Barack Obama Apologizes, Hillary Clinton Stands Strong

Update: Republicans the new anti-war party now that the Obama left is silent and not protesting war? Today, Newt Gingrich to Afghanistan: Maybe it’s time for you to live your miserable lives on your own. Rush Limbaugh too is wondering whether it is time to say “to hell with the place.”


Barack Obama has been busy apologizing again. Korans/Qurans which were no longer Korans/Qurans because they had been “desecrated” and indisputably become terrorist communications devices instead, had to be burned (not buried as usually required for not desecrated, legitimate, Korans/Qurans).

Obama immediately apologized and trials are promised for the not yet chosen American/NATO victim(s) who thought he/she was duly performing the appropriate procedure for dealing with terrorist communications. Americans are getting killed for disposing of terrorist communications and it is Barack Obama who apologizes. Obama’s butt ugly “face” gets uglier by the second because those “young Muslims” he was supposed to seduce have not fallen in love with their thin suitor.

A real American president would not bow to the corrupt. A real American president would have made the case that the burned Korans/Qurans were terrorist communications devices which desecrated the holy book for adherents of Islam. But no, Barack Obama apologized for front line troops doing their job. A personal apology to the president of Afghanistan. Barack Obama has declared for all departments and all spokespersons of the government that apologies which comfort America’s enemies are the order of the day.

Compare and contrast – a presidential performance par excellence:

Pity China and Russia. They have no fear or respect for Barack the Boob. But Russia and China have in Hillary Clinton a person of substance and an adversary to respect and fear.

When Barack Obama weaseled his way into the Rezko House White House Hillary Clinton faced a dilemma. Hillary Clinton knew Obama was treacherous and she should not join the cabinet, but Hillary worried about abandoning America to the inexperienced treacherous boob at a time of peril.

Hillary Clinton succumbed to her “responsibility gene” and opted to represent America, try to save the world, and keep the State Department and American foreign policy as safe from Obama’s henchmen and women (think Samantha Powers, Tom Donolin, the anti-Israel crowd around “Arabs’ Lawyer” Barack Obama, Denis McDonough, and Susan Rice). as much as she possibly could.

So yesterday Hillary Clinton was in Tunis, Tunisia – not apologizing but speaking forcefully the way an American leader should speak. Hillary Clinton, in an Arab/Muslim capital did not only denounce the killers in Damascus. Hillary Clinton spoke powerfully to China and Russia and denounced their actions in protecting Syria’s Assad as “despicable”:

“Speaking after a Friends of Syria conference, held in Tunisia, Mrs Clinton said that Russia and China must join international condemnation of President Assad’s regime.

“It’s quite distressing to see two permanent members of the Security Council using their veto while people are being murdered – women, children, brave young men – houses are being destroyed,” she said.

It is just despicable and I ask whose side are they on? They are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people.”

They are not on the “side of the Syrian people” just as surely as Barack Obama is not on the side of American troops in Afghanistan.

Whatever one thinks about American policy in Afghanistan and Syria is not the issue. The issue is that an American president should forcefully represent American policy and interests and not apologize reflexively. In Tunis, Tunisia Hillary Clinton forcefully enunciated American policy and fearlessly condemned powerful Russia and China.

Safe in the golf courses of Washington D.C. Barack Obama whimpered with new apologies which afflict America’s friends and comfort America’s enemies.