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February 2012
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February 17, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Hillary Clinton Wants To Accomplish On Her Trip Overseas

10 Exchange U.S. dollars for currency that's worth something

9 Win respect defeating Japan's top-ranked sumo wrestler

8 Shift world's perception of America from "hated" to "extremely disliked"

7 Personally thank all of her illegal campaign donors

6 Three words: stylish Indonesian pantsuits

5 Visit burial site of revered Chinese military leader, General Tso

4 Get drunk with that Japanese finance minister guy

3 Convince China to switch from lead-tainted products to mercury-tainted products

2 Catch Chinese screening of Benjamin Button entitled "The Strange Adventures of Freaky Grandpa Baby"

1 Pick up carton of duty-free smokes for Obama

February 16, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Abraham lincoln Would Say If He Were Alive Today

10 "Sup?"

9 "I see Madonna's still a slut"

8 "Who's that handsome sumbitch on the five?"

7 "Is that free Grand Slam deal still going on at Denny's?"

6 "I just changed my Facebook status update to, Tthe 'ol rail splitter is chillaxing'"

5 "How do I get on 'Dancing with the Stars'?"

4 "Okay, Obama, you're from Illinois, too. We get it!"

3 "Hey Phelps, don't Bogart the weed!"

2 "What's the deal with Joaquin Phoenix?"

1 "A Broadway play? Uhhh, no thanks. I'm good."

January 28, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Overheard at the Meeting Between Barack Obama and the Republicans

10 "I miss the Clinton administration when we'd meet at Hooters"

9 "Can we wrap this up? I've got tickets to the 4:30 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop"

8 "Smoke break!"

7 "You fellas really need to take it easy on the Old Spice"

6 "Mr. President: don't misunderestimate the Republicans"

5 "Another smoke break!"

4 "What was the deal with Aretha Franklin's hat?"

3 "About that tax the rich stuff -- you were joking, right?"

2 "Sir, it's refreshing to have a Chief Executive who speaks in complete sentences"

1 "Senator Craig's offering his stimulus package in the men's room"

January 27, 2009 - David Letterman - Top Ten Ways Rod Blagojevich Can Improve His Image

10 Star in new television series, "America's Funniest Haircuts"

9 Quit politics and become a fat, lovable mall cop

8 Start pronouncing last name with Jerry Lewis-like "BLAGOOOYYYJEVICH"

7 Offer a senate seat with no money down, zero percent interest

6 Team up with John Malkovich and Erin Brockovich for hot Malkovich-Brockovich-Blagojevich sex tape

5 Change his name to Barod Obamavich

4 Safely land an Airbus on the Hudson River

3 I don't about showing up for his impeachment trial?

2 Wear sexy dresses, high heels and say, "You Betcha!"

1 Uhhh...resign?

January 16, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Signs Obama's Getting Nervious

10 New slogan: "Yes we can... or maybe not, it's hard to say"

9 In moment of confusion, requested a $300 billion bailout from the bailout industry

8 He's up to not smoking three packs a day

7 Friends say he's looking frail, shaky, that's McCain

6 He's so stressed, doctors say he's developing a Sanjay in his Gupta

5 Been walking around muttering, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

4 Offered Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, $100,000 to buy his old Senate seat back

3 Standing on White House roof screaming, "Save us, Superman!"

2 Sweating like Bill Clinton when Hillary comes home early

1 He demanded a recount

January 8, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Barack Obama Plans To Fix The Economy

10 Encourage tourists to throw spare change in the Grand Canyon

9 End our dependence on foreign owls

8 Sell New Mexico to Mexico

7 Put a little of that bailout money on the Ravens plus 3 at Tennessee. Come on! It's a mortal lock!

6 Rent out the moon for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs

5 Lotto our way out of this son-of-a-bitch

4 Appear on "Deal or No Deal" and hope to choose the right briefcase

3 Bail out the adult film industry -- not sure how it helps, but it can't hurt

2 Release O.J. from prison, have him steal America's money from China

1 Stop talkin' and start Obama-natin'!

January 7, 2000 - David Letterman - Top Ten Things Overheard At The Presidents' Lunch

10 "Sorry, you're not on the list, Mr. Gore"

9 "If Hillary calls, I've been here since Monday"

8 "Laura! More Mountain Dew!"

7 "You guys wanna see, 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop'?"

6 "Call the nurse -- George swallowed a napkin ring!"

5 "Hey Barack, wanna go with us to Cabo in March? Oh that's right, you have to work!"

4 "Kissey kissey"

3 "Obama? I think he's downstairs smoking a butt"

2 "Did you ever see a monkey sneezing?"

1 "I hope Clinton's unbuckling his belt because he's full"

Winter Warning: Obama And Google

Never before have we written an article to discuss technology issues or internet algorithm issues. We will today because it is important for readers of Big Pink to be aware that changes are coming on March 1 from Google that invoke privacy issues. Below, we will make some suggestions as to what readers might want to do to protect themselves. Remember – Google is an Obama supporting corporation and we do not put anything past Obama and his henchmen.

But first we know some of you require a bit of politics everyday and polls are the spice of political life. So a little bit of polling information is the first course in today’s meal.

A respected Battleground poll has horrid news for Republicans running against Obama. One of the Battleground pollsters does think that this poll is particularly alarming however. Republican Goeas says this is “a transitional period” and things will change. Goeas: “This is normal and to be expected during this period of time when you have an ongoing primary … and an incumbent with no challenge.”

Nothing is normal or expected these days. USAToday (Gallup) has a swing state poll which is horrid news for Barack Obama Hopium guzzlers and those who think the boob has a chance of winning in NOvember. The USA Today Poll shows Obama trailing Romney and Santorum in Swing States:

“What happens when an incumbent running for re-election has a signature achievement in his first term that voters strongly dislike? Barack Obama has that problem with ObamaCare among swing-state voters, and finds himself behind both of the leading Republicans in the new USA Today poll of these states: [snip]

•Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum tops Obama 50%-45% in the swing states. Nationwide, Santorum’s lead narrows to 49%-46%.

•Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney edges Obama 48%-46% in the swing states. Nationwide, they are tied at 47% each. [snip]

It’s a deeply significant sign that Obama can’t rise above his divided competition despite the battles taking place in the opposition party, and ObamaCare significantly drives that — even as Obama continues to campaign on his “achievement.”

Don’t forget one last thing, too. Democrats purposefully front-loaded the benefits of ObamaCare in 2010 in a desperate attempt to avoid a beating in the midterms. ObamaCare won’t get any more popular between now and the election, and it’s likely to get less popular.

Agreeing with Gallup on OBooberama’s unpopularity is the Rasmussen poll:

“The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 26% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -16 (see trends). That’s the president’s lowest rating in over a month. [snip]

For the first time since late December 2011, Mitt Romney leads the president in a hypothetical 2012 matchup. Romney earns 45% of the vote, while the president attracts support from 43%. Romney holds a nine-point advantage among unaffiliated voters.

For the first time ever, Texas Congressman Ron Paul also leads the president. In that matchup, 43% prefer Paul and 41% Obama. Ten percent (10%) would vote for some other option, a figure that includes 17% of Republicans.

If former Senator Rick Santorum is the Republican nominee, the president leads by two, 45% to 43%. With former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as his opponent, the president enjoys a 10-point lead, 49% to 39%.”

* * * * * *

As to Obama lovin’ Google, we’re going to rely on some good articles from other websites. As Obama ramps up his thug operation many of you might recall the 2007/2008 harassments and thuggery that spewed from the Hopium Guzzlers as they were unleashed on those of us not addicted to the Hopium.

Legal Insurrection:

“Google is revising their privacy policy in March, though, and it doesn’t look up my alley (and it probably won’t be up yours). So don’t wait for some dopey Congressman to slap a large, sweeping law that will invade more of your personal liberties (think SOPA). Take matters into your own hands and enter a 21st century frame of mind, one filled with personal responsibility: How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google’s New Privacy Policy Takes Effect (courtesy of the Electronic Frontier Foundation).”

The ugly new Google Privacy Policy may be read HERE.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (with good screen captures which make the process easier to understand):

“On March 1st, Google will implement its new, unified privacy policy, which will affect data Google has collected on you prior to March 1st as well as data it collects on you in the future. Until now, your Google Web History (your Google searches and sites visited) was cordoned off from Google’s other products. This protection was especially important because search data can reveal particularly sensitive information about you, including facts about your location, interests, age, sexual orientation, religion, health concerns, and more. If you want to keep Google from combining your Web History with the data they have gathered about you in their other products, such as YouTube or Google Plus, you may want to remove all items from your Web History and stop your Web History from being recorded in the future.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Sign into your Google account.

2. Go to

3. Click “remove all Web History.”

4. Click “ok.”

Note that removing your Web History also pauses it. Web History will remain off until you enable it again.

[UPDATE 2/22/2012]: Note that disabling Web History in your Google account will not prevent Google from gathering and storing this information and using it for internal purposes. It also does not change the fact that any information gathered and stored by Google could be sought by law enforcement.

With Web History enabled, Google will keep these records indefinitely; with it disabled, they will be partially anonymized after 18 months, and certain kinds of uses, including sending you customized search results, will be prevented. If you want to do more to reduce the records Google keeps, the advice in EFF’s Six Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy white paper remains relevant.

If you have several Google accounts, you will need to do this for each of them.”

Disabling your history probably will be a problem in accessing the Blogger web sites run by Google. But any Hillary Clinton supporter will recall the abuses and mass blocking of Hillary supporter websites by Blogger in 2007/2008. Most Hillary supporting websites left Blogger and joined those of us who ab initio blogged at WordPress.

The EFF’s Six Tips To Protect Your Search Privacy may be read HERE.

Pajamas Media also has good information on the March transition by Google:

“How to remove your Google search history before the new “privacy” terms go into effect.

Also, in the nine days I’ve been using Do Not Track Plus, it’s blocked nearly 37,000 tracking attempts. If you haven’t already downloaded it (it’s free), you’re missing out on a much, much faster browsing experience.”

That’s right, you might want to take some more steps not to be “tracked”:

“Do Not Track Plus — just go and download it right now. It’s a free browser plugin for all the bigs. Not only does it block companies from tracking your web browsing, it really speeds up your page load times.”

Do Not Track Plus can be accessed HERE. Do Not Track Plus also has a video which will help you understand the process and why it should be undertaken. It is a free tool.

You might also want to start searching without Google.

Startpage is a search engine which does not violate your privacy.

Ixquick is another search engine that does not violate your privacy.

Hide My Ass is a service that prevents your IP address from being used to track you.

We’re only warning you not telling you what to do. Some of these “fixes” might bring problems of their own such as the aforementioned problem with Blogger. Because Google owns websites such as YouTube there might be problems there as well. Best of luck to us and to all as we navigate Google March Madness.

Don’t say I never warned you.”

69 comments to Winter Warning: Obama And Google

  • admin

    More March Madness:

  • BASIL99

    You are a saint, admin.

    I have been reading about this and trying to push my lazy butt in gear to tackle the tech stuff but was procrastinating. I’m gonna get on this first thing tomorrow.

    Last Monday I had a horrific time with my pc – even blogged about it here. Do you think that could have had anything to do with the new google policy?

    Boy, we live in scary times.

    Thanks much for the links and the heads up.

  • BASIL99


    What a powerful clip!

  • BASIL99


    I knew I would get lost. Do you mean sign in to a google email account?

    BTW, Already downloaded DNT and 8 accounts have been blocked.

  • BASIL99

    Never mind. Found it.

  • BASIL99

    Last 1, promise. Can’t resist this bit of news.

    Talk about clearing the field! Chevy Volt buyers in Detroit eligible not only for the federal $10G incentive but a state incentive of $1,500


    PERMISSION to drive SOLO in highway carpool lanes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WTF!!!!!!!!!! Commuters on Long Island would KILL for that!

  • jbstonesfan

    Very scary stuff.

  • Mike Marks


    Thanks for the Google heads up; many of us (like me) saw the warnings on Google but didn’t understand the significance.

    If we must have poll reports, the swing state polls are the way to go, as you have reported. However, even those aren’t very reliable with eight months left to go; probably won’t mean much until after Labor Day. But they’re way more indicative of trends than the national polls and presidential approval ratings, which are totally meaningless regardless of whether the fraud is up or down, and upon which some are still basing their gloomy predictions.

    Aside from giving important information to the campaigns themselves with regard to where to spend their money, the only purpose of polls is to give the 24-hour controversy-hungry media a source for developing a narrative. The only problem is that they don’t develop a narrative from the polls, they just develop the desired narrative and search for the polls that might lend some credence to it, no matter how obscure.

    Excellent post as always, Admin.

  • democrat1

    Thanks Admn for your advice.

    I never understood the seriousness of the problem until you explained.

    Thanks a lot

  • BASIL99

    In the 30 minutes since I installed DNT 70 attempts to track have been blocked.

    THANKS, admin.

  • turndownobama

    Jen the Michigander said:
    I will be voting for Uncommitted on the Democratic ballot and I encourage my fellow Hillary-supporting Michiganders to do likewise. There is a space for write-ins, but I’ve been told that those ballots will not be counted.


    Thanks for good info!

  • turndownobama

    [For Volt buyers] PERMISSION to drive SOLO in highway carpool lanes!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good idea! Doesn’t cost the state anything, and can be revoked any time.

  • gonzotx

    The 57-member OIC has been proposing a special international law that would make it criminal to speak ill of Muhammad or his followers for years, but it never was successful under its earlier plans that were portrayed as a ban on the “defamation of religions.” ******************************************************
    He said Muslim nations would use it as an endorsement of their attacks on Christians for statements as simple as their belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ, which Muslims consider an affront.

    Not a coincidence I think that the fraud thought we had 57 states I think

  • gonzotx

    It’s amazing how powerful that 3 am add was and is and still the fraud was able to steal the nomination.

  • Leanora

    The New Republic asks why obama won’t speak frankly about Iran.

    What a silly question!

    What did they think was going to happen if we sent a Muslim to the WH????

  • holdthemaccountable

    Polls. I’ve continued, casually, to check Rasmussen Presidential Daily Tracking. For awhile it rose from around minus 24 to minus 10. But now seems to be sinking again. Hard to know how it will all turn out.

    Thanks for computer safeguard tips. I’ve taken some of them. Am a sissy about adding new programs but did call to ask about my IP address, and was briefly comforted to know is is not static. But when I questioned how often it is changed, the response was whenever the provider decides to change it. Therefore my “static” address could remain unchanged for days, weeks, months. She stopped at mentioning years. 🙁

    Fairfax man guilty in terror case is cited in report on future of Islamist extremism – The Washington Post
    …“I have above average artistic, computer graphics, video editing, writing, and programming skills,” he writes in one. “These, combined with a flair for propaganda, motivational work, recruiting, networking, and marketing led to my quick rise on the internet . . . I wound up in a position of enormous influence.”
    In the letters, he suggests creating a forum for discussion among Islamists and the government and counterterrorism community, and he expresses anger at his lawyers’ attempts to portray him as “some guy with no influence and no connections trying to just march into Somalia.” At the same time, he appears to criticize law enforcement for taking his activities too seriously.
    “There is no voice from the government seeking understanding,” he writes in one letter. “There is no stage between someone saying, ‘I like the Taliban’ for the first time and a sting operation. Read Orwell’s 1984 and you will see how it feels to be Muslim in America…..”

  • turndownobama
    Although it may be counterintuitive, frigid winters like last year’s could be more commonplace in years to come, and the culprit might be diminishing Arctic sea ice, according to a study released today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    “The recent decline of Arctic sea ice has played a critical role in recent cold and snowy winters,” the authors write in the study. The study’s lead authors are Jiping Liu and Judith Curry of Georgia Tech.

    “Pronounced loss of ice may alter atmospheric circulation patterns,” Liu and Curry suggest in the study, “weakening the westerly winds that blow across the North Atlantic Ocean from Canada to Europe…. The weakened westerly winds may, in turn, enhance blocking patterns that favor frequent incursions of cold air masses from the Arctic into northern continents.”
    Last September, sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean fell to the second-lowest extent in the satellite record, which began in 1979, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. This continued a downward trend that’s been observed over the past 3o years.

  • rgb44hrc

    Dear Big Pinkers,

    I just thought I’d share my feelings about “why so many people don’t come here any more…”, that “certain individuals” drive away the “real contributors”.

    I think we should not dwell so much on in-fighting. If you recognize a problem child, you may want to let them know how their comments are illogical, not founded in fact, or if they exhibit bad social behavior. But at some point, we may spend too much time and effort chasing them around.

    Let’s say we have an honest-to-goodness troll, perhaps called troll4obama. Let them use up space saying inane or nasty things. If you get tired of reading their comments, there’s that scroll bar on the right…you can use it to move onto more productive contributors’ comments.

    So let’s be productive, and work on exposing why another four years of Oclowna would be bad for the country.


  • rgb44hrc

    Hey, RCP has Ostinky at a tie, falling from his steroidally inflated +1.5% numbers from two weeks ago.

    Betcha those gas station prices aren’t helping, as is the Afghanistan situation devolving into greater instability and violence. Hey, I thought pulling out of everywhere by the Peace President would solve EVERYTHING???

  • BASIL99


    Good points at 9:39 a.m. Let’s ignore the inanity, ignorance (9:56 p.m.)and nastiness and scroll on by.

  • nomobama

    Has the word counterintuitive become another word for hoax? You’ll never win an argument with someone who claims something as being counterintuitive as support for their argument. They are playing both sides to cover their butts.

  • nomobama

    HOV lanes are nonsense, too. Much longer commutes for those stuck in much slower moving traffic as their cars idle their gas away.

  • nomobama

    I prefer articles like this when it comes to attacks of Albertgorism.

  • rgb44hrc


    From Yahoo:

    The top 5 ways Republicans will use Obama’s words against him

    A few weeks ago Spinners and Winners went through the top five things Mitt Romney has said that Democrats would use against him if he wins the Republican nomination. Now the flip side: The top five things from Barack Obama you can be sure Republicans will use over and over again in the fall campaign.

    The president’s opponents will hammer some of the wildly optimistic predictions the White House made about the stimulus program, and some economic promises that Obama has failed to deliver.
    “Fourteen days after I signed our Recovery Act into law, we are seeing shovels hit the ground,” Obama said in March of 2009. Last year, when it was clear the stimulus did not create the 4 million jobs analysts had predicted it would, the president back-tracked, joking at an economic forum, “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”

    In February 2009 Obama said, “I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office.” After Obama uttered those words, the deficit actually shot up to $1.4 trillion dollars in 2009. It then came down to $1.3 trillion in 2010, then stayed flat for 2011. The Congressional Budget office estimates 2012’s deficit will be $1.1 trillion dollars — a far cry from cutting the deficit in half.

    Republicans will attack not just his words, but also his actions, making hay out of the president bowing to foreign dignitaries.

    The number one quote that Republicans will likely play over and over again was said nearly three years ago, in an interview the newly-inaugurated president gave to NBC’s Today Show.

    “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there is going to be a one-term proposition,” Obama said.

    Mitt Romney already talks about this all the time.

    “He said if he could turn the economy around in 3 years he would be looking at a one term proposition, well we’re here to collect,” Romney told a crowd in Grand Rapids, Mich., in mid February. “We’re here to collect.”

    Watch the full show for the full top five.

  • turndownobama

    You’ll never win an argument with someone who claims something as being counterintuitive as support for their argument.


    ‘Counter-intuitive’ means something that at first thought would seem to be ODD: such as Hillary supporters supporting Gingrich!

    The article does not claim the oddity AS support. They say their theory may be right IN SPITE of the apparent oddity.

    They are claiming that we had a lot of snow (do you doubt that?), that the Arctic ice is melting (Hillary noticed that and told Congress about it a couple of years ago), and that overall warming is causing the melting.

  • turndownobama

    Heh. With all the support for Gingrich and for conservative ideas in general, and bashing of Bill and Hillary’s own issues — I’m beginning to feel like a troll4hillary.

  • Shadowfax

    Thanks again admin for the google tracking block tips.
    Plugged up a few holes.

  • Shadowfax

    “I have to tell you a lot of my Democratic friends will vote for Santorum in something they are calling Operation Hilarity,” Michael Moore said at the end of an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

    According to the Daily Kos, who launched this campaign, Operation Hilarity is “an opportunity for Democrats to actually help prolong this election a little bit longer because we’ve seen that the longer this drags out, the worse it is for Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum and the best it is for Barack Obama.”

  • Shadowfax

    The cheeto factory is screwing with the election:

    Announcing Operation Hilarity: Let’s keep the GOP clown show going!

    by kosFollow for Daily Kos
    permalink 641 Comments
    It’s time for us to take an active role in the GOP nomination process. That’s right, it’s time for those of us who live in open primary and caucus states—Michigan, North Dakota, Vermont and Tennessee in the next three weeks—to head out and cast a vote for Rick Santorum.

    Why would we do such a crazy thing? Lots of great reasons!

    Republican turnout has sucked, and appears to be getting worse by the contest. Unlike the 2008 Democratic primaries, which helped President Barack Obama and the Democrats to build a national organization, the GOP is an organizational disaster, with waning voter interest. That means that it takes fewer votes to have an impact than if Republican turnout was maxed out.

    Several of the contests have produced razor-thin margins of victory. Rick Santorum won Iowa by 34 votes, Mitt Romney “won” Maine by 194 votes. It won’t take many of us to swing contests the way we want them to swing.

    The longer this GOP primary drags on, the better the numbers for Team Blue. Not only is President Barack Obama rising in comparison to the clowns in the GOP field, but GOP intensity is down—which would have repercussions all the way down the ballot.

    The longer this thing drags out, the more unpopular the Republican presidential pretenders become. Just look at Mitt Romney’s trajectory, which followed Herman Cain’s trajectory, and Newt Gingrich’s trajectory, and Michelle Bachmann’s trajectory, and so on.

    Rick Santorum will inevitably follow the same path once he gets properly vetted. Mitt Romney has been unable to stem the bleeding despite his tens of millions. Just imagine Santorum, with the far more radical record and a continued inability to raise real money.

    It’s a no-brainer! The following states have completely open contests coming up:
    2/28: Michigan (Primary)
    3/6: North Dakota (caucus)
    3/6: Tennessee (primary)
    3/6: Vermont (primary)

    If you live in one of those states, pledge to participate in Operation Hilarity by voting or caucusing for Rick Santorum. Click here for Michigan, here for North Dakota, here for Tennessee and here for Vermont.

    If you live anywhere else, please contribute $5 to our Facebook ad effort to turn Democrats out in those elections. You can see a sample ad at the top right of this post.

    The Daily Kooks-

  • SaraK

    Speaking of polls, I sure hope jbstonesfan has seen today’s Gallup with Obama at 43.

  • rgb44hrc

    February 28th, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    “Not only is President Barack Obama rising in comparison to the clowns in the GOP field, but GOP intensity is down—which would have repercussions all the way down the ballot.”

    Ummmmm, last I heard, Mr. Popularity was barely ahead, or even behind, various theoretical Republican opponents. And this is from a Republican field that is certainly not stellar.

    In other words, Obama is quite unpopular.


  • blowme0bama

    February 28th, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    ABO baby, ABO!

  • holdthemaccountable

    DJIA right now at $12999.
    Oh cheerleaders have been promising solid 13000 since last Tuesday when it evidently went over that mark 3 times during the session but landed short at the end of the day and has been teasing the faithful ever since.
    In the meantime,
    New orders for U.S. manufactured goods fell in January by the most in three years as demand fell across the board from machinery to aircraft, suggesting the economy started the year on weaker footing than expected.

  • moononpluto

    Obama’s failure on Social Security : Social Security’s Chief Actuary: 23% Cut Will Hit Seniors If We Do Nothing

    video at link.

  • moononpluto

    Apparently the turnout in Michigan is very low…does not bode well for Santorum.

  • BASIL99

    February 28th, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Why doesn’t that bode well for RS? Is it because 16% have already voted? Can you explain? I am a bit dense.

  • Jen the Michigander

    There was only one other person at my polling place when I went to vote earlier this afternoon. And this was at lunchtime. I read one article last night (sorry, I didn’t save it) that says Romney is ahead among absentees who have already sent in their ballots.

    For the record, I voted Uncommitted on the Dem ballot. 🙂

  • BASIL99

    OT but ulsterman has begun to refer to MO’s Food Nazi movement as the “Fat and the Furious.”


    MOTUS also has an ongoing spoof about the program called “No Child’s Fat Butt left Behind”

  • moononpluto

    Real-Time Polling Data 4 PM ET: Romney up 7% in MI, 12% in AZ…

  • admin

    Obama corruption:

    LightSquared CEO Sanjiv Ahuja abruptly announced his resignation Tuesday amid revelations of his company’s political proximity — and his own closeness — to the White House and Obama administration officials.

    The Daily Caller first reported one week ago on emails and documents that indicate political ties and numerous meetings between LightSquared and Obama administration officials as the was undergoing regulatory review.

    Ahuja’s resignation comes after Obama’s FCC suspended conditional approval of a waiver LightSquared needed to complete its high-speed broadband network. Until two weeks ago, the company’s final approval appeared imminent.

    Ahuja, who had never donated to Democrats before and has not since, gave the maximum allowable $30,400 contribution to the Democratic National Committee on the same day his lawyers were trying to arrange a meeting for him at the White House with top Obama technology adviser Aneesh Chopra and other officials.

    In emails between Ahuja’s lawyers and White House officials Ahuja wanted to meet with, his lawyers pointed out that he would attend an Obama fundraiser on or about the same day he wanted the meeting.

  • jbstonesfan

    Obama -0.3% on RCP today!!!

  • BASIL99

    Do you have a link?

    February 28th, 2012 at 4:16 pm

  • BASIL99

    Love that Trump clip. All the reasons “green” energy is a scam.

    Trump is NO fan of everything from wind to solar to pond scum and gives clear reasons and examples of why not.

  • moononpluto

    Cat among the pigeons.

    FLASH: Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe to retire

  • moononpluto

    DRUDGEREPORT Real-Time Polling Data 5 PM ET: MI Romney 36.95% Santorum 30.37%; AZ Romney 38.32% Santorum 26.53% Developing…

  • moononpluto

    Wonder if she’s been bought off by Obama with the promise of a cushy job in DC if he gets re-elected.

  • moononpluto

    Something is afoot here, what is she up to. Look at the wording. Telling you, its either a DC job in Nov or she’s going to run for Gov in 2014. Notice the wording (would not commit to 6 years). Yup she’s getting something else.

    Maine Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe will not seek reelection in 2012, she announced Tuesday.

    In announcing her plans, Snowe, 65, emphasized that she is in good health and was prepared for the campaign ahead. But she said she was swayed by the increasing polarization in Washington.

    “Unfortunately, I do not realistically expect the partisanship of recent years in the Senate to change over the short term,” Snowe said in a statement. “So at this stage of my tenure in public service, I have concluded that I am not prepared to commit myself to an additional six years in the Senate, which is what a fourth term would entail.”

    UPDATE: Maine blogger Matthew Gagnon observes:

    There is very obviously something going on here behind the scenes, since Senator Snowe was so aggressively campaigning for re-election, and in full campaign mode for the last year. Decisions like this – being so very much running (and winning) to very much not – do not happen this abruptly in politics. Ever.

  • BASIL99


    THAT is a poll of DRUDGE readers! It is NOT the actual exit polling in either state!

  • moononpluto

    in prelim #MIPrimary exit polls – about 10% are Democrats. much lower than 2000, when Ds swung MI for McCain vs. Bush.

  • Jen the Michigander

    Snowe= A presidential candidate for Americans Elect, perhaps?

  • BASIL99

    February 28th, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    It also makes it hard for the repubs to hold onto that seat and gives dims a good shot at taking it and keeping the senate. BO is sure counting his chickens, isn’t he? Maybe his comment on Univision that he still has 5 years to address immigration issues is based on foreknowledge, just like he KNEW he was going to be the dim nominee as far back as February 2008. Remember his smug arrogance, the way he snubbed and ignored HRC as if he felt she couldn’t touch him? Remember how posters here marveled at what we thought was his exuberant over-confidence, convinced at that point that HRC would prevail, that the DNC would never steal an election – remember?

    Boy were we guillable.

  • moononpluto

    six in 10 voters in #MIPrimary describe themselves as conservative, split between “very” and “somewhat,” in prelim exit polls

  • BASIL99

    Initial polling data out of Michigan:

    By party affiliation
    Democrat 10%
    Independent 31%
    Republican 59%

    By attitude
    Moderate 27%
    Liberal 13%

    AND: 14% of Michigan primary voters say they belong to a union.

  • BASIL99


    Where are you looking?

  • BASIL99


    A guy in MI who was reporting on exit poll data was supposed to have a final 6:15 update and his account was suspended. WTF does that mean? Last tine I checked was his 4:30 update.

    Maybe someone didn’t like his numbers?

  • Shadowfax

    Speaking of failed green energy companies, thanks to the Fraud in Chief…I went to a convention in Silicone Valley on Saturday…and as I buzzed down the freeway, I almost had an accident as a HUGE, new building appeared on my left side, the company letters were so gigantic I couldn’t miss it if I were blind…the building was Solyndra.

    Mega bucks in that building alone, brand new and they must have dreamed big. – photo of huge building…

  • moononpluto

    There is no rhyme or reason why Snowe is bowing out now, it makes no sense unless a dirty deal has been done. You dont just walk out on a senior ranking senate seat for nothing especially when the GOP is expected to win the senate, it makes no sense whatsoever.

    I mean she would be the 9th ranked GOPer in seniority come next January. She could pick chairmanship. So what gives. I smell a buy off.

  • BASIL99


    HA agrees with you.

    Update: So perfectly does her statement coincide with David Brooks’s column this morning, I have to wonder if they weren’t coordinated. Says Brooksy, first they came for the RINOs…

    But where have these party leaders been over the past five years, when all the forces that distort the G.O.P. were metastasizing? Where were they during the rise of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck? Where were they when Arizona passed its beyond-the-fringe immigration law? Where were they in the summer of 2011 when the House Republicans rejected even the possibility of budget compromise? They were lying low, hoping the unpleasantness would pass.

    The wingers call their Republican opponents RINOs, or Republican In Name Only. But that’s an insult to the rhino, which is a tough, noble beast. If RINOs were like rhinos, they’d stand up to those who seek to destroy them. Actually, what the country needs is some real Rhino Republicans. But the professional Republicans never do that. They’re not rhinos. They’re Opossum Republicans. They tremble for a few seconds then slip into an involuntary coma every time they’re challenged aggressively from the right…

    Leaders of a party are supposed to educate the party, to police against its worst indulgences, to guard against insular information loops. They’re supposed to define a creed and establish boundaries. Republican leaders haven’t done that. Now the old pious cliché applies:

    First they went after the Rockefeller Republicans, but I was not a Rockefeller Republican. Then they went after the compassionate conservatives, but I was not a compassionate conservative. Then they went after the mainstream conservatives, and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Rhinos, possums: Is there an animal that gets indignant before committing suicide to prove a point so that we have an analogy for Snowe?

    Update: Via Slublog, this blogger at the Bangor Daily News says something’s suspicious here: “There is very obviously something going on here behind the scenes, since Senator Snowe was so aggressively campaigning for re-election, and in full campaign mode for the last year. Decisions like this – being so very much running (and winning) to very much not – do not happen this abruptly in politics. Ever.”

    More, from a separate post: “I am told her own staff was unaware of this decision until just hours before the statement went out – just long enough to actually work on the release and send it out.”

  • nomobama

    I read this on Yahoo! comments today and it made me laugh:

    How about this one Bart: A Muslim, an illegal alien, and a Socialist walk into a bar. The bartender asks “What can I get for you, Mr. President?”..

  • nomobama

    February 28th, 2012 at 11:47 am

    I know what counter-intuitive means. Obviously, I was mocking the content of your post.

  • nomobama

    Darn, I forgot to write that “counter-intuitive” is incorrect. It is counterintuitive with no hyphen necessary.

  • nomobama

    The Middlebury Community Network


    Editorial: The Great Global Warming Hoax?

    For turndownobama especially.

  • nomobama

    ‘Green’ debacle: Tens of thousands of abandoned wind turbines now litter American landscape
    Thursday, November 24, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

  • Vcal

    For ABMO90 and all Hillary lovers, have you watched this?

  • nomobama

    I just read that the planet Mars is going through its own global warming. What are those people on Mars doing to cause this? Never mind.

  • nomobama

    Blog hog alert! Level 5! LOL!

    nomobama must stop now less others not want to read blog any more.

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