The Battle For Bill Clinton

Next week, the I/E Republicans will face off against the E/I Republicans. The E/I Republicans will have the advantage. But thus far we have been very impressed with the I/E Republicans in the face of a great provocation.

The E/I Republicans have the advantage because applauding seals have that distracting effect. The I/E Republicans have a much tougher task and that is to point out the strategic landscape and try to deploy reason and logic against colorful rubber balls.

We’ve written about E/I and I/E before. We’re on the side of Intelligence over Emotion (I/E).

In one of the I/E article from 2010 we quoted an I/E Republican as to why Republicans were not attacking Bill Clinton even as Bill Clinton campaigned in state after state:

“Today at the New York Times a not smart Bill Clinton article, of the type we have repeatedly “refudiated”, has a smart remark from a Republican explaining why the Republican party “mounted no counterattack” as Bill Clinton campaigns this year – “People have respect for him.” Last week Rush Limbaugh joined the NObama Coalition of Hillary Supporters, Tea Party members, Republicans and Independents.”

That’s an I/E Republican. The strategy was to respect Bill Clinton as he campaigned in state after state. I/E Republicans instead focused attacks on Barack Obama and guess what? They won big in 2010.

We understand that Republicans are tempted to go E/I. Bill Clinton is not only going to speak on “behalf” of Barack Obama at the Bank of America convention but today the Obama campaign released an advertisement which features Bill Clinton and only Bill Clinton. So we understand the great temptation for E/I Republicans to indulge themselves and thereby commit an strategic error.

In a smart post titled “Dear Conservatives: Don’t Go There” the Crawdads give good advice:

“I realize he’s not one of your favorite people but the last time you went after him it cost you two House Speakers and he ended up more popular than when you started. Bill and Hillary Clinton are currently the two most popular politicians in the country.

More importantly, the Clintons have a very loyal fan base that despises Barack Obama and the current Democratic leadership. (Most of us believe that Bill Clinton shares our feelings.) Many Clinton fans (like myself) voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin four years ago. Some of us will be supporting Mitt Romney this year.

If you start attacking the Big Dawg you run the risk of alienating these Clinton Democrats. There are plenty of sleazy Democrats you can go after instead, like Ted Kennedy, John Edwards and Anthony Weiner.

Keep your eyes on the prize and the best of luck this November.”

In short I/E, not E/I.

It’s a great temptation to try to beat Bill Clinton after repeated failures to get the better of him. But your focus should be Barack Obama, not Bill Clinton.

Every time Bill Clinton says something “nice” about Obama we have to point out yet again that every time Bill Clinton is seen it is very bad for Obama. Barack Obama suffers by comparison. No need to worry Republicans/conservatives. Focus on Barack, leave Bill alone, for your own good. E/I Republicans/conservatives, consider ingesting drugs to tranquilize your nerves if Bill plucks them every time you see him. But leave Bill alone. For your own good, leave Bill alone. Bill loves your attention and he benefits from the attacks, or haven’t you noticed?

Don’t leave Hillary Clinton alone. Quote Hillary Clinton as much as possible. She is greatly admired too. Do we have to quote Sun-tzu and The Art Of War, to you? Hillary Clinton is a great sun, a brilliant light. Quote her. Quote her often.

Now wasn’t that fun guys? You see how you can benefit?

But as we wrote there is a lot of upset because of that new video by Bill. But there is a dumb E/I way to lash out. There is a smart I/E way to respond to the “Video: Clinton cuts ad touting Obama plan that Obama never talks about“.

“But let’s give at least one cheer to former President Clinton — at least he’s talking about economic policy, even if he’s vague and misleading. When will the Leader of the Free World conclude his multi-city exposition on roof-riding dogs and rubbers to deign to discuss what his specific economic plans are for a second term?”

It’s a bit critical of Bill but the I/E comes from pointing out that Obama is not talking about “what his specific economic plans are for a second term”. When Stephen Moore was asked today by Neal Cavuto what he thought of the ad, Moore went into an I/E response pointing out the different failed policies of Barack Obama as contrasted to the successful Bill Clinton presidency/policies. Give Moore a gold star.

Avoid the temptation E/I Republicans/conservatives. Put on your thinking caps or hit the bars and drink yourself into oblivion. There is a better way. The better way is I/E. Instead of whipping yourselves into an anti-Clinton frenzy – in what will only help Barack Obama – think. Think.

How’s this for an I/E response which hurts Obama using Bill Clinton?:

See how it’s done the I/E way?

And don’t forget Hillary:

* * * * * *

There is a new film from Citizens United about to debut. The trailer for the film has already been released. You can see the trailer for “The Hope And The Change” here:

You see those people in that film? Those are the people that Barack Obama cannot get to vote for him again. Obama wants to use Bill Clinton to get him those votes. It’s a strategy that won’t work – unless E/I replaces I/E. Don’t attack Bill. The people in that film are the ones that like Bill Clinton. Attack Bill, you run the danger of losing these people. Lose these people and Barack Obama wins. I/E not E/I.

A big gold star goes to Sarah Palin who understands I/E. This is one smart lady who is ahead of the curve even though not very deep simpleton “analysts” don’t see how smart Palin is until it is too late for them.

Recently Palin was all I/E. Palin had this to say:

“Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee and a Fox News contributor, had said Biden’s comments are the latest example of how he “really drags down that ticket.”

“If that’s not the nail in the coffin, really, the strategists there in the Obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary,” Palin said. “And I don’t want to throw out that suggestion and have them actually accept the suggestion because then an Obama-Hillary Clinton ticket would have a darn good chance of winning.”

How smart is that? Count the ways. Palin divides the opposition, hammers the real target (Biden) as a dunce, uses Hillary Clinton as a cudgel against Obama/Biden knowing Hillary is popular and has strong supporters who would like her to be in the White House not the boob, and Palin even honestly admits the obvious that an Obama/H_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ticket would be a very strong ticket – thereby making a great jiujitsu slam ensuring that ticket less of a possibility and even if it became a possibility it would be weakened as an attack on Biden. Smart, smart lady that Sarah Palin.

Next week will test Republicans/conservatives in many ways. The following week when Bill Clinton speaks at the Bank of America convention (on the same night many white working class voters will be watching the NFL season opener so even in the scheduling the Obama boobery is manifest) the temptation to attack Bill Clinton will be too great and many Republicans/conservatives will succumb to E/I. We hope that does not happen.

It won’t hurt Bill Clinton to be attacked. In 2008 Barack Obama via his henchmen played the race card against Bill Clinton – according to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was labeled a racist and he and Hillary Clinton were given last rites by stupid commentators and Big Media generally. But the other day Bill Clinton celebrated his birthday and his age matched his approval ratings. As he gets older his approval ratings will climb right along with him.

For I/E Republicans the challenge next week, and throughout the remaining few months of the campaign, will be to stay focused on Barack Obama and the economy. Don’t fall into E/I. Don’t let your E/I cohorts take control. Stay focused. Stay focused.

It’s the economy, stupid – and Obama made it worse. That should be your focus, not anything, or anyone, else.