Walking The Dead – Another Lesson From Bill Clinton, Part II

Update: Three Republican writers disagree with our analysis as to what Republicans should do regarding the debt ceiling and fighting Barack Obama. They are Peter Wehner of Commentary, Ross Douthat of the New York Times, and Matt Lewis of DailyCaller. The comments at DailyCaller agree with us. Example 1:

The GOP cannot avoid this fight. If it caves the Republican base will be in full rebellion and it won’t be just conservatives wondering what is the purpose of an opposition party that never opposes effectively.”

Example 2:

“The Republican Party is going to have to stand up for something, sometime. If not now, when?”


Is it really possible that we might have some genuine “news” to report? Is it really possible that the “news” is “good” news? Shocking, but true.

When last we published we tried to get the point across that the only question that matters, and it is a question that remains unanswered, is “Will Republicans fight?” We made the case that strategically speaking NOW is the most opportune time for Republicans to challenge Barack Obama on issue after issue they say they care about.

We did not, in our previous article, invoke that bit of brilliant Bill Clintonism that goes like this: “Better to be strong and wrong than weak and right.” Smart Republicans should remember that Clintonism and take it to heart without us having to elaborate on why that is such a smart political strategy. No, in our last article we did not provide that bit of advice to Republicans. Instead we focused on why now, when the next elections are furthest away, is the time to fight.

Last Thursday, Donald Trump on Sean Hannity echoed much of what we wrote and he too advised Republicans not to worry about being blamed (for whatever) because they will be blamed (by Big Media) for anything and everything anyway. Trump also reminded Republicans that news cycles change so frequently that by the time the 2014 elections come up the fights of early 2013 will be long forgotten or put into context by the public.

We suspect that in 2014 the issue central to elections and the anger of the public will be the abomination called ObamaCare. It’s not just the sticker shock that is already bending the cost curve way upwards that will enrage. As we wrote at the time, the U.S. government as a thug enforcer, Al Capone-Frank Nitti style, for Big Insurance is going to infuriate the public. Big Insurance is already asking the U.S. government to thug up more customers for them (“That’s why some insurers want HHS to give them more sticks.” “The health insurers have a vested interest in asking for the extra measures, of course. They want as many customers as possible — which is one of the reasons they pushed for the individual mandate in the first place.”)

Yup, in 2014 the health scam abomination called ObamaCare and its failures will be the issue. But that changed issue landscape is not why Republicans should stiffen their spines and fight Barack Obama now.

As we pointed out previously, Republicans in the very bad low point election year of 2012, won 219 seats in the House of Representatives from congressional districts that Mitt Romney won. Control of the House requires 218 votes. Do we really have to connect the dots and bludgeon the heads of Republican “leaders” with this very obvious point? Now is the time to fight guys. Now is when you have the least to lose because the elections are so far away.

Now is the time to fight because the bigger the fight on fiscal issues that highlight Obama economic irresponsibility and lack of job creating plans the less damage Barack Obama can do in other arenas of American life.

Today, instead of talking about jobs and economic plans to grow the American economy we heard some additional stupidity and distractions from irresponsible Obama: I’ll “vigorously” pursue a “meaningful” assault-weapons ban. Obama wants to distract the DailyKooks crowd and the American public with more nonsense instead of addressing how we get out of the economic mess we are in. ABC and National Journal are asking “why Obama is doing this” when the answer is that Obama the flim-flam man understands that he must distract attention from the economy and the looming disaster which is ObamaCare with new flim-flams.

* * * * *

Now, what about that “good” news we wrote about up top? It’s not about the open thread: final Obama presser of first term being over. It’s not about Obama forced to open the binders full of women who are willing to work at lower pay than men in the Obama big house.

No, remember when we called the cooked Susan Rice nomination for Secretary of State “the first clear domestic policy defeat for Obama post election“? That devoured Rice victory came about because opponents fought, not sat back and whined, fought.

Now it might be possible (we’re from Missouri on this and refuse to believe it until we see it) that something along the lines of a fight might be taking shape:

“House Republicans are seriously entertaining dramatic steps, including default or shutting down the government, to force President Barack Obama to finally cut spending by the end of March.

The idea of allowing the country to default by refusing to increase the debt limit is getting more widespread and serious traction among House Republicans than people realize, though GOP leaders think shutting down the government is the much more likely outcome of the spending fights this winter.

“I think it is possible that we would shut down the government to make sure President Obama understands that we’re serious,” House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington state told us. “We always talk about whether or not we’re going to kick the can down the road. I think the mood is that we’ve come to the end of the road.” [snip]

To the vast majority of House Republicans, it is far riskier long term to pile up new debt than it is to test the market and economic reaction of default or closing down the government.

GOP officials said more than half of their members are prepared to allow default unless Obama agrees to dramatic cuts he has repeatedly said he opposes. Many more members, including some party leaders, are prepared to shut down the government to make their point. House Speaker John Boehner “may need a shutdown just to get it out of their system,” said a top GOP leadership adviser. “We might need to do that for member-management purposes — so they have an endgame and can show their constituents they’re fighting.” [snip]

“No one wants to default, but we are not going to continue to give the president a limitless credit card.”

It’s in many ways a ploy of the Republican “leadership”. The Republican leadership wants a sham “fight” to “show their constituents they’re fighting” then they will turn around and betray the very constituents that sent a Republican majority to the lower house of congress.

But even with these conniving liars and hypocrites there are roadblocks to implement their schemes:

“To pacify conservatives, he made two promises to his members that will greatly restrict his ability to craft a compromise in the spending fights ahead. The first promise was to bring to the floor only legislation a majority of his members support and do it through the committee process. The second was to increase the debt limit only in exchange for a dollar-for-dollar decrease in spending in the time period covered by that debt increase. [snip]

They are willing to take that risk because they believe the future consequences of more spending are more severe.

If Republicans really believe what they are saying, or rather, if Republican “leaders” really believe what they are saying then they should stand on principle and do what their constituents sent them to Washington to do.

Instead of calling Barack Obama a nice guy Republicans should fight Obama and speak the truth. Today that somewhat began to happen. Some Republicans/conservatives who have been advocating capitulation today reminded their public of the Obama lies and deceits when it comes to the debt ceiling. Obama ’06: Raising the debt ceiling means America can’t pay its bills; Obama ’13: Not raising the debt ceiling means America can’t pay its bills.

These days it sometimes seems like the only Republican leader fighting is combat veteran of World War II George H.W. Bush. Today H.W. left the hospital – which shows that refusing to die when Big Media declares you dead, near dead, or about to die, is a smart strategy.

If Republicans believe what they say, then they should fight for what they believe in. The more resistance to Obama on the debt ceiling and other financial issues the less damage Obama can do in other areas.

Republican “leaders” should get a clue from 41 and 42. The time to fight is now. It’s fight or die.


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  1. The article contains this link, here we provide some excerpts:


    Obama’s Ambitious Second-Term Agenda Could Backfire

    On gun control, immigration, and Hagel, the president’s biggest roadblocks are Democrats.

    The White House’s ambitious agenda on gun control, immigration reform, and, perhaps, even climate change is a sign that President Obama believes he locked up precious political capital with his reelection and intends to spend it quickly. But that isn’t welcome news to many of the Democrats who need him the most in the short term–the seven Democratic senators in conservative states facing tough reelection bids.

    Just one week into the new year, Obama has already hit some unpleasant stumbling blocks with his own party. On gun control, the White House is now calculating that it will be “exceedingly difficult” to pass broad measures, The New York Times reports, a sharp U-turn from its optimism heading into the new year. Senators from the president’s own party are the ones giving him trouble over his nominee for Defense secretary, former GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel, with one of the president’s most partisan backers privately expressing doubt about whether he’ll support his nomination.

    And on Friday, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., announced his retirement, making it even more likely that a West Virginia Senate seat will turn Republican for the first time since 1959. [snip]

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. To maintain their Senate majority in 2014, Democrats need to hold onto seven seats being contested on inhospitable turf–Louisiana, Arkansas, Alaska, Montana, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Dakota. [snip]

    I’d argue that given Democratic congressional supermajorities in his first two years and the lingering unpopularity of the Republican Party, he held the potential to accomplish a lot more–and in a more bipartisan fashion, as well. Health care reform was a costly detour from promoting a jobs-centric agenda in the president’s first year. He’s spending significant political capital on Hagel, at a time when the White House desperately needs a united Democratic front on gun control and immigration.

    Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, learned the hard way about bragging about his mandate, seeing his own ambitious Social Security reforms blow up in his face thanks to recalcitrant Republicans, and watching his approval ratings trend downward from there. [snip]

    One of the biggest differences between 2012 and 2014 for down-ballot Democrats is that the president doesn’t have the same political imperative to tack to the middle, free to pursue the issues deemed most important. That might be good for the president’s legacy, certainly if he accomplishes his agenda, but the politically at-risk members of his own party are probably having different thoughts.

  2. “Why are we pretending?’

    “The template for stealing elections in America at the national level has been set in the 2012 election. Given all the unvetted and demonstrable aberrations in this election, it has become crystal clear that the 2012 Presidential election was illegally determined and, by extension, so will every future election.

    Without addressing these issues the current president must be considered illegal and a usurper and every effort made to remove him from office. The complicit media (Baa, Baa) quickly buried all negative (i.e., truthful) information about this election.”


  3. read this and weep…it illustrates who has increased the debt ceiling and how many times…



    the info provided in unfreaking believable…

    frankly in regards to the topic above re: republicans fighting back…they might try by starting to really EDUCATE the public…

    the repubs are terrible at explaining issues in simple, easy to understand terms…

    why don’t they start a simple public service campaign that teaches the public how the debt has gone up…up…up…and then juxtapose the debt to what we are getting for it in return…not much…

    Obama has already raised the debt ceiling six times (evidently bush jr did it 7 times total in his two terms)

    why can’t the repubs get down to the level of the people and flood the airwaves saying we cannot continue to raise the debt ceiling TWO TRILLION DOLLARS just about every year or two…and with nothing to show for it…in fact, with unemployment continuing to RISE…and the cost of everything going up…and our infrastructure still collapsing and slow…

    the repubs should really take a page out of Bill’s playbook and get out there and fully explain to the people what is going on…

    …the problem is that with both parties just vying for money and special interests support it is all an insider’s game…with no one really looking out for us…we are just here to pay everyone else’s bill and bailouts…

  4. Update: Three Republican writers disagree with our analysis as to what Republicans should do regarding the debt ceiling and fighting Barack Obama. They are Peter Wehner of Commentary, Ross Douthat of the New York Times, and Matt Lewis of DailyCaller. The comments at DailyCaller agree with us. Example 1:

    The GOP cannot avoid this fight. If it caves the Republican base will be in full rebellion and it won’t be just conservatives wondering what is the purpose of an opposition party that never opposes effectively.”

    Example 2:

    “The Republican Party is going to have to stand up for something, sometime. If not now, when?”


  5. Bill Clinton at The Golden Globe Awards

    Text: The former President introduced his friend Steven Spielberg’s film Lincoln, which was up for best picture. He’s a good friend.

    Subtext: Mr. Clinton was stumping for Hillary Clinton in the first 2016 Democratic primary – which takes place in the small but powerful U.S. territory called “Hollywood checkbooks”. In 2008 Mr. Spielberg held out for Hillary well into the primary drama. His power to raise big political money cannot be underestimated. Only the singer called Streisand (another Clintonista) is as valuable to potential 2016 Democratic contenders. Spielberg did not have another charming, cool, ironic, tired celebrity introduce his film- he had an ex President. Not to shabby.

    In case you think the subtext was lost on the collected checkbooks in the audience please note: Bill Clinton got a 30 second standing ovation for walking to a podium, and after his moment co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler burst on stage in feigned shock with two choice lines:

    Poehler: That was Hillary Clinton’s husband!

    Fey: Bill Rodham Clinton!

    What Ms. Clinton does in 2016 is entirely up to her, of course. But one can’t ignore the obvious. Ms. Clinton’s husband is keeping the Hollywood lawn green. Hollywood likes nothing more than throwing its money at “history”. In 2008 the buzz words were “black” and “President”. In 2016 the buzzwords will be “woman” and “President.”

  6. It’s in the mid 20’s in California, or has Hell frozen over?

    The day has come where Admin is seeing positive news that I have little hope for.

    If Republican’s had coconuts like Trump, I would have hope there would be a fight…but I think they left their big boy pants at home and are too afraid to stand up for the American voters. The couragious Sarah, West, Trey and a few others…are not able to get their party to fight, they have caved in on everything since they put bags over the heads of their tea party folks.

    You are usually right Admin, so I will hope your idea of good news will rub off on me.

  7. Boehner is a lover–not a fighter.

    That is the problem.

    I have been working on other things.

    A Wharton PHD Obama loving neighbor asked me in panic what is going to happen.

    I answered him bluntly, how the fuck should I know.

    But alas I do know. And that is the hell of it.

    Boehner is a lover. Not a fighter.

    And the base will not stand for it.

    So how do we embarrass him into standing his ground.

    Send him a jar of vasoline, perhaps.

    Again, Boehner is not a fighter.

    By failing to fight he will lose his base.

    He will be swept aside when this thing falls apart.

    A new party,or a different party will then emerge.

    The American people remain dumb as owl shit.

    And the elites will ride this thing into the ground.

    They are the ones who need to pay. Somehow.

    The false drama of all this no longer interests me.

    Partly because it is all so damned orchetratated.

    Save this.

    Boehner is a lover not a fighter.

    That much you can make book on.

  8. You could slap Boeher across the face and challenge him to a duel.

    He would decline.

    He belongs in the Pope’s choir of castrades.

  9. democrat1
    January 14th, 2013 at 9:03 pm
    Bill Clinton at The Golden Globe Awards

    Maybe Hollywood elites who are secretly disenchanted / disgusted with Obama think that maybe only a certain Democratic power couple (not Republicans) is capable of taking down the corrupt Obama power structure.

  10. A 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential run? I don’t think so.

    Obama has nationalized 1/3 of the economy. He has broken evey FEC law there is with no consequences until his 2012 “re-election.” He has purged all of the top brass in our military. He will fight like hell to disarm law abiding Americans. He fought for dictator wanna be, Zeleya in Hondoras after he defied the country’s supreem court rully over a third term. He stole every election he ever participated in. He is a dictator and dictators do not follow democratic process. They steal elections, control the press and mainstream media, disarm their population. Arm the enemies of civilized people and murder threaten and bribe their way to unlimited power. Obama is a dictator. We lost our democracy 8 weeks before the 2008 presidential election. People must start having the courage to acknoledge this and scream it from the roof tops. Obama is a dictator. We are living in a dictatorship. How much longer will we remain silent?

  11. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has signed on to help promote President Obama’s inaugural kick-off event to get Americans engaged in serving their communities.

    The 32-year-old plans to headline a summit on the National Mall on Saturday that is the centerpiece of the president’s National Day of Service, a call to action meant to honor the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. on the holiday weekend celebrating his birthday.

    Acting as the day’s honorary chair is a new inaugural role for the woman who participated in the festivities as an adolescent, standing next to her father, Bill Clinton, as he was sworn into office in 1993 and 1997.


  12. Yep Foxy. Don’t know if she’s making bond with Oh tighter or collecting pointers for her Mom’s 2016 or neither of the above. From a source other than Leanora’s 8:42 comment:
    “There is no more fitting way to mark a presidential inauguration than a day of service,” Clinton said in a statement. “Coming together as a country to strengthen our communities has always been part of the American spirit. I am deeply grateful that President Obama and his administration have put service at the center of the Inauguration weekend and I am proud to be part of a nation-wide service effort, honoring the service and legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and building a brighter future for all of us.”
    Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/277159-chelsea-clinton-to-headline-inaugural-event#ixzz2I4DrZxBK

  13. It is the first month of his second term and Obama needs his walking around money. So after they raise the debt ceiling he will tell congress and us we need another stimulus package.

  14. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2013/01/14/debt-deficit-obama-congress/1830363/

    The debt is up about 60% since Obama took office. This can’t go on forever.

    President Obama, the Democrats, and plenty of Republicans in Congress, would like it if you’d spend the next few weeks talking about gun control. That’s because when you are, you’re not talking about the country’s financial situation. [snip]

    And, since we’re borrowing the difference, President Obama has what Politico is calling a debt problem: “The staggering national debt — up about 60% from the $10 trillion Obama inherited when he took office in January 2009 — is the single biggest blemish on Obama’s record, even if the rapid descent into red began under President George W. Bush. Obama has long emphasized Bush’s role in digging the immense hole. But he owns it now.” [snip]

    So does that mean that the ballooning debt is all Obama’s fault? No. Most of those spending bills got Republican votes, too. But it does mean that, as Politico notes, Obama now owns the 60% increase in the debt that has occurred on his watch, and can no longer credibly blame Bush (under whom plenty of Democrats voted for spending bills).

    Economist Herbert Stein observed that something that can’t go on forever, won’t. The United States can’t go on forever increasing its debt by 60% every four years. Therefore, it won’t. The only question is how things will stop — smoothly or catastrophically.

    As we head into the next debt-ceiling debate, it’s worth considering these words from a patriotic senator concerned with America’s future:

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. . . . It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

    The senator? Sen. Barack Obama, in 2006.

  15. foxy
    So much for Hillary’s clear shot at 2016. 😯

    Bo must think Biden would make him look good. 😆


    BO is the kiss of death and Biden has no chance in Hell IF Hillary runs again.

    Biden the Gaff-in-Chief vs the highest rated, intelligent, experienced and loyal American, our girl Hillary.

  16. I agree, all the talk about gun control is a distraction from the economy and jobs.

    Seems as though the gun issue could be taken up by a few Repubs, and the rest of the Congress could get back to their job of getting America out of this black hole.

    What a waste of money paying 99% of our Congress and the aholes in the WH that do nothing but pretend to be working when they are just spending and caving.

    I am so sick of all of them, and will vote 99% of them out of office in 2014.

  17. All the news sites are reporting:

    WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will testify Jan. 23 before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the deadly Sept. 11 assault on the US mission in Libya.

    That’s the word from Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the panel. He said in a statement late Monday that Clinton will answer questions about the raid that killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi.

  18. In ‘fiscal cliff’ deal, a blow to Obamacare

    When Congress struck a deal to avert the fiscal cliff, it also dealt a quiet blow to President Obama’s health overhaul: The new law killed a multibillion-dollar program meant to boost health insurance competition by funding nonprofit health plans.

    The decision to end funding for the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans has left as many as 40 start-ups vying for federal dollars in limbo. Some are considering legal action against the Obama administration, after many spent upwards of $100,000 preparing their applications.

    “Currently there are some things in motion,” said Robert Raasch, who had requested a multimillion-dollar loan to set up a nonprofit health plan in Oklahoma. “There may be some legal challenges or some legislative mechanisms we could use. All of that is in discussion.”

    The Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan, or CO-OP, program was aimed at spending as much as $6 billion to help launch nonprofit health insurance carriers. It came into favor with Democrats when it became clear that a government-run plan, known as the public option, could not gain enough political support.

    In theory, nonprofit health plans could offer lower premiums, which would put pressure on private insurance companies to cut their rates. But over the past three years, the program has come under congressional investigation as Republicans questioned whether the nonprofit plans would make good on their loans, or go belly-up like the solar panel company Solyndra. That manufacturer borrowed more than a half-billion in federal loans, only to go bankrupt in 2011.

    Even some Affordable Care Act supporters had doubts about whether the start-ups could succeed. They would have needed to repay their federal loans within five years.

    “This program didn’t do a lot to get these guys the resources they needed,” said Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute. “These aren’t grants; they’re loans, and there was a really fast time frame for loans to be repaid. You’d have to cobble a lot together incredibly quickly.”

    The Department Health and Human Services had already sent out nearly $2 billion to 24 CO-OPs. Those plans are scheduled to begin accepting their first customers in October, when the new health exchanges launch for open enrollment.

    The CO-OP program’s funding was cut from $6 billion to $3.4 billion in a previous budget deal. The fiscal cliff deal cuts nearly all of the program’s unobligated funds, about $1 billion, leaving only a small portion of money to administer the CO-OP loans already granted.

    The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the change will generate $200 million in savings by 2017.


  19. Sad but understandable…

    401(k) breaches undermining retirement security for millions

    A large and growing share of American workers are tapping their retirement savings accounts for non-retirement needs, raising broad questions about the effectiveness of one of the most important savings vehicles for old age.

    More than one in four American workers with 401(k) and other retirement savings accounts use them to pay current expenses, new data show. The withdrawals, cash-outs and loans drain nearly a quarter of the $293 billion that workers and employers deposit into the accounts each year, undermining already shaky retirement security for millions of Americans.



    Weigh In

    Personal Post

    (The Washington Post/Source: Author’s analysis of the 2010 SCF and SIPP; Argento, Bryant, and Sabelhaus (2012); Abstract of 2010 Form 5500 Annual Reports) – The comparative value of the Retirement Breach problem

    More business news
    Ranks of ‘working poor’ increasing
    Ranks of ‘working poor’ increasing

    Michael A. Fletcher 4:10 AM ET

    New report: Nearly a third of working families earn salaries so low that they struggle to pay for their necessities.
    Secrets of the crisis revealed: What to expect from transcripts of 2007 Fed meetings
    Secrets of the crisis revealed: What to expect from transcripts of 2007 Fed meetings

    Neil Irwin 7:51 AM ET

    The first transcripts of Fed meetings during the crisis should come out any day now. It will be huge!
    Facebook introduces social search feature
    Facebook introduces social search feature

    Hayley Tsukayama 10:30 AM ET

    Facebook announced Tuesday that it is introducing a feature that will let it leverage its social data for search

    With federal policymakers eyeing cuts to Social Security benefits and Medicare to rein in soaring federal deficits, and traditional pensions in a long decline, retirement savings experts say the drain from the accounts has dire implications for future retirees.

    “We’re going from bad to worse,” said Diane Oakley, executive director of the National Institute on Retirement Security. “Already, fewer private-sector workers have access to stable pension plans. And the savings in individual retirement savings accounts like 401(k) plans — which already are severely underfunded — continue to leak out at a high rate.”


  20. Honest Americans Bought Enough Guns in November and December to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies

    The Obama Administration is the number one threat to the nation’s gun rights advocates. In the four years since Barack Obama was first elected president in November 2008, an estimated 67 million firearms have been purchased in the United States. In November a record 2 million guns were sold in America. This was followed up by another record in December. 2.7 million guns were sold in America in the last month of 2012.


  21. SOB Cuomo follows in Bloomturds and POS’s footsteps. Rams through restrictive gun legislation

    Cuomo is a F**ING incompetent narcissistic blowhard and unfortunately I reside in the state where he’s gov. The SOB pushed through legislation through with no time for the senate or assembly members to read it (sound familiar) pkluys he called for limiting all firearms to 7 bullet magazines.


    I just bought a Ruger 10/22 Takedown and now it’s illegal for me to use it?????
    That SOB needs to rot in Hell!.

    There’s word the SOB’s motive was purely political, to beat Biden, a prospective 2016 dim opponent for POTUS, to the punch by releasing gun legislation before him.
    It is sickening.

    Here’s the NRA’s reaction.

    Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association and our New York members are outraged at the draconian gun control bill that was rushed through the process late Monday evening.
    Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature orchestrated a secretive end-run around the legislative and democratic process and passed sweeping anti-gun measures with no committee hearings and no public input.

    Hammered out in a backroom in Albany, S. 2230 was quickly drafted and released 20 minutes prior to the Senate vote. It passed as the clock ticked toward midnight.
    This legislation lowers New York’s arbitrary magazine capacity limit from ten rounds to seven. It also greatly expands the state’s existing ban on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms, and will require New York gun owners to undergo background checks on ammunition purchases.
    The legislature caved to the political demands of a Governor and helped fuel his personal political aspirations. New York lawmakers have ignored and excluded gun owners throughout this legislative process, but the NRA and our New York members remain committed to having a meaningful conversation about protecting our children and will speak frankly about the lawmakers who have failed to do so.

    Expect the POS to announce the same measures tomorrow, to be passed through Executive Order. Sadly, the NYS Legislature is even more corrupt than Congress. I didn’t think that was possible.

  22. Basil

    …New York’s new laws will expand the state’s ban on assault weapons and include new measures to keep guns away from mentally disturbed individuals. Under the new law, ammunition magazines would also be restricted to seven bullets, from the current 10 — owners caught with eight or more bullets in a magazine could face a misdemeanor charge.

    Reducing 10 bullets to 7 seems freakin’ strange to me. 3 bullets less is gonna do what to help the situation?

    Just a question, I am tired of the whole gun issue that has been raging for years between the parties, just like the abortion issue.

  23. Shadowfax, Here are two comments about the 10-7 mag decrease.

    “This is a total outrage!! No, they don’t want to take away our guns, just make EVERY PISTOL MAG in NY ILLEGAL!!!! Every full-size pistol has 10 round mags. They’re saying you have to sell it out of state? Really?”

    “This was a gun grab. 10 rounds was the std. Many states it was more. 7 round mags are not available. This effectively will make us criminals in 2014. This was a gun grab. pistols will be illegal if you can not get a 7 round mag by 2014.”

    It’s something like buying a car with special features and then being told you can’t use it on fear of being arrested.

    What makes it even worse is the SOB ADMITTED he wanted the law passed immediately to prevent citizens from making alternative arrangements.

    “Cuomo said he wanted quick action to avoid a run on assault weapons and ammunition as he tries to address what he estimates is about 1 million assault weapons in New York state.”

    There was NO discussion. NO debate. Just an imperious decision with no citizen input steamrollered through a weak and corrupt legislature. (Even worse than congress).

    And STILL no definitive explanation of what is considered an assault weapon. I was under the impression only automatic weapons fell into that category. Crapo is rewriting the rules, like RBC did with HRC.

    The rifle I bought is a limited edition of the Olympics Sports Shooter’s model and comes with a 10 round magazine.

    For this rifle. the one used by Olympians, to be now viewed as an assault weapon is outrageous. It is a sports shooting model but Crapo says it has a 10 round mag and it’s now illegal.

    I have taken the conspiracy about DHS buying up billions of rounds of ammo and weapons with a grain of salt but this outrageous backroom deal has me thinking.

    What IS the goal?

    I mean, the bill had NO ZERO NADA public discussion and was passed in the dead of night with the senate voting on a list of the proposals and not the actual bill. Sound familiar?

    At least when Bloomturd passed the no 32 ounce beverage monstrosity it was after months of debate.

    The Crapo bill was NOT an emergency. I am going to read more about the DHS and their billion rounds of ammo.

    BTW, expect the pos to suggest similar measures tomorrow.

    The main point is that it seems the disarming of American citizens has begun in earnest. NYS is also requiring background checks for ammo purchases. No online sales of weapons or ammo.

    If, like me, you had been trying to buy ammo for your new rifle you would have seen all the major online distributors with OUT-OF-STOCK messages.

    This is getting too 1984’ish for me and I really am going to look into moving further south. The northeast and the west are beyond hope.

    Sorry for rambling.

  24. Basil99

    I don’t consider your comments as rambling. We are living in a dictatorship ruled by a dictator who was never able to win an election without slander threats, murder bribes, manipulation and a multi-billion dollar propaganda war chest. I have compared him to Hitler from the time I notices how extreem propaganda tactics, often times involving children were used to boost his popularity. Every dayt he validates my comparison more. It would have been nice if people recognized Hitler for what he was before he started herding people he found unfit to live into his ovens. People had better start calling Obama what he is. He is evil, he is a dictator.

  25. Shadowfax,

    There is so much wrong and nothing right about what Crapo did.

    Think of it this way. You went to sleep thinking everything in your life was aboveboard and legal and woke up the next day to learn something that had been legal the day before was now banned.

    And this happened with no opportunity to defend or argue your point. It is the state’s equivalent to an executive order except Crapo did it with a corrupt and complicit legislation.

    The intention to review and revise the law was made public just 6 days ago. There was no citizen input. The law is supposed to be available for three days so the public can read it. That wasn’t done. (Again, sound familiar?) The legislature passed the law without having read it. Again, sound familiar?

    How would you feel?

  26. Juliette,

    I am talking about the governor of NY!

    Although, by his actions over the past few days there is no difference between him and the pos. Cuomo is a dictator, just like Bloomturd, just like the pos.

  27. Something to brighten everyone’s day. Project Veritas (James O’Keefe) outs the media on their gun frenzy hypocrisy. Delicious!

  28. Basil99

    Sorry for not being more clear. I do realize who you were talking about. But Obama is the dictator and he has his commerades in the democrat party and the RINO party assisting him in his destruction of American freedom. If Cuomo tried to pull tis stunt before Adolph Obama was in the white house, well I don’t even think he would have had the nerve to try,ut he would have been committing political suicide. But the tryanny of Obama the dictator enables and makes arrogant the progressive haters of American fredom like Bloomberg and Cuomo,Schummer and Pelosi, Fienstein and Reid etc., etc…

  29. holdthemaccountable
    January 15th, 2013 at 6:54 pm
    Shadow – re HRC’s testimony details, I was looking. 1st article did not say….

    Thanks for looking Hold’um, I can’t remember which hearings were Natl security prone and held behind closed doors, but probably there will be some questions asked this way and some asked in public, that’s my guess.

  30. Basil, I understand your anger on the new gun law in NY, especially since you just bought one that is now illegal.

    I have mixed feelings about guns and I hate executive orders that bypass congress or go against the Constitution.

    Here in CA there are already strict gun laws, and the Inner city gangs still slotter their kids in the streets. As an example, on the news the other night they said there have been so many deaths in Oakland that they want to call in the National Guard.

    This all sucks. Obama sucks and will wave his magic wand tomorrow and pi$$ off even more Americans by his bs authority.

  31. True Conservatives are missing the opportunity Obama is giving them to expose his breath taking hypocricy when it comes to protecting the lives of children. Obama’s defeat of The Born Alive Infant Protection Act got minimal coverage by the Obama media but the small piece I saw on CNN just before the 2008 selection had James Carvel back on his heels stuttering and impotent in his attempt to defeand Obama’s lone agenda to make it legal for abortion doctors to kill fully born infants who survived and abortion. Perhaps the members of Born Alive Truth.org need to crash Obama’s exploittion photo opt for gun control and let his innocent but indoctrinated youth know just how much he cares about children. The Born Alive Infant Protection Act passed the US senate unanimously and even NARLA had no objections to it. But Obama is very much like his HHS secretary, Cruella DeVille AKA Katheline Sibelious. She took big campagin contributions from Dr. Tiller and intern allowed him to perform the most disgustingly torturous abortions on late term fetuses. Liberals get all bent over the water boarding of terrorist who have information that could help save the lives of civilizeed people. But the actual torture and even murder of infants that we the Amercain tax payers are now forsed to finance is not a problem for radical leftists like Obama.
    Obama is a monster. We never see his family except for Michele and his daughters. Where is his half sister by his mother hidden away? Where are the multitude of half siblings from his dead beat polygamist father he so respects? And isn’t the timing of his maternal grand other’s death a little to convienient? When democrats like Obama accuse republicans of not caring about children they have a great opportunity to rub his ugly mug in his own hypocricy. John McCain especially should objsct to Obama’s recent statements about republicans wanting to let poor children go hungrey. He and his wife Cindy adopted a starving child from India and brought another home to be adopted by Cindy’s best freind. Sarah Palin was on a plane to Haiti to sit on the urine soaked beds of children with collera while Obama made speaches about his faux humanity. Obama is a fraud and a hypocrit and he makes it so easy to destroy him with his own lies. But something is stopping the republicans from going there and I am suspicious of everyone of them who hold their tongues.

  32. Shaadowfax,

    Anger is an understatement. Try fury. Crapo is a ryuyal SOB.

    More on his motivation. Again, sound familiar?

    Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to lead the nation in gun control, but he’s picked a peculiar way of doing it. Mr. Cuomo negotiated in secret with a few other powerful politicians on a dog’s breakfast of legislation that got no public discussion at all and was passed by state senators who had not even read it—because they were not given a chance to do so.

    As New York state Senator Greg Ball said on the floor last night, this doesn’t seem to have quite as much to do with well-thought out, legitimate efforts to make everyone safer as it does with a 2016 Democratic contender’s strategic feel-good attempt to take a big national lead on the progressive cause du jour — high-capacity magazine bans are not effective at preventing tragedy, and they make self-defense all the harder.

  33. basil
    The intention to review and revise the law was made public just 6 days ago. There was no citizen input. The law is supposed to be available for three days so the public can read it. That wasn’t done. (Again, sound familiar?) The legislature passed the law without having read it. Again, sound familiar?

    & shadow and juliette,
    If you’re referring to the Patriot Act, I completely agree. Where are all the liberals who, like me, were saying back then that “those who would give up liberty for safety deserve neither”? Drunk on koolaid/hopium?

    It’s one of those things that makes me see Obama as Bush’s third term, continuous globalist dismantling of what America used to be – free.

  34. valleyboy

    When I refer to Obama’s hypocricy there are too many issues to list. Leftists will surrender their liberties as well as their right to think with their own brain for their supreme leader Obama or others who can manipulate and control them like Bloomberg. The most obvious hypocricy of the left is that they care about poor children and conservatives don’t. What a load of bull! When the 2008 tax returns were released for the McCains, Palins, Obamas and Bidens, the Palin were the most generous by far in charitable giving. The Mcains were second and Obamas third and the Bidens were an embarassment to themselves and anyone who read the returns. Democrats cultivate poor children for their plantation. They enable dead beat dads and professsional welfare moms, paying them off with our tax dollars so that they can cultivate their votes when election comes around. This is the new slavery. Unemplyment rates among black youths who have never had an adult roll model with any kind of work ethic are the victems of the democrats welfare plantation. Obama is like Bush on steroids with the elitist mean misanthropic traits of Richard Nixon. But Nixon had culture and refinement while Obama is a Pagan Philistine. The western leader I can most easily compare him to is Hitler. He is as anti-semetic and as dangerous to humanity as Hitler was. He is a disaster waiting for the opportunity to happen.

  35. The National Rifle Association and our New York members are outraged at the draconian gun control bill that was rushed through the process late Monday evening.
    Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature orchestrated a secretive end-run around the legislative and democratic process and passed sweeping anti-gun measures with no committee hearings and no public input.

    That’s just the way Cuomo legalized gay marriage in NY. We the people had no voice in the process.

  36. The Republican Party is going to have to stand up for something, sometime. If not now, when?”
    admin, in my travels lately, the silence is deafening. 🙁
    However I am currently hoping that anger of GOP base + anger of followers who now see Oh duped them will equal a viable 3rd party movement. Emasculate DC in 2014.
    His Rasmussen has been going down; minus 7 today.

  37. “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

    — Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

  38. NRA planning ‘the fight of the century’ against Obama


    That’s the wrong acronym, it should be:

    GOP planning ‘the fight of the century’ against Obama

  39. Shadow – I’ve gotten my first MoveOn email since signing the petition to help AT&T employees/retirees whom that co screwed and the courts seem to like it that way. Anyway the email asks for $65 from me and outlines this 3-pronged attack against NRA:
    1. An on-the-ground grassroots organizing onslaught to counter the NRA’s network
    2. A communications strategy to elevate voices and campaigns of gun violence prevention activists
    3. An over-the-air multimedia campaign to bust the NRA’s myths.

    Of course the 3rd will be the lies they will beat into the minds of the uncritical.

    You all did get notice of this today?
    Chrysler announces deal to build Jeeps in China
    15 Jan 2013

    I phoned an octogenarian friend to tell her of this. She gasped so deeply I hoped she was OK.
    She was flabbergasted, but no cardiovascular misfunction occurred.

  40. Feel like rallying next Monday?
    We Have A Dream: 500,000+ Anti-Obama Activists Arrive In Washington D.C. During Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony …
    If you are unsatisfied with President Barack Obama’s reelection win and you further feel that he will ultimately destabilize America completely, then let us join together with bold Anti-Obama signs clearly stating our main grievances concerning unemployment, the economy, Benghazi, foreign policy matters, war status or whatever may perhaps be your main concern(s) on Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Federal Holiday), at the West Front of the Capitol Building, which is currently being reported in the news for ticket purchase.
    However, all Anti-Obama supporters shall gather at the National Mall, Fourth Street NW, which is a non-ticketed free area for gathering at 9:00 am for an all-day event.
    Help us realize our dream …
    The exact time and confirmed date should be released to the general public sometime on or after November 15th, so bookmark this page and return here for update information as it becomes available to us.
    If you cannot afford to go to Washington, D.C., then form local groups to attend non-violent protest marches at state capitol buildings or aimed directly at the nearest affordable U.S. Government location nearest you.
    Large groups should upload event videos via Youtube, then viral post it across multiple social networks.
    We hope to see you there!

  41. How long ago did I tell you about MoveOn asking for $65?
    Well that’s how long it took for them to send me another email – this one on behalf of their petition site SignOn. Phunniest thing is that they want the same amount: $65. But now it is for keeping the petition site going.

    I recall 2008 when I was fastidious about NOT signing up for OFA. Somehow I got on its list anyway. Believe it happened when I signed an online petition to Senator Barack Obama in an official capacity.
    Blending. Distributing. Smoke. Mirrors.

  42. REPUBLICAN INSIDER: Obama Livid Over Gun Rights Backlash


    This victory is a lot bigger than you’ll hear in the regular media. It’s a lot bigger than anyone who stood their ground will ever know about. The Obama White House was trying to go very big on this gun control thing, and couldn’t pull it off. And Barack Obama is livid about it. Like a spoiled brat he can’t believe he had to scrap the original speech for today’s version.

    …Like me you were probably watching the president’s gun control speech today. Was told this morning the presentation today was a revised version that was completed just last night after a bunch of back and forth between the White House and Senate leaders. Guessing that would be Harry Reid mostly. Last week the president was ready to go all in on the executive order scenario. Confiscation was going to be in play. Then the backlash came and it forced Obama to back off. He didn’t want to but after Reid said it was a no go, and the NRA was preparing to go to war with the White House, the president was given a revised script and that is what we heard this morning. You could tell too. Obama stumbled over the words more than usual. He didn’t have the time to prep the script like he normally does. Probably fuming he was forced to read the new version also.

    This time WE WON and OBAMA LOST.

    If people want to know how to go at the administration, this is how you do it. Be informed, and make your voices heard. This is an example of how the new media I have been telling you about can work against the globalists. It can be a huge weapon against them. And a big thank you to the NRA. It took on Obama and didn’t back off. A big part of the plan coming from the White House was to cripple the NRA and make it a liability for 2014 and beyond. That didn’t work and it will be a liability, but one that is going to hurt Democrats, not conservatives. Big time backfire for the Obama White House. I was told it “rocked them on their heels”. They fundamentally don’t understand the American people and they didn’t see this backlash coming. They have the media, and the glossy presentations, but they don’t really understand the American people and this debate was a pure example of that being played out. I love it!

    Congrats to the state governments that were willing to voice opposition too. They did that and took on a lot of risk. Heard a list is being made and federal dollars might be taken away from them. Those state leaders knew that could happen but took on the administration anyways. That’s real leadership and courage being put on display for all of us and voters living in those states need to let those leaders know it is appreciated. You know how I feel about how important the 10th Amendment is, and today was also a big victory for the 10th Amendment against the Obama White House.

    Now from here it’s clear Obama wants to try and use the issue as leverage for the 2014 midterms. They are hoping they can salvage something out of what became a fiasco for them. I just don’t sense enough Democrats willing to play along on this one though. Apparently the NRA and some other groups were lining up primary challengers to Democrats who went along with the president’s gun control plans and letting those Democrats know it was coming. That scared the heck out of them. Barack Obama is entering his lame duck phase, and the Democrats know it.


    Quack, quack!

  43. Admin: “The same Republicans who crossed the aisle for the fiscal cliff deal are going to cross it for the debt ceiling deal — several have already announced that they will do so. This is shaping up to be every bit the non-event the Boehner election turned out to be.

    We’re in a new world where the Establishment Republicans, safely in their Establishment seats bought and paid for with Establishment lobbying dollars, are simply going to join with the Dems on critical legislation and ignore the rest of the party.

    BTW, this is not just going on in the House. If you haven’t been watching, McConnell, et al., are quietly acquiescing to changes to the fillibuster rules so that it would take 40 Senators together to block legislation from proceeding to a vote, and no longer could one single Senator (you might as well insert “Rand Paul” here, because that’s who the leaders in both parties are thinking of) maintain a fillibuster threat.

    It’s a war between the Establishment Republicans and the Tea Party Republicans, and procedurally the Establishment Republicans are quietly gaining the ground they think they need to gain — apparently presuming that they will be safe in 2014 (and in many districts, they will be due to voter apathy).”

  44. There is no appreciable difference betwee an establishment Republican and a dimocrat—except for the theater. Both of them are tools of special interests. Both of them are implacable enemies of the American people. They need to go. Conservatives need to stay home in 2014 in any district where the seat is held by an extablishment goon.

  45. Looks like the O administration wants to see how far they can push the public. Perhaps this gov wants the people to revolt so that it can then clamp down on any resistance, etc.

  46. I watched the whole speech and I have come to the conclusion that this is not just about Obama. There is something bigger going on and it is world-wide. Obama is just one of the pawns of those that are really running this game on the American people.

    I spent 20 years managing stores in some of the most hard-core “hood” areas in the country. I have never been as afraid as I am now even though I have a “cushy” job far away from my former retail life.

    After watching his speech and seeing some videos of the propagandists we call our media, I am convinced that in less than 10 years, we will not know America anymore. It is slipping through our fingers and the low-information voters are going to be responsible for its demise.

    What was once the great United States of America is becoming Rome incarnated.

    I have never felt so hopeless in my life. God help our children and grandchildren. The New World Order is what we are leaving them because we failed miserably to instill in them the pride in the American work ethic and the sense of personal responsibility that the greatest generation had. Now, all our children and grandchildren know is “give me”.

    I am sick for our country, for my nieces and nephews, and for those still trying to believe in the American “dream”. Our government has become our nightmare.

  47. I love this guy. He really does speak the “everyman’s thoughts” with regards to our politicians.

  48. Voting Hillary

    I agree with every thing in your comment. I have been in some very dangerous places in my life but I always knew that is things got too bad I could retreat to my safe and comfortable home. The only other country I ever would have considered living in is Italy because I have a lovely extended family there and it’s so beautiful. But with what Globalization via the EU has done to the PIIGS Italy is becoming more and more depressed and the unemployment among their youth is 37%! This is where we are headed and it most certainly is part of a greater plan. Soros selected Barak Obama to detroy the economy of America. He knows that Americans have been programed not to hold black men accoutable for anything. Beaurocrats in Brussles Belgium are planning the global dictatorship aare already imposing laws on the EU without any representation for the people of Europe. Global Wrming, Gun Violence, Violence incited by White Cristians who dare to criticism the illiterate pedophile “prophet” are all forms of manipulating people to surrender their freedom for the illusion of safety.
    I know you will not agree with this but I am absolutely certain that the Clintons are also a party to this nuddging of the American people towards a global dictatorship. When I attended Hillary’s rallies in 2008 she spoke about “boiling the frog slowly.” She said that if you implement a progressive agenda slowley the frog would not know it was being boiled and would just stay in the water instead of jumping out. That IMO would be about the only difference that a HRC presidency would have from this Obama presidency. She would have to proceed slowly because she isn’t the cool young black dude with the Muslim name that makes progressives feel so tolerant for supporting him. I know you ad many others here are still very supportive of HRC and I don’t make these comments to anger you. I just want you to consider that the only people who truly stand for a constitutional republican built upon Judeo_Christian values, that has worked so wonderfully for people of every race and religion for well over 200 years, are the Tea Partt Patriots. I truly believe that these fine people would rather die than to live in tryanny.
    They have the courage and they are not in bed with the global elites who want to own US.

  49. Leonora 1-16-13 12:08 pm and 12:57pm

    TX Democrat Kesha Roberts: “Even Hitler would be proud of the policies that are touted by the Presiedent.”
    I have been saying that the conservatives need to start pointing out the striking similarities between Obama and Hitler as there are so many. I am very pleased to know that at least one deomcrat knows about world history and the German Socialist who deceived a cultured and civilized people into becoming a Pagan hell hole with no respect for human lifa and a Islamic like hatred for the Jews. Todat I called my Rep. Alyson Scwartz office and spoke to a member of her staff for several minutes. I explained hos Obama had all the markings of a dictator and his recent activity such as purging the top brass in our military, pushing gun control through executive order and arming and enabling the Muslim Brotherhood were all things that Hitlr and other dictators did right before they slaughtered millions of their own people.
    As for your quote by Hitler on hos the government must be viewed as having the dest interest of children in mind; Abortion was not a legal proceedure in America at the time of Hitlers genocidal dictatorship. Hitler had his NAZI doctors perform all knids of torturous medical experiments on people. And MArgret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood went to Germany to study what they were doing with eugenics. Conservatives need to use this trump card when they are slandered and ridiculed by mindless poorly educated leftists. They need to point out the alarming similarityies between Adolph Hitler and Obama. Abortion and Obama’s support for infanticide is the dirt they need to shove leftists faces into. They do have abortion guilt. Thay is why they will use just about any other ridiculous term to replace the word Abortion, like, woemns health and womens reproductive rights, as if abortion is healthy and women don’t have the right to choose weather or not to become pregnant in this day and age.

  50. foxyladi14
    January 15th, 2013 at 9:24 am
    It breaks my heart to see the Clinton’s shill for the Won.
    Now all three are in on it.

  51. Look at the statement below… it is in an article covering Robert Bales, whose rank is not even mentioned as he is arraigned in the Afghan massacre of mostly women and children:

    “…The military justice system also requires the U.S. president to approve the execution of a service member, which last occurred in 1961….”

    No wonder The Muslim Bearded One’s proceedings have delay after delay. Oh does not want to be associated with this decision.

  52. The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that “unborn children are persons with rights that should be protected by law.”

    Leanora January 17th, 2013 at 6:03 am

    “So an unborn child is a person. Wow! What a radical idea!”

    It is indeed a radical idea, because it is the basis for making abortion illegal. Fetuses have the right to life, so you can’t kill them.

    What makes it even more radical – ridiculous even – is that if fetuses have rights, then they have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, plus the right to bear arms, freedom of expression and religion and so forth.

    One right that fetuses definitely have is covered by the 5th amendment: The right to remain silent.

  53. Obama always using the children as pawns reminds me of this quote. 👿

    “The state must declare the child to be the most precious
    treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

    — Adolph Hitler,
    Mein Kampf

  54. Last one.
    Look at me! Obama wishes Michelle a happy birthday with picture of himself

    Really, there is not much at that link. But “Related Links” is interesting:

    All about him: Obama’s birthday tweet to Biden is a pic of himself
    All about him: Obama wishes y’all Happy New Year with tax hike and pic of himself
    Narcissist in chief: President Obama honors Rosa Parks anniversary with picture of himself; Update: Adam Baldwin with the win
    Obama’s narcissism during Inouye service even noted by Slate; White House posts Inouye photo starring Obama
    Disgrace: President Obama commemorates Pearl Harbor attack with photo of himself
    Malignant narcissism in pics: Obama is the nation, plus posts Rosa Parks pic as a ‘favorite of year’; Update: Now he is Congress
    Narcissist in chief: Obama honors Neil Armstrong with picture of himself

  55. Why President Obama might choose to lose on guns

    President Barack Obama — hardheaded architect of many grand but flawed compromises in his first term — has always preferred winning ugly to losing nobly.

    Over the years, Democrats have jokingly referred to what they call the “Obama rule,” enshrining the president’s practice of not forcing legislative action on anything, no matter how noble, that can’t pass both houses.



  56. holdthemaccountable
    January 17th, 2013 at 3:52 pm
    Nope. Maybe this will be the last one. MeMe with bangs

    holdthemaccountable…I am willing to bet that is a wig…it will be here and gone before you know it

  57. A day after President Obama called for broad new gun laws, the White House published on its YouTube channel videos of four children reading their own letters about guns. The videos are part of what the White House promises will be an all-out effort by Mr. Obama’s administration to pass his gun proposals, drawing on the emotional reactions to the school shootings in Newtown, Conn.


  58. Shadowfax
    January 17th, 2013 at 6:41 pm
    Yup, it’s probably her new girly Birthday wig.
    Yep, her culture is racist about hair – they want whitey’s hair qualities. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Leanora 7:45
    The videos are part of what the White House promises will be an all-out effort by Mr. Obama’s administration to pass his gun proposals
    All out is correct. Recall MoveOn message I received and commented on upthread. 3 pronged approach by MoveOn. Collecting money too.

  59. jeswezey

    Science has long held the position that life begins at conseption. And with the discovery of the human genome, which led lead scientist Francise Collins to become a devoult Catholic, there is no way to denie that a human life begins at the moment a human embrio is fertilized and begins growing. This is the inconcenient truth liberals who detest responsibilty will never accept. Life begins at conception and only post modern psydo-intellectuals are capabile of convincing themselves other wise. To liberal dudes who want to be abloe to have sex with the Sandra Fluks and Ann Dunhams of the world, life beginnng at conseption might be a radical idea. If they would only put a condom on it they could spare their women a life time of guilt and self loathing that they will surely project onto others who are wise enough to respect life and respect sex enough to understand that it must be coupled with responsibility.

  60. Shadowfax
    1-17 2:07

    What a terribly bigoted video you posted. It is a fertilized embrio that is sacred to Catholics and nearly all other Christians because they accept the inconvient truth held by any biologist worth the paper their degree is written on that Life Begins At Conception. Perhaps Planned Prenthood and the democrats hold the idea that “ever sperm is sacred” because you would never hear the party of misogyny refer to a vasectomy as a men’s health issue. And they must have a problem with sperm being disposed of while contained in a condom after sex, because is this occured there would be no need for abortion.
    Ronald Regan sure was correct when he said that it isn’t that liberals don’t know anything, it is that so much of what they know isn’t so.

  61. Juliette,
    I don’t have the time or the interest to talk about how offensive I find most of your posts. I normally ignore you, but since you addressed the above post to me I will have to remind you that my link was addressed to jesw, not to you, so save your lectures for someone that listens or respects your perspective.

    After four years of us bumping heads you should finally realize we have almost nothing in common.

  62. jeswezey 1-17 10:02am

    “Fetuses have the right to life so you can’t KILL THEM. If you pay close attention to your own words it is apparent that you already know that an abortion is killing a fetus. How do you kill something that is not alive? Life begins at conception and your own words prove that deep down you know that.

  63. Juliette
    January 17th, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    Absolutely nothing in common, so true. I respect life and know when it begins.

    No, you don’t KNOW when life begins…you have a PERSONAL BELIEF of when it begins that you wish to subject to every woman, but you don’t know it.

    Now a question for you since you post on this pro-Hillary site. How do you justify supporting Hillary since she is pro-choice? Do you ignore that part and if you do, then does that mean your politics regarding abortion are subjected to your favoritism of a candidate?

    And if not, then why do you insist on disrupting a pro-Hillary site with your far-right rhetoric? Aren’t there any Palin sites left for you to espouse your views with the courtesy that has been extended, and frankly exhausted,here?

  64. VotingHillary

    And if not, then why do you insist on disrupting a pro-Hillary site with your far-right rhetoric? Aren’t there any Palin sites left for you to espouse your views with the courtesy that has been extended, and frankly exhausted,here?



  65. VotingHillary

    I do KNOW when life begins. If you ask any biologist they will tell you it begins at conception. The abortion doctor in the video I post even admits he is killing. Something is either alive or it is dead. It amazes me that leftist can convince themselves that they are intellectually superior to Conservatives who know the most fundamental truths concerning nature.
    I was a Hillary supporter before the democrat convention in 2008 when she threw us under the bus and opted for a position of power in the winning regime, I detest the establishment republicans, espectially the Bush Cartel. So I remained a democrat until 2008 when the party revealed it’s true Marxist agenda. Hillary and the rest of the Clintons didn’t have to empower Obama with their never ending support and dedication but the did and continue, now with Chelsea also on board. When I did research on Barak Obama before the 2008 primary I learned alot about abortion and I have also observed friends who have had abortion and still support abortion, expressing their guilt and regret. Still many Christians who are pro-life vote democrat because issues like unions, entitlements and other issues are more important to them than the right to Life. But know I see some authentic conservatives in the republican party who walk the walk and live by their values. Sarah Palin is one. So I support the Tea Party because they appreciate how great our constitution is and understand that Life Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness begins with life.
    I am not the only commenters here that is feed up with the Clintons support for every anti-American policy Obama puts forth. If I still supported Hillary I would have to ask myself if perhaps I just don’t like Obama because he is black. I have to say that listening to the Hillary cheerleaders I am beginning to wonder what exctely it is about Obama you so detest? His agenda and the Clinton’s are clearly the same. So what is it exactly you object to in Barak Obama?
    My research on Obama and observance

  66. Juliette, why don’t you start your own blog, were you can make the rules and push your ideas on anyone that comes to your site.

    You do not respect Hillary, and now disrespect Cheasea. This is a Hillary is 44 website and you are a real pain in the ass for Hillary supporters on this site. Yes, some that post are also over Hillary, but these people have not been trashing Hillary since 2008 and pushing their religious beliefs on others like you try to do.

    I will go back to ignoring you the best I can…

  67. Ignore this is you want, but my statement that life begins at conception has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with science, and no one here has the courage to challenge the science on this issue, instead they attack me and my failure to pray to the Holy Trinity of the Clintons.

    This site apparently welcomes different political oppinions, unlike Soros funded sites that keep the debate in a echo chamber. That is why I continue to read and comment here. I do also red and comment on more right leaning sites as well. Some of you think you can bully me off this site while others here have agreed with my comments in entirety, reference: gozotx 1-17 2:31 One does not have to be religious to be pro-life and I do have a friend who is an atheist and an anesthesiologist who is pro-life. Why does this issue make some readers so aggitated? I wonder. nd why do people commenters who so detest Obama on policy, ignore that the Clintons are on board with all his policies and often rally for him.

  68. One of the people who works at my building is a friend and he is black. All he can say is I am so proud to have a black man as president. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. To him nothing else matters. Like many people his thinking is still mired in the race issue. That is understandable for him perhaps, but what I am trying to get him to see is that race is simply a tool that the left uses to divide this country, and you can go back to the cold war and Viet Nam and see them doing precisely that. I try to get him to see that the real war in this country is color blind. It is class warfare. During the 1960s I knew a black radical who understood how the elites use the race issue to divert public attention from themselves and their little heaven. He told me we are ALL just Buffalo soldiers. There are so many members of big media who use the race issue precisely that way. They consider themselves to be part of the elite, even the Sasquach David Gregory. Anthropologists have studied his head shape and concluded that he is the missiong link.

  69. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has announced he will propose a bill to “nullify” any of President Obama’s executive orders on gun control that give the appearance that the president is writing new legislation.

    Paul released his plan, called the Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act 2013, on Wednesday. The document, which he plans to introduce early next week, has several purposes.

    The bill intends to condemn the use of executive orders which undermine the powers reserved for Congress under the Constitution. It specifically mentions Article I of the Constitution which states, “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”

    Paul’s proposed legislation also declares “null and void” any executive order that “infringes on the powers and duties of the Congress under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and the Second Amendment.”

    The bill also intends to prohibit funding for an “Executive Order Restricting [the] 2nd Amendment.”

    Finally, the proposal “provides an avenue for Members of Congress, Official Officers of the States and aggrieved private persons to challenge the Executive Orders in Court.”

    In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, Paul said, “I’m afraid that President Obama may have this king complex sort of developing, and we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

    Paul said that President Obama has “a history of arrogance” trying to legislate from the Oval Office.

    However, Paul criticized the use of executive orders in general.

    “It’s been a long battle that we’ve been losing gradually and even Republican presidents have also usurped their executive privilege to exert more authority than the Constitution gave them,” he said. “But, you know, our founders looked to Montesquieu, and Montesquieu wrote that there can be no liberty when you combine the executive and legislative powers.”

    On his Facebook page, Sen. Paul wrote, “In the United States, we do not have a king. But we do have a Constitution. We also have a 2nd Amendment. I will fight tooth and nail to protect it.”

  70. This stinking Gannett enterprise the Journal thinks that they can violate the privacy rights of the American People because they are “journalists”, and are protected by the First Amendment. The First Amendment prevent government from censoring them. It does not apply to actions taken by private citizens. I personally believe that the personal information of journalists should be placed in the public domain. We have a right to know who they are, where they live, their net worth, any divorce proceedings, whether they have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, and all other personal details about them. Why? Because they are they opionion makers in this country, and we need to know everything about them, so we can evaluate their credibility. They have no greater right to privacy than they accord to the rest of us, which is to say none. And if that makes them apprehensive they have no right to protect themselves with a gun. They must be content to do what that asshole Piers Morgan suggests when the wolf is at the door–call 911. Lets hope the day comes when that limey prick finds himself in a life threatening situation, because when that and if that happens, we will see how much of a hyporcrite he really is. Why is he in this country—he does not belong here.

  71. NYT coverage not about truth of what they publish. It is all about job security. No surprise that. Hence even though they are slashing their staff who were committed to this uber worthy left wing cause. It is simply a structural matter. You will be glad to know that they are as committed to junk science as they ever were. NGSOBs.

    It’s Death of Little Nell time again in the field of climate “science.” The New York Times – aka Pravda – has announced the closure of its Environment Desk. Rumours that the entire environment team, headed by Andy Revkin, have volunteered to be recycled into compost and spread on the lawn of the new billion dollar home Al Gore bought with the proceeds of his sale of Current TV to Middle Eastern oil interests are as yet unconfirmed. What we do know is that it’s very, very sad and that all over the Arctic baby polar bears are weeping bitter tears of regret.

    A spokesman for the New York Times, quoted in the Guardian, has reaffirmed the paper’s commitment to environmental issues.

    “We devote a lot of resources to it, now more than ever. We have not lost any desire for environmental coverage. This is purely a structural matter.”

    Absolutely. It’s what newspapers always do when they’re committed to a particular field: close down the entire department responsible for covering it.

    But it’s still not going to stop some mean-minded cynics sniping and casting aspersions, I’ll bet. Why, some of them will be pointing out the eerie coincidence with the Met Office recent tacit admission that “global warming” isn’t anywhere near what that their dodgy models predicted it would be. And also with NASA’s recent admission that solar variation has a much more significant on terrestrial climate than it has hitherto been prepared to acknowledge. If you didn’t know better, you’d almost get the impression that AGW theory has been so crushingly falsified that hard-headed newspaper executives, even ones at papers as painfully right-on as the New York Times, just aren’t prepared to fund its promulgation any more.

    What this means for similarly overstaffed environment desks at other left-wing newspapers one can scarcely begin to imagine. Might it be that we never again read a piece by Leo Hickman entitled “How Do You Tell Your Five Year Old Son That His World Is About To Explode In A Blazing Fireball Because Of Man’s Selfishness And Greed And Refusal To Change His Lifestyle?”

    What, and no more Caroline Lucas essays, either on jaunty topics like “My plan for Britain: rationing; cold baths; the banning of cars; and hairshirts for everyone – to be enforced by my new green Mutaween of Environmental Commissars”?

    And how would we cope if we never get to read any more Damian Carrington articles on “Official: wind farms are brilliant for bats and rare birds, boosting their numbers by gazillions every year – says new research by RenewablesUK,” and “Global warming: why the latest evidence that it’s going down is sure-fire proof that it’s going up, says Met Office” and “How fracking poisons the water supply, steals food from the poor, encourages racism and causes baby kittens in wicker baskets to die in agony mewling for their mothers”.

    And what, for pity’s sake, about poor George Monbiot??????

  72. Der Fuhrer’s Machine: Tax-exempt goose-stepping fixers.

    Politico: President Barack Obama’s remaining campaign apparatus will relaunch Sunday as a tax-exempt group to support his second term agenda, a senior Democrat familiar with the plans confirms to POLITICO. The new organization will be separate from the Democratic National Committee. Obama’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina will be the national chair of the group.


  73. Re my previous comment, holdthemaccountable January 17th, 2013 at 8:58 pm
    Again this morning from Garlin Gilchrist II Subject: “The NRA wants you to delete this email”
    Message: “Hi—I wanted to make sure you saw my email yesterday about President Obama’s big announcement on ending gun violence. We’re getting an amazing response to our plan to stand with him and overcome the NRA. Can you chip in $65 today?”

    Maybe turnout not as large as they’d expected.

  74. Will we ever find out the truth about Benghazi???

    President Barack Obama plans to name Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough as his next chief of staff. … Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor and a former senior fellow at the uber far left Center for American Progress, is the man most responsible for orchestrating the Benghazi jihad cover-up. McDonough rewrote the CIA talking points on Benghazi, misrepresenting the video, when the true motive behind the terrorist attack was well known. But lying to the American people was what was most important to Obama, not American lives, to ensure his re-election.


  75. Dem asks NASA to help Boeing solve 787 problem – The Hill’s Floor Action http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/house/277975-dem-asks-nasa-to-help-boeing-solve-787-problem#ixzz2ILGfxycR
    Fattah, the top Democrat on the House Appropriations subcommittee that deals with NASA, cited NASA’s effort to help Toyota examine problems related to sudden acceleration. “As a result, the vehicles were repaired and many lives were saved,” he wrote.
    “Your leadership can help maintain the longstanding reputation of our aviation industry and maintain the growth and sustainability of the associated industries,” he added.
    The 787’s lithium-ion batteries are designed to help reduce the amount of fuel the aircraft requires to fly, but these batteries can catch fire if overcharged. Earlier in the week, a 787 had to make an emergency landing in Japan after warning lights went off related to a possibly overcharged battery.
    United Airlines is using six Dreamliner planes, and about 50 are in use worldwide.

  76. Just like any thing new got a few bugs to work but this is encouraging.
    United Airlines is using six Dreamliner planes, and about 50 are in use worldwide 🙂

  77. Thanks for that link Foxy!

    This can be shouted out on Hillary’s website:

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves the post as an overwhelmingly popular figure on the national political stage.

    An eye-popping 69% of Americans approve of the job she has done as the country’s top diplomat, according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, with a scant 25% disapproving of her performance.

    I guess the Hillary haters are down to 25% in this poll.

  78. Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice have askeda federal court to indefinitely delay a lawsuit brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch. The lawsuit seeks the enforcement of open records requests relating to Operation Fast and Furious, as required by law.:(


  79. Juliette
    January 18th, 2013 at 2:18 am
    Ignore this is you want, but my statement that life begins at conception has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with science, and no one here has the courage to challenge the science on this issue..

    Hi Juliette, here is some interesting information about a man named Eben Alexander.

    “A successful neurosurgeon, who has taught at Harvard Medical School and other universities, spent his life dismissing claims of heavenly out-of-body experiences and refuting such talk with scientific logic, until he himself had a near-death experience.”

    “Alexander, a Christian, claims he took the journey to the afterlife when he slipped into a coma in 2008 after contracting a very rare bacterial meningitis.”

    His brain was dead and still he was conscience, how was that possible. Is conscienceness life? Are we conscience before our brains are fully formed.
    A man told a story about how he and his wife wanted to have children so they did artificial insemination. Two eggs began to grow but his wife refused to carry twins. Dispite his desire to have both and in accordance with his wifes wishes the distruction of one embryo was planned. The wife refused to watch but the husband did (the simplest explination is that he felt it was his duty). Any way he said he watched as the embryo squrmed and tryed to get away from the vacuum tip – what does that mean? Is that a second conformation of conscience residing outside of the brain? And what does that mean?

    I always felt abortion should be legal but always knew it was the choice to end a life. Makes it tougher to bear but I am with the husband, if somethig awful is allowed it is the duty of adults to face the truth of it.

  80. Juliette
    January 10th, 2013 at 11:51 pm
    Only in Liberal La La land could a serial womanizer be considered for father of the year. What kind of message does a cheating womanizing father send to his young daughter; that a good little steppford wife puts up and shuts up while her husband has sex with any woman he can get his hands on? Really!
    What about Todd Palin, a father of a young boy with Down’s syndrom who gave that boy a chance at life by the selfless choice that he and his wife Sarah made. Todd is also the father of a young woman who made the courageous choice to give not abort her child but to raise him on her own with no help from daddy government. Todd is a man who is compleltly loyal to his wife and is the real example of what a feminist should be. And in my oppinion, to be pro-life is to be pro-father. Why didn’t this jounal just pick John Edwards as father of the year? Or Bath House BArry as husband of the year?


    then you go on with:

    January 18th, 2013 at 1:40 am


    I was a Hillary supporter before the democrat convention in 2008 when she threw us under the bus and opted for a position of power in the winning regime, I detest the establishment republicans, espectially the Bush Cartel. So I remained a democrat until 2008 when the party revealed it’s true Marxist agenda. Hillary and the rest of the Clintons didn’t have to empower Obama with their never ending support and dedication but the did and continue, now with Chelsea also on board…bla, bla, bla…


    Juliette, you are entitled to your opinions, however do not come here and say you supported Hillary or ‘the Clintons’…your true colors are very obvious and you are here to instigate and insult the Clintons in any way you can rationalize and in addition, push your ideas…

    …no, they, Bill and Hillary, are not perfect…no one is, including Sarah and Todd…but under the circumstances both Hillary and Bill have had to operate, they have done far more good for the greater good than anyone else on the political scene in the last thirty years…

    so please, you are not fooling anyone…you do not support the Clintons and never have…by your own words, you believe that Hillary is a stepford wife and Bill is a serial womanizer, why, with your high morals, would you ever support that?…you probably also think he is a murderer and a rapist…

    you are free to push your ideas but you are very transparent…again, not fooling anyone here…

  81. S,

    I have been working 2 jobs full time for 3 weeks, so I haven’t been able to read as much, but, I must say that I too had a problem with BC being selected “Father of the Year”.

    Regardless of how much good he has done with his foundation, and indeed parts of his Presidency, really hated NAFTA, I rolled my eyes that he was selected.

    Any father that puts his child through what he did with Monica, well, best these awards not be given. Sort of like the fraud and his Nobel.

  82. oh…and Foxy and Shadowfax…while educating Juliette…lest we forget to mention that Hillary has been voted the ‘Most Admired Woman’ for the last 17 consecutive years…and is at 69% approval…

    again, she is not perfect and neither is Bill (and frankly neither are any of us)…and I have voiced my disappointment and anger over their support of O…

    I agree with Admin, if one of them is wrong, they need to be held accountable…

    but in the ‘real world’ and tough world of politics and enemies and the grand scheme of things…the big picture… Hill and Bill are still the “do gooders” and the ‘good guys (gal)’

  83. gonzotx, I would never rationalize Bill’s unfaithful behavior…to me, that was very, very bad and there is no excuse…

    however, he paid very dearly for that behavior…he was almost thrown out of office…he was trapped like a dog in a cage and exposed and exploited and ridiculed for all of it and for the whole world to witness…

    …and that was around 20 years ago (hard to believe!)…so if we can forgive others…as long as they do not repeat that behavior ever again…then I think 20 years is enough…he has done so much more good…

    he got caught…we have no idea what skeletons are in the closet of others…as we found out when Gingrich, Livingston and the rest of the hypocrites set out to destroy him…

    just my opinion…I can understand others may differ, but don’t come here and say you support(ed) Hillary and then call her a stepford wife, bla, bla, bal….

  84. My blood boiled when I read this awhile ago:

    “What kind of message does a cheating womanizing father send to his young daughter; that a good little steppford wife puts up and shuts up while her husband has sex with any woman he can get his hands on? Really!”

    Calling Hillary a fu@king “Stepphord wife, that puts up and shuts up” should ban Juliette from this site forever. I don’t know how Admin can stomach comments like this, it is disgraceful.

    Another reason I have no respect for Juliette, not one drop of respect.

  85. oh gawd. Video is here. Text is at DK.
    First Lady Michelle Obama announces Organization for Action, a non-profit organization that will build on the volunteer network and infrastructure of President Obama’s campaign apparatus to continue supporting his agenda over the course of his second term—and potentially beyond.

    If we want to finish what we started and truly make that change we believe in, we can’t stop now. And that’s why today I’m proud that our friends and supports are launching Organizing for Action, the next phase of our movement for change. Supporters like you will be the heart of this organization, because for the past six years you’ve done something so much bigger than elect a president: you’ve given an ordinary people a place in our democrat process again.

  86. More I should have included, I suppose. Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina will be national chairman of the new OFA, but the first lady said the group’s mission and activities will be shaped by its membership. The new OFA will be separate from the Democratic National Committee and it will be structured as a 501(c)4. That will allow it to accept unlimited contributions, but officials tell NBC News that the donations will all be reported, albeit voluntarily….
    Organizing for Action will be a central topic of discussion on Sunday as 4,000 former campaign staff and volunteers gather in Washington for an “Obama Campaign Legacy Conference.” The conference will be available online if you want to watch from home.

  87. A really sweet photo of Hillary on this link:

    Mayors hail Hillary Clinton for 2016

    Even before President Barack Obama starts his second term, some of the nation’s Democratic mayors have come close to settling on his successor: Hillary Clinton.

    Mayors interviewed by POLITICO at the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington, D.C., were effusive about the secretary of state, although some waved off questions about 2016. While few were ready to commit to her candidacy before she has even left Foggy Bottom, their praise leaves little doubt about Clinton’s level of support from local officials.
    And of course, Clinton needs to decide to run before she can get an endorsement.

    “She says she’s too tired to run,” said Frank Ortis, the Democratic mayor of Pembroke Pines, Fla. “I’ve known the first lady for a long time, the secretary. And if that’s her choice, God love her, she’s done so much. She’s traveled more than anyone. But I do love her as a leader. If she were to run, I would support her. I just think she’s so tired.”

    Clinton also earned praise from the mayor of the second-largest city in an early primary state.

    “She would be a very fine candidate,” said Joe Riley Jr. of Charleston, S.C., the nation’s longest-serving mayor, having been in office since 1975. “Always you wait to see who the candidates are, but I’m a great admirer of Secretary Clinton. She’s been a fabulous secretary of state. Amazing.”

    Riley endorsed President Barack Obama in the 2008 primary.

    The praise of Clinton from the mayoral ranks matches her early support from rank-and-file Democrats. A December ABC/Washington Post poll found 57 percent of Americans want her to run in 2016. An overwhelming 61 percent of Democrats said Clinton was their top choice in a Public Policy Polling survey the same month.

    Much of the goodwill for Clinton can be traced to that unsuccessful 2008 run — which gave her the opportunity to meet mayors from across the nation — and how she handled its aftermath.

    “She has served with great distinction,” Gary, Ind., Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson said. “She took a hit [four years ago] when she did not get the nomination, but did she it with such grace and dignity, that it would be hard for her not to be picked. I would be glad to support her.”

    Mayor Raul Salinas of Laredo, Texas, endorsed Clinton in 2008, during a campaign in which she visited the border city of 200,000.

    “I think with her background, her vast experience, I mean, she is an all-around, well-seasoned, somebody that would do an outstanding, a remarkable, I don’t have enough adjectives to say, she would be a brilliant president,” Salinas said. “I think she’s wonderful, she’s wonderful. Look what she’s done in her capacity, the confidence the president has in her; she has done an amazing job.”

    He added later: “When you open up the dictionary and see ‘statesman,’ you see Hillary Rodham Clinton on that stage.”


  88. Regardless that it was 20 years ago, and regardless that we don’t know all the skeletons, surly there are fathers out there that do not have affairs, are do gooders, and would be a much better selection.

    This was political.

    Does every award in the world have to be political?

  89. Conventional wisdom! Oh please!!!

    January 18, 2013

    Shocker: Media/Liberal Internationalist Conventional Wisdom Wrong on Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood

    It’s a day of shocks. Again, I mean.

    Via @benk84: the same people who claim that Christians are plotting a “Quiverfull” military takeover of the United States also claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood was a moderate group which was “mostly secular” in outlook.

    The prognosis is exceedingly grim. Two years after the ouster of long-serving strongman Hosni Mubarak, Egypt is in the throes of a full-blown economic crisis. Government reserves have dropped by more than half, plummeting from $36 billion in 2011 to just $15 billion today. That’s enough to cover just three months of imports of vital commodities such as food and petroleum. GDP growth has slowed to under 2 percent, and the country’s national currency, the Egyptian Pound, is in freefall. At the same time, unemployment has surged, now estimated at nearly 13 percent and rising…
    These statistics are all the more tragic because they could have been avoided. The February 2011 ouster of Mubarak was followed by a pronounced fiscal downturn, leading many to conclude that the country’s new, Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government—for all of its bluster to the contrary—wouldn’t impose radical changes on the country’s political direction. Instead, conventional wisdom held that the new powers-that-be in Cairo would, for both economic and political reasons, opt for a process of “creeping Islamization”—a slow, gradual changeover of the country’s civilian bureaucracy and legislature which wouldn’t rile international markets or spook jittery investors.

    The conventional wisdom turned out to be wrong. In recent months, the Brotherhood has thrown caution to the wind and set about remaking the Egyptian state in its own image with a speed and ferocity that has surprised most onlookers

  90. WILLIAMSBURG, Va.— Scaling back their ambitions in the latest fight over the nation’s borrowing limit, House Republicans said Friday that they will try to pass a bill next week to raise the limit for three months. But they warned that the Senate must work with them to pass a budget deal during that time before they would agree to raise the debt ceiling for the long term.

    Under the bill, Congress would increase the debt limit through mid-April — long enough, House Republicans say, to give both chambers time to pass a budget agreement. Turning up the pressure on the Senate, the measure would withhold Congress’s paychecks if either chamber fails to adopt a budget by April 15.


  91. Foxy, that sounds like what Basil was looking for 😉

    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is running ads on New York websites urging law abiding gun owners to pack up their guns and move on down to Texas.

  92. Odd, Bill Clinton is much more handsome than his official portrait, and John Kennedy should have shown his face, he was a handsome man too.

    Our Hillary should have her portrait up there this time, scrunchie or headband and all. 😉

  93. JULIETTE, be thankful that I’m not the Administrator of this site.You are a pain in the butt here, you’re so full of hate against Hillary that I figure that you don’t have a job or anything else to do in your life than bashing her! Why a busy person would come to a site that honors a person and every single day everytime talk nasty about her?????Go to places where your comments are well received, or maybe you want everyone here to think like you.You comment more than Admin here and you’re discouraging me to come and read all your stupid/ignorant comments all over the place.If Hillary is such an abominable woman what are you doing here? This is her home yet,no? Go to your Palin-loving sites if she’s God for you.I don’t like Palin, I used to support her until she quit her job as Gov to become a TV show woman, but I respect her choices and even if I don’t care anything about her , I don’t go to her sites and bash and talk nasty bout her, I simply DON’T CARE and DON’T HAVE TIME FOR HER!!! So what’s your point coming here? Get a job and clean your heart from all the hate and black soul that you so clearly have !!! Get a life woman, confess your sins, and be in peace with Hillary and with the world. Hillary doesn’t need you and we don’t either!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. wbboei
    January 18th, 2013 at 3:59 am

    One of the people who works at my building is a friend and he is black. All he can say is I am so proud to have a black man as president. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. To him nothing else matters.

    Sorry, but I think your friend is a racist, because other things do matter. He may be more polite than the kkk variety of oppressive racist, but there is still in attitudes like his an implication that white folk suck.

    Agreed on the use of race as a divisive tool, but I see it more as a globalist tool nowadays (though the left has exploited it plenty in the past). A divided America is easier to control and destroy.

  95. So, Shadowfax, do you suppose BO was trying to mimic JFK in his photo? Maybe someone should clue him in. BO will never, ever be a JFK no matter how much he’d like for people to think he is and it does not matter if Caroline said he was.

    Vcal, I wish you had not held back and had said what you really thought. 😉

  96. Hehehehe, Shadowfax.

    As a matter of fact Texas IS on the list of states I’m looking to move FROM NY to.


  97. valleyboy
    January 18th, 2013 at 6:20 pm
    That is correct. This is however the era of identity politics. But race alone should not be the sole criterion, or to my point of view, it should not matter at all. To make it the sole criterion is the litmus test of a racist.

  98. valleyboy
    January 18th, 2013 at 6:20 pm
    That is correct. This is however the era of identity politics. But race alone should not be the sole criterion, or to my point of view, it should not matter at all. To make it the sole criterion is the litmus test of a racist.
    Worse what Obama represents is the ugly underbelly of affirmative action where race trumps competence. He is an incompetent president and conniver, but he is black, therefore left wing pricks like Piers Morgan, Chris Van Holen, Tim Kaine etc. call us racist when we Obama him to any kind of objective standard. Affirmative action is the death of this country, and it is why I have no use for Colin Powell. Any time the left wing media wants to get someone to disparage the Republican Party, they go to him. But in the final analysis, he made his own bed by claiming there were nuclear weapons in Iran, and he looks like a real schmuck when he tries to pass the buck on that one. That is not a reprive for the neocons as a group—Kagen, Kristol, Wolfowitz, Bolten and their ilk. It is simply a reaffirmation that Powell for all his current vitriol, was one of them. Like a game of muscial chairs, he was the one who was left standing when the music stops. It is only when the tide goes out that you realize who is swimming without a bathing suit to quote the ngsob Oracle of Omaha, who is Undershaft in Shaw’s play Major Barbara.

  99. S 1-18 12:49pm

    Instead of continuing to slander me by trying to convince others here that I never volunteered for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, why don’t you email Amy Siskind at TheNewAgenda.net and ask her to verify that I did in fact volunteer for the campaign. Amy was a regional manager of HRC’s campaign and I met her and worked with her in Philly at the campaign center in center city Philly. I have also continued to support many of the efforts of her group to fight the kind of swamp misogyny that Hillary Clinton put up with and remained silent about during the dems vertual rape of her during the 2008 presidential primary. Of course you most likely will not make the effort to find out the truth about me just like you won’t accept the fact that the entire Clinton family is totally on board with Obama’s disasterous “progressive” agenda. My decision to support HRC in 2008 was based on my belief that she was the only one with any chance of beating Obama. If my former party were not so star struck and supperfiscial I would have campaigned for Dennis Kucinich, who is not a globalist and respects the American constitution. But he never had a chance with democrat voters.
    How on earth is it that you believe that you and Shadowfax have been educating me? Neither of you have attempted to correct a supposed false statement by me or defend the Clintons with facts and not hyper emotion. You and Shadow fax might want to educate yourselves to the fact that the Clintons are easily bought and that Hillary lied about Benghazi and even made a propaganda tape to lie to the Pakistanis with our tax dollars. This is what angers me so much about them. Instead of supporting those of us who fought for Hillary in 2008 they sold us out to the power player Obama. They also sold out Israel because the Clintons furocious support for Israel in the 1990’s was bought wiht Marc Rich’s dirty money through his wife Dennis Rich. Clearly therir support for Israel was not based on idealolgy. Now they have sold themselves to the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps you can educate me on what Muslim Brotherhood opperative like Huma Abidine is doing as HRC’s deputy assistant? Or why Hillart Clinton participate in promoting the lie that the slaughter in Benghazi was the result of some stupid video. And here is a bit of education for you. Bill Clinton wsas lobbying for the country of Dubai when George W. Bush was considering our nations port authority to Dubai Ports. I learned this unpleasant fact because I was working very hard to mobilze voters to make their opposition to this potentially disasterous selling out of America heard nd I needed to learn the facts. It is a sad thing that in politics we often wind up supporting the lesser of two evils. But when it comes to the point that you realize that the lesser of the two evils is in full support of the greater evil, then there is no longer any distinction. You remind me so much of Obamabots who can never face the actual accusations of facts that someone who opposes Obama presents. Instaed you slander, try to intimidate and rage like emotional children who need a nap.
    Wake up!

  100. Peggy Noonan, Rove, Morris, should all be consigned to the dust bin of history. Establishment Republicans–which means they are not really Republicans at all. Just insiders. On the other hand, there are a handful of younger pundits emerging on the scene who give me hope. If the party would listen to her then half their problems would be solved. There are people who stand in the way, and will not move aside to let younger more talented more energetic successors take their rightful place. I can think of a number of Hollywood stars, who want one more curtain call, and another, and another, when they need the vaudville hook. Noonan bloviates on saying essentially nothing. Strassel on the other hand fires for effect, as we see below. Herein lies the rope a dope strategy Reid–a small man in a big job has used to hornswaggle the happless McConnell and his sidekick Boehner.


    The simplest statements sometimes are the most insightful. For an example, consider this one on Wednesday from Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, in reaction to President Obama’s gun-control proposals: “I would welcome the opportunity to debate these issues on the floor of the Senate, and would encourage Majority Leader [Harry] Reid to schedule a full and open debate.”

    Related Video

    Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander on how Republicans should deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
    .In these seemingly innocuous words are a key to GOP revival. What may be the most overlooked story of the past two years is how Harry Reid has subverted the democratic process, successfully allowing him to both protect his party and keep the focus on Republicans. If the GOP wants to start winning a few battles, this dynamic has to change.

    The Founders created a legislative process that was deliberately different from the parliamentary systems of Europe. In the “regular order” of things, the House works its will. The Senate works its will. Those two bodies meet in conference. The president may then sign or veto the resulting legislation.

    In Mr. Reid’s Washington, the House works its will, the Senate does crossword puzzles. Its committees do not produce bills, its senators do not debate or amend, the body does not vote. The House, to accomplish anything, is forced to engage in backroom wrangling with the White House, the results of which are presented to the nation as a fait accompli. The Senate claims total deniability.

    Mr. Reid’s Senate has not produced a budget in three years. The majority leader rarely moves on a bill, and when he does, he uses tricks to block senators from amending legislation, or he shuts down debate in such a way as to kill legislation. Regular order and conference reports are nearly nonexistent.

    Enlarge Image

    Getty Images

    Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D., Nev).
    .Mr. Reid’s primary motive is to shield his vulnerable members from tough votes and to hide the huge divisions in his party.

    He does not want a debate on gun control, as it would force Democratic senators to choose between President Obama and their own pro-Second Amendment constituents. The majority leader would not offer a bill during the fiscal-cliff negotiations because many Democrats disagreed with their president’s proposed tax hikes. He has not produced a budget because to do so would expose the party’s real spending ambitions, which would create political problems back home for his members.

    Mr. Reid knows there is a brilliant added bonus to making sure the Senate is inactive: It keeps all the attention on Republicans. The press is by now so used to Senate nothingness that reporters automatically turn every spotlight on the House. This allows the White House and Democrats to avoid ownership of problems that they have created by casting Republicans as the cause of every legislative crisis and as the barrier to solutions. It also keeps the focus on divisions within the GOP.

    An example of how this works: Tax bills must originate in the House, so the GOP in August dutifully passed legislation to avert the fiscal cliff by extending rates for one year. With regular order, the Senate would have taken this up, amended it and gone to conference. No crisis.

    But Mr. Reid didn’t want his members to have to vote on a bill that either undercut the president or undercut their own re-election prospects—so he did nothing. As the clock ticked down to the expiration of the Bush tax rates, the White House (and the press) then claimed it was incumbent on the GOP to either cut a deal directly with the administration or be held responsible for tax hikes on everyone. Mr. Obama sat back to enjoy a public GOP brawl over its tax strategy, followed by his tax victory. Nowhere was it noted that the entire breakdown of the process—the entire reason for the crisis—rested on Mr. Reid’s refusal to act.

    Republicans are getting very wise to all this, as hinted by Mr. Coburn’s polite request that the Senate debate gun control. In GOP circles, the talk is increasingly on ways to force Mr. Reid to re-engage with democracy. House Speaker John Boehner’s recent declaration that any further debt deals will be done through “regular order” was in part an acknowledgment that dealing directly with Mr. Obama is folly. But it was just as much a declaration that Mr. Boehner intends to pressure Mr. Reid to do his job.

    The constitutional system of checks and balances limits the House’s ability to force the Senate majority leader to act. Republicans nonetheless have the means to elevate this issue in ways that could prove highly embarrassing to Mr. Reid and his party.

    Mr. Reid may sense this is coming, which could explain his recent complaints about the filibuster. His intention is to suggest that it is Republicans—not the man in charge—who are to blame for Senate gridlock. The GOP has fought back vigorously against that canard, which is all to the good.

    They’ll have to do more. The Democrats’ great victory in recent months has been in making the public forget that they own the majority of power in Washington, and laying everything on the GOP. Republicans need to remind the country of who, in fact, is at the wheel.

  101. Vcal

    Where do you get off accusing me of not having a job? I have been working since I was 16 years old and I will continue to work as long as my body allows me to because I love what I do. I never took an entitlement in my entire life. In addition to working I volunteer my time to fighting the culture of misogyny that resulting in ABC airing two prime time sit-coms both with the word b*tch in them. I and others were instumental in first having ABC give in to abrevviating the gutter word to B and ultimately getting the show off the air. I have also worked with others to get the American Asssociation of Pediatricians to reverse their position on “genital knicking” in their ridiculous attempt to appease Islamic barbarians. I spoke to people at the AAP and explained that this was in humane and we should never appease savages. There position was reversed and continued efforts by people like me made it necissary for ever Hussein Obama to sign the legislation that was passsed to make it illegal to take girls who are American citizens to countries to have this genital mutilation performed. These are just a few of the efforts that I have been active with. I also am involved with Act For America and The AHA foundation which is fighting the Islamitizaton of America and other parts of the civilzed world.
    Your behavior is what I have come to expect from Obama zombies who cannot argue facts so they instead launch personal attacks based on ridiculous assumptions. Perhaps you should get more involved in helping America from becoming Obama’s progressive night mare. But by doing that you might just have to uncover some inconvient truth as to just who is aiding and assistng his ever policy.

  102. Betty 1-18 12:44

    If something awful is allowed it is the duty of adults to face the truth.
    Thanks for your comment. The truth is now visable on a computer monitor and those who dare to watch can see that human life at it’s earliest stages will fight to survive an abortion.

  103. Mitt Romney is not a man I like to defend, although I did of course hold my nose and vote for him in the general election considering my alternative, he presented some predictions while debating Obama last year and was ridiculed and mocked by the love struck Obama zombies in the media.
    The two predictions-
    al Qieda will be taking control of northern Mali.
    Chrysler will transfer jobs to China and begin to build Jeeps there.


  104. I think many of us here initially came out of our support for Hillary and Bill. Some of us
    also believed that after she was cheated out of the White House in 2008 it would have been better for her not to serve as SOS. Others maintained that both Hillary and Bill were preserving what was left of the democratic party by trying to mitigate the damage
    done by Obama. Personally, I found it very hard to take watching Hillary and more so
    Bill working so hard for Obama during the campaign. I am now at the point where I will
    always respect and admire the work they have done, but have serious differences with
    what the democratic part stands for and apparently these are more or less the same
    positions that Bill and Hillary endorse. I am neither a dem or republican. The only
    thing that motivates me is my disgust and anguish at how stupid a country we have become to elect Obama twice.

  105. jbstonesfan

    I think you presented the situation here a Hillaryis44 very well. There were certainly things that Hillary accomplishes during her time as a US senator that I supported. Power shifts with money in Washington and some follow the money while others stick to their principles. Unfortunately any public servant who is actually fighting for the people and not the multi-national corporations and global elites will be detroyed by the corporate and global elite sychophants in the media. What the Obama administration and others among the RINOS in the republican party have been doing in North Africa and other parts of the Muslim World is personally hurtful to me because I have made so many wonderful friends in these parts of the world. I pray every day that my Coptic Christian friends can escape the hell that Obama created in Egypt. I pray for the Lebanese Catholics and Orthodox Christians who will have no where to retreat to as they are already annexed in the moutains and have to rely upon themselves for safety. I have friends from Iraq, Christian and Jewish who will never be able to safetly visit their home land or family now that Obama’s lust for the Muslim Brotherhood has turned the whole region into a NAZI like concentration camp for non Muslims, females and Gays. I also pray for those who declare themselves to be Muslim only because apostacy is punishable by death in Islam and they dare not consider a real religion for fear of their lives. Obama was raised and endoctrinated by Islamists and Marxists. He never grew up and I can see that he has deseased the democrat party with the anti-semitism he was surely taught in the Muslim school he attended as a boy in Indonesia. I can garantee you that he was taught that Jews are decended from moneys and donkeys when he was at that school. When I fisrt heard Helen Thomas say in front of cameras that the Jews in Israel should go back home to POLAND and GERMANY, I knew that it would not be an isolated thought or consecus among the leftist who worship Obama and all the evil he pocesses. Why the conservatives refuse to fight back when the democrats compare them to NAZIs is mind boggleing to me. People who respect life and will opt to give children who are not genetically perfect a chance at life, who love Israel and the Judeo Christian values not only when it is politically convient could only be compared to NAZIs by ignorant leftists who don’t know a dame thing about Hitler and the NAZIs.
    I believe that America has been systematically dumbed down and that Obama is the result of a culture that is circling the toilet. Men who care more about their football teams than how Obama is destroying their children’s future sadens me. Mothers who watch the house wives of whereever, and Kardashians with their daughters makes me sick. Self Loathing white men like Bill MAher and anyone who would listen to him make me sick. Adult leftists who submitt to the ghetto culture and all the trash “entertainment” it offers” must be deeply insecure to have to try to be cool enough to enjoy the same garbage that has been hard sold to their children. I look back at the drug culture of the 60s and 70s and hope that this all will be a passing phase. But those warmed over hippies are running the country and I believe that many of them, certainly Obama are still on the weed. I for one will continue to fight against the culture of misogyny and appeasment by hitting it it in the purse. If enough conservatives got on the phone threatened to cancel their cable or to boycot the products that are sponcering shows like Sister Wife and other garbage things would change. I share your disgust with how stupid our voters have become. But I also acknowledge that Obama had to cheat to “win” every election he every participated in, so not as many of these voters are stupid as the fuax voting results suggest.

  106. Obamas approval rating is at 54% while he is actively handing over the world to The Muslim Brotherhood.
    Americans no longer know right from wrong. To be popular in America is to be a prositute. What to do.

  107. wbboei
    January 18th, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Worse what Obama represents is the ugly underbelly of affirmative action where race trumps competence.

    It seems like race trumps everything with that crowd, including Powell. Why he has any relevance is baffling. He lost all credibility with his war mongering over Iraq’s alleged WMD’s, but he is still used as a battering ram against the GOP ten years later.

  108. You have a reality TV culture and a realty TV president . The outlook is bleak particularly when the opposition party is basically aiding and abetting his every move. It
    is not based on policy , but rather, the desire to maintain power at any cost. In our case, the cost is the loss of the principles and values that made our nation great. The focus of the current administration is to perpetuate class warfare and make the US more of a socialist type country and to weaken or national security by dismantling
    our military. The other goal is to incorporate sharia law into our laws, advance Arab/Muslim influence in America, and systematically destoy Israel. The use of so many Jews to willingly provide cover for this explains why we as a people allowed 6 million of our ancestors to be gassed to death in Nazi Germany.

  109. jbstonesfan

    How do I talk to my Jewish friends who still support Obama even now when there is over whelming evidence that he hates the Jews? I live in Philadelphia and I have found delicate ways to speak to lefist loons about how very dangerous Obama is to the civilized world. I often call my Rep. Alyson Scwartz and read her aids the riot act over her on going support for all of Obama’s policies. But I tread lightly when talking to Jewish voters who support Obama because I think I can understand that many of them know nothing of the history of NAZI Germany. Is it that so many people who identify as Jewish are only Jewish in ethnicity and not religion? I enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your incite. Thank God there are some Jewish voters like you who see the danger in Obama’s NAZI like policies. I am just wondering if any of your Jewish family members support Obama. Sadly I have a majority of Obamabots in my family and most of them call themselves Catholic and some even pro-life. Go fighure.

  110. jbstonesfan
    January 18th, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    Well said, and I am eager to hear what Hillary has to say in her testimony next week.

  111. jstonesfan

    Do keep in mind that before Obama gased 6 million Jews and many millions of sick and disabled German citizens, he imposed gun control which left those believed to be unworthy of life completely defenceless. Every dictator in the last century did the same. The result, always the same, genocide and slaughte of political objectors.

  112. wbboei

    1-18 3:59am

    ..even Sasquash David Gregory. Anthropologists have studies the shape of hos head and concluded he is the missing link.

    You crack me up! Thanks for the much needed laugh.

  113. Juliette
    January 19th, 2013 at 1:00 am

    Do keep in mind that before Obama gased 6 million Jews and many millions of sick and disabled German citizens, he imposed gun control which left those believed to be unworthy of life completely defenceless. Every dictator in the last century did the same. The result, always the same, genocide and slaughte of political objectors.

    Wow. Obama did that? Guess we know your mindset. It really explains why you rag on Hillary the way you do.

    Step away from the computer, put down the drink and go get some professional help.

  114. VotingHillary
    It is most obviously an error on my part as I intemded to say Hitler not Obama. Even you realize that but insisted on taking advantage of the cheap shot. Such petty attacks are something I would expect from Obamabots. Really is that the best you’ve got?

  115. jbstonesfan

    I hope I am not insulting your intellegence by pointing out tha I intended to saw that Hitler disarmed his population before committing genocide and not Obama. I really doubt that you or most readers here would need to have that pointed out. So sad for those who have to exploit an obvious mix up.

  116. Voting Hillary
    The way I RAG on Hillary.
    How classy! RAG is a term I would expect Bill Maher to use to dismiss the oppinion of a woman who doesn’t worship Obama. This is just the kind of misogynic term I have been fighting to get out of the public arena. I guess you think you represent die hard Hillary supporters very well.

  117. Juliette
    January 19th, 2013 at 2:18 am
    Voting Hillary
    The way I RAG on Hillary.
    How classy! RAG is a term I would expect Bill Maher to use to dismiss the oppinion of a woman who doesn’t worship Obama. This is just the kind of misogynic term I have been fighting to get out of the public arena. I guess you think you represent die hard Hillary supporters very well.

    Hmmm, funny. I expect the term “stepford wife” to come out of Maher’s mouth and every other sexist asshole when describing Hillary.

    Oh, but THAT isn’t a SEXIST term?

    You hate Hillary, the Clintons as a whole and your gameplan is to make yourself the center of attention.

    We get it. Put rest assured your Freudian slip as been duly noted.

  118. Your hopeless devotion to Hillary Clinton is embarrassing. Allowing America to vilify Monica Lewinski and Linda Tripp while her husband lied to America about his womanizing was wrong of Hillary. There is nothing misogynic about the term Stepford wife becuse it doesn’t reduce a woman to a feminine bodily function or refer in anyway to her female body parts as Bill Maher often does. Bill Maher would not use the term Stepford wife to refer to Hillary Clinton, because he surley is very accepting of Bill Clinton’s life time of womanizing as much as Hillary was. He is the kind of man who would like all women to be like the wives in Stepford. I expect women to stand up for themselves and not remain silent when a womanizer or a man who even murdered a woman and got away with it- (Ted Kennedy,) is not held accountable for his crimes. Clinton did not have to leave office. And his actions created an opportunity for vulcure George Soros to co-op the democrat party as it had become a troubled asset. If you think that Hillary’s recent actions have been in anyway helpful to women, just imagine yourself being a female living in Eygpt, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, and everywhere else Obama and his administration have given power to the Muslim Brotherhood. But that won’t put a dent in your devotion to Hillary Clinton.
    I am not at all interested in making myself the center of attention. I will stop defending myself from the childish and ridiculous accusations you and the Hillary devotees launch at me. Ayone else here would defend themselves against false accusations. You will have to face the fact eventually that many others who comment here, posibly even the majority, no longer support Hillary. You Shadowfax, S and Vcal can continue your immature rants and anti-Catholic bigotry. GO ahead and continue the slander, and petty attacks. It is all you have so enjoy. I have wasted too mauch time responding to Clinton sychophants who cnnot even defend her and must launch personal attacks instead just like Obamabots.

  119. valleyboy January 19th, 2013 at 12:35 am It seems like race trumps everything with that crowd
    Prior to the latest general election, when the Mother Bethel church in Philly cancelled its regular 11 AM Sunday service to visit other churches during their 11 AM services for the purpose of mobilizing AA’s to advocate, register and vote for BO, I saw a website of interest on this but repeated attempts to find it again have been futile. Yet what I will “quote” from memory is easy to believe.

    It was a list of priorities for one of the religious entities I chanced upon that day. Their first priority was to their god, the second was to their color. So, yes. For unknown numbers, race does trump every earthly thing.

  120. Juliette January 17th, 2013 at 10:29 pm

    “Science has long held the position that life begins at conception…. only post-modern pseudo-intellectuals are capable of convincing themselves otherwise. To liberal dudes… life beginning at conception might be a radical idea.”


    The Alabama Supreme Court did not make the case for life beginning at conception, but rather made a radical departure in legal language – and thus concepts – by referring first to fetuses as “unborn children” and secondly stating that they are “persons with rights that should be protected by law”.

    The defense rightly noted that “child” does not apply to a “fetus”; but the court overruled, saying that the (Alabama) Constitution states that “all men are equally free and independent; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    So “all men” is taken to mean not just adults, but adolescents, children, infants, babies, and fetuses, but not necessarily women. The female defendants in the case were facing criminal charges for using drugs during pregnancy, resulting in the death of one of their fetuses. (No mention is made in the article about what sentences the women got.)

    Are children persons with rights?

    In law, children do not have rights because they have no responsibilities. Each freedom, or right, corresponds to a responsibility for how you use that freedom. Responsibility for children’s actions is assumed by their guardians (i.e. usually their parents), who thus exercise authority over their children.

    Children do not acquire rights when they become adolescent. They have only privileges, which are granted to them by their guardians or society, or both. Even getting a driver’s license at 16 is a privilege (it is also a privilege for adults).

    More importantly, children do not have the right to freedom of expression – i.e., testimony in a court of law – because it is assumed that they do not have the judgment that comes with experience; they are impressionable and can be influenced, threatened or cajoled, and can thus be made to say things that are untrue or of dubious value.

    Under certain circumstances, children may be allowed to testify in court. This is partly due to the efforts of people like Hillary Diane Rodham, who took an extra year at Yale to study children and the law, and made something of a national reputation for herself with articles on that subject. And yet not even Hillary Rodham thought of children as adults with full constitutional rights. Children still have to go through a psychological examination before being allowed to testify, and their testimony is always discounted anyway.

    That’s for children, as opposed to adolescents and adults. Going back further to infants and babies, we get to an even deeper divide between the adult world of rights and responsibilities, on the one hand, and the child’s world of dependency, on the other hand. Infants and babies are not adults by any stretch of the imagination. They depend on adults for absolutely everything.

    Are fetuses people?

    And when we go back even farther, to the fetal stage, it becomes outright ridiculous to conceptualize the adult rights and responsibilities of an unconscious fetus, which is essentially living on life support. Are we to imagine that some court of law will give our fetuses the right to pursuit of happiness? They’ll be able to start their own businesses in the womb?

    The well-being of the fetus is in the hands of its parents, which means principally the mother at that point, of course. It is not in the hands of a court of law, Congress, a Constitutional principle, the Mayor, the neighbors, or of the Christian Right, which is the real source of your contention that “life begins at conception”.

    Beginning of Life

    “I do KNOW when life begins. If you ask any biologist they will tell you it begins at conception.”

    “Science” does not tell us that life begins at conception.

    What “science” tells us about conception has a figure on it: namely, that 80% of fertilized eggs never reach the fetal stage. They do not stick to the uterine wall and are washed away in menstrual fluids. So when you start clouting me over the head with what “science has long held”, just think of that figure from real science, not what some evangelical minister or materialistic philosopher has to say.

    Conception is nothing, really – a waypoint, a fertilized egg. If we are to believe that we have a person with rights starting at conception, then any woman who has two regular periods is a serial killer.

    If it is any comfort to you, the Christian Right is not the only group bandying about this idea of life beginning at conception. Muslims do not celebrate birthdays – their ID papers bear the date of conception. That is the traditional and official Muslim way of determining the start of life. I’m not saying that you are Muslim, but you are mouthing their centuries-old standpoint.

    At the risk of being viewed by you as a “post-modern pseudo-intellectual… liberal dude,” I would hazard my own idea, which is that life begins with the twinkle in the father’s eye.

    That is the way my parents expressed it to me, euphemistically to be sure, and mysteriously too; but now, having experienced the real thing, I think that is the best way of determining the beginning of life: with the twinkle in the father’s eye.

    That would put the beginning of life anywhere from several hours to days, months or even years before conception.

    By that measure, for example, my life would not have begun in March 1947 (my birthday), nor in June 1946 (my conception, I guess), but in November 1944 when my parents were married. Their first efforts resulted in my stillborn sister a year later.

    This idea of what life is and when it begins – and ends – is based on my pseudo-intellectual assumption that life is more than – and of a nature different from – an agglomeration of protoplasm with the right number of chromosomes. To me, life is a matter of the conscious and sub-conscious, and essentially comes to an end when a person is no longer conscious at all and has no hope of recovering consciousness (after a year in a coma, for example).

    But life also does not begin until there is something going on in the brain. I place this at about 3 months into a pregnancy when the fetus acquires hearing. Hearing is our first sense. A fetus will hear things going on in the mother’s environment – Mozart, traffic noise, screaming and yelling – for better or worse, that is the beginning of subjective life to my mind.

    So, I conceive of life beginning objectively with the twinkle in the father’s eye, and subjectively at about 3 months into the pregnancy.

  121. Barack Obama, Social Entrepreneur? OFA Files for Nonprofit Status
    Tom Watson
    …And it has major repercussions for the Democratic Party as well. “This just dwarfs any part of the Democratic coalition,” Democratic strategist Joe Trippi told the LA Times. “This is the biggest leg of the stool. There are really significant implications in terms of the permanent power center within the party.”
    While many will rightly focus on how the new OFA may influence Washington power struggles over the next four years, I think a longer view is also worthwhile – especially where it concerns President Obama. Is this the (incredibly early) start of Obama’s own version of the Clinton Global Initiative? If so, it fits the President’s commitment to citizen organizing and broad policy strokes. Let’s think ahead a bit.
    It’s 2017. Hillary Clinton (or someone else) has just been sworn in as the nation’s 45th President. The accomplishments of the Obama Administration are now in the realm of legacy. But Barack Obama is only 56 years old, about the same age as a restless Bill Clinton was when he left the White House. Obama has spoken at several CGI gatherings, knows that structure well – and understands both its accomplishments and its limitations. He knows (especially if Hillary succeeds him) that the world doesn’t really need another flavor of the same thing. Besides, the special sauce of the Obama years – especially the campaigns, but also the policy initiatives if the second term goes well – has been that army of organizers and activists, millions linked by digital technology and broad agenda.
    Who better to continue to lead that group – and to use it to influence both the direction of the country and its place in the world – than Barack Obama?
    I’m not privy to the President’s thinking on this. But I think he’s jumped beyond all of his predecessors in setting the stage early for a post-Presidency that comes with both power and impact. Bill Clinton has achieved that, but he waited in the wilderness for a couple of years before pursuing the ultimate success of CGI and the Clinton Foundation. Obama got a very strong taste of a muscular post-Presidency as he grew closer to his Democratic forebear in last year’s campaign. But his path has to come with an authentic stamp – and with the team of leaders who helped him change the country. (And it may also include a major new role for Michelle Obama, who included a video for supporters today).
    So watch Organizing for Action carefully. Because you’re not just watching a new model for external White House policy advocacy – you’re seeing evidence of the longer Obama strategy in its early stages.

  122. I’d been wondering what MeMe was up to. Except for a quick comment soon after Newtown incident (I picked that word to echo what DOJ did with Fort Hood)she was quite MIA ever since the general election. One thing you have to admit – they think big.

  123. Juliette January 18th, 2013 at 12:17 am

    “Fetuses have the right to life so you can’t kill them.” If you pay close attention to your own words it is apparent that you already know that an abortion is killing a fetus. How do you kill something that is not alive? Life begins at conception and your own words prove that deep down you know that.

    You needn’t admonish me to pay attention to my own words. I always do, and I wish you would do the same. There are things said and unsaid; and it is often the unsaid that is more important.

    When you have a tumor, or a gangrenous finger, you will want to remove the tumor or finger and thereby kill it. That decision is left to you and your doctor and is not decided by a court, legislator, governor, neighbors or your pastor/rabbi/imam (or biologist).

    A fetus of 2 months is as alive as the tumor or finger, with the same level of consciousness (as I described above), and you are responsible for it in the same way. If you know you will be unable to support the child the fetus will later be, you owe it to yourself to come to a decision about terminating the pregnancy.

    In addition to the forgoing trepidation about not being able to raise a child, the fetus may be deformed, mongoloid, sickly, or it may endanger the mother’s health. Therapeutic late-term abortion may be called for to save the mother’s life. If abortion is banned, it’s the end of the line for the mother. The fetus has rights, the mother doesn’t.

    So, while I have said before that I have always been pro-life insofar as the issue of abortion has concerned me personally, I must be pro-choice insofar as the question concerns anyone else. I am not in a position to tell some woman – or all women generally – that they cannot terminate their pregnancy because “life begins at conception” or whatever.

    The underlying assumption and second step in the reasoning of the religious right and Catholic Church in their anti-abortion argument, is that life is sacred. That makes it a religious argument. A viewpoint.

    I am an evangelical Christian with a mind of my own and do not believe that life is sacred.

  124. holdthemaccountable
    January 19th, 2013 at 8:23 am

    I’d been wondering what MeMe was up to. Except for a quick comment soon after Newtown incident (I picked that word to echo what DOJ did with Fort Hood)she was quite MIA ever since the general election. One thing you have to admit – they think big.

    hta, thank you for being perhaps the most productive commenter on this blog — you make admin proud. Yes, the article is scary. Yes, they think big. This is ACORN on steroids and much, much more. It will corrupt the Democratic party even more with rewards for the compliant and recriminations for the dissenters. One word that they will organize about something will make the politicians comply with whatever (blackmail) — this is thuggery cloaked in noble sounding language, just as it has been since his campaign in 2008. They have found gold. They can funnel corrupt moneys to themselves and their hangers on. It will be like he is Don Carleone of America or something. Wow, America becomes Chicago but they have convinced people they are noble and good. This is not good, not good for the country or the citizens.

  125. I know that people have their set opinions about the abortion issue so I usually try not to get into their discussions. But I do have to say that reading a comment which compares a pre-born little child to a cancerous tumor in an attempt to justify killing it really shocked me.

    I can only shake my head and ask myself – what has our society become?

  126. Juliette,
    if you have’nt noticed this site’s name is HILLARY is 44, go and form a new blog named ANTI-HILLARY 44 and everybody who want to follow you can do so.Your comments are so depressing and full of hate that is becoming unbearable to read your name so often here, you have a lot of free time that now 99% of the comments here are yours and always so negative.You have a lot of things to say against Hillary that you need your own forum.We now know how you feel , what’s the point of coming here so often and spare your venom??? The world is so depressing right , please let’s try to stay as positive as we can and focus on what we can do to improve and get better even with these hard times that we’re living in , following Hillary’s example of tenacity, strength, and hard work as she inspires millions of women around the world; have you read that she has an approval rating of 69% with Dems,Indep and even 40% of Rep??
    and for the 17 th time in a row she has been voted THE MOST ADMIRED WOMAN IN THE WORLD????Regardless all you hate for her, she has crossed the line in many hearts (mine between them)between a politician and a member of our families who gives inspiration to our lives. Please, be respectful of the purpose of this site.

  127. I am beginning to think that liberalism is a disease of the mind.

    Ed Asner and Martin Sheehan–those bastions of freedom when Republicans are in office, and full blown Nazis when their thugs are in office want to boycott O Dark 30. Why? Wrong ideology.

    Acute paranoia and Stalism are the two defining characteristics of the New Left. It is a deadly cancer to consitutional democracy, if only the sheep would wake up.

  128. Leanora January 19th, 2013 at 11:35 am
    “…a comment which compares a pre-born little child to a cancerous tumor in an attempt to justify killing it really shocked me.”

    What shocks me is when you say a fetus of 2 months (that’s what I was talking about) is a “little child”. That corroborates my criticism of the Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling, which you posted.

    A fetus of 2 months is not a child, nor a person. That’s what my first comment (at Jan 17, 7:47 am) was all about.

    A rape victim may very well view the fetus as a cancerous tumor: something that was forced upon her and that she must absolutely get rid of. If we try to prevent her from doing so, on the grounds that “life begins at conception”, we are denying the rape victim her basic rights the same way that the rapist did. In that case, I can only say, as you do, “…what has our society become?”

  129. what has our society become?”
    What society are you talking about? Anymore, all I see it as a cesspool. It is so different from the society I grew up in. Oh there are pockets, like our military where remnants of the old culture survive. But they are the exception that proves the rule. Once again it gets back to the elites. They are the ones who have betrayed the country and created this mess, to exploit economic opportunities without regard to consequences, and for their own amusement.

  130. pm317 January 19th, 2013 at 10:23 am – Thanks for expanding, interpreting function of non-profit.
    Lu4PUMA January 19th, 2013 at 12:26 pm – I enjoyed learning of this and like the schedule planned. Especially the ball.

    Now, from American Thinker. I’ve read thru once quickly and that’s not enough for me to fully grasp. WJC presidency analysis is included. Don’t know how it will be received here, but those thoughts carry on to Oh and today, so here goes:

    December 30, 2012
    How Chicago and Obama Globalized Voter Fraud
    By Michael Bargo Jr.
    …How Barack Obama enabled illegal immigrants to get on voting lists is the heretofore missing story of the actions he took in the 1990s to help expand the number of Hispanic voters.
    Political analysts who have researched Obama’s policy history found that he voted “present” over 100 times as a member of the Illinois State Senate. So he was not actively involved in much legislation. The clues to what he did do in his early days are to be found in his community organizing work. A review of these activities reveals that he was focused on expanding “voter participation.” In 1993 he helped run a voter registration drive for ACORN called “Project Vote” which registered 135,000 new voters and was crucial to the election of U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun.
    Obama’s activities took place within a national context: Bill Clinton won the election of 1992 by such a narrow margin that he immediately set out to create a larger voter base for 1996. To do so he passed the Motor Voter Law, which contains a loophole stating that a potential voter does not need to have an ID in order to register to vote. Expanding the voter base was so important to President Clinton that the Motor Voter Law was the first bill he signed into law as president.
    Barack Obama, as a U.S. Senator, was also a vocal critic of Voter ID laws. In 1995, the first year the Motor Voter law was to be implemented, Barack Obama represented ACORN and successfully sued the Republican governor of Illinois, forcing the state to implement the law.
    After he became president, Obama had his Justice Department sue Arizona for passing SB 1070, claiming that immigration is a Federal issue and that SB 1070 would interfere with Federal procedures. Of course he has never sued Illinois for enabling the matricula consular to function as a valid state ID, or sued Cook County for allowing the matricula consular to function as a “valid passport” when a Latin American returns to their native country.
    These two actions have the effect of enabling illegal Hispanic immigrants to cross Arizona into Illinois and other states, and vote. From 1990 to 2000, the number of Hispanics of voting age in Cook County, IL increased 54% to 689,383.
    Enabling foreign nationals to vote in Illinois allowed the Democrats to manipulate not just local and state elections, but the presidential election as well. This is because the electoral college is not based on votes counted, but on population. The 2000 Census found that in 19 of the 100 largest U.S. cities the only part of the population that is growing is the Hispanic segment. Mexican families have twice as many children as white families. And children are also counted by the Census Bureau to determine the number of Congressional Representatives. The larger the population a state has, the more electoral college members it has. States that are solidly Democratic can continue to extend their influence on the Presidential elections by extending their Hispanic populations. Today, one in four children born in the U.S. is Hispanic.
    It has been 27 years since Chicago started sanctuary policy for illegal immigration. Since that time Chicago, Illinois, and other cities and states have expanded the illegal immigrant population by stretching the envelope of immigration through Sanctuary Policy. At the same time they have stretched the concept of voter registration.
    The notion that foreign nationals can influence elections is no longer a possibility but a reality. The first president to both actively participate in that process and benefit from it is Barack Obama. These actions prove that President Obama is not a socialist or a Marxist, he is an old-fashioned Chicago Democrat who is focused on padding the voter registration list to get elected.

  131. Vcal January 19th, 2013 at 12:43 pm


    You’re joining a chorus of voices here that would like to stifle Juliette.

    Juliette has already responded to other opponents, calling them childish and vowing to continue her opinionated diatribes, depressing as they may be to most of us. It seems that opposition stimulates her.

    admin will not intervene on your behalf unless things start to get ugly with personal attacks; so let’s try to stay calm and refute Juliette point by point. It might lead to some interesting discussion. Let’s see, for example, what she has to say about my comments at 7:47 am and 9:04 am, which were addressed directly to her.

    I remember complaining as early as 2008 that there were no Obama supporters at this site. If we were all less virulent in our attacks on Obama, we might have some very interesting debates here. Diversity leads to enrichment. Let’s take Juliette that way. ??

  132. The political class is culpable as hell. I used to say it is the system. No more. As long as we blame it on the system, we blame it on everyone. And to blame everyone is to blame no one, as Eric Sevaraid used to say. There is evil afoot, and no policeman to root it out. The policemen have all been bought off, blackmailed, or compromised. If they cannot buy off the policeman they buy off the man above him. Even Justice Roberts succumbed, not for money but to other fears and inducements. The San Francisco lawer Jake Erlick (Sam Benedict in the old television show) once said you can buy off one man with gold—and the other 99 with flattery, or the threat of condemnation. Roberts is as reponsible as anyone for the loss of our constitutional democracy. He is like Chief Justice Roger Tanney in that respect–both failed to rise to the great Constitutional challenges of their era. He worries about the reputation of the Court, which is to say his reputation. What he should be worried about is the future of the Constitution and the country. He is another Harriet Meyers, a lightweight, only he managed to cross the bar.

  133. Jesw

    admin will not intervene on your behalf unless things start to get ugly with personal attacks; so let’s try to stay calm and refute Juliette point by point. It might lead to some interesting discussion.


    You have more patience than I do and since Juliette has been saying these same things on PUMApac and the New Agenda since 2008, I am sick and tired of listening to her trash Hillary. I have long lost respect for her.

    Like I said, you are very patient and enjoy the debate, go for it.

  134. I remember complaining as early as 2008 that there were no Obama supporters at this site
    We have you don’t we?

  135. A fetus of 2 months is not a child, nor a person. That’s what my first comment (at Jan 17, 7:47 am) was all about.

    If a test is done on the DNA of a 2 month old fetus the result will show that the DNA is that of a ‘human being’. In my dictionary, that’s a person.

  136. As you can see, the Republican leadership, aka the establishment Republicans, aka the anti-Republican Republicans are cutting a deal with Satan Reid and the golden horde to silence the voice of the people. Taking tea party represatives off of key committes was only the beginning. To McConnell and Boehner: good luck. I hope you can win in 2014 with establishment Republicans, because everyone else will be staying home.

    ATTN Gun Owners: McConnell & Reid Cutting Deal on the Filibuster

    By: Erick Erickson (Diary) | January 16th, 2013 at 09:23 PM | 81


    The Senate Republican Leader and Senate Democratic Leader are cutting a deal on the filibuster.

    You may think it is over and done with, but it is not.

    Harry Reid, through Senate procedure, has kept the first day of business in the Senate going on. This allows the rules of the Senate to be changed with just a majority vote if he decides to claim the Senate’s business does not continue and constitutes itself as a new body every two years (it’s a Parliamentary thing). Meanwhile, behind the scenes Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are cutting a deal to drastically curtail the filibuster. The left is fully on board and gearing up for this fight because they think they can get gun control through the Senate and other liberal initiatives.

    Don’t relax and say, “Oh well, we have the House,” because we may have the House, but John Boehner is in charge of it.

    This is serious. Republicans should be prepared to fight as hard as they can and, should the Democrats use the so-called “nuclear” option, grind congress to a halt. Likewise, Senate Democrats should be reminded of the number of seats they have up for re-election in 2014.

  137. “…no Obama supporters at this site.”

    wbboei: “We have you, don’t we?”

    I’ve had opposition for what I’ve said about Israel, and now I expect to get some opposition about the pro-life/pro-choice issue because of what I said above.

    But I’ve never met any opposition for anything I’ve said concerning Obama, so, if you think I’m an Obama supporter, maybe there are more Obama supporters here than I thought!

    Shadowfax: My patience is proverbial but there is a secret to it: I never engage in ad hominem attacks and simply ignore those that are launched against me.

  138. Leanora: “If a test is done on the DNA of a 2 month old fetus the result will show that the DNA is that of a ‘human being’. In my dictionary, that’s a person.”

    If you test the DNA in your gangrenous finger, it will be the DNA of a human being too. So your finger is a person? Some dictionary!

  139. Hi Hill friends…

    maybe Juliette is Turndownobama (I think that was the name)… the contrarian on the site that likes to provoke, insult, distract, hijack and waste time…and push their POV…cannot be reasoned with and insists their way or the highway…or as she has said multiple times “she is reminded that Hill44 posters remind her of crazed Obots”

    at a certain point, it does become a waste of time to engage when someone is so disingenious and so obviously looking to start useless and meaningless fights…

  140. Shadowfax: My patience is proverbial but there is a secret to it: I never engage in ad hominem attacks and simply ignore those that are launched against me.

    I actually respect you for taking the time to debate with some folks that have attacked you.

    After more than 4 years of trying to open the eyes of the kool-aid drinkers, life if too short and I will pick my battles. 😉

  141. If you test the DNA in your gangrenous finger, it will be the DNA of a human being too. So your finger is a person? Some dictionary!

    it will be the DNA of a human being too? You mean ‘too’ as in also? Ah, so there. You admit that according to the DNA the fetus is a human. Thank you.

  142. shadow, vcal, foxy, s, voting Hillary – THANKS

    Anyone who hangs out at a Hillary site posting only anti-Hillary and far right screeds is nothing other than a troll, someone trying to disrupt, distract, and get converts.

    Starting conversations on abortion? That’s the pressing issue before us now? Really? That’s nothing other than trying to disrupt and get the attention on herself and her own issues.

    This site unfortunately has a reputation for giving bullies free reign, so I don’t have much hope, unless she starts being ignored and wanders off to troll somewhere else.

  143. http://www.redstate.com/2013/01/18/joe-morrissey-virginia-gun-control/
    This Virginia dimocrat has proven his case to a fare thee well. He has convinced me where all prior arguments in favor of strict gun control have failed.

    Deranged Dimocrat Loaded gun finger on the trigger guard waving it wildly—in the Virginia Assembly. No mas—you have made your point, you untermenchen.

    We need gun control to protect us from the likes of him and his fellow dims. For the rest of the dimocrats, section 8 types and the rest of the criminal class.

    It is now a matter of extreme urgency. Not next year, not next month, not next week, today, now and forever.

    For the rest of us, just leave us alone. We need to be able to protect ourselves from corrupt fools and idiots like this loon and his ilk. They are a clear and present danger—like the rattlesnakes they most certainly are.

  144. I just think a lot of us have re examined our faith in the way we view things. I never in a million yrs thought I would vote for a McCain or Romney. Truthfully, the vote was less for them than to try and prevent Obama from getting re-elected. But even more so than that is the fact for my entire adult life I supported the Democratic Party blindly , never
    even considering the GOP’s point of view. At 50 , I find myself still very socially liberal in terms of pro-choice, gay marriage, etc, but definitely more conservative on taxes,
    military, welfare reform. I am further alienated as a center to right Jew whose own people (78%) particularly the elitists Jewish journalists constantly provide cover for the most anti-Israeli administration in the history of our nation. So with the election over, Hillary stepping down, and Obama determined to transform this country into something
    we will not be able to recognize in the not so distant future, I suspect we will have many
    divergent views here. Those of us who have been here for the past 4 yrs or longer
    certainly have proved our loyalty to Hillary even when we have strongly disagreed with
    her(the administration she chose to represent)actions.

  145. jbstonesfan

    My views are similar to yours and I consider myself one of the silent breeds now, a centrist.

    I had a very difficult time voting for McCain, but by the time November rolled around, I was so disgusted with what Barry did to Hillary and what the media did to cover his corruption and lies, that it was pretty easy to vote R in 2008 and 2012. As it stands, I think both parties stink, and I only support a very few people in Congress…on both sides of the isle.

    I also think that some didn’t vote for Hillary because she was such a great candidate, but just that they either hated Obama so much in the primary, that she was the default Dem.

    I didn’t vote for Hillary as a default, nor because she was a woman, (although I want her to be the first woman President of the US…no one else will do for me), I voted for her because my beliefs are very similar to hers. They have been since she was First Lady.

  146. I’m with you SHADOW and JBSTONESFAN.I was never a political person, never voted before, always very busy with my sons,husband and job, until I watched Hillary when she won the Ohio primary and in that speech she talked directly to me.that day I had presented my test to get my License in Architecture and was feeling so tired for being studying so much, that her words resonated greatly in my mind and in my heart and I identified with all what she represents: hard work, tenacity,strenght, etc.When she was stolen the nomination I gladly voted McCain and became a Romney fan.I’m no more a democrat , more leaning republican,but proudly registered Independent.It will be very difficult for me to vote Dem again; only for Hillary or if the Rep is really very bad /corrupt etc.If Hillary is not in the political arena, I won’t either and try to be the best that I can in every area of my life.

  147. JBStonesFan, yup, and double yup. It’s astonishing how so many of us have rejected dogma and our personal voting histories due to what experience and evidence have taught us. So often now we cannot believe the conclusions and positions we come to in light of logic.

  148. This Is An Evil Man!

    Cuomo Pushing For Third Trimester Abortions:

    “It’s going to open up the third-trimester market,” Slattery said. “It’s going to be huge, and people all over the world, not just out of state, are going to be coming to New York to have and perform these abortions.”

    Great. A Third Trimester Market. Way to go.

    I wonder if the Germans would be willing to give us some tips on body disposal techniques?

  149. Wow. An major improvement over the sleaze that is her mom,.
    Alex Pelosi’s Sundance debut has political angle By NEKESA MUMBI MOODY AP Entertainment Writer
    PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Alexandra Pelosi was beaming: She had just made her Sundance Film Festival debut with the HBO documentary “Fall from Grace,” about former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey; her mother, Rep. Nancy Pelosi was on hand to witness it; and Sundance’s founder and Pelosi’s hero, Robert Redford, made it a point to stop by to witness the event.
    “I’m 42 years old and finally made it to Sundance. This is the best day of my life – it’s downhill from here,” she cracked.
    That’s highly unlikely. With the film set to make its debut on HBO on March 28 and the growing buzz around it, Pelosi is bound to have more celebratory moments for “Fall from Grace.” It’s her eighth HBO film: She’s also done documentaries on homeless children, the tea party movement and Ted Haggard, the pastor who became ensnared in a drug and sex scandal….”

    “I’m drawn to broken men – Why is that?” Pelosi pondered at a brunch Friday morning to celebrate the documentary. “I don’t know. I’m really drawn to the recovering politician. . there’s a lot of that in the film.”

  150. Obama officials ditch ‘exchanges’ in rebranding of healthcare reform law By Sam Baker – 01/20/13 05:00 AM ET
    The Obama administration is re-branding the central component of its signature healthcare law.
    The Health and Human Services Department suddenly stopped referring to insurance “exchanges” this week, even as it heralded ongoing efforts to prod states into setting up their own. Instead, press materials and a website for the public referred to insurance “marketplaces” in each state.
    The change comes amid a determined push by conservative activists to block state-based exchanges in hopes of crippling the federal implementation effort…Dean Clancy, the director of healthcare policy at FreedomWorks, said HHS’s decision to ditch the “exchanges” label shows that opponents of the healthcare law are succeeding….Changing the name to “marketplaces” won’t make any difference, Clancy said.
    “They could call them motherhood or apple pie, but it wouldn’t change our feelings about them,” Clancy said. “We’re encouraged that they’re showing signs of desperation. I think that it’s too late in the game to try to start calling this something different. And [we’re] not going to spend a lot of effort fighting over a word.”

  151. lorac January 19th, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    “… Starting conversations on abortion? That’s the pressing issue before us now?…”

    Well, my second post (January 19 at 7:47 pm) was not about abortion but about the radical Alabama Supreme Court decision, which declared fetuses to be persons with rights (in the plural, thus not just “right to life”). I just added the abortion issue because Juliette had started talking about the beginning of life, and thus abortion.

    I agree, abortion is not the pressing issue before us but it is an issue nonetheless.

    What is the pressing issue now? Gun control?

    Since the Alabama SC claimed rights in the plural for fetuses, this includes all rights reserved for adults (and not even for minors), such as the right to bear arms. This is what I said in my first comment (January 17 at 10:02 am): fetuses now have the right to bear arms. So, I brought the second amendment into it right away!

    As for the current gun control issue (i.e. for adults), I think what all of us have said on the subject just about sums it up, and the only thing I would add is that the US is the only country in the world that I know of that gives people the right to bear arms.

    Whatever other reasons there may be for this right, the second amendment was passed in the wake of the American Revolution, in which the self-armed militia was instrumental in overthrowing British rule. It was considered at the time that the threat of an armed citizenry would keep the government democratic. The citizen would remain on top of the situation.

    Does this still hold today? Do any of you think there will be an armed uprising by an enraged citizenry? I think the more likely outcome of today’s tensions, if there is any armed conflict, is civil war.

  152. There’s an underlying message here that initially is as unwelcome as it can be:

    By BYRON TAU | 1/19/13 4:55 PM EST Updated: 1/20/13 3:11 AM EST
    Former President Bill Clinton warned a group of top Democratic donors at a private Saturday meeting not to underestimate the passions that gun control stirs among many Americans.
    “Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,” Clinton said….

    Bill and Hillary did everything they could in 2008 to effect the nomination of Hillary. It was a super-human effort by the couple and their daughter.
    It really is hard to imagine they did not have a Plan B, but we cannot really know yet what it was/is. I guess.

  153. WARNING!!!!
    security sandbox bypass can be still be achieved under Java 7 Update 11 (JRE version 1.7.0_11-b21) by exploiting two new vulnerabilities which were discovered by the company’s researchers. He said that these vulnerabilities were reported to Oracle on Friday, along with working proof-of-concept exploit code. As covered in Security Explorations’ disclosure policy, the technical details about the vulnerabilities will not be publicly disclosed until a patch is issued by the vendor.


  154. Former President Bill Clinton warned a group of top Democratic donors at a private Saturday meeting not to underestimate the passions that gun control stirs among many Americans.
    “Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,” Clinton said
    No. Bill is wrong. Don’t listen to him. He is yesterdays news. Embrace gun control in toto. Take away all the guns of the law abiding citizens. Give them to the drug lords in Mexico, al Qaeda in the middle east, and the criminals in this society, as fast and furiously as you can. Hire armed guards to protect the limosine liberals–they must be saved,lest the generations fail. And let the rest of society disintegrate. That should be the mantra of the dimocrat party, and they will win every election from now til as far ahead as the eye can see. The strategy is simple: Stir race hatred, generational conflict, class warfare (but only against the middle class), and give the ignoranti enough bread and circuses. Now that, in essence, is the platform of the democrat party. Going, going, gong.

  155. I want those donors to condesend like they are doing now. They are such superior people that it is their privildge indeed their right. But they do need to stay out of dark allies, and retire to gated communities, because that is where their train is headed for this society and them. If things get too hot, they can always jet set to the Riviera, unless the servant class it on strike. I was reading Chris Hedges this morning and he is all wrapped up in his corporate state analysis, which is true up to a point. But there is a darker evil than that, and it is the leisure class who play with our futures, as if they were pieces on a chessboard. The Princeton educated banker I have written about before went to an evening party at one of the brownstones in Manhattan, walked into the den and listened to a group of these people plotting. Now you may think this was his delusion, but it was not. Their interests were in politics, to any way fair or foul of making money. And they called the whole thing The Game. It is like that obscure line by the Victorian poet Thomas Hardy: as flies to wanton boys are we to god. They kill us for their sport. This group is where the problem lies–amoral destroy the village to save it types, like Soros. He was probably at that meeting. I did not ask.

  156. You can see how poorly our elite class stacks up against the elites of prior era. Going all the way back to the founders, with certain milestones along the way—like the Gospel of Wealth by Carnagee, there was a commitment to and a belief in the potential of this country. Not so today. I think this morbid preoccupation with self is the defining characteristic of our contemporary elites, some vague notion of saving the planet, and pure unadultrated materialism. They are driven by the basest of instincts and nowhere is that more true than in the ranks of big media.

  157. Erickson @ Red State blog:

    In fact, time and time again, the GOP has spent more time wanting to seem reasonable to the Washington press corps than actually do anything. They bluster, pound their chests, and then they cave. We can move on to the next fight if that makes you feel better, but you would be foolish to think the GOP will not cave again. They’ll say things like:

    ■“We only have one House so there is only so much we can do;” and,
    ■“We did get meaningful concessions, trust us;” and,
    ■“We have to appear reasonable;” and,
    ■“Spending will be cut over ten years while taxes go up tomorrow;” and,
    ■“If we fight too hard, we’ll wind up getting a worse deal;” and,
    ■“I know, let’s move on to the next fight. We’ll be on better ground on that fight.”

    The only fight the GOP extracted meaningful concessions from the Democrats on was the 2011 debt ceiling fight. And how did they do that? They refused to do a clean debt limit without something. They got more Democrats voting for a package that put the sequester into law, and it is now set to hit. The President had to give in. Ironically, now some want to get rid of sequester, the one major spending cut the GOP got the last time.

    Right now all the bluster in Washington is about the Democrats accusing the GOP of starving kids and killing old people. They know the GOP will cave. This maneuver X B.S. is exactly what they are hoping for. And then we can move to the next fight and watch the GOP cave again and again and again all in the name of looking like the reasonable party.

    Perhaps it is time to stop looking reasonable and start, metaphorically, shooting the hostages. If House Republicans lose in November of 2014, it won’t be because they fought the good fight. It’ll be because they left John Boehner as Speaker who decided to rely routinely on a bunch of Democrats to help him sell out so he wouldn’t have to fight.

  158. The Republican Party needs to lose the House in 2014. Assuming that happens, they will be confronted with the real prospect of extinction. Only then will they realize that the path of appeasement is a dead end for them, and the American People. Only then can they oust people like John, Mitch and the other rinos in their power structure. Frankly, I do not see why donors would want to invest money in the kind of operation we see today. The emergence of a third party would break their back, and unlike others, I see that coming, because I see little possiblity that either party will change from within–there are too many special interests who profit from the status quo ante, absent some supervening event. Interestingly, the emergence of a third party would draw initial support from the dimocrats, and it would be attacked by the establishment Republicans. It would force the power brokers in the Republican party to compete with an external source of principals whereas now they are content to be losers as long as the beltway media does not beat them up to badly. It is a perfect s&m relationship between the establishment Republicans and big media. It is toxic for the country however.

  159. The more I think about it, the more I believe that in order for the Republican Party to present a viable candidate in 2016, they must be trounced in the 2014 mid-terms. The only way that will happen if conservatives stay home. Boehner is an embarrassment. Anytime he runs into a situation where he is under pressure, he breaks down and cries in front of cameras. This began as a political stunt, but it has since become a habit. His staff thinks this is cool, it shows empathy, big media loves it, but thinking Americans find it more than a little pathetic. If you combine his penchant to break down emotionally, with a strategy of appeasement what you are left with is retreat. There are times when retreat is an acceptable tactic, when the conditions do not favor an engagement. But to embrace retreat as a strategy, or to say just this once, and then there is another just once, and another and another and another is death by a thousand cuts.

  160. Leanora
    January 18th, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    That’s a scary article, but I agree with your analysis – he does hate this country and giving chunks of it away to the Chinese is a grim possibility. A couple weeks ago I heard discussion of selling Alaska to China to get the US out of debt. It would be madness, but it would be a way around Alaska’s constitution which grants ownership of its oil reserves to the people. You know Exxon hates that.

  161. valleyboy
    Newsweek’s cover image of Obama with the caption… “The Second Coming”

    Just looking at the photo, Barry has NO GRAY hair, the mole is on the other side of his face and he has a clenched jaw.

    Newsweek seems to have forgotten his halo.

  162. BabaWawa injured. This is at huff n puff:
    Barbara Walters fell on a stair and cut her forehead at the British Ambassador’s residence on Saturday night.
    Politico was the first to report Walters’ injury. “Out of an abundance of caution, she went to the hospital to have her cut tended to, have a full examination and remains there for observation,” ABC News’ Jeffrey Schneider said. “Barbara is alert (and telling everyone what to do), which we all take as a very positive sign.”
    Walters, who is 83, was in D.C. ahead of President Obama’s second inauguration. She was scheduled to contribute to ABC News’ coverage of the events but will not be on-air Monday, according to TV Newser.

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