Not A Mere Celebrity – Neil Armstrong – A True Hero Dies

Update: As reported in the comments earlier the news is now verified. Breaking. First day of RNC cancelled due to weather. The Republican convention scheduled to begin on Monday will now effectively begin on Tuesday.

The weather will take the blame, but the real culprit is Big Media.


Neil Armstrong passes away at 82.

As the storms we have discussed are about to break it is important to take a few moments to mourn the death of Neil Armstrong.

Neil Armstrong was the first of our kind to brand a celestial body with the kiss of curiosity from the human race. That declaration of childlike desire to learn was made with a very famous footstep.

To get to the moon Neil Armstrong entered what amounts to a small capsular room. Beneath that small capsule was stored a massive column of explosive material which when lit, flung in a “controlled” way, the small metallic room into the cold space beyond the protective realm of Mother Earth.

It was on July 1969 that the Eagle landed on Tranquility Base. Neil Armstrong never flew on a spacecraft again after that mission.

Neil Armstrong is and forever will be an American hero and a hero to all humanity. But it is not solely what he did on the moon that July of 1969 that we should remember. Today it is important to acknowledge the other great gift Neil Armstrong gave us, something now abandoned – dignity and a model of appropriateness.

As the somewhat reliable Wikipedia informs:

“He accepted a teaching position in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati,[98] having decided on Cincinnati over other universities, including his alma mater, Purdue, because it had a small Aerospace department; he hoped that the faculty members would not be annoyed that he came straight into a professorship with only the USC master’s degree.[99]”

That bit of genuine modesty contrasts with the garish celebrity seeking of certain people who “lead” this country down the wrong path. Neil Armstrong did not appear with celebrity basket ball players, the cheap glitter that passes for Hollywood celebrity, or affixed his face to every monstrosity product.

Neil Armstrong could have “leveraged” his worldwide renown into stratospheric commercial profits. Neil Armstrong could have run for political office. Neil Armstrong could have become a political force by becoming an endorsement machine. But instead of thinking of his personal wealth and only his personal wealth Neil Armstrong made us all richer.

Neil Armstrong deserves to be remembered because he represented all of us. He could have used his power to divide. But instead he represented us and did nothing to divide us.

We’ll be, appropriately it seems to us, be called hypocrites for noting how the unifying force that was Neil Armstrong contrasts so sharply with certain persons for whom celebrity is the be all and end all. Fair enough. That’s how far we have fallen.

Neil Armstrong represented something that was the best in all of us. Soon his physical remains will be interred into the Earth from which he once slipped away.


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  1. Bringing Foxy’s over.

    August 25th, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    “High Flight”

    Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
    of sun-split clouds, — and done a hundred things
    You have not dreamed of — wheeled and soared and swung
    High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there,
    I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
    My eager craft through footless halls of air….

    Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
    I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace.
    Where never lark, or even eagle flew —
    And, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod
    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
    – Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.


    Below is a statement from his family:

    We are heartbroken to share the news that Neil Armstrong has passed away following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures.

    Neil was our loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend.

    Neil Armstrong was also a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job. He served his Nation proudly, as a navy fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut. He also found success back home in his native Ohio in business and academia, and became a community leader in Cincinnati.

    He remained an advocate of aviation and exploration throughout his life and never lost his boyhood wonder of these pursuits.

    As much as Neil cherished his privacy, he always appreciated the expressions of good will from people around the world and from all walks of life.

    While we mourn the loss of a very good man, we also celebrate his remarkable life and hope that it serves as an example to young people around the world to work hard to make their dreams come true, to be willing to explore and push the limits, and to selflessly serve a cause greater than themselves.

    For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink.”

  3. Breaking news:

    The Republican convention on Monday has been cancelled. They will convene then immediately adjourn until Tuesday.

    (CNN) – The Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced on Saturday: “Due to the severe weather reports for the Tampa Bay area, the Republican National Convention will convene on Monday August 27th and immediately recess until Tuesday afternoon, August 28th. After consulting with Governor Scott, NOAA and local emergency management officials, we are optimistic that we will begin an exciting, robust convention that will nominate the Romney-Ryan ticket.”

  4. Those images of the astronauts on the moon give me chills. (Thanks, Admin.) A neighborhood friend and I had just come in from riding our bikes around the block when those images stopped us in our tracks. Like everyone else, we were mesmerized and in awe. As an eleven-year-old, at that moment, I remember feeling a sense of limitless potential for the future.

  5. We all remember that historic day and where we were. I was in my second year at Annapolis, home on Summer Leave, and playing golf at Capilano Golf Course, one of the jewels of North America, set high in the mountains above Vancover British Columbia with a panoramic view to die for. If Jan is reading the blog, I am sure she knows the place I am talking about. My host was a Canadian lumberman and he said to me you must be very proud of your country.

    Who would have thought a later generation of Americans would be so ignorant, so bamboozled, so abysmally stupid as to elect a four flusher like Obama? Someone who cedes our space program to the Russians and wants to give everything away in order to see Muslims in space. That prior generation who fought world war II may not have had the fine educations so many Obama supporters, but they had something else that those Obama supporters lack: common sense.

    Here is a picture of one of our space station flying over the Northern Lights. This picture provides a fitting tribute to Neil Armstrong and those who came after him . . .

  6. Robert Reich: Romney Will Beat ‘Wooden’ Obama in Presidential Debates
    Friday, 24 Aug 2012 08:07 PM

    By Todd Beamon

    More ways to share… Mixx Stumbled LinkedIn Vine Buzzflash Reddit Delicious Newstrust Technocrati Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article
    inShare inShare8 Mitt Romney has turned into such a skilled debater that he could trounce President Barack Obama in their three head-to-head encounters in the run-up to the election, former Democratic Labor Secretary Robert Reich believes.

    Romney “is going to be debating somebody who is not nearly as good a debater as his reputation,” Reich tells Atlantic Magazine in its September issue. He says that under live questioning, Obama “can seem kind of wooden” and “at a loss for words.”

    “Even if Romney is scripted and not spontaneous, he will come across as ‘on his game,’ ” Reich tells the Atlantic. “The danger for Obama is that Romney can still look better than Obama, if Obama does not have the same degree of discipline about the debates.”

    Reich, now Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, was quoted in an extensive article in the Atlantic by its longtime national correspondent, James Fallows. The magazine’s report was based on an examination of tapes of Romney’s debates throughout his political career.

    That first began with three contests against Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy for the U.S. Senate in 1994 and continued with Romney’s successful 2002 quest for the statehouse, his failed 2008 presidential bid and finally with the 2012 Republican presidential primaries.

    Reich ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts governor in 2002. Romney defeated Shannon O’Brien in the general election.

    “He will have done a huge amount of homework,” Reich says of Romney. “He will have moot debates with debating partners, as they all do. But he truly will have internalized a lot of the questions and the most-effective responses.

    “He will have the zingers ready, and he knows the importance of those zinger lines. He will have it down — even the humor. He will know that self-deprecating humor is enormously useful, and will have rehearsed it.”

    Generally, debate watchers will see a comfortable, confident Republican presidential candidate with a style that embodies “faultless preparation, crisp and precise expression, a readiness both to attack and to defend, and an ability to stay purely on message,” the Atlantic reports.

    The magazine says Romney’s weaknesses are “thin factual knowledge on many policy issues, a preference to talk in generalities and a palpable awkwardness when caught unprepared and forced to improvise.”

    He will face an incumbent president who is a seasoned debater, having sparred with Hillary Clinton, and who has had four years’ experience in setting policy. But Obama’s theme from 2008 — “Change you can believe in” — has now become “Things could be worse” and “I need more time.”

    Thus, “the Romney team has the impossible challenge of trying to imagine every question or attack line that might come up in debates with Obama, while the Obama team tries to imagine what Romney’s might have missed.”

    Still, the Atlantic continues: “Debates are and have been his strength. The Romney who took on Teddy Kennedy 18 years ago remains a highly useful guide to the candidate who will stand next to Barack Obama in the three debates scheduled this fall.”

    This Mitt Romney solidified his strategy within minutes of his first debate with Kennedy in 1994, two weeks before the election. It came in a response to why the six-term Kennedy, 62 at the time, was not trouncing the younger upstart.

    “People in Massachusetts have been watching, for 32 years, Sen. Kennedy,” Romney said in his response. “They appreciate what he has done, but they recognize that our world has changed and that the answers of the 1960s aren’t working anymore.”

    With that, Romney’s basic tact was set: “That it was possible to love Teddy Kennedy but recognize that his time had passed, and that the ‘real’ answers weren’t the ones Kennedy could present,” the Atlantic reports.

    “This is instantly recognizable as his frame for the 2012 presidential race as well: his opponent is likable but not up to the job.”

    Romney then added: “People recognize that government jobs just can’t do it for Massachusetts. We need private-sector jobs. And so they are looking for people who have skill and experience in the private sector, who know how to help create jobs, who will do the work of traveling from state to state and around the country to bring jobs to Massachusetts.”

    The Atlantic report concludes, “Through the rest of that evening and in the follow-up debate two days later, Romney did not succeed in breaking Teddy Kennedy’s connection with the people who had voted for him six times before. But he did his level best, with a variety of tools and tactics he has relied on ever since.”

    They are: attack your opponent, defend your record, anticipate the opposition’s arguments and be ready to counter, show “a flash of sly wit’ — and stay “unwaveringly on message,” bringing “every question on every topic back to his main theme.”

    It was, in this case, “Sen. Kennedy was great for his time; that time has passed; I know about business, which is what we need.”

    Kennedy won, but Romney got 41 percent of the vote.

    During the 2012 presidential primaries, Romney, in none of the nearly 50 televised hours, was “judged the big loser; in many, he was the clear winner, and as the campaign wore on, the dominant image from the debates was of a confident Romney, standing with a slight smile on his face and his hands resting easily in his pockets, looking on with calm amusement as the lesser figures squabbled among themselves and sometimes lashed out at him,” the Atlantic reports.

    A few gaffes occurred — most notably, the “$10,000 bet,” offered to Texas Gov. Rick Perry during an Iowa debate — but, overall, “As his rivals were felled, or destroyed themselves, Romney kept moving ahead,” the Atlantic reports. “His mistakes were few, and his focus was steady, on whichever of the sequential challengers was most threatening week by week.”

    Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, tells the Atlantic: “Romney is a seriously under¬rated debater. The truth is, he under¬stood what his job in all those debates was. When it was to go out and finish Rick Perry, he did it. When it was to hold the lead in New Hampshire, he did it.”
    Even David Axelrod, Obama’s chief campaign strategist who prepared the president for his debates with Arizona Sen. John McCain in 2008, praised Romney.

    “As a debater, he is remarkably disciplined,” Axelrod tells the Atlantic. “It is very unlikely that he is going to come in there without knowing much of what he is going to say, or without having practiced it relentlessly or delivered it over and over.

    “He is very good at internalizing the one-liners and knowing when to fire. And he can run off large set pieces from memory pretty effectively.”

    Read more on Robert Reich: Romney Will Beat ‘Wooden’ Obama in Presidential Debates
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

  7. Rubio Gives Prime Time Speaking Slot to Ann Romney
    Friday, 24 Aug 2012 09:11 PM

    More ways to share… Mixx Stumbled LinkedIn Vine Buzzflash Reddit Delicious Newstrust Technocrati Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article
    inShare inShare2 Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, will speak during prime time television coverage of the event after all, Republican National Convention officials say.

    Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a rising national figure in the party, gave up his Tuesday night speaking slot for Mrs. Romney, who was scheduled to speak on Monday, the convention’s opening night. Broadcast television networks were not planning to cover Monday’s proceedings in Tampa, Fla.

    Ann Romney is a key surrogate in a race where women voters are fiercely sought-after by her husband and Democratic President Barack Obama.

    Rubio, however, will still have a prime time slot. The freshman senator and tea party favorite will address the convention in his home state on Thursday, just before Romney closes the convention with his acceptance speech.

    Read more on Rubio Gives Prime Time Speaking Slot to Ann Romney
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

  8. Wbboei, women may very well cost Romney this election as they
    did Hillary. Ann and or other reasonable GOP’ers must change
    the current perception of Romney as anti-women. It is ironic cuz Obama
    shafted the first woman who should have been Prez and the dims brutalized
    another woman named Palin.

  9. RIP Neil Armstrong, a true humble american hero.

    OTurd to Armstrong’s acomplishment: “You didn’t do that!”

  10. “women may very well cost Romney ”

    not really, women are not a monolithic group, as is no other group. and abortion is not the biggest issue, jobs, economy is the biggest issue. And ironic the party that treated women like crap, Hillary and Palin, in 2008 is the one that’s trying to pretend and say they’re for women.

  11. (8/24/2012) “The Trash Index: The Latest — and Best? — Economic Predictor” (AOL Daily Finance)

    Accurate, but in Which Direction?

    Fundamentally, the trash index makes sense. After all, when a family buys a new couch, they often throw out the old one; ditto when developers construct new buildings. Much of this refuse makes its way to landfills. According to Bloomberg, the index is incredibly accurate — between 2001 and 2010, there was an 82.4% correlation between flow of trash and the economy.

    The trouble is, while the peaks and valleys of the trash index echo the ups and downs of the economy, they don’t always match up. Sometimes the trash index moves before the GDP, giving a hint about where the economy is headed. Sometimes it follows the GDP, showing where the economy has been. Right now, for example, the trash index is moving sharply south, suggesting that the U.S. may be headed into a steep recession. The question, of course, is whether GDP will follow.

    The Trash Index and Job Creation

    With the fiscal cliff looming, the question is whether the middle class will keep fueling the economy or start squirreling away money in preparation for tough times. For now, at least, the trash trains seem to suggest that a storm is on the way — and the real job creators are keeping their money in their pockets.

  12. 1. The Democrats supported some of their women candidates and attacked others.

    2. Obama was president during a time when the GOP ‘small government’ policies fired many government employees, most of whom were women.

    3. Obama passes fake bills that help women in small ways. The GOP passes real bills that really hurt women in big ways: defunding Planned Parenthood’s cancer scans etc, forbidding abortion or making it harder to get, making contraceptives harder to get, etc.

  13. the GOP events start Tuesday? At least now the so “impartial” Barry worshipping MSM will be forced to cover the events.


    The Obama campaign has canceled Vice President Biden’s entire Florida trip. “This change in schedule is being taken to ensure that all law enforcement and emergency management resources across the state can continue their focus on ensuring the safety of those who might be impacted by the storm,” the campaign said in a release.

    The campaign had previously only canceled his Tampa stop.

  15. Bitter and jealous. Charlie Crist still upset Marco Rubio beat the crap out of him. Crist endorses Obama in the Tampa Bay Times:

    “Pundits looking to reduce something as big as a statewide election to a single photograph have blamed the result of my 2010 campaign for U.S. Senate on my greeting of President Obama. I didn’t stand with our president because of what it could mean politically; I did it because uniting to recover from the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes was more important than party affiliation. I stood with our nation’s leader because it was right for my state.”

    Crist still upset that Rubio ran that picture of Crist hugging Obama. Rubio will probably ignore Crist but perhaps there is a case for Rubio to slam Crist and other Obama enablers from the podium of the RNC convention.

    JBStonesFan, what say you and other Floridians?

  16. My father worked for NASA and we lived on the cape during the time man landed on the moon. This is why I am so pist that Barry has shut down the space program and I am shocked that Neil lived to such a ripe age knowing some of the trauma these courageous travelers went though.
    This is a great loss but a huge milestone for mankind.

  17. foxyladi14
    August 25th, 2012 at 6:19 pm
    “High Flight”

    Thanks for these moving verses, I remember them from the book “God is my copilot”;

  18. Chris Christie & former NJ Gov Tom Kean doing what they can here. Knowing this may help you in analyses.
    [New] Jersey’s delegation shows new, diverse face of the GOP
    …El-Abd, 66, and other delegates are more than just cheerleaders poised to cast the state’s primary votes Mitt Romney’s way. They are part of Christie’s vision for the future of the Republican Party as it tries to tap into a demographic that has largely eluded it — the country’s growing minority populations….

  19. tim
    August 25th, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    “women may very well cost Romney ”

    not really, women are not a monolithic group, as is no other group. and abortion is not the biggest issue, jobs, economy is the biggest issue. And ironic the party that treated women like crap, Hillary and Palin, in 2008 is the one that’s trying to pretend and say they’re for women.


    There is an abundance of SMART Women out there Call Them Uppity.. That have not and will not fall for these same old broken promises again.They are Off the Plantation and like it
    Never forget Never Forgive!!!NEVER!!!! :Shock:

  20. Does that Star spangled banner yet wave???
    yes it does.

    New photos from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter Camera (LROC) reveal that most of the American flags planted on the moon during the Apollo mission series are still standing, according to

    “It is now certain that the American flags are still standing and casting shadows at all of the sites, except Apollo 11,” LROC principal investigator Mark Robinson wrote in a blog post Friday detailing the new images. “Astronaut Buzz Aldrin reported that the flag was blown over by the exhaust from the ascent engine during liftoff of Apollo 11, and it looks like he was correct!”

    Scientists had speculated that the flags planted during the six missions were still standing, based on seeing what they thought were their shadows in the past; Robinson wrote that he was surprised at the discovery, given the conditions the flags have been exposed to for more than four decades.

  21. No one is surprised by Crist’s position. He was always a Rino and Obama supporter.
    Rubio ran a very tough campaign against him and trounced him . Obviously, Crist is
    looking for payback and/or perhaps a cabinet /ambassador position in a 2nd Obama term.

  22. Why a brillant think tank thought opening up trade with China would be handled in a fair manner, is beyond me. I guess they were nieve, and we are paying for it. Others did sound the alarm as I rememeber, and were ignored as though they just did not understand. I guess they did understand.

    Trade With China Cost US 2.7 Million Jobs

    Since China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001, the massive increase in Chinese exports to America and China’s unfair trade practices have cost Americans more than 2.7 million jobs, according to a new report.

    “The growing trade deficit with China has been a prime contributor to the crisis in U.S. manufacturing employment,” states the report from the Economic Policy Institute.

    U.S. imports from China have soared from $102 billion in 2001 to $398.5 billion last year. Meanwhile American exports to China have grown from $18 billion in 2001 to $96.9 billion in 2011, producing a trade deficit last year of more than $300 billion.

    “China’s entry into the WTO in 2001 was supposed to bring it into compliance with an enforceable, rules-based regime that would require China to open its markets to imports from the United States and other nations by reducing tariffs and addressing non-tariff barriers to trade,” observed Robert E. Scott, the author of the report. Scott is director of trade and manufacturing policy research at the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank that analyzes the impact of economic trends and policies on working people in the United States.

    “However, as a result of China’s currency manipulation and other trade-distorting practices, including extensive subsidies, legal and illegal barriers to imports, dumping, and suppression of wages and labor rights, the envisioned flow of U.S. exports to China did not occur.

    “Further, the agreement spurred foreign direct investment in Chinese enterprises, which has expanded China’s manufacturing sector at the expense of the United States. Finally, the core of the agreement failed to include any protections to maintain or improve labor or environmental standards or to prohibit currency manipulation.”

    The 2.7 million-plus jobs lost since 2001 include more than 2.1 million in manufacturing, or 77 percent of the total. The hardest hit industry was computer and electronic products, which lost more than 1.06 million jobs, followed by apparel and accessories (211,000 jobs), textile mills and textile product mills (106,000), and fabricated metal products (120,000).

    The report’s job loss estimates “include only the direct and indirect jobs displaced by trade, and exclude jobs in domestic wholesale and retail trade or advertising,” Scott points out.

    “Imports displace goods that otherwise would have been made in the United States by domestic workers.”

    The hardest hit state was New Hampshire, which lost 20,400 jobs or 2.94 percent of its total employment from 2001 to 2011, followed by California (2.87 percent), Massachusetts (2.86 percent), and Oregon (2.85 percent).

    In actual numbers, California lost 474,700 jobs, followed by Texas (239,600), New York (158,800), and Illinois (113,700).

    “But the jobs impact of the China trade deficit is not restricted to job loss and displacement,” according to Scott.

    “Competition with low-wage workers from less-developed countries such as China has driven down wages for workers in U.S. manufacturing and reduced the wages and bargaining power of similar, non-college-educated workers throughout the economy.”

    He concludes: “The U.S.-China trade relationship needs a fundamental change. Addressing the exchange rate policies and labor standards issues in the Chinese economy is an important first step. It is time for the administration to respond to the growing chorus of calls from economists, workers, businesses, and Congress and take action to stop illegal currency manipulation by China and other countries.”

    Note: Newsmax magazine is now available on the iPad. Find us in the App Store.

  23. “Why a brillant think tank thought opening up trade with China would be handled in a fair manner, ”

    Because as Donald Trump correctly pointed out, the people doing these negotations never did their own damn negotiations, they don’t have much business experiences, they are as Trump said, they are just diplomats, so America becomes a doormat because these diplomats idiots are just going along whatever China said.

    In my book, only one thing should determine whatever policy, deal, negotiation occurs for this country, does it hurt America and Americans or not, if it does and is not in the long term health of this country and its people…. its NO to it. I frankly don’t understand why all these america-despising fools, who seem to be unconfortable with America itself, are negotiating, creating policy on her and her people’s behalf.

  24. this

    😆 😆 😆

    well he is in for a huge disappointment. was supposed to be here
    August 26th, 2012 at 10:53 am

    No one is surprised by Crist’s position. He was always a Rino and Obama supporter.
    Rubio ran a very tough campaign against him and trounced him . Obviously, Crist is
    looking for payback and/or perhaps a cabinet /ambassador position in a 2nd Obama term.

  25. Crist endorses Obama in the Tampa Bay Times
    Anti climatic. He has been in the tank for The Fraud all along. Stick to something you are good at Charlie: ambulance chasing. Or One Fraud Endorses Another.

  26. jbstonesfan
    August 25th, 2012 at 10:27 pm
    Wbboei, women may very well cost Romney this election as they
    did Hillary. Ann and or other reasonable GOP’ers must change
    the current perception of Romney as anti-women. It is ironic cuz Obama
    shafted the first woman who should have been Prez and the dims brutalized
    another woman named Palin.
    Okay. You have identified the problem. Now tell me the solution. How do we win without Rubio. The question is not we can’t but we shall. Give me a roadmap.

  27. Starting at the end of this month the Democratic National Convention
    will open with a focus on Islam; 20,000 Muslims are expected to attend,
    according to the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs, the national
    Muslim American non-profit coordinating the two days of events they
    claim are non-political.

    ”Jumah at the DNC” begins August 29 and will start with a Friday
    afternoon jummah prayer followed by other unnamed programs and events,
    leading up to the Islamic Regal Banquet. The following day will be an
    all day Islamic Cultural and Fun Fest which will include discussions on
    the topics of Islamaphobia, Anti-Shariah, Middle Eastern Crisis, Patriot
    Act, National Defense Authorization Act and more.

  28. Crist, September 2009, when he was running against Marco Rubio:

    Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said he thinks President Barack Obama could be in for an ousting from office similar to what happened to Democratic President Jimmy Carter after his first term.

    “I think the people wanted a change,” the Florida Republican said, speaking of the election of Obama in November while drawing similarities to events decades earlier.

    “They wanted a change back in 1976. You remember? Richard Nixon had been president. That ended. Gerald Ford took over. The people decided they wanted a change. They got one-Jimmy Carter. Four years later, they took care of business-Ronald Reagan.”

    “It may happen again,” Crist went on. “I believe that the people have seen that they wanted a change but not this much. Not this kind, and not this way. America is awake and we’re coming back.”

    Crist, who’s now running for U.S. Senate, said Republicans feel a winning streak coming on for the next few years, “so bad they can taste it,” he said. “Especially after the seven or eight or nine months that we’ve had of this new administration.”

    H/T Hotair

  29. The e-book author, Glenn Trush, an Obot who wrote that scathing ebook of OTurd, I was looking it, guess who wrote the introduction?? Evan Thomas, that name seemed familar, so I looked up who is Evan Thomas? it must be someone who doesn’t support OTurd, right? because why would be write an introduction to a book very rebuking of OTurd.

    Oh boy, was I wrong…. this is Evan Thomas in 2008, looks like the snakes are slithering away from what they did in 2008, too bad they don’t realise youtube exists showing their idiocy from 2008 onwards as they all cult like praised and supported OTurd. But like snakes, they cannot be trusted, snake once, snake always.

  30. Trade With China Cost US 2.7 Million Jobs


    Might there be a bit of post hoc ergo propter hoc here?

  31. Wbboei, if I had the answer to that I would not still be doing 8:45 AM motion calendars
    at almost 50 years old. Palin seems to not attract the type of Independent, single women they need, and frankly, as pointed out by another poster, the GOP is not what one would call a woman friendly party. Maybe get that Nikki Haley, Condi Rice, and some others. This is why I felt he needed Florida cuz he may not be able to
    attract this demographic base no matter what he or his surrogates do. You can see already that the DNC will be in large part an attack on the GOP’s “neanderthal” views onwomen. I think at a minimum the GOP better find some single women to speak at their convention and show how Obama’s policies hurt women in the workplace. Also need to emphasize Obama is injecting these wedge issues to divert attention from real
    issue of economy, which has had a greater impact on all women.

  32. From that article

    Hillary’s speech will take place on Women’s Equality Day. The events at the Disco Democrats convention will be an ugly joke to women. This 88th year of women finally able to vote reminds us that women are still being sent to the back of the bus. And that’s not Good, that’s Bad and Ugly.


    Agree Admin that is exactly what I have been saying, 🙂

  33. Obama is injecting these wedge issues to divert attention from real issue of economy


    It’s the GOP legislators who are bringing up these bills during an election year. The Democrats’ words are responding to the GOP’s actions.

  34. Then they want to lose.


    Who does? Akin seems to not care, saying it’s more important to bring that issue forward, and haven’t some GOP figures agreed with him?

  35. Unfortunately yes. The GOP has rid itself of Rockerfeller republicans which is ironic
    since their candidate is one.

  36. ..

    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — On the eve of their national party conventions, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are locked in a close race to amass the requisite 270 Electoral College votes for victory. And the contest is exactly where it was at the start of the long, volatile summer: focused on seven states that are up for grabs.

    Neither candidate has a significant advantage in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire and Virginia, which offer a combined 85 electoral votes, according to an Associated Press analysis of public and private polls, spending on television advertising and numerous interviews with Republican and Democratic strategists in battleground states.

    The analysis, which also took into account the strength of a candidate’s on-the-ground organization and travel schedules, found that if the election were held today, Obama would have 19 states and the District of Columbia, offering 247 votes, solidly in his column or leaning his way, while Republican Romney would have 24 states with 206 votes.

    Obama won all seven of the too-close-to-call states in 2008, and they are where the race will primarily be contested in the homestretch to the Nov. 6 election.

    Ten weeks before Election Day, the AP analysis isn’t meant to be predictive but rather is intended to provide a snapshot of a race that’s been stubbornly close all year.

    Among the unknowns that could shake up the electoral landscape before November: the latest unemployment figures that come out early next month, an unexpected foreign policy crisis in Syria or Iran and the outcome of the candidates’ October debates.

    Both sides are working to persuade the 23 percent of registered voters who said in an Associated Press-GfK poll that they are either undecided about the presidential race or iffy in their support for a candidate.

    To woo them, the campaigns and political parties, along with allied groups with access to unlimited financial contributions, have already spent an astounding $540 million on television advertising, according to ad spending reports provided to the AP. And there’s more to come.

    Over the past three months, the campaign took a sharply negative turn, at times becoming nasty and personal.

    Obama sought to define Romney early as a ruthless corporate raider for his time at the head of a private equity firm in Boston, and as an out-of-touch rich man keeping secrets about his wealth. Romney, in turn, worked to cast Obama as a failed president on a host of fronts, primarily the economy.

    Both candidates have hit road bumps: Obama saw the unemployment rate rise to 8.3 percent and gave Republicans an opening to argue that he was unfriendly to small business. Romney had a widely panned foreign trip and made a series of potentially problematic comments, most recently joking about the debunked conspiracy theory regarding Obama’s citizenship.

    The national party conventions, starting with Republicans here, who convene Monday and start with a full schedule on Tuesday, and ending with Democrats the following week in Charlotte, N.C., will set the parameters of the fall campaign, and could provide each side with at least a temporary surge of support in national, if not battleground state, polls.

    While Obama has a clear advantage given his incumbency, Romney does have a path to victory — though it’s a steep climb.

    He must win most of the seven most competitive states — Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire and Virginia — in order to reach the magic number. For instance, he can lose Ohio’s 18 electoral votes and still become president if he wins the other six and hangs onto those already in his grasp. It’s difficult to see a scenario where Romney wins without a victory in Florida, which offers 29 electoral votes.

    Neither side expects a dramatically different playing field this fall.

    “You know the states that are in play,” said Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina. “I don’t think there’s going to be a surprise.”

    Romney’s political director Rich Beeson makes the same point: “I don’t think you’re going to see the map go crazy.”

    Still, once their conventions are over, both campaigns will commission polls in the hardest-fought states to determine whether to shift their strategies. The candidates and their allied outside groups will pull money and manpower from states that are moving out of reach while relocating it to others they may now think they have a shot at winning.

    “We’re in a holding pattern,” said Charlie Black, a veteran Republican campaign strategist and informal adviser to Romney.

    Perhaps not for long.

    With a huge cash advantage, Romney is considering trying to put more states in play — and creating more state-by-state paths to reach 270. He’s closely watching to see whether it’s worth it to compete aggressively in Wisconsin, now that native son Rep. Paul Ryan is on the ticket.

    The Republican National Committee and GOP allies have been advertising in the state in hopes of making it competitive; at least one poll shows they’ve had some success and the race appears close. Obama, who has a formidable campaign on the ground that includes the state’s active labor and minority blocs, hasn’t advertised there but might be forced to do so.

    Romney also is eyeing a deeper investment in Michigan, where he campaigned Friday, and Pennsylvania, where Ryan was last week. Obama carried both states in 2008, but the GOP sees promise in the economically struggling northern industrial states, especially among working-class, white voters.

    The Republican may have the money to expand the map.

    August financial reports show that Romney’s overall fundraising apparatus — his campaign, the RNC and a separate joint-fundraising committee — had roughly $177 million in the bank at the end of July. The reports are the most recent public data.

    And to a greater degree than Obama, Romney also has amassed an untapped stockpile of general election money that he plans to use this fall. He can begin spending it immediately upon accepting the nomination for president at the convention’s close Thursday night.

    Obama and his comparable committees, in turn, had only about $127 million on hand, according to the most recent report.

    He also must wait until he accepts his party’s nomination on Sept. 6, the close of the Democratic convention, to start spending his general election money.

    Unlike Romney, Obama isn’t focused on expanding the map in earnest.

    He’s mostly looking to hang onto as many of the states he won four years ago, with Ohio being of particular focus. In recent months, Obama’s standing there has strengthened, the unemployment rate has dropped and last week General Motors announced a $200 million expansion of a northeast Ohio plant to continue building the Chevrolet Cruze there.

    Beyond playing defense, Obama’s team is watching to see whether the political terrain becomes more favorable to him in Missouri in the aftermath of controversial abortion and rape comments by Rep. Todd Akin, a GOP Senate candidate.

    The backlash has been fierce, and polls show Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill — arguably the most vulnerable Senate Democrat — having gained ground. Obama competed for Missouri four years ago but lost and hasn’t run ads there this year. Romney has had a comfortable advantage there.

    If they have the money to do it, both sides will engage in head-faking: spending money in places simply to force the other side to defend their home turf. For example, if Romney goes after Pennsylvania, which has voted Democratic in all recent presidential elections, Obama would likely have to spend money to defend it, limiting the amount of cash he’ll have available to spend in more competitive states, like Florida or Virginia.

  37. So Oturd is telling the AP if he wins, he will compromise with the repubs, because him winning apparently in his demented mind means the legitative branch bows to him, in the executive branch.

    “I won” 2.0 Anyone who invests in this country with Oturd in charge puts their investments at risk, especially with OTurd’s “flexibity” to do whatever the hell he wants in a second term.

  38. jbstonesfan
    August 26th, 2012 at 1:22 pm
    Since you are busy with motions calenders, let me take a stab at what Romney needs to do to destroy Obama.

    One: do not squander the huge cash advantage he has over Obama with television ads alone. Invest heavily in the ground game and the internet.

    Two: deploy the new technology for voter identification, canvassing and get out to vote efforts.

    Three: play spies in the Obama campaign

    Four: shadow the democratic convention, with utube rebuttals over the internet and on fox

    Five: rip the mask off big media

    Six: use Ryan to attack Obama policies wherever possible

    Seven: intensify the character attack on Obama–nice people do not call their political opponents murders

    Eight: refute this war on women crap with example of what Obama AND BIG MEDIA did to Hillary and Sarah Palin

    Nine: come up with an overall plan to alleviate the deficit problem and create jobs on the private sector

    Ten: show that Obama is an ineffective leader, ill equipped to save the country from the looming disaster ahead

  39. Eight: refute this war on women crap with example of what Obama AND BIG MEDIA did to Hillary and Sarah Palin


    Sure it would be nice to see Hillary and Sarah defended more widely, especially against Big Media. But the idea that the actual bills pushed by GOP legislators that specificly target ALL women can be negated this way — is ridiculous. (Or the Rightwing attacks on Fluke by Limbaugh etc, which iirc Romney said he agreed with except for the terminology.)

  40. Unfortunately yes. The GOP has rid itself of Rockerfeller republicans which is ironic
    since their candidate is one.


    Yes the Republicans want to lose? Could you unpack this a little, I’m getting confused.

    Anyway, where do you think the Rockefeller Republicans have gone (long time passing)?

  41. “which iirc Romney said he agreed with except for the terminology”

    really? Normally I don’t read or respond to crap you post. What a load of crap. I’m convinced now you really are nothing but a troll, an Obot troll.

  42. “The moment is coming when what each candidate says about himself and his plans is more important than what he says about his opponent. After a brutal summer of negative exchanges between the candidates, voters are increasingly asking what Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are each going to do for America.

    In this area, Mr. Romney has a decided advantage, since Mr. Obama doesn’t even pretend to offer a second-term vision. Mr. Romney’s pick of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate exemplifies the GOP standard-bearer’s desire to make this a campaign of big ideas.

    Having a governing agenda gives the Romney campaign a significant advantage entering the fall. If pursued with clarity and vigor, it should be enough to win over voters who remain up for grabs—and with them, the election.”

  43. tim,

    Here’s a video of Romney brushing off a question about Limbaugh’s attack on Fluke by saying those “were not the words I would have used”. Do you have any evidence of Romney disagreeing with Limbaugh’s content?

    Or any other GOP figure disagreeign with Limbaugh’s content (except McCain and George Will, per this good though emotionally slanted story in the Examiner)?

  44. turndownobama
    August 26th, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    As I said, you are an Obot Troll. This is admin’s blog, you have every right to post whatever other nonsense you want to post, just as I have every right to ignore it. You are an Obot troll through and through, pretending you aren’t. Will continue to scroll past any future posts, not wasting my time reading them or responding to them.

    And for the record, I think Fluke is an idiot, I would defend her from being called what she was called, no woman should ever be called such a disgusting thing, but she is an idiotic lady using the spotlight to paint anyone who opposes her “oh the govt has to pay for my birth control or else you’re anti-woman” line, she is a idiot, a useful idiot for the dems, but an idiot irregardless.

  45. tim said:

    I would defend her from being called what she was called, no woman should ever be called such a disgusting thing, but she is an idiotic lady using the spotlight to paint anyone who opposes her “oh the govt has to pay for my birth control or else you’re anti-woman” line [….]


    I’m glad you don’t agree with Limbaugh (and I wish Romney agreed with you). But Fluke never asked the government to pay for anyone’s birth control, much less her own.* She wanted Georgetown to let students pay for their own through their own student insurance plan, at the same discount the plan gives for other drugs. Do you have evidence of her saying the other things you attribute to her?

    *see the Examiner article

  46. “which iirc Romney said he agreed with except for the terminology”

    really? Normally I don’t read or respond to crap you post. What a load of crap. I’m convinced now you really are nothing but a troll, an Obot troll.

    Turndown, I am inclined to agree with Tim, for the following reasons.

    1. first, I cannot recall a time when you ever attacked Obama directly and forcefully.

    2. second, I cannot recall a time you ever attacked the dims who betrayed the Clintons.

    3. third, I cannot recall a time when you ever attacked big media for their sexism and vile conduct toward Hillary.

    4. fourth, I cannot recall a time when you attacked the dnc for burying the 2000 complaints of voter intimidation.

    5. fifth, I cannot recall a time when you felt outrage toward the RBC for gifting the nomination to Obama.

    6. tenth, you were critical of the Georgetown professor who wanted to put Hillary’s name on the Convention ballot.

    On the other hand . . .

    6. sixth, I can recall hundreds of times when you dismissed critics of Obama as right wing hacks

    7. seventh, I can recall many times when you defended Obama by saying Hillary would do this, or would not do this.

    8. eighth, it fully appears that you will continue attacking those who attack Obama through the general election.

    9. ninth, you belittle what Obama did to Hillary and Sarah, and imply that Romnney is worse.

    Therefore, I am hardpressed to tell Tim that he is wrong. Perhaps you have some alterative explanation for this pattern, because I don’t.

  47. The signs are out there. The Obama campaign knows they’re losing and they’re getting more and more desperate to turn the tide that’s moving against them.

    They can’t ignore the polls, they can’t ignore the massive crowds that are showing up for every Romney/Ryan speech.

    The media puts a positive spin on bad news and every day a new more ridiculous issue pops up. The latest “The Republican War On Cities”.

    The rats are just about ready to start jumping ship. By September they’ll be in full panic mode.

  48. Everyone knows that abortion is here to stay. It didn’t go away during 8 years of Reagan, or 4 years of Bush, or 8 years of his son.

    Yes, I know quite a lot about what birth control pills do. Show me where in the GOP platform that they want to outlaw birth control? All they want to do is to allow religious organizations to not be forced to pay for it.

    The left is counting on women not knowing this, or caring about jobs, or the economy, or our borders, or energy independence. They don’t think women are smart enough.
    Well I am betting that women are smarter then that and will not fall in this trap again. 🙂

  49. tim
    August 26th, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    great article posted Foxiladi14


    You are welcome Tim. 🙂
    We must stay informed.
    And please call me Foxy. 🙂
    All my friends do

  50. 6. tenth, you were critical of the Georgetown professor who wanted to put Hillary’s name on the Convention ballot.


    I think you’ve got the wrong professor, or the wrong poster. I’ve always suported Professor Heidi Li Feldman, and her friend who does Tom in Paine.

    As for the rest, I don’t waste bandwidth echoing any choir anywhere. As bemused_leftist on left forums I’m the contrarian who defends Hillary and Palin and the Tea Party and Romney and Perry who was misrepresented about the target pistol, and ftm Larry Craig who imo was caught in a police scam.

    I don’t like unfair attacks and misrepresentation from either side, so I debunk a lot of it. Kind of like popping bubble wrap.

  51. Show me where in the GOP platform that they want to outlaw birth control?


    I said they want to make contraception harder to get in various ways. However their bills against abortion — combined with their ‘personhood’ bills — give an excuse for attacking certain contraceptives which they claim could cause ‘abortion’ of a pre-existing fertilized egg.

    Look, may I suggest that you who think such issues are unimportant or distractions, slack off posting about them for a while? I let maybe five posts go by about ‘fake war on women’ before I answered, and then I made it a short over-view.

  52. I don’t think ticked-off really covers it!!!!

    Alan Simpson, the Senator from Wyoming , Co-Chair of

    Obama’s deficit commission, calls senior citizens the

    Greediest Generation as he compared “Social Security ” to a

    Milk Cow with 310 million teats.

    Here’s a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana … I think

    she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!

    “Hey Alan, let’s get a few things straight!!!!!

    1. As a career politician, you have been on the public

    dole (tit) for FIFTY YEARS.

    2. I have been paying Social Security taxes for 48 YEARS

    (since I was 15 years old. I am now 63).

    3 My Social Security payments, and those of millions of other

    Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest bearing

    account for decades until you political pukes decided to

    raid the account and give OUR money to a bunch of zero

    losers in return for votes, thus bankrupting the system

    4. Recently, just like Lucy & Charlie

    Brown, you and “your ilk” pulled the proverbial football away

    from millions of American seniors nearing retirement and

    moved the goalposts for full retirement from age 65 to age,

    67. NOW, you and your “shill commission” is proposing to

    move the goalposts YET AGAIN.

    5. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying

    into Medicare from Day One, and now “you morons” propose to

    change the rules of the game. Why? Because “you idiots”

    mismanaged other parts of the economy to such an extent that

    you need to steal our money from Medicare to pay the bills.

    6. I, and millions of other Americans, have been paying

    income taxes our entire lives, and now you propose to

    increase our taxes yet again. Why? Because you “incompetent

    bastards” spent our money so profligately that you just kept

    on spending even after you ran out of money. Now, you come

    to the American taxpayers and say you need more to pay off

    YOUR debt.

    To add insult to injury, you label us “greedy” for

    calling “bullshit” to your incompetence. Well, Captain

    Bullshit, I have a few questions for YOU:

    1. How much money have you earned from the American

    taxpayers during your pathetic 50-year political career?

    2. At what age did you retire from your pathetic

    political career, and how much are you receiving in annual

    retirement benefits from the American taxpayers?

    3. How much do you pay for YOUR government provided

    health insurance?

    4. What cuts in YOUR retirement and healthcare benefits

    are you proposing in your disgusting deficit reduction

    proposal, or as usual, have you exempted yourself and your

    political cronies?

    It is you, Captain Bullshit, and your political co-conspirators

    called Congress who are the “greedy” ones. It is you

    and your fellow nutcase thieves who have bankrupted America

    and stolen the American dream from millions of loyal,

    patriotic taxpayers. And for what? Votes and your job and

    retirement security at our expense, you lunk headed, leech.

    That’s right, sir. You and yours have bankrupted America for the sole

    purpose of advancing your pathetic,political careers. You know it, we

    know it, and you know that we know it.

    And you can take that to the bank.

    If you like the way things are in America delete this.

    If you agree with what a Montana citizen, Patty Myers,
    says, please PASS IT ON!!!!

  53. turndownobama
    August 26th, 2012 at 6:09 pm
    6. tenth, you were critical of the Georgetown professor who wanted to put Hillary’s name on the Convention ballot

    Then you do not recall the conversation we had about Heidi. But I do.

    I asssumed until recently that you were merely a leftist. But the above points prove that is a pose. The bottom line is you do not attack Obama, the media, or the dnc that did a number on Hillary. You only attack those who attack Obama. Legitimate leftists deplore Obama for what he has done to destroy our constitution, diminish our civil liberties, play the race card, undermine medicare, etc. Yet you do not attack him for those reasons–only republicans. That is a tell. Now if I am wrong about all this prove it. Do what I asked you to do yesterday. Re-focus your attacks on Obama–the scion of big business, and the wolf in sheep’s clothing for the next three months.

  54. Then you do not recall the conversation we had about Heidi. But I do.


    When, where? Here, by email? What was the issue: what did you think about H and what did the other party think about her?

    H and others didn’t want to vote for McCain as most of us did, but I don’t recall any serious criticism of her. After Denver, she wanted to get Hillary in as Senate Majority Leader, and Admin and others thought that was a bad idea (they were right, too!), but I was helping Heidi on that.

    Could we take this to email, instead of wasting blog bandwidth?

  55. RIP Neil Armstrong, America will forever be indeeded to you.

    I remember that footstep, it is eteched in my brain for all eternity. I will take your families advise and wink upon the moon and say thank you for your courage, wisdom and giving all of us the opportunity to believe in the wonders of the Universe.

  56. So the loonies from Code Pink are dressing up as vaginas.

    Is that what they think women are worth? How insulting! I am getting sick of all the nonsense.

    The people supposedly fighting for the rights of women act as if all females are interested only in getting the taxpayers to pay for their birth control and in case of failure a free trip to the abortion clinic.

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that there are plenty of women who have more intellectual pursuits?

  57. St. Petersburg sees first RNC-related arrests after men found on downtown rooftop with weapons

    By Kameel Stanley, Times Staff Writer Sunday, August 26, 2012

    ST. PETERSBURG — Two suspected protesters were arrested after they were found playing with a BB gun atop a downtown parking garage, authorities said.

    They are the first arrests in the city tied to the Republican National Convention, which kicks off tonight with a huge welcome party at Tropicana Field.

    St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz said the agency got a call late Thursday from a concerned citizen who saw people on the roof of a parking garage at 100 Second Ave. S.

    “That unto itself is odd,” Puetz said.

    The caller also claimed to have seen the people playing with a gun.

    Officers found two men and a female teen runaway hanging out.

    They also found several items indicating the people were protesters, including antigovernment T-shirts and a backpack stuffed with a large machete, a pocketknife, tin snips and a pry tool, Puetz said.

    The backpack belonged to Trevor Swanson, 19, of St. Petersburg, who is prohibited from having weapons because of a domestic violence injunction.

    Police said the other man on the roof, Kyle Shaw, 21, had a BB gun in his waistband.

    Authorities also found bandanas, black gloves and a putty that Swanson admitted was for securing a mask, police said.

    Shaw, listed as a transient from Largo, was arrested on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Swanson was arrested on charges of possessing burglary tools, violating an injunction and being a delinquent felon in possession of a weapon.

    They were booked into the Pinellas County Jail early Friday.

    The girl was taken to Pinellas’ juvenile detention facility as a runaway but does not face any charges, Puetz said.

    As of Saturday night, both men were still in jail — Shaw in lieu of $5,000 bail and Swanson in lieu of $20,000 bail.

    Their arrest comes just days after a Tampa businessman found bricks and a pipe on the roof of his downtown building. Police believe those items likely would have been used as weapons during the convention.

  58. Our former governor was a historic figure in his own right… the nation’s first orange governor.

    He is such a transparent ass.

  59. The people supposedly fighting for the rights of women act as if all females are interested only in getting the taxpayers to pay for their birth control and in case of failure a free trip to the abortion clinic.


    Those are both good ideas and would save taxpayers a lot of money. However that is not what the current issues are. Currently it’s whether there will be any abortion clinic to go to, etc.

  60. The 2012 Leni Riefenstahl Award goes to Barack Obama:

    The thing that most bothers me about Barack Obama is his unearned narcissism. His smugness and arrogance are beyond the ability of science to measure. I don’t mind someone being a bit cocky or even arrogant, IF they have the accomplishments and achievements to back up the attitude. Obama’s greatest achievement, though, is creating his own personal narrative. He is his own personal touchstone. Even when honoring a great American hero, Obama can’t help but thrust himself into the event.

    On Friday, America, and the world, lost a true hero. Neil Armstrong, who died of heart complications at the age of 82, was the first human to walk on the moon. His steps onto the lunar surface were watched by the largest television audience in history. His statement “one giant leap for mankind” echoed throughout the world, allowing people everywhere to step back from the clutter of their daily lives and pause to dream big things. People who witnessed it will never forget it.

  61. turndownobama
    August 26th, 2012 at 10:31 pm
    You do not remember do you? Then let me refresh your recollection. You gave me your phone number. I called you. We spoke one time. I was interested in supporting Heidi in her efforts to fight the DNC and get Hillary’s name on the ballot. You seemed to know her and were not keen on the idea. You told me to never call you again on that number. I have not thought about that conversation until recently as I reflected back on the entire res gestae, and noting all these tells. I have sent you material the real story of the democratic primary, Obama’s godfather, via email believing that you were on our side. You wanted re-write it. No, there are too many ques here to just ignore. You can do whatever you want, but if you are interested defeating the corporatists who run the party now through Obama, then he must be defeated, and after that is accomplished we can hold Romeny’s feet to the fire. But right now, attacking Romeny and ignoring Obama is the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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