John Edwards’ Gay Marriage, Mitt Romney Gay Marriage To Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton Gay Marriage To Hillary Clinton 2012

How often do we Democrats get to laugh about gang rape? Yes, it’s Friday and we intend to frolic.

This week Barack Obama said what Dick Cheney said years ago and DailyKooks are celebrating. The flood of flowery words don’t mean a damn thing and Obama certainly didn’t open his lips before the North Carolina vote thereby avoiding a beating. But from the DailyKook reaction you would think Barack Obama grew Abe Lincoln’s beard and signed the Emancipation Proclamation for Gay America.

Hooray, Barack emitted more words! What will the DailyKooks say when Barack Obama opposes putting a gay marriage plank into the platform at the Bank of America convention? What will the DailyKooks say when Obama refuses to immediately sign the gay rights Executive Order on his desk? Will the DailyKooks repeat what Jonathan Lewis said? Jonathan said: “This isn’t a broken promise President Obama can blame on Congress.” “He has not been able to provide a single valid reason for why he is now refusing to sign the executive order protecting LGBT workers. It has become increasingly clear that this decision is based on cowardice rather than principled leadership.”

While Barack Obama mouthed words about gay marriage, John Edwards is preparing his wedding dress. John is refitting Elizabeth’s old wedding dress, taking it in to fit his slim hips. Obama endorsed gay marriage, John Edwards will soon be in a gay marriage. The parents of Bruno McMuscles invite you to celebrate the wedding of their misunderstood son Bruno (currently residing in a federal penitentiary) to the renown lawyer and potential Supreme Court Justice and former Senator from North Carolina – the recently widowed John Edwards.

Today the judge in the John Edwards case refused to dismiss the charges against Johnny. John is one step closer to bliss and a long life with Bruno and his assorted friends from Oz. We couldn’t be happier. We wish the couple (and the assorted horny friends) a long life of wedded bliss. It couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.

Speaking of gay marriages, how smart is that Mitt Romney? Lately Mitt has been batting his eyelashes at that rascal Bill Clinton. But Mitt is no fool. Mitt is batting his eyelashes at Bill in order to get to us. Ohh my.

Mitt Romney, knowing a lot of Clinton Democrats are disgusted with Obama and his party of Obaminations, is flirting with us. Color us blushed. Why, we’re not that type of girls Mitt. Or are we. Keep wooing Mitt:

“The reality is that when Bill Clinton ran in ’92, he ran as a new Democrat,” said the aide, citing ticket’s campaign pledge to reform welfare. “That was the famous ad that they ran: Clinton and Gore were going to be different kinds of Democrats.”

He continued: “President Obama has really turned his back on all of that. He hasn’t run as a new Democrat, he’s run as an old Democrat… more spending, more taxation, more regulation.”

Keep talking Mitt. Flirt with us some more. We like:

“While the Obama campaign pushes out its new slogan urging voters to look “forward,” Mitt Romney’s team is feeling reminiscent.

In a press briefing before Romney’s speech in Lansing, MI Tuesday, a senior adviser sought to contrast Obama’s campaign message with that of a Democratic presidential candidate of the past: Bill Clinton. [snip]

In casting Obama as an “old-style Democrat,” the Romney campaign is apparently seeking to undermine the president’s campaign slogan and the message it represents — one of progressive, forward-thinking solutions.

Team Romney’s retort: Look at the past four years.

The aide’s characterization of Obama as being stuck in the past was reaffirmed by Romney’s speech, which sought to draw a contrast with references to Facebook and mobile apps — as well as jabs at what he sees as hollow rhetoric about the future.

“In his campaign kickoff speech last week, he asked us not to think about these last four years,” Romney said, prompting laughter from the audience. “Convenient, but not convincing. Ignoring his record would bind us to repeat it.”

We’re not forgetting anything Mitt. We’re not voting for Barack Obama, no way. More and more people are seeing things the way we see them too. As James Carville gloated, er warned, about:

“Newsflash: Nothing is in the bag. Nothing can be taken for granted. Everybody from the precinct door-knocker, to the Chicago high command, to the White House, to the halls of Congress, to the Senate and House committees, to congressional leadership, here is a simple message: If we don’t get on the offense, reconnect with the American people, talk about how the middle class is in a struggle for its very existence, hold the Republicans accountable and fight like the dickens, we are going to lose.

You can shoot five Bin Ladens, you can save 10,000 banks and 20 car companies, even pass the most sweeping legislation in modern American history; if people don’t think that you are connected to their lives and are fighting for their interests they will vote your tush out of office in a nano-second. For historical reference see Winston Churchill election of 1945 and President George H.W. Bush in 1992…”

Why look so far in the past? Just look at Dick Lugar – out of touch, out of office.

Carville’s “warnings” sound more like gloating don’t they? “Obama is a boob and if the party does not dump Obama it will die from top to bottom” is what Carville seems to be saying. Obama is Jimmie Davis.

Doesn’t this sound more like a get rid of Obama plea than anything else?:

“(CNN) — A long time ago a great three-time governor of Louisiana, Earl Long, said about Jimmie Davis, the two-time not very good governor of Louisiana, “You couldn’t wake up Jimmie Davis with an earthquake.”

As I go around the country and see various Democrats and talk to them on the phone, honestly I’m beginning to think that we have become the party of Jimmie Davis.

My message is simple: WTFU. Translated — wake the you-know-what up, there is an earthquake.

You think that Democrats around the country are going to win — as I hear time and time again from people on the street.

Democratic fundraisers, activists, supporters, and even politicians alike have somehow collectively lapsed into the sentiment that the president is going to be reelected and that we have a good shot to take the House back while holding the Senate.

I ask: What are you smoking? What are you drinking? What are you snorting or just what in the hell are you thinking?

Jimmie Davis, er Obama, is destroying the party. Mitt Romney sees this and is making googly eyes at Bill Clinton and at Clinton Democrats:

“Mitt’s new hero: Bill Clinton

LANSING, Mich. — Mitt Romney has a new hero on the stump and it’s Bill Clinton.

In seeking to drive a wedge between centrist and liberal Democrats, Romney spoke here on Tuesday in glowing terms of the Clinton era’s balanced budgets and rosy economy.

“President Obama chose to apply liberal ideas of the past to a 21st century America,” Romney said. “Liberal policies didn’t work back then, they haven’t worked during these last four years, and they will not work in the future. New Democrats had abandoned those policies, but President Obama resurrected them with the predictable results.”

Romney continued: “President Clinton, remember, he said the era of big government was over. President Obama brought it back with a vengeance. Government at all levels now consumes about 38 percent of the economy, and if Obamacare is installed, that will rise to about half of the economy.”

Furthermore, Romney sought to paint Obama as a welfare president. It was not a far cry from ex-presidential rival Newt Gingrich dubbing Obama a “food stamp president,” and the former House speaker’s work with Clinton to balance the budget in the ’90s also resonated during Romney’s speech.

President Clinton made efforts to reform welfare as we know it,” Romney said. “But President Obama is trying tirelessly to expand the welfare state, with more promises of more programs, more benefits, more spending.” [snip]

A senior Romney aide told reporters before the speech at a community college here that that invoking Clintonism was devised as a trick to drive a wedge between centrist and liberal Democrats, though with Clinton appearing front-and-center in Obama’s campaign advertisements — not to mention his wife, Hillary, serving as Obama’s secretary of state — the results of such a strategy remain to be seen.

Like Romney, the aide spoke glowingly of President Clinton.”

Miit Romney is making gay marriage proposals to Bill Clinton but…. Bill is engaged to Obama???? Yeah right. We’ve been writing about the Obama war against Bill and Hillary Clinton for a long time now.

Recently the evidence has been piling up about this sometimes public, sometimes secret war between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton. Sometimes we track the latest developments in our comments section:

“JtJames, thanks for that article. Anyone who thinks Hillary or Bill Clinton don’t remember 2008 should read it. Anytime Bill or Hillary say something nice about Barack Obama that article should be reread. “There are three leading political parties in America.” Guess which one we belong to?”

The article which should be read every time Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton say something nice about Boob Obama was published in the Huff n’ Puff Post:

“The Democratic congressman thought his credentials were in order. He was popular, from a prominent district and the ranking member of a key committee. Most important, he had not endorsed Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic presidential race. So through an intermediary, he asked Bill Clinton to headline a fundraiser. The answer: no.

The go-between reminded the former president that the congressman had remained neutral in the race between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“Yeah, but neutral was the same as endorsing Barack,” the former president said, according to the intermediary, who declined to be named because of continuing friendships with both men. “The answer is still no.”

“The answer is still no.”

The article tracks exactly with what we know. The article tracks exactly with Bill Clinton’s “payback” tour this year and every year since 2007 – reward your friends, punish your enemies. The article tracks exactly with the Al Sharpton complaint that most of those who attack Barack Obama or have negative things to say are Hillary Clinton supporters. The article tracks exactly with Hillary Clinton donors not donating or donating “polite” amounts. The article tracks exactly with Hillary Clinton donors saying “the answer is still no” to Obama’s Superpac.

While Bruno is splashing on the aftershave in anticipation of handsome Johnny nuptials and Romney is making googoo eyes at Bill, Bill is busy giving the skunk eye to Barack. It’s Amateur Hour says Bill.

Can anyone doubt Bill Clinton is correct? No matter how much Big Media fluffs and puffs for Obama it’s not going to get Obama reelected. This week, right after Obama’s phony evolution (isn’t that racist?) the Washington Post came out with a hit piece against Mitt Romney that is rapidly unraveling. Like other attacks this one simply cast a light on Obama attacks on girls and women from an early age and other unexplored aspects of Obama’s past.

Maybe Obama’s too smart and sensitive to be a good president as some dreamily assert. But that phony baloney won’t sell. Obama is a proven boob. Bill Clinton knows it:

“Bill Clinton thought so little of President Obama — mocking him as an “amateur” — that he pressed his wife last summer to quit her job as secretary of state and challenge him in the primaries, a new book claims,

The country needs you!” the former president told Hillary Clinton, urging her to run this year, according to accounts of the conversation included in Edward Klein’s new biography of Obama.

The title of Klein’s explosive, unauthorized bio of Obama, “The Amateur” (Regnery Publishing), was taken directly from Bill Clinton’s bombshell criticism of the president, the author said.

“Barack Obama,” Bill Clinton said, according to book excerpts, “is an amateur.”

The withering criticism is incredible, given the fact that Bill Clinton is actively campaigning for Obama’s re-election.

But according to the book, Bill Clinton unloaded on Obama and pressed Hillary to run against her boss during a gathering in the ex-president’s home office in Chappaqua last August that included longtime friends, Klein said.

The economy’s a mess, it’s dead flat. America has lost its Triple-A rating . . . You know better than Obama does,” Bill said.

Bill Clinton insisted he had “no relationship” with Obama and had been consulted more frequently by his presidential successor, George W. Bush.

Obama, Bill Clinton said, “doesn’t know how to be president” and is “incompetent.

Incompetent? Obama?

Tongue in cheek. HotAir believes the new book explains why Hillary won’t be replacing Biden on the ticket this year while noting the credentials of the author:

“Edward Klein is a seven-time New York Times bestselling non-fiction author. He is also the former foreign editor of Newsweek and former editor-in-chief of The New York Times Magazine. Klein frequently contributes to Vanity Fair and Parade, and currently lives in New York, New York.”

But whether the author is wholly creating a fiction or relating the absolute truth, it cannot be argued that Bill Clinton’s arguments in The Amateur ring clear as a bell:

““Why risk everything now?” a skeptical Hillary told her husband, emphasizing that she wanted to leave a legacy as secretary of state.

“Because,” Bill replied, his voice rising, “the country needs you!

The country needs us!” added Bill. [snip]

She said she had the option of running again in 2016.

But Bill wouldn’t let go.

“I know you’re young enough!” Bill said, his voice booming. “That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried that I’m not young enough.”

“I’m the highest-ranking member in Obama’s Cabinet. I eat breakfast with the guy every Thursday morning. What about loyalty, Bill? What about loyalty?” she responded.

“Loyalty is a joke,’’ Bill shot back. “Loyalty doesn’t exist in politics.”

Bill’s verbal battle with Hillary over the presidency, if anything, intensified when daughter Chelsea showed up with her husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

“You deserve to be president,” Chelsea said.

Bill was clearly pleased that Chelsea was on his side and vowed to have allies commission polls on a Hillary-Obama matchup.

“What are you trying to do — force my hand?” Hillary said.

I want everyone to know how strong you poll,” Bill said.

Hillary said, “Go ahead and knock yourself out.”

Yes there were polls and yes everyone will appropriately attack the book. But no one can dispute the accuracy of the assessments. If you want loyalty in Washington, get a dog. “Did this really happen? Easy to believe, at any rate.” We do however doubt, as we have for years, that Hillary would run a primary against Obama. Let federal convicts do that.


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  1. I thought that Bill Clinton and the Obama campaign said that he was going to campaign for Obama? If so, I hope that his campaigning mirrors the purported comments he made in his home office.

  2. I just got done watching a video of “the Once’s” campaign speech kickoff in Ohio. Yes, I am a masochist at times. His boobery was lame as expected, and chock-full of lies. He really does $¥ck in more ways than one.

  3. How appropriate… Obama leading from behind on gay marriage. I take it he’s a “top”. Lol! Could of fooled me on that score.

  4. Strange how Obama supports state’s rights whenit comes to queerdom, but not when it comes to things like Obamacare. Hypocrisy and contradiction, the true essence of a political weasel.

  5. If an author is not there and did not hear the original conversation, but supposedly got the info second or third hand or possibly even more removed, how can they put what supposedly may or may not have been said months ago in direct quotes?

  6. Southern Born, the direct quotes probably should not be used. Welcome to the world of modern journalism. What Klein wrote is what many have been hearing and saying has happened though.

  7. Dump Obama or Die, Ohio:

    Ohio’s increasingly tight Senate race is pitting the man who hasn’t been around long enough against the man who’s been around too long.

    New polling shows that state Treasurer Josh Mandel (R), who Democrats say is woefully underprepared for the Senate, is nipping at the heels of Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who Republicans say has little to show for his almost 20 years in Congress.

    For months Brown had a 15-point lead over Mandel in the polls, and few thought Mandel could put Brown on defense in a state President Obama carried in 2008. Yet slowly but surely, and despite a series of pitfalls that have earned him repeated rebukes from the local press, Mandel has narrowed the gap on Brown, aided in part by more than $6 million in attack ads from outside conservative groups.

    “They’ve never overlapped, so it’s clear they coordinated,” Brown told The Hill.

    A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday showed Brown leading Mandel by 6 points, while another survey by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling put Brown’s margin over his GOP opponent at 8 points. Mandel’s name recognition has increased significantly in both polls, suggesting he’s made a good impression as voters get to know him.

    A Brown aide said it wasn’t surprising the race had tightened and that the campaign expected it would get even closer, but that Ohioans in the end would reject Mandel’s record as treasurer and his economic agenda.

    As if to accentuate the implications of what the new polling suggested, Brown and a Democratic super-PAC supporting him both launched attack ads against Mandel on Thursday. The two similar-themed ads encapsulated Democrats’ chief allegations against the first-term treasurer: that after stocking his treasurer’s office with under-qualified campaign aides, he went missing on the job and launched a Senate campaign before being prepared to talk about the issues. [snip]

    “The fact is, we’ve released two positive ads, and he’s released two negative ads now,” said Mandel spokesman Travis Considine. “That’s astonishing given that he’s got two decades in Congress and can’t seem to find anything positive to share with voters.”

    Mandel’s campaign has also used its efforts to portray Mandel as the victim of an incumbent who’s been in Congress since 1993 — mostly in the House — to its advantage in fundraising, where Mandel has been raising serious money, although his cash on hand still trails Brown by about $1 million.

    “Josh can’t be pushed around and will do everything he can to fight for his 11.5 million bosses in Ohio by shaking up Washington,” Mandel’s campaign manager, Ray Yonkura, wrote Thursday in a fundraising pitch. “Josh’s road to victory will rely on his proven record of accomplishments, whereas Brown’s strategy is to remain in the gutter.”

    Republicans are also hoping that Ohioans’ sour view of Obama, combined with a voting record that puts Brown among the most liberal members of the Senate, will lead Ohio voters to vote against the Democrat in November.

    I think he’s a good president,” Brown said of Obama. “I would not do everything the way he’s done it. I wish he would fight more for the China currency bill.”

  8. What Klein wrote is what many have been hearing and saying has happened though.


    Well, it’s what we’re thinking and hoping they’re thinking. Like Politico and Drudge, Klein probably got his ideas reading Big Pink. 😉

    I don’t believe Hillary would put her ‘legacy’ above real service to the country,though.

  9. If you go to Yahoo’s homepage, there is an article there entitled Obama to Voters: “Nag” Congress For Me. Go to the article and scroll down to the bottom and look at the blog comments. Every single one of the first 75 I read are tearing Obama apart. They’re saying things like the only thing they’re going to do is to nag Congress to get rid of Obama, or impeach him, and are calling him a liar and perpetual campaigner. I made my husband look at the first couple pages of comments and he was shocked. They’re ALL negative about Obama and how they’re going to throw him out in November.


  10. Admin. Governor Jimmy Davis and Earl Long brings back memories. Davis was a 2 term governor of Louisiana and his claim to fame was as a song writer and performer. You Are My Sunshine was his best known song, but my favorite of was this one, with him performing.

    Forty years or so ago, a friend of mine wanted to build a plant in Louisiana–somewhere around Baton Rouge. He was told there would be big trouble if he tried to do the work non-union, and the go to guy in the Teamsters at that time was named Grady Parton. My friend went to see him in lockdown in San Diego and was told he would be getting out of the can soon. He had put the finger on Hoffa Sr. when Bobby Kennedy was after him, so he was a target. When he got out of jail, and flew into Baton Rouge half the people there turned out to meet him. The shop stewards in those days had pick up trucks paid for by companies, so they would not interfere with the operation. This was before the feds were cracking down on this clear violation of Taft Hartley. My friend met him in the restaurant where Parton’s bodyguards were stationed–big country boys. They got a hotel key and went to a vacant room. He wanted payola and my friend said no, but passed the word along to the president of the company–a huge company the name of which you would recognize in a second. The president blew his stack, and somehow the word of this whole affair got back to Long who was then the Governor—he ran later and won against David Duke as I recall. But Long himself was no virgin either. The heat came down on Long and he summoned my friend and Parton to his office. My friend described him as a very aristocatic looking man who was furious with Parton. Parton was late for the meeting and that was seen as a sign of disrespect. When he finally arrived the governor told him he did not need the heat, and to let the company build that plant or there would be hell to pay. He did, and they did too. I know, it sounds like a fairy tale, but I can tell you for a fact there was alot of that done in those days. And the worst place of all was JFK airport–the movie Goodfellows is 100% accurate.

  11. If loyalty to Obama was the reason Hillary refused to run, then it is logical to assume that same loyalty would compel her to accept the vice presidency if he offered it to her. I do not think that loyalty to Obama had anything to do with it. If that is true, then I have been backing the wrong horse. How can anyone be loyal to a man who is hell bent on destroying the country? I do not think she said that, or if she did say it she meant it.

  12. Assuming for a moment that the conversation between Bill and Hillary is more or less true, keep in mind that there were outsiders present and that at least one of these outsiders turned out to be a mole. Hillary’s “loyalty” remarks could have been her way of telling Bill to tone own his rhetoric in front of their guests. Even if the Clintons were an everyday professional couple, they couldn’t just sit there in front of company and talk about how her boss is an incompetent jackwagon and how she ought to have his job.

  13. keep in mind that there were outsiders present and that at least one of these outsiders turned out to be a mole.


    Good point. So even if Klein were honest (in spite of his quote marks), he was taking his information from a mole, so the mole’s honesty would be a weak link in the chain.

  14. I do not think that loyalty to Obama had anything to do with it.


    I agree. Neither loyalty to the man who backstabbed both her and Alice Palmer, not legacy, would be her reasons, imo. There are plenty of other reasons, even aside from the reason she gave publicly: wish to retire or at least have a good rest.

    Personally I’d guess a big reason would be a wish not to divide the Democratic party: same as her reason for campaigning for Obama in 2008, imo. Her wish to keep the GOP out of the White House.

  15. Assuming for a moment that the conversation between Bill and Hillary is more or less true, keep in mind that there were outsiders present and that at least one of these outsiders turned out to be a mole. Hillary’s “loyalty” remarks could have been her way of telling Bill to tone own his rhetoric in front of their guests. Even if the Clintons were an everyday professional couple, they couldn’t just sit there in front of company and talk about how her boss is an incompetent jackwagon and how she ought to have his job.
    Yes. That would be awkward alright.

  16. Personally I’d guess a big reason would be a wish not to divide the Democratic party: same as her reason for campaigning for Obama in 2008, imo. Her wish to keep the GOP out of the White House.
    No. They may say I don’t want to divide the party. But if the party stabbed you in the back, would that be your paramount concern? I think it is the fear of losing what power they have–which is implicit in the legacy remark. Bill’s comment of country over party is where I am. Every profession is a conspiracy against the laity and every political party is a conspiracy against the best interests of the American People. You may not think so but sooner or later it always comes down to that and nothing else.

  17. “I know you’re young enough!” Bill said, his voice booming. “That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried that I’m not young enough.”

    This is classic Bill. He has been saying this for a while in different word about his growing old and stuff. This tells me that the author did not make this whole thing up. Sureley some semblance of truth to it, but the sources or the author might have overdramatized it for effect.

  18. ecoast, I see what you mean. I also see in that line, a lot of pain as in ‘what could have been’. And I think Bill feels it more than she does. If I were her, I would never have got over the injustice of 2008 but she seems to be handling it very well. It is not easy to sit on the sidelines when you have good ideas to fix problems. Whatever their detractors say, it is abundantly clear that these two people have served their country with distinction and want to do more.

  19. Yeah, as admin says, “the direct quotes probably should not be used” and this back-and-forth about loyalty is hard evidence that the Klein book is only grist for the rumor mill.

    I(‘s also very convenient that Chelsea and Marc happened to show up and chime in right in the middle of this alleged conversation.

    This book is written like Obama’s autobiography – fictional characters, fictional circumstances, fictional talk.

  20. and it gets worse

    Romney 8% ahead now 50 – 42

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Mitt Romney earning 50% of the vote and President Obama attracting 42% support. Four percent (4%) would vote for a third party candidate, while another three percent (3%) are undecided.

    Matchup results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update). See tracking history.

    Check out our review of last week’s key polls to see “What They Told Us.”

    The president leads by four in Wisconsin.

    A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the Badger State finds Obama with 49% of the vote to Romney’s 45%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, while two percent (2%) are undecided.


    Looks like Romney is on course in Wisc. too. only 4 behind, and according to Survey USA Romney only 4 behind in Oregon…….the WH must be like WTF at the moment.

  21. Depends upon who the guests were … suppose Linn Forrester? suppose loyal friends not in public eye like Biondis?etc etc … and suppose the conversation was leaked deliberately for Klein to promote the meme in a book?

    Honestly, except for the brainless drones sucking on shit from msnbc and other propaganda media, everyone I know, Dem or Repub is praying that somehow Obummer is eliminated and we get to vote for HRC for prez – “the country needs her” IS the consensus of the politically aware. I hear it all the time and more and more.

    As for Hollywood, a great actor, now deceased and resting in theatrical hall of fame, once said to me: “Actors are children, they go where they’re led.” – Eva LeGallienne

  22. lil ole grape: “…everyone I know, Dem or Repub is praying… we get to vote for HRC for prez – “the country needs her” IS the consensus of the politically aware.

    That’s encouraging to hear, maybe it is true in your neck of the woods (you’re in true blue Massacusetts, right?). That would bear out the gist of the conversation in Klein’s book, but I still think the whole conversation is a fabrication.

  23. I don’t see where obama gained anything from his evolution. MSM can spin it any way they want but I have heard from many in the LGBT community who see it as pure manipulation. On the plus side several people pointed out the fact that it was Hillary who extended benefits to same sex partners when obama had a super majority but did nothing and Hillary who has marched in Pride events. And that it was Bill who first addressed the issue on a national platform and he took hits for it. Many are too young to remember the advent of AIDS and the profound effect it had on the fabric of our society. There are no more nor less gays in our country today then there were in the late eighties. The difference is that there was a sense of don’t ask don’t tell within families, but when death was the result if ignoring the elephant in the room continued things did change and President Clinton was at the fore front. Comparing obama’s evolution to the political risk Bill took is at best ahistorical. I was in my early twenties and unable to say out loud that I was gay(even if everyone around me was well aware).

  24. I still think the whole conversation is a fabrication.


    I tend to agree, from the style, the talk about ‘legacy’ and ‘loyalty’, and from Chelsea just happening to appear at the right moment, as someone said.

    It might have some basis in what some people are really thinking. But (like Ulsterman’s stuff) it could just as well have been fabricated by some reader of H44. We should sue for a cut in the royalties.

    Otoh, it might sound fabricated because it was done at second or third or nth hand from others’ reports of some real conversation/s. But still that would indicate dishonesty on Klein’s part: presenting it as a single conversation with quote marks (good catch, Shadowfax).

  25. It is not easy to sit on the sidelines when you have good ideas to fix problems.


    If Hillary really does ‘retire’ next year, she’ll have nearly 4 years to rest on the sidelines watching the 2013-16 POTUS* foul up, and getting good ideas to fix those new problems. Then hopefully she’ll jump back in, tanned and rested.

    *whichever he is

  26. This is classic Bill. He has been saying this for a while in different word about his growing old and stuff. This tells me that the author did not make this whole thing up.


    Maybe Klein has been reading the same sources you have.

  27. jeswezey … what makes you think my contacts are limited to MA? — friends,family, acquaintances scattered all over the country…this is a lil ole grape on a long vine.
    As to the veracity of Klein’s reportage, we just don’t know unless or until someone takes him to court over it. Meanwhile, it’s the message that matters and he’s getting the message out there!

  28. That national convention is falling apart, the polls are headed south, your brillant tactic for softening the Gay postion blew up in your face.

    Remember this is the team everyone thought was so brillant against Hillary. How could they be perform so badly now.

    The answer is they were not brillant at all, just as the person they convinced people to vote for was not brillant.

    The man was an unknown, and the media kept it that way. They are trying hard to protect their investment, but there is way too much known now. HE DOES NOT WALK ON WATER. In fact, people are resenting the fact that you ever suggested he did. In fact he not only did not know how to run this country, HE IS NOT INTERESTED IN LEARNING.

    To make matters worse, people are actually going back and reading his biography.

    Compare this to the Women who did win the Primary vote, was frauded out of the election, and is now serving as of the most BRILLANT SofS we have ever had. She can go into an impossible situation, and calm it down, and walk away with what she wants.

    Hillary is BRILLANT and ran a BRILLANT Campaign. BUT IF THE MEDIA DECIDES IN A DEMOCRACY WHO SHOULD BE PRESIDENT, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO. So much for our Democracy. The media and Journalists need to be tried for treason.

  29. This is one of my favorite post admin!
    The perfect ending to it is the last part. Bill is trying to push our Hillary forward because we all need her brilliance, her fairness, her values and bravery.

    Hillary is the champion of loyality…bless her heart, I wish for our own need she wasn’t so loyal. Bill isn’t worried that Hillary will be too old to run and do a great job as President in 4.5 years, he is worried he won’t be alive or well enough to help her get there, or enjoy it with her. No wonder Hillary has mixed feelings and would rather spend the rest of her life with her Bill…

  30. The Rasmussen polls this week show a tipping point. The political correctness police are not going to be able to bully everyone into saying they support Obama because there are too many of us and Obama can’t hit 50% which means they are in a more or less permanent minority. The last string the WH was hanging onto is Obama’s personal popularity to buttress their absurd premise that he was going to skate to re-election. His policies are hated and he is not personally popular. Critical statements by Bill Clinton from the past four years can now be made public because Obama is weak and weakening rapidly. Romney has the nomination nailed and can now start appealing not just to independents but to disenfranchised Democrats openly.

  31. Bill isn’t worried that Hillary will be too old to run and do a great job as President in 4.5 years, he is worried he won’t be alive or well enough to help her get there, or enjoy it with her. No wonder Hillary has mixed feelings and would rather spend the rest of her life with her Bill…


    Or more likely, the rest of Bill’s life. *tears*

    I saw a quote in some source I respect, saying that Bill often said to her that she’d outlive him and go on to three more husbands.

  32. IMO, that conversation in Klein’s book probably took place, but has been somewhat embellished by Klein or the people talking to Klein.

    I do not for one minute think Bill or Hill have forgotten 2008, or are happy with the past 3 years, or genuinely want Obama to win in 2012. Bill is working from the inside in very subtle ways. Not openly, not calling Obama out. That would backfire. No, he is going to campaign for him, and every word out of his mouth is going to contain within it the seeds of Obama’s downfall.

    Case in point: Bill had to agree to let his interview footage be used in Obama’s Bin Laden ad. And Bill knew exactly what the effect of his words “The consequences for Obama would have been terrible if the plan had failed” would be. It was beautifully done. Bill gets to say, “What? Look – I’m helping the guy!” Meanwhile he drew attention to Obama’s blatant narcissism, and gave Mitt fodder for the perfect ad to immediately run in response: Obama acting like what the Seals did was all about him and his re-election.

    Bill is subtle. Bill knows how this game is played, and how to not get caught playing it. Bill maintains “plausible deniability” at all times where Obama and the Dims are concerned.


    full list is there with story…

    World’s Most Powerful Moms
    By Jenna Goudreau | Forbes – 20 hours ago.. .

    From the spheres of government, business, entertainment and philanthropy, these moms rule the roost–and the world.

    No. 1: Hillary Clinton

    APSecretary of State, United States
    Age: 64
    Residence: Washington, DC
    Marital Status: Married
    Children: 1

    We all think our mother is the best. But who’s the most powerful mom in the world—managing billions of dollars, entire populations and the little ones?

    With Mother’s Day around the corner, ForbesWoman analyzed the annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful women—based on money controlled, decision-making power and multiple measures of influence—and teased out the moms who are at the top of their game. From spheres of government, business, entertainment and philanthropy, these 20 moms rule the roost–and the world.

    [More from Forbes: The World’s Most Powerful Women]

    This year, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, mom of daughter Chelsea, ranks No. 1. With one of the biggest jobs in the world, Clinton is still a mother first. Two years ago as Chelsea planned to walk down the aisle, Clinton used email to stay abreast of wedding preparations, review photos and offer support. Global diplomacy and duties as a mother-of-the-bride were both “serious, important and stressful” jobs, she said at the time.


    MO # 7…sleeves – hell, the whole dress, being pulled apart…

  34. I do not for one minute think Bill or Hill have forgotten 2008, or are happy with the past 3 years, or genuinely want Obama to win in 2012. Bill is working from the inside in very subtle ways. Not openly, not calling Obama out. That would backfire. No, he is going to campaign for him, and every word out of his mouth is going to contain within it the seeds of Obama’s downfall.


    That would make sense if Bill is hoping for a brokered convention and Hillary2012. But if he’s looking at 2016, then which would be better for Hillary: running against POTUS Romney’s re-election, or against some new GOP nominee after Obama’s second term?

  35. Speaking of scam polls, I keep getting calls from some robot that says for answering a 30 second poll I’ll receive a trip to the Bahamas.

  36. I’m one of the many “never shows up in polls” Americans out here, because I a) don’t answer, or b) hang up when I realize it’s a pollster.

    I’ve never answered a political poll in my life.

  37. henry
    May 12th, 2012 at 11:01 am
    Hi, Henry! I was wondering about you recently. Nice to see you here again!

  38. Here’s how Ann Romney could put her money where her mouth is:
    Mothers who take time out of work to look after children will no longer be penalised when they retire, Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has announced.
    At present, women who do not work for 30 years fail to qualify for the full basic state pension. But under the new plans, millions of mothers, and carers, will be treated as if they had worked all their lives.

  39. A friend of mine has told me of his experiences discussing Obama with strangers. Almost every last person wants Obama to lose in November. He was pessimistic in the recent past, which I had tried to counter with not much success, but now he’s feeling upbeat about Obama losing. Obama will lose in November. He does not have nearly as much support as on 2008, and the support he does have is not as enthusiastic.

    I am glad that the Republican convention is in Tampa this year. If I get the opportunity, I will be there on the streets showing my support for the anti-Obama. I hope that there are many more like me as there is safety in numbers, and big crowds will help sway some of the weaker minds who need direction. Obama will lose. Y’all have got to believe that.

  40. nomobama, I believe it. He won with 7% in 2008, with a combination of big enthusiastic turnout on the D side, and depressed turnout on the R side.

    You cannot tell me that in 2012, he is not going to lose 3 or 4% of the vote he had in 2008, and that the R’s won’t get a 3 or 4% bump in turnout. And that’s all we need.

  41. HillaryforTexas
    May 12th, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    That’s the way I look at it. Depressed Democratic turnout, and energized Republican/conservative turnout with additional huge turnout by independents who will break massively against Obama.

    Dick Morris said the other day that if the election were held today, Romney would win in a landslide. I also read the Obama’s favorability rating is just 50.5% in liberal California. All the signs are pointing to not just a defeat for Obama in November, but one of massive proportions. Barack is Jimmy Carter ll. Bye, bye Barry!

  42. BTW, the D’s thought that if Romney was the R nominee, conservative turnout could be depressed again, since the wingers don’t like Romney much – he’s too moderate. I watched several Obots on HotAir pose as extreme conservatives and trash Romney up one side and down the other all through the primaries. I watched them closely, and I was not fooled. I knew they were freaking bots there to sow dissension – it was pretty obvious.

    After Romney won, they went ballistic as “true conservatives”, and tried to rally conservatives to refuse to vote for Mitt in November. Just pure invective, 24/7. But they were failing in their mission – most conservatives were saying “screw you, Mitt is not our favorite, but we’re voting for ANYBODY but Obama!”

    After a few days of that, the bots completely lost their sh*t, and outed themselves as O supporters. These were people who had been posting as “real true conservatives” on Hotair for like almost a year. They launched into rants about how all you people are going to lose big to Obama, you’re all racist homophobes and haters, and the Great Progressive Obama is going to kick your ass.

    It was really hilarious to see their masks come off and their emotions unravel. There weren’t tons of them, maybe 2 or three, but they had been prolific commenters. POPCORN!

  43. HillaryforTexas,
    It’s sad that people have to play games like that, but I am heartened that the others did not fall for the charade. Hey, I supported Newt Gingrich’s efforts, but when it was all said and done, even Newt is out there promoting Romney at this juncture, and it all has to do with the realization that 4 years has been enough for Obama to pretend that he is what America needs. He is a loser with a terrible work ethic that will go down in flames come November. And if by chance he and his minions want a revolution, bring it on. They will lose, and America will be rejuvinated by their removal.

  44. “Maybe Klein has been reading the same sources you have.”

    Not reading, hearing. There are a lot of stories being told within HillaryLand that do not see print. We’re fairly well connected to the Big Donor community and we hear (are directly told) stories all the time. We won’t tell you of (those known personally by Big Pink) very well known, the best known names, that constantly go on TV and shill for Obama but in private despise Obama. We suspect (in at least a few cases we “know”) most of these people are known to the Obama people who constantly try to undermine the efforts of these Big Donors/celeb Dems (even when the efforts are ostensibly directed to helping Obama).

    A clue to what is happening is by looking at what Hillary people are moving into the most sensitive areas of Obamaland. Remember it was Obama who was supposed to absorb Hillaryland. Instead it is HillaryLand/BillLand infiltrating Obamaland’s most sensitive areas (hint: donors). Without giving away too much, notice that all of Bill’s efforts on Obama’s “behalf” coincide with Bill functionaries getting positions in the Obama hierarchy of fundraising.

    On a chessboard the King and Queen are the most important pieces. But to know what they are up to look to see how the knights, bishops and pawns move.

  45. Oh my! This is my senator! Though I had nothing to do with it of course.

    There was a time that I was naive enough to think that Mother’s Day would be one occasion that the pro-abortion lobby would lay low, but that assumption left the building long ago thanks to things like this:

    I will try to ignore this awful message and wish all the mother’s on this site a very Happy Mothers’ Day.

    Please take joy in your children.

  46. Don’t have the whole context of Senator Gillibrand’s letter, but good for her! She’s a worthy successor in Hillary’s Senate seat, at least on this issue.

    “This Mother’s Day, I can’t think of a better way to honor all the mothers in the country — past and present — than with a contribution to EMILY’s List,” Gillibrand writes. “They’re the ones working tirelessly to elect the pro-choice Democratic women who are making sure that our freedoms are protected for generations to come.”

  47. admin posted:
    We won’t tell you of (those known personally by Big Pink) very well known, the best known names, that constantly go on TV and shill for Obama but in private despise Obama.
    A clue to what is happening is by looking at what Hillary people are moving into the most sensitive areas of Obamaland. Remember it was Obama who was supposed to absorb Hillaryland. Instead it is HillaryLand/BillLand infiltrating Obamaland’s most sensitive areas (hint: donors).


    Ooooh, lovely! And what year are their trajectories pointing to?

    And maybe when we attack some ‘former’ Hillary supporter for ‘deserting’, they’re really out on the front lines and we’re shooting them in the back.

  48. pm317, not hijacked that I know of. Anyone who posts without registering shows up as “Unknown”, but that’s not me this time.

  49. Re the America Elect article in WND, here’s what WND says about Clinton supportrs:

    AE also has ties to Hillary Clinton supporters.

    Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton backer, is on the board, as is Douglas Schoen, a former pollster and adviser to Bill Clinton.

    Schoen was recently in the news after he teamed up with former Jimmy Carter aide Patrick Caddell to publish an editorial in the Wall Street Journal last month titled “The Hillary Moment,” in which they called for Clinton to throw her hat in the ring for the presidency.

    The two wrote another piece at calling for Democrat voters nationally – particularly in New Hampshire – to organize a write-in campaign for Clinton.

    WND names a lot more REpublicans in AE and talks a lot more about them.

  50. Leanora
    May 12th, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    I don’t care what turndownobama wrote in response to your post. I find this distasteful, and a little macabre. Yes, celebrate abortion on Mother’s Day as the image of an aborted fetus so aptly says “I love you Mom”.

  51. H4T, I started reading with interest thinking it was you but it didn’t sound like you (and I didn’t know about this:’Anyone who posts without registering shows up as “Unknown”,’). Thanks.

  52. Another stellar post, admin.

    An anecdote:

    I was sitting in the Physical Therapist’s Office with two other patients and Fox News was on the tv with coverage of the unraveling Washington Post hit piece on MR’s so-called high school bullying.

    I was first to say something, couldn’t help myself, it was almost under my breatH, something to the effect of “what liars.”

    Before I knew it, the other two patients had chimed in with similar sentiments, one, a Late 70-ish woman and the other a young 20-something athletic guy.

    Before you know it there was a three-way conversation about how NONE of them believed anything the media said – it was all spin – and the woman said she often had to turn the MSM news off to keep her hubby’s blood pressure from spiking.

    Just saying. The ABO meme seems to be spreading everywhere. And I did NOT stoke the negativity against the POS in the WH.

  53. Things the Mess-I-Ahhhhhhhhhh knows but dares not tell . . .

    1. young people are stupid–tend to hero worship and narcissim

    2. the power of youth is very unhealthy for a society–but very good for a man like him who seeks to destroy it

    3. socialism is wonderful until you run out of other people’s money

    4. we are better off than Europe, because there unlike here the elites cannot rig the system so they win and everyone else loses. (Comment: perhaps. But that doesn’t stop our elites from trying, and big media is their tool.

  54. Another REAL hero

    (more tissues required to watch this clip. Sorry for the long ad preceding it but it is a must see about a pit bull who saved her owner from being run over by a train and lost her own leg in the process.)

    I Love dogs. Honest, loyal, loving and heroic.

  55. Barack Obama is an incredibly insecure man. Admittedly, he has reason to be.

    Posted by Moe Lane (Diary)

    Saturday, May 12th at 7:30PM EDT
    No Comments

    (Via AoSHQ) From Reno, NV… oh, isn’t this the cutest thing ever?

    Obama’s got his little podium, and he’s got his little microphone, and, hey, Obama even has his Junior PotUS Presidential Seal to talk behind as he speaks to everybody on the whole block! Such a big boy, now. And he’ll probably be such a good President…

    …once he grows up, of course.

    Moe Lane (crosspost)

    PS: I am insulted that Team Obama made this one so easy for me. If those fools can’t bring their A-game, then they should just quit now and go home.

    PS: I am also getting kind of tired of the fact that people have to go to the British press in order to find out anything not perfectly complimentary to the President. For example: did people know that somebody in the audience at Obama’s campaign kickoff screamed that Romney was a traitor? – Because that story stayed buried until the Guardian mentioned it.

    The freaking Guardian.

  56. nomobama
    May 12th, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    May 12th, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    I don’t care what turndownobama wrote in response to your post. I find this distasteful, and a little macabre. Yes, celebrate abortion on Mother’s Day as the image of an aborted fetus so aptly says “I love you Mom”.

    I agree- It appears that Gillibrand has lost her Mojo- and gone over to the Dark Side. The proof IS, look who is supporting her statement-

  57. Hm. I’m beginning to wonder if this story about Gillibrand has any truth at all. Couldn’t find any mention of Emily’s List at G’s own website. Only Rightwing sites show up on Google about the story.

    The top site Google mentions is
    h t t p : / /

    which just says KG wrote an email (which Malkin quoted from). No link to evidence of the existence of any such email or statement from KG.

    Emily’s List’s blog on KG doesn’t mention any such thing, though it has good items on various things KG is doing. (Mostly still pressing Hillary’s sort of causes, good for her.)

    Hm, try Snopes….

  58. Darrn it anyway, talking abourt abortions in the same breath as Happy Mothers Day is really crappy.

  59. Darrn it anyway, talking abourt abortions in the same breath as Happy Mothers Day is really crappy.


    I’m beginning to wonder who even started that story. Someone posted a quote from Malkin, and the story seems to have been bouncing around the Rightwing ‘pro-life’ sites. Is it still crappy if the Rightwingers just made it up?

  60. Darrn it anyway, talking abourt abortions in the same breath as Happy Mothers Day is really crappy.


    I’m beginning to wonder who even started that story. Someone posted a quote from Malkin, and the story seems to have been bouncing around the Rightwing ‘pro-life’ sites. Is it still crappy if the Rightwingers just made it up?

  61. California budget deficit has swelled to $16 billion, governor says

    Read more:
    Socialism is wonderful . . . until you run out of OPM—-other people’s money. I now see why so many well to do people are leaving for other venues. This migration to California started after World War II, and the great migration from California started a generation ago. What we need to do is take people in George Clooney and raise his tax rate up to the 70% level it was at for people in his bracket fifty years ago. This prick takes his money to Tuscany anyway, so turn the Obama IRS bloodhounds who will have nothing to do after Obamacare is dead, and sick them on left wing billionaires like him who hide their money in foreign venues. And for all those bleeding hearts who go blatto when somebody uses the term illegal to describe someone who invades our country, and gets immediately on public assistance. California could save a few billion right there if they wanted to. And then go after the public unions who refuse to take cuts and demand taxpayers continue to subsidize them regardless if Johnny can’t read. And throw the hucksters in jail who created phony green energy companies so they could work with Obama to embezzle public money. In one year or so, the $16 billion dollar deficit would be cut in half or eliminated altogether.

  62. Trumka is a loudmouth rodent whose hairline starts at the level of his eyebrows. I doubt the rank and file has any use for him. He was a UMW staff lawyer and an embarrassment to the union movement. His IQ is below room temperature.

  63. Governor Moonbeam aka Jerry Brown has got to be sweating his balls off. I wonder whether he would gladly trade places with Meg Whitman now that he sees the mess. It is enough to send him back to the Seminary school which he never completed during the salad days of his youth. Once upon a time, he proposed that California have its own space program, and now it does. Werner Von Braun said it best: I aim for the stars but hit London. And now do you suppose Tom Hayden is weathering all this. He probably has a counterfeiting operation churning out one hundred thousand dollar bills with his Jimmy Durante Schnouser. Speaking of schnousers I have abandoned my subliminal desire to rearrange Bill Maher’s flabby proboscis, and moved that he be officially designated as Nature’s Greatest Mistake. Here you can see the family resemblance to his simeon relatives:

  64. Here is a wonderful comment by the last great poster left at NQ. It is directed at the pre-pubescent slobbering over Clooney by the huffpo vermin. Clooney reminds me too much of a white Obama. All style, no substance. Or, as they say in Texas, all hat, no cattle.


    Hollywood Hypocrites? With a few exceptions, is there any other kind?

    Does anyone with a functioning brain believe that these people who use the excessive money they get for playing make-believe to live their fantasy land lives of excess filled with sex and drugs give a rat’s ass about anything except themselves?

    Wouldn’t the cost of one of the gowns the female hypocrites wear to functions like this be useful in supporting a food bank or the like?

    Fu*k Wolfgang Puck and his menu of excess. I am so sick of these cretins and the media that slobbers over them as if they had some relevance in the world.

    I have never been a Clooney fan. Now I just find him loathsome. That’s an evolution I suppose.

    All this reminds me of the days of “Camelot” and JFK and the Rat-pack and Follywood comes to the White House. Look how well that ended.


    05/11/2012 03:59 AM


    I give Clooney a little slack because of his humanitarian work in Sudan. At least his heart is in the right place in that effort.

    But I find it a bit ironic that a person like Clooney who can’t seem to make any long term personal comittments should be a big advocate of SSM. But then maybe I am just surmising that Clooney supports SSM because he is such a liberal and that position would fit the image.


    05/11/2012 06:20 AM
    in reply to KenoshaMarge
    1 Like


    Clooney is exactly the kind of celebrity that I most abhor. He struts around with his latest arm ornament, they come in blond, brunette and redhead and are always a “hottie” so that the world can plainly see that Clooney still has it to “bang” some beauty. They stand at his side and smile as if they were anything to him except another piece of meat. And women swoon.

    Talk about a “war on women” and one in which the women happily help the warrior if he’s rich enough and famous enough. He, his kind and his ornaments make me sick! As they should any one with any claim to being a feminist.

  65. @turndownobama: ‘Don’t have the whole context of Senator Gillibrand’s letter, but good for her! She’s a worthy successor in Hillary’s Senate seat, at least on this issue.’

    ‘I’m beginning to wonder who even started that story.’

    Why should that matter? You think it is a plus for G, a positive story. You should thank the rightwingers if they really started it.

  66. First Lady Michelle Obama, during a commencement address in the swing-state of North Carolina, called on students to vote and warned them that civil rights triumphs such as the end of segregation can “easily” be reversed.
    And the woman is correct. All it took for whitey’s setback re voter intimidation was the selection of her hubby followed by his appointment of AG named Eric Holder.

  67. Apologies to those tired of the WV election about coal story. As far as ObaMedia’s concerned, there has been one cricket. Here’s another source coming to the fore:
    After W Va. embarrassment, Obama embraces coal | Washington Examiner
    Gay marriage isn’t the only thing President Obama is fast “evolving on.” Stabbed in the back by coal country in West Virginia’s embarrassing Tuesday Democratic primary, the Obama-Biden campaign has overnight discovered coal. The president, who talks up green energy while pushing an agenda that advocates say would hurt coal, has without comment changed the sources of energy the Obama-Biden campaign is touting in their “all of the above” energy policy. It happened after the White House was rapped at a hearing for ignoring coal, even “clean coal,” in his energy policy. “President Obama has gone around the country, like many of us, and he’s talked about, ‘We want an all-of-the-above’ energy policy,” said Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky., at a Wednesday hearing. “There’s one glaring absence and that has to be coal, which still provides almost 50 percent of the electricity in America,” he added. The Hill reported that he showed a screenshot of the Obama campaign’s website that noted every other kind of fuel–but coal–in their all-of-the-above program.
    By this morning, presto, “clean coal” is where “fuel efficiency” used to be. Clean coal refers to technology used to filter emissions.
    The swap also came after Obama suffered a stunning embarrassment in West Virginia, where a Texas prison inmate won 40 percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote. Most Democrats believe that was a protest vote from coal country

  68. Anyone using SNOPES, NPR or the NYT for authentication is spoofing you and carrying water for Obama.

  69. Traitor!: Left Launches Hate Campaign Against Romney

    The left-wing Guardian spills the beans: [emphasis added]

    Hating Mitt Romney: Democratic Voters Less Motivated By Love of Obama

    The shout from the crowd was clear. As President Barack Obama gave the first official campaign speech of his re-election bid at a sports arena in Ohio last weekend the first mention of his Republican opponent Mitt Romney prompted a male voice in the throng to yell: “Traitor!”

    Earlier in the rally, held in the Ohio state capital of Columbus, several warm-up speakers for Obama had derided and mocked Romney for once using a Swiss bank account. Campaign videos played to the audience had prompted loud boos when Romney appeared or was mentioned.

    It was a remarkable shift of opinion about an opponent that many liberals and Democrats would have once dismissed as being bland, uninspiring and known chiefly for a moderate record as governor of traditionally Democratic Massachusetts. Yet now it seems that left-wing anger at Romney might emerge as a key factor in the 2012 election, providing a motivating tool for liberal groups whose base is divided about the achievements of Obama but appears increasingly united in anger at his Republican foe. …

    The phenomenon could be a mirror of what has long been thought to be going on in the Republican circles where the conservative base can seem more motivated by a dislike of Obama than a fondness for Romney. Now numerous progressive activist groups are realising that a negative image of Romney – rather than simply a positive spin about Obama – is rapidly becoming one of their most powerful organising tools.

    Because the media is now obsessed with distracting voters from Obama’s failed policies and failing economy, we are now talking about same-sex marriage and what Mitt Romney might have done a half-century ago in high school.

    This very day, however, 50 year-old Barack Obama is abusing his power as president to bully private citizens who dare give money to his opponent and, according to the Guardian, Obama’s leftist supporters are ginning up a hate campaign.

    Four days ago I wrote a piece about this shout of “traitor” at Obama’s flop kick-off event. We now know for a fact that other than a tweet, BuzzFeed Politics chose not to report the incident and that any other media types who heard it have also chose to cover it up (other than the Guardian). This from the same MSM that crafted a major scandal from lies they told about what was heard from Republican crowds in 2008.

    Now we know that on behalf of Obama, left-wing groups intend to gin up a hate campaign against his opponent. In some ways, you can’t blame them. It’s not as though there’s anything to champion about President FailureTeleprompter. But once again as we watch our corrupt media obsess over a phony 47 year-old tale of high school bullying while willfully ignoring Obama’s Enemies List and this hate campaign, we have to remember that it’s only May and that over the course of the next six months, we’re in for a helluva media battle for the truth.

  70. Enjoy your Mothers Day and your Children today and think hard about keeping them safe and enjoying them
    for as long as you may live but now is decision time for all people to do what is best to rid this misfit called OREO.His illusions of granduer are the true agenda that his handlers advisers stashseekers and downright swindlers have their own welfare strategy.





    The draft Hillsry movement must soon start or we shall be deystroyed by the enemy within our WH.A new party must be formed made up by loyalists from all parties for the salvation of our great USA and it should be caled THE PATRIOT PARTY representing all citizens regardless of race religion color and the love of freedom and our CONSTITUTION.Crooked politionshave always existed but not on the scale that exists today and they stay in office as long as they please and live where they please and continue to live in the lap of luxury until death do they part.


  71. Thanks, ABM90- you truly are a sensitive man and I appreciate your greeting this morning. Our grandchildren and those not yet born are the future. It is up to us to rid the WH of the majestic blight that has changed our way of life. If we fail, the future will be in the hands of elitist criminals forever and a day with little hope of reclamation for the way it was back in the day.

  72. Thought this was cute, reported in LA Times. B Palin’s criticism of Obama is kind of convoluted, but appropriate (I don’t know what “Glee” is). Maybe the Palins are following up on Romney’s wooing of the Clintonistas?

    Bristol Palin slams Obama’s ABC interview, defends Hillary Clinton
    May 11, 2012

    Former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Bristol Palin seems to be two-stepping toward a new career — as a political pundit.

    On her personal blog, Palin — daughter of former Alaska Gov. and GOP star Sarah Palin — ripped into President Obama for his ABC interview this week announcing his support for gay marriage. Then she turned around Friday with another post defending Obama’s secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton — for not wearing makeup.

    What seemed to irk Palin about the Obama interview were his remarks about how talking with his two daughters about equality had changed his mind on the subject of gay marriage. She argued that when Christian women run for high office, critics worry that they are overly submissive to their husbands. So it’s a double standard for Obama to claim that his family helped him evolve on an issue, Palin believes.

    “Sometimes dads should lead their family in the right ways of thinking,” Palin wrote Thursday. “In this case, it would’ve been nice if the President would’ve been an actual leader and helped shape their thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of ‘Glee.’ ”

    So a slam not just against the commander in chief but “Glee” as well. As Jon Stewart might say, “Well played.”

    But just to show that she’s not a total hater of all things Democratic, Palin followed up Friday with a blog post wagging a finger at Clinton critics who said the secretary of State looked “tired and withdrawn” after she was photographed wearing chunky glasses and minimal makeup.

    “When I was on Dancing with the Stars, I was only nineteen years old. I was active and fit, but I did gain five to ten pounds over the course of the show,” Palin confided. “I’ve been the brunt of jokes, speculation, and criticism about my appearance, and it’s not fun.

    “Plus, Hillary looks good! I think we should give her credit for not having a make up artist following her around and for being comfortable in her own skin.”

  73. “Plus, Hillary looks good! I think we should give her credit for not having a make up artist following her around and for being comfortable in her own skin.

    This is a dig at MO. She has the same makeup guy that Oprah has and you know O has the best. It is a lot of work (and money) to put those fake lashes. I wonder who is paying for it?

  74. I wonder who is paying for it?
    I would begin that investigation by looking at the expanded budget for the first lady, when the subject of the $15 trillion budget is brought up, surely not by big media until after the election.

  75. Hillary is telling them in every way possible I am not running and I will not be on his ticket. Why enable him to sink the country. He has all the help he needs from big media. And that is why I am so adamant and have been since 2008 that we live in a mainstream media controlled totalitarian state and there is no hope for our future as long as we listen to them.

  76. See the highlight. Obama thought Wright’s problem was the urge to tell the truth — ‘he has to tell the truth’. So Obama thought Wright was telling the truth when he said ‘Goddamn America’?!

    “Barack said, ‘I’m sorry you don’t see it the way I do. Do you know what your problem is?’ And I said, ‘No, what’s my problem?’ And he said, ‘You have to tell the truth.’ I said, ‘That’s a good problem to have. That’s a good problem for all preachers to have. That’s why I could never be a politician.’

  77. Some pictures from my garden for Mother’s day. Designing the garden is the most satisfying thing I have done so far. And it is a fragrant garden too. Those orange colored roses and other plants/flowers have a wonderful scent. My mom used to get rose bushes and other plants — they didn’t have a lot of money for discretionary spending like that but somehow she managed to make the garden look beautiful.

  78. PM317 11:14 am

    It is early yet, but this has to be troubling for O, as they just batted one of their balls into Romney’s court and had it returned like a speeding bullet straight to the head. This is not a convention bump, or an expected bump. They played one of their specially bullets, and it backfired on them.

    People will become desensitize and they will start looking like pathetic losers. The Super Delegates, who are suppose to be smarter than the Average Dem Voter, need to take heed. If they don’t they will no longer look Super (of course they already don’t look Super), and they will lose more Dems to the Independent.

    Happy Mother’s Day all. This is for all out there, women and men, who perform the nurturing role.

  79. An encouraging post @ Pumas Unleashed. The Public is finally ‘getting it’! The sham sitting in our WH has got to go!

    Dar Brooks
    May 13, 2012

    GO JOE!!! You may well be the last true American Hero. No matter what happens we will always talk of you as the last great holdout in the war to destroy American Sovereignty and independence. You ARE the man!!!

    Every day America is eroded more and more. Most people do not even see it happening. Our government has turned trillions of dollars (our entire treasury) over to foreign nations so that when we need help we can no longer help ourselves, we must go to the one-world-community. This is why barack bows and scrapes to the Camel Fleas and the Chicoms. Remember in the last campaign when barack said that we had not done enough to redistribute the wealth? No one even noticed. Imagine if just 1 trillion dollars, of the many trillions that were redistributed, was spent on our nation to rebuild infrastructure. Unemployment would be gone.

    People say, “Obama is stupid?” or “Obama doesn’t know what he is doing?” or “why is Obama doing this or that?”. The answer is simple if people would just open their eyes. Obama is doing exactly what his United Nations agenda calls for. The U.N. itself tells on their own website…

    h.. …exactly what barack is supposed to do… and he’s doing it.

    So, where are our American Heros? Well, I guess he’s in Arizona. Our news media (the new Bozo The Clown show) has no desire to tell the truth because they would be excluded from future news briefings. Radio talk hosts like Hannity and Limbaugh are simple keeping the conversations flowing smoothly with the idiots that call them and say things like “I don’t understand why Obama is doing that”.

    It all boils down to, our government is not accountable. And if anyone makes waves then the government will simply exclude them because our government answers to NO ONE.

  80. haha, this is the video I was looking for to go with this passage in Klein’s book:

    “Michelle is very jealous, I would say unusually so,” said someone who was very close to Oprah. “Most people after years of marriage have trust and don’t follow their husbands around and check on them. Michelle doesn’t seem to trust Barack at all. She insists on knowing his every movement and drops in on him at all kinds of odd times. It’s been the buzz of the White House….

    Watch MO at around 0:34.. priceless!

  81. Didn’t she to on that extravagant Spain vacation coinciding with BO’s birthday and powwow with Oprah in Chicago, alone.

    If Oprah went unchecked, she would bypass Valerie and go directly to the president and first lady. What good was it being the gatekeeper if you couldn’t lock the gate when you wanted? And so Valerie set about turning Michelle against Oprah. Oprah was too close to the president… Oprah was acting like she was the first lady… Oprah didn’t know her place… Oprah was a bad influence… Valerie advised Michelle to “distance herself” from Oprah and cut her out of the White House inner circle.

    It didn’t take much to convince Michelle. As Michelle knew only too well, her husband had a compelling need to win the approval of strong women like Oprah….

  82. Now we know the backstory of MO’s extravagant Spain vacation. She wanted to spite Obama for powwowing with Oprah on his birthday!

  83. OMG, this is treasure trove (Klein’s book):

    She is blackmailing Obama to keep him on a leash and keep her house clean.

    “Michelle talked to Gayle King about it, just talking as friends. She has become much closer to Gayle than to Oprah, to Oprah’s anger and surprise. She told Gayle that if she found out her husband was running around, she wouldn’t keep quiet. Gayle was kind of astonished that she would say that.”

  84. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

    Here’s a gift of music for you all. It’s my favorite musical composition of all time, and I was never one for classical music, but this composition will make your heart dance. It’s how I imagine heaven to be. There are some good live orchestra videos of the song on Youtube. The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams… Enjoy!

  85. Michelle refers to Hillary as “the snake”. Sorry, honey, but the viper pit is found at the first family’s residence at the White House.

  86. nomobama
    May 13th, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Makes you want to lay down in a bygone cornfield listening to all it’s natural sounds, then waking up to this soul stirring melody thinking what is right with the world.

    (As a reminder, mankind is just visiting.)

  87. Oh my…and coming out the same week Time labels O as the ‘first gay prez’

    Oprah and Michelle Obama at War, Trade Insults, Claims new book

    Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Michelle Obama have clashed repeatedly behind the scenes, an unseen war that has dramatically played out before and during Barack Obama’s presidency, according to a new book filled with blockbuster allegations.

    The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, written by former New York Times Magazine editor Ed Klein, charges that a highly distrustful Michelle accused Oprah of wanting to use the White House to pump up her TV ratings and that both women have traded insults about each other with close associates.

    Michelle allegedly insulted Oprah’s weight at one point, with Oprah claiming that the First Lady “hates fat people.”

    The book, due out this week, is excerpted in Sunday’s New York Post.

    When Obama gained Oprah’s endorsement for the 2008 presidential election, the talk show queen enjoyed a close relationship with both the future president and his wife. But once the election was over, the author claims that Michelle and her staff rudely pushed Oprah aside, while the president remained close to the talk show titan.

    In one particularly outrageous allegation, Klein writes that Michelle turned down Oprah’s invitation to appear on her TV show to discuss childhood obesity, one of many causes adopted by the First Lady.

    The book claims that Oprah then raged: “Michelle hates fat people and doesn’t want me waddling around the White House!”

    Klein, a regular contributor to Vanity Fair, follows that allegation with another bombshell, writing that Michelle told her staff: “Oprah, with her yo-yo dieting and huge girth, is a terrible role model. Kids will look at Oprah, who’s rich and famous and huge, and figure it’s OK to be fat.”

    One unnamed source in Klein’s book even charges that Michelle believes Oprah allegedly encouraged Hillary Clinton to run against President Obama in the upcoming election.

    Klein and his sources contend that the President has remained close to Oprah but that Michelle started pushing her away shortly after the 2008 election, refusing to return calls and instead letting aides deal with Oprah.

    What’s more, as Oprah prepared to interview Michelle at that time, she was forced to get approval of her interview questions from Jeff Stephens.

    The book also contends that two of Michelle’s advisers were unhappy with Oprah’s influence and that the talk show host was so comfortable with her access to the President, she had a plan to redecorate the Lincoln bedroom!

    The author quotes sources close to Oprah claiming that Michelle is “very jealous” and lacks trust in her husband.

    These sources also contend that the president phones Oprah late at night and asks for advice to improve his popularity, a move that does not sit well with the First Lady.

    “Michelle thinks he should turn to her, not Oprah, for that kind of advice,” the book quotes an anonymous source.

    The President asked his wife to make peace with Oprah, sources tell the author, and that is why Michelle taped a May, 2011 interview for one of Oprah’s final shows.

    That peace offering has done nothing to stem the now-ingrained dislike that both women have for each other, according to Klein.

  88. “Michelle talked to Gayle King about it, just talking as friends. She has become much closer to Gayle than to Oprah, to Oprah’s anger and surprise. She told Gayle that if she found out her husband was running around, she wouldn’t keep quiet. Gayle was kind of astonished that she would say that.”
    I know that Michelle is an angry black woman–even Max Factor (no that is not an alias for Obama–not yet anyway, not until the Seals movie is released the week before the campaign) can hide that. Putting aside the question why she blurted this out in the first place, I submit that if Obama was running around with ummm errr Larry Sinclair that she might not go to the balcony of the White House, open the shutters and scream about this to the world. Depends how angry she was–above 240 degrees all bets are off.

  89. correction above…evidently is is Newsweek that is dubbing O, the gay prez…

    Kurtz goes after tamron hall…then he asks, does she only want people that agree with her…duh,,,yes, it’s MSNBC…and CNN is not a whole lot better…hey howie, this goes on every day and night on MSNBC…you just noticed it!

    guess he hasn’t had a chance to catch Soldedad in the AM at CNN…

  90. tdo: ‘Don’t have the whole context of Senator Gillibrand’s letter, but good for her! She’s a worthy successor in Hillary’s Senate seat, at least on this issue.’

    tdo later: ‘I’m beginning to wonder who even started that story.’

    pm: Why should that matter? You think it is a plus for G, a positive story. You should thank the rightwingers if they really started it.


    If it is a hoax, that speaks to the credibility of those media that reported it, the posters who posted it, and me who commented before checking. ;-/ Maybe I’d spent all my scepticism on Klein. Maybe I should check the timestamps and, like Romney, say what does it matter what anyone says at latetiredweehour.

  91. why haven’t we met any of the drug dealers O chummed around with in HS/college?

    the WP can do over 5000 words on Mitt in a HS story over 50 years ago that even the family of the ‘victim’ disputes and resents but no stories on O’s admitted wayward years…

    hey tamaron, where’s your story on O’s lost drug days…

  92. Was there a bidding war for the makeup man between MO and Oprah?
    In Oprah’s case it ain’t Max Factor.

    It is Sherwin Williams paint for sure. How do I know?

    Simple. Their motto was “cover the earth”. And in Oprah’s case that is about how much paint it will take.

    The following comment on the merits of that advertising campaign is somehow apropos:

    “Tell me your paints bring the beauty of the outside indoors. Give me pretty nature-inspired names like sea shell and amethyst. I can understand these kinds of appeals to my emotions.. Don’t outright say you want to “cover the earth” with your toxic crap.”

    Now that is sage advice for a hippo who fancies herself a hipster. She would be better off to go without make-up altogether so the world sees her as she really is. As with Maher and the proboscis monkey the family resemblence is obvious. Another example of nature’s mistakes. (Brazille would be yet another.)

  93. Ok, re the Gillibrand story, I just checked the last 24 hours and it’s working its way up the Rightwing food chain, it’s got to Hannity etc. They all still seem to be quoteing each other.

    An exception (an offshore bank shot?) is here, scroll down to it:
    This purports to be all of Gillibrand’s letter. The text is text, not screen capture, and it opens with “Dear Biodun”. (Biodun Iginla seems to claim some connection with the BBC.)

    So did Biodun Igninla really receive this directly from Gillibrand or Emily’s List? Or is inserting his own name just a placeholder to show where a recipient’s name would go?

    His verison has two paragraphs that each link to a donation form at Emily’s List which does not mention Gillibrand, and has only a one-sentence header about Mother’s Day.

  94. Mrs. Smith
    May 13th, 2012 at 1:22 pm
    May 13th, 2012 at 12:45 pm
    Makes you want to lay down in a bygone cornfield listening to all it’s natural sounds, then waking up to this soul stirring melody thinking what is right with the world.
    (As a reminder, mankind is just visiting.)
    Yes! I love the outdoors! I recently visited the Gatlinburg, TN / Ashville, NC area in the Smoky Mountains. What a pretty area that is. I did some hiking in the mountains and I was just mesmerized. I miss the mountains. I’ve been hearing the mockingbirds around here throughout the night lately, and when you hear them in the quiet of early morning (3:00am or so), it just beautiful.

  95. They must have been hoping a 2 to 3 point poll uptick after this coming week with G8 leaders/photos in Chicago and the afterglow of his SSM pronouncements.

    But I think the news, maybe with sprinkles in the social media and blogs from Romney campaign, will be dominated by the $150K bribe allegations from Jeremiah Wrong from Ed Klein’s book, Oprah/Michelle/Valerie hate triangle story from that book, and “first gay president” cover from Newsweek (and we don’t know yet what that crazy guy Sullivan put in that report). They can control the lap dog media, but not the hound dog media.

  96. “Must win” North Carolina doesn’t look so can win:

    It’s been a rough week for North Carolina Democrats.

    First there was Tuesday’s passage of the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Then, as a result, there were calls from gay rights activists to move the Democratic National Convention out of Charlotte. On Friday, Gov. Bev Perdue said her state looked like Mississippi as a result of the gay marriage vote — and she didn’t mean it as a compliment. All the while, the state’s former senator, John Edwards, was on trial in Greensboro.

    And just when it looked like things couldn’t get messier, on Saturday came this news out of the party’s State Executive Committee meeting in Greensboro: Chairman Dan Parker, who state elected officials and national Democrats had been pushing to step down to quell the furor surrounding a sexual harassment scandal at party headquarters, intends to remain in his post. [snip]

    By hanging on, Parker all but ensures the narrative in advance of the national convention is going to focus on the unfolding swing state drama. And it’s going to provide even more ammunition for the Republican National Committee, which released a memo Friday titled “Obama’s Disaster in North Carolina.

  97. The ‘bribe’ to silence Wright


    Last Updated: 1:43 PM, May 13, 2012

    Posted: 11:14 PM, May 12, 2012
    Share on email Share on facebook More Sharing ServicesMore Print

    When sermons of Obama’s Chicago pastor, Jeremiah Wright, surfaced during the Iowa primaries, it threatened to derail Obama’s campaign. ABC aired one where Wright screamed, “Goddamn America!” Edward Klein interviewed Wright, who told him Obama’s team tried to buy his silence.

    ‘Man, the media ate me alive,” Wright told me when we met in his office at Chicago’s Kwame Nkrumah Academy. “After the media went ballistic on me, I received an e-mail offering me money not to preach at all until the November presidential election.”

    QUIET, PLEASE: President Obama’s onetime pastor Jeremiah Wright says he was offered money not to preach.
    QUIET, PLEASE: President Obama’s onetime pastor Jeremiah Wright says he was offered money not to preach.

    “Who sent the e-mail?” I asked Wright.

    “It was from one of Barack’s closest friends.”

    “He offered you money?”

    “Not directly,” Wright said. “He sent the offer to one of the members of the church, who sent it to me.”

    “How much money did he offer you?”

    “One hundred and fifty thousand dollars,” Wright said.

    “Did Obama himself ever make an effort to see you?”

    “Yes,” Wright said. “Barack said he wanted to meet me in secret, in a secure place. And I said, ‘You’re used to coming to my home, you’ve been here countless times, so what’s wrong with coming to my home?’ So we met in the living room of the parsonage of Trinity United Church of Christ, at South Pleasant Avenue right off 95th Street, just Barack and me. I don’t know if he had a wire on him. His security was outside somewhere.

    “And one of the first things Barack said was, ‘I really wish you wouldn’t do any more public speaking until after the November election.’ He knew I had some speaking engagements lined up, and he said, ‘I wish you wouldn’t speak. It’s gonna hurt the campaign if you do that.’

    “And what did you say?” I asked. “I said, ‘I don’t see it that way. And anyway, how am I supposed to support my family?’ And he said, ‘Well, I wish you wouldn’t speak in public. The press is gonna eat you alive.’

    “Barack said, ‘I’m sorry you don’t see it the way I do. Do you know what your problem is?’ And I said, ‘No, what’s my problem?’ And he said, ‘You have to tell the truth.’ I said, ‘That’s a good problem to have. That’s a good problem for all preachers to have. That’s why I could never be a politician.’

    “And he said, ‘It’s going to get worse if you go out there and speak. It’s really going to get worse.’

    “And he was so right.”

    Read more:

  98. The Romneys made a great video for Mothers day – featuring all the boys talking about growing up with Ann. It’s sweet.

  99. On this date in 1940 incoming British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave his blood, toil, tears and sweat speech.

  100. nomobama
    May 12th, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    “Obama is unlucky…

    I dare say he is the luckiest man in the world.

  101. If you haven’t seen the top story on Drudge, it is the cover story on Time Mag, Barry with a rainbow halo, “The First Gay President”

    They must know about Larry and Love, and the boys in the church.

  102. S
    May 13th, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    excerpt of ‘the amateur’…regardless of ’spin’ (veracity)…this is going to be one juicy book…

    What is the new Hollywood word for this? Oh, that’s right: Fremenies. I like it. It rhymes with sleeze. It boggles the mind to see that low lifes like these and retired crucifiers are running the country–into the ground. And big media will be right there with them in the Fuerher bunker when the lights go out.

  103. I dare say he is the luckiest man in the world.
    He WAS the luckiest, back when he was the underdog, back when people believed that hope and change meant something, back when people believed he was post racial, back when people thought he would work for the country rather than his donors, and back when those people were too lazy to dig, to gullible of the media and too ignorant of the ways of the Chicago Machine.

    But now Nemesis is stalking his every move, his narcissism is in high gear, his campaign staff is looking like the gang that cannot shoot straight, and he cannot lift a finger without sirens going off. The curtain is lifted and it is obvious that there is no there there. There will come a point where big media can no longer protect him and be his stenographer. There will come a point where they are seen for what they are–propagandists bent on preserving their own lavish lifestyles.

  104. If you haven’t seen the top story on Drudge, it is the cover story on Time Mag, Barry with a rainbow halo, “The First Gay President”
    This of course was the headline big media wanted to print because they are run by left wing zealots, and it fits their agenda. However, it is the headline he was scared of and tried to avoid by saying that it was up to the states. Big mouthed Biden put him in a position where he had to say something, so he tried to split the infinitive. He was trying to send a signal as to what he would do in a second term without saying it outright for fear it would lose votes in swing states like North Carolina. How ironic that the seat sniffers at Time Magazine would blow his cover. Then again, he has people like Terrorism Chief Brennan who makes a market in blowing the covers of people who help the United States and get shot when that information is disclosed. The entire left is in utter disarray masked by that schmarmy picture of Obama on the cover of Rolling Stone. These people have as much mental give and take as a scottish terrier watching a rat hole. Political correctness, hatred of Republicans and slimy worship of Obama is all they have to offer over and over and over again–ad infinitum ad nauseum. They do not evolve, they simply stay the course, and it is the course to hell.

  105. Common sense from one of the smartest people in the media–thank god she is still around. The hard left dismisses anyone who disagrees with them as malicious or ignorant, whereas Georgie uses subtlety, persuasion, logic and a powerful antecdote from real life to make the same case. Reasonable people recoil from the former and listen to the latter.

    WASHINGTON — President Obama has jumped off the fence where he has been sitting so long and approved same-sex marriage. Telling ABC News that “same-sex couples should be able to get married” because all Americans should be treated equally, Obama’s surprising words came only days after Joe Biden’s jolting ones, with everybody thinking he was undercutting his president.

    This change marks perhaps the most difficult and sobering change in American thinking and law in decades. There is no question that, as Mitt Romney contends, marriage has historically and biblically been between a man and a woman, a male and a female, two people who could create a family and re-create the human race. But what does this mean in our time?

    I would like to suggest that perhaps we ought to look beyond the public nature of same-sex marriage, to seek in our own family structures other truths about same-sex coupling behind those Midwest stoops and Southwestern verandas. I know, because my own beloved family lived it all.

    I have never been able to say this publicly before, but the fact is that my wonderful only brother, Glen, who died in 2004 at 78, was gay. He was tall, handsome and immensely creative from the time he was a child and, thanks mostly to him, our household was one of the happiest you could imagine. All the kids gravitated there simply because it was so much fun (plus my dairy-owning dad loved to fix them milkshakes!).

    Then the war fell over us. Glen joined the Army in 1943 and was a hero in the Battle of the Bulge, Lightning Division, and survived only because he was wounded and sent to England, and then to the occupation of Berlin. It was after he came home that, year by year as he excelled in designing clothes for big manufacturers, we began to notice his fancy for men.

    story continues below

    No one told you, in those days, what to do. Being homosexual was definitely and prominently shameful. My beautiful mother and my hard-working dad just said nothing — which was about the right thing to do at that time. A young reporter on the Chicago Daily News, I, of course, saw plenty of “different” things, but had no idea how to deal with the brother I so adored. So I, too, said nothing.

    Perhaps sometime, when all of this has become less difficult, someone will write about what the gay man or woman in a family does to influence them. Had Glen gotten married, would I have? I rather think so. Does homosexuality hurt the mother and father, not to speak of denying them grandchildren? I rather think that, too. Glen often spoke of having children; that part was very sad.

    I think now that the secrecy of it all was the most deleterious. Until the day he died, nary a word was spoken about it. He lived all his life with a man our whole family loved, and they had a group of gay friends who were dear to all of us and more fun than the circus. I felt myself very lucky to have them around.

    For the first time, after Glen’s death, two of them spoke to me about being gay in general terms, but I wondered. Had he been happy with the secret he kept even from those of us who knew all about it? Had he wanted to share it? Had that secret changed his love for us?

    These things I will never know, but I do know that there must be some officially sanctioned basis for the love that Glen and his partner shared. And theirs was a real love, lasting 50 years. When Glen was ill at the end, we had a wonderful Filipino man with him every day in the home. The man, Jose, said to me once, “I’ve looked over all the world, and I find a real family in your brother’s friends.”

    So marriage doesn’t bother me at all for same-sex partners. Or civil unions, as in France. I wouldn’t have been so bewildered by what I didn’t and couldn’t know if Glen had been able to be more open. Our family would have been so much freer. And as for those who love in different ways, well, perhaps we might even learn something from them.

  106. That was Georgie Ann Geyer–someone I have always been in awe of for her beautiful mind and humanistic ways. Someone who would have made some man a wonderful wife and life companion. As she says, she never married.

  107. Cudas (as in baracudas) to sourdough Harry Reid and prom queen Botox Nan for having the lowest favorable and highest unfavorable ratings in Congress, respectively. Some say they had tough competition from George Hamilton Boehner and Francis the talking mule McConnell, but the bookies all knew how this one would turn out. Now that they have won the prize, both of them should be escorted over to the ass kicking machine, with guillotine to follow.

    Washington Secrets
    Voters rate Reid, Pelosi the worst
    May 13, 2012 — 10:00 AM

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ranks at the bottom of voter favorability ratings of congressional leaders. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
    Paul Bedard

    He leads the Senate for President Obama, but less than a quarter of American voters view Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid favorably in a new poll that suggests a growing “throw the bums out” mood sweeping the nation.

    Just 23 percent have a favorable view of Reid, the Senate majority leader, and a huge 57 percent have an unfavorable view. But it could be worse: Rasmussen polls reports that a towering 63 percent have an unfavorable view of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and just 29 percent view her favorably.

    And while their ratings are better than for the Democratic leaders, voters don’t appear happy with the GOP team either: House Speaker John Boehner has a 36 percent to 44 percent favorable-unfavorable rating and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s rating is 33 percent-44 percent.

    Member of Congress Favorable Unfavorable
    John Boehner 36% 44%
    Mitch McConnell 33% 40%
    Nancy Pelosi 29% 63%
    Harry Reid 23% 57%

    In the poll of 1,000 likely voters, the public’s grim and angry view of Congress was on full display. Not only did Rasmussen find that 68 percent would replace all members, but the job performance view is dismal. Just 8 percent call Congress’ job performance excellent, with 64 percent calling it poor.

  108. Barack Obama, Operation Hot Mic

    By Larry Johnson on May 13, 2012 at 4:15 PM in Current Affairs

    Watching the United States and the political theater from afar is quite instructive. For starters, you quickly realize how much bullshit and fluff dominate the U.S. airwaves. Consider, for example, the bullshit, bogus story that Mitt Romney is a gay bully. The foreign coverage of this is correctly puzzled by the fact that a story without substance and corroboration is even being reported. There is not one shred of evidence that Mitt Romney has bullied anyone in his adult life. Yet, despite the lack of contemporaneous eyewitness, the Washington Post is trying to pretend that Romney acted like Lee Harvey Oswald and was guilty of killing a beloved leader. What utter bullshit!

    What we really ought to focus on is why Obama is ready to sell out the United States to Russia.

    Obama has no moral or ethical core.

    He is all about self-indulgence and self-worship. While this piece was crafted tongue-in-cheek, it contains an important kernel of truth. Obama is not about preserving or protecting America. He is ready and willing, once he can stretch out and get his flexibility back, he’ll sell out our country. That’s the meaning of this video.

    Barack Obama, Operation Hot Mic


    In 1972 the Washington Post took down all the president’s men.

    In 2012 the Washington Post are the president’s men.”

    You might recall that Nixon was a Republican. The Post has always been in bed with the Dems they are not evolving in any way whatsoever.

  109. tdo: Thanks for the research on Gillibrand, looks like a right-wing hit job.

    As for Americans Elect, I was following that for awhile and saw that the candidate, declared, who drew the most votes was Ron Paul. But there’s no sense supporting HIllary as a draft choice, she won’t accept and also her support is very low. AE would require 1000 votes in ten different states, or 10,000 votes in all, while HRC gets about 250 votes in all. She’s a long way from being drafted and the selection will be made in just a few weeks.

    The only draft she could be pressured into accepting is by the D party itself, from an open convention.

    There’s something wrong with AE anyway. They require verification of your identity in order to participate, which is a good thing. But I tried four times over a two month period to get my identity verified, gave them everything they needed including full name, real addresses in the US and Europe plus social security number and passport numbers, which are rock solid and verifiable ID data, but they were never able to verify my identity. I’ve dropped the whole thing.

  110. PS. I tried to register at NR so I could ask Lopez about the headers on this email, but couldn’t get registered.

  111. How is it a rightwing hit job if tdo appreciates the idea they were promoting as a plus for Gillibrand? They were doing her a favor. TDO must have a lot of time on her hands if she can invest so much effort on this stupid activity. Get a life.

  112. I am just back and there is much to do before I can read the articles and posts here and catch up. In my email there was a link to this Indiana news report that just frosts my ….. if I had them. If it has already been shared, I apologize, but it is important enough to repost if so. In my home state the ILLEGAL immigrant worker and collector of taxpayers’ money is a huge problem. I so hope that those who hire these illegals are very proud of themselves for robbing from my great-grandchildren.

  113. Remember the BO agenda and what it is doing to this great Country.


    Public Schedule for May 14, 2012

    Public Schedule
    Washington, DC

    May 14, 2012

    MONDAY, MAY 14, 2012


    9:15 a.m. Secretary Clinton meets with the assistant secretaries, at the Department of State.

    10:00 a.m. Secretary Clinton meets with staff from the Operations Center, at the Department of State.

    10:10 a.m. Secretary Clinton meets with the INR Watch Team, at the Department of State.

    2:45 p.m. Secretary Clinton officiates the swearing-in ceremony for U.S. Ambassador-designate to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, at the Department of State.

    3:15 p.m. Secretary Clinton meets with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, at the White House.

  114. I don’t believe Biden’s announcement Obama is PRO-Gay marriage was accidental. Obama needed something in hand before attending Clooney’s Hollywood Fundraiser to maximize his donation total. Hollywood employ’s a large portion of the creative genius within the gay community as sitcom script and screenplay writers, set decorators and so forth. Then you have a high percentage of gay producers, executive producers and investors who invest in movies. It behooved Obama having Biden say in a staged response: “Hey guys, I’m on your side. Don’t forget to bring your checkbook with you Thursday nite.” (knuckle bump)

    Gay sloganed T-Shirts and other apparel were printed up and ready to go the very next day. Which cashed in at a $16M payday for Obama.. Obama’s cheap trick turned into a huge ca$h cow which ready hasn’t advanced the Gay Marriage agenda one bit because nothing will be done (by Obama) at the federal level legislating a universal mandate for Gay marriage throughout the states..

    A great bit spoof/poof!

  115. An email I just wrote to a writer at Politico–a subsidiary of WashPo. The writer sought to tie Romney and his presumed policies to the mega loss at Chase under Dimon–who as you may recall was a big Obama supporter in 2008.

    Like most of your colleagues, you are intellectually dishonest.

    Where were you when Dodd Frank was being debated, Glass Stegal was proposed, and Obama refused to support it?

    Yet now you blame Romney for this? Not a word about Obama–your messiah not ours.

    Don’t think the American People fail to see what you and your ilk are up to. Don’t think the foreign press does not see it too.

    I quote this two line truism which is making its way through cyberspace.

    A generation ago, the Washington Post went after The President’s Men.

    Today, they ARE The President’s Men.

  116. NewMexicoFan
    May 14th, 2012 at 10:36 am

    So how dumb is Clooney???

    Clooney is providing an umbrella for his buds. Haven’t you read about the retributions that can be issued by the Obama camp when a star doesn’t bow down to the omnipotent with a hefty donation?

    Rahm’s brother has his finger on every star who is paid a huge salary. If they don’t cough up… they don’t work..

    Halley Berry is always being harassed by paparazzi. . Wanna bet she is a non-donor?

  117. Gay sloganed T-Shirts and other apparel were printed up and ready to go the very next day.


    Like the US flags ready for kids to wave outside the White House at the Bin Laden announcement.

  118. pm,

    I think it’s worth examining where such stories against Hillary supporters start and how they’re propagated. Next time it may be a story against Chelsea — or Hillary herself. (I dunno whether there’s truth to this story, but it’s sure being used by the Rightwing, nowhere else.)

    Gillibrand is a big Hillary supporter, openly urging her to run. They were friends, and Hillary probably wanted her as successor.

  119. pm,

    I’ll be mostly out today and tomorrow. If I really need to point out the obvious: what helps with one set of voters can hurt with another set.

    I like politicians who stand up for contraception (oh, dear) and abortion, like Hillary does, and now apparently Gillibrand. Good for them both. But some voters dislike that, so the hoaxer (if any) would be making up the story for those anti-choice voters.

    Clear enough?

  120. Way to go, Barry. Keep PO’ing your base. Video at link.

    Just days after President Barack Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, pastors and priests around Maryland took to their own pulpits with their reaction– and in some cases– condemnation of the president. …

    When Obama announced that his position on same-sex marriage had evolved, it outraged some African-American pastors like Pastor and Del. Emmett Burns.

    “He has said to his base, African-Americans, ‘I am going against your beliefs and your thoughts,’” Burns said.

    He’s so opposed to same-sex marriage, he told church members he will no longer support the president and now predicts Obama will lose the election because of it.

  121. BASIL99
    May 14th, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    I am sure he called those pastors and told them it was all an act to raise money from Hollywood and he needs to raise it to win against those nasty repubs. That silenced them.

  122. Too clever by the halves–this splashy show of Hollywood opulence and nuanced announcement on support for gay marriage. What the Obama leftists fail to realize is this kills his populist image and renders him the very kind of let them eat cake sort of elitist that Americans pretend to tolerate but in fact despise. Simply put, the great unwashed masses have a far different reaction to this presumed tour de force than his Hollywood pretenders and mainstream media but boys do. A bad week for Obama? Yes. And the ghost of Christmases to come. For sure. Simply put, he cannot outrun nemesis.

  123. Another big media COVER-UP. Given their unabashed support for Obama, we must adopt a new criterion in assessing their credibility or lack thereof. It goes like this:

    Whenever big media fails to report a material fact harmful to Obama, the response should be yet another lying and deceitful “cover-up”.

    In this case, treason is a matter of dates>
    After just a short time in Congress, I find myself more keenly aware of the research and reporting failures of the modern mainstream media. If a story gets more depth and attention than the typical 10 second sound bite, I admit, I’m surprised. Solyndra is no different.

    There are a number of facts surrounding the Solyndra story that don’t seem to be getting any attention. A significant part of the public outrage regarding the bankrupt company isn’t centered on their failed business model or external factors; it’s the millions of taxpayer dollars that the Obama Administration lost on Solyndra after the business was doomed.

    AFTER Solyndra defaulted and they knew Solyndra was in real financial trouble, Secretary Steven Chu’s Department of Energy (DOE) staff made a decision by December 10, 2010, to subordinate $75 million of taxpayer money so more private capital could be injected into Solyndra. Subordination means that outside private investors are given superiority over taxpayers in the event of bankruptcy. At that point, $440 million of the $535 million loan guarantee already had been pumped into the company.

    BY LAW Secretary Chu wasn’t allowed to subordinate the taxpayers’ money. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 specifically states that the loan guarantee “shall be subject to the condition that the obligation is not subordinate to other financing.” It was the clear intention of Congress that taxpayers should be reimbursed first.

    For a company that had already been declared in default and had a collapsed business model because the Chinese were selling their solar panels for less, one might question the sanity of private investors who gambled on Solyndra in December of 2010. Were they after Solyndra’s intellectual property (IP) rights? As a private investor and the dominant financier, could Argonaut’s support of President Obama have helped them secure Solyndra’s IP assets?

    By December of 2010, these private investors were placed in first position to get the choice parts of the business – intellectual property, including proprietary information, processes, and patents – when Solyndra went under. To be fair, I’d guess that these assets likely aren’t worth billions, but one could certainly speculate they’re at least worth $75 million, which legally belonged to the taxpayers.

    Without question, $170 million – at the very least – was wasted. If DOE had simply let Solyndra fail in December 2010, taxpayers wouldn’t be on the hook for $95 million of the loan guarantee that had yet to be dispersed in addition to the $75 million that was subordinated.

    WHY isn’t the mainstream media asking questions like these? What other questions aren’t being asked? To me, the Solyndra scandal is worthy of some good, old-fashioned investigative reporting. Where are Bernstein and Woodward? Is there no budding Mike Wallace? I will continue to try to get to the bottom of this scandal. Will the media join me?

    Rep. H. Morgan Griffith, Virginia Republican, is a member of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations

  124. ‘That silenced them.’

    No, p,317. The black pastors are just getting started and their fury over BO’s gay outreach combined with Jeremiah Wright’s cutting words about his former protege in Klein’s new book spells Trouble with a capital T in unicornville.

  125. Ha……Obama’s friends

    Falcone’s LightSquared files for bankruptcy

    Hedge fund manager Philip Falcone’s dream of bringing another wireless network to the United States likely came to an end on Monday, when LightSquared Inc, the ailing telecommunications company he bankrolled, filed for bankruptcy protection.

    LightSquared and many affiliates, as widely expected, filed for protection from creditors with the U.S. bankruptcy court in Manhattan. Falcone, once one of the hedge fund industry’s most powerful figures, and LightSquared’s creditors failed to reach an agreement.

    Still Falcone, who dramatically overhauled his portfolio in the last two years by putting nearly all assets into LightSquared, is not giving up on his dream of building a network to compete with AT&T, Verizon and others. He put a positive spin on the bankruptcy filing by saying it would give the company much needed breathing room and protect it from creditors who he said are looking for a quick profit.

    The future of LightSquared, 96 percent-owned by Falcone’s Harbinger Capital Partners, has been in doubt since February when the U.S. government effectively told the company to stop building its network.

    Falcone’s dream rested largely on the U.S. government’s permission for LightSquared to build out the wireless network. When tests showed that LightSquared’s network would interfere with global positioning systems used by the military and various industries, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said it would revoke permission to build out a new high-speed wireless network.


    Now i’ve forgotten what was his connection to Obama, i’m sure this came up a while as another scandal waiting to blow.

  126. The steel plant featured in Obama’s ad closed two years after Romney left Bain. Also the CEO at the time of closing is now an Obama bundler.

  127. On Valerie Jarrett in “The Amateur” from The Ulsterman Report”

    According to the book, written by former New York Times Magazine editor Edward Klein, many of Obama’s most liberal and costly political mistakes stemmed from Jarrett’s advice.
    …Klein implies Jarrett’s pro-Solyndra position was a result of her “Chicago connections” and
    Read more in News
    « Remember Leo Gerard? His Big Union Guns Take Direct Aim At Mitt Romney On Obama’s Behalf
    especially her close ties to the George Kaiser Family Foundation, which controlled 35.7 percent of Solyndra. The foundation had made a sizable donation to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where Jarrett once served as chairwoman and where one of Obama’s best friends, Eric Whitaker, is currently executive vice president. Billionaire George Kaiser, one of Obama’s top 2008 campaign fundraising bundlers, visited the White House no fewer than sixteen times, and Jarrett herself met at least three times with Solyndra lobbyists, who pushed for government assistance.
    But Jarrett didn’t always get her way.
    Regarding the killing of bin Laden, Klein writes that,
    she privately urged the president not to send in a Navy SEAL team. She told Obama that the raid could turn out to be a replay of 1980’s Desert One, when President Jimmy Carter’s effort to rescue American hostages in Iran backfired so badly that it doomed the Carter presidency.
    The book casts former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as a pragmatic adviser, who was frequently overruled by the more liberal Jarret. “[A]t almost every turn,” the book says, “Emanuel was thwarted by Jarrett, who functioned along with David Axelrod as Obama’s ‘political brain.’

    Also from the comments there
    May 14, 2012 at 8:18 pm
    Hannity just had the author on his program and let the cat out of the bag that Whitaker is the guy who offered $150k to the so-called “reverend” Wright to shut up in 2008!!!

    May 14, 2012 at 10:11 pm
    Check this out!!! Just read on The Blaze, the Kennedys are upset with Obama too –in this book he also talks about how Caroline Kennedy has turned on Obama and now is livid with him and calls him a “LIAR and worse”! LOL
    This matches what he says about Oprah and Obama & Michelle also — treated her as badly and Oprah is upset too
    This is shining the light on their real hateful, intolerant, jealous, racist personalities. However, the bad news is the left is saying they are just lies. So…same old problem — proof?? Just the audio tapes of these people doesn’t prove it’s true – they could be lying.
    Oh well, I still hope this book goes “gangbusters” anyway !!!!

  128. Now this is rich………………..

    Obama to Graduates: Don’t Believe the Media

    President Barack Obama pointed a finger at the news media today when he gave the commencement address at all-female Barnard College in New York City, attributing some of the blame for what he described as a lack of faith in American institutions on news reports that focus on “sensationalism” and “scandal” and carry “a message that change isn’t possible.”


    You really do wanna laugh, this from the media blowjob president.

  129. “There had always been tensions at Kennedy family gatherings — fist fights and overturned tables were not unheard of — and this event was no exception,” Klein writes in an advanced copy obtained by The Blaze. That “event” was a meeting in 2009, which featured a whose who in the Kennedy family, including Ted. The family figurehead, a family source tells Klein, tried to propose a toast to Obama twice, and Caroline joined in. But not everyone was happy about it: the night included a finger-pointing argument between Bobby and Ted, and Bobby even got so angry he broke his fluted glass after squeezing it too hard.

    That scene is significant if only for its juxtaposition with what’s happening now: the Kennedy family’s support, Klein writes, isn’t as pronounced now. Caroline, for example, has undergone a transformation after several snubbings by the Obamas. One in particular — where a vacationing Obama refused to meet with her despite her home being in the vicinity near Martha’s Vineyard — “had turned into an insult.”

    Klein then quotes a family member who notes the transformation:

    “Through these [spies that the Kennedy family has in the Obama administration] and other people, Caroline hard back that there was a lot of nasty shit being said about the Kennedys by the president and Michelle,” the family member continued. “There were catty remarks about how badly the Kennedy women dressed, and how their houses were shabby and threadbare. Caroline got the impression that most of this negativity was coming from Michelle, who didn’t want the Kennedys to be part of the administration for fear that they would have too much influence over the president.”
    That same family member continues in the book
    “Gradually, Carline began to change her tune and side with Bobby and Kathleen [Kennedy Townsend] against the Obamas. Unlike Jackie, who was completely a-political, Carline is a liberal with a capital L. When Obama didn’t raise taxes to balance the budget, Caroline marked him down. In her eyes, he‘s a mess because he doesn’t follow the liberal bible on politics. More important, Caroline discovered that the Obamas didn’t give a damn about her support. […]
    Then comes the money quote:

    “It really annoyed Caroline when comparisons were made by the media between Michelle and Jackie. Caroline had a word for such comparisons; she called them ‘odious.’ She really got annoyed. And when she began to fall out of love with the Obamas, love was replaced by outright scorn. Now she says things about Obama like, ‘I can’t stand to hear his voice any more. He’s a liar and worse.’” [Emphasis added]
    Ethel Kennedy, “the matriarch of the family,” similarly felt scorned, according to Klein. He tells a story of her invitation — extended to the First Family — being ignored by the Obamas. She got so upset “that she went on a rampage inside her house, cursing the president and turning over furniture.”

    And to top it all of, Caroline, the family source tells Klein in the book, believes “that as a loyal Democrat, she has nowhere to go, no one else to possibly support except Obama.”

  130. Wow … Romney up 3 in new CBS/NYT poll that has weighted D/R/I of 34/25/41 overall, 36/30/34 among RVs.

  131. haha, no-one believes him.

    67% in CBS poll think Pres Obama endorsed same-sex marriage for political reasons, 24% because he thinks it’s right.

  132. democrat1
    May 14th, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    The WHI report cited was from several months ago. But I can’t WAIT until that cold bytch is thrown into the public spotlight. How in the world that POS ever ended up with so much power – weird. I know she was born in Iran, lived there
    til she was 5, spent a year in London and then moved to the states. Speaks persian and french, has one daughter, married and then divorced the CT(?) publisher’s son and has been on her own since.

    Something about her is so repulsive – she’s reptilian, seems to suffer from vertiligo or some strange skin condition. She gives me the creeps. Can’t wait to see her thrown under the bus.

    The whole hopey-changy affirmative action crew from Van Jones, to Susan Rice to Lisa Jackson to Eric Holder, Jarrett, mooch, Harris, West – they all gotta go.

  133. It all goes back to Chicago. Are you listening, any media with a brain? IT ALL GOES BACK TO CHICAGO. Follow the trails – there are lots of them.

    Before she became first Lady Michelle Obama was had a $317,000 job as Vice President of the University of Chicago Medical Center. At her job she helped to create a program where the uninsured get sent to a different hospital. Imagine that, while her husband was pushing universal healthcare Michelle was doing her utmost to make sure the poor didn’t come to her hospital.

    It seems as if the FLOTUS got more than a salary for her work denying health care to the poor. According to The Amateur” author Edward Klein, Dr. Eric Whitaker vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center (and member of Obama’s inner circle) was the person who sent the email to a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ, offering Wright a bribe to just shut up.

    On an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show on Monday, “The Amateur” author Edward Klein revealed the name of a close ally of President Barack Obama that his book alleges offered a $150,000 bribe to Rev. Jeremiah Wright to be quiet until after the 2008 election.

    “Well, what happened is that after ABC’s Brian Ross broadcast the video tapes of the Rev. Wright ‘God damning America’ and slamming whites and slamming Jews and America, he was contacted by one of Obama’s closest personal friends — a guy who travels on Obama’s plane, who plays basketball with him, who goes on vacation with him,” Klein said. “His name is Dr. Eric Whitaker. Dr. Whitaker is the vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center and he’s a member of Obama’s very tight inner circle. And he sent an email to a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ.”
    When Wright refused Whitaker’s offer, Klein said Obama himself personally met with Wright, which supposedly took place after Obama’s March 18, 2008 “race speech,” confirmed by both Wright’s word and the U.S. Secret Service logs.

    Klein also said Wright told him he “made it comfortable” for Obama to accept Christianity without having renounce his “Islamic background,” which Klein said he has on tape.

    Don’t feel bad about Dr. Whitaker being outed, he was nicely rewarded for his attempted to convince Wright to shut up till after the election.

    Whitaker, runs the Urban Health Initiative (UHI), at the University of Chicago Medical Center an initiative who coincidentally received a $5,900,000 grant of our money.

    The UHI was one of only 26 programs — out of 3,000 applications — to receive a slice of the $1 billion in taxpayer money from the executive’s “We Can’t Wait” initiative, which is aimed at spurring job growth via executive action, reported Keith Koffler at White House Dossier.

    HHS has denied any White House involvement in the decision, but the president will have a tough time feigning surprise given his deep ties to the UHI:
    Eric Whitaker runs the UHI, has known the president since his days at Harvard Law and occasionally vacations with the Obamas.

    Michelle Obama launched the UHI while working as an executive at the University of Chicago Medical Center, which runs the program.
    Valerie Jarrett, the president’s senior adviser, was the chairman of the University of Chicago Medical Center board of trustees until she resigned her post to join the White House.

    David Axelrod, now-communications director for the Obama campaign, provided public relations services to the UHI after Michelle Obama recommended that he be hired in 2006.

    HHS says there was nothing improper about the award and if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  134. Dr. Whittaker, the guy trying to bribe Rev. Wright, has Rezko and Blago ties. From way back in 2008:

    Whitaker’s agency also got caught up in scandal. He oversaw the budget of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, which approves medical construction projects. Rezko and his associates controlled that board, which they used to solicit kickbacks and payoffs, according to testimony at Rezko’s trial.

    Rezko was convicted. Whitaker, who said he wasn’t involved in the board’s day-to-day operations, was never accused of any wrongdoing.

  135. Great. The Obama administration wants to put surveillance drones into use here in the US. Krauthammer, of all people, goes militantly against, and predicts some citizen will shoot the f*cker down and become a folk hero.

  136. H4T, all that is old news for us who paid attention in 2008, right? But others are now talking and paying attention. Klein pulled people from under the Obama bus and the stories are coming out one by one. It is a leak trickle by trickle of people wronged by the Obamas. What a joke that some thought Obamas were the people going to build an empire within the Dem party a la the Clintons and replace the Clintons.

  137. Edward Klein’s Amateur seems to be the beginning of unravelling of Obama

    See anti obama articles

    Richard Cohen in Washington PostObama himself has “a reputation for being cold at small gatherings.” “I just don’t think he likes us,” one fundraiser is quoted as saying.
    Last week I asked a member of the Senate if he knows of anyone who really knows Obama. He said he does not.

    Washington is thick with stories about Obama’s insularity and distance. We hear how he does not listen to criticism — he sometimes just walks out of the room — and how he sticks to a tight circle of friends. …..

    The best that can be said for Obama is that he treats everyone with about the same degree of distance. One important Democrat used the term “cuckoo-clock events” to refer to White House receptions where Obama robotically appears, says a minimal amount of words and then disappears. He does not mingle — or, if he does, it is as little as possible. Bill Clinton, in contrast, was the host from hell. The party never ended.
    There are real consequences to Obama’s odd approach to politics. He is not much loved by his own party. He may be respected — he’s clearly smart and impenetrably calm — but you hear few expressions of warmth. The base that the president is now engaged in securing should already be in his thrall. That it is not is partly a reflection of the president’s emotional distance and his lack of political passion.

    See also this article by Yves Smith, a supporter of Obama titled

    Barack Obama, the Great Deceiver


    Again and again, Obama has shown his true colors. It isn’t simply that Obama lied. Politicians lie. But there are norms for political lying. The depth and dependability of Obama’s misrepresentations constitute a difference in kind.

    His pattern of grand promises producing at-best-in-name only and at worst outright bait and switch was well established by his 2008 campaign. Some close observers pointed out his past legerdemain, for instance, his misleading account of his years in New York, his record of fronting for finance and real estate interests in Chicago, his promise to bring a state-wide health care program to Illinois, which in the end was walked back to a mere study. And there were more decisive tells in 2008: the high level of Wall Street funding for his campaign, the inclusion of neoliberal “Chicago boys” in his economics team, his reversal on FISA after promising to filibuster it, which gave retroactive immunity to telecoms for aiding and abetting illegal wiretapping, and his whipping for TARP.

    Obama didn’t make compromises necessary to lead effectively. He entered office with majorities in both houses and a country eager for a new direction. He has repudiated or retraded every pledge he made. He promised transformational leadership, and instead emulated Wall Street, devising complex programs that to sell average Americans short and reap his funders handsome rewards in the process. Rather than elevate his fellow citizens, Obama’s transactional focus and neoliberal philosophy have kicked the struggling middle class down the road greased by the right.
    The ugly facts about how Obama has governed are beyond dispute. Numerous writers have set forth well documented bills of particulars against him, including “‘Lucy’ Obama and His ‘Charlie Brown’ Progressives” to “21 reasons why I will not vote for Obama in 2012” or “Obama’s Scandal List” (304 items long in 2009). And that’s before you get to the even longer list of despairing or outraged assessments on specific policy beats, such as this blog’s criticism of his coddling of the financial services industry, his failure to address festering problems in the housing market, his long-standing commitment to cutting Social Security and Medicare, and his refusal to address widening income inequality.

    …. Obama, who sees the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan, as his most important role model, is the Great Deceiver.

  139. Another article
    Why Barack Obama is the More Effective Evil
    Glen Ford at the Left Forum

    Let me say from the very beginning that we at Black Agenda Report do not think that Barack Obama is the Lesser Evil. He is the more Effective Evil.

    He has been more effective in Evil-Doing than Bush in terms of protecting the citadels of corporate power, and advancing the imperial agenda. He has put both Wall Street and U.S. imperial power on new and more aggressive tracks – just as he hired himself out to do.

    That was always Wall Street’s expectation of Obama, and his promise to them. That’s why they gave him far more money in 2008 than they gave John McCain. They were buying Obama futures on the electoral political market – and they made out like bandits.
    They invested in Obama to protect them from harm, as a hedge against the risk of systemic disaster caused by their own predations. And, it was a good bet, a good deal. It paid out in the tens of trillions of dollars.
    If you believe that what Wall Street does is Evil, then Obama’s service to Wall Street is Evil, and there is nothing lesser about it.
    They had vetted Obama, thoroughly, before he even set foot in the U.S. Senate in 2004.
    He protected their interests, there, helping shield corporations from class action
    suits, and voting against caps on credit card Interest. He was their guy back then – and some of us were saying so, back then.
    He was the bankers’ guy in the Democratic presidential primary race. Among the last three standing in 2008, it was Obama who opposed any moratorium on home foreclosures. John Edwards supported a mandatory moratorium and Hillary Clinton said she wanted a voluntary halt to foreclosures. But Barack Obama opposed any moratorium. Let it run its course, said candidate Obama. And, true to his word, he has let the foreclosures run their catastrophic course.
    Only a few months later, when the crunch came and Finance Capital was in meltdown, who rescued Wall Street? Not George Bush. Bush tried, but he was spent, discredited, ineffective. Not John McCain. He was in a coma, coming unglued, totally ineffective.
    Bush’s bailout failed on a Monday. By Friday, Obama had convinced enough Democrats in opposition to roll over – and the bailout passed, setting the stage for a new dispensation between the American State and Wall Street, in which a permanent pipeline of tens of trillions of dollars would flow directly into Wall Street accounts, via the Federal Reserve.
    And Obama had not even been elected yet.
    “True to his word, he has let the foreclosures run their catastrophic course.”
    Obama put Social Security and Medicaid and all Entitlements on the table, in mid-January. The Republicans had suffered resounding defeat. Nobody was pressuring Obama from the Right.
    When the Right was on its ass, Obama stood up and spoke in their stead. There was no Evil Devil forcing him to put Entitlements on the chopping block. It was HIM. He was the Evil One – and it was not a Lesser Evil. It was a very Effective Evil, because the current Age of Austerity began on that day, in January, 2009.

  140. democrat1
    May 14th, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    May be somebody would start a twitter thingy with it! Mock, mock them out of the WH.

  141. Odd. Why is Clyburn doing this?

    Via Althouse:

    “If we consider this to be a civil right, and I do, I don’t think civil rights ought to be left up to a state-by-state approach.”
    “I think we should have a national policy on this.”

    Here comes the pull from the left on same-sex marriage. That’s James Clyburn, who ranks 3rd among Democrats in the House.

  142. for jbstonesfan..
    Saw this in a comment:

    From Jan Crawford (CBS) on twitter, re CBS/NYT poll:

    Romney takes 3-point lead over Obama in new CBS/NYT poll, 46 to 43%. A dead heat a month ago.

    War on Women? Romney now edges Obama among women, 46-44%, in new CBS/NYT poll.

    Romney leads w independents in CBS/NYT poll, 43-36% Obama has even bigger edge among moderates, 50-39%.

    Most oppose same-sex marriage: In CBS/NYT poll, 51% think it should be illegal; 42% say legal.

    On Obama’s motivations for same-sex marriage: 70% of independents say it was for political reasons, not bc he thought it was right thing.

  143. HillaryforTexas
    May 14th, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Oh, yeah, Obama has seen the internal polling. Look at his face today, as he returned to the WH from New York, and waved to reporters. I love it.
    Now that is a picture big media will never post. With them he is always grinning like a possum eating shit out of a hair brush. I wonder if he can still wiggle his ears. He needs to get rid of that wart. Even the suit he is wearing looks sloppy and degenerate. Not at all the cutie pie that the left wing rag Rolling Stone publishes on the cover under the beguiling title ready for the fight–which should read ready to cheat.

  144. Dr. Whittaker, the guy trying to bribe Rev. Wright, has Rezko and Blago ties
    Another corrupt bastard gets the kleig lights turned on him. The word for a guy like this is “bag man”. Like who gives a shit that Obama plays basketball with him. How is that relevant? It is schmarmy–just like Obama. A rose is a rose is a rose. And so is a bag man. Can big media force itself to utter those two words? Not when he is an Obama supporter. In a big way, they are bag men themselves. Four baggers.

  145. HillaryforTexas: any idea why Whittaker is spilling the beans on Obama to Klein.

    Kline is the best investigative reporter we have seen on Obama. He makes others who have written puff pieces about Obama look like total lightweights. Remember the mad rush by degenerates like Wolf, Alter, Halprin, Heilman et al after the election, heaping praise on Obama and proclaiming a new heaven and a new earth. Why is it that so many on msnbc get censured or suspended or fired. Schuster, Halprin, Schultz, the young turk,Olberman, Matthews? Simple. Because msnbc is a rat infested sewer.

  146. Hot Air Headlines) Apparently the President wants to spend his extremely hypothetical second term doing the following:

    Repealing DOMA;
    Passing another DREAM Act;
    ‘Reforming’ Wall Street; and
    ‘Investing’ in schools.

    Now, I’m not going to fall into the trap of getting sidelined discussing the merits of any or all of those proposals*. Instead, I’m going to ask: just how stupid does President Obama think Democrats are, anyway? From 2009 to 2011 the Democratic Party had between 256 to 258 votes in the House, and 57 to 60 in the Senate. If the President was such a blithering incompetent leader that he couldn’t pass wish-list legislation then, in what alternate universe could anyone legitimately expect him to pass a similar list in any hypothetical future administration? – Because the Democrats aren’t going to enjoy that kind of lopsided majorities in Congress again any time soon. In fact, starting next January they’re probably not going to enjoy a majority in Congress at all.

    You know, I’m used to the President lying to me. It’s a thing. I’ve almost grown comfortable with it. But Obama lying to his own base is pretty darn low-rent of him. Especially since he’s just doing it to get money out of them…

    Moe Lane (crosspost)

    *And, according to the Fox News article, the Romney campaign isn’t taking the bait either.

    Romney and the Republican National Committee, though, are sticking to the issues of the economy and spending. The Republican National Committee released a new web video Monday slamming Obama for his “broken promises” on deficits and debt.

    Which is, of course, the right call to make.

  147. “Reforming” Wall Street? Is that a joke?
    barrypopik (Diary) Tuesday, May 15th at 2:01AM EDT (link)

    I’ll maybe believe it when Jon Corzine goes to jail, but that appears to be never.

    I lost a good chunk of the family’s savings on Lehman Brothers, and no one has gone to jail there, either. The president, Dick Fuld, walked away with half a billion dollars.

    What Wall Street “reformer” lets criminals get away with their crimes?

  148. Meanwhile, an analysis by Joseph Vranich, who studies migration of businesses from one state to another, finds that since 2009 the flight of businesses out of California “has increased fivefold due to high taxes and regulatory costs.”

    This month Chief Executive magazine reports that its annual survey of CEOs ranked California dead last among the 50 states in business climate. Texas was number one. The silver lining for Jerry Brown, if not for the California fisc, is that if you’re already ranked 50th you can’t get any lower—though he seems willing to try.

  149. “Reforming” Wall Street? Is that a joke?


    What ‘reform’ means to the corporatists is making things easier for them, harder for the consumers or small operations or Obama’s opponents. Example ‘bankruptcy reform’ in 2005, ‘reforming the DNC by weakening the Superdelegates’, ‘healthcare reform’, ‘entitlement reform’ etc.

    Exception being Elizabeth Warren’s organization — which Obama pushed her out of and gave to a corporatist man.

  150. “If we consider this to be a civil right, and I do, I don’t think civil rights ought to be left up to a state-by-state approach.”
    “I think we should have a national policy on this.”
    — attrib to Clyburn


    Dunno why Clyburn is saying this, but I disagree with it. In the current House, and maybe next year the Wh and Senate, the ‘national policy’ that would come out would be worse than what the best states are doing, and would forbid the states from doing anything better. It would make gay marriage like medical marijuana: something that some states want but the federal government prohibits.

  151. democrat1

    All the posts submitted today have been marrrvelous- Thanks! Will be spreading the word Far and Wide..

    I wonder if Caroline still believes Obama reminds her of JFK?

    Uh, maybe she thought to read ‘Profiles in Courage’?… deciding one of these things is NOT like the other?

  152. moononpluto
    May 14th, 2012 at 6:28 pm
    Falcone was meeting with the WH (I am sure Jarrett is in the meetings because she is the queen of all frauds, farces and scams including Solyndra and probably Fast and Furious) and making max donations at the same time he was getting the FCC to by-pass all of its regulations to build a “test” network. Everyone told the FCC that it would not work as in the law of physics would not work. He bought a shit network on the cheap and wanted the FCC to give him permission to use the bands for land transmission rather than terrestrial which is what the shit company he bought had been granted. It will go down as one of the greatest frauds in business. We can thank the US military for stopping it. Falcone is a victim of his own greed and fraud.

  153. I liked how Romney’s camp had a quick response dueling ad using a steel mills company that was successful under Romney.

    Videos in the link:

    Also this from a comment:

    Several points need to be made to add facts to the Obama ad:

    (1) at the time the Kansas City steel mill closed, Romney had been gone from Bain for two years. He left in 1999 to take over the Salt Lake City Olympics.

    (2) the mill closed during a time of huge upheaval in the steel industry because foreign steel was being dumped in the USA by foreign countries; 27 other mills closed that year including Bethlehem Steel.

    (3) Steel Dynamics, the company in the Romney ad that is a success is a non-union shop.

    (4) Bain invested more than just $8 million into the mill; it invested $100 million over the life of their relationship with the mill.

    “Bain Capital said Monday that it invested more than $100 million into the steel company at a time when the industry “came under enormous pressure and nearly half of all U.S. steel companies went into bankruptcy.”

    and from another article:

    Charles Bradford, an analyst at Bradford Research, blames the union, in part,
    for the failure of GS Industries to survive in the new global

    “If you look at the steel companies that went under at the time, all of them
    were unionized,” he said. “I’m not saying this was the only factor — these
    firms faced other headwinds such as cheap labor and a strong dollar … but the
    unions held them back.”

  154. democrat1

    I reposted all the good news you posted here @

    Pumas Unleashed

    Of course, I elaborated on them but gave you full attribution. You made my day! 🙂

    I Loved Bill’s comment as the last one in the comment section..

  155. 4 min video spot at the link. Contrast that with Obama’s fancy fundraisers with Clooney and appearances at the View. He is not talking or connecting with the people in that video.

    For those who wonder whether yesterday’s Bain response was pulled together quickly or waiting on the shelf for rapid deployment, this ad gives a pretty good hint. When was the last time Iowa had this much snow on the ground? The Romney campaign must have shot this in December or January specifically to hit Obama on jobs and the economy; this ad would have made no sense in the context of the primary campaign. The outdoor scenes aren’t stock shots, either, as it shows two of the people actually out in the snow, and all three dressed for cold weather.

  156. Another sting video. Non-citizens and dead people being offered ballots to vote in NC:

  157. Mrs. Smith
    May 15th, 2012 at 9:16 am

    I reposted all the good news you posted here @

    Pumas Unleashed

    Thanks for posting

  158. Barnard student wrote a great speech about Obama’s commencement speech, and pigeonholing women:

    President Obama asked whether we can “muster the will … to bring about the changes we need,” concluding that the Barnard graduates and this generation “will help lead the way.” But what if our way is not his way? More importantly, what if my way differs from the woman sitting next to me in my art history class or my English class or my computer science class? What if the change I think we need is a different brand of education reform and a more conservative economic plan?

    The oppressive and suffocating categorization of women as this uniformly thinking block is even more rampant at a women’s liberal arts college in New York City, where many women do hold similar political viewpoints. Barnard President Debora Spar, in an interview on MSNBC, boldly told the show’s hostess that “they’re [Barnard students] all huge fans [of Obama].” Is that true? Can the president of Barnard College say, in good faith, that every single one of her students is a fan of President Barack Obama? Are we that unindividual? Or are we just a liberal student body, and, as women, a key component of the Democratic vote? Too often, the assumed answer is yes.


    “You are now poised to make this a century where women shape not only their own destiny but the destiny of this nation and the world,” said Obama. “Fight for a seat at the table. Better yet, fight for a seat at the head of the table.”

    Speaking to women everywhere, these inspiring lines do seem authentic, free of the political agenda that was so very obviously the stage for the speech. But this overlying context cannot be ignored. His calls to action – for us, as Barnard students and graduates, to “lead the way” – mean only so much when he has a clear way in mind. Their meanings are lessened when they are not open-ended encouragement to pursue our dreams of activism according to our personal and individual beliefs, but rather specific dictates to become the women supporters that he believes he is guaranteed.

  159. HillaryforTexas
    May 15th, 2012 at 9:43 am
    Didn’t Obama win NC last time with just 14,000 votes? If the election is close, they will do everything to steal the votes this time around too.

  160. Good for her. She sounds like a liberated woman, liberated from the sexist and retrograde that Democratic party has become under Obama.

  161. H4T, posted your Barnard link at Althouse. There are a lot of young women there who don’t accept the Dem’s point of view on women’s issues. I have begun to appreciate some of their ideas. Especially after how Hillary was treated in 2008 by the Dems, and now women in general in this campaign, there is no reason to still be in that bubble and give your vote blindly to that party.

  162. Another example of poor strategy by the Obama team. If you have an economy and a record you cannot defend and need an issue that will distract the public, then it is madness to select in a 50-50 electorate a distracting issue which loses in every public poll taken. Bear in mind, what I am talking about here is not the merits of the issue, but how it is perceived by the majority of the electorate you are trying to bamboozle, mislead and seduce. This voter fraud business is a more serious problem for our country, because it is in fact a disenfranchisement of every lawful US citizen who wants his or her vote to mean something. When voter fraud is condoned by an attorney general with bad moral character has the inevitable effect of cancelling out the votes of legitimate voters, thereby disenfranchising them. When Holder says there is no voter fraud, it is reminiscent of Hoover who claimed there was no Mafia, when he know full well that there was but did not want to deal with the issue for illicit reasons which had nothing to do with the welfare of the nation. That is a far better analogy then the self serving analogy proffered by the serial offender we saw on tape comparing voter fraud to speeding–everybody does it.
    The Day Obama Lost the Election

    Posted by Erick Erickson (Diary)

    Tuesday, May 15th at 4:46AM EDT

    If there is a day to finger for Barack Obama losing the Presidency in 2012, it will be Sunday, May 6, 2012.

    On that day, Joe Biden* went on national television and proclaimed himself in favor of gay marriage. It started a media spiral for the President. Two days after Biden spoke, North Carolina voters voted by overwhelming margins to leave marriage alone. The next day, Barack Obama went on national television to devolve back to the position he held prior to running for President.

    To a majority of Americans, Barack Obama’s devolution back to earlier years makes no difference. But this is a fifty-fifty nation. Every vote counts. And of those whose are concerned about this issue, at least 20 percent and maybe as high as 25 percent of people say it makes them less likely to vote for Barack Obama — that’s more than those who will be more likely to vote for Barack Obama (and who are probably going to vote for him anyway).

    The most recent CBS News – New York Times poll suggests 67% of voters believe the economy is “fairly” or “very” bad and Barack Obama would rather talk about gay marriage and wars on women than the economy. This does not bode well for him.

    I have long maintained that Mitt Romney has no prayer without a flailing economy. The public thinks it is flailing. Greece is about to cause a cataclysmic chain reaction. Barack Obama will need every vote he can get. He just took a sizable portion of votes off the table for himself.

    Listen to this audio my radio producer put together from the past few weeks of news. The media and the White House would love to talk about anything and everything other than the economy. This is a sign that they all are in on the joke of what a bad economy we are in right now. The President’s team wants to ignore it. After years of accusing the GOP of focusing on cultural issues instead of other issues, the President and press are single minded on cultural issues.

    And the one they’ve spent the most time on lately? In most polls it polls at majority support. But those are opinion polls. In actual polls (as in people voting), it loses every time. And all thanks to Joe Biden, Barack Obama, in a very close election, decided to come out on the side that loses every time.

    *Okay, in fairness, we could arguably say August 23, 2008, was the day Obama lost his re-election. That’s the day he chose Biden to be veep and we all knew it was only a matter of time . . .

  163. I had to laugh out loud looking at Drudge headline. He has Obama’s pic from CO speechifying, in front of the couple’s garage and the headline ‘Team Obama: NYT poll biased’.

  164. What is wrong with this lady? She certainly seems to have a set of big balz to go on CNN to repeat her nonsense. To turndown’s dismay, I hope that she loses big. She would be just another lying self-server. Someone in the comments area referred to her as Fauxcohanas. LoL! There’s also a cute picture of her as Tonto with the Lone Ranger.

    From Gateway Pundit (without the associates videos):

    This Is Scary Nuts… Elizabeth Warren Doubles Down & Repeats Lie on CNN That She’s Native American (Video)
    May 14th, 2012 by Jim Hoft

    Not just a liar but nuts, too.
    Nutty Elizabeth Warren doubled down tonight and repeated the lie on CNN that she’s Native American.

    It’s time to drop the charade, paleface. (Polisat)
    Breitbart reported:
    Despite an avalanche of irrefutable evidence that demonstrates beyond any doubt that Elizabeth Warren has no proof to back up her phony claims of Native American ancestry, the embattled Massachusetts Senate candidate doubled down and repeated her heritage lie on CNN today.

    “You know, I’m proud of my Native American heritage,” Ms. Warren stated this morning on CNN. Incredibly, CNN’s Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien guest host Brooke Baldwin did not challenge Ms. Warren’s false claim, despite the widespread availability of evidence debunking it.

    It should also be noted: Despite hammering Wall Street during the CNN segment, Warren also has her own Wall Street donors.
    How can anyone take this crackpot seriously?

  165. As long as big media has freely admitted that they will be in the bag for the asshole in the White House, the question becomes why should the Romney campaign agree to hold the debates on their network? If it were me, I would take the position that inasmuch as big media has taken this position, it makes no sense to enter a kangaroo court where the verdict is pre-determined. But before you say that you announce there will be one debate only, and it will be held on PBS. You cannot begin to imagine what that would do to big media in terms of lost revenues—it would destroy them. It would make Georgetown howl, worse than the burning of Atlanta. And all for a good cause. They are a blight on our democracy. From the days of Sun Tzu it has been the essence of military strategy to always avoid fighting the battle on the enemies turf. Romney strategists need to take heed.

  166. Larry Johnson sounded the alarm on this first:
    much more serious than outing Plame (as Althouse rightly notes).

    So the Obama administration, desperate to revive its sagging re-election hopes, deliberately put the life of a British agent in jeopardy–not someone who commuted to a desk job in the CIA, but someone who had infiltrated al Qaeda. “Despicable,” indeed. And damaging to American security, as al Qaeda in Yemen now knows it was infiltrated, and by whom; and knows that we know about its latest bomb technology. Heads should roll, but with the Obama administration investigating itself, don’t hold your breath. Who knows? Maybe someday Hollywood will make a movie.

  167. Good for her. She sounds like a liberated woman, liberated from the sexist and retrograde that Democratic party has become under Obama
    A thinker as opposed to a conformist. A rarity when you are talking about unmarried women. To most of them Obama is half sugar daddy and half ghost lover. Married women are a different story. They are more inclined to think for themselves. In the case of men, a different dynamic manifests itself, whereby they line up in a pecking order appropriate for the hunt. But at a viceral level they reject Obama because they see him as someone who would either desert them in battle or shoot them in the back to save himself. To me that is the whole essence of it.

  168. Simply from a filmmaking point of view, this is a very well shot, edited and produced clip. It also leads to a climax that I think is devastating to Obama and lays the groundwork for what will be a big part of Mitt Romney’s message: Blame Bush all you want for The Great recession, but Obama’s hope and change has failed to fix anything.
    Mrs. Smith
    May 15th, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Here is the BEST Anti-Obama pic & video I’ve seen to date:
    Agreed. And the commentary is equally good, i.e.

    “To be fair to the Obama campaign, while the President yukked it up with Joyless Behar and the ladies, they did release something that at least in some way references the economy; a clumsy ad filled with lies and half-truths about what happened at Bain Capital — you know, when Mitt Romney wasn’t no longer there but one of Obama’s campaign major campaign bundlers was.

    The failure of Obama’s trillion dollar big government gamble to revive the economy is no laughing matter, though, especially to the 23 million or so Americans (including my wife) who are part of the long-term unemployed. In a cruel fit of irony, these are the same people helping to aid and abet the media campaign to win Obama a second term. For these are the same people so discouraged by the lack of jobs they give up looking, which in turn artificially lowers the unemployment rate.”

  169. Is A Race War Being Censored To Avoid White Backlash?
    Posted 05/14/2012 06:14 PM

    When two white newspaper reporters for the Virginian-Pilot were driving through Norfolk, and were set upon and beaten by a mob of young blacks — beaten so badly that they had to take a week off from work — that might seem to have been news that should have been reported, at least by their own newspaper. But it wasn’t.

    “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News Channel was the first major television program to report this incident. Yet this story is not just a Norfolk story, either in what happened or in how the media and the authorities have tried to sweep it under the rug.

    Similar episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people chosen at random on beaches, in shopping malls or in other public places have occurred in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles and other places across the country. Both the authorities and the media tend to try to sweep these episodes under the rug as well.

    In Milwaukee, for example, an attack on whites at a public park a few years ago left many of the victims battered to the ground and bloody. But, when the police arrived on the scene, it became clear that the authorities wanted to keep this quiet.

    One 22-year-old woman who had been robbed of her cell phone and debit card, and had blood streaming down her face, said:

    “About 20 of us stayed to give statements and make sure everyone was accounted for. The police wouldn’t listen to us, they wouldn’t take our names or statements. They told us to leave. It was completely infuriating.”

    The police chief seemed determined to head off any suggestion that this was a racially motivated attack by saying that crime is colorblind. Other officials elsewhere have said similar things.

    A wave of such attacks in Chicago were reported, but not the race of the attackers or victims. Media outlets that do not report the race of people committing crimes nevertheless report racial disparities in imprisonment and write heated editorials blaming the criminal justice system.

    What the authorities and the media seem determined to suppress is that the hoodlum elements in many ghettos launch coordinated attacks on whites in public places. If there is anything worse than a one-sided race war, it is a two-sided race war, especially when one of the races outnumbers the other several times over.

    It may be understandable that some people want to head off such a catastrophe, either by not reporting the attacks in this race war, or not identifying the race of those attacking, or by insisting that the attacks were not racially motivated — even when the attackers themselves voice anti-white invective as they laugh at their bleeding victims.

    Trying to keep the lid on is understandable. But a lot of pressure can build up under that lid. If and when that pressure leads to an explosion of white backlash, things could be a lot worse than if the truth had come out earlier, and steps taken by both black and white leaders to deal with the hoodlums and with those who inflame the hoodlums.

    These latter would include not only race hustlers such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson but also lesser-known people in the media, in educational institutions and elsewhere who hype grievances and make all the problems of blacks the fault of whites. Some of these people may think that they are doing a favor to blacks.

    But it is no favor to anyone who lags behind to turn their energies from the task of improving and advancing themselves to the task of lashing out at others.

    These others extend beyond whites. Asian American school children in New York and Philadelphia have for years been beaten up by their black classmates. But people in the mainstream media who go ballistic if some kid says something unkind on the Internet about a homosexual classmate nevertheless hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil when Asian American youngsters are beaten up by their black classmates.

    Those who automatically say that the social pathology of the ghetto is due to poverty, discrimination and the like cannot explain why such pathology was far less prevalent in the 1950s, when poverty and discrimination were worse. But there were not nearly as many grievance mongers and race hustlers then.

  170. pm317
    May 15th, 2012 at 10:56 am
    I remember thinking to myself when I first read of this story that way too much information was being divulged. Larry Johnson is drawing the correct conclusions here.

  171. Oh my! Rasmussen (via Althouse)

    A new national telephone survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters trust Romney more than Obama when it comes the economy, while 39% trust the president more….

    A month ago, Romney had a similar 49% to 39% lead over the president on the issue of the economy after the two men had been virtually tied in early March….

    Romney also now holds a double-digit lead over the president on the issue of taxes: 48% trust him more, while 38% put more faith in Obama….

    Forty-five percent (45%) of voters have more confidence in Romney when it comes to health care versus 40% who feel that way about Obama….

    Forty-four percent (44%) trust Romney more when it comes to national security, while 42% have more confidence in the president in this area….

    Romney continues to edge the president 43% to 40% when it comes to whom voters trust more on energy policy, little changed from April.

  172. Wither goes thou the common good, the general welfare, and the quaint notion that the first responsibility of the American government is to serve the people? Well, here is the answer to that now urgent question, where the democrat party is concerned. Shorn of the the party principles which are more honored in the breach than in the observance this is what you are left with. This and nothing more. The name of the game? Clientism. That is the bottom line of all bottom lines. And dead souls like deranged dnc chair Debbie Downer.
    Over the decades, the Democrats have added scores of clients to their operation: trade and industrial unions, African Americans, environmentalists, feminists, govern-ment unions, consumer rights advo-cates, big business, and big city bosses and their lieutenants. All of them are with the Democratic party in part because of the special benefits it promises them when in office, and all have a major say in how the party behaves in government. With more and more clients who needed constant tending, it became harder and harder for subsequent Democratic leaders to focus on the public good. Thus, in the years since FDR’s tenure, the Democratic agenda has looked less like republican liberalism and more like clientele liberalism—big government activism not for the sake of the whole country, but for the sake of the voters whom the Democrats privilege.

    And under the Obama administration, clientele liberalism has achieved a kind of apotheosis. The stimulus, the health care bill, cap and trade, and the financial reform package were all designed with heavy input from the party’s clients, and ultimately each reflects their priorities, so much so that any kind of national purpose the legislation might have served was totally undermined. The stimulus catered far too much to Democratic clients, hence its measly effect on the economy; Obamacare was a veritable smorgasbord of goodies for Democratic backers, from feminists to unions to big business, while the average American will see no material improvement in the cost or security of his health insurance; and financial reform ultimately won the backing of the mega-banks on Wall Street, which not coincidentally had given overwhelmingly to Democrats in the 2008 cycle.

  173. heh..

    “You can be stylish and powerful, too. That’s Michelle’s advice.”

    — President Obama telling graduates to temper but preserve their interest in clothing during his commencement address at Barnard College, a women-only college of New York’s Columbia University.

    It has taken months of bad news, but Democrats increasingly believe that President Obama might just lose his re-election bid.

    The latest wake-up call comes in the form of a New York Times/CBS poll showing Republican Mitt Romney in the lead not just among registered voters overall, but with women and independents.
    But the shifts with women, moderates and independents are all statistically significant. Obama lost 5 points with each of those demographics.

    Read more:

  174. Its like a scene from the batman series–crash, boom, hisss . . . goes the economy

    Meanwhile there sits Obama with the goils at the View grinning like a possum eating shit out of a hairbrush

    Caption to read: What me worry? By day ice flows through my veins. By night its party time!

    The take-away for the gullible? Watch:

    Crash, boom, hiss goes the country. He’s so fine.

  175. Obama’s appeal to the ignoranti hearkens back to the song Make Believe, from the stage play Show Boat by Jerome Kerne and Oscar Hamerstein:

    Darling make believe I love you
    And make believe that you love me
    Others find peace of mind in pretending
    Shouldn’t you, shouldn’t I, shouldn’t we?

    Make believe our lips are blending
    In a phantom kiss or two or three
    Make believe you love me and I love you
    For to tell the truth–I do.

  176. Tom Sowell’s comments are on point, as always.

    However, he is giving mainstream media the benefit of the doubt when he suggest benign motives for their refusal to report the one sided race war which is happening in this country. I really think this is all about protecting Obama.

    The responsible thing to do is to present this information without the hype and talk about how the black community gets this problem under control. It is their obligation to speak out about it, and the responsible ones like Tom Sowell, the mayor of Philadelphia, Calvin Butts and others do precisely that. Cosby touches on it, but he retreats rather quickly when pressed on the issue. Charley Rose, aka Icabod Crane has asked him about it in Charley’ morose, rambling, boring, stumbling style–always searching mostly in vain for the right left wing talking point to assuage his racial guilt so he can wallow in it.

  177. And because big media is censoring this information, which encourage those predisposed to such acts, to proceed with relative impunity, this problem will grow larger over time, and if Obama is re-elected you are likely to have the very race war which Tom and other responsible people are seeking to avoid, by making the issue explicit. The Obama lov’n media cannot hide this and the more they try the more likely a Vesuvian eruption becomes. And when they put race baiters like Sharpton front and center in the process the result is very nearly inevitable. If you recall that scene in Escape From New York where the undermenchen have the portly balding president hostage and are bitch slapping him for good measure, if this thing does explode let us hope that Phil Griffin gets a similar form of shock therapy. If anyone deserves it, he does. He is the big sewer rat of msnbc I was referring to in an earlier post.

  178. I know you’re young enough!” Bill said, his voice booming. “That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried that I’m not young enough.”

    This is classic Bill. He has been saying this for a while in different word about his growing old and stuff. This tells me that the author did not make this whole thing up. Sureley some semblance of truth to it, but the sources or the author might have overdramatized it for effect.
    He is referring mainly to his heart condition.

  179. Which is more accurate, the polls or reading the Magic 8 Ball?

    Shock Poll: Romney now leads among women…

    President Obama’s claim that the GOP is mounting a war on women has proven to be a failure. A month into his assault on the Republicans and Mitt Romney, the new CBS-New York Times poll shows that the GOP presidential candidate now leads among women–and men.

    Since April, women have gone from strongly backing Obama to endorsing Romney. In April, Obama held a 49 percent to 43 percent lead among women. That has now flipped to 46 percent backing Romney with 44 percent for Obama, an 8-point switch.

    Ironically, Romney’s support among men has dropped, but he still edges Obama 45 percent to 42 percent.

    And here’s a surprise: Despite the media hyping the so-called war on women, no major outlet today noticed Romney’s new lead with women voters.

  180. pm317
    May 15th, 2012 at 10:38 am

    H4T, posted your Barnard link at Althouse. There are a lot of young women there who don’t accept the Dem’s point of view on women’s issues. I have begun to appreciate some of their ideas. Especially after how Hillary was treated in 2008 by the Dems, and now women in general in this campaign, there is no reason to still be in that bubble and give your vote blindly to that party.
    That is not what the polls show. Young women go 2 to 1 or more for Obama. Sadly, that is consistent with my experience.

  181. Young women have a huge stake in this election, because they will live longer than the rest of us. Obama calls to my mind that obscure quote by George Kennan that he hoped to prevent those in power from pulling us along those paths which lead only to despair and from which no one ever returns. I need to see the statistical breakdown for young women now, in order to believe there is seismic change here. What I am afraid of is what statisticians call a reversion to the mean when the campaign starts.

  182. Althouse commenters are predominantly indie and right leaning and so are those young women there. Any one of them could have written that piece Barnard student wrote.

  183. Bad Omen?

    The new French President Francois Hollande has delayed his meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel after his plane was struck by lightening while en-route to Berlin.

    The aircraft was forced to turn back to Paris as a result.

  184. Because big media is “in the bag” for Obama, as they so artfully put it, one element of the anti-Obama strategy needs to be a collateral attack on big media, stressing the elitist themes and Obama worship they are famous for. A 527 should take up that issue and fire for effect on the eve of the debate, and maybe even during the debates if they can get past first base. Whatever they decide to do, the fact of their bitter partisanship must be front and center so when corrupt little boys like Step and Fetch it start pimping for Obama and asking Romney have you stopped beating on gays questions, the viewing audience understands precisely what they are up to.

  185. And assuming that is done, it is imperative that the motive of big media be clearly identified. People need to have something like that to fasten on to–a coherent explanation for their partisanship. Unless it is stated explicitly, it is unlikely that the public will infer it because they will think it is nothing more than a personality quirk as opposed to a pre-determined stategy of the left.

  186. example tweet:

    The great indonesian dog invasion crisis was averted by a young Obama and barbecue sauce #ObamaInHistory #ObamaAteAmeme

  187. more embarrasing news for O on the horizon…

    Obama Leads by Only 7 in Arkansas’s Democratic Primary
    The poll covers Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District.

    1:27 PM, May 15, 2012 • By MICHAEL WARRENS

    A new poll of Arkansas Democrats shows Barack Obama receiving support from only 45 percent of Democratic primary voters in Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District, while 38 percent support his underfunded and relatively unknown primary challenger, Tennessee lawyer John Wolfe, Jr. Seventeen percent are undecided in the district poll.

    In an interview with THE WEEKLY STANDARD, Wolfe said the poll results were “unbelievable” and said a defeat for Obama in the Arkansas primary would be “politically cataclysmic.”

    “It says the momentum is good,” Wolfe said about the poll. “This is democracy in action.”

    Wolfe predicted that the voters would move his way in the final days before the May 22 primary, despite his shoestring campaign budget. “There’s not been a single TV ad. There’s not been a single radio ad,” he said.

    Wolfe is also competing against Obama in Texas’s May 29 primary.

    Wolfe has criticized Obama for being too close to Wall Street and its interests (for example, Obama’s latest fundraiser with private equity lenders last night in New York City) and seeks to be a more principled Democrat than the 44th president.

    Wolfe also said he supports repealing the president’s signature legislation, Obamacare, which he says doesn’t lower health care costs even if the White House claims otherwise.

    “I don’t think it’s right in principle to force people to buy from monopolies,” Wolfe said. “The thing about Obamacare is it’s the best thing for the stock prices of insurance companies.” Wolfe added that he supports a single-payer health care system because it will be more cost effective.

    Wolfe previously told TWS that he does not support gay marriage, unlike Obama.

  188. RUH ROH TIME AT 1600

    RCP tells us The New York Times/CBS Poll shows
    …Romney’s ahead??? 46-43%. And who knows how much they had to “adjust” it to keep Obummer in the game.

  189. wbboei
    May 15th, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    There are many young college educated women working for me as nursing assistants. A job you don’t need a degree for. They can’t get employment in their chosen field because there simply isn’t any.

  190. hmmm…this sounds like a familiar democratic primary tactic…how come we are not hearing anything about this guy in the news? sure, the convict made a big splash…but lookee here…more dems challenging O

    Louisiana Democratic Party denies 3 delegates to fringe candidate

    Published: Monday, April 16, 2012, 6:49 PM Updated: Monday, April 16, 2012, 10:36 PM
    By Jonathan Tilove, The Times-Picayune The Times-Picayune

    WASHINGTON — The Louisiana Democratic Party announced Monday that it will not award presidential candidate John Wolfe Jr. any delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. This decision comes even though Wolfe exceeded the 15 percent of the vote in three congressional districts that, under party rules, would have merited him at least three delegates.

    View full sizeDemocratic presidential candidate John Wolfe Jr plans to go to federal court in Baton Rouge ‘to make sure the 17,804 Louisianans who voted for me are represented at the convention.’

    “Mr. Wolfe is not eligible for any delegates in the state of Louisiana as he failed to comply with the Louisiana delegate selection plan,” said James Hallinan, director of communications and research for the state party. “Mr. Wolfe violated rule 2B in the delegate selection plan by failing to certify an authorized representative for his campaign in Louisiana to the Louisiana Democratic Party by the deadline of December 9, 2011.

    “Additionally, Mr. Wolfe failed to provide the Louisiana Democratic Party with a statement of full participation by the deadline of October 1, 2011. Both rules are included in the Louisiana delegate selection plan that has been publicly available online via the Louisiana Democratic Party’s website since April of 2011.”

    However, by paying strict attention to those two filing deadlines, the party would seem to be abrogating the letter and spirit of another provision of the rules, which states that, “The Louisiana presidential primary election is a ‘binding’ primary. Accordingly, delegate and alternate positions shall be allocated so as to fairly reflect the expressed presidential (or uncommitted) preference of the primary voters in each district. The National Convention delegates and alternates selected at the district level shall be allocated in proportion to the percentage of the primary vote won in that district by each preference, except that preferences falling below a 15 percent threshold shall not be awarded any delegates or alternates.”

    “The rules say that the result of the presidential primary is binding,” said Wolfe, a lawyer from Chattanooga, Tenn., who won 19.62 percent of the vote in the 1st Congressional District, 17.24 percent in the 3rd Congressional District, and 22.04 percent in the 7th Congressional District.

    “Any person in the party who thinks they can make up the rules as we go along is violating the due process provision of the Constitution, which applies to state parties,” Wolfe said. “I will be going to the federal court in Baton Rouge to make sure the 17,804 Louisianans who voted for me are represented at the convention.”

    The actual delegates representing the candidates in proportion to their primary vote will be chosen at May 5 congressional district caucuses, and two Louisiana Democrats had filed in two of those districts as pledged Wolfe delegates, but the party did not accept them, apparently because of Wolfe’s failure to meet the two deadlines.

    Wolfe would have been the only candidate other than President Barack Obama to have delegates at the convention. After anti-abortion activist Randall Terry exceeded the 15 percent delegate threshold in the March 6 Oklahoma primary, the state party there denied him delegates on different technical grounds.


    Jonathan Tilove can be reached at or 202.450.1404.


    May 15, 2012
    Obama, 2009: I’d Give Myself a “Solid B Plus” For My Handling of the Economy
    Obama, Today: I Can’t Give Myself a Letter Grade; It’s Still Incomplete

    He went from a B+ to an “incomplete”?

    From Team Romney…

    In December 2009, President Obama Gave Himself A “Good Solid B Plus” For His Work During His First Eleven Months In Office. “US President Barack Obama, in remarks aired late Sunday, awarded himself a B plus for his first 11 months in office, stressing in an interview with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey that there was still much to be done. ‘A good solid B plus,’ Obama said during an hour-long, intimate soft-focus ABC network Christmas at the White House special, when Winfrey asked what grade he would give himself.” (“Obama Gives Himself B+ For First Months In Office,”AFP, 12/14/09)
    But today, President Obama refused to give an answer altogether.

    · This Morning On “The View,” President Obama Refused To Give Himself A Letter Grade For His Work On The Economy.

    HASSELBECK: “Mr. President, I believe it was with Matt Lauer in 2009, you sat down, you were talking about the economy and you said in three years I’ll be held accountable. If I don’t have this done, quote, in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition. Admittedly so in our first segment, you said that Americans are still feeling the hurt of the economy. So how do you grade yourself, honestly, in terms of how you’ve done in terms of economics?

    OBAMA: “You know, I won’t give us a letter grade. I think it’s still incomplete.”

  192. God, I am getting old, I remember this music like yesterday

    Donald “Duck” Dunn, RIP…ACE.

    —Dave In Texas

    Died this morning in Tokyo, doing what he loved.

    Perhaps his biggest hit with Booker T. and the MGs, “Green Onions.” Straight 12-bar blues.

    One of the best blues bass guys ever, a legend. He became extra famous after the first Blues Brothers movie, with the pipe and that big fro. His friend Steve “Guitar” “The Colonel” Cropper said this about Dunn,

    Guitarist Steve Cropper, his best friend and bandmate in both the MG’s and Blues Brothers said this on the band’s facebook page, “”Today I lost my best friend, the World has lost the best guy and bass player to ever live.”
    Cropper doesn’t know me so that stands.

  193. “Like who gives a shit that Obama plays basketball with him [Dr. Whitaker]. How is that relevant?”


    Actually, I found this statement most fascinating, given that informal basketball venues are places where gay men meet for later hook ups. I take Klein’s seemingly unimportant reference to basketball as code for Whitaker being gay and perhaps one of Obama’s secret lovers. I believe, Obama is of a certain type of gay man who publicly lives heterosexually, while leading a secret gay life — or rather, while living in the “down low.” (Years ago, Oprah had a show about this, and it was a revelation to me!) Others have written that Rev Wright and his church hid black gay men from the public eye by providing/fostering a secret community where they could pursue gay hook ups, etc., through the church.

  194. O’s narcissism has jumped the shark…it is out of control…I mean, who…who in their right mind…inserts himself into the presidential biographies written by a recognized historian…I thought this was a joke and then i looked and sure enough…there’s O right in there with Reagan’s bio, etc…

    and in addition to all this…did you know that O is not only the first black prez but also the first female, gay, hispanic asian and jewish president…??? bet you didn’t know that one…

    …i heard this yesterday while driving home from work…the host said…yes, O is the first of all of these…but no muslim…no, not the first muslim prez…

    …thought it all had a bit of irony to it…

  195. CNN has lost 50% of it’s viewing audience in the last year! Ya think?


    CNN Blackballs Tyrrell for Calling Obama “Stealth Socialist”
    By JEFFREY LORD on 5.14.12 @ 6:23PM

    CNN has blackballed our founder and editor-in-chief R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
    Because in his new book The Death of Liberalism, Bob Tyrrell labels President Obama a — gasp! — “Stealth Socialist.”
    Specifically, his book publicist reports that CNN actually disinvited Bob from a show because the network felt calling the president a “Stealth Socialist” was — are you ready? — “Rude.”
    Oh nooooooooooooooooooo! Imagine actually discussing such a concept on CNN!!!!! OMG! Why… why… the nerve of Tyrrell to espouse a serious conservative thought on a liberal network.
    Or, as our friend and colleague Jed Babbin calls it in his column today, “the Gatekeeper Media.” Says Jed — with an unerring accuracy, considering he wrote his piece without knowing of Tyrrell’s dis-invitation:
    Yes, they’re at it again. Or I should say, “still.” The Obama media — the Gatekeeper Media who try to control what people know based on what fits their narrative — are proving almost daily that they’re not in the news business. They are in the business of political activism, aimed solely at getting their guy another four years in the White House.
    That is exactly what is going on here.
    So Bob Tyrrell, founder and editor-in chief of a magazine now 45 years on the American scene, selected in the 1970s by Time magazine as one of the rising stars in American media, recently interviewed on Sean Hannity’s Fox and radio shows, and by Mark Levin, and with his recent talk on the book to the Manhattan Institute carried by C-SPAN — is out at CNN.
    Because in the course of the Great American Debate he has a book calling Barack Obama a “Stealth Socialist” — based on an actual record in the White House. A record that manifests all manner of socialist behavior, from buying General Motors with taxpayer money, to dishing even more taxpayer bucks to favored companies like Solyndra — and that’s before one gets to Obamacare and the socialist saga of the imaginary Obama heroine named Julia, who is feted with cradle-to-grave socialism.
    You can’t make it up.
    This kind of incident with Bob Tyrrell is exactly why CNN is barely afloat in the ratings, losing big time to Fox. And why it will drown if it isn’t careful.

  196. I have thought for a very long time that Barry really is the first gay president.

    Maybe he would be considered bi since he does have to daughters, but his interests lean way to the male side of the scale.

    I always think of MO as the ‘window dressing’ for his public face.

    I do think his sweet daughters are the cherries on top for his free, gifted life of handouts and butt slaps.

  197. Urban Radio Callers Slam Obama Over Gay Marriage Support

    WOW! CHECK these comments! These listeners are not happy with the once. And THIS is his BASE!

    Listeners of New York hip hop radio station HOT 97 did not take kindly to the news that President Obama had endorsed same-sex marriage. The day after the announcement, callers took to the airwaves to express their disappointment with the news.
    The sad part is amazingly there are people in New York whose votes he just lost. No question about it I have been doing radio for a long time and whenever I talk about this issue I am shocked by how many people call up and are upset with the idea of supporting same-sex marriage. Even in New York, even in 2012.
    So, if anyone in NYC is disappointed that Obama made this announcement, call us up.
    No, because I’m totally against that same-sex marriage, man. I’m 27, I grew up in the days where a female’s supposed to marry a female, I mean a male supposed to marry a female.
    How does it affect you?
    Because you got the younger generation in today’s society growing up. I mean if you have a kid would you want your kid, if he was a boy, marrying another guy? Or daughter marrying another girl? The emotions, the feelings?
    I’m totally against it. I mean I’m born and raised in New York, my parents are from Guyana. That would never go in Guyana.
    Jennifer, you will not vote for Obama because of what he said?
    Definitely not.
    I’m not going to vote for Obama because I feel like… he knew he was losing votes and he needed to get people’s attention. And that’s what he did. Why did he want to do this now, when he knows election day is…
    • ‘m a hardcore conservative and I have no problem with equal rights for gay couples. Having said that, I understand the connection between religion and the term “marriage.” It was a religious Rite before the state appropriated it for its own purposes. The truth is that the left (or many of them) do not want the cake of equality unless they can have the icing of sticking it to and outraging people of faith in the process. What a shame.
    • ucsdpapa 30 minutes ago

    Why would the president of the greatest country in the world endorse the practice of sod omy? Has he no shame? Has he no love for America? Has he no fear of God?
    • wfwilson6 35 minutes ago

    A good republican bumper sticker:
    “Thank You Joe Biden”
    11 people liked this.
    • us2n82 42 minutes ago

    Hello….this is POTUS……….
    Hey…..This is Jimmy Carter…….
    On that Gay Marriage thing…..I just wanted to say…….
    15 people liked this.
    • gdaddytejas 43 minutes ago

    He is enough of a narcissist to believe that he is the messiah, and his “people” will follow him no matter how crazy he gets.
    21 people liked this.
    • louisiana_mom 35 minutes ago in reply to gdaddytejas

    I have a feeling it’s going to a cycle of dropping in the polls, followed by crazy behavior (to get attention), to dropping more in the polls, to even crazier behavior, to ………… Grab your popcorn, it’s going to get fun before Nov!
    19 people liked this.
    • Ibulena 11 minutes ago in reply to louisiana_mom

    You said it girl! He is no longer the rock star and folks are realizing he has not talent. You know like, like, you know, ‘ole what’s his name!!!!!
    4 people liked this.
    • sd_conservative 33 minutes ago in reply to louisiana_mom

    Obama will have that Sowell moment prior to Nov 6th.
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    • ohiopackerfan 45 minutes ago

    Something like 70% of the blk commumity opposes gay marriage. Don’t think Obama did his homework on this one.

  198. Hell Freezes Over. Flying Pigs. Cats And Dogs Living Together: Leftist Icon Noam Chomsky Says Sarah Palin Was Right About Obama…

    “I don’t usually admire Sarah Palin but when she was making fun of this ‘hopey changey’ stuff, she was right.”

  199. Oh Goodty!

    You know those traveling dental and free ammogram buses which traverse the American rural countryside? Well it seems Egypt has the equivalent. A free traveling female genital mutilation clinic.

    CAIRO: A number of Egyptian human rights groups have submitted a communication to the Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud against the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) to investigate the complaints of people in the village of Abu Aziz in the Minya governorate, south of Cairo, over the existence of a large medical convoy organized by the party that wanders streets and does medical examination on people, including female circumcision, or female genital mutilation, in violation of Egyptian law, conventions and treaties signed by Egypt.

    In Egypt’s legal code, Female Genital Mutilation is criminalized, as well as the inciting by doctors to convince families of the young girls of the need to agree to circumcise their daughters, “as a matter of preserving chastity.”

    The communication demanded Mervat Tallawy, the head of the National Council for Women (NCW) and Major General Seraj EL Din El Rouby, the Governor of Minya, and Nasr El Sayed, Assistant Minister for primary health care, and preventive medicine, and family planning, to intervene to stop what it called “a farce propaganda for free circumcision, which was organized by one of the political parties, in Minya governorate to promote circumcision.”

    The communication came after reports were circulated on news websites and social networking websites, including Facebook and Twitter about a convoy organized by the FJP to promote circumcision among girls in Minya.

  200. Mickey Kaus poses a VERY interesting question. Isn’t BO’s alleged offer to Wright as “hush” money similar to what Edwards did with Hunter and for which he is now on trial?

    Os Obama another Edwards?

    Maybe I’m missing something, but if Obama’s pal Dr. Eric Whitaker did offer Rev. Wright $150,000 to stay silent for the duration of the campaign, as charged by Ed Klein, how exactly is that different from John Edwards’ pal Fred Baron giving Rielle Hunter money to stay out of the limelight for the duration of the campaign? It’s a good question asked by lawyer/blogger Ted Frank. … Like Frank and Prof. Rick Hasen, I think the Edwards prosecution is misguided, potentially criminalizing lots of donations that might have ulterior political motives (like money spent funding think tanks or making hagiographic documentary movies). But if what Edwards did is fair game for prosecutors, why isn’t what Obama potentially did (assuming you could show a) that Obama knew of Whitaker’s offer, and b) also that he knew it was illegal–the latter being something the prosecution has had trouble proving in the Edwards matter)? …

    One difference, I suppose, is that in the Edwards case the money was actually paid, while Wright is said to have turned down the offer. But is that a defense? If you try to use illegal campaign cash to buy TV time, but the station turns you down, can’t you still be prosecuted for trying? …

  201. basil, if Obama has lost Noam Chomsky to Palin, he is in really bad shape. Then again Chomsky wrote a long article soon after 2008 about Obama being a marketing phenomenon.

  202. The world has gone nuts. A Florida woman shoots 3 of her 4 kids. They go to a neighbor’s house. The mother calls them home. They return and she finishes the job, turns the gun on the 4th kid and also kills herself.

    Why didn’t the neighbor cal the friggin police!!!!!!!!!

    PORT ST. JOHN, Fla. — A Florida mother who fatally shot her four children before killing herself Tuesday called three of the kids who had sought help from a neighbor back to the house before firing the fatal shots, authorities said.

    Thirty-three-year-old Tonya Thomas fatally shot her four children, who ranged in age from 12 to 17, said Lt. Tod Goodyear, a spokesman for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

    Three of the children had gone to a neighbor’s front door before dawn to say their mother had shot them. The mother then called the children back to the house and killed them, Goodyear said.

    “From what the neighbors said, she was very calm. She walked out and called them back. They turned around and walked back to the house,” Goodyear said.

    The neighbor then heard gunshots and called 911.

    Another neighbor told deputies that Thomas sent a text message in the middle of the night saying she wanted to be cremated with her children.

    “He didn’t see the text until he woke up this morning,” Goodyear said.

    Deputies identified the children as Pebbles Johnson, 17; Jaxs Johnson, 15; Jazlin Johnson, 13; and Joel Johnson, 12. has gone nuts. A Florida woman shoots 3 of her 4 kids. They go to a neighbor’s house. The mother calls them home. They return and she finishes the job, turns the gun on the 4th kid and also kills herself.

  203. Could Newsweek cover hurt POS?

    That’s the theory of one blogger whose entry I now can’t find.

    Theory is that some Americans will see the title – Obama, the first Gay President – not bother to read the article and assume BO is gay.

    Those Newsweek Covers will be all over Doctor’s office waiting rooms for months and on newstands for a week. I have to admit I found the title VERY strange until I read the Sullivan piece and then had to shower.

    FWIW – I have loads of Gay friends but I really do not think this is the right time for a push for gay marriage. Civil Unions are fine but the times are not ripe for the entire country to throw the Bible (and other religious books) out the window.

    Just my take. For the idiot-in-chief to appear to favor this issue over the “bitter-clingers” and regular Americans is not a good optic for him, IMHO. I know. I now live in northern redneck country.

  204. This is the second time recently that Romney has made open and positive reference to Bill Clinton in unfavorable comparison to failure Obama.

    I know it’s mainly making a play for centrist Dem voters. But I also think that he and his campaign know it’s one thing that will drive Obama absolutely insane with frustrated rage. Obama has always been obsessed with outdoing Bill. Mitt is getting under Obama’s thin narcissistic skin. Deliberately.

  205. I caught part of the Jeopardy show last night- O’leary was ahead of both men and her loss came at Final Jeopardy when she (over) wagered. Plouffe shouldn’t have won and Matthews is/was totally incompetent. MSNBC should take note of this overly paid skimmer and put him out to pasture; but not before he submits, for his own good and before he is rehired elsewhere, to testing for hardening of his (cranial) arteries.

  206. “I don’t think it’s right in principle to force people to buy from monopolies,” Wolfe said. “The thing about Obamacare is it’s the best thing for the stock prices of insurance companies.” Wolfe added that he supports a single-payer health care system because it will be more cost effective.


    Yay, a real Democrat!

  207. Great comment about Hillary by a commentator on Hannity

    Jennifer Stefano – Americans for Prosperity was talking about what a farce Obama’s comments were to Barnard College: “Ladies you have to fight not for just a seat at the table but at the head of it. Oh, wait Mr President! Weren’t you the guy that took out Hillary Clinton 08? A under qualified male got a job from a far more qualified, far more intellectually sound woman. So shouldn’t he have given it up for Hill? I mean ouch, ouch Mr. Prez. Who’s the sexist here?”

  208. Theory is that some Americans will see the title – Obama, the first Gay President – not bother to read the article and assume BO is gay.

    Those Newsweek Covers


    Newsweek? Tina Brown? Maybe she doesn’t like Obama, somehow?

    For plausible deniability, she might have split the cover with a picture of Bill in the 90s captioned “The First Black President”.

  209. This is the second time recently that Romney has made open and positive reference to Bill Clinton in unfavorable comparison to failure Obama.

    I know it’s mainly making a play for centrist Dem voters. But I also think that he and his campaign know it’s one thing that will drive Obama absolutely insane with frustrated rage. Obama has always been obsessed with outdoing Bill. Mitt is getting under Obama’s thin narcissistic skin. Deliberately.


    Hm. If Romney starts praising Hillary’s 08 campaign ideas, that would be — well, not “proof” — but a further point of evidence for your theory. 😉

  210. Panic: Obama Campaign Already Coming Off the Rails

    It’s only Tuesday, but it has already been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week for the Obama campaign. Saddled with increasingly bad economic data, the campaign has been doggedly trying to change the subject to anything other than jobs and deficits. We’ve been treated to a mythical GOP “war on women”, a “debate” on birth control, a “road to Damascus” moment on gay marriage, an “expose” of Romney “bullying” in high school, and the burning question of who is a better pet owner. Unfortunately for Obama and his allies in the media, none of it is working.

    Yesterday’s CBS/NYT poll makes it very clear that voters care about only one thing: The Economy. The only other issues that registers in the double-digits? Government spending and deficits–not exactly a winning issue for Obama. Not only do voters not care about the social issues Obama and the media are fixated on, there are signs that focus is backfiring. The biggest shift in voter sentiment in the CBS poll was among women, who, in just one month, shifted their support from Obama to Romney. In April, Obama had led Romney by six points among women. Today, women prefer Romney by two points.

    More troubling for the White House is that 67% of registered voters believe his “conversion” on gay marriage, which sent coastal hearts aflutter, was based solely on politics, rather than any personal conviction. This is damning for a politicians whose meteoric rise was based largely on his being “above” politics. It is an Exocet missile to his entire political narrative.

    Of course, the Obama campaign today is whining about the “methodology” of the CBS poll, as all politicians do when faced with bad polling data. The CBS poll, though, is largely in line with several other polls using different methodologies, so I wouldn’t take the whining too seriously.

    All that said, it’s what the Obama campaign tried to do proactively yesterday that convinces me they are in full panic.

    Yesterday, the Obama campaign tried to attack Romney’s business experience with an ad focusing on steelworkers who lost their job when their company, GST Steel, went bankrupt. GST Steel was controlled by Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital. The story of GST Steel has already been told at least twice; by Ted Kennedy in 1994 and Newt Gingrich in this year’s primary. Every time, it has been pointed out that the bankruptcy occurred two years AFTER Romney left Bain Capital. So, as hits go, its pretty weak stuff.

    It was the opening salvo in what is expected to be a sustained attack on Romney’s experience in private equity. So, what did Obama do after he launched this attack on private equity? He, of course, jetted to New York for a fundraiser with private equity traders. Natch!

    Even the palace guards at Business Insider noticed the bad optics:

    On the very same day he launched a sustained attack on Mitt Romney for his work at private equity firm Bain Capital, Obama raised over two million dollars at an event hosted by private equity kind, Hamilton “Tony” James, COO of Blackstone.

    The fundraiser had obviously been planned for a long time. There is no way a well-coordinated campaign decides to make the private equity industry as issue on the very same day they are tapping it for money. The hypocrisy is a bridge too far, even for a compliant media. The Bain hit on Romney was clearly a rush job.

    Obama’s other big high-profile event yesterday was a commencement address at Barnard College, a women’s college. It is clear the campaign planned to continue its “war on women” fantasy into this week. But for Obama’s attack on Bain, no one would have noticed, or reported on, his fundraiser with private equity “vampires.”

    Remember that at the end of last week, when the news was supposed to be about gay marriage and Romney “bullying” a possibly gay student in high school, Rasmussen showed Romney handily beating Obama in a general election match-up. Romney had not only withstood the full barrage of the Democrat-Media complex, he improved his standing with likely voters. That’s when the panic set in.

    Yesterday’s Bain hit was a rushed retread of an already discredited attack. The Obama campaign tried to push it with a hastily arranged media conference call scheduled for 10:45 am EDT, late into the news cycle. If this were a well-planned hit, the call would have been much earlier or one or two media outlets would have been fed information for corroborating stories.

    Yes, it is only May and polls are just polls. It will be a long campaign through the Fall, with many twist and turns. But, the events of the past 24 hours suggest that Obama is already losing control of the campaign narrative.

    Great comment at Breitbart:

    “The truth is Kryptonite to Obama and his mindless followers.”

  211. The problem with the Newsweek cover and the pronouncement ‘the first gay president’ is this: most people recognize it as a play on the other phrase ‘the black president’ but in that case we could tell Clinton was not black by just looking at the picture and here there is no such visual evidence and a low information voter may actually think that Obama came out. Is Obama alright with that?

  212. The problem with the Newsweek cover and the pronouncement ‘the first gay president’ is this: most people recognize it as a play on the other phrase ‘the black president’ but in that case we could tell Clinton was not black by just looking at the picture and here there is no such visual evidence and a low information voter may actually think that Obama came out. Is Obama alright with that?


    That was my point about a split cover with Bill as “first Black president” to emphasize the reference. But what do you mean about Obama being alright with that?

    I just got home and haven’t read the background.

  213. Pm
    The real problem with the Newsweek cover isn’t bringing Barrycakes out of the closet, it’s putting a freakin’ HALO on him again.

    These obots are as stupid as humanly possible.

  214. Shadowfax, halo for his minions but the man on the street will read it differently I think. I don’t know.

  215. haha, this guy comes around to what we have known for sometime.

    What’s remarkable about the [Obama] ad is that it raised at least as many questions about the Obama campaign as it did about Mr. Romney.

    On the very day that the ad was released, President Obama attended a fund-raiser in New York City hosted by a senior executive at the Blackstone Group, a leading private equity firm and frequent co-investor with Bain Capital on turn-around projects.

    And, it further turns out that a 2008 and 2012 campaign finance bundler for President Obama, one Jonathan Lavine, was a managing director at Bain Capital during the time that GST Steel was being “run into the ground” by the evil Bainiacs.

    And, just to put some icing on the cake, it turns out that Mr. Romney was off fixing the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics during the time that Romney and Bain were allegedly “vampiring” GST Steel.

    It makes you wonder. Did Team Obama think that no one would notice? Did they assume that only right-wing bloggers would care?………….

    Because we have been told for so long that Team Obama is the very model of the modern campaign operation, we have come to sort of believe it. In reality, they’ve been surprisingly inept since they set up shop last year. They’ve been through three slogans and four over-arching re-election “themes.” They’ve made a big deal out of Romney’s dog. They’ve introduced us to “Julia,” which seemed like a right-wing parody of the perfect constituent of the nanny state. One could on (and on).

    So far, the president’s re-election campaign measures up poorly, …

  216. LMAO! Okay, YMMV, but I think Bill is being very subtle here. Bill is canny. He never directly undermines Obama. Why, heck, he campaigns for him! He appeared in his Bin Laden ad, reminding us all that it would have been very bad for Obama if the plan had failed. What’s that you say? That statement made Obama look like a narcissistic asshole? I have no idea what you are talking about. I was just helping – honest!

    Bill Clinton is the most skilled politician of my lifetime. He never says anything publicly that he has not thought out, and understands the unspoken implications of. Bill knows how the game is played, plays it well, and always with plausible deniability where Obama is concerned.

    So today Mitt Romney gave a speech where he hammered on the looming debt crisis, and Obama’s spending. What does Bill “just happen” to say today? That Obama is really going to have to raise taxes on the middle class, because just taxing the rich ain’t gonna do the trick.

    “This is just me now, I’m not speaking for the White House — I think you could tax me at a 100 percent and you wouldn’t balance the budget,” said Clinton, who has earned tens of millions of dollars since leaving office. “We are all going to have to contribute to this, and if middle class people’s wages were going up again, and we had some growth to the economy, I don’t think they would object to going back to tax rates [from] when I was president”

    Call me crazy, but that right there is a masterful swipe at Obama. It brings attention to the fact that wages are NOT going up, and the economy is NOT really growing, and also pulls the curtain off of Obama’s ridiculous claims that it can all be paid for by silly gimmicks like the Buffet Rule. The last thing that Obama wants, going into an election, is for voters to think he is going to raise THEIR (not that other guy’s) taxes. But that is exactly what Bill made them think about. And he did in in such a way that he maintains his “support” of Obama. Plausible deniability, baby. William Jefferson Clinton knows this game, and he’s a master of it.

  217. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think Bill and Mitt colluded on that. Both their messages today dovetailed very neatly. I know, I know – not likely at all. But Bill is still cracking me up with this stuff.

    😀 😀

  218. Evidently I am not the only one thinking this. From a commenter at HA, and no fan of Bill:

    Clinton’s a sleaze but you have to admire the guy’s political savvy. This is pretty much a knife in the back to Obama done in that charming, devious way of his.

    mrsmwp on May 15, 2012 at 11:36 PM

  219. Call me crazy, but that right there is a masterful swipe at Obama.


    Heh. Several swipes, as you say. A bouquet of stillettos.

  220. I read the Sullivan piece and then had to shower.

    [[ Because of nasty things Sullivan has said elsewhere about others? This was just about his own marriage, and positive and wholesome. Their mothers walked them down the aisle, after which I assume they all went home to apple pie. ]]

    FWIW – I have loads of Gay friends but I really do not think this is the right time for a push for gay marriage. Civil Unions are fine but the times are not ripe for the entire country to throw the Bible (and other religious books) out the window.

    [[ If Obama says anything like that to excuse his lack of action, the Gays should come back with “the fierce urgency of Now.” ]]

  221. I cannot get too excited about the polling. However, there will be a critical time approaching the convention, when superdelegates will have to make a decision. If he is polling badly, or worse, and the economy is flat or worse, they will all know they are riding a horse that will not cross the finish line first.

    They will have to decide if there is any poltical advantage to that. Don’t worry about them going against the primary voters. They did that the last time without one hint of conscience.

  222. I read the Sullivan piece and then had to shower.

    turndown, I don’t think the one you linked was the Sullivan piece BASIL was referring to. It was the previous one about Obama’s announcement, where Sully got all weepy and slobbered all over brave, wonderful, magnificent Obama.

  223. One of my favorite blogs is a mild-libertarian one called Protein Wisdom. Usual disclaimer: I don’t always agree with all that is said, but both the blog host and the commenters are usually intelligent and thought-provoking.

    One of the latest pieces was musing on economics, and a long discussion ensued on free markets and whether the rich are rich because they work harder and make better choices, or because they got handed an advantage. I liked what this person had to say:

    The thing that our foil from the Op-ed pages of the Times forgets is, per Carin, there is no perfect system out there. Free market economies, rationally applied and administered, give the greatest number of people the greatest odds of improving their station. Many fail, some unjustly to be sure, but many more are able to expand their wealth.

    I have often felt that both left and right-wing commentators unnecessarily dumb down the virtues and risks of free market economics. The result is always more regulation, less effectively applied.

    On the left, the sins are obvious: intellectual absurdities like Statism, in over-regulation (via laws and liability) and over-taxation (the redistribution of wealth to a poorly run, feckless leviathan like government.)

    On the right, it is failing to understand that some regulation is very necessary and has to be strongly enforced. The capital markets have, for too long, been places of lax enforcement and “golden rules”–those with the most gold, rule. More practically, the regulators are under-funded and overwhelmed, ill-suited to the task. You get to boiling levels of resentment pretty quickly this way.

    Still, congrats are in order. It seems statistically impossible that we could obtain an over-regulated goods/services economy and an under-regulated financial sector, but, well, we did it. Add to that a tax system that only the dumbest can credibly defend and our current state of affairs is at least explicable.

  224. Urban Radio Callers Slam Obama Over Gay Marriage Support

    WOW! CHECK these comments! These listeners are not happy with the once. And THIS is his BASE!
    I had dinner with someone tonight who tells me that this move to support gay marriage was forced upon Obama by a number of Democrat bundlers who happen to be gay and hitherto had refused to open their wallets. That testimony is corroborated by the statement of the one gay bundler and former state senator from Long Island who said that Obama’s statement that he was personally in favor of gay marriage will make fundraising much easier. My friend went on to say that Obama is terrified that Romney will outraise him in this contest–which seems rather likely. But what good is more money if people will not vote for you. And do note, there is a difference between saying I am not opposed to gay marriage vs saying I am in favor of gay marriage, and Obama said the former as opposed to the latter. Once again poor staff work by the dream team of 2008.

  225. Sorry I meant he said he was in favor of rather than not opposed to gay marriage which was a bridge too far.

  226. Call me crazy, but that right there is a masterful swipe at Obama. It brings attention to the fact that wages are NOT going up, and the economy is NOT really growing, and also pulls the curtain off of Obama’s ridiculous claims that it can all be paid for by silly gimmicks like the Buffet Rule. The last thing that Obama wants, going into an election, is for voters to think he is going to raise THEIR (not that other guy’s) taxes
    Perhaps. Perhaps. But to quote Justice Cardozo “discrimination so subtle is a feat beyond the compass of ordinary minds.” That is true of juries, and even more true of the electorate.

  227. For the same reason I said that Romney would be the nominee when everyone else figure it was a horse race, I can say with reasonable confidence, and barring the unforeseen that Hussein Obama will soon be history. Yes, it gets back to the economy but there is a twist to it. His rabid, unyielding positions on so many issues were opposed by the American People–ya sure youthcha, but more than that they are the clear path to national failure, and for that reason they threaten too many major economic interests from Wall Steet to Big Oil, and I do not just mean they frighten the horses, I mean they threaten the elites including those who put him in there. The public reaction to a complete economic collapse would jeopardize the lives and fortunes of the elites. We have had our black president and what have we to show for it? And he was the antithesis of th image he presented. And history has shown that nothing he says on the campaign trail can be believed. Desperation takes many forms and today it manifested itself in the effort by the leftist Atlantic Magazine to broaden Neweeks characterization of the flaming assholoe from the first gay president to the first gay, jewish, feminist, union supporting president to obscure the issue. It did not work.

  228. And do note, there is a difference between saying I am not opposed to gay marriage vs saying I am in favor of gay marriage, and Obama said the former as opposed to the latter.


    Maybe he started by stating mild support (which still got him a lot of publicity and donations) and will escalate with stronger support each time he needs more headlines and money.

  229. Maybe he started by stating mild support (which still got him a lot of publicity and donations) and will escalate with stronger support each time he needs more headlines and money.
    yes, and he will fall further in the polls every time he does. He is engineering his own destruction. More money and fewer votes is a great bargain.

  230. Awesome news that Nebraska state Sen. Deb Fischer wrested the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate from Attorney General Jon Bruning.

    Published medical reports bring Zimmerman/Martin episode to the fore. Philly ABC revealed that Zimmerman suffered black eyes, broken nose; then announced their FB site as a place to state whether we the viewing public had changed our minds about Z.
    Elsewhere there’s this:
    Autopsy results show Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles |
    WFTV has learned that the medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.
    IOW media keeping up the coy game. Just cannot wait to see how it all unfolds for them and Oh.

  231. Yep, as H4T mentioned above, deliberate Mitt is slowly trying to get into Obama’s head: {video at the link}

    Romney then took a swipe at Obama for rejecting President Bill Clinton’s “doctrine” of balancing budgets to meet spending proposals. He suggested that this was the result of a personal animus between Barack Obama and the Clintons.

    “Almost a generation ago, Bill Clinton announced that the ‘era of big government was over,’” said Romney. “President Obama tucked away the Clinton Doctrine in his large drawer of discarded ideas along with transparency and bipartisanship. It’s enough to make you wonder if maybe it was a personal beef with the Clintons, but probably that – it runs much deeper than that.”

  232. How Obama bullied his way into politics

    It happened when Obama double crossed his political mentor, a woman by the name of Alice Palmer, a Democrat in the Illinois state senate who helped Obama get his start in politics. Palmer was in the Illinois state senate and encouraged Obama to get into politics. After introducing him to the right people in Chicago’s Democratic party and encouraging him to run for office Obama decided to run for Palmer’s seat in the Illinois state senate from the district she represented. And he won by bullying her off the ballot.

    Palmer was much loved and well respected in the district she represented and she would have been a cinch to get re-elected. But when Palmer submitted her petition to get on the ballot, a petition that contained thousands of signatures, Obama, with the help of some of his Harvard law school buddies made court challenges to every name on Alice Palmer’s petition forcing those who signed to show up in court to prove who they were.

    Palmer didn’t have the legal resources or the money to fight the challenges and as most “progressives” know, challenging petition signatures in court and forcing those who sign to come to court to prove who they are has been a bullying tactic to repress African American voters for years. It is also a lengthy and almost impossible tactic to fight since it requires going back to thousands of people and asking each one to go to court to prove their identity. Obama used this bullying tactic to bully Palmer off the ballot and force her to withdraw leaving the field clear for him .

    The rest as they say, is somewhat politically sordid history. A history either MoveOn is too hypocritical and dishonest to admit, or something they just don’t want to know.

    Their email also went on to analogize that we are “the 99% who get beat up by Romney’s policies”.

    This is not to defend Romney, but to point out that progressives are becoming as guilty of shameless dishonesty as conservatives have been. So who are the 99% that got “beat up” by Romney’s policies? The people of blue state Massachusetts who elected Romney governor twice?Do they think Democrats in Massachusetts liked getting beat up by Romneys policies? Is that why the Democratic candidate for the senate lost to the Republican, in 2010, primarily because the citizens of Massachusetts said Romney’s health care plan was better than Obama’s and they didn’t want to lose it? Are these transparently dishonest hypocritical arguments against Romney by MoveOn the best they can do?

    What Move On and other progressive groups are still in denial about is that its liberals, Democrats, progressives and the country at large who got beat up by Obama’s policies when they lost the public option because of his sell out to the health insurance lobby, saw $800 billion added to the deficit because Obama didn’t have the backbone or integrity to live up to his promise to get rid of the Bush tax cuts for the upper 5%, or the fact that it was Obama who gutted Wall Street reform by directing that the prohibition against banks using their own money to gamble on derivatives and hedge funds be taken out, the very thing that just caused a $20 billion loss at JP Morgan. If Romney did any of that you’d have a pretty strong case against him and MoveOn would be screaming it from the rafters. Instead MoveOn and other try and harp on an incident that occurred when Romney was in high school. Which makes MoveOn and everyone else making an issue out of this, sophomoric.

    But yes, MoveOn, every so often a story comes along that captures a candidate and what he represents and that was the case with Obama and his bullying tactics against his former mentor Alice Palmer to force her off the ballot, using the same kind of tactics, ironically, that racists used to supress the African American vote.


  233. SaraK, Romney also kicked Obama’s ass with WOMEN in that NC poll: 53/41

    The “war on women” meme is a joke. And women are sick and tired of being treated as nothing more than walking talking uteri. Most are a lot more concerned about jobs and grocery and gas prices than with whether someone else is going to pay for their birth control pills.

    Get a clue, Dims: Reproductive issues are not the center of our whole existence!

  234. Three quick things:
    -Michelle Bachman is asking for help in reelection as the Dimocrats have jerrymandered the districts and placed her own home and her outside the district she currently serves
    -Bill Clinton was discussed on Fox & Friends this am; he is endorsing ObaMAO, but the discussion especially with Gretchen was why in the world is Bubba endorsing when he recently spoke out in disagreement with him on several important issues…are the chickens coming home to roost?
    – K L Gallagher gave a sh!tty review of Admit the Horse on Amazon. He is from Oklahoma and his name may be Sir Ken L Gallagher.

  235. BTW, as mentioned above, it does seem that Mittens is working his way into the head of ObaMAO and She Who Tears Off Sleeves. It is an amazement at how easy that might be to do. Kudos for that, and in concert with Big Dawg’s contradictions on ObaMAO strategy and tactics……………..perfect.

  236. WOW. Speaking of good ads, this is an ad about the war on women from the pro-life Susan B. Anthony list.

    They did a good job here skewering the “you have to agree or you are not a real woman” bullshit coming from the Dems.

  237. Word on the street in the countries we just travelled in is that they HATE their government and the muliple layers of police force, but do not believe they have any choice or say in the matter. One of the forces of police wear black uniforms that have a red stripe on their uniforms. They were described as hated most, because they were just STOOOOPID. There are many jokes among the people about them: Why do they have the red stripe on their uniforms? So that they will know which side to wear when dressing in the uniform.

    The only American tv we saw were msnbc and cnbc; and then CNN in one place. No wonder foreign countries have a skewed view of us.

  238. ‘The only American tv we saw were msnbc and cnbc; and then CNN in one place. No wonder foreign countries have a skewed view of us.’

    That’s EXACTLY what I experienced in my 7 country tour and I came o the same conclcsion as you that the globalists control media internationally. People were SHOCKED to hear there was so much anti-BO sentiment in the states and were even more shooked to hear MO is considered an ugly cow.

  239. They have african american white volunteers manning campaign phones inside the white house. That used to be illegal but in the Age of Obama anything goes. I know this because I just spoke to one and told her to tell Obama to clean up his act and stop taking Wall Street cash.

  240. People were SHOCKED to hear there was so much anti-BO sentiment in the states and were even more shooked to hear MO is considered an ugly cow.
    That’s understandable. They don’t have to live with him. They are just ignorant children.

  241. HillaryforTexas
    May 16th, 2012 at 12:12 pm
    WOW. Speaking of good ads, this is an ad about the war on women from the pro-life Susan B. Anthony list.

    They did a good job here skewering the you have to agree or you are not a real woman bullshit coming from the Dems.

    Thanks, that was a good one. I especially liked Dear Leader’s looming head.

  242. ACE….

    Cherokee Geneologist To Elizabeth Warren: Tell The Truth, You Lying Monsterscrunt

    May 16, 2012
    Cherokee Geneologist To Elizabeth Warren: Tell The Truth, You Lying Monsterscrunt

    The last part is deftly implied.

    Tell the truth….
    While you cling to a family story and the inaccurate report that ONE document was found that supports your claim, we real Cherokees understand that those things mean nothing. You see, we Cherokees have lots and lots and lots of documentation supporting our claims of our ancestry. Our Cherokee ancestors are found on every roll of the Cherokee Nation (30+ rolls!) dating back to before the removal and in all sorts of other documentation, including but not limited to claims against the US government for lost property; the Moravian missionary records; ration lists before and after the forced removal, etc…yet your ancestors are found in NONE of those records.

    But, your ancestors are found in plenty of historical records, and every time, they are found living as white people among other white people. Never are your ancestors ever found living among the Cherokees. Never, never, never, never…….yet you claim they were Cherokee….

    So, Ms. Warren, you see, it is not just your opponent who has questions. We Cherokees have questions too and those questions have yet to be answered by you. You see, for us Cherokees, this is not political. This is about the truth.

    You have claimed something you had no right to claim — our history and our heritage and our identity. Those things belong to us, and us alone. These are not things we choose to embrace when they benefit us and then cast aside when we no longer need them, but that is what you seem to have done by “checking a box” for several years and then no longer “checking” it more recently, when apparently you no longer needed it.

    And she says she’s formed a special group to prove Warren is 32/32nds white, and that they’ll be releasing documents establishing this soon.

  243. Media protects and defends Obama as tide shifts toward Romney –

    …The upshot is that Romney, simply by standing still while Obama whirls like a dervish at a private party, is consolidating conservative voters who were unsure of him in the GOP primaries. Still, it must be said there is a certain logic as to why the media is so riveted by gay marriage, and why Obama, having taken the plunge, is talking about little else. What else can the media possibly praise him for? And what else can he talk about? Certainly not his record. So for now, it’s gay marriage — and bust….

    Apparently NYPost has determined that it exists in an atmosphere apart from ‘the media.’

  244. In new WI poll by Marquette Obama and Romney are tied among LIKELY VOTERS 46% each. Guess which way the trend line goes?

  245. John Kass goes around the Mulberry Bush with this one:
    Michelle? Oprah? Sit down and have some pie.
    Does Michelle Obama really think Oprah Winfrey is too heavy to help in America’s fight against obesity? Does Oprah really think Michelle doesn’t want her “waddling around the White House”?
    …Calling the president an amateur isn’t very nice, even though only a couple of years before he was elected president, he was a backbencher in the Illinois Legislature, hanging with now imprisoned influence peddler Tony Rezko….
    Whether this is a real or made-up feud, you know what will happen. Political formulas dictate the outcome.
    Michelle and Oprah will sit down, with cameras and paparazzi, and they will embrace. The president will show up, unannounced, and he’ll smile, and people will cheer.
    He just better not forget the pie.
    Banana cream, blueberry or humble?,0,6471944,full.column

  246. wbboei
    May 16th, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    No. I think it’s because all they hear about BO is filtered through the lens of CNN and MSNBC. They simply do not read or hear anything negative about BO. Sure, a couple of U.K. papers occasionally run anti-BO stuff as does Der Spiegel but what the average European hears is only the fantasy BS.

    It seems CNN and MSNBC are thought of as the voice for all Americans. That is scary AND dangerous.

  247. For those who think that conservatives don’t “get it” re: banking regulation, many do. The problem is that many of their politicians don’t. Which is the same problem real liberals have.

    Here is a sampling of comments on conservative HotAir:

    Once again, regulators seem to have been oblivious to huge risks at a bank they were supposed to be overseeing. To JPMorgan, however, they also have served a valuable purpose.

    And many people are oblivious to the type of bank behavior that led to the near collapse of our financial system. It’s completely true that Chase’s $2 bil loss posed no material threat to the bank itself, but when that type of risk-taking occurs systematically across the banking system due to the type of herd mentality characterizing by an asset bubble, then the entire banking industry is again threatening the very basis of our economy.

    All the same, I have a hard time seeing these banking execs as capitalists.

    Look, this country didn’t live under communist rule during the era of Glass-Steagall. There’s nothing capitalistic about bankers leveraging government-backed deposits to hedge the stock market. No one is preventing Chase from selling off its core banking assets and turning into a hedge fund so that it’s no longer placing bets on FDIC insured deposits. If you want to place the FDIC sign on your door, then you have to follow rules that protect taxpayers.

    bayam on May 16, 2012 at 2:36 PM


    The “too big to fail” banks should love Obama. Dodd-Frank protects them at the expense of small local and regional banks, thereby eliminating any upstart competition.


    I hope that Romney will start talking about glass-steagal. we need to privatize investment banking.

    funds covered by fdic must be boring..and if the investment banking segment loses a lot of money, well, see you at the soup line

    all the rest is BS, trying to wring money out of a people who have captured the regulators and government.

    r keller on May 16, 2012 at 2:14 PM


    I’m a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist, so I’m glad when the forces of Obamunism suffer fundraising problems. All the same, I have a hard time seeing these banking execs as capitalists. They behave more like opportunistic cronies-in-waiting, greasing the palms of whichever politician can give them goodies from the government trough.

    Ron Paul is an Jew-baiting nutball with suicidal ideas about foreign policy and defense, but I’d love to turn him loose on these guys.

  248. It is understood she committed suicide……that family brings nothing but tragedy to people.

  249. Ever wonder why Obama has enhanced the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power?

    Here is well written article with the whole story..

    pass it on-


  250. And she says she’s formed a special group to prove Warren is 32/32nds white, and that they’ll be releasing documents establishing this soon.


    Remember Paula Jones?

    Kochs funding kooks, this time.

  251. democrat1
    May 16th, 2012 at 9:52 am

    How Obama bullied his way into politics


    It was nasty but the details aren’t quite like that. At my old site, look for ‘Alice Palmer’.

  252. gonzotx, FOX does not give any breakdown of sampling in that particular poll, which was also registered voter rather than likely voter. We have no idea what the D/R/I breakdown was. I automatically reject polls that won’t reveal what their sample was.

    *shrug* If it’s true, other polls will bear it out. If it’s an outlier, that will become evident as well.

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