Something Smart, Something Stupid

Statement #1, something smart: Barack Obama and his enablers must be defeated and thrown out of office and stripped of power.

Statement #2, something stupid: After this weekend’s events this election is now going to be about the important issues such as the economy.

* * * * * *

[By “this weekend’s events” we do not mean Sarah Palin not speaking at Republican convention.]

If, because of this weekend’s events you somehow disagree with statement #1, you have not been paying attention – consider yourself stupid.

If, because of this weekend’s events you disagree with statement #2, you have not been paying attention – consider yourself stupid.

If you realize that statement #1 is truer than ever and you also believe that this election will be an election of smear and fear, distract and distort, divide and conquer, corruption and complicity, consider yourself smart – you’ve been paying attention.

We don’t like making this weekend’s events a smart versus stupid divide but rarely have we witnessed events and decisions calling out for stark language.

On Friday night, before this weekend’s events, we outlined our objections. We are more disgusted than ever.

It’s not only the timing, it’s not only the stupidity of thinking a major announcement could be made to compete with a international sporting event. (By Sunday even DrudgeReport was headlining the Olympics). The timing was symptomatic of a campaign at sea taking on new duties to distract from its inability to fight effectively against the previous attacks.

The stupidity is such that even some usually smart voices are demanding critics “shut up”. That is starkly stupid. What is needed now is to recognize that the Mitt Romney campaign is at sea and in desperate need of an overhaul.

“Oh, but those adoring crowds and the money flowing in prove you are wrong” these foolish voices reply. We are reminded of Yamamoto on December 7, 1941, who as the majority of foolish Japanese celebrated the great victory at Pearl Harbor had other thoughts. Yamamoto kept asking “What about the carriers?” “Where are the carriers?” The carriers were at sea eventually to destroy Yamamoto and Imperial Japan.

The carriers of 2012 are Florida (and Ohio) and they are at sea also. Mitt Romney and his campaign somehow think that the way to win Florida and Ohio is with an intelligent discussion of the “issues” and explaining how Barack Obama grabbed half a trillion dollars from Medicare to pay for Obamacare and that Romney wants to preserve Medicare. As if Barack Obama is going to allow that discussion.

What do we see? We see that there was a perfectly viable candidate that answered the Florida question and whatever his downsides they could have been defended with some ease.

We see a total strategic surrender by Mitt Romney on the central, and only, question of campaign 2012. It’s now no longer a referendum on Barack Obama’s tenure – now Mitt Romney thinks it is a choice. A choice! He might as well join Planned Parenthood and become an abortion. A choice! The central strategic fight and now there is total surrender. Perhaps instead of the USS Wisconsin Romney should have held this weekend’s event on the USS Missouri.

We don’t see the applauding seals ask simple questions like “What happened to the focus on JOBS, JOBS, JOBS????????????????” What happened to a referendum on Barack Obama??????

What we see: “The Romney campaign has not had the best of weeks. They needed to get their act together not take on new duties and launching a VP campaign when they can’t manage the P campaign. The response to the Obama attacks were so badly handled by the press secretary that this Ryan pick looks like a band-aid to distract from the bleeding. The Romney campaign should have shuffled the incompetents out, get Sununu to do tutorials on how to respond to the attacks that will only get worse, then after they have righted the ship and slammed Obama as a nasty man running nasty ads – then launch the VP.”

What we see is Mitt Romney whining about Obama and asking Barack to take his campaign out of the gutter and the foolish follow with applause as if Romney had said something worth applauding. We’re not applauding. This is sheer stupidity from Mitt Romney. What Mitt Romney should be is that Obama is the gutter. Romney has to start saying that the Barack Obama campaign is nasty and dirty because Barack Obama is nasty and dirty. Instead there is a whine and the fools follow with applause.

What we see is risible. We are told a flashback: Obama promised entitlement reform in 2008 debate, and in January 2009, too is just the ticket. Well guess what you fools the Obama SuperPac Priorities USA is just getting warmed up with Soptic Cancer Ad. The Obama campaign slogan after this weekend’s events is “No Dirt Left Behind.”

What we see is Candy Crowley as a moderator in this fall’s debate and Mitt Romney acquiescing in allowing her to ask him questions when he should be asking her questions about her bias and Big Media bias.

What we see is that this has been a very bad weekend for opponents of Barack Obama. But we’re supposed to be polite, keep our fingers washed in the finger bowls and applaud like circus seals – as so many of the dimwitted are doing.

We’re not alone is speaking truth to fools. This weekend’s events according to Sean Trende “opens up an Obama landslide scenario for the first time“. But we’re all supposed to shut up because a Romney campaign, that does not understand that wall to wall coverage of an event on cable news shows is not the same as a gangbusters announcement during the week when there are no competing events to bust the announcement out to the politics adverse, knows what it is doing.

We’re supposed to shut up because a strategic surrender on this 2012 election being a referendum on Barack Obama but is now a “choice” between Obama and Romney, is to be ignored – if not applauded. The Romney campaign has to be made to answer for this strategic surrender not coddled and cooed as so many want to do. Why the strategic surrender?

AND WHAT ABOUT JOBS? WASN’T THE ROMNEY ARGUMENT THAT BARACK OBAMA WORRIED ABOUT HIS OWN JOB NOT THE JOBLESS????? Now Mitt Romney wants to talk about entitlements?????? What about jobs Mitt? Did the Bain attacks make you run away and think that distraction is going to keep the Obama mud slingers from going after you on JOBS? You can’t run away from this fight Mitt. Fight or get the hell out.

If there is any hope left, and there is very little even for the applauding seals, it’s that Romney is raising substantial amounts of money. He’ll need it all to overcome Big Media coverage of Barack Obama’s attacks. And those attacks will not be on the lofty issues. The attacks will continue to be on Bain and tax returns – the very attacks Mitt Romney sought to band-aid with this weekend’s events.

The other hefty bit of hope is that John Sununu is still around doing what needs to be done. Clue For Mitt Romney: Stop Whining, Start Fighting – You’ve Got A Golden Opportunity And You Are Blowing It.