In Danville Debacle Debate: Joe Biden Disgusts The Nation, Paul Ryan Is Ready To Be VP

Update: A shorter version of what we wrote below: Angry old man yells at Paul Ryan for 90 minutes.

Throughout the debate we were hoping Paul Ryan would start getting tough and do a smackdown on Biden. But the “polite” response is the one that works with the non-committed voters that Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden need to win.

For Joe Biden it was it was losing ugly. For Paul Ryan it was winning pretty.


Our title says it all. Between the grinning, laughing, mocking, snickers, guffaws, exasperations, snorting, sniffles, and smugness, it was difficult to watch this debate because Joe Biden insulted us all with his buffoonery and clowning. Paul Ryan was respectful but firm and so often interrupted it had to be the purpose of Biden to prevent Ryan from getting his viewpoint communicated.

Our comment section documented the debacle.

Martha Raddatz at the end of the debate asked the candidates if they were “embarrassed by the tone” of this campaign. Tonight the person that had to be embarrassed by the tone is none other and no one but Joe Biden.

On substance the most important answer came at the end as Paul Ryan eloquently and in PowerPoint Presentation staccato fashion punched out Barack Obama’s broken promises and failures. Paul Ryan proved he is ready for high office. Joe Biden proved he is frequently high on strong liquor.

This Danville Debacle Debate demonstrated the characters of the two men. One of these men was an old rude boob clowning on the stage and one was a polite young man willing an able to provide dignified leadership to this nation.


230 thoughts on “In Danville Debacle Debate: Joe Biden Disgusts The Nation, Paul Ryan Is Ready To Be VP

  1. HA poster mapper has this – reaction from left bloggers. Very interesting.

    TIME’s Michael Scherer: “Not sure debate cameras have been light tested for Biden’s teeth. Best to watch with sunglasses.”

    NBC’s David Gregory: “Biden’s smile is out of control.”

    BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith: “So did Biden practice laughing at Ryan???”

    ABC’s Rick Klein: “Biden on verge of breaking down in laughter when Ryan talks.”

    Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “Ok. I have decided. I find the Biden smile slightly unsettling”

    PBS’ Jeff Greenfield: “Biden has always had a smile that at times is really, really inappropriate.”

    The New York Times’ Ashley Parker: “Biden’s grin is Chesire Cat caliber.”

    Movie critic Roger Ebert: “Joe! Stop smiling and laughing!”

    Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “Biden’s laughing is losing the debate- obnoxious”

    Comedy Central’s Indecision: “If this keeps up much longer, Joe Biden’s going to sprain his laugh muscles.”

  2. Trippi doesn’t think it was likeable. It was condescending. That’s Joe Trippi. Biden was smirking even during Ryan’s closing statement when he thanked him. Of course this is from Fox.

    At least we know we’re not nuts. The other blogs I checked reacted pretty much the same way we did.

    Brett Hume and Greta agree.

  3. Basil99, thanks for posting those reactions. They are instructive. Our sense is that this debate is the “final straw”. We believe the nation will see this as the final bit of evidence that Barack Obama AND Joe Biden have outlived whatever usefulness they ever served. Both are boobs and clowns not worthy of representing this country. We think the reaction from many will be “ENOUGH”. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

  4. CNBC ‏@CNBC

    [POLL RESULTS] Who do you think won the VP Debate? Paul Ryan: 56%, Joe Biden: 36%, Neither: 8%. #CNBC2012

  5. Gretta thought Biden’s smirking was really bad.

    If I had not made up my mind about the candidates and I just saw this debate, I’d never go with the smirking jerk. And if I added this to what has happened the past four years with BO/Biden…it would be a no brainer…Romney/Ryan would be my pick. Respectful, ideas to turn the economy around, values, and really good character with not a bunch, a whole bunch, of skeletons in their closets which must be hidden!!

  6. Bringing back basil’s comment: Because I want to record what these clown journolisters said about Biden.

    October 11th, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    HA poster mapper has this – reaction from left bloggers. Very interesting.

    TIME’s Michael Scherer: “Not sure debate cameras have been light tested for Biden’s teeth. Best to watch with sunglasses.”

    NBC’s David Gregory: “Biden’s smile is out of control.”

    BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith: “So did Biden practice laughing at Ryan???”

    ABC’s Rick Klein: “Biden on verge of breaking down in laughter when Ryan talks.”

    Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “Ok. I have decided. I find the Biden smile slightly unsettling”

    PBS’ Jeff Greenfield: “Biden has always had a smile that at times is really, really inappropriate.”

    The New York Times’ Ashley Parker: “Biden’s grin is Chesire Cat caliber.”

    Movie critic Roger Ebert: “Joe! Stop smiling and laughing!”

    Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “Biden’s laughing is losing the debate- obnoxious”

    Comedy Central’s Indecision: “If this keeps up much longer, Joe Biden’s going to sprain his laugh muscles.”

  7. Chris Wallace – I have never seen a debate in which one participant was so disrespectful of another.

    He was openly mocking and contemptuous.

    It was loose talk, bluster and unprecedented behavior by a VP candidate.

    Baier says Biteme even smirked during the IRan discussion.

  8. Chris Wallace just said he has seen a lot of debates and he has never seen one where one of the candidates was so disrespectful of the other one.

  9. I listened to a good portion of the debate on the radio since I don’t have TV any longer. From what I heard, Joe Biden was being extremely obnoxious.

  10. Wow Chris Wallace said of every debate he’s ever seen, he’s never seen someone as “disrespectful” as Biden–called it “unprecedented”

  11. Van Jones on CNN panel just said:

    Joe Biden put a lot of fact checkers out of work this evening by adressing each issue as it came up.

  12. NoMoBama, you had to see it to believe it. The radio just won’t do. On TV it was Biden grinning at Ryan, shaking his head, laughing, smiling ostentatiously.

  13. Romney/Ryan just have to win! None of us…no one… will survive another four years of listening to and seeing the likes of BO, Me-chelle, and Joe Biden. Sickening.

    Krauthammer said if you read the debates, heard it on the radio, Biden won. Ryan was defered. BUT if you saw it on TV, Biden’s demeanor undid all his advantage with his being disrespectful and condescending. On TV Biden lost.

  14. Kraut- It doesn’t move the needle. But Biden filled in the blanks from the first debate. Now for the heavy weights in the next two rounds.

  15. Krauthammr.

    Debate on several levels.

    On radio Biden won, on TV he lost. On transcript it was even.

    BUT- the VP’s demeanor undid any advantage in rhetoric. It was so disrespectful. unprecedented and condescending.

    On TV, you lose. It didn’t move the needle

  16. “ABC guys thought Biden won.”

    Hmm, ABC also thinks Martha Raddatz was a good moderator.
    I agree, they’re all idiots.

  17. Krauthammer “my hero.” Right on as usual:
    “If you saw debate transcript, it looks like a draw. If you listened on radio, it sounded like Biden dominated. If you saw on TV, Biden lost.”

  18. Women keep talking about “interrupting and being disruptive.” they probably saw their husbands in Joe……

  19. Update: A shorter version of what we wrote below: Angry old man yells at Paul Ryan for 90 minutes.

    Throughout the debate we were hoping Paul Ryan would start getting tough and do a smackdown on Biden. But the “polite” response is the one that works with the non-committed voters that Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden need to win.

    For Joe Biden it was it was losing ugly. For Paul Ryan it was winning pretty.


  20. I think these idiot dem people/pundit/obots are mistaking being aggressive as the same as being a bully. Biden wasn’t aggressive, that only works if you are respectful as well making salient opposing points, but he came off as a senile drunk bully.

  21. FWIW, the wife, who is very apolitical, actually sat and watched the thing. Her take was that Biden was obnoxious, rude and acted like a loud drunk. “No decorum”. She also commented that she thought Radditz should have shut Biden up as he was trying to shout down Ryan. She said, “that wasn’t a debate, it was like a drunk arguing”.

  22. BASIL99
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    CNN focus group says debate was a dead heat

    1/3 for Biden
    1/3 for Ryan
    1/3 undecided

    How do they do that? It is uncanny. In the Romney/Obama debate, 8 people went to R and 8 others went to O.

  23. blowme0bama
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    no one likes a drunk bully, my wife said the exact same thing. And she’s probably more liberal than me, annoyed her very much that he even bullied the moderator and then she was angry that the moderator was such a weakling not to stand up for herself.

  24. Women in Fox focus group matching CNN’s in saying Biden was disrespectful.

    CNN undecided voter: Ryan tried educating us before Biden “bumbled in.

  25. If its a draw, how will then slow down the momentum for mitt romney? This was supposed to change the trajectory, and it did not do this.

  26. I don’t think the people from Wisconsin will like the way Biden was so rude to Ryan. Biden may have swung WI to R/R tonight!

  27. gonzotx, this debate will sway very few people, people are voting for the top and this debate did not help Obama out of his hole he’s in.

  28. moononpluto
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:13 pm
    gonzotx, this debate will sway very few people, people are voting for the top and this debate did not help Obama out of his hole he’s in.

    I think this is succinctly accurate. I can’t imagine that leering goon helped Zero at all.

  29. I’m sick of those people who act like Donna Brazille in 2008 and were “undecided”. Horse Hockey as my grandma used to say. They just want to get on tv with one of Frank Lunz’s silly focus groups and spin for their candidate.

  30. More reactions

    Weekly Standard’s Mark Hemingway: “Joe Biden’s laughing through talking about Iran sanctions?”

    Former Eric Cantor staffer Brad Dayspring: “Joe Biden needs to realize this isn’t a Senate Foreign Relations Hearing. His laughter and condescending attitude is a disaster.”

    Radio host Neal Boortz: “Looking like Biden’s gameplan is to laugh his way through this.”’s Guy Benson: “Will Biden laugh his ass off at the terrible economy, too?”

    MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp: “Biden needs to laugh a little less through the Libya, Middle East, nuclear Iran segment.”

    Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard: “Can’t tell yet if Biden’s smirking, laughs,
    eye-rolling, head shaking, works for him or not against the oh-so-young looking eager Ryan.”

    Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer: “Biden is at risk of having his laugh come across like Gore’s sighs. He should knock it off.”

    Republican strategist Ron Bonjean: “Biden laughing does not come off with the intended effect. It is actually hurting him. Looks very condescending.”

    ”Washington Times’ Emily Miller: “Biden laughing when he disagrees with Ryan is so annoying. Like a child in time out.”

  31. Stop calling it a draw…….Ryan won by 4%

    Gergen though says thought its huge that Ryan won because he cant remember a sitting VP drawing or losing.

  32. Perhaps the true impact of this debate may develop over the next few days. The visuals of Biden smirking and laughing will make the rounds of the internet, YouTube, and talk shows and that is more powerful for many that what is actually said by the candidates.

  33. Southern Born
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    exactly. I don’t believe there are any undecided, just people desperately seeking attention.

    If something big doesn’t happen, few votes will change from here on out.

    We may win this thing if the cheating is held to a reasonable level.

  34. One thing the last two debates should have revealed to the voting public is that the current POTUS and VP are unhunged, insane and incapable of leading a country.

    One suffers from evil passive-aggressive daddy issues and the other is the epitome of the town drunk.

    By comparison R2 seems sober, sane and refreshingly competent.

  35. If I as Romney…just do an ad with someone saying “Benghazi” and a close up of Biden laughing, then repeat it over and over with jobs, taxes, iraq, afghanistan.

  36. Highlight of the night for me: my 72yo Dad calling me about 5 minutes into the debate.

    Me: Hello?
    Dad: So, is Biden an asshole, or what?


  37. well, I did my part, went to cnbc and voted for Ryan. I’m sure the Obots will do what they did in 2008, infest that polling there to make it appear like Biden actually sounded senile and won.

    The man looked like he was on something, very disturbing, very disrespectful and very unhinged.

  38. Castellanos: No insight offered tonight on rationale for re-electing Obama.

    Yup that was glaringly missing.

  39. QUIZ

    Why was Biden yelling so much?”

    A)His hair plugs were screwed in too tight?

    B)Martha denied him the senior discount?

    C)The chair didn’t spin as freely as the one he spends hours in each day

    D) All of the above

  40. moon, I know, old habits. I voted 2 times, and then thought, hmm, just like 2008, the obots will infest it soon enough.

  41. oh brother…if the voters can’t see thru this…then god help us…

    Biden is ready for retirement (and he was so rude)…and Ryan is so prepared and authentic…

    this thing is so obvious…i am surprised Martha was as biased as she exposed herself to so obviously be…

    Paul Ryan did himself…and us…proud…even under these extremely rude…and yes…unfair…circumstances…Martha…
    WTH?F?…go view the tapes…

    I do not think independent voters are going to fall…or put up with this BS…

    …like I said…the O camp and his whole f’ing crew…are shallow…and deceptive…rude…and have to go…they are hurting all of us with this kind of – shallow, meaningless and superficial behavior…it’s all one big joke to all of them…starting at the top…

    …these are not leaders…just look at Stephanie Cutter…these are examples of just exactly what we do not need leading the USA at this crucial time in our history…

  42. So on both debates, The Obama/Biden ticket has not scored higher than 44% of voters…………….bear that in mind Nov 6th.

  43. Biden behavior won’t be ignored. It is all visual and will strike people’s curiosity and get their attention.. This will keep growing in the next few days.

  44. Wow…CNN say Ryan more qualified to be president 60%.

    70% said Biden did too much attacking, yup, that smiling laughing and interrupting killed him.

  45. Why I am convinced the online CNBC is all Obot trolls, all the comments in that cnbc link story are all against the drunk punk, and yet he’s leading by 30K votes and growing. Some of the cnbc comments are hilarious!

    “Seemed like Joe continually cut off Ryan. How much time did each speak? A 5 year old can operate a chess clock. Why can’t a well paid moderator???”

    “Am I the only one who worries about Joe Biden being one step away from the Presidency? Mr. Biden is a Buffoon. And they worried about Dan Qualye???”


  46. I’ve got an idea…why done’t we just starting calling the O camp…the rude and obnoxious O/B camp vs the wonky, serious and earnest R & R camp…

    does anyone actually want to put our country in the hands of these two big, wide grinning jerks? these two distracted dopes?

  47. FYI!

    Just tuned to CNN and Wolfe excitedly announces the POS has been watching CNN (showed a pic) and will chime in with his reaction to the debate.

    What abut Mitt?

    They are f**king SHAMELESS!

  48. 60% saying Ryan qualified to be President validates Romney’s choice, that is huge for Ryan and Romney.

    Only 57% said Biden, Biden lost that and that is not good for him, 4 years as VP and his challenger beat him on who is better as back up.

  49. Dem swing voter from Biden hometown “No mother in Scranton ever taught her son to behave that way and wipe that smrik off your face”

  50. …hate to say this, but the MSM is trying to spin this for Biden…”he owned it”, bla , bla…beware the media spin…it is on overdrive trying….

    too bad people that saw this aren’t buying it…

  51. This is disgusting

    PHILADELPHIA — Michael Vick is a dog owner again.

    Vick, who served 18 months in federal prison on dogfighting charges, confirmed Thursday that his family has a dog. The Philadelphia Eagles’ four-time Pro Bowl quarterback refused to discuss the topic just a day earlier.

    “I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family’s decision to care for a pet,” Vick said in a statement. “As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals. I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of God’s creatures with kindness and respect. Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family.”

    Since his release from prison in 2009, Vick has worked with The Humane Society of the United States to speak out against animal cruelty. He’s made appearances at schools and spoken to students about the dangers of being involved in dogfighting. Vick says that commitment will continue.

    “This is an opportunity to break the cycle,” Vick said. “To that end, I will continue to honor my commitment to animal welfare and be an instrument of positive change.”

    The Humane Society declined to comment.

    Vick was banned from owning a dog until completing his probation period. When he first stated his desire to own one, it touched off a firestorm. Some animal-rights activists were outraged along with fans who thought the star player should never be allowed to have a dog.

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  52. …got to say one more thing…I can see SNL writing this weekends segments…

    How many want to bet ‘Biden’s grin’ becomes part of a skit? I bet his ‘grin’ takes on a world of its own…yup, i can see it…

  53. Tim Tebow : I respect Paul Ryan for remaining composed and civil after being interrupted so many times. That, my friends, is class.

  54. Key statistic of the debate: Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 96 times. Paul Ryan interrupted Joe Biden 6 times.

  55. CNN :

    Who you more more likely to vote for after debate Romney 28% Obama 21% Neither 50%

    Who better defended running mate : Ryan 48% Biden 41%

    CNN still saying Draw, not it was’nt.

  56. Beginning to look like the “Biden was a jerk” narrative is overpowering the “Biden was tough” meme.

  57. Fox said 82. The comment above was a tweet from a journalist.

    .@JoeBiden – dude, I’ll email u the video of Al Qaeda dragging Ambassador Stevens’ corpse thru the streets. You will CRACK.THE.FUCK.UP!1!!

  58. Media asking : THAT took six days of intense and sequestered preparation?

    Me : Nah that was 6 days of plastic, botox and dental work.

  59. Twitter in short : Eye rolls, sneers, laughs, chuckles, smirks, “my friend”…. throwing hands in the air….. that’s all I remember of Biden’s performance

  60. moononpluto
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    good for them…they need a few more variations on that theme and put them on the air…maybe even include some testimonials with people voicing their ‘disappointment’ in Biden and his laughing…was he he drunk? was he high? WTH? this guy is strange…

  61. Not sure why the Obot MSM thinks being a bully == aggressive & tough. Being a bully is not endearing or appealing to anyone. Being a bully is not a compliment or something to tout.

  62. I posted this twice, but it has not appeared. This is hands down the best Halloween costume ever. Hope it makes it!

  63. Who in the Biden debate prep team told Biden to be obnoxious? All the debate team had to do was show Biden the Denver debate video and tell Biden “Be assertive and powerful like Romney, not disengaged and obnoxious like Obama.” Instead someone must have told Biden that “assertiveness = obnoxious”. How else to explain this debacle following the Denver disaster?

  64. Sorry, I know it is off subject, but that costume is the best ever for Halloween. I could scare the BeJesus out of the kids, probably some adults too!

    I keep getting booted off and it wouldn’t post

  65. “Who in the Biden debate prep team told Biden to be obnoxious?”

    Obviously it was likely Axlerod. Wasn’t he the guy who took over prepping Biden?
    Of course it could have been any number of people in the BO campaign. All
    I can say, “What in the world were they and Joe Biden thinking!”

  66. NBC/MSNBC is in full brainwashing mode…forget what you see, listen to what we tell you…watch tomorrow…msnbc…all day, nonstop…(i hope i am wrong, but doubt it…too predicable)

  67. Well Admin, the 3 posts all made it, I am sorry. Must be delayed because of volume. Feel free to delete 2 of them

  68. @ admin

    I think that Joe has learned a lot of bad behavior that washes in Barack’s WH. They know that the msm is their lapdog and they can and do get away with quite a bit. This might wash with the kids who like a throw about, but his behavior degraded his position. Who can take this man seriously? Putin? Atemydinnerjacket?

  69. I am thinking that after a short period of time, people made an assessment and turned to football or baseball. It was too painful, except for the political wonks such as we.

  70. CNN/ORC poll: 48% of registered voters watching debate say Ryan won. 44% say Biden won. Sampling error is +/- 5%.


    You don’t win a nationally televised debate by being rude and obnoxious. You don’t win by interrupting your opponent time after time after time or by being a blowhard. You don’t win with facial expressions, especially smirks or fake laughs, or by pretending to be utterly exasperated with what your opponent is saying.

    That’s why Vice President Joe Biden didn’t win the one and only debate last night with his Republican rival, Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan.

    In fact, though Ryan had several weak moments—one of them was on Syria—the only conceivable takeaway from the veep debate was Biden’s out of control conduct. It will be long remembered—and not favorably.

    There’s one person who should be delighted with Biden. That’s Al Gore. He had the honor of having delivered the most over the top and weird performance in a presidential campaign debate when he sighed and frowned and acted frustrated in his first debate with George W. Bush in 2000. Now Biden has taken that crown—or dunce cap—from Gore. [snip]

    What were the Obama strategists thinking? Yes, Biden’s performance may have pleased the Democratic party’s liberal base. So what? Their votes are in the bag. Obama needs to attract the small bloc of undecided and swing voters. They’re not likely to lurch his way on the basis of the show Biden put on.

    No doubt Biden was told to be aggressive. No doubt he was told not to let Ryan get away with anything. No doubt he was told not to let the moderator, ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz, restrain him.

    But he could have done those things without hurting his cause by acting like a man on uppers. Biden is one of the most popular members of Congress, well liked by Democrats, Republicans, and the press. That Biden wouldn’t have interrupted his opponent to score points or register disgust. That Biden wouldn’t have been disrespectful.

  72. admin
    October 11th, 2012 at 10:44 pm
    I had a thought a couple of days ago that the word “ENOUGH” without anything else other than the letter O made to appear like the Obama “O” emblem with a line running through it would be an excellent anti-Obama bumper sticker.

  73. Admin,

    I think Krauthammer is being a little too generous. I heard Biden come across as arrogant, disrespectful, childish, bullying, condescending, argumentative, and creepy with his chuckling among other negative things. There was nothing positive tramsmitted through the radio format. I do not see that end result as positive because there was not one positive quality that I could discern from Joe’s presentation.

    On the other hand, Ryan was cool, calm, and collected. He was respectful, and did not try to bully Biden. He seemed to be at the debate for the right reason which was to discuss Romney’s stances, and to present a clear choice as an opponent. I have no doubt that the TV format amplified the Biden negatives that were clearly heard through radio..

  74. moononpluto
    October 11th, 2012 at 11:22 pm
    If I as Romney…just do an ad with someone saying “Benghazi” and a close up of Biden laughing, then repeat it over and over with jobs, taxes, iraq, afghanistan.
    That’s an excellent idea!

  75. and I thought giving it to Obama for no reason was bad enough, they just flung credibility into the toilet…………………Norwegian Nobel Committee awards 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union.


  76. How Moon sees it.

    Thats 2 in a row for RR………last night did not stem the bleeding, i really don’t think it did, it was bizarre to watch. What it did do was elevate RR.

    The big takeaway from this debate is the question “Does Paul Ryan satisfy the criteria of fulfilling the role of President should Mitt Romney leave office during his term” and the answer was an unequivocal YES.

    End of. Job done for Ryan, Mitt Romney must have been very happy because his selection has been validated and the public liked what they saw and again the Obama narrative of scary conservative Paul Ryan went out the window, what the public saw was a polite affable young man who did’nt lose his temper when by all accounts he should have leaned across and biffed Biden one for his rudeness. People like Ryan…..that’s a boost.

    Biden gets nothing out of that except ridicule and i think that ridicule only gets worse. So Biden did not get the job done, in fact i think he made things worse for Obama.

    Last week we saw a weird unmasked President with no policy, this week we saw an unhinged, rude, laughing, smirking VP with no policy, what do viewers take away from that.

    This hurts Obama with women, with independents, people watching that thought, what a loon.

    Biden mortally wounded the ticket with his Benghazi answer, his lowest point when he talked about it and it was precious little, the dial floored and i mean floored, it was the only time the CNN dial went to the bottom of screen. It was obvious people not buying the Libya crap. Ryans low point on the dial was abortion…….which one do you think voters give a real crap about this election?

    The thing to take away here is this, in both debates so far this year, the Obama Biden ticket has not scored higher than 44% with debate viewers and that high score was from the VP….so really is that the high point…44%, remember that figure and how close Obama is to it on Nov 6th.

  77. I notice the distinct lack of Bidenomania across the internet this morning, maybe they are still in as much stunned jawdropped silence as the rest of us.

  78. “Republican strategist Karen Hanretty wrote on Twitter that Ryan gave Biden the ‘let the crazy uncle speak his mind at Thanksgiving dinner’ look.” < < < < = Couldn't have put it better myself except I would have added Drunk to crazy uncle.

  79. I really wonder if they reason they lie so blatantly is they think voters, not the drones, but actual independent minded voters are stupid and that the Internet doesn’t exist. They lie and lie and lie, even when they are on video, on record, proving something else entirely. Who can possibly trust these lunatics on anything anymore?
    There was time people knew politicians are liar, but this takes it to a whole new level. Especially the dems, what a bunch of ruthless lunatic liars.

  80. Proverbs 29:9 – – If a wise man contends with a foolish man, whether the foolish man rages or laughs, there is no rest.

  81. I can’t believe this is true, I was such an admirer of his, looks like he did indeed dope.

    Teammates claim Lance Armstrong pressured his team to dope –

  82. Best description of last night from a newspaper commenter.

    “It appeared to me that every time Ryan tried to answer a question Biden would giggle like a monkey in the zoo and start masturbating and throwing faeces. It was a weird debate tactic and I don’t think he pulled it off. It had that desperate ‘look at me instead of listening to my opponent’ quality that was difficult to watch.”

  83. Lindsay Lohan’s reveals her presidential pick: Mitt Romney

    Now watch the celebs and libs rail on her ass.

  84. mcnorman
    October 12th, 2012 at 12:29 am
    @ admin
    I think that Joe has learned a lot of bad behavior that washes in Barack’s WH.

    Maybe, but if is already in your character being around sneering elitists 24/7 for 4 years will set it free. Biden did an over the top rendition of ALL of the Obama-ites from the Big O on down. They all act like the this, the only difference is degree.

  85. Love Krauthammer but his TV/radio/transcript analogy leaves something to be desired.

    True that those listening might have thought Joe won while those watching would have concluded Joe lost and for those reading the transcript it might be a wash.

    BUT! Most likely 95% of those following the debate WATCHED it The audience was probably up near 60 million. By those numbers Joe lost big. The actual numbers aren’t available yet but I would bet it’s huge.

  86. One more. CNN tracking poll – the focus group gave 8 of the low moments to Joe, just one to Ryan. Ryan had twice as many favorable spikes as Joe.

  87. moononpluto, I thought they might give the peace prize to Clinton, if not for anything else but to rub it (butt) in during an election year. but obviously not.

  88. Raddatz was afraid of Biden and he did bully her over and over. She started out alright asking him tough questions and followup on Libya but it soon degenerated — as if she didn’t know what to do, how to control Biden.. so instead she enforced control over Ryan to seem she was in control. Pathetic for both Dims there.

  89. Huckabee is saying Ryan should have stopped when Biden was laughing and took him on. I don’t think so. Ryan strategy of letting Biden make a fool of himself was good.

  90. Despicable

    ATF whistle-blower fired, claims complaints about ‘Fast and Furious’ played role

    A well-known whistle-blower in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed to that he was fired this week, and he claims his complaints about Operation Fast and Furious played a role in his dismissal.
    Vince Cefalu said he was served his termination papers Tuesday in a Denny’s parking lot in South Lake Tahoe, Calif. But he doesn’t plan to go quietly.
    “It will be challenged,” he said.
    Cefalu, who’s served as an ATF special agent for 25 years, was first notified of the plan to fire him more than a year ago but had been on administrative leave until now. He said officials told him he was being canned for “lack of candor,” in reference to a handful of statements he made in testimony in a separate court case.
    However, Cefalu has been outspoken against ATF practices for years and told that his whistle-blowing on Fast and Furious “was the final straw.”
    Cefalu was one of the founders of the website CleanUpATF, a virtual platform for complaints about the agency. He was among the first to speak up about Fast and Furious, the failed anti-gunrunning operation that let thousands of guns slip across the U.S.-Mexico border. Weapons from the program were founded at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

  91. Nope Ryan let Biden kill himself on stage, old rule, when your opponent is hanging themselves give them more rope.

  92. “Not overheard at the WH this morning: ‘Mr. Pres, in the next debate, you need to be more like Joe’.” ~

  93. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 48% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 47%. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate,…

    Read more

    Romney +1

  94. @ Mormaer

    Yes, it is only by degree. The behavior of the White House must be the status quo (practiced by all and taken to a new art form of boorishness). I’ve see members of Congress behave in similar ways. Perhaps, Big Pharma should begin to develop a pill to quell this?

  95. I can see Dims being just fine with Biden’s mocking, scoffing, ridiculing, behavior towards Ryan. But it is the middle they have to win over.

  96. Maybe something is happening….

    Mitt Romney has taken a commanding 7-point lead over President Barack Obama in another Virginia poll.
    According to a McLaughlin & Associates poll that had an R+.02 sample, Romney leads Obama in Virginia 51%-44%.
    Among independents, Romney beats Obama by 11 points, 50%-39%.
    If these numbers hold for Romney, Romney could be free to expand the electoral map and more aggressively make plays for states like Michigan and Pennsylvania that were considered “reaches” just two weeks ago.
    In addition, this poll, which has Romney leading by double-digits among independents and has a sample that is more reflective of what the turnout will be in November than other polls, may be a more accurate snapshot of Virginia’s electorate than other mainstream media polls.
    McLaughlin & Associates conducted the poll among 600 likely voters on October 8 and 9, and the poll’s margin of error is +/- 4%.

  97. Remember, America, until January 20 Vice President Bath Salts is just a heartbeat away from control of our nuclear arsenal.

  98. In the 11 swing states, Mitt Romney earns 49% support to Obama’s 48%. Three percent (3%) are undecided.

    This is the fourth day in a row Romney has led the daily Swing State Survey, continuing to reflect the modest bounce he earned from last week’s first presidential debate. Prior to that, the president had led for 17 of the previous 19 days, and the candidates had been tied twice. Virtually all of these findings are based on responses prior to last night’s vice presidential debate.

    In 2008, Obama won these states by a combined margin of 53% to 46%, virtually identical to his national margin.

    In the swing states, Romney now leads 54% to 43% among male voters but trails by a 51% to 45% margin among female voters.

  99. Romney is holding the lead steady and if we are to believe that the undecideds break for the challenger, it would be a couple of points more.

  100. It took 6 days after the debate for Romney to take the lead in the swing state poll…so it really takes 6 days for any real bounce to show up.

  101. Admin has said and i agree.

    Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich believes the deployment of American troops in Jordan — which was announced Wednesday — brings the United States “immeasurably” closer to being dragged into the civil war in Syria.

    “I can see in a moment how it happens: we’re a few dozen miles from the Syrian border and all of a sudden we are within the reach of physical danger. All it takes is a single incident,” Kucinich said in a phone interview with U.S. News.

    The Ohio congressman complained that the commander-in-chief sent the troops to Jordan “without notifying Congress.” Ironically, Kucinich noted, the Obama administration announced the deployment exactly ten years after the House of Representatives authorized President George W. Bush to invade Iraq.

  102. This is my governor. I don’t know where he got his spine to go on like this. He was a strong Hillary supporter too but I don’t recognize this guy. He is defending Biden’s lack of decorum. As I said, Dims are fine with this. I hope they will be crying at the polls in November.

    “And some of their stuff was laughable,” O’Malley continued. Reciting Republican positions on tax cuts, O’Malley concluded, “I think that is laughable, and frankly I’m glad that the vice president laughed at them for that. They deserve to be laughed at — and scorned.”

  103. Obama: Biden was “Terrific”

    by Keith Koffler on October 12, 2012, 8:37 am

    President Obama Thursday night praised Vice President Biden as having been “terrific” in his debate against Rep. Paul Ryan, saying his running mate had displayed “passion” – the very thing most observers thought was lacking from his own performance during last week’s encounter with Gov. Mitt Romney.

    Obama spoke to reporters after getting off of Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington, where he had just arrived from a campaign trip to Miami.

    From the press pool report:

    As the president descended the stairs of Air Force One, your poolers en masse hollered to him to give his assessment of Biden’s performance in the debate. The president came over to where your poolers were standing.

    “I’m going to make a special point of saying that I thought Joe Biden was terrific tonight. I could not be prouder of him. I thought he made a very strong case. I really think that his passion for making sure that the economy grows for the middle class came through. So I’m very proud of him.”

    Asked if he called him after the debate ended, Mr. Obama replied with a smile, “Yes, I just talked to him.”

    Aboard the flight from Miami, a “senior administration official” suggested Obama would be much more aggressive in his second debate with Romney Tuesday night, challenging the Republican nominee in ways he didn’t during the first debate. From the pool report:

    The one adjustment we’re going to have to make is, Gov. Romney’s trying to hide a variety of his positions and we’re going to make sure the American people understand what he would actually do if he’s president . . .

    The president has consistently laid out a message and I think that steadiness is important. The key thing is that Romney is not changing his position; he’s trying to hide his position. He’s not being straight on a number of things. We’re going to hold him accountable.

    With Democrats in need of a surge of adrenaline following Obama’s lackluster performance in his debate, Biden was almost comically aggressive in his matchup with Ryan, interrupting and laughing at his opponent.

    While such behavior would probably harm Obama as seeming beneath the presidency, it’s clear Democrats are hoping he will enter the arena “fired up and ready to go,” in the words of his own campaign slogan.

  104. By the way, this is interesting, I’m hearing there is polling done that is showing Romney poised to steal 1 Maine electoral vote ME-02, rumor is showing Romney capturing it. If that happens NH will fall to Romney too.

  105. This is all happening too fast and too close to the election.. Hope R/R ride this wave carefully to a win in November.

  106. Libya will be the one question that should settle it for Romney in upcoming debates. I hope he is prepared to take down Obama on his failures and deception.

  107. Ben Labolt from the BO campaign is spinning so hard on FOX News that his head may fly off and land in Kansas any moment.

  108. White House throws Biden under the bus for his inaccurate Benghazi comment?

    WH says Biden speaking only for himself when he said “we” did not know about Benghazi security requests

    So the VP President speaks for himself now……well thats a hell of workteam.

  109. ROMNEY 51% OBAMA 47%
    That is a 4 point margin, which is about what we need, in order to compensate for the widespread cheating which the Soros organization has engineered through his Secretary of State Projects, attacks on safeguards against illegal voting and big media lies and corruption. If the latter three factors dictate the results of this election and the treachery becomes known, or comes to be widely believed, and knowing what Obama has in store for this nation in the next for years, namely the de Americanization of the United States, then one should not be terribly surprised if taxpayers stage a national moritiorium on taxes come April 15, and let this whole Washington DC establishment crash. To whom would Obama turn in that instance. China. What would they demand in return? The public lands. And that would be perceived as an invasion. What he would rely on at that point would be the sheep like behavior of the 47% to get him through. This makes for a highly undesirable scenario. Let us therefore hope that the electorate is not as stupid this time around as they were last time.

  110. Wow :

    Poll: Romney five points ahead of Obama in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District

    Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is poised to win one of Maine’s electoral votes if the results of a poll released Thursday hold true through the Nov. 6 election.

    Maine’s 2nd Congressional District in the northern part of the state supports Romney over President Barack Obama by five percentage points, 49 percent to 44 percent, a result that according to a story by Politico is outside the NMB Research poll’s margin of error. On a statewide basis, Obama leads 48 percent to 44 percent, which means he would get two of Maine’s four electoral votes. Obama would presumably also win the 1st District, giving him a third electoral vote in Maine.

    Maine is one of only two states in the country that splits its electoral vote by congressional district. If Romney wins in the north, he would receive one of Maine’s four electoral votes, which given the closeness of the race could conceivably tip the results in Romney’s favor. According to a New York Times polling analysis blog called FiveThirtyEight, the probability that Maine’s second congressional district could decide the election stood at 0.7 percent as of Thursday, a scenario that ranked 10th as a probable outcome among battleground states. The likelihood that the electoral vote could be decided in first-place Ohio, by comparison, was about 44 percent, according to the blog. Maine has not voted for a Republican in a presidential election since 1988.

    Politico reports that Glen Bolger of NMB Research polled 500 likely voters on October 7 and 8, giving the poll a margin of error of about 4 percent. It was unknown how many of the people polled were from the 2nd District.

  111. @ moonpluto

    Vice President Bath Salts is just a heartbeat away from control of our nuclear arsenal.

    Geez, all he needed to do last night was to start throwing bites at Martha and lose his clothing. You are spot on.

  112. If what I said above seems like a fanciful far out scenario, consider what the tax structure and controls that Obama is engineering through the United States. Ladies and gentlemen this is the hard left in all its glory. Such schemes of government control go back to Lenin and even to ancient time, only this time, they have the technology to strip all of us of our wealth and liberty, except for the chosen few. Their mindset is well described in the quote for Orwell which I have posted here once or twice.

  113. couple of thoughts…

    country’s hangover – the day after that debate…that was not funny…it was sad…

    O and B have contempt for all of us…they don’t give a damn about anyone…even what they called their “tinfoil liberal blogger’ crowd…they have no limits to how far they will go……the O camp is going to try to bluff their way thru this and ride out the clock…knowing the “moderators” will help them any way they can in the closing time

    I do feel sad for my country today…and really afraid of what the next four years will be if this crew stays in power with no other elections for them to worry about…the O camp has zero respect for the people…Biden’s behavior was so offensive…in any normal debating venue his behavior would not be tolerated…here, we did have Martha aiding and abetting Biden

    I do not think Biden’s behavior is going to be appreciated by BB women…

    I would like to see an ad of ‘an empty chair next to Biden’s grinning dentures’ – what a pair those two are…along with Axelrod, DWS, Cutter, etc…all of them lie and cheat…horrible…


    my two cents on Mitt’s strategy…I think it is/was his intention to lauch himself in that first debate where he could personally introduce himself…

    then start airing ads where is mainly ‘educating’ people about his plan…he has alot of ads on in Florida where he talks direct to camera explaining his plans…Mitt is taking an ‘educational, cerebral approach’ to communicating with people (i don’t know if i can say that ‘urgency’ Admin speaks of is there)

    he is now using clips from the debate where he takes O to task on his policy…ads are getting a bit more intense…a little more urgency…

    he plans to capitalize on the momentum and then after the last debate do the massive air campaign

    the tv news is showing that poll that shows R up to 51 over O 44 and they are talking about it on the news…that’s a good sign here…

    …does anyone have an email for candy crowley?…she needs to be put on notice that Mitt deserves EQUAL TIME in the town hall…in the last two debates the dems have had more time and mitt and paul have been interrupted and cut off much more than O and B

    I fear O will just take the mike and meander and use up most of the time…

    finally…just happened here in Fl…

    breaking news in Florida now…secret service with Obama detained because he was found drunk and passed out in the street…


  114. I did not watch the debate myself, but I paid close attention to the contempraneous postings by Admin, and tweets by Morris and Steve Green at Instapundit. As between the latter, I began with Morris, and switched to Green, because Morris was going weak kneed on me. His final conclusion was that Biden demonstrated strength and conviction, but came across as an old school politician. And that Ryan appeared honest and in earnest, but was made to look young and inexperienced. Green was much more balanced in his asssessments, and he skewered Biden at the many points where Ryan failed to.

    I also asked a friend of mine who was the speechwriter for the Speaker of the House of a major midwest state, and a Professor of Communications at a major mid-western University. She was a Hillary supporter, has an rather Apocolyptic view of what Obama is doing and will do to the country, and is therefore by default a Romney supporter. I should add the she likes Ryan personally, and believes he is one of those politicians, rare in these times, who understands that we cannot continue to kick the can down the road, and must therefore confront those problems now in a bi partisan way. Therefore, I was very much interested in her reaction to the debate. (Note: Coincidentally, she described Stephanie Cutter as a vicicous liar, and that has become obvious to many of us. In that sense, Cutter epitomizes that old saying from The Dune, that power does not corrupt; rather, power attracts corrupt malevolent people.)

    My friend’s assessment of the debate was that Ryan came across as sincere and honest, whereas Biden came off as a jerk. Nevertheless, Ryan missed many opportities to rebut arguments made by Biden, and thereby make headlines. She believes that the ever cautious Romney campaign put constraints on Ryan which impeded his overall preformance. Also, Ryan allowed the moderator–a tainted Obama supporter, to ask him the tough questions and then cut him off, when he should have demanded the right to finish his answer. She was shocked at the behavior of Biden, which she said was a transparent effort to rally the base after the listless, dispirited response by Obama in the first debate. It was not merely his smirking–it was his laughing–nobody can laugh for 90 minutes like he did. The other thing she found highly objectionalbe was his jarring transitions from hysterical laughter to screaming accusations punctuated by comments to Ryan like calm down. He interrupted Ryan 96 times, whereas Ryan interrupted him only six times. The practical effect of his Mad King Ludwig performance turned off the independents who will decide this election, subject to the voter fraud she assures me Obama has planned.

    Based on all this, and reviewing the comments of the aforesaid sources, as well as the people on this blog, I am reminded of something Admiral Halsey said after the Battle of the Coral Sea. A tactical defeat, but a strategic victory. At the tactical level, I believe Ryans performance was a lost victory. But strategically, it was a victory, because at the non verbal level he displayed a form of behavior which was presidential, namely calm, informed on the issues, unflappable. Whereas Biden desplayed a form of behavior which belongs in the looney bin, and betrays the gravitas we expect from our leaders when discussing existential issues like Iran. Also, those sharp turns from laughing hyena to predator were too abupt suggesting a deeply disturbed mind. They lend themseleves to video takedown. These are the human reactions reactions to this debate that will endure long after the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint is gone.

  115. wbboei…I agree with much of what you said above…the most important thing is that I think Ryan succeeded in appealing to most independents…

    he had a very difficult task because he was tag teamed by Biden and Radditz and it was really hard for him to even get in a complete sentence at times, nevermind a complete concept…it was that bad…

    BUT…he was focused and serious and he does come across sincere and that showed…

  116. So


    CBS 10.4 MILLION

    **69.9 MILLION WATCHED IN 2008…

  117. Now this – WH claims that neither Biden nor obama was aware of requests for security from Benghazi. So then, who was? Why wasn’t the information sent?

    Is this an attempt to blame the State Department meaning Hillary? Or is it just an attempt to explain their negligence? Or is it both?

    Vice President Joseph Biden speaks only for himself and President Barack Obama, and neither man was aware that U.S. officials in Libya had asked the State Department for more security before the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, a top White House official told The Cable.

  118. ecoast
    October 11th, 2012 at 10:57 pm
    Kraut – Biden won on radio and lost on TV. Draw in transcript.

    I’m not sure how many tv viewers there were…still trying to find overall number (not by network). Let’s assume only 50% as much as the first Romney/Obummer debate:

    tv: 35,000,000 viewers
    radio: 621 listeners
    read the transcript: 14 transcript readers

    So if Biden won on the radio, and tied on transcript, and lost big on tv…I wouldn’t get to hepped up on the radio “victory”.

  119. S
    October 12th, 2012 at 12:51 pm
    Agreed. In that sense, he completed the task began by Romney of repudiationg the $250 million false characature of him as a right wing ideologue, who is not grounded in reality and cares not for the American People. That false chacterization can no longer sell. Hence, the focus returns, as it must, to the dismal track record of Obama and his failure to provide a coherent path forward. Also, it points to the inescapable fact that wew distrust anything and everything Obaman and his surrogates say because is almost always a lie, and look for their hidden agenda which is uniformly and unequivocally un-American.

  120. Vice President Joseph Biden speaks only for himself and President Barack Obama, and neither man was aware that U.S. officials in Libya had asked the State Department for more security before the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, a top White House official told The Cable.
    When they are in Obama’s chain of command, that is hardly a defense, much less an argument for four more years.


    See how fact-checks work, kiddies? Biden lies, and The Hill’s stenographer “reports” it as true. After all, a White House official, cleaning up for Biden and walking his statement back, says it’s true. So it’s true.

    And The White House Didn’t Know, Either. Keeping the smell of death away from the White House…

    …it’s over there, by Hillary….

  122. WOW! This is in California!

    So, Biden won, 48-41. In California.

    Good news? Nah, neutral news. But… Partisan split: R 26% D 45% I 28%. Heavily Democratic sample. D+19. Thanks to t-bird.

    Here’s the good news:

    22% of respondents said they changed their leanings based upon the debate. Of that 22%, here’s how votes shifted (bearing in mind we are now talking percentages of that subgroup):

    * 30% switched from the Obama ticket to the Romney ticket. * 29% switched from undecided to the Romney ticket. * A total of 59% switched to the Romney ticket.

    * 20% switched from the Romney ticket to the Obama ticket.
    * 20% switched from undecided to the Obama ticket.
    * A total of 40% switched to the Obama ticket.

    Does this help in California? No. We’re not winning California.

    But if there’s a net-positive movement towards Romney in liberal California, you can bet there’s movement elsewhere.

  123. I like Harnden,

    Ghost of Al Gore will haunt smirking, interrupting Joe Biden as he fibs about what spies and generals told Obama administration

    Joe Biden came out swinging at Paul Ryan, flailing wildly and landing a few punches on his own jaw as well as his opponent’s. He showed the kind of spirit and populist anger that President Barack Obama was so conspicuously lacking and has cheered up many demoralised Democrats.

    But Biden’s performance here in Danville, Kentucky was both comical and self-defeating. Just as Al Gore sighed and rolled his eyes in 2000, so Biden smirked and guffawed. He gesticulated wildly and jabbed his finger. He interrupted Ryan and the moderator Martha Raddatz. Many women and swing voters will have hated it.

    Perhaps the even bigger problem the Obama campaign will have in the coming days is that Biden, again just like Gore in 2000, repeatedly exaggerated and mischaracterised for effect. And worse than Gore – who was caught in a series of small lies in 2000 – Biden was demonstrably untruthful in some big respects.

    Most seriously, Biden blamed the US intelligence community for the debacle and stated that no one had requested additional security.

    When asked by Raddatz why the White House had blamed the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens on protests about a movie, he responded: ‘Because that was exactly what we were told by the intelligence community.’

    There is ample evidence that this was not the case. From tomorrow, expect a number of senior intelligence figures to come out and say that. The US intelligence community is not about to take the fall for what happened in Benghazi just so Obama can be re-elected.

    Even more startling was Biden’s insistence: ‘Well, we weren’t told they wanted more security there. We did not know they wanted more security again.’

    That is directly contradicted by testimony from two State Department officials this week. Eric Nordstrom, expressed frustration at how his appeals for more resources were rebuffed.
    But as the night wore on, it was clear that Biden was all about Biden (who, even though he will be 73 and has won precisely zero in two presidential runs in 1988 and 2008, harbours ambitions to run in 2016). Whereas Ryan advocated for Romney, Biden was blowing his own trumpet.

    Ryan made no mistakes and kept his cool. Conservatives wanted more full-throated arguments for their policies but Ryan was not about that tonight – his game plan was to be calm and reasonable and make the case that this election is a clear choice between bluster and excuses about the last four years and a plan to change things.

    Biden over-compensated for Obama’s passivity last week in Denver. He need to achieve a decisive victory that would allow Obama to regain the momentum. In this respect, he failed – snap polls suggested a score draw between the two men.

    And by engaging in off-putting histrionics and displaying a cavalier attitude towards the truth, Biden was channelling Al Gore – in the debates against George W. Bush that put paid to Gore’s lifelong ambition of winning the White House.

  124. More! ARG finds…

    Florida: Romney 49, Obama 46

    New Hampshire: Romney 50, Obama 46

    New Hampshire? For real?

  125. We absolutely, positively must remember polling in 2012 is politicized as never before, and it is incumbent upon the consumers of political polls not to accept the data naïvely, but to perform due diligence to see what goes into the product. Here through the eyes of Jay Cost we see the corruption of gallup in oversampling non whites to rescue Obama. The once gold standard of polling has become since the Holder/Axelrod threat a soiled dove.
    Morning Jay: Politics and the Gallup Poll
    6:00 AM, OCT 11, 2012 • BY JAY COST
    Since about the beginning of President Obama’s tenure, the Gallup poll has generally been one of the least positive polls for the Democratic party. This has prompted outrage and pressure from the left–even from presidential advisor David Axelrod.

    Over the summer Mark Blumenthal of Huffington Post wrote a critique of Gallup’s daily presidential job approval poll. The point of which was that Gallup was over-sampling whites and thus understating President Obama’s position in the adult population. I responded by arguing that Blumenthal’s case was underdeveloped and less-than-met-the-eye, and that was basically where things stood.

    Until, that is, this week. President Obama enjoyed a bounce in his Gallup job approval number after the Democratic National Convention, as was to be expected, but there was a twist: it did not disappear. And while Gallup on average had found Obama’s job approval around 47 percent with adults through most of 2012, for the last five weeks it has been regularly above 50 percent. Yesterday, it stood at 53 percent, a number we have not really seen since 2009.

    Unusual. So, what’s going on? Alan Abramowitz of Huffington Post and The Democratic Strategist noticed that Gallup has increased its share of nonwhites from 27 percent the week of the convention to 32 percent last week, a nearly 20 percent boost. In other words, Gallup seemed to have tweaked its methodology with just weeks to go until Election Day to reflect the criticism that has come from the left.

    And indeed, in a wonky and elliptical statement, Gallup chief Frank Newport essentially confirms the shift:

    As we began this election tracking program on Oct.1, our methodologists also recommended modifying and updating several procedures. We increased the proportion of cell phones in our tracking to 50%, meaning that we now complete interviews with 50% cell phones and 50% landlines each night. This marks a shift from our Gallup Daily tracking, which has previously been 40% cell phones. This means that our weights to various phone targets in the sample can be smaller, given that the actual percentage of cell phones and cell-phone-only respondents in the sample is higher. We have instituted some slight changes in our weighting procedures, including a weight for the density of the population area in which the respondent lives. Although all Gallup surveys are weighted consistently to census targets on demographic parameters, we believe that these improvements provide a more consistent match with weight targets.

    So, from the looks of it, the left got what it wanted: Gallup altered its methodology with a month to go until Election Day. And the result – at least on the job approval question – is a shift in Obama’s favor. Whether or not this has altered the Romney-Obama head-to-head numbers among likely and registered voters, I cannot say.

    I also cannot speak to the merits of the change in methodology. Back in June, I thought there was less than met the eye to Blumenthal’s critiques of Gallup. And I thought Gallup thought the same thing. Maybe the polling outlet changed its mind. Maybe it had other reasons for making the change. Who knows? That stuff is all “black box,” proprietary methodology that is not open for public analysis.

    What I can say is that it’s problematic to alter one’s methodological approach to polling elections just five weeks before the biggest election in a generation. In fact, I think this is a highly inopportune time to make such a change; do it in the summer of 2012 or the winter of 2013, but for goodness sake not the fall of 2012!

    It is even more problematic to make the shift but not spell out in detail the political effect of it. One utility of the Gallup tracker was that it enabled comparisons across time. Those are now difficult to accomplish because we have to assume what effect these methodological shifts have had. My guess is that it has moved the needle toward Obama by maybe 3 points on job approval, but we cannot know for sure. We also have no idea the extent to which this changes the Romney-Obama head-to-head among registered or likely voters.

    What Gallup should have done is similar to what the Bureau of Labor Statistics does when it adjusts the unemployment rate to account for new Census data: Give the number as it is now calculated and as it would have been calculated absent the change, so everybody can know exactly what effect the changes in assumptions have had. Newport fails even to acknowledge whether and how this methodological change helped one side over the other, let alone its extent.

    Final point: We absolutely, positively must remember polling in 2012 is politicized as never before, and it is incumbent upon the consumers of political polls not to accept the data naïvely, but to perform due diligence to see what goes into the product.

    Jay Cost is a staff writer for THE WEEKLY STANDARD and the author of Spoiled Rotten: How the Politics of Patronage Corrupted the Once Noble Democratic Party and Now Threatens the American Republic, available now wherever books are sold.

  126. Another thing that all of you should know is that my friend from the midwest noticed something in the BLS report which showed a sudden and unanticipated decline in the unemployment race which was neither notice or reported by anyone, but would have had a dramatic effect on the polls. The largest state in the union, California, did not get its reports in to the BLS in time, hence all of their information which in all probablity showed a higher unemployment rate was EXCLUDED. This fact was noted, apparently, as a footnote to their originaal report, but never reported by the media which is perfectly understandable when it comes to the cabal, but surprisingly absent from FOX as well. Needless to say, both the BLS and the California reporting agency are controlled by Obama supporters.

  127. two slips that will hurt

    1. Biden denying the established fact that the administration received requests for additional security in Benghazi.

    2. Blaming “the intelligence community” for the bizarre excuse of a youtube video as the reason for the attack. 😯

  128. Prior to the VP’s debate I watched a video here which included Biden; in it he physically resembled Jerry Sandusky. Perhaps that was a premonition of the nasties that were to come.

    I hope Mitt and all party hearty at this venue:

    The Priebus, Trump, Giuliani event for Romney in NYC –
    10/12/12 1:29 PM EDT
    I wrote a few weeks ago about the three-day retreat for donors taking place in New York around the next presidential debate, and POLITICO’s Anna Palmer has some fun details:
    Mitt Romney’s mega donors will come into close contact with some of the GOP’s biggest names next week at the Romney Victory fall retreat Oct. 15-17 in New York City.
    GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is slated to be a “special guest” at the kick-off gala reception and dinner at the Intrepid. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Donald Trump and Romney finance director Spencer Zwick are also expected to attend as special guests. The events are for Romney’s highest-level donors and bundlers, according to a copy of the agenda obtained by POLITICO.
    On Tuesday, the fundraising operation has put together three sessions for the donors at the swanky Waldorf Astoria New York hotel. The day kicks off with a “Campaign and Strategy Briefing” with special guests Rich Beeson, Ed Gillespie, Beth Myers, Neil Newhouse and Preibus. Session two is titled “Issues Facing America – Jobs” where former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez; Continental Resources Chairman and CEO Harold Hamm; Jimmy John’s Franchise Chairman and CEO Jimmy John Liautaud; Way In Chairman and Sun Microsystems Co-founder Scott McNealy; and Charles Schwab of Charles Schwab Corp., are listed as special guests. The third session entitled “Make the Difference” lists Zwick as the special guest.
    Donors will close out the retreat with a debate watch party with comedian and talk show host Dennis Miller.

  129. re – recent apparent “swings” in support of GOP

    I’ve been telling you folks it is going to be a wipeout. Just use your common sense. Is anyone happy with the status quo? Anyone not in Obama’s circle of sycophants?

    It will be far worse than any of these polls are even showing.

  130. moononpluto
    October 13th, 2012 at 6:39 pm
    President Barack Obama headed to a Virginia hotel for debate camp Saturday on a mission to transform his re-election pitch after his tame first clash with Mitt Romney hammered his poll ratings.


    Why Virginia?…seems an odd place to do it.

    = = = = = = = = = =


    I guess that depends upon whether his debate team checked to make sure there weren’t any OFA campaign offices, pizza joints, or New Deal infrastructure projects to visit … or golf courses or basketball courts for that matter.

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