Obama’s Government By Purposeful Disaster: Iran, Nukes, The Economy, Payroll Tax Cut, Social Security, Contraception, And Crony Capitalism Solyndra/LightSquared

It becomes increasingly impossible to question the notion that Barack Obama is purposefully destructive.

Consider: Nuclear Pakistan is unreliable and possibly a rogue state in the making; Iran wants a nuclear bomb no matter what and threatens to barbeque Israel; Russia and China are blocking the United States at every turn, most lately on Syria. The Obama response? Propose unilateral American reductions in nuclear weapon stockpiles to the level of China’s stockpiles.

Consider: The more the economy deteriorates the more Barack Obama profits politically. Americans forced in desperation from even bothering to look for jobs leads to a drop in the unemployment rate and Barack Obama smirks a clown smile and goes on yet another vacation.

Consider: Obama Dimocrats rejoice that Barack Obama has outmaneuvered Republicans on the payroll tax issue. Left unmentioned by the left Obama Dimocrats – the destruction of Social Security.

Consider: Barack Obama relied on the Catholic Bishops to pass his health scam. The treacherous Barack Obama betrayed MILLIONS of women and codified the Hyde Amendment into law in order to get the votes to pass his health scam. Barack Obama then goads the Catholic Bishops on an issue that will at most affect a few hundreds of women (if we accept the notion that this is about contraception not religious liberty), not the MILLIONS previously betrayed, and the Obama left along with some out-of-their-depths-analysts-we-all-know-so-well, shout Hosannas at Obama the great liberator of women.

Consider: Crony capitalism for Solyndra and millions in donations from Wall Street while Obama agitates on behalf of Occupy Wall Street.

It’s government by willful, purposeful, destruction of America for personal political profit – but it won’t work to save this corrupt clown from Chicago.

On each of these issues Barack Obama pretends to vote “present” or both “yes” and “no” in the HOPE that Americans are as stupid as he thinks they are. After all, Barack reasons, they did elect him so they really are stupid.

But reality, like justice, has its own wheel which grinds slowly but inexorably. On each issue Obama’s chickens are coming home – ready to poop.

On Obama’s nuclear weapons downgrade of America’s might: Americans know that America has too many nuclear weapons. But reductions in these stockpiles should be negotiated in order to bring down all the stockpiles of nuclear weapons. It makes no sense to propose unilateral nuclear reductions when Iran seeks nuclear weapons. It is a sign of weakness and a green light to trouble makers like Iran when they see the United States response to their nuclear armament program to be another variation of “no preconditions”. It is a purposeful disaster created by Barack Obama.

This nuclear reductions proposal is an Obama dog whistle to Iran and other rogue states – “do as you please, I’ll protect you.” But Obama can’t protect anybody from Israel and Israel is not stupid.

In 2009 when Barack Obama gave his much ballyhooed (by Big Media) speech to the “Muslim world” the real message was not the hideous speech which distorted history. The real message to the “Muslim world” was an American president going to the Middle East but snubbing Israel (Obama still has not visited Israel). The speech was bad enough but the real message was in the medium of the snub. Israel hating Arabs and however many Israel hating Muslims heard the Obama dog whistle to them.

Not content with the damage he purposefully caused in 2009, in 2011 Barack Obama launched another hateful speech which we denounced as a “Pearl Harbor” style attack against Israel. Now reports state that Obama will try to protect Iran from Israel at his meeting with Netanyahu on March 5. It won’t work. Israel will defend itself from Iran and from Barack Obama

[For background information on this story of the March 5 meeting, see our previous articles discussing Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu versus “Arabs’ lawyer” Barack Obama. As to Tom Donilon and his “caustic” conversations with Netanyahu, remember he is the thug assigned to take down Hillary Clinton and he is still angry that she ditched him when he was the assigned enforcer against her at the Munich Security Conference.]

Consider: The economy. We remember March of 2009 and the Big Media hyping of the economic wonders to come once Obama got his stimulus scam passed. We remember the “Glimmers of Hope” that were fools gold. We remember the “Recovery Summer” that wasn’t in 2010. We remember Joe Biden years ago saying with great pride that the economy was about to start producing 400,000 jobs a month and more. Didn’t happen.

About the only real good economic news has been the warm weather this “winter” which has provided a respite to beaten down Americans. But the weather was not Barack Obama’s doing unless you are one of those Hopium addicts that believes all that Barack does turns to gold.

The warm weather brought down expenses for many Americans and that has helped bring up the level of optimism. But much like a befuddled groundhog that unwittingly makes a false forecast and lifts up spirits for a day, this too shall pass. Already gas prices soar and Americans are once again getting sour on the economy.

The economy is in dire straits. This is your Obama recovery:

“But if you look a little further into the numbers, you see that the American job market is not better off than it was four years ago. Indeed, it’s a lot worse.

On Inauguration Day in 2009, when Barack Obama took office, the unemployment rate was 7.8 percent (up from 4.4% as recently as May of 2007). Notwithstanding his promises that Porkulus would cap unemployment at 8.5%, it soared to 10% in October of 2009, and didn’t dip down below 9% in any sustained way until last fall. Last month, after three years of Obama, it was at 8.3% – or .2% lower than where he said it’d never get above if we spent what he proposed.

That’s bad.

“But 8.3% is better than 10%, right?”

Sure – if all you’re doing is comparing numbers straight-up. But by itself, the unemployment rate is meaningless. It’s a percentage of people out of work – but who are those people? They are the ones that are participating in the labor market.

And fewer Americans than ever -ever! – are doing that! [snip]

The media is spinning nonstop about the “Obama recovery”. It’s vapor; in terms of percentage of the American workforce actually working, there is no recovery.

Are you better off than you were four years ago, America?

No – you’re doing two percent worse.”

Recovery Summer is still in relapse. The only thing that has happened is what we predicted: as the elections approach Big Media will trumpet anything that even remotely appears to be “good” and bury anything that can hurt their brass idol.

“But the rising polls for Obama!” shout the denizens of the Hopium dens. Sorry “creative class” boys, Barack Obama is less popular than George W. Bush after his eight years in office. That poll is from a Democratic leaning polling firm too. As to the Republicans who are waging ice-pick warfare against each other and getting everyone worried? The latest Rasmussen tracking poll shows Romney and Santorum within 2 points of Obama.

Consider: The payroll tax issue as described by Politico:

“Republicans freely acknowledge that the president outmaneuvered them on the payroll tax holiday last December — a fight that lasted into February — and his political dexterity during a recent contraception contretemps has left the GOP on the defensive on an issue that seemed to give them the upper hand just a week or so ago.”

But the payroll tax issue so praised by the hypocrite left and out of depth analysts is another example of purposeful destruction for short term political profit:

“Sen Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, just laid into the payroll tax deal stating his “vehement opposition” – and slammed Obama AND Biden, saying, “I’m dismayed that a Democrat – incl a Dem Pres and a Dem VP -are willing to sign a deal that will begin the unraveling of Social Security.”

He doesn’t like the revised/reformed unemployment benefits system — a tiered system that gives more to out-of-work Americans who live in states w/ high unemployment. Harkin, from a low-unemployment state, said, “If you’re unemployed, you’re unemployed.”

Grave warnings peppered the speech — including this: “I choose my words carefully. Make no mistake about it – American ppl – this is the beginning of the end of Social Security.”

We were right when we warned in 2007 about Obama and his hate of Social Security and old people (like his grandma). Seniors are not part of Obama’s “situation comedy” coalition.

Consider: Contraception/Abortion, the red flags. This election is not going to be about abortion nor contraception. Republicans know “it’s the economy, stupid.” This is more crazy making from Barack Obama. It’s a distraction to make people forget about his signing the Hyde Amendment onto his health scam and taking half a trillion dollars away from Medicare.

Consider: Crony capitalism. Yes, Mr. Kessler there really is a crony capitalist in the White House. Was it in 2007 that we began to ask questions about Obama purchases of biotech stocks? Stocks purchased along with some big Obama donors? Yup. 2007. But throughout the health care debate no one seemed to think that might matter.

Only now, in 2012, do we read articles about LightSquared and Obama donors. It’s an ugly story that reeks of crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is the problem. The problem is socialism for the rich and irresponsible who got a bailout when they placed their bets. The problem is scorched earth laissez-faire capitalism for the poor.

The crony capitalism practiced by Barack Obama is purposeful and for his own personal political profit, at the very least. It’s destructive of capitalism. We’re not surprised. Barack Obama is all about purposeful destruction.