Arkansas Attacks! – More Democrats Against Obama

Update: Check out the results from the Kentucky counties neighboring Ohio – Obama’s losing to “uncommitted”.

The Arkansas Democratic Primary results will come in later (8:30 p.m. ET). The chances of an outright Obama loss is small, but KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

—————————————————————————————— listed several reasons why the Facebook IPO was a bust. One reason cited was “Mark Zuckerberg’s disdain for investors…. Zuckerberg’s view of shareholders is like President Obama’s view of blue collar workers. He needs them but secretly laughs at them.”

Today the laughed at – laugh back. Democrat John Wolfe For President!

In a real world way those of us who ask Arkansas voters to vote for Democrat John Wolfe For President have already won. We’re already extracting, like a dentist a tough tooth, sorely needed money from the Obama campaign coffers:

“If Barack Obama experiences an upset in Arkansas’s Democratic primary today, it won’t be for lack of trying. The Obama campaign and the Democratic party have spent significant resources in Arkansas, while an unknown primary challenger has threatened the president’s ability to win the support of the state’s Democrats.”

Democrat John Wolfe is slapping Barack Obama’s face:

“Now the people have a choice,” Wolfe says. “I think that the people think Obama isn’t listening to them.” He cites the doubletalk by Obama and national Democrats regarding private equity and Wall Street bankers.

“He criticizes Wall Street during the day, and at night he goes into these luxurious soirees with the bankers,” Wolfe says. “He leaves those meetings with millions.”

Kentucky votes tonight as well and it has a line for “uncommitted” in the primary opposite Chicago Obama. We might hear a resounding slap from Daniel Boone country too.

The slaps are needed. Obama and his party of Obaminations won’t listen. Consider the NC student on pro-Obama teacher who berated him: “She doesn’t want to hear anything but what she believes in”

Consider Democrat Arthur Davis (he’s black Barack so put down that race card). Arthur Davis has woken up and is a solid Democrats not an Obama Dimocrat:

“It’s hard to imagine a more instructive couple of days for those who want to know where the Democratic Party’s head is at: its only high-profile African American moderate just got a brushback pitch for leaning in too close to the Independent thought zone; the Obama camp looks ominously like a cult of personality that tolerates no dissent; and the reelection campaign just doubled down on the European leftist notion that business is fair only when it operates in a sanitized, risk free manner.

As for Booker, my hope is that the pushback won’t turn him into just another faux centrist who won’t risk offending his base. He already looks a little less brave and a lot more conventional after the forgive me video from the bunker he released on Sunday. In fairness, a public servant with his gifts and history with Obama deserved much better.”

Davis is saying pretty much what student Hunter Rogers is saying and what Hillary Clinton supporters have been saying. The Obama cult of personality is Stalinist and totalitarian.

It’s one thing for Republican Chris Christie to say about Obama:

“He is the most ill-prepared person to assume the presidency in my lifetime,” Christie told some 600 Kentucky Republicans at a Lexington hotel. “This is a guy who literally is walking around in a dark room trying to find the light switch of leadership.” [snip]

“He has sat in the Oval Office and cared more about posing and preening and making partisan politics the rule of the day in Washington D.C. than he’s cared about progress,” the New Jersey Republican, now in his third year in office, said of Obama.”

It’s one thing for Republican Marco Rubio to say of Obama, “We have not seen such a divisive figure in modern American history as we have over the last three and a half years.

But Christie and Rubio are not alone. Democrats are nauseated by Obama:

“Obama Campaign Does Damage Control After Dems Question Anti-Bain Strategy

The Obama campaign is in full damage-control mode one day after Newark Mayor Cory Booker publicly derided Democrats’ assault on presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney over his record at Bain Capital. [snip]

Booker is not the only Democrat to question the aggressive, negative portrayal of Romney’s work in private equity. Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford Jr. said today he agreed with “the substance” of Booker’s comments and “would not have backed out.”

“I agree with him, private equity is not a bad thing. Matter of fact, private equity is a good thing in many, many instances,” the Democrat said in a separate appearance on MSNBC earlier in the day.

Former Obama administration economic adviser Steven Rattner made similar comments last week, calling a new Obama campaign TV ad attacking Romney’s role in the bankruptcy of a Bain-owned steel company “unfair.”

“Bain Capital’s responsibility was not to create 100,000 jobs or some other number. It was to create profits for its investors,” Rattner said. ”‘It did it superbly well, acting within the rules, acting very responsibly. … This is part of capitalism, this is part of life. I don’t think there’s anything Bain Capital did that they need to be embarrassed about.”

For telling the truth Cory Booker was sent to a Stalinist reeducation camp. When asked if the Obama campaign demanded the forced confession North Korea style from Booker the lies flowered like weeds. Yup, the Obama campaign caught lying about whether they asked Cory Booker to backtrack on Bain.

Democrat Ed Rendell supports Booker, not Obama. “Rendell: Hey, can you believe these Bain attacks from Obama?:

As for Booker, “I admire him,” Rendell said. “People in politics should tell the truth. He could have qualified it better, he could have framed it better, but if you’re in this business, none of us like negative ads.”

If Democrats don’t seem to be into Obama these days, it’s perhaps because Obama has never really been into them.

That’s right. The Obama cult of personality is not a political party. The Obama cult of personality is a Stalinist totalitarian corruption. Like Stalin, Mao or North Korean boy leaders, Ich bin die parte und die partie bin ich:

“Dems wait by phone for Obama

He doesn’t call. He doesn’t write. He doesn’t drop by for a visit.

That’s what some of the most senior Democrats in Congress are experiencing from President Barack Obama these days.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) is trying to cut a deal on the nation’s fiscal crisis, but he can’t recall the last time he talked to the president. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) is in charge of one of Obama’s top priorities — preventing a rate increase on student loans — but he hasn’t talked to the president in months. And Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) is the go-to guy on high gas prices, but the chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee hasn’t spoken to the president much since the previous Congress.”

It’s not as if there is anything to do right?

If you are not a Facebook billionaire, a celebrity. a sports star or coughing up money, Obama does not want to see you. It’s pay to play. It’s all pay to play. Obama is pay to play (and gay for pay). Facebook is pay to play.

We started by addressing why Facebook’s IPO failed and the anti-white working class contempt of Obama. Let’s end with the corruption of pay to play at Facebook. Consider another reason why the Facebook IPO has been such a bust:

Facebook left nothing for the common investor. The insider pig pile of PE firms and celebrity Silicon Valley angels took it all. This is a rather new, post-Sarbanes-Oxley fact and it should make Americans very, very angry. When Microsoft when public in 1986, its market value was $780 million. Microsoft’s market value would rise more than 700 times in the next 13 years. Bill Gates made millionaires of thousands of ordinary public investors. When Google went public in 2004 at a $23 billion valuation, it left less on the table for you and me. Still, if you had invested in Google then and held your stock, you would be sitting atop a 9x return. Zuckerberg and his Facebook friends took it all.”

They took it all but called everyone a “friend”. Friends like this no one needs. Those sexist misogynist creeps at Facebook need a slap and maybe jail as well. Hopefully the wheels of justice are turning.

As to Barack Obama, tonight Arkansas might continue the slapping process to an unprecedented degree. Arkansas voters have already forced Obama to spend money in their state. Arkansas voters might force Obama to face the fact that he is where he is not wanted. Go Arkansas!


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  1. jtjames, a lot of people on twitter are reporting results. One guy I follow is from the RNC, and he seems to be getting them fastest.

  2. This is interesting:

    In 3 of the 7 Kentucky counties that border Ohio President Obama is losing to uncommitted right now.—
    Tim Miller (@Timodc) May 22, 2012

  3. Joe Pounder

    “Uncommitted” has now beat Obama in the KY primary in 38 counties.

  4. Indoctrination films from the 4 greatest narcissists of the past century

    Hitler, Kim, Lenin and duckboy.

  5. Admin, add Patrick Deval to the list besides Davis, Rendell, and Harold Ford to come out and support Booker’s initial statement.

    Deval on CNN today said Bain was “not a bad company”. I think these guys are pissed at how Booker was jumped on just for speaking his mind, and are showing solidarity against Obama’s bullying.

  6. KY: Obama 59% Uncommitted: 41% (74% reporting)—CAC’s easy call: Obama misses embarrassment by this much.


  7. H4T,

    ‘I think these guys are pissed at how Booker was jumped on just for speaking his mind, and are showing solidarity against Obama’s bullying.’

    Or maybe even the AA pols are doing a CYA.

  8. Jamie Dupree


    With 84% of precincts reporting from Kentucky, “Undecided” has won or is leading in 56 of 120 counties

  9. HillaryforTexas
    May 22nd, 2012 at 9:21 am


    So how is John Galt?

    Yours is not an argument for the ‘Catholic charities’, it’s an argument against all taxes of anyone for any reason.

  10. 92% of precincts reporting in KY: Obama 58, Uncommitted 42.—
    The Fix (@TheFix) May 23, 2012

  11. With 93% of precincts reporting, “Undecided” leads Obama in 62 of the 120 counties in the Bluegrass State—
    Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) May 23, 2012

  12. HillaryforTexas
    May 22nd, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    92% of precincts reporting in KY: Obama 58, Uncommitted 42.—

    That’s even WORSE than the win by the WV ex-con who, at least, had a name and a face and a ponytail.


  13. Obama is losing the old blue-collar Dems:

    In Lonoke, 94-year-old Mayme Morris also voted for Wolfe. She says she voted for Republican John McCain four years ago and remembered voting for Franklin Roosevelt the first time she cast a presidential ballot.

  14. The fothermucker LSM are not even covering the embarrassing KY results – 58-42. Ratmuckers.

  15. BASIL, it won’t matter. New media is getting the word out. All the LSM is doing is making people trust them even less. People will hear about it, notice that they never saw it on the news, and go: “WTF?” They are digging their own grave.

  16. That’s even WORSE than the win by the WV ex-con who, at least, had a name and a face and a ponytail.


    It’s also worse for Obama because Uncommitted delegates are traditionally recognized at the convention, can’t be dismissed as easily as Wolfe’s.

  17. Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein on Bain attacks: “It’s done,” she said. “Go on to other things now.”… h/t @HotlineJosh—
    Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) May 23, 2012

    IOW, our ridiculous attack bombed. We need another “Look, SQUIRREL!”

  18. Wow, I just checked Politico, and they have links only for the Republican primaries. Nothing on the Democrat Primaries in Arkansas and Kentucky. Media bias anyone?

  19. ‘People will hear about it, notice that they never saw it on the news, and go: “WTF?”’

    Yup, H4T.

    Over just the past few days no coverage of:

    1 – Chicago riots
    2 – Catholic institutions suing over the BOHC mandate
    3 – Racist NBPP morons spewing hate whitey speech
    4 – New radio silence on Trayvon now the proof is out there that Zim acted in self defense

    That’s just off the top of my head.

  20. mh2012
    May 22nd, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    Several of the lame sites I visited are saying the dem primary is already settled and BO has the delegates to win. Typical lame excuse for not reporting on the POS’s lousy showing.

    One poster pointed out how Buchanpn got major coverage when he ran and nearly upset the apple cart in NH.

  21. BASIL, Buchanan got about 35% of the vote against the incumbent in ONE state, and the media headlined it for days.


    Uncommitted’ is keeping it closer than expected in the Kentucky Democratic presidential primary. With 104 of 120 counties counted, President Barack Obama leads ‘Uncommitted’ by only 20 percentage points. The tally so far: Obama with 105,487 votes (or 60.04 percent of the vote), while ‘Uncommitted’ claims 70,211 votes (or 39.96 percent).

    The Republican primary isn’t nearly as close. Presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, leads his closest rival, Ron Paul, by over 55 percentage points so far. The current tally: Romney has 107,362 votes (or 66.85 percent of the vote), Paul with 20,117 votes (12.53 percent), Rick Santorum with 14,230 (8.86 percent), Newt Gingrich with 9,459 votes (5.89 percent), and ‘Uncommitted’ with 9,428 (5.87 percent of the vote).

    Paul, Santorum, and Gingrich have dropped out (or, in Paul’s case, essentially dropped out) of the race. Needless to say, ‘Uncommitted’ is not an actual candidate.

  23. Obama will have to begin his Chicago face saving cheating earlier than planned. Seeing his chances of re-election are blowing up in his face!

  24. This president has gone “Rogue”!
    He needs to be out of office and shut down!

    Breitbart Interview: Senator Exposes Obama Labor Board’s Power Grab

    Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) speaks with Breitbart News’ Larry O’Connor about the Obama Administration’s National Labor Relations Board and their latest ruling allowing unions to organize a “Micro-Union” in just one shoe department of a New York department store.

  25. Something very odd in Arkansas. Earlier results from 4 of 75 counties reported. Now only 2 counties reported. Did extraterrestrials take 2 counties out?

  26. Jay Cost. Enjoy:

    Obama Needs Hillary, But Does She Need Him?

    The typical problem with dumping a veep is that it signals real trouble at the top of the ticket, which is a bad story to get into the press. However, Hillary Clinton has so much star power that adding her to the ticket would create such positive buzz that those “Obama’s in trouble” stories would probably go ignored.

    Of course, does this make sense for Clinton? After all, Barack Obama is in trouble; so yes, she can help him, but can he help her? Maybe not.

    If she is truly done with presidential politics, then a stint as vice president — in an office utterly bereft of power and full of hassle — is really not worth her time. She’d be better of retiring or continuing on as secretary of state (or some other post that has real power).

    If she isn’t done with presidential politics, then it makes sense to leave the administration at the end of this term, get a campaign organized, and run either with or against Obama in 2016. That’s the real beauty of her situation at the moment: right now, she’s the only Democrat in the entire country who could be both pro-Obama or anti-Obama, depending on how the president is viewed in four years. If she joins up with Obama as the vice presidential nominee, then she spoils that.

    So really, why should Clinton bother? Her stint as secretary of state has totally reformed her image, and given her maximum flexibility for her future. Maybe she shouldn’t risk all her political capital on a venture that brings her nothing in return.

    The lady ain’t stupid.

  27. Did extraterrestrials take 2 counties out?

    no- results are coming in slower because of a new sanitation process called Madrid Check.

  28. Did someone here donate $o.44 cents to Wolfe, I think we need to invite him to the blog!

    I’ve raised less than $2000,” says Wolfe. “My biggest contribution was $50; my smallest was $0.44.” The money helped him drive his Ford Edge from his Nashville home over to Arkansas, and to pay for some penny apiece robo-calls. These supplemented the 3000 calls that Wolfe has made personally, “just talking to voters.”…

    Two weeks ago, a convincted felon and frequent candidate named Keith Judd won 41 percent of the Democratic primary vote in West Virginia. He took seven counties away from the president. Reporters, conducting interviews at the polls, learned that voters were willing to support anyone who wasn’t Obama, no matter what he did. Vice President Biden even absolved these people.

    The Judd comparison is extremely unflattering to Wolfe. He’s an upstanding citizen, and reasonable, with an “economic populist” policy agenda that could fit snugly on Dylan Ratigan’s MSNBC show. When I call Wolfe, he’s ready with a 10-minute monologue about the need to restore Glass Steagall, the unfairness of the bailouts, and the good that a transaction tax could do.

  29. TD statement from previous post…

    Yes, there is dignity in working and mirroring that to your children, be they 2, 4,10,20.


    Agree or disagree with it, it’s still ’social engineering


    There really is no hope for you if you think the Government,i.e.,tax payers, should pay mothers to stay home with their kids. You stay home if you can financially swing it, you don’t steal others money. My husband and I worked out a system so that one of us was home while the other worked. It’s called taking responsibility. I should not have to pay for your responsibility.

    I really think you are lost on this blog.

  30. Thank you fraud…Black on White hate crime…


  31. 10:57 p.m. CST

    From Little Rock, AR with 78% of the counties reporting:

    Obama 60% 80948

    Wolfe 40% 54113

  32. Where are y’all getting the AK results? Policymic stoped ar 71%
    I saw something kinda odd:
    On PM:”10:56 PM 59% reporting now: Obama 59.5% (61,801 votes), Wolfe 40.5% (42,010 votes”

    Then an hour later, on AK Sec of State site, Wolfe’s total had gone up only 600 votes (42,734), but O’s had increased by six thousand (67,316).

  33. My email to pundit professor Morici who is an economist at the University of Maryland, which is within the beltway by my calculations. What I saw distinctly in his diatribe favoring Obama was an inside the beltway bias.

    Dear Professor Morici:

    Concerning your characterization of the “brilliant” “pivot” by the Obama campaign to make the 2012 campaign about Bain rather than the economy, i.e never defend an indefensible position as lawyers say, I will defend to the death your right to be . . . wrong.

    However, surely you realize that most people outside the beltway understand that things are not getting better economically, and Obama has made it worse. The comparison you make between Romney and Kerry is irrelevant. If you look at the polls for the likely voters–as opposed to the registered voters or the electorate as a whole, this will not be the close election pundits are forecasting.

    The real problem we have as a country is what the estimable Jay Cost put his finger on in his most recent article, which I commend to your attention if you have not seen it. The democrats in general and Obama in particular are so indebted to special interests that they are unable to serve the common good. Incidentally, Romney was not my choice in the primary for the very reason you allude to but now that he is the candidate–well as they uses to say now is the time for all good men (of all political stripes) to come to the aid of their country–which means defeating Obama.

    Independent Voter
    How the Democratic Party lost its way

    By Jay Cost

    Published May 16, 2012

    Why is the country debating gay marriage right now?

    The deficit is out of control. The economy is stuck in neutral. Incomes are flat. Unemployment is stubbornly high. Europe is on the brink of collapse. The Middle East is on the brink of war. So why are we talking about gay marriage?

    The reason is simple: President Obama was facing a backlash from a core Democratic constituency, namely the gay rights community, and he had to respond because he desperately needs its campaign contributions.

    There is no great national emergency with the issue of gay marriage; in fact, President Obama is not even going to introduce legislation in Congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Instead, there is only a partisan emergency: a Democratic interest group was reading President Obama the riot act, so he had to flip-flop.

    That says a lot about the modern Democratic party. In fact, it says it all.

    You, me, and almost everybody else in this country want to talk about jobs, the deficit, national security, but the Democratic party simply does not listen to us.

    It is not responsive to what we want, but rather only to the special interests that now dominate it. Organized labor, the environmentalist left, the feminists, big city machine politicos, and all the rest – they hum the tune to which the party dances.

    If you are lucky enough to be in one of those groups, then the Democrats will be happy to hear what you have to say. If you aren’t, then you’ll be lucky if they don’t hang up on you!

    We saw this above all else with ObamaCare. For well over a year, most of the country was shouting “no, no, no!” Poll after poll – including some by liberal interests groups – showed a wide and deep public backlash, culminating with Republican Scott Brown’s upset victory in Massachusetts. But organized labor, the feminists, and the big businesses were whispering, “yes, yes, yes!”

    And to whom did Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the party listen? You know the answer.

    This is all a very sad commentary on the modern Democratic party. Remember that it was founded by General Andrew Jackson – “Old Hickory” as they used to call him – back in the 1820s to fight political privilege, on behalf of the “humble members of society,” as Jackson called them. Old Hickory was a straight shooter if there ever was one, and he hated the idea of the government playing favorites.

    But all that began to change about 80 years ago, when President Franklin Roosevelt transformed the Democratic party from a largely Southern and rural coalition into a mostly Northern and urban one. To do that, he started using the power of big government to buy off special interest groups, like the big city machines and organized labor.

    Over the ensuing decades, later Democratic presidents followed in his footsteps, adding African Americans, government workers, environmentalists, feminists, corporations, gay rights groups, trial lawyers and more into the party as loyal interest groups.

    But starting in the late 1960s, there were just too many mouths to feed – no longer, it seemed, could the Democratic party take care of its client groups and tend to the public interest at the same time. The party machinery started to break down, which explains the trouble the Democrats had in the late 1960s, why Jimmy Carter’s presidency was a wreck, and why Bill Clinton was not a success until after the Republican Revolution of 1994.

    And today, almost 200 years after it was founded, the party has become the opposite of what it once was. Now it is a party of special interests payouts that do not benefit the whole country, but rather privileged groups of citizens.

    And the kabuki dance of Team Obama on the gay marriage issue is exactly what we should expect from the modern party. For years, the liberals of the party has demanded that it move leftward in front on this issue, but national Democratic politicians have been reluctant, knowing that the issue regularly performs terribly at the ballot box. And while gay marriage activists do not have all that many votes, they sure do have the cash, which the Obama campaign is in desperate need of. So finally, the pressure just became too much for the president to bear. He had to change his position.

    This should serve as a cautionary tale any time you hear the Democrats claim to be the “party of the people.” Ask yourself: which people? Is it the “humble members of society” for whom Old Hickory fought, or is it the people with the right political connections in this country?

    Jay Cost is a political analyst. He writes the twice-weekly MORNING JAY column for The Weekly Standard. He is the author of the new book “SPOILED ROTTEN: How the Politics of Patronage Corrupted the Once Noble Democratic Party and Now Threatens the American Republic” (Broadside 2012).

  34. From in Little Rock, AR

    11:12 p.m. CST with 87% of counties reporting:

    Obama 59% 86768

    WOlfe 41% 60467


    Obama struggles in Kentucky, Arkansas

    President Barack Obama continued to have trouble on Tuesday performing in Democratic primaries in traditionally conservative states, barely eking out wins in Kentucky and Arkansas.

    The president didn’t even have an opponent in Kentucky, but with 99 percent of the vote counted, Obama took just 57.9 percent of the vote, with the remaining more than 42 percent of ballots cast for “uncommitted.”

    In Arkansas, with 70 percent of the vote tallied, Obama nabbed just 59 percent of the vote. His opponent there, John Wolfe, was able to take 41 percent of the vote at that point, according to The Associated Press.

    Wolfe, an attorney from Tennessee whose platform includes repealing “Obamacare,” was able to win several counties.

  36. From todaysthv in Little Rock, AR at 11:17 p.m. CST

    With 89% of counties reporting:

    Obama 59% 87608

    Wolfe 41% 60868

  37. I have finally managed to sum up the problem with Obama. It is in three parts.

    1. the economy is NOT getting better–

    2. Obama has made it worse–

    3. Obama does not represent the people–

    On the contrary, as look as far back as you like, and what you see in Obama is an unbroken record of serving special interests at the expense of constituents. He is the disease that affects the entire party now.

    I am told that one day Lincoln rushed out of the room and screamed to those outside the White House: “too many piglets–not enough teats. After Obama is done paying off his supporters, there is nothing but bread and circuses left for the American People.

  38. Wolfe at the door may not have blown down the house at 41+%, but for an almost ‘unknown’ running against a sitting president, he has eaten most of that little pig.

    What is an uncommitted voter?
    On the CA ballot, there is only a box to check for Barry…is uncommitted an unchecked box?

  39. Obama Needs Hillary, But Does She Need Him?
    No. But the party will apply maximum pressure. They do not want to run Biden the buffoon, so who else is there that could energize the ticket. They will need to find someone else. Pelosi perhaps. She is well loved in the same sense that Marie Antoinette was. Their short list as of a few months ago according to my contacts were Evan Bayh, Stenny Hoyer and somebody from Colorado, Debbie Stabilo, Patty Murray and someone else. At that point they were talking about Hillary. She needs to get away from this. As far as running in 2016, with Obama that is cloud cuckoo land.

  40. From Little Rock, AR 11:45 p.m. CST with 92% of counties reporting:

    Obama 59% 89673

    Wolfe 41% 62653

  41. Another thing to keep in mind about uncommited votes, these are voters, Democrats that didn’t stay home on voting day, they went all the way to the polls, stood in line even though they had no one on the ballot for President that they would vote for…but they went anyway to NOT VOTE for That One.

    Those are real Democrats and I will be voting the same way in the primary.

  42. Amazing and significant that, that many people would have the initiative to show up to vote against an encumbent President in a Primary. That surely is an indication that voters are tired of their votes/voices being ignored.

  43. What is the saddest thing in politics is that if Hillary had wanted to run this year, the racists would burn down DC, but she would be our President in January. Damn the O’dimarats for the past four, terrible years.

  44. From Little Rock, AR with 96% of counties reported:

    Obama 58% 91519

    Wolfe 42% 65325

    I agree with Shadowfax and New Mexico Fan. It is amazing that that many Arkansasans went to vote AGAINST Obama when they were already told their votes would not count for delegates.

  45. gonzotx
    May 22nd, 2012 at 11:04 pm
    Agree or disagree with it, it’s still ’social engineering


    I’m not discussing the merits of Romney’s sending mothers of two year old children to “the dignity of work” even when it costs the government more for daycare. I’m saying that it is ’social engineering — like many other conservative causes, eg ‘defense of marriage’.

  46. Wolfe, he’s ready with a 10-minute monologue about the need to restore Glass Steagall, the unfairness of the bailouts, and the good that a transaction tax could do.


    Oh, bravo for Wolfe!

  47. I love me some Wolfe…by the way, anyone here watching or reading Game OF Thrones? The Starks, as you know, have as their sigil a grey direwolf,

  48. We did speak with a few people today who said they were Dem but voted a straight Rep ticket as a protest against BO rather than voting the Dem. ticket. We don’t know how many people did that but the seemingly 59% vote for BO might have actually been lower.

    Many, many people here in Arkansas are fed up to their eyeballs with Barack Obama.

  49. Woops, left out my attribution. I’m the one who said:
    Agree or disagree with it, it’s still ’social engineering

  50. TD,,
    I guess you still don’t get it, the Government is US, and I didn’t expect you all to pay for my child care, I did it the old fashion way, I paid for it myself.


    I’m not discussing the merits of Romney’s sending mothers of two year old children to “the dignity of work” even when it costs the government more for daycare (TD)

  51. Kraushaar used to be an Obama cheerleader 100% of the time. Now this variant of what we’ve written:

    The Emerging Democratic Divide

    The brouhaha over a moderate New Jersey mayor’s comments has aggravated tensions that have been growing within the party’s coalition.

    Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker’s off-message criticism of the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s background at Bain Capital gave the campaign an untimely, unwanted headache this week. But more significantly, it exposed a tension that’s developing between the Democratic Party’s centrist wing and its more-outspoken liberal base—one that threatens to fester more openly if President Obama fails to win a second term.

    Conversations with liberal activists and labor officials reveal an unmistakable hostility toward the pro-business, free-trade, free-market philosophy that was in vogue during the second half of the Clinton administration. Former White House Chief of Staff William Daley, who tried to steer the Obama administration in a more centrist direction, is the subject of particular derision. Discussion of entitlement reforms, at the heart of the GOP governing agenda, is a nonstarter. The fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats are now nearly extinct on Capitol Hill.

    Moderate Democratic groups and officials, meanwhile, privately fret about the party’s leftward drift and the Obama campaign’s embrace of an aggressively populist message. They’re disappointed that the administration didn’t take the lead advancing the Simpson-Bowles deficit-reduction proposal, they wish the administration’s focus was on growth over fairness, and they are frustrated with the persistent congressional gridlock. Third Way, the centrist Democratic think tank, has been generating analyses underscoring the need for Democrats to appeal to middle-of-the-road voters, to no avail.

    “There are not a lot of moderates left in the Democratic Party, and Cory is one of the few of them left,” said former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis of Alabama, an early Obama ally who has become increasingly estranged from the party. “I would like to think Cory speaks for a lot of voters in the Democratic Party, but sadly he doesn’t speak for a lot of Democratic operatives within the party. This isn’t Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party anymore.”

    The Booker brouhaha exposed an important dynamic. Booker is a leading figure in the centrist faction, and he didn’t hide that fact when he called out the Obama campaign attacks against Romney’s private-equity work. He first made a name for himself by challenging the party’s establishment in the 2002 Newark mayoral race, taking on the cronyism that was endemic in city government. After being elected in 2006 on his second try, he’s worked closely with the business community to revitalize Newark. He’s developed an unlikely odd-couple relationship with Republican Gov. Chris Christie, and the two have rallied behind education reform, taking on the teachers’ unions in the process.

    The Booker governing model, premised on bipartisanship and taking on ideological party factions, runs contrary in many ways to Obama’s record. It’s why Booker’s call for Obama to elevate the rhetoric drove Chicago batty: It was a stinging reminder that the candidate’s promise of a post-partisan approach in 2008 had given way to the reality of governing in a polarized Washington and the necessity of running a highly negative campaign against Romney. [snip]

    But Booker’s comments reflect an uncomfortable ideological divide within the elite elements of the Democratic coalition. As I wrote last month, wealthy voters made up a pivotal part of Obama’s winning coalition in 2008—not to mention contributing a good chunk of his campaign cash that cycle. But as Obama’s rhetoric has turned populist to capitalize on Romney’s biographical vulnerabilities, he has alienated some of those voters. Booker isn’t the only high-profile Democrat with Wall Street connections raising questions about the Obama campaign’s populist appeals. It follows similar criticisms from Obama auto adviser Steven Rattner, former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee, and JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon, a past Obama donor and supporter. Meanwhile, Wall Street money has dried up, playing a role in the president’s less-than-imposing fundraising totals for the year.

    Over the past generation, losing Democratic presidential campaigns have sparked soul-searching within the party. After Walter Mondale’s landslide defeat in 1984, centrist Democrats formed institutions, like the Democratic Leadership Council, to counter the influence of the old, liberal guard. The DLC later provided the governing fuel for Clinton’s presidency. A decade later, when John Kerry lost to George W. Bush, it sparked the rise of the liberal netroots, which played a key role in the Democratic takeover of Congress two years later. The party’s activist base currently is firmly in charge, but that could change quickly if things turn south.

    With Obama at the helm of the party and broadly popular among Democratic voters, there’s little incentive for Democratic critics to openly take on a sitting president. The harsh reaction to Booker’s mild apostasy on Meet the Press, and his subsequent walk-backs, was proof positive of that. But if Obama loses to Romney after embracing a message advocated by the party’s liberal wing, don’t be surprised if the knives come out in force after the election.

    We don’t entirely agree with the divisions outlined above. It’s not as simple as “liberal” wing verses “business” wing. We’re not even sure the soul searching will happen after a loss. Such soul searching should have taken place in 2009 and certainly after the 2012 elections but didn’t occur. Maybe after Wisconsin votes and when Romney overtakes Obama in fundraising the party elites will see the coming disaster and take steps to remove Barack.

  52. Today I spoke to a black man I know well, respect and work for. He knows of my support for Hillary, and because he is an honest and kind person, I don’t get into political arguments with him.

    He told me this election is going to be VERY close. I just looked at him, silence and long looks…I just said, yea…it sure will be.

    He knows I can’t stand his President…I will make sure I cancel out his vote in the General Election by voting for Wilberrrrr. It just struck me that the devoted know their Dear Leader is in real trouble and are not at all confident.

  53. Our forefather’s had so much more courage than our present leaders have. The signer’s of the Declaration of Independance, did not get book deals, far from it. Most of them ruined their lives and careers when they stood up and signed. For many, it was like they became fugitives. All we are asking here is that they do what the voters want them to do. Yet they are more afraid of the Party leadership, than supporting the will of the people.

    Since I have learned that we are a Republic and not a Democracy (from people on this blog), I have to ask myself, why don’t they understand. If I understand correctly in a Republic they are to represent the will of the people, not the will of the party.

    It is obvious most of them are scared to death to violate the will of the party.

  54. gonzo,

    You don’t get it. I’m talking about the conservatives’ use of the term ‘social engineering’. I could have used the examples of ‘defense of marriage’ etc — which they push and which ARE ‘social engineering’.

    I’m tired of repeating this. Good night.

  55. Since I have learned that we are a Republic and not a Democracy (from people on this blog), I have to ask myself, why don’t they understand. If I understand correctly in a Republic they are to represent the will of the people, not the will of the party.


    If you’re going to use those terms, you’d better study their meaning in some good history book.

  56. Today I spoke to a black man I know well, respect and work for. He knows of my support for Hillary, and because he is an honest and kind person, I don’t get into political arguments with him.

    He told me this election is going to be VERY close. I just looked at him, silence and long looks…I just said, yea…it sure will be.

    He knows I can’t stand his President…I will make sure I cancel out his vote in the General Election by voting for Wilberrrrr. It just struck me that the devoted know their Dear Leader is in real trouble and are not at all confident.
    I have got one like that too. I have no use for the rich bastards who vote for him just to feel good, and that has been the end of several friendships for me. But for a well intentioned black man–who fails to see what this charlatan is doing to the country, and how it will reverberate in years to come, but feels a sense of transcendence based on skin color rather than content of character I have only sympathy.

    The problem is Obama is his president, but he is not the president of the American People. Obama hates America–and there is no point in mincing words. It is a case of magic thinking, and failure to see what his president is doing to the country. The entire fault lies with Obama–but everything in life has come too easy for him. We shall see how he handles defeat–after all his cheating does not get it done.

    Then, we will need to watch Romney and make sure that Obama is not the candidate in 2016. My prediction is he will be badly damaged by this campaign. Day by day you can see his likeablity drain away. There is that famous line where Rumstead tells Romel which seems apropos: after they have intervened to save him (in that case the Bohemian Corporal, in our case Obama) time and again to no avail, suddenly you reach a point where the next time he does something foolish and destructive rather than jumping in to save him, you are inclined to sit back and view the entire matter with a certain air of detachment.

  57. admin
    May 23rd, 2012 at 1:36 am
    betcha mayor nutter of Philadelphia feels the same way as Booker. These enterprize zones like Magic Johnson and Bill were working on are the key–and they need money men and management consultants to get them running–outfits like Bain et al. The left wing extremists want it all done though high tax rates and government intervention. We spent a trillion on the Great Society program and it was a Great Failure. In today’s dollars that would be 6 trillion.

  58. NewMexicoFan – I’m the one that posted the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. Good reading here about the differences: It was taken from a book: The American Ideal of 1776: The Twelve Basic American Principles.

    The chief characteristic and distinguishing feature of a Democracy is: Rule by Omnipotent Majority. In a Democracy, The Individual, and any group of Individuals composing any Minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of The Majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Man.

    This is true whether it be a Direct Democracy, or a Representative Democracy….

    In both the Direct type and the Representative type of Democracy, The Majority’s power is absolute and unlimited; its decisions are unappealable under the legal system established to give effect to this form of government. This opens the door to unlimited Tyranny-by-Majority. This was what The Framers of the United States Constitution meant in 1787, in debates in the Federal (framing) Convention, when they condemned the “excesses of democracy” and abuses under any Democracy of the unalienable rights of The Individual by The Majority.

    It is correct to say that in any Democracy–either a Direct or a Representative type–as a form of government, there can be no legal system which protects The Individual or The Minority (any or all minorities) against unlimited tyranny by The Majority. The undependable sense of self-restraint of the persons making up The Majority at any particular time offers, of course, no protection whatever. Such a form of government is characterized by The Majority Omnipotent and Unlimited. This is true, for example, of the Representative Democracy of Great Britain; because unlimited government power is possessed by the House of Lords, under an Act of Parliament of 1949–indeed, it has power to abolish anything and everything governmental in Great Britain.

    A Republic, on the other hand, has a very different purpose and an entirely different form, or system, of government. Its purpose is to control The Majority strictly, as well as all others among the people, primarily to protect The Individual’s God-given, unalienable rights and therefore for the protection of the rights of The Minority, of all minorities, and the liberties of people in general. The definition of a Republic is: a constitutionally limited government of the representative type, created by a written Constitution–adopted by the people and changeable (from its original meaning) by them only by its amendment–with its powers divided between three separate Branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Here the term “the people” means, of course, the electorate.

  59. There is a lot more very interesting information about a Republic vs. a Democracy at that website I just posted. It was good, educational reading for me because I had never really stopped before and thought about the difference. I’ve always known the U.S. was a Republic because we say “and under the Republic for which it stands” when we salute the flag but if someone had asked me two weeks ago the difference between the two they would have received silence.

  60. I notice Politico has deliberately dropped having the dem pres. primary results come in alongside the republicans, its almost like they dont want to see uncommitted with a huge number of votes….funny that.

  61. It was taken from a book: The American Ideal of 1776: The Twelve Basic American Principles.
    The chief characteristic and distinguishing feature of a Democracy is: Rule by Omnipotent Majority. In a Democracy, The Individual, and any group of Individuals composing any Minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of The Majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Man.


    What bullshit! This appears to be a meme invented by some Rightwingers.

    Democracy/Republic just refers to how many levels of ELECTED representatives come between the voters and the laws. A Constitution is a separate thing, which both Democracies and Republics have (and so do Monarchies and most Dictatorships, ftm). And how much protection to the minority, and which minorities are protected, varies from one Constitution to another.

    Trying to confuse these definitions sounds like a homeschool/Creationist/homophobe sort of thing.

    One example of ‘tyranny of the majority’ is when a state’s voters pass a referendum to prohibit gay marriage — after the legislature or the courts have approved it. But here it is a Conservative 51% vs a Liberal legislature or ‘activist court’.

    These same people are all for 51% over 49% — when they happen to be the 51%.

    Democracy in its most basic meaning refers to people ruling themselves. The forms democracy may take are varied, and run from simple, direct town meetings of a few dozen people to elaborate schemes of popular representation for millions. A democracy may take the form of a republic or of a limited monarchy, and the ways in which the people’s voices are heard and their will carried out are numerous.
    For Americans, democracy is not only government, as Abraham Lincoln put it, “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” but it also involves limits on majoritarian rule.

  63. GonzoTx, there are plenty of good black people. Plenty of black voters and activists risked a great deal in support of Hillary. But the black leadership is increasingly disconnected from reality in their support of Obama and in excuses when some blacks commit crimes.

    Good black people have to speak up against the type of horrors you posted about. Just as we write about Muslims, the good have to speak up and put a lid on the bad. Right now it does seem that the bad have the upper hand. But the notion that all black people are good or all black people are bad is wrong. We feel very sorry for black Hillary Clinton supporters who suffered and suffer for choosing correctly.

    Blacks who don’t agree with protecting thugs, black or white, need support. The Mayor Nutter’s (and Cain, West, etc.) need support. It’s time for blacks to take back their communities from the thugs and the race-baiting leadership that profits from the chaos and the victim mentality.

  64. More Democrats against Obama.

    Some influential Democrats on and off Capitol Hill are refusing to give President Obama political cover for his attacks on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital.

    Despite pushback from more than a half-dozen Democrats, the Obama campaign on Tuesday defended how it has scrutinized Romney’s business background.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), a widely respected member of Congress, stopped short of criticizing the president, but made it clear that the campaign should pivot.

    It’s done,” she said. “Go on to other things now.”

    Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) told The Hill, “I think the average American … hopes that this campaign will focus on competing visions for how to strengthen our economy, help create jobs and move the country forward.”

    Pressed on whether he thought Obama’s campaign had operated within those guidelines, Coons paused.

    “I’m not going to comment on President Obama’s ad,” he said, shaking his head vigorously.

    Coons and Feinstein are not alone. Other Democrats who are less than enthusiastic to Obama’s Bain ad include former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, ex-Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (Tenn.) and Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker. Rendell called negative ads “disappointing,” while Booker called the specific ad “nauseating.”

    Those negative reviews fit with the GOP’s playbook of portraying Obama as one of the most polarizing presidents. But Democratic operatives say Obama’s 2012 campaign tactics must be different than 2008, when he ran on the slogan of hope and change. Drawing a contrast between the president and Romney is the key to winning a second term, they maintain.

    While Obama’s campaign is not retreating, the White House was put on the defensive Tuesday, less than 24 hours after Obama said Romney’s private-sector experience was “what this campaign is going to be about.” [snip]

    The Hill reported earlier this year that over the last three cycles, Democrats have accepted far more than the GOP in political donations from executives at Bain Capital.


    18% of New Hampshire Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    12% of Missouri Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    11% of Michigan Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    43% of Oklahoma Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    11% of Massachusetts Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    11% of Tennessee Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    19% of Alabama Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    23% of Louisiana Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    12% of Maryland Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    17% of Rhode Island Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    21% of North Carolina Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    41% of West Virginia Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    5% of Oregon Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    41% of Arkansas Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    42% of Kentucky Democrats declined to vote for Obama.


    The point is that it’s looking like Nobama has all the momentum. That doesn’t mean Mitt wins, but clearly Americans are fed up with the current occupant of the White House and they are making it known. It’s way early, so keep your powder dry, but this thing is taking on juggernaut proportions. We’ll see if Obama gets flattened, or if the press can reinvent him as Sisyphus and help him roll another boulder up the hill.


    Gov. Mitt Romney holds a 47 – 41 percent lead over President Barack Obama in Florida, where 63 percent of voters say the president’s support of same-sex marriage will not affect their vote, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. Another 25 – 11 percent of voters, including 23 – 9 percent among independent voters, say Obama’s support of gay marriage makes them less likely to support his candidacy.

    Adding Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio to the GOP ticket would give the Republican Romney/Rubio team a 49 – 41 percent lead over President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

    Romney’s lead in the horse race compares to a 44 – 43 percent tie in a May 3 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University and a 49 – 42 percent Obama lead March 28.

  67. yheitman
    May 23rd, 2012 at 3:42 am
    NewMexicoFan – I’m the one that posted the difference between a Republic and a Democracy. Good reading here about the differences:

    THANK YOU, yheitman, for that educated, sensitive reply.

  68. Public Schedule: Public Schedule for May 23, 2012
    05/23/2012 08:26 AM EDT

    Public Schedule for May 23, 2012

    Public Schedule
    Washington, DC

    May 23, 2012


    10:00 a.m. Secretary Clinton testifies with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, at the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

    7:00 p.m. Secretary Clinton delivers the keynote address at the Gala Dinner for the International Special Operations Forces Week, at the Tampa Convention Center, in Tampa, Florida. Please click here for more information.

  69. I’m just scrolling past other responses to my post because they don’t want to seem to educate themselves. All the websites I went to basically say the same thing.

    Some people just like to nitpick and fight. I don’t have time to mince over the fine points and cheap attempts to insult.

    Just scroll on by……….

  70. Just trying to sic the mad dogs on me by ad hominem attacks (rightwinger/homeschooled/homophobe). Grade school bully mentality. Derangement syndrome anyone?

  71. admin
    May 23rd, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Well defined and well said!

    But who will lead the AA communities out of the stranglehold held on them by their own leadership- Sharpton, Cosby, Jackson, Van Jones, Wright, Brazile and on and on…

    I can’t think of an AA celeb that will stand up to them..

  72. Colin Powell continues to shit in his messkit, and he does not have the guts to say what is really bothering him. He defends supporting Obama in 2008, will support him again, claims he is not devisive, and gives his little politics aint bean bag crapola. Missing in his analysis is any discussion of unemployment, mounting debt, black gangs attacking whites. He has long been a proponent of affirmative action, got left holding the bag on WMD’S and sees the country solely in terms of his blackness rather than the common good. He strikes me as a prototypical example of a RINO.

  73. I can’t think of an AA celeb that will stand up to them..
    If only Tom Sowell were 30 years younger. He is the man. There have been others. But they do not fit into the hip hop culture of big media. I was re-installing windows the other day and happened to get msnbc as a home page–for one or two nano seconds–which was long enough to see the kind of depraved tripe they feed their audiences. Mind numbing propaganda reasonably calculated to dumb down their audience to the point of political dyfunctionality. It is worse than a bad acid trip–I am told. Or maybe better said,–and to quote what Obama said in his biography–on the weekends I did maybe a little blow–and unlike the 20% of our million man prison population who is in jail for marijuana offenses, he did not pay the price. In his whole life he has never paid the price for his mistakes. He is the quintessential affirmative action candidate–free ride allll the way.

  74. Even with the skewed polling methology ABC/WashPo are famous for (second only to Holland Keating at CNN who is a professional liar), the verdict is in. The war against women ain’t working so well, is it Plough (rhymes with fluff–the most memorable artifact of the Tump campaign that nearly was)–get this:

    Romney Closes Gender Gap

    Posted by Dan Spencer (Diary)

    Wednesday, May 23rd at 8:30AM EDT

    A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that in the last month Romney has closed his so-called gender gap from 19 to 7 percent. Last month Obama led among women 57 to 38 percent. Now that lead is down to 51 to 44 percent.

    The new poll found voters would be split 49 percent for Obama and 46 percent for Romney if the November election were held now, but with regard to whom they prefer on handling the economy, Romney and Obama are tied at 47 percent. That is a 4 percent gain for Romney from last month’s Post poll.

    Romney’s improvement comes despite the skewed sample. The ABC News/Washington Post poll used a sample of 32 percent Democrats, 22 percent Republicans, and 38 percent Independents. Based upon exit polling, the 2008 electorate was 39 percent Democrat, 32 percent Republican, and 29 percent Independent. In 2010, it was 35 percent Democrat, 35 percent Republican, and 29 percent Independent.

    The poll also found that 52 percent of all Americans identify the economy as the one concern that will decide their presidential vote. No other issue received more than single digits. Like Romney says the presidential campaign is “still about the economy…and we’re not stupid.”

    There were two other interesting findings from the new poll:

    Only 16 percent say they are better off compared with when Obama took office. That invites a comparison to President Carter’s failed presidency using Ronald Reagan’s devastating question, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”
    The poll also shows that Obama’s attacks against Romney based on Bain Capital have yet to hurt Romney. This finding is consistent with a recent Rasmussen poll finding that 44 percent of likely voters believe that Romney’s business record is a reason to vote for him. It also supports the premise that the Obama attacks on Bain have backfired.
    Neither of those findings are good news for Obama.

  75. This is exactly what I am seeing . . . which begs the material question, when will big media get off the good ship lolly pop. Clearly never. Less clear however is how much of their credibility and standing has been irretrievably lost through their sustained effort to hide the truth in order to protect their own privilege. They are unsuited to lead the national discussion on any subject pertaining to politics. They had a choice four years ago–whether to act as an impartial arbiter on the one hand–or a bitter partisan on the other. Simply put, they chose the latter. And I believe they will swing for it. The people who deserve to swing from the end of a rope are the executives who did this to the country–people like Phil Griffin at msnbc who knew exactly what he was doing was wrong but did it anyway. Same goes for people like Bill Keller at NYT, the head of CNN whose name escapes me, and the washpo crew.

    Like His Policies, His Attacks Are Not Working Either

    Posted by Erick Erickson (Diary)

    Wednesday, May 23rd at 4:46AM EDT

    Barack Obama’s economic policies have failed to do anything except drive up the national debt. He has not created or saved jobs. He has not gotten Americans back to work. About the only significant industry he has expanded is the printing industry printing all the extra food stamps Americans now depend on.

    His campaign attacks do not seem to be working either.

    He is winning women, but not by the overwhelming margins he needs to get elected.

    He is now losing Catholic voters, a key constituency he won in 2008.

    He is even losing Democrats on his Bain Capital attacks. His campaign has spent more time explaining itself to Democrats this week on those attacks than it has been able to level the attacks. It doesn’t help when the Obama campaign is raking in money from Bain Capital and private equity firms while trying to demagogue them.

    In a nutshell, the Obama campaign must convince Americans that Mitt Romney would be a worse option on the economy than Americans already believe Barack Obama is. Running a campaign on the message of “you think I’m bad, just look at him” is not really a winning message.

    Last night, Barack Obama got a lower percentage of the vote among Democrats in Kentucky and Arkansas than Mitt Romney did with his base. Over 40% of Democrats in Kentucky voted against Barack Obama. Even at 11pm ET last night, the Associated Press had called the Arkansas Republican Primary for Mitt Romney, but still had not called the Democratic race for Barack Obama.

    This is not good for the incumbent President.

    While all of this is going on, Cory Booker of Newark, NJ, Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Harold Ford, Jr. of Tennessee/New York, and Duval Patrick of Massachusetts were chiming in to defend Bain Capital.

    The attacks are not working.

  76. yheitman
    All the websites I went to basically say the same thing.


    I’m beginning to wonder about Google’s algorythm. I’ve noticed the same thing on various searches: the first few screens all seem to be Rightwing sites (freep etc). Just like, in early 2008, all the searches about local caucuses came up with Bot sites.

    Btw, I’m not attacking YOU, I’m attacking the style (and illogic) of the writers of those pages.

  77. The one thing I find hopeful in all this is the notion that there are limits on how far you can take negative campaigning. Trial lawyers know it is a mistake for an advocate to let his level of outrage exceed that of the jury, yet that is what the Obama campaign has done–except perhaps for the black panthers and the OWS crowd whose level of outrage exceeds the campaign, and calls to my mind an obscure quote from Jose Ortega y Gassett, the Spanish intellectual and eye witness to the civil war which consumed his country prior to world war II. When the mass man is starving, he protests by burning down a bread factory. The attacks on Bain by the Obama campaign have that aura to them.

  78. Breitbart, like Admin, puts things the primary election results from last night in the proper context:

    Arkansas and Kentucky Don’t Have Barack’s Back
    89 0 1037


    Email ArticlePrint Article Send a Tip by Ben Shapiro 12 hours ago 217post a comment
    Barack Obama is having a rough night. In Arkansas, the latest results, with about a quarter of precincts reporting, shows Obama beating Tennessee lawyer John Wolfe by a margin of 59 percent to 41 percent. Obama is an incumbent president. Wolfe is a no-name. Mitt Romney is winning a higher percent of the vote in a semi-contested primary – 70%, compared to 13% for both Ron Paul and Rick Santorum – than Obama is.

    Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Obama is actually losing full counties to “Uncommitted.” Actually, Obama lost more than 40 counties across the state to Uncommitted. Which isn’t the name of a new Sarah Jessica Parker movie. It literally means that people are actively voting for nobody. Obama is clocking at just under 58 percent of the vote; Uncommitted, in a surprisingly strong showing, is at just over 42 percent percent.

    All of this follows hot on the heels of President Obama losing 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia to a Texas prison inmate.

    Obama didn’t win any of these three states in the 2008 election campaign. He lost all three Democratic primaries to Hillary Clinton. But now he’s the president of the United States. It does not bode well for him if the active anti-Obama sentiment is strong enough for Arkansas to cry Wolfe, Kentucky to pull the lever for Uncommitted, and West Virginia to pull an electoral shiv on the president.

  79. Its still the economy stupid. Morris analysis here is right on. I wonder what that asshole Silver at NYT is doing now with his skewed polling games. Forgettaboutit.

    Negatives Won’t Work

    In a survey of 6,000 likely voters, including a special sample of 1,500 swing voters, taken May 5-11, I probed how Obama’s attacks on Romney were likely to play in the general election.

    As the economy declines and his chances for victory fade, President Obama is resorting to a virtually wall-to-wall negative campaign in a desperate effort to win reelection. It is vital that the Republicans answer these charges as they surface –one by one — but what rebuttals will work?

    Bain Capital

    Obama’s first broadcast negative ad attacks Romney for cutting jobs at Bain. The polling shows Romney can survive the hit by saying that “sometimes he succeeded in helping companies, and sometimes he failed.” The key is to cite the Wall Street Journal study showing that 22 percent of the companies he helped went broke but 78 percent did fine. When Romney says, “780 is a good batting average in any league!” it rebuts the accusation effectively.

    On the other hand, arguments about the need for a high return for investors, Obama’s lack of experience at creating jobs or a defense of the economics of outsourcing do not work well.


    Early in the campaign, Obama released a negative ad aimed at criticizing Romney for outsourcing jobs to other countries while at Bain Capital. But when Republicans point out that General Motors, a federally owned company, outsources 160,000 of its 220,000 jobs worldwide, it blunts the criticism and turns it back on Obama.

    Medicare, sure to be a key controversy in the election, would have been a big win for Obama were it not for his own Medicare cuts and Romney’s repositioning on the issue.

    The $500 billion cut the president imposed on Medicare turns off most of the voters who are suspicious of Republican cuts to the program. And when swing voters learn that Romney supports keeping the current Medicare system as an alternative to vouchers if the elderly opt for it, the proposal blunts the president’s accusations that the GOP wants to slash the program.

    But a key finding is that the GOP can avoid the false choice between slashing benefits and raising taxes on Medicare by focusing on expanding the number of doctors to avoid rationing and allowing lower costs through greater efficiency rather than by restricting coverage. By 52-25, swing voters embrace this option.

    Oil-company Profits

    From the start of the campaign, Obama has linked Romney to high oil-company profits. This attack is likely to be effective, since most swing voters blame oil companies — rather than global markets — for high gasoline prices and support repealing their tax breaks. But when you take the issue beyond mere class warfare and envy, it loses its sting.

    The key is for Romney to explain that higher oil-company taxes will “only cut the money they have available for exploration and drilling” and to warn that doing so will “not cut, and might raise, gasoline prices.” Swing voters break even on agreeing or disagreeing with this line of argument by 47-46.

    To survive this issue, Romney needs to get beyond class warfare and evil oil companies and discuss the pragmatic impact of raising their taxes.

    Buffett Rule

    Swing voters agree with Obama’s proposal that millionaires pay 30 percent of their income in taxes. But when told that Obama himself only pays 20 percent in taxes, it blunts the issue. The second rebuttal is to tell voters that the bill would garner only $70 billion to remedy a $3.7 trillion deficit. After learning this, most swing voters see the president’s position as more motivated by getting votes than by cutting the deficit.

    There is nothing in Obama’s arsenal of negatives that Romney need fear as long as he rebuts each of the charges using the talking points polling suggests.

  80. Here’s the sidebar for one of the sites that’s saying this bullshit about ‘democracy’:

    Artificial Reproduction
    Bible Study
    Family issues
    One World Government
    Church Order
    Sunday School

  81. Jbstonesfan–you will like this from todays wsj:

    Mitt Romney leads President Barack Obama by 6 percentage points in Florida, according to a poll released Wednesday, with an increasing number of the swing state’s voters saying Mr. Obama does not deserve a second term.

    The Quinnipiac University poll shows Mr. Romney leading the president 47% to 41% among registered voters, a notable shift from a tie in Quinnipiac’s last poll of the state in early May, which showed them effectively tied.

    The margin of error is 2.4 percentage points.

    While Florida is considered a must-win for Mr. Romney, the Obama campaign maintains it has several paths to victory in November without the electoral vote-rich battleground state.

    Another shift from less than a month ago: 52% of the state’s voters don’t think Mr. Obama deserves to be re-elected while just 44% do.

    It’s unclear how closely the poll numbers mirror reality. The survey for instance shows Mr. Obama winning Latino voters by just a 42% to 40% margin. Most polls of the voting bloc show Mr. Obama with much a greater lead. Similarly, it also shows Messrs. Romney and Obama statistically tied among women, another group Mr. Obama is expected to win.

    Mr. Romney’s lead can be verified however by another question in the survey, said Peter A. Brown, assistant vice president of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

    “Gov. Mitt Romney has slipped into the lead in Florida and that standing is confirmed by his much better numbers than the president when voters are asked whether they view the candidates favorably or unfavorably. They view Romney favorably 44%-35%, while Obama gets a negative 45%-50% favorability,” Mr. Brown said in a press release.

    The Florida poll is the latest sign of possible problems for Mr. Obama. In a potentially ominous sign for the Obama campaign, a poll last week declared Wisconsin a true tossup state, finding Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney locked in a 46%-46% tie among likely voters.

  82. Politico? Is the obvious– the elephant in the room? Has politico run out of flowery arrangements and miles of canvas to continue the coverup?

    Obama struggles in Kentucky, Arkansas

    President Barack Obama continued to have trouble on Tuesday performing in Democratic primaries in traditionally conservative states, barely eking out wins in Kentucky and Arkansas.

    The president didn’t even have an opponent in Kentucky, but with 99 percent of the vote counted, Obama took just 57.9 percent of the vote, with the remaining more than 42 percent of ballots cast for “uncommitted.”

    In Arkansas, with 70 percent of the vote tallied, Obama nabbed just 59 percent of the vote. His opponent there, John Wolfe, was able to take 41 percent of the vote at that point, according to The Associated Press.

    Wolfe, an attorney from Tennessee whose platform includes repealing “Obamacare,” was able to win several counties.

    Mitt Romney fared better in the two primaries, but even the presumptive GOP nominee, who has had trouble exciting the conservative wing of his base, didn’t turn in a stellar performance.

    (Also on POLITICO: Arkansas and Kentucky primaries, by the numbers)

    While Kentucky and Arkansas are red states that the presumptive GOP nominee is expected to win easily in November and that John McCain took handily in 2008, Republicans were quick to tout Obama’s poor numbers in both states.

    Obama didn’t pick up either state in the Democratic primary in 2008, when he was in a heated battle for the nomination with Hillary Clinton. He took only 30 percent of the primary vote in Kentucky and 26 percent of the vote in Arkansas, a state where Clinton was a clear favorite after her husband served as governor there for more than a decade.

    This year was a low-turnout election with little draw for voters since both the Republican and Democratic primaries have been decided.

    Voter turnout in Kentucky was just shy of 14 percent, with four congressional primaries — two Republican and two Democrat — the only other top-of-the-ballot contests being decided, with 99 percent of the vote counted.

    Obama has had trouble this year in Democratic primaries in conservative states. When West Virginians headed to the polls earlier this month, nearly 43 percent of Democratic primary voters opted for Keith Judd, a convicted felon currently serving time in a Texas federal prison. Republicans seized on Obama losing a handful of counties in West Virginia, pointing to it as proof that even Democrats aren’t happy with the incumbent.

    Primaries are more complicated in deeply conservative states, where social conservatives once dominated the Democratic Party and have slowly become Republicans over the past few decades. Democrats still hold a registration majority in Kentucky, although the state hasn’t voted to send one to the White House since Bill Clinton.

    In Kentucky, with 99 percent of the vote tallied, Romney took about 67 percent of the vote. Ron Paul, who is no longer actively campaigning, got 13 percent of the vote.

    And Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, both of whom have withdrawn from the race, got a combined 15 percent of the vote. About 6 percent of voters opted for “uncommitted” in the GOP presidential primary.

    In Arkansas, Romney took about 69 percent of the vote, compared with 13 percent for Paul, 13 percent for Santorum and 5 percent for Gingrich, with 70 percent of the vote tallied, according to the AP.

    If Democrats are looking for a silver lining in Kentucky, Obama did better than Romney when it came down to raw votes: 119,284 Kentuckians voted for Obama compared with 117,599 for Romney.

    It comes to mind, the last Tuesday election before yesterday’s there was a noticeable slowdown in posting results as the votes were coming in. We commented about it here. The only difference is- we weren’t aware of Spain in charge of tallying the votes! Now that we are- the vote counting needs to be addressed, asking how did voters results end up in a foreign country unable to be authenticated by anyone here on US soil; when the results are transmitted electronically from several states ( one of them being Washington, DC) to Spain?

    There’s a dead skunk in the wood pile.

  83. LMAO! Many on Twitter are starting to refer to the rash of Dems coming out making comments critical of Obama’s lame private equity attacks as…..

    The Bain Mutiny.

  84. I saw that wbboei and was encouraged. How do you like Colin Powelll one day not saying he is ready to endorse Obama yet, and today criticizing Romeny’s foreign policy team. Colin has been in the bag for Obama since day one imno.

  85. Trouble in Obotland:

    RT @OpenSecretsDC: #Obama donations in Mass. down 50%, reports @BostonGlobe:—
    Jerome Hudson (@JeromeEHudson) May 23, 2012

  86. Obama supporter Larry Flynt has published a photo-shopped image of conservative woman pundit S.E. Cupp engaging in oral sex.

    Michelle Malkin is fighting back. Go to the link to see more:

    Let’s call this what it is: weaponized misogyny.

    Like all conservative women, S.E. Cupp is a gender-traitor who needs to be taught a lesson by being sexually degraded and humiliated against her will. It’s a form of rape fantasy, not unlike Playboy’s article that gave conservative women like Michelle Malkin and Laura Ingraham “hate f*ck” ratings.

    And of course, liberalism is an absolute defense against indefensible filth of this kind.

    Sexually objectify a woman because you disagree with her politics? No sweat. You’re a liberal; you’re immune to accusations of sexism, racism, and other forms of bigotry. Just ask David Letterman, Bill Maher, and all the other card-carrying liberals forgiven and even applauded by the feminist Left for their dehumanization and sexualization of conservative women. Or ask Hillary Clinton, who discovered during her presidential campaign that even progressive women who get in the way are fair game for liberal-approved sexism.

    Conservatives on Twitter are outraged, and are using the #IStandWithSECupp hashtag to tweet words of support:

  87. This is the primary reason why demonizing Romney as the mean scary scary HORROR won’t work:

    I don’t get the strong negative reactions to Romney. That’s like having a visceral hatred of vanilla ice cream.—
    Frank J. Fleming (@IMAO_) May 23, 2012

  88. 18% of New Hampshire Democrats declined to vote for Obama.
    12% of Missouri Democrats
    11% of Michigan Democrats
    43% of Oklahoma Democrats
    11% of Massachusetts Democrats
    11% of Tennessee Democrats
    19% of Alabama Democrats
    23% of Louisiana Democrats
    12% of Maryland Democrats
    17% of Rhode Island Democrats
    21% of North Carolina Democrats
    41% of West Virginia Democrats
    5% of Oregon Democrats declined
    41% of Arkansas Democrats declined
    42% of Kentucky Democrats declined

    These are Democrats that took the time to go to the polls and NOT VOTE for Obama.
    A good guess is that they also do not donate to Obama and they clearly are not apathetic.

    They have not switched their party affiliate for the primary and they will vote in the General election. Will they once again stay as an uncommitted Dem vote, vote third party or cross over to the Rep. side behind the voting curtain?

  89. Obama supporter Larry Flynt has published a photo-shopped image of conservative woman pundit S.E. Cupp engaging in oral sex.


    Limbaugh used words and didn’t specify which kind of sex, when he attacked Sandra Fluke this way.

  90. Forgot to say, Romney said he agreed with Limbaugh but would have used different words.

  91. Stories from the Obama Economy.

    Good ad with real people telling their own stories.

    admin, please embed.

  92. Now this is sweet.

    “About two out of every five Democratic voters in Tuesday’s presidential primary in Kentucky chose “uncommitted” instead of voting for President Barack Obama. …

    “I’m at a victory celebration for ‘uncommitted’ who performed admirably,” said [state GOP chair Steve] Robertson. “I’ve never met the guy but know that he highly embarrassed Obama.”

    Robertson contended that the Democrats who vote most regularly — those he termed “the Democrats of Democrats” — “said ‘no’ to their president. If the Kentucky Democratic Party doesn’t get it after this race, they need to stare long and hard at the results. This shows that Obama has even more than an uphill battle to win Kentucky in the fall.”

  93. admin
    May 23rd, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Clearly, there are no doubt “good” Black people. I am talking about a mind set that I have not seen since the 60’s, an acceptance of Black on White crimes that keep escalating, fed by the rhetoric from the WH, Sharpton, Jesse, Blank Panther Party, Holder,and Main Media. According to our Justice Department, there is no “hate” crime when it is Black on White. White can only perpetrate, not be the recipients of same. All the media ignores the violence happening on a daily bases as a result of the “Leadership” of the Black culture here in America.

    Swarms of Black youth go unimpeded storming into business’es,stealing, beating up and killing White people, and it appears there is no outrage from the Black community, nor our own media that downplays people’s race unless it is assumed, as in TM, that they are White, and then guilty immediately because we all know ALL Whites are racist.

    This summer I predict will be a living hell in many parts of the country as unemployed youths take to the street causing pain and destruction while the fool in the WH does nothing.

    I stand by my statement that the Black community at large has appeared to go collectively insane, because they are blind to the actions perpetrated in their name.

    It’s beginning to look like Kristallnacht.

  94. Re: If you’re going to use those terms, you’d better study their meaning in some good history book.

    Uh uh. No way. No how. History books are replete with indoctrination and bias. Remember the old saying, he who wins the wars writes the history books? True that.

    As a former teacher, and anyone who has done research in college the use of reliable and valid sources are a requirement. In order to get reliable and valid information, one must use reliable and valid information and research. No way do history books provide other than a footnote of information; so beware. Neither do sites such as WikiPedia whose input is from anyone and everyone; and there is no documentation of reliable sources used for input.

    If you want to be informed with reliable and valid research, then go to the ORIGINAL SOURCE….for government setup and foundation process and meanings, go to the original Federalist Papers, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.Use other sources of professinal writing with longitudnal studies, not imperical or polls which are snapshots at one moment in time only and yield little useful data. And to report reliable and valid information more than one source must be used. In college we had to use a minimum of three sources, and many assignments required a lot more than that.
    Definitions of Democracy and Republic are not synonymous; the founding fathers studied and were definite about the huge difference. We are not a democracy; a democracy is nothing more than a beauty contest and manipulation and cheating is very easy in that system. We are, for today, a Republic. Nuff said. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant, but more than that they spent considerable time studying every form of government, deciding that a Republic is the best format.They gave us a Republic form of government – if we can keep it, or further have not lost it already.

    OAT, somebody needs to revamp the old Jennie Pruitt song, iirc, My Name’s Not Lisa [ my name is Julie] song to fit the Julia theme…..My name’s not Julia, my name is Lisa. Anyone out there with singing talent? This would make a great video and we could help make it viral.

  95. Too bad Cory Booker blinked after he spoke honestly about Romney and Bain
    By Michael Goodwin

    Published May 23, 2012

    New York Post

    “Sometimes party loyalty asks too much,” JFK once said. Obama supporter Cory Booker is learning that lesson the hard way.

    The Democratic mayor of Newark famously wandered off the reservation by calling President Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital and private equity “nauseating.” For his trouble, he ended up in the Obama woodshed and emerged to recant in a hostage-style video.

    But the damage was done — first to Obama, and then to Booker himself. Lacking the courage to break with his party’s dogma, he went on MSNBC, which is like a forced re-education camp, and attacked Romney for using his words in an ad.

    The episode went from news to farce to tragedy in a day. Booker, who relies heavily on Wall Street donations and has friends in New York high society, could have helped the Obama campaign by steering it to a higher, smarter level. In fact, he quickly got support from other Dems, including former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell.

    But under attack from left-wing bloggers and Obama campaign operatives, Booker crawled back to the mothership and ended up looking weak and unprincipled.

    His is a textbook example of how politics is like gang warfare without guns. The total mindset of “us-against-them” eliminates anything that smacks of constructive criticism or adhering to a single standard. As in any gang, the lowest common denominator prevails because nobody has the guts to break ranks.

    For a shining moment, Cory Booker did. A pity he couldn’t take the heat. He might have made a difference.

    To continue reading Mr. Goodwin’s column on other topics, including the 9th Circuit Court’s convention in Hawaii, click here.

    Read more:

  96. The artist was not Pruitt, but rather Jessi Coulter.

    Here is a link to the video……….

  97. Anyone in favor of this out-of-control EPA is out-of-their-friggin mind and has both a deathwish as well as a strong sadistic streak which can be satisfied only with the suffering of as many as possible.

    I have known these FAQS for several years because of my coverage of a prominent local cement factory which relies on coal to power the plant.

    Remember BO’s promise to make electric rates skyrocket? Well, A$$hats who voted the POS in, this is the one promoise he is keeping. that and the redistribution of wealth, radical transformation, etc.

    One of his recent proclamations focused on the US obligation to feed Africa.

    Meanwhile, “Obama said he regarded the public-private partnership, dubbed the National Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, as a “moral imperative.”

    Others saw it more as a punt, an attempt to divert attention from the failure of the G8 nations to live up to earlier commitments of food aid and to deflect responsibility over to the private sector — to agri-business firms which already have commercial reasons to invest in Africa, some of which may do little to alleviate the plight of poor farmers.

    Now we learn that the top player on Obama’s private sector plan to fight hunger in Africa is under criminal investigation over allegations of corruption – bribes paid to foreign officials.”

    Where’s the change?

    Obama’s war on coal hits your electric bill

    By Phil Kerpen

    Published May 22, 2012



    Obama’s War on Coal has already taken a remarkable toll on coal-fired power plants in America.

    Last week the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported a shocking drop in power sector coal consumption in the first quarter of 2012. Coal-fired power plants are now generating just 36 percent of U.S. electricity, versus 44.6 percent just one year ago.

    It’s the result of an unprecedented regulatory assault on coal that will leave us all much poorer.

    Last week PJM Interconnection, the company that operates the electric grid for 13 states (Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia) held its 2015 capacity auction. These are the first real, market prices that take Obama’s most recent anti-coal regulations into account, and they prove that he is keeping his 2008 campaign promise to make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket.”

    The market-clearing price for new 2015 capacity – almost all natural gas – was $136 per megawatt. That’s eight times higher than the price for 2012, which was just $16 per megawatt. In the mid-Atlantic area covering New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and DC the new price is $167 per megawatt. For the northern Ohio territory served by FirstEnergy, the price is a shocking $357 per megawatt.

    Why the massive price increases? Andy Ott from PJM stated the obvious: “Capacity prices were higher than last year’s because of retirements of existing coal-fired generation resulting largely from environmental regulations which go into effect in 2015.” Northern Ohio is suffering from more forced coal-plant retirements than the rest of the region, hence the even higher price.

    These are not computer models or projections or estimates. These are the actual prices that electric distributors have agreed to pay for new capacity. The costs will be passed on to consumers at the retail level.

  98. I can’t resist posting this!

    A twitter account with the hashtag Istandwithuncommittedbecasue has some hilarious responses! Here are a few. Enjoy.

    he drinks Jack Daniels, not Jack Spaniels

    I hear he looks awesome in mom jeans.

    he never called me a “bitter clinger.” #tcot

    I know just as much about his college grades as I do about Obama’s #tcot

    Occasionally nothing is better than something. #IStandWithUncommited

    It’s them damned Appalachians people. Target identified. Thx MSM #Alinsky

    social justice is just a term for redistributive politics and crushing the middle class.

    the Boomers and popular culture instilled in me the coolness of being a commitment-phobe.

    I probably won’t be embarrassed for my country when he throws out the first pitch on Opening Day.

  99. There should be a new merit badge for th Girl and Boy Scouts, and it should be a requirement for an Eagle Scout.The Merit badge called, “RACIST”…..and use Bragodzilla’s meme as a foundation.

  100. This poster comes from the scene has two men with badges on horseback with one of them pointing with his arm outstretched. The background scenery smacks of Texas or Arizona. The text reads: We can put the polling booth right over there, next to the hole in the fence.”

  101. The correlation between popular vote and electoral college results has always been something of a mystery to most of us. This link provides some insight on that complex question. What it suggests, among other things, is that if the popular vote is 50/50 (in 2008 it was 52/48) then shit head Obama would win by 290 to 248 (scenario 1). If Romney wins the popular vote narrowly by 51/49 then shit head Obama still wins by 272 to 266 (scenario 2). But if you change from all or nothing to shades of blue and red which could switch in the margins (based on the economy) then Romney wins the presidency—and shithead Obama is out on his fanny (scenario 3). The electoral margin for that scenario is not quantified.
    Speaking of scenario 2, the author says this: As far as wins go, that’s about as ugly as they come. But it does feed into a strain of thinking on the Left that the Democrats enjoy a permanent Electoral College advantage. To believe all this, you have to believe that the electorate is static. That simply by calculating changes in the popular vote, we can accurately predict where each state will fall based on how they voted last time.
    But obviously, the electorate is not static. 2008 was very different electorate from 2004, which was different again from 2000. Don’t let the similar end results of 2000/2004 fool you; the War on Terror had shaken things up considerably. I suspect the Democratic overreach of 2009-10 and the Tea Party have shaken things up yet again.
    (Note: This analysis explains much of what is happening at ground zero right now, such as: i) why big media censors information critical of Obama, ii) why the dims had to crucify Booker for speaking the truth, and iii) why there is no diversity of thought in the democrat party—they must survive if they are to continue looting the American People to line the pockets of their well healed contributors, and pursue agendas which will destroy the Republic. The well heeled and ignorant do not see it, but in the end, they will be swept into the vortex as well.)
    The one fly I see in this proliferation of ointment is the fact that it overlooks the fact it is the likely voters not the registered voters who will decide this election, and the undecided, roughly 10% of the electorate have always gone for the challenger 7 to 2, consistently, as far back as Goldwater. And that is why the Obama campaign is playing the race card, to scare his demographic into turning out—no hope and change now. That is the only way he can close the gap between registered voters and likely voters—and that alone will not be enough. The wild card will be the cheating Obama has set up in the swing states.

  102. This Donna Brazile race crap is so old. I don’t even get upset by it anymore.

    I liked Ace of Spade’s take on it:

    On the other hand, Donna Brazie finally strikes on the answer. Or, rather, all three of them.

    “Race, resentment [and] fear[.]”
    There you go.

    So, if those are the reasons, why does this moron then continue…

    “Democrats have not had any messaging in those states for more than a decade. It’s hard to get voters to like you or even know you when all they hear is negative stuff.”

    Ah. So the Democrats have no messaging there. (It’s always about their messaging, never about their policy and agenda.)
    If that’s the case, why are you blaming it on “race, resentment, and fear?” Seems like you should get your chronic, persistent Messaging Problem under control before casting aspersions on entire populations of people.

    The Disappearing Democratic Party
    Our messaging sucks, due to your racism.

    And the comments on the Ace piece are hilarious:

    “B…b…but…didn’t the Democrats make it explicit that they didn’t want the white-trash vote anyway? The only white people they want are the urban pinkie-flying-latte-sippers?

    Of course, in the Dem playbook it’s still racist when you tell people to take a flying fuck in a rolling doughnut and they respond by not voting for you…”


    When the only tool you have is racism everybody’s a cracker.


    29 Racist, and Clusterfuckery, but mostly, the Clusterfuckery.


    There’s only one reason you don’t like what I did in your mouth, racism.


    36 See, first they shoot Trayvon, then they don’t reelect Obama.

    42 Racism, is the duct-tape of Democrats. Use it to fix any problem.


    48 In related news, shit-sandwich sales are down again.


    Racism MUST be the answer. It surely can’t have anything to do with Obama’s war on coal. Here in Kentucky,people are livid. Sales of the “Friends of Coal” license plates reached 50,000 in the past two years, more than any other specialty plate.


    111 This post is a racist dog whistle.
    Posted by: dananjcon at May 23, 2012 03:51 PM (eavT+)

    Is it wrong that I would actually like to sell dog whistles with the word “racist” printed on them? Maybe copyright the phrase, too, so that everytime some leftist douche uses it, he or she has to pay me royalties.

  103. It’s futile for the Dems to try to paint Romney as a weird scary extremist. He’s like the Ned Flanders of politics. Hi-diddly-O, neighbor!—
    (@FormerDeminTX) May 23, 2012

  104. ACE…

    The Disappearing Democratic Party

    Our messaging sucks, due to your racism.

  105. Update: Check out the results from the Kentucky counties neighboring Ohio – Obama’s losing to “uncommitted”.

    Well, Mr. Uncommitted apparently has an extemely convincing platform: “I am NOT Obama!”.

    Who could resist that??

  106. Anyone else find this timing strange?

    “Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S. Attorney who made his name for taking down corrupt, high-profile politicians, Wednesday announced his resignation from the U.S. Attorney’s Office effective June 30.

    “Mr. Fitzgerald notified the White House, Attorney General Eric Holder, and U.S. Sens. Richard Durbin and Mark Kirk this morning of his decision to step down from the presidentially appointed post that he has held since Sept. 1, 2001, making him the longest-serving U.S. Attorney ever in Chicago,” he said in a release.”

    I lived in NYC when Fitzgerald was prosecuting the blind Sheikh in the 1993 WTC bombing attempt and I was so impressed with him. I had such high hopes when I heard he was assigned to the Blago case – sure he would stand up for the truth – but he folded like a cheap suit.

  107. a strain of thinking on the Left that the Democrats enjoy a permanent Electoral College advantage.


    I thought it was the other way around: the wide open spaces of the red states had more electoral votes per capita than the crowded coastal blue states.

  108. Now we learn that the top player on Obama’s private sector plan to fight hunger in Africa is under criminal investigation over allegations of corruption


    Being investigated by Ken Starr?

  109. BASIL99
    Anyone else find this timing strange?

    “Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S. Attorney who made his name for taking down corrupt, high-profile politicians, Wednesday announced his resignation from the U.S. Attorney’s Office effective June 30.

    The timing was on my mind:

    His last big case was to put Blago in jail…the least corrupt of all the guys he could have sent to the big house. What’s up with Rezko, is he still waiting for his day in court or slipped out the back door?

    Would Fitz have had to defend Holder in the Fast and sit and wait case, or what would his job have been post Blago?

  110. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant, but more than that they spent considerable time studying every form of government, deciding that a Republic is the best format.


    Sure. They wanted the laws written by representatives, not by ‘direct democracy’. So do I.

    What I’m attacking is this bullshit Rightwing meme that confuses ‘direct democracy’ (which the Founders opposed) with ‘democracy (representative or otherwise)’ and with Democrats. 😉

    And this claim that a ‘democracy’ cannot have a constitution and protection for minorities!

    For current discussions, we need to consider not only what the Founders said, but what their words meant at the time — and what the words mean now, in a worldwide context.

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