Iowa – Almost Back From The Snake Pit

Update: Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney.


Perhaps it has to do with Olivia De Havilland? For whatever reason we always rejoice when the mentally ill return to good health.

Having explored the political health of sunshine state Florida and Buckeye state Ohio let’s take a peek at the harvest of events in Iowa. Iowa, new math or not, remains important for a November victory by Romney.

Iowa in 2008 was afflicted with a huge population of Olivia De Havillands walking about in delusion and drama. In 2012 the mental health of Iowans is returning. Iowans are freeing themselves from the snake pit.

We don’t like to equate mental health with political choices or call people who vote for Obama “imbeciles” as we have previously done, or latter day Pauline Kaels, as we have previously done. But what else can we say but call it madness? Should we just kick 2008 Obama voters? Should we just kick them every day? No, we will simply rejoice as they recover from madness:

“In Iowa, disappointment with Obama runs deep

WILLIAMSBURG, Iowa — In Iowa, a rural state of outsized political importance, retired nurse Pauline McAreavy is among thousands eager to vote against President Barack Obama after four years of disappointment.

McAreavy holds a personal grudge against the president that dates back to 2008, when she hosted Obama’s supporters for three weeks in the Midwestern state that nurtured his improbable White House dreams.

She never got a thank you note for her small role in helping land Obama in the White House, but McAreavy’s antagonism goes deeper, the product of broken promises and accumulated disillusion with the “hope” promised by the man who has billed himself an “adopted son” of Iowa.

Poor, deluded, creature. In 2008 she welcomed Obama volunteers and/or paid staff to live with her for weeks in order to elect Obama. We imagine her Iowa home must have resembled the padded cell rooms Olivia De Havilland occupied in The Snake Pit. Bereft of her senses she believed the flim-flam con man from Chicago. Now the light switch is on and Pauline McAreavy is on her way to mental health and full recovery by eagerly voting against Barack Obama:

“Obama gave us this ‘no red, no blue state’ America,” said McAreavy, 78.

I was fooled, I kick myself everyday,” she said. “I said: ‘In four years I’ll get you buddy — and I’m going to.'”

Her home lies in the state’s Iowa County, where residents gave exactly the same number of votes to Obama and his Republican rival John McCain in the 2008 elections: 4,173 votes each.”

We doubt any McCain voters of 2008, who saw Barack Obama as a flim-flam con man from the outset, will vote for Obama in 2012. With Pauline casting her vote in Iowa County against Obama we now know Mitt Romney will win Iowa County by at least 1 vote.

Pauline kicks herself every day for what she did in 2008. We won’t berate her. We welcome her back to lucid society.

Pauline was fooled by a professional con man. She has regrets for being fooled. Pauline is not alone:

“But McAreavy is among many voters in midwestern Iowa — which kicks off the presidential nominating contests every four years — who have abandoned their allegiance to Obama’s platform.

Their lack of support, revealed in two dozen interviews with Iowa County residents, is at the heart of the president’s challenge in seeking a second term in what has become a very tightly contested White House race.

Sweeping in front of her house in Williamsburg, McAreavy recalled how she had thought Obama would bring a politically divided country together and that electing the first African American president of the United States would be “wonderful” for this country.

He didn’t, he tore us more apart. I did feel maybe the world didn’t like America, but the world hates us more now than they did before!” she said.”

Pauline McAreavy is in full recovery. She not only rejects Barack Obama but she also wisely rejects the message of treachery and boobery of the messenger. Hooray Pauline, you are not alone:

“The Obama boat is leaking.

Many voters who chose Obama last time around are quick to vent frustration over the discrepancy between what they had hoped from a historic Obama presidency and what actually transpired. Almost no McCain voters, meanwhile, seem ready to cast a ballot for the Democrat. [snip]

“I don’t think he pulled Congress together enough to do something. He’s not a leader,” said McAreavy.

He’s more worried about his reelection. It infuriates me when after what happened in Libya, he went to a fundraiser in Las Vegas.”

Even the president’s supporters — and there are still legions of them — are gloomy. Many cite Republican control of the House of Representatives and its sizeable contingent in the Senate as extenuating circumstances. All search for excuses.”

Oh dear Big Pink readers – behold the fruits of all our works. Continue to speak with the many Pauline Kael’s McAreavy’s that we know and we will win the fight. Some that voted for Obama in 2008 have heard us and now understand.

Even the Obama supporters, searching for excuses to explain away the booberies and treacheries of Barack Obama have heard our message and are on the run. Yes, because of Big Pink and those many who continued to fight against Obama treachery and Obama boobery there is Hope for Change in 2012:

“Every election it’s the lesser of two evils,” said Williamsburg librarian Carol Uhlmann, a 72-year-old registered Democrat.

“In Afghanistan, why can’t we get out now? Why are we over there and all those little situations if we’re not being directly attacked?”

Inside the Williamsburg Public Library, a woman playing with a young girl has already decided not to vote for Obama, like she did four years ago.

I’m going to go with the change,” said the woman, who would only give her first name Ann.

That evening, Romney addressed supporters just an hour’s drive away, while Obama gave a campaign speech in Davenport 80 miles (130 kilometers) to the east.

This is where it all began four years ago — on your front porches, in your backyards. This is where the movement for change began,” he said. “And Iowa, you will once again choose the path that we take from here.”

Yes, Iowa is where the flim-flam mental health epidemic spread to first, after infecting the mad cow city of Chicago. Mitt Romney’s campaign appearances have helped wake many up to mental health:

“Sarah said she became especially comfortable after seeing Romney’s large family — he has five sons — on television.

And she is far from being alone. National polls by the Washington, DC-based Pew Center show that Romney’s favorability ratings jumped from just 37 percent in July to 50 percent in October.

Even young people, among Obama’s most ardent supporters in 2008, appear disillusioned.

Sam Tracy, who delivers beer in Marengo, said he plans to abstain from voting, disgusted by the political impasse in Washington.

In 2008, the registered Independent proudly cast a vote for Obama in an election that made the history books.

“Based on what we were coming from, there was a lot of enthusiasm for Obama, but now that he’s in office, the shine has worn off,” Tracy said.”

The golden calf has lost its shine. That is the first step to mental health. Next, Tracy will realize there never was a golden calf in Iowa. It was just a pile of butter, now melting away.


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  1. also seen on The Twitterverse: Register backed Obama in 08, last time it endorsed a GOP pres candidate in the general election was Richard Nixon in 72


    Matt Stoller

    Matt is proposing third party…and along the way he smashes the myth of O…


    The above is a chart of corporate profits against the main store of savings for most Americans who have savings — home equity. Notice that after the crisis, after the Obama inflection point, corporate profits recovered dramatically and surpassed previous highs, whereas home equity levels have remained static. That $5-7 trillion of lost savings did not come back, whereas financial assets and corporate profits did. Also notice that this is unprecedented in postwar history. Home equity levels and corporate profits have simply never diverged in this way; what was good for GM had always, until recently, been good, if not for America, for the balance sheet of homeowners. Obama’s policies severed this link, completely.

    This split represents more than money. It represents a new kind of politics, one where Obama, and yes, he did this, officially enshrined rights for the elite in our constitutional order and removed rights from everyone else (see “The Housing Crash and the End of American Citizenship” in the Fordham Urban Law Journal for a more complete discussion of the problem). The bailouts and the associated Federal Reserve actions were not primarily shifts of funds to bankers; they were a guarantee that property rights for a certain class of creditors were immune from challenge or market forces. The foreclosure crisis, with its rampant criminality, predatory lending, and document forgeries, represents the flip side. Property rights for debtors simply increasingly exist solely at the pleasure of the powerful. The lack of prosecution of Wall Street executives, the ability of banks to borrow at 0 percent from the Federal Reserve while most of us face credit card rates of 15-30 percent, and the bailouts are all part of the re-creation of the American system of law around Obama’s oligarchy.

    The policy continuity with Bush is a stark contrast to what Obama offered as a candidate. Look at the broken promises from the 2008 Democratic platform: a higher minimum wage, a ban on the replacement of striking workers, seven days of paid sick leave, a more diverse media ownership structure, renegotiation of NAFTA, letting bankruptcy judges write down mortgage debt, a ban on illegal wiretaps, an end to national security letters, stopping the war on whistle-blowers, passing the Employee Free Choice Act, restoring habeas corpus, and labor protections in the FAA bill. Each of these pledges would have tilted bargaining leverage to debtors, to labor, or to political dissidents. So Obama promised them to distinguish himself from Bush, and then went back on his word because these promises didn’t fit with the larger policy arc of shifting American society toward his vision. For sure, Obama believes he is doing the right thing, that his policies are what’s best for society. He is a conservative technocrat, running a policy architecture to ensure that conservative technocrats like him run the complex machinery of the state and reap private rewards from doing so. Radical political and economic inequality is the result. None of these policy shifts, with the exception of TARP, is that important in and of themselves, but together they add up to declining living standards.

    While life has never been fair, the chart above shows that, since World War II, this level of official legal, political and economic inequity for the broad mass of the public is new (though obviously for subgroups, like African-Americans, it was not new). It is as if America’s traditional racial segregationist tendencies have been reorganized, and the tools and tactics of that system have been repurposed for a multicultural elite colonizing a multicultural population. The data bears this out: Under Bush, economic inequality was bad, as 65 cents of every dollar of income growth went to the top 1 percent. Under Obama, however, that number is 93 cents out of every dollar. That’s right, under Barack Obama there is more economic inequality than under George W. Bush. And if you look at the chart above, most of this shift happened in 2009-2010, when Democrats controlled Congress. This was not, in other words, the doing of the mean Republican Congress. And it’s not strictly a result of the financial crisis; after all, corporate profits did crash, like housing values did, but they also recovered, while housing values have not.


    Many will claim that Obama was stymied by a Republican Congress. But the primary policy framework Obama put in place – the bailouts, took place during the transition and the immediate months after the election, when Obama had enormous leverage over the Bush administration and then a dominant Democratic Party in Congress. In fact, during the transition itself, Bush’s Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson offered a deal to Barney Frank, to force banks to write down mortgages and stem foreclosures if Barney would speed up the release of TARP money. Paulson demanded, as a condition of the deal, that Obama sign off on it. Barney said fine, but to his surprise, the incoming president vetoed the deal. Yup, you heard that right — the Bush administration was willing to write down mortgages in response to Democratic pressure, but it was Obama who said no, we want a foreclosure crisis. And with Neil Barofsky’s book ”Bailout,” we see why. Tim Geithner said, in private meetings, that the foreclosure mitigation programs were not meant to mitigate foreclosures, but to spread out pain for the banks, the famous “foam the runway” comment. This central lie is key to the entire Obama economic strategy. It is not that Obama was stymied by Congress, or was up against a system, or faced a massive crisis, which led to the shape of the economy we see today. Rather, Obama had a handshake deal to help the middle class offered to him by Paulson, and Obama said no. He was not constrained by anything but his own policy instincts. And the reflation of corporate profits and financial assets and death of the middle class were the predictable results.

    The rest of Obama’s policy framework looks very different when you wake up from the dream state pushed by cable news. Obama’s history of personal use of illegal narcotics, combined with his escalation of the war on medical marijuana (despite declining support for the drug war in the Democratic caucus), shows both a personal hypocrisy and destructive cynicism that we should decry in anyone, let alone an important policymaker who helps keep a half a million people in jail for participating in a legitimate economy outlawed by the drug warrior industry.


    Falguni Sheth argued that this is a typical perspective from a privileged white woman, who ignores much of the impact that Barack Obama’s policies have on women, and specifically women of color. And even on the issue of choice, you could make a good case, as she does, that there’s less of a difference between Obama and Romney than meets the eye.

    Sheth’s piece is persuasive. Barack Obama is the president who hired as his lead economic advisor Larry Summers, a man famous for arguing that women are genetically predisposed to being bad at math. Unsurprisingly, Anita Dunn, a White House adviser, later called the Obama White House a “hostile work environment” for women, in large part because of the boys club of Rahm Emanuel and Larry Summers. Obama is the president who insisted that women under 17 shouldn’t have access to Plan B birth control, overruling scientists at the FDA, because of his position ”as a father of two daughters.” Girls, he said, shouldn’t be able to buy these drugs next to “bubble gum and batteries.” Aside from the obvious sexism, he left out the possibility that young women who need Plan B had been raped by their fathers, which anyone who works in the field knows happens all too often. In his healthcare bill, Obama made sure that government funds, including tax credits and Medicaid that are the key to expanding healthcare access to the poor, will be subject to the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits their use for abortion. It’s not clear what will happen with healthcare exchanges, or how much coverage there will be for abortion services in the future.



    O is the most overrated, inexperienced, distracted…add dishonest…narcissitic…waste of our country’s time and resources…

  3. …sorry for the long (even abbreviated) length of Matt’s article…but it is full of little tidbits that will interest many…

  4. Anyone read this article on the big storm that’s supposed to hit the east coast? Check out the comments section – it’s all politics and mocking Obama:

    “This may be the enema Washington, D.C. so badly needs

    lol. public enema #1.

    Well with any luck it’ll help clean out “The Swamp”

    Sandy must be an 0bama Demonrat because it’s bringing death, destruction and a HUGE COVER UP.

    This may shut down early voting in the northeast.

    …and a perfect excuse for corrupt demonrats to ‘lose’ a million paper ballots (for Romney of course). “Honest, they just blew away!”

    well Michelle did say to vote early in case your toilet got stopped up. …sounds like a plan. RR2012.

    Obama is evacuating to Las Vegas to play golf.

    “I,..uh…let me be clear…I think this is…uh…George Bush’s doing….uh….”

  5. S – that article is a knock-out from the Left. Wow. But WE KNEW Obama was going to be the double-down on the Third Bush Term. That they never saw it is what is so satisfying now.

    Chicken roosting, and all that Jazz….


  6. BTW – saw a bit on the national news tonight. Apparently Joe Scarborough and Mika B stopped O in a hallway at some rally or something and asked him about Benghazi. I think it was on the Brian Williams Blow Job Tour for “BaRock Center”

    They gave a snip and it will supposedly air on Monday. Now they can saw “WE DID ASK HIM!”

    That would be the ONLY breaking news from that “chance” encounter.

  7. Matt Stroller needs to stop blaming Obama for being what he is–a nowhere man, and start blaming himself– for being so lazy, gullable and naive as to be taken in.

    Four years ago, if someone had said to Matt what he is saying about Obama now, Matt would have called them a racist.

    The evidence about Obama was right there in plain view, but Matt and his fellow jurnolisters chose to ignore it.

    Didn’t we all try to tell Matt and the rest of the creative class, that Obama was a corporate shill.

    In any hiring decision, past performance is the best indicator of what the applicant will do in the future.

    And Obama past performance was a consistent pattern of supporting big business interests at the expense of his constituents.

    Well, I too have seen the light. I now know that there can be no peace between the American People and the hard left.

    If he wants a third party, then I want a fourth party because there is no living with that Hillary hating jurnolister prick.

    And when he pretends to be a defender of the Constitution, I know for a fact that it is a lie.

    The best advice I can give him is put on your bonnet, grab your bottle, climb in your baby carriage, and go back to sleep for 50 years.

  8. wbboei…

    I actually agree with Admin’s POV…better late than never…better they come to their senses and start seeing clearly…

    We don’t like to equate mental health with political choices or call people who vote for Obama “imbeciles” as we have previously done, or latter day Pauline Kaels, as we have previously done. But what else can we say but call it madness? Should we just kick 2008 Obama voters? Should we just kick them every day? No, we will simply rejoice as they recover from madness:

  9. Good for DeMoines register.

    Tim, as I hear, it is very influential and it endorsed Hillary in 2008 (in the primary I think).

  10. Norma Desmond
    October 27th, 2012 at 9:27 pm
    BTW – saw a bit on the national news tonight. Apparently Joe Scarborough and Mika B stopped O in a hallway at some rally or something and asked him about Benghazi. I think it was on the Brian Williams Blow Job Tour for “BaRock Center”

    Brian Williams nickname is Gabriel.

    When Brian left the NBC studio in New York, the top executives have him his marching orders.

    Cole Porter set them to music,

    And Patti LuPone delivered them to bashful Brian,

    With her usual Ethel Merman gusto:

    Someday he too may say satan farewell,

    But not if he hopes to be invited the Hawaiian mansion that Obama’s bundlers are buying for him

    And Obama will be like Gloria Swanston in Sunset Boulevard. Reggie Love can play the role of Max the butler.

  11. Worth the read:


    “… A confessed reader of Andrew Sullivan’s hysterical web site, the president has taken on the maximalist characteristics of the liberal blogosphere. He is scornful and contemptuous of Romney, as could be seen in his patronizing lecture on aircraft carriers and submarines during the third debate. His campaign seizes on the most trivial comments—“I like Big Bird”; “Binders full of women”—to engage in juvenile jibes that would not make the first cut at the Late Show writers’ meeting. His rallies have become self-congratulatory comedy hours in which the assembled Democrats laugh heartily at the insults and zingers the president throws Romney’s way. Obama has been on a seemingly nonstop tour of television shows hosted by late-night comics. His new attack line that the Republican nominee has “Romnesia” was, as the vice president might say, literally taken from liberal blogs. The vice president even asked his audience at a recent rally whether it had watched The Daily Show the night before. The men who hold the highest offices in the most powerful country in the history of the world have been debased to the point where they look like fill-in guests on Up with Chris Hayes.”

    “The Democrats allowed the progressive movement’s hatred of Bush to take over their old and storied political party. That party and movement found a champion and a path to power in Obama, but the electoral forces on which his power relied were unstable. In 2008, he satisfied the left and won the middle. Once in power, though, he kept the left satisfied and lost the middle and right.

    In 2012, there is just the left. The Democrats are back where they started eight years ago. And this time, Barack Obama cannot save them.”

    More at link

  12. Offered as a possible explanation for Bill Clinton’s recent “bromance” with Obama, from hot air in an article astoundingly entitled:
    “Bill’s Long Game for Hillary”

    Jazz Shaw is the enlightened soul who offers a theory about Big Daddy Bill’s plans for the little woman’s future. Of course she’ll have to cook his dinner first, and tend to all her traditional wifely duties before she can really get to work on her future – a future that Jazz opines really probably won’t last long enough for her to fulfill her man’s plans for her. After all, she’ll be 69 in a few years. Hell, she’ll almost be shovel ready.

    This article quotes and references several other people. Here are a few paragraphs.

    The excerpt below is from a Washington Post article by Dana Milbanks.
    Hillary Clinton continues to deny interest in another run, but she is already inching away from a similar vow that she would not serve as secretary of state in a second Obama term. “A lot of people have talked to me about staying,” she told the Wall Street Journal in a recent interview.
    This could give her time to repair any damage to her reputation caused by security lapses that led to the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. Her longtime aide in charge of protecting her image, Philippe Reines, has engaged in a series of high-profile squabbles with media outlets recently, which is more suggestive of an aspiring candidate than of a retiring diplomat.
    Her campaign theme is already being prepared by her husband, who is establishing that the expansion of the next four years will be attributable to Clintonian methods. “We created 22 million new jobs and turned deficits into surpluses,” Clinton says in his new ad for Obama. “President Obama’s got it right. We should invest in the middle class, education and innovation, and pay down our debt with spending restraint and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. Sound familiar?” snip

  13. This is great. Hold his feet to the fire. Norma Desmond posted this on the last thread.


    Home » Opinion » Editorials
    October 26. 2012 9:10PM
    Mr. President, who let them die?
    Note: With the President due to campaign in Nashua today, his answer to our Editorial Page Director Andrew Cline’s question, if he has one, would no doubt be of great interest to New Hampshire voters.

    Every time President Obama is asked why the U.S. embassy in Libya was denied its multiple requests for extra security at the Benghazi consulate before Sept. 11, he changes the subject. No wonder, as yesterday it was reported that not only were previous requests for extra security denied, but three additional requests on the night of the attack also were denied.

    FOX News reported that the two former SEALS killed in the Benghazi raid had requested military support three times after reporting that the consulate was under attack. Their requests were denied by someone up the CIA chain of command. Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty rescued several personnel and recovered the body of diplomat Sean Smith from the consulate. At the CIA annex nearby, they came under mortar fire. Their request for a strike on the mortar site was denied. They were later killed by a mortar attack.

    Who denied their request for assistance, and why? The families of those brave men deserve answers, as do the American people.

  14. “And Obama will be like Gloria Swanston in Sunset Boulevard. Reggie Love can play the role of Max the butler.”

    he problem is Wbboei – Barack will never be ready for his “close-up” as he will always turn away from the cameras when the audience zooms in too closely.

  15. @rorycooper

    Des Moines Register endorsed Carter twice. Mondale. Dukakis. Gore. But couldn’t endorse another four years of Obama. Wow.
    Retweeted by S.E. Cupp


  16. Latest on Rubio’s daughter via Greta

    “Amanda Rubio, the oldest daughter of Senator Marco Rubio was injured in an accident this afternoon. While visiting with classmates, she was a passenger on a golf cart involved in a collision in a private gated community. She was airlifted to Miami Children’s Hospital with a head injury. She has been admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She is in fair condition.
    Senator and Mrs.Rubio are grateful for all the outpouring of support and prayers.”

  17. Rachel Streitfeld @streitfeldcnn 27 Oct 12 (CNN Producer)

    When pledging to be bipartisan, Romney uses derisive term for the opposing party. “I’m going to meet regularly with ‘Democrat’ leaders.”

    Trent @Travesham

    @streitfeldcnn You have to be kidding me. “Democrat” is now a derisive term? Break out the fainting couch.

    (Must be a Big Pink reader! LOL)

  18. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine is on Geraldo At Large. She looks older than her mother! But she is a chip off the old block.

  19. Sorry – that was pretty snarky of me. I used to really like Pelosi (before I realized who she was) and I was SO PROUD she was made Speaker – the first woman to do so. And then she became the power-hungry ladder-kicker and apologist of and promoter for Obama, while dissing HRC virtually to her face. She signed off on SO MUCH of Bush’s crazy spending all the while screaming about him. It made me sick. She made me sick.


    Pickled Ladder-kicker.

  20. This story gets worse everyday. It wasn’t just 20 people, it was 150 armed terrorist cockroaches! and our guys pleaded for help, and no one came! I just cannot get over that, the whole thing according to Fox was watched LIVE, and OTurd, Biden, whoever else watched all this live, and no one did a damn thing to help! No one came to help our guys, even after 3 pleas for help. No one came. 150 against 2 seals and no one came to help them after all their pleas for backup.

    “It began around nightfall on Sept. 11 with around 150 bearded gunmen, some wearing the Afghan-style tunics favored by Islamic militants, sealing off the streets leading to the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. They set up roadblocks with pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns, according to witnesses.

    The trucks bore the logo of Ansar al-Shariah, a powerful local group of Islamist militants who worked with the municipal government to manage security in Benghazi, the main city in eastern Libya and birthplace of the uprising last year that ousted Moammar Gadhafi after a 42-year dictatorship. Cont….”

  21. The White House statement really doesn’t mean anything. First and foremost, this White House lies just to keep in practice. They’ll lie about what cereal Obama had for breakfast so lying about something akin to manslaughter is hardly unsurprising. As we parse the statement, keep in mind the White House doesn’t actually command military forces. Any order from the White House would be relayed by way of the Secretary of Defense who is increasingly looking like the guy with no chair nearby as the music stops.

    Panetta’s weaselly “clear picture” statement gives the impression of a man with a guilty conscience. He is the guy who exercised command authority over all the resources available to attempt a rescue and he is the guy who would have told them to not respond. But the idea that the President of the United States just abruptly left the situation room and did no participate in the decision is ludicrous on its face.

    The facts now seem fairly clear. Forces were positioned to effect a rescue of at least some of the men who are now dead. An order was given by the Secretary of Defense to not launch a rescue attempt either by the reaction force staged in Sicily or by an AC-130 gunship orbiting over head. The White House had video feed and audio feed available presenting them with a clear picture of the situation on the ground. And the President of the United States decided four dead Americans was a small price to pay for preserving the political fiction of the Arab Spring.

  22. Charles Rangel is on Geraldo. He just said that the Republicans are politicizing and dancing on the graves of the four dead Americans who died in Benghazi. He says it is a cheap shot by Republicans.

    Oh, my!

  23. It takes a certain kind of man to sit there and watch his people get slaughtered and not lift a finger to help them, even worse to forbid others from helping them, and to fire them in 30 seconds when they attempt to help. Big media tells us that Obama is cool hand luke, unflappable, always on top of things. The Benghazin tragedy suggests otherwise. His behavior in this case suggests an alternative possiblilty that he is in fact the sociopath that some of us here have suggested. And Laughing Leon Panetta—he is no different, and I hope he rots in hell for this. Even if this was a covert CIA operation where the cover was blown the first duty of the Commander in chief of the United States is to protect the lives of American citizens. In fact, that is the threshold justification for having government in the first place—to protect citizens from the risk of violent death, according the Thomas Hobbs. Yet Obama treated these people as expendable. No wonder when he did the photo op with the father of the dead SEAL he could not look him in the eye, and his handshake felt like a dead fish. Obama is a dead soul.

  24. ” He just said that the Republicans are politicizing ”

    So, outing Valerie Plame, that’s bad, and I agree it had to be investigated, however lying about Benghazi and not investigating the murders of 4 americans there, not sending backup when the 2 Seals asked for it 3 times, well not worth investigating, according to dems.

    Nice logic dems.

  25. just got an update on Senator Rubio’s oldest daughter…Amanda

    she was riding in a golf cart in a gated community and it crashed and she suffered a head injury…she was air lifted to the hospital and into intensive care…

    …she is in fair condition…she is doing better and talking…they are hoping she will be doing even better tomorrow…

  26. Wow! seen on Althouse.

    “Unfortunately Ambassador Stevens was already gravely injured, and Foreign Service officer, Sean Smith, was dead. However, due to their quick action and suppressive fire, twenty administrative personnel in the embassy were able to escape to safety. Eventually, these two courageous men were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers brought against them, an enemy force numbering between 100 to 200 attackers which came in two waves. But the stunning part of the story is that Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty killed 60 of the attacking force. Once the compound was overrun, the attackers were incensed to discover that just two men had inflicted so much death and destruction.”

  27. Rangel has a blinkered history.

    When Obama relies on Good Time Charlie to defend him

    He is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  28. Kristol: 10 questions for President for which we need not wait for an investigation.

    THE WEEKLY STANDARD understands that it will take some time to “gather all the facts” about what happened on the ground in Benghazi. But presumably the White House already has all the facts about what happened that afternoon and evening in Washington—or, at least, in the White House. The president was, it appears, in the White House from the time the attack on the consulate in Benghazi began, at around 2:40 pm ET, until the end of combat at the annex, sometime after 9 p.m. ET. So it should be possible to answer these simple questions as to what the president did that afternoon and evening, and when he did it, simply by consulting White House meeting and phone records, and asking the president for his recollections.

    1.) To whom did the president give the first of his “three very clear directives”—that is, “make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to?”

    2.) How did he transmit this directive to the military and other agencies?

    3.) During the time when Americans were under attack, did the president convene a formal or informal meeting of his national security council? Did the president go to the situation room?

    4.) During this time, with which members of the national security team did the president speak directly?

    5.) Did Obama speak by phone or teleconference with the combatant commanders who would have sent assistance to the men under attack?

    6.) Did he speak with CIA director David Petraeus?

    7.) Was the president made aware of the repeated requests for assistance from the men under attack? When and by whom?

    8.) Did he issue any directives in response to these requests?

    9.) Did the president refuse to authorize an armed drone strike on the attackers?

    10.) Did the president refuse to authorize a AC-130 or MC-130 to enter Libyan airspace during the attack?

    THE WEEKLY STANDARD has asked the White House these questions, and awaits a response.

  29. “Did the president refuse to authorize a AC-130 or MC-130 to enter Libyan airspace during the attack?”

    Blackfive dot net is reporting there was a AC-130 already present in Benghazi itself, according to their post, our guys were “painting a target”, ie the mortars so that the AC-130 could come in and take it out without harming the surrounding areas, however no order was given or an order was given to “stand down”, the Seals were left to fend for themselves.

  30. No problem S! Stuff gets posted I miss and sometimes it’s nice to have a back-up!

    RE: Weekly Standard and Benghazi

    I think Question #3 was “answered” by Axelrod on Chris Wallace’s show last(?)week. Wallace asked him directly, adn Ax obfuscated. Everyone watching took it as a “no”

  31. pm317 I saw that story about the 60 dead insurgents earlier and a commentor asked for link to back it up. The cape Cod blog writer said he only had the name of the guy who wrote the letter, and didn’t know more.

    Although it would not surprise me at all if it were true, I think there needs to be more to the story about dead, who they are and how many. As well as WTH happened to all those evacuated. Many early reports said several were badly injured.

    Where are they? What is thrie condition? Were any Americans? Have any since died?

    So many questions as Obama Leans Forward to personally direct Hurricane Operations now.

  32. How ironic that the man who was swept to victory in 2008 by an external event, i.e. the stock market collapse, would be done in four years later by another external event, i.e. the Benghazi tragedy–which testifies in haec verba to his dishonesty and total lack of leadership. If, as I now suspect, this was a botched CIA operation, then all he can do is sit there, mum, and his watch his re election hopes drain away. It is like being buried alive.

  33. Read the whole thing at

    The final call was by the POTUS. No military action to Libya from Italy or elsewhere could have been undertaken without the POTUS signing off. In the end, his “leading from behind” strategy and failure to realize the nature of the situation in Benghazi led to the deaths of at least Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. His meeting at 5 p.m. was 5 hours before they were killed. That is why there is a cover up, the POTUS failed to act. The screw up of not having enough security on the ground in Benghazi can be passed off to Charlene Lamb, Hillary, etc., but in the midst of the crisis, when the lives of the 30+ Americans were on the line, the POTUS froze, and Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed as a result. He can’t pass that blame off on anyone, he was informed of the attack and as a result of the decisions he made in the Oval Office with Biden and Panetta, those two brave Americans died. The Panetta smokescreen does not hold water because US personnel WERE sent into harm’s way, they just weren’t US military personnel. If there was enough info to send the 8 men from Tripoli, why was that not good enough for our military? This is 100% on Obama.

  34. As we drove to dinner, many signs for Obama along the way to Rockville. What does it take for these mfuckers to realize what is going on. I did see a sizeable number of Romney signs but Obama’s of course outnumbered Romney’s. It is like what Paglia said — upper middle class white professionals run amok. Damn them, damn them all.

  35. Did anybody watch Fox?

    Fox News reported this evening that a Colonel with “inside information” has said that Obama was watching the live feed of the Bengazi attack in real time.

    Further, that there was an AC130 gunship in the air 20 minutes from Bengazi and it was ordered not to fire.

  36. I didn’t watch Fox but here are some names:

    On fox:
    Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer said tonight that his sources tell him that Obama was one of the people in the room watching the Benghazi attack go down and both he and Col. David Hunt agree it would have taken an order by the president to intervene. Further, Col. Hunt said that we were only 20 min away by jet and a couple of hours away by AC-130 gunships and special forces, and the decision not to intervene had to be political.

    How do you watch it and not do anything? And then go to bed and off to Las Vegas the next day?

  37. Stolen from UPPITY, a twitter response to the “First Time” video: “Re: the tasteless video: One tweeter was hilarious. They tweeted “Now point to the doll and show me where Obama touched you’.”

    Also, hilarious video take down of the “First Time” Obama ad (@ HILLBUZZ):

  38. How do you watch it and not do anything? And then go to bed and off to Las Vegas the next day?

    Because you are a sociopath and a political coward.

  39. but in the midst of the crisis, when the lives of the 30+ Americans were on the line, the POTUS froze
    Froze is the right word. When faced with a decision where there is a big upside and a big downside he freezes.

    Not once.

    Not twice.

    But always.

    You can make book on it.

    I noticed this first reaction in the pirate incident.

    The White House blamed the military.

    Until finally the military put a disguised SEAL on CNN

    who announced to the world but they were waiting on the White House for authorization

    Then Axlerod forced a decision out of Obama and the attack went forward.

    Same way with Bin Laden

    He froze up when he realized that if the attack failed he would be blamed.

    Again, others had to force him to make the decision

    And now of course he acts like he was a bold decisive hero

    Well, you saw the exact same thing in Benghazi

    Obama froze up

    If a POUSA is mentally incapable of making serious decisions in the moment

    And if Americans are slaughtered as a result

    Then nobody is safe with the Messiah at the helm.

  40. Urgh, i despair….

    In remarks today in Virginia, Vice President Joe Biden got the name of the Virginia Democratic Senate candidate wrong.

    There is a decent honorable man,” Biden said of the Virginia Democratic Senate candidate. “That man has more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their whole body. I’m a big Tom Kaine fan. A big Tom Kaine fan.”…………………..

    His name is Tim Kaine, and he’s the former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

  41. moononpluto
    October 28th, 2012 at 7:53 am
    Holy Crap : Cincinnati Enquirer endorses @MittRomney for President.

    CNN just reported this. Of course they had to offset that with the NYT’s endorsement of Obama.

  42. Morning all!

    FWIW – saw this Tweet Comment in Greta EQ Coverage.

    If true this is telling

    Friend at Madonna Concert in New Orleans tonight
    Madonna plugged BO, telling crowd to vote for him

    – BOOS were long & deafening

  43. freespirit
    October 27th, 2012 at 10:08 pm
    I really hate to even post this, but can some of the math minds here offer an explanation about these projected stats, please? TGW posting that Nate Silver predicts Obama will win by a 3 to 1 margin over Obama.

    I’m interested in understanding this better too.

    I’ve linked and quoted the original source, Nate Silver’s 538 column in the NYT. I suspect his use of the word “intuition” is telling with respect to the art of interpreting all of the data. I would also note that I’ve never heard of a couple of these polls, including “Purple Strategies”, which shows +2 for Obama this past Friday. And I don’t see any analysis of the “internals”. So I don’t know that Silver can reliably say that the slight difference between Obama’s gains/losses and Romney’s gains/losses is anything more than a meaningless blip as opposed to a “trend”.

    I’d love to hear from someone who can explain this. For instance, is Obama’s slight advantage of +2 in OH within the margin of error?

    (10/27/2012) Oct. 26: State Poll Averages Usually Call Election Right, Nate Silver (NYT / 538)

    The FiveThirtyEight forecast model has found the past several days of battleground state polling to be reasonably strong for Barack Obama, with his chances of winning the Electoral College increasing as a result. The intuition behind this ought to be very simple: Mr. Obama is maintaining leads in the polls in Ohio and other states that are sufficient for him to win 270 electoral votes.

    Friday featured a large volume of swing state polling, including three polls of Ohio, each of which showed Mr. Obama ahead by margins ranging from two to four percentage points.

    Between Ohio and the other battleground states, Mr. Obama held leads in 11 polls on Friday, against four leads for Mitt Romney’s and two ties. Mr. Romney’s leads came in North Carolina and Florida, two states where the FiveThirtyEight forecast already had him favored.

    To the extent that there was a trend in the state polls, it was slightly favorable for Mr. Obama. Among the eight polls that had previously published numbers after the first presidential debate in Denver, Mr. Obama gained about one percentage point, on average.

    Mr. Romney made gains in four of the five polls that had last surveyed the race before Denver. Nevertheless, his average gain in the polls – 2.4 percentage points – was less than the 4-point bounce he was seeing in the immediate aftermath of the Denver debate. This suggests that Mr. Romney’s bounce has receded some since his post-Denver peak. Read more…

  44. Norma Desmond
    October 28th, 2012 at 8:19 am
    Morning all!
    FWIW – saw this Tweet Comment in Greta EQ Coverage.
    If true this is telling
Friend at Madonna Concert in New Orleans tonight
Madonna plugged BO, telling crowd to vote for him
    BOOS were long & deafening

    I’d be booing too if he’d broken his promises to my home state to remedy Bush’s failures following Katrina.

  45. Obama Lies adn Basic Counting Skills – (Commercial, in part) “I think the saving of the BIG THREE was huge: Chrystler, GM.” and then it goes to another subject. LOL

  46. O is the most overrated, inexperienced, distracted…add dishonest…narcissitic…waste of our country’s time and resources…


    😆 And meechell says he STINKS too 😆

  47. Reminder.
    Sen Bob Casey vs Tom Smith. 60 minute debate televised on WPVI Philly this afternoon at 1:00. Doubt live streaming. Will be happy if coverage of Sandy does not pre-empt.

  48. I got that video link from Gateway Pundit, although when I saw it, I hear people cheering after he touches his face, the flip off isn’t as clear as when he did it with Hillary or Mccain. But then why are people cheering? I guess viewers will make of it what they can see.

  49. I just saw Reince Priebus on State of the Union with Candy Crowley. Crowley didn’t mention Silver/538 but did say the Obama campaign thinks they have the advantage in early voting and in rebuttal Priebus explained that the results show that compared to 2008 Obama is getting fewer early votes and that Romney is getting more than McCain did. There was also some discussion about momentum and any “tie” going to the challenger.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but no one actually knows how these early voters have voted, do they? Isn’t it just assumed that most if not all Dems voted Dem and most if not all Repubs voted Repub and that the Indeps voted whichever way the “momentum” is?

    This should address some of Freespirit’s questions about the Tennessee Guerrilla / Nate Silver article she linked.

  50. TwoGirls
    October 28th, 2012 at 9:38 am

    You are correct. I am a Democrat i voted absentee, my vote went to Romney and Ryan


    The moron still does not get it, still blaming someone else and then wrapping himself in that “I am responsible as CiC” to absolve himself from any screw ups, so that the discussion is ended. Never have I seen such a petulant arrogant incompetent PO$ as the president, I used to think Bush was bad, but Bush looks to have the integrity of George Washington compared to this Chicago thug.

  52. What will Obama mediawhores do in the next week? I hate that we are having this storm in the middle of everything else.

    It will be critical to watch the treatment that the media, especially network television news and widely-read organs like the Associated Press, give to Benghazi over the next week. What we already know about Benghazi is a scandal of the highest order: the ambassador asked for more security after a series of terrorist threats and attacks, but didn’t get it, even on the anniversary of September 11. The administration knew that four Americans had been killed in a successful terrorist attack by an al Qaeda affiliate, but lied about the event for weeks in hopes of minimizing political fallout. Extraordinarily courageous Americans fought a seven-hour gun battle against well-armed and well-organized terrorists who vastly outnumbered them before finally succumbing, during which time the Obama administration did nothing. And when the bodies of the dead Americans were returned to the United States, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton misappropriated the occasion to deliver politically-motivated lies, both to the victims’ survivors and to the American people. All of that we now know for sure. If, in addition, there is credible evidence that American soldiers, fighting desperately for their lives against our country’s most bitter enemies, called for help but were cynically left to perish in order to protect Barack Obama’s petty re-election campaign, Obama will not only lose the election but will be turned out of office in disgust by a clear majority of voters. Reporters and editors know this. It will be interesting to see how they respond during the coming days: will they do their jobs, or will they assist their candidate with his cover-up?

  53. Why can’t some billionaire start a newspaper that is middle of the road to counter the bastards at NYT/WaPo and so on. Fox provided a counter force to the lefty media in cable and networks and why not do the same in print. I know Murdoch bought WSJ but it is kind of neither here not there — its editorial board is conservative but its news people are left leaning I think.

  54. With all this early voting, I think the press people should make their endorsements known quickly, especially those breaking the pattern if they want to be relevant.

  55. Norma Desmond
    October 28th, 2012 at 9:02 am

    and my basic typing skills are nothing to crow about at times!

    😆 I have a splint in my typing finger 😆

  56. Right on Newt on George Step’s This Week! Obama canceled some of his campaign stops because of the storm so he could be at the WH but he did not cancel his campaign rallies and fund raisers in Vegas because of the situation in Benghazi.

  57. George Stepanopolis is trying hard to spin for BO. Good for Newt. He’s taking it to him. Poor little Georgie. He got his lunch eaten by Newt. But before this segment George had on Stephanie Cutter to tell us how concerned BO is over the storm and how he is canceling some of his campaign stops to get back to Washington to supposedly LEAD in this gathering storm. Whew…it was getting deep until Newt came in and swept up.

  58. I have to say, people getting all in a tizz about what will probably be a tropical depression by the time it hits shore, honey you ain’t ever lived in the UK during winter, now that’s fierce. That’s how i learned to cope with it.

  59. Have to laugh, Obama camp saying Minn tightening and PA in play makes VA and Ohio tighter, what are they smoking……….it means you are fooked in reality.

  60. So the Obama campaign became the first to say we need to spend a candidate’s time in PA? Not good for OFA.

    If those deep blue states are tight, I’m sorry but the swing states have fallen, its just math.

  61. The a-hole wanted to reopen FULL diplomatic relations with Iran. Wanna bet if he cons his way in again, he won’t try again?

    “Soon after he took office, President Barack Obama began a process ultimately designed to reestablish full US diplomatic relations with Iran, including a reopening of embassies, an Israeli daily reported Sunday. The initiative, part of a wider shift in America’s diplomatic orientation, aimed at reaching understandings with Tehran over suspending its nuclear program, Maariv claimed, citing “two Western diplomats very close to the administration.”

    The initiative led to at least two US-Iran meetings, the report said. Israel was made aware of the contacts, and opposed them.

    But Iran rebuffed the “diplomatic hand” offered by the White House, Maariv reported. The Islamist regime “opposed any sign of normalization with the US, and refused to grant a ‘prize’ to the Americans,” according to an anonymous Israeli source quoted by the paper.

    The information — the lead item on Maariv’s front page, headlined “Obama offered to renew relations with Iran” — comes on the heels of reports earlier this month that the US and Iran held back channel contacts toward establishing direct talks over Tehran’s nuclear program. Both the White House and Iran denied those reports.

    According to Maariv, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns met with chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili for an hour in 2009, and one other meeting between officials from both sides took place as well.


  62. With the exception of Big Media who worships Obama like a god, like a god, not everyone is sold on the Messiah. Like an Aztec God, human sacrifices at places like Benghazi are expected. What is the point of being a god if nobody lays down their life for you–and when they do, it is unseemly to interfere.

    Be that as it may, there are who know what leadership is, and have walked the walk are alarmed at what he is doing to the country. Men like those heroes who gave their lives at Benghazi. If Romney wins, you can be certain that they will be given the medal of honor. If Obama wins, he will not go near it, because he is determined to sweep the entire affair under the rug, in typical Chicaaago fashion.

    And how does the Worshipped One respond to those who criticize his strange and erran style of leadership– which varies between curling up in a fetal position, or freezing at the trigger. He says–I am the Messiah–who gives a rats ass what the American People think. All I gotta do now is bamboozle them one last time, with the help of my friends in the media. That will give me all the flexibilty I need to stick the final dagger into this nation.

    The nation owes a debt of gratitude to these special forces heros, for what they did during their careers to protect this nation, and for speaking out now against Mr. Obama, who I shall not scruple to call the Traitor-In-Chief.

    Special Operations Speaks

    By Larry Johnson on October 27, 2012 at 9:58 PM in Current Affairs

    A group of retired Special Ops veterans have banded together to defeat Barack Obama. In this video you’ll see a bunch of old, weathered men. Trust me on this, I know some personally and others by reputation, they are the real deal. Some go back to the attempt to rescue American POWs in Vietnam (the Son Tay raid). Others were at Desert One, the ill-fated attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran. They are some of the founders and plankholders of the Special Ops community:

    They are genuinely alarmed by the Obama Administration’s failure of leadership.

    The anger in the SpecOps community over Obama’s failure to respond in force and act decisively in Libya is at a boiling point. Obama has awakened a sleeping beast.

    If you want to donate to these guys click here.

  63. I have a friend who this weekend drove back from MI to NY, and in OH there was a caravan of power truckes headed to DC and NYC areas.

  64. Obot democrat vandals… dumped nails in the parking place where a Romney rally was scheduled to take place…

    Before the event could get under way, though, organizers say a truck affixed with “Obama” stickers drove through the parking lot and dumped quantities of nails.

    “We went outside and picked up what we could,” said Lou D’Abbraccio, holding a cup filled with nails. “But this was just wrong.”

    Lora Halberstadt, a Tea party member, said the group did call the Racine Police Department to file a report.

    Patch asked two RPD officers outside the venue if they could confirm the report, but they only said they couldn’t comment about a truck. We have a message into the RPD and we will update this story when we hear back from them.


  65. Have to laugh, Obama camp saying Minn tightening and PA in play makes VA and Ohio tighter, what are they smoking………
    I understand they are passing around the hashish pipe and singing everything is beautiful in its own way.

  66. Southern Born
    October 28th, 2012 at 11:11 am
    Campaign appearances were cancelled in the path of the storm because it may be physically uncomfortable with power outages and flooding aftermath for Obama to appear in what probably will be a disaster area where people are more concerned with their own problems than watching him preen and smart-ass his way across states. He appeared in Las Vegas after the massacre because the information was not made public and there was no personal danger, discomfort, or questions awaiting him. The money was the draw to Vegas and there isn’t going to be any in a disaster zone and they will probably be asking HIM for aid. Obama only shows up if he expects to be on the receiving end.

  67. tim
    October 28th, 2012 at 11:45 am
    Obot democrat vandals… dumped nails in the parking place where a Romney rally was scheduled to take place…
    Which is why I believ there will be riots if Romney wins–especially if it is close, and he files objections, demands recounts, etc. The script here is easy to follow. It is right out of the Alinsky playbook.

    I can give you three instances of this:

    1. first there is the real time confrontation between my friend and Bill Ayers at the time of the 1968 democratic convention. She was there because she believed then as she does now in the tactics of Ghandi and Martin Luther King. He was there to preach violence and to recruit for the SDS. He made a speech about the need for violence. She told him he was full of shit. He said he was all for power to the people. She said no you are not. You are all for power to Bill Ayers. He called her a bitter naiive cunt and stormed out of the room. This is the same man who went on to plant nail bombs, and to promote Obama.

    2. second, there is the case of my friend from Cuba. When Castro took power he had not yet been born. His parents were college students, and like most college students, they were swept away with Castro’s promise of a new heaven, a new earth and power to the people. Well, it did not quite work out that way. Shortly after he took power, Castro created committees for the preservation of the revoultion, empowered snitches in each neighborhood, put those who opposed him up against the wall or in re-educagtion camps. His father was a banker, and the bank was taken over by a man in army fatigues, and a pistol in his desk drawer. His father begged him for a vacation, twice he was refused, and the third time he was allowed to go to Puerto Rico, from whence he fled to the United States. My friend was a young child by then, they had a family meeting and the father told him we will make this decision as a family, and before you say yes, you must realize that one day you may be called upon to take up arms against Cuba. Everyone agreed. My friend went before a US District Judge who queried him for over an hour about this decision. Finally, the Judge emerged from chambers and told his parents if you have any more like him, send them as well to the United States.

    3. third, there is the case of my friend who was born in China, grew up in French Viet Nam, lived through the Viet Nam War and emigrated to the United States. He was an artist, and was educated in Hong Kong on herbal medicine, etc. His father was a merchant who lost everthing when the Communists infiltrated the South, and as a matter of honor took his own life. But before he did, he warned my friend about the communists–he said they could say all these pretty words and make you believe that they could lure a bird down from the heaven to the palm of their hand, and it was all a lie. He told him, if you believe them, there will come a time when they will kill you, if you stand between them and their ambitions.

    Three examples, three out of thirty million, of what the hard left is really like. Obama in in and of the hard left, and he is another example of the bait and switch tactic which is their stock and trade. It calls to mind Hillary’s warning about him: pay no attention to what a politician says. Instead watch closely what they do. And now, in 2012, it is no longer a blank pad. There is much to be learned from what he has done and failed to do these past four years, which should give a mature and sober individual pause, and cause for apprehension.

  68. S
    October 27th, 2012 at 8:55 pm
    Matt Stoller is trying to be first out of the gate to save his own sorry ass and salvage his worthless career. The Proglodytes will kill off the Democratic party and claim to want a third party rather than give up progressive fascism. The Democratic party is on its last legs after Obama and this bunch. Stoller is exiling himself because he knows he and his ilk are not welcome in any organization with sentient beings. Let the purge begin.

  69. NewMexicoFan
    October 28th, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Good to know. We’re bracing ourselves for a long power outage though Pepco in recent storms did better.

  70. Will Barky actually answer any real questions? Not really, a local reporter to his credit tried, but Barky answers to no one, and the American press is now part of the coverup.

  71. Essentially there was NO ORDER given to save our Seals. Barky says that there was “miscommunication”, well for that to happen, there has to be some communication to save our people, there was NO presidential order given. The a$$hole watched our people get killed, refused to help them and now Panetta is in a CYA mode too.

  72. Wallace airs again at 2 in my area and I will be catching it. But for Fox we wouldn’t know what is going on.

    Comment on NQ:

    Chris Wallace pretty much interrogated Sen. Warner (D) of Virginia and Sen. Udall (D) of Colorado over whether the drone hovering over the battle scene in Benghazi was armed or not armed. Neither would provide an answer and sought protection of some kind of on-going investigation and the secrecy of their Senate committee.

    If that drone was armed and Obama refused to allow an order to use it, then he should not even be allowed to resign – he should be arrested for criminal negligence.

    It is amazing that because of FoxNews, how quickly the initial story/cover up by Obama has unraveled and how they do not even pretend that it was a serious scenario.

    Gallup has shown the biggest 3 day drop of any president’s favorability rating in its history with a drop of 7 pts by Obama.

    I believe that there is an outrage in this country that is greater than even 2010 and is being ignored by the media and by pollsters. While there is dissatisfaction over the economy, I think there is growing outrage over Obama personally – his old hearted and cavaliere attitude and now this Benghazi scandal and how he tried to con Americans while allowing Americans to die.

  73. foxy (I cleaned up the youtube link so it shows up), that news is from Ottawa, Canada. We have to go to Canada to get news now. Everybody else except American mainstream (Fox apparently is not one of them, heh) media is talking about this.

  74. From pjmedia:

    Romney was endorsed by four major newspapers in Iowa today:

    Cedar Rapids Gazette: “Gazette Endorsement For President: Romney”

    Des Moines Register: “Mitt Romney Offers A Fresh Economic Vision”

    Quad City Times: “Ready For Change”

    Sioux City Journal: “Mitt Romney: He’s The Change America Needs”

    Sounds like Iowa is in Romney’s column.

    And Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed Romney yesterday. Columbus Dispatch did so too last week.

  75. Mormaer
    October 28th, 2012 at 12:34 pm
    October 27th, 2012 at 8:55 pm


    agree Mormaer…posted the article to show the extent that Matt now reveals the fraud and myth of O…he cites some very damning information and a reality check…especially directed at the koolaid crowd…


    re: all these great endorsements coming in for Mitt…

    one thing that jumps out when reading them…is how large and accomplished Mitt seems and how much smaller and smaller O is becoming…

    …the average reader is left to wonder, ‘what the hell has O been doing for the last four years?’ (we know, golf, tv, parties, bla, bla…)

    …also, every endorsement I have read for Mitt, states their belief that is a moderate…and that is what attracted me to him from the get go…


    JBStones on last thread…

    I agree that Mitt will take Florida, truthfully, I have felt that from the very beginning…after living here for quite a stretch I could just never imagine O taking Florida (and think if the repubs had a better candidate, other than McCain, last time around, they would have taken Florida then)

    ..although I do have some concerns for the voting system…Florida is one of only a few states where we do not get a receipt or any verfication that our vote registered the way we want it to…

    I find that very suspicious, particularly after what Florida went through in 2000 (I was in LA during those days) that really needs to be changed because there is ample evidence that they can change scanned vote tallies and evidence that large amounts of votes have been changed in the past)

    perhaps they believe that the ballot is the receipt but that goes into the scanner and still can be tampered with…

    I am not a computer tech, but i go along with the groups that say, I get a bank receipt, a receipt for a purchase…why don’t i get one to verify my vote?

  76. pm317
    October 28th, 2012 at 10:54 am
    Why can’t some billionaire start a newspaper that is middle of the road to counter the bastards at NYT/WaPo and so on.

    PM – Washington Examiner, owned by billionaire Philip Anshutz, is one such attempt. With or without Examiner, I give Wapo 5 years to go all digital.

    NYC market is crowded. Zuckerman’s NY Daily News and Murdoch’s NY Post are already there. Zuckerman was an Obot
    in 2008 but he has seen the light. NY Times is in deep trouble in any case and they are bringing in a BBC guy as
    CEO to improve their fortunes, but he is caught in a BBC pedophilia coverup scandal.

    British conservative papers Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail have made major inroads into the US with their online editions and they will continue to. But the liberal Guardian has not. (Btw, Guardian is going all digital in the UK next year.)

  77. Two Girls, thanks for the above info. Helps clarify. I think I heard that Nate Silver will be on Piers Morgan on Monday. I wont be watching, because I’m sick of Piers arguing and brow beating any and every guest who is not as infatuated with Obama as he apparently still is. Wonder if he’s a citizen of the US. If he’s just a temporary transplant from Britain, he can afford to be all out for O. He can just leave the country and go back home when the shit hits the fan, if Obama gets reelected. Anyway, I look for the conversation between Nate and Piers to be an effort to make voters believe that it’s already a done deal, and Obama has indeed won, even before Nov. 7.

    Ont think we saw in 2008, both in the primaries and in GE. In the exit polls, the numbers were always significantly higher for Obama than was actually the case – once votes were counted, In some primaries – not caucuses – that Hillary won, which were almost everyone, exit polls looked better for Obama. Same in GE. Even though O did beat McCain, according to the exit polls, if I’m remembering correctly, his margin of victory should have been much greater.

    One very interesting rumor I have heard lately is that some of the ministers of churches attended primarily by African Americans are telling their members NOT TO VOTE! Obviously, I have no way of confirming this, but nonetheless, that’s a rumor. The reason for this directive from the pastors, as I understand it, is Obama’s stand on both gay marriage and abortion. In my region of the country – The South – AA churches are against both issues. Most of my AA friends, though staunch Dems, oppose gay marriage and abortion rights.

  78. Thanks, ecoast. That is great info. All the ones you mention on the right have their constituencies and are deemed as righty — so their reputation is tainted just as NYT/WaPO. I want something that is totally independent and not beholden to either party. I think there is a huge opening for such a medium right now just as there is dissatisfaction with both political parties. Wish I had some money, 🙂

  79. Having watched Mitt Romney now for almost a year, watching the debates and reading about his personal love for people, I have to say that if America does not choose this man, America is going to lose out on perhaps the best candidate who has come along in a lifetime. I thought I knew Hillary Clinton, I knew Bill Clinton’s amazing Presidency, the man loved people, he loved America as he was serving. I really believe that Mitt Romney loves America, I do really believe that Mitt Romney wants to see America prosper and succeed. I do not believe Barack Obama ever had that desire, Barack Obama wanted the office for his own personal thuggery.

    I pray America gets it right, I pray America gets a chance to let Mitt Romney work for them. As a Democrat from birth, an independent from knowledge I will proudly give my vote to Mr. Romney.

    God, help America. God save America.

  80. I’ll be honest, I choke up thinking of what will happen if America makes the wrong choice.

    I choke up when I watch the grace, the humility, the strength and backbone that Mitt Romeny has shone during the last year.

    He’s shown CHARACTER that this country needs.

    Hillary had that during 2008.

  81. Interesting take from Canada. But more than a little naiive. There is no way Democrats in Congress will get to the bottom of this if they are in power and he is re-elected. They will do EXACTLY what they are doing now, through people like Elija Cummings, Charlie Rangle, Dick Dirtbag and the rest. And if anyon steps out of line, Obama will wack them. How many times must we see this movie, how many times have we hoped to find one single solitary public official of the Obama party who is willing to stand up for the American People only to be sorely disappointed.

    Sadly, they owe their collective soul not to their constituents, not even to this county, but too Barack Hussein Obama. There is too much evidence here to believe in the tooth fairy. But this may be hard to see north of the border. Up there all parties have some allegiance to the county. Down here that cannot be said. So the only hope of getting to the bottom of this is to sweep the entire lot of them out of office, and then deal with what comes next. To the extent they remain in power, we will continue this inevitable drift into national bankruptcy, foreign policy meltdown and any serious attempt to get to the bottom of this will be thwarted at every turn. I wish I could be more optimistic about this, but we have seen too much.

  82. US Senate debate with Casey/Smith debate. Casey was slick, lying ducks all in a row. Smith nervous,awkward, principled, common. His closing statement was excellent.
    Casey’s function for PA primary in 2008 never came up. Of course. And he finished with statement he’d had PA ppl’s trust and hoped to have it for another 6 years.

  83. agree, Dot48


    Such a dissertation might start with the Obama campaign’s striking “Life of Julia” slide show, which portrayed an American woman protected from toddler-hood by the “steps President Obama has taken,” and menaced at every turn by Mitt Romney’s reactionary policies.

    From there, it could touch on the campaign’s unusual suggestion that Obama supporters use their wedding registries to solicit donations to the president’s re-election effort. It might linger over the White House’s elevation of Sandra Fluke, a progressive activist and Georgetown University law student, as a kind of martyr for free contraception after she was insulted by Rush Limbaugh. And it would probably conclude with the Obama campaign’s release last week of a winking video from “Girls” creator Lena Dunham, urging young women to make sure their “first time” is with a “great guy” like President Obama. (Their first time voting — what do you think she meant?)


    Instead, the idea of Obama as a kind of knight protector for America’s Julias and Lenas and Sandras, waging a lonely counteroffensive in the war on women, has basically become the White House’s concluding pitch not only to his base, but to female undecided voters as well.

    An imaginary Republican plot to ban contraception, the illusory threat that Mitt Romney would ban abortion in cases of rape, a wave of faux-chivalric outrage over Romney’s line about “binders full of women” — in a tight-as-a-tick, economy-centric election, this is the message that Obama is relying on to push him back over the top.

    Perhaps it will actually work. Perhaps the Electoral College will save the president. But I’ll just say this: It’s awfully hard to imagine Hillary Clinton closing out a campaign this way.


    Hillary would be big picture…solving big problems…O has pandered to everyone, every step of the way…

    imho…if/when O loses, part of the blame will be for the way he insulted smart, independent thinking women…how he thought woman would fall for his paternalistic pandering is beyond me…

  84. they are bringing in a BBC guy as
    CEO to improve their fortunes, but he is caught in a BBC pedophilia coverup scandal.
    Which makes him well qualified to run the NYT.

  85. Young Arthur S must be at his wits end, sitting on all those preferred shares that give him editorial control of NYT, shuffling top managers, looking for new blood, and searching in vain for the magic formula to save the family business, while Murdock watches in amusement and laughs in his face. So whom does young Arthur turn to now, to bail him out and boost his ratings? Why, a man involved in the cover-up of a pedophile scandal, of course.

  86. Obama, daughters head to church – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room
    The good father vignette. And Michelle is MIA beause she is packing for the campaign trail???????????? Doesn’t she have 400 staff that can do that for her? Should we not assume, therefore, that there is trouble in paradise?

  87. Looks like OTurd decided all that’s left is prayer
    He can pray all he likes, but neither Satan or Soros (yes, I know, a distinction without a difference) can bail him out. Great Birmam Wood to High Dunsynae Hill is coming against him–as in MacBeth shall never vanquished be until . . .

  88. Oh wow, Obummer heads to church. Why am I not surprised. He’s just visited FEMA to “see how things are going”. I knew he’d find a way to get his mug in front of the camera’s during this historic/horrible storm. I loathe them. Mooch has been quit low key, maybe she’s not handing the probability of losing.

    I take nothing for granted. Mitt Romney’s win gonna be based on God’s hand taking care of this country once again. The theft is what I worry about.

  89. he goes to church, riiiiight. To pray to keep American safe from Hurricane Sandy? or he’s praying for himself?

    Yeah, we all know the answer to that one.

  90. Romney using his campaign bus to distribute relief items for Hurricane Sandy.
    Which means Obama will quickly follow suit, and pronounce disaster relief. And when he starts taking bows and curtains calls for this, someone should pop the question, is it just because we have an election in ten days now, that you are helping stateside victims, but left our people in Libya to die thinking you could lie your way out of it?

  91. But Surely Obama can lower the waters and calm down the winds with one speech. A Hurricane is no match for Super speechman.

  92. But Surely Obama can lower the waters and calm down the winds with one speech. A Hurricane is no match for Super speechman
    Yes, but according the the Bible, on the seventh day god rested. Therefore, the hurricane and its victims, must learn to be patient.

  93. wbboei
    October 28th, 2012 at 2:30 pm
    Young Arthur S must be at his wits end, sitting on all those preferred shares that give him editorial control of NYT,

    Wbb – Pinch S is just a figure head now. Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim (I love the name!) is the real owner of the NYT. He could pull the plug anytime or turn it into a Spanish paper. There are reports that Carlos was putting pressure on Pinch to double up on digital. Bringing that BBC guy (who oversaw BBC’s digital coverage of London Olympics)was probably Carlos’s move behind the scenes.

  94. Romney handing out supplies .. see that is the difference between a doer and a slacker. Obummer goes to pray for a miracle for me, mooch and I, Romney shows leadership.

    Romney is already leading, as always.

  95. Now they are going after the Des Moines Registrar newspaper for not endorsing their Messiah.

    “Top Obama adviser Stephanie Cutter said Sunday that the Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Mitt Romney “didn’t seem to be based at all in reality.”

    “It was a little surprising to read that editorial, because it didn’t seem to be based at all in reality — not just in the president’s record, but in Mitt Romney’s record,” Cutter said. “It says that he’d reach across the aisle, which he’d do the exact opposite. It’s the exact opposite of what he did in Massachusetts.”

    The paper announced its endorsement late Saturday. It backed President Obama in 2008 and is the biggest newspaper in a major swing state, Iowa.

    The paper is one of relatively few swing state newspapers to switch its endorsement from Obama in 2008 to Romney in 2012.


    LOL, check out what the washington post says at the end to help their Messiah “The paper is one of relatively few swing state newspapers to switch its endorsement from Obama in 2008 to Romney in 2012” LOL LOL LOL LOL

  96. jbstonesfan
    October 28th, 2012 at 3:45 pm
    Feels like we could win this time. It never seemed that way with McCain. I am getting

    I’ve had a serious case of the “eeyore’s” today. If JB’s getting excited, then things must be looking up.

  97. Hypoyhetical to Wobbie and anyone else. Just bored on a Sunday. Had the new puppy out at the beach. It STILL windy here from Sandy – and I am in St. Pete FL! It’s 4 days now and finally getting overcast from westerlies.

    Now, for some speculation….

    Let’s say, God Forbid, Obama is re-selected.

    Let’s say too, the new House of Representatives takes him to the mat and Impeaches
    and the Senate concurs.

    It seems since Biden lied too (in the debates) I’m going to throw him in the Impeachment mix too. Poof! He’s impeached as well.

    Now, the House, I believe, then votes to throw the bums out if the Preezy and Uncle Joe don’t resign. (I CANNOT IMAGINE Obummer resigning even after Impeachment- it’s just not in him)

    Currently Daniel Inouye Democrat from Hawaii is the President Pro-Tem of the Senate and the “next in line” to be the Preezy.

    My question is this: Will Inouye still be the President Pro Tem in a new Congress?


    by Ulsterman

    If you are increasingly upset over the Mainstream Media’s refusal to honestly cover the Benghazi Massacre and cover-up in order to insulate Barack Obama and his failed administration from rightful blame, for the deaths of four Americans, I urge you now to let your feelings be known by those who control the networks. This process can begin today with your collective emails and phone calls specifically to COMCAST and NBC News. (Thank you to longtime UlstermanReport reader AmericaTheBeautiful for the idea)

    This contact information is now provided to you here. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD AMERICA. LET THEM HEAR YOUR THUNDER.


    COMCAST Brian L. Roberts CEO

    NBC Phone (212) -664-3720

    And if you wish to contact other news media, here is that information as well:

    ABC Phone (212) 456-7777

    CBS Phone (212) – 975-4321

    CNN Phone (404) 827-1500

  99. Shadowfax
    October 28th, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    Thank you for posting that! I plan on emailing/calling all of them and also asking everyone on my email list to do the same.

  100. “Let’s say too, the new House of Representatives takes him to the mat and Impeaches
    and the Senate concurs.”
    An Obama second term will be four years of House and likely Senate investigations. I think that a Republican House has the will for impeachment. No way that > 2/3 Senate vote for conviction would happen.

  101. Norma Desmond 4:40PM

    Presidential line of succesion

    1. Vice President
    2. Speaker of the house
    3. President Pro temporeof the Senate
    4. Secretary of state

    and so forth

  102. tim

    Thank you for posting that! I plan on emailing/calling all of them and also asking everyone on my email list to do the same.

    —————Great Tim!!!

  103. Thanks guys. I couldn’t remember if it was Speaker Pro-tem of House or Senate. Now I know!

    (and I didn’t look it up – obviously)

    AS for the story above that Obama tried/wanted to normalize relations with Iran from the start explains why he didn’t lift a finger in their student (green?) uprising.

    Makes sense now. Bastard.

  104. Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel defended President Obama’s handling of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sunday.

    Emanuel, appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” said that Obama “took control and he said exactly what needs to be done” following the Sept. 11 attack, which claimed the lives of four Americans.

    Earlier on the program, Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) McCain charged that the Obama administration’s handling of the situation amounted to either a “massive cover-up” or incompetence, but Emanuel insisted the conflicting reports following the assault were simply the result of shifting intelligence.

    “You have an event, a changing event, you don’t have people on the ground, in a sense, with that information. The intelligence community, many different apparatuses — from military intelligence, national security intelligence, CIA — is assembling that information to give you the best picture, and events change,” he said.

  105. Norma Desmond
    October 28th, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    oh my goodness, I did not even consider that line of thought, you’re right, all those iranians flooding the streets to overthrow the idiot dinner-jacket, and there wasn’t even rhetorical support for these people from barky, remember that young lady Neda? I think that was her name, shot in the heart by a sniper, all because she wanted to protest. And there was no even rhetorical support by Barky, none. Your line of thought makes sense, especially in light of that article about Barky wanting to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran. Stunning.

  106. OK, coupe of points. Wallace took Juan to task saying they are Obama talking points when Juan made absurd comments. Brit Hume was great as usual. On CBS, McCain essentially made all the points about Benghazi without interruption and said them well.

  107. “former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel defended President Obama’s handling of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi,”

    What a bastard, I remember when the whole Mark Foley abuse story broke, I read some articles that Emanuel knew about the allegations yet refused to do anything until breaking the story late September right before the nov 2006 elections to help the dems gain more momentum. There were stories he knew well in advance, so forget actually reporting this so kids could have been spared this abuse by Foley, and instead he didn’t do anything until it was politically advantageous for him and the dems for the 2006 elections. And now the jerk wants to play the high moral card about Barky not lifting a finger to help these murdered Americans in Benghazi, while watching it all happen live??
    These people truly are scum. Not an ounce of morality.

  108. What I want to know re Rahm Emanuel, David Ax, Cutter and all the rest, they are either part of the CAMPAIGN or they are not even part of the WH anymore, yet they seem to always talk about national security issues as if they all are in on the Intelligence Briefings. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am sure they are TOLD everything (or brought into the ‘talking points’) but isn’t there supposed to BE A LINE where people like Ax and Rahm are NOT SUPPOSED to be part of the conversation because they no long her Top Secret Clearances or whatever?

  109. Did Obama lie that he gave orders when Benghazi attack was going on? Because on Wallace’s program 4 senators were on and the Dems were saying that I think and Rob Portman and Ron Johnson challenged that by saying if he really did give the orders then what happened? Did Panetta disobey him alluding to Panetta’s statement about not sending military when they didn’t know what was going on. Obama lied and lies have a way of catching up with you. He gives orders but nobody carries them out. heh, fine leader that he is.

  110. Why can’t these people act like Americans first, not dem or repubs, just Americans first. If it helps America and Americans, then its good policy,acts etc, if it doesn’t, then don’t do that. Put America and Americans first.

  111. Frankly, I trust Romney, I trust Ryan. So far they’ve given no reason that they don’t and won’t put America and Americans first.
    I so very much hope they get elected.

  112. But someone was talking about this last night or this morning SOMEWHERE:

    IF Obama did as he HAS PUBLICLY STATED HE DID and “gave orders” to ensure those people in Benghazi were safe, it will either, if true, be proven that 1.) someone didn’t FOLLOW those orders, or 2.) that they were never given in the first place.

    Both should be easy to prove.

    (AH HA! Moment: maybe, on second thought, he was talking about the terrorist’s safety – in which case, his orders WERE carried out)

    I’ll have to really read what he said again….

  113. Bill Kristol is doing alright with the Benghazi questions.

    While Americans were under assault in Benghazi, the president found time for a non-urgent, politically useful, hour-long call to Prime Minister Netanyahu. And his senior national staff had to find time to arrange the call, brief the president for the call, monitor it, and provide an immediate read-out to the media. I suspect Prime Minister Netanyahu, of all people, would have understood the need to postpone or shorten the phone call if he were told that Americans were under attack as the president chatted. But for President Obama, a politically useful telephone call—and the ability to have his aides rush out and tell the media about that phone call—came first.

    So here are a few more questions for the White House: While President Obama was on the phone for an hour, did his national security advisor Tom Donilon or any other aide interrupt the call or slip him a piece of paper to inform him about what was happening in Benghazi? Or was President Obama out of the loop for at least an hour as events unfolded and decisions were made? On the other hand, national security staff were obviously with the president during and immediately after the phone call—otherwise how could they have put out their statement right away? Surely his aides told the president about what was happening in Benghazi. Was there then no discussion of what was or what wasn’t being done to help, pursuant to the president’s first directive that everything possible be done?

  114. Tim – the Iran thing is the only thing that makes sense in light of the normalization meme. It is CLEAR Obama is Islamic-centric. And although he chases AQ and drone-bombs ‘terrorists’ and a few dozen others who are standing in the way, he considers them 1.) as the little people – so who cares and 2.) his REAL interest is in making pal with the leadership – the New MB governments and of course, Iran. Screw the small fry. He wants to be pals with the emerging Calaphate Players.

  115. One more thing from Wallace’s program.. He asked Mark Warner (VA) and Udall (CO) if the drone was armed — they would not answer the question. They were uncomfortable and I think it was. Also, Warner was going after Ryan’s votes and Wallace shushed him by saying Biden had his differences with Obama and not held to the same standard.

  116. “Also, Warner was going after Ryan’s votes”

    Another man I used to respect that I no longer do or trust. They are all Obots now.

    Logging off now, everyone in the Hurricane Sandy’s path, stay safe. I read on the weather reports tomorrow is when it starts, stay safe everyone who is in its path.

  117. I am livid about the silence from the mediawhores on Benghazi and the lies from Obama and his WH and frankly, the State dept and Defense.. It is disgusting and sickening. What is even more sickening is that the media silenced Romney and Obama lied to cow Romney and the whole Obama campaign and the media are fucking mfuckers who should be defeated. It is like Paglia said — upper middle class and trust babies gone amok.

  118. That fucking Obama sat there and watched the whole thing for 7 hours! and all the while plotting how he could save his political ass when those guys were dying.

  119. Being doing some reflecting and I have a sense of calm, reassurance from perhaps a higher power that on Election Day all will be right with America once again.

    I was worried about the campaign stops for Romney being cancelled but I honestly have to say I have come to the conclusion that this may actually give peoples brains a rest, they can think a bit over the next few days, and the only SMART solution they will have is a vote for Romney.

    Romney is like Obama was in 08, a fresh face, a new start, but he hasn’t made the “I’ll move the oceans for ya”, he has promised to work as hard as he can to make our life better.

    I’m going to bed tonight with a peace I have not felt before.

    I’ve been praying a lot and I don’t normally do that. I pray for our country. We need a strong leader. If that prayer is answered we will have a new leader in less than 9 days.

    Keep the faith my friends.

    I’m in WV, just issued blizzard warnings for my county, we are prepared for the worst. Went through the derecho in summer with no power for 2 weeks but we made it.

    Take care all in path of the storm.

  120. My friend’s nephew is a CIA agent and lived in the Benghazi consulate in 2011 with Ambassador Stevens. He says that everything Fox is saying is 100% true.

  121. dot48, thank you for sharing that. May be I will calm down too. the rains are just starting here, in DC area.

  122. Carol, you’re right. there was an hour long phone call he had with Netanyahu. But hearing his enthusiasm for kill lists, it may just be that he sat there and watched the whole thing as it happened in real time.

  123. (10/28/2012) “New poll shows Romney, Obama appear tied in Ohio” (Fox News)

    A late surge by Mitt Romney has made the contest between him and President Obama to win Ohio too close to call, according to a poll released Sunday.

    Romney and Obama appear tied at 49 percent among likely voters, according to an Ohio News Organization poll. The margin of error in the poll is 3.1 percentage points.

    The biggest movement since the group’s poll in September is Romney’s lead with male voters — from 1 percentage point to 12 points.

    Romney’s support also grew among high school and college graduates, according to the poll.

    The poll essentially reinforces findings in other, recent polls that show the race is extremely close.

    An Oct. 23,  Rasmussen poll showed the candidates tied at 48 percent. And a CNN poll released Friday showed 50 percent of likely Ohio voters for Obama.

    An averaging of polls Sunday by the website RealClearPolitics has Obama leading by 1.9 percent.

    The Ohio newspaper poll used landlines and cellphones to reach 1,015 likely voters across the state from Oct. 18 through 23.

  124. October 26, 2012 4:21 PM
    “Base Vs. Undecideds, 2012 Edition” (RCP / Political Animal)

    That’s why two pieces in TNR today are worth reading. The first, by Bill Galston, reminds us there are indeed still undecided voters out there, and they have a tendency (though not always and not always by big margins) to break against incumbents at the end of campaigns. The second, by Nate Cohn, gets into comparisons of current candidate margins with the remaining undecided vote, which helps enormously:

    In this election, the number of undecided voters is so small that there are only few states where a clear break would be sufficient to flip the outcome. In Wisconsin and Nevada, Obama already exceeds 49 percent, suggesting that undecided voters could only influence the outcome if Obama supporters turn out at lower rates than the polls anticipate. One state where Romney still retains a narrow path to victory through undecided voters is Ohio, where Obama holds a very slight lead of just 2.1 points in the RealClearPolitics average, 47.9 to 45.8. But if Romney won 55 percent of undecided voters and one percentage point vote for a third party candidate, Obama would still win Ohio by a 1.6-point margin, 50.3 to 48.7. Romney would need nearly 70 percent of undecided voters to carry the state—an exceptional performance. Colorado and Virginia are the two states close enough for undecided voters to more realistically make a difference, but, even there, turnout is a more critical question.

    But there’s another reason it makes sense for Obama to focus on turnout rather than persuasion in the final days, assuming he has to make that choice, notes Cohn:

    According to national polls, Obama is performing four points better among registered voters than likely voters. That’s well above the more typical 1 or 2 point gap and the main culprit appears to be strong Republican enthusiasm combined with low enthusiasm among young, Latino, and Democratic-leaning independent voters. Since Obama’s coalition is unusually dependent on low-frequency voters, Obama has more to gain from a strong turnout operation than previous candidates. Although it’s unclear whether Obama’s vaunted ground operation can rejuvenate turnout among infrequent Obama ‘08 voters, the difference between a modest and high turnout among young and minority Obama supporters could easily decide the election. And it’s not just that turnout is important, it’s that Obama’s larger advantage among registered voters makes it an open question whether Obama could actually lose if minority and youth turnout rates approach ‘08 levels, even if undecided voters broke in Romney’s direction.

    The very nature of Obama’s coalition makes it hard, and essential, to turn it out. But if he does, he’s in a clear position to win no matter how many voters Moderate Mitt bamboozles.

  125. no matter how many voters Moderate Mitt bamboozles.

    When they write stuff like that, it is hard to take anything else they say seriously.

  126. This is the first I’ve heard of Obama’s ecards.

    Here’s one for women to send their moms about birth control.

    (9/28/2012) “Obama eCard for Women: ‘Can I Borrow $18,000 to Help Pay for My Birth Control?’” (The Standarf)

    The Obama campaign has created a series of electronic greeting card aimed at women voters. “President Obama summed up the Republican Party’s approach to women’s health when he said ‘they want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century,'” the Obama campaign website reads. “Send an eCard to say you won’t go back.”

    Perhaps the oddest card in the series, though, is this one:

    “Dear Mom,” the card reads. “Mitt Romney says he would repeal the Affordable Care Act. So here’s a quick question: Can I borrow $18,000 to help pay for my birth control? Thanks!”

    It would seem the point of the eCard is to get daughters to encourage their mothers to vote for Obama. (Would any daughter really send this card to her mother?)

    And as John McCormack reported after the Sandra Fluke controversy earlier this year, the numbers don’t add up. “Birth control pills can be purchased for as low as $9 per month at a pharmacy near Georgetown’s campus. According to an employee at the pharmacy in Washington, D.C.’s Target store, the pharmacy sells birth control pills–the generic versions of Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Ortho-Cyclen–for $9 per month. ‘That’s the price without insurance,’ the Target employee said. Nine dollars is less than the price of two beers at a Georgetown bar.”

  127. They had a “Souls To The Polls” walk today with hundreds of AA’s marching to vote early in Broward county. We all have presumed the #’s as far as youth, AA’s, etc will
    not be as high as in 08. I guess will find out soon enough.

  128. I’ve gotten EIGHT emails from the Democrats TODAY wanting money or begging me to vote for BO. They must be in some kind of panic. Is anyone else’s email being hit with all this junk today? My poor trash can is surely being filled up and deleted!

  129. Jay Cost: read the whole thing.. it is good.

    The polls are clear. Since the fallout from the first debate in Denver on October 3, Romney has enjoyed a relatively durable lead over the president in the Real Clear Politics average of the national polls. While the lead is small, it has persisted over time, and, more important, history suggests that this is trouble for an incumbent. The only sitting president to mount a last-minute comeback against his challenger was Gerald Ford in 1976, and of course Ford still lost. Usually, late deciders in a presidential campaign either break for the challenger or split about evenly between the two sides.

    The problem for the president is Romney’s strong and sustained lead among independent voters. Despite four years of boasting from the Democrats that they were in the process of transforming the electorate, the fact remains that voters unaffiliated with either party determine the outcome of national elections. And with these voters, Romney has a substantial lead. The most recent Rasmussen Reports poll shows Romney besting Obama by 13 points, 52 percent to 39 percent, among unaffiliated voters. Since 1972, the first year of exit polling, no candidate for president has won election while losing independents by such a wide margin.

  130. Detroit Tigers were to lose the 4th game today and the world series to SF because of Obama’s jinx (he said last week he supported Detroit, even though SF city pretty much bankrolled his campaign).

    But Ann Romney is trying to save Tigers by tweeting today from Michigan her support to her former hometown team.

    Tigers tied at 3-3 in the sixth.

  131. pm317
    October 28th, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    A tie like this will be a disaster. The Obots will go on a rampage.

    I wish Romney will have a decisive victory so that the country can be saved of race riots.

  132. Edward Klein in NY Post

    By all accounts, Obama doesn’t find joy in being president. Like Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, he is an introvert who prefers his own company to that of others.

    I interviewed a former State Department official who told me: “While I was in the room, he’d get phone calls from heads of state, and more than once I heard him say, ‘I can’t believe that I’ve got to meet with all these congressmen from Podunk city to get my bills passed.’

    That arrogance is what did him in.

  133. “The White House says President Barack Obama is canceling campaign appearances in Northern Virginia on Monday and Colorado on Tuesday so he can monitor Hurricane Sandy.”


    yeah, he suspends campaign to monitor Sandy but goes off to Las Vegas as Benghazi burns and people die.

  134. From the military blog blackfive dot net

    “Hey, step back everyone, there is a bus pulling in over here…

    Blaming people who work for you is one thing, but blaming those that are prohibited by law from speaking publicly about what a piss-poor excuse for a leader you are just makes you look like an even bigger horses ass.

    “Neither the president nor anyone in the White House denied any requests for assistance in Benghazi,”

    All Righty Then, let’s walk through this.

    There was a call for help from the Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi. And we know from Matty’s post and all of the updates (page down just a touch) that there are many in the know that are aware that assets of many kinds could have been brought to bear from only a couple hours away.

    Now the President says that the US Military that he is at the head of (and controls) as the commander in chief are the ones who, after seeing the same information he did, decided not to help those besieged Americans and the President’s personal envoy and representative who were under attack.

    So the employees you told to save the company decided to go on their mandatory union break instead? Somehow, that strikes me as something that you might be familiar with…

    I know that there are his sycophant defenders who are going to say “Whuh! Did you want the Delta Force SEALS to HALO rappel from the Space Shuttle and use their death rays and then use the Flux Capacitor to beam themselves to America?” No trolls, I expected them to do their job and give the Ambassador the assets he needed to be safe in the first place, but barring their lack of testicular fortitude to do that, I would expect that they would use whatever they had at their disposal to aid the living and destroy our enemies. Delta Force could have rigged in-flight for a jump into the nearest DZ that would have gotten them into the fight to be followed by heavier forces from Italy. AFRICOM SOF assets on the Horn Of Africa could have planned on the helo flight there, Fighter Jets, land or carrier based, could have been there early on and established a presence and put human eyes on what was happening.

    So Mr. President, when you say that you didn’t deny aid to those brave men in Benghazi, but that members of the US Military decided not to send aid to your personal representative under attack all on their own and you had no influence over that decision, then you are either derelict, incompetent, or a liar.

    Either way, that means to me (and hopefuly soon, a whole mess of registered voters) you don’t deserve to be Commander in Chief.


  135. …forgot to mention Al Sharpton is down here leading the ‘souls to the polls’ and of course, he is getting tv air time

  136. So Mr. President, when you say that you didn’t deny aid to those brave men in Benghazi, but that members of the US Military decided not to send aid to your personal representative under attack all on their own and you had no influence over that decision, then you are either derelict, incompetent, or a liar.

    Either way, that means to me (and hopefuly soon, a whole mess of registered voters) you don’t deserve to be Commander in Chief.

    Hell YES!!!

  137. Wbb – Pinch S is just a figure head now. Mexican telecom billionaire Carlos Slim (I love the name!) is the real owner of the NYT. He could pull the plug anytime or turn it into a Spanish paper. There are reports that Carlos was putting pressure on Pinch to double up on digital. Bringing that BBC guy (who oversaw BBC’s digital coverage of London Olympics)was probably Carlos’s move behind the scenes.
    I was vaguely aware of Carlos Sim’s interest in the paper, and figured that they were wooing him because they needed the cash. But I was under the impression that all he would get would be common shares and the family would retain preferred shares and editorial control. Sounds like he has got control of the whole thing now. Also, last time I checked Keller had stepped down which was good since there is not an honest bone in his body, and Liz Rosenthal replaced him. I wonder whether the BBC exective who is currently tied up with a pedophle investigation is seeded to replace her. If so then she did not last long. Carlos needs to clean up that rag or shut it down. The way it is now, it will never again be a profitable enterprise.

    As far as the BBC exective who is wrapped up in the pedophile matter they are looking to hire, last time I checked the torch had been passed from Keller to Liz Rozenthal. Are we to assume that when this guy takes control Liz is out?

    Last I heard they were negotiating with him to take an equity position. I did not realize that what he ended up with was a dominant equity position. Last I heard Arthur retained the preferred shares and editiorial control.

  138. Sunday morning “round table” breakdowns this week:

    This Week: 3 Dem leaning, 2 Repub leaning, moderator Dem leaning

    Face the Nation: 4 Dem leaning, 1 Republican leaning, mod Dem leaning

    Meet the Press: 3 Dem leaning, 1 Repub leaning, mod Dem leaning.

    The panels have been 3-2 Dem leaning forever until this week.

    And they wonder why 60% of the country doesn’t trust our media anymore.

  139. “Nine days before Election Day, Hurricane Sandy is barreling toward the east coast and causing the presidential campaigns to alter their schedules. Over the weekend, the Romney campaign cancelled campaign events in Virginia and instead moved their candidate to events in Ohio. However, they are still mobilizing volunteers in the Old Dominion State. Today at their Arlington headquarters, they are loading storm necessities onto their campaign bus. They plan to distribute water and other kinds of emergency storm relief supplies throughout the state over the next few days at local relief centers.

    “Governor Romney’s concern is the safety and well being of those in the path of this storm, not political considerations,” Romney spokeswoman Sarah Pompei wrote in an email.

    The campaign is taking similar precautions in New Hampshire, where Ann Romney was supposed to be on Monday. They have cancelled that visit and are instead using another campaign bus to help with relief there.

    The Obama campaign has also cancelled events as Sandy approaches. President Obama was briefed by FEMA in Washington, D.C., today and labeled it a “serious and big storm.”

    Early and absentee voting has been a central focus of both campaigns. In Virginia, it was announced yesterday that the State Board of Elections is now allowing voters who may be affected by the storm to vote absentee in-person, and the Obama campaign is working to spread encourage anyone who qualifies to take advantage of the opportunity. “In spite of the weather, our volunteers in Hampton Roads knocked on thousands more doors this Saturday than last Saturday,” an Obama campaign aide in Virginia wrote to CBS News.

    “The campaign is closely monitoring the storm and will take all necessary precautions to make sure our staff and volunteers are safe,” says OFA spokesperson Marianne P. von Nordeck. ” Where it’s safe to do so, our historic grassroots organization is running at full speed in Eastern battleground states to persuade undecided voters and get our supporters out to the polls between now and Election Day.”
    Obama visits FEMA, says Hurricane Sandy resources “are in place”
    Hurricane Sandy to sideline Obama

    Jill Biden was supposed to appear in North Carolina and Pennsylvania on today and tomorrow, but those trips were scrapped in order to ensure that all local law enforcement could focus on their own tasks at hand. Beau Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s son, who is Delaware’s attorney general, abandoned plans to campaign with his father in Virginia at the last minute last night. Biden told those in attendance: “He was sitting in Air Force Two as we were about to take off, and… he called and said ‘Dad, the governor has just called up the National Guard. I’m going home.'”

    In Maryland, Gov. Martin O’Malley, an Obama supporter, has cancelled early voting throughout the state on Monday. And in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie, who’s campaigning on behalf of Romney, has cancelled a trip to the west coast in order to oversee his state’s response to the storm.”

    This is leadership. BTW, note this is from CBS and not a Republican blog.

  140. S
    also I did see that the dems have had a higher turnout in early voting…

    But what if they are registered as Dems but voted for Mitt, that could happen…

  141. And when the Sunday panels even bother to get a “Republican”, it’s always somebody like David Brooks, who is about as Republican as Michelle Obama’s mother… even though he claims to play one on TV.

  142. We have lawyers on this site, right? Does anyone here know about election laws? I’m in New York where the hurricane is going to hit at any minute and we expect the power to go out for days – possibly weeks in some areas.

    My question – what if the power doesn’t return by next Tuesday? What happens if the people are unable to vote? We have no early voting here.

    I understand that the Supreme Court once ruled that Election Day can not be cancelled or postponed.

    This concerns me. Our votes are very important this year.

  143. Battleground Poll Projects: Romney 52, Obama 47

    The bipartisan Battleground Poll, in its “vote election model,” is projecting that Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama 52 percent to 47 percent. The poll also found that Romney has an even greater advantage among middle class voters, 52 percent to 45 percent.
    Obama and Romney

    While Obama can close the gap with a strong voter turnout effort, “reports from the field would indicate that not to be the case, and Mitt Romney may well be heading to a decisive victory,” says pollster Ed Goeas.

    Should Romney win by 5 percentage points, it would increase Republican chances of gaining control of the Senate. His coattails would help elect GOP Senate candidates in Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. “Republicans are now certain to hold the House,” Goeas said, “regardless of how the presidential race turns out.”

    The poll’s election model takes into account variables including voter intensity, age, and education, and voters who are certain in their vote. The race “remains very close in the surface,” Goeas said, “but the political environment and the composition of the likely electorate favor Governor Romney.”

    The projected outcome by the Battleground Poll is close to that of the Gallup Poll. Last week, Gallup said Romney leads Obama 49 percent to 46 percent in its model of the electorate’s composition on November 6.

    The Battleground Poll is conducted by Goeas of the Tarrance Group and Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners. Goeas is a Republican, Lake a Democrat. The survey is affiliated with Politico and George Washington University.

    Taken last week, the poll found that only 37 percent of voters believe the country is headed in the right direction. For an incumbent president to win reelection, that number normally must exceed 40 percent. “Everyone but the core Democratic constituencies holds the strongly held feeling that the country is off on the wrong track,” Goeas said.

    For the first time this year, Romney has a majority favorable image. His favorability rating is 52 percent, Obama’s is 51 percent. According to the poll, Romney is viewed favorably by a majority of independents (59 percent), seniors (57), married voters (61), moms (56), college graduates (54), middle class voters (56), and middle class families (61).

  144. Obama screwed….

    A new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Tracking Poll of 1,000 likely voters — taken from last Monday through Thursday — shows Obama ahead of Romney by 1 percent, 49 to 48 percent. That represents a 3-point swing in Obama’s direction from a week ago but reflects a race that remains statistically tied.

    Obama leads by 8 points among those who have already voted, 53 to 45 percent. These early voters represent 15 percent of the electorate, with many more expected to vote in the next few days — though Hurricane Sandy could change that.

    But the GOP nominee maintains a potentially pivotal advantage in intensity among his supporters. Sixty percent of those who support Obama say they are “extremely likely” to vote, compared to 73 percent who back Romney. Among this group, Romney leads Obama by 9 points, 53 to 44 percent.


    Republican pollster Ed Goeas of the Tarrance Group, who helped conduct the poll, said that the president has turned some voters off when he talks about good economic news because there is a disconnect between what they’re experiencing and what he’s describing. He warns that a bad jobs report this Friday could be a game-changer. Goeas exuded confidence because of Romney’s sizable intensity edge. “The closer we get to the election, the Democrats don’t appear offsetting our intensity with their ground game,” he said. Lake acknowledges that it is “a real threat,” which puts an added imperative on turning out young, single and Latino voters.

    Read more:

  145. Good Morning all.

    I saw this link at Gateway Pundit, and Sen. Mark Udall of CO was directly asked if the drones flying overhead was armed, and Mr. Udall answers he will find out and investigate. Frankly, if Romney does not get elected or the Senate does not change hands to republicans, I expect every damn democrat to put this all under the rug, just like they did with Fast and Furious. Remember when the mother of Agent Brian Terry sat in front of that House committee and DEMOCRAT Elijah Cummings told her straight to her face that they would uncover all this, well 1 year goes by, when it is clear Holder was responsible, what does Mr. Cummings do, scurry away and defend Holder and attack republicans for investigating, his words to Mr. Brian Terry’s mother did not mean a damn thing.

    Same thing will happen again, I am beyond disgusted at democrats, they are scum, beyond scum, not one patriotic ounce of integrity in ANY of them. Mr. Udall says, oh yes, we will investigate, I don’t believe him, I don’t believe ANY democrat anymore. 2 brave Seals fighting off all these terrorist cockroaches, and the entire thing was watched LIVE, and Barky and his minions did not do a damn thing to help them after 3 pleas for help.

    I just cannot get over that, it was watched live, they had assets, ready response assets to help our people, and everyone was told to stand down, and then the a$$holes, from Barky on down lied, they lied to the american people, they lied to the families of these brave men.

    And the American media, ABC, NBC, Seebs, Brain Williams, Sawyer, Schieffer, NYT, Wash Post, are ALL, every single damn one of them is part of the coverup. I can understand Pat Cadell’s rage in the video posted above.
    There is no honor or integrity in the “leadership” of the top people of this country.
    May the truth come, I hope Fox, the Canadian news agencies, the British news agencies do what the corrupt Obot American MSM refuses to do, and help Barky and dems cover up. For the sake of our brave heroes, the truth has to come out.

  146. From the video…

    “….from former National Security Adviser Bud McFarlane about President Obama and the Benghazi Scandal. McFarlane said it is impossible to think President Obama, who was in the White House as the brave Americans in Benghazi were under attack on September 11, did not know we had military assets that could come to their aid. To have known that and still do nothing, “is dereliction of duty that I have never seen in a President of any Party. Outrageous.”

  147. From Gateway Pundit’s tweet:

    Father of Slain Benghazi SEAL to Obama: “It’s Better to Die a Hero Than Live a Coward” (Video) via @gatewaypundit

  148. Here re the numbers to call and grill MSM on their biased uninclusive reporting on Benghazzigate. H/T ATB.

    his election is for We The People to decide ….Not a corrupt press to hide… and corrupt the truth that is Obama.



    NBC Phone (212) 664-3720

    ABC Phone (212) 456-7777

    CBS Phone (212) 975-4321

    CNN Phone (404) 827-1500

  149. White House press charter stranded in Florida after pilots determine it too dangerous to fly back to DC behind Pres Obama.


  150. Florida AM ELECTION UPDATE –

    Early Votes 514k: 178k GOP & 252k DEM.

    Absentee Votes 1.35 million: 596k GOP & 533k DEM.

    Overall 1.86 million

  151. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 49% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 47%. One percent (1%) prefers some other candidate,…

  152. Look at the top graphic on this page (it may have changed depending on when you click — it is an Obama ad asking people to vote during lunch hour. It has a fork pointed toward Obama’s face. Can we say ‘stick a fork in him’ and be done with that?

  153. Here’s the big news today.

    Rasmussen will release a poll today showing the Governor AHEAD in Ohio: 50:48! This is the first major national poll to show the Governor at the 50% mark and ahead in Ohio

  154. Rasmussen poll in Ohio has Romney up 2, 50-48. Last week was tied at 48. R up 3 among certain to vote. Has O up 26 among early voters (32%).

    Most stunning #s in Ras OH are from the issues: R +12 on economy, +8 jobs, +10 nat’l security, 8 energy. Inflated early voter #s saving O.


    So Obama will lose Ohio because the early vote figures are most definitely inflated in Obama’s favour. Romney stikes ahead on everything else.

    This will have the Dems shitting themselves today.

    I told you, watch this week to see the polls shift more and more in Romneys favor as the pollsters try and get it right, they will do it bit by bit.

  155. moononpluto, thanks very much for all your updates, I usually use them to email many of my relatives, especially the “eyeroes” as Hillbuzz likes to call them. It is very much appreciated. Thanks.

  156. “Has O up 26 among early voters (32%).”

    Does this mean, OTurd has 26% ahead of Romney’s voters for early voting? Or that’s just polling info, not actual early voting results?

  157. Yep, yesterday talk shows talking point for the Dems was that R was never ahead in any of the polls. This should clarify that.

    Also he is a 15+ lead among independents:

    If Romney wins independents by 15, and the gender gap by 2, how can he only be leading by one overall? Simple — the Post/ABC sample has a declining number of Republicans in its sample. Today’s rolling three-day average has a D/R/I of 35/28/34, which would put Republicans at seven points below their 2010 turnout and five points below their 2008 turnout. Two days ago, the sample was D+4 at 34/30, but now it’s D+7.

  158. I don’t know why they ask that silly question of have you already voted, it can’t be proved and its usually way of base and used to inflate numbers.

    The MSM is still tying to push Obama but they will have to come in line if they want to save reputations, you may see a swing back of breakneck proportions later in the week to save reputation. After all they have done their job of propping O up for months without success, its the last chance, they have 7 days to get it right now. Watch for changes day by day.

  159. Just a quick note but Rasmussen has warned that his polling center is near the eye of the storm hitting and may lose a lot of time to do polling data. I think its a pre-empt of “we dont have a clue whats going on in this election”

  160. President Obama has now canceled his Tuesday campaign schedule as well, to stay in DC to oversee Sandy response

    Maybe its just rather a “gonna lose anyway,may as well have a few days off”

  161. Obummer can cancel cause it’s not about $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    He ran straight to LV for his fundraiser as we had an ongoing terror attack

    People ain’t gonna be stupid this time around.

    Undecided will go to Romney, they know the economy for them SUCKS and Obummer has made it worse

    Romney will win. Take it to the bank 🙂

  162. Obummer is curled up in a fetal position and Moochelle has the pacifier. Couldn’t help it folks I just feel GOOD about this thing. Romney has shown the testicular fortitude to LEAD, Obummer has shown he refuses to tackle the enemy when they attack our soldiers.

    Mike Flynn
    Brietbart 10/29/12

    A massive and historic storm is barreling towards the beltway this weekend. The entire DC-NYC axis, headquarters of the left media complex, will suffer the effects of three storm-fronts, converging at the same time. Evacuations may be ordered, but it is likely too late. No, I’m not talking about Hurricane Sandy. The storm I mean is the growing realization that Obama is on the cusp of losing the election. But, with just a little over a week to go, it may be too late to hit the panic button.

    Democrats and the media have labored under several false assumptions the entire campaign. They wove these into a narrative that Obama’s reelection was inevitable. It may have helped them sleep at night, but it caused them to miss the tectonic plates shifting beneath the election. This weekend three storm-fronts started converging that will sweep their assumptions away. Let’s look at each in turn.

    The first storm-front is the expanding campaign battleground. I’ve long noted that which states become competitive towards the end of the race can tell you a lot about the state of the campaign. In 2008, when “red” states like Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina and Montana suddenly became competitive, it was a clear sign that Obama had a huge momentum advantage. This year, however, it is “blue” states becoming competitive. In the final week, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota are emerging as new battleground states. If Romney’s position is improving in states like these, its a good sign that he slated to win states like Florida, Colorado, Virginia and Ohio.

    Even if Obama still has the edge in these newly competitive states, the fact that the campaign will have to spend resources to shore them up says a lot about the campaign’s weak position.

    The second storm-front is the increased convergence of the polls in the direction of Romney. Most national tracking polls show Romney with a lead, with two, Rasmussen and Gallup, showing him over the important 50% threshold. For a week or so, Democrats consoled themselves that Obama led in state-level polling. Most of those polls were built on samples that assumed Democrats would match or exceed the turnout advantage they enjoyed in 2008. This was always something of a fantasy, but now even this assumption can’t prop up Obama. Virtually every state poll over the last week has shown consistent movement towards Romney. Moreover, virtually every state poll shows Obama stuck below the 50% level of support.

    For a variety of reasons, it is very difficult for an incumbent to get back above 50% once they have fallen below it for a considerable period of time. North Carolina, Florida, Colorado and Virginia are likely now out of reach for Obama. Ohio is definitely moving towards Romney.

    Romney’s poll movement isn’t just on the overall head-to-head match up, though. In almost every poll he now has a substantial lead on who would better handle the economy. He has a significant lead on who can best tackle federal spending and the deficit. He is also starting to lead on the softer questions like “understands my problems”, is a “strong leader” and “can get things done. This suggests a major preference cascade toward the challenger.

    Most important, though, is the clear lead Romney has with Independents. In 2008, Obama won independents by 8 points. This year, Romney leads among Independents in virtually every national or state poll, often by double-digits. There is simply no path for Obama to win reelection if he loses Independents by that kind of margin.

    The third, most significant storm-front descending on Democrats is the change in the electorate. In 2008, the Democrats rode an historic wave from a near perfect political storm to their largest turnout advantage in decades. In the final vote, Democrats edged Republicans by 7 points, making the election D+7. New research from Rasmussen and Gallup, however, show that, not only is that advantage gone, but Republicans now have the edge. Both surveys report, for the first time in modern history, that more likely voters identify as Republicans than Democrats. Considering that every poll has found GOP voters more enthusiastic about voting then Democrats, this edge may be decisive. Keep in mind that every poll is built on the assumption that Democrats will have a turnout edge next week. If they don’t have the edge or if the GOP has an advantage? Well, this could be a blowout. And, a lot of down-ballot Dems will be swept under as well.

    When the history of Obama’s failed reelection campaign is written, it will be noted that Obama’s campaign made a critical strategic blunder. Their plan was to disqualify Romney at the outset, rather than other up a compelling agenda for a second term. They essentially decided to run a challenger’s race, dragging down the opponent in a wave of negative ads. When Romney took the stage at the first debate in Denver, he didn’t just defeat Obama, he defeated Obama’s entire campaign plan. The Romney on the stage didn’t match the caricature painted by Obama and the media. It gave him an opening which he seized.
    Obama responded by ratcheting up negative attacks and getting engulfed in small-bore issues issues relevant to mere slivers of the voting base. Big Bird. Binders. Bayonets. In a time of economic uncertainty and looming fiscal crisis, the issues Obama focused on were ridiculous. They were patently unserious. But, these are serious times.

    So, going into the final week, Romney looks like a President on the road to reelection, while Obama looks like a challenger who knows he’s about to lose. While the “Gang of 500” media mavens hunker down for Hurricane Sandy, left with their own thoughts after the inevitable power outages, and away from cocooning lefty reassurances from people like Nate Silver, they will have this realization too. Campaign 2012 is just about over. And so, too, is Obama.

  164. Butttt watch they’ll try to spin anything Romney does as a “oh my gosh LOOK he’s campaigning as the country goes underwater”


    Can’t wait till they do that and the comeback is “oh wait, he went to LV while our dead soldiers were not even loaded into their coffins”

  165. Cha Ching!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, going into the final week, Romney looks like a President on the road to reelection, while Obama looks like a challenger who knows he’s about to lose

    Totally agree!

  166. The race for Ohio’s Electoral College votes remains very close but now Mitt Romney now has a two-point advantage.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Ohio Voters shows Romney with 50% support to President Obama’s 48%. One percent (1%) likes some other candidate, while another one percent (1%) remains undecided.

  167. Romney SuperPAC going up tmrw across PA w $2.1M buy, including Phila market

    Notable that the Romney super PAC buy will be up when lots of Philly-area viewers will be home, watching storm coverage

  168. Ras Swing State tracking

    Romney 50% Obama 46%

    Romney has now led for 12 straight days with margins of four to six points most of that time.

  169. Clinton will campaign this week in MN, IA, CO, OH, VA, NH and WI.

    That tells you of the panic Obama is in. Notice Obama not campaigning in them, i wonder why.

  170. Clinton is not going to bring the undecideds, especially when Obama is not there with him. He is there probably to rally the base.

  171. Politico polls and projections see two different futures for Obama

    Posted by Bryan Jacoutot

    Legal Insurrection: Monday, October 29, 2012 at 10:04am

    Newly released data from the weekly Battleground Poll sponsored by Politico and George Washington University has come up with an interesting set of numbers this week.

    The first part of the data taken in represents a poll of likely voters from last week. Here, Obama has narrow lead over Romney, 49-48. This lead, however, is well within the 3.1% statistical margin of error for the poll.

    Yet, standing in direct contrast to the weekly poll, a new Politico affiliated election day projection model is predicting Romney will win the general election 52-47, according to the Weekly Standard.

    The bipartisan Battleground Poll, in its “vote election model,” is projecting that Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama 52 percent to 47 percent. The poll also found that Romney has an even greater advantage among middle class voters, 52 percent to 45 percent.

    While Obama can close the gap with a strong voter turnout effort, “reports from the field would indicate that not to be the case, and Mitt Romney may well be heading to a decisive victory,” says pollster Ed Goeas.

    Should Romney win by 5 percentage points, it would increase Republican chances of gaining control of the Senate. His coattails would help elect GOP Senate candidates in Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. “Republicans are now certain to hold the House,” Goeas said, “regardless of how the presidential race turns out.”

    Even more encouraging for Romney are the internals of the Battleground poll (complete poll results can be found here).

    Taken last week, the poll found that only 37 percent of voters believe the country is headed in the right direction. For an incumbent president to win reelection, that number normally must exceed 40 percent. “Everyone but the core Democratic constituencies holds the strongly held feeling that the country is off on the wrong track,” Goeas said.

    For the first time this year, Romney has a majority favorable image. His favorability rating is 52 percent, Obama’s is 51 percent. According to the poll, Romney is viewed favorably by a majority of independents (59 percent), seniors (57), married voters (61), moms (56), college graduates (54), middle class voters (56), and middle class families (61).

    This is a very interesting set of data for both campaigns. For all intents and purposes, the race for President is in a dead heat. But with these two studies taken together, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for Romney.

    Whatever the case, I can say…


    The bipartisan Battleground Poll, in its “vote election model,” is projecting that Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama 52 percent to 47 percent. The poll also found that Romney has an even greater advantage among middle class voters, 52 percent to 45 percent.

    While Obama can close the gap with a strong voter turnout effort, “reports from the field would indicate that not to be the case, and Mitt Romney may well be heading to a decisive victory,” says pollster Ed Goeas.

    For the first time this year, Romney has a majority favorable image. His favorability rating is 52 percent, Obama’s is 51 percent. According to the poll, Romney is viewed favorably by a majority of independents (59 percent), seniors (57), married voters (61), moms (56), college graduates (54), middle class voters (56), and middle class families (61).

  173. MN, IA, CO, OH, VA, NH and WI.
    A hail mary to try to improve demorat voter turn out. Bill has no traction any more with indies, since neither he nor Hillary are running. They know who is running and they do not want four more years of what we have now–or worse. Some of us know the real reason he is campaigning for O, a man he personally dislikes.

  174. moononpluto
    October 29th, 2012 at 9:54 am
    President Obama has now canceled his Tuesday campaign schedule as well, to stay in DC to oversee Sandy response

    Maybe its just rather a “gonna lose anyway,may as well have a few days off”
    He is now immobilized. I do not think he can make up for his inaction in Bengazi by “overseeing Sandy response”. He is doing nothing different that what Romney would do, and big media will try to contast his response to Bush’s response to Katrina, which would be relevant if Bush were running. Big media will call this a plus, just as they call anything he does a plus, and anything Romney does a minus. The country puts little or no faith in them to tell the truth.

  175. wbboei
    October 29th, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Hello wbboei, I got that term from Hillbuzz, from how I understand it, “eeyores” is in reference to the winnie the pooh character Eeyore, the one who’s always pessimistic, always down, etc, so HillBuzz started using that term, because “eeyores” tend to bring everyone else down with them, like a Debbie Downer type thing. So, I used it in that reference, hope it make sense.

  176. moononpluto
    October 29th, 2012 at 9:54 am
    President Obama has now canceled his Tuesday campaign schedule as well, to stay in DC to oversee Sandy response

    Maybe its just rather a “gonna lose anyway,may as well have a few days off”
    Actually, I think Romney needs to think carefully about how he handles this. Why? Because as I said, Obama will use this event as an opportunity to pretend to be president on the eve of the election. And big media will do split screens contasting him and Bush. I would consider a grand symbolic gesture of some sort by Romney which would include an offer to help and a frank acknowedgement that if this happened on his watch he would do everthing humanly possible to save human lives, and leave no American in harms way, the obvious reference would be back to Benghazi. I would say that before Obama did everything to steal his thunder.

  177. Media will continue to go to the mat for O, I believe, in spite of some prediction that they’re trying to move back to center, in an effort to self-correct, or give the impression that they have never leaned heavily to the left, and functioned as Obama apologists. They may not be as blatant about it, but if they can find a poll, any poll, or make up a poll that shows O ahead, they’ll repeat those numbers 24/7 to make people think it’s a done deal and O is preparing for a second inauguration. However, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time, and it seems that people are taking this election very seriously.

    One unknown quantity is of course, how many people will vote? What will the numbers be among grave yard residents? No doubt, they’ll all vote for BO, but how many dead folks are planning to actually go to the polls – with this weather, they could catch their death (ooops, too late. forgot – already dead). Same question for the groups, reportedly composed of individuals who are not citizens (well, of the US, anyway) who are said to be traveling around state to state voting their little hearts out for Obama. How many are there? Will they be caught? Will the FEC try to investigate and enforce regs this time around? Do the Dems give a rat’s rear-end about the damage they have allowed/promoted to democracy and democratic process. Has there ever been any respect by the Pubs or Dems for the sacred concept of ONE PERSON – ONE VOTE RIGHT, to which AMERICAN CITIZENS (who are alive, not felons, over eighteen) are entitled? Will AAs turn out nation wide in 2012, as they did in 2008? As I mentioned in an above post, I had heard that black pastors, at least in some areas, were telling their church members not to vote – because of O’s stand on gay marriage, which “evolved” into full support for marriage. Of course abortion is an issue, as well, for some of the black churches. Lower turnout is already expected among AAs. It may actually be even lower if this rumor is true.

  178. The real voting on Tuesday is what this could affect. The GOTV for these crippled states will be very key. Also, how do you mobilize in destroyed communities. How do you talk to someone to get them to the polls if they are living in a destroyed home.

    Delicate times for Romney because he has to not appear to strong arm anyone. Obummer will of course promise to shower them with $$$.

    Remember the tornado victimes he promised to help and they are still waiting on $$$ though.

    With this storm intensifying even now it does give me pause

  179. They cannot be allowed to get away with this, the market will slaughter them.

    Labor Department May Delay Jobs Report

    The U.S. Labor Department on Monday said it hasn’t made a decision yet on whether to delay Friday’s October jobs report, the final reading on the labor market before next week’s federal elections.

    A Labor official said the agency will assess the schedule for all its data releases this week when the “weather emergency” is over.

    Labor is scheduled to release the employment report on Friday, third quarter employment costs on Wednesday and weekly jobless claims on Thursday.

    The U.S. Census Bureau also said it hasn’t made a decision on whether to delay economic reports it plans to release this week, including construction spending on Thursday and factory orders on Friday.

  180. moononpluto
    October 29th, 2012 at 11:49 am

    They cannot be allowed to get away with this, the market will slaughter them.

    Labor Department May Delay Jobs Report

    woow, I didn’t see this coming. The Feds are all closed today and may be tomorrow too.

  181. Jobs report must be much worse than they ever thought.

    Can’t see them getting away with this.

    The numbers are ready, the outcry will be so loud they won’t have a choice.

    Floating trial balloons now doubt

  182. Mitt is right about Obama’s hasty auto bailout. Every Ohioan should read this:

    AUTO BAILOUT BOMBSHELL: Fiat Says Chrysler, Jeep Production May Move to Italy
    Submitted by Mark Modica on Tue, 10/29/2012 – 10:53

    Coming hot on the heels of speculation that some Jeep production may be moved to China comes a bombshell from a Bloomberg report. Fiat is now considering moving Chrysler and Jeep production to Italy.

    According to the piece, “To counter the severe slump in European sales, (Fiat CEO Sergio) Marchionne is considering building Chrysler models in Italy, including Jeeps, for export to North America. The Italian government is evaluating tax rebates on export goods to help Fiat. Marchionne may announce details of his plan as soon as Oct. 30, the people said.”

    So, let’s be real clear here, we are talking about vehicles that will be built in Italy and exported to America. The evidence is clear that Fiat is looking at ways to move production of vehicles from the US to elsewhere, whether it be China or Italy, costing American jobs. This is becoming indisputable, despite outcries from certain parties to the contrary.

    Mitt Romney has rightfully criticized the Obama Administration for handing over Chrysler to the Italians and now leaving the fate of American workers in the hands of Fiat management. Fiat is not a healthy company and the auto industry is in as great a risk as ever. The insistence that all is well by those with political motivations does not mask the danger. More jobs are at risk of being lost and more taxpayer money may be lost as well.

    Let’s face it, the auto bailouts were not well thought out. Perhaps General Motors’ CEO, Dan Akerson, said it best when he said, “The good thing about our bankruptcy is that it took only 39 days. The bad news is that bankruptcy took only 39 days. If we had been there longer, people would have asked these questions and looked at these things.”

    The whole auto industry bailout process was rushed through with the wrong primary motivation of protecting the politically powerful UAW’s interests. The Obama Administration never considered that giving Chrysler to Fiat was not a great idea and could eventually hurt the same UAW workers it was trying to protect. Manufacturers like Chrysler and GM are at a competitive disadvantage due to UAW obligations that were not properly addressed in the bankruptcy process. The industry is more competitive than ever and the government does not seem to be the best innovators to lead the sector to real health. This truth is very likely to become more apparent when the political season ends.

    Mark Modica is an NLPC Associate Fellow.

  183. Romney Campaign: No Events Until Wednesday

    Wise Move, Romney needs to also get on the airwaves as well, must not let Obama dominate, get out their in your wader boots Romney and help

  184. “Fiat Says Chrysler, Jeep Production May Move to Italy”

    Bound to happen, the bankruptcy Romney suggested was, correctly, a chapter 11, it was a 7, it was not a liquidation. If it had been done correctly, all these problems would have been confronted and resolved right then and there, instead now those same people will be hurt, their jobs will be shipped overseas.

  185. Don’t like the early voting numbers in Fl as significantly more dems voting early. Hopefully, most of the elderly yentas who were going to vote for Obamno matter wahat.

  186. “Romney, as always acts like the adult in the room.”

    Agreed. I can’t wait for them to be called President Romney and Vice President Ryan. Adults, America loving adults in charge.


    The Benghazi controversy is not one, but four separate scandals — each of which calls into question the president’s leadership.

    First, Benghazi raises legitimate questions about Obama’s competence as commander in chief. In last week’s debate, the president said that his No. 1 job is to keep Americans safe. Then why did he not do so in Benghazi?

    Was the president unaware of the threat in Libya? Or did he simply fail to treat it with the requisite level of seriousness? The British saw the danger and closed their consulate months earlier. Once the attack was under way, why did the president fail to send assistance?

    Second, the president’s reaction to Benghazi reveals his utter lack of integrity. That he allowed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to fall on her sword rather than man-up and accept responsibility for his administration’s failure was not only despicable, it was cowardly.

    Third, Benghazi reveals the president to be dishonest. It is now clear that the administration knew almost immediately that the Benghazi attack was a premeditated act of terrorism. But, in order to protect his own political hide, the president engaged in a misinformation campaign aimed at deceiving the American public.

    And the president continues to lie daily in order to hide the cover-up. His most recent claim (and who can keep track, with his story constantly changing?) that he made information public as it became available to him has been proved patently false. And yet, he continues to claim that if he provided inaccurate information, it was simply “the fog of war.”

    Fourth, Benghazi reveals Obama’s deeply flawed ideological principles. Ironically, despite his flippant “fog of war” defense, Obama has never indicated that he regards the Benghazi murders as an attack upon America. To the contrary, his reflexive response was to describe the attack as a random act of violence provoked by American religious bigotry. He then went on to minimize the seriousness of this violence by calling it “less than optimal” and by jetting off to Vegas for a major fundraiser in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

  188. Laughable.. I guess his Czar of jobs didn’t work out.

    Carol E. Lee / Washington Wire:
    Obama Suggests ‘Secretary of Business’ in a 2nd Term — President Barack Obama signaled if he wins a second term he would appoint a Secretary of Business to oversee newly-consolidated government agencies, including the Small Business Administration, and predicted “a war” …

  189. What a PO$. So sick of all these idiots. Anything bad, doesn’t matter how bad, investigations of how our guys were murdered in Libya, it doesn’t matter the topic, every Obot MSM is all in to make sure their Messiah gets nothing bad said about him or the minion dems.

    Rahm Emanuel to 4th Grader: ‘After The Election, I’ll Tell You Some Funny Stories’ About Obama

  190. This is as much as I’ve been able to find about why Moochelle missed church yesterday:

    Michelle Obama avoids storm, will be in Chicago two nights – Chicago Tribune
    WASHINGTON — With Hurricane Sandy threatening the East Coast, first lady Michelle Obama planned to spend tonight in her native Chicago, campaign Monday in Iowa and return to her hometown Monday night, an aide said.
    The details of her plans while in Chicago, including whether she’ll stay at the family home in the Kenwood neighborhood, were not released. Daughters Malia and Sasha will not be part of her Midwestern swing, the aide said.

    If she’s returning tonight she will hardly miss the storm.

  191. (10/28/2012) “Axelrod: Negativity isn’t Obama’s closing message”(CNN)

    Candy opened her interview with Axelrod by referring him to recent poll results indicating that more people believe Romney would do a better job on the economy: R 51%; O 44%.

    Axelrod says there is a “plethora” of polls out there but Candy noted that is consistent with “a lot” of polls.
    Candy then asked about Romney’s momentum and the, in response to Axelrod’s comment regarding early voting, she stated that Dems generally do better in the early voting.

    Candy also noted that Obama’s approval rating is dropping and asks if Obama will continue to “pound” Romney in his “closing statements”. Axelrod replies that Romney is likewise “pounding” Obama.

  192. (10/28/2012) “Looking at the polls & state of the campaign in the homestretch” (CNN Political Ticker)

    Republican pollster Bill McInturff said pollsters could not predict who would win based on recent polling, saying the race was “(within) a 1-point margin with …10 days left” and that it would be “hubris” to predict victory for either candidate. However, McInturff did predict we’ll see the largest difference in voting by gender and ethnicity ever in a modern presidential election, with women and minorities supporting Obama. He also dismissed a recent Associated Press poll showing Obama and Romney tied among women voters with 47% each, calling it an “outlier.”

    That said, McInturff said it was important to look at the trends of the race, noting that Romney has improved in polling in every swing state since the first presidential debate and has kept his gains in almost all of those states since. He also said that Romney was leading with independents in nearly every Ohio poll since the debate and pointed to “historic low” consumer confidence. Based on these factors, said McInturff, the race was moving Romney’s way.

    Greenberg (Democratic pollster) agreed that the election was hard to predict based on the national polls, but suggested it was a different story based on the average of state polls and early voting. Both of these, said Greenberg, favored Obama. She disagreed that there was a trend toward Romney, saying the polls “have been pretty stable,” and thus the ground game was very important.

    She also disagreed with McInturff regarding a large gender gap, saying Obama has been “surprisingly competitive” among men while at the same time struggling among women. Only about 51% to 52% of women support the president, said Greenberg, but only 51% of men support Romney.

  193. Amarissa
    October 29th, 2012 at 12:53 am
    also I did see that the dems have had a higher turnout in early voting…

    But what if they are registered as Dems but voted for Mitt, that could happen…

    Amarissa…yes it could…’I’ can confirm that !


    Moon, the latest numbers i seen in the news in Fl,0,3545884.story

    The Associated Press

    10:52 a.m. EDT, October 29, 2012
    About 1.9 million Floridians have already cast ballots eight days before Election Day.

    The Department of State said as of Monday morning, nearly 1.4 million people had cast absentee ballots and more than 500,000 people cast ballots in person during the early voting period that began Saturday.

    The vote is nearly evenly split by party, with 784,444 ballots cast by Democrats and 774,304 ballots cast by Republicans. More than 307,000 ballots have been cast by voters who don’t belong to either major party.

    The total represents nearly 16 percent.


    imho…this “weather” factor makes alot of things unpredicable…

  194. (10/28/2012) “Alan Abramowitz Does Not Like Rasmussen, but his [original] statistical model [would] predict that Obama will lose the popular vote” (Red State)

    Alan Abramowitz does not like Scott Rasmussen. Who is Alan Abramowitz, you ask? I have no idea either, but according to Google he is a professor of political science at Emory University in Georgia.  Abramowitz published a piece at Huffington Post on Saturday that all but called Scott Rasmussen a partisan hack who has no clue what he’s doing.

    So what was Abramowitz’s proof?  He cited several battleground states in which Rasmussen found Romney performing better than the average of polls in the state, and that is apparently a crime.  What Abramowitz did not tell his readers is that in six other battleground states — MI, MN, MO, MT, NM, and PA –Rasmussen showed Romney doing worse than the RealClearPolitics’ average. This is what passes for intellectual rigor in Abramowitz’s world.

    During the 2nd quarter of 2012, real GDP increased only 1.3 percent. Obama’s average net approval rating (total approval minus total disapproval) was only 0.4 percent at the end of June. And the variable for re-election is 1.  Put all those together, and you have an Abramowitz popular vote prediction of…48% for Barack Obama.

    The most recent national tracking poll from Rasmussen shows Obama at 47%. What a hack.

    [Addendum: A Twitter correspondent of mine tells me that Abramowitz “tweaked” his model in July, when it became clear that his 2008 model would predict an Obama loss. The new and improved Abramowitz model predicts an Obama win, naturally.]

  195. Wow. What a contrast between these guys and Captain Dick.


    Soldiers from Army 3rd Reg guarding The Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery as #Sandy starts to rage

  196. sorry Tim, I didn’t see your link above. But God, what a picture. I can be and should be viewed more than once.

  197. Candy must be trying to recoup some of that lost credibility and journalistic objectivity, during the third debate, when she teamed up with O to debate Rom.

    I actually think Americans, in general, not just the pol junkies, are beginning aware of the media’s efforts to manipulate them, and are resisting it. Possibly, it’s even have the opposite of the desired effect.

  198. holdthemaccountable
    October 29th, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    misread Chicago article. Lucky them. She’s there tonight too. A lotta fundraising? partying?

    Stealth Campaigner and fundraiser while Obozo holds down the fort in DC. I heard he was rushed back to DC fearing they won’t be able fly in if they waited. It would be too funny if he got stranded.

    Nothing bad really, yet in DC. It is actually brightening up, but there has been a steady low grade rain since last night. No winds, yet.

  199. Gallup Monday: Romney up 5 among LVs, 51-46. Obama approval at 51-44 among all adults. Tied again among RVs at 48%.

  200. Norma Desmond
    October 29th, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    No worries, it is definitely worth posting twice and viewed many many times more. They are the country’s best. That picture is awe-inspiring.

  201. CNN/ORC poll has Romney up in FL 50-49. So you know we got that in the bag. CNN polls always skew left.

    Expect Romney up about 6 then….

    seee…….pollsters finally getting in line begrudgingly.

  202. By the way…..That’s 14 days in a row Romney has been at or above 50 in Gallup.

    Florida CNN : Romney 50, Obama 49. Romney winning 61% of white vote.

  203. New article.. nothing much new that we already didn’t know but another source writing it.

    Over the weekend, the newest, and by far the most disturbing, revelations surrounding the Benghazi attack were revealed. Several sources have pointed to the possibility that a major CIA gun-running operation aimed at arming anti-Assad Al-Qaeda-affiliated forces was in danger of being exposed. If true, the information casts an even more devastating pall over the Benghazi terrorist attack and the administration’s botched handling of the region.

    The decision to stand down as the Benghazi terrorist attack was underway was met with extreme opposition from the inside. The Washington Times‘s James Robbins, citing a source inside the military, reveals that General Carter Ham, commander of U.S. Africa Command, who got the same emails requesting help received by the White House, put a rapid response team together and notified the Pentagon it was ready to go. He was ordered to stay put. “His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow,” writes Robbins. “Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command.”

    If true, Ham has apparently decided he wants no part of the responsibility for the decision not to help those in harm’s way. He is not alone. As the Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol revealed late Friday, a spokesperson, “presumably at the direction of CIA director David Petraeus,” released the following statement: ”No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”

    Obama himself is stonewalling. During a Friday interview in Denver, the president revealed he was determined to postpone any revelation about Benghazi until after the election. “The election has nothing to do with four brave Americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened,” said Obama in answer to questions about possible denials of aid, and whether it’s fair that Americans will have to wait until after the election to find out the results of an investigation. On Saturday, Obama upped the ante, telling ”Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough that “if we find out there was a big breakdown and somebody didn’t do their job, they’ll be held accountable. Ultimately as Commander-in-Chief I am responsible and I don’t shy away from that responsibility.”

    Several sources have come up with explosive answers accounting for the administration’s reticence.


    now axelhole is going after the Des Moines Register’s newspaper, at least he didn’t call them RAAAACISTS, not yet at least.

    “Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod told a Des Moines Register (DMR) reporter that the newspaper’s endorsement of Mitt Romney was “confounding,” but would not stop them from carrying Iowa.

    “With all due respect to your editorial board, I think that the editorial itself was a little bit confounding,” Axelrod said on a conference call when a DMR reporter asked him to respond to the editorial.In particular, he said he disliked the DMR’s treatment of the Obama and Romney tax plans.

    “There is not a lot of difference between the two candidates’ short-term economic plans, as both are heavy on a promise of tax cuts for the middle class but short on details,” The Des Moines Register editors wrote in their first endorsement of a Republican presidential candidate since 1972. “Romney’s plan, however, goes beyond helping the middle class with tax breaks.”

    Keep reading…”

  205. Even Megyn Kelly is trying to spin for Barry. Overall she does a decent job, but find this line of early voting vs actual voters on nov 6th and shilling for him a bit too much.

  206. I am reading in comments at Althouse, Gen Ham is still in his post and not relieved. Don’t know what to believe.

  207. You don’t mess with the CIA


    You know who doesn’t like getting thrown under the bus? The CIA. You know what the CIA does when you try to throw it under the bus? They get even — quickly, quietly, and with fatal consequences.

    That seems the most logical explanation for the torrent of information pouring out this week (unless Hillary Rodham Clinton — also thrown under the bus by President Obama — is scrapping any chance of ever running for president again and is simply setting the whole administration on fire, along with her legacy as secretary of state).

    The main lesson from Watergate (after the no-brainer that you should never hire a guy named “Tricky Dick”) was this: The Cover-Up Is Worse Than The Crime. For some reason, Professor Obama seems not to know this crucial lesson. Or he’s just arrogant enough to say, “Well, that doesn’t apply to someone as brilliant as moi.”

    Make no mistake, though: There is a massive cover-up under way in the White House. Nothing else can explain the endless contradictions over the attack that left the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead. The White House has already had to rewrite the entire narrative once, holding a late night conference call with reporters just before a House hearing two weeks ago in which State Department officials told a whole new tale: There was no “spontaneous” protest over some anti-Islam video posted on YouTube. Instead, there were dozens of heavily armed terrorists who poured over a 9-foot-high fence covered with barbed wire to attack America on 9/11.

    Last week, Mr. Obama told another bald-faced lie when he declared at the presidential debate that he had termed the attack “terrorist” in a Rose Garden address the next day. He did no such thing; in fact, the White House and State Department took nearly two weeks to acknowledge it was a terrorist attack (all the while pushing the spontaneous protest and video canards).

    This week’s deluge of contradictions, though, is far worse. Communications among top officials — including those in the White House Situation Room — suddenly appeared (thanks CIA!). The first, titled “US Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack,” said “approximately 20 armed people fired shots; explosions have been heard as well. Ambassador [J. Christopher] Stevens, who is currently in Benghazi, and four COM [Chief of Mission/embassy] personnel are in the compound safe haven.”

    The last of the released emails said: “Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack.” In case you’ve never heard of them, Ansar al-Sharia is an anti-Moamar Gaddafi group made up of former rebels from the February 17 Brigade that demands the imposition of the strict Islamic Shariah law and is willing to murder to achieve its goals — what one might otherwise call a “terrorist group.”

    By week’s end, still fuming over the whole thrown-under-the-bus thing, the CIA appeared to strike again, this time by leaking more information heavily damaging to the White House — and the man in charge of the Situation Room, the president. “Sources on the ground in Benghazi” told Fox News that “an urgent request from the CIA annex for military backup during the attack on the U.S. consulate and subsequent attack several hours later on the annex itself was denied by the CIA chain of command — who also told the CIA operators twice to ‘stand down’ rather than help the ambassador’s team when shots were heard at approximately 9:40 p.m. in Benghazi on Sept. 11.”

    Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods and two others ignored the absurd order — Americans were under attack — swooped into the consulate and evacuated those stranded there. Mr. Woods and another former Navy SEAL would die seven hours later in mortar attacks.


  208. Oliver Stone does not like Obama anymore..

    But on subjects from Wall Street reform to health care to Afghanistan, Stone and Kuznick rip Obama for breaking campaign promises and continuing the policies of President George W. Bush — who’s roundly condemned throughout the book. In some instances, they write, Obama went further than Bush’s White House toward anti-progressive policies.

    “Obama asserted presidential power in ways that must have made Dick Cheney jealous,” they wrote.

    “In 2011, Obama defied his own top lawyers, insisting that he did not need congressional approval under the War Powers Resolution to continue military activities in Libya,” they continued, in their write-up of Obama’s handling of intervention in that country.

    Read more:

  209. Laughable, who they trying kid.

    New Pew national poll has race tied at 47%. Romney is up by 8 among independents, but Obama doing better among crossover voters.

    you cannot be tied with being up 8 with indies. Ridiculous sample i’d bet.

  210. More is being written. LIES catching up with Obama.

    The SecDef and the president have issued contradictory explanations. Either Mr. Obama ordered the Secretary of Defense to “do whatever we need to do,” or he didn’t. And either the secretary obeyed that order, or he didn’t. And he didn’t.

    It is also not clear whether the SecDef countermanded the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who is the direct military adviser to the president. Did the president as commander-in-chief issue an unequivocal order that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs received but chose not to execute? Or did the chairman reply that he would do nothing?

    Yet the general in charge of the Africa region has allegedly said he received no directive from Washington to dispatch military aid. Members of the mutual protective society of generals are offering the bizarre defense that our Africa Command could do nothing because it has no military assets; it’s some sort of ghost command. Even if that is true, the most powerful nation in the world has sufficient forces and flexibility to send fighter aircraft over a consulate in flames, or to land some troops at the secure airport east of Benghazi. After all, our embassy in Tripoli, 400 miles away, sent an aircraft with six Americans to fight in Benghazi. But our base in Sigonella, 480 miles away, sent no help.

    If General Dempsey had concluded that the U.S. military should do nothing, he would have reported his decision not to act back to his commander-in-chief before the latter went to bed to rest up for his campaign trip to Las Vegas the next day. After all, the ambassador was still missing. And brave Tyrone Woods was to die in a mortar attack five hours later. President Obama would naturally be more than a bit interested in why the military and the CIA did nothing after he explicitly ordered them “to make sure we are securing our personnel.”

    Surely it is in the president’s best interests to release a copy of his order, which the military would have sent to hundreds in the chain of command. And if the president did not direct the NSC “to do whatever we need to do,” then who was in charge? When the American ambassador is attacked and remains out of American hands for over seven hours as a battle rages — and our military sends no aid — either the crisis-response system inside the White House is incompetent, or top officials are covering up.

  211. Link posted on Politico:

    The Benghazi Story Refuses To Die, And It’s Hurting The President

    We still don’t know exactly what happened between the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA and the White House as Americans in Libya requested support for Ambassador Stevens and his team in their final hours, and we almost certainly won’t before the election.

    But that doesn’t do the administration much good. As various departments and officials leak to save their careers and retaliate against rivals, grenades keep getting lobbed and emails and memos keep getting leaked. The result is that the attack in Benghazi isn’t fading out of the news. As the last undecided voters make up their minds, the media outlets following this story with the greatest attention keep getting enough ammunition to keep the story alive and force the rest of the media to acknowledge the story, and that doesn’t help a White House simultaneously wrestling with a close election and a massive mutant storm hurtling at the East Coast.

    President Obama took office vowing to calm the seas and cool the earth; he is running for re-election in a world gone wild. What the White House wants and needs from Libya is no news at all; it needs for the people there to be quietly minding their business and rebuilding their land. It doesn’t need armed bands and pitched battles and massive assaults on American officials and posts in the city it intervened to save.

    The drip drip drip of new revelations, however, is the worst kind of news. Even though many of the new stories are minor, and some contain information that is actively helpful to the White House, anything that keeps this story alive makes the President’s re-election just a little bit tougher.

    Incumbents have two ways to use the foreign scene in a campaign. They can talk about a world of serenity and calm, as Bill Clinton did in 1996. Or they can argue that in a world of tumult and upheaval, the experienced hand is the wisest choice: that is what Franklin Roosevelt did to win an unprecedented third term in 1940.

    President Obama based his campaign on his success in calming the troubled waters overseas. He is liquidating wars, not starting them. He is cooling the hot anger in the Islamic world. He is promoting peace, reconciling adversaries, giving peace a chance.

    He could have run as a safe pair of hands in a scary world. He could have said that the terrorists are out their, plotting against us night and day. That our enemies are trying to win over the masses to launch a new clash of civilizations. That the situation in Iran presents the United States with its biggest challenge since the fall of the Soviet Union. In that kind of world, who can you trust? Obviously, the campaign could have said, an experienced man, tough enough to kill bin Laden, but deft enough to reach out to moderates in the Middle East. No gaffe-prone challenger would be safe in these troubled times.

    But the Obama administration believes that civilianizing American political discourse is necessary for Democrats to do well over the long haul, and to shift resources from the defense budget to domestic priorities. Talk of threats and terrorist enemies appalls and disheartens the Democratic base. The President therefore decided to run as the man who built peace and, if given four more years, would build that much more.

    He therefore needs for the world to look calm. Anything that undercuts that narrative undercuts his campaign. This is the most important problem Benghazi creates for him: it suggests a genuinely poisonous alternative narrative that the President in his naive eagerness to spread democracy and build bridges to moderates opened the door to radicals and then failed to deal with the threat they posed.

    The rise of this alternative perception is probably why the President has been losing his advantage on foreign policy in the post-debate polls. The MSM has not pursued the Benghazi story with anything like the single minded pack journalism feeding frenzy that would undoubtedly have taken place if something comparable had happened, say, in October 2004; nevertheless there has been just enough real news (and Fox and the blogosphere have just enough impact) to keep the story in public view.

    President Obama needs Benghazi to go away. Even with hurricanes and tsunamis it appears unlikely to do so; count this as another factor that has risen up to complicate what once looked like a relatively smooth campaign to renew President Obama’s White House lease.

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