Who Is Mitt Romney? Will MSNBC Have Another ‘Black Out’?

Update: Clintons Rule! Tonight it’s Clinton Eastwood, “Clint” to the informal. He’ll receive a tumultuous reception as a former Mayor (yeah, right) and somewhat well known actor/director/producer. “Go ahead, make my day.”

But the big event on this big night? Yes – the RNC grand finale: Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney

We look forward to Jane Edmonds (see below) and whether MSNBC has another “black out” night of ignoring the news and in a Baghdad Bob way, or is it Stalinist, their few viewers will suffer a “white out” of any and all minority speakers.


The question Barack Obama runs away from is “Who Is Barack Obama?” To this day that question is still unanswered. This this day Barack Obama remains unvetted. Big Media does not ask “Who Is Barack Obama?” Big Media protects Barack Obama from scrutiny. Readers of Big Pink know the answer to the question.

Chicago Clown

* * * * *

Tonight Mitt Romney has to answer only one question: Who is Mitt Romney?

We have heard the answer to that question from Paul Ryan. We have heard the answer to that question from Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt. It was refreshing to see Ann Romney – wearing age appropriate clothes that are stylish, pretty, refined and with sleeves – instead of an expensive garish costume from consignment shops with clothes from Cleopatra Jones or maybe Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls.

Tonight Mitt Romney himself will answer the question “Who Is Mitt Romney?” May we be so dramatic and say that on the effectiveness of that response lies the fate of this nation?

Mitt Romney will have some assistance answering the question “Who Is Mitt Romney?”:

“TAMPA, Fla. — Jane Edmonds is a self-described liberal Democrat, an African-American civil rights activist from Massachusetts who is very likely far from Mitt Romney on most social issues.

But that’s not what she’s here to talk about.

Edmonds was a Cabinet secretary under Romney when he was governor, and Thursday night she will speak on his behalf at the convention.

“I didn’t come here to talk about our differences — I’m not going down that path,” Edmonds said in an interview. “I’m here to talk about my experiences working for him. My friends have asked me why. I adore the guy. I have seen him behind closed doors in Cabinet meetings. I have seen his compassion. I’m at a point in my life that the character of the human being we entrust to be president is important to me. He would make an excellent president.

Edmonds will make heads explode among the unhinged Hopium Guzzlers. She’s black so MSNBC will probably be too busy decrying racism to listen to what a black woman has to say. MSNBC and the rest of Big Media are on the hunt for dog whistles during the Republican convention. The newest racist dog whistle: “Chicago” Lordy, what will they say about our old portrait of Obama above? We fret.

Edmonds will probably be “blacked out” of MSNBC.

Maybe some of the white people supporting Mitt Romney will make it to the MSNBC cameras:

“Ann Romney started the process Tuesday by talking about her husband’s private generosity and commitment to family. On Thursday, the convention will hear from their sons, members of their church — such as friend and church leader Grant Bennett — Olympic athletes from the games Mitt Romney headed and a few surprises, like Edmonds.

We’re his character witnesses,” says oldest son Tagg Romney.”

“Character witnesses”???????????? Gee who does this Mitt Romney guy think he is anyway? “Character witnesses”????? Or as MSNBC would say ‘this is a dog whistle code message of racism’. That’s because if Barack Obama called up “character witnesses” the penitentiaries of Illinois would see an exodus that would fill the Sinai – and of course empty penitentiaries are code messages or something.

Indicted slumlord Antoin Rezko with long-time friend and financial investment Barack Obama

Picture Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich at the Obama Bank of America convention. Tony Rezko: “I liked Barack Obama so much I bribed him with a house.” Blago: “I hated Barack Obama a lot because I had to split the bribes with him.”

Of course Barack Obama won’t mention Tony or Blago next week. Instead our retinas will burn with patient dumper Michelle and the corrupt crew of Chicago corruption.

Michelle Obama as character witness for Barack Obama is Al Capone testifying on behalf of Frank Nitti. Michelle Obama is so corrupt, along with Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama looks comparatively “clean” as Drunken Joe Biden once phrased it.

But we digress.

Who is Mitt Romney? Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney and possibly help answer that question. Marco Rubio is one of dem dar “white hispanic types” we har tell ’bout so maybe MSNBC will screen him through. Maybe?

Jane Edmonds will give her answer to us tonight:

“That is the Mitt Romney Jane Edmonds said she worked with 15 years ago as his secretary of Department of Workforce Development. She remembers him asking Cabinet members to divvy up the 40 campaign promises he made, saying: “We have to deliver.” She remembers him quietly reaching out to a co-worker who had learned she had a brain tumor and offering support. She recalls him genuinely wanting to hear different points of view. “That’s what leadership is about,” she says.

Edmonds says her support of Romney has nothing to do with her feelings about Barack Obama. She thinks the president is doing a fine job. She just knows Romney. She says she wrote her speech herself and the campaign suggested no changes. “I will talk about my personal experiences with him — that’s all I can do,” she says. “I like the guy.”

Deliver on campaign promises????? Who the hell does this Romney guy think he is????? Is that racial code word dog whistling???? No doubt MSNBC will say so.

Or maybe it is about leadership? Maybe what Mitt Romney is saying is that he knows not only who he is but what he wants to do? That might be the most surprising answer of all.


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  1. I can’t be home tonight to watch the convention. Someone please post links to the speeches when they are available.

    I will be watching your updates on my iPhone….

  2. ” Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney and possibly help answer that question. Marco Rubio is one of dem dar “white hispanic types” we har tell ’bout so maybe MSNBC will screen him through. Maybe?”

    Or maybe they’ll just whiten him a little bit more with camera tricks. After all, according to BO and his media minions, “White Hispanics” = Racists.

  3. That’s because if Barack Obama called up “character witnesses” the penitentiaries of Illinois would see an exodus that would fill the Sinai – and of course empty penitentiaries are code messages or something.


  4. We posted them yesterday too. The numbers that matter:


    On night two of the Republican National Convention, Fox News Channel was once again the network more people went to to get their political fix. That said, every network was down substantially from the same night in 2008, when Sarah Palin made her RNC debut.

    From 10-(just after) 11PM, when the broadcasters were live, FNC averaged 7.70 million total viewers, including 2.07 million in the key adults 25-54 demo. NBC was next with 4.15 million viewers, including 1.49 million adults 25-54, followed by ABC with 2.86 million viewers including 993,941 A25-54 and CBS with 2.56 million viewers, including 943,519 A25-54. MSNBC drew 1.44 million viewers during the hour, including 402,044 A25-54, while CNN brought in 1.34 million viewers, including 451,270 A25-54.

    Only FNC and ABC improved their 10-11PM viewership compared to day one of the RNC. Every other network was down. Every network was also down from 2008, with FNC down 1.5 viewers, NBC down 3.5 million viewers, CNN down nearly five million viewers, ABC down three million viewers, CBS down two million viewers and MSNBC down about two million viewers. It is worth noting that night two of the RNC in 2008 saw a speech delivered by Palin, who at the time was still a relative unknown.

    All told, just over 20 million people were watching last night on the Nielsen-rated networks, compared to 37 million for night two of the RNC in 2008. Night one of the 2012 RNC was roughly on par with night one of the 2008 RNC ratings-wise, making the gap all the more dramatic.

    Update: Also worth noting that Hurricane Isaac knocked out power in around 500,000 homes in the southeast. It probably made an impact in the ratings, though not enough to explain the drop entirely.

    In primetime from 8-11 PM, the cable networks had continuous coverage (save for some Hurricane Isaac updates). FNC averaged 5.86 million total viewers and 1.42 million adults 25-54. MSNBC averaged 1.30 million viewers, including 366,743 adults 25-54, while CNN averaged 1.16 million viewers, including 341,758.

    Update: The business network numbers are in. Once again FBN was on top, averaging 190,000 total and 49,000 demo viewers from 10-11 PM In that same hour CNBC averaged 79,000 total and 25,000 demo viewers. FBN was also on from 8-10 PM, where it averaged 225,000 total and 62,000 demo viewers. Bloomberg TV was on from 9-11, but is not rated by Nielsen.

  5. This is what we discussed yesterday and Dick Morris echoed: the failure to explain Bain Capital. This last night we will hear about Bain:


    Via Mark Hemingway, in case you were wondering how important Bain would be to his speech tonight, wonder no longer. Not only did nine new ads just materialize on his YouTube page, his campaign revealed a new website to package them all, “Romney’s ‘Sterling Business Career.’” The time has come to go positive about Mitt’s chief economic credential, especially since Obama’s Bain attacks have already gone a long way towards identifying him as a businessman in voters’ minds:

    We’re going to post the videos for your viewing pleasure until things start.

  6. Jane Edmonds says Barack “is doing a fine job”. Her friends ask her “why” speak at Romney’s convention? It’s nice that she is speaking on behalf of Mitt, but will she be voting for him in November? You know, the polls indicate that Mitt is getting 0% of the black vote. 😉 About her friends, and excuse me for writing this on a leftist site, whom I assume are liberals, well I am just about sick of them all. Sorry admin, but if this is progressivism as practiced by the vast majority of liberals, then I don’t want to see any progressive occupy the White House ever again.

  7. MR, is just a good person, appears to have been a great businessman,leader, wonderful father,son and husband.

    How can anyone vote for the disaster in the WH? HOW CAN THEY?

    How could they in 2008, that’s my fear…

  8. nomobama
    August 30th, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    I wondered the same thing, but in Psychiatric circles, saying your doing “fine” is a… oxymoron.

    “Fuc*ing Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional”,( FINE )(obama)…maybe that’s what she truly meant.

  9. Truth be know, I will not watch the Dem convention, not even BC. It pains me to see him up there to support the fraud.

  10. gonzotx
    August 30th, 2012 at 6:18 pm
    Truth be know, I will not watch the Dem convention, not even BC. It pains me to see him up there to support the fraud

  11. From the last thread…

    August 30th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Gotta love her…

    Indeed, and Hillary is probably gone to a far off island where there is no cell phone, skype, faceTime, internet reach? 😉

    The pre-Take-Your-Job-and-Shove-It path she has taken.

    That’s our girl, kick him where it hurts.

  12. I will be watching the Big Dawg and may watch the Dem convention to see how strong my stomach is and if the Greek columns are hauled out of storage, along with the old lie-filled speeches.

    Will Princess Nasty be jumping up and down, botoxed up to the hilt,
    will Joe be sober,
    will a Kennedy pretend their family is still significant now that the two best brothers and John Jr. have passed on?

    Will Brazillenut pretend to be honorable,
    will the flock of That One still be dragging around their Kool-aid intravenous lines?

    I dunno, maybe I will have to just pretend I care to watch it now that I think about it.

  13. gonzotx
    August 30th, 2012 at 6:14pm
    Yeah, maybe that’s the definition for “fine” that I should consider. LOL! You know that definition isn’t true in this case, though.

  14. In regards to what you said Lenora, no I do not see Bill Clinton as a saint either. No one is, and all of us are flawed, what he did was not respectable or admirable with respect to the whole Lewinsky event, even though it was between 2 consenting adults, I always held Bill Clinton more responsible for that whole thing as he should have been the mature one, considering he was the president and years more mature, older than Lewinsky.

    Now, that being said, I think he was an excellent president. He did not deserve to be impeached (and hate to correct you admin, but he was impeached), he was impeached, only second in american history — Andrew Jackson was the first I believe, however BC was not convicted, I think in the Senate they were 20 votes short. So he was acquitted in the Senate, the House impeached him.

    He should have just been upfront with the whole thing and apologized, considered Newt, we later find out, was doing the same nonsense with his female staffers. Neither man can be respected for what they did, and neither is a saint, and the repubs were stupid to use Ken Starr to push this line of attack against Clinton; which is exactly why the american public lashed out at them. They didn’t admire or respect Bill Clinton’s affair, but they also don’t want someone who generally seems like a decent, yet flawed, man getting the short end of treatment, a witch hunt.

    Just as how the dims were so acrimonius towards Bush, I did not like that, looking back on it, and just as how repubs were acrimounous towards Clinton, I did not like that either. Both men were flawed, but overall decent Americans, unlike the Oturd, who is an an together different mold of post-americanism.

  15. “Truth be know, I will not watch the Dem convention, not even BC. It pains me to see him up there to support the fraud”

    I cannot watch either, especially speaking for a man who used the race card repeatedly against him and Hillary. I wish he wasn’t speaking, hopefully he will do what he does best, needle OTurd while “praising” him, no one does it better. But I still I wish he wasn’t speaking there in praise of the Oturd.

  16. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/80368.html

    7 p.m.:

    • Call to order

    • Introduction of Colors, U.S. Central Command Joint Forces Color Guard Team

    • Pledge of Allegiance by Dylan Nonaka

    • National anthem sung by SEVEN

    • Invocation by Ken and Priscilla Hutchins

    • Remarks by Republican Senate candidate and Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.)

    Reagan legacy video

    • Remarks by former House Speaker and GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and wife Callista Gingrich

    • Remarks by Craig Romney

    8 p.m.:

    • Remarks by former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.)

    • Remarks by Bob White, chairman of Romney for President campaign

    • Remarks by Grant Bennett

    • Remarks by Tom Stemberg

    9 p.m.:

    • Remarks by former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey (R-Mass.)

    • Remarks by Jane Edmonds, former Massachusetts secretary of workforce

    • Remarks by Olympians Michael Eruzione, Derek Parra and Kim Rhode

    10 p.m.:

    • Remarks by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

    • Remarks by presidential nominee Mitt Romney

    • Benediction by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan

    • House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) declares convention end

  17. I can’t seem to be able to access the Ulsterman blog. If someone here can copy and paste the article that Trixta linked above, I would appreciate it!

  18. Larry O’Donnell said today that Ryan’s speech last night didn’t hold a candle to any single speech Barry has ever given.


  19. Update: Clintons Rule! Tonight it’s Clinton Eastwood, “Clint” to the informal. He’ll receive a tumultuous reception as a former Mayor (yeah, right) and somewhat well known actor/director/producer. “Go ahead, make my day.”

    But the big event on this big night? Yes – the RNC grand finale: Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney

    We look forward to Jane Edmonds (see below) and whether MSNBC has another “black out” night of ignoring the news and in a Baghdad Bob way, or is it Stalinist, their few viewers will suffer a “white out” of any and all minority speakers.


  20. NM was a bit pissed that their gov was not broadcasted in many areas by the media, even though it was prime time.

  21. Romney is still going to have a huge problem getting Hispanic votes. This gap, along
    with single women, may prone fatal to his election.

  22. “President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. MY promise…is to help you and your family.” – One of Romney’s lines tonight.

  23. Via Ace of Spades:


    By the way, take a gander at the Murderer’s Row of talent the Democrats have scheduled for next week:

    Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker

    Former President Jimmy Carter (via video) (?!?!?)

    San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who will be the first Latino keynote speaker at a Democratic National Convention (he’s the keynoter, not Clinton? Um, okay)

    Former President Bill Clinton (ah, so Clinton speaks last, and is therefore the keynoter)

    Former Republican Governor of Florida Charlie Crist (also, “Former Independent, Current Bunghole”)

    Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Tammy Duckworth

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

    Georgetown Law School Graduate Sandra Fluke (Oh she’s a graduate now? Wow. They got a Law School Graduate!!!)

    Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (Hope she talks about her state’s amazing turnaround… under a different governor)

    Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine

    Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California (awesome)

    President of NARAL Pro-Choice America Nancy Keenan (this should be good)

    Caroline Kennedy (noted orator and layabout)

    Women’s rights activist Lilly Ledbetter (also good)

    Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria (was a TV “star” like five years ago)

    U.S. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts (another Human Highlight Film)

    Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (ummm…)

    U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, together with the women of the U.S. Senate (Gee, I wonder what this evening’s theme is? Besides leghair)

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (beloved)

    President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards (another one… they’ve got a lot of eggs in this Abortion is Awesome basket)

    Journalist Cristina Saralegui (They got a Journalist… almost as good as a Law School Graduate)

    Los Angeles Mayor, Democratic Convention Chair Antonio Villaraigosa (running his city smooth as silk)

    Senate candidate from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (need big wampum)

    U.S. Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina (she dared to come?)

    I omitted all the ones I never heard of or barely heard of.

    Anyway, should be a real hoot.

    Click on the link above that list and you’ll see some complaints by Democrats– that the DNC is actually attempting a very white convention, because, I guess, they want to appeal to undecided whites.

    So… Racism? You be the judge.

  24. How to turn off Dems or Independents watching the GOP convention on Fox, let Ann Colter go hog wild with her stupid comments.

  25. jbstonesfan
    August 30th, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Hello jbstonesfan, I have to ask you, and I mean no disrespect, but you seem always very pessimistic, is it just when it comes to Romney or do you tend to look at most everything as “glass-half-empty”? I’m just curious.

  26. Bill loves the spotlight even if it is for a guy that cheated his wife out of the presidency had others attack him as a racist.

  27. jbstonesfan
    August 30th, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Hmm, I guess it makes sense. Makes you consider all possible angles to be a good lawyer.

  28. I don’t think he’s off, he’s playing a part of listening/responding to the empty chair, which is supposed to represent OTurd.

  29. Probably the best speech of this convention. Emotional, well crafted, well delivered. [A slight glitch at the end, we think, in the government vs. freedom line.] Romney will have a tough time doing better.

  30. Perhaps it’s all in the eye of the beholder but I thought that Rubio is good and did a good job with his speech but he sounded a bit like a minister’s voice.

    The crowd is getting with it now. They have seemed a bit sleepy earlier. Perhaps the camera people just happened to find people yawning earlier.

  31. Mitt was not going to become the speaker Rubio is naturally, not possible, he just has to do a good job, humanize himself after the Dems and MM painting a portraiture of him being a murderous felon.

  32. It was a shaky start but Mittens is doing well now. The stories about the kids had impact. He’s explaining Bain Capital in an easy to understand way. His slaps against Obama are gentle but firm.

  33. The speech is very well crafted. Exactly what we said needed to be done. Introduce Mitt, slam Obama, Mitt is the solution. Simple and he is doing it well. Getting into details now on what he would do. “I’m running to create a better future.”

  34. Searing critique on Iran to counter Bin Laden. Israel under the bus. Under Mitt: “less flexibility and more backbone”. Yee Haa!

  35. Are we drinking Romney Hopium or is this speech really good? Hopium, or is Mitt hitting it out of the ball park? Do we need to call detox???

  36. Motherfuckin’ Clint Eastwood. Your move, Dems.

    some comments from ACE

    Posted by: EmilyM. at August 30, 2012 10:03 PM (9jvEB)President Rubio has such a good ring to it.

    I would like to curl up and nap on Rubio’s face. It looks so comfy.

    Rubio is the best speaker we’ve seen since Reagan.

    Rubio’s blowing up Twitter, lol

  37. Why does a candidate have to deliver this so call insperational speech. After all O at least according to the media hit it out of the part regularly during the general election.

    HOWEVER HE COULD NOT LEAD. So how do we judge that MR can lead? Well at least he brought something, the Olympics, out of a disasterous situation.

    In actuality, I don’t care if he is good looking, give the worlds best acceptance speech, or a lot of other superfiscal things.

    What I care about is CAN HE LEAD. O CANNOT LEAD.

  38. Wallace says even picking out America the Beautiful was purposeful because Obama goons made fun of Romney singing to the same on a campaign stop…it was his way of saying, bring it on

  39. Mitt did great, a bit nervous at the beginning, but covered everything, everything flowed, mitt did good. Wonder what the dims will call him next? he’s already been called a felon, a murderer.

  40. Southern Born
    August 30th, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Maybe old ideas that you actually implement might be better than no ideas you don’t have any intention of implementing or have no power to implement.

  41. Does BO have any ideas except for ME, ME, ME and what will benefit me?

    Of course the Obama campaign is going to say Romney has no new ideas. But that’s
    probably the nicest thing they will say about Romney for the next two months.

    We watched Romney’s speech with some friends who voted for BO. One commented
    “Romney seens like a rock solid man who loves America.” One said that she
    was shocked that Ann Romney seemed like such a down to earth loving grandma.
    She also commented about how Ann Romney looked classy without being too flashy.

    I think they may be having that buyers remorse thing with BO.

  42. admin
    August 30th, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    Are we drinking Romney Hopium or is this speech really good? Hopium, or is Mitt hitting it out of the ball park? Do we need to call detox???

    My impression was, bottom line, Mitt is a darn good guy. He doesn’t take easily to thumping others, but he did trash Barry in his ‘good guy’ way. He doesn’t talk from the streets like Christie, he talks like a man that is honorable and smart. In that way, he is more like Obama’s hero, Lincoln than Barry will evah be.

  43. Unlike jbstonesfan, I liked Clint. He has aged, haven’t we all, and his comedy relief with honest attacks on Barry was great in breaking up the speeches.

    Rubio was good.

    I like Mitt more after tonight, and I am still a registered Hillary Democrat. 😉

  44. Ann, Ryan , Rubio and Mitt all did well. Christie was a huge disappointment
    and whilevI love Clint, it was awkward to say the least.

  45. Washington Post’s The Fix has this take on the big speeches tonight:



    * Marco Rubio: We knew the Florida Senator was talented. But his speech on Thursday night showed that he is a MAJOR political star. Rubio’s speech was, without question, the best of the convention. He seemed entirely at ease in the massive national spotlight — compellingly telling his life story and mixing in jabs at Obama in a more-than-sorrow-than-anger tone that made the hits more powerful. (One example: ”Our problem is not that he’s a bad person. Our problem is that he’s a bad president.”) It’s uniquely possible that we will look back in four or eight years to this night as the time when it became clear Rubio had that something special that made him a force to be reckoned with in presidential politics.

    * Mitt Romney: Acceptance speeches are no easy thing. There are a million cooks in the kitchen, every one of them thinking they have the perfect ingredient to make it sing. And Romney is simply not the natural speaker that Rubio (or President Obama) is. All that said, Romney did what he needed to do in his speech, a workman-like address where he made a strong case against the current incumbent and a slightly-less-strong case for himself. Romney’s best moment (to our mind) was when he talked wistfully (and emotionally) about missing the joys of raising kids — a genuinely human moment that almost anyone, no matter their party registration, could relate to. Romney also did well in casting himself as the anti-Obama. Where Obama lacked business experience, Romney has it in spades Where Obama made sweeping promises, Romney made simple ones. (The most quoted line of the speech will almost certainly be this one: “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise…is to help you and your family.”) It was a speech that checked the boxes Romney needed to check.

    * The Oparowskis: The tale of the couple who lost their son to cancer was incredibly moving to this dad. Romney’s dedication to their young son (he helped the teenager write a will and delivered the eulogy at his funeral) painted a side of the Republican nominee that people hadn’t seen before. Our only quibble: Why were the Oparowskis not telling their story later in the night when more people were watching?

    * Romney introduction video: A masterwork of telling the story of a private man using the words of others. The home videos of the Romneys were terrific and showed a side of Mitt the man rarely seen. (Of course, the fact that Clint Eastwood’s “speech” followed hard on the video’s end cut into the narrative momentum the campaign was seemingly building.)

    * Invisible Obama: The Twitter account — spawned by Clint Eastwood’s baffling speech (more on that soon) — piled up more than 20,000 followers in its first hour of existence. That’s a Charlie Sheen-like level of social media power.

    * Leis: They were everywhere on the convention floor. Well done, Hawaii.

  46. I watched and loved it.
    the Republics have their candidates.
    The Dem.convention is next week.
    then the fight really begins for the votes.of WE THE PEOPLE.as Hillary said Who do you want to hire? 🙂

  47. Despite all his previous accomplishments it is fairly safe to say that tonight will be the biggest night in the life of Willard “Mitt” Romney. At least so far.

    Tonight he will stand on a national stage in prime time and accept the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He is seeking membership in the most exclusive club on Earth.

    Mitt Romney has spent years to reach this moment. This isn’t the ultimate moment – that won’t come until November, if it ever comes at all. Tonight is like the kick-off of the Super Bowl. Mitt made it though the regular season and the play-offs. Now he is facing his toughest opponent yet.

    In the end there can be only one.


  48. Well, it’s a wrap. The balloons have dropped, the benediction read, the speeches are finished. What an inspiring convention!! Why? Because for me and others who want gender parity in this country, we got to see some amazingly accomplished women, we got to hear them speak, and they were all together on one stage at one time. What a rare occurrence!!

    For a party that is often singled out as being anti woman, it was refreshing to see that Republican women have quietly aimed for the top and have often succeeded. We were reminded that although the numbers of women in power are woefully small, some of them are Republican and they are no slouches. Any one of them could become president some day. And all of them set the bar for the next wave of female leaders.

    I’m going to post below a few of the speeches in case you missed them. And I hope that by highlighting Republican women this week, I will not be receiving the hate mail I received when I put up the speech by Mia Love. I also hope that other women will not be so stupid as to turn a blind eye, cold shoulder and turn their backs on me, this blog, but most of all these fabulous women just because they are not of your party. We women need all hands on deck to go from where we are to where we need to be. In a political season of empty promises and fact checking, we mustn’t forget that our gender controls little in the U.S. Our talk to our daughters that they can be anything they want to be is empty chatter at this point. We have done a poor job finding our way to the top. Yes that is tough talk, but it is the reality. We’ll just have to try a little harder to break through.


  49. I loved watching the balloon drop. The children were adorable. They appeared so happy and content and unaware of the problems facing their grandpa as they frolicked around on stage. They seemed to be secure in the knowledge that they were part of a loving family.

    And I noticed that all the children were physically beautiful. Every one of them. I guess that doesn’t really matter, but it made for a delightful and picturesque scene to end what was a three day period of hope, excitement and enthusiasm.

    I loved it!

  50. That speech is why I have been so high on Rubio ever since I first saw him. He is a better speaker than Obama. Obama comes across to me as a sky pilot, i.e. preacher–which is where he learned that style, whereas Rubio comes across as a world class stateman who digs into his personal past to give us a perspective and a love for this country that families who have not lived through a national dissent into totalitarianism can never appreciate. That is the difference. The other difference is the further Obama gets away from the script, the more he commits gaffs. Rubio is more disciplined and more focused, and I have yet to see him commit a gaff. Inside Obama there is nothing. Inside Rubio is a committeed American and democrat, small d. Rubio is the crown jewel of the Republican Party.

    I firmly believe that Romney has his sights set on turning this nation around and leading it back to prosperity. By contrast, I am convinced to a moral certainty that Obama lacks the will and capacity to do so, and beneathe the waterline, he harbors an irrational love of self and concomitant contempt for this country. So certain am I of that, that I would gladly stake my life on it. It comes out in all those unguarded moments, the private fundraisers, the hot mics, and from behind the shadows of his toxic policies. Obama is a man who inherited a fortune, squanders it hedonistically, and when he is finally put out to pasture nothing is left except the absurd claim–it is their fault. If they were not racists, they would have left me more to sqaunder.

    That said, the distinction he makes between a bad man and a bad president escapes me. It may or may not be politically correct, But it is factually in error. To repeat, does a good man allow his campaign to label a political opponent a felon and a murderer?

  51. wbboei
    August 31st, 2012 at 10:28 am

    I agree about Rubio, what a threat he would have been. I don’t know how he will be used, but they need to get him on the bus, plane and in the stadiums and TV on a daily basis. He needs to be the second VP.

    Whee were you last night?


    drudge headline.

    Which one is the President?

  53. Admin/ the question you asked last night, i.e. who is Mitt Romney is now ripe for discussion and needs to be answered, lest the comptemptible tactics of big media carry the day. Confronted with that question, an enterpising lawyer would be inclined to go back over the convention speeches, and ask questions like, who is this speaker, what have they achieved in life, are they worthy of belief, and what special insight do they have into the character and track record of Romney, such that we should entrust the country and our futures to him. The composite picture.

    In days gone by, we could look to the press corp to do that. But the current collection of materialistic yuppie misfits who carry that mantle have shown themselves to be pure ideologues, and propagandists of the totalitarian strain. Rarely if ever do we encounter a putative umpire who displays his lack of credibilty every time he opens his mouth. But where Obama and those who would oppose him are concerned, this is de rigeur in the ranks of big media.

    If one aspires to be ignorant and uninformed, all they need to do is invest large blocks of time between now and the election with the likes of Brian Williams, George Stepanapolis and Scott Pelly.

  54. Whee were you last night?
    Handling a legal malpactice case for a client, pro bono.

    The Obama strategist figures there are more electoral votes in Texas than Louisian, and Holder just won that decision by the DC Circuit which will prevent that state from protecting itself against voter fraud. I guarantee you that is their thinking.

    But it displays the crucial distinction between a tactical success and a strategic defeat IF the Romney campaign plays their cards right. Why? Because from a strategic standpoint, the crucial issue which many people in the undecided camp are asking themselves is apart from the rhetoric which candidate cares about me? And on that fine point, actions speak louder than words. When the people of New Orleans are in trouble Romney goes to Texas and the sainted Obama who corrupt big media slobbers over goes where? Why, to Texas of course, the campaign uber alles. Conclusion: Obama does not care about the American People. All he cares about is votes.

    Never interrupt an enemy in the middle of a mistake—Napoleon Bonaparte./

  56. If Obama has good strategists, or if he has them and would listen to them, he would have gone to New Orleans first. Even if he goes there second, in the moment of truth, he displayed the wrong priorities. Certainly not “likeable” ones. And don’t believe this horsehit that he has presidential priorities which conflict. If he was acting presidential he would have gone to New Orleans. In sum, he loses big on this one. If this was the advice of his strategists, then he should borrow a leaf from Stalin’s book and dispose of them neatly.

  57. By Emily Friedman
    Follow on Twitter
    Aug 31, 2012 9:35am
    Romney to Visit Areas Damaged By Hurricane Isaac

    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    LAKELAND, Fla. — In a last-minute change of plans, Mitt Romney will head to visit storm-affected areas in New Orleans today, skipping a previously scheduled joint rally with running mate Paul Ryan in the battleground state of Virginia this afternoon.
    A Romney aide told ABC News that Romney will “join Gov. Jindal and will meet with first responders, thank them for their work and see areas impacted by the storm in LaFitte, La.”
    Jindal cancelled his plans earlier this week to attend the Republican National Convention after Hurricane Isaac moved up the Gulf Coast and wreaked damage across Louisiana. Two deaths have been reported in Louisiana as a result of the storm and widespread damage and flooding. The storm hit on the seven-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

    The Romney campaign had been working to determine how they could visit the region throughout the week. The trip to New Orleans will be the maiden voyage of Romney’s new campaign plane.

    The White House has not announced any plans to visit the storm area.

  58. admin
    August 30th, 2012 at 5:01 pm
    AmericanGal, just so you are not surprised, the “mystery guest speaker” tonight will indeed be Clinton Eastwood, er, Clint Eastwood.

    [BTW, Clinton really is his name. How great is that?]

    “Go ahead, punk. Make my sandwich.”

  59. wbboei
    August 31st, 2012 at 10:51 am
    Whee were you last night?
    Handling a legal malpactice case for a client, pro bono.

    So how much didja make?

  60. Interested in people’s opinions on the Clint Eastwood skit. I have watched it twice and the second time I found it absolutely brilliant. First time it came across as bumbling and confused.

    His portrayal of O as a mean-spirited, potty-mouthed, incompetent must have hurt our narcissistic predident. As Wbboei points out anything that contributes to knocking him emotionally off-balance is a major contribution.

    Eastwood stood in front of the nation – a deeply respected 82-year old beloved by seniors a major voting constituency – and gave them permission not to vote from O. He mocked the unmockable as an empty suit who should be fired. Does this open the floodgates?

  61. ‘Obamanation’

    Meanwhile, artist Jon McNaughton has produced a new painting, titled “Obamanation,” that shows more than 60 symbols he believes best depict the failures of the Obama administration.

    See McNaughton’s video:

    “I am just one person, a citizen of this country using my first amendment rights to speak out through my art,” McNaughton writes on his website. “This is my declaration that we have never had a president do more harm to our country than Barack Obama.

    McNaughton’s website provides an interactive feature allowing the viewer to click on the symbols in his painting to see his explanation and sources.

    “No person can analyze this image and learn about these facts and still, in good conscience, vote for Obama in 2012,” McNaughton asserts.



    Going along the lines of the Crossroads video (kid moves back in with Mom & Dad, and takes down his hopey-changey 2008 poster), today’s NYT Business section lead article talks about how most of the “jobs created under my administration” are of the pukey-paying, no bennies type:


    Majority of New Jobs Pay Low Wages, Study Finds

    Published: August 30, 2012

    While a majority of jobs lost during the downturn were in the middle range of wages, a majority of those added during the recovery have been low paying, according to a new report from the National Employment Law Project.

    The disappearance of midwage, midskill jobs is part of a longer-term trend that some refer to as a hollowing out of the work force, though it has probably been accelerated by government layoffs.

    “The overarching message here is we don’t just have a jobs deficit; we have a ‘good jobs’ deficit,” said Annette Bernhardt, the report’s author and a policy co-director at the National Employment Law Project, a liberal research and advocacy group.

    The report looked at 366 occupations tracked by the Labor Department and clumped them into three equal groups by wage, with each representing a third of American employment in 2008. The middle third — occupations in fields like construction, manufacturing and information, with median hourly wages of $13.84 to $21.13 — accounted for 60 percent of job losses from the beginning of 2008 to early 2010.

    The job market has turned around since then, but those fields have represented only 22 percent of total job growth. Higher-wage occupations — those with a median wage of $21.14 to $54.55 — represented 19 percent of job losses when employment was falling, and 20 percent of job gains when employment began growing again.

    Lower-wage occupations, with median hourly wages of $7.69 to $13.83, accounted for 21 percent of job losses during the retraction. Since employment started expanding, they have accounted for 58 percent of all job growth.

    The occupations with the fastest growth were retail sales (at a median wage of $10.97 an hour) and food preparation workers ($9.04 an hour). Each category has grown by more than 300,000 workers since June 2009.

    Some of these new, lower-paying jobs are being taken by people just entering the labor force, like recent high school and college graduates. Many, though, are being filled by older workers who lost more lucrative jobs in the recession and were forced to take something to scrape by.

    “I think I’ve been very resilient and resistant and optimistic, up until very recently,” said Ellen Pinney, 56, who was dismissed from a $75,000-a-year job in which she managed procurement and supply for an electronics company in March 2008.

    Since then, she has cobbled together a series of temporary jobs in retail and home health care and worked as a part-time receptionist for a beauty salon. She is now working as an unpaid intern for a construction company, putting together bids and business plans for green energy projects, and has moved in with her 86-year-old father in Forked River, N.J.

    “I really can’t bear it anymore,” she said, noting that her applications to places like PetSmart and Target had gone unanswered. “From every standpoint — my independence, my sense of purposefulness, my self-esteem, my life planning — this is just not what I was planning.”

    As Ms. Pinney’s experience shows, low-wage jobs have not been growing especially quickly in this recovery; they account for such a big share of job growth mostly because midwage job growth has been so slow.

    Over the last few decades, the number of midwage, midskill jobs has stagnated or declined as employers chose to automate routine tasks or to move them offshore.

    Job growth has been concentrated in positions that tend to fall into two categories: manual work that must be done in person, like styling hair or serving food, which usually pays relatively little; and more creative, design-oriented work like engineering or surgery, which often pays quite well.

    Since 2001, employment has grown 8.7 percent in lower-wage occupations and 6.6 percent in high-wage ones. Over that period, midwage occupation employment has fallen by 7.3 percent.

    This “polarization” of skills and wages has been documented meticulously by David H. Autor, an economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A recent study found that this polarization accelerated in the last three recessions, particularly the last one, as financial pressures forced companies to reorganize more quickly.

    “This is not just a nice, smooth process,” said Henry E. Siu, an economics professor at the University of British Columbia, who helped write the recent study about polarization and the business cycle. “A lot of these jobs were suddenly wiped out during recession and are not coming back.”

    On top of private sector revamps, state and local governments have been shedding workers in recent years. Those jobs lost in the public sector have been primarily in mid and higher-wage positions, according to Ms. Bernhardt’s analysis.

    “Whenever you look at data like these, there is this tendency to get overwhelmed, that there are these inevitable, big macro forces causing this polarization and we can’t do anything about them. In fact, we can,” Ms. Bernhardt said. She called for more funds for states to stem losses in the public sector and federal infrastructure projects to employ idled construction workers. Both proposals have faced resistance from Republicans in Congress.

  63. I thought the Clint Eastwood speech was fantastic on many levels.

    On one level, it was the testimony of a man who is one of our greatest actors, and producers.

    It was the insight of a man who loves this county, and understands that what we have is worth preserving.

    It was the testimony of a man who realizes, as no dimocrat does, or ever will, that behind all the glitter of the Obama Adminstration, which has made big media and Washington elites rich, there is widespread suffering in this country that Obama–or his fellow travellers in Big Media wish to talk about.

    And, by intelligent design, it was unpolished. It was not a cocophany of clever, focus group tested syllables, stung together by unseen actors in the bowls of the Obama adminstration/campaign.

    The empty chair, the rambling delivery, are exactly what you would find in places like the Actors Studio of the Strassbergs, or Brandos teacher Stella Adler. It is not the polished slick result which emerges after 10 takes. In that respect, it was throughly genuine, and effective.

    It hit all the right points, it kept the audience on its feet, and it told the American People that Romney far more than Obama is on their side. To big media, it was sacriledge. To pundits like Moe Lane, it rambled. But to me it was sublime. And, for Romney it was manna from heaven.

  64. Correction (my eyes are getting bad–sorry)

    Obama–or his fellow travellers in Big Media DO NOT wish to talk about.

  65. So how much didja make?
    You mean like a non profit organization. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Zero, plus a clinging client. But every citizen has a right to competent legal counsel. Too often that does not happen.

  66. Interesting that the co-host of Kelly Live has had more vetting, and actual trial performance in the job than anyone running for President. Does that mean her co-host is more important to this country than finding a leader to be President.

    Obviously it does.

  67. Kay
    August 31st, 2012 at 11:33 am
    Interested in people’s opinions on the Clint Eastwood skit. I have watched it twice and the second time I found it absolutely brilliant.
    See my reaction above, with the correction noted.

  68. Paul Ryan Spoke the Truth About Obamacare

    2:35 PM, Aug 30, 2012 • By JAY COST

    Shortly after Paul Ryan’s speech ended last night, the left wing blogosphere and commentariat launched an attack on the vice presidential nominee for his supposed mendacity. They attacked from many angles, but the most substantial assault was on Medicare.

    This is a complicated issue, and it is important for the facts of the situation to be laid bare for all to see, unvarnished and plain.

    Last night, Paul Ryan said this about Medicare:

    And the biggest, coldest power play of all in Obama Care came at the expense of the elderly. You see, even with all the hidden taxes to pay for the health care takeover, even with the new law and new taxes on nearly a million small businesses, the planners in Washington still didn’t have enough money; they needed more. They needed hundreds of billions more. So they just took it all away from Medicare, $716 billion funneled out of Medicare by President Obama.

    This is an entirely true statement. In fact, some have been suggesting for years that the Democrats would pay a dear price for their raid on Medicare. And the time has come to pony up.

    Here are the facts:

    (1) Obamacare cost about $1 trillion dollars over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Democrats raised roughly half of that money through new taxes, and the other half was “raised” from cuts in Medicare.

    (2) If they had cut Social Security, Democrats would not have been able to apply that revenue to Obamacare because money that comes from Social Security actually belongs to the Social Security Trust Fund. When the federal government uses it for other purposes, it is actually borrowing the money, to be paid back with interest at a later date. The exact same is true of Medicare; the catch is that the rules of CBO budgeting allowed the Democrats to count it as an offset to the new spending. So, Obamacare looked deficit neutral on paper, when in fact half of it was paid for with borrowed money.

    (3) The $500 billion in cuts to Medicare do not amount to cuts in benefits to patients, at least nominally. However, government accountants believe that is what effectively will happen. Obamacare imposes efficiency requirements on doctors and hospitals that, over time, will be virtually impossible to maintain. Richard Foster, the government’s chief accountant for Medicare, estimates that 15 percent of all hospitals will fall into the red because of these cuts. Thus, seniors will have the same benefits on paper – but, much like those in the Medicaid program, they will find it difficult to find a doctor or hospital willing to provide the service.

    (4) The original version of the Ryan budget retained these cuts. However, there was an important difference: the money was not funneled out to sponsor a new entitlement. Instead, it was credited back to the Medicare Trust Fund, thus strengthening our long term deficit situation. [In my opinion, this was a mistake: Medicare needs reforms that lower its costs, but the Obamacare cuts are poorly designed and impractical.]

    (5) The Romney-Ryan plan restores all of the lost funding to Medicare.

    His criticism of Obamacare is perfectly legitimate. It is a simple matter of mathematics, and the verdict of the government’s top accountant for the program: Obama cut $500 billion from the program; he used that money to cover the cost of Obamacare; the cuts are likely going to result in barriers to access for seniors.

    Democrats made a terrible political mistake with Obamacare. They should not have used Medicare funds as a way to pay for it; Republicans were always going to burn them on this (just as Democrats burned the GOP in 1996 for the same kind of trick). And in fact, conservative analysts everywhere were commenting on this in 2009 and 2010. Democrats blithely ignored them, and now their chickens have come home to roost.

    Jay Cost is a staff writer for THE WEEKLY STANDARD and the author of Spoiled Rotten: How the Politics of Patronage Corrupted the Once Noble Democratic Party and Now Threatens the American Republic, available now wherever books are sold.

  69. Admin, thanks for the links to the speeches last night. I’m going to watch them all today.

    I had tickets to a Toby Keith concert last night that was postponed from early August due to his recent surgery. It was a fantastic concert although I missed being able to watch the convention live… bad timing…

  70. To win a debate you must spot the hole in the other side’s argument, rip it open and drive a Peterbilt truck though it. Ryan’s speech is the beginning of that. As Jay points out, it was huge mistake by the dimocrats to raid medicare to pay for Obamacare. Indeed, an outcome determinative one–if it is successfully exploited in Florida. At the time they did that they felt the political wind at their back, they drank deeply of the demograhics is political destiny themes of Texiera, and they threw caution to the wind. Success rewards the bold, but not the stupid. How many Harvard graduates does it take to screw up a campaign? Sometimes, one is enough, but more certainly helps.When you have enough of them in the war room, the loss of reality is exponential.

    Democrats made a terrible political mistake with Obamacare. They should not have used Medicare funds as a way to pay for it; Republicans were always going to burn them on this (just as Democrats burned the GOP in 1996 for the same kind of trick). And in fact, conservative analysts everywhere were commenting on this in 2009 and 2010. Democrats blithely ignored them, and now their chickens have come home to roost.–Jay Cost

  71. Kay
    August 31st, 2012 at 11:33 am

    Interested in people’s opinions on the Clint Eastwood skit. I have watched it twice and the second time I found it absolutely brilliant. First time it came across as bumbling and confused.

    His portrayal of O as a mean-spirited, potty-mouthed, incompetent must have hurt our narcissistic predident. As Wbboei points out anything that contributes to knocking him emotionally off-balance is a major contribution.

    Eastwood stood in front of the nation – a deeply respected 82-year old beloved by seniors a major voting constituency – and gave them permission not to vote from O. He mocked the unmockable as an empty suit who should be fired. Does this open the floodgates?

    I loved Clint too.
    I started to watch it a second time, which was better for me too, because the first time I realized how old he is getting, some of his lines were not smooth and how sad I will be when he is gone.

    Clint is the man.
    Sometimes the Reps are too stiff and God fearing for my taste, Clint was the perfect seasoning for me.

  72. All this talk about ‘raiding’ Medicare — when Ryan’s preferred plan made the SAME cuts — reminds me of Bush’s speech c. 2000:

    Bush (shouting) “*OUR FOURTH GRADERS CANNOT READ* (whispering) at grade level.”

  73. Did Romney get any bounce from the convention? I have reviewed polls today and he is still behind in everyone.

  74. LOL
    Obama bounced into announcing visit to storm-ravaged Louisiana after Romney shows him up with surprise visit


    PUBLISHED: 10:21 EST, 31 August 2012 | UPDATED: 12:03 EST, 31 August 2012

    Comments (29)

    President Barack Obama was today forced to announce he will fly to storm-hit Louisiana on Monday – hours after Mitt Romney beat him to the punch by deciding to head there this afternoon.

    After it emerged that Obama was still taking time to fit in a campaign stop in Cleveland, Ohio before checking out how clean-up operations are proceeding in the Bayou state, the Obama campaign abruptly cancelled that event.

    ‘In light of the President’s travel to Louisiana to meet with local officials and view ongoing response and recovery efforts to Hurricane Isaac, President Obama will no longer travel to Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, September 3,’ the campaign said in a terse statement.

    Romney had changed his schedule to head to an affected town outside New Orleans while Obama, who has yet to visit the Tropical Storm Isaac zone, headed off to Texas to campaign.

    Seven years ago, President George W. Bush was lambasted for inaction and incompetence in dealing with Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans and much of the Mississippi and Louisiana gulf coast.
    Romney’s last-minute trip to New Orleans came as his wife Ann told CNN that swing women voters in particular had told her that ‘it’s time for the grown-up to come, the man that’s going to take this very seriously and the future of our children very, very seriously’.

  75. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/chuck-todd-asks-villaraigosa-why-does-the-gop-have-more-women-and-latino-govenors-than-democrats/Chuck Todd:

    Why Does The GOP Have More Women And Latino Governors Than Democrats?

    by Alex Alvarez | 10:56 am, August 31st, 2012

    On Friday, Daily Rundown host Chuck Todd asked Antonio Villaraigosa — Los Angeles mayor and chair of next week’s Democratic National Convention — about an issue the host had brought up yesterday amid much controversy.

    RELATED: NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Democrats Wish They Had The Diversity’ Of The GOP

    “Let me ask you, though, this one question,” said Todd, after the Mayor commented about the GOP losing certain demographics. “Why is that that the Republicans have elected more women governors and have two Hispanic governors and the Democrats don’t? They don’t have as many women governors and don’t have Hispanic governors. Why do you think that is?”

    “We have a lot more legislators and mayors and congress members that are women,” said Villaraigosa. “That are Latino that are Asian and African-American. We have a much broader tent, a much broader representation of every walk of life. People from, you know, every ethnicity and race and sex. It’s true that they may have more governors, but we have a much broader field when you look at all of the elected officials.”

    Have a look, via MSNBC:

    By the way, most of the minority congresswomen are Black and Black, as we know, have historically voted Dem. This will change eventually. Economics.

  76. Barack got the “empty” chair. It wasn’t the words, it was the visual. Empty chair = empty promises by a man that was handed the chair. It’s under his skin.

    Twitter and the #obama empty chair hastag.

    It’s never a good idea to superglue yourself to a chair.

    It was actually funny and so irreverent. Remember, Clint is an icon–he can say “the Emperor has no clothes” and people will believe him. And, he’s Hollywood…who better to call a prop a prop.

    I think Barack got pwnkd last night.

  77. Usually they get 11% bounce, but 6 is not bad considering the convention was not very entertaining.

  78. turndownobama
    August 31st, 2012 at 1:16 pm
    I feel the same way, that the Republican Women have made a lot more cracks in the glass ceiling than the Democratic Women have. Yes, the Dems call themselves the party of women.

  79. Media Strikes Back After Dirty Harry Dares To Mock Obama

    Newsflash: Obama can’t take a joke. But we already knew that.

    For four long years we’ve waited, hoped and prayed that some young comic would break free of the politically correct demands of The State and mock Obama the way all presidents and all people in power should be mocked. But for four long years (with a few exceptions) all we’ve seen instead are cowardly toadies of The State: Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Chris Rock, the cast of “Saturday Night Live”…

    Since Obama won the presidency, comedy has pretty much gone straight to hell as our Entertainment Overlords morphed into pathetic lapdogs to The State; begging for scraps of attention and affection from Obama, and in the process becoming stale, lazy, dull, predictable, painfully unfunny, and like a needy poodle — more than a little annoying.

    Who would’ve ever thought that one of the men who would display enough backbone and “edge” to finally take it to Obama with wicked mockery on about 30 million live television screens would be 82 year-old Clint Eastwood?

    Once we learned Eastwood was the night’s mystery guest, no one knew what to expect. And anyone who took a guess most certainly didn’t guess that the Oscar-winning American icon would use his opportunity to relentlessly and hilariously mock Barack Obama in front of the entire free world.

    It was glorious! And everyone I’ve talked to who was in the hall absolutely loved it.

    Eastwood hit Obama in every sweet spot we’ve been waiting for him to get hit on: The incompetence; the lies; the empty, pretentious rhetoric; the inexperience; and that roaring blowhard of a moron Obama chose to be a heartbeat away.

    Oh, and the empty chair. Other than an empty suit, there is no sharper metaphor.

    Eastwood also made one of the very best points of the night: WE own this country, and when someone doesn’t do the job “we have to let them go.”

    The media, naturally, is furious. They don’t like to see Their Precious One mocked and they also understand the power of mockery — which is why they keep Stewart and Colbert on such a tight leash. This is why the media has already written 25 stories (5 from Politico) mocking Eastwood.

    Had Eastwood said the things the media likes to hear with the same nervousness and hesitation, they would’ve called him wizened and seasoned. But because he mocked Their Precious One, suddenly he’s some kind of embarrassment.

    And now Politico, Ben Smith and CNN are all talking about how they intend to use Eastwood as way to overwhelm Mitt Romney’s speech in the coming days.

    Like they wouldn’t have found another reason.

    All I can say in response is: Go to hell you Obama-shilling crybabies. Eastwood showed more grit and honestly in those few minutes than you water carriers have during your entire propaganda-for-the-collective careers.

    What Eastwood did tonight was funnier, fresher, edgier, and braver than anything those comedy cowards Chris Rock, Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert have done in 15 years.

    82 years-old, and Dirty Harry is still pissing all the right people off.

    My hero.



  80. wbboei
    August 31st, 2012 at 12:03 pm
    So how much didja make?
    You mean like a non profit organization. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Zero, plus a clinging client. But every citizen has a right to competent legal counsel. Too often that does not happen.

    My comment was strictly for humor’s sake.

  81. BO now going to New Orleans in response to Mitt. A perfect example that BO is not a leader, but a follower.

  82. There’s Jones and the Dem polls again. Eeyore.

    I was reading Winnie-the-Pooh to my daughter the other night and laughed out loud when Eeyore came up. He is kind of cute.

  83. Another article of praise on Clint….

    Why Eastwood Matters: Old School Star Reflects American Grit, Greatness

    ….And, most of all, Eastwood never talked down to his audience. The longtime Republican didn’t insult those who preferred a Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. He never felt compelled to lecture his massive fan base or use divisive language in interviews.

    He just kept on working. He still is.

    Tonight, Eastwood will use every ounce of his considerable gravitas to make the case for Mitt Romney. It’s hard to imagine a Clooney or even Tom Hanks mustering a fraction of Eastwood’s good will to make a similar case for President Obama.


  84. Al Gore calls for an end to the Electoral College

    Former vice president Al Gore is calling for an end to the Electoral College — the system that cost him the presidency in 2000.

    Gore said that many voters who live outside the dozen or so battleground states are cheated by the system that allocates delegates from the state level on a winner-take-all basis. He called for presidential elections to be determined by the popular vote.

    I agree.
    Also, do away with Delegates and Superdelegates unless they stay on the side of the voters they represent in a close election. (IE: What happened in Denver in 2008 when Hillary delegates were threatened to support the Fraud.)

  85. Drudge

    Hillary Clinton staying as far away from Charlotte as physically possible…

    The silhouette photo of Hillary is beautiful

  86. Gran Torino – Get Off My Lawn _HD

    —- Clint Eastwood being talked down to as an old man, by some neighborhood thug kids.

  87. WHITE HOUSE INSIDER – ” Paul Ryan Is Now A Full Fledged Political Rock Star “

    by Ulsterman

    The following is the second RNC Convention feedback communication from a longtime D.C. political operative who has for the past two years made it their goal of helping to defeat Barack Obama in 2012 – after having helped elect him in 2008:

    Make this one right to the point – Paul Ryan is a now a full fledged political rock star. That kid is the real f-cking deal. That speech, which had a big contribution from the guy who did Palin’s in ’08 (best speech of that convention) was off the charts good. He hit up the youth vote, took on the Medicare issue and turned it against Obama, pulled in the Midwest swing states, repeatedly gave high praise Romney, put in some humor, a lot of humility, and ended by raising the roof and giving voters their marching orders. It was a rally speech and it has got to have the Obama camp sh-tting themselves right now. There are conversations going double time between Chicago and the White House. It was so damn good I’m a little worried for Romney tomorrow. He might prove a letdown. Tough-tough act to follow. I’ve watched a ton of these speeches over the years and forgot just about every damn one of them. I remember Reagan’s ’80 convention speech and I heard the Ryan speech borrow a hell of a lot from that one. Knew we were in danger of getting our ass kicked that night. I remember Clinton’s in ’92 and ’96 of course. ’92 was his best because he was up against it and delivered big time. He was so damn good that night. And I remember Palin’s and Obama’s in ’08. Both equally good in my humble opinion. I would put tonight’s Ryan speech right up there with those. And he’s got what Obama doesn’t – sincerity. The kid really believes what he says. Obama is finding it tougher and tougher to fake that.

    Saw you put up a story on the Eastwood visit tomorrow. Hope that pans out. Now wouldn’t that be some kick ass icing on the cake.

    Let me try and explain to you where this election is really at.

    -Obama is running low on cash. Donations are off by about 30% compared to this time last year (WHI Likely Meant “Last Election” -UM) but he’s spending a lot more. Donors are already telling the campaign they are pulling the plug soon if things don’t get better. The Old Man is gonna try and cut off as much of that as he can.

    -Romney has huge reserves of cash on hand and an ad campaign about to launch that is gonna kick Obama’s ass hard in those swing states.

    -The debates are gonna be huge. Not since 1980 will they be so important. If Romney edges Obama there, he might wrap this thing up. If Obama is seen as winning, we got a fight to November. I will say this, Romney is going to be a hell of a lot tougher in those debates than McCain. We knew that in ’08. McCain is horrible in that environment and that is why we wanted him to be the nominee. Obama already won those debates before they had even started.

    -So recently I told you it was 50/50 we win this thing. I’m leaning about 55/45 in our favor now. Things are going along well.

    That’s what scares me. I’m still worried something weird is gonna fall on our heads to mess this all up for us.

    Until then though, lets just enjoy the moment. Right now it’s all any of us got.



  88. Southern Born
    August 30th, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    NewMexicoFan…yes, indeed. CAN HE LEAD. OBAMA CAN NOT LEAD.

    Well he lead Ozero to NOLA and ate his lunch. 😆

  89. I wish some Big Pinkers would come back so I don’t have to post UM by myself 😉


    by Ulsterman on August 29

    I have asked a longtime D.C. political operative to share their insights on the Republican convention taking place this week. Here now is the first of what is hopefully an ongoing conversation regarding their views on the convention:


    Not a bad start to the convention. Bit of a tough spot for the Republicans with the hurricane taking place as well. What is the deal with hurricanes and GOP conventions now? Second time in a row. How about an earthquake or something for Obama? Just kidding. Some folks might not consider that funny.

    Told the energy on the floor was a bit low to start tonight but built up well toward the end. That’s pretty common. Overall, people are saying thing went well for the Romney campaign and the Republicans. The highlight for me had to be Ann Romney. What a woman! I knew she was a solid positive but man oh man she was incredible. Mitt Romney is one lucky son of a b-tch to have her at his side. She reached into the heart of America and did her husband a hell of a lot of good warming his image up. Guy can’t be all bad to have the devotion of a woman like that, right? She makes one hell of a contrast with Michelle Obama.

    Christie was on point and delivered as expected, which for him isn’t so easy because expectations are so high. I would love to work a campaign with a candidate like that. He felt like the nominee at times, right? That might annoy some of the Romney operatives but they need to shut up and be grateful they have a guy like Christie willing to fire up the base. Besides, the first night is always more about contrasting the parties or at least as much about that as it is introducing the nominee. More time to define Romney tomorrow and Thursday.
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    Overall I give the opener a solid B. Without Ann Romney though and it would have fallen off quite a bit. She was the big star tonight. Her words are what will be replayed for the next 24 hours. She will be who the media talks about tomorrow and it will be tough for the pro-Obama media to spin her negative. She was that good tonight. Might have been the very best speech by a candidate’s spouse I’ve ever watched. Actually scratch that. It WAS the very best speech by a candidate’s spouse I’ve ever watched. Took that “War on Women” bullsh-t and shoved right back up Obama and Jarrett’s ass. (I think they share the same one.)

    You asked me if we had anything to do with Biden cancelling the first day Florida trip. Can’t say for certain. They were likely nervous about appearing overly political with the hurricane. What I do know is we let it be known to them we knew what they were up to. I do know there were heated conversations between Chicago and the White House/Axelrod/Jarrett/Plouffe about what to do about that. Getting inside their heads is a big part of what we are doing with this and the last month or so has been very productive for us on that.

    More good news on the Romney campaign. They are preparing to unleash a multi-state/multi-tens of millions of dollars advertising blitz against Obama following the GOP convention. They got money to burn now and that has the Obama people very concerned. Also heard there was a Florida GOP operative sharing with the media how the internals in that state show Romney winning by at least 3%. People are getting more open about sharing some of the stuff we’ve already laid out there. So far that end of things is going as planned.

    Don’t want to forget another star tonight. Artur Davis. Didn’t know much about his public skills. Guy has some game. African American. Former Democrat. Former Obama supporter. If I was running the convention I would have given the guy a higher profile speaking slot. His speech actually made the most direct hits to Obama. Right to the f-cking face! Was nice to hear. I’m not running the convention though so there you go.

    If Romney gets a post convention bounce of about 3-5%, followed up with that media blitz they are getting ready to roll out, things are looking just a bit better than 50-50 we actually win this thing. And that’s not a win for Republicans I’m talking about here. That’s a win for America.

    “Made a mistake in 2008. Making it right in 2012″ I don’t remember who said it tonight but it sure as hell struck a chord with me. That’s exactly how I feel.




    WHI sent us this brief follow-up:

    Just got word Obama handlers giving strong consideration to president being placed in Louisiana to do a hurricane photo op on very same day Romney is to accept nomination of his party. President’s verbatim remark on this was the following:

    ” Whatever works. Whatever we got to do. You want me there – I’m there, right? If this will work for us, go ahead and do it. Whatever.”

    That quote got to me from inside the room. I haven’t used that phrase in a long time, so you know what that means.

    President willing to use a catastrophe totally for political purposes. Very interested in having anything to distract from the GOP convention. He has little or no concern for Louisiana or the bordering states. What a guy, huh?



  90. Classic

    The O’NY Times spins Clint Eastwood as a whackjob that freaks out the Romney campaign. A-holes.

    TAMPA, Fla. — Clint Eastwood’s rambling and off-color endorsement of Mitt Romney on Thursday seemed to startle and unsettle even the candidate’s own top aides, several of whom made a point of distancing themselves from the decision to put him onstage without a polished script.


  91. Clint made my day (last night)! Image is a powerful thing. Empty chair … empty Potus.

    The fact that the media went immediately into attack mode shows how panicked and angry they were about Clint’s Clever take down and mockery of their Tin Calf.


    Romney is the grownup this country needs as POTUS. He’s a serious man who doesn’t shy away from taking on serious problems. What came through the convention (and in his speech) is a man who is genuine, honorable, caring, and who lives by example. There’s no false modesty, no narcissism, no nastiness. Looks like he wants to serve (which reminds me of WJC, in that way.) Romney may be a bit boring, but in a good way. Also, looks like he genuinely likes and respects women, which is a plus in my book.

    Rubio was very good, although I liked Ryan’s speech a bit more because he had a way of bringing in the concerns of the youth (i.e. the future generation) into the conversation. I think that was smart. Anyway, both of these men are winners, IMHO.

    All in all, I won’t cringe voting for this years RNC ticket.

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