Nevada Caucus Results And This Year’s Most Important Video

There has been a lot of important and interesting news this past week. But nothing is more important to watch from this past week than the below video. Three minutes and 15 seconds into the interview it is, thus far, the video of the year:

On May 7, 2009 we advised the secret weapon be unleashed. Trump does just that very thing in this interview.

Who ran the most negative campaign? Against whom? Against what woman and against what men?

Four minutes into the interview Trump lays it out, hits it out of the ballpark. Who ran the most negative campaign?

Clinton hater Sean Hannity finally discards his silly Bill Clinton impressions and learns from The Donald how to use the secret weapon – four minutes and ten seconds into the interview.

Sean Hannity has long been an E/I conservative. With this interview Hannity demonstrates he can become an I/E conservative. “Intelligence over Emotion“.

Who was the “least racist person” who was race-baited by Barack Obama? Ask Sean Hannity. Ask Donald Trump. Ask Bill Clinton. Ask Hillary Clinton.

Tonight Mormon Mitt Romney will likely win a big victory in the heavily Mormon populated state of Nevada. How much easier will it be for Mormon Mitt Romney to be smeared as a “racist”?

The “least racist person”, Bill Clinton was smeared as a “racist” by Barack Obama. We Hillary Clinton supporters, many of whom organized and worked for years to community organize in black neighborhoods and fought more for civil rights than Barack Obama ever did, were smeared as “racists” by Barack Obama and his Chicago thugs. How much easier will it be for Mormon Mitt Romney to be smeared as a “racist”?

Already Jim Clyburn who smeared Bill Clinton as a racist has begun the racist smears against Mitt Romney.

Some Republicans/conservatives will giggle at us and say “yeah we know all that about the soon-to-come “racist” smears attack and we are ready for it and we don’t need your advice or to use your so-called stupid “secret weapon” so just shut up and let us go about our business you losers.” To those E/I Republicans/conservatives we say that the election will be determined by the vast and growing number of independents.

Independents need to be educated on the race-baiting smear tactics of Barack Obama. Republicans/conservatives might be all too happy to know that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were race-baited. But Independents voted repeatedly for Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

To remind Independent voters that Barack Obama smeared Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, as the race-baiting smear campaign against the eventual Republican nominee commences, is smart politics.

Race-baiting is all Obama has left. The Obama job approval among uncommitted voters is at 20%. More states continue to move into the GOP column. The race card, race-baiting is all that is left.

Whatever happens today in the Nevada caucuses the GOP presidential nomination race will continue. Whoever wins the nomination will then face unprecedented race-baiting and screams of “racist”. Donald Trump showed the way to respond. Sean Hannity is learning how to respond.

Whoever the Republican nominee is will have to learn how to respond.