The New Testament

Sunday. Bill Clinton’s birthday. His age is the same as his last Gallup favorable rating.

Sunday. Admin is still ticked off and on strike until Romney decides to actually fight and fight hard. “Why fight for someone who won’t fight as hard as we are – for himself????????”

Sunday. We’re feeling Biblical, as in seven plagues Biblical. We beg the indulgence of non-Christians, believers of other faiths, and non-believers as well, as we borrow – for our own non-theological non-historic purposes – one of our favorite parables of Jesus.

The story is of a father with two sons. The father, presumably without the benefit of modern surveillance devices, has tasks that must be done that very day. The father goes to the first son and tells him what needs to be done.

That first son tells his dad “O.K., will do.” Having told his father what he wanted to hear, the son instead does what he pleases not the required task.

The second son had also been approached by the father with a list of tasks that had to be done that day. The second son was furious. He had other things to do, other priorities. The second son did not tell his father “O.K”, quite the contrary. The second son said he was going to do other things.

However, like a short story by O’Henry, there is a surprise. That second son after telling his father what he did NOT want to hear, actually gets the job done.

The question Jesus posed at the end of his parable is: Which son did the will of the father?

* * * * * *

This is a Hillary Clinton supporter website. That’s something some have forgotten. We don’t write about Hillary Clinton as much these days but we try to mention her and what was done to her in 2008 as much as possible and inject 2008 into the current campaign cycle whenever even remotely possible.

We do write quite a bit about Barack Obama. That’s because step 1 in bringing back a sane Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton/FDR, not the current Obamination of Dims, is the removal of Barack Obama and his treacherous enablers.

To that end, sending the trash back to Chicago, we have opinionated frequently on what the Republicans could/should do. We understand if Republicans tell us to “f*ck off, we don’t need your help”. But thus far we have provided good advice to Republicans some of which we know has been utilized.

But we have never been “Newt supporters” or “Romney supporters” or “Perry supporters” or “Rubio supporters” or “McCain supporters” or “Santorum supporters” “Christie supporters”….. Our opinions have always been based on who and what strategies provide the strongest opposition to Barack Obama. We know how our former brethren think, the personalities and competitions involved, we know how Democratic campaigns are organized and where the stress points are – that is our value.

Getting Obama out is our first priority – first because it will be best for America and second to allow for the resurrection of the Democratic Party – which someday will be needed to speak up against Republican excesses (just as the Republicans are always needed to speak up against Democratic/Dimocratic excesses).

We have not always written what people wanted to hear. We did write what we thought they needed to hear and done the work that needed to be done.

In September 2007 there were some commenters who posted here who thought we were too negative. Our vocabulary was too “fierce” we were informed by email. We were told to desist from inflammatory rhetoric against the “other candidates” and their supporters. We were all Democrats after all and Big Pink was too incendiary and Hillary was going to win anyway so please, please, please stop the attacks on the Chicago candidate.

Soon they announced here in the comments section that they were starting a wonderful new blog with only “positive” news about Hillary Clinton. There would be no Obama “bashing” at their Panglossian blog.

We had no quarrel with the blog they created. Quite the contrary. We were happy to see more blogs in support of Hillary Clinton.

In April 19, 2007 when we published our first article and debuted this website there were NO, NONE, Hillary Clinton support blogs. There were hundreds, thousands of pro-Obama websites but not one for Hillary.

In May of 2007 it was presumed that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee of the Democratic Party. She was brilliant. She would be well-funded. She had a good organization. She was the favorite in every poll by a wide margin.

But well before May 2007 we knew something was very wrong. We analyzed the strategic landscape and saw danger. We didn’t know exactly what but we looked at a fact here and there, we investigated, we talked to high level fundraisers and activists from the Hillary camp, the Edwards camp, and the Obama camp – and we smelled a rat.

We didn’t know back then about the Kennedy treacheries, the Kerry treacheries, the Harry Reid/Tom Daschle secret support for Obama, the Chuck Schumer 2×4, the Patti stabs in the back, the total corruption of mainline women’s groups (NARAL anyone?), the Charlie Rangel muzzle on Hillary’s campaign, the Soros’ schemes, the JournoListers, the cynicism and corruption at the very heart of the DNC. But we knew something was not right. And we spoke up. It was what was needed to be said.

Immediately, the DailyKooks went rabid on us (many at that time did not like it when we used the term “nutroots” and “DailyKooks” to describe the Obama online Hopium dens). Meet the Press and Politico devoted time and investigation on us instead of vetting Barack Obama. Republican Peggy Noonan repeatedly attacked us because she knew we threatened her favorite candidate, Barack Obama. Donna Brazile was not happy and eventually asked Hillary to shut us down.

Then there was Big Media. Barack Obama had proved hapless in debates against Hillary Clinton who outshone him at every turn in every way. Then in November Big Media stepped in. We called it exactly right the minute we saw it in The Real Danger, published on November 1, 2007:

“What is The Real Danger for Hillary Clinton and her supporters from Tuesday night’s mugging debate?

Hillary and her campaign and her supporters must now look at our fundamental premises and strategies for winning the nomination and the general election. Are our fundamental premises and strategies developing as we anticipated? Are our fundamental premises and strategies for this campaign in need of complete revision or minor adjustment or right on target? Is the campaign organization functioning as required? [snip]

The Real Danger

The real danger for Hillary Clinton, the Hillary Team and Hillary supporters is that after Tuesday night’s debate there is now a template for attacking Hillary. Big Media, the debate “moderators” – Russert in particular, and other candidates for the Democratic Party nomination attacked Hillary in a united probably coordinated manner.

Our counterattack has to be clearheaded and aware that the announced primary campaign opponents are not the only nor the most dangerous opponents. Any doubts in the Clinton campaign or the Hillary Team or among Hillary supporters that Big Media (Russert and Matthews in particular) and/or Big Blogs are our friends or allies or fair must be rejected. Any question that Obama and Edwards’ personal attacks against Hillary are anything but personal attacks have to be quickly rejected. [snip]

We have sounded the alarm about Big Blogs and Big Media well before this debate. Some questioned our analysis and aggressive “no unilateral disarmament” posture out of honest disagreement. Many more sought to distract us from what we see as a clear and present danger.”

We tried to avert disaster. We strongly urged Big Media outlets such as NBC/MSNBC not be allowed to “moderate” muggings debates. We urged a full out assault on Obama using every weapon available to beat back the snakes (Rezko, Wright). But we understood the limitations placed on the Hillary campaign and why there were reasons for not doing as we suggested.

We worked behind the scenes to replace staff at the campaign that were not reliable. We worked with big dollar donors to air independent expenditures attacking Barack. But most, for instance Susie Buell, only wanted “positive” ads. We did get some ads to air in the most important states at the most important time but not enough and not with the ferocity we sought.

We were hamstrung because we would not publish anything in any way that could be used by Big Media to attack Hillary. We did not want a headline or articles saying “see, even Big Pink thinks the campaign stinks”.

We have no such compunction this election cycle. When we see a blunder we will yell from the rooftops at the highest screechy-est levels imaginable.

When we saw that Romney was about to make his Veep pick we made a strong case for Marco Rubio. That’s because we thought Rubio on the ticket would be a disaster for Obama and we knew the Obama people lived in fear of Rubio. But that was not to be.

We are Hillary Clinton supporters (which does not mean we treat her word as gospel). After we posted outrage at the massive stupidity of the Romney decision some tried to paint our anger as some sort of personal preference. In defense of the Romney decision some trashed the Rubio marriage as a possible reason for the non-selection.

We didn’t tolerate it when busybodies inflicted themselves on the Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton marriage. Now the same ugliness was used to attack Marco Rubio entirely without evidence other than a televised interview with his wife. This was done to explain/excuse the Romney choice.

We never trashed Romney’s veep pick on a personal level. He is a decent man, who works hard and fights hard for what he believes. Our quarrel is with the damage this choice does to the prospects of Romney beating Obama. We posted not only reasoned arguments about why we thought this choice was a disaster we posted what we think needed to be done – before the counterattack by Obama’s nefarious forces begins. We even proposed scripts for suggested Romney advertisements. [Read Jerry Della Femina and his advice for Romney ads in Democrats for Romney.]

We told Romney he needed to realize the danger he was in and fight harder by a factor of ten.

But applauding seals want to hear what applauding seals want to hear, not what they need to hear. We slapped them with a cold fish. We spoke out clearly and without reservation. It was not the first time.

There were many Hillary Clinton supporters who wanted Big Banks and Big Business held to account. When Occupy Wall Street came about we trashed them with vigor and denounced them as Obama plants. Our contempt for Occupy Wall Street was unfettered and some were very unhappy with what we were writing. We think we have been proven right.

We were one of the very first, certainly on the left we probably were the first, to praise the Tea Party. We declared that the Tea Party would prove to be a major force. Right again.

In October 2009 we wrote the results of health care legislation would not matter anymore because the entry of AHIP money into the debate meant 2010 would be judgement day for Obama’s health scam. 2010 proved to be a catastrophe for Obama and his minions.

We stated early in January 2011 that the Obama campaign finance strategy was going to be a bust and a major liability. Tomorrow when Obama by law must release his finance data for July we will see how true that prediction has been. At this point Mitt Romney as moneyraiser is the penultimate hope to beat Obama.

We opposed TARP as a bailout of the speculators that needed to be punished not assisted. We opposed the “stimulus” as a waste of money that would not bring back prosperity. As each phony “recovery” was announced we stated it would not work because Obama was only spending money not presenting a plan like Bill Clinton and FDR prepared. And we have always repeated “It’s the economy, stupid” and JOBS, not a debate on Medicare that would win this election.

As many celebrated the “Arab Spring” we warned that it would be a disaster. Egypt was the entire ball of wax. But “Arab Spring” fever infected many. We were told the Muslim Brotherhood would not run Egypt. We wrote detail by detail what would happen and it has happened as we predicted. Now the Muslim Brotherhood controls the Egyptian legislature, the presidency and the military. The Iron Veil has fallen.

We stood by principles and let those principles and experience form our analysis.

With all these disasters Big Media is still on the job for Barack Obama. Boston Globe: Biden’s “chains” remark sign of tiresome double standard for Democrats; Team Obama: So what? Even the so-called fact checkers are still in the tank for Barack Obama.

Cue Mark Halperin: Media pretty much does what Obama wants:

And Mitt Romney thinks putting Medicare front and center of the campaign is a good strategy? We assumed and suggested Romney stay focused on the economy and jobs. It’s the economy, stupid. Instead we go what we got.

Every one of our contacts, especially those in Iowa and Florida are warning of great danger. In the Florida senate race the impact of Medicare is felt. If Romney loses Florida he loses the election and the Republicans will not win the senate seat. It’s not what any of us want to hear:

“It’s a tight race and it’s in flux. Florida campaign consultants from both parties agree that the undercard race depends largely on whether Floridians choose Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. And that in turn may hinge on who wins the Medicare messaging war in a state with one of the biggest senior populations in the country.

“I think these races get completely tied together,” said Tre’ Evers, a prominent Republican consultant in Orlando. “I think that Mack needs Romney to do well to win.”

Florida Democratic strategist Todd Wilder agreed — although he wasn’t so bullish on Romney’s chances.

“Democrats have made a living off of Medicare, promoting Medicare, protecting Medicare. It’s going to take more than an obscure congressman from Wisconsin to undo that,” Wilder said, referring to Ryan. “I just think the tide goes to the president. They don’t have the money or the time to turn that aircraft carrier around.

But Evers, Wilder and other Florida politicos don’t think that Medicare will be the decisive issue. It will be part of the mix, but will fade in prominence as the campaign moves forward.

“I don’t think that they’re going to want to talk about it as much as you might think,” said Susan MacManus, a political science professor at the University of South Florida.”

Every day not talking JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, is a win for Obama. Lately Obama is scoring lots of wins. It’s not what any of us wants to hear but it’s what needs to be said so that the work of defeating Obama can be done.

It’s the economy, stupid:

“New Gallup unemployment data suggest an increase in the government’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August when it is reported on Friday, Sept. 7. During recent months, Gallup’s measurements have been more optimistic than those of the BLS. Barring a sharp reversal in this relationship, the government’s unadjusted unemployment rate might be expected to stay the same or increase in August.”

Unemployment up in 44 states – it’s the economy, stupid.

Barack Obama will use MediScare to bamboozle the American voter. Obama is an experienced flim-flam man and this battle will be played on his terrain of lies and deception. Hopes to win by exposing Obama lies on Medicare are a vain hope. There will be, the the professor acknowledges, no depth, no depravity, no filth the Obama campaign will leave behind:

“You know it’s going to happen.

They’ll claim she’s being used as a prop. Then they’ll try to dig up whatever dirt they can — it won’t be anything of substance, but it will be spread quickly. Then they’ll hack her e-mail. A friendly government employee will take a peek at tax and other files.”

We’re not concerned about this week or the week of the Republican convention. We’re looking around the corner and around the corner of that corner. We’re looking ahead when the full depravity of the Obama campaign will choke the nostrils of the decent.

It’s not what applauding seals tolerate however. They want to hear what confirms their world view and nothing else. But we won’t hoist the colorful rubber ball and balance it on our noses and flap our fins. No, we will never do that.

We’ll speak in brutal language about brutal truths. We won’t say yes and ignore the work to be done.

The work that must be done is to get rid of Barack Obama and his destruction of America. The job is not to coddle the Romney campaign.

Those who say “yes” to Romney mistakes are leading him to defeat. Those who say “no” and call out Romney mistakes are the ones that will get the job done