Obama Suicide Watch At The Hofstra Halloween Horror

We’ll be commenting and having fun tonight in the comments section. Many website will have an open thread: The second debate. Join in. Watch. Comment. The debate is at 9:00 ET. Put your vintage WWII helmet on or one of those ornate Prussian Army helmets with the gold spike on top of the head and join us as we cavort and cavil.

It’s debate night #2 after Mitt Romney beat the Chicago stuffing out of Obama in debate #1. So what is going to happen? Logically most everyone should think that Barack Obama will do “well” tonight – although it might require grading on a curve for him to cross over the debate finish line as something more than a bleeding lump of flesh. Obama should do better. He should. He really really should.

Obama’s rested at the taxpayer dime for several days so he should be rested sufficiently to be awake tonight. His writers will have thought of clever things for him to say. Obama will consume B-12 vitamins, pills of some sort, like Neely O’Hara in the Valley Of The Dolls (“sparkle, sparkle!”), to get him to perform well. Obama will be in his element in front of an audience – ready for adulation and if there is no applause or fainting observers his advisers will assure him that it is because the spectators/participants don’t want the world to know that Obama is the man they love, so pep up Barack.

Yes, tonight should be a 50-50 split decision. Obama will do well. Romney will do well. But that would be a loss. Barack Obama needs a super undisputed massive victory over Romney if Obama is to change the political death trajectory he is on.

Obama is expected to do “well”. But already the obituaries are written. Today’s laments come from Arianna’s Huff n’ Puff website and conventional wisdom dispenser Howard Fineman:

“Last spring a leading Democrat in the Hispanic community begged top officials in President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign to find at least one new, inspiring idea for the 2012 campaign. [snip]

Obama officials hinted — but didn’t quite promise — that they would unveil a new proposal at the Democratic convention in Charlotte.

The convention came and went. Nothing.”

The show “Obama” like “Seinfeld” is a show about “nothing.” That’s the joke. The joke is no longer funny. Howard Fineman is aleady writing about who is to blame when Obama loses. Fineman is not talking about the debate. Fineman is talking about who is to blame when Obama loses the election:

“If the president ends up losing the race to Romney, here are some of the reasons — in addition to the lack of a fresh second-term agenda — that Democrats will eventually, but certainly, cite in public:

THE AXEMAN COMETH — Obama campaign mastermind David Axelrod is a romantic about the possibilities of government and politics, and seven years ago he began touting Obama as a purifying revelation to both. [snip]

NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS — The Obama campaign, and the Obama presidency, haven’t done a consistent or convincing job of touting whatever good news there is — and there are increasing amounts of it — about the economy. [snip]


CALLING IT “OBAMACARE” — In private polls for members of Congress, majorities of voters support the individual measures that comprise the landmark Affordable Care Act. But in most polls, the percentages drop when votes are asked if they support “Obamacare” — in one poll in a swing district, support dropped by 15 percentage points.


Fineman still thinks the failure is a failure to communicate. It’s sad.

More astute observers know it is about a missing core:

“In a stark warning on the eve of the second presidential debate, veteran Democratic strategists Stanley B. Greenberg and James Carville write in a newly released memo that the campaign “has reached a tipping point” that could cost President Obama reelection if he does not present a more compelling vision for the next four years.

“The first debate really did disrupt the race and presents a painful real-time test of what happens when the president tries to convince people of progress and offer[s] a very modest vision of future change,” the two say in a Democracy Corps memo cowritten with Erica Seifert, a senior associate at Greenberg’s polling firm. “Voters are not looking for continuity, but changes that help the average Joe.”

In an interview, Greenberg said that at the first debate, Mitt Romney caused many voters who are worried about the nation’s direction to view him in a new light, mostly by convincing them he had aggressive plans to improve the economy — even as Obama conveyed little about goals of his own.”

It’s a show about nothing. The empty suit with Obama in it.

Americans want change not forward into the abyss:

“That backward-looking focus, centered on defending his first term, they write, gave Romney “the opportunity to be heard as the voice of change.” And that, they insist, is dangerous for Obama because “it is clear … that voters do not want a continuation, they want change.” Moreover, they write, for many voters “conservatives have plausible things to say about the future, particularly on spending and debt.”

Tonight Barack Obama will shout “forward”. Mitt Romney will take out the map and show the car is in the ditch and might roll over and fall over the cliff. That’s what tonight is about.

We hope Romney does some of what we want him to do about Hillary and Benghazi. But in the end what matter is getting Obama out.


285 thoughts on “Obama Suicide Watch At The Hofstra Halloween Horror

  1. A 20 year old asks a question on jobs to Romney. This is a freebie to Romney. This should go over the fence home run.

  2. Help! I went to Fox News to watch the debate on my computer since I’m at a place tonight with no TV and all I can get is Martha Radish and Debate 1. Where can I get it on computer?

  3. Very likeable from Mitt…….oh there goes the finger.

    Ohh Obama stumbling already and looking dodgy already., i dont see empathy…..very rehearsed.

  4. I thought Mitt connected well with that first question and connected more with that student than Obama who is rambling through some kind of campaign talking points.

  5. Obama looks nervous. He is trying to project energy but he is using all his usual tricks – the catch in the voice, the super sympathetic look and sound – but his eyes look empty.

    Obama immediately attacked Romney in this answer while Romney looks on smiling the way a principal does when a child thinks he is putting something over on teacher.

  6. Southern Born
    October 16th, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    did you try cspan.org? or go to youtube.com, they are streaming it as well. hope this helps.

  7. At least BO appears to be awake this time around. Romney was pretty general and will, natually, get more specific on the followup qstns by the moderator.

  8. Dick Morris
    DickMorrisTweet #debates programs and stats
    5 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates a canned answer. Seems not to be relating to the kid. Romney really related to him, but Obama is talking past him and reeling off
    33 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates “Your future is bright” Obama says. Who believes that? citing stats about job creation is distant and remote. He’s giving
    59 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Very good answer. Shows he relates to the average person Likeable guy
    about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates scholarship in Mass is really good point. Sounds like a compassionate guy. Empathy. Good eye contact. Good sincerity.
    2 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates half of all June college grads are still unemployed. Romney sounds like a father. Romney showing he isin touch with average perso

  9. DickMorrisTweet #debates advantage Romney on first exchange. Romney sounds very good in saying things aren’t good. More credible than “your future is
    44 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates programs and stats

  10. Romney hitting back. Says we tried it Obama’s way and unemployment is higher than the statistics indicate. Romney also looks at Obama when he calls him a liar and says Obama took GM into bankruptcy.

    Obama attacks back. Says Romney only has a 1 point plan and that is to help the people at the top. He says Romney is not telling the truth.

    Romney wants to respond but Candy Crowley does not allow a response.

  11. Obama implies class warfare; that is, that R’s 5pt plan is really a 1pt plan for the rich. Moderator does not let ROmney rebutt BO.

  12. DickMorrisTweet #debates focus group on screen doesn’t like attack by Obama Romney should have insisted on the floor. Cant led moderator run over him
    20 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney has good comeback on auto industry. Necessary bankruptcy. Good comeback. Obama sounds bad attacking

  13. Yeah didn’t give Romney a chance to rebut. Hope that is not the pattern we will see all through the debate.

  14. An audience member asks Obama if he agrees with his Energy Secretary that his job is not to reduce gas prices. Obama starts a long winded response that is about what he thinks not whether he agrees with Chu or not.

    Is anyone watching CNN and do they still have those response lines up? We can’t imagine Obama is doing well with this response at all.

  15. I really am going to take the dogs for a walk, but Romney needs to not let Crowley stop him from responding to a personal attack

  16. DickMorrisTweet #debates group reaction. tneds down whenever he attacks
    6 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates if he could. Keep gas prices lower??? They’ve doubled since you were in office. obama doesn’t look good attacking. See focus
    23 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates doubled clean energy from 2% to 4% of energy generation. Nominal. And he won’t OK offshore drilling and would stop fracking if
    53 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates good harsh question on gas prices. Obama’s increase in oil production is due to Clintonand Bush prmits. new permits are way down

  17. I’m watching a bit online, when romney speaks I listen when OTurd speaks, I put it on mute with captions. The bit I heard, OTurd doesn’t sound assertive, he sounds angry, aggressive, but angry, not passionate, angry.

  18. If the POS is even half-way animated and engaged, MSM will exclaim that it was a huge victory for The Once. Hell, I’ll bet they have the copy ready to go, along with some doctored polls. They were unprepared for their darling to bomb last time. They’ll try very hard not to allow it to happen again.

  19. Romney says let’s look at Obama’s record not listen to his words. Then Romney uses numbers and facts to crush Obama. Romney is talking oil, coal, gas, solar. Romney says in coal country people grab his arm and as him to save them. Romney also brings up the Obama quote about his plans to bankrupt clean coal producers.

    Romney also talks about oil pipeline and jobs, jobs, jobs.

  20. DickMorrisTweet #debates pipeline is very popular. Romney is right for raisingpipeline issue. Advantage Romney in round two (and one)

  21. Obama is anticoal. Romney should cite doubling in gas prices. Excellent answer. Romney wins round 2. Pipeline

  22. DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama is not rebutting Romney’s stats. Obaam looks not likieable. Romney looks so much more likeable

  23. @tim – lol. Probably play a little Jay z in the background – like he did following a faux win against Hillary in one of the primaries. “Got 99 problems, and Mitt’s number one”. lol

  24. Oturd’s attacking with absolutely no specifics, its class warfare, etc, Romney is attacking on facts, actions, reality as it exists now.

    Even if this is a tie, its a romney win as I see it.

  25. Obama keeps calling Romney a liar. He does this standing in front of Romney and staring him in the face. Obama keeps doing that breathy thing with his voice to feign sympathy.

    Romney strikes back. He interrogates Obama directly. Obama takes time to talk about everything except answer Romney’s question. This is a very tense moment at both candidates circle each other. This is a Hofstra Halloween Horror moment.

    Romney continues to pummel as Obama tries to interrupt. Romney talks about his plans and about Obama’s failed polices.

  26. DickMorrisTweet #debates hot exchange. Romney wins this exchange. Obama seems intrusive. Romney is right about pump. Excellent answer by Romney Clear

  27. DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama can never persuade people that he is pro-oil. Romney stood up to Obama when he tried to interrupt
    3 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Nobody believes that low gas prices were due to collapse of economy. They never went down. Under prosperity they were lower

  28. Crowley follows up and asks Obama why gas prices have gone up if his policies have worked. Obama blames it on the past and the tough economy. Obama brags about how much pipeline he has built.

    Crowley tries to shut down the discussion and prevent a Romney response but Romney gives an answer anyway.

  29. DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney is polite and inssits on his turn. Obama is ungracious. Good question on deductions Romney good relates to the person

  30. FOremat — 2 mins per speaker — is not really going smoothly, imho. No real discussion is allowed, before moderator says “let’s move on.”

  31. DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney shows that he relates to the problems of the middle class. Romney’s answer on higher income earners is excellent

  32. Audience member asks questions on Romney’s tax plan. Romney uses Biden’s words in response and states the middle class has been buried these past four years and that is why he wants to lower taxes for the middle class while making sure upper income taxpayers do not pay less. Romney explains his tax cut plans in detail.

  33. DickMorrisTweet #debates Very good explanation of his plan. Very good on interest and divdendsand cap gains. REbuts the entire thrust of the Obama attack

  34. Romney is coming across more empathetic than Obama and his explanations are clear and to the point. I can remember what he says. Obama just rambles..

  35. DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney just won the election with that answer. Do you believe your taxes ahve been cut? Nobody does
    38 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  36. @Althouse:8:23: Romney is able to stay relaxed while dominating. Crowley and Obama both seem cranked up and stressed.

  37. DickMorrisTweet #debates Clinton created jobs by cutting capital gains not by raising income taxes. Obama is not credible in telling what Romney’s ideas

  38. BO: Middle class has been hit over the past decades…past 20 yrs. Hey BO what about these past 4 years, specifically. Pushes more class war fare rhetoric concerning R’s view on lower taxes across the board, which inc the rich.

  39. comments from ACE




    ROmney is ON IT NOW!!!

    Mitt is beating him like a goddam red-haired rented step mule!!!!!!

    Romney looks confident, sure of his statements
    Barry looks rehearsed, parroting lines
    Candy looks like she needs a haircut, diet and a nap.

    Barry looks desperate. I feel good. He can not keep up.

    This is the second time Candy has shut him down and not let him answer the president.

    Romney is debating Barack and Candy…

  40. DDickMorrisTweet #debates Excellent answer by Romney tying tax cuts into jobs. good answer on women jobs.People love small business answer
    36 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates are. Romney has to rebut that charge about lower rates for rich being “fair”. Romney explained that tax rate cuts would for allickMorrisTweet #debates Clinton created jobs by cutting capital gains not by raising income taxes. Obama is not credible in telling what Romney’s ideas

  41. DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama the balanced budget advocate and the tax cutter. Not credible. Obama’s attack on Romney’s personal tax payments looks bad
    12 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  42. Obama is doing a good job of “talking down to” rather than answering the questions from those who are asking them.

  43. comments from ACE




    ROmney is ON IT NOW!!!

    Mitt is beating him like a goddam red-haired rented step mule!!!!!!

    Romney looks confident, sure of his statements
    Barry looks rehearsed, parroting lines
    Candy looks like she needs a haircut, diet and a nap.

    Barry looks desperate. I feel good. He can not keep up.

    This is the second time Candy has shut him down and not let him answer the president.

    Romney is debating Barack and Candy…

  44. Obama continues to call Romney a liar. He cites Bill Clinton. He cites Romney interviews.

    Romney responds that he wants to bring rates down to help small business. Romney says this is about jobs. He explains that less taxes on small businesses will mean more jobs as they hire new workers. Romney talks about women losing jobs. 5 point plan. Obama starts to laugh but catches himself.

    Crowley to Obama quotes Romney’s plans and asks if this is settled? This is a softball to save Obama.

    Obama attacks Romney and calls him a liar. Obama cites the dollar numbers of Romney tax cuts and that Romney says this will not raise the deficit. Obama then cites Big Bird, calls Romney plans “sketchy”.

    Crowley asks Romney if the numbers don’t add up will he look to raise taxes?

    Romney cites his history of balancing budgets, business career, and successes. Romney then calls out Obama’s record of failure on debt and deficits. “The road to Greece.” Obama interrupts and Crowley tries to stop the discussion.

  45. BO: R’s tax credits will cost 5T p;us another 3T for other programs. No specifics. Math doesn’t add up.

    R: I ran businesses and olympics, etc., and balanced budgets. Lets talk about math that doesn’t add up…BO’s debt puts us on road to Greece.

    Crawley interrupsts Romney cause BO tried to interject. Looks like this is the plan again, to interrupt R so that he doesn’t finish his statements.

  46. GonzoTx, MoonOnPluto, the spam filter is getting nasty tonight. Lots of readers and lots of comments are slowing us down too. Apologies.

  47. moon, I think I tilt more to romney because this is the first time romney had to explain his points of view with no liberal Obot LSM filter. And OTurd is just looking very angry and kind of all over the place. Very defensive and looks just agitated.

  48. DickMorrisTweet #debates Now, at last, a question on which Obama has innate credibility. Obama is effective in his biography. Glass ceiling
    9 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Road to Greece is excellent. Obama’s problem is that on the underlying questions of deficits and gas he is not credible
    45 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Who blew up the deficit? Obama! It can be paid for by cutting spending.

  49. Obama gets question on what he’ll do about women’s pay and equal rights. He doesn’t even pay women same in his own White House

  50. DickMorrisTweet #debates Good answer by Obama on women pay. effective answer on women as breadwinners of family. But they can’t afford their loans

  51. I find these interruptions so annoying. I thought Crowley was fair, I don’t think so, she interrupts Romney, but not OTurd. And does not allow Romney to rebut anything, she interrupts him.

  52. And OTurd is just looking very angry and kind of all over the place. Very defensive and looks just agitated.
    It is a bitter thing for a dictator to see his power slipping away before 60 million of his erstwhile subjects.

  53. Young woman asks Obama about pay equity for women. Is she really an undecided voter? This is a fluffed pillow for Obama to weasel and bamboozle on. Obama delivers his usual rubbish.

    Romney talks about only men applying for jobs when he was governor. He says there was a concerted effort to bring in women. Went to women’s groups. Says a nationwide study declared that his government had the most women in powerful positions. Romney talks about flexible schedules.

    This is probably Romney’s finest answer thus far. Perhaps because it was unexpected that he would be so good on this is why we give good grades on this answer. Romney says “This is what I’ve done. I know what it takes to fix the economy. This is not a strong economy.” Talks about women and graduating young people.

    Obama reply’s by attacking Romney. Obama pulls out the red flag of abortion and contraception coverage. Obama attacks Romney repeatedly.

  54. R kicked BO’s ass on the gender equity issue by pointing out the poverty facing women today..

    BO is lost here…. started with Ledbetter Act health care blah blah balh…. two daughters to make sure they have a future.

  55. DickMorrisTweet #debates Excellent attack on economy by Romney. Obama rasies contraception issue. Good move. Good answer by Obama. Round three to Obama
    36 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney shows need for economy srrength as feminist issue
    3 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates flexible hours, great point. Show srelates the average person. Great example of chief of staff woman
    3 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates and there are no jobs. Very good answer by Obama. His first. Women like Romney’s answer and his woman record of appointments

  56. Uh. Why has this questioning about jobs turned into contraceptions? I guess the idiot thinks that is all women think about.

  57. moononpluto
    October 16th, 2012 at 9:37 pm
    Good for Candy, being fair on both tonight.

    I am not hearing that

  58. BO is lost here…. started with Ledbetter Act health care blah blah balh…. two daughters to make sure they have a future.
    They travel thoughout the world, to the best places, with secret service detachments. Their future is not an issue.

  59. Obot, through and through. What a load of bullcrap. Just as predicted Obot Candy Crowley made sure this question was asked. I guess they think people are that stupid to not see through this.

  60. DickMorrisTweet #debates balanced budget. good difference between Bush and Romney. Great shot on deficits. Small business. Good hit on big business
    26 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney leads 2-1. Excellent question about Bush.Good answer on energy difference. Good answer on China. and latin Amer

  61. DickMorrisTweet #debates brilliant answer by Romney. Key win. Very crucial Advantage Romney (Romey 3 Obama 1). Now Obama hits Bush. But what about Rom
    16 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates brilliant move identifying with small business and knocking big business. Obamacare v jobs. “I know how to make that happen”
    51 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  62. DickMorrisTweet #debates Does anyone believe that Obama created jobs? Outsourcing to China. Good challenge by Obama. How will Romney answer

  63. DickMorrisTweet #debates obama looked bad asking about speaking time when clock showed him having the advantage

  64. Romney says that he is different from Bush in that he will crack down on China and sign free trade agreements with Latin America. Another difference is he will reduce the deficit which Obama promised but failed to do. Also will help small business. “My priority is jobs. President Bush had a different path for a different time.”

    Obama says he came in during hard times. Blame Bush. Calls Romney a liar. Says his plans are the same as Bush. Says Romney invested in companies that invested in China and invests in companies that spy on Chinese citizens. Obama says he has fought against China and Romney opposed fighting China.

    Obama praises Bush for Planned Parenthood support and other policies. Calls Romney extreme.

  65. DickMorrisTweet #debates Good to see Romney’s steadty face in the face of attacks. Biased modrator for giving Obama the next question when he is 3 mins

  66. Romney Hit Caused Audible Gasp

    According to pool reports, “there was an audible gasp from the audience when Romney said ‘you’ll get your chance in a moment’ to POTUS.”

  67. DickMorrisTweet #debates Now Obama is four minutes ahead in speaking time. A lot of “us” are struggling? You are struggling???
    24 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates ahead. Romney needs to answer China charge. Good to have black question Obama with negative.

  68. many of the women in my family who are watching this, a couple voted for Oturd last time, basically said OTurd just looks like a rambling bully, Romney much more gentlemanly, tough yes, but not a bully.

  69. DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama has a five minute edge now!! Obama looks mean spirited. Doesn’t seem likeable.
    10 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  70. Crowley has got a problem. Unequal allocation of time PROVES TO THE WORLD THAT SHE AND HER NETWORK ARE BIASED AND UNFAIR.

  71. OBama –Election is about “Whose promises are more likely to help you in your life”. Yeah, we’ve seen how his promises have all turned out….

  72. Candy is unable to control Obama..she is being deferential and afraid to call his time out.. her bias (or fear) is showing.

  73. I think Barry thinks if he speaks more that means he’s more convincing and will get more votes. Articulate convincing arguments don’t need rambling arguments. Barry’s a rambling bully, he’s talking more, but says nothing of value or substance.

  74. Candy is unable to control Obama..she is being deferential and afraid to call his time out.. her bias (or fear) is showing. Not good.

  75. DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney has very good answer on middle class Romney shows great knowledge and fluency with stats.
    12 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates “I think you know better” is excellent line. He’ll do more of same. Good attack. Good point on immigration. Good rendition

  76. A black man from the audience says he voted for Obama in 2008 asks why he should vote for him again?

    Obama says he has done a lot. Obama dead, Al Qaida leaders dead. Obamacare, Wall Street Reform, saved auto industry. Says he has a plan. Says he has kept his commitments. Says worry about Romney keeping his promises to cut Planned Parenthood funding and repeal Obamacare.

    Romney replies. “I think you know better.” “If you elect Obama you know what you will get – a repeat of the last four years.” Obama promised in his plan unemployment would be 5.4%. Not done. On Social Security, immigration, Medicare, deficit cut in half, middle class reduction in health care costs but got an increase, middle class getting crushed, does not know how to get the economy working, unemployment has not been reduced, more people in poverty, lots more people on food stamps, economy growing more slowly this year that last year and last year less than previous year, his policies have not worked.

    Really strong answer from Romney. Is this the new best answer?

    Romney continues: “Obama has tried but his policies have failed. We have a record to look at.” Median incomes down.

    This has been a devastating response by Romney.

  77. don’t need rambling arguments. Barry’s a rambling bully, he’s talking more, but says nothing of value or substance
    He’s a rambling wreck from Harvard tech and a visiting professor of law. What do we expect. Sounds like he is channeling his inner Jerimiah Wright. How Christian of him.

  78. this is probably the first time most of these people are hearing these stats.. because they aren’t on the front page of the NYTimes

  79. DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney is doing as well as he can on immigration. But his answer on anchor babies getting a path to citizenship is a good one
    · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Immigation question. Welcome legal immigrants good line. No drivers licenses to illegal arrivals. Pathway to residence for kids
    33 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney has edge on this exchange OBAMA 1. ROMNEY 4 evening up time now
    2 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Good citation of Reagan. Policies haven’t worked. Great hit by Romney. Shows Obama is great speaker but didn’t do job

  80. Romney immigration response: Wants streamlined immigration process. Cites respect for immigrants and his parents born in Mexico and his wife from Wales. Will not grant amnesty. Employer verification system. No immigration magnets. There should be a pathway for children of illegal immigrants.

    Obama promised in his first year to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Did not even submit such legislation even though he had full control of the legislature.

    Obama replies with a “nation of immigrants” flowery language. Does not explain why he did not pass comprehensive immigration law as he promised even though he controlled the Congress.

  81. DickMorrisTweet #debates Overwhelming theme of debate is Obama’s failures on the economy. Romney has made that the key issue. there is no equivalent
    3 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  82. This is the narrative, no matter what

    Chris Matthews ‏@hardball_chris

    Obama won big on W policies and equal treatment for women and on taxes before that. He is way ahead.


  83. morris is scoring this debate question by question. But not all questions are of equal importance to the electorate. That is where his scoring method can be a little misleading. Obama has an advantage on the soft issues–like glass ceiling and immigration. But Romney has the clear advantage when it comes to hard issues like the economy which matter to men and women of all races.

  84. MoonOnPluto, yes, Obama’s immigration answer was lame at best.

    Romney says he wanted e-verify to go national. Romney quotes from Univision interview and says Obama promised but did not even file legislation in the congress he controlled.

    Romney not in favor of rounding up people and deporting them.

    Obama rudely interrupts but Romney holds his ground. Romney takes the time to explain his money is in a trust fund. Asks Obama if he has looked at his own pensions and that he too has investments in China.

    Obama calls Romney a liar on e=verify and says that Romney meant support for the Arizona law.

    Obama blames Republicans for not passing comprehensive immigration reform.

  85. DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney hits home immigration question why didn’t you introduce law. good he gets back to China. Romney takes the floor well
    about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama plays the race card very overtly. A child who looks like your child or mine and might not be a citizen…” Low blow

  86. “This is the narrative, no matter what

    Chris Matthews ‏@hardball_chris

    Obama won big on W policies and equal treatment for women and on taxes before that. He is way ahead.”

    Gonztx, perhaps, those are very radical liberals.

    But really most people no longer care about Bush, hell I would vote for George W Bush over OTurd. And I could not stand GWB, but he’s a heck of alot better than the fraud Barry. How long are they going to trot out the “blame bush” card, people don’t care anymore about blame, they want results. And a woman-hating loser like Matthews hardly speaks for women, and where was he in 2008, that’s right, *crickets*

  87. DickMorrisTweet #debates but Romney did answer Cina charge well by citing blind trust.. Libya question. Beef up security after milke was spilled
    25 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney didn’t look good there in shouting exchange with Obama. Obama didn’t either. Obama’s imigration answer is better

  88. Benghazi! Who denied extra security for embassy?

    Obama praises diplomats. Says he called to beef up security and to hold failures to account. Obama promises revenge. Obama attacks Romney press release. Says that is not how a commander in chief operates.

    Romney has a look of utter contempt as he stares at Obama.

    Obama says he takes responsibility.

  89. Candy Crowley is a disgusting “MOMMY” for wittle Barry and I had to stop watching her for a few minutes.

    I hope I never have to see her biased fat face again in my life. What would wittle Barry do without these moderators to bail him out and fluff his pillows?

  90. DickMorrisTweet #debates He is repeating Hillary’sline verbatm “no one wants this more than me”
    ——————Romney should filet Obama over that statement–but the fundraiser was still more important

  91. DickMorrisTweet #debates Good for Romney zeroing in on terrorist attack. Why didn’t we know? Excellant rebuttal by Romney. Good for focus on pres polic

  92. DickMorrisTweet #debates Good rendition of for pol failures. FAilure of his policies. Weakness by Obama. ROMNEY WINS THE EXCHANGE 5-2.

  93. Romney replies. Expresses sympathy for those killed. Says it was a terrorist attack. Misleading or genuine confusion. How could we not have known?

    What was troubling that the next day, when we didn’t know what was happening Obama flew off to a fundraiser. These actions have a material and symbolic meaning. This was an attack by terrorists.

    Syria, Iran, Egypt, Obama policy in the Middle East is failing. Obama began with an apology tour and his policies have failed.

    Crowley asks if the buck stops with the Secretary of State.

    Obama says she works for me and I am responsible. Obama says the next day he said this was an act of terror.

    Obama says that the suggestion that anybody on my team would play politics or mislead is offensive.

    Romney hits and says that Obama did not say it was an act of terror.

    Crowley says Obama did say it was an act of terror. Defends Obama. But then admits when pressed by Romney that it took weeks to stop the talk about the video and the spontaneous demonstration.

  94. DickMorrisTweet #debates Good shot by Obama on Las Vegas charge. Good ansswer by Obama on offensive implication. Romney right on two weeks to come out

  95. No matter what they will try and call this for Obama tonight.

    I can’t believe he is getting away with the lies on Libya.

  96. What have you done about assault weapons?

    Obama: Second Amendment. Sad story of a mother who lost son. More sad stories from Obama.

  97. DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama won Libya question by his pasionate answer. But we all know that he said it was about the movie. score: 5-3 Romney

  98. Based on what I say, its not a outright smackdown like the first debate, but a confirmation that the romney people saw in the first debate wasn’t a fluke. This debate was reassurance for voters of Romney.

    The Obot LSM will of course say their Messiah Barry won, but it still tilts Romney’s way this second debate. People will see what they saw with their own eyes, no matter what the OBot LSM spins for their Messiah.

  99. DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama looks weak in gun answer. He seems tentitive. Will hurt him on the left. He’s scared of the NRA
    10 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  100. DickMorrisTweet #debates good answer on pushing marriage. Good answer. Culture works. Fast and furious. Excellent hit on fast and furious. edge to Rom
    14 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  101. So people who were watching every Obot LSM will ask “what? how the hell did 2000 high caliber guns get into murderers hands?” and “how is it this is the first I’ve heard of this??”

  102. DickMorrisTweet #debates Education issue must focus on school choice which Obama has not touched.
    19 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates ROMNEY AHEAD 6-3. Good bipartisan ansswer by Romney.Obama just doesn’t look good when he’s scoring points and making hits
    In tennis, 6-3 is a set. And if there is only one complete set, it is also the match.

  103. Does BO EVER, EVER really answer a question. Rambling man makes a lot of stops but never answers the question. When he finishes rambling you never know where he is going to end up…Hong Kong or Hawaii or La La Land.

  104. Southern Born
    October 16th, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    Its very tiring and annoying to listen to his nonanswer answers. What teleprompter reading joke this man is.

  105. DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama looks badly fighting with moderater Good for Romney explaining currency manipulation. Good shot on currency manipulator

  106. DickMorrisTweet #debates no defense of Obamacare from Obama. Clear win on China for Romney. By winning China issue Romney claims key ground
    15 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Romney wins the china issue very important. ROMNEY 7-3. Excellent shot at Obamacare and the economy. No Obamacare defense
    about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  107. Obots will be ecstatic and proclaim Obama a winner simply because he was more animated and alert but actual voters watching this debate aren’t going to be swayed by his rambling hot air and lies…

  108. DickMorrisTweet #debates In debate as a whole, Romney is undoubtedly in the same league as Obama. That is, innately, a victory for Romney
    25 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  109. I think Crowley tried to be fair in the beginning, but she could not contain her Obot-ness towards the end, that I saw.

    OTurd, a bully, rambling, all over the place; Romney, calm, explained things very well, more specifically, assertive without being a bully.

    My humble opinion as just one independent voters.

  110. DickMorrisTweet #debates In debate as a whole, Romney is undoubtedly in the same league as Obama. That is, innately, a victory for Romney
    25 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    ???? I think Big bird is not in the same league as Romney, Romney is way above the AFFIRMATIVE action bird.

  111. DickMorrisTweet #debates not as big as first debate, but a definite win nonetheless. Romney will continue momentum as a result of this debate
    35 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama opens himself on China. Very good hit on Obama over China. Key shots by Romney. This debate is a win for Romney.
    about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  112. Can’t believe Obama lied blatantly about calling it a terror attack in Rose garden. Can’t believe Candy stepped in to prop him up.

  113. DickMorrisTweet #debates VEry good answer y Romney. Compassion. Relates. Generous. responsibility. Opens himself to show a heart
    14 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  114. So all the Obama people did was spin all day about how he would talk about what he would do for his next four years. Never. Once. Happened.

  115. pm317, I bet an ad like that will be on YouTube shortly. Also, I think the Romney campaign should have an ad with that energy confrontation early in the debate where Obama wouldn’t answer and show it in states where that issue is important…

  116. Apparently Obots and the currents idiot dems think interrupting just to interrupt another argument/point of view is “aggressive”. Most independents do not see it that way, they actually want to hear that other argument with facts and would find it very annoying to not be able to hear it.

  117. I think Big bird is not in the same league as Romney, Romney is way above the AFFIRMATIVE action bird.
    No doubt about it. A crisp set of answers and a genial nature vs a rambing wreck from harvard tech with a track record of failure.

  118. oh no, the 47% comment, again??

    Moon, dials dropping for OTurd when he mentions it, are these the closing arguments?

  119. DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama four minute advantage. Result: Romney won and will giain in the polls as a result
    16 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Effecive hit on 47% but look how focus group doesn’t like it. Obama identifies with downtrodden. Credible. But economy fails
    41 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates Obama believes in individual responsibility. “You didn’t build it” “individualism doesn’t work” Obama statements
    about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    DickMorrisTweet #debates He shows real caring. Really good answer by Romney Now its 8-3 Romney. He really seems sincere and caring

  120. Watched CNN online to see the meter. Obama flatlined on his last answer. Romney didn’t. Final time tally. Obama 44:05, Romney 40:50.

    WTG, Crawley, you jerk.

    Also, contrary to Morris, on the illegal immigrant question, Romney did better than Obama on the meter.

  121. I had to watch the ending. Barry is just sounding so nasty at this point, almost like he’s throwing the kitchen sink at Romney. I don’t like this. NO real plans for the next 4 years, but rather going after romney as a person.

  122. Another debate over, and the President STILL hasn’t offered one new policy that would make the next 4 years different than the last 4.

  123. DickMorrisTweet #debates Thanks for joining me during tonight’s debate. Please watch my video tomorrow of my analysis of the debate at DickMorris.com
    about 1 minute ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  124. I honestly do not see how this will stop the momentum for romney. Only if Romney had just fallen flat on his face, which he did not. I don’t think anyone of any level of independence will like the personal attacks on Romney or the bullying, rambling and no specifics on how the next 4 years will be different than the last 4.

    Obot LSM will call it for OTurd, but the real people who saw this unfiltered will not.

  125. Yes, Obama did not get what he needed, they wanted him to come out and win all guns blazing, did’nt do it.

  126. Is there anybody here who thinks they can stand to see or hear Rambling Barack for another four years? My dislike of him during his 2008 campaign and attacks on Hillary have now turned to pure disgust and loathing.

    All Obama does is attack or say a bunch of words and I get lost in trying to follow what he is saying and it is with almost all his answers…no they were not answers…just rambling words.

    I can’t remember when I’ve heard a person just talk and talk, NEVER answer a question and then you have no idea what they just said when they finish.

  127. Obama had to win. All the pundits said that. But he lost. He lost on style, he lost on demeanor, and he lost on substance. The media fails to realize that hard as they may try, you cannot make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

  128. Romney campaign could make a devastating ad by having a clip of Crowley/Obama claiming he said it was a terrorist attack the day after and the actual words he said that day in the Rose garden. It would not only show Obama to be a liar but also how the media protects him.

  129. @Althouse:And now, I’m so outraged at Crowley’s intrusion to make an incorrect assertion to side with Obama that I can barely pay attention to the rest of this.

  130. If Obama’s goal tonight was to sell his 2d term agenda or discredit Romney as a potential POTUS, he failed.

  131. jbstonesfan
    October 16th, 2012 at 10:46 pm
    How did we do?
    According to Morris we won 8-3/

    How was the movie Josie Wales?

    That was a Clint Eastwood movie was it not?

    If you see him, tell him the Empty Chair rambled on, aided an abetted by fat Candy, but he still got his ass kicked.

    He will understand.

  132. Jesus Ben Smith …….from Buzzfeed.

    “Romney did, again, come away looking like a guy who could be president, which is probably the most important thing.”

  133. The main this did is reassure voters about Romney. Even the former Obots in my family are now leaning towards Romney, they were after the first debate, but this sort of reassured them about voting for romney.

  134. Obama did call it a terror attack, BUT note he started even then the “disrepect of another religion” meme.

  135. David Gergen says that Obama had improvement but Romney has had two good debates and looks more presidential.

  136. admin
    October 16th, 2012 at 10:44 pm
    Crowley lied. Obama did not say Benghazi was a terror attack the day after in the Rose Garden.
    CNN has some exposure here. How do we get that fact to FOX, so they can use it against them? She lied, and that lie must not go unanswered. Also, it should be sent to the Wall Street Journal. Lying by the moderator is beyond the pale. They need to make an example of her over that one. And, equally important, the lie must be rebutted so the public is clear that there is a cover-up here.

  137. I agree admin, she lied, and made people think what she said was the correct facts, when it fact it was her opinion.
    And she interrupted Romney to “correct” Romney with the wrong information.

  138. What is wrong with Fox, It seems they don’t realize how stacked these debates are against Romney and for him to do as well as he is, they are unreasonable. I hate Wallace. Always have.

  139. okay. he called it a terror attack. BUT he attributed that terror attack to the video and not al Qaeda. Terror is simply an adjective. The root cause is the issue. And for two weeks he mislead us on this issue. And Rice did so as well, by going so far as to say that it was caused by the video and was NOT a terrorist attack.

  140. tim
    October 16th, 2012 at 10:59 pm
    I agree admin, she lied, and made people think what she said was the correct facts, when it fact it was her opinion.
    And she interrupted Romney to “correct” Romney with the wrong information.

    tim, watch the video. Obama did call it an attack, but was already laying down the groundwork for the “Mohammad vide” excuse when he talked about disrepecting any religion. Romney got Crowley to admit it was 2 weeks before they quit that mantra.

    Good job by Romney.

  141. Yeah, Romney missed an opening on Libya and let Obama score on it. Hillary’s news from yesterday helped Obama say the perfunctory I take responsibilities..

  142. In the @CBSNews Instant Poll, 65% say Romney won on the issue of the economy. 34% say Obama won on the economy.

  143. The people who said Obama won are the same people who watch cnn because because it supports Obama. How relevant is a poll of those people? Half of them probably did not even watch the debate, but phoned in or were paid to phone in to deliver their partisan message.

  144. In the @CBSNews Instant Poll, 65% say Romney won on the issue of the economy. 34% say Obama won on the economy.
    That is more like it. A higher class audience than we see on cnn.

  145. admin
    October 16th, 2012 at 10:44 pm
    Crowley lied. Obama did not say Benghazi was a terror attack the day after in the Rose Garden.









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