Once In A Blue Moon

Tonight, this 31st day of August, the moon is blue. Take a few moments to stare up at that celestial orb, fill your lungs with life, and be grateful to have lived in a time of heroes – who denied they were heroes just because they once really truly were “the man on the moon”. Give a solemn thank you and farewell wave as you gaze at the moon tonight to Neil Armstrong – a man that made America proud.

* * * * * *

It is not on blue moons, which arrive irregularly, but on quadrennial leap years that Americans decide who their leaders will be. This year the decision is not restricted to whom the leaders will be, but also what kind of America we want.

Increasingly it is not about the treacherous corruptions of flim-flam man Barack Obama. It’s not even really about Mitt Romney. It certainly isn’t about a speech or speeches.

We think Mitt Romney’s speech last night was much better than what he is being given credit for. But it does not matter. This election is about what kind of America we want and will have.

“We are a nation of immigrants. We are the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the ones who wanted a better life, the driven ones, the ones who woke up at night hearing that voice telling them that life in that place called America could be better.

They came not just in pursuit of the riches of this world but for the richness of this life.


Freedom of religion.

Freedom to speak their mind.

Freedom to build a life.

And yes, freedom to build a business. With their own hands.

This is the essence of the American experience.

We Americans have always felt a special kinship with the future.

When every new wave of immigrants looked up and saw the Statue of Liberty, or knelt down and kissed the shores of freedom just ninety miles from Castro’s tyranny, these new Americans surely had many questions. But none doubted that here in America they could build a better life, that in America their children would be more blessed than they.”

We’ve made it clear that because of the necessity of winning Florida, not to mention the desirability of winning several southwestern states, there was a clearly logical choice for Mitt Romney to make and that minus that selection this election is imperiled.

We hope upon hope that we are wrong but we haven’t seen any credible evidence to suggest we are wrong. And next week, as we warned, the slimy smeary feary Obama counterattack begins. It is now confirmed: line-up of speakers at Democratic convention is simply terrible, and that does not mean only boring but also a Bank of American convention of fear and smear.

But none of that matters anymore. What matters is what kind of America we are to have. What matters is what kind of American will one day look up at the moon:

“As a boy, I would sit on our porch and listen to his stories about history, politics and baseball while he puffed on one of his three daily Padron cigars.

I don’t recall everything we talked about, but the one thing I remember, is the one thing he wanted me to never forget. The dreams he had when he was young became impossible to achieve.

But there was no limit to how far I could go, because I was an American.

For those of us who were born and raised in this country, it’s easy to forget how special America is. But my grandfather understood how different America is from the rest of the world, because he knew what life was like outside America.

Will Big Media control America as it has for so long? Will the American people stand up and affirmatively answer the question “Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave?” That’s what this election is about.

Tonight, as you gaze at that blue moon, remember this leap year, this November, you decide what America the next man or woman on the moon will see.


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  1. I understand about the importance of FL. Yet, I think Ryan is a good choice for VP. It balances Romney’s business expereince with someone who knows and understands Congress. Ryan can help see to it that bills get through Congress. I think Ryan is the perfect candidate to balance this ticket.

    Rubio looks too young and does not have the Congressional expereince Ryan has. Plus it is my understanding that Romey is 15 percent ahead of Obama with Independents in FL.

  2. The numbers that matter this week:


    Night three of the Republican National Committee culminated in a speech from GOP nominee Mitt Romney, and the ratings rose accordingly.

    As was the case during the first two nights of the RNC, Fox News Channel was the most watched TV news outlet, besting the broadcast networks from 10-11PM. Last night, however, the gap between FNC and its competitors was even wider, as it topped the next two networks, NBC and ABC, combined in total viewers. Every outlet except NBC improved on its Tuesday night ratings in both total viewers and the adults 25-54 demo.

    Compared to the final night of the 2008 RNC it was a different story however. Fox News was just about flat compared to 2008, losing around -2% of its viewership, while NBC (-56%), ABC (-26%), CBS (-30%), CNN (-52%)and MSNBC (-25%) were down mid double digits.

    From 10-until around 11:20PM, when all of the networks were televising the RNC, Fox News averaged 9.06 million total viewers, including 2.56 million adults 25-54. ABC News overtook NBC for the number two slot, averaging 4.44 million viewers including 1.61 million adults 25-54. NBC was next with 3.85 million viewers, including 1.46 million adults 25-54, followed by CBS with 3.73 million viewers, including 1.51 million adults 25-54. CNN drew 2.33 million total viewers and 903,838 adults 25-54, with MSNBC bringing in 1.88 million viewers, including 625,712 adults 25-54.

    From 8-11 PM, FNC averaged 6.61 million total viewers, including 1.63 million adults 25-54. CNN averaged 1.66 million viewers, including 580,648 adults 25-54, and MSNBC brought in 1.88 million total viewers and 464,809 adults 25-54.

  3. Gotta love her:


    A man who tried to steal the purse of a 92-year-old woman Thursday afternoon in west Wichita ended up in the hospital with a fractured skull, police said.

    The woman had just exited the Dillons grocery store at Central and West at about 4 p.m. Thursday when a 51-year-old man came up to her in the parking lot and grabbed her purse, Lt. Doug Nolte said. She resisted the robbery attempt and began screaming, alerting others in the parking lot.

    The man knocked the woman down, but she still wouldn’t let go of her purse and he dragged her for some distance, Nolte said. A man came up and bear-hugged the suspect, and a scuffle broke out.

    The robber bit the other man’s finger and managed to pull away, Nolte said, but he dropped the purse and struck his head on a pole in the parking lot as he tried to flee.

    Others in the parking lot then held the robber down until officers arrived.

    In an interview with The Eagle on Friday the woman said what impressed her most was how people came to her help.

    I was not going to let that purse go,” she said.

    The suspect was taken to Wesley Medical Center for treatment and was admitted for treatment of a fractured skull, Nolte said.

    When he is released, he will be booked into the Sedgwick County Jail on suspicion of multiple criminal charges, Nolte said. The victim was tended to by Dillons employees after the attack.

    She suffered some scrapes, but was not seriously injured, Nolte said.

  4. Roberta, you have to win an election before you can govern. Without Florida (29 electoral votes) there is no election victory possible at all for Romney. As to polls, silly online self selecting respondent polls are not worth warm spit. And being ahead among independents is useless if you’re still behind overall.

    What empirical evidence will we look at to make an assessment as to where the election is? We’ll look at the polls in Florida after next week’s Obamination. We’ll then look at ad expenditures and candidate schedules in Florida for both tickets. Then we will look at public opinion surveys from Florida. We won’t even bother to look at polls in other states or even national polls until Florida is resolved. They are irrelevant. The only poll that matters as a threshold is polls on Florida.

    Once Florida is in the Romney column we will then look at Ohio, then North Carolina, then Virginia, then Iowa, then New Hampshire, then the Great Lakes states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota. We’ll take a gander at Pennsylvania too. We doubt very much that there is any level of success in the Southwest anymore.

    At this point, Labor Day weekend, good feelings don’t really matter anymore. After the Obamination next week the only thing that will really matter is empirical data. We don’t want to wake up November 8 with a disaster. Misguided analysis and false hope is dangerous at this point. Florida is everything. Until Florida is in the bag nothing else matters.

  5. Good to know admin-

    What empirical evidence will we look at to make an assessment as to where the election is? We’ll look at the polls in Florida after next week’s Obamination. We’ll then look at ad expenditures and candidate schedules in Florida for both tickets. Then we will look at public opinion surveys from Florida. We won’t even bother to look at polls in other states or even national polls until Florida is resolved. They are irrelevant. The only poll that matters as a threshold is polls on Florida.

  6. Shadowfax, we’ll also be watching to see how the Romney campaign reacts to the following, if they occur:

    First, during next week’s obamination we will watch the murder rates in Chicago. With Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago at the convention and murders occurring even near the Rezko/Obama house we want to see how well the Romney campaign makes a public case against Obama using these facts.

    Second, right after next week’s obamination we will be fixed with all attention on the economic numbers for August which come out the Friday after Obama’s Bank of America stadium appearance.

    Other items of interest will be the quality, quantity and location of Romney ads and Obama ads.

    If the election is till tied or very very close the numbers which will determine the election will be the September economic numbers which come out the Friday before the election. We’ll be watching in fury if the election is till tight in November.

  7. Empty chair, empty suit, empty head, empty promises, empty ideas, empty coffers. The theme song for the DNC should be Jackson Browne singing “Running on Empty”.

  8. Just talking to a friend of mine who is an endodontist and considers himself a republican leaning Independent. He is voting for Mitt, but believes that the cause was lost when Rubio was either not picked or declined to serve as VP because he saw a losing ticket and is waiting until 2016. The immigration stuff is killing
    the GOP . He also felt they(GOP) simply are not looking at the demographics necessaryto win an election in our country. Even W, because he governed a border state understood how to get some Hispanic support. Jeb was preaching the same thing.Unfortunately, the republican party would prefer to hold on to outdated policies and stand on principles than win this election. I hope Romney understands this and as Adm points out gets down here ASAP and try to overcome these perceptions.

  9. JbStonesFan, people just seem to not understand how important Florida is. It’s the only thing at this point.

    We don’t think the election is lost at this point. But as we have so beaten this dead horse, we are at a perilous point. Romney still has a chance but Big Media is going to try to destroy his money advantage with smears hitherto unseen, even in 2008. They need to wake up.

    By “they need to wake up” we mean that they say they understand the situation they are in. But they don’t. They still put out statements which begin with respect to Big Media as a “partner” and necessary to get the information out. This is seriously wrong. It’s like saying you understand the importance of Florida but then ignoring the mathematical fact that Florida has 29 electoral votes which few states (New York only) can match.

    As to the polls, ignore them. They are crap at this point. It’s like a placid lake after you throw a rock in it. There will be waves in the lake immediately after the rock throwing but the lake is essentially placid. After a rock throwing you don’t get a real picture of what is happening. That is why during big events like conventions or vp announcements we ignore polls. Wait until things settle down. Of course these online polls are 100% crap 100% of the time and should never be quoted or cited as authority to make a point.

    For instance there is a new poll out today which appears to buttress our argument. But we are not dishonest and won’t cite to this poll because of what we said above. The fact remains that we think Romney is probably doing well right now because he just finished his convention. The national polls that showed Romney improving after the Ryan pick are crap as well. A great deal of that “movement” was simply the switch from registered voter samples to likely voter samples.

    We do think that Romney has been ahead for a while now in likely voter sample polls. But there has been no movement – that has been the situation for weeks now. Our fear is what happens after next week after the Dims throw their rocks in the lake. After that trendlines begin to tell the story. And as we keep beating the point: Florida is what matters at this point.

    Here’s the crap poll (via Republican/conservative HotAir) we wrote about above and we warn people not to take it too seriously:


    Reuters snap poll: Romney’s likeability rises after convention — but no bounce yet

    The good news? Reuters’s pollster thinks the likeability numbers are more important than the actual head-to-head right now. Bounces come and bounces go but if Romney’s made real headway in how the public sees him, that might translate into a decisive shift six weeks from now when people finally start making up their minds.

    The bad news? Dude, I’m nervous:

    Especially notable was Romney’s boost among independents, 45 percent of whom rated him favorably, compared with Thursday’s 34 percent. Twenty percent of independents found him likeable, up from Thursday’s 16 percent…

    Respondents said Romney would be more effective than Obama as president by a margin of 37 percent to 33 percent. The margin was even wider among independents, at 26 percent versus 17 percent.

    Romney and Obama remain in a dead heat in most national polls of voting intentions. Friday’s Reuters/Ipsos poll had Romney with a slim one-point lead among likely voters, effectively unchanged from the day before

    “It was more important for Romney to create a more positive image,” [Ipsos pollster Julia Clark] said. “Some of these softer metrics, image issues, they contribute to factors like trust that ultimately do sway some people” when time comes to vote.

    So, mission accomplished. Mitt set out to use the convention to show America that he’s a good man, and it worked. If only more people had actually watched it:

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan continue to draw smaller TV crowds than the 2008 Republican Party duo of John McCain and Sarah Palin. The grand finale of this year’s Republican National Convention featuring Presidential candidate Romney’s acceptance speech and an introduction by Clint Eastwood drew a total of 25.3 million viewers last night from 10-11 PM on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC. That was down 31% from the final hour of the 2008 GOP convention.

    Ratings for Ryan’s VP speech were also way, way, way off what they were in 2008. Why the decline this time? Partly it’s a function of Palin’s star power and the historic nature of her candidacy having driven intense interest in the convention four years ago. Partly it’s because, after years of Bush fatigue, the public was excited and curious about the two new teams battling to replace him. (Note that Biden’s VP speech in 2008 actually topped Ryan’s speech ratings-wise as well.) Partly it’s because, thanks to Obama and his own historic candidacy, it was easier for casual voters to appreciate the significance of the election than it is in a cycle where Mitt Romney’s tax returns are one of the “big issues.” And partly it’s because, I think, a lot of poor suckers really bought the Hopenchange message, to the point where they thought some fresh new way of doing business in D.C. was on the menu. Now they know better and they’re jaded, so they’ve tuned out. Or at least, that’s the theory; if the Democratic convention next week does gangbusters business Nielsen-wise then obviously the GOP’s ratings are a much bigger concern than we think right now.

  10. admin
    August 31st, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    Admin, thanks again for explaining the details of what you base your opinions on in this race. You definitely know more of the ropes in the game than I do and to have it put in simple terms, all in one compact place helps me understand what you’re thinking.

    Like you, little ripples in the pond do not mean that someone is going to win in November. A big darn lesson was in 2008 when Hillary won, and then had it taken away. When McCain was leading and the stock-market took a dive and the media claimed that the empty suit that left DC to campaign understood how to fix the economy much better.

    It was beyond a head scratcher, it was criminal.

    Ripples in a pond….I will try to keep that in mind.

  11. Agreed administrator. I am off to Boston tomorrow and will be at a very liberal campus
    with my son setting him for his freshman year. I am considering wearing my “Republicans rock with Mitt Romney” button, but don’t want the kid getting F’s if a professor sees me. Will have to check in with mother in law to see what is going on
    a Romney headquarters here in Palm Beach County.

  12. jbstonesfan

    You should wear a t-shirt that says:

    “Hillary supporter voting for Mitt in 2012”

    That pretty much tells it all.

  13. I heard O and Biden will be in my area for Labor Day. The Dems have this parade with all the politicians. The parade ends up at this park where AA go for picnics. It is set up for politicians to speak. Someone told me O and Biden will be there to speak.

    Weather report says there will be showers on Labor day. I hope it pours.

  14. I feel the same way, that the Republican Women have made a lot more cracks in the glass ceiling than the Democratic Women have. Yes, the Dems call themselves the party of women.


    Huh? The same way as who?

    I posted evidence that there are twice as many Democratic women in Congres/Senate as Republican women.

  15. Mediaite’s is a misleading story, headline, and url. The point should be that overall the Democrats have many more women and minority elected officials (eg twice as many in Congress/Senate).

    Here’s a list of female Governors, if anyone has time to count up who’s ahead.

    Here’s the misleading story:

    mediaite.com/tv/chuck-todd-asks-villaraigosa-why-does-the-gop-have-more-women-and-latino-govenors-than-democrats/Chuck Todd:

    Why Does The GOP Have More Women And Latino Governors Than Democrats?

    “We have a lot more legislators and mayors and congress members that are women,” said Villaraigosa. “That are Latino that are Asian and African-American. We have a much broader tent, a much broader representation of every walk of life. People from, you know, every ethnicity and race and sex. It’s true that they may have more governors, but we have a much broader field when you look at all of the elected officials.”

  16. Woops, Mediaite wrote this up confusingly, and I should have clarified it, thusly:

    ““We [DEMOCRATS] have a lot more legislators and mayors and congress members that are women,” said Villaraigosa [the Democrat]. “That are Latino that are Asian and African-American. We have a much broader tent, a much broader representation of every walk of life. People from, you know, every ethnicity and race and sex. It’s true that [Republicans] may have more governors, but we [Democrats] have a much broader field when you look at all of the elected officials.”

  17. I have run more political campaigns than I can even count at this point in my life. Don’t insult me by telling me you have to win before you can govern. I stand by what I said. Ryan is a better choice than Rubio and all is not lost in FL because of Ryan.

  18. Florida: The one state Romney can’t do without
    Biggest battleground could make or break

    By Russ Britt, MarketWatch

    LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — It’s a good thing for Mitt Romney and the Republicans that they’re holding their convention in Tampa this year, since Florida is shaping up to be the one state he can’t do without.

    Much like the Bush-Gore squeaker of 2000, just about everything hinges on the Sunshine State. The stakes are certainly bigger as Florida’s electoral college slice is bigger than ever. It now has 29 votes, tying it for third place with New York, and behind California and Texas.

    That makes Florida the biggest battleground state, and it could well mean more for Romney’s chances than it does for the incumbent he is trying to unseat, President Barack Obama. It’s also looking to be the most hotly contested, as the RealClearPolitics.com average of polls puts Obama and Romney in a dead heat.

    “I think whoever wins Florida is the next president of the United States,” said Alex Patton, president of Ozean, a Republican political consultant group in Gainesville, Fla.

    “Romney needs to flip Florida or it’s over,” said Mario Piscatella, a Democratic consultant based in St. John’s, Fla.

    At first blush, Romney’s pick of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate made some political watchers wonder if he was throwing in the towel on Florida — and the race in general — for the sake of the party’s base. Ryan’s plans to overhaul the Medicare system, including substituting a direct government payout with premium vouchers, was seen as unpalatable for Florida’s high concentration of seniors, more than one-sixth the population and growing.

    Said Patton: “I feel like the odd man out in Republican circles because this pick makes me extremely nervous.”

    A number of others, though, aren’t so sure that Romney has alienated Florida seniors with the Ryan pick. Florida seniors are largely Republican, and well-to-do, says Brad Coker, president of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research in Jacksonville, Fla. He notes that Obama launched a massive effort in Florida in 2008 but only won by 3 points.

    “There’s a lot of ‘one percenters’ in the 65-plus group here,” he said. “The Ryan pick does have risk, but I don’t think it’s as big a risk as people think.”

    Coker says if seniors perceive that Romney and Ryan are trying to present a plan to sustain Medicare, then the Republican team could win them over. It probably couldn’t hurt for them to emphasize that none of Ryan’s proposals would affect anyone currently on Medicare.

    “That’s the best way to blunt anything directed toward seniors,” Coker said.

    He points out the state’s senior population as well as its “snowbirds” — comprised in the past of northeasterners seeking warmth along Florida’s southeast coast — is being diluted with Midwest natives settling along its west coast, the peninsula’s interior and northeastern areas such as Jacksonville.

    While the northeast is reliably blue, huge swaths of the Midwest have long been Republican. By and large, the state has been red for the last decade and a half when it comes to state and national races.

    “They dislike Obama on so many other fronts,” Coker said. “There is a whole new twist to it. His health care plan is very unpopular here.”


  19. Roberta, what have we said that is insulting? What is wrote is basic truism – you have to win before you govern. Quoting the benefits of Ryan as a governing partner is not a rationale for how to win an election which is what we addressed in your comment.

    Furthermore, we never have said all is lost in Florida because of Ryan. What we have said is that not having Rubio on the ticket is a fail because Florida is now more difficult than ever to secure. And Florida is a must win for Romney. These seem to us to be rather pedestrian assessments that do not deserve vitriol.

    Further we have stated another truism that without Florida Romney cannot amass 270 electoral votes. Even if you add 10 electoral votes garnered from Wisconsin, a state that is not in the Romney column yet either, even though Ryan is from there, we are still many votes short without Florida.

    Instead of expressing an argumentative opinion please inform us as to how to win Florida from an evidential standpoint, not a blanket statement. We’ve never run a statewide campaign in Florida. If you have run a statewide campaign in Florida please inform us as to how to win Florida in these circumstances.

  20. Shadowfax, thanks for that article. Republican Alex Patton is not the only one that is very nervous.

    Our central point in all this is an age old aphorism: “A bird in the hand in worth two in the bush.” With Rubio on the ticket the fine plumage of Florida would have been in hand.

    As today’s article stated this is all now beside the point. But a winning strategy has to be developed to secure Florida, one based on facts and empirical evidence – not optimistic opinion.

  21. It never ends:


    Will Obama Play The Hillary Card?

    Instapundit links a story that Hillary is staying as far as physically possible from Charlotte.

    But then a reader speculates that that is just a smokescreen, and that the big surprise of the convention will be a Hillary-for-Biden VP swap.

    Meanwhile, Reuters has Romney’s favorables improving, but without any bounce in the head-to-head.

    But in James Carville’s Democracy Corps poll, Romney has a huge 54-38 lead with independents (16 points!).

    Oddly enough, that poll puts Obama ahead by two skinny points, 49-47.

    He is obviously counting on a near-2008 level of Democratic turnout. I don’t buy that. And no one seems to be thinking of a big right-leaning turnout.

  22. The Instapundit story:


    NOBODY SAID SHE WAS STUPID: Foreign Policy: Hillary Clinton staying as far away from Charlotte as physically possible.

    UPDATE: Reader Jody Green is skeptical:

    Not buying the Hillary crap.

    I have thought for a while that if the election is close, Obama would play the Hillary for VP card (I am not the only one who thought that). Now that she will supposedly be out of the country, I figure that is proof that she will be the mystery speaker and will accept the nomination for VP. If the rules allow this, then it is Obama’s only chance. the press would talk about nothing else for the remainder of this election cycle.

    The press will crow:

    1. What a brilliant move.
    2. He put his country first
    3. Smart enough to remove the mistake of Biden
    4. Dream Team etc.

    If they do not do this it can only be for two reasons.

    1. Hillary said take a hike
    2. Obama is a true Narcissist that can not share the spotlight or admit he has failed to the point he needed her.

    We will find out soon.

    Well, if the Hillary story turns out to be bogus, Jody will have bragging rights. But I don’t think Obama is capable of admitting a mistake, and no matter how it’s spun, that’s what this would be.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails: “Not gonna happen. BHO chose Joe Biden as life insurance . Hilary as Veep would indicate a death wish.

  23. Leonora, delusion and narcissism walk hand in hand. At some point men with butterfly nets must be called in to intervene.

    In that interview Obama refers to his health scam as one of his “proudest achievements”. If so, why does he not campaign on it?

  24. admin
    September 1st, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Leonora, delusion and narcissism walk hand in hand. At some point men with butterfly nets must be called in to intervene.

    In that interview Obama refers to his health scam as one of his “proudest achievements”. If so, why does he not campaign on it?


    He’s a pathological liar and a thief. The man has no soul. He’s a sick sick puppy.

  25. Yet, core Dems think he is better to re-elect than the fear they have of Republican administrations, which in the near term they have lost very little with.

    Bumped into a local lawyer yesterday that was involved in the Dem party when I was playing with them. I sort of ignored her, as I did not leave the party under good terms. She came over and reminded me who she was. We talked briefly. However, I was lead to believe that she is not quit as in love with O as she use to be. She has a partner and they are raising this beautiful young lady. She must have grown 2 feet since I last saw her. I have to wonder how many more core Dems, who might still call themselves Dems, are disenchanged, and might just pull that lever for Romney.

  26. Outris
    August 31st, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    Empty chair, empty suit, empty head, empty promises, empty ideas, empty coffers. The theme song for the DNC should be Jackson Browne singing “Running on Empty”.


    Qwell they can catch up with the rest of the country.We are running on empty too. ;shock:

  27. How embarrassing for king put :shock

    President Barack Obama was greeted with fleeting applause and extended periods of silence as he offered profuse praise to soldiers and their families during an Aug. 31 speech in Fort Bliss, Texas.

    His praise for the soldiers — and for his own national-security policies — won cheers from only a small proportion of the soldiers and families in the cavernous aircraft-hanger.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/31/obama-speech-to-soldiers-met-with-silence/#ixzz25EMlXaia

  28. I agree with this comment 🙂
    Alejandro for Mitt

    After hearing Ryan, Rubio, Martinez, Mia Love, etc., President zerO looks tired, old and spent. Just like his jobs entire administration and economic record. O is just a spent long winded gas-bag twisting in the wind. Welcome to the White House President Romney!

  29. If Romney does not win, with these arguments, and with the leadership default on the other side, then America has become yellow dog nation. Yellow dogs do not survive. Neither will our republic.

    Election 2012: State of the Race

    Mitt Romney heads to the Republican Convention with his “safe” and “lean” Electoral College votes unchanged at 108 and 74, respectively, while Barack Obama’s count shifted to 177 “safe” and 70 “lean.” New Mexico switched to “safe Obama” for now, and, as predicted last week, Wisconsin moved to the “toss up” column and continues to strengthen for the Romney/Ryan ticket. There are seven states (109 EC votes) that are considered “toss up,” but watch for movement in states like Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina following both the party conventions.–Karl Rove

  30. For four long years we’ve waited, hoped and prayed that some young comic would break free of the politically correct demands of The State and mock Obama the way all presidents and all people in power should be mocked. But for four long years (with a few exceptions) all we’ve seen instead are cowardly toadies of The State: Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Chris Rock, the cast of “Saturday Night Live”…

    Since Obama won the presidency, comedy has pretty much gone straight to hell as our Entertainment Overlords morphed into pathetic lapdogs to The State; begging for scraps of attention and affection from Obama, and in the process becoming stale, lazy, dull, predictable, painfully unfunny, and like a needy poodle — more than a little annoying.

    Who would’ve ever thought that one of the men who would display enough backbone and “edge” to finally take it to Obama with wicked mockery on about 30 million live television screens would be 82 year-old Clint Eastwood?

    Once we learned Eastwood was the night’s mystery guest, no one knew what to expect. And anyone who took a guess most certainly didn’t guess that the Oscar-winning American icon would use his opportunity to relentlessly and hilariously mock Barack Obama in front of the entire free world.


  31. Wbboei, Obama must be defeated. That has to happen. It just must happen. We keep looking at those seven states and then… sleeplessness. We want Romney/Ryan to succeed… but we worry… with very good reason[s].

    Romney is on right now talking from Ohio, praising Ohio native Neil Armstrong. He is giving a very strong speech. He’s got to win.

  32. I think the point to the cracks in the glass ceiling is to me no so much in numbers, but the positions they fill. I think dems are satisfied with giving a number of women lower level positons, where as in the Rep they have higher level with more influence but fewer in number. To me that is the way this society has always performed. Make them nurses, pay them less, but give them a lot of work Doctors don’t want to do, but by no means do not pay them for it. Being a Gov is much more influencial than being in the bowels of state government. Don’t let the numbers fool you. In addition, how many are Senators. In NM the Reps are running a women who was a Representative, and pouring a lot of money into it. There was not one women vying for the Dem candidacy during the Primary here.

    I also will never forget how Palin was supported AT HIGH LEVELS against damaging female remarks, and NO ONE DID THE SAME AT THE HIGHER LEVELS OF THE DEM PARTY IN SUPPORT OF HILLARY.

    You may disagree, but I think the Dems talk a good story about women, but the Reps really act on their support of women much more than Dems do. Is it perfect? NO, AT THIS POINT IN SOCIETY WE SHOULD BE RUNNING THINGS.

  33. Admin. last night was the bluest of blue moons for me. After three years of struggle, my mother died. This is not a plea for sympathy. It is a situation we all face with our parents, sooner or later. The only reason I mention it is because I wanted to let anyone who might wondering what happened to me. As we get closer to November, I may head to Florida–I don’t know yet. I will be checking in from time to time to see how everyone is doing, and whether turndown turns her excellent mind against Obama. Researching all his lies and those of big media would be a timely and worthwhile exercise. I will return when I can. Goodbye to everyone on this blog for now.

    PS> I have spoken to Mrs. Smith and she tells me that she, Basil and possibly Moon have tried to get back on this blog but have been unable to access it. These people are some of the orginals on this site, and it would be good to have them back. They are valuable contributors. For those who do not know this, Mrs. Smith has an excellent blog of her own called PUMAs Unleashed, which is worth a visit.

  34. wbboei

    My condolences on the lose of your Mother. I hope you hang in here as much as possible. Your information is very valuable and insightful.

  35. wbboei
    September 1st, 2012 at 11:39 am

    Admin. last night was the bluest of blue moons for me. After three years of struggle, my mother died. This is not a plea for sympathy. It is a situation we all face with our parents, sooner or later. The only reason I mention it is because I wanted to let anyone who might wondering what happened to me.



  36. Sure, Democrats had some spokespeople wandering around Tampa, Fla. But Republicans plan to bracket Democrats’ Charlotte, N.C., convention with an unprecedented counter-convention right outside the gates of the Time Warner Cable Arena, where Democrats will gather after Labor Day.

    As many as 50 “communicators” will travel straight from the Republican convention, which wrapped up Tuesday in Tampa, up to Charlotte, where Democrats kick off their convention in earnest on Tuesday, according to a plan provided to ABC News.


  37. wbb

    I am so sorry for the loss of your mother, may she rest in peace and I will say a prayer for the both of you.

    Come back when you can and take care of yourself.

  38. wbb,
    sorry for this, just be grateful for all the years you had the blessing of you mother with you!
    God bless your heart!

  39. I think dems are satisfied with giving a number of women lower level positons, where as in the Rep they have higher level with more influence but fewer in number.


    There are twice as many Democrat women in Congress/Senate combined than Republican. Iirc it’s 64 Dems to 29 GOP, source Wikipedia. By your premise, would the GOP have a higher percentage of Senators and the Dems a higher percentage of Congressmenbers? Someone could count that up.

    I think a Senator usually has more influence on a party’s national longterm policies than a Governor does.

  40. From Greta’s blog, this sounds neat although I’ve no idea what they’re referring to:
    The RNC will be holding bracketing events every day of the DNC at 1pm starting on Monday. These will take place right outside of the secure perimeter. Many Republican notables including Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley are expected to take part.

  41. http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/31/obama-republican-voters-often-agree-with-me/
    Obama added that he has proposed policies which “used to be embraced” by the Republican Party.


    In the examples given in that article, it’s more a case of Obama agreeing with things that the Republican politicians have been pushing for years. Obamacare resembles Romneycare which resembles what the GOP pushed against Hillary in the 1990s. In the 2008 campaign Obama said he opposed an individual mandate (suggested by GOP long ago), but he later adopted it.

  42. I have not had a problem getting on, i just chose not to.

    I said i might drop by from time to time, if i felt like it.

  43. but i just had to show this as i’m laughing, they are trying to really outdo the greek columns.

    DNC Erecting Creepy Giant Obama Sculpture

    Forget the marble pillars, this time there will be a giant 16-foot sculpture of Obama made out of 15.5 tons of sand at the Democratic National Convention. Building a giant sand sculpture of a living leader might be considered a bit tacky with its worshipful implications, but building one during a hurricane in South Carolina is in particularly bad taste.

    But if nothing else, at least Obama has found one “Shovel Ready Project”. And this isn’t even the creepiest giant Obama sand sculpture ever made. The winner of that particular competition is still Sudarsan Pattnaik with this nightmare made out of sand.


    worshiping false idols eh.

  44. DNC Erecting Creepy Giant Obama Sculpture

    Laughing at everyone that he stole the election and got away with doing nothing to help Americans…creepy is right.

    Maybe this is his structure because he knows he will never earn the privilege to be carved on Mt. Rushmore?

    Narcissistic behavior on a grand, expensive scale.


  45. The convention of the Kooks…


    With the Democratic National Convention less than a week away, changing appearances are now a given in Charlotte’s Center City.

    During the week of the convention, thousands of people are expected to fill places and events Uptown. One of those setups is the American Presidential Experience. But about a block away, a new complex is under construction. That’s where Google will hunker down during the DNC.

    The blogosphere will also be out in force. At Packard Place, grassroots organization and blog hub “The PPL” has organized a series of town meetings. Kris Krug is a blogger working with the site. He said the group is expecting a number notable visitors.

    “Arianna Huffington will be here.. We’ll have Amy Goodman who does Democracy Now, and I heard Ashley Judd is gonna be here,” he said.

    The Democratic Party is putting down colorful party roots of a different kind. Flowers have been planted on I-277 near Bank of America Stadium. On Friday, a new piece of public art will be dedicated former City Council member Susan Burgess who lost her battle with cancer.

    Meanwhile, work will continue on a sand sculpture that will come complete with the image of President Barack Obama.

    Nora Battle is with the Myrtle Convention and Visitors Bureau.

    “We have four sand sculptors here, “she said.” Some who have won championships and we feel real confident about their ability to depict the president in an accurate light.”

    Workers from Myrtle Beach brought in 15 tons of sand from the South Carolina coast.

  46. I’m Putting an empty chair on my lawn lol
    Bet you will start seeing more empty chairs on people’s front lawns instead of political signs. Who needs a sign when that empty chair says it all. 🙂

  47. foxyladi14
    September 1st, 2012 at 3:59 pm
    I’m Putting an empty chair on my lawn lol
    Bet you will start seeing more empty chairs on people’s front lawns instead of political signs. Who needs a sign when that empty chair says it all
    Some company is going to make a lot of money with the empty chair idea. Hats, bumper stickers. I can see some going to rallys carrying chairs.

    Putting a chair on the lawn is a great idea

  48. Verily:


    Matthew 7:24-27

    New International Version (NIV)
    The Wise and Foolish Builders

    24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.

  49. Wbboei, you faced a moment filled with dread for many of us. Our best to you and your family. It was a blue moon for you indeed.

    As to the political situation, we too have considered moving Big Pink to Florida for the duration in a last desperate pitch battle with the forces built on sand.

  50. The Big Pink curse strikes at the Boob. Rejoice:


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A torrential downpour that struck Charlotte Saturday afternoon damaged the Mount Rushmore-style sand sculpture bust of President Obama — an ominous beginning to what many fear is a plagued convention.

    Workers were trying Saturday afternoon to reform the base of the sculpture, built from sand brought in from Myrtle Beach, S.C., pounding and smoothing out the sand that had washed off the facade.

    Democrats’ choice of Charlotte has drawn criticism from unions who don’t like North Carolina’s labor laws, and the state seems to be tilting away from Democrats politically.

    The large Rushmore-style sculpture drew comparisons to Mr. Obama’s 2008 convention in Denver, when he accepted his party’s nomination on a stage that looked like a Greek temple.

  51. Obama Treachery:


    Exclusive: U.S. Scales-Back Military Exercise with Israel, Affecting Potential Iran Strike
    A smaller U.S. contingent may make it more difficult for the Israeli government to launch a pre-emptive strike on Tehran’s nuclear program.

    Seven months ago, Israel and the United States postponed a massive joint military exercise that was originally set to go forward just as concerns were brimming that Israel would launch a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The exercise was rescheduled for late October, and appears likely to go forward on the cusp of the U.S. presidential election. But it won’t be nearly the same exercise. Well-placed sources in both countries have told TIME that Washington has greatly reduced the scale of U.S. participation, slashing by more than two-thirds the number of American troops going to Israel and reducing both the number and potency of missile interception systems at the core of the joint exercise.

    Basically what the Americans are saying is, ‘We don’t trust you,’” a senior Israeli military official tells TIME.

    The reductions are striking. Instead of the approximately 5,000 U.S. troops originally trumpeted for Austere Challenge 12, as the annual exercise is called, the Pentagon will send only 1,500 service members, and perhaps as few as 1,200. Patriot anti-missile systems will arrive in Israel as planned, but the crews to operate them will not. Instead of two Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense warships being dispatched to Israeli waters, the new plan is to send one, though even the remaining vessel is listed as a “maybe,” according to officials in both militaries.

    Obama will claim he is supplying Israel with weapons but the weapons will not be operational. Treacherous liar.

  52. admin
    September 1st, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    The Big Pink curse strikes at the Boob. Rejoice:


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A torrential downpour that struck Charlotte Saturday afternoon damaged the Mount Rushmore-style sand sculpture bust of President Obama — an ominous beginning to what many fear is a plagued convention.

    Workers were trying Saturday afternoon to reform the base of the sculpture, built from sand brought in from Myrtle Beach, S.C., pounding and smoothing out the sand that had washed off the facade.


    ROFLMAO. 😆 😆

  53. wbb, my condolences on your mother… never easy, take care of yourself.

    I am afraid not enough people watched the convention, not enough minds changed.

    I am very afraid.

  54. According to new research released today by Rasmussen, more voters identify themselves as Republican than ever in the last 8 years. More importantly, by a 4 point margin, more voters identify as GOP than Democrat. This is the largest spread between the parties ever. Worse for Democrats, the number of voters who identify with their party is also approaching an historic low. 


  55. WBB: You have my sympathy for the loss of your ever loving Mom.I am creating the same problem for my children and family.I am looking forward to the day when I can begin my new life where ever I am sent.

    As for the real future for Hillary,One of my daughters is working on an article for me that Our dearest Hillary has been ofered the most coveted position in education.The presidency of YALE University. Does anyone have any info? It is the best news for our country to have such a brilliant woman molding young minds into solid citizens and future political figures.

    Best to all ABM90

  56. ABM90, please don’t leave this Earth yet. Hang on. We’re sure your family needs you still. You’re still a young person in mind at the very least. We still fighting the good fight need you here for a bit longer yet as well. There is still much to be done before any of us can rest. Best of health and best wishes to you.

  57. CALLING ALL BIG PINK NATIVE AMERICANS, DRUIDS, PAGANS, WITCHES, WIZARDS, AND THOSE IN GOOD STANDING WITH THE ALMIGHTY: Wouldn’t it be great to have a cleansing rain at the open air Bank of America stadium on Thursday of this week? Please do what you can to get a timely rainstorm to fill up the stadium and wash out the garbage. 🙂

    The forecast for Charlotte North Carolina for this week: http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/charlotte-nc/28202/daily-weather-forecast/349818

  58. Workers were trying Saturday afternoon to reform the base of the sculpture, built from sand brought in from Myrtle Beach, S.C., pounding and smoothing out the sand that had washed off the facade.


    Good Lord, the metaphors write themselves! If any Bots read the Bible, they’d know what happens to houses built on/of sand, and idols with clay feet. 😉

  59. admin
    September 1st, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    admin, is there no cover for that stadium? I read that the sand castle OTurd was washed away partly today.. LOL!

  60. Obama will claim he is supplying Israel with weapons but the weapons will not be operational.


    Fake with no teeth. Like Obama’s Lily Ledbetter, his ‘Council on Women and Girls’, his order about gay visitation….

    Empty gifts from a empty chair.

  61. Neetabug, Tim, there is no cover at all at Bank of America stadium. The convention will be at the Time Warner cable arena which is enclosed, for the first two days. But Obama’s great moment on Thursday is in the Bank of America stadium which is a huge uncovered bowl. A little wind, a little rain… And the forecast models from Accuweather we linked to have rain most of the week, including Thursday night.

  62. And the forecast models from Accuweather we linked to have rain most of the week, including Thursday night.

    Well, he did say he had the power to part the seas, or some such outrageous statement…his face wiped off the mini-Rushmore sand pile and rain pouring on the folks they gave tickets to in the local bars…………..he is doomed.

  63. Nice words from a loser who obviously is just plagerizing and using all sorts of lines, words from real American leaders from the past.

    “It’s time to build a nation that lives up to the ideals that so many Americans have fought for” ”

    Riiight, like forcing Americans to buy a private product, but give no competition to lower costs, and then charging them $2200 if they cannot afford this private product, but that’s not a tax according to Barry.

  64. Admin, even if by chance there isn’t a total downpour on Thursday, the obots will be spraying the sand with waterproof plastic coating, building a tarp over it or building a human pyramid all holding umbrellas to keep the sand pile dry.

    It is pretty comical at the very least.

    And the funniest part is the sand pile does not look at all like Barry. Big mouthy smile, not skinny…

  65. I don’t know if its true as I cannot find it anywhere. But I read in some comments on another site that OTurd made a comment to the effect that if people watch the RNC convention to watch it on a black and white TV. Did the OTurd really says this? Does anyone know?

  66. Mitt should do an ad about the two places for the conventions,

    Should go something like this, One place is not enough? President O wasting money on two convention places, this is how he runs the government.

    Then they should shown two people sitting in the Bank American convention center jumping up and down

  67. And since he was in Indonesia during the “black and white” tv times, the Oturd probably has no idea how many americans, white, black fought for civil rights during that time. And now at the RNC, all these diverse people, men, women from all background speaking as high elected officials.

    Of course OTurd still wants to use those dwindling non-existant divisions for his own gain.

  68. Keep in mind, this article is not from Fox, it is from the NY Times!!!!

    In a Post-Convention Bump, Romney Draws Huge Crowds in Cincinnati

    CINCINNATI – A crowd of thousands cheered Mitt Romney at a rally here during the opening leg of a cross-country campaign swing on Saturday, testing for the first time whether he can sustain political momentum coming out of the Republican National Convention.

    A line of people that stretched for five city blocks awaited Mr. Romney as his motorcade pulled into the Union Terminal. Inside there were so many people that the campaign had to redirect a few hundred of them into a small overflow room, where they crammed in shoulder to shoulder.

    Mr. Romney has often failed to spark much of a connection with his audiences, and enthusiasm for him along the campaign trail has often been in short supply.

    But inside a soaring Art Deco-styled rotunda here, the candidate, joined by Senator Rob Portman and Representative John Boehner, the House speaker, delivered a vigorous and sharply focused speech that sent the audience into ear-splitting roars.

    Mr. Romney added new punch lines to his denunciation of President Obama’s first term as a betrayal of the promises he made and a failure to lead.

    “One of the promises he made was he was going to create more jobs. And today, 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed,” Mr Romney said. “Let me tell you, if you have a coach that’s 0 and 23 million, you say it’s time to get a new coach. It’s time for America to see a winning season again, and we’re going to bring it to them.”

    In the last few weeks, Mr. Romney has relied on his running mate, Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, to infuse energy into his campaign rallies. But Mr. Ryan was in Columbus, north of here, campaigning at one of the state’s high holidays, the season opening football game at Ohio State, playing Miami University of Ohio, which is Mr. Ryan’s alma mater.

    The two men are scheduled to appear together later in the day at a second rally on the waterfront in Jacksonville, Fla.

    The setting for Mr. Romney’s speech here has a history of providing the backdrop for major political events. On Oct. 7, 2002, George W. Bush delivered a televised address from Union Terminal to make his case for the Iraq War.

    Though Mr. Romney devoted much of his remarks to crowd-pleasing put-downs of the president, he confronted head on a subject that he has been more reluctant to wade into: chastising Republicans for running up the deficit when they controlled Washington.

    The more popular and convenient story line for many Republicans has often been to lay the blame for record deficits squarely at the feet of the Obama administration.

    “We’re going to finally have to do something that Republicans have spoken about for a long time, and for a while we didn’t do it,” he said. “When we had the lead we let people down.”

    The speech hit some of the same notes that Mr. Romney made in Tampa, Fla., where he accepted his party’s nomination on Thursday night. He accused the president of putting teachers’ unions, not students, first. He said that the president would raise taxes on small business. And he pledged to repeal the president’s health care overhaul, which he called a “big cloud” raining over small businesses.

    That line drew the most thunderous response from the crowd, which erupted into a half-minute of chants of “Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!”

    Compared to the energy level inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum last week, which often seemed muted as many seats went unfilled and spectators milled about in the aisles checking their smart phones during speeches, the rally on Saturday morning was a noticeable improvement.

    “America’s going to come roaring back,” Mr. Romney said as he concluded. “We’re going to get America strong again, for you, for your children, for the future.”


  69. What goes up, must come down…due to security?

    “A temporary sand sculpture was slated to be the “ultimate welcome mat” for visitors during the Democratic National Convention has been scrapped for security reasons.

    The sculpture was in the process of being built in front of the Ritz-Carlton and was slated to be unveiled to the public on Friday.

    The sculpture was slated to be a one-of-a-kind 12-ton “Welcome to Charlotte” sand sculpture in the hotel’s front drive area.

    But now the sculpture is being taken down.

    “The sand sculpture initially planned for the front of the hotel will not be created in order to ensure optimal security at that location,” the hotel said in a news release on Wednesday.

    The massive sculpture has been under construction for several weeks.”


  70. wbboei
    September 1st, 2012 at 11:39 am
    Admin. last night was the bluest of blue moons for me. After three years of struggle, my mother died.


    Please accept my heartfelt sympathy regarding your loss. May God grant comfort to you and your family at this difficult time.

  71. Not to worry my dear friends here on big pink.I expect to be around to see our girl occupy the Oval Office and save our democracy from the greedy political money grubbers filling their retirement pots from their pet peoples demands just like 2-bit
    sweeper salesmen.No party exempted.We must all think about our young honest and anxious budding political figures that are willing to fight a non partisan battle for all of us. Obama is trying to build up a supporting army of single mothers and who knows how manysingle fathers.No jobs no weddings just lots of food stamps for all and an army of votes white and black.BO runs his job like a chuck-a-luck-wheel.When he was in the senate he hung around Hillarytrying to see her papers and voted present on every legislation introduced by her.Wake up folks we are in deep truoble regardless of the party we have chosen.

    Please stay active and think only of country first

    Thanks ABM94 Today

  72. ABM90
    September 1st, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    Not to worry my dear friends here on big pink.I expect to be around to see our girl occupy the Oval Office and save our democracy from the greedy political money grubbers

    You had better be around for Big Pinkers and Hillary…we can’t make it without you.

  73. Today sept 1st I am 94 can someone help change my handle to ABM94?


    Just log out, then open a new account as ABM94. No need to cancel or try to convert the old account.

  74. ABM90
    September 1st, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    ABM, look on the bottom where you type in your comments, there you will see “Logged in as ABM90”, if you click on that “ABM90, you should see your profile pop up, it appears the “username” cannot be changed, however you can change your “first name” to ABM94, once you have done that, where it says “Display name publicly as”, pull down the “ABM94, and hopefully this is will what should be displayed.

  75. ABM90
    September 1st, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    Today sept 1st I am 94 can someone help change my handle to ABM94?

    Happy, happy Birthday ABM94!!!

  76. While the mainstream media pundits rushed to declare the sometimes rambling Clint Eastwood appearance at the RNC to be “odd” or even a “disaster”, subsequent polling data confirms what Mom and Pop America already knew – Eastwood spoke truth in his own direct and entertaining way, that the Obama administration has been a disaster for Americans and it is time “to let them go” and give Mitt Romney the opportunity to correct course.

    Three reasons Clint Eastwood worked for Republicans

    A Survey USA poll showed a clear Eastwood-related bounce for the Romney campaign in the all-important state of Florida: LINK

    1,211 adults were interviewed statewide 08/31/12, after Romney, Florida’s Marco Rubio and Clint Eastwood spoke to the convention 08/30/12. Of the adults, 1,100 were registered to vote in Florida. Of the registered voters, 754 heard the convention speeches. Of the convention speech watchers:

    * 66% did not change their mind.
    * 16% switched from “undecided” to Romney.
    * 6% switched from Obama to Romney.
    * Adding those 2 together, that’s 22% who switched TO Romney.

    That is a HUGE shift and proves that the combination of Clint Eastwood, Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney on the last night of the RNC proved decisive in pushing many voters throughout Florida to supporting the Republican ticket in 2012.

    The hysteria of the liberal media to the Eastwood speech is a clear and undeniable sign of just how worried Eastwood’s words would have the very impact on voters that is now taking place. Even far left comedian and HBO political show host Bill Maher admitted Mr. Eastwood “killed it” :


    “As a performer, as a stand-up comedian for 30 years who knows how hard it is to get laughs, excuse me, he went up there … without a net, on a tightrope. There was no teleprompter. He did a bit with just an empty chair and killed,” Maher said. “He committed to it, it was consistent and it worked.”

    “People have been saying for years: these conventions are too scripted, they’re too slick, they’re too overproduced,” he added. “A guy who went up there who wasn’t slick … and killed with the crowd? I gotta give him props for that.”


  77. ABM90, we did what we could at this end and now your username should now display as ABM94. We don’t think you have to do anything just sign on with ABM90 but it will display in comments as ABM94, we hope. Fingers crossed.

    Happy Birthday!

  78. The GOP platform that was approved at the Republican National Convention in Tampa rejected the United Nations “sustainability” scheme known as Agenda 21. The platform committee said the UN program was “erosive of American sovereignty” and that they “oppose any form of U.N. Global Tax.”


    This is good news to me since I believe in and respect our American sovereignty. Now all they have to do is win!

  79. ABM94 @ 11:11 PM Please stay active and think only of country first
    Thanks ABM94 Today
    Your birthday wish is one for the ages. Thank you.
    I didn’t realize there was another movie around, but it will not get the exposure 2016 enjoyed. However, Hannity’s one hour exclusive special on the film aired for a THIRD time last night, and it had exposure at RNC. Title: The Hope and The Change-The surprising journeys of 40 Democrats and independents from across America who supported Obama in 2008.It’s now available on DVD for private showings. Here’s the official movie trailer, http://youtu.be/lLelSaD1zHU

  80. ABM94, you’re the life and soul of this site, the inspiration of Hillary supporters who is there firm and solid for our FIRST LADY OF THE WORLD.God bless you always and HAPPY BDAY!

  81. AMB94, hope you had a great birthday! My dad is 91, still lives independently, drives a car, and is active in the community. We need wise older folk like he and you out there leading the way. Glad to see you on this board–your enthusism and comments are always on the money.

  82. http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/01/iowa-city-councilman-obama-has-fundraised-over-touring-flood-damage-before/

    “President Barack Obama ignored a request to tour flood damage in
    Sioux City, Iowa, last summer, City Councilman Keith Radig said in a radio appearance.
    Obama chose not to visit the area the Missouri River flooded last
    summer, Radig added, and is only going to speak at the city’s
    Morningside College at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday because he’s in desperate
    need of votes against Mitt Romney ahead of November’s election.

    “You could kind of describe Obama as a fair weathered friend — he’s
    one that’s only there when he needs something from you,” Radig said.
    “But when we needed his leadership, he was nowhere to be found. In the
    Midwest we are hardworking and determined. We are tired of struggling
    due to the Obama policies.”

  83. AP is now reporting OTurd and dims are now proposing to set and cut back on public funds to the healthcare systems of each state. MA just passed a law similar to this. What is more unnerving, its not only proposing limiting funds, to control costs, to public funds, but to limit private funds too, which is stunning to see this even proposed.

    Rationing, less choices, less development of new drugs/technology, more costs, more waiting, all coming soon. The ones who were supposed to be helped will be the ones hurt the most.

  84. Leanora, great find and I hope it’s accurate!!


    How Clinton plans to upstage Obama at the DNC


    Not since the feud between Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter tore the Democratic Party apart more than 30 years ago have two panjandrums of the party loathed each other quite as much as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

    And yet this week, television viewers will be treated to a remarkable spectacle at the Democratic National Convention: Clinton will stand before a cheering throng of delegates on Thursday night and deliver a primetime speech nominating Obama, a man he once dismissed as incompetent, as president of the United States.

    The Clinton-Obama feud is the worst-kept secret in the Democratic Party. It traces back to the bruising 2008 primary campaign, when Obama’s surrogates lambasted Bill and Hillary for being “racists” and a Clinton aide said of Obama that he “embraces the politics of trash.” The animosity still stirs such deep emotions that a year ago Clinton held a secret meeting of friends and political advisers at his home in Chappaqua and urged his wife to challenge Obama for the party’s presidential nomination in 2012.

    According to two people who attended the meeting, Hillary rejected her husband’s advice that she run against a sitting president of her own party. But that didn’t stop Bill Clinton from going on a rant about Obama.

    “I’ve heard more from Bush, asking for my advice, than I’ve heard from Obama,” my sources quoted Clinton as saying. “I have no relationship with the president — none whatsoever. Obama doesn’t know how to be president. He doesn’t know how the world works. He’s incompetent. He’s an amateur!”

    Why, then, is Clinton making a speech on behalf of a man for whom he has such little respect? And why is Obama putting his nomination in the hands of man he doesn’t trust?

    My sources inside the Obama campaign tell me that the last thing Obama wanted to see was Clinton, one of the country’s greatest orators, standing at the podium of the Democratic convention and sucking all the air out of the place.

    The president, First Lady Michelle Obama and their senior political adviser, Valerie Jarrett, all argued strenuously against offering Clinton a plum assignment at the convention. They wanted to relegate him to a minor, non-prime-time speaking role. However, Clinton, who is viewed as an iconic figure by the party faithful, refused to accept anything less than the all-important nominating speech and threatened to boycott the convention unless his demands were met.

    The decisive vote in the matter, according to my sources, was cast by David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political strategist, who argued that the Obamas needed Clinton far more than Clinton needed them. Axelrod had long been aware that things were not going as well for Obama as the mainstream media reported. On the eve of the party’s presidential convention, Democrats had outspent Republicans 4 to 1 and had poured more than $200 million into negative commercials against Mitt Romney, and yet polls showed the race to be a dead heat, with Romney beginning to pull ahead in some critical swing states.

    What’s more, Axelrod had reason to worry about the trend lines in the remaining two months of the contest. The Romney campaign had been far more effective in raising money than the Obama campaign, and from now until November, it would be Romney, not Obama, who would have the financial advantage.

    Finally, Axelrod had to admit that the Obama campaign’s strategy of talking about everything but the economy wasn’t working, especially after Paul Ryan joined the Republican ticket and turned Medicare and budget deficits into GOP talking points. With the unemployment rate stuck at more than 8% for 42 months, the consumer-confidence index tumbling to its lowest level in almost a year, and household income continuing to fall, Obamanomics was widely perceived as a failure. A whopping 56% of registered voters disapproved of the job Obama was doing on the economy.

    Someone had to make the case that Democrats could fix the economy — and it couldn’t be Obama.

    Enter Bill Clinton, who presided over boom times and balanced budgets in the 1990s and whose 66% favorability rating outstrips Obama’s job approval rating by 20 points. As the most admired Democrat in the country, Clinton appeals to the very constituency — white working-class voters — that gives Obama the most trouble.

    And so Clinton was signed on to remind voters of the glory days of a Democratic president’s economy. Since then, Clinton has been furiously at work writing his speech in longhand, as is his custom. As he’s continued to revise the speech, he has received numerous suggestions from the Obama camp about what they want him to say. This, according to my sources, has made Clinton furious.

    The Obama campaign has insisted on seeing the speech before Clinton delivers it, and Clinton has just as insistently refused to show it to them. As a result, no one — not even the president — knows what Clinton intends to say. This has led some Democratic insiders to speculate that Clinton will make not-so-flattering remarks about the last four years of Democratic rule in the White House.

    “If I were the president,” one of these insiders told me, “I’d wake up at night in a cold sweat wondering what surprises Clinton is going to come up with.”

    The question remains: Why did Clinton agree to add his luster to what is shaping up to be a rather lackluster Democratic convention? The answer is simple: As far as Bill Clinton is concerned, 2012 is not the decisive election. That election will be held in 2016, when Hillary will be 69 years old and have one last chance to run for president — a chance that Bill and Hillary intend to seize.

    And so, look for Bill Clinton to use his hour of prime-time TV to burnish the Clinton brand and remind Democrats at the convention and throughout the country how much they miss the Clintons.

    And where will Hillary be while her husband is spinning his magic words? She will be half a world away in the Far East, doing business as secretary of State and, not incidentally, burnishing her own image as a world-class stateswoman who has been everywhere, done everything and is ready to lead the world.

  85. wow, its only sunday and the Obot dims are being this vitrolic on the talk shows. Such optimism and hope from the Obot dims.

  86. Loving this from Politico…

    Democratic National Convention 2012: 5 landmines

    Here are POLITICO’s five potential landmines facing Obama and Democrats as they gather in Charlotte.

    [Top of the list] #1 = Hurricane Bill

    Bill Clinton is starring in a new Obama campaign TV ad, but he’s made it clear in the past he doesn’t take his talking points from the Obama campaign — he’s even said so explicitly.

    Clinton’s got a prime-time speaking slot on Wednesday night, but Charlotte will be full of chances for him to freelance on camera or speak just a bit too candidly about Obama. Republicans will be ready to pounce on Clinton if he credits himself instead of Obama for positives, or expresses doubts about an Obama proposal. And then there’s the possibility Clinton could suggest support for a Republican plan, like he seemed to in June regarding the competing proposals over extending the Bush tax cuts.

    Already, Romney’s campaign has sought to stoke the old divide between the Obama and Clinton camps by pouncing on every Clinton statement remotely praising Romney. They’ve used a graphic featuring a red-faced Hillary Clinton with the words “Shame on you, Barack Obama” from her infamous 2008 press conference, and last week it launched a website commemorating Clinton’s comment, noting Romney’s “sterling business career.”

    Obama’s team, at least publicly, is expressing confidence that Clinton won’t let them down.

    “Obviously, President Clinton has extraordinary credibility on these issues of how [to] build a strong economy,” a senior Obama campaign adviser said. “He faced some of the same forces when he was president that President Obama is facing now, the same opposition to dealing with a fiscal challenge by asking the wealthy to pay a little more. We believe he’s an important messenger and, obviously, he’s going to play a significant role in our convention and beyond our convention.”

    #2 – Rebuilding “You didn’t build that”

    Democrats are putting in prime time the woman from whom Obama cribbed the line.

    That’s not the only potential trouble from Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat and the woman who headed the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Harvard Law professor is a political novice who will be making her debut on the national stage. And even though she’ll be in Charlotte to pump up the president, her main focus will be her own election prospects, and what plays in Massachusetts — and to the Daily Kos crowd — isn’t always what moves moderates around the rest of the country.

    As candidates like Todd Akin and George Allen know, it takes only one on-camera slip-up to cause a fatal distraction. But Warren poses a special risk for Obama: Will she handle the flood of interviews without hijacking Obama’s message to middle-class voters or alienating what remaining Wall Street donors the campaign still counts as friends?

    That’s not even getting into how Warren would respond to questions about her shaky campaign rollout, which for weeks was distracted by her claims of Native American heritage.

    #3 – Actual class warfare

    The Occupy Wall Street movement largely died out in the public eye after police departments, particularly in New York, forced them to abandon the public spaces they’d occupied.

    Still, a ragtag group of anti-capitalist protestors are aiming to make noise at the Democratic convention, which could include protests out on the streets and flare-ups on the convention floor during the main speeches.

    “Definitely more energy has gone into criticizing Democrats because the failure of the Obama administration is what in a sense gave rise to Occupy,” said Michael Levitin, the editor of The Occupied Wall Street Journal. “Protesting at that convention is a given. But the crackdown by Democratic mayors across the country and, I think, the massive amount of security state that’s developed around Charlotte show the lack of receptivity from the Democratic establishment.”

    There’s also the danger of speakers or delegates going off the Obama campaign’s all-for-the-middle-class script. Opportunities abound, from repeating the summer’s initial criticism of the campaign’s attacks on Bain Capital by some prominent Democrats to off-message adventures from anti-war protestors or unwanted critiques of Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.


    #4 – Not a sell-out audience

    The Obama campaign drew 14,000 people to Ohio State University’s basketball arena for the campaign kickoff in May.

    The problem was, the arena seated 18,000. News reports were full of stories of college students being frantically recruited to fill the rest and a photo of the empty upper deck led the Drudge Report.

    Like in 2008, the Obama team is shifting venues for his speech on the final night. And that only means more potential opportunities for cutaways and live shots of reporters standing in a section of empty seats to distract cable TV viewers from what’s going on at the podium at Bank of America Stadium.

    Or worse: With North Carolina Democrats giving away tickets to anyone who asks, Obama could find himself speaking to sections of Republican hecklers or other protestors, aiming to disrupt his big moment.


    Can Charlotte cut it?

    There aren’t enough cabs. There aren’t enough hotels, and the ones they do have are too far from the convention site. The biggest tourist attractions are the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The airport, though a major US Airways hub, is dank and dreary.


    Plus, there’s no roof at the Bank of America Stadium — and some forecasts call for rain.


  87. Happy Birthday ABM90! Thanks for providing the backbone that provided the platform which propelled this Nation to its greatness.

    Which leads me to the following: Most sincere condolences Wbboei. My Dad and Mom were part of that generation as well and I miss them and the emotional grounding they provided all the time. I realize you yourself are up in years and have come through personal experience to understand this but it bears repeating as a reminder: it hurts right now, and though you’ll always miss them, over time, the pain fades away and you’re left with the treasured memories.

    God bless both of you.

  88. So, Barky is going to Charlotte to claim his crown as the Democrat’s standard bearer. Barky, however, may be barking like a scalded dog but he has no bite. The Chicago way, in theory, is to bring a gun to a knife fight. Obama apparently did not take time to learn that if you bring a gun you better damn well have some bullets. Without ammo your pistol is a mediocre club and an opponent, armed with a razor sharp machete, will cut you to pieces.

    Did you see the list of Republican politicians who shied away from Tampa because they did not want to be associated with Mitt Romney? Nope. The Republican office seekers flocked to Romney’s side. Not so for Barky. His troops are deserting like French surrender monkeys. The list of Democrats taking a pass on celebrating the Golden Child is long and growing.

    Romney drew the line in the sand quite starkly. Obama promised to stop the seas from rising and to cool the earth. The only thing not rising are new legions of Democrats eager to boost the fortunes of Mr. Empty suit. The only thing he has cooled is the ardor of his acolytes. Romney promised something more powerful and real–he’ll help your family by getting you a job. That’s a promise Americans can believe and embrace


  89. Not even sure what to say to this. The man really is a PO$. I’ve gone beyond anger & disgust, its now pure embarassment that someone this incompetent and a liar is the current president. Thought Bush was bad, but this makes Bush look positively competent.


    “On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday show, Jessica Yellin said she interviewed Obama for a forthcoming documentary and asked him why he did not do more outreach to Republicans in the beginning of his term to bridge the divides Obama often rails against.

    Yellin said Obama told her one of the reasons he did not was because he wanted to spend more time at home with his kids and family.

    “He was trying to spend some time at home with his family in the evenings and on the weekends,” Yellin said.

    Yellin noted Obama suggested things may be different in the second term when his kids are older.

    “If this was such a priority, why didn’t he do it?,” Yellin asked. “You can carve out one night a week to go out and socialize and reach across the aisle.””

    The question Yellin should have asked, if you didn’t want the job, why the hell did you run for the job? For the perks? for the title? Of course!

  90. There is a fundamental economic issue at stake in this election and here is a good summary by Janet Daley in the Telegraph (UK). Any reasonable person can see the threat of America becoming Greece if Obunga’s grand social engineering project is allowed to continue. It is only one of the arguments which condemn him to failure as President, but it is a compelling one:


    We should tune in to the Romney and Ryan show
    The myth of a democratic socialist society funded by capitalism is finished

    Man with a message: Mitt Romney addresses the Republican Convention Photo: AFP

    By Janet Daley
    01 Sep 2012
    Whatever the outcome of the American presidential election, one thing is certain: the fighting of it will be the most significant political event of the decade. Last week’s Republican national convention sharpened what had been until then only a vague, inchoate theme: this campaign is going to consist of the debate that all Western democratic countries should be engaging in, but which only the United States has the nerve to undertake. The question that will demand an answer lies at the heart of the economic crisis from which the West seems unable to recover. It is so profoundly threatening to the governing consensus of Britain and Europe as to be virtually unutterable here, so we shall have to rely on the robustness of the US political class to make the running.
    What is being challenged is nothing less than the most basic premise of the politics of the centre ground: that you can have free market economics and a democratic socialist welfare system at the same time. The magic formula in which the wealth produced by the market economy is redistributed by the state – from those who produce it to those whom the government believes deserve it – has gone bust. The crash of 2008 exposed a devastating truth that went much deeper than the discovery of a generation of delinquent bankers, or a transitory property bubble. It has become apparent to anyone with a grip on economic reality that free markets simply cannot produce enough wealth to support the sort of universal entitlement programmes which the populations of democratic countries have been led to expect. The fantasy may be sustained for a while by the relentless production of phoney money to fund benefits and job-creation projects, until the economy is turned into a meaningless internal recycling mechanism in the style of the old Soviet Union.
    Or else democratically elected governments can be replaced by puppet austerity regimes which are free to ignore the protests of the populace when they are deprived of their promised entitlements. You can, in other words, decide to debauch the currency which underwrites the market economy, or you can dispense with democracy. Both of these possible solutions are currently being tried in the European Union, whose leaders are reduced to talking sinister gibberish in order to evade the obvious conclusion: the myth of a democratic socialist society funded by capitalism is finished. This is the defining political problem of the early 21st century.
    Mitt Romney had been hinting, in an oblique, undeveloped way, at this line of argument as he moved tentatively toward finding a real message. Then he took the startling step of appointing Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, and the earth moved. If Romney was the embodiment of the spirit of a free market, Ryan was its prophet. His speech at the convention was so dangerous to the Obama Democrats, with their aspirations toward European-style democratic socialism, that they unleashed their “fact checkers” to find mistakes (“lies”) in it. (Remember the old Yes Minister joke: “You can always accuse them of errors of detail, sir. There are always some errors of detail”.) When Romney and Ryan offer their arguments to the American people, they are, of course, at an advantage over almost any British or European politician. Contrary to what many know-nothing British observers seem to think, the message coming out of Tampa was not Tea Party extremism. It was just a reassertion of the basic values of American political culture: self-determination, individual aspiration and genuine community, as opposed to belief in the state as the fount of all social virtue. Romney caught this rather nicely in his acceptance speech, with the comment that the US was built on the idea of “a system that is dedicated to creating tomorrow’s prosperity rather than trying to redistribute today’s.” Or as Marco Rubio put it in his speech, Obama is “trying ideas that people came to America to get away from”.
    So it would be deeply misleading to imply that this campaign will be a contest between what Britain likes to call “progressive” politics and some atavistic longing for a return to frontier America where everybody made a success of his own life with no help from anybody but his kith and kin. In the midst of the impassioned and often nasty debate about the future of health care, in which Ryan was depicted as a granny-killer, there has been some serious Republican thinking about the universal provision of medical care for pensioners (or “seniors” as they are called in the US). Because, you see, the debate over there has gone way beyond welfare reform: the need to restrict benefit dependency among the underclass is an argument that has been won. What is at issue now is much more politically contentious: universal entitlements such as comprehensive Medicare and social security are known to be unaffordable in their present form. Ryan, the radical economic thinker, suggests a solution for Medicare in the form of a voucher system. Patients could choose from competing health providers, with a ceiling on the cost of procedures and treatments, instead of simply being given blanket no-choice care. Thus, the government would get better value for money, and individuals would have more say in their own treatment. Now why doesn’t anybody here think of applying that mechanism to the NHS? Oh, yes, some people have – but nobody in power will listen to them.

  91. blue! great great post! Do you have a link to the story, I’d like to send it to my email list. Thanks!

    “the Obama Democrats” love how the media is now using this completely accurate description.

  92. No wonder the Obot MSM never broadcast this. A self avowed “liberal democrat” Jane edmound praising Romney during the RNC convention.

  93. Wbboei, we’re so sorry to hear about your mother. Although we did not know her, we can say that she must have been quite a lady to have raised a son like you.

    Many of us will be facing your situation some day soon. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

  94. Romney was in Cincinnati yesterday and read an article stating the line to get in to see him was five blocks long. He spoke in Union Terminal train station and I read in another article that it was shoulder to shoulder and there were so many people that some had to be squeezed into a side room.

    There is one picture at the link below but if you Google: Romney Cincinnati September 1st there are other articles that describe the crowds. After this, he left and went to Jacksonville, FL


  95. That quote by Bill has been floating around for a couple years now and it was not “carrying my bags” It’s something he allegedly said to Ted Kennedy after Kennedy told him he was supporting Obama and not Hillary during the primaries. Who knows if it actually was said–it’s from the book “Game Change” which has no named sources for the stories in it.


    The interesting thing is why suddenly this has popped up again. Is the Obama team afraid Bill is going to trash him with his convention speech so they are putting pressure on him? Are they drumming up a reason so they can remove him from the line up? Odd timing if you ask me…

  96. AmericanGal
    September 2nd, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    I find it strange, but am glad it is being brougt back up. Kennedy sold out the Clintons and I think the far-left are bringing this back up again in case Clinton speaks the truth instead of worshipping at the “Altar of Obama.”

    Side topic. I rewatched the movie “Network” tonight and it just astounds me how the writer completely captured 40 years ago what has happened to our news (?)media now.

    For those that have never seen this movie, it is a must-watch.

    “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.”

  97. Looking for Bill Clinton’s remark mentioned above, I came across this:

    “And then finally, and I think most important of all, more important than the deficit, more important then healthcare, more important than anything, is we have got to do something about our energy strategy because if we permit the climate to continue to warm at an unsustainable rate, and if we keep on doing what we’re doing ’til we’re out of oil and we haven’t made the transition, then it’s inconceivable to me that our children and grandchildren will be able to maintain the American way of life and that the world won’t be much fuller of resource-based wars of all kinds.”

  98. Okay, here it is. Coffee. What the young guy would bring to the conversation.

    A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.
    Remarks allegedly made about Barack Obama to Ted Kennedy in 2008, as quoted in Game Change : Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime (2010) in John Heilemann and Mark Halperin

  99. Barack and Michelle Obama, the 21st Century Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.

    Does Moochelle also have a large shoe collection?

    Rumor: Obamas Are Moving To Hawaii In January 2013 | The Gateway Pundit
    Apparently, Michelle’s mom is spilling the beans. A live-in resident of the White House, Barack’s mother-in-law is telling friends of the Obamas’ plans to move to Hawaii in January 2013. Plans that will include Michelle’s mom, since she lives with them.

  100. Obama campaign has an arena fallback plan in case of rain

    President Obama’s campaign said Monday they would move his primetime address to the Democratic convention inside the Time Warner Cable Arena in downtown Charlotte in the event of rain.

    “We’re still hopeful that we can speak in the stadium,” deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown.

    “We always knew that this could be part of the plan,” Cutter said. “We’ll make a call sometime in the near future about whether to move it indoors.”

    Obama is scheduled to speak outdoors at the Bank of America stadium — an outdoor stadium without a roof. It’s a repeat of Obama’s 2008 speech, where he accepted his nomination outdoors at Invesco Field.

    Weather forecast shows a chance of scattered thunderstorms during the day, but a clear evening.

    On the upside, moving the speech indoors to the Time Warner arena solves the Obama campaign’s problem of trying to fill a stadium with more than 70,000 seats.


  101. Dems bring in crowds by the busload to fill stadium for Obama speech

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. – College students from across North Carolina will arrive in Charlotte by the busload. Same with members of predominantly black churches in neighboring South Carolina.

    Their goal: help fill a 74,000-seat outdoor stadium to capacity when President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination Thursday night.

    Anything short of a full house on the final night of the Democratic Party’s national convention will be instant fodder for Republicans eager to use empty seats as symbols of waning voter enthusiasm for Obama.

    Democrats have been fretting for months over whether the president can draw a capacity crowd at Bank of America Stadium. Polls show voter enthusiasm is down, as are Obama’s crowds for his battleground state campaign rallies.


  102. WSI Delivers – Valerie Jarrett Exposed – By New York Times

    by Ulsterman

    For over two years, a longtime White House Insider declared Valerie Jarrett – largely unknown by the American public, as the “de-facto president” inside the Obama White House who controls nearly all critical aspects of the Obama administration from her second floor office just a short walk from President Obama’s private second floor study. More recently, our longtime Wall Street Insider promised Jarrett’s flying under the radar days to be over. It appears as they have done so many times before, WhiteHouseInsider has delivered big time on that promise.

    (WIDE-RANGING DUTIES Valerie Jarrett, right, on her way to Air Force One, is President Obama’s chief liaison to business, state and local governments and the political left.)


    The Other Power in the West Wing

    …From the first, her official job has been somewhat vague. But nearly four years on, with Mr. Obama poised to accept his party’s renomination this week, her standing is clear, to her many admirers and detractors alike. “She is the single most influential person in the Obama White House,” said one former senior White House official, who like many would speak candidly only on condition of anonymity.

    …Mr. Obama’s first two chiefs of staff, Rahm Emanuel and Mr. Daley, clashed with Ms. Jarrett over strategic direction and over who had greater authority to interpret and carry out the president’s wishes, several officials said.

    “He’s got a real mess in the West Wing,” said one close presidential adviser. “Valerie is effectively the chief of staff, and he knows, but he doesn’t know. She’s almost like Nancy Reagan was with President Reagan, but more powerful.”

    …She serves as the front door to the donors who helped elect the president, reviewing guest lists to White House parties and candidates for patronage positions. But she has snubbed some early supporters, among them the financier George Soros, ignoring his pleas for a substantive meeting on the economy with the president. The message she delivered, according to one person familiar with the exchanges, was that she felt Mr. Soros was “already on the team, and that while he might want to talk to the captain, the captain was very busy.”

    Mr. Soros, who has spent tens of millions of dollars on Democratic candidates and causes, is largely sitting on the sidelines this presidential election.

    …And Ms. Jarrett has added another role to her portfolio, traveling to swing states to campaign, sometimes at Mr. Obama’s side.

    “Homestretch,” she keeps telling him.

    “Homestretch?” he’ll reply.

    “Yes, almost there,” she says. “We’ve just got the convention, then three debates.”


    THAT last line of the NYT article brings home something WHI made note of months ago – Valerie Jarrett is driving Barack Obama to the point of breaking him if need be – the investors in this administration demand a return on investment. She will do all she can to make good on that payment.

    And it is that determination that makes her, and thus by default the Obama administration – so dangerous to America. -UM


  103. ACE

    Heh. Apparently the ritual stoning of the Boy Scouts and candlelight memorial for the victims of Mitt Romney have been moved to later in the week.

    2012 Democrat National Convention
    Schedule of Events
    7:20 pm Max Baucus PROPOSES A TOAST TO Barack Obama
    7:25 pm OPENING PRAYER – Reverend Jeremiah Wright
    7:45 pm CEREMONIAL TREE HUGGING – Darryl Hannah
    7:55 pm Max Baucus PROPOSES A TOAST TO Darryl Hannah
    8:00 pm GLOBAL WARMING OMFG!!!!!!!!! – Al Gore
    8:55 pm Max Baucus PROPOSES A TOAST TO Barbara Boxer
    10:00 pm Max Baucus PROPOSES A TOAST TO Susan Sarandon
    11:00 pm OVAL OFFICE AFFAIRS – William Jefferson Clinton
    11:45 pm Max Baucus PROPOSES A TOAST TO Susan Sarandon’s Rack
    12:25 am Max Baucus PROPOSES A TOAST TO Jessica Alba
    12:30 am SATELLITE ADDRESS – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    1:15 am THE TRUE STORY: HOW I KILLED BIN LADEN – Barack Obama
    1:25 am Max Baucus SINGS NATIONAL ANTHEM
    1:55 am Max Baucus PROPOSES A TOAST TO Mitt McRyan
    2:00 am Bill Clinton asks Max Baucus to drive Hillary home.

  104. I put my upside down flag on mine.
    When our Great Ships are on the water and in distress they fly the Flag upside down to alert other ships they are in distress.
    Well our great Ship of State is in distress and the only thing that will save her and us is a new Captain. 😉

    Our submission for National Empty Chair Day. SHARE this with your friends and post your Empty Chair pictures on our wall or tweet them to us!
    Join us in National Chair Day
    In case you want to know what it’s all about, visit


  105. I have decided i will not watch Bill Clinton at the dnc covention.
    The way they treated them during the primary.

    I just don’t see it. I would have told o you are own your own.

  106. Interesting, O supporters claim he will be homeless, and all kinds of Billionaires want to donate to a fund to get him a home. This has happened with other recent Politicans also Rep and Dem basically for end of term favors.

    What has gone wrong with this country?????

  107. I found the following as a comment made by a visitor to the Breitbart website.

    18 HOURS AGO
     I put more stock in the formula developed by two Colorado University professors who say that Mitt Romney will win 320 Electoral votes to 219 for  Obama. They looked at  economic data from all 50 states and said that Romney will win all the Swing states , plus a  couple Obama thinks he has sewn up. They have successfully picked the winner every year since 1980.

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