No Apology: Romney Versus Obama International Treachery And Boobery At Florida Debate Fight

Update: There are football games on tonight. There is a big debate on tonight. We recommend as our entertainment pick the Spanish language program on Telemundo a show called Caso Cerrado. Watch it on reruns tonight if possible.

Caso Cerrado is a “Judge Judy” “People’s Court” type show. Tonight’s show featured a young woman with a ring around her lip and a big Obama T-shirt on. She is filing for divorce from her husband because he supports Romney. The audience and woman “judge” look upon her as a nut. This mocking attitude increases as we learn that she insists her husband abandon his viewpoint and adopt hers without exception. She is three months pregnant and says she will abort if Romney is elected. We have no doubt she is considered part of the DailyKooks “creative class”.

We’ll be watching and commenting on the debate tonight. We want to see if JBStonesFan is indeed a Romney good luck charm.

We are not the only ones watching and commenting. Powerline is on the job with a live blog of the debate. The Professor is also on the job and predicting an attack on Mitt Romney by the guy from Chicago. HotAir has an open thread: The third debate as well.

Hang on to your Mittins. The gloves come off tonight at 9:00 (ET).


Mitt Romney has a problem tonight: too many issues to beat Obama up with. Romney has to decide which way to attack and the consequences of each. In 2008 Obama attacked Hillary Clinton as a warmonger because Hillary made it plain that a nuclear attack by Iran against Israel risked the obliteration of Iran by the United States:

“I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president, we will attack Iran (if it attacks Israel),” Clinton said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them,” she said.

“That’s a terrible thing to say but those people who run Iran need to understand that because that perhaps will deter them from doing something that would be reckless, foolish and tragic,” Clinton said.”

Obama wants to tar Mitt Romney as a warmonger. That is the tactic Obama thinks will get women back to voting for him after so many women have fled.

Obama is right only about one thing in this “warmonger” smear: tonight’s debate is only about getting votes. Getting votes. Getting votes. Getting votes.

On many issues it will be tough for Romney to gain traction because Big Media has kept necessary information from the American voter. In addition there are so many lies coming from the Obama camp that it is near impossible to untangle the issues in the few minutes Romney will have tonight.

Consider: is there or is there not a post election meeting with Iran when Obama will be more flexible? How many lies have been uttered by Obama on Benhazi and will the Big Media moderator come to the rescue of Obama again?

That is not to say that Romney is paralyzed in discussing these issues. Quite the contrary, but Romney has to remember it’s about getting votes from American voters not a way to resolve international policy or untangle Obama lies. It’s about the voters and getting votes:

“Romney tonight can hit on a host of issues that are important to Jewish voters – not to mention the many conservatives who are diehard Israel supporters. These include Obama’s failure to reign in the Iranian nuclear program, his tilt toward the Palestinians, his awful relationship with Netanyahu, and even the rise of an Islamist regime in Egypt under his watch and his failure to back rebels against Israel’s nemesis, Bashar Assad.”

It’s in Boca Mitt:

“Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the Monday foreign policy debate should play to the Jewish TV audience like he was the star of a Borscht Belt revue.

Obama campaign affiliate Big Media will misrepresent or lie to protect Obama and injure Romney (see Politico’s latest nonsense). By now Romney knows this.

We are confident that Romney will expose Obama’s snubs of Netanyahu and outright insults when he thinks the microphones are off. Romney can make it clear that in human relations insulting peers is not a winning proposition. This line of argument will be harder for Obama to spin as evidence to smear Hillary Romney as a “warmonger”.

Romney can also note the anti-women policies of the Islamist states which now, because of Obama boobery and treachery, includes Egypt. Romney should declare that Bin Laden is dead because Navy Seals killed him but that his organization of murderous terrorists in growing and well fed on American blood thanks to Obama.

Romney can also note that Obama’s war on oil, war on coal, war on natural gas domestically makes the United States bow to the oil rich tyrants. That is also how Romney introduces the Obama apology tour and the Obama bows to despotic potentates.

Romney should address foreign policy in conjunction with domestic policy. This little noted story is something for Romney to discuss:

“PITTSBURGH (AP) — There’s been plenty of debate over the Marcellus Shale natural gas field, but new research adds a twist that could impact political and environmental battles. Two independent financial firms say the Marcellus isn’t just the biggest natural gas field in the country — it’s the cheapest place for energy companies to drill.

One of the reports adds that the Marcellus reserves that lie below parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and New York are far larger than recent government estimates, while another said the powerful combination of resource, cost and location is altering natural gas prices and market trends across the nation.

The Marcellus could contain “almost half of the current proven natural gas reserves in the U.S,” a report from Standard & Poor’s issued this week said.”

Will tonight’s debate matter? You betcha. Romney has already leaped over the “presidential” test. Now he can put Obama away, if Bob does not do a Candy.

While Obama bowed to the corrupt Romney can promise to make America a strong economy again. It’s the economy stupid – even when it’s about foreign policy.


343 thoughts on “No Apology: Romney Versus Obama International Treachery And Boobery At Florida Debate Fight

  1. I just can’t get past this:

    On September 11, at about 10 p.m. Libyan time (4 p.m. in Washington), Ambassador Chris Stevens and a small staff were inside our consulate in Benghazi when terrorists attacked. The consulate staff immediately contacted Washington and our embassy in Tripoli. The White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and numerous military headquarters monitored the entire battle in real time via the phone calls from Benghazi and video from a drone overhead.

    Our diplomats fought for seven hours without any aid from outside the country. Four Americans died while the Obama national-security team and our military passively watched and listened. The administration is being criticized for ignoring security needs before the attack and for falsely attributing the assault to a mob. But the most severe failure has gone unnoticed: namely, a failure to aid the living.

  2. Admin, maybe he will snigger like a monkey the way his VP did to distract, interfere and anger. No, he will LIE, and LIE and LIE more.

  3. You guys must read the link to the article in the National Review. The principals and Obama may have actually thought it was just a mob and it would dissipate and stood watching the attack. This is crazy and horrible. THEY DID NOTHING.
    Please READ that article.

    Secretary of State Clinton has said the responsibility was hers. But there has been no assertion that the State Department overruled the Pentagon out of concern about the sovereignty of Libyan air space. Instead, it appears passive groupthink prevailed, with the assumption being that a spontaneous mob would quickly run out of steam.


    The administration wrongly blamed a mob for the attack. Yet ironically, Mr. Obama’s chances of reelection would have plummeted were it not for the human decency of a mob that took the ambassador to the hospital before the terrorists returned.

    If the terrorists had taken his body and, with no Special Operations Forces hot on their trail, taunted America the next day — claiming the ambassador was still alive — the Benghazi tragedy would have escalated into an international disaster. The U.S. military sent no aid. Why?

  4. I think sitting favors Mitt…O can’t try wandering away (running away) from him or avoiding eye contact when Mitt goes after him…O is more constrained…

    Mitt can focus in like a lazer beam on O (as Bill would say)and O cannot go anywhere…

    Oh, and I heard that Mitt won the coin toss again…and he…Mitt…will get the last word…that is very good for him…

  5. I will not watch. I will come here after a while to read. I’m praying for Mitt. I will be watching Jason Morgan’s last day on General Hospital.

  6. moononpluto
    October 22nd, 2012 at 6:53 pm
    Mitt will do well tonight if he outlines a Pro America FP tonight and connects is hard to American jobs.

    What is FP?

  7. I will not watch either. Wife will though, she’s got a bunch of socks all rolled up to throw at the TV if the need arises. Can’t afford a new tv.

    Rooting for Romney, I hope he does he pounds OTurd on as much as he can in a very concrete precise way, and I hope Bobby Schieffer shuts the hell up and stays out of the way like Jim Leherer did.

    pm317 — I read that article, I agree with you, its gut wrenching, our 4 people fighting and no one in DC did a damn thing to help them! OTurd went to bed!! A$$hole.
    6 hours the fight was, they watched it live and no one did a damn thing to help them, not one damn thing!! If this was Bush, the damn Obot press might give a crap about these 4 murders, but since its OTurd, the Obot MSM will do everything to cover up for their Messiah. Those poor families, what must they think, their loved ones murdered on live camera feeds, and no one even tried to help them.

  8. CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson asked the obvious question yesterday: If we could fly an unarmed drone over the consulate while it was under attack, why didn’t we send the military in to rescue our people? (Last two Americans didn’t die until after 6 hours. What a shame! And Hillary got clearance from Libyan officials to fly.}

    {Admin, there is embed code for the video.}

  9. Romney should ask one simple question — the attack went on for 6 hours, two guys who died were still alive into the 6th hour. You guys were watching it. What else did you do besides watching? Instead of asking Obama that, he should turn to the camera and say: he and the American people want to know what the WH, the State and the Pentagon did during those 6 hours.

  10. He needs to compare Obama to Carter who once again attacked Israel today. They
    are literally 6 miles from my house and many streets closed off here in Boca.

  11. Why didn’t Patraeus, Panetta, Hillary do anything? Who told them not to do anything? Hillary at least seem to have tried to ready for fighter jets to fly over. Where is Panetta in all of this? If Obama told them to do nothing, these bastards should open their fucking mouth and say it. Didn’t Panetta say something like we only did what we were told to do or something like that?

  12. Yes 6 hours, from 3 to 9 PM Washington time. Everyone was in their offices when it started. They just watched.

  13. I’m not watching, either.

    I don’t think Libya will come up, much. Schieffer is sure to stifle any discussion and probably won’t even ask one specific question about the assassinations of 4 Americans.

    Thanks to all who are watching and blogging.

  14. pm317,

    Hate to say it but the POS doesn’t give a sh!t and neither do his buttkissrs. A$$hart Joe Klein said today it’s not significant. That black bytch from Georgia said the same thing. Dead Americans do not matter to these people. Only dead Muslims.

    Waiting for the presstitutes to cover the massacre is a lesson in futility.

    It’s disgusting.

  15. I am looking for a video I saw of Panetta, maybe the day after the attack — he had a resigned attitude and was passive to use the same word from the article and I remember vividly the word told.. At that time I was thinking: Why is he shrugging his shoulders? Shouldn’t he be involved in this?

  16. We haven’t heard much from Panetta at all since the Benghazi attack. But he can’t send troops to Libya without Obama’s say-so.

    Do we even know if Obama was in the room watching as the attack unfolded? Or was he in bed?

  17. The attack went on between 3 and 9 PM pur time, I would assume Obama watched it (the article linked above says he was there along with Biden and Panetta. Where was Hillary — that article does not mention her.

  18. Wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t eventually find out that Obummer was “out” somewhere and not even around. There is TOO much fishiness going on with this whole friggin thing.

  19. On 9/11 should not the ENTIRE US government everywhere be on high alert? I hope Romney brings this up. Why was bummer attending any policy meetings in the run up to 9/11 anniversary

  20. What the MSM says or what Bob Schieffer does does not matter. Romney has a chance to talk directly to the people and they liked what they saw so far. Even after the second debate when the MSM said Obama won, Romney’s numbers went up slightly. Romney has his prepared answers for all the 6 topics tonight, I am sure, and he will deliver them well, no matter what Obama and Bob say. That’s all he needs to do. Besides, he will revisit Benghazi with better info than last week.

    Also, 92% of the electorate already made up their minds. Those undecided 8% won’t follow foreign policy and stuff. They need to be picked up by the ground game and Romney has an elaborate field operation. That’s where much of his money is going.

    So tonight’s debate is for junkies like us who want to settle scores. Enjoy. 🙂

  21. “There’s been plenty of debate over the Marcellus Shale natural gas field”
    Best if he stays away from “shale”gas. That whole industry is looking more like a “” investor scam or a Ponzi scam. When the product costs less than 1/3 the cost of production, something smells.

  22. Hillary was on her major Asia/Pacific trip up until the day before the attack. I’m not sure exactly when she returned to the USA or if she flew to DC or NY.

  23. Our prayers are with you Mitt. America needs you to be focused, strong and Presidential.

    All of our hopes are riding on you tonight. We know you will deliver.

    Dionne Warwick I Say A Little Prayer

    Litt rayer

  24. Update: There are football games on tonight. There is a big debate on tonight. We recommend as our entertainment pick the Spanish language program on Telemundo a show called Caso Cerrado. Watch it on reruns tonight if possible.

    Caso Cerrado is a “Judge Judy” “People’s Court” type show. Tonight’s show featured a young woman with a ring around her lip and a big Obama T-shirt on. She is filing for divorce from her husband because he supports Romney. The audience and woman “judge” look upon her as a nut. This mocking attitude increases as we learn that she insists her husband abandon his viewpoint and adopt hers without exception. She is three months pregnant and says she will abort if Romney is elected. We have no doubt she is considered part of the DailyKooks “creative class”.

    We’ll be watching and commenting on the debate tonight. We want to see if JBStonesFan is indeed a Romney good luck charm.

    We are not the only ones watching and commenting. Powerline is on the job with a live blog of the debate. The Professor is also on the job and predicting an attack on Mitt Romney by the guy from Chicago. HotAir has an open thread: The third debate as well.

    Hang on to your Mittins. The gloves come off tonight at 9:00 (ET).


  25. This man is truly crazy

    Matthews Slams Young Romney Supporter Over Benghazi: ‘Read A Newspaper,’ ‘It’s All About The Video’
    by Noah Rothman | 7:47 pm, October 22nd, 2012

    MSNBC host Chris Matthews, surveying his Florida audience ahead of the final presidential debate, encountered a combative Mitt Romney supporter on Monday night. Their encounter became tense when the supporter suggested that members of Barack Obama’s administration were disingenuous when they claimed the attack in Benghazi in September happened spontaneously during a protest over an insulting YouTube video. “Read a newspaper,” Matthews said. “Everybody knows it’s all about the video. It’s all about the video.”

    Watch the clip below via MSNB

  26. Just watched a man I once had tremendous respect for, General Wesley Clark, grovel and shill for OTurd on O”Reilly’s show.

    Are these people that power hungry that the integrity of their souls for the love of this country no longer matters?

    Absolutely disgusting spectacle, another idiot who has proven himself to be a big ‘ol power hungry moron.

  27. Big Media projects Obama will squash Romney tonight because, they say, this is Obama’s turf and Romney has had so many alleged “gaffes”.

    Our fear is that Romney will play it safe because he does not want to hurt Mittmentum. “Play is safe” is for losers and rarely works.

  28. neetabug
    October 22nd, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Hello. No, I may peek for a little while, but I can’t stomach watching the smug Oturd.

  29. WTF! The question was about LIBYA, MItt. He’s meandering all over the f**king place and NOT attacking it. F**K the POS’s killing OBL. STAND UP FOR THE 4 DEAD AMERICAN!


  30. Mitt’s answer was pure BS. He had a perfect opportunity to lay out what happened in Libya and the POS’s horrible shortcomings but he fluffed it.


  31. Bobby makes fatuous intro. Two segments: Libya first.

    Romney won toss answers first (this is good).

    Romney starts with smile. Talks Arab Spring hopes. ” Instead in nation after nation disturbing events.” Syria, Libya, Mali, Egypt are all mentioned by Romney. Iran is the big threat because they want nukes. “We can’t kill our way out of this.” Radical Islam “is not on the run”. Comprehensive strategy needed.

    Obama reminds everyone he is C-I-C. Ended Iraq war he says. Afghanistan making progress he says. On Libya Obama says he made everything to secure those in harms way. Óbama talking slowly and haltingly. Obama says that despite this tragedy Libya is an opportunity. Obama attacks Romney as “all over the map.”

    Romney responds that the Muslim world must reject extremism on its own. Key foreign aid to foreign development, better education, gender equality, rule of law. But what has been happening is no progress but a region in tumult.

    Obama: Says Romney calls Al Qaida not the biggest threat but Russia. Wants to go to foreign policy of the past. More troops in Iraq. “Every time you’ve offered an opinion you’ve been wrong.”

  32. Here’s Schieffer.
    “Let’s give the president a chance.”

    Told y’all he was going to protect the POS.

    The POS is saying:well

    “I know you haven’t had a chance to execute foreign policy and every opinion you’ve offered has been wrong.”

    F**KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Mitt should have taken the POS out in the first minute. I don’t hear Schieffer telling the POS to give Mitt a chance.


    Mitt HS to associate the failed ME policies to LIBYA and he’s not.

  33. Hahahaha.

    Mitt just brought up the POS’s remark to Medvev that he’ll have more flexibility after the election.

  34. Here’s on thing I’ve learned as CIC. You’ve got to be clear and let them know where they stand.

    Oh I am ROTF.

  35. Romney: Attacking me is not an agenda.” “Russia is a geopolitical foe and Iran is the biggest national security threat.”

    Obama interrupts.

    Obama: “You’ve got to be clear.” Says he is for Israel and women’s rights. “Can’t do nation building” only over there.

  36. I’m bored already with this debate and if I’m bored, most of America will have turned off already.

    This debate is gonna do nothing.

  37. Toldya. The POS gets another pass on Libya. Now they’re on Syria. He dodges yet another bullet.

    Knew it.

    I’m gonna watch American Pickers.


  38. Hi from Middle East, all. It’s 4am. Watching on streaming.
    The POS is constantly interrupting. Not much he says is true, either.

  39. Syria: Should we reassess our policy?

    Obama: “We organized the international community.” “We coordinate with Israel”. Attacks Romney for suggestion of weapons to Syrian rebels.

    Romney: “Syria is an opportunity.” Should be a high priority to remove government. No military involvement. Our allies are concerned.

  40. This is just sparring thus far. Obama is trying to punch Romney but Romney won’t put his face in the path of the punch.

  41. Obama team wanted to come out of this being able to call Romney War Monger. They are not going to get it.

  42. FYI,

    3 other b logs I frequent have the same opinion I expressed that Mitt flubbed Libya.


    That’s all he had.

    And now the POS is so cocky he’s bringing up Libya again and talking Khaddafi, quoting Mitt’s statements on it. Actually sounds like a good attack.

    Mitt lost his moment.

  43. My wife’s done watching, she’s reading a book now. TV’s still on, but volume is turned down. Her assessment?

    Can she see Mitt Romney as CiC? her answer? Yes. And now she’s not paying that close attention to the remaining parts. Her opinion of Romney has not been changed for the worse because of this debate, she is still disgusted by OTurd and still voting for Romney.

  44. BO gets away with lyging and lying and attacking and attacking. I absolutely am so sick of this man. I hope we never have to see this lying “man” again in our lives.

  45. She did say that Romney seems much more calm, strong, not agitated like OTurd. Maybe that was the tactic. I can see that.

  46. Basil, Libya is a trap waiting and Mitt is not falling into it, its become so convoluted, they are waiting to rip into him on it. He’s not taking the bait.

  47. moononpluto
    October 22nd, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    I would tend to agree with that, it is convoluted, and it will ensnare Romney with it.

  48. I wonder how many more minutes BO will have during this debate? Let’s see of the moderator will give him equal time.

  49. Telling you tonight, not a lot of people will be watching this debate, football and baseball is going to kill it.

  50. Oh GAWD! Now Mitt says he agrees with the POS’s position on Mubarak and would have ousted him.

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Who was advising him for tonight??????? Ms Andrea Saul? Mr. Eric Ferhstrom.

    Also Mitt seems to have developed a severe case of stuttering. Must be contagious from the POS. He seems off his game.

  51. dot48 R doesn’t sound angry, but Barry is running in circles. I suppose it depends on what you want to hear. I, like basil would prefer that he delivers a knockout early.

  52. Damn, Bambi lame stream media will spin this as … see what he does to the leaders of other countries. Rather than bowing he kicks their ass.

    God damn

  53. Bobby to Romney “what would you do?” Romney: no military involvement. But this has gone on for a year. We should be leading.

    Obama: Romney does not have different ideas.

    Bobby to BO: On Egypt, any regrets? Obama says no.

    Romney says he wanted Mubarak to go too. But our mission to a more peaceful world. Mantle of leadership is on America. We must be strong. That begins with a strong economy. Iran’s Ahmadinejad says we are weak because our economy is weak. We need a strong military. We need strong allies. Stand by our principles. No where in the world is America’s influence today stronger.

  54. oh boy, did something just happen in the debate? TV volume went up again, did Romney just mention how one of our US reporters was sexually assaulted in Egypt?

  55. Sounds like Romney made the decision that I wrote about above. Make your points emphatically and be done with it. Hold your floor. He is doing that very well. Obama needs a knockout and he is not going to get it.

  56. Good – R bringing up debt and economy as national debt as security threat. Good!
    And,”Nowhere in the world are we more influential now than we were four years ago.”

  57. Romney knows that slow & steady wins the race. That is what he is doing. We here want red meat, but America simply wants a competent leader

  58. mcnorman,

    That chance has come and gone, twice. He won’t get a third try.

    I am listening, not watching, and MR sounds agitated.

  59. “Romney knows that slow & steady wins the race. That is what he is doing. We here want red meat, but America simply wants a competent leader”

    Agreed. Hopefully Romney will tie our economy with foreign policy.

  60. Outcome, this debate wil do MOTHING and i mean NOTHING, this is a jobs election, people want to talk JOBS not the middle east.

  61. America’s role in the world.

    Romney: Our principles: human rights, free enterprise, elections, free speech. But America must be strong and lead. We must strengthen our economy. We have to get our economy going. We don’t know what the world will throw at us in the future that is why we need a strong military. We have to stand by our allies. Tension with Israel is unfortunate. Pulling our missiles from Poland likewise. The Green Revolution in Iran Obama was silent.

    Obama: America is the one indispensable nation. America is stronger now that when I came into office. Our alliances have never been stronger. Make our economy stronger. Praised George Bush on economy.

    Romney: I’ve got a policy for the future. I know what it takes to create a growing economy. Obama said we now would be at 5.2% unemployment. Energy resources increased. There are opportunities in Latin America. Latin America is as big as China. Balance budget, good schools. Road to Greece is where we are going. We have to champion small businesses.

    [Romney is bringing it back to the economy over and over again.]

  62. Amy Alkon ‏@amyalkon

    We are “organizing entrepreneurship conferences with the Egyptians”? Hello? Are we the LA Convention Center?

    It happens when you screw things up or lose your place.

  63. I think Mitt was coached to be more animate but he’s coming off as more agitated – when listening only.

    But I just checked the tube and the tone with the image works.

    So clearly I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  64. Let him Bush bash people, it makes him look teeny tiny. Remember he accepts NO responsibility for anything and to try to blame blame blame it does not go over well with “the folks”

  65. Obama sees what Romney is up to by talking so much about the American economy so now Obama is talking about education and attacking Romney.

  66. For whatever reason, I think Romney has decided not to litigate Libya there. He probably knows that it is too predictable for Obama and he will lie through his teeth to make Romney look bad.

  67. “But I just checked the tube and the tone with the image works.”

    Basil, LOL, I agree with you, I had the same impression until I watched a bit of it, it works when watching it, but listening, there is a different impression.

  68. the visuals are the message. Obama looks constitently peevish – Romney is having a command performance tonight in every level he is winning this thing

  69. WTF AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are the FP questions???????? Why isn’t Schieffer moderatng? Is this the plan? Let the POS talk about whatever he wants to talk about and shut Mitt down?

    Now Schieffer wants to switch back to FP without giving Mitt a chance to respond to the POS’s insults but Mitt insists on having his say.

    The POS interrupts, mugs for the camera, lies about Mitt and generally seems to be modeling himself after Biteme.

  70. BO’s laugh and smirk when Romeny is talking reminds me a bit of Biden. Romney is not attacking the fraud enough. The fraud is getting away with attacking and lying and lying. OH! MY!

  71. “I think Romney is doing just fine..”

    So do I. Romney seems passionate, but calm, Oturd looks like a little kid trying to interrupt while saying “hey, I’m the Cic”. Note to Barky: real leaders don’t have to announce they are leaders, it is like an aura around them, people just know it.

  72. tim
    October 22nd, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    The same can’t be said to be true of the POS. He sounds bad whether you’re just listening and sounds even worse when you also watch him.

    As Ace says:

    He’s a SCOAMF

    A Stuttering Clusterf**k of a Miserable failure.

  73. this CNN dial is stacked tonight again like last week, you can tell, it goes up for Obama no matter when he speaks and before he speaks.

  74. I didn’t propose sequester. It’s not my fault.


    Mr Romney doesn’t understand. We have ships, we have bayonets not horses. What a nasty SOB.

  75. Bobby: Where are you getting the money for the military?

    Romney: Cut 5% of discretionary spending. #1 get rid of Obamacare. Take programs like Medicaid and give it to the states to run more efficiently.

    Obama: Math doesn’t work. Will spend more money on military that military does not want. The math doesn’t work. Our military budget should be driven by strategy.

    Romney: As governor I balanced budgets. As head of Olympics I balanced budgets. Obama has not balanced budgets. Our navy is smaller now than since 1917. Air Force older and smaller. Will not cut military budget by a trillion dollars.

    Obama: The sequester is not my proposal. We have fewer horses and bayonets governor because our military has changed.

  76. O is lecturing R on horses and bayonets. He does not come out very well.

    Now on to Israel. Attach on I same as attack on us?

  77. Keep in mind that O must absolutely knock it out of the park to have any benefit from this debate. Romney needs to remain calm and pick his opportunities to show his leadership. IMO, that is what people will remember.

  78. mcnorman
    October 22nd, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Schieffer is going to let Big Bird back in.

    I’d ROTF but I’m afraid it’s possible.


  79. How many times has the fraud reminded us that HE…HE is the president. Gee, wish we could have forgotten that.

  80. aNewNEWDEAL
    October 22nd, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    I think you’re right but I can’t blog and watch the tube at the same time. It’s in another room. So I’m just listening. Finally that frantic, rushed nervous quality in Mitt’s voice at the beginning of the debate is gone.

  81. Obama will stand with Israel if they are attacked? Is that in front or behind his muslim allies?

    By the way, listening to this on the radio again. There are time where I wondered “what the hell is Obama talking about”? I think the Obama believes that as long as be says something, just anything, then he doing practicing good debating skills. Too bad he sucks just like with everything else he does.

  82. Israel and Iran: An attack on Israel an attack on U.S.?

    Obama: If Israel is attacked I will stand with Israel. Military exercises with Israel scheduled for this week. Iran will not get nukes. We’ve organized international sanctions against Iran. A nuclear Iran is a threat to us and Israel. Romney wants premature action.

    Romney: We stand with Israel – diplomatically and militarily. A nuclear Iran is a threat to us all. Crippling sanctions should have been put in earlier. Tighten the sanctions and prevent Iranian ships carrying Iranian oil from reaching our ports. Iranian diplomats should be ostracized. A military action is the last resort.

    [Romney is doing what we wrote in today’s article regarding the women’s vote and not appearing like a warmonger.]

  83. the dials have to be stacked with Obots. I do not believe they are real undecideds. I predict even Frank Luntz’s bit after the debate will be stacked with Obots

  84. ecoast
    October 22nd, 2012 at 9:50 pm

    R wins this debate. He said he will prosecute Ahmednajad on inciting genocide.

    That went right past me but glad it was said.

  85. Romney is finally attacking the fraud…listing all BO’s mistakes since he took over. Romeny says BO has not shown strength.

  86. Romney: Iran saw weakness. Hits Obama with “no preconditions”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Obama began an apology tour. Criticizing America abroad by Obama. Snubbing Israel. The Iranian Mullahs noticed what Obama was saying and doing.

    Tighten sanctions. Indict Ahmadinejad.

    [Best moment for Romney by far.]

  87. After 4 years Obama should be stronger on Foreign affairs, its a bit of a bore fest really. I actually don’t care about this debate at all. Won’t move a dial.

  88. Figured Romney would shine on Israel and how the POS has treated Netanyahu. Maybe he’s gonna sum it up in closing, tie it all together and remind them all. Looks like CNN brought in the OBOTS .. this wont’ change the polls though

  89. Slamming the fact that Iran can’t have nukes.

    Good job.

    But the POS says nothing Mitt says is true. Starting with me apologizing . . . er, er . . .

  90. BO just said that when Romney said that BO had done a foreign apology tour when he was elected that Romeny lied.

    BO just says that others lie when they tell the truth about him and he gets away with it.

  91. obama is just not coming off as believable in his attacks on romney or his denials of romneys criticisims. hes peevish with a hint of boredom

  92. Haha…the whole country knows that the POS apologized all around the world. THIS IS A MUST FOR A NEW AD for the last few weeks

  93. When I came into office the world was divided and now the waters have recede the earth has healed and celestial choirs . . . oops . . . that was from another fairy tale.

    Now Mitt calls POS’s strategy an apology tour.


    And you didn’t go to Israel,



  94. Yes you went as a candidate to get votes,when you became POTUS, they became the enemy because you didnt need the votes.

  95. Obama says he did not apologize.

    Obama says Romney invested in Chinese company that did business with Iran.

    Obama says he spoke up during the Green Revolution.

    Obama says when he came into office the world was divided but not now.

    Romney: We’re 4 years closer to a nuclear Iran. We have wasted 4 years. I called it an apology tour because you want to the Middle East and snubbed Israel. They noticed you snubbed Israel. You told these Muslim countries America “dictates” to other nations. America did not “dictate” America liberates other countries.

    Obama: Talks about his trips and visiting Holocaust memorials. Who is credible to all parties involved?

  96. R Bringing it back to the chaos in the world – theme “we can’t afford another four years.” BAM!

  97. Bobby: What if Israel calls and says the bombers are on the way.

    Romney: No hypotheticals. I see Iran 4 years closer to a nuclear bomb. Chaos in the Middle East. Syria tens of thousands dead. Russia walking away from non proliferation treaties. Our economy weak. Obama given letter by Democratic Senators telling him to stop the tensions with Israel.

  98. I see Iran 4 years closer to the bomb
    I see jihadists rising
    I see Syria with 30G dead
    Trade debt with China
    North Korea exporting nuke technology
    Russia backing away from nuclear proliferation
    I see our power receding not growing

    Received a letter from 38 senators asking the POS to repair divisions with Israel.

  99. Outris
    October 22nd, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    What, Morris had it 3=0 Romney? I took my dogs for a walk, I melt watching, I handle a

    great deal of stress in charge of a very hectic unit as a nurse , but this is overwhelming me.

  100. Romney, imo, got a good hit with his line about Obama being silent about the green movement in Iran.

    Pak-ee-ston. Good grief.

  101. Now he’s trying and failing to remember a story and tell it but it’s bombing

    A random thought desperately in search of a cogent idea as Rush would say.

    Now Bobbie won’t let Mitt respond to whatever it is the POS was saying.. Mitt protests but doesn’t insist.

    BTW, Schieffer is not as bad as I thought he would be. (so far)

  102. gonzotx
    October 22nd, 2012 at 10:03 pm
    October 22nd, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    What, Morris had it 3=0 Romney? I took my dogs for a walk, I melt watching, I handle a

    great deal of stress in charge of a very hectic unit as a nurse , but this is overwhelming me.
    Morris had Obama winning 3-0 early in the debate. He now has it scored 4-3 in favor of Romney

  103. Obama: I killed Bin Laden. Romney would have asked Pakistan for permission. More sad anecdotes by Obama exploiting those that grieve lost family members. Biden was against the attack too – says Obama.

    Afghanistan: What to do if deadline comes and Afghans not ready?

    Romney: We’ll bring our troops out. Also Pakistan has 100 nuclear warheads and terrorists so we need to prevent it from becoming a failed state. Our aid has to be conditioned on benchmarks.

    Obama: I got us out of Afghanistan and Iraq. A surge too. Met many of our objectives. We need nation building at home. Having lunch with a veteran anecdote.

  104. BO hasn’t found a way to work his single mother into the fp debate, yet? Surprising.

    Obama, like most sociopaths, seems to believe his own lies. Truth is a relative thing for him, and something to be bent to serve his needs of the moment.

  105. General Allen says Pakistan helps our enemies; is it time to divorce Pakistan?

    Romney: Too dangerous and too important. Military runs the government. A failed Pakistan would be dangerous. Pakistan is technically an ally but not acting like one.

  106. R correctly noting power vacuum that will result from withdrawal from Afghanistan without goals or benchmarks,
    R correctly going back to big strategy.

  107. Bringing up Tunisian revolution? That started with a FRUSTRATED SMALL BUSINESS OWNER! There but for the grace of God….

  108. What sort of question was that, mentions China, then asks what biggest Nat Sec threat is…implying China…wtf.

  109. Right… “I, I, I, me, me, me…” Peevish. Narcissistic.
    Re china, good time to bring up Chinese solar panels…?

  110. went nosing around and this is the runaway winner line (which I didn’t hear) according to many bloggers.

    “We have not dictated to other countries–we have freed countries FROM dictators.”

    Greatest threat is a nuclear IRAN. TOUCHDOWN!

  111. But no mention by either candidate of the friction between Japan and China over those islands. That is a pot that is simmering with China sending its navy into the waters near the disputed islands.

  112. Not keen on China, but Romney’s answer about China seems plausible. China doesn’t want war which might wreck their economy. That’s believable to me, but I do not find them to be a trustworthy partner.

  113. Schieffer doesn’t look dignified anymore. He looks like the power-hungry evil old man he’s been for a long time. Legalinsurrection

  114. China does not want a shaky world but it needs to play fair like everyone else, Mitt is absolutely correct.

  115. You are familiar with shipping jobs overseas because you’ve invested in companies that do that.

    That’s what the POS says.

    Toldya Mitt should have slaim the POS over Libya.

  116. Great examples of Chinese trade infraction from R.
    O hitting back below the belt.
    O defending weak dollar – ???

  117. Mitt was powerful even though the POS tries to dismiss him saying you are ‘airbrushing history.”

    The POS’s handlers seems to have doubled up on the uppers.

  118. Mitt making strong points.

    The past 4 years have not worked.

    People on foodstamps rose by XXXXXX

    Number of people without jobs way up
    You promised 5,4% unemployment it’s still 8%

  119. Illinois Underground
    October 22nd, 2012 at 10:29 pm
    BRING UP NATIONAL DEBT as a security issue, PLEASE!
    Mitt did bring it up earlier.

  120. The MSM is going to do its best to push Obama up tonight, you can bank on it, CNN’s undecideds i can tell you now are not undecided, Romney’s dial hardly moved at all but Obama’s just kept going up no matter what he said, which was bollocks.

  121. Mitt gets final closing statement.

    The POS is blathering. Waiting for Mitt.

    Must admit he now seems animated. This was his best performance.

    I’m optimistic about future
    excited about prospects
    growing peace, real leadership
    get economy going
    POS’s path means $20 trillion in debt
    I want increased takehone pay
    I want to get people back to work with 12 mill more jobs.
    need a prez who can work across aisles. My state was 85% dem and I worked with them

    This nation is the hope of the earth.

    It’s free and prosperous thanks to greatest generation.

    We need to take the torch ..I want to help support and help this great nation.

    Very nice closing from Mitt.

  122. Way to go Mitt, he had to debate Big Bird and 2 moderators like our Hillary. He did what he had to do. I believe he will be a wonderful steward of this great country.

  123. Ooh… the Media isn’t exactly falling over itself to give Obama a massive win, here. Seems very Meh from all of them.

  124. There are NO undecided voters…neutral…at this point unless they are playing with less than a full deck.

    Those people just want on TV and are OBOTS mainly.

  125. Chris Matthews already dropping racist hate bombs on MSNBC. So he knows Obama lost the overall aspect. He’s not happy.

  126. Schieffer did a credible job, for the most part kept his adoration of the POS in check. He and Lehrer did the best jobs.

  127. Brit Hume : Romney had a job tonight, to come across as a plausile commander -in-chief. Seemed smooth and fluent, knowledgeable.

  128. I get sick of seeing BO and MOOCH trying to insert themselves in Romney’s loving family and trying to take over with those false hugs. Of course the Romney’s are classy, warm, and polite and I think BO and MOOSE take advantage of them since they have no family there and no personal friends.

  129. Chris Wallace says if he didn’t know the candidates and was seeing Mitt and the POS for the first time he would have thought Mitt was the incumbent and the POS the desperate challenger.

    And Wallace is a leftie

  130. BASIL99
    October 22nd, 2012 at 10:43 pm
    October 22nd, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Who won?

    We did.

    Basil…you said it better than I. WE won.

  131. gonzotx
    October 22nd, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    On left blogs?

    I’m seeing the opposite at the sites I visit. Mitt didn’t hit it out of the park but he held his own, remained presidential, warmed up as the night went on and gave a great closing.

    What’s your opinion?

  132. Wallace, who is pretty harsh on both sides, says Romney appeared far more presidential and Obama looked like a challenger.

  133. comment legal insurrection.

    R finished very strong after finally getting his sea legs about 1/2 way in. He was intermittently rocky and hesitant up to that point.

    Starting at about 9:45, with the deeper discussion on Iran, R starting hitting on 6 cylinders and by the time he finished that section, he was hitting on all 8 with his condemnation about the apology tour. After that, he simply left O IN THE DUST – BLEW HIS DOORS OFF!!

    Nicely done, Governor.

    Log in to Reply JackRussellTerrierist | October 22, 2012 at 10:44 pm
    o sneering, shaken, trying to rattle R with the snarky smiling, made a poor finish like the thin-skinned sore loser bully that he is, while R soared with the eagles.

    R laid o down for the count with his last set of remarks before the closing remarks.


  134. BASIL99
    October 22nd, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    No, sorry if unclear, about the moderator, BS being fair.

    Most conservative blogs happy with Romney, especially the finish

  135. Wallace statement about Obama looking like the challenger–I was watching PBS and someone there said the same thing!

  136. Romney’s strategy of not going after Libya, makes me wonder what else is going to come out on Libya. Only yesterday, most people would have seen the CBS news and Sharyl Atkinson’s report and the 7 hr attack and etc.

  137. Romney was clever not walking into the Benghazitrap, Notice Mitt was given that as the first question, so Obama could whallop him straight away, smart Mitt didnt walk into it.

  138. The fact that Obama was looking for a fight and Romney was not may say something about how the campaigns see this race going.

  139. Krauthammer coming up on Fox, all. This will be good.
    I think that Mitt was wise not to get into the brawl of semantics over Libya. Big Pink and the R campaign must have noticed that the media were obfuscating on behalf of the POS and it was no-win.

  140. Just quoted a tweet on Fox from a marine “we still use bayonets so maybe it is the President who is uninformed”

  141. Couldn’t find any CNN poll.

    I just heard that someone in the navy emailed Fox to tell them they still use bayonets. Bwahaha.

    FWIW, I agree that Romney needed to look presidential, to make any unforced errors, and to avoid saying anything that would allow Obama to characterize him as a warmonger. He accomplished that and then some.

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether we might see another post debate bounce or is that unlikely given that this was relatively boring.

    This just in: Krauthammer says Romney won!!!

  142. Brit Hume – Romney made his points.

    Chris Wallace – Romney was right on 3 fact checks. He looked like incumbant and O as challenger.

    Pat B – R accomlished what he set out to do. He talked about China’s cheating. He won.

    Greta – R won.

    Charles K – R won. Strategically.

    O is done. Fork time.

  143. Krauthammer:

    Mitt won tactically and strategically.

    Mitt went large, the POS went small.

    Staying away from Libya helped Mitt.

    High points: leveled charges of the apology charge. Said, “We don’t dictate to other nations, we liberate to them.”

    Mitt looked presidential, the POS did not.

  144. Charles Kraut – R won on apology tour. America strong. R went big and O went small. R looked presidential. O looked like he was running for city council.

  145. Listening to that tape, Bob tries to correct in mid stream…

    Obama……..’s. Bin Laden.

    He is gonna go down in history on that blooper.

  146. I think Mitt’s smartest moment was when the “hypothetical” question about Israel call about nuking Iran was asked and he said I will not discuss the hypothetical.


  147. Today I listened to the interview of the father of slain Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods on the Lars Larson radio show. If this doesn’t prove that the left was trying to create a situation were they could villify those evil American Christians by blaming an American Coptic Christian (who produced the video about Islam) for the slaughter in Benghazi nothing does. Obama’s administration wants to promote a UN ban on the criticism of Islam! This blaming of a Coptic Christian for the “sponteneous uprising” seemed to have blown up in the Obama regime’s face. And sadley it killed four Americans at the same time.

    Listen at 4:30 minutes to about 7:00 minutes.


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