Michigan And Arizona Republican Primary Night

Update: Is it Michigeddon for Romney tonight? All the polls close at 9:00 although some close at 8:00 ET.

Is it Ariztopia? All the polls close at 9:00 p.m. ET there too.


We’ve always wondered why Mitt Romney never made Michigan the centerpiece of his campaign. Why, didn’t Romney ever make it clear that he could win Michigan in the general election (as well as Nevada) and therefore the Obama campaign would collapse in November? Well, now we know why.

If Romney loses Michigan tonight he is the bride stripped bare. But, if Mitt Romney wins Michigan tonight he can still make the case we thought would be a winner for him, but with diminished credibility (unless it is a big win). Tonight we will soon enough find out how strong Romney’s claim to Michigan is but we do know that the Obama campaign is worried:

“What you’re seeing here. Michigan is very key here in a national election. More important to democrats. Democrats, Obama has to have this state. If Obama and Romney are fighting over Ohio, that’s a swing state. If they’re fighting over Michigan, Obama’s in trouble. And, I think that’s why you’ve seen this extraordinary effort by the Obama camp during this last week to interfere in this primary. They’re running ads about the auto bailout which Obama thinks plays well here, trying to mobilize that base, that auto base in getting them primed for the general.”

The Obama campaign and the DailyKooks are trying to destroy Mitt Romney in Michigan. It’s why the tin plated calf gave a speech today of all days to the United Automobile Workers. The strategy might work. But, as the saying goes, “that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

If Mitt Romney thinks he has a difficult time, if Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul think they have had a hard time with these powderpuff “dirty tricks” they are fools. It’s going to be much uglier and much dirtier for the eventual nominee. That’s why for all the yelping about how the nomination race hurts them, the bottom line for Republicans is that the tough and ugly nomination fight is making them stronger and better able to react and respond to the slime machine from Chicago.

As to Rick Santorum, we frankly can’t stand the sanctimonious slow-blinker, but tonight he can show that he can actually win blue collar voters. Having lost his last general election race by double digits Santorum has to prove his claim of being able to get those white working class voters to actually vote for him. This does not mean trying to get non-Republican votes in order to eek out a victory as the sanctimonious slow-blinker has done.

It is appropriate for Mitt Romney to blast Santorum for robocalling Democrats in the open Michigan primary because this is not an actual expression of democratic support by the electorate but rather DailyKooks mischief making in order to deny Republicans the right to determine their own nominee. Hillary Clinton supporters recall with disgust the Republican led “Operation Chaos” contempt for the people’s will which took place in 2008.

We’ll know soon enough what happens in Michigan and pretty much everyone is agreed that Mitt Romney will win in Arizona. Newt is not playing in either state so it’s a Mitt and Rick show. We think Romney will win both states. We’ll be watching to see what the margins of victory are in both states.