Election Results Predictions – The World On A String – Are We Worried? You Betcha!

Update II: More poll closings at 9 pm: Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota. Horrid news as Obama takes Pennsylvania and Michigan. Florida is still tight. Republicans will keep the House of Representatives.


Update: Earlier tonight Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina polls closed. At 8 pm: Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire polls closed. These are the big ones that will tell the night’s tale.


So we’re worried. We’re not paralyzed with fear nor chewing our nails until blood drips. Fight. Vote. Worried? Good – use that energy. Call friends that are on the fence and give them a talk. Let the Hopium Guzzlers sleep through the night.

* * * * * *

Last night we posted Sinatra songs to keep our spirits up. As we wrote in the previous post this election is really important. America and the world are on a string ready to float away. Good news is we’ve “got the world on a string, sitting on a rainbow”.

* * * * * *

As to predictions, we are worried, not paralyzed. Our operative stance for elections is run like you are 20 points behind. We want Romney supporters, even those in Utah to be worried, and get out and vote. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Vote, vote, vote.

So what do we think is going to happen and what are we looking at tonight? First here is a link to poll closings. Kentucky is up first and then at 7 p.m.: Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina. We’ll be watching states as they finish voting and start to count then comment.

We’re mostly ignoring polls at this point because they are too close and anything can happen. We made a lot of calls and received many emails this past week which give us a sense of what has been happening. What these missives have told us is that Romney has the energy that is needed to win. Obama is a spent force.

Could Obama still win. Sure. There is the possibility that Obama will get the votes from people who will put a clothespin on their noses and vote for him even though they are not enthused at all. That could happen, but what we keep hearing everywhere is that Romney signs and support can be found in the unlikeliest places.

Consider if you are the Obama campaign and remember 2008. There were signs of support for Obama everywhere. T-shirts with Obama’s pictures and buttons on many people littered the streets then. Now an Obama campaign operative, like voters everywhere, rarely sees an Obama button on a lapel or an Obama bumper sticker.

Then there are the candidates. Watch the candidates on the stump in their last week speeches. Watch, don’t listen. Watch. Barack Obama is mostly hunched over, bending over the podium as if to grab voters by the lapels in a desperate attempt to shake them into voting for him.

Mitt Romney, the guy we beat up repeatedly, is now doing what we always wanted. Romney is showing urgency. Urgency is not desperation. Urgency is the knowledge that something must be done, victory must be achieved. Urgency is very different from desperation.

* * * * * *

In Pennsylvania and New Hampshire there is a strong mystic chord we heard in 2008 and 2009. Remember New Hampshire when the political death of Hillary Clinton (she’s in Australia tonight) was celebrated a bit too early by the Hopium Guzzlers and Big Media? Hillary won.

In 2009, do you remember the crazy notion that Scott Brown could actually win the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy’s ample rear? It just could not happen, not in Massachusetts. Senator Scott Brown.

Mitt Romney’s recent forays into Pennsylvania remind us of that Scott Brown race. There was a sub rosa Republican campaign that kept gathering force then at the end, and remember this was all by design of the Scott Brown campaign, the ad wave began from outside groups and that led to the Scott Brown victory.

* * * * * *

Our sense is that Romney is displaying the firm determination of a person who believes he can win, must win. Romney supporters/voters sense this is a man with a desire to win and a desire to Rescue America. That is a priceless jewel to own.

Romney, we believe, will win. It might even be a massive victory.


422 thoughts on “Election Results Predictions – The World On A String – Are We Worried? You Betcha!

  1. Crowley says she got internals from Romney campaign with him down 5 in Ohio. BUTTTT she says she’s getting “blowback”. FatASS just go ahead and blow job Oturd on live tv, we know you want to you bitch.

  2. This is going to be a long night but I want all of you to know how much your friendship over the last years has meant to me. I left for a while, got caught up in Facebook gaming, my kid gone to prison, my husband disabled in bad car wreck, but I always remained hopeful that I’d get to see OTurd and his horrible wife turned out to pasture.

  3. Not watching anything tonight, HillBuzz has some great pieces, will read those instead. I do find it hilarious even in this late hour, the Obot MSM is still shilling for their Messiah. I guess they really don’t care how much of a joke they’ve become. Its like there a mitt momentum party, and the entire Obot MSM is not invited so have no clue what going on and refuse to have any independent thought to figure out what might be going on, they love their nice big Obot bubble.


    Thank you admin as well for all the work and providing such a haven for us non-Obots for the last few years.

  4. oh yes Ms. Candy, I’m sure the Romney camp is going to be giving YOU their real numbers. Oh yea, I’m sure they trust you that much, so really what else do fake reporters like you have? You give no real impartial info and now you’ve shown yourself to be partial, so the romney admin knows that, the american people know that.

  5. Like I said a few days ago. IF, and I say IF, America re elects this pos, we are ALL going to suffer. I hope the one’s who voted for him have to suffer the worst though. They should all starve to death. I’m serious. Fox is really downplaying a win for RR though, so I’m puzzled.

  6. I am bouncing between His44, hotgas and hillbuzz with a few others thrown in NQ.
    some comments are pretty interesting.
    we will win this…

  7. I wish Fox would stop with the big red color on Ohio as well. It is time we do away with this electoral college bullshit as well. The majority winner of votes should be the winner.

  8. I wish I’d bought booze for tonight. I said I would but I went out today to get stuff for the guy completing my carport and I had not got a Motor Vehicle Inspection sticker on my car and I got a fcuking ticket. Have to go to court this week. Fcuker state police couldn’t be nice and say, listen lady, just get a sticker.

  9. Vanity, we can’t do anything about the vote fraud. We couldn’t do anything about it when they stole the election from Hillary Clinton. We just hope for enough voters for Romney to run away with the fraud.

  10. Ohio polls now closed.

    Romney has won Kentucky and West Virginia so he has 24 votes to Obama’s 3 from Vermont.

    Romney’s winning big already!!!! 🙂

    Soon we’ll get numbers from the states that are not a sure thing for either side.

  11. I’m so sick and tired of the race card! Enough already! These teevee (as HB says) people…Stop calling people hyphenated names! we are all Americans. Never in my life did I think the dems love putting people in this box or that box, and then they want victimize anyone and everyone instead of trying to figure out how to get them in a self sustaining life of economic upward mobility, not permanent dependency.

  12. Hello everyone! Welcome back Dot48! Voting was brisk here in Ohio…very brisk. Lots of Dem family members voted Republican for the first time, today.

  13. V4usa, I think you should go away from TV, this blog and may be listen to music or something. I could not watch TV or listen to people there and I am here listening to music and looking at some of these comments. So relax, don’t try to pull everyone down.

  14. Vanity, me too, he looked genuinely moved. Humbly moved, like he knows its not about him, its about America and Americans.

    I had not seen this photoshop of Howard Dean before, I think its hilarious! (and oh yea, of course Mr. Dean, its fraud, where were you when ACORN stole votes, I’m guessing when this line of attacks don’t work, they will go back to the “racist” attacks.)


  15. FL, too close to call. We know what goes on there

    I just got in, took my signs to a very busy street/sty hyw again, I am in Texas, we will be Red.

    I am so pumped

    Please dear Lord do not let them steal this election!!!

  16. I feel if Romney wins, he wins this not only for us, but for Hillary in some distorted way in the electric Universe.


  17. I just got in, took my signs to a very busy street/sty hyw again, I am in Texas, we will be Red.


    Good Gonzo, That is dedication in my book.

  18. Hi all…here we go…

    have been looking at returns coming in at politico and rcp (they are slow) – does anyone have a better source to monitor?

  19. Yes, Romney wins this for all of us including Hillary. There is absolutely no reason to reward Obama with a second term when there was none the first time.

  20. I’m so nervous that I’m jumping from H is 44 to The Blaze to Breitbart Report, I won’t watch the tv until Hannity tonight, I can’t stand O’reilley praising BO anymore.Thank you for all the support and energy that you provide. Hang in there Basil, you and Jz are very strong and valuable to this Hillary community, God bless you both!

  21. Just want you guys to know that though I haven’t posted in a long time, I’ve been here reading every single day. My heart is in my throat right now. I’m on pins and needles.

  22. Romney wins Georgia. Anyone remember when the Obama campaign said Georgia was in play because of a 10% increase in Latinos?

  23. Via MOTUS:

    because I heard one guy holler out “Hey Jay-Z, I’ve got news for you: America’s got 16 trillion problems, and Mitt ain’t one of them either!”

    Bruce Springsteen rocked the half-full house. He even wrote a special song for the event called “FORWARD!” in honor of our newest, and last, campaign motto.

    “Not the best I’ve ever written. How many things rhyme with Obama?” he asked.

    “Trauma” comes to mind, butt perhaps not especially useful for artistic purposes. Or political.

  24. 100,000 vote difference in Florida with Obama ahead but don’t the conservative areas send their results last?

  25. For those who voted tonight: What was the number of younger voters at your polling sites today? It will be interesting to find out if younger people voted for Obama or stayed home. Many we know are staying home or in a bar tonight.

  26. anybody remember chucky todd talking about lee county in virginia think I remember them saying it would be a big read into who will win the state… went over to politico and clicked on map, Romney way ahead in lee county. Just not sure if ‘m 100% correct.

  27. I know know what panic feels like.

    I must steady my ship, I have been calm all day. I think I wanted such a blow out for Romney because of the cheating…then you have FOX, which I am not watching but hearing about.

    It’s early, I put my big girl panties on.

  28. .This does not include some of the northern areas which are traditionally conservative their polls did not close until 8 o’clock. Remember Kerry In 04 he was ahead until the northern counties were counted

  29. Fox has been downplaying all day, don’t know if it is there plan but I agree it is a tad discouraging to see their attitude.

    I’ve got my big girl panties on.

    Bill OReilly said it best, this country is soooo different now. People voting to “get stuff”. WTF they going to do when we go Greece

  30. it is early but, so far Va looking good and Florida is flipping in our direction with the repub panhandle to come in…

    so nerve wracking

  31. Fox election headquarters really sucks. Too old school, not enough board going on, not giving info like CNN and I absolutely hate to even give CNN a turn on my dial.

    Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong.

  32. why did Romney campaign agree to allow Candy Crowley to come to their campaign headquarters on election night.

    what a bunch of bullshit, I would have told that bitch to drop dead

  33. LOL! CNN sent Candy Crowley to cover RR HQ! was probably afraid what she would do in public at O’s place!

  34. Deep breathe deep breathe, we are still in this game!

    Matthew ‏@mattymonsterz

    CNN saying Romney will likely win VA and FLA #RomneyRyan2012

  35. I just tracked my absentee ballot at the board of elections to see
    if the board had it. They received it on 10/17/2012

    I was just curious

  36. dot48
    November 6th, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    OK, it was a twitter, won’t post them anymore, they don’t know anymore than us

    Sounded uplifting though

  37. Brit Hume feels that Chris Christy hurt Romney a lot by the pandering to Oturd during the storm. I hope Christy is happy now. Yes, his state needs the $ but it was already there, what was Oturd going to do, demand FEMA not help. OH WAIT, that is what they are doing now…no fcucking help.

    Fiscal cliff awaits us as well. As I said earlier, whatever happens I hope the ones who voted for Oturd have to live harder than those of who who saw a real hope in Mitt Romney

  38. blue, rove was on fox doing his scoreboard thing…not on now, but he will be back…he is encouraged with certain areas that are yet to come in…


    nettabug…try to post your photo…we all want to see you…you have been on a whirlwind between Kimmel and today

  39. It’s early, I put my big girl panties on.

    Gonzo, maybe we should all wear Morman underwear.

  40. Florida is NOT gone. There are two time zones. Rove is convinced the early votes were tallied, not today’s votes, yet. Still a long ways to go.

  41. ROVE: Early Vote has been sorted out, which Dems always win. Now Today’s Vote (with our huge turnout) begins to be counted.

    This thing is far from over.

    Mostly dim vote counted so far, not repub.

  42. Florida is very close per CNN, just a few thousand difference now BUTTTT Mitt still has northern counties to come in for him.

    Looks like Broward and Palm Beach counties screwing around with absentee ballots. Been COPYING from the original ballots onto a new ballot. NO WAY this should be happening.

  43. NBC’s Chuck Todd as reported at the Corner:

    “NBC’s Chuck Todd: Sources On Both Sides Expect Romney To Win Florida By Under 100k”

  44. Brit Hume feels that Chris Christy hurt Romney a lot

    I am not impressed with some of these GoP young guns, including Ryan and Christie leading the pack. They all seem too immature. Rubio is much better but looks like a teenager. Jindal and Haley seem serious but don’t get enough attention.

  45. I have turned off the tv. I am getting all reports from this site

    Did i not hear Karl Rove say Fl might go on til 2:00 in the morning?

  46. jbstonesfan
    November 6th, 2012 at 8:55 pm
    Ohio looks bad. Gotta take Fl, VA, NC, CO, WI.

    jbstonesfan, it will be ok

  47. pm317
    November 6th, 2012 at 8:56 pm
    OH has a few hundred thousands provisional ballots.

    Half of the provisional will probably be tossed for not being filled out correctly. If you miss one thing on those ballots they
    toss them

  48. Michigan Obama CNN projection

    Texas 38 EC Texas and a lot more

    I thought Wolf was gonna cream his jeans when he announced Michigan


  49. If any of you know anyone working at the board of elections you can call them to see what the count is.

    Most officials are there getting the count.

  50. Beware of MSM telling you, “It’s over”.

    I mean really, do you trust them to not try to show some damn map with Obama being “inevitable”?

    And then, why bother with carefully counting / recounting, when “it doesn’t matter any more…”

  51. I don’t trust CNN regarding MI. I don’t even trust them with the weather. They probably got Monday Night Football wrong too.

  52. Mich. had gone from “long shot” to Obama eking it out by a very small margin, but, they always oversampled Dems.

  53. This is going to be a long night. I’m going easy on the wine because at this rate, Romney will will on Thursday and I’ll be in a coma.

  54. I went to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections
    61 of 1077 counties reporting

    Barack Obama/Joe Biden ( DEM ) 188049
    Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ( REP ) 80020

  55. is is too hard to believe

    Beckel said the coal part of PA held for Barry. How fucking stupid are people?

  56. This is lake county in Ohio

    Barack Obama (DEM) . . . . . . . 31,508 49.11
    Mitt Romney (REP). . . . . . . . 31,519 49.13

  57. Someone posted this on another blog, and if Romney loses tonight, I will have to agree!

    as for Billy CLinton, F U you POS for campaigng for that american0hating POS.

  58. @DickMorrisTweet

    #election2012 I bet that they will eat their words on Pennsylvania on both senate and president
    67% o

    32% r
    9% Reporting

  59. Nver could stand the egotistical Chris Christie. If he really hurt Romeny, no one should vote for him for even dog catcher and he should have to leave the Rep party and go snuggle up with BO.

    Wisconsin for the fraud. I’m trying hard to keep the faith but with all the cheating, I am feeling very sad about now but it’s not over but nearing it.

  60. If you want to see whats happening in ohio in some counties

    just do a search

    Cuyahoga county board of elections
    Lake County board of elections
    Hamilton county board of elections

    Click on election results

  61. can’t believe coal country went for the Oturd! God damn fcukcing stupid people. This is awful. He’s gonna shut down everything coal related and they still voted for him.

  62. Fox is nutty. They’ve called Wisconsin for Obama even though only 2% of the vote is in and Romney is ahead by 2,000 in that measly 2%.

  63. how can our country let a smart, experienced,honorable man slip away to continue on with this superficial showboater?

  64. R/R now leading by 20k votes in Florida. Looks like FL is going red.

    AngusMc on November 6, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    How can they call WI for Obama when Romney has 56% of vote with 2%

    MoreLiberty on November 6, 2012 at 9:31 PM

  65. Oh, my God, this is getting soooo dangerous! What has become of this country? We must win everything left or we are toast! Regardless, I am still hoping for a miracle!

  66. If you want to see exactly what percentage of what each county of each state voted Google Fox News. Then when you’re there, you’ll see all the states that are red and blue. Click on the state and it will tell what percentage of the vote is in and which counties have reported and the percentage of the vote that has been counted in the county.

  67. If Ohio falls, Romney cannot win this thing. I’m floored, I can’t believe how stupid can be bamboozled again.

    I’m never gonna get invested in politics again. I can’t stand seeing him or her and I actually despise them

  68. Romney is ahead 56% to 43% with 4% of the vote counted in Wisconsin and Fox has already called it for Obama!

  69. the repubs have self destructed when it comes to the senate…they are going to need to do soul searching…and it looks like that crazyman Grayson in florida will be getting back into the house

  70. GonzoTx, not drunk, not despondent. But worried about Florida. Florida is pretty much the game. Then Ohio. Florida, Florida, Florida.

  71. S
    November 6th, 2012 at 9:35 pm
    how can our country let a smart, experienced,honorable man slip away to continue on with this superficial showboater?

    I don’t know, I am so sick to my stomach. I learned to believe in him, Romney was the real deal.

    I will never forgive BC.

    I can’t believe this, I am heart broken, shell shocked. I really thought we were going to win. Now we all lose.

    I am done, the next generation will have to try to pull themselves out of the ashes. They have set a course for America that is bitter, entitled and one that I am ashamed of.

  72. Portman is conceding Ohio. He’s prepping the crowd for a loss, IMHO.

    The course for America that is revengeful, bitter, entitled and I agree I am ashamed of this country.

    Tommy Thompson LOST as well.

    This is not going well.

  73. They pt WI back in play, I don’t know, if the votes are being held back in Milwaukee, that is a huge fraud town.

  74. We had a big storm and lost power, just got back and what a mess………………America seems lost.

    Still a chance, Romney just pulls it out but its slim.

  75. wait till all those fcuking coal miners lose thier jobs in VA and then they have to BUY healthcare or go to jail.

    Fuck you PA

  76. Why the fuck is Boehner out there??? Republicans gain seats in House but getting hammered on Senate. F u c k Divided congress again

  77. Seriously if this is what America wants, then fuck them…..Liz Warren, Bill Nelson, McCaskill, Obama..

    Get out while you can.

  78. ObamaCare was oturds signature first term torture for us what do we have to look forward to now??? I’m afraid, very afraid. Maybe the rapture will happen, but then I’ll go to hell but it can’t be much worse than this.

    How could Fox analysts be so wrong??? Maybe I should just never watch any of them again.

  79. Where is ol’ Dick Morris who predicted a landslide? But then again, how often is he ever right? About the only thing good that can be said about him is that his new front teeth are a huge improvement over the jack o lantern original ones.

  80. Jesse Jackson Jr wins re-election?!?!! Seriously, this country is fucked. He wins re-election from the Mayo Clinic!…ACE

  81. Jesse Jackson OMG wins reelection while he’s having a nervous breakdown

    Repubs just keep the house and that’s it.

  82. Remember all the cheating for BO that we have been reading about. It must be way, way, way more vast than we could ever imagine.

    If it’s not serious cheating then we must live in a country with way too many people who lack several bricks making a full load.

  83. Miami-Dade have only 40% closed right now. HEAVY votes for TFG still waiting on line, might cancel out the Panhandle

    I see your concern ADMIN, they will hold them and then very well cheat IMHO

  84. Bill Clinton can kiss my ass. Chris Christe can go to hell. I hope Bill Clinton is happy, the mother fucking ass hole who chose party over country. I hate them all

  85. If Obama wins, I will be planning to live in another country when I retire.unfortunately we are tied to our area as long as we are working….couldn’t leave without jobs.

    This is not the America I grew up in. If I am going to live in a spanish speaking community I may as well live in south America where at least I won,t have to support them and I can buy a really nice home.

    I have not given up yet tonight but I am very worried. I just can’t believe that so many people would reelect this incompetent ass.
    If the rs lose, I hope they get the message. If they lose it will because of their stand on abortion. For many people i spoke to that put the rs in the unacceptable category.

  86. Fuck Morris. Fuck everyone of these pollsters. They’ve been yanking out chains for months. Where did all the momentum go..? What about all the huge turnout that was reported today? Guess they were voting for O. Either this was a fraud election, or America doesn’t exist anymore. I’m tired…just plain tired. Why bother anymore.

  87. President = Ohio results
    Updated Tue Nov 06 22:00:03 EST 2012 – 25% reporting
    Mitt Romney
    21,756,785 votes
    Barack Obama

  88. i think there has been a lot of cheating in florida…all those absentee ballots just being handed out in miami dade because the lines were long, etc…no security control…the governor in florida is totally useless

  89. It came down to those swing states and it just didn’t happen. I thought it would be
    much closer. I must really be out of touch with my fellow Americans.

  90. ohio
    Updated Tue Nov 06 22:01:02 EST 2012 – 27% reporting
    Mitt Romney
    22,621,787 votes
    Barack Obama
    21,839,007 votes

  91. It’s not over yet. Christie is a dirt bag Rino who loves Islamists. He’s a New World Order guy. He’s a fat chunk of waste.

  92. Bill Hemmer says it’s easier for Obama now than Romney on the electoral map.

    I soooo wanted to see MSNBC heads explode. Now we will have to listen to the jerks forever.

    Michelle Obama will vacation more than ever

    Oturd will golf more

    We as American’s will be on the losing end

    God, I want to leave the country but no way do I have the financial ability to do so.

  93. If Romney should win Florida and Ohio would that put him over the top–or would he need other states as well?

  94. From Drudge:

    O 3,725,197 49.33%
    R 3,761,720 49.81%

    Let’s hope Romney gets Florida or it is all over. It should never have been this close but let’s keep hope alive.

  95. McCaskill even wins…why couldn’t the repubs have put reasonable, moderate people up for the senate…instead of these creepy guys that say the most stupid things…geesh

  96. Romney 53%, Obama 46% with 15% of the vote counted in Wisconsin and Fox and Drudge still both have Wisconsin as a win for Obama

  97. Right now Romney is ahead in the popular vote. He must win Florida, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina. Good news is that is still possible and in some scenarios likely. We’re still worried but not paralyzed by fear.

  98. Obama up 37,000 votes in Florida with 86% counted. Obama up 88,000 in Ohio with 52% of the vote counted. My head is exploding!!!

  99. i think if florida is within a half percent then the state requires an automatic recount…my math is not that great but aren’t we in that territory?

  100. AmericanGal
    November 6th, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    If Romney should win Florida and Ohio would that put him over the top–or would he need other states as well?
    Hew would also need Colorado or Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Virginia

  101. I’m serious sick to my stomach, i’m numb I’ve got to get up and go to work right now and do the night shift… I may end up in the psych unit. Admin how can you not be paralyzed

  102. Iowa 145,132 (58%) OBAMA
    100,542 (40%) ROMNEY

    With 16% of the vote counted

    If you Google Fox News and then click on their website there is a map of the U.S. with the states colored blue or red. Those are the states that have been called. Click on the state and it will give you the percentages, number of votes counted, etc. It gives you all the information for that state.

  103. McCaskill is a disgusting disgrace to our state. It’s embarrassing to say that she represents us.

    But you are right. Akins is and always has been a stubborn creep. He should have retired a long time ago. Now we are stuck with the fraudulent Claire for years.

    It’s a sad night.

  104. The country is lost, something is going to happen in this country after tonight.

    I believe that too. People just aren’t going to stand for 4 more years of life under obama.

  105. Rove is optimistic about Ohio–says the big Republican counties and cities will bring Romney up.

    He says North Carolina is looking good

    Didn’t say anything about Florida

  106. Once you click on the state on the Fox website it shows you the state with all the counties. You can move the cursor over any of the counties and it will tell you what percentage of votes have been counted for that particular county.

  107. Oh Jeezus. Hanky panky in Ohio. May come down to provisional ballots. They don’t get counted for ten days. There are 200,000 of them

  108. Basil99, In Florida there will likely be a recount. With the Hamilton County mess in Ohio the results might not be resolved there either.

  109. I know how hard it is to go to work under these circumstances, I work the 7p-7a shift myself. Fortunately, it is usually so busy there isn’t time to think about things, such as the election.

    That being said, I would rather be toasted then go into work tonight, Austin is Bot land and work is the same.

  110. On CNN, Wisconsin is back in play: R-51 to O-48


    But Milwaukee (big pop.) is trending for O, so state will probably go for O.

  111. In Ohio, looks like Cleveland and Cincy are holding back the votes, only 9 percent and 18 percent reported so far. Posted by: Damn Sockpuppet at November 06, 2012 10:33 PM (yJYwC)

    Manufacturing votes.

  112. Honestly, there has got to be cheating. Why would the Obama campaign leave North Carolina when it appears so close there? Their internals showed him losing there, yet he is almost winning. Republicans need to learn how to cheat like Democrats.

  113. trixta
    November 6th, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    Both Dane ct and Milwaukee are 70/30 fraud and are holding back their vote. Waukesha is heavily conservative and will go big Romney, but I don’t think there are enough votes to offset the fraud and cheating.

  114. just heard gloria borger say that 77% thinks the economy is poor or very poor…and so WTF are the voters doing? voting to make it worse…

  115. Arizona goes to Romney, which is a relief. This was a southwestern state we were worried about. It’s still Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia plus either Iowa or Colorado. It’s tough but doable.

  116. Dick Morris tweets

    Dick Morris ✔ @DickMorrisTweet
    #election2012 It may all come down to Colorado

    Dick Morris ✔ @DickMorrisTweet
    #election2012 Ohio closed well from a big marfgin in early voting to a 2 pt obama lead with still 1/3 left to count. good sign

    Dick Morris ✔ @DickMorrisTweet
    #election2012 Florida just closed to a 18,000 Obama lead It had been 50,000. Looks better

  117. admin
    November 6th, 2012 at 10:43 pm
    Arizona goes to Romney, which is a relief. This was a southwestern state we were worried about. It’s still Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia plus either Iowa or Colorado. It’s tough but doable.

    Love your pom poms admin.
    Keep hope alive

  118. this is starting to feel like recount for florida and wait to declare Ohio until provisonal ballots get counted two weeks down the road…?

  119. Mitt has to win Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado in order to pull it pout. Problem is the POS is right at his heels in all those states.


    I’m off. Not the kind of night I wanted or expected. I was hoping landslide for R-2.

  120. BASIL99
    November 6th, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    Mitt has to win Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado in order to pull it pout. Problem is the POS is right at his heels in all those states.


    I’m off. Not the kind of night I wanted or expected. I was hoping landslide for R-2.

    Feel the same way, but staying up and wide awake!

  121. I can’t believe what has happened tonight and i won’t forget it, best thing is, I don’t think Obama even wants it, this will be the laziest and crappiest 4 years this country is about to experience and they deserve everything they get.

  122. Shadowfax, we’re looking for a short skirt and a megaphone to add to the pom poms. 🙂

    We’re not despondent because this was the likely path for Romney to win with from the get-go. We always thought it was Florida first and foremost, then Ohio, then North Carolina and Virginia – plus one more state. That seems to be the path we are on tonight. In a sense we feel reassured by what is happening and just hope that those states come in for Romney.

  123. Why can’t we have a candidate who has the balls to take these states outright???????????

    If anyone of Mitt’s must-have states stumbles it’s over.

  124. admin, thanks for the positive vibes. some here are too fatalistic. I am of course concerned also – how can this even be close??? – but it ain’t over…

    it does remind me of ’04 when we were saying how can Bush even be in this what with the “jobless recovery” and the w-ar, how can people be so stupid? but he won. I am praying this isn’t a repeat.

  125. The American voters may have just voted to end a lot of things. They just don’t realize it yet. I really had hope this time but now we just have to go on living day by day and see what happens

  126. yea Outris, the worst of it is we are now enslaved to obamacare…just wait until all those poorly informed obama voters realize they have to pay for it or get penalized and get nothing…they have no idea

  127. Frankly after tonight i dont give a damn, that is it for me. They wanted it, they got it and they will be getting it in the neck in abundance like lambs to the slaughter.

    Lucky the house is still in GOP hands then the next 4 years will be a complete mess.

    I am taking a very very long break from tomorrow, I will be moving country within the next 6 months and got a lot of things to do.

    Thanks for everything but I really cant do this for another 4 years. Its soul destroying.

    The First President to win re-election by proposing to absolutely fuck all in his 2nd term. Amazing and the idiots fell for it.

  128. I will miss everyone here, but I am done, 5 years of this pig, I am soo done. Thank you all for the good fight.

    The good guy did not win and America lost.

  129. and the people cheer. we’re dying as a nation, and the people cheer.

    good night. there is nothing more to say.

  130. I feel sorry for every charity that asks me for money this year, I will write on the request, please petition the government. They now have my charity money.

  131. Mitt was too much of a gentleman…he would not get down in the gutter…he wasn’t in this to kill O…too much dignity

  132. Best to everyone.

    The idiots need to look at the UK, that is our future, more kissing up to Islamists, terrible government run health care, more outsourced jobs, welfare, welfare, tax the rich to death and fewer and fewer jobs.

    Ah! By the time Pinocchio gets through with us we might be France!

  133. I read this on another blog–that this election was like 2004. There was discontent with the incumbent but not enough for a challenger to win.

    I wonder how bad it would have to get for the American people before they realize how bad things are (and how how much worse they will be ) with Obama..

  134. I will be watching all cable shows. The ones with no commercials, no news. My tv will be boycotting all news channels

  135. Juan going on about the people still blaming George Bush…well O will have no one left to blame now…

    one last thing…the repubs screwed themselves during their primaries…they weakened themselves and forced Mitt so far to the right that O just stepped in for his kill…

    very sad…I was looking so forward to having an intelligent person who thought about something besides himself…

    this sucks…i could not stand to listen to G Bush, could not stand to listen to O…now four more years of more O


    romney camp disagreeing with Ohio count…maybe this is what O’s camp planned…call it early…that’s what they said…

  136. People out here in my white elite liberal neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY are marching up and down the street, hooping and hollering … Pathetic fools!

  137. According to Chris Wallace, Romney camp has doubts about the election call…still too close to call in Ohio. ROve doesn’t think 74% of vote is the full story in in Ohio.

  138. Thank you Bill Clinton, you a$$hole for putting the party first. Glad I sold my business when I did. The rest of America, oh yes, you just voted for 4 f&&king years of misery like you’ll never know, and the real misery hasn’t even started yet. I know personally 3 small business who were ready to close shop, but had hope that Romney might pull it thought. Not anymore, all 3 will be closing their shops.
    The Clintons, especially Bill Clinton, stupid punk. Will never forget what he did! Every ounce of respect I ever had for the Clintons is done, arrogant punks who put their corrupt party first.

    Thank you admin for your wonderful blog.

    The country is done, the rich will be fine, the wealthy will be fine, the middle class and working poor will be wiped out in the next few years and will know misery like nothing else in the next 4 years. Its done. We are going to reach 17 trillion in debt this December, and its accelerating massively now. Good Luck you dumba$$es who voted for this, you’ll get no sympathy from the few left sane Americans for the misery you voted for.

    I’m taking a permanent offline hiatus too, not going on any blogs or watching news. We all know how this story is going to play out. As Moon so astutely posted, it will misery like nothing else, especially for the middle class in this country.

    God Bless America indeed.

  139. Admin, please keep this site going–we need someone out there telling us the truth about what is happening in Obama’s 2nd term

  140. Just numb. Depressed. I will keep posting as long as adm. Keeps this thing going.
    I really felt close to all of you and thanks for putting up with me.

  141. I am sure this is what Bill wnated. O will not be a hard act to follow for HRC. Romney might have really be spectacular. A shame we have to spend 4 more years like this. People are so afraid.

  142. To our service men and women:

    I am so sorry you won’t have a real Commander-in-Chief for another 4 years.

    I voted for you this time out. It wasn’t enough.

  143. neetabug
    November 6th, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    I will be watching all cable shows. The ones with no commercials, no news. My tv will be boycotting all news channels

    That’s not enough. If this is true, that O gets a second term, he owes it to big media. And it should be war on the media for us – not just cable news but all their tentacles. That means watch nothing on disney (abc, espn, etc.), time warner, comcast or any big media subsidiary. Read a book, listen to music on independent labels, check out dvd’s at the library, surf the net, etc., etc.

  144. jbstonesfan
    November 6th, 2012 at 11:28 pm
    Just numb. Depressed. I will keep posting as long as adm. Keeps this thing going.
    I really felt close to all of you and thanks for putting up with me.

    So will i. I need this site for my sanity

  145. “I am sure this is what Bill wanted.” Bill Clinton’s a very rich man, yea, he’ll really “feel people’s pain”. Arrogant idiot.

    Personally, I have not one iota of respect left for either of them. They betrayed the country for power.

    The country is lost, 4 more years of this $hit, is beyond repair. yea, BC really “cares” about the little people.

  146. Two points ya’ll: 1) remember that there were reports that the Obama campaign was going to call the election over early. NBC did it for them and others have followed. But the Romney campaign is disputing the call.

    (2) If Romney wins Virginia and any other state the Florida and Ohio situation will be possibly open to recounts.

    Keep your powder dry.

  147. Fox News decision desk says there is no way for Romney to win Florida. They dispute that this is in any way like Florida 2001.

  148. I just got an email from The Road to November Forum saying that Rom was challenging CA vote. Is this old news? What’s up with this. Haven’t been able to be around all night. Just have a quick sec. Wanted to post this, and to say WTF!!!!

  149. Good night. Will be following neeta’s advise, no tv, no blogs, nothing, if I get charity requests, like one poster said, will be sending them to the govt for money, since our money isn’t our money anyways.

    The govt now controls what healthcare we get, what businesses we open, what industries to open.

    America, it was good while it lasted. And God Bless you, US military, the only real source of any pride and respect left in America.

  150. The anger against Bill Clinton is strong and therefore Hillary and perhaps well deserved. Bill Clinton is no dummy. In another four years there will surely be such anger at the Dems and BO with the way the country will go that few if any would vote for a Clinton much less a Democrat.

    So what is Bill Clinton’s strategy? Why? What is he planning that we don’t see? What is he thinking? His supporters may even turn against him and for sure Hillary.

    Was Hillary up to her neck in Beghanzi and Bill knows that a BO win will bury the whole mess? Surely he does not think that Hillary has a chance in 2016 now with the building anger.

    Is Bill surprised at the obviously more wide spread cheating than most of us ever thought possible?

  151. I said earlier, beware of MSM telling you, “IT’S OVER!!!!”

    They want you to quit.

    Mitt is smart to not just chuck it in based on State Mouthpieces doing Ofukker’s bidding.

    It’s not time to start crying…

  152. Any idiot that wants to complain about their healthcare, their job, their home value, the economy…. I don’t give a crap, send your problems to the Messiah. I don’t give a crap about these drone idiots or their problems any longer.
    They will reap the misery they sowed with their votes.

  153. • admin
    November 6th, 2012 at 11:26 pm
    Romney campaign is disputing the call on Ohio. Hold on to your hats. This is NOT over.
    • admin
    November 6th, 2012 at 11:28 pm
    Remember NBC was the one that made the Ohio call.
    • admin
    November 6th, 2012 at 11:34 pm
    Two points ya’ll: 1) remember that there were reports that the Obama campaign was going to call the election over early. NBC did it for them and others have followed. But the Romney campaign is disputing the call.
    (2) If Romney wins Virginia and any other state the Florida and Ohio situation will be possibly open to recounts.
    Keep your powder dry.
    • rgb44hrc
    November 6th, 2012 at 11:40 pm
    I said earlier, beware of MSM telling you, “IT’S OVER!!!!”
    They want you to quit.
    Mitt is smart to not just chuck it in based on State Mouthpieces doing Ofukker’s bidding.
    It’s not time to start crying…
    It’s not over till ADMIN says it’s over.
    I trust no-one else.

  154. The way I see it, if Mittens (and McCain before him) cannot get enough votes in the swing states, then no Republican can. The GOP has a brand problem, or else their tent is too small. They need to reinvent their Party in a major way.

  155. Carl Rove making a pretty convincing case…..so maybe it’s not over.
    I won’t believe it till the very end.

    The media has been wrong before.

    My district voted dem all the way but went for Romney. People said that couldn’t happen so what to make of that?

  156. Yes, Reps may need to re-invent their party and broaden their tent. So I guess that means not only giving away free cell phones but flat screens as well??

  157. admin
    November 6th, 2012 at 10:43 pm
    Arizona goes to Romney, which is a relief. This was a southwestern state we were worried about. It’s still Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia plus either Iowa or Colorado. It’s tough but doable.


    Rove agrees with you admin.

    I will still be here and miss eveyone that goes away depressed.

  158. “The GOP has a brand problem, or else their tent is too small. They need to reinvent their Party in a major way.”

    This isn’t about the GOP. It is about fiscal sanity, if people in swing states cannot see just how deep, really deep in fiscal trouble this country is, then it is beyond repair. Only 2 more years until we are Greece. We are accumulating 200billion every 3 months in debt, we will hit 17 trillion in debt in 1 month.

    The disgust I feel is not that romney lost, that this country is now solidly on its way to be massive decline. And drones obots don’t get, don’t give a damn. There will now be a avalanche of small, medium sized businesses who will begin massive layoffs soon, either by the end of the year or the beginning of next quarter.

    Nothing is wrong with the “America” brand, which is what Romney was trying to sell.

  159. I am getting to old for this. I will never get this involved in any campaign again. Too much cheating going on.

    I saw on the news early today at one voting place they had a mural of obama on the wall. Someone took a picture and reported it to the news. They covered it up slightly.

  160. Good night all. Thanks to all the posters, I always appreciated the info. Will be taking a permanent break from all this. No plans to start an new businesses, will be helping some close down soon, no doubt.

    Good luck drone obots. The misery that you have voted for will here soon in this country, too bad the rest of us have to suffer through it. America’s essence is gone, now replaced by socialist, Marxist nonsense from the lefties and dems.

  161. neetabug
    November 6th, 2012 at 11:33 pm
    November 6th, 2012 at 11:28 pm
    Just numb. Depressed. I will keep posting as long as adm. Keeps this thing going.
    I really felt close to all of you and thanks for putting up with me.

    So will i. I need this site for my sanity


    Me too.

    As long as admin is here and my Big Pinkers….I will be here too.

    My only political sanity and many friends I look forward to.

  162. The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their President.

    – Prager Zeitungon, Czech Republic newspaper, 4/28/2010

  163. Fox saying Mitt will not give up until the votes are counted.

    Was Mitt too good of a man to fight the Chicago crap machine?

  164. Most of these talking heads talk from their asses. Don’t be too hard on Dick Morris. He’s not stupid. Think fraud. It’s what’s for winners.

  165. ‏@SetonMotley

    It appears @MittRomney will challenge FL & OH. Bc OH, for instance, was called for @BarackObama with Romney in the lead. #Election

  166. I think Mitt should make the speech. He is a classy guy and end the campaign with
    class. He ran a good campaign, but we are a minority now. More like 51 to center left than right.

  167. He also came pretty close with the entire pop culture and MSM against him. Even the conservatives gave him shit.

  168. This election result only proves that Demographics is Destiny. Unfortunate for Republicans and thinking Americans, it will take nothing less than a Great Depression-level disaster to unseat a Democrat in the White House. It’s evident that a majority of Americans will vote against their economic interests so long as the Democratic Party can tug at their heart strings with appeals to race, gender and other social issues. If the Republican Party is to survive in the future, they need to pivot on these issues and co-opt them. They should be able to communicate a sound, cohesive, consistent and appealing position on women’s rights, gay rights and other social issues – which could mean abandoning some of their currently highly oppositional stances.

    This election is also further proof of the power of the MSM to create the narrative. They could block your momentum, parry attacks on their anointed one, consistently and regularly attack your positions all at the same time maintaining their “unbiased” reputation. This along with the demographics of the populace is a fatal combination for the current RNC. You can’t win against this. Nobody can.

    I don’t know how anyone could begin to solve this problem for the RNC, but this is how it stands and they should recognize it if they wish to even begin solving it. I think a much softer stance on the social issues would really help even the problem with MSM. Another idea would be to have the RNC actively harness alternative media so that they can begin to balance things out.

  169. So with a BO win, does this mean that Jay Carney will no longer have a job? Obviously there will be no need for a presidential spokesperson. The Media will just take over that job completely.

  170. Not anymore..down by 40k and most likely more with West Coast votes coming in. Still,basically 49 million votes which shows a pretty divided country.

  171. I am beyond words. My daughter and I are in tears. I invested so heavily in Hillary’s election and was crushed. It took me a long time to get over it. Months. I promised I would never invest myself again in another election because my heart was broken.

    I hated Obama so much that I started following His44 again and got caught up. I didn’t like Mitt at first but when more and more came out about him, I opened my eyes and saw a decent, wonderful, capable man, I fell for him. Now my heart is broken again and I just can’t do it anymore. I loved every single one of your comments and have been here every day mostly reading your comments but want you all to know that you made a difference in my life. You brought me hope. Now it is time to close the curtain and say good bye to all of you. Please, each and every one of you that stays here, take care of each other.

    P.S. – I will never ever vote for the either of the Clintons ever again. What they have done to help bring this country down and further themselves is unforgivable.

  172. O has dumbed down the USA…he is the 21st century reality/entertainment TV president…the one that uses slang, parties nonstop, avoids hard work and bluffs his way through…he is not a serious person…but his supporters don’t care…

    they want a cool dude and they are happy with him…his supporters don’t care about fiscal issues or policy…all you have to do is look at those interviews of O supporters and half of them don’t even know who his VP is…

    he has no mandate…and we have four more years of Mr Teleprompter ahead of us…his ego will get worse, not better…more arrogance…

    …more division…like drudge’s headline says…the divided states of America…

    imho, I wish people would not refer to Mitt as Mittens…he is a good decent man that gave it his best shot to make things better…he tried to appeal to thinking people…it is a lost cause in the age of reality tv crowd…where people act as stupid as they can…

  173. Mitt will give his speech at 12:55

    I feel really badly for him, he is a very good guy and won my respect.
    We all knew this election was going to be dirty, but the fraud out did his sleeze.
    And he will parade around as another Dim prez with 2 freakin terms!

  174. It was always going to be a long shot because of the pro-msm and BO’s viciously negative campaign, etc., although I thought there was a good possibility for a Romney win. I’ve been disappointed before, perhaps more in 2000 followed by 2004. Oh, well, we know he’ll be out of the WH in four years. Life goes on. Do what you have to do to stay sane, but I know I will spend the next four years making life miserable for BO and his Obots.

  175. imho, I wish people would not refer to Mitt as Mittens

    It is meant as an endearing team IMHO

    Smitten with Mitten’s

    I have been busy knocking down kool aid drinkers on FB

    God I hate their stupidity

  176. shadowfax, mitt said he only had one speech…a winning one…probably took time to put together his thoughts

    as for us knowing this was going to be dirty…we sure did…O and his chicago predators did it to the clintons and us before…and here they are again…

    I will say i also feel deep disappointment in how gung ho Bill went for O…after we spent all this time defending and being protective of him and then he not only goes all out for O, but reduces himself to cheap jokes aimed at MR…completely uncalled for and a low for someone has achieved statesman status…

    I have had to mute Bill every time he came on…

  177. …but I know I will spend the next four years making life miserable for BO and his Obots.

    What I mean is that I will not let them get away with their worshipping of BO and will challenge them on supporting BO’s policies.

  178. I guess I am stupid but I still don’t understand and probably will never understand any of the appeal of Obama. Even when I ask my colleagues what they like so much about him they can’t really verbalize it in any way that makes sense. They just worship him as if he is an incredible being. I had a high school student tell me today, in words that were no doubt told to him by one of the ultra liberal teachers in my building, that he “wanted Obama to win because Obama was the iconic president for his generation, for the young”. And the tone of voice he used when telling me was striking- it was like he was talking about some kind of legendary figure. It reminded me of that recent campaign story where people at a rally in Florida were chanting “Hail Obama”. It really does scare me that this kind of thinking is out there and will remain out there for four more years.

  179. I’m not watching the Tin Calf’s speech. I’m changing changing the channel….”Ice Love’s Coco”…good enough.

  180. Ann looked heartbroken…

    gonzotx, perhaps for some it is a term of endearment, but for most it is meant to ridicule…

    just my personal reaction to it…I am so sick of all the meaness and cheap shots out there…

  181. Time for the GOP-controlled House to fully turn up the heat regarding F&F and Benghazi on the Obama administration.

  182. Well, my daughter that will complete her Ed doctorate in the spring, age 26 , tells me this election has made her realize she needs to get involved in a national elected position.

    She worked many hours with me volunteering for Hillary while in pre med and playing D1 basketball. Still I am surprised. I told her I hope there is a republic for her to run for. She is a charismatic, beautiful Latino/white, 6 feet tall. She will be a force if she follow’s through with this.You really can’t take your eye’s off of her. She is already an Ass’t Principal (fell in love with teaching while waiting a year for med school placement)and a coach. She is a winner with a solid moral compass and great leadership skills. Think Vince Lombardi here.

    I think she really will do it, but we shall see.

    It is the only positive thing I can take from tonight, and really, I don’t know how positive it really is. I do know we need more youth like her.

  183. The saddest part of this is my disillusionment with the Clintons. They are apparently of the Obama cloth, and no amateur comments or shame on you Mr. Obamas can change that perception. The new world order party has Clinton disciples, and that is not what I would like to see for the country. We need to be protected from this, and don’t expect that protection to come from the Clinton’s direction. They are one with the party.

    Admin, perhaps you will change the focus of this blog, or close it down and start a new blog that critiques the second Obama coming? You have good political inclinations, so I hope you continue in some capacity.

  184. Ladies and Gentleman,

    It is time for what our mothers would call “tough love”.

    It pains me to type this but don’t donate to one single charity this year. NONE.

    Tell them you would love to donate, but the federal government has taken your charity dollars in taxes…especially when the Bush tax cuts expire. Tell them to ask Obama.

    This goes against my very nature but we have to make the point. When you vote a government that will take your money, you must also have to beg that very government FOR THE MONEY.

    You sold your soul to the devil. Don’t expect “angels” to bail you out.

  185. AMARISSA, Dot48

    Very well said…..I agree.

    I have never been so miserable after an election. I am seriously looking to move when I can.

    My family survived because they had the guts to pick up and leave eastern Europe in the 1880’s to go to America where Jews were not discriminated against. It took a yearS to GDOet here by covered wagon, train and ship and all they knew was what this country stood for. they thrived here. my grandfather who went to work at age 13 became a successful businessman. his 3 sons all became brilliant physicians.

    I just don’t see this bright future right now and the populace that would accept a corrupt media, corrupt elections and a corrupt president don’t bode well for the future.


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