Liberal attacks in unprecedented levels via social media, the Internet focused at removing our voice. The end game for this PAC is to restrict the Conservative message being spread via the Internet, probably our last avenue as Obama already co-optered the MSM of course.
    The quazi official status of PACs allow strategic cooperation with organizations and movements normal agencies and departments could be seen to deal with. Expect student led campaigns attacking our twitter accounts, websites, forums and blogs. They have already began a campaign of mass reporting of conservative tweeters, so to have them suspended. I think we will see new members join here and post articles or comments that can be used to discredit the Tea Party as extreme and marginalized.
    We have to be vigilant, measured and strategic in our thinking. This battle is very real people and it began yesterday. This PAC will play dirty, distort the truth and use guerrilla tactics to silence and ferment class warfare. The GOP has been asleep as the DEMs became the masters of the communication world. We have to catch up and the grass roots must fight to remain heard.

    By Matthew Vadum
    In his latest unprecedented move in American history, President Obama announced he is converting his campaign apparatus into a permanent in-your-face campaign aimed at furthering Obama’s divisive, radical politics.
    The new tax-exempt advocacy group, Organizing for Action, will “play an active role” in “mobilizing around and speaking out in support of important legislation” during Obama’s second term, the president said last week.
    In the same vein, in his second inaugural address yesterday, Obama bullied the opposition. Reinforcing his long-running “spread the wealth” theme, the president hectored successful people, declaring that “our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.”
    Obama also seemed to signal in his mercifully brief oration that he’s going to go all-out to make government bigger.
    Americans, he said, “reject the belief that America must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future.”
    Now, like a Third World caudillo, Obama will be able to pursue his policies from inside government and from outside through his OfA thug army.
    OfA is a less violent version of Mussolini’s black shirts and Hitler’s brown shirts, or of the government-supported goon squads that Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s Castro brothers use to harass and intimidate their domestic opponents. OfA units brought muscle to the recent fight in Wisconsin over that state’s out-of-control government labor unions. OfA has bludgeoned Democrats that Obama deemed insufficiently left-wing, especially red-state congressional Democrats who had been wavering on the issue of Obamacare.
    OfA also dabbles in state politics. In 2009 it meddled in a congressional race in New York’s 23rd district, backing winner Democrat Scott Murphy over Republican Dede Scozzafava. It also involved itself in the Virginia gubernatorial contest, championing eventual loser Democrat Creigh Deeds over Republican Bob McDonnell.
    OfA will carry on Obama-style community organizing. This anti-capitalist agitation revolves around the nebulous Marxist concept of “social justice.” It’s about making people angry so they push for change. It artificially creates pressure for government spending on whatever happens to be fashionable in leftist circles that day.
    Giving OfA nonprofit status institutionalizes the brutal, sometimes violent organizing techniques of Saul Alinsky within America’s partisan political infrastructure.

  48. Leanora
    January 21st, 2013 at 12:04 pm
    Rapper Lupe Fiasco was thrown offstage and escorted off the premises of a Washington, D.C. concert hall during a pre-inauguration concert Sunday night, after going on an anti-war, anti-Obama rant, according to concertgoers.

    I’m encouraged to buy all of his albums. Or CDs, or whatever you kids are using for downloads.

    I’m still a vinyl guy. Over 2,000 of ’em.

  49. BASIL99
    January 21st, 2013 at 7:45 pm
    Even Politico was forced to report the crowd was half that of 2008.

    Awwwww. Mr. Popular isn’t so popular anymore….so sad.

    Time to dig up Bin Laden and kill him again.

  50. Every woman alive
    Wants Chanel #5

    Shades of Coco Chanel–one of those larger figures who graced the world stage prior to World War II, was a close friend to General Shallenburg who was the right hand man of Himmler, lived in splendor at the Ritz hotel with the permission of the Germans, while her countrymen were left to starve on the streets, escaped the rabel of Paris that shaved the heads, put swastikas on the foreheads of women who were accused, some of them falsely, of collaborating with the Germans–forty thousand were killed by bloody mobs who were the personification of Marat, under the innocuous banner Paris is free again, spared from trial through the intervention of her friend Winston Churchill, and managed to go on as if it never happened.

    There are so many inferences to be drawn from this example. Two of them stand out in my mind. First of all, the wealthy and well connected may help to create horror for millions of people, but they manage to excape the consequences personally. Teddy Kennedy is an American example of this. The other point that matters to me is the spectre of what is known in the colloquial as drum head justice—conviction based on mere allegations, ending in a brutal death. Vigilantism on steroids. Not all that far removed from what happened in Paris in 1789. This is the legacy and the modus operandi of the hard left. Brutality. This is not the mechanized killing which the Germans were famous for. It is the collective beast, which is part of human nature. It has no redeeming qualities.

  51. It’s being reported Beyonce may have lip synched the National Anthem? Would fit in with this fake Presidency.

  52. Foxyladi14, did you see this one?:



    The past Monday I decided to visit the Minuteman Park in Lexington and pay tribute to Captain John Parker and his fellow minutemen. A thought came to my mind, that the founding fathers of the United States and Chairman Mao had one thing in common: they all realized that guns are important political instruments. Their similarities, however, ended there:

    Chairman Mao wrote: ‘Political power grows out of barrel of a gun’, and he dictated: ‘The party shall command the gun’. James Madison and his compatriots, however, believing that the power of the state is derived from the consent of the governed, ratified that ‘the right to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed’.

    23 years ago, I was a college freshman exercising my freedom of speech and assembly in Tian’anmen Square, much like we are doing here today. We grew frustrated by the restriction of personal freedoms and the corrupted Chinese government, and we thought peaceful protest would make the country better. Our young passion and patriotism was crushed by hails of full metal jackets out of AK47’s. (Some AK purists here would argue they were really type 56’s). We could not fight back, because we did not have an inch of iron in our hands, to borrow a Chinese expression: we were unarmed.

    Gun owners like us often say: the Second Amendment is the protector against a tyrannical government. Some may argument that a man with a rifle is no match to the military machines of today, so such beliefs are no longer relevant. However, 20 million peaceful Beijing citizens in 1989, sure wished that they had a few million rifles in their hands!

    Freedom is not free. Liberty has costs. We recognize that in this free society, criminals or mentally deranged could get weapons and murder the innocents. The answer, however, is not to disarm the law abiding citizens. Not only criminals and the deranged will violate the laws anyway, but more importantly, when a government turns criminal, when a government turns deranged, the body count will not be five, ten or twenty, but hundreds, like in Tian’anmen Square, or millions, counted in the 90-year history of the Chinese Communist Party.

    Our constitutional republic may look fuzzy and loving today (if you think so, I’ve got a TSA agent you should meet), but keep in mind that absolute power corrupts absolutely! And when a government has monopoly on guns, it has absolute power!

    Do you know that the Chinese Constitution guarantees almost all the nice things we have here? It is written that Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of speech and religion, they have human and property rights, and that such rights cannot be taken away without due process of the law. And do you know what? Chinese people do not have the right to keep and bear arms. I assure you all those nice guarantees, are not worth the paper they are printed on, because when the government has all the guns, they have all the rights.
    I was not born a citizen of the United States, I was naturalized in 2007. In 2008, I became a proud gun owner. To me, a rifle is not for sporting or hunting, it is an instrument of freedom. It guarantees that I cannot be coerced, that I have free will, and that I am a free man.

    Now suppose the 20 million Beijing citizens had had a few million rifles, how many rounds should they have been ALLOWED to load into their magazines? 10? 7? How about 3?

    Never, never, never give up the fight, my friends. It may be a small step that you give up your rifle, or a 30-round magazine, but it will be a giant leap in the destruction of this great republic.

    In closing I will quote the words of Captain John Parker: “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they want to have a war, let it begin here.

  53. We have some great jokers on today…besides our witty admin.


    Awwwww. Mr. Popular isn’t so popular anymore….so sad.

    Time to dig up Bin Laden and kill him again.



    It’s being reported Beyonce may have lip synched the National Anthem? Would fit in with this fake Presidency.


    😆 😆

  54. In closing I will quote the words of Captain John Parker: “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they want to have a war, let it begin here.“


    Modern day version: “Let’s roll”

    is a catchphrase that has been used extensively as a term to move and start an activity, attack, mission or project. After the September 11 attacks, the phrase, especially in the United States, has come to symbolize heroism, self-sacrifice and initiative in a tough situation. This use of the phrase was inspired by Todd Beamer’s final known words, “Are you guys ready? Okay, let’s roll!” The phrase has been widely appropriated as a battlecry.

  55. Gallup: American Optimism Hits Lowest Point Since Carter Administration…

    So the folks that voted for Barry are not optimistic?

    No freebies, can’t find a job, lost yer house…

  56. Shadowfax
    January 22nd, 2013 at 6:35 pm
    You can lay most of this at the feet of Obama—and his fellow dims. The drivers of this loss of sunny optimism which has been prior to now part of the American character, are:

    1. rewarding his cronies at the expense of the country

    2. forcing unwanted programs on the public

    3. making this the longest deepest recession in history

    4. making a mess of our foreign policy

    5. trashing the culture and traditions of this country

    6. widening and deepening the fault lines in this society–race, gender, generation

  57. The pos’s TV ratings cut by almost two thirds as well. You tell me how he got re(s)elected? Impossible. Pure fraud. And the repubs stood by and let it happen.

    Whereas approximately 17 million people watched Obama’s address on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News in 2009, only around 7 million watched on those three channels in 2013.


    So the inaugural attendance was down by almost two thirds, he supposedly won by a 3 % margin, down from 7 % in 2008 and no one questions the validity of the results?

    Sounds like a perfect case of “Black Box” voting to me, change just enough of the touchscreen votes so it’s not super obvious, keep the margins within a couple % points. Like 51% – 49%.

    Problem is the pos handlers got spooked and set up 100% margins in many precincts.

    And now even Fox is saying oh well, the country has changed. BS. That’s the perception they’re trying to sell.

    We are screwed.

  58. I was going to send the video put out yesterday of ME-chelle stuffing her mouth and BO picking his nose at the table at the luncheon yesterday. I could not get it at REAL CLEAR POLITICS nor could I get it at Breitbart a little while ago. Has it been taken down completely??

  59. And now even Fox is saying oh well, the country has changed
    I am not sure what that means. Maybe what it means is that his candidacy was a cheap suit which cost alot of money, and if you pulled on a loose thread the whole suit would come apart, and so would the suits of the other party. The entire political system is off the richter scale with corruption. Is the country stupider. Maybe. But before you venture that explanation remember what HL Mencken said about the American People. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People. That was eighty years ago.

  60. jbstonesfan

    Bibi had a bad day as well. He”won”, but pretty dignificant centrist shift:

    I don’t understand this kind of voting. Would it be like the balance of power…Dim’s in the WH and Senate, and Rupubs in the House?

    I know it isn’t done the same way, but is it a similar effect?

  61. I was going to send the video put out yesterday of ME-chelle stuffing her mouth and BO picking his nose at the table at the luncheon yesterday

    Aided and abetted by an uber corrupt press.

    The guns used to kill the Americans were from the ill fated Bengazi arms to al Quaeda Obama initiative.

    NBC, ABC, NYT, WASHPO covered this up, so as not to spoil his supercilious innaugeration.

    With this weak disoriented idiot at the helm, what kind of message does this send to our enemies?

    Are we weaker or stronger?

    Are we more vulnerable to a terroist attack or less?

    Are the American people stupid, or just stupid?

    There is no other alternative. You know that don’t you.

  62. You pass them on the freeway with their beaten up automobiles and Obama bumper stickers. Clueless I tell myself. Then I look inside the car to see what kind of an idiot advertises such stupidity. Typically, young unmarried women, blacks, and young male geeks, aging hippies. They think they are politically savvy??? Naive and manipulable would be more like it. These people can be herded like cattle, and that is what happens. Losers.

  63. I wonder what happens when these union pension programs go belly up. Fewer contributing employers, more retirees, and underperforming investments. Another raid on the public treasury. Why should this be the taxpayers responsibility?

  64. Larry had an article on the Marine general who was just fired for opposing the chicken hawks who want us to attack Iran. Most of these untermenchen never served in the military and do not know one end of an assault rifle from another, but here they are preaching war, and until he was fired, this general asked them questions which demonstrated the limits of their knowledge and understanding. As Larry noted, they want some sycophant general who says yes to whatever fantasices they wish to indulge, and that is what got us into all of these wars that turn out to be the graveyard of empire. This would never happen if we had a competent president–even a marginally competent one, as opposed to this media hyped Queen for a Day.

  65. wbboei,

    Sorry. Lazy posting.

    I meant “And now even Fox is saying oh well, the country has changed” and so basically deal with it. It’s a pos world and nothing we can do about it. Shut up and fall in line. That’s what I meant I gleaned from Bill and Sean. Sheer defeatism.

  66. We all know how the Benghazzi Hearings will end. With a whimper.

    Bob Menendez of NJ, whose intern was set to be arrested as a sex offended in violation of his parole by the FBI but the arrest was DELAYED by them so as not to conflict with the election is in charge.

    What a f**king crock of . . .

  67. What a joke this hearing is.
    No mention of WHY the US did not send support to Stevens and company.
    No mention of the MIA pos.
    No mention of the outrage of the first US ambassador in 30 years being assassinated.
    No mention of what actually happened to Stevens before he died – the alledged rape, the dragging through the streets.
    No mention of why Rice continued to blame the attack on an amateur video.
    No hard hitting information gathering questions.
    Just complete BS.

  68. Basil99, the senate hearing is not expected to be hard-hitting at all. Thus far it is a love fest. But just now Ron Johnson is asking some good questions and calling Susan Rice’s presentations “purposefully misleading”.

    The senate hearings can best be seen as a preliminary hearing which might get some factual responses for House Republicans to use this afternoon.

  69. Jeff Flake asks Hillary if she was consulted on sending Susan Rice to the Sunday talk shows. Hillary says “no”.

  70. McCain is up now. He compliments Hillary and says she is “combative as ever”. She laughs heartily. He says the answers he has heard are “not satisfactory to me”.

  71. McCain is no longer joking around. He is saying the information provided has been “false”. McCain says 4 months later there are no answers.

  72. bstonesfan
    January 22nd, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    It’s being reported Beyonce may have lip synched the National Anthem? Would fit in with this fake Presidency.

    Take that, mitches. 😉

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