TamMa And TamPa – Sweet And Sour Night For GOP

A whole lot of intelligent people are advising that Mitt Romney become more “likable” and connect emotionally to the American people. We agree there has to be an emotional connection but we’re not so sure about “likeability”.

When the house/apartment is flooding who cares if the plumber is a surly lot? We just want the plumber to fix the darn pipes. When the place is on fire the firefighters can be gruff, just put out the blasted fire and save us. So it is with Mitt Romney.

We don’t have to “like” Mitt Romney. If fact we don’t really feel/think “connected” to him at all. But we want Mittens to chase the fox out of the hen house, the crook out of the bank, the mold out of the walls, the dirt off the furniture, the bomber out of the school, the flim-flam man from the old folks home, the germs from the hospital, the burnt from the toast, the grease from the pan, the beetles from the roses, the rabbit from the yard, the wolf from the door, the scum from the pond, the landlord from the widow, the train from Pauline on the tracks, the Hopium from the water cooler, the treacherous corrupt away from the gullible,… in short – Get Rid Of Barack Obama.

But we certainly won’t object to liking Mitt a bit more. And that is why Ma Romney will be in prime time tonight. Now that finally: Romney’s the official Republican nominee for president working hard Ann Romney gets to have her say.

Tonight, the RNC shows soft and tough sides as Ann Romney and Christie take the stage. “Soft and tough”? We’ll go with “sweet and sour”.

The sweet is Ann Romney. We’ll update in the comments and here the Ann Romney speech and whether or not Mitt becomes a beloved figure after his wife gives America a better, close up, picture of who the Mittster is.

Frankly, what we are waiting for is not the sweet of Ann Romney. We’re really much more interested in the speech by Chris Christie. Not only is Christie delivering the keynote speech for the Republicans tonight, Christie will likely express the sour mood the American people are in after 4 years of boobery, treachery, and corruption.

We’ll update on the Christie speech or at least leave a comment or two as events warrant.

Another item we will watch for, without much hope of satisfaction, is whether or not “The Bow is back” – in prime time.

“The Bow” should be aired at the convention in prime time. “The Bow” of course is the latest from seals we like:

“PAC Special Operations for America, led by former Navy SEALs, is set to release a blistering new ad against President Obama Tuesday at the Republican National Convention.

The ad, titled “Bow to Nobody,” depicts Navy SEALs in combat situations; it then proclaims that they fight so that America will not have to bow to anybody.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans who have never read what we have written about The Bow are introduced to The Bow via the video? You betcha.

We also hope that another video airs in prime time. As has been written about in the past few days one of the most effective videos this season is former Obama supporters who are no longer guzzling Hopium.

These deceived in 2008 voters need to see that there are many Hillary Clinton/FDR Democrats who despise the Obama Dimocratic Obamination. Whether it is safety in numbers or the bandwagon effect many voters from 2008 need a little “reinforcement” or acknowledgement that it is time to make a change away from the flim flam they were sold.

Many voters who thought Barack Obama was what the advertisements said he was need to see that their uncomfortable, uneasy, queasy, sense that something is very wrong is shared by many others. Big Media will do what it can to keep American voters from seeing the obvious and from having time to think what they are thinking/sensing. That’s why the new RNC convention video: “Switchers” is so effective.

That Hopium was very strong. We have tried to be a detox half-way house for the addicts but for some the Hopium is now part of who they are. Even at the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times some realize it is a cult guzzling strong Hopium “kool-aid” and that it is as strong and destructive as ever:

“There is only one star in the galaxy at this White House and his name is Barack Obama. Everyone in the Sun King’s court has drunk the Kool-Aid.”

The Executive Branch water coolers are filled with Hopium guzzled with gusto by the Obama idolaters. But in small town America and in big city America and in suburban and rural America the people are being awakened from their slumbers. Tonight Ann Romney, Chris Christie and others will do their best to wake up those still asleep.