Frodo Baggins, John Roberts, The Rolling Stones, John Marshall, Marbury, And The Return of ‘Tax And Spend Liberal’, Part I

For the longest time we have been making a strong argument that Barack Obama was in a lose/lose corner on the issue of his health scam case before the Supreme Court. If he lost at the Supreme Court Barack Obama would have been utterly destroyed.

But even if he won, we argued well before last week’s Supreme Court ruling, Obama would lose because the opposition would be even more energized against the hated health scam racket on behalf of Big Insurance and Big Pharma. Now a ruling has come down that provides endless riches to opponents of Obama’s health scam, particularly Republicans/conservatives, but you would not know it from the howls from the right.

The howls are a mix of emotional anger due to the “betrayal” from the Chief Justice which produced the ruling in Citizens United and an intellectual argument that all the world is lost because of last week’s decision upholding the Obama health scam.

These, mostly Republican/conservative, wraiths expected Chief Justice John Roberts to be their Frodo Baggins. As Lord of the Rings readers know Frodo Baggins was charged with destroying the One ring of power (created “in order to gain dominion over the free peoples”) at the place it was forged – Mount Doom. Destruction of the One Ring would mean destruction of the Dark Lord and all his evil. “One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne – In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

In this Republican/conservative telling John Roberts is Isildur, who craved power, not Frodo Baggins. But what is ignored by all is that the health care “One Ring” designed to enslave, was forged not at the Supreme Court but at the Mount Doom called Congress. It is in Congress that the health scam was forged and it is in Congress that it must be destroyed.

We believe the attacks from Republicans/conservatives on John Roberts are short-sighted. Barack Obama and the health scam was not as important to John Roberts as a greater goal to conservatives – to destroy the “welfare state”.

The latest indictment against Roberts (Salon: Roberts wrote most of the conservative dissent in the ObamaCare case too) is that he changed his vote and betrayed his conservative colleagues who wanted to burn the Obama health scam to the ground in its entirety. But that is an emotional argument based on feelings. [We’ll address the possibility of political thuggery or even blackmail in another installment in this series.]

That Justices make deals for their votes is no surprise. The intellectual/political question has to be: To what end? To what end did John Roberts vote as he did?

Enter, The Rolling Stones:

You can’t always get what you want… You get what you need.

From the left, we would have loved to see the Obama health scam with its corrupt deal and subservience to Big Insurance and Big Pharma wiped from the Earth. We would have loved to see Obama’s Presidency reduced to ashes. We would have loved to survey the wreckage of years of corruption and gangster government. But why are Republicans/conservatives and fiscal conservatives upset? John Roberts just gave them the future:

“The Medicaid ruling’s ripple effect

Think last Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling was just about health care? Think again.

Chief Justice John Roberts’s surprise opinion, which allows states to opt out of the law’s Medicaid expansion, could set up a series of legal showdowns between states and the federal government over the strings attached to billions of dollars in federal grants for everything from transportation to education and the environment.

It’ll take many years — and many lawsuits — before the full effects of Roberts’s health care ruling are sorted out. Still, legal experts on both the right and the left agree that the door is now open for states to challenge everything from the Clean Air Act to No Child Left Behind and anti-discrimination protections.

When you’ve got 50 different states and possibilities of 50 different objections to something that Congress does, I think it’s very hard to be very specific, but I think this decision is going to embolden states to challenge federal mandates,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said in an interview.

At the very least, Grassley predicted the litigation would come on issues like Medicaid and highway funding. [snip]

Last week’s ruling was the first time since 1936 that the Supreme Court determined a law had gone overboard when imposing requirements on states as a condition of accepting federal dollars.

By a 7-2 vote, the majority ruled that the health care law went too far by requiring states to add a collective 16 million people to their Medicaid rolls or risk losing every penny of their existing federal Medicaid payments, which pays for more than 60 percent of the program. [snip]

Legal experts across the political spectrum said they were surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision, because Congress’s use of its spending power to compel state action has become a standard part of its legal toolbox since the New Deal.

A 7-2 vote on this massive issue and John Roberts is vilified by his conservative colleagues? Unemployment insurance, the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act were all based on this legal foundation.

Roberts called the changes proposed by the Obama federal government “a gun to the head” of the states.

To people who want to scale back federal power, it gives them a lot to work with,” said Duke University law professor Neil Siegel, who clerked for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “This door has been opened where [it had] previously been shut.”

Greenhouse gas limits on power plants will now be challenged with a high likelihood of success. Federal education money to the states ladled with conditions will now be attacked with a likelihood of success.

This was the first significant loss for the federal government’s spending power in decades,” wrote Katyal, now a Georgetown University law professor. “The fancy footwork that the court employed to view the act as coercive could come back in later cases to haunt the federal government. Many programs are built on the government’s spending power, and the existence of an extraconstitutional limit on that power is a worrisome development.”

At the DailyKooks Hopium Den and the DailyKooks Radio Left Talkers, the fear was spoken loudly:

“Yesterday, a happy day for many of us, where the Affordable Care Act was upheld in a 5-4 decision (PDF) authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, there is a dark cloud attached. The Chief Justice accepted the federal government’s argument that Congress had exercised its taxing power in enacting the mandate. But rather than being a judicial minimalist and deciding only those constitutional questions that must be decided, the Roberts Court bulled on to decide issues that need not have been addressed—whether the mandate exceeded the Congress’ Commerce and Necessary and Proper power.

And the Roberts opinion on the scope of the national government’s power to address national problems is a shot across the bow to the Supreme Court’s New Deal jurisprudence that underpins our modern national government.

In the early 20th century, this Court regularly struck down economic regulation enacted by the peoples’ representatives in both the States and the Federal Government. […]THE CHIEF JUSTICE’s Commerce Clause opinion […] bear[s] a disquieting resemblance to those long-overruled decisions. Ultimately, the Court upholds the individual mandate as a proper exercise of Congress’ power to tax and spend“ for the . . . general Welfare of the United States.” […] I concur in that determination, which makes THE CHIEF JUSTICE’s Commerce Clause essay all the more puzzling. Why should THE CHIEF JUSTICE strive so mightily to hem in Congress’ capacity to meet the new problems arising constantly in our ever developing modern economy? I find no satisfying response to that question in his opinion.12 [Emphasis supplied.] —Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg [snip]

Justice Ginsburg is much too sanguine here. The Roberts five will tell them in later cases. The undoing of the New Deal must begin somewhere. This is not the end of the Roberts five assault on the New Deal. It is only the beginning. [snip]

There is no satisfying response, but there is an obvious one—the Roberts five seek to dismantle the New Deal jurisprudence. With no need to even opine on the Commerce and Necessary and Proper question, Chief Justice Roberts has written an unfathomable opinion whose motive can only be the laying of groundwork—the groundwork to undo the New Deal.

Now, more than ever, we see the Roberts five agenda. We must reelect President Obama in order to stop it.”

The Commerce Clause and the Necessary And Proper Clause had to be addressed by the Supreme Court because the lower courts ruled on these issues and they were argued at the high court. They are not mere dicta. But the main point is that John Roberts and the majority rejected these justifications for the Obama health scam. John Roberts, the incrementalist power player that leads the Judicial Branch of government is setting the long term agenda. With one decision he has corralled the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause as well as effectively destroyed Obama’s health scam by unleashing the various states.

Roberts is set to destroy the welfare state and the legal underpinning of modern government in the United States. The dullest of the left can see what Roberts has done, why can’t the right?

Part II soon.


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  1. More from Adler:

    Lose the battle, win the war?

    A win for the mandate may prove to be a loss for federal power.

    Jonathan H. Adler is the Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Business Law and Regulation at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

    For those who opposed the individual mandate and hoped to see the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act struck down, today’s Supreme Court decision is a disappointment. Yet for those who hoped the Court would reaffirm that the Constitution creates a federal government of limited and enumerated powers and that it is the responsibility of the Court to enforce such limits, there is much to like in today’s decision. While the Court upheld the PPACA, it reaffirmed the foundational principles of the nation’s constitutional structure and confirmed that the federalism decisions of the Rehnquist Court were not aberrations. In a very real sense, proponents of federalism may have lost the battle, but won the war. [snip]

    Never again will Congress be able to pretend that a penalty of this sort is anything but a tax. As a consequence, such measures will only be adopted when they are truly supported by the people.

    It would be tempting to read the Chief Justice’s discussions of the Commerce and Necessary and Proper Clauses as mere dicta. It would also be wrong, as these analyses form an essential predicate to his ultimate conclusion that the mandate could be upheld as a tax. As the entire Court accepts, the most natural reading of the minimum coverage provision is as an economic mandate adopted pursuant to the Commerce Clause. It is only after rejecting the possibility that the mandate could be justified in this manner that the Chief returns to the text to see if it is susceptible to an alternative construction. Thus, the only reason the Chief Justice even considers whether the mandate could be considered a tax, the statutory text notwithstanding, is because of his prior conclusion on the Commerce and Necessary and Proper Clauses. Thus this decision provides five firm votes for meaningful limits on the most expansive of Congress’ powers. [snip]

    While commentators largely focused on the Commerce and Necessary and Proper Clauses, the Court’s treatment of the Spending Power is likely to have the greatest practical effect. For years the Court has insisted that Congress’ power to impose conditions on the receipt of federal funds is limited without ever finding a limit it would enforce. The criteria outlined in South Dakota v. Dole made for a nice test, but it was a test that nearly every statute passed. Today, however, seven Justices concluded that Congress could not condition the receipt of existing Medicaid funds on state acceptance of a Medicaid expansion, putting teeth into Dole’s admonition that Congress could not use the promise of federal funds to “coerce” state obedience.

    The Court’s decision on the Medicaid expansion dramatically reduces the pressure for states to accept this part of the PPACA. It will also limit the federal government’s ability to direct state implementation in other areas by threatening the withdrawal of federal funds. Given the frequency with which Congress uses the power of the purse to induce state cooperation, new rounds of litigation on the spending clause are sure to follow. Dole upheld a threat to withhold five percent of federal highway funds if states refused to adopt a 21-years-old drinking age. But will courts uphold a threat from the Environmental Protection Agency to shut off the lion’s share of highway funds should states not adopt sufficiently stringent pollution controls on local businesses? Perhaps not. (For more on this point, see J. Adler, Judicial Federalism and the Future of Federal Environmental Regulation, 90 Iowa Law Review 377, 433-52 (2005)).

    NFIB v. Sebelius does not end the legal wrangling over the PPACA. Rather this case is only the beginning. Barring action by Congress, the Court will see this statute again. Several additional PPACA lawsuits are already pending in federal court. These suits challenge everything from the structure of the Independent Payment Advisory Board to the mandate that employers provide contraception coverage as part of employees’ health insurance plans, and more are on the way.

    The Court decided this case, but it did not resolve the legal or political debate over health care reform. It did, however, decide this case in a way that reaffirmed foundational federalist principles, thus ensuring that federalist arguments will continue to receive a fair hearing from the judiciary. If mandate opponents had to lose this case, this was the way to lose it.”

  2. I read the Hobbit for the first time the other day. 😀

    Thanks for the rundown admin but I still have (several) questions including why, if the analysis is the SC is laying the groundwork to take down the welfare state they didn’t START with either overturning the ACA mandate entirely or, at the very least, rule it unconstitutional as written and force the dims to deal with it – again. Chances are it would not have survived.

    Maybe I’m a slow leaner but I can’t understand how this disastrous bill remaining intact, which even McConnell says will be hard to repeal, is not one of the most urgent issues facing the country.

    Like I said, maybe I’m slow.

  3. I posted this on the last thread towards the end…am posting it again because the writer nails it…O, the fraud swindler…

    Obamacare, the Great Swindle
    Monday, July 02, 2012
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

    (NaturalNews) Now that Obamacare has been ruled a tax by the U.S. Supreme Court, reality is starting to sink in for all those who emotionally supported it. Promoted as a way to provide either free health care or low-cost health care to the masses, the sobering reality is that under Obamacare, health insurance prices keep rising, not falling. That’s no surprise, of course, since the Obamacare legislation was practically written by the health insurance companies, and they sure didn’t put their weight behind a sweeping new law that would earn them less profit.

    In an era when the so-called “99%” are sick and tired of being exploited by the one percent who control everything, they just handed their medical futures over to precisely the one percent who skillfully monopolize the conventional health care system!

    Obamacare is, at every level, a huge victory for the one percent.

    A costly new tax on the middle class
    By the year 2016, the Obamacare “penalty” tax will reach roughly $2,000 per year for a two-person household. According to Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, 75% of the financial burden of Obamacare’s new taxes will fall onto Americans making less than $120,000 a year (…). The great Middle Class, in other words, will bear this new tax more than anyone else.

    In effect, what has really happened here is a great swindle: Obama got the middle class to support his legislation by promising it was NOT a tax, and by promising it would LOWER health insurance costs. In reality, however, it RAISES health insurance costs, it IS a tax, and the majority of that tax burden falls squarely on the very same middle-class voters who put Obama into office under false pretenses. That’s a swindle, by any definition.

    Not surprisingly, this realization doesn’t sit well with many middle class taxpayers. While the original emotional appeal of Obamacare was nicely packaged and seductively marketed to the masses, the sobering, post-honeymoon reality slaps us all in the face like a wet fish: Smack! This thing is another huge tax increase on the working class! And on top of that, it gives the IRS scary new powers to pry into our private finances. How did you all think compliance with Obamacare was going to be enforced, anyway? It’s going to empower the IRS with even more agents!

    Government monopoly for Big Pharma
    Even worse than the trillions in new taxes and the IRS spy grid that’s now being set up to monitor compliance with Obamacare, there’s also the sobering fact that Obamacare never even attempted to give consumers a free choice in their health care providers. There’s no coverage of naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture or nutritional therapies. The entire law is written around — and for — Big Pharma and the conventional “sick care” industry that’s best described as a “medical racket.”

    Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, we don’t even have a chance to opt out of this corrupt, failed system of patented chemical medications and overpriced surgical procedures. Now, we are forced to hand over our hard-earned money to the very same medical system that we already know is responsible for killing over 750,000 Americans a year. It’s called “iatrogenic death,” and it means death by health care.

    So not only are we being chemically abused and medically enslaved in America, we are now financially forced to pay for the privilege of being raked over the coals by the medical establishment. It makes you wonder… where is the “care” in Obamacare?

    But wait, there’s more! From this position of being coerced by the government to pay for a system of medicine you don’t even want, it’s not much of a leap to being coerced to undergo medical procedures you don’t want, either.

    How Obamacare will lead to mandatory vaccinations for everyone
    Forced vaccinations — for adults! — are on the way, friends. And here’s why: Once everybody is “in the system” of mandatory health care, we will begin to hear arguments like this:

    “Anyone who refuses to get vaccinated against influenza is thereby at risk of being an influenza carrier and infecting other people, thus increasing health care costs for us all. To save money, government must force everyone to get vaccinated!”

    It’s a false argument, of course, but it will be used to literally line people up at courthouses (with the threat of arrest and jail time) and force them all to be vaccinated against their will.

    The same false logic can be used to force people to undergo chemotherapy, take AIDS drugs, undergo coronary bypass surgery or be subjected to almost any medical procedure deemed “necessary” by the government. In the realm of mental health and psychiatry, this opens up a Pandora’s Box of exploitation of patients for the purpose of raking in record profits for the criminally-operated psychiatric drug industry.

    Such is the inevitable abuse of monopolistic market practices enforced by a corrupt government that serves the interests of its corporate masters: Once the sick care industry has this monopoly and can force everyone to participate, they will exploit that advantage to its fullest profiteering capacity.

    Remember: It is the dream of every corporation to dominate the world. Obamacare just gave Big Pharma and the other sick care giants huge monopolistic cheats to pursue precisely that goal.

    Sober up, America
    In a time when consumers are increasingly demanding transparency, free choice and the ability to shop around for competitive bargains, Obamacare codifies secrecy, mandatory compliance and monopolistic practices.

    Maybe it’s time to sober up and take an honest look at what Obamacare really is instead of what Obama promised it would be. People bought into the dream, but what they actually received was a monumental swindle.


    basically this article is saying that over 45% of the people have no idea what is going on with the Otax…they are not paying any attention…

    that’s what i have been getting at…people have no freaking idea what is in this thing…the O supporters think this is going to be free…they have no idea that they have to pay for this or pay an increasing larger penalty every year…

    AND…they have no idea how the IRS is going to be living in their house…knowing very personal info about them and then CHARGING them if they do not follow the rules the IRS is monitoring…

    again…to the Romney camp…you better be working on ads and educating your spokespeople to get the word out…the IRS is coming for you and this is not about your health…of the cost of your health…it is about controlling you and forcing you to have the health care they decide is worthy…if you want a different kind of health care or don’t believe in what they are pushing…tough luck for you and me…O is about centralling controlling your life and enslaving you to big pharma and insurance co for your life…no way out…you pay either way…

  5. OT…but more slow drip…drip…of economic poison for the Obama re-election campaign:

    “According to Eurostat, unemployment in the euro zone hit 11.1 percent in May, an increase from April’s rate of 11.0. The April figure was a full percentage point higher than the rate in April 2010. The unemployment rate in the euro zone has risen continually since April 2008, when it stood at 6.8 percent.

    The jobless rate is likely to rise further in the coming months. It is widely believed that the euro zone has officially slid into recession this quarter, and the most recent manufacturing data show overall stagnation and an outright decline in Germany, the strongest economy in Europe and the continent’s biggest exporter.”

  6. More great pix.

    And for anyone who thinks these are the pix of a rich man’s vacation, no way. (Even though he IS a millionaire) My family, broke as my parents were, took all 9 kids for camping, lakefront vacations every year. OK, our tents and rundown shacks weren’t as nice but we had boating, skiing, swimming, barbecuing, ice cream, sun fun water and family and it was wonderful. Just seeing Mitt surrounded by dozens of grandkids makes me think he’s one very patient man.

  7. Admin, love the post. But hate to disagree with you, this is going to damage the american worker more than anything that coward Roberts and the 4 rather ignorant lefties on the court could have devised.

    The damage will be much more severe as the economy is stalling and will be crashing at the end of summer. Businesses are no longer just stalling, they are outright contracting. And OTurd PO$ bill will only accelerate it, and then OTurd will say, he wants to take over another industry, this is what this radical does best, name a problem, blame someone else, usually the “evil” rich, and then take over that industry. Communism and Marxist, that is what he is.

  8. Leonora,

    That was released in 2004. I seriously doubt the government would be able to undertake such a program, at least at this time.

  9. tim
    July 3rd, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    From what I understand businesses will be massacred by this ruling. What’s the incentive to expand beyond 50 employees if the business risks having to comply with the monstrous new regulations? Won’t many business of over 50 scale back to avoid the extra expense? What a disaster.

  10. Ann Romney looks great for 63 and five kids…her ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ can give MO a go for it anyday…

    btw…i know this isn’t nice but i saw an article on another site talking about O cancelling his trip to Martha’s Vineyard this year…

    and one of the comments said…

    yeah, but they didn’t mention ‘Moochele’ and family’s two week trip to London for the Olympics…

  11. basil, thx for posting the picture link.

    Yes, at 50 employees, the fed govt basically mandates everyone be covered and will mandate what type of it. I am so glad I’m no longer in business, this is going to destroy so many jobs.
    You know how OTurd says “Save or Create” jobs, he’s “destroying and preventing” job creation.

  12. I’m thinking of joining this organization, “Americans for Prosperity”, I know several small biz owners who have been members for a long time, they have pretty good things to say about this organization..

    here is their latest ad about the lies about OTurdcare, pretty good I think

  13. BASIL99
    July 3rd, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    I am with you, he could have voted against the ACA and made other declarations.All seems to be convoluted pretzels to me.

    By the way, they are saying Roberts has Epilepsy, wonder if that donation was tongue in cheek for Romney…

  14. I have no f**king clue what the hell this PO$ idiot Biden is talking about….

    ““[Romney believes] somehow, that those so-called job creators will make everything okay for the rest of us,” Biden said at the National Education Association conference. “We believe that the way to build this country is the way we always have, from the middle out . . . [to] invest in the things that have always made our economy grow: innovation, research, development, infrastructure, and education.””

    Where the hell does this idiot think the money to “invest” comes from in the first place?? And once you’ve taken all the money from the “evil” rich, where does he think the next money to invest comes from??

  15. Basil, Shadowfax, Tim, Gonzotx, I’m with you on this. I don’t think Roberts pulled a fast one, I think he made a terrible decision. I don’t think he’s a double agent. And while his decision might have curtailed the abuse of the commerce clause, I think in the end he made an awful decision and is just as culpable as Zero and congress for this bill and the swath of destruction it will cause. Blech to Roberts.

  16. just found out, there is now going to be a 3.8% tax on house sales because of OTurd-Care, yep, that should really help the housing sales in this country.

  17. Still reading your post admin, but the Republican’s must have counted their chickens before they realized that Roberts was not Frodo at all, not Sam Wise, not even a handsome elf…but just another faceless rider in the night.

    Loved the LOTR video…it’s taking me awhile to get though this post 😉

  18. Thanks adm. It’s been awhile since you posted a Stones song. Again, I apologize that Mick performed at the Whitehouse 😉

  19. IMHO, if Roberts had not done what he did and voted with the 4 conservatives, Obama would have eviscerated the court and got a lot of sympathy vote from his base and the people in the middle. It would have energized his base like no other.

  20. Adler is a good guy with an excellent pedigree–clerked for Judge Sentelle of the DC circuit who is a conservative icon, etc. However, the hidden virtue he finds in the Roberts decision namely the alleged curtailing of the Commerce clause and spending power (under the theory of coersion), which he claims is not dictim because it is integral to the decision, will be regarded as dictim by the leftist judges AND, I believe Roberts himself, who much prefers the cocktail line on Embassy Row or Dumbarton Oakes or The Willard Hotel ballroom to the life of a monk trapped musty law library without bread water or female companionship, in future cases. The bird in the hand is dead. The bird in the bush is an optical illusion.

  21. BASIL99
    Same thing I see.

    “people have no freaking idea what is in this thing…” (HellCare bill)

    No one knows what’s in the 2700 page scamBill.

    Ever try reading it?

    PUMAPac folks took parts of it in sections at one point, and posted (to the best of their ability) what was in there section.

    I took a section…mostly it referred to other pages in that bill or another bill, so at the end of a small section, you could not be clear on the Hell it was talking about.

    Sure, a few things are clear, and some are coming out in the press, but as a package, it is a pile of crap that even Greta, a good lawyer couldn’t make heads or tails of.

    They threw in everything, cleaned out the trash and their desks and tossed that in too.

  22. Bolton actually supporting Hillary’s “apology” to Pakistan
    Of course he does. There is nothing wrong with apologizing for what was a mistake, if that is what it was, and when you can get a concession for it. That is a far different cry from apologizing for the imagined sins of this country, and tearing it down and bowing to the waist to dictators as Obama does. A practitioner of real politic doctrine understands that some apologies are strategic, whereas others are merely gutspilling.

  23. I think we have to re-evaluate our assumptions about the Supreme Court. We have four conservatives (Kennedy is a pragamatic conservative)and four liberals and a chief justice who takes his marching orders from the editorial board of the New York Times. And all he asks from them in return is this:

  24. ALERT – Obamacare mandates FDA-approved implantable RFID chips!


    I think it’s more like ‘Obamacare mandates that implantable RFID chips must be approved [for safety] by the FDA.’

  25. BASIL99
    July 3rd, 2012 at 8:09 pm


    That was released in 2004. I seriously doubt the government would be able to undertake such a program, at least at this time.


    Good catch.

  26. Bolton actually supporting Hillary’s “apology” to Pakistan
    Of course he does. There is nothing wrong with apologizing for what was a mistake, if that is what it was, and when you can get a concession for it.


    What mistake was that? First I’ve heard of this.

  27. “Ever try reading it?”
    I did and unless you are the lobbyists/staffers who wrote a given section, it is incomprehensible. As you pointed out, the meaning of any given section relies on arcane knowledge of previous SS, Medicare, and other statues/laws going back for decades. The bottom line is that it is a multi-trillion dollar bonanza for the usual suspects.

  28. That’s lefty law prof Paul Campos writing for lefty web zine Salon. Did a mischievous liberal clerk leak to them in order to embarrass the conservative dissenters? Could be, except that … this is more embarrassing to Roberts than to Scalia and company. The idea that his words are on both sides of the Court’s decision makes the outcome seem that much more bizarre and his supposedly principled change of heart seem that much more dubious. He’s talking, almost literally, out of both sides of his mouth. It’s a shot at his credibility and the Court’s institutional legitimacy, which was supposedly the basis for his decision, more than it is a shot at the conservative dissenters. Why would a liberal clerk want to sandbag him for siding with them on the biggest case they’ll ever rule on?

    Then again, if this is true, why wouldn’t the (presumably conservative) Court sources who leaked to Jan Crawford have simply said so? Obviously, they didn’t borrow his discarded opinion because they’re lazy. They borrowed it because they were pressed for time and/or because they wanted to make a point — or, just maybe, because they held out hope to the bitter end that he’d switch back and join them in striking down the law. By keeping the dissent intact as a potential majority opinion rather than larding it up with language lashing out at Roberts, the four conservatives made it as easy as possible for him to reconsider and climb back aboard right down to the wire. To my mind, that’s the best explanation for the tone of the opinion, the inclusion of the otherwise gratuitous severability section, and the lack of any references to Roberts’s opinion. They weren’t working on a dissent, they were working on a shadow majority, ready to go right out of the box in case Roberts came back into the fold. (Crawford notes that Kennedy was lobbying Roberts up to the last minute, in fact.) That doesn’t settle the issue of who authored most of the eventual dissent — maybe it was mostly Roberts’s draft or maybe it really was co-drafted by Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito with an eye to winning Roberts back over — but it settles most everything else.

    Here’s Krauthammer accusing Roberts of letting the left intimidate him. Exit question via TNR: Were Thomas and Kennedy the CBS leakers?

  29. The above is by Instapundit who is a libertarian atheist at Hot Air, and former law professor. The one you usually hear from there is Ed Morrissey who is a conservative Catholic. The blog was founded by Michelle Makin who is has been described as the Asian Ann Coulter.

  30. I did and unless you are the lobbyists/staffers who wrote a given section, it is incomprehensible. As you pointed out, the meaning of any given section relies on arcane knowledge of previous SS, Medicare, and other statues/laws going back for decades. The bottom line is that it is a multi-trillion dollar bonanza for the usual suspects.
    Another Obama tactic to loot the middle class on behalf of his big business cronies. Covering the uninsureds is simply a pretext.

  31. I think it’s more like ‘Obamacare mandates that implantable RFID chips must be approved [for safety] by the FDA.’
    No. They must be approved for workablility by Obama’s newly appointed RDFID Czar who has been charged with the awsome responsibility of getting the American People under control, as Congressman John Dingle (D-Mi) so aptly put it.

  32. I see the East Coast time, although it’s not my time yet…but,

    Happy Independence Day, Big Pinkers!”

    *** *
    * *


  33. I think it’s more like ‘Obamacare mandates that implantable RFID chips must be approved [for safety] by the FDA.’
    No. They must be approved for workablility by Obama’s newly appointed RDFID Czar who has been charged with the awsome responsibility of getting the American People under control, as Congressman John Dingle (D-Mi) so aptly put it.


    In 2004, before any CZARs were thought of, as Basil well pointed out? In any case, I think it’s the approval that was mandated, not some sort of unversal installtion.

  34. Basil99, we’ll reply to your questions and those of others in the next installment. We’ll also address the issue of Roberts “treachery” or “weakness” that have popped up in the wake of the decision.

    In the meantime it might do well for people to acquaint themselves with Marbury and the clever tactic of John Marshall, whose ruling pleased the president but at the same time provided the court a great new power. Many people assume the Supreme Court always ruled on the constitutionality of laws passed by congress and signed by the president. But it was Marshall in 1803 that brilliantly made the court what it is today. You’ll recall that in the comments on the day of the decision we stated that the decision had a Marbury feel to it.

    It was in answering the third question — whether a writ of mandamus issuing from the Supreme Court was the proper remedy — that Marshall addressed the question of judicial review. The Chief Justice ruled that the Court could not grant the writ because Section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789, which granted it the right to do so, was unconstitutional insofar as it extended to cases of original jurisdiction. Original jurisdiction — the power to bring cases directly to the Supreme Court — was the only jurisdictional matter dealt with by the Constitution itself. According to Article III, it applied only to cases “affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls” and to cases “in which the state shall be party.” By extending the Court’s original jurisdiction to include cases like Marbury’s, Congress had exceeded it authority. And when an act of Congress is in conflict with the Constitution, it is, Marshall said, the obligation of the Court to uphold the Constitution because, by Article VI, it is the “supreme law of the land.”

    As a result of Marshall’s decision Marbury was denied his commission — which presumably pleased President Jefferson. Jefferson was not pleased with the lecture given him by the Chief Justice, however, nor with Marshall’s affirmation of the Court’s power to review acts of Congress. For practical strategic reasons, Marshall did not say that the Court was the only interpreter of the Constitution (though he hoped it would be) and he did not say how the Court would enforce its decisions if Congress or the Executive opposed them. But, by his timely assertion of judicial review, the Court began its ascent as an equal branch of government — an equal in power to the Congress and the president. Throughout its long history, when the Court needed to affirm its legitimacy, it has cited Marshall’s opinion in Marbury v. Madison.

    BTW, you are not “slow”. Roberts, as a commentator has said, ‘played chess while others played checkers’. As to why you think that “this disastrous bill remaining intact” is true consider what has happened with the Medicaid expansion and how will this HellCare bill “function” without everyone forced to participate via the mandate? The entire point of the mandate was to have everyone in, the healthy and the ill in order to make this monstrosity work.

  35. BTW, in no way are we saying that the Roberts decision is “defensible” in an honest intellectual sense. The reasoning behind it is clearly a load of crap. But that does not mean that it is not brilliant at achieving Roberts’ ultimate goals.

  36. On the question of why Roberts upheld Obamacare, I find the explanation advanced by Krauthammer to be the most convincing, i.e. he was intimidated by Obama, Leahy and big media. Oh sure, you could say that he believes in judicial self restraint, but if that was it, he never would have sided with the conservatives to begin with. In the alternative, you could say that he did it because he wanted the voters to decide the issue, rather than putting the court in the middle of what is essentially a political decision. In the alternative, you could say that he is a genuis and he threw this one to the libs to innoculate the court against the heavy lifting he intends to do in the future dismantling the core tenets of the welfare state, namely the commerce clause and the spending power–while expanding the taxing power beyond all limits–which I believe has the smell of the lamp, but will be advanced by some professors. And then, there is the possibility, which raises a large question in my mind that he was influenced improperly in some way. But if you sort through all these mutually contradictory theories, and apply occums razor what you are left with is the Krauthamer explanation–and as he told O’Reilly he has deeper insights into these matters than most people, including Bill O/

    As for the politics, the great Juan Williams states that this decision legitimatizes Obama, and improves his chances, polls to the contray notwithstanding. And the article below uses the Roberts decision and argues that Obamacare is better for seniors. They may be wrong, the professors may be right, but discrimination so subtle is a feat beyond the compass of ordinary minds, which is to say–voters. Where politics is concerned, it aint checkers, it aint chess, it is poker.

    The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare is great news for everyone over age 50. If you’re over age 65 and on Medicare, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) improves your benefits. If you’re over 50 and don’t have insurance through an employer, your options for health coverage will be improved greatly starting in 2014, when the new state health exchanges are launched.

    Yet polling data says older Americans oppose the ACA by much wider margins than younger people. 44% of baby boomers and 46% of seniors favor repeal of the law, according to a Pew Research Center survey last November. By contrast, just 27% of millennials – and 37% of GenXers – favored repeal, the survey found.

    Here’s why older Americans should reconsider their opposition.

    AGE 50 to 65

    The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 15.3% of Americans age 50 to 64 were uninsured in 2010. That is a whopping 8,987,487 people and the number has been rising dramatically since the 2008 financial crisis and ensuing economic downturn, which cost millions of older workers their jobs and employer-provided insurance.

    The exchanges will provide a simplified process for getting coverage for anyone who is not covered at work. You start with an application for insurance submitted to your state exchange. Depending on your income, you will be eligible to buy a policy in the exchange – or receive coverage under Medicaid.

    Middle-class insurance shoppers will be able to buy an individual commercial policy with a government subsidy to assure affordability. But this marketplace will not be anything like the current individual insurance market, where applicants can be denied based on pre-existing conditions, prices are high and coverage is weak. Especially important for those over 50, the ACA forbids insurance companies from charging higher premiums or denying coverage based on health or age, and insurance companies will no longer be permitted to disqualify applicants based on pre-existing conditions.

    Applicants will be eligible for federal subsidies on the cost of coverage if they make less than 400% of the federally defined poverty level – currently $92,000 for a family of four. For this group, the subsidy uses a sliding scale to hold costs as a share of income between 2% and 9.5%.

    Meanwhile, lower-income consumers in that 50-64 age range will be among the biggest beneficiaries of a major expansion of Medicaid – also paid for by the federal government.

    Medicaid currently serves mainly adults with very low incomes, but few states cover adults who do not have children. The ACA provides federal funding for a dramatic expansion of Medicaid. The new program will serve all households that are living around the federal poverty level – about $30,000 in annual income for a family of four. 57% of adults in that income range were uninsured for at least part of 2011 and 41% were uninsured for one year or longer.

    The Supreme Court affirmed that states can choose not to participate in the expansion, but most will have a hard time turning down the expansion of federal aid.

    The ruling will set off a scramble to get the exchanges ready in time for launch. The ACA requires that the Department of Health and Human Services certify the exchanges by January 2013; the exchanges must go live in October of that year so that consumers can start shopping for policies and enroll for coverage that would start in early 2014.

    State progress has been mixed. Only 15 states have made strong progress toward launching their own exchanges, estimates John Holahand, director of the Health Policy Research Center at The Urban Institute. Many others will have trouble getting ready in time, he thinks. Under the ACA, the federal government would launch and operate exchanges in states that do not have their own ready for 2014, but even that will be a challenge, he thinks.

    “It’s a big job, because the federal government will need to coordinate with the state departments of insurance and their Medicaid programs,” he says.


    The ACA’s improvements to Medicare will continue.

    The law gradually closes the “doughnut hole” in Medicare’s Part D prescription drug program – the gap in coverage that starts if total annual drug spending by a senior and his or her insurance company exceeds a certain level. In 2012, coverage stops when spending reaches $2,930 and resumes at $4,700.

    This year, pharmaceutical companies are providing a 50% discount on brand-name drugs to most beneficiaries who find themselves in the gap; there’s also a 14% discount on generic drugs.

    Last year, 3.6 million seniors hit the gap and saved a collective $2.1 billion due to the healthcare law, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In the first four months of 2012, more than 416,000 people saved an average of $724 on prescription drugs bought after they hit the cap, for a total of $301.5 million. Last year, 3.6 million seniors entered the gap and saved $2.1 billion, the health department says.

    The law also provides seniors with expanded preventive services, including an annual wellness visit, mammograms and prostate cancer screenings with no out-of-pocket cost.

    The ACA improves Medicare Advantage – the managed-care option that seniors can choose for their coverage – by requiring that plans spend at least 85% of revenues providing medical care to beneficiaries rather than overhead or salaries.

    The final bit of good news for seniors is that the ACA is projected to improve Medicare’s long-range health. Savings contained in the law are projected to increase the solvency of the Medicare Hospital Trust Fund by eight years. (Follow us @ReutersMoney or at Editing by Beth Pinsker Gladstone and Andre Grenon)

    Read more:

  37. I re-read the argument above. Granted, by upholding the mandate, but giving the states an ability to opt out, Roberts created a problem. You could infer from that that he is being strategic hoping to kill the law while upholding the mandate. But between now and the election, they can paint a different picture and the examples above illustrate this. The counter examples will emerge later I am afraid.

  38. But of course, if states do opt out, then the federal govermnent will establish the exchange for that state. If that led to single payer that would be one thing, but there is no way it will. What it will lead to is higher taxes and more corruption courtesy of the boys from Chicago.

  39. If that led to single payer that would be one thing, but there is no way it will.


    Dare we hope that, if not Hillary, someone like Dean will eventually get in…?

  40. I think it’s more like ‘Obamacare mandates that implantable RFID chips must be approved [for safety] by the FDA.’

    The medical embedded devices were approved by the FDA in 2004 and now they are mandated by obamacare.

  41. Now look who has suddenly started whinging now its on their doorstep.

    One-percenters in the Hamptons, a predominately Democrat area in both citizenry and representation, are furious over an influx of immigrants they claim are tainting their area. Some residents are angry enough to start a campaign to stop the relocation of new residents who don’t “fit” the Hamptons’s image.

    The small town of East Hampton has gained a reputation as the playground for New York’s well-heeled elite, a place to spend the idle summer months in their million-dollar homes.

    But some of its wealthy residents are upset at an influx of less well-heeled workers who they say are lowering the quality of life and diminishing the appearance of the quaint Long Island town.

    A campaign group is focusing on the Springs area of East Hampton, dubbing itself ‘Unoccupy Springs’ and calling for an end to multiple families of low-wage workers living under one roof.

    Democrats eschew enforcing immigration laws, as seen with the Obama administration’s handling of Arizona’s law, upheld by SCOTUS. It does however seem that enforcement isn’t a concern until it affects them personally.

    Some longtime residents of the Springs and similar areas complain that homes are being illegally crowded, that houses with half a dozen cars parked outside are a blight on the street, and that the many children living inside are overwhelming the local schools and causing property taxes to rise.

    Some of the residents echo conservative concerns where it relates to overburdening local resources like schools. It’s interesting to see such a liberal stronghold suddenly develop an aversion to immigration when they’ve spent the past several years bashing Republicans for some of the things these residents are now saying.


    Now suddenly they are bothered by immigrants, how very rich of them.

  42. Mistake or deliberate, if it was a mistake she really needs to find another job.

    Democrat’s Mistaken Vote on Fracking Overrides Veto

    State Democrat Rep. Becky Carney (NC) explains she was confused when she voted to override the Governor’s veto on fracking.

    A North Carolina state representative says she voted mistakenly to override the governor’s veto of a bill to allow the shale gas exploration called ‘fracking’ after a late-night vote in the General Assembly.

    Democratic Rep. Becky Carney of Charlotte said she pushed the green ‘yes’ button at her desk Monday night to override Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue’s veto of the measure that would allow shale gas exploration, before realizing she wanted to vote red, or ‘no.’

    Her ‘yes’ vote made the tally 72-47 – just above the 60 per cent required to override in the Republican-controlled Legislature.

    Rep. Carney said she would look for ways to change the law in the future.


    Voting while confused…yeah she needs retiring and quickly.

  43. Happy Birthday Beautiful America. 237 years and counting, and there are millions who will never forget how many who died and many who want to “transform” the very essence of freedom that million died for over the ears.

    God Bless this beautiful country and all who defend the US Constitution.

  44. wbboei
    July 4th, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Now that the left knows they can bully Roberts, and Roberts has shown himself to be vain enough to care more about his legacy than upholding the US Consitution, its only a matter of time when the left, Leahy, OTurd will bully Roberts again for another case, they see a weakling in him.

    Roberts might have, in his mind, done this to preserve the significance of the court, so the rumor goes, its backfired now, I would agree with Mark Levin, its now done irreparble harm to the insitution of the supreme court, not to mention what its done to Roberts’s reputation.

    To me this is appearing more and more like a kangaroo decision, based on the whims of one man talking from both sides of his mouth, I hope every state’s governor completely rejects this bill, like Gov Jindal has, and every citizen is prepared to protect their own soverignity by not paying that tax for not purchasing what the govt forces that citizen to buy.

    This is all one opinion vs another opinion, and the integrity of the person’s making those opinions matters, I imagine there are millions of Americans like me who are now seeing the Supreme Court as a bunch of political hucksters caring about their legacy, rather than doing what they were supposed to do, uphold the US Constition, and I include the 4 liberals in this group, who are embarassing, being liberal, they spit in the very essense of basic liberty for the individual. I guess in America, liberal means “progressive”, and “progressing” past the US Consitution, while in Europe, classical “liberalism” means limited govt, more sovereinty for the individual.

    Kangaroo decision, and Roberts especially, as well as the other 4 who voted for this, have no idea what a joke they have made themselves and now the ct itself to be now. I know for me, as just one average joe citizen, I no longer see and think the supreme ct is made of “supreme” being of “supreme” intellect, they are nothing but hucksters in robes, some of them sounding more ignorant that others.


    yea, and its “not a tax”, even the British weren’t stupid enough to tax people to NOT buy tea, the worse they did is to raise the taxes on the tea.
    OTurd is attempting to do what the British empire wouldn’t have been stupid enough to do, I wonder how long he thinks he can keep up this farce about “not a tax” and people then realise they will be now harassed by the IRS for not buying a private product that the American citizen may not want to buy.
    Are there going to be enough jail cells to arrest all those who refuse to do so? Hmm.

  46. Morning and happy 4th July to everyone except the WH usurper, i hope he has a horrible one.

  47. I have to agree with admin. Roberts is playing a long game as any Federalist Society lawyer will. I am not a lawyer nor legal scholar (nor do I play one on TV) but he has completely upended the apple cart. The feds have increasing compelled (extorted) the states to finance various functions or programs that some states want and others do not. No administration has singled out so many states for ill treatment as this administration. They refuse to acknowledge state or regional problems and treat the country as if it was a fiefdom in Illinois.

    Roberts has handed the Republicans (especially those in Congress) an enormous gift. McConnell the grannie is carping and saying ObamaTAXcare cannot be overturned. Romney needs to get on the phone and tell him if you can’t another Senator as leader can and I will ask the conference for someone I can work with. It is obvious that a bunch of these old Republican dinosaurs are too doctrinaire and can’t think on their feet.

    The LIBERALS on the court have said it is a TAX! They (and Roberts that sneaky devil) are the last word. There is no appeal. Roberts and the Liberal justices threw it back into the political arena where it belongs. If the citizens don’t like it VOTE to have it repealed. Is it difficult to repeal such a mess? Yes it is but that is why we elect and pay them.

    I’m a long time reader and new poster. Don’t be mean to me! I don’t like to fight.

  48. Wishing everyone at Big Pink a great red white & blue. Oh will be sweating over a grill for our military. ha ha.
    This is amusing too:

    Obama hates Bain, but loves Bain-backed Staples |
    July 3, 2012 While their candidate is out bashing Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital as a job outsourcer and greedy corporate raider, President Obama’s campaign is endorsing the essence of one of Bain’s biggest success stories, low-price office supply store Staples.
    Created in a 1986 partnership with Bain during Romney’s leadership at the private equity firm, Staples was so successful Bain received a near seven-fold return on its investment and Romney sat on the Staples board of directors for over a decade.
    The idea was a simple one: sell office supplies for less and direct to companies and everyday Americans.
    Team Obama turns out to be a big fan, spending $17,963.04 at Staples this year alone, according to Federal Election Commission reports. The Obama campaign just doesn’t walk into stores to shop, it also participates in the Staples Advantage business-to-business market where a majority of the spending went.
    And the endorsement of Bain-backed super-stores doesn’t end there. The campaign in February also spent $199.99 at Sports Authority which the Romney firm also backed.

  49. I can’t remember that last time the US AG was a whiner and constantly using the race card… does this idiot really think Americans are that stupid, how must the Terry family feel? They lost their son by guns sold to Mexican cartels by the US govt and the US govt, i.e. Holder, is now whining and moaning… “Poor me, they don’t like me because I’m black”.

    So, if the border agent who was killed, if he was the same skin color as Holder, would Holder and the CBC still be using the race card? My bet, yes they would.

  50. Will Obot Andrea Mitchell be asking all these “racist” dems why they don’t want to be seen with OTurd??

  51. moononpluto
    July 4th, 2012 at 6:18 am
    Now look who has suddenly started whinging now its on their doorstep.

    What a load of Cr.. you wrote. You don’t know what you are talking about.
    I live in Springs. WE are not one percenters…just the opposite. The NYT story is a big piece of political shit and you should get your facts straight.

    We have had a huge influx of
    illegal immigrants…some here so long their children are citizens. MANY of these illegal immigrants do NOT want to stay here . They are just here to take jobs, send money out of the country, get FREE education for their children (in Mexico public school ends after 8th grade), free health care, food stamps, etc.
    Our school taxes have doubled, our hospital almost went under and our property values have dropped and single family residences have been turned into rooming houses ILLEGALLY.

    Local men have had to leave as they can’t compete for work at what the illegals will take. I recommned that you go to Dennis Lynch’s website for the documnetary They Come to America and educate your sorry self.
    Many of these immigrants are building McMansions in their home country where they will return after they ruin our community. We have people coming here on tourist visas with their children. They work illegally and put their children in school where fed law says we must educate them. Would you like that in your school district? Many of the parents go home to south America during the cold slow winter and LEAVE THEIR CHILDREN BEHIND with friends.

    In some jobs here, it is impossible to get a job if you do not speak Spanish.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. You are writing trash.

  52. I also reccommend a book called Press 2 for English by Rob Sobhani, an econ professor and son of iranian immigrants. Americans need to educate themselves regarding their self desturctive stupidity.

  53. Any effort to cloak what Roberts has done in the principles of the Federalist Society overlooks the fact that while purporting to allow the states to opt out of new medicade obligations (which means the federal goverment will provide the exchange) and pretending to limit the commerce clause he has vastly expanded the power of the federal government in the areas of taxation and spending to create these exchanges, the costs of which will be borne by taxpayers in a society where half the population does not pay taxes. I am sorry, but I see nothing brilliant or constitutional in what he has done and that is the quintessential problem. I know some law professors and apprehenive leftists think there is more here, but when it comes to law professors, and I have not looked this morning, but I have yet to see Professor Jacobsen embrace this explanation. I am speaking legally. Politically, as I have said from the beginning, this tends to work to Romney’s advantage as long as he can get his senior advisior under control. But when you see the Reuters article and what Juan Williams says about the ramifications of the Chief Justice upholding this toxic law, you begin to supect that this is not 2010, and too many people will get sucked in.

  54. hello Carol,

    not to get in the middle of anything, but I think what Moonpluto posted the article that was at, it was written by the author over at that site.

    I do have a question for you, the busineeses in your area, who exactly is hiring these illegals? it is construction? what industries are they getting hired into (and therefore making it difficult for legals to get that work)? Most of the businesses I’ve seen that hire illegals tend to be more in landscaping, not so much construction anymore. Thanks for your input.

  55. fyi Moon
    Springs is primarily a middle class community but it is mixed in every way, diverse ethnically and economically.
    People who live here are teachers, cops, nurses, writers, artists, landcapers, plumbers…..

    The Uber Wealthy want the cheap disposable labor and the big business owners are making bundles of money from them, but WE are picking up the tab and WE can’t afford it. It is illegal behavior and we shouldn’t have to fund it!

  56. That said, the larger argument remains the economy–which by every appearance is sinking. The economic reports this week are likely to confirm this dismal outlook. Independent people will say why double down on failure. Dependent people will say that inasmuch as this is a long term problem, my best bet for my short term survival is to go with Obama, than a wall street capitalist. And big media will do their level best to dumb down the public, and label those who take issue with Obama’s perverse policies racists. We know where they stand. The question then becomes this: Are there more dependent than independent people who can see light at the end of the tunnel? I give you 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944, AND 2010.

  57. This is why it is not enough for Romney to simply say vote for me I am not Obama. It is why when Boeher is ask how are you going to deal with the uninsured if Obama care if you invalidate Obama care, that we will proceed step by step. And it is why when that same question is asked to McConnell, it is bad strategy for him to say that is not the issue. It is precisely the issue. They ignore this problem just as Obama ignores the deficit. Romney needs to articulate a plan, I think.

  58. Tim,

    They are taking ….taking over…jobs in lanscaping, construction, tiling, carpentry, painting, house cleaning, all forms of restaurant work, clerk jobs in every business you can think of. Those who have been here a long time learn the business they first apprentice for, then start their own business. They then bring relatives or friends from their home countries and find them beds in basements and overcrowded houses. They can pay these poor workers who don’t speak English “bupkiss” at first…..maybe half the going wage. They thereby undercut legitimate business who pay fica etc.
    A brilliant friend who had a teaching degree in Scienc from Columbia University was not able to get a job here because he didn’t speak Spanish.

    When I go into town to do errands, I often don’t hear any English at all.

  59. If every illegal immigrant in the US left tomorrow, we would be out of recession.
    I figure the cost of illegal immigrants here in school costs and medical costs is about $4000. per taxpayer.

  60. The Uber Wealthy want the cheap disposable labor and the big business owners are making bundles of money from them, but WE are picking up the tab and WE can’t afford it. It is illegal behavior and we shouldn’t have to fund it!


  61. Tim,
    Since I am part of the 99% and must get back to work, perhaps you could post my response at Beitbart and stop thi trash propaganda from spreading.

  62. Carol… thanks for posting the links, very sorry to here that your friend couldn’t get a job because he/she didn’t speak spanish… what is this country coming to!

    LOL, well, I guess I’m one of the 99% too, unemployed now, more time on my hands, so I will certain try to head over there and post something to the effect of what you posted.

  63. wbboei
    July 4th, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Agreed. I think someone made a suggestion in the past that Romney needs a point man to confront OTurd on this set of issues head on. I can’t beleive I’m saying this, Newt may fit this bill, the man is loudmouth, but he so artfully and forcefully says things that makes people so “ah ha”.

    Tofu ain’t going to cut it anymore. These are chicago thugs we’re dealing with.

  64. admin,

    I despise dishonesty of any kind and intellectual dishonest most of all.

    I will read up on Marbury. Thanks for the tip.

  65. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA and as long as the POS is thrown out on his butt there will be many many more.

    Happy July 4th pink posters and admin.

  66. Rubio is really growing on me. He speaks so calmly and articulating every point, connection to how OTurd is horrible for this country.
    I know in the past I thought he looked and sounded very young… but I can honestly say I can see him as VP (especially compared to the clown that’s there now)

    Bravo Sen Rubio!

  67. admin, I believe you were 100% correct when you stated in a past post that Rubio’s new book tour is basically being used to see how he performs, potentially as a VP.
    Will be hard to “Palinize” him. He is likeable and the quintenssential American story.

  68. @admin: The entire point of the mandate was to have everyone in, the healthy and the ill in order to make this monstrosity work.

    This is the key. And by attaching a penalty, er.. tax (which as common sense would dictate can’t be as big as the premium to work) Obama shot himself in the foot. He was a coward to not go in and make it mandatory without recourse. It is a major design flaw and Roberts is highlighting it. Conservatives going after Roberts are simply making themselves and their candidate weak and giving more power and credibility to Obama. Krauthammer saying Roberts was intimidated by Obama and the liberal media is perhaps the heights of it. They should embrace the outcome and turn it to their advantage and I am not seeing that.

  69. Carol, don’t start on me, its an article from another site, you decide what you make out of it, i did not write it, if you dispute, dispute it.

  70. moononpluto
    July 4th, 2012 at 10:31 am

    a millionaire punk like him going after the very country that he succeeded in, the more they do this, the bigger a$$holes they are showing themselves to be, and at this point in this country, people are paying attention.

    but apparently, he won’t lift a penny of his money to help out that veteran who was foreclosed off, but hey, the jerk can make millions off the race hate industry.

  71. the america-hating woman Jarrett is now saying, sure, we’ll take it as a tax… gee wonder how many repub commercials will use her words… a massive middle class tax…

  72. “It’s a white, older base that doesn’t quite understand the way healthcare works.”

    Now imagine for a moment if a conservative commentator said of Democrats supporting ObamaCare “it’s a black, younger base that doesn’t quite understand the way healthcare works.”

    There would be immediate calls from the left for said person’s suspension or termination. But because her racism is pointed at white Republicans, it’s just fine.

    Lest we forget this is the same woman who in March wrote a column titled “What’s the Matter With White People” and is so proud of the idea she’s turning it into a book.

    You see, racism for Walsh is a common theme to be repeated whenever possible.

    Read more:

  73. moononpluto
    July 4th, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Guess she must have been talking to Donna Brazille. Working class Americans, no longer the base or welcome in the “Democratic” Party.

  74. happy july 4th moononpluto, I’m offline for a while the rest of the day. thanks for posting all those links.

  75. posted at 9:11 pm on July 3, 2012 by Allahpundit

    Hostility toward the Supreme Court has risen sharply since Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. upheld the Obama health care law. People are apparently angry that the court didn’t rid them of a law they detest. But that’s silly. If Americans want to replace this thing, they should do it themselves…

    Republicans say they trust the people. If that’s true, then they won’t waste another futile breath bashing the court for upholding Obamacare. They’ll explicitly tell the country how they would replace it. Democracy is a contest between alternatives, not a deus ex machina stroke from the lords in black robes.


    It’s on his to-do list, but U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the odds are against repealing the health care law championed by President Barack Obama…
    “If you thought it was a good idea for the federal government to go in this direction, I’d say the odds are still on your side,” McConnell said. “Because it’s a lot harder to undo something than it is to stop it in the first place.”…
    If given control of the Senate next year, McConnell said he would support using budget reconciliation rules to repeal it. Doing so would prohibit Senate filibusters and require only 51 votes to succeed. In 2010, Republicans lambasted Democrats for relying on these rules to pass the health care bill, calling their tactics unusual and hyperpartisan.


    So now McConnell says he will force the issue before the election and then make repeal of Obamacare priority number one if the GOP takes back the Senate, but the odds are against full repeal. This is code for Republican leaders, timid as they are and driven by polling, keeping parts of Obamacare instead of doing full repeal and starting over.
    The truth is many Republicans like parts of Obamacare. The truth is a number of Senate Republicans were willing to vote back in December of 2009 that the individual mandate was unconstitutional while keeping their names on healthcare legislation by Senator Bob Bennett that had an individual mandate.
    The truth is with Republican leaders like we have in both Houses, who needs the Democrats? It was not just Democrats responsible for $16 trillion in debt. Even now, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and the rest are trying to find ways to weasel out of paying down the debt and bring back earmarks.
    When Republicans won’t fight on their ground, they just won’t fight.


    Even if Republicans win big on Election Day, though, repealing the Affordable Care Act will be a tall order…
    For Republicans, the dream of using reconciliation to torpedo the law is predicated on winning a net of three Senate seats, retaining the House and winning the presidency. Then both chambers would have to pass a budget resolution that includes reconciliation instructions. Romney’s vice president would be called upon to break a possible 50-50 roll call in the Senate…
    Then, in the Senate, once a reconciliation bill came to the floor, Democrats could challenge specific provisions. They could say, for example, that any savings from repealing certain parts of the healthcare law would only be incidental. If they won those challenges, those parts of the law would remain in place…
    “I think the bottom line is, it’s plausible to use reconciliation, but it’s really hard to know which provisions will pass muster,” Binder said.


    Chief Justice John Roberts ruled that the financial penalty enforcing the individual mandate is within Congress’s constitutional power to “lay and collect Taxes,” and that the mandate and penalty are inextricably linked. This should suffice to enable repeal, through reconciliation, of both the individual and employer mandates, and their respective penalty taxes.
    The state exchanges and insurance rules—”guaranteed issue,” which forces an insurer to sell a policy to someone who is already sick, and “community rating,” which severely limits the insurer’s right to charge that person a higher premium—are procedurally more difficult. Yet both are linked to the individual mandate, which increases taxes. Whether they can be repealed in a reconciliation bill will ultimately be decided by the Senate Parliamentarian.
    Once the individual mandate is repealed, these popular insurance changes cannot stand by themselves. Without the mandate, people have every incentive to save on premiums and not buy insurance until they fall ill. This will send premiums through the roof for healthy people and, if the government clamps down on increased premiums, destroy private insurance companies. Those Republicans who say they favor legislated guaranteed-issue and community-rating requirements but oppose the mandate will be forced to acknowledge that all three must go.


    [W]e all know the GOP’s myriad failures of will and principle over recent years. But it’s time to act, not to bicker. As a practical matter, no Democrat is ever going to vote for repeal. John Tester can film a commercial with a gun to show he’s not one of those wussy coastal libs, but when he leaves Montana, off come the cowboy boots and on go the Birkenstocks and he’s a guaranteed vote against repeal.
    A vote for any Democrat is a vote for Obamacare. A vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama. Period. That’s just a fact. One can whine and complain and mope, but unless you are actively supporting the GOP down the line, you are supporting Obama and Obamacare.
    But giving some money and your vote, even if Mitt infuriated you in the primary, is not enough. The counterattack needs your time.
    It needs you to help with the crummy scut work of elections, knocking on doors and making calls. It needs you getting active in social media to spread the word and fight the smears – on Facebook, on Twitter, wherever. It needs you to talk to your friends and neighbors, particularly the dumb ones who tune into politics about 15 minutes before the polls open. The dumb ones are natural Obama voters and require your special attention.


    “All that [Court ruling] did was energize conservatives,” declared Rasmussen in an exclusive interview on Monday. “The conservative interest in the election was already much higher than that of moderates and liberals. It went up to really stratospheric levels right after the ruling. We don’t know if that will continue or if it’s just a temporary response to the news cycle.”…
    “Now as for that vote next week, while people were calling it symbolic, one of the interesting things to watch will be how many Democratic congressmen will sign on and support the repeal,” Rasmussen said. “There will probably be a fair number of Democratic members of Congress who are too afraid for their own future to vote in support of the healthcare law.”


    In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News today, Senator McConnell put all … fears to rest. “I have said many times that if I’m the leader of the majority next year, I commit to the American people that the repeal of ‘Obamacare’ will be job one,” he reiterated. “That includes pursuing reconciliation. What people need to understand is that this is literally a fight for the future of our country and Democrats have proven during this debate that they will stop at nothing to protect this massive expansion of government into our lives and our health care. We need to be aware that this will take every ounce of our energy to accomplish.”
    McConnell went on to explain that the fight would not stop with the election: “Our success is dependent upon the voices of the many who are concerned about Obamacare to get involved and stay involved. Do not shut up, do not sit down, do not be intimidated. Keep fighting with every ounce of energy you have. We’ll do the same. The road to repeal begins with a Republican Senate and Mitt Romney in the White House, but it won’t end for me until this historic mistake is wiped off the books for good.”

  76. Don’t you think when these states start opting out, the WH will bring pressure on them that will make them comply? The recent Arizona ruling leads me to believe that if the states don’t cooperate with the WH opinion, they will be punished severly.

    AOL has a story on all the reltionships of the former famous American leaders at the beginning of this country. Evidently Ben Franklin had a lot of lady firends.

  77. MoonOnPluto, thanks for posting the slime from Joan Walsh. You are right that if Walsh said that about other racial (or religious groups for that matter that are not Christian/Jewish) groups she would be denounced. As distasteful as it is to read such odorous opinions it is important to be informed about them.

    We understand you do not necessarily agree with the contents of all the articles (especially when you repeatedly state that the contents of the article are disgusting) you post. Thanks also for the restraint in replying to attacks on yourself for posting articles such as the Hamptons article which you repudiated in the very same comment. Why can’t we all just get along. 🙂

  78. tim
    July 4th, 2012 at 9:52 am
    Hillary needed our friend James Carville in order to beat the Chicago/Kennedy machine, but she had Patty Solis Doyle and Mark Penn instead. History will show that Penn did not understand something as fundamental as how electoral votes were allocated in California–he thought it was all or nothing and his prognostications about everything being over by Super Tuesday reflected that mistake. Penn was not a leader. If Carville had been in charge, I think Hillary would be president, and the future of the middle class would not be in nearly the jeopardy it is now. In my view, she remains the greatest leader of our generation.

    Romney needs the best the Republicans have. If Jim Baker were young enough he would be the man. Everything that man touched turned to gold. When he was chief of staff, he was the best chief of staff in modern times. When he was secretary of state he was the best Secretary of State. And when he was in charge of the Bush campaign he won where perhaps he should not have. It was guys like him who made Ronald Reagan what he was, in addition to Reagans instinct for leadership. I am quite sure the New York Times would dismiss these observations, because with the exception of Bill Saphire they tried their level best to paint him as an amiable dunce. All I can say in response is the greatest military leader I have ever met–General Lewis Walt, who made his bones as a Marine Raider Commander on Guadalcanal, and rose to Assistant Commandant of the US Marine Corps had those same qualities.

    The bottom line? Romney needs to do what Murdock told him. Get rid of the little league players around him and bring in Darth Vader–aka Karl Rove. Rove will beat Obama and he will rub Axelrod’s face in the mud. And in doing so, he will engineer not just a victory, but the landslide needed to take back the oval office and the two houses of congress. And then the American People need to put the pressure on Boehner and McConnell to drive a silver spike through Obamacare, and give us a less restrictive approach to the public policy problems which were the pretext for changing our entire system of government.

  79. Exactly Admin, thank, i just post the information in articles, i don’t write, sometimes i agree, sometimes i dont but its important to let people make up their own mind. If someone has a problem with the aritcle by all means comment on the original article and take it up with writer…don’t shoot the messenger. I like to hear all sides and everyone make their own mind up for it.

  80. Romney comes out clearly.

    Romney tells cbs jan crawford he agrees with Obamacare dissent, but dissenters lost. SCOTUS majority called mandate a tax, so it’s a tax.

    What could not be clearer.

  81. “It’s a white, older base that doesn’t quite understand the way healthcare works.”
    Well, fuck it, its only Joan Wash, who does not quite understand how anything works, but that does not prevent her from opining.

    Some friendly advice for Joan: it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than it is to open it and remove all doubt.

  82. Romney tells cbs jan crawford he agrees with Obamacare dissent, but dissenters lost. SCOTUS majority called mandate a tax, so it’s a tax.
    Yes Moon. I might even go one step further and say it is a tax AS A MATTER OF LAW. Ergo, if dimocrats want to do this dance of the seven veils and say it is not a tax, but is constitutional, then the need to overrule Roberts. In the world of Obama where there is no separation of powers, and whatever he wants he gets, that should not be too difficult to pull off. But those who would do so must be mindful of something Justice Jackson said reflecting on his own service on the Supreme Court, and the Chief Justice position he aspired to before he played hell at Nuremburg: the Supreme Court is not final because it is infallible, but infallible because it is final.

  83. Chris Rock: ‘Happy White Peoples Independence Day, the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks’
    I remember this pervert. He was supposedly with Hillary when she was in Bosnia, she said they were fired on and he disputed it in an effort to promote his soul brother Obama. Thicker than thieves they are. He is one of nature’s mistakes.

  84. Happy Fourth of July all. Our fireworks will begin in Part II of this series
    Give em hell Admin. You light up my life.

  85. …And the very government for which she stands
    Has been scandalized throughout out the land.
    And she’s getting thread bare, and she’s wearing kinda thin,
    But she’s in pretty good shape, for the shape she’s in.
    Cause she’s been through the fire before
    and she can take a whole lot more.
    So we raise her up every morning
    And we bring her down slow every night,
    We don’t let her touch the ground…

    Johnny Cash. “That Ragged Old Flag”

  86. admin


    …consider what has happened with the Medicaid expansion and how will this HellCare bill “function” without everyone forced to participate via the mandate? The entire point of the mandate was to have everyone in, the healthy and the ill in order to make this monstrosity work.

    I completely agree that this will unravel the entire ability to financially support the ACAScam. Already, states are lining up to not accept the Medicaid expansion, FL being the first.

    So, this piece of unicorn dung just sits on the floor of congress, stinking up the country…unable to be fully implemented without taxing the middle class into extinction.

    But………could Hillary become President and somehow do her magic and turn it into a single payer system…tossing out most of the 2700 pages and coming up with a simple, cost saving plan?

    Will we ever know?

  87. Tom gives us the truth with the bark off like he always does. It is a fitting happy independence Day to Chief Roberts. Justice is not his middle name. Weather vane is more like it. Chief Weather Vane Roberts. Somewhere the Washington DC elites are celebrating their newly aquired federal powers. And John Roberts is right there with them celebrating his newly acquired celebrity status. A brainiac/

    Sowell: Judicial Betrayal
    By Thomas Sowell July 3, 2012 6:55 am Text Size: A A A

    Betrayal is hard to take, whether in our personal lives or in the political life of the nation. Yet there are people in Washington — too often, Republicans — who start living in the Beltway atmosphere, and start forgetting those hundreds of millions of Americans beyond the Beltway who trusted them to do right by them, to use their wisdom instead of their cleverness.

    President Bush 41 epitomized these betrayals when he broke his “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge. He paid the price when he quickly went from high approval ratings as president to someone defeated for reelection by a little known governor from Arkansas.

    Chief Justice John Roberts need fear no such fate because he has lifetime tenure on the Supreme Court. But conscience can be a more implacable and inescapable punisher — and should be.

    The Chief Justice probably made as good a case as could be made for upholding the constitutionality of ObamaCare by defining one of its key features as a “tax.”

    The legislation didn’t call it a tax and Chief Justice Roberts admitted that this might not be the most “natural” reading of the law. But he fell back on the long-standing principle of judicial interpretation that the courts should not declare a law unconstitutional if it can be reasonably read in a way that would make it constitutional, out of “deference” to the legislative branch of government.

    But this question, like so many questions in life, is a matter of degree. How far do you bend over backwards to avoid the obvious, that ObamaCare was an unprecedented extension of federal power over the lives of 300 million Americans today and of generations yet unborn?

    These are the people that Chief Justice Roberts betrayed when he declared constitutional something that is nowhere authorized in the Constitution of the United States.

    John Roberts is no doubt a brainy man, and that seems to carry a lot of weight among the intelligentsia — despite glaring lessons from history, showing very brainy men creating everything from absurdities to catastrophes. Few of the great tragedies of history were created by the village idiot, and many by the village genius.

    One of the Chief Justice’s admirers said that when others are playing checkers, he is playing chess. How much consolation that will be as a footnote to the story of the decline of individual freedom in America, and the wrecking of the best medical care in the world, is another story.

    There are many speculations as to why Chief Justice Roberts did what he did, some attributing noble and far-sighted reasons, and others attributing petty and short-sighted reasons, including personal vanity. But all of that is ultimately irrelevant.

    What he did was betray his oath to be faithful to the Constitution of the United States.

    Who he betrayed were the hundreds of millions of Americans — past, present and future — whole generations in the past who have fought and died for a freedom that he has put in jeopardy, in a moment of intellectual inspiration and moral forgetfulness, 300 million Americans today whose lives are to be regimented by Washington bureaucrats, and generations yet unborn who may never know the individual freedoms that their ancestors took for granted.

    Some claim that Chief Justice Roberts did what he did to save the Supreme Court as an institution from the wrath — and retaliation — of those in Congress who have been railing against Justices who invalidate the laws they have passed. Many in the media and in academia have joined the shrill chorus of those who claim that the Supreme Court does not show proper “deference” to the legislative branch of government.

    But what does the Bill of Rights seek to protect the ordinary citizen from? The government! To defer to those who expand government power beyond its constitutional limits is to betray those whose freedom depends on the Bill of Rights.

    Similar reasoning was used back in the 1970s to justify the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies. Otherwise, it was said, Congress would destroy the Fed’s independence, as it can also change the courts’ jurisdiction. But is it better for an institution to undermine its own independence, and freedom along with it, while forfeiting the trust of the people in the process?

    Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. His website is

  88. Obama needs to summon Roberts to the White House. He can wear a desguise and enter through the servants door. That way no one will notice. Once in he can meet privately with Obama, so they can swap spit.

    Obama: John, you are a great man–no as great as me, but not too shabby.

    Roberts: Thank you Mr. President. I am at your service. I also do valet work.

    Obama: John, you have taken a bold stand–and enhanced my ability to tax the middle class–most of whom are white.

    Roberts: Mr. President–I have got to admit you got to me. The attack at the State of the Union, the indictment you had Senator Leahy read in Congress, and of course the serial attacks on the Supreme Court by your friends at the New York Times. You made me cry uncle and turn on the conservative faction. Now thanks to you, I have all thse new friends on the left. I feel like General Paulus–who was captured and then became a mouthpiece for the enemy. It was the easy way out–and I took it.

    Obama: well John, that is the reason I invited you down here today. You and I have a good thing going. You can pretend to be a conservative, and then legitimize every hairbrained scheme I will introduce in my second term to take down this country. I promise you that my friends in big media will praise you as a second John Marshall and your name will be etched in stone alongside his. The truth does not matter a farthing John. The name of the game is propaganda, and my friends at NYT are masters in that black art. So just play along with me John, and all will be well.

    Roberts: I am humbled to hear you say that Mr. President. You can count on me to do as you say.

  89. admin
    July 4th, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    God bless the USA.

    I love that song, it touches me like no other on the 4th of July.

    Thanks for posting it admin.

  90. Romney tells cbs jan crawford he agrees with Obamacare dissent, but dissenters lost. SCOTUS majority called mandate a tax, so it’s a tax.

    What could not be clearer.


    He’s deep in the briar patch.

  91. admin
    July 4th, 2012 at 12:00 pm
    You do no service to this site or its readers when you encourage posters who reprint lies and slander a community.

  92. Will be hard to “Palinize” him. He is likeable and the quintenssential American story.


    So is Palin.

  93. moononpluto
    July 4th, 2012 at 2:05 pm
    just for you, moon.. 🙂

  94. If every illegal immigrant in the US left tomorrow, we would be out of recession.


    We’d be out of a lot of other things too, such as the crops that would be rotting in the fields. And if we could get Americans to do the housecleaning, paying them illegal-level wages wouldn’t help the recession much.

  95. You do no service to this site or its readers when you encourage posters who reprint lies [….]


    When a lie is printed here, we can all attack it and show evidence against it. Thus collecting ammunition against it, which can be used by ourselves and others to fight that lie when it is circulated elsewhere.

  96. and yet again California leads the way in wrecking themselves.

    In California, immigration bill designed as the “anti-Arizona”

    While America’s debate over immigration has been dominated recently by crackdowns in states like Arizona and Alabama, California legislators are trying to turn that tide with a bill to protect illegal immigrants that they dub the “anti-Arizona.”

    Last week, the top U.S. court upheld the most controversial aspect of Arizona’s immigration statute: a requirement that police officers check the immigration status of people they stop, even for minor offenses such as jay-walking.

    Enter California, a border state that is home to the largest number of illegal immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic, and is considerably more liberal than its neighbor Arizona.

    A bill currently working its way through the California legislature would block local law enforcement from referring a detainee to immigration officials for deportation unless that person has been convicted of a violent or serious felony.

    “California cannot afford to become another Arizona,” said California Assembly member Tom Ammiano, the bill’s sponsor. One of the bill’s sponsors, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, calls the effort the “anti-Arizona.”


    Oh well if California wants to attract everyone who does not want to be deported, they are going the right way about it.

  97. It’s people like Walsh that are driving people by the millions away from the Democratic Party. The condescending attitude and arrogance of the Democratic leadership and their MSM allies which lead to the 2010 political slaughter continues with no end in sight. This is the type of leadership that lead GM to financial ruin.

  98. Wrong turndownobama. Illegal wages are being paid to illegal aliens who have no recourse. Concurrently, these low paid illegals skew the whole labor market, from salaries paid to jobs available. Remove them from the picture, and these problems will begin to correct themselves. As for those migrants who work the
    crops, many do so legally, and that seems to be a straw man argument. Not all foreigners are here illegally.

  99. well what would a “whiter older base” know about healthcare….well, maybe bringing up their kids and grandkids through illness and all sorts, dealing with all sorts of disease such as cancer, heart attacks, paying doctor and medical bills but sure that’s nothing i suppose when you are sitting on a tv show pontificating about peoples lives.

  100. Thanks for all the great links, great insight and the funny stuff you post, moononpluto.

    Seeing your posts first thing in the morning always brings a smile to my face.

  101. Some must wonder as I do that if this Roberts decision is so wonderful, why is it that the 4 other justices felt obligated to go on record as stridently not in agreement? Or is this just theater for the masses?

  102. Love Bibi’s independence day greetings. I’d listen to Bibi any day over OTurd when it comes to any topic.

  103. 😳

    It was the news the world breathlessly waited for immediately after the 9/11 terror attacks: a report of the first American troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

    All at once the world’s attention focused on an iconic photo of those Special Operations Forces doing something no American military had done in nearly a century: They rode horses into combat.

    See above

  104. Where is Mrs. Smith? I don’t get the opportunity to read everything here. Did something happen with her? I do not see any comments from her.

  105. From Bibi’s independence day greetings.

    “Two world changing ideas, first, “that people should have the right to choose their own leaders, and be sovereign over their own destiny”, and second “that the power of those leaders, the power of government must be checked, so that individual rights will be protected.”

    Roberts, Kagan, Gingsburg, Breyer, Sotomeyer should hang their heads in shame and be embarassed, instead on adhereing to the originial intent of individual rights that so many thousands upon thousands have died for and continue to fight/die for, these justices did what the british empire could not do, openly take away sovereignity of the individual and then call it “Constitutional”. Shame, they should all hang their heads in tremendous shame. It will be overturned by the people of this country, we/they are the final arbitors, we/they are the final deciders of this country, not some people in black robes.

  106. Oh, d@mn. Here’s the entire text.

    THIS is what America is about. My favorite parts of the clip are seeing a part of the WTC buried and memorialized in enemy territory and the anecdote about a woman pilot helping with the bombing whose voice was transmitted to the Taliban. What a great slsp in the face to those misogynistic fothermuckers.

    Secret mission: The Horse Soldiers of 9/11

    Editor’s note: Today The Daily Caller is proud to present again Alex Quade’s gripping video documentary about the first American servicemen to enter Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attacks. This report earned TheDC the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award, along with the American Legion’s Fourth Estate Award and a Bronze Telly Award.

    It was the news the world breathlessly waited for immediately after the 9/11 terror attacks: a report of the first American troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

    All at once the world’s attention focused on an iconic photo of those Special Operations Forces doing something no American military had done in nearly a century: They rode horses into combat.

    Their secret mission: secure northern Afghanistan by advising the warring tribal factions that formed the Northern Alliance. During the 2011 Veterans Day Parade on November 11, a new monument to these men — and to all Americans in uniform — made its way down New York City’s famed Fifth Avenue on the way to its final home, a stone’s throw from Ground Zero.

    Military men and women, along with New York City firefighters, policemen, emergency responders and other marchers, 50,000 in all, will escort the monument on its televised journey. The spectacle will feature members of the three original Special Operations teams — some on horseback, others walking alongside surviving spouses of fallen heroes.

    Retired Army general and current CIA director David Petraeus was among the parade marshals. Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer is producing a future movie about America’s “Horse Soldiers.”

    The spirit of the elite forces who rode on that dangerous and unprecedented mission in Afghanistan — the men depicted in this short film — was the monument’s inspiration. War reporter Alex Quade tracked down some of those courageous American commandos. She obtained their permission, and that of their commanding officers, to share their personal stories, their names, their faces, and their mission photos. This footage and most of these photos have never been seen before.

    John Vigiano is a former marine and retired New York fire captain who lost two sons at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. John Jr. was a firefighter. Joe was a New York City police officer.

    “We are all in this equally, but in a different capacity,” Vigiano told Quade. “President Bush called us [in New York] ‘the first casualties of the war’ … we may have responded first to the attack, but the Special Forces took it to them on their turf,” Vigiano says. “The Horse Soldiers picked up the standard from us, here in the USA, and brought it to them in Afghanistan.”

    “In every sense of the word,” he said, “they were an extension of our sons.”

  107. I just saw on Megyn Kelly’s show, she had 14 wounded veterans on… heroes, these people truly are heroes. Whether one agreed with the wars or not (and in my opinion it is not unpatriotic to not agree with the policy itself), but these men/women volunteered, they stepped up and put their lives on the line. And for that reason, they are the best of America, they are the true American Idols.

    On the show they had a charity for vets who are severely wounded, and the charity builds them homes to make it easier for them to move around, etc. Just wanted to pass on the charity’s name…

  108. In a CBS News interview, Romney affirmed that he agreed with the (SCOTUS) dissent — the minority opinion of the high court — but accepted that the majority opinion was law.

    “I said that I agreed with the dissent and the dissent made it very clear that they felt it was unconstitutional. But the dissent lost,” Romney said. “It’s in the minority. And so now the Supreme Court has spoken, and while I agreed with dissent, it’s taken over by the fact that the majority of the court said that it’s a tax and therefore it is a tax.”. . .

    “And the American people know that President Obama has broken the pledge he made,” Romney said in the CBS interview. “He said he wouldn’t raise taxes on middle income Americans.”

  109. Poll: By 2-To-1 Margin Americans Say Country Worse Off Today Than Before Obama Took Office…

    Via Rasmussen:

    Most Americans don’t believe the county is better off today than it was four years ago, but they’d still rather live here than anywhere else in the world.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 30% of American Adults think the nation is better off today than it was four years ago. But twice as many (60%) don’t believe the United States is better off today.

  110. Sir Kenneth Clark had a wonderful phrase to describe the naive people in the British elites at the close of the Victorian Age. They were smug, self satisfied, and utterly unprepared for the new century that was before them, the horrors it would introduce into the lives of millions, and the decline of the British Empire which was the prevailing structure of the then existing world order. These people were content to repeat the bromides of their class and era, and lacked any kind of critical thinking skills. The words he used to describe them?

    Ignorant as swans.

    Listening to Joan Wash blather reminds me of that term. Somehow it fits her, quite.

  111. What is really beyond the pale, but typical of the beast, is the tendency of leftists like Walsh to impute base motives to those who criticize their imperious actions. The fundamental flaw in this is the leftists refuse to accept feedback from reality, and that is always a fatal flaw. In a just universe, the harm would be confined to those who caused it, namely them. But often they are insulated from the affects personally and in some instances they benefit financially from their perverse actions.

  112. From Breitbart:


    by JOEL B. POLLAK 2 Jul 2012 885 POST A COMMENT

    The Obama campaign has seized on remarks made by Romney adviser Eric “Etch-A-Sketch” Fehrnstrom this morning on MSNBC, to the effect that the individual mandate in Obamacare (and Romneycare) is not a tax. Fehrnstrom allowed Chuck Todd to push him off message–and re-ignited the fears that conservatives have long had about Romney’s will and ability to fight. In response, conservatives–who had just coalesced around opposition to what many now call “Obamatax”–exhort: Mitt, start fighting, or give up and let someone else do it.
    Fehrnstrom’s point–in defense of Romneycare–was that the Supreme Court was wrong to uphold Obamacare under the taxing power. The individual mandate was never intended to be a tax, Congress never called it a tax, and it wasn’t a tax in Massachusetts, either. Fine–but now that Obama’s lawyers went to court and called it a tax, and Chief Justice John Roberts called it a tax (and spare us the non-distinction between “tax” and the “taxing power”) Obamacare is, undeniably, a massive tax on the middle class. Obama lied. It’s that simple.
    The GOP primary is over, and this is not a mistake that Fehrnstrom can merely shake away. It’s going to be used–and already is being used–by the Obama campaign to save itself from the tax argument, and to label Romney as a liar (when that label belongs squarely on Obama, who campaigned against Hillary Clinton’s individual mandate in 2008). Perhaps this is why Rupert Murdoch has been calling openly for Romney to “drop…old friends from [his] team and hire…some real pros,” as he did on Twitter yesterday.
    The Tea Party has been ready to rally to Romney’s side over the Obamacare decision, overlooking his past in order to use him as the vehicle for repealing Obamacare and toppling Obama. But if Romney won’t fight for conservative principles, the Tea Party is going to start looking elsewhere–fast. No one wants to live through the frustration of October 2008 all over again. No one wants to watch another conservative capitulate to Obama. 
    This ain’t Etch-A-Sketch, Mitt. Go hard or go home.

  113. these low paid illegals skew the whole labor market, from salaries paid to jobs available. Remove them from the picture, and these problems will begin to correct themselves.


    But employers would have to raise salaries. Legal workers might even unionize. What would Gov Walker think?

  114. tim
    July 4th, 2012 at 6:48 am

    Happy Birthday Beautiful America. 237 years and counting, and there are millions who will never forget how many who died and many who want to “transform” the very essence of freedom that million died for over the ears.

    God Bless this beautiful country and all who defend the US Constitution.
    AMEN!!! 🙂

  115. tim
    July 4th, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    love this latest ad from Romney…

    Yes, the perfect Independence Day ad.

  116. I shared the HotAIR video above. It is EXcellent.

    Re: nomobama
    July 4th, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    That was my greatest fear with Romney the nominee. He is, basically, a really nice guy and while it got the ire up of some on here, he does not know how to fight. He fights like a girl. He does not know how to fight dirty or may not be willing to punch then counterpunch. If he does not fight, it will be John McCain redux. The country WILL NOT SURVIVE another ObaMAO term; and my fear is that there will never be another election.

    READ MY LIPS, Mittens, either get some testosterone or go home.

  117. Great MR clip.

    As for Chris Rock, Joan Walsh, Roland Martin, and all the other race baiters out there flipping the bird to whites in the country, someone should remind them that if not for their black ancestors selling them the slave trade would never have existed. Muslims, BTW, were very much involved in that trade as well.

    Having always been a rebel at heart I never thought I would become so defensive of the majority white race but at this point it’s time for whites to form alliances and stand up together against this despicable attack.

    What a disgusting slew of anti0white vitriol on this great day.


  118. Oh. My. God. Netanyahu gets America. Netanyahu UNDERSTANDS our country and what the republic stands for; and it makes me sad that our POS POTUS wants to destroy this long lasting beautiful experiment of individual rights. For the first time in my adult life, I am not proud of my President, and even sadder to say I am more proud of the leader of Israel. How I long for the good old days.

  119. Oh. My. God. Netanyahu gets America. Netanyahu UNDERSTANDS our country and what the republic stands for; and it makes me sad that our POS POTUS wants to destroy this long lasting beautiful experiment of individual rights. For the first time in my adult life, I am not proud of my President, and even sadder to say I am more proud of the leader of Israel. How I long for the good old days.

  120. Re: nomobama
    July 4th, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Mrs. Smith is on a well deserved holiday to celebrate the Fourth in the Republic of Texas. Happy Independence Day everyone.

  121. Weather where I live was horribly oppressive this afternoon so I watched The Revolution and it inspired me even more about the country’s origins and also sickened me even more about the POS occupying the People’s House.

    The series provides an in-depth look at Washington and while I knew much of the story the program filled in many gaps and gave me a renewed appreciation of the father of this country. By comparison, the POS is just that. Amazing when he was asked about his achievements he gave an answer indicating he considered himself among the top 4 presidents after FDR, Lincoln and JFK. Absolutely amazing. And he didn’t even mention Washington.

    Vanity, insolence, self-aggrandizement and delusion mark the POS. I’m hoping he goes the way of George the 111 and we get to watch.

  122. I have never used the word president to describe Obama–not once that I can recall in all the postings, the papers and the discussions about him. He is not the president. He cheated to win. He lied to win. And now that he has won he disparages the country which he was elected to serve.

    That being the case praytell was legal right does he have to live at OCCUPIES 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Echo answereth none. He holds no legal title to the estate in question. He does not own it in fee simple absolute, fee on a condition subsquent, by quit claim deed, tenancy in common, joint tenancy, or by life estate.

    He is nothing more and nothing less than an adverse possessor, and as such he needs to be evicted. Notice of eviction will be served to him in Novemeber.

  123. Many people are urging Romney to take the fight to Obama. That advice is sound, but only to a degree. If it is pushed too far, it will cast him in a role he is uncomfortable with. This happend to Reagan and it caused him to lose a debate to Walter Mondale. After that the handlers were urged to back off and let Reagan be Reagan. Romney needs to be himself, and let his operatives de-capitate the Obama handlers. Romney should stay above that fray, and project a positive image of the future. If he select Rubio, this will follow as day follows night.

  124. He is nothing more and nothing less than an adverse possessot….

    Correction, he was not a Professor. He was a sometimes lecturer, and lecturers are normally Ph. D. STUDENTS, not even a Ph. D. yet.


    US Border Agent Brian Terry? I’m sure this church will be labeling him a racist too.

    Apparently, these ignorant fools don’t realise it was the republican party who wanted to end slavery, probably never heard of Lincoln either.

    One of the nation’s most influential black churches condemned last week’s contempt-of-Congress vote against Attorney General Eric Holder, likening it to “evil” Reconstruction-era voter suppression.

    The African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) adopted the resolution last week and put on its website Tuesday. The resolution sought to draw a connection between the House vote and Mr. Holder’s plan to look into whether recent legislation to condemn voter fraud was driven by an effort to suppress voter turnout.

    “Whereas the attack against Attorney General Holder comes after his stated intent to determine whether recent laws passed to combat non-existent voter fraud are actually efforts at voter suppression that violate the Voting Rights Act,” the AME bishops said in the resolution.

  126. The African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME)
    These people are Guiness Book stupid–and I mean that–stupid. By calling the investigation of Holder racist, these idiots have ratified fast and furious, and now every one of them has the blood of four hundred dead Mexicans and one dead US Border Agent on their hands. I do not know what God they pray to but it cannot be a Christian God.

  127. I wonder if there is that much difference between these mosques which preach revolutioin against the west and these black churches that preach revolution against white people. I hope Hispanics are smart enough not to fall into the blame whitey for everything we see with so many black churches preach. We have some wonderful black minister in my area, but my growing sense is they are the exception rather than the rule.

  128. This video expands the segment admin gave above at 5:21 pm. It has a humorous title “Romney Sides With Supreme Court”

    Romney manages to humiliate Jan Crawford although I tend to think that was not his intent. She is just that stupid, thinking Fed and state powers are equivalent.

  129. WOW! I wish I had seen this clip yesterday but it’s good any day of the year.

    Amazingly beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by the Voices of Liberty

  130. I urge anyone and everyone who can afford this book by colonel lakin to buy it…
    as for OTurd, never has America seen a man like OTurd, who hates the military, hates the Constitution, hates the very essense of America.

    “Former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin knows what despair feels like. He felt it full-bore on a late December day in 2010. Having been stripped of his rank, income, benefits, pension, and authority at court martial, this much-honored 17-year U.S. Army veteran was about to lose his freedom.

    The good doctor had refused deployment to Afghanistan. He had been there before in his role as flight surgeon and would have been happy to go again. He had his bags packed and was ready to leave. All he asked from his commander-in-chief before boarding the plane was a sign, a nod to the constitutional niceties, a show of his birth certificate. It was not forthcoming.

    Now, Lakin was on his way to Fort Leavenworth’s Joint Regional Correctional Facility. Of all his hardship deployments, Bosnia included, this would be the hardest. After he bid a tearful farewell to his wife and three young children, his military minders chained his hands together and attached those chains to a band around his waist. They chained his legs and attached those, too. They then loaded him into a van and drove him to Reagan National.

    There, Lakin endured his ultimate humiliation: a seemingly endless perp walk — a shuffle really — through a concourse filled with flags and patriotic bunting and the happy sight of returning soldiers. None of the display had lost its appeal, but Lakin could not overlook the irony of his being chained and bound amidst it all.

    The civilian psychologist who did intake assessments at Fort Leavenworth claimed to know why the soft-spoken doctor refused deployment, or at least he thought he did. As he put it, Lakin did not believe Obama to have been born in the United States or to be constitutionally eligible to be president.

    Lakin corrected him. As he explained, he did not know where the president was born or whether the president was eligible. The problem was that no one did. As Lakin saw it, the oath that he took as an officer in the U.S. Army — “I, Terrence Lee Lakin, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” — all but dictated that he seek the truth.

    After exhausting all military channels, Lakin took the one honorable step that he thought would force the president to respond, even if it meant a court martial. The psychologist didn’t get it. He could not quite factor “honor” into a mental illness evaluation.

    The White House, which was aware of Lakin’s ordeal, could have spared him imprisonment had the president done in April 2010 what he did in April 2011. Under pressure from Donald Trump, President Obama presented at least a facsimile of a birth certificate. At the churlish little press conference surrounding the event, Obama mocked those who had questioned him.

    “We’re not going to be able to [address our problems] if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts,” said the president. “We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”

    Lakin watched this presentation on his cell block’s communal TV with dismay. After all he had sacrificed, the president considered him, if he considered him at all, as nothing more than a sideshow freak. That burned.

    What burned even more was his later realization that Obama himself had been feeding the story that he was foreign-born. In May of this year, Lakin, like the rest of us, learned that Obama claimed a Kenyan birth in the bio distributed by his literary agent, Jane Dystel, in 1991.

    From early on, no doubt, Barack Obama saw that it paid to be exotic. Foreign birth gave him a romantic allure and allowed him to distance himself from the bitter clingers of the country he barely deigned to inhabit.

  131. Basil I watched The Revolution too. It’s a great series and should be required watching in every government school.

  132. The only way I ever address the man in the WH is as the Usurper.

    The other names I have for him are not meant to be posted on this or any other site.

  133. From Greta’s blog. Cannot make this stuff up:

    As you might imagine, both Presidential campaigns constantly send us in the media information. See below the latest from Gov Romney campaign:
    [CNN]Soledad O’Brien: “So then he disagrees with the Supreme Court decision that says it’s now a tax”
    [Pres Obama campaign spokesperson] Ben Labolt: “That’s right.”

  134. are they going nuts in Cali.

    Cities Consider Seizing Mortgages

    A handful of local officials in California who say the housing bust is a public blight on their cities may invoke their eminent-domain powers to restructure mortgages as a way to help some borrowers who owe more than their homes are worth.

    Investors holding the current mortgages predict the move will backfire by driving up borrowing costs and further depress property values. “I don’t see how you could find it anything other than appalling,” said Scott Simon, a managing director at Pacific Investment Management Co., or Pimco, a unit of Allianz SE.

    Eminent domain allows a government to forcibly acquire …


    well only if they never want anyone to lend to them ever again.

  135. how original…. wonder if NBC will be making HBO movies about George Soros??

    Apparently HBO, NBC, and the other media establishment have no fking clue that more and more Americans are onto their liberal bias.

    “Another source reportedly told Deadline that with this movie project, ”HBO prefers to take on Fox News through Ailes. The idea is that it should make Fox News look like a Mafia, and you get into this through Ailes, sidestepping Murdoch, not approaching the story head on.””

  136. Don’t know about all of you, but I’m wondering, do they think people don’t have access to the supreme ct ruling, that people cannot read the actual words written in the ruling?

    Hell, if its not a tax, then why hire IRS agents to arrest people for not paying this “non-tax”..

  137. Mitt, don’t even consider Meg Whitman…

    He said on teevee the other day, only he and some woman we works with (I don’t remember her name) know who the candidates they are considering are…not even his wife knows.


    WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitt Romney’s wife says her husband is thinking about picking a woman to be on his ticket this fall.

    Ann Romney says in an interview, “We’ve been looking at that and I love that option as well.”

    She tells CBS News she thinks the person selected for the No. 2 spot should be “someone that obviously can do the job but will be able to carry through with some of the other responsibilities.”

    The former Massachusetts governor, who was joined by his wife for the interview, declined to describe the status of the vice presidential search, saying “that’s something I’m keeping close with my team…

  138. 4th Of July Obama Economic Bummer News…

    Wall Street is coming out with a barrage of recent negative economic indicators that has to have the Obama White House panicked.

    This past June marked the first manufacturing output drop since July of 2009 – an indicator JP Morgan economist Michael Feroli described as an economic “infection” – one that is now overtaking the entire U.S. economy:

    The news was so bad that it caused new hope that the Federal Reserve would engage in a third round of “quantitative easing,” which is the polite way to say that the U.S. central bank would conjure hundreds of billions of dollars into being and then buy up the investment holdings of private banks in a bid to get those banks to make loans with their profits. The Fed then sits on the investments until such time as markets are deemed stable enough to withstand their sale.

    …The current slowdown is blamed on a cyclical contraction in global markets. Europe is deathly ill and locked in a debt spiral and China is coming down hard off of a stimulus-driven high that allowed the fast-growing nation to miss most of the global downturn. The problems in those places weaken demand for U.S. exports and cause investors to pull back. Then as the U.S. slows, hopes fade in the other regions that America will again be able to provide the economic lift to push the rest of the planet forward.

    …Voters will go to the polls 18 weeks from today. And while Democrats had given up hope on a real recovery by then, they now have to face the strong possibility that there will be further contraction.

    The third quarter of the year, which began Sunday, is the time in which attitudes about the economy will harden. Between now and the end of September Americans will pass a final judgment on Obama’s economic stewardship. Every indication seems to be that voters will have ample evidence that things are getting worse, or at best, continuing to stagnate.

  139. interesting from the comments.

    Sentinel says:
    July 5, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Let’s see, what do we know about Andre Carson;

    Well, he got there when his grandma checked out of the net in a special election. His granny, prior to becoming a Congresscretin worked for the UAW. Carson, hisself, is a member of the Congressional Progressive (communist) Caucus, the “New Democrat Coalition” and of course the Congressional Black Caucus. Also, he was the first Indiana congresscreting to announce support for Obongo.

    And last, but certainly not least – he was one of the first big mouths who launched the lie that the Tea Party protesters (during the ObongoCare debates) used racial slurs and spit on the black reps.

    Yep, a real piece of work here.

  140. Marine Corps Band Plays Romney’s Campaign Song On White House Lawn While Obama Greets Guests…

    Via The Hill:

    A subset of the Marine Corps band struck up one of Mitt Romney’s walkout songs while President Obama was greeting visitors at the White House Independence Day celebration.

    A White House pool report said the band struck up Rodney Atkins’s “It’s America,” and described it as an “awkward moment.

  141. Why did the Dep of Labor give $275K to activist group, now harassing restaurants & patrons?

    The House investigations panel has opened a probe into a controversial labor-activist group accused of harassing New York City eateries, The Post has learned.

    The organization, the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), was formed after 9/11 to help displaced restaurant workers, including those from Windows of the World.

    But Darrell Issa, chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said ROC has been up to no good, and he is questioning why the group receives federal funding from the US Department of Labor.

    ROC obtained a $275,000 federal grant in 2009.

    Issa pointed out that the city Health Department has slapped ROC’s own restaurant, Colors in Greenwich Village, with numerous sanitary violations.

    And the group itself has been accused of wage violations by its own workers, Issa said.

    “ROC targets restaurants that it believes have subpar safety or workplace conditions and demands that the restaurant pay a monetary award. When a restaurant resists these demands, ROC organizes large protests outside the restaurant, harasses patrons who want to enter and eat in the restaurant and even places giant inflatable cockroaches outside of the restaurant,” Issa said in a letter to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis.

    Issa said ROC “repeatedly harassed” celebrity chef Mario Batali’s restaurant Del Posto and other eateries in the city — even noting that Batali filed for a restraining order against the group.

    ROC’s tactics have won back-pay settlements for workers at other restaurants.

    But Issa said ROC doesn’t even practice what it preaches.

    He said city Health Department inspections showed ROC’s eatery Colors had a “troubling history of poor sanitation” over the past two years — including violations for the presence of mice, food surfaces not properly washed, and food not protected from “potential sources of contamination in storage, preparation, transportation, display or service.”

    While ROC’s mission is to fight for improved wages and working conditions for restaurant workers, Issa told Solis the group and Colors have a “history of disputes over wages.”

    Issa said several ROC members sued the organization because the group allegedly promised them an ownership stake in Colors if they contributed free labor. But the workers alleged ROC did not live up to the promise.

    “ROC’s history of intimidation towards opponents and management problems with its own restaurant raises significant questions about why DOL decided to form an alliance with and provide federal funding to the organization,” Issa said.

    ROC — a tax-exempt not-for-profit that has expanded to include locals in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston — declined to comment.

  142. Yup thats Obama’s new slogan “Betting on America”……how long before this one goes down in flames of ridicule. Seriously what dick is coming up with these.

  143. #BettingOnAmerica by holding fundraisers in France and Switzerland.

    #BettingOnAmerica because Michelle loves going to Vegas.

    #BettingOnAmerica because hey, after a 3 1/2 year losing streak, I’m due.

    #BettingOnAmerica to suffer a massive amnesia attack.

    #BettingOnAmerica not to ridicule this new slogan on Twitter.

    Oh the easiness of it all.

  144. I beseech ye in the bowels of Christ that ye may be wrong–so said Cromwell Lord Protector of England.

    You rang?

    Up to this point, I have argued that what Roberts did was blasphemy. From a purely legal standpoint, I think it is. I think the expansion of the taxing power is highly problematic for the future, but it is better than allowing the commerce power to expand to the point that federalism is effectively eliminated, which is where lovers of the South African Constitution like Ginzberg would like to take it.

    But that is not the show stopper.

    The prevailing wisdom on the right is that Roberts was intimidated by the left. The prevailing view of the left is that he has become a second Marshall.

    But what if the real objective here was political more so than legal. What if he has been harboring a grudge ever since the dims tried to tear down the court for doing its job honestly. And what if he came to the conclusion that he could give them what they were demanding and make them sorry they ever asked.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold–so they say.

    Admin suggested as much and it may well be that admin will pin the point down with great force and clarity in the next posting–as implied.

    But for now, the best insight into this grand exercise in beware of what you wish for because you may have the misfortune of getting it comes from Morris.

    Morris shows when Roberts ruled the mandate was legal the left was so elated that they failed to notice also ruled that it was a tax and the BURDEN of that tax fell most heavily on the Obama’s own political base, in stark contrast to his solenn and oft repeated promise not to raise taxes on the middle class.

    In one stroke of the pen, Obama care becomes Obama tax on those making less than $120,000 per year.

    Bring back those obnoxius school children for one more round of:

    All things bright and beautiful
    All things great and small
    All things wise and wonderful
    Obama taxed us all

  145. Celebrating the men who had the guts to commit treason against the world’s most powerful empire.” against the world’s most powerful empire.”
    “guts to commit treason”….That isn’t hyperbole, as the penalty for treason was “Hanging, drawing and quartering”, usually commuted to “just” hanging. For these seven men, however, the George III may have given them the full penalty.

  146. “But for now, the best insight into this grand exercise in beware of what you wish for because you may have the misfortune of getting it comes from Morris.”
    That will be even more true for the Republicans if Romney wins and the Repubs get 50+ Senate seats. McConnell has already started walking back the repeal Obamacare expectations.

  147. Lol, someone better tell the WH. Caught and Busted.

    New: Obama lawyer: Mandate functions ‘as a tax law.’

    LaBolt’s claim that the mandate is in the tax code but is not a tax drew a quick response from the Romney campaign, which pointed out that in oral arguments before the Court on March 27, Obama administration Solicitor General Donald Verrilli told the justices they had “an obligation to construe [the mandate] as an exercise of the tax power.”

    But oral arguments weren’t the only time Verrilli, and the Obama administration, argued that the mandate is a tax. On page 52 of its brief submitted to the Court on the Obamacare case, the administration said unequivocally that the mandate will function “as a tax law.” Quoting from a 1940s case, Nelson v. Sears, Roebuck, & Co, the administration wrote:

    “In passing on the constitutionality of a tax law,” a court is “concerned only with its practical operation, not its definition or the precise form of descriptive words which may be applied to it.” The practical operation of the minimum coverage provision is as a tax law. It is fully integrated into the tax system, will raise substantial revenue, and triggers only tax consequences for non-compliance…The Court has never held that a revenue-raising provision bearing so many indicia of taxation was beyond Congress’s taxing power, and it should not do so here.

    If there were any doubt that President Obama and his administration viewed the individual mandate as a tax, it should be settled by the administration’s own brief in the Supreme Court Obamacare case. Now, the question is whether the president himself still stands by what his administration told the Court.

  148. “But for now, the best insight into this grand exercise in beware of what you wish for because you may have the misfortune of getting it comes from Morris.”
    That will be even more true for the Republicans if Romney wins and the Repubs get 50+ Senate seats. McConnell has already started walking back the repeal Obamacare expectations.
    McConnell started to walk it back and then reversed himsel and declared that repeal of it would be his number one legislative priority. Is he lying now was he lying then or is he just a chronic and habitual politician? If they repeal it they will have to replace it with something. The question that should be asked is will they re-institute the individual mandate? As I understand it, they were the original advocates of that position to benefit the medical lobby who at that time supported Republicans.

  149. “But for now, the best insight into this grand exercise in beware of what you wish for because you may have the misfortune of getting it comes from Morris.”
    It was one of the “bullet points” in the 2006 “reform” agenda of the medical insurance lobby. The millions of people forced to buy “junk”medical insurance more than offset the “losses” from eliminating “pre-existing”.


    President Obama’s new campaign slogan – “Betting on America” – is slightly less atrocious than his prior attempts at bumper sticker politics, “Forward,” “Winning The Future,” “A Fair Shot,” “An America Built To Last,” and “We Can’t Wait.” It’s a rather ham-fisted attempt to bash Mitt Romney for supposedly outsourcing jobs – a claim coordinated between the White House and its media allies, and falsely exaggerated by Obama’s friends.

    But there’s another problem for Obama: when he says he’s “betting on America,” we know he’s lying. Obama is betting on government, not Americans. He doesn’t believe that Americans ought to be able to choose their own healthcare, pick their own vehicles, or keep their own cash. Instead, we ought to turn over control to the benevolent fellows in Washington, D.C., who clearly know better than we do what to do with our lives.

    More than that, though, President Obama is betting – he’s betting on his agenda, using the money he borrows from China to do so. Obama’s laying down regulatory gambles on the roulette wheel … and he’s waiting for the next generation to swing by in a few years to pick up the tab. Obama’s betting record is shoddy thus far: Solyndra is merely the most obvious example of Obama picking and choosing winners. And more often than not, those winners end up being losers.

    Obama’s real slogan ought to be: “Betting Your Future.” Are you comfortable with him wagering your financial and ethical future on his political allies?


    Also using the acronym BoA…..Bank of America, lol. Who thinks this shit up.

  151. Another one of Bambi’s pet energy friends goes belly up.

    A geothermal energy company with a $98.5 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration for an alternative energy project in Nevada — which received hearty endorsements from Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — faces financial problems, and the company’s auditors have questioned whether it can stay in business.

    Much like Solyndra LLC, a California solar-panel manufacturer with a $535 million federal loan guarantee that went bankrupt, Nevada Geothermal Power (NGP) has incurred $98 million in net losses over the past several years, has substantial debts and does not generate enough cash from its current operations after debt-service costs, an internal audit said.

    “The company’s ability to continue as a going concern is dependent on its available cash and its ability to continue to raise funds to support corporate operations and the development of other properties,” NGP auditors said in a financial statement for the period ending March 31.

    “Consequently, material uncertainties exist which cast significant doubt upon the company’s ability to continue as a going concern,” the statement said.

    Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat who led passage of the $814 billion stimulus bill and worked to include the loan guarantee program to help finance clean-energy projects, predicted in 2010 that NGP would “put Nevadans to work” and declared that Nevada was the “Saudi Arabia of geothermal energy.”

    Mr. Chu celebrated NGP’s potential in his June 2010 announcement of the loan guarantee, saying the federal government’s support of the company demonstrated its commitment to geothermal power to achieve the nation’s clean-energy goals.

    But Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican and chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on regulatory affairs, stimulus oversight and government spending, is concerned about NGP’s finances and the timing of the loan guarantee.

    “The company was in danger of defaulting on its financial obligation, and the [Department of Energy‘s] assistance served as a de facto bailout,” Mr. Jordan said. “After receiving a taxpayer-backed $98.5 million loan guarantee, the company is still struggling.”

    He said the loan guarantee “essentially served to prop up an already-faltering firm.”

    In January, Rep. Darrell E. Issa, California Republican andchairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told Mr. Chu that the NGP loan guarantee raised questions about why the Energy Department was investing significant taxpayer resources in a company with well-established financial problems.

    ‘Save the failing company’

    At the time the Energy Department announced its conditional approval of the guarantee, Mr. Issa said NGP would have defaulted on a loan from TCW Asset Management Co., then its primary lender, “had DOE not swooped in to save the failing company with taxpayer money.”

    A committee report said the loan did not finance any new construction and “did not help to create a single job.”

    During a House hearing in May, Rep. Frank C. Guinta, New Hampshire Republican, asked why NGP needed a government loan in 2010 just a year after it had received financing to get its plant up and running. He said it didn’t sound like a loan but a bailout.

    “I don’t see it’s a good practice for the Department of Energy to use taxpayer-subsidized loans to provide to an entity that already has an existing facility,” he said.

  152. Who thinks this shit up?
    Obama operatives who are too ignorant to realize that as President of the United States Obama has outsourced thousands of US jobs and billions in taxpayer money to a Brazillian oil company where his godfather Soros has taken a financial position.

  153. Idiots. They could have given the 5K to so many military charities or other charities instead…

    “Occupy protesters in Seattle marked the Fourth of July by throwing $5,000 out of a hotel window in a protest against the influence of money in politics.

  154. Barry OTurd, yes by all means keep bringing up OTurd-Care. and NO, its not here to stay!
    I hate cursing, but what a f**king PO$ this pathetic man is.

    “President Obama said that repealing his signature health care law is not an option.

    “I’ll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our health care system and our health care laws, but the law I passed is here to stay,” Obama said at a campaign event in Ohio.

    In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision last week upholding the law, Republicans have vowed to renew their efforts to get rid of the law.”

  155. from the Oturd’s tweet:

    President Obama: “I’m not a Democrat first, I’m an American first. I believe we rise or fall as one nation, as one people.”

    yeaaaah, right, an american who hates America and the Consitutiton and the militar.

  156. Tim, he may well have no choice after November, whats he gonna do about it if he’s not in the WH and the Reps have control of the house, sen and WH. He can say all he likes then.

  157. Wow.

    Mitt Romney campaign obliterates fundraising goals, raises over $100m in May, best month so far. Now we know why Obama has been whining.

  158. Thanks for the Bibi video Tim
    Went out last night with family and some friends. All of us former democrats, Jews, and now virulent anti-Obama policies. However, each of us agreed Romney is running a very bad campaign, and needs to take off the gloves if he wishes to be competitive. An incumbent always has the edge(sans Carter), but with this economy Romney should be substantially ahead. I don’t think he is a great debater so I am not optimistic that he will overwhelm O , particularly on Healthcare as will be portrayed as O as the archetype of the current plan. Over all, a pretty dismal picture emerges.

  159. Best comment i read on the tax thing….from someone at politico.

    Let me see if I can clear this up for you. Ok, here goes:

    It is not a tax when President Obama and his people are selling this law to the American public, but it is a tax when Obama’s solicitor general is arguing the laws Constitutionality before the Supreme Court, but once the Court finds that it is a tax under a weird reading of the law and the Constitution making Obama break a campaign pledge, it is then no longer a tax when the Obama campaign is back to talking to the America public, and even though they support the Supreme Court’s decision, they don’t like the Supreme Court agreeing with their own argument that the law is a tax because it being a tax makes them look bad in front of the American people.

    Whew, I hope that clears it up. I need a drink and a nap.

  160. the law I passed is here to stay,” Obama said
    Here to stay? That may or may not be true of the law Obama. But it is not true of you. And when you are defrocked you may have nothing further to say about it. You arrogant maggot.

  161. Looks like the private sector numbers will be around 176k jobs gained when it comes out tomorrow.

  162. Went out last night with family and some friends. All of us former democrats, Jews, and now virulent anti-Obama policies. However, each of us agreed Romney is running a very bad campaign, and needs to take off the gloves if he wishes to be competitive. An incumbent always has the edge(sans Carter), but with this economy Romney should be substantially ahead. I don’t think he is a great debater so I am not optimistic that he will overwhelm O , particularly on Healthcare as will be portrayed as O as the archetype of the current plan. Over all, a pretty dismal picture emerges.
    I do not entirely agree. I think he needs to articulate a concrete vision for the country which focuses on the economy. I think he should step around the diversionary skirmishes that the Obama campaign and his fellow travellers in the press will try to lure him into. I think he should turn his operatives loose to skull fuck Obama til hell won’t have it anymore. I think his debating skills are more than adequate as we saw in the primary. The problem with you and me jb is we have been fighting him for so long that we naturally want him to take obama’s head off for just cause. But the pivotal audience is that group who remain uncommitted. Many of them are tentative casper milquitoast people to begin with and fighting over issues they do not understand will turn them off.

  163. Looks like the private sector numbers will be around 176k jobs
    Better than 69 last month, but further proof of stagnation. I do not think that will alter the unemployment percentage, based on what I read. These days, the only factor that moves that number is a large group dropping off the unemployment rolls into the long term unemployed who no longer are counted. What happens right now will be superceded by what happens in September and October.

  164. President Obama: “I’m not a Democrat first, I’m an American first. I believe we rise or fall as one nation, as one people
    I am not a crook. I am not a liar. I am not an incompetent. It just looks that way.

  165. Hillary Clinton heads to Israel ahead of Romney visit

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is heading to Israel for two days:

    On July 14, Secretary Clinton will travel to Egypt to express the United States’ support for Egypt’s democratic transition and economic development. From July 15-16, she will meet with senior government officials, civil society, and business leaders, and inaugurate the U.S. Consulate General in Alexandria.

    This will be followed by a stop in Israel on July 16-17, where she will be meeting with the Israeli leadership to discuss peace efforts and a range of regional and bilateral issues of mutual concern.

  166. I agree wobboei. Modest gains but probably unemployment remains at 8.2 or maybe goes to 8.1. Romney, by the way, was shockingly unprepared to handle the SCOTUS decision, albeit we all were a bit surprised by Roberts tax analysis.He is fumbling all over himself and needs to start getting his s— together befoe it it too late.

  167. President Obama: “I’m not a Democrat first, I’m an American first. I believe we rise or fall as one nation, as one people
    Stale 2008 rhetoric, belied by four years in office, dividing the country by race, class, gender etc. Actions speak louder than words. Only an idiot would fall for this tripe now. Only an idiot would take the word of a man who has shown himself to be a pathological liar.

  168. Over all, a pretty dismal picture emerges.

    Seeing as how you always see the black cloud before the sunlight…it doesn’t surprise me.

  169. wbboei 3:28 –
    I’m thinking Oh read a tweet* I sent early this morning lol
    I’m here to submit this info:
    PA chapter of AFP has a Pittsburgh rally & there’s some good humor in it:

    On a warm summer’s afternoon on a bus bound for Pittsburgh, we will meet up with the gambler, President Barack Obama on his “Betting on America” bus tour. Some of us may recall the immortal words of Kenny Rogers when he sang, “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.” My friends and fellow patriots, America has already bet on President Obama’s policies and our chips are definitely down. That is why I am urging you to run to Americans for Prosperity’s “Folding on Failure event.” Let’s stand up together to tell President Obama that his current policies are bankrupting America.
    The event will be at 2:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn 100 Lytton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. There will be speakers, light refreshments, and good times with like-minded Pennsylvanians.

    *From tweet concerning the ‘awkwardness’ of band at WH playing “It’s America” on the WH lawn yesterday July 4th. I added: Country B4 politics Mr. President. And citizens B4 U

    (was it tim thinking of joining an AFP chapter? I think they are pretty good)

  170. moononpluto
    July 5th, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Yep, he’s not an emperor, as much as the LSM and he think they are. Even if he wins/steals the election, is he going to bitch and moan when people refuse to arrest others for not buying Health Insurance, or states who refuse to comply. He’s not a king, the law will be overturned or changed. He can whine all he wants!

  171. jbstonesfan
    July 5th, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    You’re welcome, it was an excellent July 4th greeting… I believe Basil posted it too I think. I think Romney so far is doing ok, he will need to fight back harder, but I’m just glad he’s not openly campaiging for OTurd like Mccain did. I do agree he will need to fight harder but not so much so Barry can do his usual “poor me, those evil racist” routine.

    July 5th, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Yes, I am thinking of joining, they are having a major summit in August in DC, I may go there and if I like what I see, I will join my local chapter, the dems of course call it “evil” because the “evil” Koch brothers donate to the AFP organization.

  172. I read a comment in response to OTurd line:
    “but the law I passed is here to stay,” Obama said at a campaign event in Ohio.”

    As the Pharaohs of Egypt used to say, “So let it be written. So let it be done.”

    F**king a$$hole. He disgusts me so much more than GWB ever did.

  173. I am really liking ann romney more and more now a days. My wife really likes her too. The complete interview…check out what Ann says about Barry and his minions attacking her hubby.

    “Ann Romney told CBS News she worries that President Obama’s entire campaign strategy is “kill Romney.”

    “I feel like all he’s doing is saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy,” she said, seated next to her husband, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, in an exclusive interview with CBS News chief political correspondent Jan Crawford. “And I feel like that’s not really a very good campaign policy.

    “I feel like Mitt’s got the answers to turn this country around,” she continued. “He’s the one that’s got to bring back hope for this country, which is what they ran on last time. But the truth is, this is the one that has the hope for the – for America.”

    In August, some Democratic strategists let leak to the press that Obama’s top aides were looking at a massive character takedown of Romney in light of a deterring economy; “kill Romney” was a phrase used by one. “That was their memo that came out from their campaign,” Ann Romney said. “And it’s like, ‘not when I’m next to him you better not.”

  174. gee, can anyone imagine the outrage from the Obot LSM if Romney had done something like this? Barry OTurd at least didn’t call her “sweetie”, that’s gonna come later I suppose…
    I would not let this jerk near my nieces or my wife.

    ““Let me tell you, first of all. I love nurses,” Obama said. “Can I tell you. You look great. This is a good looking woman.””


    Mitt Romney sets GOP fund-raising record

    The Romney campaign, along with its Romney Victory fund, raised more than $100 million in June, obliterating the campaign’s goal and setting the one-month record for any Republican campaign, according to a GOP official.

    Now-President Barack Obama raised $150 million as he was surging in September 2008, the record month for any campaign.

    The Romney campaign outraised Obama in May — taking in $77 million, compared with $60 million for the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

    The Romney campaign says much of the June haul came from new donors, with states from coast to coast out-performing their targets.

    New York was a gold mine for Romney, and Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey and Ohio all dramatically exceeded expectations.

    Ben LaBolt, Obama campaign national press secretary, issued this statement after POLITICO reported the $100-million month: “Mitt Romney is trying to distract from a week when he took contradictory positions on the freeloader penalty in the Affordable Care Act and we learned more about his offshored finances in Switzerland, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands.

    “Americans are less concerned about how much money he raised to get himself elected and more interested in what he would do after repealing health reform, which he has refused to share, and why he won’t disclose the necessary tax returns that prove whether or not he paid any U.S. taxes on his shell corporation in Bermuda.”

  176. wbboei
    July 5th, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    President Obama: “I’m not a Democrat first, I’m an American first. I believe we rise or fall as one nation, as one people
    I am not a crook. I am not a liar. I am not an incompetent. It just looks that way.
    how to tell if he lying???are his lips moving? 😆

  177. and now you know why Obama was pissed and whining about being outraised this week and all those pitiful emails.

  178. Oh brother….“Who am I going to believe? You, are my lying eyes/ears?”

    seriously, if there is no legitmacy in anything, now there is pure lawlessness approaching in this country.

  179. 100 million?? Good for Romney, I donated $25 this past week, probably will be donating more. The person I want just as defeated as OTurd is Claire Mcaskill.

  180. Someone just posted this in my FB community:

    Anyone watching Fox News Channel? We are and guess what happened a few mins. ago? Obama was making a speech …. after serveral mins. into his speech, one of the Fox reporters in their studio cut in, said their network does not give them free time for policital election speeches, they thought he was going to make some announcement but he had not so had to cut him off ….. that is so funny!! I am LOL at Obama!!
    The Fox reporter did say they would keep listening to his speach, monitoring it and if he did start to make that announcement, they would put him back on the air. Sorry but I cannot recall what the announcement was about. Obama was most definitely making a re-election campaign speech and he got cut off. Can’t help it, I think it is funny!! But that is Obama…..up to his usual tricks of trying to sneak things over on us. Americans, stay alert!!


  181. Another country lost to radical Islam…I wonder if these people think Shariah law is going to bring them any prosperity? they are already dismissing 50% of their populuation as property, i.e. women as well as anyone who is not muslim.

    “Libya’s outgoing National Transitional Council said on Thursday that Islamic law should be the “main” source of legislation and that this principle should not be subject to a referendum.

    “The Libyan people are attached to Islam, as a religion and legislation. . . As such the National Transitional Council recommends that the (next) congress make Sharia the main source of legislation.

    “And this should not be subject to a referendum,” NTC spokesman Saleh Daroub told journalists in Tripoli.

    Libyans are on track to vote on Saturday for a General National Congress, which will be tasked with appointing a new government and a constituent authority.”

  182. Ben LaBolt: “at no point did any of our lawyers argue before the Supreme Court that Obamacare was a tax”. . .

    Well, they most certainly did. As I recall, it consumed roughly 25% of their brief, and was also presented in oral argument.

    So who are you going to believe–Ben LaBolt or your lying racist eyes?

  183. Gambling On America? As in Wild Bill Hicock. Only the death we are speaking about here is political as opposed to mortal.

  184. Good for Romney for changing and “beefing” up his communications team, that is where the weakness seems to lie. The organization seems pretty strong, the fundraising team seems pretty strong as well, the communications team needs to be more forceful and consistent.

  185. Here is the lunatic woman’s ranting, my wife thinks she looks like a troll from under a bridge….

  186. Does anyone get what he’s talking about?
    “Video: Obama Tells Harrowing Tale Of Time He Was Forced To Dress Up Like A Tea Partier…”

  187. Jarrett is the Martin Bormann of the Obama Administration.

    In May 1941, the flight of Hess to Britain cleared the way for Bormann to become Head of the Party Chancellery (Parteikanzlei) that same month. Bormann proved to be a master of intricate political infighting. Due to his mastery of such infighting, along with his access and closeness to Hitler, and because of the trust Hitler held in him, he was able to constantly and effectively check and thus make enemies of Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Alfred Rosenberg, Robert Ley, Albert Speer and a plethora of other high-ranking officers and officials, both public and private. The ruthless and continuous intriguing for power, influence, and favour from Hitler within the regime came to characterise the inner workings of the Third Reich.[6]

    Bormann took charge of all of Hitler’s paperwork, appointments and personal finances. Hitler came to have complete trust in Bormann and the view of reality he presented. During one meeting, Hitler was said to have screamed, “To win this war, I need Bormann!”[7] Some historians have suggested Bormann held so much power that, in some respects by 1945, he became Germany’s “secret leader” during the war.[who?] A collection of transcripts edited by Bormann during the war appeared in print in 1952 and 1953 as Hitler’s Table Talk 1941–1944, mostly a re-telling of Hitler’s wartime dinner conversations

  188. Most politicians accept the fact that their opponent may raise more money than they do. They merely insist that they have enough money to win, and vow to spend it wisely. To a sociopath like Obama however it is not enough to have enough money. He must have the most money and when he does not get it–when he comes in second, panic sets in. That is how his mind works. And it is where he is now. It is a major skull fuck, which may in time send him over the edge.

  189. CNN reminds me of a giant wooly mammoth sinking in the La Brea Tar Pit. The cancer of big media msnbc is also dying but much slower. The only healthy one is FOX.
    Coming off its least-watched month in primetime in 20 years in May, CNN has taken another big ratings blow: The cable news network has registered to its lowest-rated quarter in primetime since 1991. For this year’s second quarter, CNN hit a low among total viewers and the key adults 25-54 demographic, with all primetime programs posting steep declines. The network averaged 446,000 total viewers and 129,000 in the 25-54 demo in primetime. Compared to last year’s second quarter, that’s down 35% and 41%, respectively. Rival Fox New Channel, meanwhile, with 1.79 million primetime total viewers on average, was down 1% from its 2011 second-quarter numbers. FNC lost 14% in the 25-54, bringing in 355,000 viewers. MSNBC was down 13% in total primetime viewers, with 689,000 on average, and down 17% in the 25-54 with 217,000. The quarter ran March 26-June 22.

    Individually, CNN shows hemorrhaged viewers heavily compared with last year. Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room, which airs from 4-6 PM ET, was down 42% in 25-54 and 26% in total viewers. His show is expanding to three hours beginning Friday, taking over CNN’s recently cancelled John King U.S.A. At 7 PM, Erin Burnett OutFront, which debuted in October replacing a then-moving John King U.S.A., was down 45% in 25-54 from last year’s second quarter and down 33% in total viewers. Piers Morgan Tonight, which replaced Larry King Live in January 2011, was down 33% in the 25-54 and 29% in total viewers. Pulling double duty, Anderson Cooper took a double hit: Anderson Cooper 360 at 8 PM was down 23% in the 25-54 and 19% in total viewers, and its 10 PM airing was down 48% in the demo and 44% in viewers. The top-rated cable news shows for the second quarter were all FNC shows, with The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity sitting at No. 1 and No. 2.

  190. I just saw this poster that read: Re-electing Barrack Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.

  191. “Libya’s outgoing National Transitional Council said on Thursday that Islamic law should be the “main” source of legislation [….]


    Unfortunately, there are people in the US who say the Old Testmaent should be thes main source of our laws, the Ten Commandments should be posted in courthouses, etc etc.

  192. “Libya’s outgoing National Transitional Council said on Thursday that Islamic law should be the “main” source of legislation


    Here’s more from some Americans who want their own religious tradition to govern the US:

    • The Texas GOP declares that “America is a nation under God founded on Judeo-Christian principles,” and that the party is pledged “toward dispelling the myth of separation of church and state.”[P-15] “The Republican Party supports the historic concept, established by our nation’s founders, of limited civil government jurisdiction under the natural laws of God, and repudiates the humanistic doctrine that the state is sovereign over the affairs of men, the family and the church.” [P-4]
    • “We support school subjects with emphasis on Judeo-Christian principles (including the Ten Commandments) upon which America was founded and which form the basis of America’s legal, political and economic systems.” [P-14]

  193. “Libya’s outgoing National Transitional Council said on Thursday that Islamic law should be the “main” source of legislation


    And the Texas GOP wants the Old Testament to control our foreign policy, too:

    “Our policy is based on God’s biblical promise to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel and we further invite other nations and organizations to enjoy the benefits of that promise. “[P-21]

  194. “Libya’s outgoing National Transitional Council said on Thursday that Islamic law should be the “main” source of legislation


    And the Texas GOP wants the Old Testament to control our foreign policy, too:

    “Our policy is based on God’s biblical promise to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel and we further invite other nations and organizations to enjoy the benefits of that promise. “[P-21]

  195. Here’s an article with a lot of information about crops in trouble because of lack of illegal immigrants to pick them.

    Border patrol agents no longer pose the biggest risk for Mexican workers who cross the U.S. border illegally, Cunha said. Drug cartels and human traffickers now prey on illegal immigrants, forcing them to transport drugs and kidnapping their relatives to make sure they comply.
    Traffickers and smugglers also have entered the labor-contracting industry. They force groups of newly arrived illegal immigrants to work certain jobs against their will and then steal from their paychecks. To avoid them, many undocumented workers simply stay in America after the harvest season.

    “Workers won’t go home, and the workers that do go home will not come back because they’re afraid,” Cunha said.

    The problems have exacerbated spot shortages of migrant workers all across the nation.

  196. Obama is touring round on a bus made in Canada, touring around complaining about Romney outsourcing jobs? Ummm… #BettingonAmerica to remove him in Nov.

  197. The cult of Hillary Clinton has restored America’s mission to the world
    Barack Obama’s Secretary of State has been a great success, but her eyes are on a bigger prize


    Not sure what to make of this, one minute it applauds and then slaps her with back handed compliments. I do not like her being called a cult. She is just Hillary.

  198. Don’t be shocked. As we have said, “Elect a boob, expect boobery.”

    Only 80,000 jobs added in June.

  199. BREAKING | June Jobs Report: 80,000 net new jobs 8.2% unemployment rate

    Economy dragging its ass along the seabed.

  200. Both the labor force participation rate and civilian-employment ratio remain dead in the water

    Just 84,000 private sector jobs

    “The weakest job adding quarter in two years” –

    very disappointing report for the Obama administration..not good news for the American economy” says CNBC’s John Harwood

    The already terrible May jobs report was revised further downward 9,000. The stomach punch economy.

    Manufacturing jobs up 11k, construction up 2k, 5.4k decline in retail

  201. 10.9%: What the unemployment rate would be if labor force participation rate was the same as when Obama took office

    Broader U-6 rate up a bit to 14.9%


  202. lol, bust up on CNBC…..

    Hilarious to watch CNBC reaction to this godawful report: 4 “analysts” in a row said “Well at least average hourly earnings were up 0.3%!” That is 6 cents! Another one said “the recovery is steadily progressing”. And Obama’s former economic idiot Goolsbee said he was ‘ok’ with the report!
    This went on until they finally got to a voice of reason, who said: “Are you kidding me? How do you like these numbers? This is a disaster. And Obama is in Ohio trying to explain this to a bunch of diners? NO ONE is buying this. There is NO ‘recovery'”.

  203. 84K??

    And guess what? Summer months are usually the “best”…. it will get worse…this is not stalling speed, this is an outright contraction.

    CNBC has Obot Austin Golsbee making excuses for his Messaih.

    I see it in smaller businesses, I personally know 2 businesses, who after the OTurdCare ruling, had 2 intervees for jobs, those jobs were taken off the table, and both biz went straight into “bunker-hiring-freeze” mode. Smaller sized businesses always see it first, and it ain’t looking good.

  204. On CNBC’s band of idiots, former Obama economic genius Goolsbee just BLAMED BUSH! and got laughed at.

  205. moon — that woman Diane Swank is such an idiot., most of those so called “analysts” are…. Joe Kergnan and Michelle Caruso have some connection to reality.

  206. Speaker Boehner : POTUS bet on a ‘stimulus,’ #ObamaCare, #Solyndra… result is 41 months of 8%+ unemployment and we’re “doing fine”.?

  207. sarc : Don’t worry, America. The same president with the same policies will get completely different, better economic results next year.

    rolls eyes.

  208. Wrong you idiot “analysts”, this is not as “good as it gets”…. OTurd passed all sorts of regulations crap, new taxes (13,000 new pages of regualtions under OTurdCare), etc, the OTurd fed govt is suffocating businesses, and then these losers cannot figure out why no one wants to grow their businesses, and therefore hire new people?

    How can these people not get it? Have they spoken to any smaller businesses? Do they have any idea how hard these business owners work and are petrified at what is going to be thrown at them? Many many smaller businesses don’t even take a paycheck home, they take out loans on their own homes to keep their businesses somewhat afloat.

  209. Obama is screwed, Obama is running out of months. July, Aug, September, and October remain. It will get harder to show a positive trend even if there is an uptick in Sept and Oct.

    He goes into this election with the economy dying on his ass and i dont see anyway he can spin that.

  210. can’t make it up….CNN probing poor jobs report by interviewing woman who resigned as Miss America in 1984 & her mother

  211. Businesses: OTurd, please don’t pass Oturd, it helps no one and will hurt job growth.
    OTurd:”OTurdCare is here to stay”…so let it be written, so let it be done.

    Businesses: I’m not hiring anyone, can’t afford, not sure what else is going to be thrown at us
    OTurd: Evil Bush’s fault, he messed up so bad we’re still “recovering”

    OTurd: I think we need cap-n-trade, its the right thing to do,
    Businesses: Please don’t pass this, it will hurt us even more

    OTurd &Pelosi: I know better, its the right thing to do..
    Businesses: we’re laying off more people

    OTurd and Obot LSM: what happened?? why is no one hiring?? Must be Bush’s fault! and the stupid bitter clingers!!

  212. I know this area of Ohio, and something is happening. On my facebook a local complained that people should put asside their poltical differences, and they should have come out to see the President. Obviously, they did not. What is interesting is this area is predominately Democrat. So complaining about putting asside their politics does not wash. Selling a home in that area is slime to none, and there are few jobs. I don’t think Ohio is a lock for him.

  213. so this is what your messiah has got you….

    Unemployment rate for blacks jumps to 14.4%…

  214. Well well well….Buried deep in the CNBC story:

    “A measure of unemployment that includes discouraged workers ticked higher to 14.9 percent, its highest level since February, while the labor force participation rate stayed near a 30-year low at 63.8 percent.

    “Unemployment for blacks rose to 14.4 percent — the highest level of 2012 — while the 11.0 percent rate for Latinos was unchanged over May but also at a high for the year.”

    If Romney really, truly would like to compete in this election, he’d may hay out of those statistics, and link them to the coming twin taxation bombs of Obamacare and the sunsetting of the Bush tax relief.

  215. With OTurdCare new taxes (and many other regulations, new unionization rules) they put a 100 lb weight on a runner(the economy) and then can’t figure out why that runner can’t run fast or in many cases refuses to run and get off the track.

  216. Wonder how many more busineeses will just “Go Galt” and refuse to hire, participate in expanding, starting, growing businesses in such a hostil businesses environment by OTurd and frankly even many of the dems who are far left Obots.

    I remember during Clinton’s tenure, the man listened, he went to coffee, donuts shops and listened to us “bitter clingers”. Even Bush as much as I could not stand him, he was so much better than OTurd.

    Now we have an emperor, King OTurd, he knows everything about everything, an outright socialist/marxist.

  217. Mitt making address at 10 regarding jobs report.

    I think he’s gonna beat Obama over the head with it.

  218. One thing i really like about romney, when he says 10am, its 10am… unlike OTurd, who is always late, shows such disrespect.

  219. Tim, I agree. I was raised that being on time was a act of respect. I hate it when I am late because of an accident, or unforseen. People that deal with me know this, and respect my wishes to be on time.

  220. There was an interesting report on Cavuto yesterday. While Trumpka and ObaMAO wail like harpies on the Wall Street greed…the unions are making out like bandits with members retirement funds and union dues. They own mega hotels, spas, and Lear jet (was that companies?)and have bought them off the backs of their members…using not only their dues but their retirement funds………millions and millions and millions of dollars. Now tell me again, just where is the kingdom of GREED? I will never forgive the teachers’ unions for marching with the COMMUNISTS at the One Nation event. To be fair, it is the management of the unions, not the members; otoh, it is the members for an epic fail in refusing to see it, prevent it, or stop it……….they hire the union bosses.

  221. “There is little hope of an acceleration in the pace of job growth any time soon” -The Conference Board.

  222. On the same Cavuto show there was a segment about Romney and VP selection. Ann Romney remarks that he may be considering a woman….I don’t believe that for one moment. The person being interviewed said there were four VP choices being vetted: Bobby Jindal, Portman,Paul Ryan and TIM PAWLENTY…………………noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    I can not accept Pawlenty or Portman. Two vanilla people on one ticket just ain’t going to cut it. Paul Ryan would be a plus, but is he not needed more where he is? Of the ones mentioned the only one I could get behind would be Paul Ryan. Do the Republicans even want to win..or is it like last time and they will keep shooting themselves in the foot?

    I recall that one among us in the 2007-8 race was vehemently against Pawlenty and she was from his state.The report said that it does not appear that Rubio is being vetted because after Romney announced that you betcha Rubio was being vetted, it was reported that by those close to Rubio that he had not received any paperwork for vetting.

    The news on a number of shows indicate that most of the conservatives are mightily upset with Romney about the response to the SCOTUS decision about ObamaTAXcare being a tax…and that was a huge misstep that will now be used against him. The conservatives and lots of other folks want him to man up and show some fight.

  223. Never worry Short termer….no one even realised Palin was on the shortlist until when she was picked.

    They are keeping it close but it will a good pick, they cannot afford not to. No point giving Obama’s team any clues until its time.

  224. “Unemployment for blacks rose to 14.4 percent — the highest level of 2012

    And yet–

    90% of blacks will vote for Obama.

    Unfortunately, that is the mindset we are dealing with

  225. Seriously this is the WH response.

    White House on weak jobs report: ‘Don’t read too much’ into it.

    Are you kidding me?

  226. A tiny bright spot to my day: I shared the photo of the billboard that was located in my home area on my FB community; within seconds it got a number of likes and shares. It is the one that reads: If you voted for our current President in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, please vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot.

  227. Obama White House economist today blames weak economy on Clinton and Reagan

    Top Obama economic adviser Alan Krueger today on CNBC:

    I think the American people understand that the problems that the economy is facing built up over a period of decades. It’s going to take some time to address them. but it’s also the case that we’re on a better path now than we had been.

    This line echoes what President Obama has been saying, that America’s generational turn toward pro-market policies — deregulation, lower marginal tax rates — led to what is now the Long Recession. Here is Obama late last year in Osawatomie, Kanas:

    There is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few decades, have said, let’s respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. “The market will take care of everything,” they tell us. If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes—especially for the wealthy—our economy will grow stronger. … But here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. It has never worked.

    Both Krueger — especially Krueger — and Obama should know better. America’s turn away from statism in the late 1970s, 1980s and 1990s reversed what many in the 1970s thought was an irreversible economic decline. There’s a reason America isn’t Italy or France. By the way, from the 1983-2007, the U.S. economy grew by 3.3% a year, adding 46 million jobs.


    FU Obama.

  228. wbboei
    July 6th, 2012 at 10:45 am
    90% of blacks will vote for Obama.
    Unfortunately, that is the mindset we are dealing with


    historically, does the hispanic community vote as a “democrat block”? if so, the selection of marco rubio wouldn’t make much of a difference in romney’s favor.

    i see romney going with a tried and true b-o-r-i-n-g white conservative. hope i’m wrong.


    The chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Party has resigned amid investigations by county officials and the Ohio secretary of state’s office into payments made to a campaign fundraiser. [snip]

    Party officials said members of Obama’s campaign have pressured Schultz to step down because they were concerned about his connection to fundraiser Melissa Barnhart.

    Schultz hired Barnhart to be the party’s fundraiser shortly after he was named party chairman in 2011. At about the same time, he started approving payments to Barnhart for undocumented work, reported in a series of stories by The Dispatch.

    Those payments totaled $20,500. Barnhart said the money was for work done on Columbus City Council races years ago and that three party officials could vouch for her. Those officials did not do so when asked by The Dispatch.

    Secretary of State Jon Husted said he will interview those involved as part of his investigation. The county Board of Elections also is investigating whether the payments constitute an illegal gift.

  230. Q-1: Mr. Obama, how is the economy doing?

    A-1: Brian Williams, it is doing just fine.

    Q-2: I agree with you sir. My net worth has doubled during your tenure.

    A-2: That is great Brian. Mine has quadrupled.

    Q-3: What about this unemployment thing.

    A-3: It is showing signs of life, under my watchful eye.

    Q-4: Can you be more specific sir?

    A-4: Certainly. In May we added 69,000 jobs. In June we added 84,000. By my calculation that is 22% growth over a single month.

    Q-5: Does it bother you that the demand for jobs vastly exceeds the demand?

    A-5: Not a bit. My job is secure. And so is Obamacare.

    Q-6: Finally sir, what do you say to all those cretins who claim that you are respopnsible for what has happened to the country during your watch

    A-6: Very simple. None of it is my fault. It is the fault of Bush, White People, Fox News, the Kock Brothers, and everyone else who has conspired against me.

  231. Obama: Washington stalemate preventing him from implementing his economic “answers”

    err you had a Dem house and Dem Senate Supermajority for 2 years, what else did you need?

  232. Really? Obama says jobs report a “step in the right direction” This is cloud cuckoo land stuff.

  233. This is comedy now.

    Obama warns we can’t afford to return to the policies in place when America’s unemployment rate ranged from 4 to 6 percent.

  234. historically, does the hispanic community vote as a “democrat block”? if so, the selection of marco rubio wouldn’t make much of a difference in romney’s favor.

    i see romney going with a tried and true b-o-r-i-n-g white conservative. hope i’m wrong.
    It depends on which Hispanic group we are talking about. The Cubans are solidly Republican, except for the very young ones. The Mexican group is the opposite. They tend to vote as a block. My Cuban friend who has grown luke warm on Rubio believes the Republicans are wasting their time with this group. Rove and others point to the fact that Bush peeled off a substantial percentage of them, and that helped the Republicans in border states.

    If those reports are accurate, then he has concluded the same, and does not want to open up a can of worms on immigration, which a Rubio candidacy would definitely do. It has been reported by an unreliable source that Murdock does not think Romney is conservative enough. When Romney was asked what he would do to fix the Federal Goverment, he said he would bring in McKensie–the leading managment consulting firm. Murdock was taken aback. He said we need a leader not a manager. In my opinion, after the devastation Obama has done to this nation, we need a lot of both.

  235. The guy who poured half a billion into Solyndra as the next big thing is speaking out against top-down economic plans.

  236. Obama: Washington stalemate preventing him from implementing his economic “answers”

    err you had a Dem house and Dem Senate Supermajority for 2 years, what else did you need?
    And when he was able to implement his “economic answer” like the stimulus, it turned out that it was not an answer at all, but something that widened and deepened the problem he claimed he was addressing. It is not the political stalemate that has sunk his ship. It is his rigid left wing ideology, his career long practice of enriching cronies at the expense of his constutuents, his desire to transform our economy so it consists of government, multinational companies and big labor. Those are the cause in fact of our demise. Nobody with any sense listens to him any more. He is a past chapter is black history and Black History/

  237. Obama warns we can’t afford to return to the policies in place when America’s unemployment rate ranged from 4 to 6 percent
    He will personally see to that. With Obama at the helm, economic decline more so than health care is “here to stay”. It cannot be otherwise.

  238. 80k jobs last month…

    Probably all ‘pretend’ green jobs that will go belly up next month.

    8.2 unemployment for how long…a year? Yet, folks have run out of unemployment and some never had any so the real question is…how many are unemployed or went from full time to part time job since Barry blew into the Oval?

    Vote for Obama in 2012 if you like the way things are going.

  239. “American families are struggling. There is a lot of misery in America today, and these numbers understate what people are feeling and the amount of pain which is occurring in middle-class America. Not only is the 8.2 percent number unacceptably high and one that’s been in place now for over 41 months, but in addition, if you look at the broader analysis of people who are out of work or have dropped out of the workforce or that are underemployed in part-time jobs needing full-time work, it’s almost 15 percent of the American public. And then there are those that are working, but are working in jobs well beneath their skill level or working in multiple part-time jobs; kids that are coming out of college not being able to find work; veterans coming home not being able to do anything but stand in an unemployment line. These are very difficult times for the American people.

    “There are other numbers that are troubling. The manufacturing reports of the last several weeks indicate that manufacturing is not growing either domestically or in our exports as we would have expected at this stage. And of course that’s a long-term trend that is very disturbing and troubling. The President’s policies have clearly not been successful in reigniting this economy, in putting people back to work, in opening up manufacturing plants across the country. The heartland industries where manufacturing occurs are struggling by virtue of policies on the part of the President that have not worked. The highest corporate tax rates in the world do not create jobs; highest regulatory burdens in our nation’s history—those do not create jobs; trade policies that have not opened up new markets for American goods, particularly in Latin America—those don’t create new jobs; failing to effectively crack down on China for cheating and stealing American jobs—that has not helped. The president’s policies have not gotten America working again. And the president is going to have to stand up and take responsibility for it. I know he’s been planning on going across the country and celebrating what he calls ‘forward.’ Well, forward doesn’t look a lot like forward to the millions and millions of families that are struggling today in this great country. It doesn’t have to be this way. The President doesn’t have a plan, hasn’t proposed any new ideas to get the economy going—just the same old ideas of the past that have failed.

    “I have a plan. My plan calls for action that will get America working again and create good jobs, both near-term and long-term. It includes finally taking advantage of our energy resources, building the Keystone pipeline, making sure we create energy jobs, and we convince manufacturers that energy will be available and low cost in America. It means opening up new markets for American trade, particularly in Latin America where the opportunities are extraordinary. It means cracking down on China when they cheat and making sure they don’t steal our jobs unfairly. It means bringing our tax rates down—our marginal tax rates down—and cutting out the exemptions and deductions and loopholes that are unfair in many cases. In other cases, we’re going to limit those deductions and exemptions, so that we maintain our revenue through growth and through limiting of these special deals, but bring our tax rates down so they’re competitive and attractive for jobs to come back to America. It means having a government that sees its role as encouraging enterprise rather than crushing it with the burden of new and unnecessary regulation and with outmoded regulations that haven’t been cleaned up in years and years. And finally it means having a healthcare plan that focuses on bringing down the cost of healthcare for American families, not just adding new expenses and new taxes to the American people.

    “This is a time for America to choose whether they want more of the same; whether unemployment above 8 percent month after month after month is satisfactory or not. It doesn’t have to be this way. America can do better and this kick in the gut has got to end.”

  240. Obama White House economist today blames weak economy on Clinton and Reagan

    Top Obama economic adviser Alan Krueger today on CNBC:

    I think the American people understand that the problems that the economy is facing built up over a period of decades. It’s going to take some time to address them. but it’s also the case that we’re on a better path now than we had been

    On a better path now than we had been? What path is that? And how is it better? This guy is a Princeton economist, a specialist in labor markets, and a friend fo Geithtener. One would think that as an economist-even an Ivy League professor, he would pay some attention to the metrics that we use to measure the state of the economy, things like unemployment rate, net income, gdp, national debt, deficit, productivity–little insignificant things like that. On a better path? How can that be true, when everyone of those arrows is pointing downward? The only plausible conclusion is the man is a liar. Call your next witness, Obama.

  241. tim
    July 5th, 2012 at 10:19 pm
    Here is the lunatic woman’s ranting, my wife thinks she looks like a troll from under a bridge

    Vajayjay (Valerie Jarrett) looks like a muppet in that video.

    She is quite the nasty one. Ugh.

  242. Whenever you set out to address, or as the idealists say solve, a complex problem, which the idiots now say challenge, you worry: may the cure be not worse than the disease. In that sense, Obamacare is doomed. The equitable principle which has sustained social security and medicare over the decades, i.e. everybody benefitted, does not apply here. This is not social insurance in that sense. It is a redistribution of wealth, plain and simple. Also, it is predicted on many flawed assumptions. Finally, when the public realizes that it is a typical Obama scheme of rewarding the deep pockets at the expense of his constituency, it will fall into disrepute, guaranteed. But for now nobody seems to realize this. Least of all the Fraud who claims it is here to stay. Yet another lie from a man who never let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of doing what was right for monied interests.
    Morning Jay: Don’t Bet On Obamacare

    6:00 AM, Jul 6, 2012 • By JAY COST

  243. Jarrett said in that video, “…Well, they may be watching one particular network.”

    And how many networks, aka LameStream Media, have became State Mouthpieces, with Obummer as Tin Pot Dictator??

    The same networks that “vetted” Obummer by covering up for him, conducted outrageously unfair debates (screwing Hillary, then McCain, while repeatedly providing Obummer softball questions and fluffy pillows)…

    Brian Williams: “Since you are such a brilliant legal mind, and compassionate, and were against the war (before you decided to become neutral about it), and you are such a uniter….jeesh, I forgot my question”.

    Obama: “Yes. Thank you. God Bless America.”

    BW: “Hillary, don’t you think that your baggage, you know, all that dreadful impeachment stuff, all the cigar jokes about Bill, don’t you think that essentially dooms the Democrats if you win the nomination.”

    HRC: “I don’t think that is a fair assessment…”

    O: “I think she’s likable enough. But the question is valid. I come with no paper trail, no baggage, never voted for or against anything, and with you guys eating out of my hands, because of you know, the whole skin color thing, I think that gives me an advantage that she doesn’t have.”

    BW: “You continue to amaze me, sir. Have you thought about which school the girls will be transferred to?”

  244. What caused the Soviet Union to collapse? It was long gone by the time Reagan made his tear down the wall Mr. Gorbochauv. It failed as an economic system. But before that it failed as a political philosophy in the real world, far from the cloistered walls of Ivy League institutions. And the reason it failed is because it could no longer explain what was happening in the real world, and its imposition upon society was seen to be holding it back. Islam is that way too. And so is the left wing corporative model foisted upon this country by Obama. It is failing the test of reality and it is killing our future. How bad must things get before the people of this country wake up. Is there any limit on the number of blantant lies they can swallow at one sitting. Or is their penchant for unreality limitless? 90% of the black electorate is poised to double down on failure–even when their unemployment rate under Obama has risen to 14.4% which is a national disgrace. If they counted the long term unemployed it would be closer to 25%.

  245. Vajayjay (Valerie Jarrett) looks like a muppet in that video.
    a malignant racist muppet.

  246. Romney needs to tell Obama it does a disservice to the American People for you and me to trade barbs over an issue which has been settled by the Supreme Court. Obama care is Obamatax, so sayeth the Chief Justice, as a matter of law. Rather than dwell on the past–what happened in Massachusetts a decade ago, we owe it to the American People to direct our attention to the future. I will eliminate Obama care. That is my solemn promise. You on the other hand will perpetuate. In doing so, you accept the fact that it will impose 21 new taxes on the American People, many of which will affect your own constituency, and all of which will violate your pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class. That is the difference between you and me. And it is all the difference I need. You need to come clean on this Barry, Barack, or whatever your name is, and wherever you were born.

  247. The Romney campaign shows how frequently the WH admonishes us against reading too much into something. You’ll find a list here:

    And from wikipedia we see that Mitt was raised in a moral, business & politically savvy environment: George Wilcken Romney (July 8, 1907 – July 26, 1995) was an American businessman and Republican Party politician. He was chairman and president of American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1962, the 43rd Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969, and the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1969 to 1973. He is the father of former Governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Republican presidential presumptive nominee Mitt Romney and was the husband of former Michigan U.S. Senate candidate Lenore Romney.

  248. “Obama White House economist today blames weak economy on Clinton and Reagan”

    uh, yea. I started my business when Reagan was president, it thrived, and then it thrived some more under Clinton. Heck it at least stayed afloat under GWB. So OTurd, doesn’t want to go back to those times, when unemployment was 4-5% tops, yea, lets not go back to that time.

    As Hillary so astutely said, “who do you want to hire?”, “”which part of the 90s didn’t you like? the peace or the prosperity”, “Sen mccain and I have a record of accomplisment, OTurd, has a speech, that’s all”.

    OTurd, a piece of chit. This man makes me curse so much, he is a marxist America-dissing PO$. He can’t do anything else, so it creates crappy laws to “help” us poor bitter clingers. If America reelects him after everything OTurd has done, I will say, those people will fully deserve the economic pain they voted in.

  249. moononpluto
    July 6th, 2012 at 8:43 am
    lol, bust up on CNBC..

    Pathetic “recovery”. Watching his little media toadies trying to spin this as something other than a nightmare is…kinda fun. See their beady little eyes darting, the telltale signs when someone is lying, the sweaty palms.

    Talking Head 1: “Er, not all that bad for President Obama. In a perverse kind of way, this actually might help him”.

    TH2: “I agree. It could have been worse. The “official unemployment rate” is well below 10%…and his approval ratings are still almost 50%. I don’t see how he loses in November”.

    TH1: “And people are actually buying stuff. They feel a vague sense of optimism. You just have to ask enough people, and you get some happy ones.”

    TH2: “I feel pretty good. Just bought a new Lexus last month, she’s a beaut.”

  250. Jarrett said in that video, “…Well, they may be watching one particular network.”
    The one network which Obama has been unable to corrupt.

  251. Pathetic “recovery”. Watching his little media toadies trying to spin this as something other than a nightmare is…kinda fun. See their beady little eyes darting, the telltale signs when someone is lying, the sweaty palms.

    Talking Head 1: “Er, not all that bad for President Obama. In a perverse kind of way, this actually might help him”.

    TH2: “I agree. It could have been worse. The “official unemployment rate” is well below 10%…and his approval ratings are still almost 50%. I don’t see how he loses in November”.

    TH1: “And people are actually buying stuff. They feel a vague sense of optimism. You just have to ask enough people, and you get some happy ones.”

    TH2: “I feel pretty good. Just bought a new Lexus last month, she’s a beaut.”
    Very good.

  252. Mitt is so respectful, even when he is tearing the Fraud down.

    It’s almost shock therapy after the ‘in-your’face’ way our society reacts to everyone and everything.

    Many see this mannerism as weak or boring, but then again, it is smart and refreshing.

    A man couldn’t become a multimillionaire by being timid nor weak…

    But, with all we have been though since 2007, I like it when someone like Trump, Christy or Sarah go into full on rant mode. 😉

  253. Shadowfax
    July 6th, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    Yep, I agree, I thought he was going to pull a Mccain, but he’s staying above the fray, but he has some very good attack people, susunu, who actually go after the LSM as well, which I really hope they continue to do. Trump, and Palin can do the on full attack.

    I really hope Mitt Romney does not pull a Mccain, who was practically campaigning for OTurd in 2008.

  254. The equitable principle which has sustained social security and medicare over the decades, i.e. everybody benefitted, does not apply here. This is not social insurance in that sense. It is a redistribution of wealth, plain and simple. Also, it is predicted on many flawed assumptions. Finally, when the public realizes that it is a typical Obama scheme of rewarding the deep pockets at the expense of his constituency, it will fall into disrepute, guaranteed.


    It’s redistributing money in the wrong directipn: from the middle class upwards to the elite insurance executives.

  255. actually i can see it, the black community has a history of being fiercely anti gay and their communities are very rooted in local churches.

    Obama has a record this time to be seen.

  256. The Jobs Doldrums and Obama’s Future

    Bad news for the U.S. economy and for Barack Obama. We’re in the jobs doldrums.

    Unemployment for June is stuck at 8.2 percent, the same as in May. And only 80,000 new jobs were added.

    Remember, 125,000 news jobs are needed just to keep up with the increase in the population of Americans who need jobs. That means the jobs situation continues to worsen.

    The average of 75,000 new jobs created in April, May and June contrasts sharply with the 226,000 new jobs created in January, February and March.

    In Ohio yesterday, Obama reiterated that he had inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression. That’s true. But the excuse is wearing thin. It’s his economy now, and most voters don’t care what he inherited.

    In fact, a good case can be made that the economy is out of Obama’s hands — that the European debt crisis and the slowdown in China will have far more impact on the U.S. economy over the next four months than anything Obama could come up with, even if he had the votes.

    Yet he has to show he understands the depth and breadth of this crisis, and is prepared to do large and bold things to turn the economy around in his second term if and when he does have the votes in Congress. So far, his proposals are policy miniatures relative to the size of the problem.

    But the real political test comes after Labor Day. Before Labor Day, Americans aren’t really focused on the upcoming election. After Labor Day, they focus like a laser. If the economy is moving in the right direction then — if unemployment is dropping and jobs are increasing — Obama has a good chance of being reelected. If the present doldrums continue — or worse — he won’t be.

    Huff N Puff

  257. Obama in speech now talking about his struggling campaign in 1996 — when HE RAN UNOPPOSED.

  258. But the excuse is wearing thin. It’s his economy now, and most voters don’t care what he inherited.
    Correct. Why? Because if you follow the logic of this sophistry, it will NEVER be his fault.

  259. Obama has a good chance of being reelected. If the present doldrums continue — or worse — he won’t be.

    Huff N Puff

    Rocket science. And from such an unlikely source. Let’s get definitional for just a second however. Does the phrase present doldrums envision the possibilty that with the next stimulus, there will be some incremental improvement in an otherwise bleak picture, and/or that more people will drop off the roles not because they have found a job, but because they have been unemployed too long to be counted as part of the labor market, so the unemployment rate drops to 7.8% on the eve of the eleaction, and then big media will chant in unison he has delivered. Yes, that is cynical. But how can you be anything but cyncical when dealing with an admistration that since not once in our appearance before the Supreme Court did we ever mention the word tax, when it is right there in the transcript and in their briefs. And how can you have any faith in a media to do anything but cover up his lies? And how can you have much faith in the electorate after 2008?

  260. Obama in speech now talking about his struggling campaign in 1996 — when HE RAN UNOPPOSED.


    Good grief. Was this the one where he got ALL his opponents thrown off the ballot, including the old woman who had helped him get on, Alice Palmer?

  261. Romney needs to pay heed to this advice. It is sound. His judgment was called into question by the stupidity of his senior staffer Eric Fenderstrom who went on the worst network in the country and agreed with one of the schmariest moderators that Obamacare is not a tax, even thought the Supreme Court says it was. He need to get rid of Eric–loose lips sink ships, and campaigns. The margin of error here is negligible given the bitter partisanship of mainstream media.

    The Romney campaign must “recognize that we’re in a campaign mode where simple, tough, declarative sentences are required. This is not a campaign to be won on nuance, but to be won on making sharp distinctions with the failure of the Obama administration economically, the loss of jobs and the pain that Americans across the country are feeling.”

  262. moononpluto
    July 6th, 2012 at 11:01 am
    Obama White House economist today blames weak economy on Clinton and Reagan

    Yes, and thank God Obama helped turn it around from the minute he got on the job!

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