Winter Warning: Obama And Google

Never before have we written an article to discuss technology issues or internet algorithm issues. We will today because it is important for readers of Big Pink to be aware that changes are coming on March 1 from Google that invoke privacy issues. Below, we will make some suggestions as to what readers might want to do to protect themselves. Remember – Google is an Obama supporting corporation and we do not put anything past Obama and his henchmen.

But first we know some of you require a bit of politics everyday and polls are the spice of political life. So a little bit of polling information is the first course in today’s meal.

A respected Battleground poll has horrid news for Republicans running against Obama. One of the Battleground pollsters does think that this poll is particularly alarming however. Republican Goeas says this is “a transitional period” and things will change. Goeas: “This is normal and to be expected during this period of time when you have an ongoing primary … and an incumbent with no challenge.”

Nothing is normal or expected these days. USAToday (Gallup) has a swing state poll which is horrid news for Barack Obama Hopium guzzlers and those who think the boob has a chance of winning in NOvember. The USA Today Poll shows Obama trailing Romney and Santorum in Swing States:

“What happens when an incumbent running for re-election has a signature achievement in his first term that voters strongly dislike? Barack Obama has that problem with ObamaCare among swing-state voters, and finds himself behind both of the leading Republicans in the new USA Today poll of these states: [snip]

•Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum tops Obama 50%-45% in the swing states. Nationwide, Santorum’s lead narrows to 49%-46%.

•Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney edges Obama 48%-46% in the swing states. Nationwide, they are tied at 47% each. [snip]

It’s a deeply significant sign that Obama can’t rise above his divided competition despite the battles taking place in the opposition party, and ObamaCare significantly drives that — even as Obama continues to campaign on his “achievement.”

Don’t forget one last thing, too. Democrats purposefully front-loaded the benefits of ObamaCare in 2010 in a desperate attempt to avoid a beating in the midterms. ObamaCare won’t get any more popular between now and the election, and it’s likely to get less popular.

Agreeing with Gallup on OBooberama’s unpopularity is the Rasmussen poll:

“The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 26% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -16 (see trends). That’s the president’s lowest rating in over a month. [snip]

For the first time since late December 2011, Mitt Romney leads the president in a hypothetical 2012 matchup. Romney earns 45% of the vote, while the president attracts support from 43%. Romney holds a nine-point advantage among unaffiliated voters.

For the first time ever, Texas Congressman Ron Paul also leads the president. In that matchup, 43% prefer Paul and 41% Obama. Ten percent (10%) would vote for some other option, a figure that includes 17% of Republicans.

If former Senator Rick Santorum is the Republican nominee, the president leads by two, 45% to 43%. With former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as his opponent, the president enjoys a 10-point lead, 49% to 39%.”

* * * * * *

As to Obama lovin’ Google, we’re going to rely on some good articles from other websites. As Obama ramps up his thug operation many of you might recall the 2007/2008 harassments and thuggery that spewed from the Hopium Guzzlers as they were unleashed on those of us not addicted to the Hopium.

Legal Insurrection:

“Google is revising their privacy policy in March, though, and it doesn’t look up my alley (and it probably won’t be up yours). So don’t wait for some dopey Congressman to slap a large, sweeping law that will invade more of your personal liberties (think SOPA). Take matters into your own hands and enter a 21st century frame of mind, one filled with personal responsibility: How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google’s New Privacy Policy Takes Effect (courtesy of the Electronic Frontier Foundation).”

The ugly new Google Privacy Policy may be read HERE.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (with good screen captures which make the process easier to understand):

“On March 1st, Google will implement its new, unified privacy policy, which will affect data Google has collected on you prior to March 1st as well as data it collects on you in the future. Until now, your Google Web History (your Google searches and sites visited) was cordoned off from Google’s other products. This protection was especially important because search data can reveal particularly sensitive information about you, including facts about your location, interests, age, sexual orientation, religion, health concerns, and more. If you want to keep Google from combining your Web History with the data they have gathered about you in their other products, such as YouTube or Google Plus, you may want to remove all items from your Web History and stop your Web History from being recorded in the future.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Sign into your Google account.

2. Go to

3. Click “remove all Web History.”

4. Click “ok.”

Note that removing your Web History also pauses it. Web History will remain off until you enable it again.

[UPDATE 2/22/2012]: Note that disabling Web History in your Google account will not prevent Google from gathering and storing this information and using it for internal purposes. It also does not change the fact that any information gathered and stored by Google could be sought by law enforcement.

With Web History enabled, Google will keep these records indefinitely; with it disabled, they will be partially anonymized after 18 months, and certain kinds of uses, including sending you customized search results, will be prevented. If you want to do more to reduce the records Google keeps, the advice in EFF’s Six Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy white paper remains relevant.

If you have several Google accounts, you will need to do this for each of them.”

Disabling your history probably will be a problem in accessing the Blogger web sites run by Google. But any Hillary Clinton supporter will recall the abuses and mass blocking of Hillary supporter websites by Blogger in 2007/2008. Most Hillary supporting websites left Blogger and joined those of us who ab initio blogged at WordPress.

The EFF’s Six Tips To Protect Your Search Privacy may be read HERE.

Pajamas Media also has good information on the March transition by Google:

“How to remove your Google search history before the new “privacy” terms go into effect.

Also, in the nine days I’ve been using Do Not Track Plus, it’s blocked nearly 37,000 tracking attempts. If you haven’t already downloaded it (it’s free), you’re missing out on a much, much faster browsing experience.”

That’s right, you might want to take some more steps not to be “tracked”:

“Do Not Track Plus — just go and download it right now. It’s a free browser plugin for all the bigs. Not only does it block companies from tracking your web browsing, it really speeds up your page load times.”

Do Not Track Plus can be accessed HERE. Do Not Track Plus also has a video which will help you understand the process and why it should be undertaken. It is a free tool.

You might also want to start searching without Google.

Startpage is a search engine which does not violate your privacy.

Ixquick is another search engine that does not violate your privacy.

Hide My Ass is a service that prevents your IP address from being used to track you.

We’re only warning you not telling you what to do. Some of these “fixes” might bring problems of their own such as the aforementioned problem with Blogger. Because Google owns websites such as YouTube there might be problems there as well. Best of luck to us and to all as we navigate Google March Madness.

Don’t say I never warned you.”