Big Gifts For The Next Republican President From Barack Obama And The Hypocrite Cannon Fodder Left

We get attacked as “Republicans” from the cannon fodder left – those hypocrites who have sacrificed principles and whore themselves to the corrupt Obama Dimocratic Party. They hate us because we continue to remind them of what they used to say when it was a Republican in office. They loathe us because we refuse to let them sweep the many words Barack Obama gushed out during the primaries against Hillary Clinton.

We’re frankly surprised that conservatives and Republicans have not yet fully learned the lessons we continue to teach them. Hey, Republicans/conservatives, ever hear of “unitary executive”?

In 2007/2008 Barack Obama and the hypocrites of the left and what once was the Democratic Party attacked George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton as exemplars of the “unitary executive”. To these hypocrites of the left Barack Obama would return constitutional restraint and balance to the White House. Barack Obama would not rule with dictatorial powers or impulses, said these wackadoodle hypocrites of the left.

During the 2008 primaries, at the DailyKooks and other Obama supporter Hopium dens, attacks on the “unitary executive” used to be all the rage. They would scream and stomp against signing statements by the president, the “power grabs” by the executive using the “war on terror” as pretext, and recess appointments by the Republican president.

Now, not so much. Today, the hypocrites of the left applaud presidential power grabs. DailyKook Chris Bowers, the haiku writer and once the big mouth against the “unitary executive” is asking for emails praising Barack Obama for recess appointing Richard Cordray and three other appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.

After November, when there is a Republican president what will DailyKook Chris Bowers say? What will the cannon fodder left say as every supposed principle they espoused is exploded by them in service of Barack Obama’s reelection campaign? In January 2013 when these recess appointments constitutionally expire, the new Republican president will have a lovely day.

Put aside for a moment whether Barack Obama is justified or not (he is most certainly not) in these recess appointments. Why would any person with principles, simply on the basis of long-term strategy, support this abomination? Even if Obama wins the sure to come lawsuits what does it gain for those from the left? What these recess appointments by Obama mean is that any future Republican president can effectively subvert the constitution and congress when it comes to appointments.

Recess appointments are constitutional only because the writers of the constitution did not anticipate that one day there would be instantaneous communications. (Of course if a nuclear bomb would wipe out congress the writers of the constitution would be proved prescient even in these easy to communicate times.) These particular Obama recess appointments are especially toxic to the constitution.

Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states: “The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.” The U.S. Senate was not in recess, as required by the Constitution, when Barack Obama made these recess appointments.

The U.S. Courts usually do not interfere in the proceedings of the co-equal legislative branch. The Congress stated they were not in recess so it is more than likely that the courts will not question that assertion. Obama Dimocrats are hypocrites, and stupid hypocrites who hurt themselves in order to aid Obama. Eventually the very expensive bill for such hypocrisy will come due and the next Republican president will enjoy stomping over protests from the minority Dimocrats in the Senate after this year’s elections.

Indeed this is an Obama power grab that those who think the presidency has become much too imperial will live to regret. The cannon fodder hypocrite left is disgusting in their whoring for Obama:

“In 2008 candidate Sen. Barack Obama famously said: “This is part of the whole theory of George Bush that he can make laws as he is going along. I disagree with that. I taught the Constitution for 10 years. I believe in the Constitution and I will obey the Constitution of the United States. We are not going to use signing statements as a way of doing and end run around Congress.”

Now, we find that not only was he kidding about signing statements – he recently used one to ignore about 20 provisions of the omnibus spending bill – but Obama also believes he can decide for himself that the Senate is in recess when it is not, overturn at least a hundred years of precedent, and bypass the Constitution’s advice and consent requirement. [snip]

If he were acting within the confines of the law and the Constitution, the argument might make sense. But Obama has now adopted a theory of executive power so expansive that a reporter at a recent press conference understandably asked whether the president believes we have a virtual monarchy, a president of unlimited powers subject only to periodic elections but not to the rule of law.”

A virtual monarchy aided and abetted by the unprincipled cannon fodder hypocrites of the left:

“According to a 1993 brief from the Clinton Justice Department, Congress must remain adjourned for at least three days before the adjournment constitutes a “recess” for the purposes the recess appointment power.

The origin of this three day period is Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution, which states: “Neither House, during the Session of Congress, shall, without the Consent of the other, adjourn for more than three days.”

In other words, the president can only recess appoint when the Senate has adjourned for more than three days, and the Senate cannot adjourn for more than three days without the consent of the House.

Speaker John Boehner has properly withheld that consent to prevent Obama from installing radical appointees into key positions.

There is recent precedent for this action and for its legitimacy. In fact, then-Obama Solicitor General Elena Kagan wrote to the Supreme Court on April 26, 2010:“Although a President may fill such vacancies through the use of his recess appointment power … the Senate may act to foreclose this option by declining to recess for more than two or three days at a time over a lengthy period. For example, the Senate did not recess intrasession for more than three days at a time for over a year beginning in late 2007.”

The cannon fodder hypocrite left does not wonder why Elizabeth Warren, not Cordray, was recess appointed. Instead the rants from the hypocrite haiku writers of the left are about how necessary it is to activate the CFPB. But the CFPB is not why Obama made this power grab.

The professor is quite right:

“So are the appointments really the issue? In part, yes, but they are just the excuse. Obama’s campaign theme is to run against Congress. What better way to run against Congress than to create a confrontation with Congress?

Republicans in Congress have no choice but to retaliate against this power grab, and that is just what Obama wants. [snip]

Obama was elected by crisis, he seeks to create crisis at every turn, and he never lets a good crisis go to waste.

I say give him the crisis, but do it carefully so that this time we are the ones who get to take advantage. We have a President who is arrogant, dismissive, and out of control, the nation knows it. It has to stop, and it sets the issue up nicely for November 2012.”

Republicans/conservatives have reacted wisely thus far. They know Obama wants to goad them into attacking him on an issue that he can exploit and pretend is for “the people”. Republicans reacted calmly to Nancy Pelosi’s ‘I’m darned proud of Obama for making these illegal recess appointments’.

Nancy Pelousy:

“Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution requires presidential appointees to be confirmed by the Senate before they can take office unless the Senate is in recess or if the appointments are to inferior offices that Congress has legally given the president the power to control. When the Senate is in recess, the president can make temporary appointments that last only until the end of the next session of Congress.

However, the Senate was not in recess on Wednesday.

At a Capitol press conference on Thursday a reporter asked Pelosi: “Was the Congress in recess yesterday, and are you at all worried that President Obama has set a precedent that may make it easy for a president in the future to circumvent Congress when making appointments?” [snip]

A reporter then followed-up, asking, “The Senate, however, was in a pro forma session yesterday and critics are saying the president was not able to make those recess appointments because Congress was not actually in recess –”

Of course, with Obama there is always treachery but also there is almost always boobery. Yes he is corrupt and treacherous – but he boobs at every turn. In this instance Obama’s power grab is a stupid one tactically. Anyone who is adversely affected by any of these appointments will immediately have standing to sue in the courts. There are other boobery issues to consider with the news that “doubling down, Obama follows Cordray recess appointment with three more to NLRB”:

“So shameless is this power grab, in fact, that even John Yoo, whose name is a curse word on the left when it comes to executive overreach, thinks Obama went too far. Lefty Timothy Noah, who supports Cordray’s appointment, candidly admitted today at TNR that he can’t figure out how this could possibly be constitutional. (If Obama has the power to define when the Senate is and isn’t in recess, writes Noah, then he could theoretically treat every weekend of the year as a recess.) In fact, according to Mark Calabria at Cato, not only does the Cordray appointment flout the Constitution, it actually violates the terms of the Dodd-Frank statute pushed through by O’s own party:

More importantly the “recess” appointment of Cordray doesn’t solve the President’s problem. The Dodd-Frank Act is very clear, even a law professor can probably understand this section, that authorities under the Act remain with the Treasury Secretary until the Director is “confirmed by the Senate”. A recess appointment is not a Senate confirmation. Now don’t ask me why Dodd and Frank included such unusual language, they could have just given the Bureau the new authorities, but they didn’t. So even with this appointment, the CFPB won’t be able to go after all those non-banks, like the pay-day lenders and check-cashiers that caused the financial crisis (oh wait, those industries didn’t have anything to do with the crisis).

What a boob! Did Obama even read the Dodd-Frank statute? Does Obama know how to read a law? What a boob!

As Timothy Noah observes the biggest boosters of Obama’s recess appointments decision are former Bush lawyers! Bush lawyers and the cannon fodder left united at last. What boobs!

Obama is a corrupt treacherous boob. The cannon fodder hypocrites of the left that enable him are far worse.

This all reminds us of our article of July 9, 2008. That article was about Hillary Clinton’s “no” vote on FISA. Barack Obama lied to his Hopium addled hypocrites and they persisted in support of him. At the time we wrote:

“Today, Obama proved once again he cannot be trusted. Obama voted FOR FISA.

Hillary Clinton voted AGAINST FISA.

Obama supporters do not care about the issues. If Obama supporters cared about the issues they would vote for Hillary.”

Obama supporters, the cannon fodder left, the hypocrites on Hopium, don’t care about the issues. They pretend they care about the issues but they don’t. Consider the Keystone Pipeline issue (which we will discuss at length at a more appropriate time). As bad as Barack Obama is on this issue our condemnations are reserved for labor union bosses and the phony “environmentalists.”

We understand the political motivations for Barack Obama to vote “present” on the pipeline. We condemn Barack Obama’s refusal to take a stance one way or the other on the pipeline. But what is much more contemptible and disgusting are the phony environmentalists and the self interested labor union bosses.

The labor unions support the Keystone pipeline and believe it will create tens of thousands of jobs. Environmentalists are opposed to the Keystone Pipeline and believe it will hare the environment. Or so they all say.

Our “J’accuse” is directed at these corrupt labor union bosses and phony environmentalists (throw in Occupy Wall Street and those who remain enablers are issue after issue and continue to protect Obama) who put aside their constituents, principles, and positions in order to protect Barack Obama. Why don’t the labor union bosses and the environmentalists get together and demand BEFORE THE ELECTION that Barack Obama take a position NOW.

The labor union bosses and the phony environmentalists won’t demand a clear cut position from Obama BEFORE THE ELECTION because they are protecting him. If they really cared about jobs or the environment they would demand a “yes” or “no” from Barack Obama. Instead these corrupt entities accept Obama’s “present” but not voting ploy.


On FISA the hypocrites of the left accepted, with fawning thanks, Obama’s lies and snubs. On the Keystone Pipeline labor bosses and phony environmentalists protect Barack Obama. The left and the Obama Dimocratic Party protect Obama on his unconstitutional recess appointments even though they know that their stance is unprincipled and will come back to bite them. Disgusting.

In 2013 as Republicans and conservatives celebrate their victories they should reserve their first toasts of Champagne for their savior and greatest help ever – Barack Obama. Disgusting.


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  1. Obama could not tolerate having his picture taken with the military in 2008. Big Media kept quiet and protected candidate Obama.

  2. There might be a pattern of Obama not only wanting to create a series of crises — but also wanting to create a series of complicated situations that have to be thrown to some committee to decide. Such as the Rules and By-Laws Committee….

    Like Bush sent the 2000 election to the Supreme Court….

  3. Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate

    Read that and had to shake my head. Are we not making eye contact here? The constitution seems to say the president can make recess appointments for vacancies that may happen during a recess of the Senate. Is may the operative word here? As in may or may not?

  4. Betty, that is the way it reads to us. First impression does indicate that the vacancy should occur during a recess and then during that recess the president may appoint. But the history is more complicated and never thoroughly litigated.

  5. I saw that anti-Huntsman ad put out by some Ron Paul supporters in NH. I was disgusted that anyone would target Huntsman’s kids like that. But at least Ron Paul denounced the ad and told his supporters to knock it off. Obama NEVER did anything like that in 2008, not even when his minions attacked Hillary and later Sarah Palin (and Sarah Palin’s mentally impaired toddler) in the most vile manner. So no matter what one thinks of Ron Paul, today he stood up for what’s right.

  6. I seldom watch Cavuto, so I didn’t realize how he is like O’Reilly in that he interupts his guest especially when they are saying something he may disagree with. Rosinski was pro Hillary.

    I’m not sure I understand the comparison of Bill Clinton “breaking the rules”, as Cavuto said, in his marriage and Barack Obama breaking and IGNORING the “rules” of even our Consititution.

  7. Wonderful analysis of the frauds real reason behind this latest constitutional crisis Admin.

    and here’s to you Steve Rosinsk

  8. Steve Rosinski – thank you for posting that it was good to link a face to the Draft Hillary Movement.

    Is there an organization in NH working for a Hillary write in? I would like to go join them if so.

  9. There’s some discussion whether the hemp that people like Washington and Jefferson grew was exactly the same a marijuana. Here are videos of Gingrich apparently not knowing that W and J grew it.
    Also note Gingrich’s implicit complaint that the Obama administration is not violent enough in cracking down on marijuana. Raids on medical marijuana dispensaries are more frequent under Obama than they were under Bush, and these are not peaceful events.

  10. I dont like usuing the Puffpost but…

    The president, already suffering from a setback to his health care reform effort, declined Emanuel’s offer to resign, despite being convinced that his chief of staff was the main source for the columns.

    “I’m not accepting it,” Obama replied. “Your punishment is that you have to stay here and get this bill done. I’m not letting you off the hook.”


    Lol………………And the first lady’s office grew so isolated from the rest of the presidential orbit that aides there began, as Kantor writes, “referring to the East Wing as ‘Guam’ — pleasant but powerless.”


    This could be interesting, lets wait and see if its a puff piece, a jabber or a bit of both.

  11. As puff pieces goes, it just makes her look like she’s the contemptuous chip on the shouldered witch we always thought she was.

  12. With this post, admin allows me to feel just a tad like a pro.
    tdo: [Obama] also wanting to create a series of complicated situations that have to be thrown to some committee to decide
    Speaking of “some committee” I was startled to read this clip in an article about how wonderful Sen Casey PA is:

    Sen. Bob Casey talks business in Bethlehem –

    “…Casey admitted compromise has proven elusive in Washington in the last year, demonstrated by the House and Senate’s failed attempt to find a way to extend the payroll tax cut through the end of 2012. Casey has been appointed to the 20-member conference committee created to reach a compromise….”,0,6231702.story

    You see, I missed the part about that 20 member committee being formed for the purpose of gutting the FICA tax for 12 months. I recall Boehner was ready to do it before Christmas. But then Christmas is only for passing impotent [sic] things like O’care, and given a next term, I feel certain Latino amnesty will be granted by the first Christmas of 2013. See how this POTUS continues to court that vote by searching for this headline:
    New Obama administration rule lets some illegal immigrants stay as they seek green card
    and then for s’s and grins I’ll add in
    Indiana Democrats try to delay right-to-work bill
    …Democrats are trying to delay passage of the bill in the lower house by refusing to show up for sessions, The Indianapolis Star reported. The Republicans hold a 60-40 majority there, but House rules require a quorum of 67 to do business…

  13. This tells you who people think who can beat Obama….

    In entrance poll in Iowa 31% said candidate who could beat Obama most important. In NH poll its over 60%. People seem convinced Romney is the best shot to remove Obama.

  14. moononpluto, I am not too sure about you conclusion. The answer will be found after we see who wins in New Hampshire. I believe Romney will have a much tougher sell away from the Northeast. Here in Florida, my understanding is that Gingrich has (had?) much support. I don’t put much faith in what New Hampshire has to say anymore since they almost gave the democrat nomination to BO in the past, with Hillary besting him by 3% or so at the time. In other words, they’re not as savy as they would like to think they are. Then again, neither are the Iowans as far as I can tell.

  15. I’ll vote for a fence post if that is what is nominated against Obama.

    By the way, where has Hillary4Texas gone? She had some good comments in the past.


    The two Democrats that President Barack Obama appointed to the National Labor Relations Board during what he considered a congressional “recess” are not on the White House’s official list of Obama’s appointments and nominations for various positions.

    Obama referred his two Democratic nominees, Sharon Block and Richard Griffin, to the Senate on Dec. 15. The Senate adjourned for the year – but did not go into an official recess — on the following day. tracks the status of all of Obama’s appointments and nominations. Block and Griffin do not appear on that list — a sign that the administration rushed the recess appointments through too quickly for the Senate to even consider them.

    “It’s hard to argue that the Senate was obstructing these Democratic nominees when they don’t even appear on the administration’s own list of nominations and appointments,” U.S. Chamber of Commerce labor policy specialist Glenn Spencer told The Daily Caller. [snip]

    Wyoming Republican Sen. Mike Enzi’s office has pointed out that Block and Griffin were referred to the Senate so quickly that they didn’t pass basic criminal and civil background checks. A statement from Enzi, the ranking member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, said that the background checks ensure that no criminal investigations are pending against potential nominees, and that they have paid their income taxes. The checks also ensure nominees don’t have conflicts of interest.

  17. he Four Scandals of barack obama — Part 1: Fast and Furious
    As obama’s perpetual campaign kicks into high gear, four potential scandals loom on the horizon that may well derail his reelection hopes and, in a just world, lead to impeachment.

    As the most corrupt president since Richard Nixon, it’s no surprise that obama and his administration are neck-deep in scandal. What’s astonishing is how this Chicago thug has gotten away scot-free for so long. Yet obama’s decades’ long crime spree may be nearing an end. This year, ongoing investigations, led primarily by Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley, promise to turn Fast and Furious, Lightsquared, Solyndra, and SIGA into household names for Americans, and into “Watergates” for obama.

    Scandal # 1 — Fast and Furious

    On December 14, 2010, Brian Terry, a federal Customs and Border Protection agent, was shot and killed while battling Mexican drug runners. It turned out that two of the assault rifles used in the shoot-out had made their way into the hands of the gangsters as part of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (“ATF”) operation known ludicrously as “Fast and Furious” (“F&F”). Not to be confused with the Vin Diesel franchise, F&F attempted to trace gun purchases back to Mexican drug cartel kingpins by letting guns “walk across the border.” A lot of guns. Two thousand guns. Dealers along the border were told by ATF to ignore background checks and sell weapons to known criminals.
    ATF agents’ reservations are on record. And, indeed, it was a stupid plan, with too many guns delivered into the hands of vicious criminals. It sparked unprecedented levels of drug running violence, and it got Brian Terry killed.

    The Plot Thickens

    But it gets worse.

    On February 4, 2011, in a letter to Grassley, Assistant Attorney General Ron Weich wrote

    The allegation … that ATF ‘sanctioned’ or otherwise knowingly allowed the sale of assault weapons to a straw purchaser who then transported them to Mexico — is false… ATF makes every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally and prevent their transportation to Mexico.

    When summoned before Congress on May 3rd, 2011, AG Eric Holder insisted

    I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.

    In his June 15, 2011 testimony before Congress, Weich continued to insist that ”[t]he Attorney General … has taken very seriously allegations that firearms … were intentionally allowed “to walk” into Mexico,” had ordered an internal investigation into the matter, and “also has reiterated to Department law enforcement personnel that they are not knowingly to allow any firearms to be illegally transported into Mexico for any reason.”

    Too bad for John Mitchell Eric Holder that his subpoenaed emails reveal he’d been receiving weekly updates on F&F since at least July 5th, 2010. Eric, when an AG to perjures himself, it’s not just embarrassing, it’s a felony.The White House Connection

    Last September, Issa & Grassley announced they were expanding their investigation to include three White House staffers, including a Special Assistant to The President, who had been “provided regular updates” on F&F “as early as Summer of 2010.”

    The White House swears they were merely “briefed on the toplines”; that no one ever knew “about the investigative tactics being used in the operation, let alone any decision to let guns walk.” The name “Fast and Furious” was never even mentioned, the White House noted, until after the investigations began.

    Yet these updates did speak of a “GRIT Surge Phoenix,” (Gun Runner Impact Teams), and noted the many ATF agents temporarily transferred to work on “firearms trafficking investigations with direct links to Mexican” cartels.

    What Lies Ahead

    F&F guns have now been linked to eleven other crimes. The regional ATF chief who ran F&F was sacked, then the director of ATF was forced to resign.

    The New York Times revealed last month that undercover DEA agents were involved in smuggling transport millions of dollars in cash across the border in a related “money-walking” scheme aimed at studying and disrupting drug trafficking routes. And now it seems that at least some of the “straw” buyers in F&F were paid FBI informants.

    Several GOP congressmen are calling for a special counsel to determine whether Holder perjured himself. Over fifty have signed a letter asking Holder to resign. The lame excuses of Holder and the White House, to the effect of ‘oh, that was a different gun-walking operation we were discussing in those emails’, doesn’t help them.
    Expect Issa & Grassely to make the public flaying of Holder long and painful, eventually forcing Holder to resign or face perjury charges. Many believe obama was also “complicit” in F&F, but Holder will likely fall on his sword rather than rat on the godfather of his crime family betray his president.

    Up Next — Lightsquared.

    The gun dealers’ reservations about this scheme are on record. The

  18. The attacks on Romney are a good thing, as it will prepare him for
    what he will be facing against the Obama’s thugs.

  19. saw a good political cartoon that says a lot…it is by keven siers – can’t find a link)

    it has O is six blocks of space…three in the top three blocks and three in the below blocks of space

    O is pictured in each block speaking…

    in the first block he says: The Stimulus Package: I let Congress craft that

    next block he says: Health Care Reform: I let Congress take the lead

    next block he says: The Budget: I let Congress work out the details

    next block he says: The Deficit Panel: I let Congress do the negotiating

    next block he says: What’s MY JOB?

    last block he says: Campaigning against a Do-Nothing Congress


    I hope someone is smart enough to drive what a ‘Do-Nothing President’ he is…

  20. I hope the cic gets wind of this recent post:

    Alaska Has Three “A’s” in Its Name and Now, So Does Its Credit Rating | Palin4America
    The state’s financial flexibility, enhanced by the maintenance of large reserves derived from windfall oil revenues since fiscal year 2008:
    One of Governor Palin’s signature pieces of legislation was ACES–Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share–which revamped the corruption tainted oil tax legislation of the Murkowski administration and was implemented during fiscal year 2008. While it is a misnomer to characterize such revenues as “windfall”, they have provided financial stability to the state. As Alaska’s state constitution notes that the people own the natural resources, so such a tax is better classified as a severance or production tax paid by the oil company as a recompense for extracting the irreplaceable citizen-owned state resource. Nonetheless, the changes to the oil tax structure has increased the revenues that the state has brought in, while at the same time providing record number of oil jobs and oil companies investing in the state.
    There’s much more at

    I also hope those of us who cannot abide her will give her a couple of minutes with the post. I’ve watched a salient part of her movie for a third time and I feel stronger with each viewing of it plus what is written here, that she is capable of easing our energy concerns. And I now can report to you that at the time she joined with John McCain, there was a natural gas pipeline approved to be built by Trans Canada; Think the legislation was called AGIA. Have to watch again to see where the termination point is. Think this Keystone thing that Repubs want that Obama wants to delay may be hurried along so that Alaska loses out on market share. (Truthfully, not certain of pertinant facts at this point, but feel very strongly that her sin of energy competency was equal to her sin for being female. Thus she had to die the political death.) If nothing else, I’d like for this to become more known.)

  21. While the post I linked is new, the news is old. Moody upgraded Alaska during November 2010. Regret initially having left an incorrect impression.

  22. Great post again admin!

    Jen the Michigander
    January 6th, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Must-see TV: Steve Rosinski discusses his Draft Hillary Petition and the Hillary 2012 movement with Fox News’s Neil Cavuto:

    —-Thanks for posting that link with Rosinski explaining why there were two different websites with the draft and how the site was hacked and they had to start a second draft.
    If you have the new site, could you please post it so I can make sure I sign that draft. I know I signed two drafts, not sure if it was the just the site that was hacked or not.

  23. By the way, where has Hillary4Texas gone? She had some good comments in the past.


    I miss her too. I hope she’s okay. She used to post at Crawdad as WCMB but I don’t read Crawdad any more.

  24. Eh, but Bill Clinton was the master of using recess appointment (he made 139 such appointments) to stymie his Republican blockers in Congress. Obama has only made 28 such recess appointments so far. If anything, Obama needs to get more aggressive with this tactic (I’m glad he is), not less aggressive.

  25. Have the talking points been issued then Berkeley, you sounding more and more like a bot troll by the day.

  26. Ad hominem attacks are so embarrassing, moononpluto. Stick with the issues, not the name calling, cmon. That’s playground stuff. I’m an avid Hillary supporter, but I take the “Clintonist” approach, which is rooted in realpolitik: i.e., you go for what’s possible, not impossible. That’s why I disliked Obama in the first place – not enough emphasis on the possible/practical, and instead too much focus on the idealistic stuff. I respect and like this site, but I worry that it takes an Obama-like approach: its goal is to get rid of Obama and put Hillary as President which is not going to happen. That’s too pie-in-the-sky for my liking. But I do want to see Hillary as VP in 2012 and that’s a realistic possibility. To each their own, though.

  27. seriously why are you here, its obviously to piss us all off. You are passing off one thing with another, if you understood this site AT ALL, you’d understand what was done to Hillary by your beloved Obama. For us its Hillary or nothing. I dont see why you are here. You are doing the classic bait in switch in comment. its unbecoming.

  28. Berkeley Vox at 5:30PM

    I agree that Hillary as a VP is a realistic possibility, but it helps to put the Boob in WH and nothing else.

    We do not want the boob for another 4 years as POTUS because he is most corrupt and dangerous person to ever occupy that position because unlike others, he never loved america and in fact he positively hates america. Remember his 20 years in Wright’s “Goddamn America” church. He is incompetent and does the work for rethugs which they themselves are afraid to do. Before he became the candidate he never saluted american flag nor wear flag pin.

    We want Hillary to become POTUS because we believe she really loves America and wants to do good for the people of this country. She knows how to stymie the rethugs. As a VP, she helps the Boob another 4years and loses her chance to become POTUS because she will be tainted with the Boob’s admn.

  29. ( [Bill] made 139 such appointments) to stymie his Republican blockers in Congress. Obama has only made 28 such recess appointments so far.


    For a fair comparison, you’d have to look at when the appointments were made, and how much power the GOP had to block conventional appointments at each occcasion. The first two years may have been honeymoon (more or less) for both, and Obama is just one year past the first mid-term. Not fair to compare O’s one year to Bill’s six years.

    Hm, if Obama keeps on at this rate, by six years he’ll have made c. 168 to Bill’s 139.

  30. holdthemaccountable
    January 7th, 2012 at 3:13 pm
    Thank you for the post about Sarah Palin. Thank you for using your credibility to ask:

    “I also hope those of us who cannot abide her will give her a couple of minutes with the post.”

    I have been a fan of Sarah since I first heard of her on the Airplane coming home from Denver. It breaks my heart that we Americans can not have our choice in candidates – or anything really.

    Has anyone listened to this Judge Napolitano really hits home.

  31. Well, looks like the Party’s over— for US anyway-

    Wall Street Insider: We Are At The Abyss – It is happening NOW

    How is it that a longtime Wall Street Insider wants now to defend the campaign of strongly anti-Wall Street presidential candidate Ron Paul? Here begins what is perhaps to date among the strangest and winding roads of these ongoing Insider discussions…

    UM: So you called me here directly and I believe I detected more than a bit of frustration in your voice over my recent stories involving Ron Paul. Is that correct?

    WSI: Yes – quite correct. With all due respect…you are absolutely 100% wrong in your concerns over the Ron Paul campaign – or at the very least, wrong in your seeming dismissal in some of the issues he has quite correctly raised regarding the imminent dangers to America.

    UM: Even if that were true, why Ron Paul? There appears to be no real path for him to win the nomination, and if he runs as a third party candidate he would most likely not win there either. I am confused why someone in your position…why the concern over Ron Paul of all people?

    WSI: I am not concerned over Ron Paul – I am concerned over your coverage of Ron Paul and how you are wasting precious time and resources attempting to discredit Ron Paul. If -name withheld- set you off in that direction…they were incorrect in doing so and I would urge you to question their motivation.

    UM: Right-right…you tell me to watch out for their motivations. They tell me to watch out for your motivations…enough of that sh-t ok? How about we just focus right now, entirely, on the reason behind you calling me in to talk about Ron Paul. I don’t get it. Why would you of all people make what was basically a demand that I come up here to listen to you defend a candidate who has repeatedly voiced his disgust over Wall Street? It doesn’t add up.

    WSI: I would beg to differ – not adding up is exactly the reason for my concern – a concern that is not so much about your work…or what seems at the moment to be more of an odd obsession, to reveal some silly truth about Ron Paul…I mean George Soros? Really? And even if true – who cares? That kind of information is secondary to the real and crucial value provided by Ron Paul to the national discussion.

    UM: National discussion? Right…enlighten me. Please.

    WSI: Sarcasm? Is that your tone? If this is to serve its proper purpose I need you listening – and without judgement.

    UM: Sarcasm – guilty as charged. But in my defense, I would call it justifiable sarcasm at this point.

    WSI: I was told long ago that what you don’t see with your eyes, don’t invent with your mouth.

    (Long Pause)

    WSI: What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t invent—

    UM: I heard you. The first time.

    WSI: Yes – you heard…but you are not listening.

    UM: Can you hear me now?

    WSI: Pardon?

    UM: Never mind – get to whatever point this is supposed to be taking us. You want to talk about Ron Paul – my coverage…unfair, whatever – just start there and let’s move this along. I’m really trying to remain respectful here but…I…I’m in no mood to have my time wasted, and traffic was a real b-tch. And -name withheld- has me flying to…just never mind. Get on with it.

    WSI: Please refrain from that – those kinds of tasteless expressions.


    UM: …Get to your point. Please.

    WSI: I will simply begin with my own words from among our very first discussion – I would like to read those words back to you now. Is that acceptable?

    UM: Sure.

    WSI: I wish to read that part of our discussion verbatim, to you…to the readers – and could you please include it then in this…as part of this publication? And then I promise, – I assure you, I will explain my concern over your recent treatment over Ron Paul – though I do believe you will begin to grasp that concern when you listen again to what I told you some time ago. All of this that you have been doing…all of the information and hints and…demands from -name withheld- to look elsewhere…you may be suffering from a failure to see the forest for the trees. No disrespect…but your focus lacks…focus in this. And that could prove very detrimental to what you…what we are attempting here.

    UM: Start. Begin – read the words. The interview. Was that from late summer? The first one, right?

    WSI: That is correct.


    UM: Get on with it then…

    WSI: Yes…apologies for the length to read – but here it is:

    Excerpt from original Wall Street Insider interview follows:

    Read much, much more at the link:

  32. Berkeley Vox, you need to read what we wrote and stop lying for Obama. The bottom line is the Senate of the United States was not in recess when Obama made his unconstitutional appointments. When Bill Clinton made recess appointments the Senate was in recess.

    Also ask yourself why an unconstitutional appointment for Cordray but not Elizabeth Warren?

    As to the “idealistic” versus the “practical” it is more the necessary versus the corrupt. We need a functioning Democratic Party not the filth Obama presides over. The only way to that end is to destroy Obama and the Dimocratic enablers that have led us to this point.

  33. Berkeley Vox, go back and blog on the Daily Kos, that’s for his supporters not here. You know what this site is about if you bother to read any of admins posts.

    You will not get any sympathy nor votes for Obama here and none of us will vote for him even if he makes Hillary Queen for a Day.

    Please go away before you make everyone very angry kissing his ass on this blog.

  34. Betty January 7th, 2012 at 6:08 pm
    After my first viewing of “The Undefeated” I find it difficult to watch additional times because I have an idea how well we could have done, how huge the attacks mounted on her were.

    I find the movie to be both tedious and immensely sad. However, commentary is provided by narrators who served with her or knew her or admired her. There are also segments of her voice taken from an audio edition of her book. So I find it to be a credible documentary. I must keep watching it because it is the only compilation of her magnificent accomplishments.

    Then I hope to persuade friends to borrow the second copy I have. Not certain that I’ll get very far. The media/Obama complex did a complete number on her; even those who generally align themselves with me politically have been trained to despise her voice, see her as white trash, ad infinitum.

    Thanks to all for the patience you’ve extended in allowing me this much of admin’s forum. I promise now to return to what it is: the venue for advancing Hillary. And as all of us struggle to find the best way to restore some this Republic, let us recall that both Hillary and Bill find ways to advance their missions by working with what they are given.

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